Wins of the Week – Celebrating the 70% Growth of Christina Nemes (Owner of Angel’s Touch Auto Body)

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96% of Businesses Fail within 10 Years (according to Inc. Magazine), yet this long-time Thrivetime Show podcast listener Christina Nemes has grown her business Angel’s Touch Auto Body and Detail by 70% this year.Facebook Celebrating The 70 Growth And Success Rate Of Christina Nemes Thrivetime Show

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This week’s win of the week takes us to Bourne, Massachusetts and to the business owned by Christina Nemus. This business is named angels, touch auto body and detail, which is located at one 48 MacArthur Boulevard in Massachusetts. And so now without any further ado, it’s time for another edition over the bullpens killing the flood.

Is she ready to go? She’s ready to go. Oh nice. I’m going to call her real quick here. We’re gonna try to do a live. We’re going to do it. It’s the first time we’ve ever done this, I think where we call somebody. So, Jason, I’m gonna have you real quick type in her number real quick here. I believe you could, we’re not going to give all the listeners her cell phone number. I know the list. There’s one her cell phone number, but we’re not going to give all of the listeners. Oh, nice. Look at you. You’re hitting all the buttons. Some of the listeners are like, I memorized all the tones. I know what this number, I know this. Okay, we’re going to call her right now. And this tells listeners out there again who, who are we calling it now? Jason, this is Christina. Nemus. Yes. And I believe her husband’s going to be on

awesome. What’s his name?

Dana and Jeff. How’s it going?

Good. It’s just Christina today.

Ah, okay. Okay, Jeff. Well we, we, we wanted the better half and we got the better half. So thank you for being on the show. Are you having a good morning?

I am. I am. Thank you. How are you?

I am super, super excited to have you on the show. Um, can you share with the listeners out there, what, what’s the name of your business and how did you first hear about us?

Touch a body and detailing. So we do collision, auto, body classic car restoration detailing.

Are you a Patriots fan?

Huge Patriots.

Oh yes. Yes.

Oh man. If you want a business and you’re a Patriots fan, give the clay a call. I am so excited. I mean, seriously, I get excited. Can you, tell the listeners out there, how did you first hear about us?

So I started listening to your podcast. I don’t exactly remember why. I think I was just scrolling through, um, and I was just looking up, you know, new business podcasts and I think yours popped up, clicked on it, started listening to it. Loved what I heard. I heard that you doing business coaching, I loved your processes, how you guys work with businesses and your mindset. So I looked you up and decided to jump on up on the team and start working with you guys.

Did you find this on iHeart or Spotify or Google or do you remember where you first found the podcast?

Um, that was on, um, Apple,

Apple, iTunes. Okay. We talked to a guy, just this, it was a yesterday who, he owns a coffee shop in a mall in California and he said that he found me on the John Lee Dumas podcast four years ago and has been listening to our show for four years. Do you listen to it like once a week or, I just, I just want to know. I’m very, very, very curious.

I listened to it

a couple of times a week. It just depends on the topic, but usually at least twice, twice a week. I like your Saturday and Sunday shows. Those are usually the ones that I listened to them. What are your favorite kind of topics? Just so I know.

Um, I like more so I’m not more into the car, like more of the, um, I like more of the business mindset, uh, processes, not so much, you know, corporate mindsets or you know, sometimes you have offers on, it depends what the authors write about, what they talk about. But I’m more so into more of the business processes. It’s mindsets. Um, you know, how to deal with employees management, that type of thing.

What, what is your growth percentage this year? Talk to us about the growth you’ve, you’ve experienced this year with your company.

Okay. So we are up about just over 60% so far this year in sex, not even over. So we’re definitely going to be up more than that. And we’ve just been grinding it, just working hard, marketing the website. We’ve been working really hard to get reviews and you know, making sure our customers are treated well. Um, and it’s just challenges. The proof is in the pudding. You know, we’ve just been insanely busy. You were talking about this the other day at the shop, but just how last year at this time we thought that was busy. But now this year we’re so much busier that it’s just crazy. We’re just so pumped. We’re proud and we’re just going to keep grinding and getting it done for our customers.

Are you in front of a computer today?

I’m not.

