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Nothing works unless you do and very few works as hard as Marcos Brandao of Supplement Planet. We celebrate his success while sharing why exceptional people are enemies of average

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Josh with living water. Irrigation is with us in the studio today. Josh, how are you sir? Um, well clay, how are you sir? Well, I think, I think I’m excited for you to give an update to the thrive nation as to where you’re at right now as is when we first met you a couple of years ago. Um, how much bigger is the company now than where it used to be? A 700% and if you go to your, with the listeners out there who are skeptical that want to check out your website, what is that web address? Living water. Irrigation. Okay. Dot Com. Okay. And what kinds of things have you been doing over the last couple of years that you do that you attribute the cause coaching. We teach you what to do, but you have to go do it. Sure. What kind of things have you been doing over the last couple of years that have allowed you to grow by 700%.

So let’s say the first and foremost thing is taking direction. Oh, so I, I get to see, we’re having, we’re having a little dinner party. Don’t, don’t throw him under the bus like that. Shanda. All right. Yeah, I’m sorry. So I get to talk to a lot of folks and a very fortunate, they get to see what we’ve done and where, how it’s changed my wife’s life and mine and, uh, the people who work with this. And, and so I get questions all the time, you know, hey, what are you doing? Hey, how’d this happen? Blah, blah, blah. And you know, from that, I just say, we, we took action. Uh, we went to work, but the actual action steps number one is, uh, a Google listing. Number two is a properly designed website. Number three, having some content on the website. Oh, Shanda. Number four.

And this is probably the real, real big one for us as far as our customer acquisition is reviews Google reviews. Yes, sir. Now, it’s not polite to argue with a guest, but I want to point out something. Um, I think that what you’ve done is, is amazing. It’s outstanding. It is of the best word is extraordinary. It’s extraordinary. But I want to let the listeners kind of get a rightly divide. Andrew, I want to, I want to brag on Josh before we brag on another thriver who’s getting, who’s getting it done now let’s hear it. So Andrew, if you came to the meetings, the coaches meetings, and we designed your website, right? Right. And you don’t have Google reviews, how are those ads gonna work? Uh, they’re not. Now what if you had Google reviews, but you don’t have a website? How’s that going to go then?

No one would know how to contact you. What if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t call your leads? How often have you seen that where you have a, a great man or woman who just for whatever reason, can’t find the time to call their leads? The sad part is there’s typically when that happens, there’s a lot of leads. So it’s not a lead problem. There’s leads coming in, they just won’t call them. Why? Because I don’t know. Josh helped mediate. Why? Why does some people, why are they willing to pay a fee, a month to month fee by the way, to be given direction and then they’re not willing to call the leads? What does that, what do you, what is it? Communism. No. Well, okay, I’ll, I’ll cue up the, their, their theme song then. Oh Man, continue. You know, I sincerely, it baffles me like I literally sincerely have no answer.

I go back the amazing Matt Klein quote, want to give him credit for that? Yeah. It’s not too hard. You’re just too lazy. That’s hot. And that client said it. So we’re not offending people. No. Okay. Now, and I’ll think about this now again, Andrew, he gets Google reviews. Yes. Yep. But Andrew, have you ever seen a situation where a client, just for whatever reason, a client not like Marcos, our win of the week, right? Or Josh, where they just couldn’t figure out how to keep that weekly meeting? I have seen it, yes. Okay. Yeah. No, I know it hasn’t been recent. It’s no one that was listening to this show. Now it’s people in the past who weren’t even art coaching programs. It’s Andrew was mystery shopping other programs, other people. And he saw other people, not our listeners. But why would you, why would someone pay a fee and then not show up to the meetings?

I don’t know if there’s laziness. There’s the voices on. There’s constant distractions. People are getting phone calls. People are getting texts. People have graduations to go to that right now. That’s fine. Uh, I do see people that take two weeks off to attend graduations. No, I’m just saying this. I had a female client years ago who had a wedding business. I worked with her and she loved to take two weeks off for graduation. Let me do it. I’m gonna do when my kids graduate, I’m a, I’m going to go and cheer for them that day. I’m going to have family over on Sunday. I could ever, every Sunday, I might even throw on Saturday too, but I’m not going to like take two weeks off to emotionally cathartic release. Right. I mean, why would you do? How do, how use it? How do you feel about that, clay, I just need to know what are your feelings?

