Words of Wisdom From Marc Ecko (Founder of Marc Ecko Enterprises)

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On this episode of the Thrivetime Show Clay Clark will be going over some notable quotables by Marc Ecko, an American fashion designer, entrepreneur, and artist. He is the founder and Chief Creative Officer of fashion company Ecko Unlimited.

Words of Wisdom From Marc Ecko (Founder of Marc Ecko Enterprises)

Timeline of Success:

1972 – He and his twin Marci, we born in New Jersey on the planet of Earth on August 29th 1972.

1990 – After high school he decided to attend the Rutgers University School of Pharmacy. During his time spent in college he spent much time painting graffiti and his tag name was “Ecko.” During his third year of school, the Dean of the school told Marc that he should take a year off to pursue art.

1993 – At the age of 21, Marc started Ecko Unlimited as a T-Shirt company using small investments of money from both his friend Seth Gerszberg and his sister. Through intensive and relentless marketing he landed early clients such as the movie director Spike Lee and the hip hip icon Chuck D who brought attention and a celebrity factor to his growing business.

Since gathering his initial investors, Marc Ecko has turned the initial $5,000 he drummed up into a company now worth hundreds of millions of dollars and a personal net worth of over $100 million dollars.

You Can Either Learn from Mentors or Mistakes

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “You need to have that figure who’s gonna tell it to you like it really is.” – Marc Ecko (The founder of Ecko Unlimited)

Get Rich Quick Is Not a Move

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “It’s a fallacy that it happens overnight. It took almost fifteen years.” – Marc Ecko (The founder of Ecko Unlimited)

You Have to Eat While You Dream

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “When doing creative work, it’s important not to get trapped by your emotions.” – Marc Ecko (The founder of Ecko Unlimited)

You Can Delegate Repeatable Systems, but You Can’t Delegate Problem Solving

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Every time I’ve gotten lazy and relied on somebody else to decode problems for me, I’ve run into more problems. You have to apply yourself and find the mechanisms that drive your business with your own hands.” – Marc Ecko (The founder of Ecko Unlimited)

Strength Through Struggle is a Constant

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The fact that you’ve gone through all the pain to build one business doesn’t mean the next ones will be pain-free.” – Marc Ecko (The founder of Ecko Unlimited)

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Audio Transcription

Want to attend the legendary drive time show Top business conferences for free, subscribe on itunes leave. It objected review and send his confirmation at info at drivetime show.Com to claim your tickets want to live in a van down by the river, come by and see us at our riverwalk offices and will be able to make your dreams come true, hello, tribe, nation, welcome back to the spinal segments of our of today’s radio show, and if you listen to the podcast is a standalone edition of the drive time show podcast for breaking down the words of wisdom from marc ecko, the founder of eco enterprises. Those shirts back in the day treats you like the mall, and you always see the logo. You always see the shirts and it’s it’s kind of thing where all those people see a brand or they never think about. Why is everyone wearing that shirt? Where did it come from? It I like to always dive in deep to figure out where did that success come from so 1972 marc ecko was born in new. Jersey has a twin sister by the name of marcy 1972 after high school. He attended rutgers university, the school of pharmacy. That makes sense. He makes t-shirts what the pharmacy school during his time spent in college. He spends time in college learning to paint graffiti graffiti graffiti illegal activity. Anyway, cuz.

You really probably should take a shirt off and pursue heart. My man cuz you’re in pharmacy school bt 1993 at the age of 21. He starts the ecko unlimited company is a t-shirt company using small amounts of money he saved from the top business conferences he did not go to with he and his friend seth gerszberg, and his sister through intensive & relentless marketing. He landed early clients such as spike lee, your seen, the movie malcolm x, never seen what boyz in the hood everything spike lee ever seen:a new york knicks game scene, spike lee on the sideline chuck d, the first politically active, rapper, chuck, d, okay, so public enemy was the group so think about this marc ecko marshall. Why did he go after celebrities? First, because if he could get a celebrity to wear his products than everybody else would follow. I wonder why jill donovan went after celebrities. First, weird jill, donovan rustic, cuff i, wonder why she went after celebrities, first, social proof, baby i, wonder why she went after oprah. First, what do I should have for faith hill first I wanted to impact the door sales. Here we got hot hot sizzle. Here we go. You need to have that figure out who’s going to tell you like it is which we go over at the top business conferences he’s telling us about mentors. You got to have that figure in your life is going to tell you like it is you got to have somebody that is willing to be candid with you and tell you when you’re, not on the right track to success. He talks about getting rich, quick, not being a move it to the theme. Every time I read the autobiography by anybody who’s successful, it seems like i, said they’re, always saying that you can’t get rich, quick, marc ecko says it’s a fallacy that happens overnight. It so I took almost 15 years years years for amazon over 10 years, espn fedex remove turns out. It takes longer to spend a lifetime trying to get rich quick shop. If somebody out there wants to get rich quick, what would you say? Well, you can look at it. This way just go. Do some research on what happens to lottery winners?