Okay, well I give you one, one pro tip this morning. This is a new thing I’ve been beta testing on myself. Okay. But I always, anything I teach my business coaching clients, I test on myself first and then I teach to the business coaching clients. Um, if you Google search Joplin gyms today, Joplin gyms, you’re going to see this, the results of this, and I know it’s hard, uh, dr Breck to see this in Bucky smile. We look at the computer here, but um, we, uh, if you type in Joplin, Jim’s colo fitness comes up top in the search results with reviews obviously, but now we’re getting video reviews and the video reviews are actually ranking higher than their website. And so the new move Jason will start talking to you about is getting those video reviews if he hasn’t because it’s on the agenda he never has. If you type in Joplin gyms, he has seven of the first 13 search results are his company. Um, let’s talk about this. We have a lot of listeners out there that maybe push back or fight about the idea of getting reviews. Christina, how much have, how much has got Google reviews changed your business?

Oh, immensely. It’s just so I hear all the time when customers come in, when we asked, so how did you hear about us? Well, I Googled a body shop near me and you guys came right up like [inaudible] and you guys came right up. I saw your abuse. I clicked on them, I read them, they’re phenomenal. And I decided to come here. And what everybody said in your reviews was exactly right. You guys have free customer service, you’re fast, you’re efficient. Uh, my car came out great. I’m happy. And anything that two people said that you do, you promised you took care of. So you know how gotta just put your money where your mouth is and if you’re gonna say you’re gonna do for your customers and do it because you can only say so much, you have to show it. You have to prove it.

Talk to me about, have you, have you started doing the group interview yet?

Uh, no. We don’t. Not going to be honest. We haven’t needed to hire anybody. We keep our customers. We have great retention, I mean with our employees. So we’ve had the same team for years and we’re actually getting ready to build a new building and we actually have people on deck ready to rock and roll and get on our team with us.

You’re building a new building? Yes, we are. Congratulations. That is so exciting. When do you start construction?

Um, we are hoping by mid January, end of January, uh, you know, these processes belongs. So we should be breaking ground. Ben. Uh, it is wicked cold around here in January, so, um, possibly might have to wait till it gets a little warmer, but we’re really shooting for that. We’re just busting at the seams. We have, you know, work just coming out of the, you know, Hangyang here and we have jobs sitting outside. My husband does classic car restorations. We have about eight to 10 cars that we need to start and we just don’t have the space that, you know, between 10 to $50,000 builds, you know, that we need to get and keep the shop.

Um, I, I’m sure you remember this but I back in the day, bill Belichick, um, was given the microphone after the Patriots won the super bowl. And my understanding is that there was a million people in the Boston area gathered to cheer for the Superbowl parade for the Patriots winning the super bowl. And bill Belichick was given the microphone. I’m going to keep the audio. This is bill Belichick speaking to a crowd now and he’s speaking to a crowd of a million people and a million people think about that. 1 million people. And this is what he had to say.

The guys in the animal, you look

at, some of the players are like, we don’t know if we want to cheer this. It’s almost like, it’s almost like a Joseph Stalin leading a chant back in the day were like, we don’t know if we want to share this. So talk to me about this because you are a very diligent person and I wanted to have you on the show because nothing works unless you do. Uh, my Angelou talked about this at great length. The, the celebrated actor or actress, playwright, bestselling author, a Harriet Tubman has talked about this at great length. Denzel Washington has talked about this at great length. Will Smith has talked about this at great length. No days off, no days off. You cannot talk to me cause I want to give you the floor. It’s like you have a microphone. Now bill Belichick had a mic with a million listeners. Um, you have a Mike with 500,000 people not to overwhelm you and make you nervous. We have 500,000 people listening. What would you say to the half a million people listening right now? You can share anything with them about the business coaching experience.

Well, what are the tips that you would give them? Well, I would just say that, you know, that’s the no days off goes, you have to be diligent and have to keep grinding. You have to work hard every day. Um, you can’t build something that is for as on a just a few hour on a part time hours. You have to just jump in and get in there. Um, even if you’re not a numbers person or if you’re not great at sales in the beginning, you have to just try and work hard at everything and try every Avenue that you can to keep progressing. Cause it’s all on you. This is your business, your dream. But no one else is going to do this for you. You have to do it yourself and you have to just dig deep and just keep grinding and get going. Even when you’re tired, you know you’re not going to have motivation 24 seven it just doesn’t exist.

