Why It’s so Important to Be Fruitful Before You Multiply

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Fellow members of the Thrive Nation (Greg from Mississippi and Cory from Tulsa, Oklahoma) stop by the Man Cave Studios to ask Clay Clark and Dr. Zoellner their business questions. During this interview, Clay and Z get asked about the importance of staying in your lane, what it means to fake it before you make it, how to gain and sustain inspiration, who Z’s mentor was, and more…

Thriver Question: What is the process you went through to learn how important it is to stay in your own lane in the business?

  1. Z – My process was to watch and observe. Focus on what actually makes you money.  
  2. Clay – Simplicity scales and complexity fails.

Thriver Question: What does “fake it until you make it” mean to you?

  1. Z – Started Dr. Robert H. Zoellner & “Associates” before there were associates.

Thriver Question: How do you gain inspiration before you have the motivation? Why must you take action before you are inspired?

  1. Z – Work first, play second. You must work while sacrificing short-term success in order to reap the greater long-term success.

Thriver Question: Who was your mentor?

  1. Z – Had many mentors, one of which was named Doug?

Thriver Question: What is the most important leadership lesson in business?

  1. Z – Make decisions quickly.

Thriver Question: When should I have an attorney?

  1. Wes Carter of www.WintersKing.com – Whenever you think about opening a business, and you need one that understands your business.
  2. Z – You need to have one before you need one so that you do not panic searching for one while under the gun to find one.  
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Audio Transcription

Get ready to enter the thrive time business coach show,

All right. Thrive nation. Boy, did we have an incredible business coach style show in store for you. On today’s show, we’re going to be breaking down what makes Kanye West and Donald trump have an affection for each other. So sincerely. That will be today’s topic and we’ll put, but before we get into it, because we have, we have real thrivers out there, real people. We work with real grit Americans, members of the thrive nation, whether it be the coaching program are podcast listeners and we have two great guys who are on today’s show who we’ve worked with corey for a long time with this company. Trinity Employment, a great company. He’s a great guy and he started a court. How long ago did you start Trinity Employment Services Specialists? Days a week. We started 10 years ago, almost 11 now, 11 years ago, and to get the names straight. Trinity Employment Specialists. Specialists, yeah. How many years ago? 10. Almost 11 years between years and we’ve worked together with.

We’ve worked here for a long time. We have, and we are going to be talking about a Kanye West and Donald Trump’s laws of success because recently Kanye West sent out a message z. This is what Kanye West was quoted as saying, okay, this. He says, you don’t have to agree with trump, but the mob can’t make me not love him. We are. We both. He says, we are both dragon energy. He is my brother. I love everyone. I don’t agree with everything anyone does. That’s what makes us individuals and we have the right to independent thought. Now I want to make sure we wow breakfast. He said he quoted that concept because about half of that’s kind of lucid, so that’s pretty good. So Kanye West said, I’m going to repeat this again and see if you can sort through what he’s talking about because I currently cannot. He says, you don’t have to agree with trump, but the mob can’t make me not love him. Okay, I get that. That’s a. that’s a coherent thought. Next thought. We’re both dragon energy like dragging. I can see they’re both intense. He says he is my brother. Okay. Just I love everyone. Okay. Then those are all statements that kind of makes sense and he says, I don’t agree with everything anyone does. No, that’s, that’s, that’s the part where I’m going. You don’t agree with anything that anyone does, including Donald Trump, but we’ll move on because that’s what makes us individuals. That’s actually a true statement and we have two independent thought.

Kanye West. We’ll get more into today’s hot topic. Kanye West and Donald Trump’s laws of success. How to get the attention of your ideal and likely buyers, but before we do that, let’s open it up for a q and a. with this you can ask Dr Z, any question? Corey? So Corey mentioned with Trinity Employment. You have any question? Okay, well, you know, I was thinking we were talking just a little bit of a z and you were, you were trying to, um, uh, suggest to the, to the audience, hey listen, stay in your lane, stay in your lane, don’t go chase all these other things. And so clay, you and I’ve worked with one another and you’ve watched me hit that temptation of trying to get into other people and get out outside of my box because it looks so good and there’s money there to. Can you tell me about the process that you went through to learn how unbelievably important that is?

I think a lot of entrepreneurs are struggling with this. Well, a very good question and the process that I went through was observation. I observed and I watched, I listened, I saw a lot of people start a business, have a little bit of success, and then try to either start another business, try to add things to that business that, for example, this is back in the day, I had a friend of mine who was a chiropractor and he right off the bat, wanted to also bring in a med spa, right? He also wanted to bring in a, uh, you know, some vitamin cells in the office. He wanted to bring in a lot of other things,

things you wouldn’t bring a lot of chiropractic and massage it hard for me to say that word, but I just want you to know he was there. So one day we’re having lunch and it was a buddy of mine so we could talk and he was going over his troubles and I said, well, what’s up bro? Because that’s what you call a friend. That’s what you call a friend. Just like Kanye says, my brother. So he says, Bro. I said, Bro. I said, what do you do the most? That’s when I’m doing the freaking crack. That’s making a term a lining that spine can’t stop, won’t stop. And I said in what patients are what business coach customers that had the most biggest world. Maxine’s car wreck comes in the door. Oh, maybe it’s an interesting time. We liked the candles. I gotta be honest with you. Can we get the tub this road and you get there and it’s on. Oh, it’s date night. Date night. They call me the body shop. I got to be honest. One thing I’ve been doing is cutting the brake line. I could have a car wreck. Comes in the door, put on a dress. That’s my heels. Daddy’s taking you out tonight.

Okay. Should I say to myself? I said to him, I said lunch and I go, well, seems to me you put all your efforts and the gathering up as many clients as you could gather. Rather they’ll require doing the same thing over and over and I don’t want to say cold calling attorneys because I know that

festival people board down and unsuccessful people struggle with boredom. So I want to do with. I want to get a different idea every day because I don’t want to. I wouldn’t want a board down to dominate anything. I just want to v there with a nice square out there. Have you seen excellent grows in your backyard. Now matter, how much logs did you cut out? Those trees? We did come down. Log will tell you that they’ve been talking about pruning so much. He got out there and it’s a pruning, a tree trunk. We’re, we’re burning down here, but my point is is that that all of a sudden he’s over there trying to manage a, a nurse practitioner doing a med spa, you know, and that’s taken out of his time. He can’t do as much seeing patients because he’s over here managing that, but he knows once that gets going, it’s going to be huge. You know, it’s to be huge. It’s going to blow up these over here. You know, he’s constantly having to talk to his staff about, oh no, no. Say this about the vitamins and say this about the supplements and this is how we sell this and this is watch. I’ll sell some for you right now and you’ll get to see how it’s done. Okay. And they’re doing all these things that are taking their time and yet their core business, they’re very successful.

Good at and to make money. Oh, you saying that? Simplicity, scale and complexity. That’s exactly what I say. I don’t want to go and dig back. Not. We’re both heels and dresses. I want more success stories. I want to make less money and have more spontaneous random emails I send in with different ideas. I want to constantly have new idea. Half baked idea. I want to think of an idea. Halfway send email was spelling out every day. Long email to you the idea idea over here, over there, everywhere the meds. Policies been a drain of resources, time and effort and he looked at the pebble. What I will say in my next life, I come back as Karl and Karl cannot stop multiple businesses, so I stopped 25 dysfunctional businesses idea of a week the other week. I come back as purple cow book set cookie. Cool.

What is the answer your question, and I hope I kind of gave me an example just seeing that by by understanding, seeing that I knew better than to do that. I have a deep observation of Dr. c dot

for a second. This might sound really, really weird and it might. It might come across as like he’s a sick for a board to be on this for Dr [inaudible] Birthday. I have never seen a man who was more benevolent about his own birthday, but the the way that you arranged your birthday, making sure that everybody had everything taken care of so that they could just enjoy time with you. You took the burdens off of them. I mean your personal assistant called and said, Hey, do you have any dietary restrictions? Here’s what we’re going to eat. Do you need anything? I mean, it’s very detailed because you, you, you always are observing and you’re thinking about everybody else except for yourself because you know, I think, you know, ultimately it’s going to be easier for you if everybody at your birthday party, you’re at the party or at an event where your customers have all their needs are taken care of, but you are the kind of guy that would observe and think about all of those details and I think that level of deep thinking is, um, your superpower.

