Why You Can’t Automate Relationships or Team Management – Ask Clay Anything

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Are you struggling to delegate projects effectively? During this podcast, Clay Clark breaks why it is 100% not possible to automate relationships and team management.

Ask Clay Anything – You Can’t Automate Relationship or Team Management

  • Delegating
    1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Good business leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision, and relentlessly drive it to completion.” – Jack Welch (The former CEO of GE who grew the company by 4,000% during his tenure)
    2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “A wartime C.E.O. may not delegate. They make every decision based on the next product release. They may use a lot of profanity.” – Ben Horowitz (He previously co-founded and served as president and chief executive officer of the enterprise software company Opsware, which Hewlett-Packard acquired in 2007 for $1.6 billion)
    3. ACTION ITEM – Make a list of what needs to be done
    4. ACTION ITEM – Decide who needs to do the action item
    5. ACTION ITEM – Decide when the action item needs to be done
    6. ACTION ITEM – Follow-up until the action item is done and before the deadline (assume that the action item was not done)
      1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Trust but verify.” Ronald Reagan – The 40th President of the United States from 1981 to 1989.  
    7. Excuses People Give for Not Getting Things Done:
      1. I did not have time.
      2. There was a miscommunication.
      3. Emotional justifications.
        1. Personal Attack
  • Following Up
    1. FACT – “85% of job applicants lie on resumes.” – Inc Magazine – https://www.inc.com/jt-odonnell/staggering-85-of-job-applicants-lying-on-resumes-.html
    2. FACT – “The U.S. Chamber of Commerce estimates that 75% of employees steal from the workplace and that most do so repeatedly.” – https://www.cbsnews.com/news/employee-theft-are-you-blind-to-it/
  • Inspiring a Team
    1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “You can’t move people to action unless you first move them with emotion…The heart comes before the head.” – John Maxwell (The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership)
      1. Recruiting good people is like recruiting a vehicle
        1. If you add fuel to a good vehicle (inspire a good team) then you will get where you want to go.
        2. If you recruit a bad vehicle (an uninspired team) then your vehicle will not go anywhere.
      2. People’s “fuel” types
        1. Affirmation
        2. Tough love – Being yelled at
        3. Tell me what to do
        4. Life mentorship
  • Holding People Accountable
    1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Only the paranoid survive.” – Andy Grove (The former CEO of Intel)
    2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “You read these management books that say, ‘These are the hard things about running a company.’ But those aren’t really the hard things. The hard things are when you have to layoff half your company, or you have to fire your best friend. Or you have to figure out a way not to go bankrupt.” – Ben Horowitz (He previously co-founded and served as president and chief executive officer of the enterprise software company Opsware, which Hewlett-Packard acquired in 2007 for $1.6 billion)
  • Mentoring Your Team Members
    1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Control your own destiny or someone else will” – Jack Welch (The former CEO of GE who grew the company by 4,000% during his tenure)
    2. MYSTIC STATISTIC – “ The majority (50.8%) of employees were “not engaged,” while another 17.2% were “actively disengaged”.”
      1. http://news.gallup.com/poll/188144/employee-engagement-stagnant-2015.aspx
  • Celebrating Successes
    1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “People don’t care what you know until they know that you care” – John Maxwell (The best-selling author of The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership)
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Audio Transcription

Broadcasting live here to business school without the bs featuring optometrist turned business coach entrepreneur, Dr. Robert Zoellner, with ussda entrepreneur of the year clay clark talked in like san quentinportland. Welcome into the trap. Time show podcast portland oregon, we’re so excited to be broadcasting live on kpam weight. Did you say:pam pam cape in I can’t hear what you’re saying marshall can use. Help out on this issue is getting pam or pan roasted peanuts, movie, step brothers I’m. Sorry, we stated with kpam kp a.M. To. Ask us anything, that’s clay, anything we’re going to be talking about how you can not automate relationship or team management, the actual a principal and then I would like for marshall, 222 drake it down and I’d like for you to accept as a business coach to break down. Where you see the light client pushed back. The first principle is delegating jack. Welch has described delegating as good business leaders create the vision or the action item. They arecirculate division passionately on division, the action item and relentlessly drive it to completion a follow-up to its complete jack welch. The number one ceo of all-time. Arguably, who grew the company by 4000 % or ben horowitz? this guy is hilarious. Ben horowitz is a big fan of rap music and he’s also. Currently it’s so smoky in here he’s also the for the former ceo of a company called cops wear and he wants road. He says a wartime, ceo may not delegate, they make every decision based upon the next product release. They may use a lot of profanity.