It’s just not how life goes. And anybody that’s ever built anything that anybody that’s ever done anything extraordinary in life is going to tell you that they did not always have motivation all the time in the beginning. Yes. And then you’re going to get tired and beat up and you have a rough week or a rough month or a rough year, but you got to keep going and you know, anything that’s ever been built wasn’t peaches and cream. The land of milk and honey all in the beginning it was, you know, climb up, get beat down again and then keep climbing up and then you’re getting on again and then you’re up and then you’re down. But you can’t stop climbing up. Has to keep going, can’t stop. And diligence is one of the number one thing you have to have. If you don’t have it, you have to work on it.

And you have to keep reminding yourself and you know, even if surround yourself with people that are like that, and if you don’t have somebody in your life that is like that, and I read a lot of books and listened to a lot of podcasts, then do you know success leaves clues. So I like to follow and listen and you know, study people that have done what I want to do in my life and that actually gives me the motivation and the drive. Keep going. Even on the days when it’s really hard, when you’re tired, you’re getting home at eight o’clock and you still have to cook dinner for your family and get up and do it the next day, it doesn’t matter. You got to keep going because it’s going to get better and you’re going to get better. And you know, the more that you work hard, the more you’re going to get eventually rewarded for this.

You’re going to reap the benefits. But it’s not going to be today. And a lot of people, especially nowadays expect everything. Instant gratification. Well, this didn’t work, so I’m going to do something else or you know, this isn’t working so I’m going to go to something else now. No. If you want something, it’s not going to be easy. You’re going to, it’s going to suck. You’re going to suck. Just keep going. Just keep learning. Success leaves clues. Find someone who did it that you, how you wanted to do it. Someone who did it the best in the industry of whatever industry you’re in. Learn from them. Keep grinding, don’t stop and you know, yeah, no days off. We work six days a week and that’s that. Our business wouldn’t be where it is. We wouldn’t be up to 60% if we didn’t work six days a week, if we just came in when we felt like it and left when we felt like it.

It doesn’t work like that. My husband and I and my brother-in-law, and we are in it every single day. We work hard, um, you know, and we’re there with our team working right. Besides them, we’re learning besides them, we’re growing besides them. And that’s also why they stuck around with us for so long too is because we’re in it with them. We’re not just coming in and telling people what to do and then going off golfing or to the beach, we’re there every single day and the only days we take off or Sundays and holidays. So Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, and DA’s, we’re not there besides that. We are there, you know, every other day. And that’s just, that’s how we feel about it. That’s how we were in our business. That’s how we operate. That’s how, um, we try to teach our children if anything that you want, you have to work hard.

You’ve gotta be the hardest worker in the room. But you also have to be knowledgeable. You have to know what you’re doing and have to learn your industry. You have to continue to learn everything and anything, you know, like our industry for instance, is, um, it’s changing. It’s evolving cause it’s going to be left behind and we’re not going to have the goals that, I mean not paths are going to be crossed, you know, we’re not going to be able to support our new building. We’re not going to be able to support, you know, dreams passed this new bill in know shot. But you have to keep evolving, growing and learning and not stopping it. Like Belicheck said, no days off except for Sundays we’d take that off. But even then, you might be in the business where you need to be open Sundays and pay. You will be able to find someone to do it for you somewhat. But until then you’re that person and you just have to get it done.

So talk to me about this. What keeps you sustainably motivated? Cause for me it’s meeting great entrepreneurs and helping them grow. But what is, what keeps you motivated?

Um, well it’s just being a success no matter what. So, you know, we were doubted in the beginning because we had a small rinky dink shop and you know, we were doubted. People thought that, you know, you’re not going to make it. This is, you know, it’s just you’re going to fall on your face, yada yada. And we’ve exceeded and a lot of people wrong. So that was, that’s a huge one. Um, also he want to leave a legacy for our families too. That’s huge for us and we’re prideful people. And so if you’re a prideful person, you just don’t stop, keep going and you want to continue until you get over that mountain and then you find the next mountain. And we’re just very goal driven people. So that’s what definitely keeps us motivated. Our goals, our family keeping, you know, gotta keep it on the table for them.

