Why Most Politicians Don’t Want You to Know Where They Are Spending Your Money (With Mayor Craig Thurmond)

Show Notes

Mayor Craig Thurmond answers Clay Clark’s questions about, why most politicians don’t want you to know where they are spending their money, why your local government is either for you or against you and why your government is either for you or against you?

Traction – Getting a grip or start towards something

Distraction – Not moving towards something

    1. Regulation – 
      1. Try to help people get to “yes” instead of telling them “no”.
    2. Treating Citizens Like Valued Customers – 
      1. No shaming of business owners for having questions
    3. Transparency With Spending – 
      1. Financials on Website: https://www.brokenarrowok.gov/government/finance/financial-transparency-portal
  • Kindness in Communication – 


      1. We have to treat people the way we want to be treated.
      2. When you treat people kindly it brings out the kindness in others.
  • Next Election – 4/6/2021 – Go Vote


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Mayor Craig – https://MayorCraigThurmond.com 

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