Wins of the Week | Business Owner Grows Her Business by Over 1,000% Growth within Just 3 Short Years

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A member of the Thrivetime Show business coaching community Jennifer Allen shares how we helped her to grow her business Body Central Therapy by 1,000% within just 3 short years. 


  • The Law of Cause and Effect
  • Google Ranking
  • If you get one Google review and Make one podcast per day you will be rewarded with a good Google rank
  • To get to the top of Google you need:
  • Conical (google) compliance
  • Mobile Compliance
  • Most reviews
  • Most content
  • People will market to you and slam their competitors for traction
  • If you Google Total Lending Concepts or Tulsa Mortgages you can see the cause and effect
  • Call Recording
  • If you want to scale you have to:
  • Have a script
  • You have to record your calls
  • You have to schedule weekly training
  • Consistency
  • Very few people wake up wanting to pay you. They will not randomly find your name and ask to pay you.
  • A lot of people don’t believe that the law of cause and effect applies to them because they have a headache or it is a holliday(phollileagues)
  • If you take the month off you will be poor
  • Success requires you to do the same thing every day
  • Nobody Gives A Crap
  • Nobody gives a crap about your feelings especially the bank.
  • If you’re an entrepreneur, you don’t get a pass. Ever!
  • What if the Navy only attacked when everyone was on-board including the enemy?
  • You don’t feel like it…? What? I’d rather make a decision on what my feelings are rather than letting my feelings control my decisions.
  • You have to tell your feelings “Screw off! I’m going to get it done!”
  • You have to get to the office at 5:30 every day for your success
  • I don’t have sick days, personal days or days off
  • I have had multiple horrible things that have happened to me but I didn’t use those events to affect my work. No matter what is happening you have to shut up and show up.
  • You have to refuse to acknowledge that you have feelings.
  • You have to have an insane maniacal passion when you show up to work.
  • If you’re not working hard on the days you don’t feel good you are choosing to be ordinary. If you show up, you are extraordinary.
  • You have to move on
  • You can become bitter or you can become better.
  • NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “You have to have a lot of passion for what you are doing because it is so hard that any rational person would give up” – Steve Jobs
Business Coach | Ask Clay & Z Anything

Audio Transcription

business coaching for physical therapists

Does the system actually work,

Prepare yourself for yet another mind expanding knowledge bomb from America’s number one business coach? Clay Clark?

Yes, yes, yes. And yes. On today’s show we are talking about something that is near and dear to my heart. And that is the system works. Steve Currington is on the show. He is a mortgage. A how would you describe yourself? I describe you as the bowling ball of, of the mortgage industry, but could you please explain what you do for a living? Yeah, I do a residential home loans. So if you’re buying a house and you need the money to buy a house to live in or rent or whatever you’re gonna do it with. Um, that’s me. I get the financing. Well, what do you mean? A lot of people email and Hey, you know, does this work? Does your system actually work? And there’s this thing called the law of cause and effect. Yep. So I’m going to give you a couple examples of these, these, these laws, uh, the law of cause and effect.

An action one, Steve, is when you and I first met, I said, Steve, I, this is probably meeting four or five, whatever. I said, you have to get one Google review every day [inaudible] and you have to release one podcast today. Yup. And if you do that, you will be rewarded or awarded the top spot in Google for the search engine results. Right. We had this conversation. Yeah. So for all the listeners out there that want to take just a moment and Google Tulsa mortgage, right. Tulsa mortgage, um, you’re gonna find that your business, how many years, how many years ago did we first really connect and start working together? December of 15. Okay. Really start working on it until February of 16. So we’re coming up on three years. Uh, is that right? Yeah, three years. So I asked you, I said, Hey, we need to get one Google review a day and do one podcast today.

