Why Just .00266% of the Population Is Successful, Why You Must Become an Enemy of Average and How to Digitally Dominate with Your Marketing Efforts

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Clay Clark and Dr. Z  explain why just .00266% of the American population is successful, the practical steps that you need to dominate with your digital marketing, and how to optimize your Google My Business account.

FUN FACT – https://www.nielsen.com/us/en/insights/article/2018/time-flies-us-adults-now-spend-nearly-half-a-day-interacting-with-media/

FUN FACT – https://www.forbes.com/sites/howardgleckman/2019/08/06/remember-the-47-percent-who-pay-no-income-taxes-they-are-not-who-you-think/#30cd58aa47d7 

  1. Is this a common thing with Google to have to verify my Business Profile? Also, what are the advantages of publishing my Business Profile on Google? I obviously know how to use Google search engine and googled “what does it mean to publish my business profile with google” so it seems like it turns it into another almost Facebook-like social media platform to post pics, create a free google website. 
    1. It is a requirement for claiming a Google My Business profile for it to be verified. Verifying your business listing helps Google make sure that legitimate businesses are the ones that show up and not scammers.
    2. Posting to your Google My Business profile, in our experience, helps show your customers and Google that your business is alive and has a pulse.
    3. FUN FACT – 90% of consumers said they read reviews for local businesses
    4. FUN FACT – “How Google retains more than 90% of market share.” https://www.businessinsider.com/how-google-retains-more-than-90-of-market-share-2018-4 
  2. But since I already have my own website hosted with GoDaddy and we already have a Facebook site (as I shared with you Julea- I believe that Verizon Superpages created it when we were buying ad space from them in the actual Yellow pages- Yep the book, that was probably like 10 years ago or more, thanks for looking into how we can hopefully reclaim that site by the way), I thought that Google actually did away with their social media site wasn’t it called Google Plus or something? 
    1. That is correct, Google Plus is no more, but Google My Business is a very real and very much operating part of the Google search results.
  3. Is Publishing my Business something that you guys recommend? 
    1. We would highly recommend it. In fact, without a verified Google My Business listing, you cannot gather your objective Google reviews that help further prove the legitimacy of your business and the satisfaction of your customers
  4. If so we probably need to review what gets shared from the Google account prior to doing that and how to separate it out. There are some documents that I want to make sure that do not get out and some personal photos that are somehow synced and apparently I am unfrozen caveman technology guy because no matter what I do with iCloud and Google Photos it still ends up in both. But obviously, if I published I would not want pictures of my children on the business site or my vacation pictures, contracts, or any other documents… Please let me know. Thank you. Other business owners may have this same question Clay, it may make for show fodder. Only you could make this interesting though my friend.
    1. Posting to your Google My Business account can be completely moderated prior to posting any content, including photos
    2. In some cases, it may be best to set up a separate Gmail/Google account specifically for use with your business account.
  5. NOTE: P.S. Clay, I totally forgot to tell you when I was on the phone with you that my daughters sometimes listen to the show with me and when I pause the podcast for whatever reason, the first thing they remind me to do is hit play on the show again. They really enjoy the humor and I enjoy listening & learning with them. My wife doesn’t listen to us but she wants to come to visit because she really loves the fact that you have Chicken Palace. (She aspires for us to one day have our own chicken palace, so she is all in on me doing whatever I need to do to make it happen and she supports me. Anyhow they were not happy that I forgot to mention them to you when we spoke, so maybe sometimes in a future edition like Lloyd said ”there’s a chance?” that you could mention them somehow so Dad could maybe get off the hook that would be amazing. Also I thought about the favorite Author question that you asked me and Ken Blanchard “The One Minute Manager“ or Spencer Johnson ”Who Moved My Cheese”, Not Jim Collins “Good to Great”  (really good book and super research and the author put in amazing insight but the other two would be higher on my list by far. 


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business coach Why Just .00266% Of The Population Is Successful Thrivetime Show Compressor

Today, we explain why just 0.00266% of the population is successful. So you’re telling me there’s a chance, yeah, yes, I repeat. We explain why just 0.00266% of the population is going to be successful. Statistically speaking. In fact, according to Forbes, right now, 47% of Americans don’t pay income tax. That’s 47% of the people out there that we’re never going to convince to take personal responsibility for their lives or to try to improve their lives or to take ownership of their destination. But we don’t record this show for that 47% we record the thrive time show for people like you and people who want to move from beyond just surviving and into a spot and into a place where they can be financially thriving. We record each and every thrive time show for the Gulf pursuers and the diligent doers, the people out there willing to put in the work, the people that just want to know the field they need to plow right about now. And on today’s show we will teach you the specific steps that you need to take to dominate with marketing in this digital world. What steps do you need to specifically take? We’re going to teach you about optimizing your Google my business account. We’re going to teach you about the importance of generating objective reviews from your real ideal and likely buyers. All this and much, much more on this game changing edition of the thrive time show on your radio and podcast downloads,

Grabbed the duct tape and mentally prepare yourself for yet another mind expanding knowledge bomb from America’s number one business coach clay Clark.

Yes, yes, yes and yes, dr Z, are you prepared to get nerdy? Ooh, yes. You know it. I love getting nerdy. I want to talk to you. I want some of the business coach listeners out there to go to nerd nerd Ville with me and let’s do a lot of examples. Let’s do a lot of examples and then we’ll explain. What we’re talking about. According to business insider, right now, 90.8% of humans are using Google to find the things they need. 90.8 Z. If you’re, if you round it up, it seems like a lot of people are using Google, the Google, it’s like nine out of 10 I mean just just roughing it out. So I’m just asking you anecdotally your today, have you Googled anything, sir? Today? Yeah. Yeah, I giggled. I Googled something while early on the show. Okay. And Devin, have you Googled anything today?

Oh, all the time. Charles, have you Googled anything? Colon fitness number one gym in the world? Yes. So what happens is, is that people, they Google things, and I would say that 90.8% of people, according to business insider, Google things, but I would say that 99.8% the people that I have met do not know how Google works, but I do. It does, it does, it matter, matters a lot. And there’s people out there that say it doesn’t, let me give an example. There’s one guy who I’ve worked with for many, many years who, I’m not exaggerating, almost every time he comes into his weekly meeting, he shows me a text message and it’ll show me a text and there’ll be a screenshot of something from his computer and it’s another $2 million deal. Now he’s, he builds big buildings at about a 20% margin, huge buildings.