There we go. I was wondering what it was you had was flying, but. No, but you really do know you joke around, but I’m saying you are a master of deep observation. Yeah. I think about, hey, if my optometry patients come into an optometry clinic, what do they need? And You provided them with ample seating. You have vaulted ceilings so doesn’t feel cramped. You made sure that the, there’s a stylish atmosphere. It feels more like a mall than a typical medical clinic. And even with them optometry clinic, we could be doing other things with the patients. In other words, we can be treating Glaucoma. Yup, that’s within our scope of practice to people who have suggested you should and, and, and I go, listen, we know what are, we know what we do well and we do that well and we don’t have the space, we don’t have the resources and if we started to do it, all we’re going to do is clog the, the business coach engine and we’re not gonna be able to do what our core is as well. And Corey court, you have time for one more hot take more hot question for Dr. Robert Zellner before we get into Kanye West and Donald Trump’s laws of success, how to get the attention of your ideal and likely buyers. But I, you know what I think the thrive nation would love to hear the story you said in between the break we go outside, we had the pinion wood burning. We were out there in the of man atmosphere and you had a very insightful. I mean it was really impactful. It’s just introducing what do you.

And do you tell that story because that’s kind of cool. Well, that’s what I love about being here. I mean, this is a man cave top of of things, so you get to, you get to hang out and share. It’s a mastermind session and so this. This is mine, this is kind of. I was over at Zs House one night and I was over there with a Lee Cockerell is big event. You were hosting there at your house and you came over to me and you were so excited and you’re like, corey, come over here. I can’t wait to show you my man cave. And so in my mind I can only imagine what zs man cave is. The magic man cave. He wrote a song specifically about my imagination and so and so. My, my imagination is crazy. So we go, we go out there and listen.

It was, it was super nice. It was really nice, but it was the man cave. Could be. It would touch my soul. Metaphysically can only surrounded by as Gloria. Okay, I see what so, so what my eyes saw was a really nice patio and it was super nice, but it was, it. It made me stand back and I was like, listen, it made me think about what I have completely different because most of what was out there, right? I currently had in your man cave in my man cave. Oh, I already had. Then you hadn’t been manhaven I had been mankato. Okay. Just didn’t appreciate it. I was a little ungrateful and so and so. Anyway. I think it was a big moment for me that, listen, you get to decide how much you enjoy things. You get to decide that. There we go. Come on. It’s voluntary and so if you can learn to be grateful for what you’ve been given, the way that I saw that you were grateful about those things, you are not grateful about some huge product that you had bought. It was. It was the very simple things. That’s something that was very important. Guys, can I tell you something I’m very grateful for?

I want to know each and every Monday when I come back to the thrive time show.com world headquarters. I walk into the bathroom and you typically. I’ll turn right. I’ll walk in, open the doors. I’ll turn right? Yes. I go to that restroom, the bathroom, the porcelain palace. I go in there and I realized if I wanted to drink from the urinals I could because we could because chuck through that clean and Jeff, why are they that clean? Because we hire plastic janitorial to take care of our janitorial service. Obviously know who else does classic clean work with? They work with Google Neustar. Dr Robert Zoellner and Associates Tony when he. You get a hold of him at v Classic Clean Dot Com. [inaudible] classic Clean Dotcom column at nine. One eight, six, seven, one, two, zero four, six, nine, one eight, six, seven. One, two, three, zero four, six, three.

The one you are now entering the Dojo of Mojo and the thrive time show, thrive time. Show on the business coach microphone. What is this? Top of the charts in the category of business driven down on business topics like we are a dentist into shift. Like if we go past that, you might get motion sick tablets in like some to one here come the business, thrive nation. Welcome back to the thrive time, show your radio and podcast download and see if it’s okay. I want to, I want to share kind of a personal win in my life right now. Oh, fantastic. You know, you know how much we love celebrating and I want to celebrate. I want to celebrate a win within sharing another wind. So it’s two winds. And then after the second one, I want to share a third when I’m done. Okay. Winning is all I’m doing. Can I just go ahead and do a cheer right now?

Yeah. Oh, thank you. That’s a pre a cheer for celebration of wind. Wind. Oh.

So here are the winds. My good business coach friend Phil Pressey. If you look up Phil, it’s P H I l pressy. He is five foot eight. Z At last count. How tall are you? A little under five nine. My friend Phil Pressey came out of Missouri where he led the team to undefeated regular season for what will put the bowl being the starting point card, a point guard for the Missouri Basketball team. He came out early and, uh, was not drafted and he ended up landing a deal with the, uh, the Boston Celtics were. He played for a few years there. He ended up getting a move to golden state. He ended up basically getting cut and he moved to Barcelona in Barcelona is kind of like the second best league in the world. There’s the NBA, there’s Barcelona and there’s everything else. The Barcelona really is actually better than the NBA. The Spanish league, was it called?

I don’t think it’s actually called the Spanish league. Yeah. But Phil Pressey, uh, I talked to him and guess who? He got a call from him. He said he don’t see. He was working in. He’s marketing. He’s been working as network. And guess who just called him? So you’re telling me that he had been cold calling general managers back here in the state. He’s been working it. I’ll just say this has been working. It could be email, it could be calls, could be an agent, be a lot of things going on. Lot of it be pigeon carrier service. Oklahoma has one professional sports team and that’s the Oklahoma City Thunder. Yes, of course. And so the thunder just, I believe they just locked in. Carmelo a Carmelo Anthony for, for multiple years. They’ve got Russell Westbrook, they’ve locked him in and so they need a backup for Russell Westbrook. And so they, they called my friend Phil Pressey to come in for a workout now tonight I was supposed to go to Oklahoma city tonight to have a dinner with Phil Pressey to hang out with him and to celebrate his recent, a tryout with the thunder. And guess what happens? He are. They said, well, you told me during the day. He told me that. He said, I, uh, I have to cancel tonight’s dinner because the general manager of the thunder would like to take me out to dinner to discuss my future with the team. There you go. So I am super excited for Phil Pressey and I’m, I’m forming a business coach prayer chain out there. We have hundreds of thousands of people that download the podcast as he says he can. We, can we form a prayer chain, let’s just in Cuba.

Cool, cool. Cool, cool. Yeah, I’ve got a little bit of money left. Yeah, I gotta find it good. They got to maximize

those dollars. Veteran who can push up the book, who can push the pace of the game. Right? Who’s not looking to be the star? Phil Pressey sign him. Yeah, and he’s only got to give him more than 10 minutes. Marshall, how much rustles in the game? How much at a? He’s at least in the game. Forty minutes. I’m just saying this couldn’t be a great gig for Phil. Great for me. Great for America. I can go. It’s easy. You’re not going to go see them all the time. We could be groupies. You know? It’d be a great gig for. You want to be that backup quarterback and his Quranic. You look ice, you know your daily to do list on a zona is on a clipboard. Clipboard and I have the clipboard. They have the skills needed to be a backup quarterback in the NFL. That’s what I’m saying.

You never go in. You. I know you could back up Tom Brady. Just thinking if you do go in, it’s more about emotional intelligence, which I have. Maybe they could get your locker right next to Tom Brown. I’ll explain it again. The guy just. Have you ever seen a girl throw a football? I throw it worse. Here’s the deal. I want you guys just to dub right. We’re going to do a lot of running place. So then their second win of the week is uh, Colton Dixon who saying the intro to our show started from the bottom. Now we’re here hot sauce. He’s got a new album is coming out with and Z. do you like imagine dragons? Yeah. Do you like one Republican course? It’s do like you to. Oh yeah, my faves. He’s right now blending the three together into his new album and it’s going to blow your mind.

Oh Wow. That sounds good. Third personal, when my wife’s been pruning all the trees out here and I put a log on the fire before I went to bed. This will be at 8:00. It’s going to bed at nine. Nine PM. I put a log on the fire at, at like 8:00 PM and I woke up this morning at 3:00 PM and it was still burning. Oh. So I’d put another log on. I come back from work and it’s still going. It’s like the eternal flame of oral roberts. It is. And I, I just can’t be. That can be. Don’t let it go out. That could be the prayer flags for getting burning. And he turnoff flame. Close Your eyes than me. You that some of the bangles. Oh yes, of course. Of course. Okay. So. Okay, now. Now, now back to you. Back to you greg, Greg here from Mississippi. Now to hear about Phil Pressey. Now to hear about triple winds. Not to hear about Colton Dixon. What tough question do you have for Dr Robert Zellner, you, you traveled from Mississippi to shadow the last two, three days. Um, what question do you have for Dr Robert Zellner?

I want to ask about a little bit about his time management. Um, I’ve learned a lot from thrive and a from you all about myf  six and met at a time and I’ve been working on that a lot and it’s helped me out tremendously. I’d like to know a little bit about what your time looks like. My Med at times in the mornings. And it usually involves reading a book that to edifies, edifies, and kind of builds me up. It gives me good training. It’s often the book which is sometimes can be controversial, called the, um, I think it’s, the Bible can be a soft, it could be the nipple.