Yup. To get to be the top and Google. Correct. Because the Google search engine algorithm is based upon, there’s four variables. It’s whoever has the most canonical compliance. We’ll put it on the show notes. I basically, whoever has the most Google compliance, if it does your site fault, the Google rules to whoever has the most mobile compliance. Right, right. Three whoever has the most reviews, objective, honest reviews from real customers past and present, and four, it’s whoever has the most content. Correct. And how many other people have told you it’s more complicated than that, Steve, you don’t understand. Clay doesn’t know he’s talking about, or a blog or another marketing company. And how many times have you just run into somebody telling you it’s different? I mean now now because I am topping Google, right? I get, but when you recall a day that tells me that they, they want me to hire them to do it, but I’m already there.

But yeah, I mean everybody seems to be an expert when it comes to whether it be social media or how Google works. As a general rule who are trying to market to you typically try to slam me as a way to get the business deal. They typically go, yeah, he doesn’t know he’s talking about right. That’s not what you do. But that’s actually, I think the move with a lot of industries and a lot of companies, they, they can’t, you know what I mean? They can’t stand on their own merit of how great they are. They have to stand on the top of someone else and tell them how bad they are. So the law of cause and effect. So now all the listeners out there just want a Google search real quick. Tulsa mortgage. Yup. You’re going to find that your top. Yep. You’ll find total lending concepts.

Uh, we have 300 and, Oh oof. I thought we had 329 reviews as of this moment. So 329 and then we have Steve on page one. Now you can type in different things like Tulsa mortgages or mortgages. Tulsa, you’re always going to be in the top five results. Yeah, and we have about, I think you guys have done probably near 50 or 75 or even a hundred different keywords that were top four. Now. So the reason why you, I am not throwing Steve under the bus, but what happened is he, you had a competitor that’s being a little price shady and you had, you lost a few reviews. You had to get them, uh, reviewed and purified and all that bonafide. But the thing is, you got the reviews every day. You wrote the content every day, um, in other, another. So again, cause and effect, you do those things.

That’s the cause that produces the effect of being top and Google, right? Cause and effect. Let’s do another example. Um, Steve, we talked, I said, Steve, you know what you gotta do? You gotta record your calls, man. Yup. Your calls had to be recorded. The calls need to be recorded and then we need to listen to the calls. Yep. Step one, we’re gonna record the calls. Step two, we gotta have a script. Step through. We got to train our people and listen to the calls and the training. Yes. Step one, we got to record the call. Step two got to have a script. Step three, we gotta train the people and listen to the calls. How long did I say that you think? How many like, Oh man, a long time. And I think over the first six, seven, eight months, I don’t know how long I was a knucklehead, but I thought, clay, clean this, this stuff, this in my head, this is golden.

I can, let me tell you this band is the things that on my head right now, teach this to somebody. It just comes out unbelievable. Everyone feels like my industry is different. You couldn’t possibly train somebody else. What’s in my brain? Come on, come on. Do you want to script this? You can’t script it. So people range from a, the upset to uncoachable to doubtful, to fearful to whatever that is. But the law of cause and effect. Now that you do record your calls and you do have a script and you do weekly training, have you not sold more mortgages? Yes, absolutely. How many mortgages are you guys at total lending concepts, you know, pushing across the finish line, getting done on a weekly basis right now you think, Hey, weekly, you know, probably I would say about 20. Uh, we’re, I mean, we’re a smaller company.

We’re not like 20 mortgages though. Yeah. Um, you know, just, and if you, if you compare that to, you know, a couple of years ago, that’s probably, I mean, I think we’re nearing triple what, what we were doing before. You know, obviously, that ebbs and flows sometimes, you know, it’s colder and some of our markets, so the volume goes down. Right now it’s winter time. It goes there. I mean, you’re in Colorado and you’re in Tulsa and Oh, I’m saying is it, does it ever occur to you that very few people wake up with a burning desire to pay you and just randomly find your name through the cosmos? Right. Yeah. I don’t, you know, I think, I wish that was the case. I wish people just were like, I need to call this just in business tip. People will not randomly find your name to the cosmos and call you saying us, is this Steve, I want to pay you.