So what’s interesting is delegating delegating means giving somebody else the action item to do in following up. However, you do it to make sure it gets done more, so it’s not just giving people a lot of protection following up to make sure it gets done at the delegation. Is that’s right so, here’s how to delegate effectively okay. First of all, you need to make a list of everything that needs to be done line item list and you also have to add an action to the action item. So I general concept or topic about something is not an action item, but if you say create an outline for the book that I’m going to write, that is an action so number one is you have to be specific with what needs to be done number to you got to identify who is going to do it? not a group of people, not a committee, not a vague, ambiguous, esoteric figment of your imagination via email, I kind of more like an office I’m, a boss who likes to work in over my lbusiness coach aptop from a traveling all around the world. I would hurt. I watched a ton of tai lopez, videos of what I would like to do. Whati just like to say overall team, it’s important you get this done by you know as soon as possible. Can’t do it won’t do it can’t do it? okay, what number one number one number two is:who needs to do it and number three is when it needs to be done. This is how you effectively create an action item for somebody to do into your point. Once you have assigned it to somebody once you have said:okay, hey billy, you need to create this outline for the nextbook. Okay, then this is when I need it done, and now that is given the employee for the person that you are a signing. The action item to the latitude to complete it by that due date, and there is a set expectation for when you are following up on that action item. The one place I see a lot of people struggle with this idea. Is they turned into the I’ll? just do it myself? guy, because what has happened? is he decided to delegate and you’re following up, but something is either getting done incorrectly or not getting done until you probably haven’t, given your team, a yard, stick war, best practice or some training that they need to know exactly how you want to do it so therefore, delegating and following up all day long is not going to help if the team is not trained up and they don’t know how to do it. Therefore, you’ll just turn right back into that never mind you. Did it wrong I’m going to go. Do it like this is what I seen a healthy business business? you have a weekly meeting, it’s the same meeting every week you assign the action items to anybody in your department, it’s very clear about who needs to do it. Then, in that meeting you say:does anybody have any questions about what needs to be done? that’s the time you can ask. Then you assign the action item.

So we can you decide the excellencies, we done. You said what needs to be done. Didn’t you say:are there any questions about it right then you decide then you decided to who needs to do it and you give him a specific date to do it. Now. Here’s here’s the part. You need to follow up until the action items done and before the deadline. You want to follow-up to see if he asks that it was done before the deadline. Don’t you want to follow up? you was a manager at the falls before it’s due and you have to assume that it wasn’t done marshall now if they, if they, they being the employer. The team member that you’ve assigned an action item to if they say yes, it’s complete, you don’t believe their word for it. Only the paranoid survive I want to make sure you get. This is important at this is big steve jobs was adopted and when he finally met his birth, father he’s very disappointed because he wasn’t really a good guy. Steve also made a lot of personal mistakes who hasn’t in his life. His life I think he became a very much different person, but he went through some things. As he grew apple, he got screwed a lot of people who said they were going to do things. They didn’t do them business coach right. Andy grove, the former ceo of intel, one of the founders of intel. He says only the paranoid survive, if you, if you just, if you think about jesus christ, he had 12 apostles all those 12 apostles here, multiple apostle that mean peter correct me. If I’m wrong, denied that he knew christ as was prophesied, he denied that he knew it. Right. Judas I mean judas gave over christ. He told the romans his whereabouts in exchange for some money. So if you think about this I mean jesus, christ was betrayed by his own apostles. I cannot think of it. Every person in american history who is in a leadership position that has not been screwed over and over and over and over, but eventually you will come to the conclusion that you must trust but verify in chippewa. To put this on. The other show notes, there’s a tape. Ronald reagan quote where he said, trust but verify it’s so important. We trust but verify as business leaders. We can’t just blindly believe people no more excuses that people typically give for not getting things done and I just heard one of these recently. So it’s refreshing, hot there’s, there’s three of them:I did not have time to there was a miscommunication miscommunication I did I did not understand we had a meeting or what I did over what was supposed to be done. Oh, what I thought you meant was, and then it started the emotional justification so I’m going to go ahead and give you some recent justifications. I have received I like for you to explain to me how an effective manager me. Let’s role-play, effective manager would okay, yes, I knew with both to be done tomorrow and I know you following up today, but there was no way I’m going to be able to get it done, because the internet was slow, the internet, winning that’s was slow and I was saying to myself.