Why would someone take two weeks off for graduation? I don’t get it. No, that makes zero sense. But this is why people don’t have time. That’s why if he’s a called seeds, precisely. Well, I don’t have time. Okay, cool. Well, what does your day look like? You’re so I’ll ask people, they call me, hey man, I, I just don’t have time to do those things. Okay, cool. So what’d you do yesterday? Well, I got to, my first deployment, I got up a little after seven 30 or seven 30 and I’m like, okay. I got to my first call about nine cool. And then I went and had an hour and a half lunch and then I got down about three o’clock no. And I’m like, okay. And you don’t, you don’t have time. Not Time. I just don’t. If you’re self employed and you’re not rich yet, or financially solvent or successful or whatever, you don’t get a lunch, just go get a little protein.

Shake yourself, a little organic, low calorie, whatever that is, and just boom, pump, boom, college, drink it, boom, you’re done. Um, or if you don’t want to drink your protein lunch, didn’t skip those lunches to delay gratification, to have success. When your business goes into bankruptcy, you’ll probably want to drink your lunch as well and you’ll probably be drinking alcoholic beverages during the middle of the day and they have nothing going on. So I, I get it that, that it’s hard to say no to gratification and instant gratification. But what I want to celebrate people who are saying, note instant gratification. I want to celebrate somebody out there who’s really getting it done. And on today’s show we have a thriver there by the name of Marcos Brando. He is a company then I’ll let you, I’ll let him tell you about in just a minute called supplement planet. And uh, this, this sick freak, uh, found us online sick and he actually then booked a ticket sick and then he peep delayed gratification and he went to a non tourist destination to have a conversation about the growth equation. And then I said, mark goes through this and he says, I’m gonna do this. And he did it cause an effect. What the heck? He is sick. This guy is like the swine flu. If sick is a good thing, this guy is like the black plague of entrepreneurship. This guy is bubonic baby. Oh Wow. This guy is just, he’s serious. This guy has got late stage. I mean it’s, it’s bad. Oh goodness.

When Markos Markos is around Lysol, the whole town, this guy is not, he’s not, he’s not an intender. This guy is the real deal. Check them out. Marcos was supplement planet. And now with any further ado, it is time for getting another edition. Another was to ammunition. Open


on the floor. You can do it on, when I was Marcos from supplement, I want to be working with the clay. Uh, and now we’re, or particular working with Marshall and would’ve been waiting for almost a year now. Uh, June or July we’ll be, we’ll be an ear, something like that. And a while we made great providence. We’re really happy with the progress that we’ve been in business for quite a while. But then, uh, Marshall, uh, helped us develop some, some things on the business. I’m a strategist on procedures. I mean, you help us be a better business. And the first one I first went in because I sign up and then I went to the, to the conference last year and it was weird because then I saw this guy with this black guy or somethings that love towards people and all that together is crazy.

And, and I was kind of like really sketchy goes it. I’ve, I’ve done a lot of those things and, but then at the end, uh, the, the, the, the conference was great. The information was great. And then to follow up after that, and we’ve been doing it a week after we can. We have grown our long lines, say as we have established a lot of procedures, uh, we have gotten more than hundred Google reviews in the short period of time. So we have progress in a lot of areas of expertise and they have helped us, uh, improve our busy, improve our, uh, you know, different parts of the business. So for the people there, for the business owners out there that are looking to get some help, looking to get some, you know, some, somebody to bounce ideas from people to, to help you with different aspects of the business. Uh, you know, I, I recommended the a hundred percent, uh, clay and his people and he steam are great and I hope to see you as part of the team.

I encourage you not to believe anything you just heard and to look him up. It’s Marcos was supplement planet. Look up Marcos was supplement plan. Look him up right now while you’re still a questioning why you’re still curious, call him, ask him Josh, can people call you? Absolutely. What’s the main number for a living water? (918) 237-6181. And here’s the dual feature here. Thrive nation. If you live in Tulsa, you can call them about sprinkler repair. Right? And by the way, what’s your no brainer are no brainer offer right now is a $1 first service call for all of our new clients. So as opposed to getting charged $75 for that, we’re going to come out and spend the first half hour with you for one whole crisp dollar. And what’s the website again? Living water irrigation. so you can go to the website, they can learn more about you or they could call you to verify that what you’re saying is true.