But I think a lot of people feel like law of cause and effect. The law of cause and effect doesn’t apply to them because they’re going through a divorce or they’re going through, they’re going to have a, I have a headache. I, my kids right now, it is, my kids are in some trouble, you know, it is the holidays, the holiday. I can’t Steve, it is the month of December state. December, Thanksgiving, every, is it D w do I not show up every day? Why not show up? Yeah. Yeah. It’s funny you call it, I have adopted this, you call it the hall of plugs, right? Because it’s the hottest plague. But it would be so nice how the bloody thing is, uh, in real estate, cause I do the mortgage, we work with a lot of realtors, you know, and in real estate it’s funny because about, Oh, I’d say about like that second week in November you’ll start mailing this, start checking out.

They’re like, ah, here comes Thanksgiving. Then I’m not going to work in December. And then about January the fourth, they’re like, dear God, I need to get back to work. So, um, the, the agents that we work with who have great relationships with the produce at a high level, don’t they don’t play that game. I think a lot of, uh, maybe your part-timers, nothing wrong of them. Great people we took how the day they want to take a holiday every day. Oh, it took some time to say, or the brain heat quantity. Here we go. Huh? Just one day. [inaudible] Oh yeah, here we go. Oh, it would be so nice and hot to play poor entreprenuers Hey, I took the amount off. People take the month off and they get poor because the law of cause and effect one search engines. If you don’t get a review a day and you don’t write the content, you don’t do a podcast every day.

Steve, when you do a podcast, we transcribe the content, thus making you top in Google, it’s not more complicated, but people, how often do you see people fighting back going, does it really work? Does it, does it really work well? Does it really every day, every day, every day. You mean success requires doing the same thing over and over every day. Are you freaking kidding me? That’s what I love about the book that you suggested that I read outwitting the devil by Napoleon Hill. Um, and it talks a lot about drifting and that’s what people do. They get comfy and they realize, Oh look in here, we got 12 reviews in a row and Oh, I’ve got 12 reviews and the ruts relax. And then they don’t realize a lot of businesses mean my business is this way. But a lot of businesses are, you do work today, you get paid and you know, 30 days or 60 days it’s somewhere down the road.

And people don’t realize that when they’re having a really terrible February, it’s based on that month they took off in December. Now what I’m going to do is I’m going to now give my third example of cause and effect and I’m going to play a audio cause I think a lot. I think a lot of times on the show I tend to do a lot of the talking and I thought why don’t we let one of our business coaching for physical therapists clients do the talking and share about her success? Her company, uh, her name is Jen, Jennifer Allen and her company is, is a therapy company based in Tucson, Arizona. And I want all of our listeners to hear that and you can break it down and kind of take notes about what Jennifer Allen is saying to you. But I have one more example of cause and effect that I’d like to really deep dive into.

So this one, this one’s gonna be a little tough though. Okay. Are you ready for it? I’m ready for injury. You ready for it? I’m so ready. Okay, here we go. Nobody gives a crap about your feelings, especially the bank. True bankers don’t say hi, welcome to the bank. Would you like to deposit your feelings? How much sales did you want to do? I did. Oh, how much? How much do you want to do you intend to deposit today? They don’t do that. Nope. They give you a sucker, which is cool. Cause the suckers love suckers. They say, I’m a sucker. Can I get a sucker too? Today they give you a sucker. Cause like if you’re there making a deposit, they’re like, you’re such a sucker. Take one. Seriously. Seriously though. Banks, have you, Andrew, have you noticed this? That banks don’t say, all right, Derek tiger.

I mean, Andrew, you went to the hospital one time or the hospital, when you went to the hospital, did the banker said to you, you go deposit your bank. They said, Hey buddy, you were at the hospital. Now if you were in Europe, you would say, I went to hospital. If you don’t say the hospital, I went to hospital. But this is the banker. Say, Oh, you went to the hospital. Wow. You know what we should do is we should double your deposit. Did anybody do that? No. No. Nice. But they don’t. So if you’re an entrepreneur, you don’t ass. You don’t get a pass. There’s no sick days. There’s no days off. And so I thought what I’m going to do, I’m going to, you know what I’m gonna do, Steve, I’m going to interview my friend, the co-founder of the Ritz Carlton. I’m going to get, I’m going to get Horst Schulze on the show and I’m going to ask him, I say, Horst, what would you say to a listener that says you’re so mean?