I said to myself:if the internet is slow and I didn’t I, just couldn’t do it I feel overwhelmed. You give me too much work to do in tell me what what did you mean? the internet was slow, I mean the internet. It was like weird like outdoor with walking. You know cuz. He wasn’t like on the high-speed internet. He was like walking. He was good morning just like one foot after your like baby stay up casual stroll it was there any any uncertainty for what needed to be done or when it needed to be done. So now we move on to our second form of justification that I didn’t have time, that you should go to the miscommunication and wasn’t sure what you wanted me to do when you said that you wanted me to edit it together to make a great compilation of I, just I know it was like I just couldn’t find the notes. I couldn’t find them. How did you or did you not have these questions when we first decided at irs? do you have it it’s like to be me everyday, haven’t things to do with no one, you don’t even come around and say hi to me now are you are you feeling like? maybe this is too much responsibility that we’re putting on you this morning. There’s a song called feel like making love and I, don’t feel like making love I feel like make it I. Don’t know I just feel like I’m going to kill myself so so what I’m hearing you say is, maybe maybe we can move you into a role where there’s less business coach responsibility, maybe less action items for you, but I didn’t, say:I thought you was a good person. I think you thought you was a nice person, but you was not. You was a terrible okay. Well was it in the office? what we need is we need the entire team to get these action items done one way or another, and so, if I need to sign it to somebody else, I think that’s probably going to be that for the best okay, in order make sure that we get this done everybody you do what you just you just hate hate hate. What are you do you know what I go through? no you don’t it’s just not working out that people do every time they start with. I didn’t have time, that’s right that doesn’t work. They moved to miscommunication, that’s right! then they moved to emotional justifications that we have great people in our office like I, would say, jordan, I would say andrew I would say rachel I would say carter. They just do it on the auction can I give a court can I give up for only give a fourth-and you kind of alluded to this. This is my favorite. Is the personal attack? do my job because you’re a bad person, that’s right, so here comes the cobra the governor. Is that not to sound like don’t push her to threaten? you know, that’s right, they do, and so what you have to do is you might just go to the media then write another issue that I see when assigning action items and maybe automating the the follow-up process or automating the relationship process is the issue doesn’t come up. Okay until the issue comes up-and you say: Hey, this person is my brother.

This person is my family. This person will always do a good job, but then comes the point where they don’t deliver or they miss expectations. Are they don’t deliver on what they say that they’re going to do, and you haven’t had that clear expectations, discussion of what needs to be done in what happens if they don’t do it so by default, you just don’t have the conversation at all. This is a huge problem so for on top 90% of business owner struggle with this part right here this right here. So what you have to do is for better or worse cardless of who it is. You need to set those clear expectations of what happens if they complete the task. What happens if they do not complete the task, regardless of whether or not you believe that they will one thing I’ve noticed with business owners. You just patterns are capillaries cracking up when I watched over 50 or people that are under 25 and the people under 25 act like they have so much drama going on, like you would have no idea x or than with personal issues that I’m dealing with like personal issues right now, bro, it’s like right now, I’m at I’ve got so much going on the person I brought so I, just so hard right now, bro. It’s just tell her that personal, like it’s just hard. Man is just so personally chaotic, sleeping with random chicks. All the time I mean the reality. Is you lost your wallet? you can’t find it on the internet in her underwear drawer somewhere I mean this is just wait until death becomes a real aspect in your life. We hit 30 32, something like that, and it’s like I, mean I’m thinking about these things. For the first time they took this one cuz, it’s it’s it’s it’s always hysterical. Did you see if she’ll go marshall I, just can’t figure out how the internet books I can’t do it every time I touch my ipod I, don’t even know what to do so. I was raised when I wasn’t computers and I. You like ocean voice. The insurance I want to, but I’ve never been on. The internet. I mean I’m how to do technology, but here’s. The thing is, regardless of whether it’s holding your team accountable following up managing relationships with clients right I see a lot of business owners. They just want to automate that business coach process might have a system send out drip newsletters to all their employees, send out drip emails to all of their different. Their client base, they’re, like oh, will develop a system for this. Will it be just like our emails will build a solid foundation of our relationship? you cannot automate relationships or team management. I want I’m. Just make sure you get this there. Somebody listening you’re, so true, there’s another excuse maker again, there’s the three movie I didn’t have time to was a miscommunication. There was emotional justification that supposed to push through those three. This is one of my favorites.

