Wins of the Week | OXI Fresh – The Power of Prioritizing Needle Moving Activities & Nudity in Oregon

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OXI Fresh franchise brand developer Matt Kline shares about big wins while discussing the power diligence. Matt also artistically dodges pointed questions about the world’s largest nude bike ride in Portland, Oregon.

  1. What New Territories just opened up in June?
    1. A brother team in North Orange County
    2. St. Joseph’s Missouri
    3. Kennewick Washington
  2. What do you need to buy an Oxi Fresh?
    1. $55,000 – $65,000
    2. $38,900 is:
      1. Territories, products, and training
  3. What are some huge wins?
    1. Rob and Mary Cole in East Bay near San Francisco
      1. They just expanded to their second territory
      2. They work as a team
      3. They do their action items
      4. They have great employees
    2. Troy Kittleson in Parker Colorado
      1. He came to the game late
      2. He only had the opportunity to own one territory for the longest time
      3. He has the most techs per territory
      4. He grew and then moved to gain another territory
  4. What is the difference between doing the action item and thinking about doing the action items?
    1. We want to hold our franchisees accountable.
    2. These action items are required and if you don’t do them, they have to go back through training.
    3. If you set daily, weekly, monthly, and quartly goals, you will grow
    4. If you do the action items, your bank account will grow
    5. If you don’t do the action items, your business will shrink
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Audio Transcription

Wins Of The Week The Power Of Prioritizing Needle Moving Activities And Big Wins And Nudity In Oregon Thrivetime Show

Franchise brand developer, Matt Kline with Oxi fresh joins us to discuss the power of prioritizing the needle moving activities, big wins and nudity in Oregon. And now it’s time for [inaudible]

You can do it.

Yes. Thrive nation. You can do it if you put your back into it to quote the incredible American philosopher and poet ice cube, I believe right there. So met client. How are you sir?

I’m doing great. How are you?

Hey, would you consider ice cube to be one of the best poets and philosophers of our generation or potentially any generation? Let’s start off with a win right there.

I can certainly say a, certainly generationally for me, he was there when I was growing up. I don’t know how much of a philosopher he is.

Get the negativity, the judgment. Unbelievable. Here I am trying to have a wins of the week. Can you just, I mean, there’s so crate, you know, and then there’s, there’s ice cube. Those are the two. So great tonight cue. You know what I mean? Those are, those are the two. Well, okay. You know what I’m saying? There’s big and those are big categories. Okay. So we move on now. Fine. Don’t, don’t, don’t give me courtesy. Laughs. That’s fine. I move on. I don’t need the courtesy. Laughs. So now wins or the week great things are going on at Oxi Fresh for those people who don’t know. Matt Klein is the franchise brand developer, which means he is the man with the figurative cowbell. He’s the guy at Oxi fresh going, Hey, let’s award a franchise over there. Let’s open up a new territory over there. And he’s been doing it for a long, long time because he cares. Oxi fresh has been flourishing. It’s been growing. There’s over 160,000 Google reviews. You got franchisees from coast to coast getting it done. Let’s start off with what new territories have just opened up in, joined the Oxi fresh team.

Yeah, so we’ve had a very busy part of June so far. We have a brother team that just signed up in North orange County, so they’re going to start running the franchise here in this next month. So they just completed their training and all of that. So they’re actually going to be operational in about three to four weeks. In that territory we have st Joseph’s theory, which is right above Kansas city. That’s a brand new territory. They’re actually training today. They came for their second group of training came out a few weeks ago. Just for a, a two day discovery I decided to move forward. So they’re actually on the very, very front end of, of moving forward as well. And then we have a brand new franchise in the Kennewick, Washington market. Gentleman’s going to be purchasing that area is actually going with two territories. And so we have a, a good group that are, that are coming in right there. I of course in this early part of June,

I have a question for you here. And this show, we’re going to air the show probably in July ish because I’ve got some travel plans and that kinda thing. So it’ll, it’ll feel like June the Filson right now it’s gonna feel like June. But I have a question because you, you, you have a worded franchises and lot of territories. Do you have any franchises in Portland, Oregon? Do you have any in Portland, Oregon at this point?

W we are getting ready. I’m in Portland so I have somebody right now that I’m working with. She’s at very, very successful real estate agent in Portland. She is also part of the winery culture out there too and she is looking to potentially add another income stream of Oxi fresh and she’s right there in the heart of Portland. We’re not quite at the end of that process, but we will be with her short.