I just don’t feel like making cold calls cause I, I mean, okay. I mean, let’s, let’s, let’s, let’s scale that idea out to the Navy seals. So what if the Navy seals only attack the enemy when they weren’t scared or when they felt good? Right? What if NBA players only play on the days they didn’t have sore knees, right? They play 82 games or 81 games, 82 games. It’s all I’m saying is the top performers say to their feelings, screw my feelings. They say, feelings, screw you feelings. I’m going to get the business coaching for physical therapists work done. But that’s my harsh take. Right? So I said, Horst, you’re a, you’re a, you’re a guy. You started Ritz Carlton, you’re super successful. Ritz Carlton folks, the apex of customer service. I said, rich, I said, Horst, please explain to our listeners your thoughts on this mindset that you should only do something if you feel good and what role your feelings should play in your daily action steps. And this is what Horst said.

Well, we don’t feel like what this is so unreasonable to even allow that to happen. You’re waiting for feeling. I rather make a business coaching for physical therapists decision what my feeling is, rather than make a feeling, make my decisions. You make a decision on the community kept to have to fight the decision. You have to fight against the peelings that tried to interfere with your decision.

Think about that. He just said you have to fight with the feelings. They’re trying to interfere with your decision. What? So think about that. Jennifer Allen out there in Tucson, Arizona. She has a company called body central. And every business coaching for physical therapists client’s path is a little bit different in different action items. But what if she had said, Steve, I don’t want to get it done cause I don’t feel like it. Yeah, she would like, and I, and I’ve heard a little bit about Jen Allen, so diligent doer. Yeah, I know that her business has grown dramatically and I think then she would have maybe not seen that growth and she would have, you know, been close to the same size that she was before and she would not, she’d have different problems probably. I think what the system works. If you’d implement the plan. What if you had only done podcast on the days?

You felt good dude, I saw you don’t know. I don’t know. This isn’t a passive-aggressive, a backhanded compliment. But there were days where you looked bad. Yeah. I remember you came in one time with Tyler and you were like a head cold or sick or something. Well I was really mad at Tyler a lot because he would come in, he’s even dead or asleep than I am and I literally had a sound bite that like five in the morning. Yeah, I had a sound bite that was like, wake up Tyler Tyler, wake up and I told him every time you yawn, I’m playing that. So we have like several podcasts where it’s just wake up Tyler Tyler up the other way. You guys recorded the, what time did you record every like five 36 in the morning. Did you want to come in? No, no, no, but you wanted the success.

You were, you were excited about, motivated about you had a vision for the future. You wanted to build a successful company and you did what? Jennifer Allen did. The co founder of body central. Look up that company. It’s body central. It’s based in to Tucson, Arizona. Body central. She said to her feelings, screw off feelings. I’m going to get it done. You said screw up feelings. I’m going to get it done. You did a podcast every day. You did the reviews everyday. That’s what you did. You recorded your calls. You had a script. You do every day. You listen to the calls now I thought, you know what I’m gonna do Steve. Before I play this audio clip I’m to, I’m going to call Steve jobs. Call the call. I’m gonna. I’m going to call Andrew and do we have what? What is our, our motto here as it relates to calling leads are at the thrive time show, uh, you get a call until they cry, buy or die, we call every lead until they cry, buy or die.

And so I thought, you know, trash. We gotta call every lead Andrew until they, until they cry, buy or die. But the problem is if they’re already dead, she’s gotta try harder, right? So this is so Steve couldn’t be here on today’s show. Um, may he, uh, Arestin piece, but this is what Steve jobs would have said. Yep. If he could be here. So Steve jobs, I got to ask you, my friend, how do I push through working hard? Even though I have the sniffles, Steve, I have a wife and five kids and bad things occasionally happen to us. We’ve had two miscarriages. My dad died from Lou Gehrig’s disease. My son was born blind, but I never took a month off to emotionally regroup because I couldn’t afford to because you can’t. If you want to become self employed and to become successful, you’re going to become self unemployed and it’s going to be very stressful if you recoil emotionally every time something bad happens to you.