I’ve been twosies man cave on multiple occasions and it wasn’t a deal where he’s like, Hey, wait a second, let me set up this prop. But you’ll walk around and he’s always got the Bible open to some page. Why do you read that all the time, Bro? Well, because it edifies me, it grounds me and it clears my head and it we edify. What does that word mean to you? And if I simplify it for people like me, it builds you up. It gives you hope. It restores your brain. It edify is whenever you feel like you’re walking a little taller after you do something, you’ve been edified. Right. And so, um, I do that in the morning. I plan my day. If it’s not scheduled, you’re not, couldn’t get it done. You know, I make my to do list if you will. I don’t make them as frequently as I used to. I used to have a very intense to do list and it was nine point font and it was, it wasn’t, it wasn’t making a to do list, it was adding things to my to do list. Right. And so now now I’m more, my day is more like the Vaudeville act of the guy with the sticks and the plates, but my dad up and watch man, 27 plates. So what I do is a lot of times I will check on to see which of those plates is flopping around and stick the most. You’ve seen them using the Vaudeville Act. So you start one, you be one of your plates might be slopping. Yeah. Oh yeah. There’s always one. There’s always one flopping the most. Right. And so that’s the one that I go over to and I take the stick and I go right to it. And so I’ve got some things scheduled, meeting, scheduled lunches scheduled, I’ve got appointments already made and then I make fill in the gaps in between those. And then I look at my plate and in the time that’s left I go and spend plates.

You are a master of business coaching, being a business coach leader and time management and one of the ways that you’re able to save time and money is you don’t go to office depot to buy your office supplies and printer supplies. No, no, no. For the thrive time show we by our office and printer supplies from onyx imaging.com. That’s onyx imaging. Onyx imaging.com. Stay two, three, one. You are now entering the Dojo of Mojo and the thrive time show, thrive time. Show on the microphone. What is this? Top of the charts in the category of business driven down on business topics like we are a dentist. You would need to shift over the past that you might get. Motion sick. Grab a pen and pad to the lab that’s in this group.

All right. Thrive nation nation. Welcome back to the thrive time show on your radio. Since the last time you tuned in. I’ve still been burning the same log in my backyard. We recently prune the trees in the backyard Z and z. We proved some pretty impressive trees back there and so we have some pretty impressive trees on this property. I mean, there are some tall trees and these trees are dot. I mean they’re old and a lot of our listeners don’t tune in for for pruning tips. They tune in for tips on how to grow a successful company, which, which could be said. You’re trying to prune your best way to say this isn’t a home and garden show. Oh No, no, no. Longer. I mean, well, what had happened was that used to be a home and garden show went over time. It has morphed into more of a business show.

So anyway, now we’re going to. We’re going to keep up here for because we have cory minter, the Co founder or the founder of Trinity Employment Specialists. A company in Tulsa has been operating for 11 years. I’ve been a client and a business coach client and friend for quite a while and uh, we’re going to give the Mike to cory z where he can ask you anything. I’m a little concerned right? Here we go. And then Marshall Morris business coach is going to ask you anything on behalf of one of his clients here. So are you ready to be in the hot seat?

I am ready and I have no previous knowledge of any of these questions coming in. Here we go. Just hot, hot.

See I’ve got it. I’ve got a question for you as, as I personally am trying to start my business. One thing that I had to learn, especially early on, instill even some, some aspect now because I’m trying to grow even more, is that you almost sometimes you have to fake it until you make it. Especially early on. Not as much now, but still you’ve got to push to get that next big deal. I’ve got to believe that you’ve got a story when you were. You were a growing one of your businesses and you got an opportunity or an opportunity was presented itself to you and you really want it. You really wanted it, but you weren’t 100 percent qualified at that time to get it done. Can you talk to me and the listeners about that process? How did you proceed? Proceed. Proceed as well. It’s kind of

to Parkdale one. Tell me when you encountered this for. Tell me some obstacles you overcame. Tell me whenever you kind of faked it til you made it. Right, and I mean there’s something very simple that I faked it until I made it from day one.


This may seem a little far fetched. It may be a little out an outfield, a little crazy, crazy top coming at you. Crazy, crazy, crazy jazz hands here working, working, working, working, and that is. I named my business. It was kind of a lie.

Oh yeah.

So I’ll, I’ll just say due to language, but I say to you, what are you talking about? I talk about young grasshopper. Oh my goodness, Dr Robert Zoellner and associates don’t know. It was fake until I made it. It was two to three years before I have associate. He sent me to touch your feet. Please touch you.

Okay. So you started a company called Dr Robert Zoellner and associates. Before there were associates, you know, you know, I did something very similar. Or what’d you do at Trinity? Well, we, we are started in, I started out trinity in the medical field. Now we, you know, we, we staff for most of the medical clinics here in Tulsa, but um, at the beginning are created Trinity Employment Specialists, Medical Division. Oh,

I assume that there must be many other business coach divisions going on here. And of course, yes, yes, yes. And what, and you don’t want an easy thing is that patient to come in and they, they, they needed a procedure that I had never done before. Theory, theory. In theory I could do it in theory. Yeah. Yeah. I mean I just do it. That’d be like. And how much that costs. I’d be like, I just pulled a number out of my, like, z. I’ve, what, can I have audio from that time we put a mic in your, um, knowing that the show had happened in the year 2016, 17, 18. We went ahead and we miked your optometry office early in the year. Nineteen 99. Two Thousand and we put Mike’s everywhere before Mike Technology was like, it is today. Yeah. There was that. We were fighting the technology revolution and so we have audio. Oh No, I have not. What? We can’t verify whether it was you who said it or who said it, but a client said to you, they said, do you offer such and such service and then you walked into your private study or at least somebody did. And this is what they said was recorded. I started recording, I don’t know, six years. I don’t know if you said it or if somebody else said it, but I can say we did Mike, your office in 1999 and we have the audio archived. So 19 years are here we go.

Like, I picked it wrong. We quit smoking, quit drinking. Like I picked the wrong week.

So do you have to fake it before you make it? Every time in every business do not have to do it. You have to, you know, and you have to have a certain swag about it. That’s why. That’s why we teach you at our in person workshops. We teach in a wind, one business, counseling, coaching. That’s. It’s so important to have your logos done, right? It’s so important to have your business card look correct. It’s important to have your website look professional because you better load professionally even though there’s only. It’s only you answered the phone, you’re when you start your bro fashionable. Want to look professional because nobody wants to buy a whatever office. Someone who’s just. It’s her first sale. Oh, I think he will call me. Dr Robert Zoellner and associates. I mean. Oh, thank you for going. Dr Robert Zoellner and associates. I mean it’s almost like when you first start your business and you really have to have that mask, that branding, that facade of excellence, because really everything that happens is new. It’s your first time. You don’t have to say, you know what, you’re. You’re lucky because you’re our first optometry customer ever that law. Nobody ever likes to be the first. So if you ever tell a client that is it, like you’re the first client that I’ve ever served. Now I saw you do this countless times with, uh, with Djs when you were training Djs, right? Is you would have them go out and shadow.

So it wasn’t their first time when they would go out to an event and it was their own event. They’ve been to so many in the past before. And that’s why the shadowing process is so powerful as part of the training process is so that they have experienced. But if you tell a client that, oh, congratulate. By the way, I’m 16. I’m 16 years 17. When you started, when I was 17, when I 18. I’ve never actually been to a wedding. Yeah, I remember this because it was my first wedding. It was out at Forest Ridge and they came up to me and they were like, oh my gosh, how many weddings have you done? And really I was thinking to myself, I’ve never done a wedding before. And I was like, Oh yeah, I’ve been to so many. It’s all we’re going to have a great time.

Plethora really. But uh, but that what you’re saying here, faking it till you make it, it’s so important because you can’t tell them that it’s your first time. If it is your first time, then make sure that you’re practicing and getting good ahead of that. Marshall Morris, we come back from the break. I’d like for you to share a question from one of your coaching clients and ask a question. Dr Robert Zellner. He can ask and answer right here on this, on this exclusive opportunity for Asca Z, anything. But before we do that, I encourage our listeners to go to hood Cpas, Dotcom, hood, CPA, [inaudible] dot com. Are you looking for an accountant who’s, who’s, who’s as proactive as you are about your business? Then, if you are looking for a proactive accountant, I encourage you to go today

to hood Cpas Dot Com. Stay tuned. Ten the world’s best business workshop, led by America’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review. Claim your tickets by emailing is proof that you did it. Your contact information

Welcome back to the thrive time business coach show on your radio and during today’s exclusive opportunity to ask a z anything we have Marshall Morris, business coach and the the Amazon bestselling co author of the book. Start here and we have Mr Greg wild all the way from Mississippi. Greg, how are you my friend? Welcome into the show. I’m doing great. Thanks for having me here. So you guys get to ask any question you want and Z, it’s Z. It’s a double blind study because I clearly have no idea what’s going on most shows. But then in this show I have no idea and you have no idea. And so Marshall Morris, what is a business coaching question that you have for Dr? Z from one of your clients? So I have a lot of clients right now that are actually having a ton of wins. They’re having a lot of success.