And he’ll say, Hey man, thanks a lot and you’ll show it to me. That’s awesome. That’s awesome that you know, we make him a lot of money. He’s always like, Hey man, you just made me some more money. And I’ve always asked him, well, how much is it, cause you know, I charge them a fee and I say, is, is, did you make $1,000? And then he’ll say, no, no, it’s a two. It’s a $2 million deal. And I said, so I’ve registered for Yeezys, I’m in need. Have you thought about buying me Yeezys to thank me? And then he’ll say, fair question. No I haven’t. And I’m like, has my, I’ve had my fees gone up in the last couple of five years. No, just curious. Well, wait, let’s go and get dinner. I do it almost every meeting starts like this because he just gets deals.

Then what happens is people find his website in Google and they see the portfolio of the huge projects he’s done. And they go, wow. And then they click on the reviews and they say, wow, wow. And they’re already pre-sold because they’ve watched 20 video testimonials. They’ve read the reviews on Google, they’re pre-sold, right? And he said, now go back clay, 1990 2000 he was out there trying to convince you over and over and over that you should use him. And he said, the bidding process would take forever. Another example, Shaw Holmes, I found this fun fact, fun fact out when I first started working with Shaw homes was towards the end of 2015 we just getting going at 2016 they sold $300,000 of houses during January of 2016 they just passed $12 million of sales. And this January. Wow. Because it’s 38 time, 38 times 30 at times.

And I asked Karen anti-ice, Aaron antice, do you know that I’ve registered for some Yeezys I’m in need. I mean need. And so I’m waiting here and here and I’m waiting for the knees. Yes, Colton, Colton Dixon. I heard my, my, my plea for Yeezys and he got me a pair of Yeezys. Well, he’s a rock star though. He is a right literally as a rockstar. He’s a really nice guy in Divinci. They heard my plates like a cry. I need, I will work for you. He, he’s, I’m willing to do it. I got a cardboard sign I write on you know, and I’d have a little sign I run around the office with will work for you as you’re listening right now, this is not hyperbole, just all you need to do, mail them to the Riverwalk. We put our address on the show.

You just mail them to, that’s all I’m asking for is about $300 14 you know what I’m saying? Is it just, if you just send me some uses, that’s all I’m saying. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t feel bad if you don’t send me easy, but you probably won’t feel whole. You won’t feel good. It’s like a seed faith. It is. So the seed, the seed, and you’ll feel 10 times better, guarantee it. Half the time. How much better will you feel if they’re 10 times how much better you’re going to feel? I feel 1% better. So I need a hundred pairs of Yeezys to feel as good as you feel on the first. That’s fair. That’s just math. But I want to, so I want to, and then I shared another example. If you Google search Joplin gyms right now, Joplin gyms, I’m this great guy over here to my left into your right.

If you’re watching at home, he has his company Cola fitness is just beaten up the Google search results. So Kendall, look at this. Look at these search results. So do a search here for Joplin gyms. I’m pulling up on the big screen. Look at this. See, he’s got 4,298 reviews. Planet fitness, I’m not so good. They’re playing at planet fitness is not doing. Not so well on the on the reviews. They if you, if you carry the one, you look at the two, the 4,298 reviews is more than 268,000 more reviews. But now colon is coming up twice in the map because of the, this is M. W whenever you have the most reviews, you start coming up in the whole country top for things. So what’s, let’s do a search for carpet cleaning quotes, which is the most common search phrase in the world right now for carpet cleaning.

And you see an ad that’s an ad. Oh, I clicked the ad. Oops, I didn’t mean to do that. Oh, I clicked. Oh, I didn’t make, I totally go. These are ads, ads, ads, ads, ads, ads, ads, Oxi fresh, 179,000 reviews. So we go back to Joplin gyms. Now I’m just asking you, mr listener person watching this. If you were online looking for a gym and Joplin, again, Cola comes up, number one, and then they come up Z, look at this number two on the search results. And then they come up, all of their videos come up cause he is, he look at me, it’s a goodness then and then they come up again and then they come up again on Facebook and then that’s their images. So that means one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11 they come up 11 times in the first 17 search results that dominant domination as Honda [inaudible].

But what happens is some people are looking for entertainment masked as education. They say, I listened to your show because I learned so much. And I’m saying, listen to our show because you apply so much. So whenever I get a question from a listener, I stop everything. You stop everything and we answer the question. Yeah, we love it. We love getting questions. We love it. This is our highlight of our day because that means you’re engaging. We’re not here to entertain. We’re here to help you. We want to help you pain, you wear your Jersey to help somebody make copious amounts of money. And then we want to have some fun along the way. So they may be, and maybe every now and then get a pair of Yeezys in the mail. I mean just saying, I’m saying to you, if you right now mail Z, what size shoe do you wear?

Depends on the width at nine and a half or 10. I, you know, I’ve never had a pair of, you got to go 10 cause they run a little small, narrow. I run, I wear a 13 and everything. I get a 14 easy, so I’d be at 10 then. Okay. So you get to get a size 10 and a size 14 easy. It’s gonna set you back about $500 total, $600 and you’re going to, you’re going to feel part of you is gonna feel lighter like you, like, like less like a burden or like less money’s in your wallet, but it will be totally made up for the part of you that feels whole. Again a gift to us because you know what? We do this out of the goodness of our heart and what I’ll do is I’ll, I’ll, if, if you do it, I want you to sign the shoes though.

Please sign the shoes and I promise you I will feature your shoes on a lot of shows. I’ll talk about it. I don’t want you to sign this sign the bottom of it like NBA ballers do and it’s like product price placement. You know, I’m not the kind of guys, he’s going to hop on a show and say, look, you go to elephant in the room for all your haircuts. I’m not going to do that. I’m not going to just put my own logo on does he? We wouldn’t do that. We wouldn’t do that. We never a country clinic. We’re not those kind of guys. You didn’t play. You have to bank on Regent bank. We don’t talk about, you know, we don’t do, don’t mention the name [inaudible] this is not a shameless show. Can we go get your sleep studies? The doctors, the sleep center, we don’t, we don’t, we don’t say go visit your brother Chuck and get your spine adjusted over there at a doctor.

You don’t want it. We don’t, we don’t name drop. That’s what enables us to say we’re the classiest business podcast slash radio show in the world. There are some shows that you could classify as assay where ours is classic. That’s what we did. We put the Cal and assay. So I’m going to read the question from the thriver and then Devin who speaks nerd but is not a nerd. It would be like if you can speak Spanish but you are not from the, yeah, from the Spanish heritage. This is true. You have a vast knowledge of the language. It’s amazing able to step into the world of nerd and then step out. Yeah. It’s like, it’s like a guy that can’t speak a Canadian and they’re from, they’re not, I mean they speak Canadian but they’re not from Canada. So before I read the question, Charles, have you found yourself as the owner of a gym sometimes thinking to yourself, why does this have to be so nerdy?

