Wins of the Week | Tip Top K9 Has Taken Their Call Center Quality Control to the Next Level

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In this Wins of the Week, we celebrate the success of Tip Top K9 OKC and the incredible improvement of the Tip Top K9 call center. Learn more about Tip Top K9 Franchising today by visiting

Learn more about Tip Top K9 Franchising today by visiting

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Our operators are currently assisting other customers. You were calling number 39


well, this is Todd. I understand you have a question about your bill.

Uh, finally. Yeah. Hey, uh, I wanted to pay my bill.

Okay, great. Well, what is your question about?

Oh, Nope. Don’t have a question. Just want to pay my bill.

Getting your bill is actually a customer service issue. You press three for questions about your bill. Oh, you should have press number one for customer service or,

well, how am I supposed to know that? No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.


for English, press one. [inaudible]

Andrew. We, uh, unfortunately see a lot of small businesses behaving badly, um, before we’re able to help them. And Oh, I’m muted. I’m behaving badly. We see a lot of businesses, unfortunately, that are behaving badly before we can help them. This is cherry up. However, once we work with the business owner and we install, call recording, call recording. If you have a phone, if a phone center, if your team answers phones, if there’s a phone, use clarity, And when you use clarity,, you’re going to improve the quality of your call center. And so on today’s edition of wins of the week. I really do this week’s edition of wins of the week. I want to praise the call center and the quality control over there at tip top k9. These guys have made remarkable improvements on their call center and their overall quality control. It is a really, uh, it’s something to be proud of. And now with any further ado and it’s time for

[inaudible] get on the floor.

Now, Andrew, you have the opportunity to work with a tip top k9, uh, Oklahoma city. Yeah. And that’s true. And who is the owner of tip top k9, Oklahoma city, Seth Flint owns tip top k9, Oklahoma city. And he was a startup. He started is a tip top k9 franchise about a year ago. And we’re not going to disclose the actual numbers of sales he does per week, but he’s doing well. Is he not? He is doing really well. Is what can we say? He’s doing more than 5,000 a week of revenue. A yes. Okay. Any, any, just start up. Yep. Is it more than 6,000? And you think on average, that’s pretty impressive though, to be doing potentially more than $300,000 of gross revenue start the first year for a year and, uh, explain to the listeners how Google works. Explain the four things that we have to do on a daily basis to get tip top canine to the top of the Google search engine results.

What are the things that we have to, what are the things that we have to do on a daily basis to make tip top k9 top in the Google search engine results? Absolutely. So one, we have to get Google reviews. We have to get Google reviews every single day. Yup. Google reviews. Okay. So we got the Google reviews. Okay. So let’s break it down here. One, we’ve got to get the video reviews to Andrew. Why do we have to, why do we have to get the video review? We’ve got to get the video reviews because we have to show your potential clients, your potential customers, uh, other actual real customer. So they can’t fake a video review. It’s one of your actual customers talking about your service and it’s a huge sales tool. So when your potential customers are online and they’ve run across your video reviews, when they’re searching your company, they’re going to be there.

They’re being sold to when they’re watching other people, brag about you and it helps your conversion rate helps so many ways. Okay? So one, you’ve got to get video reviews V V V I S M without a victim, your, without a visible, your digital domination will perish. Okay. V you gotta get those video reviews too. We’ve got to have images optimized. That’s right. Why? Because Google likes to pull up images and put them on their search results. So if you are taking photos and uploading them, it’s going to do one of two things. One, you’re going to start to show up if you consistently do it. And if you’re consistent over a long period of time, just consistently, consistently uploading images to Google into your website, they’ll start to pull up for your key words. So if someone searches Joplin gyms, and they pull it up, and then now they’re seeing images of your gym and to Cola fitness.

If you’ve ever been out there takes the challenge, Google search Joplin gyms. They come up top in Google search results. Not because of luck, right? Everybody’s do a search for carpet cleaning, quotes, Oxi fresh comes up top in the search engine results. Not because of luck, but because they’re getting video reviews, images optimized as they’re adding search engine content every single week. My friend, why? Yeah. So we’ve got to con consistently add search engine content every week. Cause we have to have the most content, more content than everybody else. So we want to beat our competitors and how much content we have every single week. We got to get, keep doing it. And em, you gotta get more reviews. Why, why, why can’t you ever stop getting reviews, more reviews. You can’t stop because you have a competitor waking up every single day that wants to beat you.

And so they’re waking up and their goal is to get more reviews than you. So you have to wake up every morning and get passionate about it and keep getting reviews. You can never stop. And why do we on this show take time on a weekly basis to celebrate the success of actual business owners that we actually work with. Yeah. I mean, because one, it’s always great to celebrate the success. It, um, it’s a lot of work to get to the success, to get to the wins. And a lot of times there’s so many other things happening. You’ve got employee issues, you’ve got accounting issues, you’ve got a different management issues. You have growth issues, growth. There’s a lot of things that are going on. So you have to take the time set aside the time to document and to celebrate the good things, the wins and enjoy your, uh, enjoy the path, enjoy your journey to Mount of success. And we also want to, we want to encourage everybody out there. That’s right. So we first started working with tip top k9. They didn’t know about clarity, They didn’t know about, you know, the scripts and the systems, but we wanted to have Seth on the show, but Seth is a busy man. He’s out training dogs. So let’s just queue up some audio to see what Seth has to say about how owning a tip top canine has a little tear. I’m talking about some of his success. Let me hit play. Let me cute. Okay.

Hey guys, I’m Seth with tip top k9, Oklahoma city. Um, and um, we’ve been, uh, at the top of Google and it’s greatly affected our business. Um, every time I do a consultation, 95% of them say that the way they found us was, um, by doing a Google search and we were the number one that showed up with the highest reviews. Um, and so, and it didn’t take that long, took us a couple of months to get to the first page and then a couple months to move up to the middle of the page and a couple of months to, um, go all the way up to the top. And we were just sitting pretty at the top. So we love it,

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