Now, Matt, I don’t want you to Google this because if you do it’s going to get great. I’m going to Google it with my eyes closed. But sir, Portland, Oregon is home of the world’s largest nude bicycle rider. Are you aware of that?

Oh yeah. I’ve been to it like almost,

You’re not being serious. Are you aware of that? Are you aware of that fact?

I am not.

I went, they aired our radio show in Portland, Oregon. That’s one of the markets and I was doing my research on Portland, like fun facts, you know, trying to get myself ready to talk about the trailblazers and you know, Clyde Drexler and I am just Google searching like Portland fun facts and it’s like it’s home of the world’s largest, a nude bicycle ride. And I thought in honor of you, a man that I’ve never seen do nude bicycle riding, I just put bitten on or abuse a way to celebrate you for being the champion of freedom. You aren’t for awarding new franchises. I would cue up audio of this. I’m going to hit play. Feel free to not Google this, but here we go. Let’s see. It says this video, maybe I understood it maybe


I just want to make sure that wasn’t why you were awarding that territory.

No, no, it’s neither that or a prerequisite.

Well we might have to add it. Well, what are the prerequisites? What kind of people qualified do they have to live in towns where nudity is popular?

That’s one of the factors we’ll have to reconsider if they don’t have that as a staple of their community.

Okay. What are the criteria is if I’m listening right now and I go, okay, I am in a community that favors nudity like Portland. A what other key? How much money do we need to buy an Oxi fresh?

Yeah, you need to come to the table. You know if you are the one that’s going to do the jobs in the beginning do you want to have about 55 to 60,000 or so? If you are not going to be doing jobs and you have employees from the very start, you want to have a little bit more cushion that and maybe more around like the 60 to 65 range. But no matter how you run that 38,900 is your franchise fee, which includes territory equipment. Yep. Product and training. Okay. The reason I say around 60, cause if once you buy the franchise, you get the training, you get the equipment, you ready to start operating, you want funds to be able to run the business and essentially get it to a cashflow positive state. You want to pay for things like insurance and local marketing and, and a low vehicle costs per month. Miscellaneous expenses like business cards and hats and tee shirts and employee costs. So in total you want around 55 to 65 dependent on how you’re running that day.

Now somebody out there wants to know if they are in Portland and they want to save a little money on an Oxi fresh, do they have to buy uniforms, Matt?

Yeah. So you will want to have all of your employees, including yourself, uniforms, right tee shirts loaded off crush, half logo, Oxi fresh Owners have red t-shirts have, we’ve technicians have blue. For about $500. You have an outfit to two guys for the whole year. And they can have those, you can order them all a cart or you can bulk order them depending on how many employees you have. Now can, you do need to have those.

So, so I buy it the uniforms, I buy the gear. Even if I’m in a nudist per approa nudist area, like Portland still got to wear the uniforms. Still gotta have the gears still have to have the auto wrap, have all that stuff, about 65 grand ish to get in the game. Now let’s talk about some people that are in the game that are having huge wins. I’m talking about Oxi fresh franchise owners that are getting it done. I’m looking for some real people, some real names because I want to trust but verify. And if I’m going to buy an Oxi fresh, I got to know if this, if this system works. Matt, give us, give us some wins. Who are some Oxi fresh franchisees who are killing the [inaudible]?

Yeah, we have a, we have a few. And so one of them, which I’m very excited for him, I actually worked with him when he first started. His name is Rob Cole. Robin, Merry Cole. Yeah, they’re out there and that the East Bay area pretty close to San Francisco, they’re actually in like the Antioch Concord market. They just expanded to their second territory in the same area. So now they doubled in size. Now they own like a little bit of the Walnut Creek open market, very driven individuals. They work as a team. They’ve done everything they need to do. They’re in a very affluent area, very tech savvy. So you know, they have competitors there that are also you know, up to snuff in terms of marketing, but they’re doing the right thing. They’re getting the reviews, they’re growing. They have employees that are at the high notches in terms of our customer satisfaction. There we go. So they’re doing all the things and all the levels that allow them to continue to grow to point where they did slow roll at the beginning and now they’re able to grow to their secondary [inaudible], which are not uncommon. That is all kudos to them doing the right thing now they’ve been able to grow.

