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On today’s show, Elephant In The Room Super Manager, Jason Beasley asks Clay: why he decided to become a disc jockey? Why did he decide to attend Oral Roberts University? And who is he when he’s not working?

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You have questions. America’s number one business coach has answers. It’s your roadmap from Minnesota. Here’s another edition of ask clay. Anything on the thrive time business coach radio show?

Yes, yes and yes.

Thrive nation. Welcome back to another exciting edition of ask me anything. And on this show we have kind of a change in format because we’ve had many people that have reached out and said, hey, hey, hey, hey there buddy. We hear you interview other people, but when are you going to be interviewed? And I thought to myself, well self, that’s probably a good idea. And so now here we are doing a show where a Jason Beasley, these super manager of the elephant in the room I get to, gets to ask me any questions that he would like and then, uh, Andrew gets to one up him with even better questions there. So it’s sort of like the Andrew Bloomer, Jason Beasley edition here of the ask me anything segment of the thrive time show. So Jason, how are you my friend? I’m doing great. Okay. What tough questions do you have?

I have not seen these questions on purpose. So that way I cannot, uh, uh, formulate anything premeditated. It’s all going to be just a wrong and accurate. Oh yeah. Pinch on the corner at the same time. Just answering all the questions the wrong way, but the right way. Okay. Go for it. Yeah. What’s your question number one? Question number one is a generic question, but it’s a question that I wanted to ask you for a long time. So it’s who is clay Clark and how does he define himself? Uh, I’d say business, comedian, business coach, first business comedian, second, a artist guy who has to repress his artistic desires two thirds of the day. That’s what I’d say. I mean, if it’s a bit business goes, I, I, I love comedy and I would be a comedian if I wasn’t married I probably just end up coming and you should be a comedian.

I would do that. But it takes, it’s like more of a, it’s not conducive to the family. And I love growing a business is a very easy for me. So it’s, it’s just, it’s always been easy for me. I just look at it very linear. I usually don’t get a lot of emotional. My emotions really, very rarely ever get in the way of me getting stuff done. So the business coach, business comedian, um, and then I just have to say, you know, just uh, yeah, art is something I do. I love, I love, I guess yesterday I was working on lyrics with a, a client of mine for a long, long time, way more than I should be, but it’s a lot of fun and I’d rather do that than go bowling or watch a movie or something. Definitely more than billing. Now as far as a dad, uh, to wrap up that question, I guess as far as, uh, as far as a person unrelated to business, I’m a father of five kids.

Uh, definitely, um, a, a husband and very, very much committed to our marriage. And uh, to me, my number one goal as it relates to business is to mentor millions and as relates to the family is to stay happily married, happily married, but stay happily married until I get hit by a bus. Are you ready for your next tough question? I’m ready for the next. Hit me up. What do you got? So you are Dj extraordinary. Yup. But how did that start? Like what made you decide that being a DJ, which we’re calling there was a school, the one thing and Andrea pressing this, I get stuck on an idea and I will obsess on that idea for like a decade. Yeah. Or at least several years. And so, um, just a couple of examples. Um, about a year ago, not a year ago, maybe seven or eight months ago, I got, I got really stuck on this idea of Kanye West and Donald trump and how they have the almost same worldview, although their politics could not be more different, but they had the same worldview as it relates to business.

And I love their, their tweet exchange and their brotherhood of the Dragon Energy and were most people might go, you know, okay, cool. I said, you know, I could write a book about. So I’ve now been researching, it was nonstop and the Book Dragon Energy comes out. It’s, it’s a, a Kanye trump in the mindset they have and all super successful people have and I just get stuck on that. So the DJ thing, I was attending a school dance. I was probably 12 and it was called the sad dance students against drunk driving. Have you ever been to a set dance by the way? I’ve been to us the sad dance, but now the sad dance students against drunk driving dance. Never let me tell you what, that dance needed some more cowbell. I mean it was, it was rough. I mean it was a thing where you, if everyone was there, the Dj gets there and he’s got the big speakers, he’s got the lights, it say the name of his Dj as FM radio station and uh, this is all just kind of impersonate the randomness with which he would Dj.

It was so terrible. It was like, this is like, all right, ladies and gentlemen, coming up next year wouldn’t be playing a ice ice baby because I was, that was the hit. That was a jam. So it’s like doom, doom, doom, doom, doom, doom, doom, doom. Everyone, everyone knows it. Let’s kick it. Doom, doom, doom to, you know. So anyway, all the guys are rapping along to having a good old time and, and then all of a sudden it’s like, all right, up next. It hadn’t been gotten in an area and don’t have it. No. When did you come from where you go, where’d you come from? And we’re like, we’re not feeling that at all, but okay, so now we’re kind of getting into our inner redneck and they are all right everybody. Now we’re going to play a casey and Joe. Joe, oh my life.