Have you ever had that thought of like, I just hate these technology? If you ever had that phone? Oh yeah, absolutely. Yeah. I mean, have you read a thing where you’ve tried to log in myself with Devon’s? Have you ever tried to either a build an app or be updated website and get so pissed that you just left it? Yes, I have for sure. All my business coach clients say this, they go, I was trying to update my website and I realized 14 hours into it, I, this kept me in my life. It can’t be your life. So here we go. Here’s the question. The question is, is this a common thing with Google to have to verify my business profile? Also, what are the advantages of publishing my business, my business profile on Google? I obviously know how to use Google search engine and Googled, what does it mean to publish my business Google profile?

So it seems like it turns it into another almost Facebook, like social media platform to post pics. Create a free Google websites. I’m going to show you an example here. If you Google search right now, Tulsa men’s haircuts, Tulsa men’s haircuts, men’s hair. If you’re on the video version, you can see this. I come up top and Google. Okay, I got it. 1,620 reviews. Then I’ve got the competitor, a former employee, by the way, thank you. 67 interviews. And then we’ve got another, another place for former employees. Go is below us. And then we’re where you come up top in Google, right there. And then we have our videos coming up. The same kind of results that you see over there at co launch. Just total domination. So what we want to do is we want to have the most reviews here. And this is one fourth of the algorithm. So you have variable number one, whoever has the most reviews to whoever has the most original content. Three, whoever has the most mobile compliance. And for whoever has the most canonical compliance. So Devin, why does this business coach listener, in all of our listeners, why do all of our listeners out there have to manage and verify their Google my business profile? Why?

Well, first thing is it gives Google an idea that your business is actually alive. Google is not going to send people to a website or a business that you know, doesn’t have a pulse. And so gathering those Google reviews and having people leave those objective reviews really helps Google understand, you know that your business is legitimate. It’s not, it’s not just a bunch of scammers out of somebody’s basement.

Now check this out for a second. Z, did you, you and your lady friend gone to see a movie somewhat recently.

[Inaudible] The film. Did you see a film at the movie theater at the Warren? Did you go to, did you have, you could be gone to see a movie? Yes, I have. Recently, how do you define recently within the last 90 days, 60 days, 30 days. Last week. Last 24 hours. Recently is anytime in the past two years. Oh, now when you saw the movie, did you read reviews before seeing the movie or did you go blind? Go blind? You did. Well, I mean it was a movie I was looking forward to. I saw our preview. I know, you know, familiar maybe with an actor. I’m trying to think. Rocket 87. Yeah, Rocky 80, 87, 88, whatever, whatever it takes. You know, so there’s always something that triggers me about them. Maybe a lot of times when I’m going to a movie, then they had the previews of movies coming up and when something in that movie, you know, triggers or, Hey, I want to see that movie. You don’t want reviews first. Why would I read reviews sometimes in the best movies in the world. But this is, you know,

Oh, see this. This is the, you’re, you’re, you are, you’re doing, you listen. You are hopping into my trap. This is a trap. This is, remember the scene from star Wars where it’s like, look, it’s a drag. It’s a drag. This is the show I want you to draw. I wanted you to say that. And you didn’t even know as mind powers because every entrepreneur, every entrepreneur that I know, every one of them that I know, I ask them, do you read reviews? And they always say, Nope. You know why? Because we don’t give a crap what other people think. We don’t care what other people think. We’re an entrepreneur. We don’t care what people, I don’t care what people think about what I wear. I never think about what other people think at all. Ever. My wife says, you should think about other people think before you say that before you don’t wear pants.

I’m serious though. So I’ve had situations recently where it was, it’s but a person, a very close to us. I said, Hey, are you going to do such and such? I don’t get myself in trouble. Are you going to do such and such? And without even thinking, I said, no, I would never do that. And it was super offensive to them and all the people there who do that thing and Z, but entrepreneurs, we go against the traffic against the grain. So I’m not, as an example, the movie Fargo won a bunch of awards and if you’re out there and you were in the movie Fargo, I’m sorry, but that was the worst movie of all time and I’ve had people try to sell that crap up Hill and say, Oh, it’s a great movie. It was you just had to really get into it.

Now, now somebody else there says, clay, the matrix is the best movie ever and you know what, the matrix might be the best movie ever, ever for you. But I hate the matrix and I love that you love the matrix and it’s great. But I got out of the theater and everybody I was with said, Oh that was good. And I go, I didn’t get it. I don’t care. I don’t like it and I don’t care that other people don’t like. I just have like a very counterintuitive and you do a to Z, you’ll do ads that people are thinking are crazy or no brainers that people think are nuts. I mean Charles, it’s colo fitness. You charge how much for your true gym memberships over their colon fitness. If the load is $5 a month, how do you make any money doing that?

We we’re just like a philanthropy. We just no, we, we the best way to make money off of that as you get them in the door and w our memberships are around 20 bucks. If he come 12 or more times in a month, you get it for five bucks. So can they still averages, you know,

Are you aware of, are you aware that you only, are you aware that you only eat meat and vegetables? Are you aware of this? Yes. Again, you know, when was last time a carbon heard your mouth other than a vegetable carb? I,

Dude, I remember thinking about that. Tell me, don’t tell me you woke up the other morning though. You said, honey, I’m going to go lift some weight and you snuck out the Dunkin donuts. Now you had a sprinkling last summer. You know, I was, I was dieting too hard and I ate, ate some cars before I went and worked out. You know, cause I felt like I needed to eat a loaf of bread.

Your wife always been thin. Have you guys both always been though I was over 300 pounds in high school. Played football. Big chubby guy. I’m just saying is you don’t sit around and ponder what’s average to you. You don’t, you don’t sit around and go, Oh, what’s the average? Okay, I’ll fit into that crowd somewhere. I mean look, kinda look at the, put the camera on Charles. First off, look how big you are. I mean, where do you buy shirts? Is that, is that, is that painted on? Is that a painted on shirt? Where do you get that thing? No, but I mean you, I’m really small. Do you realize that? Do you realize how much of an outlier you are and Z, you’re the same way. You guys are outliers. You don’t, you’re a director

To show my biceps. I don’t think it’ll be [inaudible] out in the field. [inaudible] To round them up.

I think of coal off it and this is what I think of, I think extremely outspoken Christians, extremely into fitness, extremely into values. And if you don’t like it, that’s fine. But I don’t see you as a guy who’s like, Amber, I was reading reviews and what I determined is that we’ve

Should probably go to this restaurant. I mean, you guys seem it. Strike me as independent people who do whatever you want to do. Yes. Right? I mean, we’re rolling there. Generally it’s the opposite direction of everybody else. Yes. No, Z. I mean, do you, do you spend a lot of time pondering, eh, you know, if you’re getting universal appraise from the world before doing anything, know why everybody else does. Well, here’s the deal. When you, when you look at the numbers and they say according to according to Forbes and according to other sources, you know about eight to nine out of 10 businesses fail probably closer to nine than eight. But we won’t debate that right now. So all of a sudden now you think about how many people out there start a business. And right now there’s what’s out of 330 million people in the United States of America.