They’re having success. Sorry. So, so, so it’s very exciting. Um, and this is what I’m hearing them say and I was hoping that you could shed some light on this, but it’s the concept of that inspiration is the reward. You don’t become inspired to take action, but rather you must take action in it. Being inspired is the reward. Inaction is the big giant here that we have to slay with actually doing something. And so they’ve taken the blind steps, the blind faith of executing the proven system. And when you lay out a proven best practice, it’s pretty powerful. But how do you, how, how, when you were just starting Dr Robert Zoellner and associates, what motivated you or was their motivation or did you just say, I just got to do something in order to grow the business or where, where does that piece come in? I wrote a song, clay and I co wrote it. Oh Nice. Twenty six years ago. He was 11. Oh, 26 years. And he was up in Minneapolis and the ice fishing I was, I was up there with bjorn and Russia. We’d just come back from town and uh, we, we wrote a song and I sang it to myself every morning and it goes to this clay. You remember it ever rise and grind and rise and rise and grind.

Where’s bjorn? Bjorn fingers. Most of sigma. We go the chorus again. One more time to not sing in the chorus. Right?

Here’s the deal. Here’s the deal. You have, you have the dream of what you’re going for. Time freedom, money, pay the bills. Don’t get your electric. Shut off, make a car payment. You know, don’t look like an idiot. I mean you have a list of things that are your end goals. Okay? And, and the problem is, unlike TV, unlike, you know, what we’d like to see in the media, it doesn’t happen overnight. It’s not an overnight success story. There’s no get rich schemes out there. Now I know somebody wins a lottery every couple of years.

Can I real quick 10 audio clip that I think really you, you just said there’s no way to get rich quick. Oh, except that one way

I think a lot of people think you can get rich quick, you can’t, and it’s the grind and what you do is, and that’s exactly right, Marsha. What you’re talking about is you get up and you do the hard work and you do the hard work and I tell my kids kind of my version of it is always been work first. Then play and play can be, can be kind of thought of as the, the, the juice, the find the, the bonus, the result of what the hard work has done for you. We don’t quote a lot of Rihanna on the show that pop star Rianna because you’re going to quote her. She says, yes,

work, work, work, work, work. You see me, I’d be work, work, work, work, work with. They see me, do me dirt, dirt, dirt, dirt, dirt. So then by that work, work, work, work, work. When you gonna, learn, learn, learn, learn. That may not care if we tired, tired, tired, tired, tired, z. I mean she’s.

Wait, if you wait, I’m in Marshall if you wait. Yeah, that’s why we probably don’t quote her that much as a business coach. It’s probably most people’s heads, so we can’t really. I can’t really go there. We can’t wait or song. I got to pull my car over. Getting stopped quite a few minutes. This is too deep, but the thing about it is is that if you wait to be inspired to do your job, you won’t get it done right. You, you have to just have the mindset of, you know what, I’m. I don’t feel 100 percent. Do you want me times? I laid in my office throwing up and they’d come knock on the door. You know the patient’s ready. I’d washed my face off, washing my hands, comb my hair a little bit, go in there and knock it out and go back and float back down on the floor. You have to. If you wait, you pick the day. Say, Hey, wait, I’m only going to work on days. I feel good. Come on now. I don’t want to go to work on days that I kinda don’t want to do anything else. I wouldn’t want to work on days that you didn’t want to work today. You know why? You’re on the verge of you right now on the verge.

You See Marshall? Huh? The trap nation out there. What’s that? I’m going to tell you something. You better open up your ears. Go ahead. Because it’s coming in hot. I’m telling you every day, every day, every day, and that alarm goes off every day. Every day. You got to get your butt out of bed. We got to get your button. You get in the shower. What are you talking about? You gotta get your buddy in the car. I can’t hear you. You got to get your head down to your job. Are you kidding me? No, I’m not. Every day, every day. Come on. Show up on time with a good attitude. What do job and you know what? You work hard and it’ll all be worth it down the end because what will happen

it is the more the harder you work, the more money you’ll make, and that’s just the way it is. You say that and I think everybody hears it, but I don’t know if everybody hears it. Well, he who has ears to listen, then listen to it and do it, and that’s the thing. That’s what I love about Greg here from southern Mississippi. Drove all the way here, a young management listen to the podcast and you know what? He chose to take his time off and come to the work. He’s working on his business by being here and he has. He has told us repeatedly, hey listen, I listened to what you said and now I’m doing it and I’m getting positive. Greg,

Greg, Greg, I want to ask you this. How did you first hear about the thrive time show podcast? I heard about thrive and general back a guess about two years ago. I heard you speaking on another podcast. What podcasts? Wholesale. It was the profit first podcast. Okay, great. So I was on the Michael Mccallum podcast and what resonated with you? What, what? What did you listen to where you thought, this guy is so weird, but it maybe I should subscribe or check out. You were doing voices and all that. First of all, it’s all attention. Oh, but I really probably discounted you initially.

You started talking about the idea that you operated many businesses. Right? But you didn’t actually, I think you mentioned the hair salon, but you didn’t actually cut hair and things like that and that, that really resonated with me. Struck. It struck a nerve. So that’s how I got to find out more about this guy. So I went online and googled I think Google June. Then I came across the thrive website that way. So how, how has your experience been with our team, our coaches, the workshop, the podcast. What’s been your experience overall? Is Anybody screwed you over? Have we taken advantage of you? I mean, how’s the experience been so far? It’s been great. It’s been nothing, nothing but positive. So why did you come here from Mississippi this past week? Well, I came to conference, me and my wife came to a conference I guess about a year ago and uh, I turned 40 this year. When you’re looking like you’re happy birthday, you know, 40 is the new 20, you look 27 and I don’t ever go anywhere. I work all the time. So my wife said you need to go do something. So I’ve been playing, I’ve been trying to come up with ideas, something to go do something to go have a little over some of those ideas. What were some of the, just throw crazy things out there like kayak to Mississippi or anything like that.

I mean just some casual casual, but I heard clay mentioned on another podcast about job shadowing. Yeah. And uh, so I sent him an email and to find out what that was about. And you said, come on up. Come on. How has it impacted you so far? What have you learned since you’ve shadowed the last couple of days? Um, mainly about time management, what I kinda came focused on, but it’s just so much. There’s so much going on at thrive. You got the call center, you’ve got the coaches running around or it’s a lot to take in how, how has the principles that we’ve talked about on the podcast, how has that come full circle to actually seeing it in practice because I think that’s a huge gap for, for somebody like yourself to seeing y’all actually do. Yeah, actually doing the system, it makes it, it makes it seem achievable in a way.

Not to make it sound negative, but I don’t know. A lot of principals and things you hear taught or listen to other podcasts. It almost seems like it’s on a corporate level or it’s, you know, you have to have a bs, you know, college degree, all that type of thing and to come actually see it all. What’s going on in that building? I don’t know. It makes it seem. It makes it seem real and achievable for you are an answer to prayer for a z myself, Marshall mean this is. We want to help guys like you and we come back from the break. I’d like for you to build, to ask us any question you want at all. No question’s

out of bounds. Any business question you have for Dr. Robert Zellner and so we come back, we’re gonna have greg wild get a little wild z asking us any coaching question that he could possibly have and uh, before we go to the Brooklyn and tell you about Z, z, have you ever had your spine where it kind of, you’ve got your back, your lower back, your upper backs, maybe a little bit kind of misaligned right now. Your brother’s a chiropractor? Yeah. Good. So you’re probably going to go to your brother, but I didn’t. I know you wouldn’t go to your brother. You go to Dr. John Sibling, Sibley chiropractor. You may want to just check him out because I’ve heard so many good things about him. He’s the chiropractor of choice for Wayne Gretzky and you can check them out today at Dr John [inaudible] Dot Com. It’s Dr John Sibley Dot Com. Tulsa’s number one chiropractor, [email protected]. Check them out online or z. You know that today we actually have phone technologies easy. Are you aware of the technologies you can actually pick up the phone and call? That seems crazy. You can pick up the phone and call them at nine. One, eight, seven, four, nine, five, seven, four. One. Schedule your first appointment but by calling nine. One, eight, seven, four, nine, five, seven, four. One day too.

