Why You Must Hire Character and Train Skill | Hiring People in a World of Moral Relativity

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It’s imperative that you hire for character and train for skill, especially In today’s twisted hyper-politically correct culture where 75% of employees steal from the workplace (according to the U.S. Chamber & CBS News) and over 80% of potential employees now lie on their resumes.

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Why you must hire character and train skill hiring people in a world of moral relativity. Think about that again, hiring people in a world of moral relativity. In today’s world, people are taught if it feels good, do it and who am I to judge you for saying that’s wrong, my friend. It is imperative that you and I hire for character and train for skill, especially in today’s twisted, in hyper-politically correct world. We’re 75% of employees steal from the workplace. According to the u s chamber and CBS News, my friend today, over 80% of potential employees are now lying on their resumes in this litigious, hyper, politically correct world we live in. You must hire for character and then train for skill. Again, you must hire for character and train for skill and so on today’s show, I thought I would celebrate my favorite web developer and coder while also showing how many coders I’ve had to go through, how many web developers I’ve had to go through in route to building one of the top three search engine optimization companies on the planet, our web optimization company. Make your life epic.

Got It. All right, here we go. Devin, how long ago did you start working here? This is a staff meeting.

Started back in 2014. Takes five years. Okay, so five years. And uh, I believe at the time you were doing graphic design on the side and working for Walmart, I believe graphic design on the side. Wife for rolling. Okay. So your wife worked for Walmart, correct. And you do graphic designer’s side? Yes. And how did you hear about this job? Please? Through a couple of people who heard about it through Arthur Greeno, Arthur Greeno from a chick filet fame. Good friend of mine. And so you want to come work here, right? And a person similar to what you’d sprints Felicia. Because Felicia, you were told that you could never be a what you were told that you could ever be a what? What again? Mike can barely hear you. You got, so you were told what I was told I was never going to be a photographer.

Right. In the same geniuses. That said that also told Devin like he doesn’t have one. It’s needed to be a coder. Does that right? It’s basically we weren’t, we’re not hiring right now. Yeah. Yup. So Devin said, I’m going to come to work for how much did we turn? Did you turn us free? So he came and worked for free. And how long did you work for free? They had three weeks. Okay. So now because we’re going to turn this into a podcast, we can’t mention the names because when you mentioned the names, it’s considered slander. If it’s true, but it’s considered to be not slander if you lie about it.


Think about that. It’s slander. If it’s true, but you’re your, you lie about it, then it’s constant thinking about, think about that for a second. It’s slander. If you tell people what’s true, but if you fly about it and then it’s not, so let’s take a look at the coders. Hm. Well, we’ll start one. We’ll call Mr T. Mr t cause you, how many coders were here? How many coders have you seen come and go?

Uh, at least five at least.

What kinds of weird stuff would mister [inaudible] um, drugs take weird photos of himself. Yeah. Um, Ooh. Where’d hookers online ordering hookers online and then I think gave an STD to a client. I think that’s what happened. Hello? I’m married, I’m married client. So then I’m like, well it probably should fire, you know the guy who has made for a variety of reasons. Right. So I bring it up the way we should fire the guy that was brought to me. Well you’re slandering this person’s character. How was it slit? Just being honest. I mean if anybody here wants to order hooker online today, that’s grounds for termination. My mind or drugs maybe that maybe you could work hooker but you couldn’t do the drugs too. Or maybe know. Getting a client who was married at the sexually transmitted disease. Maybe that sue sue. Move on. Cause that was a negative one. What kind of abominations did you see? Cause he, he’s, he’s the last man standing. What kind of stuff did you see? Um, never coding. So coding, we have one guy who would break the site on purpose so that it would be broken and then he would send us notifications about tickets to had to like he’d break it so he had to fix it so we can create this self sustaining job.


He was literally break the site every day and then say something’s wrong with me to fix it. And there’s these three guys that you saw that right suddenly brought in another guy who run outside coders from another company. We’ll call it Mr B. And he brought in Mr K. Mr [inaudible], Mr [inaudible] special K B. What did Keith, what did Mr k do or be?

They um, they worked sometimes. Not very often.

I’m paying like, I think I was paying 7,000 a month to each guy. And did they ever do their house? No. No, I don’t think so. In total, how many coders have been here and out of here since, except for you? I mean, think about it. If you’re all the coders, we add them up. Maybe count on your fingers. How many have we gone through to find the diligent Devin sent from heaven? A gift from God. I almost cry when I see him walk in the building every day. Sometimes I’m just like, what to how many?

Oh Gosh. Coming up. I think we probably had, we’ve had at least eight, eight coders probably buddy

and I have personally spent over one point $2 million on coders. It’s crazy. So it makes Devin awesome is he has this awesome character. I just wanted to peek, peek into your mind and see if you could share it with everybody. Why do you not screw me over on a daily basis?