I’ll prevost motor lack you. And then you’re like, okay, that’s, that’s, that’s good. But if you had a rap song, then a country techno song and then you had uh, all my life isn’t all right now we’re going to play into the road. And you’re like, okay, I liked the boys to men, but why are we in every. There was no way to get in a group. You couldn’t, you could not get in the group. So all the guys, and I don’t know how your school dances were, but all the guys start get gathering along the perimeter of the gym. No one’s dancing except for the one cool kid, right? No one’s dancing and all the girls are out there kind of dancing. And so the guys began to go, I wonder if I can touch the rim on the basketball guy. So this becomes like a, it’s almost like we’re Kangaroos to win the affection of kangaroo females by showing how high we can jump.

And so I, you know, a couple buddies, my buddies and I were at the age where we could grab the Ram Ram Ram grabbing and I’m thinking, what am I doing? This is weird. So I’m like going to this dance. I think it was 12 or 13 and after the dance, what? Wait before that, before they ended the dance, it’s like the last song. And then every guy’s like, oh my gosh, I should probably ask her to dance. And so all the guys were looking for someone to ask and we all asked someone to dance for the last song. It’s kind of weird because your parents are showing up, they’re kind of looking like, is that you believe, is that you? What are you under, you know, and so you’re dancing with a girl, like you know, your, your arm length apart, you know when you’re kind of trying to.

You do a magic trick kind of a David Copperfield. You’re trying go over here anyway, this is the whole, this is the old thing you’re doing. And then they turn on the lights and it’s over and you only dance for one song. And I thought, God, that sucks. So we had our recap and our student council has this recap. They’re like, all right guys, how do you think the dance went? Oh, what can we do better? It’s a committee so it just stupid, you know? And everyone’s like, man, you can probably have better lighting. Someone else like wow, brian can have different songs. Probably probably have different food, different pizza. We’d probably get better pizza. Casey’s then we could have pizza. Probably introduced all dance around the issue. So I pull hand handle it’s Ms Dot page and his page, by the way, do look just like lois from a, um, a superman and the TV show, Teri hatcher look just like her.

And I’m like, Hey, hey, hey, hey. Hey Ms dot paige. Yeah. Um, everything about it was terrible. It was terrible. And I can dj better myself if I wasn’t even trying. I’ve ever seen it. If I just showed up it would be better. She said, well, if you think you can do better, you’re better than that. And the Dj we had then you can do it yourself if that’s what you think you can do, because that’s it. That’s what you’re saying here. Are you going to stay in front of the students here that you could do it? Bear south bedroom? Yes. And that’s what happened. So I committed to it and she says, so we met privately as myself and her and one other dude we met and she says, okay, well how are you gonna afford the equipment? Like I’ll just do it. I got it done, easy done.

So I um, uh, you know, worked out a deal where I said, you know, typically we have about 200 students and every dance and that’s cool, but I want to get paid how I want to get paid on what we pay that guy, but I want to get paid $5 per head for everyone who shows up after 200 people. And she’s like, okay, I mean we only have 210 kids that show up, you know. So I made flyers and began promoting these, these, this party. And then I went all around town. I was calling as 15 or 12, 13 years old. So he couldn’t drive them cold calling people calling, do what I can do, getting rides with my youth leader. I end up finding a guy name Oswald who’s willing to rent me. These massive speakers, um, for a, uh, uh, you know, he says, we’re going to do.

I said, I’ll just pay you a percentage of what I bring, what I bring in. And he’s in a band, so I don’t know how to do anything. I just got the speakers from him. I got that. Then I asked him, I could, if I could have it the week before so I could get used to them and then I found out that you have to have a cross fader to fade between songs I don’t even know that was. So I got a two, five desks, have five disc carousel, CD CD players, one for my youth pastor Mark Hogan and then one that was just a I had and so I had the two and then in between songs I would take the RCA cords that went rca and a quarter inch cable from rca out into a quarter inches. And I just would an plug physically unplug one CD player from the the amplifier and I’d plug that just I would put the next one in.

Nice. That’s about transition. Nice. So I did that and then I made a playlist of every single song I was gonna play. I made the playlist of every single song, put them in order and then I went out there and I’d never dj night stuttered a lot as a kid and I thought about every announcement I was going to make in every song and I mean I had the whole thing planned out. Sounds like, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to this sad dance and we’re going to make this set, this, this sad dance is going to be incredible. How many people here are tired of dances being terrible? How many people? Okay, so I need every single person to get on the dance floor. If you have a soul, if you have a mind, if you have a buddy, get I just work at it. People are like, I don’t know what’s going on.