Everyone that I know who is worth over 1 million bucks refuses to call in sick when they don’t feel good cause they don’t care how they feel. You should not listen to your feelings. I said Steve, Steve, Steve jobs. I would say to you, Steve jobs, if you could talk to our listeners today about, uh, starting a business and the importance of being consistent and pushing through adversity, what would you say to our listeners? You have to have a lot of passion for what you’re doing. And it’s totally true. And the reason is, uh, is because it’s so hard that if you don’t, any rational person would give up. It’s really hard and you’ll have to do it over a sustained period of time. So if you don’t love it, if you’re not having fun doing it, you don’t really love it, uh, you’re going to give up.

And that’s what happens to most people actually. If you really look at the ones that ended up, you know, being successful on quote in the eyes of society and the ones that didn’t, oftentimes it’s the ones that are successful, loved what they did so they could persevere when it got really tough. You got to love the process. So let me just help reeducate somebody out there that needs to get this. Steve, you see this all the time. I talk about all the time. Andrew, you’ve seen this. I eat rejection for what? Andrew for breakfast and right. I like to invite, I like to invite some big people on the show. We just had Volvo gang. Puck confirmed to be on the show and for fucking Wolfgang puck has converted me on the show. Oh see, I know him as Wolfgang, not the King gang. We’re driving the boats of vegan now.

We invited him to be on the show. We just, we have a, he’s the hockey player, right? I know. Oh, that’s the celebrity chef. Oh yeah. We just invited a guy Kawasaki. Yup. We just recorded guy Kawasaki who was big, the founder of Ritz Carlton, the number one PR consultant in the history of the world. Michael Levy. How crazy. What was when Michael Levine was at the workshop? Yeah. You had to pay Michael Levine one time. 25 grand. I spend a half day with him. Can I tell you a funny story about that? That I think is funny that you shared with me? What is, you said that you called him that morning and text him to confirm. Yes. And what did he say to you? Ah, he basically was not happy that I would have to confirm because if he said he’s going to do it, he’s going to do it.

I can see why you would confer. But he was like, I’m not that guy. Right. I said I’d be there. And all I’m saying is the super successful people are, are there? Yeah. If he says it’s going to be there, doesn’t matter, he’s gonna do it. But if you’re running around going, I just don’t feel like you’re going to lose. It’s okay. You can get a job somewhere where you can call in sick and you get sick days. You get tenure and you get to have somebody say to you, you know what? You’ve worked so well. You get to have paid time off. Personal days, every freaking personal days. When my son was born blind today, I called it personal days. What the crap is that? It’s unbelievable. As a young kid, I was sexually abused. Do I sit there and dwell on it all day? No. Does it affect me?

Yes. How does it affect me? I don’t trust people that helps me in business though. I’m paranoid, paranoid. You know, before my dad died, I, I called my dad and I, and I, I asked my dad, um, how long do we have? How long do you think you’ll be healthy? And I felt terrible knowing that my dad was going to die of Lou Gehrig’s disease. I, I, it felt horrible knowing that, but I still had to go to work the next day. I can’t bounce checks and not make payroll and not make ABO, you know, pay a bigotry payments for things or pay the taxes for my building. I had to continue moving on regardless of how tough of a situation it was for me. I had to keep moving. I had to keep going on. If you want to be an entrepreneur and you want to take days off when you don’t feel good, it is a ridiculous diametrically opposed idea.

You cannot be a successful entrepreneur if you want sick days, nobody cares. You have to show up. Come on man. Michael Jordan played his best games when he was sick. Just shut up and show up to your freaking meeting. Shut up. Tell your feelings to shut up and just show up. We have to learn to tell our feelings to shut up and we have to make ourselves show up if we want to win as an entrepreneur. I woke up today at three 30 Andrew Dwyer thi do you think I’m excited to wake up at three 30 not at all. I’m not excited. I don’t want to wake up at three 30 get up at three 29 so I don’t want to though. I’m serious. I’m a father of five kids. Do you think that sometimes I want to drive to boy Scouts to pick up my son?