We have to be, you know, proactive for them and wants to teach them about hard work. We want our children to see how hard you work is, you’ll reap the benefits down the road. And they do see that and they’re very proud of us and we’re proud that our children are proud of us and we hope that they can, you know, walk in our footsteps down the road someday. Um, and then yes. So also, yeah, we had people that doubted us and that’s a huge motivator also. So you want to make sure that you can prove wrong and show that you are worth it and that you can do it in anything that you say you’re going to do, you will do and no matter what. And that’s, that’s definitely a huge motivator.

Christina, what’s your lesson? Sorry, what was that gentleman? I was going to say her. Her other biggest motivator though is, um, she has a dog named boss that lives a very lavish lifestyle. She’s got to keep him lots of treats of sweaters. What does your dog look like? He’s a Boston terrier,

so he’s actually pretty small for a Boston area is kind of a runt, but he’s awesome. He’s adorable.

Now what is your last name? Christina. How do you spell that?

N. E. M. E. S.

if you had, um, you know, I guess a final moment to, to a final little tip to give all the listeners out there, you said people are out there. They Google search, Christina Neiman’s. People are probably gonna we like, she had, um, some of our listeners traveled to satellite beach, Florida just to meet the owners of Papa gallows, uh, pizzeria cause they heard them on the show. If someone’s going to travel all the way up there to, uh, Angel’s touch, uh, first off, what town are you in? How do they find you guys?

So we are more in Massachusetts, so that’s B, O U R N E borne Massachusetts.

If somebody were to show up at your, at your place and you’re very busy and they said, just give me one tip, one final tip. Um, tell me Christine, I mean, does, does business coaching actually work? Uh, tell, let’s tell the listeners out there, how has business coaching impacted you and, and why is that something that that has worked for you?

Okay, of course. Um, yeah, you guys are awesome. I love the way you think. I love the way you do business. Uh, and I feel like it intertwines with way that we think. So that’s huge. Um, also you guys are awesome. You have great systems, are great ideas. You’re creative. Your website building has been phenomenal. Um, who helped immensely with marketing and getting you on top of Google. Uh, you guys are a tough love. So, you know, there’s no excuses that you don’t accept excuses, so it’s get it done. And if not, I love that. Where, well, you’re not gonna do it then I can’t work with you because you never gonna get anywhere in. Um, and that really ethical is that I’m not just going to take your money and you guys not do anything and you don’t grow. I don’t have time for that. So just know that if you are going to be a business coaching client of theirs, that they are wholeheartedly dedicated to you. And if you’re not dedicated, they’re not going to be dedicated and the relationship’s not gonna work. So you guys have helped us immensely and I’m really looking forward to the future.

Christina, I thank you so much for taking time out of your schedule to, to join us and I, if you’re out there listening, I encourage you to, to go to Christina’s website. And again, Christina, for anybody out there who maybe missed it earlier, what is your web address while the listeners can check it out?

That’s it is Cape Cod autobody in

Cape Cod auto body and Check out the website and if you’re looking for a great family vacation idea, go check out Cape Cod autobody in detailing. Ah, this goat to travel up there to borne Massachusetts. Uh, this time of the year. I understand it. It’s beautiful weather this time of the year. What, what, what’s the, what’s the temperature up there?

A wicked cold.

All right, well I’ll tell you, I hope you have a great day and may our Patriots beat the chiefs.

Yup, go Pat. Thank you guys. You guys are awesome.

Hey, take care. Have a great day. Bye bye. You too. Bye bye bye. And that right there is why I record nine shows per week, every single week. Thrive nation. This is your own occasion to have massive success. This is your year to persevere. This is your time to do what you were called to do. I’m telling you, this is your year to be successful. This is your year to move beyond just surviving. This is your year for thriving, but don’t just, but don’t just be a listener of this show. Be a doer. Don’t just be a hoper. Don’t just be a listener. Be a doer. Be an implementer. Because Thomas Edison once said correctly, that vision without execution is hallucination. And on that note, let’s end this thing with a boom three, two, one, boom.


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