Yes sir. Right? Yes sir. They can look us up on Google. They can see that were the highest and most reviewed irrigation company around. And by the way, his system wouldn’t work if he didn’t do the no brainer wouldn’t work if he didn’t do the reviews, wouldn’t work if he didn’t show up on time for a staff, it wouldn’t work. If he paid his team on time, it wouldn’t work unless he worked to quote Maya Angelou, nothing works unless you work. Who’s Maya Angelo? She was a critically acclaimed African American poet, entrepreneur actress. She said, again, nothing works unless you do. Don’t make it. Don’t make it. I got spiritual, mystical. It’s difficult to understand thing. Just shut up and do your action items. Just, just, just do it. Just do it. Just quit. I wanted to get my action items. I’m just so tired to go get a job.

Go get a job. Don’t be an entrepreneur. Nothing’s worse than knowing what to do and choosing not to do it. But I believe in you. Josh has what it takes. Marco’s has what it takes and I know you have what it takes and I encourage you to be a dewar today. Go to thrive time right now. But I have carpal tunnel get, we just stop. Good stop. I have carpal tunnel. It’s everywhere. I was up master bowler for years and I’m like stop. Okay. But if I, I don’t do well with technology, get outta here. Go to thrive time, and book your tickets to our next in person workshop. And if you’re not a dewar, please make sure to unsubscribe. Andrew, why would I actually encourage people who don’t apply what they’re learning to unsubscribe? Wait, seriously. I mean, you might, it might sound or feel like hyperbole, but why would I, you’ve known me long enough they do that.

Yeah. Because there’s a difference between diligent people in wishful thinking, people, diligent doers and uh, uh, happy hopers. There’s people who actually get their things done and there’s people who just dream and wish and have goals and hope. And that’s not what, what get, that’s not, that’s not how you get things done. Action is how you get things done. So you’re trying to, um, to uh, divide the people who are wishful or happy hopers and diligent doers. Can you assure the listeners about project book ’em again, that happened this past weekend project Bookman get an educated me. Well, you know, John’s challenge, you’re about John’s challenge. The book challenge. Oh, the book challenge. Yes. The, the Seo Manifesto. Can you share with the listeners what you know about this book challenge from what I know is John came up with the, uh, the idea that we could, uh, get this book done, the Seo Manifesto, um, by at the time of the conference and so would require working 24 hours during the one weekend to finish the book.

Correct. The thing about the lack of ethics of that, Joshua, he says, he says, he says, clay, I said what? He said, here’s the deal. If we finish the rough manuscript and get that all submitted, I get a typeset and we can get it. Um, you know, ready for the conference, you know, for the conference. And so if you just get it done, I mean it’s probably about 24 hours, 25 hours of riding. You know, it’s, I mean seriously, cause I already had, he saw the notes. He had already contributed his portion. He knew the skeleton was there. The hard part is researching it. The hard part is outlining. The hard part is the rough draft, but he knew I could do it, but he’s like, you know, so if you want to get done in time, I mean just, you know, Kinda, you know, get her started. Just Kinda Woo. Why is that? Why is it such an effective way to manipulate someone such as myself, Josh?

Because you’re a doer

because you get things done. And that’s what, and so what happens is, is it ignited my competitive flare and I’m like, he’s saying I can’t do it if I play back the audio, but a mu, it’s more of like, Hey, if you do this and do that, we can have it done on time. But what I heard was you can’t do it. You don’t have what it takes. You’re weak sauce boss. But whew. So anyway, I wrote the book and it’s done.

Let’s see. That’s the difference between winners and complainer’s. So you just went and got it done. Extra ordinary means you do something extra than ordinary people. That means you don’t go to work for eight hours, an a one hour lunch break, two hours on Facebook, one hour on Insta chat, two hours talking at the water cooler. Like you just spent 25 hours writing it.

Well, I’m going to cue up audio clips that are going to be progressively ah, east centric. Hmm. Ah, by the way, according to Forbes, nine out of 10 businesses fail, which means the middle of the centric fails. According to Federal Reserve, the average American has less than $400 saved. According to ink magazine, over 80% of employees lie on their resumes. So most people, the centric people lie, the US Chamber of Commerce reports at 75% of employees steal from the workplace. Therefore, whew. 18% of people according to the Washington Post’s to are happy with their spouse. So you can kind of see that the vast majority of people aren’t doing very well. So I’m going to cue up this audio and I’m going to play the clip. And after I played the clip, I want Josh to break down what you think it means to you. This is brother TD Jakes, the pastor of the Potter’s house, explaining how exceptional people in ordinary people tend to get along.