And now broadcasting live from the box that rocks. It’s the thrive time business coach radio show, the mindset stuff on the magic button. Something that now that was then given it to the straight in the vaccines dash and the plaques, bringing them back to the track so I could get on the market and the cash, making the Dash, the plaques, bringing it back into the tracks so I could get up on the market. Speak the facts.

There’s the. I think it’s time for us to say a big thank you to the thrive nation. Thank you. Cue Up this dee dee crowd cheering of because this Friday. Oh, there it is. Oh yeah. You just keep that going. Just keep hitting that button to your branch. Blokes with this past week and we had a conference on Friday here at the thrive time show world headquarters up there, beautiful left coast of the Arkansas River, and I had somebody came up to me in our first session and they said, did you guys realize that right now on my phone on Itunes, you guys are the number one rated podcast world. Oh No. Hispanic listeners in the business section, we’re using the top 20, but we were number one in the world for four consecutive hours.

Z quadro blow your mind blow. My business coach mind is blown because the thing is typically on to show you today.

Go ahead and cue talent in our show. We’d go gardeners here. So, uh, we’re honored to be the number one podcast in the world for four hours and time and four hours of our life and we appreciate you for making us in the top 10 section of the itunes business section on podcasts. And I would just say thank you because we are so honored to serve you, but we can’t help you if we don’t get a chance to know you. And so here we have a thriver from Greg. What state are you from? Mississippi. And so you are traveled here all the way from, what’s the name of your town in Mississippi? Poplar Ville. And so how, how long of a drive was it for you to get here to the thrive time show world headquarters? Actually, uh, I did fly in this time. Oh really?

So you flew in and first time flying, did you have to take one flight or two to. Is it your first time ever flying? Oh yeah. Yep. Was It freaking out? At first it was all right once I got going, but at first I didn’t. I was really nervous about it. Did you fly southwest or. I did. That’s the only listening to y’all. So who are the only ones I would fly. So what was the occasion that made you want to fly to get here? And so now that you’re here, you can ask Dr Robert Zellner business coaching question ever. You’ve been on your first airplane in your entire life. You can ask Dr Z, any business coaching question ever feel free my friend. You have the floor. Alright, now let me preface this by saying I’ve got a great wife, an entrepreneur’s dream wife. Very supportive. Perfect. Always there for me to congratulate American heart than mind me putting in the grind, but I’ve been working like we were talking about earlier and work, work, work, and the other day I checked in on her and asked her how she’s doing and she said, I feel like a single mom, you know, and you know what you don’t know what you like then.


So here’s what here’s you have to do you have to say, that’s one of the questions I get asked the most by entrepreneurs, people that want mentoring from me, coaching from me. They asked me, it’s the old work life business coach balance chart. How do you do it? How do we have to go to go first? Oh wait, I want to go first real quick. Are, you know, I want to steal your thunder press. He making that squad. No, you can one up. Me. You Man. I just want to steal your thunder and then you went up. Okay, perfect. Oh, I like, I’m married. My wife in 2019 99. Basically we, we met 99. I got married in 2001 and um, my son was born blind, doesn’t seven and we went to these different optometrists and different doctors and one doctor by the name of Dr Groves call me up on the phone.

He said, hey, your son cannot see and I’m not going to tell your wife that he is blind when you’re not present. I need you to be here. And I remember saying I’m booked. They got a meeting Buba boom, she can meet with you. And he goes, do you not grasp you need to be here? And it was the first time in like probably eight years, somebody called me out on the fact that I literally would spend. I’m not, I’m not exaggerating, probably four hours a week with my wife, maybe five if it wasn’t for the grace of God. I do not deserve the fact that we’re still married. So whatever the record may show, I’m just telling you, it is unbelievable that we’re. We are still married because I would, I mean, up until 2007, I maybe saw my wife five hours a week maybe. So I’m going to say, God, thank you Vanessa. I appreciate all the forgiveness, but I see a lot of guys. It’s very. If we’re not careful, I mean you can hard charging hard charge and man, I’m just telling you, if my wife hadn’t taken like the super high road, I would be living in a van down by the river.

Perfect. Yeah. No, that’s. I mean that’s a, that’s intense. But it’s true. Yeah. And so when I get asked that question, I listened to them. I nod with that reassuring look that I have been to that movie, ate the popcorn, drank the big Diet Cola, the big one that I don’t drink anymore. And that’s probably when I’m at the movies. Don’t dumb. I get that. Um, and this is what, this is what you do because what’ll happen is it’s the pendulum, it’s my pendulum theory of life. Okay, here we go. So the pendulum swings over to this side, your work, work, work, work, work, work, work, work, work, work, work, work, work, and then your family I eat. Your wife will give you that little clue. Now you’ve got to be listening for it because it’s not always direct. She didn’t. She didn’t say, honey, I like to see you. She said, she said, kind of a kind of a passive aggressive. I feel like. So when that happens, what kind of statement tells you here, here’s what you. Well, you here. I feel like I feel like a single person. I feel like a single mom. The kids, I’m not sure they know who you are. I mean all these kinds of capacities, aggressive moves. So when they do that, here’s what you do immediately. You cued this up. Have this ready to go on your phone. Okay? Because I’m serious. Okay, you’re cute. You’re cute

right here. No one daddy’s on his way. I want you to put on sexy dress and high heels at. Daddy’s going to come. I’ve got a babysitter already lined up for the kids. Now I got to back up a bit. Fit on K that maybe they’ll get hurt. I got backup for the backup. I got three babies that have all ready to go. Kids. Yeah,

and I’m coming by and we’re going on a date night. You and me, you and me working and we’re going to talk. I’m going to give you some affection and attention. I’ll talk about how you feel and know I’m going to be trying to present the whole date. At no point am I going to give you a solution to your problems. I’m just gonna. Let you be heard. Heard of it, and I’m going to acknowledge your feelings. Nobody acknowledged your thought. How you doing? How you doing? How you do? You know what I understand I did because that’s what I got. Daddy’s. It ain’t even about the thick. It’s about how you doing.

They’ll let you know that. The key is, here’s the key to it. Here’s the key, is that when your home is that when you’re with your wife, when you’re with your kids, is that you’re there. So many guys have the laptop open. They’re doing a deal. They’re doing an email. Oh, dad’s got an email and wait, we’ll get that. Weight seems to be present is a present, is a present when you’re present. Present. See what you realize. What our present is a present. It blows your mind, right? So you go home, you get your prison myself. One time, get arrested at bus station. No, that’s good. You don’t do that at Mcdonald’s. Oh my bad. No, no, no, no, no. To disrobe publicly. No. Good, no good. So bill let you know. Be Listening for it. Expect it. No one’s coming. And, and you know what?

You prefaced that you purchased it. Great. You said, you know I’ve got the best. She’s the best entrepreneurial wipe out there. Even the best says Mama needs some love, some attention, right? Kids need a daddy, you know. And so that’s a really good books out there. But the key is, is to know your wife, know their business coach love languages are, know how, how you can love on her. So you bring them a gift. She just wants quality time. It doesn’t have as much effect. Right? His needs, her needs is another great book because you know, it hurts me. Come on. Okay, so her five needs are different than your five needs. You know, I’m. One of them is family, family commitments. So she wants you to raise those kids by herself. He know. One of my mom and my five needs is to have west Carter on the show. Every show, every show. I have five deans. Have Wes Carter on show number one of the week? Yes. Number two, yes. Number three, four and five, but we can only have west on one day a week in the thrive time show. And so wes Carter, this just it were the attorney of choice for your firm is for, for td Jakes, for Joyce Meyer, for Craig Rochelle. You guys have represented a Joel Osteen, a lot of big time minister

masters, but also married to a congregation of one. Give our main man greg some marital tips about what you, you go, you know, not that I’ve done this wrong, but a friend of mine might have gone through this or some tips. I’ve definitely done this wrong and I think I’ve had it with. You talked about your moment, cleveland. Oh, when Vanessa kind of called you out and I’ve had that before and can I be real?

They’re okay with the police. You didn’t call me out. We’re in a limousine driving to Oklahoma City to when the entrepreneur of the year award and she looked over. I remember this. I’ll never forget it. She leans over and she says, Hey, after you do your interview, do you think she could schedule some time to see your kids? And I remember just feeling, I wish I had this button because it was so awkward,

terrible. And I, and everyone in the limo was like, you’re the man has to go with is so exciting. And I remember just feeling so alone but yet in a crowd. Yeah. So I mean, Vanessa, thank you for calling me out on that. Back to you.