We’re all out here. And then I’m like, one, two, three. Good to know that a let me clear my throat. No, no, no. And then we got a little crowd surfing going on and there was like, you know, I don’t know, probably a thousand people there, you know. And so I made a lot of money, you know? Um, and then I think the, I don’t remember that song, but I remember like how would it be the one to garden that extra amount and it was already like crazy. It’s the first song and it just kept happening. And then Mr Johnson, the principal asked me to turn off the music because it was, we had too many people dancing and crowd surfing and I refused and he kicked me out. And so I left early my first gig. Wow. And it pissed me off because I thought, gosh, I, the first time I’ve had a dance, that’s good. It’s made a lot of money here. And I walked home, I walked, I walked to my dad, he had to come and people all the gear and I was like, I’ll pay you to take aI’m ugly. I’m just walking. So I walk, I’ll walk like miles Jesus. And I remember my aunt was like, pick me up halfway, like, what are you doing? Walking home?

And I went back and I obsessed on how can I dj again but not at that dance because I freaking hate that prince died. And so I called up Mark Haugen, my buddy, my youth pastor’s like 22 or something at this point. I’m like, I don’t know. I mean I obsessed this for years to now like 14 or something and I’m like, dude, here’s the deal. I’m a freaking, I’m awesome on the mic and you are older so you can get into the bars like you are. He’s my youth pastor, but you can get into the reception halls because you have to be at least like 18 to get into. They serve alcohol so you could be my guy. And then you vouched for me and you’re a youth pastor, right? I mean if you’re a youth pastor and you say, Hey, he’s my guy. No one’s gonna argue with a youth pastor.

Right? And you’re going to say that I’m like 18. He’s like, dude, but that’d be lying or something like that. I know. That’s how we got to get here. So my entire Dj career started there. So mark has called CNG DJ service for Clark and Haugen and the GE was a. I Bet I dared him one time to shave a gun to his chest is the areas, the man of all time, so he had shaved a gun to his chest one time on a youth trip and uh, that’s where the g comes from, says Mark Cng, Dj Service, and we would just go to weddings and just rock up. I got all my business from just like at church harassing every single person. Like, Hey, do you need a Dj or harassing people who just, people who are like, you know, their birthday was last week. Like, Hey, you want to have a birthday party?

Like it was last week. No, you don’t have one. You want to have big, big business coach paper. And I got myself probably 20 gigs a year by just harassing people. That’s impressive though. Yeah. And then when I went to college at St, cloud state, um, there’s just a lot of, there was like multiple rapes on the campus and a lot of fights and a lot of people stealing crap out of each other’s cars. And I thought, I don’t want to go here. I’m like, I went to a graduate from high school early, kind of like a Minnesota. If you have enough credits you can go to college. During high school I went to college my senior year and I went to St, cloud state and I thought state schools, not only do we not learn anything that matters. I mean we’re, I thought where I was going to learn something that mattered and I remember like I was to stay in multimedia and I had a class about psychology and I never get out of class about the oedipus and electra complex.

So you familiar with this? I am. We, we had to take a psych class when I was in culinary school and I thought, I don’t know how this relates to cooking, but okay. And Freud. Oh yeah, he’s a guy. Well again, this is what’s really weird about it. I know, again, I obsess on things. So I’m hearing about this audit is complex and I was like, okay, this, you know, this is a, a weird idea. I wonder what this is. You know, he’s talking and I’m here. I’m like, no, he surely he did not say that. So I read research it and the Yoda is complex, is a term that Sigmund Freud came up with for his theory of psychosexual stages of development to describe a child’s feelings of desire for his own, for his own. Like if you’re a dude, he’s, he’s saying that you sexually have a desire to get with your own mom.

And I’m going, oh, I don’t really know that I’ve ever had that feeling. Um, and then he had a. I’m like, no way, I’m going to class learning about this. This is like a week about the oedipus complex. Then homeboy moves onto the electra complex and electra complex is, um, it’s a, it’s a, it’s horrible, but it’s basically another term a. This one was proposed by get him Carl young and it’s explaining why a girl has a psychosexual competition with their own mother to get with their dad. Yup. And I’m like, no. So I went to a state school and I thought I gotta get Outta here, you know, and uh, I wanted to get as far away from my parents as I could. And so I went to Oklahoma because I was born here and I knew some people that lived here and the guy had stayed in touch with my best friend from college, from height, from a church growing up and stuff. His name was mark to peaches and he was going to go to oral Roberts University. And I thought, well then I’ll go there too. And that’s how I ended up here. And as always, three, two, one boom.


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