F Who is exceptional is having a conversation with ordinary and exceptional and ordinary always have a conflict. Anytime exceptional people dwell in the midst of ordinary thinking, people always going to be conflict.

Oh, Josh, what was he trying to say there? So I think first and foremost, a pastor Jakes, awesome, awesome guy. I think he would say first that as Christians we’re to love on one another and try to try to lift each other up the best we can. But ultimately what exactly he was saying there is is extraordinary people. Exceptional people can’t comprehend why people can’t get off. Facebook can’t comprehend, or even the attraction of ever being on it. Precisely. I don’t even understand why it exists. I can’t think of one positive reason I needed for my business called, I can’t think of one pause. I use Facebook simply to show my ad advertisement. Whoa. Most people go on Facebook to show them [inaudible].

I don’t understand because most people go on Facebook to show their, hey, ah, but I go on Facebook to show my ties. Ya Know, clay, I don’t understand why you’d go to that. Like, I don’t understand why that exists. I don’t understand that idea. I went one time, I’ve never gone back to that. No Way. Oh, but exceptional people, exceptional people do extra ordinary things. They get up at three o’clock in the morning, then they go to work and they do what’s on their list. But not only that, they go above and beyond on a day by day by day basis. It’s consistency. So, hey, Josh, what are you going to do tomorrow? I’m going to go work. Well, how long are you gonna work till it’s done right? Well, what does that look like? Well, I don’t know. 1214, 16 hours. I don’t know when we’d finished recording today.

We’re going to go to elephant in the room to give away a TV for the grand prize. I’m gonna get my son’s hair cut. Uh, then I’m going to go look at a flip house. And you say, well, all you care about is money. I think it’s a fun game. I couldn’t imagine sitting on my couch watching a show. I want to watch a show who’s winning the voice. Clay, I have no idea what that even knows on right now. All I’m saying is one thing I have found that is successful. People don’t want to understand a mediocre people. They don’t even want to get it cause it’s like a contagious disease of complete sham Accuri. Uh, it’s, it’s, it’s ridiculous idea to say you’re doing your best when you’re not. Um, it’s, it’s, it’s, it’s, it’s bad for your soul to say that you’re doing the best you can when you’re, when you’re not.

Um, it’s, it’s, it’s not good. Um, if you’re not able to deal with this idea, you’ve definitely won’t like this notable quotable. Let’s comes to us from a guy named Mr. Landry Jarvis Landry who joined the browns who hadn’t really won any games to speak up for nearly three years. Andrew, look up the browns record for the previous three years before last year. So what was the browns Cleveland browns record excluding last year? Cause last year they almost, they were cheering for having a losing season last year. That is how bad they’ve been. And by the way, the NFL, when you lose, you keep getting better draft picks. So what was their record in the Cleveland browns record of 2017 what was that record? Here we go. I’ll pull it up. Here we go. Hold on. No, I want, I want to hear it. Here we go. Come on. All right. Josh might be able to break these down better than I can because football is not my strong suit.

Um, so 2017, uh, it looks like they had zero wins, right? And 16 losses. They had a great year the year before. Hold on clay. Oh, here, hold on. 2016 they had 15 losses. Oh, one, one, one one. It is, this is what happened is Jarvis Landry joins the patriots from the dolphins and he’s known as being a very, very hard worker. Hmm. This is audio and we’re going to have to, Andrew, you have to spend all night editing this. Okay, so get ready. But this is him talking to the team about missing practice because they’re sore. This is an all pro, a great receiver. Talking to a team in a locker room. Explained to them what he feels about being sick and speed, being too sick and tired to practice. This is a man who never misses a practice. Listen to this. Here. This is Jarvis Landry talking to the team. Here we,

here we go. Let me see real quick. I don’t know why it’s being going on here, but if you’re not hurt [inaudible] on

yo bro. I don’t know. Like you shouldn’t write this. That’s straight up this weakness and then continue just in the past. The past has been like it is, Bruh, Bruh. If you practice, you can’t just know guy. Ain’t nobody don’t do this. I want you to get hurt if you not you. Okay,

translation. If you are happy, you have the headache or the sniffles, go to work. You’re tired. Go to work. You had a bad day yesterday. Go to work, get off Facebook. Here’s a streaks. If you can beat this, I dunno. How long have you been Facebooking ramp? Been around nine years. 10 years. How many years has faced flipping around? I’m not sure how many years it is. That’s how many years I’ve been off of Facebook. Dude, do you have any idea why I post on Facebook? I do that because you have to be, um, relevant. You have to post some people, Google search your company that can find you, but you got to focus on the things that matter. You just can’t be perpetually distracted. You can’t. Now, android got no notable quotable here. This is one from a Mr Elon Musk here and you tell me if you can break down what he’s trying to say.