This is the attractive sultry female move. This is what I see it’s like. You want me to get stuff done, but how are you I? just love that have you seen that move, yeah I tried I tried I tried to do that move one time. It did not work. Well, I work at the chiropractor. You can shoot coming to make good clay you’re, just like just oh, my gosh, it’s just you’re, so special and I. Just it’s like I told connection I’m, like you see that felt this is one other one. You have the person who’s very emotionally sensitive, the mail, don’t say:oh my gosh I’m, so sorry I. Let the team down I would never want to let the team down cuz. They say they don’t mean it literally go on immediately going back to their beer watching espn as soon as they put down the phone, but they love you I would hate this song. I would hate to put the team in a bad situation. I would hate to do that. You always different personalities and that’s why you can’t just delegate management. You can talk to meet management of the next move here, marshall moved over to is you got to follow up? the reason why you have to follow up is because people again have those three excuses. I’m just going to give you examples that, hopefully, that did resonate with you ink magazine shows that 85% of job applicants live. What’s going on, 85% of job applicants are lying in writing on their resume. The us business coach chamber teamed up with cbs news to do a little study and they asked me that 75% of employees steal from the workplace and that most do so repeatedly. Now, how are you going to follow up and I’ll be robbed blind, rob the blind if you do not follow up in person or were you looking at somebody on the end on the in the eye on a video conference management requires looking into the soul of the person you’re managing & shop. How many times have you seen a business coach client that we worked with being screwed by someone who they think is doing a good job? not only does that happen, but a lot of times you see it happens to like the second-in-command, the person that they put the most trust in and therefore they get a little bit relaxed with his follow-up step right here. They take it for granted and they assume that persons going to do what they said they were going to do or that they’re still in the same spot in life and are still making the same choices and a lot of times. Things are going crazy in those people’s license, so you have to follow up. Follow up. I just saw a pun example here in the last 2 weeks. Is so good. There’s a young lady who’s working for my clients, and she says just right now:I’m going through some stuff I want to see if I could just make calls from home.

You I just want to see if I can make calls from I can’t call from the office cuz it’s just like right, now., I can’t really say the word I think you said you, you say baby, but you got it. I was in the meeting when it happened. I’m sure I want to be a part. Beyonce is a boss like sure you can make calls from home. I swear to sweet, baby jesus and full grown. Jesus. Didn’t call any of the lead notes. Wig and I see this happening all the time, so you got to follow up in person in their face. You have to do it. Another third aspect of why you can’t automate management spider, a team of people, marshall, john maxwell rights. You can’t move peoples, you can’t move people to action unless you first move them to a motion. The heart comes before the head marshall. You can’t move two people to action unless you moved in with the motion heart comes before, so this means I love, punjabi, music, it’s all good. What this means is. You have to lead with the vision, the mission of the company, for if the person doesn’t buy into why you were building the business or why you need to do something if they don’t share the same faith as you for where the company is headed, then they’re never going to actually do what you need them to do if they don’t believe in it. If they don’t want to grow the business, if they don’t care, then they’re not going to do anything in the first place plane to you. What good recruiting looks like in shape. You put this example on the show. I want to make sure we should have listeners. If you recruit good people, it is much like recruiting a really really well-made vehicle. Okay, that’s what it’s like! it’s like you’ve recruited, a really really well-made vehicle. Then you as the owner supply the fuel ben spires, the team. If you hire a bad vehicle, it doesn’t matter how much business coach fuel you put in it. It won’t go anywhere cuz the vehicle doesn’t work, so you got to bring in the right vehicles the right teammates, and then you can inspire them now. If you bring the right vehicles to work-and you don’t inspire them, if you don’t feel the marshall with inspiration, if you don’t know them with motivation, they’re not going to perform cuz they’re being starving. That cannot be done via an automated clickfunnel drip campaign online video it can me. It’s like pouring ethanol into your gas tank. It’s just not going to work at all at any point to make gas. No, that’s not it I’m, not a big guy. You know just what I get the right vehicles in to your fleet. You got to get the right, pricol addition to your fleet and then you have to. Then you have to ultimately empower them with the right fuel. So some some employees you’re going to need to motivate them with a certain type of fuel in some people are going to need to be motivated by something else. You would want to use a higher octane fuel. An example of those are performance made. Vehicles are designed to go very, very fast, and so they require a different fuel. Then, like a it’s, a ford f-150, if you get a diesel, that’s a different kind of feel like these. That’s right. Good friend of mine, there.

