Wins of the Week – The American Document Shredding Story (Kelly’s Story)

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The founder of American Document Shredding (Kelly Herneson) shares how he has been able to grow his business by 37% in just the past year while completely transforming both his life and business. Within just the past 15 months as a result of Kelly’s diligence and coachability he has been able to unlock the full power of Clay Clark’s business coaching for systems while setting both monthly and annual sales records.

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On today’s show a member of the Thrive Nation by the name of Kelly Herneson shares how’s he been able to grow his small business by 37% in just the past year. And in addition to being able to grow the company by 37%, he’s been able to increase the amount of time freedom that he has to enjoy the financial freedom that he’s now experiencing. If you are a business owner or a small business owner, you are absolutely going to love today’s edition of [inaudible 00:00:28] of the Week.

Feeling the bull pants. Feeling the flow.

You can do it.

American Document Shredding Facebook Post Wins Of The Week

Good morning, this is Kelly Herneson with American Document Shredding. And I just wanted to say thank you to Marshall and the Thrive team there. You guys have been rocking it out for us in the business coaching for document shredding companies program. We had 37.5% growth this last January. And typically that is our slowest month. But not only was it 37.5% growth, but it was also our record month ever. We did over $100,000 in that month, and man, we’ve been trying to hit that goal for a while.

So thank you guys so much. You guys have ramped up our sales. We’ve got a process for it now, just making it easy for us. As long as we follow the … Be diligent and work the plan. We just could not be here without you guys helping us along the way, pushing us when we need to be pushed. And man, you guys are our biggest cheerleaders, and that means the world to us. Especially to me.

Through working with Marshall and the team, my wife is a lot better with me being a small business owner. You guys have taught me to be a diligent doer while I’m at work, and then it makes me get home more sooner, and I get to have dinner with my family a lot more, which is exciting. It’s just really opened up my eyes to not being a slave to my job because I am a business owner. And it’s really helped me get that life plan, versus business plan and I got my business calendar, my life calendar and let’s see how I can mash them together.

No, it’s just your life and being a business owner, you have to realize that. And Marshall and the Thrive team have really helped me become a better person. And so thank you, guys. You rock, have a great day, and boom.

Kelly is achieving massive success because he is a diligent doer. This guy is implementing what he’s being taught. He is so coachable, so trainable, and he demands excellence from himself. It’s really, really hard to market a crappy company. I don’t care how good we are at business coaching, but it’s really, really hard to market a crappy company. And I just won’t do it because it’s not possible, nor do I think it’s ethical to market something that’s terrible.

But his company, American Document Shredding, delivers great results for their clients. And therefore it’s been an honor to serve him. He’s a great guy and big shout out to Kelly Herneson and the entire American Document Shredding team. My friends, whether you’re out there hiring a personal trainer to help you get in the best shape of your life with your body, or you’re hiring a business coaching professional to help your business get into the best shape possible, you have to supply the effort. Because nothing works unless you do.

And Kelly, just big shout out to my friend. We could not be more excited for the success that you’re having. And if you’re out there struggling to grow your business, I promise you, you can grow your business by 37% in one year just like Kelly’s doing. You can set record sales months during your historical slow months. You can do this. This does not have to be something that … Success does not have to be something that’s reserved for somebody else.

Success can be yours as well. But I can’t help you. And we can’t help you if we don’t get a chance to know you. So book your tickets to our next in-person Thrive Time show business conferences today, and maybe you can be our next Thrive Time show success story. And now without any further ado, three, two, one, boom.


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