No. I want to see my son. But do I want to drive in the cold? No, but I refuse to even acknowledge that I have feelings. And if you’re out there and you are offended by this concept that take your broke self to someplace where people will label you as a victim and those places are abundant because most people would rather be a victim than to be a Victor. And then go see a psychologist who would say something like, how do you feel when people raise your voice and they raised their voice to you? How do you feel? You know, there’s a lot of males out there that need to apologize for being a male. Get outta here. I grew up in a time when my dad could hit me with a wooden spoon if I didn’t do what I was supposed to do and it hurt.

And it helped cause that was real talk. Now let’s wear a helmet. Let’s, where have Bobby where? Bobby, can you wear a helmet and then could you wear some padded pants? Cause I want to spank you with a piece of paper. It’s so stupid. And then you lost in soccer. But we don’t want to offend you. So we give you a third place trophy. You want a third place participation. When I grew up, you didn’t get a trophy. I, you ads every day. Plus I can’t stand. How do you get a trophy for finishing? Third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, whatever. Maybe you say, well it’s there’s golden summer trophy for not finishing now. It’s ridiculous. It is ridiculous. I think if we could start, a lot of people are identifying a certain thing. So if you just start identifying as a jerk, then you, it’s you get the past right?

If you decided, Hey guys, Hey listen, I identify as a jerk, but then what happens? How I do what happens is when you are around people that are extraordinary, you’re going to discover how insanely hard, extraordinary people work. When you see people who are very successful, the top optometrist in the town, the top hair salon in the town, the top bank in the town, top auto auction in the town, there’s an insane maniacal white hot little of intensity that these people bring to the workplace every day, which really freaks people out. And I thought, you know what? We should have TD Jakes on today’s show because you know he cares about people. He wants to lead people to Christ. But you know what? He couldn’t be here because I’ve invited him, but I haven’t got a yes yet. But I’ll tell you what, I accept the yes in advance TD.

I know you couldn’t be here today, but I’m excited for you to be in the show here. You’re listening, or tiger, I know you’re going to be on the show here and this is what TD Jakes has to say about what happens when people understand, when they start to come to grips with wow, successful people don’t have sick days, no days off, but unsuccessful people have lots of days off and lots of excuses. Successful people don’t have any excuses, but unsuccessful people have a lot of excuses. Successful people. The day after the miscarriage, my wife’s doing accounting, unsuccessful people, the day after the miscarriage, they talk about it for about a year and they’re just like, I can’t motivate it to come back to work. And that’s cool. That’s cool. And that is, that’s cool. And I respect you for that, but you will not make much money. Well my son was born blind.

I wasn’t, Oh I can’t work. I mean I was, I was, I was sad. But I went to work cause you have to show up. And I was a wedding DJ. I was booked for up to 200 events a year, 250 events a year. And I showed up. So this is what TD Jakes has, is what TD Jakes says about what happens when ordinary people, by the way, if you’re listening today, you’re not ordinary. You’re just choosing to be ordinary. If you’re not, if you’re not, if you’re not working on the days off, if you, if you’re not working hard on the days you don’t feel good, you’re choosing to be ordinary. You’re choosing to be ordinary. But if you want to be extraordinary, just show up at TD. Jake says, this is what happens when extraordinary people run into ordinary drifting people.

Fuck, fuck, fuck Jesus. Who is exceptional is having a conversation with ordinary and exceptional and ordinary always have a conflict. Anytime exceptional people dwell in the midst of ordinary thinking people, there’s always going to be conflict.

Oh boy. So again, this is a podcast for diligent doers like you. This is the podcast for people like you who set your alarm for three 30 and get up. This is not a podcast that’s, no, no, no. This is not a show. Steve. This is not a show for the intenders, right? For the happy hopers. For the people who say, I just graduated with a degree, that doesn’t mean anything. I just like, I wasn’t sad. My dad was a great guy. We did a lot of great things. Never was an entrepreneur. Somebody out there to say, my parents never taught me how to be an entrepreneur. And if that’s you, you’ve got to get over these obstacles because at the end of the day, you get paid based upon what you do. And not based upon what you say you’re going to do. You have to learn the proven strategies and implement the proven strategies. And South any further ado, I’m going to cue up the audio testimonial from a thriver out there. Just like you, I and a lady by the name of Jennifer Allen, based in Tucson, Arizona. Her company body central has been able to grow and multiply itself a massive level over the past three years as a result of her diligently implementing the proven systems and strategies that we’ve been teaching her on a weekly basis.