I was pumping gas at kwik trip and he pulls up to me and I recognized him and his vehicle and I love that sound by the club in about life, and he has a work truck in, and you just tell me what is new vehicle? it’s a massive I’m, not sure I’m, not big into trucks, but it’s ford’s new massive one. That is a different kind of fuel. There’s people in our office and I’m just going to list out the personality types your child, like you, put on the show notes. There are people in my office that need to hear words of affirmation, that’s their fuel. They need to hear that you are doing a good job right. That’s what it is. There are people in my office that need tough love. I am that person I, don’t do well with words of affirmation. I, don’t really do well with, like hey dude, you’re, doing a good job, and it was awkward for me to receive praise and was like move on to the next tech clay. That hat looks really good on you today. Your body reminds me of my body, but better, your body is a wonderland. If your body was close to my body, I would touch that body. I am going to touch that body. What is somebody just needs to know specifically? what to do? they just want linear details. That’s all marshall. Is marshall just wants to know what to do? there’s not a whole lot of. Why do I have to do it mean you want to know that the principal work ethical? that’s not a lot of. Why? why? why just work just tell me what to do, but some people need to be yelled at it’s literally yelled at their field. It just need to be yelled at. That was how I’ve always learned was someone going? what the crap is wrong with you, stop doing that I like you’re right but I-need that it’s somebody else. This is somebody else. Somebody else in your office needs you to be a life mentor had two of those this week. It’s where they’re, making great decisions at work, but outside of work falling off the tracks, they’re doing a great job at work, but marshall. When people do a great job at work, they make money and money is a magnifier right. So you make poor business coach decisions after work. Now you can make even bigger poor decisions and marshall doesn’t. Eventually a impact, the work yeah, and so did people see that or want to believe that there is this whole work life and then this whole personal life and they never cross over, which is not true between the hours of 5, p.M., Or, 6, p.M., And, 8, a.M., Or or whenever your employees are coming in, they are living their life in what they deal with. During that time. They are not at work. They are bringing emotionally back into the business I’m going to give an example-and you are video ographer who’s who’s filming today show that you can get at 5 I’m show.Com, if you’re a subscriber to the video, how you can check it out there and see what time he’s like, hey and I’m just paraphrasing. Do you think that I should invest with this specific person on a real estate deal? and you remember that, but I was like no, no matter what, and it was why you know it. Well, this person’s good at this part of life in terms of real estate, investing you’re going to lose it all. No, no, no nana nana nana nana, and that would be an example of why is mentorship outside of work. Also andrew recently got married and we talked about buying a home and if that’s a good deal-and you know I’ll always make myself available for life-mentorship I also make myself available for that tough love. I would also make myself available for people that want to know what to do on a very linear way and also words of affirmation, but each person is different and you can’t and aspire a team through automation. You have to be physically present.