They get poor, real, quick to like if there’s just a universal law, you cannot get rich quick. Your life is not built for it. You got to earn it. You got to do that grind! You got to earn what you get I’m telling you! This is because nobody else is. There are so many charlatans out there trying to tell you that you can get rich, quick, I work for the company a couple months ago, that does they help people with signage and I am so irritated. With this person on behalf of himself I wanted to help him so much. He says I’m trying to automate my sales funnel so that I don’t have to call the leads when they fill out the form can automate action, rights and I said to him. Do you think it’s likely if I was going to spend what what your average top business conferences ticket please? You said that I need to know this I want to help. You do you think it’s likely that you or me, or anybody else would spend 2 to $3,000 on a print design, a massive vinyl print of some kind of massive print, a massive business card to order anything with a company if we didn’t have either a a ton of social proof, reviews and testimonials, or if you didn’t actually answer the phone, because you don’t have any reviews, you need to actually pick up the phone and convince people that it’s a good deal and you can’t have an automated drip email. That’s going to do that for you and he just got so irate about the idea that you can’t just thought of your sales process. I got a question on this get-rich-quick. If it’s so easy, how come you guys like tai lopez, have been doing it for so long like if they’re getting rich so quick and they’re going to teach you they’ve been doing this stuff for years right I said they already be successful. These are thoughts by your emotions chop. What’s he talking about have to make tough decisions? Right? Don’t get stuck, but you know:hey i, designed this. Whenever I would really like the way, this looks I did it myself, don’t get emotional about those things, focus on what matters and was going to actually make money market doesn’t care how long you spend on something they just let it whether it provides the result they want it sucks.

It sucks, doesn’t care how long you spit on it. For people who are artistic that could be a bad thing. I’m on the market was very and is very artistic, but yet he also is pragmatic enough to say you know what that design isn’t. Selling I’ll do another one. The next move you can delegate repeatable  to business conferences systems, but you can’t delegate problem solving marshall, marc ecko says I’ve, just as easy as every time. I’ve gotten lazy and relied on someone else to decode problems. For me, I run into more problems. You have to apply yourself and find the mechanisms that drive your business with your own hands. I’m, going to tell everybody that’s listening. Somebody needs to hear this and somebody needs to understand it apply to us. You must manage strategy all strategy, anything that is strategic. You must manage with another system, manage strategy in delegate execution, writing scripts, making systems making your performance anything that you were making a decision upon a script a how you purchase things a system. You must manage that strategy yourself, intelligate the execution of applying and using those systems. You have to do this everything time, because every time you put it in the hands of others, it is going to be done incorrectly. The next move, the next notable quotable from marc ecko of the echo company, the ecko unlimited company, you’ve seen the t-shirts all over the world. Just look up. Ecko unlimited you’ll see the shirts you’ll be very familiar with them. They’ve sold eight hun of shirts over the years you’re going to find him. I recognize. The echo brand I reckon rhinoceros that big rhino on the shirt you’re going to eat. I promise you will have once you see it. You’re like oh, my gosh, that’s who it is encouraged. Is you that you will gain strength through struggle?

He said the fact that you’ve gone through all the pain to build one business doesn’t mean that the next one will be paying free. So he saying that just because you had success in the first business doesn’t mean the next one will be easy. So dr. Zoellner eye, we built a lot of successful companies, but once you get this idea, it took me about eight years to get dj connection to be profitable and sustainable and successful. But then it took about a year-and-a-half to get epic photography there elephant the room was a bigger ideas. It took about 4 years to get it there and you just have to start I mean if you’re, if you’re not going to gain strength. Unless you struggle you might as well start struggling now, I mean to work out you’re going to be sore. She might as well start getting sore right now to build the muscle you get a break it down in the muscle grows back stronger separately. Other who’s fighting this idea to have to go through a little bit of sacrifice. A little bit of a little bit of everything is about trade-offs in life. Right you got to trade, one thing to get another and the old, the old saying, goes:no pain, no gain right, no pain, no gain to help. You were here to coach. You were helping mentor you up, but we can’t help you unless we get a chance to know you. So if you have yet to do it, go to thrivetime show.Com, we can find the podcasts all archived. You can find the one on one business coaching, you can book conference tickets and you can find the video vault of thousands of videos for aspiring on bruno, mars and entrepreneurs just like just like you, like the in the show, with the three to two and one. So here we go to 100 i. Remember my days back in the drawer room to the bathroom, like the temple of doom over well with the top business conferences couch that try to consume hope for the future that I can pursue. What I can conclude that you have what it takes. If you want you to success, and now it’s your turn


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