16 million are business owners. Yet the number right now you have in our country, just so we’re clear, the SBA showed there are 28 million small business [inaudible] but only 22 that are active. So I guess people have an LLC and then don’t do anything with it. Yeah. And then inc said within 10 years, 96% of those 22 million are done. Right. And then the others just kind of didn’t have others signing up and opening up and starting up. So if you think about it, so out of 330 million, only 22 million are attempting to do a business and only 4% of those are going to be successful for the long haul. So who are you taking your advice from? I mean you’re taking advice from people that have, you know me, I’m an entrepreneur and the way I think is the way I think, and I have multiple successful businesses and if I listened to it took advice from everybody that crossed my path over the last 25 years of entrepreneurship, I mean, I’d be listening to people that very few of them would be successful as an entrepreneur.

Why would it take advice from them? You know, why? Why would I do that? I did the math the other day because I was looking at [inaudible]. I was thinking about this and it was kind of freaking me out. But in America right now, you’ve got 330 million Americans keeping following. Here is 330 million Americans in our country. I know whenever we talk math, it gets, it gets weird, but this is a nerd show or let’s [inaudible]. This is true. Is this Justin? This was the nerd show. This isn’t her child. I think there’s a talk for the deck while you’re doing math classes. How can I go put on a white lab jacket while we’re doing this? You’ll look majestic.

You know, sometimes I like using big words divided if I don’t know what it’s what they are. So I saw them more photosynthesis. I mean, it’s awesome. That’s amazing. Let’s play Dungeons and dragons after this. Oh, I’ve got my dice in my pocket. Do you have any pugs off? I’ve got to, let’s meet on a chat room. Hey, I don’t like looking at people in our country. There are 22 million people that call themselves self-employed right now. And a country of 320 million people. Three 30 so this is, so let’s do the math here. So right now in Kindle, look at the math on the, on the screen here, I’m doing the math on the screen until the business coach listeners can watch it there. So we got a point. It’s

6% 6.6% of the population is self-employed. All right? So 6% of the population are self employed. Now if you say 6% of it’s self employed, but 96% of those fail. So let’s take, let’s take 330 million. Take 22 million dude. Times of times 0.04 times 0.04, here we go, 10.04. And by the way, as he studied mathematics, I just have a P S we know what that means. So that means there’s only 8.8 million people that really get it for entrepreneurship. So you take 8.8 million and a country of 330 million see here, that would take us to the wrong way. Let me flip it around here. It’s always awkward watching the guy do math, the wrong show. So three, 3% God fill out there. Yeah, it’s, well, it’s, it’s talking about the 1% club. This is the 3% club. You got two and a half out of, out of a population of 330 million people.

What percentage is that? Let’s see here. Oh, let’s see. So you’ve got like two and a half percent, 2.6%. It’s a really small number. It’s a small number. And so if you’re at a, a, a a dinner, you know, or if I, if I don’t ever, I go to a speaking event and somebody comes up and gives me a pro tip. My first, this is my first advice I would give to the business coach listeners out there. One, look at the fruit for look for you follow it back to the root. That’s how you judge the tree. So what you do is you say, sir, and it happens all the time. A gal come up to me, this happened at a conference we did three years ago. You hear, listen to what he’s saying. Let me put it perspective. Yes. If you’re in a room with 99 other people, so you’re, you make a hundred.

Yes. We know you’re a successful entrepreneur. That means 1.5. There’s one dude and maybe a dude on the verge or a lady that would be able to give you any kind of advice that would be like substantial. But it’s not even that good. Cause you think about this, if there’s a, if there’s 8 million that actually have, if you got 6% of the population that even starts a company, but then inc says that 96% of those are going to fail. So you start getting into it’s 4% of the 8.8 million. I mean it’s an infinitely small number when that’s what I’m saying. No, you have 22 million that are starting them. You don’t have them eight and then, and then they 96% fail. Yeah. And then so now you have you even smaller. So what I’m saying is, is that you only have like a 2% success rate. So when you’re, if you’re in a room with a hundred people, there’s only two of you. They know what they’re talking about. Smaller than that, I think it’s even smaller. It’s like I’m really, it’s a bad thing. It’s all I would say is it’s at the conference, a guy comes up to me this true story. He says, clay, I noticed you don’t have a lot of YouTube subscribers.

And I said, Oh, okay. I mean, cause he came at me, you know, kind of aggressive wasn’t like a, I didn’t ask him for feedback. Z I didn’t ask. Right. He said you don’t have a lot of YouTube subscribers and I, and I said okay. Okay. and he said so if you want to learn to grow it and take it to the next level I think you should teach more about that cause it’s less than 1%. You missed the decimal on your idea. I missed decimals. So what’s the number? Show it to the camera. What’s the number? It’s not even 1%. It’s, it’s a fourth of a percent. The American of the 333 million people. One fourth of 1%. Well what’s the number I’m, I’m gonna, I’m gonna type it on the show notes. What’s the number of points what you had up there before?

Just zero in there. Point 0002666666 competing. Yes. Yeah. Okay. So again, why, so why is just 0.00266% of our population successful? Well, let me tell you, this guy says you’ll only have like a thousand YouTube subscribers. And I said, I know. And he said, why? And I had this numbers. Yeah, I had the number written down because I had the team. Debbie, you hear me? I obsess over this number all the time. But we had the number written down and I was doing the math. And then Tulsa has, how many people live in Tulsa right now? The Tulsa population in the city proper. Half a million plus. And then the DMA, the demographic, the demographic marketing areas, about a million. Okay. So let’s right now, I’m seeing here it says 401,000 and Tulsa property. You’re correct. 1 million for the whole city. So let’s just say, let’s take it times a million just to see what happens here.

So a Kindle, I’m doing do the math here real quick. You look at the screen here. So we’ve got a million right here. Times 0.002, six, repeat. There’s only 2,660 of us in the city. So I’m sitting there talking to this guy and I’m not, I’m not trying to attack him. He’s coming at me pretty hot at this point because I’m not covering the social media. And I said, Hey homes how much money do you make? And it was just one on one. And he said, what? And I said, well to me the goal of a business is to serve you and to create both time and financial freedom. And I’m just throwing it out. This is just me talking, just me talking every month. I’m going to put a hundred grand in my bank now. I don’t know what you’re doing now. I don’t know because you might be making more than me or less, but I’m just saying you’re coming in pretty hot right now and I don’t, I don’t know.