Um, I think part of it’s just gone. I guess how I was raised. You know, you always want to treat people how you’d like to be treated. Um, another part of it is just a lot of reciprocity, uh, for me and my family, like clay and Vanessa and all the thrive team has just meant so much to us. Um, just as a family because whenever I started working here, like I wasn’t making very much doing design on the side doing freelance stuff. Um, so my wife was bringing in most of the income, just working full time at Walmart. Um, and then once I actually started getting paid here, it was enough that she didn’t have to do that anymore. So now she gets to be home with our kids and you know, have fun with them, raise them, teach them stuff that, you know, public schools wouldn’t necessarily be able to dance. So, um, it just means a lot, a lot to us that, and so just going off of that, you know, why, why would you ever want to repay that with, you know, anything other than just thanks and coming in and trying to do my best everyday.

But he has his best every day. And is he perfect? No. Am I perfect now? But the idea that he’s been diligent, but I want to make sure you put this, I had this idea of what seven years ago to mentor millions was go seven years ago. I think we’re down right now in our country is 17% of Americans have care. You said, where do you get that number? And you can magazine says 83% of people lie on their resumes. 83% now according to us chamber, what percentage of people steal from the workplace? 75 is the number and then what percentage of people, this is what’s great. What percentage of people in American now, how many, you know what the website is Ashley Madison website is, what’s that website? What does it do? The secret fears in America right now, we just passed for 55 million accounts in America.

So that means that our country, one out of six people hasn’t Ashley Madison County, 78% of the men surveyed 78% of the minute survey by Washington Post. Check the box. So they’ve had an affair this year, 78% and I said to say like we kind of have a bubble here because I didn’t, John does an awesome job manager. It doesn’t drop too, does it? John do a great job. Manageable. Yeah. So what do you have vetted? It is the best we can to make sure there’s no more ons here. Now, if there is a moron, you gotta tell him, he said, I can get them out of here, but we’ve got a really cool team here because you guys are diligent, hardworking people. But I just want you to know sometimes you don’t hear the stories, but Devin, I mean when you were seeing people all around you screwing us and turn it in, false invoices and all that, I mean, did you think yourself you’re going to get busted?

Yeah, I knew eventually it would come out. I mean, everything that, anything that you try to hide is eventually going to come to light.

Um, so it’s not worth it.

But Devin has been very, very diligent when he started. He was, I’d say, okay, Cody. Yeah. And I would say now he’s gotten very, very good at it. Um, but I just want to encourage you guys, cause you’ve been here how long ago? Just about five years. Five years. And he’s been an honest dilligent guys, great husband. He’s a great dad. He’s awesome. And I don’t have any reservations about him coming over to my house or whatever. It feel the same way about the browns until there’s a lot of you guys I feel that way about. But I just want you to know Devon superpower is diligence. And so I would encourage you to just, um, listen to that podcast because Devin has been a great guy for a long time. But I can’t express to you guys how much diligent people mean to me because there’s so Rick.


And what happens is as you discovered, Mr Matt is, when someone works for me, they get fired for three is a squirrel. And if I tell you what actually happened, that’s called slander. Is it not remember? Cause you, when you apply here, you told me what, what’d you say?

Uh, which part

you said you asked me, you said, hey, I’ve heard some things. Oh yeah. What’d you say?

Uh, I’ve heard some things from before. Her employer, uh, about you that you’ve done in the past. Um, I just kind of wanted to bring him to life. See what you’ve said about him.

It’s just interesting though. But if you tell someone the truth about what someone actually does, it’s slander. But if you say what’s not true. So if I were to say, oh, that person was a great guy, he got let go off for personal reasons, then I’m like a good guy. But if I were to tell you he got fired for hiring hookers, then I’m a bad person. You see how that works, our culture, how jacked up that is. So I just want to give a big freaking round of applause for Devin. We had the most diligent

bye bye Devon. But know that he, when we are coaching clients, if we took him trust that he wouldn’t log into a client’s website and do weird stuff, if we couldn’t trust that he wouldn’t screw people over by taking their passwords or we could a lot of web guys do that crap. And if we couldn’t trust Devon, a lot of things would fall apart here. So throughout the week, just high five Devin, let’s hear it one more time.

Yep. Hire for character and train skill. Trust me, I’ve learned the hard way. If you have somebody on your team right now who’s super talented but super nefarious, super low character and somebody who has got serious psychological and life problems. Somebody who’s hiring a hooker and from your office computers, somebody who was having an affair with employees in your office, somebody who is stealing your headphones, somebody who is stealing your equipment, somebody who’s perpetually showing up late, get them out of your life as soon as possible because if you don’t do it, eventually they are going to create a high drama situation. They’re going to cause a big problem in your organization and you’re going to say, I wish I would have fired him earlier. Again, hire for character and train for skill and now without any further eight, two, three, two, one. Cool.



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