The next moves you got to hold people accountable. Now this is the part where I can. It cannot happen to automation, accountability and andy grove. The former ceo of intel right only the paranoid survive ben horowitz, the founder of ops, where which was sold to hewlett-packard in 2007 for 1.6 billion dollars. Right, you read these management books say there are the hard thing about hard things about running a company, but those are really the hard things the hard things are when you have to lay off, have your company or you have to fire your best friend. We have to figure out a way to not go bankrupt. You can’t hold people accountable via email, but you’ve got to be physically present. What a jack welch’s forry’s is edge right and you can’t automate edge. You can’t have a digital message, go to somebody and have that edge of holding people accountable, holding peep cowboys, making the tough choice having that edge. That makes sense, so it’s going to be no, it can be awkward, it can be uncomfortable. You might not want to do it, but that doesn’t really matter. If you have a team, you absolutely have to hold them accountable, for they are going to run over. You I think it’s a huge issue for many many people because we are trying to do-is you’re trying to avoid those uncomfortable conversation zactly by automating it via email, but I will tell you when you do hard things. Life gets easier to do hard things. Life gets easier now, marshall. The next aspect of why you can’t abdicate why you can automate management? is you have to mentor the team members know jack welch once wrote jack? what’s the former ceo of see the former ceo of ge the grid accompanied by 4000 % during his tenure? he said you read these management books that say well:I’m running a ben horowitz cord with a john net worth of jack welch. What am I doing jack welch? that’s:okay, just jack walters off the cup. We can sign it there. Okay, I can’t roll your destiny, or business coach somebody else will put on a show. I apologize for the wrong shuts their own place. Cuz, it’s okay! it’s okay, I, appreciate that or somebody else will it was my final. You are managing your teammates in your mentoring, people they’re going to drift like overtime. There’s this gradual drifting that occurs. It’s like a gradually. It’s like I need to make a hundred calls a day, and they do it the next week, marshall, it’s like 96 the next week, it’s 80 for next week at 70. The next week is not making any calls at all. Can you explain to me marshall? while you have to mentor your team members and if you don’t why they will all about wall overtime break quickly within 2 or 3 weeks are going to drift pretty dramatically, you have to manage them and you have to mentor them because when you are improving them, when you are engaging with them, if you are helping them get to the next level in their career or in their skill-set, there going to be more engaged in. So, if you look at the gallup poll, 2014 employee engagement statistics, it’s approximately I believe it’s like 17% of employees are actively disengaged at their job, okc 17%. Will it will get this fence to fix what I want to make sure that percent of employees are actively engaged actively disengaged 30 about 30% or actively engage 20% actively disengaged actively? disengaged means what means they are coming to work every single day, looking for things other than their job, to be doing something again, they’re actually upset yes, and if you look up the research and you get into the data they’re actually trying to sabotage your company, that’s right, trying to spend the whole day getting lunch. That’s right trying to seem busy by sabotaging the business they’re doing. All of these things are just not engaged 58%, so 50% are didn’t even care, the other just kind of 17%, you said or actively disengaged.

That’s right, 13% are trying to harm the company, that’s right and that’s what the data shows in. So you have to engage your employees. You do this by mentoring them helping them get to whatever their goals are helping them improve in their career within your company, helping them get to the next stage of their life, whatever that may be, whether it’s buying a house getting married, exploring different skills that they didn’t know, helping them explore different interest, putting them in a position to succeed, helping them with the growth mindset at thrive. At the drive time to show we can teach just about any skill on the face of the planet. True I can’t inspired the willingness to learn within you, though, so you must have that okay, and so, if the employee has a hunger to learn, you can win with that, but you must take the time out to mentor them along the way.. Yep I see a lot of entrepreneurs out there that say I’m too busy to mentor my team and they wonder why people aren’t going to stick around well and you’re, going to be even busier because you’re not going to have a team. So as you’re growing, that’s the doom loop right, the better have to mentor 24/7, though she get this right. You guys schedule daily time to do it, and then you could be other 7 hours back and we do that right. Every day, 6 a.M., Everyday, all of the coaches, people aspiring to be coaches, are all a business coach meeting and we all get this mentorship. So we all know the path that were walking down. The reason why you can automate management. The final reason why you cannot automate relationships or management in this is the one that I struggle with the most I think you’re honest. If you’re listening to the two today show, one of these are struggling with, a meter may be struggling with mentoring, your team, maybe you struggle with holding people accountable, maybe it’s more than one. Maybe you struggle with inspiring a team. You struggle at the following up:maybe a struggle with just a signing things properly.