Jen, it’s uh, Robert Redmond calling and, uh, we’ve been working with each other for a while now and so I just wanted to ask you few questions, uh, get your feedback. Uh, first of all, can you just say product, introduce yourself and tell us about your company and the size of your company [inaudible] and all that. Sure. [inaudible] I’m Jennifer Allen. Cool. Own a physical therapy company. We have eight locations in Tucson, Arizona. Soon to have nine. We have 115 employees. Mmm. It’s been growing like crazy. Yeah. Mmm. And, um, that’s kind of it in a nutshell. That’s pretty impressive. That’s great. And how long have you been though? Working with [inaudible] with me and, and with thrive. Okay. So I started with the [inaudible] online platform. Yeah. And, uh, got so much value out of that. I came out and did a, um, one of the workshops, which was fantastic.

And, um, after that signed up to do the one on one coaching, uh, with you starting in, uh, March of 2017. Yeah. Uh, so we’ve been working together since then. It doesn’t even seem like that long. Two years. It’s gone by fast. Yeah. Two years. What are some, like the practical changes, but you’ve been able to make by working with the one on one business coaching for physical therapists program over the last, last two years here? Yeah. So some of the things that we, we’ve done, um, one of the things was the first thing we did was the website development where I had, you know, the basic website that was just [inaudible] pretty much just informational. And now we have lead generation happening on the website. So we’re actually like getting live leads from the website. Mmm. So that was number one thing that we did, which is [inaudible], which has been a game changer for us.

Um, and then as part of that website development using online advertising to drive people to our site and then further convert them off the website. So that’s been great. Um, part of that also has been a SEO optimization. Um, you know, learning how to do that and um, okay. You know, become number one, uh, in Google, that’s our thing where we are pushing that hard. Oh, successful with that. Um, so those, okay. That’s kind of how things went with us. And then from, you know, from a personnel standpoint, our hiring process, you know, being in Tucson, Arizona, we don’t, I have a lot of access, two physical therapists. We have a hard time getting physical therapists to move here and with changing our hiring and recruiting processes and having a system for that. And for me to do that, myself and my team, uh, without having to hire a recruiter and pay them a percentage of a salary, uh, that’s been a huge game changer.

Um, you know, I hired 12 physical therapists last year. Well that’s unheard of. And these are, these are, these are people with doctorate degrees, doctorates, correct. Doctorate degrees. Mmm. So that’s been a really, really good thing. And we’ve also implemented group interviewing system for our administrative personnel and that has been great too. So yeah, you know, that turnover in those level positions as administrative positions, [inaudible] tends to be high in the medical industry. So being able to constantly have good candidates in front of us and being prepared if somebody moves or somebody decides they don’t want to be a front desk person anymore. Um, it’s been really great. We’ve been able to [inaudible], uh, get somebody good right away and we’re actually getting higher quality candidates because we’re not just hiring the first person that comes off the street to fill that position. We’re not in that panic mode anymore.

Um, we’re ahead of the curve so we’re able to pick and choose the best candidate for the position. Yeah. I remember you sent me a video once and you guys have like 50 people or your group interviews. Yeah, that was a big one. Yeah. So we run from anywhere from 20 to 30. 30 was a good group for us to manage. Uh, but we did have a 50, 50 couple people show up for that one group interview. That’s awesome. That’s awesome. W w what are some of the ways, uh, you grown, you know, there’s a lot we’ve done but, but how have you actually grown since you started working with us? Yeah, so I think personally my biggest growth areas have been in [inaudible], uh, people management. Um, I’m not sure a softie that kind of lets people walk all over me. And, um, prior to this training, I had a hard time holding people accountable and not feeling bad about it.