No. So my wife and I had been together 15 years and one time she brought up the d word and it completely caught me off guard drama. Uh, yeah, no divorce. Oh, Deli Deli. But it was at a time when I thought we were doing great because I’d, I just gotten out of touch with what her needs were and because she wasn’t a complainer, she is a wonderful woman. She wasn’t nagging me telling you about it. So one is I try consciously to check in, like, how are you doing? I think that just that little tiny bit of communication helps. Um, and then periodically she will drop those hints. So sometimes they’re passive aggressive. But once we were out in public, she told someone about all the things she knew about our kids. And then she said, Wesley’s vaguely aware that little people live in our house. And uh, that was a clue to me. Another clue that yourself, oh my God, I wonder who’s always messing with.

There’s those subtle clue that a lot of women will do. A lot of times we’ll move all your stuff into a box and then you’ll stop selling a box and you’re like, why is it in the box? And they say, I’m out. And you say, whoa. And then that one, the slight notification that they might be a little on the upset side a little bit. This justin. So two moves I have that I’ve learned over the years is try to put my electronic devices when I get no, I get home a little bit late and it’s easy. Like z said, you get an email, you get a text, you get a phone call. I only have a couple of hours with the children, the wife, and so that’s one of them. The two prevalent, more importantly is when I have commitments recital, the soccer tournament or something the wife wants me to do, I put it in my calendar and I schedule it so that my business commitments don’t. I don’t have a conflict, you know, if I schedule it ahead of time, then my staff I know schedule around it wouldn’t be ample time to leave and get back. And that helps me from those last Minute Calls Indebted Super Effective

50th with Carter, with when the king. These are the tough push though because honestly, it’s like you have to block out time for what matters, whether it be a staff meeting or meeting with your wife or meeting with your kids or you just got to schedule time for what matters. Now, Greg, you’ve got the floor enough, cheap enough time to still ask us a tough paint us in the corner business question. What’s the next question you have for Dr? Robert Zellner?

Yeah. I’ve got one for Dr. Z dot. Um, we all know that you mentored the business coach clay, you’re a mentor to clay, and now through thrive you’re a mentor to many people. Um, who was your mentor or did you have a mentor?

I had several. I had several mentors. I had a gentleman that I worked for, um, and uh, his name is Doug and he, uh, he was my mentor. You know, sometimes I’m a mentor. Can Be someone that’s paved the ground for you and then they show you all the moves, you know, um, and like anybody, there’s no perfect mentor out there. And when we get back from break here in just a minute, I’m gonna kind of break down some of the good and some of the bad you can get from internship.

Well I’ll tell you this, if you’re out there and you want to say, I want to avoid some mistakes and I just want to build my building the right way the first time. If you’re out there and you want to add onto your commercial building or build a commercial building from the ground up for

new new construction, I encourage you to check out our friends at Williams contracting. And you have to be saying what? What is William’s contracting? That’s Williams contracting. Who is Williams contracting? Well, you can check us out online today at [inaudible] Dot [inaudible] dash conduct conduct [inaudible]. Conduct comments Williams contract and check them out online today. The world’s best business workshop led by America’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review. Claim your tickets by emailing is proof that you did it and your contact information to [email protected].

Alright, thrive time show. Welcome back to the thrive time show on your radio, in your podcast download. If you are listening to the thrive time show for the first time, let me blow your mind for a second. We’ve got Dr Robert Zellner on today’s show, a z or the founder of. Can you list off the companies you’ve started in chronological order please? My friend, Dr Robert Zoellner and associates optometry clinic. Okay. I’m optometry clinic. I have two of those now, a doctors that worked for me. Uh, then I have a z 66 auto auction. Dr Z’s sleep center, a to z medical, Madison Medical Rockin z ranch thoroughbred horse farm. There’s a fly in your man cave. Can we get some? We did a fly strip or something. I don’t know what we need to flash trivia. Yeah, but you know, um, and uh, I have investments in others. We started, obviously I’m an investor and the CEO of thrive, which we started three years ago and I’m going to leave in fly strips.

I believe you throw it out there. I mean, I’m asking you something funny you can do with fly strips, but do you believe in flight strips? I mean, is that something you’re or you prefer the believer? I believe with a chap stick method. Do you prefer to use chopsticks, touch, wax on, wax off? I try to grab fly with traffic. Well our book that people are tuning in, you know, to learn more than just a fly fly catching techniques. And so a lot of folks want to ask you a question. They want to ask you a specific business questions. So I’m going to let cory minter who is the founder, Co founder hang out there. I left the hanger. Yes. Greg Wild, who’s visiting from Southern Mississippi? Yes. And is a thrive koolaid drinker. I mean, what do you say? He’s just say that he enjoys the podcast.

He’s a thriver active business coach listener. He’s a big deal. He’s an active listener. Can do one of our in person workshops, but a year ago and then came to shadow and to hang out and to be here for a couple of days this week. He asked me a question right before the break and I just kind of barely broken down. The question is, who is my mentor that I had mentored clay back in the day for a little while and, and I was breaking down that I had a mentor named Doug and sometimes it’s important whenever you’re around someone a lot, sometimes you can’t. You know, you’re, you’re individual. So to try to be that person exactly is impossible and not healthy, but what you need to do is I cut up the drumstick philosophy of life. This justin, Justin. So Greg, what happens with the drumstick? If we were to go to Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Oh Wow. And were to say to you, you look hungry. Let me buy you a drumstick. You would say for sure, that sounds like a fun thing, and I would buy you one and you would sit at the table and you would, you would, would probably a biscuit, maybe a little bit of mashed potatoes and gravy and you eat it. And then when you’re done with the drumstick, what would you have left? A bone or you’d have a boom. Oh, that’s incredible show. I know that you can look at me and say, how dare you give me a bone. How dare you. How dare you give me a bone signed. George Michael Fruit. Sorry. I’m sorry. Sorry. Sorry.

My point is though, you enjoy the meat and the gristle and the bone. The things that are uneditable. What’d you do with it? You throw it away so when you’re being mentored by somebody and you may see some things about them that are awesome that you want to emulate and you may see some things about them that you think that won’t fit me. That’s not, that’s not my wheelhouse. That’s not my lane. That’s not my. That’s not my move and I’m not gonna. I’m not gonna. Argue with them. I’m not going to sit there and go, hey, you know what I don’t like because you know that’s not a move. I can. I don’t. You got to do all my moves that I can do. I don’t think that’s good men to hold the pipe thing. You’re the one that’s very effective, but not probably.

I don’t want to shovel. Everywhere I go. I could do, you’re not going to do that Tom Brady, but I don’t think that the mob should be involved. Okay, thank you. Thank you. But my point is, is that you take the good from them and then the stuff that doesn’t apply to you or, or you might even say the bad for you, you throw it away, you don’t worry about it, you don’t focus on that. You don’t think about that. You just take the goods. So if you could go to a conference, if you can be mentored and you could get a handful of great ideas, you’re, it’s, it’s a victory. It’s a victory. You know, some of the stuff they may say, like when clay’s mentoring young man says, you know, you shouldn’t wear pants to that interview. I swear one of my, one of my three tips is don’t want to pants to wear pants on the fence for us. Three tips. Uh, but eventually he may give a tip to the young man he’s mentoring that goes, okay, that makes sense. And I’ll apply that. That fits. That’s the meat that don’t wear pants as the bone. I’m gonna throw that away, but is that okay? There we go. Now that will back recording. What is your question for Dr Robert Zoellner route? Real simple question. What’s the most wealth? Yes, I was anticipating team. Can I jump over real quick? How the Buzzer? The buzzer. Okay. Um, what, what was the most leadership lesson you’ve learned in business? What was it probably still stands out in your head? The most important leadership lesson now. Now I’m gonna. Give. I’m gonna. Give it to him. Coming in hot. Make decisions quickly. Yes. That was very simple. Make decisions. These guys that are decision makers that just think and think I’m going to run it by my wife and my friends. Am I going to talk to the chamber? I am still analyzing what a recent blog, 42 other friends, all of which you don’t own a business. Leadership’s about being decisive and, and, and aggressive and a polite way and that’s good leadership and people want to be around someone that can hear the data, that could get the facts and make a decision. I have a a tough business coaching question for West Carter because I have a lot of clients I work with and they all have very similar questions. Legally, when should I reach out to an attorney? At what point should I have a quote unquote attorney? When should I have my attorney? When should I have agreed on having a specific attorney that I have relationship with winch that happened when? When do I know it’s time for me to have an attorney?