Now give us, maybe you can give one more that you can think of. One more franchisee that’s just really the kind of franchisee would make Harry Kerry say


One. It’s just really, really dominating where you go that right, that Oh yeah, that right there is an Oxi fresh franchisee destined for greatness.

Yeah. So Troy Kittleson, I’m in Parker, Colorado. His story’s pretty unique. So he came to the game a little bit late in Colorado. He, he only had the opportunities to own one territory for the longest time. So this tells you how good you can be in one territory. He never had the options to expand to multiple territories. So he’s our number one unit economics franchisee in the country. Wow. You’ve got the most techs per territory. But the cool thing about that, if he got to a point where he grew and then he moved to the Southern part of Colorado, now he owns multiple territories including Colorado Springs. So hopefully he created you. He does the same thing he did in one territory of the three. So he’s a extremely good franchise unit, economics leader per territory. So we continue to have him, you know, grow and he finally got the opportunity, you know, made a deal with the guy that owned Colorado Springs. Now he, his opportunities greater than it’s been before. So he’s he’s a champion amongst our franchisees.

Matt we have Josh with living water. Josh Wilson with living water irrigation here on the show. And, and he for the listeners out there, he is fully clothed. We’re not in Oregon. We’re broadcasting here in a pro clothing or community. One where clothing is, is not optional clothes and the studio, it’s a new rule we put in yesterday and he’s here with us. And Josh, what questions do you have for Matt Klein about Oregon franchises, nudity, that kind of thing. What questions do you have for Matt Kleiner? Well, first and foremost, I’m hoping that in the future we don’t have to do the disclaimer that I’m fully clothed like a while after two, after a couple of weeks of this policy been in effect, people will just know. Hey Matt for, so the first question is how angry are you that the NBA championship is in Canada?

Hmm. Was a true American. I liked watching them. You got to give your two those to the guys up there. Yeah. But you know, I guess it’s kind of odd. It’s the first time it’s ever happened. I wouldn’t say I’m upset or mad, you know, I was kinda, it was good to see someone else in besides the warriors, but it wasn’t as good as seeing the nuggets. I’ll tell you that much.

I have a, I have a followup question after you ask your next question. Josh. So Josh, go for your, go for your next question, my friend. What do you, what do you got for Matt? Maybe anything about running an Oxi fresh franchise or just running the day to day business? Because Oxi fresh is successful because the, the list, the actual Oxi fresh owners are implementing, they’ll just listen to the systems, they implement the systems. They are doers out there at Oxi fresh So Matt literally along that exact same line there. So I get to have conversations constantly with folks who pontificate and thank and, and I want to have four hour conversations about the meaning of the sun coming out today and all that. So the, the franchisees that are successful that are doing it, that are killing it. These, you know, these couple that you have mentioned today that are following the systems and, and actually adhering to y’alls processes and procedures. Could you give the listeners out there? So maybe this will impact that one guy out there who’s like, man, I know I need to get reviews, man. I know I should put a checklist, man. I know I need to get a script for my incoming calls. Can you just the people who are killing it, who are implementing, can you throw a number and maybe you already have it in some metrics. The difference between people who just talk about it. And the people who are actually doing it. Matt.

Yeah, certainly. I mean the difference between as it’s a priority for them, and I’ve talked about priorities a little bit before, but if you are always saying, I should do this, I should do this, I should do this. I mean then that means it’s you’re not doing it right. One of the reasons we implemented our coaching program, which is proactive, is that we want to hold our franchisees accountable. Like as part of this process is living up to what you said you were going to do. Much like a job interview. You say you’re doing all these things and you get the job, you don’t do those, you’re probably going to get fired. That for us, we don’t fire you. We take you back to the drawing board and say, why aren’t we doing these things? Or actually if we have someone that’s consistently meeting their quotas, getting the reviews right, making sure they’re doing their upsells, make sure they’re getting their customer satisfaction.