I knew the guy no very well cause he likes to take photos with me and post and act like we’re buddies or he’ll edit me into photos. He does it all the time. He’d love to take [inaudible] no, no, no. There’s nobody. I mean if you do some research, you’ll find this guy. But he likes to add me to photos and make it seem like I’m endorsing his crap. But the point is, I said, you know, you have a lot of Instagram followers. You do, you do. That’s awesome. But you have no money and you gotta make it about who is on Instagram cause you, cause he’s, he sells his product to other businesses, business to business Z. What percentage of the business guys that you know that are politically wealthy are on Instagram all day? No, none of them. Interesting. So I mean, but see, you see these people, they’re out there chasing it there.

They’re selling business to business and they’re trying to grow their Instagram following. And I’m going to listen. I don’t have, if the thrive time show gets as big as it, and by the way, as you recently under iTunes, in the category of business and the subcategory of entrepreneurship, we hit number four again. We’re moving up again. It’s just happening. It’s awesome. But the thing is, we’re never going to have more business coach listeners that I’m going to put the number here. I mean, cause this is, this is just real reality. I’m not depressed about it, but we’re not going to have more than about 877,000 people that like what we do.

Yeah, it’s funny, I had a, I was moving into my new house this past weekend and one of the movers to come to find out, we had grown up in the same neighborhood 40 years ago, 40 45 years ago. Hadn’t seen him in 35 years probably. And it was kind of a neat little reunion. And it was funny because he said, he said, Hey, you know, every now and then I’ve, I’ve tried to, you know, I’ve kind of followed your career. You’re doing great. And you know, he’s moving me into this, you know, he’s one of the movers moving me in the house and he’s going, wow, what a house and her man, I’m so glad you did so well. You know, you’ve worked hard and we’re all kind of proud of you from the old neighborhood and that kind of stuff, you know, I say, Oh thanks man.

That’s awesome. He goes, he was, you have was trying to reach out to the other day. And you’re not on Facebook, you’re not on, you know, you know? Yeah. And I’m like, yeah, I know. And he goes, Oh, why not? And I go look around because I’m too busy doing other stuff. I’m not going to spend my time sitting there liking, not liking, commenting, getting into political arguments or you know, you know, religious, political combo arguments about, you know, why abortion is wrong. I might just crazy stuff that people get on there and spend hours, hours and get so frustrated and try to change people’s opinions on, on a Facebook post. You know, we’re putting their personal life. I don’t know why these people go around putting all the personal life and this public media for people to see, you know, and then trying to show off like, look at our vacation. I’m like, yeah, right. You had the same arguments, you had the same delays at the airport, you had the same issues we all have on vacation and you post one picture of a sunset with

You go through the vomit of life and post the kernels of corn. Good job.

I mean, it is what it is. And I get it. And people, if that’s your thing, that’s your thing. But you know, my thing is, you know, building businesses and making money and growing my life and, and, and trying to limit, you know, people just having random access into my personal stuff. I don’t think that is a, I don’t think it’s healthy. And I really think it’s kind of counterproductive. And, and right now studies have shown that how many hours Claire, people spinning

11.3 hours per day engaging on media on their phone right now it’s just almost, that’s according to Nielsen.

It’s just, it’s almost, and we’re around everybody. I mean, I can’t drive now with someone. The light turns green and they’re sitting, you have to, you don’t want to honk cause it’s almost rude. But you’re like, Oh please put down your phone and look.

So this is, this is how you know if, if, if someone’s going to be a successful entrepreneur, a successful entrepreneur only cares about what they can control. They do. So as an example, somebody said the other day, you guys should do a show about Pelosi ripping Donald Trump’s a speech in half. And I said very nicely. I said, I think there’s a lot of other shows that have covered that. But what I’m going to do is I’m going to do shows about how to optimize Google, how to make a performa, how to hire people, how to fire people, how to improve your life. Cause I don’t want to talk about the lives of unattainable things and I don’t want to talk to you about chicken. Yeah. That’s, that’s other people’s, you know, their lane. We’re gonna stay in our lane and our lane is helping you start giving you the confidence and the wherewithal to start a business and then also how to grow that business and more importantly, how to keep that business open.

I, that’s, that’s, that’s a big deal. I’ve even had a listeners to the show. Jill Donovan was chairman, fellow for sharing with me the story. She said she’s going down the mountain and she found our show that got some, they got suggested to her on on iHeartRadio C and she did not even know about the podcast. So she’s on a mountain skiing. Iheart suggests that she listens to it. Oh, how fun. And I was doing this particular show, I was explaining how, and again, if you’re a woman out there or a guy out there, I know someone’s gonna get pissed, but I just, this, this was the show, the question from a business coach listener was, how did you find the time to get stuff done when your kids were young? And I said, I never spent any time with him at all and I never changed diapers.

And the business coach listener was just outraged. And I said, they don’t remember anyway. And you had said a similar comment. No. When they’re like two or three. I know. Sure. And so people were like, you are a sick man. Horrible father. And I’m like, but that’s the truth. Now, I spent a lot of time with them now, but at the time I did, or people will say, how do you find the time to write a book? And I say, I turned my phone off every weekend. And they’re like, why? Why is this so again, this shows what the practical stuff. So the next question we’re speaking, tell them who Jill is. Jill Donovan is the founder of rustic cuff. Yeah. Give her a shout. And the punchline of the of this here is that she tried to share the show with her ski buddies and she said pretty much, it was kind of like trying to share bad milk.

People would smell it to see what, you know, if it was bad or not. Then they’re like, I don’t like that show. But she’s a successful rock star entrepreneur and she loves the show for all the reasons that everybody else hates the chest. So we only have 880,000 people that are ever going to lie. That’s our target. That’s our target audience today. That’s our target. So here we go. So the next question he has a Devin is he says, but since I already have my own website hosted with GoDaddy and we already have a Facebook site as I shared with Julia, I believe that Verizon super page has created it when we were buying ad space from them and the actual yellow pages. Yep. That book that was probably like 10 years ago or more. Thanks for looking into how we can hopefully reclaim the site.

By the way, I thought that Google was actually, that Google actually did away with their social media site, wasn’t it called Google plus or something? So I think the comment is he has a website that is hosted, I believe with GoDaddy. He says, I already have my own website hosted with GoDaddy and we already have a Facebook site. I’m going to take a stab at this. I think what you’re saying or asking about is why do you have to have a new WordPress based website? I think that’s where, I think that’s where we’re headed here. Devin, please explain why you want to use wordpress.org and by the way, if you’re listening right now, go to the best S E O book.com, the best S E O book.com. And there you can download my search engine optimization book for free. And then chapter two of it has a checklist of all the things you need to do, but why do we need to have a wordpress.org based website? Why can’t we have like a Facebook site or a site made by the yellow pages or something like that?