Got to give him tendencies, wishful thinking, um, and then just work like hell. I mean, you just have to put in 80 hour, 80 to 100 hour weeks every week that the, all those things improve the odds of success. Andrew, was he trying to say the Musky One? Ilan Musk, the man behind paypal space x Tesla neuro link. He’s trying to say that naturally people are wishful thinking. So that means they’re happy. Hopers they’re not, their natural tendency is not to take action. Their natural tendency is just to hope and think and not just sit and wait. Um, he says that, uh, you have to work 80 hours per week. That’s twice as much as the regular work week, 40 hours per week. And when you work twice as much as a regular person, you get twice as far in life. You get ahead. I think Steve Jobs has a slightly more, a inspirational, uh, take on this whole thing.

Let’s hear Steve Jobs talk about the work ethic needed to succeed. Yes, you have to have a lot of passion for what you’re doing. And it’s totally true. And the reason is, uh, is because it’s so hard that if you don’t, any rational person would give up. It’s really hard and you have to do it over a sustained period of time. So if you don’t love it, if you’re not having fun doing it, you don’t really love it, uh, you’re going to give up. And that’s what happens to most people. Actually, if you really look at, at, at, at, at the ones that, uh, ended up, you know, being successful on quote in the eyes of society and the ones that didn’t, oftentimes it’s the ones that are successful. Love what they did so they could persevere when, you know, when it got really tough. And I’m not going to disagree with Steve Jobs.

I can say that I dislike accounting. I disagree at dislike, all the legal aspects of business at all. Um, I dislike, um, uh, pointless meetings, dislike, dealing with, uh, just conflict on a daily basis that is not productive on but are you have to do it. But to also agree with Steve Jobs. I mean, if you love the goal or the quest or you’re committed to it enough, you’re going to push through it. But if you’re out there today and you want to become the next success story, you want to become the next supplement planet to the next living water. You’ve got to take action. Got to become a doer. Um, Josh, I’ll give you the final word here. What encouragement would you give to some if you’re sitting down with somebody one on one and they have said, you know, for years I’ve started and stopped, started and stopped and now I’m ready to lock in and actually become a doer. I’m a committed person who is diligent? What, what advice would you give them?

So I think it’s, it’s really simple. Not Easy, but I think it’s really simple. I think you just sincerely have to make a commitment to burn the boats, to throw the parachutes out and just say, okay, this is where I’m going. This is my dream, this is my desire, this is my passion. And you have to do it every day. So there is no days off. There is no sick days. There is no being late or going home early. There is none of that. It does not exist. Get over this fantasy land of you. Start a company in your worth, $20 million, not going to happen. Get over the idea of you’re going to take a three week vacation to The Bahamas. Understand you have to get up every day before the lion does. And you have to run because if you don’t start running your competition will.

There’s the great, great, great story of Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryan and Jerry Rice and every great player you’ve ever heard of, they just out work the competition. They have some God given talent. They have some skill. Just make the decision. You will not be outworked. So if your competition is working 14 hours a day, awesome work 16 if your competition has 200 reviews, go get 400 if your competition has a beautiful website, go get a better one. Just do not be out worked and commit to day in day out. You’re going to do at work six days rest on the seventh but just commit that you are going to go to work. And when you find yourself in a room that you’re the smartest one, leave and surround yourself with people who can give you great direction and great ideas and execute and take action on those ideas. And don’t just sit around and pontificate and plan and strategic ideas and this vision and whatever. Go do it. Just do it. And I guess Nike, I probably owe them some money now, but just do it please. I

that is well said. And Andrew would like to end each and every show with a boom. Are you, are you psychologically ready, Andrew? I am psychologically ready. I don’t know if we can do it. I want to do it. I don’t know if I feel lucky. Three, not ready. All the pressure to I feel sick.

Do I look sick? I might call in sick one, boom, boom, boom.


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