They’re going to get those customers back next year, but they’re also going to continue to grow. So you could look at the difference of maybe $20,000 a month in sales, right? That’s a big number. That’s over one employee. Just if you’re doing the things that you need to be doing. So in six months from when you start, if you are doing all the things and getting all your checklist items done and your daily activities are creating your monthly goals and your monthly goals are getting you to your quarterly goals and your quarterly goals are getting you to your, to your year end goals, then you should be growing. And by the end of that year you have to full time and technician operating at a high level, producing 15 2025 30,000 in sales. If you don’t do those things right, you should expect your sales to be around five thousand six thousand right? Which is not even a half a schedule for one employee. So those items should be a priority and if they are, your business will thrive and you can create more jobs and at the end of the day, your bank account is going to be better, your business is going to be better, right. You’re going in the positive instead of a negative. You don’t do those things right then. It’s just not a priority to you. You do not want to be successful. Right. It’s just a thought. It’s not

Just a thought. Matt, I have just a thought here to wrap up today’s show. Just a thought. Yeah. I, I feel, I feel bad sometimes I do this, but I called up here to the office and I couldn’t get a hold of, Rob couldn’t get ahold of Chris, couldn’t get ahold of J. No. Again, I called it four in the morning, you know, three to three in the morning. I didn’t call using a phone. It was more of an hour outside. I was outside,

Matt, Rob, come on here, that kind of thing.

And no one doing picked up the phone or let me in, you know? So I got there. Keep you off. Some of the early people got to the call center. People got there and I’ve been been embedding a microphone on your body for several days now and I’ve been hurt. I’ve been hearing that you’ve been practicing your post Oxi fresh career as a politician cause you’re, you’re, you’re great. You’re creating at time freedom at Oxi fresh now where you have the time freedom and the financial freedom to do these kinds of things. You can pontificate about the political situations around the world and so I’ve got a little audio from your recent talk you were doing in the bathroom, kind of hyping yourself up. You didn’t realize I was there with you, but this is what I heard and it might be you.

Let me just queue it up for me. I want you to hear it before you respond and then I’m going to ask you for a heart stance on your opinions of the nudity in Oregon, Oregon. Okay, so let me, let me queue this up and then I want you to make a hard political stance as the new mayor of Portland. Hypothetically. If you were the mayor of Portland, you could do whatever you want. What is your stance on the nudity in Oregon? This is a serious question. I laugh because it’s so close to my heart. You laugh or cry at moments like this, so let me hit play. Here we go. Here we go.

Not, here we go.

You have already got the picture here. I was about to say, you know I, I’m sure there’s some disappointed people here. You know what?

You know something. You know something. He knows him. If you had,

Joel does one year ago that we were going to come in third in Iowa

Given anything for that and you know something, you know something.

Not only are we going to New Hampshire, Tom Harkin, we’re going to South Carolina.

Well, Houma and Arizona and North Dakota and New Mexico. We’re going to California and Texas and New York. There we go to South Dakota and Oregon and Washington and Michigan and then we’re going to Washington, D C to take back the white house.

Matt, that was a great speech by the way. Great, great speech. Great form you as the new mayor of of Portland. You know, 20 years into the future, you got Oxi fresh franchises everywhere. He got that time freedom for days. What is your ruling on nudity in Oregon and specifically, would you allow the nude bicycle race to continue or would you make it a larger, a bigger event? The smaller event, would you shut it down? Tell us exactly what my speech is said in the bathroom. I’m going to take it to all those days. It’s going to be a national holiday. Stay inside. Stay inside of the like tornado sirens everywhere. Stay inside. So listen to, if you’re out there today, sign the petition. Don’t let Matt have more than 10 Oxi fresh franchises. Cause if he has that kind of time freedom, nudity is coming to your city.


Man, I appreciate you, my friend. And if you’re out there wanting to buy an Augie fresh franchise or wanting to learn more, go to thrive time that’s thrive time forward slash Oxi fresh. That’s thrive time forward slash Oxi fresh, fill out the form to escape from the norm and to earn an absurd amount of money by running an Oxi fresh franchise. Learn more today at thrive time, forward slash Oxi fresh. Matt, have an awesome day.


Well, without any further ado, three what?

All right, let’s just say that you’re out there listening today and you have a website for your business. The question I would have for you is, are you getting the most number of leads possible? Are you ranking high?

Wow. Touching the canvas can feel my face

Or are you ranking Whoa. And the Google search engine results. Again, I asked, are you ranking high or are you ranking low on the Google search engine, the search result. Take a moment today and do a Google search with keywords that you want to come up top four and see where you are ranking


We have a Josh Sperl, a CPA from Canada and we have Dr. Timothy Johnson here from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Josh Spurl. How in the heck are you doing? Pretty good clay yourself? I’m doing well, man. Doing well here. I we’re not broadcasting from the man cave studios as normal, so I’ve got a little bit of background noise there to contend with, but we’re here and I wanted to see if you could share with the thrive nation approximately how long you and I have been working together and how that’s impacted the number of inbound leads that you’re generating as a result of your Google search engine ranking and internet market.