When you start thinking about beginning a business, that’s when it’s time to have an attorney. It’s not after you started the business. I mean you need someone who’s going to advise you on what kind of business entity should I say that do I want a corporation? Do I want to llc? How am I going to do tax stuff? You know your bylaws, your op, you have all these contracts and all these things that most entrepreneurs haven’t encountered before, so it’s new to them. It needs someone to help you guide through, guide you through that process. That’s an easy way to establish a relationship and if you like that person, you have someone now they know you, you can call them when an issue arises with an employee or you’re getting a new lease or whatever comes up in the business.

That’s wes Carter with winters king.com. He’s a legal eagle or a  lawyer. He’s is. This firm represents, has represented everybody from Joel Olsteen to td Jakes, to Joyce Meyer, to Craig Rochelle with life church. A lot of big name organizations and people, but whether you use west Carter or somebody else’s eat, why do you have to have an attorney before you need one? It’s so stressful whenever you actually need one and to have that relationship when it’s not stressful and build that and do the interviewing because what’ll happen is when you need one, you need one and then you can’t go interview three guys. You can’t go do lunch or three attorneys. You can’t go hang out with them in a casual, nonthreatening way. I mean your panic, the panic buttons going, I’ve got to give an answer legally in three days. You know, z. speaking of having an attorney you can trust, what about having an a and mechanic? You can trust. Oh, that’s. That’s easy. That’s so what if you’re out there driving around a Ford and you think to yourself, gosh, I need to fix my battery, fixed my transmission. See I gotta fix my heat and air, but go get it. Going to look for a mechanic last minute. No, you want to have a relationship with Tulsa’s number one, Ford automotive repair specialists, and that is RC auto specialist.com. Once again, that’s RC auto specialists.com. Check them out today.

Attend the world’s best business workshop, led by America’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review. Claim your tickets by emailing is proof that you did and your contact information to [email protected]. All right, thrive nation. As promised, we are going to be doing a business coach show about Kanye West and Donald Trump’s laws of success, but apparently we’re not going to have time on today’s show because they have so many hot and fresh questions coming in from the thrive nation and Z.  Jonathan Kelly runs a lot of the systems and manages the people behind the scenes on the thrive time show, great guy, and he also is probably the most diligent doer I’ve ever met. The guy just does what you ask him to do and he’s reluctant to be on the show. He’s thinking to himself, no, I’d rather just be behind the scenes getting things done, but I’m sure John, you have seen people, not our clients, our clients, but other people. You’ve seen people who say they want coaching, they want mentorship, but you see them struggle to execute, to implement. I would like for you to ask on behalf of clients that you don’t know and you’ve never seen, but hypothetical clients who are operating in a parallel universe, business coaching questions that they should ask a one Dr Robert Zellner z play. Before we do that. Yes. Just to further making feel loved. Right. Would you tell us, and then I’m going to tell the thrive nation your favorite Jonathan Kelly story.

You’ve got to have one out there. Yeah, I have story number one. Um, there was probably five years ago, we’re in a meeting and uh, we did search engine optimization and we still do. Where are you? Basically if you are working on the search engine optimization team, we now call it seo row. You get assigned a certain number of articles that you need to write about a certain specific business. And the fun thing about search engine optimization is you have to load the keyword into the content a certain number of times and you know nothing about the business, which is good because the business owner who’s usually asking you to write about their business typically contributes zero, uh, advice about how to write the articles. And so John was down there writing about Kenzie lamps. Wow. Kensit glamps running a ton. John. Well, what were you running about?

Is Kenzie, what else were you writing about for this incredible client? There is a specific type of plate, right? We’re running a couple of thousand dollars for a plate about a specific plate dinner plate, one dinner plate, a couple of thousand bucks. Yes. Very proud of this. Wasn’t sell a bunch of those together. We’re top in google. And so long story short, I didn’t really know the people on search engine on the search engine team because we went through so many different people. We paid really well. I mean you got paid per article so you could make like 25, 30 bucks an hour, but most people cannot handle emotionally the idea of writing articles every single day that no one would ever read that would make if they had no idea about right. That would make a client who you would never meet top in google. And so we can’t.

We had a meeting and Jonathan Kelly came upstairs and uh, chimed in and I sincerely, he’d been there. John, how long had you had, you had, how long had you worked with us before this moment occurred? Where you are 100 percent confident. I did not know your name. Uh, at least two years. I’d be upstairs when you guys would write checks in the morning at 6:00 AM every morning and this is how it happened. This is not how every single time you’d go. Who’s Jonathan Kelly and why am I paying him so much money? Literally it’d be like every single week this will be a conversation. I said, who is Jonathan Kelly and why am I paying him so much money and then in the. In the hallway. Hey chief. Hey sports fan. Hey Guy. Hey Bro. APRO? Yeah, real quick. I want to have Marshall Take your microphone for just a second and come out here and then you come back to you.

So Marshall had worked with me at DJ connection for. I don’t even know how long. Marshall, how long had you worked with me at Dj connection before you and I had before you and I had an interaction that let you know 100 percent for sure. I did not know who you were. It was like six or eight months. It was definitely. Yeah. I’d been working there for a little while. That was back in the name. I went easy on people. That’s right, in six or eight months I would acknowledge them, but why did I not get that in acknowledged what? Looking back on it, why did I not? Why did I not acknowledge all the Djs will. You didn’t acknowledge all the djs because most djs didn’t last very long. And so I think I said because you broke into the top 10 on the DJ ranking system and if you’re in the top 10, I got to know you.

And I said, this is not how it happened. Okay, sure. What happened was, is you said, what’s up brandon? I go, my name’s not brandon. It’s Marshall. I think the way you said it came a little bit, uh, came across as harsh vendors. It was so, it was so fruitful. And so then he saying it shows through one more time please. A little more kind and soothing because what you said was true. Therefore it was a census. So say it again. The same truth, but in a branding out there in the world right now is offended. Sorry Brandon.

Sorry, sorry. So what he said was, hey, how are you bringing? I said, it’s not branded, are you sure? Yes. And so then for four months later at the next dj event or Dj’s meeting, he goes, brandon, good to see ya. And so not, I broke into the top 10. Actually recognize now that you have managed business coach people and you’re on the team and you see people come and go, why did I build up that, that defense system, do you think? Well, it’s because uh, most people can’t stay with doing something for a long period of time. Anything. Anything from hey, real quick brand. I got to kick you out the show. John Kelly’s got to get back on. So. All right. So Jonathan Kelly can my favorite story. Yeah, sure. Hello? I’m sorry I brought it up. I’m sorry. I’m throwing. Punching your when the show’s over, I’m coming out with. Come, come straight over there. There’s a lot of pressure over here and say a lot of pressure on him. Okay. So about a year ago, we’re talking on the show and I had mentioned, I did. We did a little, a little spiff, a little little, little parody, a little conversation about Daniel Boone. And the attributes of Daniel Boone and we were talking about Daniel Boone and the raccoon hat and how cool that is. Oh my gosh, I’ve always wanted one of those and you’re just kind of silly talk, which we’ve been known to doing this. What about three, four, five days later here comes Jonathan Kelly suited up into the man cave with a box gift for me. And so I opened it up and it’s an actual real Daniel Boone raccoon hat. Which you wear everyday to the antibiotics now, right? Yeah. Well I’m pretty much when I get home I stripped down and just put it on and dance around the house. I mean, you know, to you of the Daniel Boone and saying a sock. I sing one of my favorite songs, Daniel Boone was a man, is how the rest of it goes. Are you thinking about the money python a? No, I’m thinking about the actual songs. Daniel Boone from the show. Okay. Question. Quite sure. Here we go.

Okay. Jonathan Kelly, what is your hot and fresh question on behalf of the Thrive Nation for Dr Robert Zoellner? I think, uh, the, the thing that I see every business owners struggle with is the fact that they have to fire people, you know, to success. And so I guess my question would be what is it for people like what is their aversion to firing people? Like what is that stigma that they have to overcome to be like, in order to be successful, we have to fire these people. Oh Wow. Here’s, here’s the deal. We all love. We all have the new found hope new job, have a new hire. I mean, you interviewed them for goodness sakes. You’re part of the equation. Now by firing them, you’re saying, I failed myself. Success. Besides, I don’t want to upset someone. What if they see something neat and Batman, you have to get over it. You have to get over it. You have to get over it and you’ve got to fire. You got fire, fire fast, fire fast enough. And then after you fire those people want to go to RC auto specialists to repair in, repair your affordably. Do you fire people? Would you say, Lord, I feel terrible. And then you want to repair your board. I mean, that’s a great way to repair. I’m going to pump the brakes on you. I can because the auditspecialist

ready to enter the thrive time show.