Sure. So a WordPress Bay based website is out of the box, the easiest websites to optimize and maintain and make sure that it meets Google standards for pulling up in search results. And so by having a WordPress based website as well as a Facebook, you know, you’re just giving more, more hooks that Google can grab onto for your business.

I’m not going to mention any specifics. I don’t wanna get myself in trouble. Sure. But years ago, years ago, it could have been weeks ago, years ago, ours obviously we, there was a former business coach client who had a, a website that they would not allow Devin to have access to on go daddy. And they also would not build their site on WordPress. And they kept insisting on building it on Wix. And so it looked beautiful, but no one could find it. And I tried to explain this person through sock puppets through. It’s like, Hey everybody, there’s a website and this website can’t be found in Google. I tried that, I tried the forest analogy. I’m like, Hey, you got a forest and you got this great billboard and you put it in the forest and one can see it. And that didn’t work. I tried saying, let’s Google search your term.

You know, maybe if you tried puppets in the forest did, you should have gone that third. And I tried every pot pups in the morning. I puppet walks into a forest puppets in the forest and he’s looking around, man’s over there and Batman says, Hey, everybody, I get on your website, right? I mean, seriously. So I tried all these moves. So what I’m going to do right now is I’m gonna show the business coach listeners what I’m talking about. If you Google search right now, bill Bellacheck fan and you can pull it up on the screen here, you can see the screen come up top and Google top and Google. Well why? Well first off I am his number one fan, right? In my opinion. But look at this. I come up top as his number one fan and I come up top for his personal assistant who rejects me all the time.

And the thing is I am obsessive about bill Belichick and I and I am top because I have recorded it seriously over 50 hours of shows about bill check. You get money, you get made people reach it out to you. I’ve had, I did have a podcast who covers the, for the Patriots who did reach out for questions this, that did happen. And what were the questions he wanted to do a study on basically talking about Patriot’s nation and how the world would react if Tom Brady left and he’s kind of things. And so we had a little chat and he recognized that I was not an affiliated official, but we had a good conversation. Do you think Tom Brady’s leaving by the way, sidebar is that, just a quick sidebar. I think what happened to Carl Malone, his last year is happening with Brady, where the Lakers threw a ton of money at Carl Malone who was a lifetime Utah jazz. They said, well, we’ll bring you and Gary Payton and Kobe and Shaq. You’ll be like dream team

And we’re going to throw an impossibly high amount of money at you. We don’t even care if we lose money all season. You think you’d be a Joe Montana thing? I think that’s what they’re doing there. I think they’re throwing a big number at him and I would hope he would stay, but I think they’re throwing a big number. Joe Montana played himself in the soup, this last super bowl. I mean he was a San Francisco Fort and then went to the Kansas city chiefs and those were the GTS fight. It was an old Joe. A new Joe. Yeah, playing each other. I remember that. I remember him just saying that they’re throwing a lot of money at him and I think that Las Vegas has the best shot to get him if he goes, I think the chargers, you know Phillip rivers, I mean they may, you know LA [inaudible] going to throw an insane amount of money at them though you’d think but, but money’s never ever motivated him.

It seems like his wife makes what? Kajillion dollars. I think he will not leave, but I’m just saying I think people are throwing an insane amount of money at him w well that I don’t know that that’s ever been the case with him. I mean he could have pressed from where he was the kind of guy that says he’s turned down on me a lot. I’d rather you spend more money on my left tackle to protect my blinds. I love Brady and I don’t believe he’s going to leave, but I think people are throwing sick money at him. Like what you might make in two and three years. I think they’re going to do it. I know, but it has to be a team that is like super bowl ready. Yup. And, and I don’t know too many teams out there that are just a quarterback short that are super bowl ready.

True. Do you, I mean I don’t, I don’t, but I think they’re going to try to throw a crazy amount of money at them. I mean, now, so we talk about this. So you’ve got to get to the top of Google. Charles, let’s talk about colon fitness. When we started working together a couple, three years ago you’re a fitness guy, you and your wife are so good at customer service, you’re good at motivating a team, casting a vision, inspiring people. I think your, what does your wife handle a lot of the finances? Does she do a lot of the financial potential stuff? What are the two lanes? Like? What is she doing? What do you

In your business? She’s kind of an integrator and also watches the numbers and I’m more visionary and far as in like casting vision where we want to go business coach up the team. Do you remember what it felt like the first time I talked to you about how Google worked you? Was it overwhelming? Was it? Yeah, I believe it. Was it dumb? Was it weird? Was it confusing? Well, I first off when you would say, Hey, we got to do this, this, this, check, check all these boxes. I’m Mike, are you sure we have to do that? And you’re like, yes, yes, yes. And you’re like adamant about it. And I was, I was trying to stay coachable and I’ve learned a lot about certain people that have been, like you said, like successful. You see that one person’s done really well, he’s done well with other companies.

So I need to actually listen and try to be business coach. I’ve even though I’m a 38 year old knucklehead and so I’m trying to listen, trying to let myself be open to it. Next thing I said, let’s try it. Let’s try this. So everything you say, I just tried to implement it. It’s worked for us and it started working and working and working and it showed them the numbers. And you know, here we are dominate in the markets with a major competitor. Total domination. If you’re out there today, the next question that, that our listener has asked, but again, you can ask any questions, just email us to info at thrive time, show.com info at thrive time, show.com and we’ll answer your question. I love answering your questions, but the question is, is publishing my business on Google something that you guys would recommend? Yes, comma, but it’s a garden

And you got to pull the weeds. Yes. Comma, but it’s a garden and you have to pull the weeds. So let’s think about this. Dr Zellner, are you, I’m the largest independent optometrist in the Tulsa area. Optometry clinic owner. Yes. And how many patients have you seen during these? I think you started what, 97 96. I think we kept it over a million or something. Yeah. And it, let’s just say you got a Google review from half of them because Google hasn’t even been around. The Google reviews didn’t even matter until, you know, three, four years ago. But if you did get a review from at least half of them or a third of them, you’d have like 300,000, some odd. Wouldn’t that be spectacular? And the thing is, most people by default don’t leave a Google review. People vote with their dollars. They go to your optometry clinic every day because they’re happy.