Well, we’ve been working together clay now for almost a year as a about a year ago I came out to my first conference and then we started with the coaching program shortly after that. And you know, our, our, our Google leads have gone from, you know, something that we would generate you know, maybe one or two or three leads a year to, you know, we’re talking about three to nine leads every single week.


And now we have Dr. Timothy Johnson in the box from Alabama exclusive.

Yes, I’m at Southern eye consultants. It’s in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. We heard about you on the podcast and I had a lot of trepidation at first about getting involved, just making sure it was legit, but all my expectations have been exceeded. What concerns did you have about our legitimacy or lack thereof? I was just concerned about backend upselling. What I was getting into.

No, that’s what I’ve found my entire career. I had been. Had you guys, had you guys been to a doctor, Tim, had you been to other workshops or had other industry coaching before? Cause I, I had hired a lot of them frankly, and I just found I’d spent it, I would be lying if I said hundreds of thousands. It’s been more than that.

Oh, we a, we hired somebody to do our website right before we found you. Yeah. And it was three or four months of your coaching service and they, we still haven’t launched that website yet. Oh, beautiful. Beautiful.

So if somebody out there is thinking about filling out the form that someone’s thinking about emailing us to info at thrive time, it’s info at thrive time, and they have a little bit of hesitation just a little bit, I dunno, just a little bit. What, what advice would you have for them?

Doctor Tim, first of all, come to one of the conferences you’ll see that he may dress like bill Bellacheck but he he, my wife’s a pats fan, so that was a real selling point. Nice. She thought you were a hobo, but I said, no, he’s just bill Belichick. She goes, okay, you can go. But it’s also month to month, so try it. And if you don’t like it, cancel.

That deserves a mega point. So again, what is, where has your sales gone up? Have you, have you increased your sales? I mean, where, where’s your financial as, I’m asking the hard number here, but as a percentage, how much are you up since, since you started with the program? What, four months ago?

Yeah. Versus now. Our sales have gone up 20% we’re looking to scale Southern I consultants and we are just the number of patients who come in cause they found us on Google has gone up a lot. I text you once a week. You paid for yourself just in somebody walking around.

Oh, so good. It’s so good. Again, if you’re out there today and you feel stuck, just email us to info at thrive time. Show.Com info at thrive time, Let us begin to do a deep dive analysis on your website. Well, we’ll tell you what’s wrong with it. We’re gonna do a 37 point audit of your website are member of our team will call you. They’ll go over it with you, they’ll break it down, you’ll understand what you need to do to improve. I’ll give you the final words here guys. So I’ll start with you. A a captain Sperl Josh Sperl CPA as captain Canada and as a man who’s been to two workshops now we got a audience picture, half million people listening here. What would, what is the advice that you would tell them?

I think they got to come out too. They got to come up to a workshop that, you know, what’s the best one that that I’ve ever seen? You know, I, I find that most of the workshops I’ve been to, you’re sitting around all day for one good idea and you’re getting a good idea every single hour. These workshops,

Dr Tim, what is the, a word of encouragement? Maybe discouragement, maybe the motivation, maybe the, the verbal tasering. What advice would you give for the listeners out there today? Did that,

I’d say the worst idea you can do is not starting now. Just call and start now and you’ll be better off for it. You heard them

Right there. Thrive nation. Go to info at thrive time. Show.Com. Email us to info at thrive time. Show.Com. Allow us to do a free 37 point analysis of your website. We’ll tell you what’s wrong. We’ll tell you how to fix it. If you’re not ranking high enough in those Google’s search engine results, it will literally cost your company millions and millions and millions of dollars. But don’t take my word for it. Go to thrive time, and click on the testimonials button. And as of the time of this recording, we have over 1000 video reviews from my clients I’ve had from 2008 up until now for conference attendees. You, you’re just a, you’re just an email away from a game changing us becoming a game changing success story. Email us today at info, at thrive time, and we’d like to end every show and every shameless testimonial session where the boom. And so now without any further ado, three two, one, boom.


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