you just give people vague action items the one that I have to work at the most is celebrating success, because when we built drive time show my goal was to mentor millions and it is still my girl and as we grow or mentoring out, thousands and thousands or mentoring, ten thousands or $40,000 I feel like I’m, so far away from where I want to go, but we’re moving there, making good progress or elephant in the room as we begin to franchise I feel like we have 3 very successful store, that’s awesome, but it’s like we’re so far away that I’m, not the kind of guy that wants to celebrate before we get there. So I had to realize that I have a goal to win the super bowl at site, but every time we score a touchdown in route to winning the super bowl. That’s when we need to celebrate end zone dance, baby, everytime we get into the endzone there’s 7. If you have a team that wins the super bowl, you’ll, probably win 13 or 14 game for the regular season of a national football league season and you’ll, probably score 526 touchdowns a game, and you need to celebrate every time you score and that’s what keeps the team motivated to grind and that’s the one thing that I have worked at the most this year, trying to be more intentional about that of celebrating winds along the way. I’m, not I, don’t celebrate. None wins, which I think is the cultural default. Celebrating your birthday and celebrating random crap that doesn’t matter celebrating random holidays. It don’t matter, but we need to celebrate the wind. So business coach john maxwell road, he said people don’t care what you know until they know that you care people, don’t care what you know until they know that you care so the caps god, your marshals, we talked about you can’t automat relationships or team management. What’s your capstone thought that you haven’t, went there just wanted your take on what is the deer camp? so you say this is what you need to get out of this training. What would he have in my friend you build relationships by spending time with people and letting them know that you sincerely and authentically care about their success in the people that you want to surround yourself in your business must know that directly coming from you, they comes from an email that comes from a text message:it’s not going to build a relationship, and so you must effectively communicate that to them in person.

If you want to build good relationships, the former ceo of home depot, he actually always whenever he’d write you like a good job, he would hand, write it and then mail it to you as awesome as he found it worked better than emailing a lot of customers, hand right top of the blue pit. I’m telling it moved. I just want to do that. This week’s capstone thought that I’m still in your thunder and instill in your tip, I would just say:stop trying to use technology where it doesn’t work. Ok, use the most simple form of technology. You can find to enhance the speed and efficiency of your business or your product or service delivery, but stop trying to automate or use technology where you really need to build relationships through interactions and that the whole relationship need to be built on communication and expectations, and you cannot do that in writing, because people are going to read your words with their emotions. Is there having a bad day and you send them? what you think is just a straight to the point:email they’re going to read it as you being hostile, and so you just have to have those face-to-face interactions worst case scenario over the phone, but you cannot do everything like that in writing. Tip! don’t try to automate your marriage. I see people do that all the time they say. Oh man, I just send my business coach wife a text once a day and I don’t see her at night or talk to her at all. You don’t talk to autumn 8, your relationship with your kids. Don’t try to automate a relationship. You cannot automate relationship. Is you can stay in touch with people systemically you can prompt yourself using technology to stay in touch with people, see don’t forget, but you can automate the call say:hey happy birthday, it means so much more. When calls you and says happy birthday, then, when they write on facebook, a generic message that you know was not sincere to take part in that I will not wish anybody happy birthday on facebook ever the boom, but before we eat it with a spoon I want to encourage if you’ve not yet booked your tickets to the april, 13th and 14th drive time show business workshop. You are absolutely missing out.

This thing is going to be a two-day 15 hours of power workshop. We teach you everything you need to know to successfully grow a business. We teach you sales, marketing, search engine, optimization, we teach accounting, we teach you management, salt out there. It’s a lot of fun. We used to do a 45-minute sprint, followed by a 15 minute time out where you can ask any questions and you can get some coffee and then we three join us. It’s 45 on 15 off 45 on 59 and we methodically go through that. But it’s a lot of fun along the way. It’s entertainment, meeting, education, I, would just type in thrive. Time show reviews on thrive. Time show conference reviews today and watch the business coach reviews from literally thousands of people just like you who attended our workshops. I promise you it will be a game-changing events and for a limited time, if you would like to score two free tickets to the workshop, so you’re getting a $540 value. The tickets are $250 a piece, but if you want to get those tickets for free and two copies of the boom book for free, all you have to do is find the thrive time show on itunes, so google search the drive time show find it on itunes. After you found the right time, show their subscribe to the podcast going to take the time needed to subscribe the podcast and then give us an objective review. Just tell ejected review you. How are we doing? how are we helping you? what feedback do you have and then send us proof that you did it by emailing us to info at thrive time show.Com and we’re going to send you two free tickets to our next in-person workshop at april 13th and 14th we’re selling out fast we’d love to see you there and have any further adue


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