That’s why you do well. Right? But they don’t leave reviews by default. Most people don’t go, Oh my, Oh my gosh, I want to talk to any of the ladies. Let me, let me Kendall pull the put the camera on this here. I want to, Angelina is in broken arrow with my wife the other day. I’ll tell you what a jerk I am. I went there and the food was incredible and the waiter had recently gotten a car accident and he was kind of limping around was he? But he covered his shift. That’s good. He was a good guy. Good guy. I went there with, my wife had a great meal and you know what I did when the meal was over? You know what I thought about immediately, I shouldn’t say this, but I meant you know, I thought about you’re going to tip him. Nope. Matt did tip him a lot. But you don’t have, you know, I thought about leaving a review.


This is the thing, this little bonus note, my mom was watching the kids.

Oh yeah. Let me pull a pizza

Thoughts. One is can I reverse a vasectomy right now? The EDS and [inaudible] I thought about calling you. I was likeZ or an optometrist. You’re a doctor. Can you take a look at this? Absolutely. But I, and then the second was I thought about, you know what, it might be time, it might be time for horizontal activity,

Business time visits, time.

But I, I knew it wasn’t it wasn’t time to leave a review. Why is that? Because I’m a normal person and that’s not what I think to do. Cause I’m not exactly, exactly. Now I will leave a review for the thrive nation to see how we review great food. Our waiter, what’d you, what’d you order there? What’d you get? Do you get? Oh, I’ve got a grilled chicken salad and a Moscow mule. Oh, nice. Our waiter was on point on, he was on point. The bathrooms were clean and were clean and it provided it provide, I’m typing this now. It provided a great opportunity, opportunity for me to contemplate the conception of our next child. What does he want that Z is that appropriate?

Oh, since you don’t have to give him a sec. To me that’s a, I posted it. It’s there. It’s there.

But I liked it. I liked it so much, but I, and there’s a quick trip over here by my house that always gets it done. It’s either so good. The quick trip question was, was that Vanessa get the same vibe from what she ordered? Well, Vanessa went and she went and hid in the bathroom when she saw that look. Well of course, but she likes to get some mozzarella sticks and the thing I like, where’d she go? Where’s she, I’ve been to this quick trip off of Nome. I don’t know how many times. [inaudible] Quick trip is the best gas station ever. And they only have a 4.1 and look at this guy. Look at this guy. Zoom in on this guy, this guy, 27 reviews. He says, this location seems to always be a mess by the drink area. Thank you Google for giving everybody a platform.

And this guy right now, he’s going to say, dude, don’t put me on blast right now on video. That’s not cool dude. And I’m going to say, dude, you’re criticizing someone else’s business. So I’m going to, it’s just what it is. It’s crazy. You can hide behind these anonymous screen names. I mean quick trip is the best. I’m going to put here the best. Let me do this. I’m going to tow do this. I’m going to take his right here. I’m going to copy this. I’m going to paste this. I’m to, I’m going to copy it. This review. I’m going to paste them and say this location seems to always be perfect.

By the drink, by the drink area, by the drink area. Seems like there is enough workers for the level of traffic they don’t even know how to or something because it’s a total, a total magical place at all times. Mr Cacho has his, has his stuff together because he built a, built a multi billion dollar business instead of spending his day writing Google reviews about urinals. Yes. Yes. Okay. We’ll say here we’ll say urinals. The men’s restroom floor is, is w what I use as a, as, as a table for my food, it is for my lunch. So clean that I want to host a picnic on the floors each evening, each evening, and it’s the evening usually not covered in cause the how many times you’ve been to quick trip a puff foul, I mean a hundred. I’d say hundreds. Probably. See there was a, there was a thing you would do back in the eighties and nineties and two thousands in the 70s and the 50s, you’d see, you’d walk up to the manager, you’d say, there’s urine here. Could you fix that? And you go, Oh my bad. I’m not perfect. But now we just go on Google. We write a bad review there. So usually not covered usually. Usually not covered usually.

So clean usually so clean. Yeah, I can clean, I can see myself, I can see myself. I love quick trip. They it was, they are the standard started. Yep. Was started by one man and I’m a big fan. They set the standard now for every person who has a podcast that leaves a positive review

There’s only only me, I don’t know any of their podcast or who’s in the top 10, top 20, top hundred who does this. But I do. Why? Because I’m not a troll. I don’t do that. But people, that’s what they do. And so you’ve got to, you got to set up the map. But see, as soon as you set up the map, here it comes. Here it comes.

I mean, I, I, it makes you crazy. It makes, it makes me crazy that, that, that kid, that young person goes into this highly successful, one of the top 500, you know, it’s just a work in America, places to work in America. I mean four or 500 based right here in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and the company, this is our, their home home cooking right here. We’ve got a job cooking and goes in there and he probably a few minutes before the bath probably we cleaned the bathrooms every so often because whenever I go, I’ve never seen a dirty bathroom. They’re probably just caught up. You may be the max, maybe 30 minutes an hour. I don’t know what their cleaning schedule eight catches it on that one moment. You know what? That wasn’t his first time in there. I want to leave a review on the inside of this guy’s car. I want to go inside his car and leave. Reveal about the quality of his car or his closet or his house or probably his card. Probably got declined for a Coke. But my point is, is that he goes in there and it’s like, you know, how many times has he been in there? How many times has been wonderful and they leave reviews the end. You could go back and he didn’t tell you. Listen here, we got another one here. Chick-Filet look at this. Oh no, here we go.

She says, I went in for an interview. Oh, there we go. I had never seen anyone judged me the way the girl who was doing the interview,

Just because I have a tattoo. It’s Chick-fil-A. It’s not a tattoo parlor. You’re not applying for a job at the casino. What the crap is wrong with you people. You notice she doesn’t have a picture of her. She probably has a face tattoo on her face. That crap is wrong with you. This is like an Islamic cleric applying to be a youth pastor. What the hell get out of here. Seriously, this is like me going over to Iraq right now, showing up at a mosque and saying, you guys want to convert to Mormonism. Get outta here. This is stupid. This is like watching a soccer game and complaint and complaining. There’s no tackling. What the hell is wrong with you? Stop it. So I’m going to go here and I’m going to reverse this bad review too.

I went in for a non interview as a current member of the, let’s say, current member of the life church online community. And I had never, and I have never seen anyone not judge me the way the girl who was doing the interview. Nobody ever spell right to those you write bad reviews can ever write. Of course. What’s shocking? Wow. Shaka Khan. That’s a big shocker right there. That blows my mind. I’ve never seen anyone not judge me the way the girl who was doing the interview. Wow. She did not too shocking. Just because I sweat, I don’t read reviews just because I don’t do it just because I don’t have a tech don’t care. Because the chick with the facial tattoo didn’t get a job there and she’s mad. It leaves a one star review. I’m still going to go. By the time I get to Chick-fil-A, I’m very happy with them and I am thinking about changing my name to chick, chick filet to man who loves Chick-fil-A. So we post these things. I got to put the star rating. I put the five you wouldn’t nine interview then like the interview, it was a little confusing.