And so I [inaudible] I feel like that is the biggest change in me personally. And it’s given me more confidence and dealing with just everything that I deal with on a daily basis with work. Um, being able to hold people accountable, let them know what their expectations are and not feel bad about saying, Hey, this is what needs to be done in this position and you’re not doing it and what are we going to do to, to get you there? And yeah. And, um, I think I’ve become a better, Mmm. A better business owner in general because of it. That’s awesome. And then [inaudible] well, how was it, how has the company grown working with us? Or, or what, what are your numbers look like over the past couple of years? Yes. So if we look at it, gross revenue, I mean, we’ve basically doubled that in the time that we’ve worked [inaudible] together.

And, um, and as far as personnel, we’ve doubled that and we’ve also doubled, uh, almost yes. Doubled our number of locations since we started working together. And that’s still on. It’s on an upswing, uh, trajectory. I don’t see a slowing that down at all. Um, yeah, it’s just been just crazy growth all the way around. Yeah. Yeah. I remember, uh, when we first started working with each other, we did your 13 point cesspit back in March, 2017 I remember you said you just finish the year [inaudible] 2016 and I believe you said you did 3.9 million and then last week you told me you guys did 6.4 this past year. Yeah, it’s almost 6.5, so yep. [inaudible] quite a jump. Yeah. That’s awesome. Last question here. Okay. Why would you recommend and other business owners to thrive? Okay. I think as a business owner, um, we are, a lot of times we function like firefighters.

So we are that person that everybody calls to where the fix it people, Hey, we have a problem over here. We have a problem over there. And, and I think that sometimes we get caught up in this reactive state. And so as far as our businesses concern, you get, you get in a rut where you’re not able to grow it because you’re spending your time doing things that, you know, if you could just get ahead of the curve, you’re not going to be having to do those things. So I think as a business owner to give you the control that you need over your business. Okay. Two, get control of your own schedule. Um, have more control over what’s happening in your business and, and the growth, Mmm. And development of your business. Mmm. Yeah. You guys are just amazing. Get, get business owners on track and, and to evaluate where our weaknesses are and strengthen those areas.

This is your year to thrive today is your lazy hands make for poverty, but diligent hands bring wealth. Proverbs ten four. I’m here to tell you you can do it if you can just motivate yourself to slip. The mass has had to cut off a few. So on the day I could run a misshape a tree that I had to prove I had to make cuts to be here daily at new knowledge. Monsoon. I could reign them no doubt. The next, the next blue room for the next dr Kings who changed the custom one. It’s up to you. I remember my days back, I’m like the template. Well, with the jobs that tried to consume food, the future that I could pursue, what? From the mountain top, now I can do clue that you have what it takes up.

Success. Today is your day and now it’s your year. Today is your day, and now this moment is profound to show up the ground. Your rope might’ve been rough with what you got now is now even shut you out. But you gotta be discussed with the old plow started from the bottom up, prayed up. You got to get it. Don’t quit it till you see success. You just say it’s your day and now today is your day and now should be all went to kid, but we cannot get without self discipline to fall on your face. Could attach yourself to Kohl’s dot. Pale with the friends when the storms getting up in the scatter them only feed. Live with yourself. What you believe, who believe in you, but not as much as God does. If you’re going through hell, he’s got nothing applied. What? You’ve do money to a bird, a bird in do Tom, you got money to increase what you burned into tangent.

Got money to increase what you burn in due time. You got money to make money. I look the shutdown, the dowers silver weeds that became your dream flowers empower you to devour all the obstacles that make your sweet dream sour. As for me, I used to [inaudible] but now up on the microphone. Smooth light. If I can do it, I know you can do, but you bust. Stick to it like posters too. And while Morgan XOM McColl wrists, what he’s saying, I carbon shoot dreams today and now it says, today is your day day and now is yours. It’s your time today and now sing it Barton. Today is your day. [inaudible] I realize I can’t sing like that, but I can’t talk and

play the woodblock. Okay? If you guys need me, I’ll just be over here.


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