Now we’re on the top. You the systems to Dixon’s hooks, hopper down the books, brigit some wisdom and the book. That’s why you see my wife and kid. Please tell them, seat upon your right now. Three, two, one. Here we go. Thrive nation. Welcome back to the thrive time show on your radio. Went on today’s broadcast.

We are breaking down the tough, hard hitting business questions that most people do not have an opportunity to ask Dr Robert Zellner directly. And so we were going to carve out some time to break down the, the, uh, the parallel lives and the common denominators of Kanye West and Donald Trump’s laws of success. But where are we going to do is on tomorrow’s show. We’ll be doing that. But Z, I’m excited because West Carter, the legal representation his firm has represented. Joel Olsteen, td Jakes, Craig Rochelle, Joyce Meyer, Marshall Morris, the Co author of the Amazon bestselling book. Start here, they have tough questions ready to go for you. So see this justin. Tough answers for them. Marshall, there you go. What is your tough hard hitting business question for Dr Robert Zellner, I’ve been incredible question for you and this is something that I hear from a lot of different thrivers okay. Who are running businesses where it’s very complicated where they went to years and years of school. Are they trained in, tried to get a it, we’re getting a certification in something or their skill took a lot of time. Yes. And they say what I know is way too complicated to be put into a system. So therefore you don’t understand my business. It is much too hard to scale. Um, so, so for that, how do you, how do you respond to that or how did you go through the process of scaling something as complicated as optometry? Oh, where you went to school for, for a number of years, but how did you begin to build one of the most successful optometry clinics out there? Very good question. And the right in some degree in the way wrong. And in most of what they just said that the that you’re talking to, right?

Yeah. Because there I’m a physician, there are CPA, there a dentist, they’re a an optometrist. There is someone that went through a lot of school, has a lot of stuff put in their head on how to be that, that, that person now, now that being turned into a business, once you turn it into a business, most businesses are more similar than dissimilar. So unfortunately a lot of doctors are a lot of people that are learned like that. Don’t get that concept of, oh no, this isn’t a. This is not a pizza shop. No, no, no, no, no. This isn’t a, you know, this isn’t a mail delivery company. This is complicated, big boy grownup stuff we’re doing here. So don’t come at me like that. Marshall Morris. And then you say, no, no, no. It’s the same thing with. Let’s break it down, let’s break down the patient or let’s break down to the client processes that come through and break it down.

Let’s break it down. Get out your business coach quad skates, even break it down for cardboard. Because I like to do a little breakdown. Oh Wow. Can we. Can we get some cart? Can we get some cardboard demand? Can we get some cardboard? Breaking it down. What you do is you break it down into bite sizes for them. You say, okay, well walk me through a client patient encounter walk. Just walk me through that. So they walk. They walk us through this. Are you doing that? Oh No, you’re not doing that. So that doesn’t take years of knowledge to answer the phone that it doesn’t take years of education to answer the phone. And now you probably have the top 10 most frequently asked questions right there, 20 moved out. And so why don’t we write an answer to those that you can now have. They’re in a template for your staff to answer so you don’t have to run back and ask you because you’re busy doing all that real important kind of important stuff, right? So then you just break it down as we do with thrive. You break it down, those different segments and before you you’re done, he said, now can out what happens at this magic black box here. You’re right. Only you can do only you should be doing and you can’t teach anybody to do that unless they want to go to eight years of school and three years of intern and ready to test and test again.

Well, that is what I wanted to do. I would love to have a job to take that consecutive months until they’re on a basic task. I mean, I would love to take two years of my time to learn a skill that I’ll probably be like a b minus that after two consecutive year, the Mt. one, oh, I want to be part of a team where I could have to three to five years and maybe move up into middle management. Maybe they have a mediocre job where I don’t have a chance to improve that county Texas

from my own parking spot. No, no. So then what you do is you say, listen, I’m trust me on this, but we can break your. You know you have a profession now your profession is over here and you’re thinking, you’re thinking with your profession hat on. Let’s put your business hat on over here. Okay, and let’s talk about a business. Okay? Because it is a business, right? We’ve got a market we could advertise. We had to bring people in, we got to answer phones, we’ve got to greet people. We got to get people back. We got to get people tested. We had good people checked out, checked in the whole process, and that’s a business. Okay? And so by just breaking it down into smaller bite size of the overall thing, they’re like, oh my God, I can’t teach somebody how to be a doctor. And you’re like, okay, well let’s see what you can do it some truths that we can, let’s see what we can teach them to be. Because as a doctor, you’re probably not going to be answering the phones because a doctor, you’re not going to be checking in the patients.

Hello doctor, you’re not going to be checking out the patient. Was it Dr Kirby can answer glasses, you know, all these different aspects. And I know that’s what we do here, thrive. So if you’re out there listening, you think your business is something impossible are so different than anything else that we’ve, we’ve handled it, we’ve already coached that. We’ve already been around challenges. Come on in, come into one of our in person workshops, look at it or online school, listen to the podcast, high risk for a one on one business coaching and let us show you now west corridor. You are the, uh, turning of choice. Your firm is the attorney of choice. The legal representation of choice for Joel Olsteen, td Jakes, Craig Rochelle, Joyce Meyers. I’m sure you’ve worked a lot of great business owners over the years as well. What is a tough business question that you have a tough business coaching question you might have for Dr Robert Zoellner as you put them on the hot seat today.

One I see a lot with business coach clients is that once you get employees, how do you find that line between dropping the hammer and building them up? It’s like they are counter opposed to each other where you’re holding them accountable, making sure they’re getting done. What they need to do, correcting them when they’re wrong, without them hating your guts and not wanting to work for you.

That is the key to being a great boss. Wow. That is the key to being a great boss is getting the most out of your people and understanding that in order to do that, you have to wear two hats effectively, and those hats are the white hat and the black hat. Oh, you are too hot. Sapa here. Every entrepreneur needs. So you have to deal my hat and the black hat. Yes. Seems like you just said that there’s no gray hats. There’s white and the black and the white hat. You see an employee that needs to be edified, lift up a little bit, encouraged knowing that there what they did was appreciated. Giving them positive attention. Right? And saying, hey listen, you know, I really appreciate the fact that you’re killing it on this project. I really appreciate the fact that I’ve heard a lot of times when I went, what am I moves? You want to know one of my moods move. Who would like to know when am my. One of my secret moves, they’ll see if all my employees are listening to this are going, this move on. He always does this move on me, but I like it. I liked it. What were the things I like to say is when I getting my wide on you, because I go up to him and I say wes was, you know what, for a lot of great things about. Yes, I don’t think. I don’t know for all the hard work you’re doing. Keep it up buddy. And they’re just like, I did that job. I’ve done that. I’ve done that. The tribe guys around here, guys. I know I do it to my move, my move higher, but don’t tell me you didn’t feel good after I did the move to move seats. Dental dams up for going all around the room and thumbs up. The mood seemed so as a fin metaphysical. It does. It does. It does. But that implies that. That lets him know that one. You care. Two, you’re listening and through your acknowledging I have a quick God named percussion. Dr Doctors, do you recommend hunting? Bamboo cause on. My wife thinks you cannot ever killed, I think is awesome. She not like it and a hypothetical kind of way. Parallel universe listener. Not Because I. Should I plant bamboo? Yes.

Plant bamboo. I’d been a wonderful thing. Glad that whoever would that was asked that question because I just also wanted to know that idea. Question, followup west, but sometimes you get put on the black cat and you got to say, hey, you got to be apparent. Really apparent. Sometimes you got to spank that rear end and sometimes you’ve got to snuggle up, snuggle time. Hey, it’s time to read a book. Snuggle time. You know, and those are metaphorically speaking. I mean, you don’t do that with employees who show. Yeah, exactly. Anymore. Anymore. Anymore. Put on your book today.

Hey Billy, I am not going to be spanking you anymore. Now thrive nation. If you’re out there and you’re saying, I am disturbed, I’m worried, I’m concerned. Uh, west, who’s the attorney they should reach out to that can help represent them in and help them just really legally make sure they’re protected.

Well, obviously that’s me. No, no. I have a whole team of attorneys that winter’s king, winters, King Dot Com. Uh, we do, like clay mentioned, all kinds of awesome nonprofits and ministries that we work with. Also do all kinds of for profit corporation. So a winner’s King Dot Com, all of which are praying for us right now. Now, if you’re listening right now and you want to get the podcast, the videos, the one on one coaching and the conferences, you can go to thrive time show.com, the world’s best business coaching experience. And as always, three, two, one. Hello.



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