Okay. So it says, I went for an interview, but as a current member of the life church, online community, I have never seen anyone. What’s that? But then you see, I’ve never seen one. No judge me the way the girl who was doing the interview that wasn’t doing, who wasn’t, who wasn’t doing that, that big said, help me finish that sentence off. It’s so complicated, so complicated. I’ve never seen anyone who wasn’t during the interview. Yeah. judge me, not judge me the way that I wasn’t doing the interview, not judge me and be so loving, not judge me and be so loving and be, you know, GAAP a way. You don’t want it to be weird. I don’t want your wife to read this and go, ah, how much Chick-Filet maybe I’d change. I’ll say, I’ll say the missile loving the a and B.

So loving the way the elderly woman judge me the whole way. They didn’t. That’s what I’m going to say. So I’ve never seen anyone judge anyone, not judge me the way they did. Sit double negative. You can put that in there. It looks like you kids. It looks like you tell me why I need to say hello. I tried to take care. I worked for nine years. I would put, I went for an interview just for the fun of it. I went for it. I had actually applied back in the day. I went for an interview. I didn’t get it. Now you can now you can now you can be closer to what she’s saying. I have never seen anyone not judge me the way they didn’t just I, I’ve never seen anyone not judge me the way they did accept me. Yeah. Yeah, they did.

They did. Okay. Just because I don’t have a tattoo because I don’t have it except me with my facial tattoo. Yeah. I’m very happy with them and I, and again, someone says, dude, you’re putting this person on blast. Listen, people are putting, it’s crazy. Everybody now has a Mike. It’s like a Wu Tang concert. Everyone has a Mike, but you know what it’s like. It’s like social media. It’s like someone said, did you see what so and so posted on whatever, and I’m like, no. Why not? I don’t care. I’m not looking, I don’t care. I don’t care. And that’s the problem is, is that so many people out there are can’t pull the trigger on anything in their life and they’re trying to get so many and they look at these reviews and I’m like, Oh my gosh, you’re good. Okay, look at the interviews because I can’t make a decision based on my own, my own analysis.

I’ve got to, what am I going to do? This is a 4.8 this is 4.7 but the 4.7 has twice. It’s been reviewed. So what does that mean? I’ve got to read the reviews. Oh my gosh. I’m reading the reviews now and now I just put 30 minutes or an hour of my life trying to figure out where to buy a set of tires. Unbelievable. Like the colors I bought for this company for 20 years, but now they have a 3.4 yeah, now I can go, I don’t know if I changed this guy back in this guy back in April, 2018 said, quote, I had a bad experience. We do this. This is the cool one. Why don’t we do this? This is a new idea I’ve come up with for Google, Google, this is a new tip. If to post a review you need to post your first name and last name.

This will be my, my recommended change. You have to post your first and last name and then your credit score and how much money you have in your bank. Don’t and not only that, a working email address and that would be fun. And a phone number that works. And then anytime you spell something wrong it doesn’t count. No, I think if I were thinking of working email would be good because then what they do is they send you an email and you have to verify it, right? You have to verify it. And then that way the business owner, you know, cause a lot of times, I mean more times than not, I’ll see a bad review and I’m like, you know, I’ll call my manager, go, just look up, you know, bill Johnson or whatever the name is. Right. And they’ll be like, we don’t find them on our record generally.

Like, Oh really shocking Shaka Khan, whatever. You know, you know how it is. It’s like squirt. It’s just a game. It’s a game out there. This game has been shipped, you know, and some people buy reviews, the turtles, your competition just bought some reviews and they lost all of their reviews and sometimes that backfires on him because Google is getting more and more clever about all that kind of stuff. But steel, you know there’s, there’s other sub sub ones, you know that do that. They do. And I know Yelp’s getting like almost like ugly. They’ll call you up and like almost like, I mean we did, we interviewed the lady who did the documentary about Yelp. I know, I know that you have to the average business owners paying between $502,000 a month to Yelp right now in order to keep positive reviews showing. Oh yeah, I only have people that are not members showing and all my members never showed up.

We have time to read doozy. I want to end the show on a high note. Oh, let’s do this. This solicitor took the time to write something kind. This is what they said. They said P S clay, I totally forgot to tell you when I was on the phone with you that my daughters sometime listen to the show with me. I’m sorry. I’m saying I’m sorry. Your dogs wasn’t a show. I’m sorry. And when I pause the podcast for whatever reason, the first thing they remind me to do is hit the play button on the show again. They really enjoy the humor and I enjoy listening and learning with them. My wife

Doesn’t listen with us. It’s probably good. Yeah, she’ll get a fan. I’m sure somebody can fit it. If your wife has class or honors, she’ll be finish with us. But she wants to come visit because we, she really loves the fact that you have the chicken palace. She aspires for us to one day have our own chicken palace. So she is all in whatever you’re doing, I need to do to make it happen. And she supports me anyhow. They were not happy that I forgot to mention them to you when we spoke. So maybe sometime in the future audition maybe in a future edition, like Lloyd said, there’s a chance you could mention them somehow so dad could maybe get off the hook and that would be amazing. Also, I thought about the favorite author question that you asked me and Ken Blanchard, the one minute manager or Spencer Johnson who moved my cheese or Jim Collins good to great would be a great guests.

Now we have had Ken Blanchard on the show. I did get rejected by Jim Collins cause he has class. But I, I had been rejected I think only three times from Jimmy. Just three. Yeah, from GMF. You’re just getting started. So if you’re out there listening right now and you want us to hear us interview Jim Collins, just reach out to Jim and say, Jim, I know that you normally don’t appear on shows or the hosts don’t have class. But just this one time we just Photoshop a picture of our faces. He’ll do that, he’ll do it. It’s here. Poker tournaments. You, you get just this one time. You get it. You get it just as one time justice, one time, just one time. Now on the show here, it’s one, make sure you get this. We are an enemy of average. We want to help you be successful and I will tell you, your life will be a lot less stressful when you have the money in the bank needed to get the goods and services you need.

The healthcare, the college tuition, the groceries, whatever that is. You want to buy the silky chickens? I get it. We have needs. Oh, you got it. All right. I mean, Z, your elevator wasn’t free then in your house. I mean, what do you think about that? And your silky chickens were free. No, and if you go to go fund to z.com, go fund a, Z, Z. E we’re working on that website. You there can donate as little as a thousand dollars a day to help us. He out a second elevator and not any further ado. Let’s end the show with a boomer. You prepared one giant step back from that mic. Because if not the Mike’s gonna it’s gonna pump. Here we go.


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