How to Write the Content for Your Website

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Have you ever struggled to write the content for your website? Business coach Clay Clark breaks down step-by-step the proven process for writing the most effective content for your website.

  1. Your website must be a WordPress website.
    1. Forbes – How WordPress Ate The Internet in 2016… And The World in 2017
      1. “WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world and is used by nearly 75 million websites.”
    2. Examples of WordPress website
    3. The text must be original and you must have 1,000 words of content per page (Google requires 450 words of content to even consider indexing your page)
  2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Do not copy your competition’s content. Duplicate content will cause you to be banned from the Google search engines. Do not outsource the creation of the content for the main pages of your website. People will see the content on your main pages every day and you need that content to be good. However, don’t get stuck letting perfect be the enemy of done. Paraphrase your competition if need be (but do not copy the text).” – Clay Clark
  3. NOTABLE QUOTABLE (Rules for content creation):
    1. You must include your keyword (Page 141 – Search Engine for Dummies – Bruce Clay)
  4. DEFINITION MAGICIAN – “Hieratic scale” – A technical term given to describe how we assign importance to images by increasing their size in relation to others on the picture plane.
  5. DEFINITION MAGICIAN – “HTML” – Hypertext Markup Language, a standardized system for tagging text files to achieve font, color, graphic, and hyperlink effects on World Wide Web pages.
      1. Once in the Meta Title Tag.
      2. Twice in the two sentence Meta Description.
      3. Once in your Meta Keywords.
      4. Once in the first sentence of on-page content.
      5. Twice in the first 200 words.
      6. Five times in each of the first ten paragraphs.
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Audio Transcription

Get ready to enter the business coach thrive time show 3 2 1 boom radio. My name is chloe clark on the former ussba entrepreneur of the year and we’re teaching you how to write content for your website. There’s a lot of technical information and I’ll be going over with you during today’s training. So I’ll make sure you take notes, but I also want to make sure that you know that we have show notes for you available at drivetime show.Com. You click on the podcast button. You can find the corresponding notes. So the first thing you have to understand when you’re building your website, if your, if your onedrive content for your website i, want to make sure we’re not making any taking any unnecessary steps. I want to put this on the show notes, step one. You have to be riding content for a wordpress website or it’s a complete waste of time. So, if you’re saying how do I write contact my website-and you are writing content for a website that is not wordpress, then you shouldn’t write content that website it would be like hey. What’s the best way to make an effective, billboard and I would say where’s your billboard, buddy you take my billboards in the woods. I. Don’t like people in the would like way deep, like a nut, amazonian, forest kind of wood to know. There’s like rare species out there, so I thought I would say to you. Has anybody ever driven by the billboard you take know what I did well, don’t write any words. So did it get your website on wordpress? You there’s no point to do it at all. Okay and I just want to make a note of their jump on the show notes. We can do it during the break, but I want to make note that the wordpress was created by matt mullenweg and it currently powers 29% I 1 studies show 28% to 28% of the internet, so it will list example sites that use wordpress like cnn uses, wordpress espn use, wordpress website says I should use joomla cuz he’s an idiot. My web guy says that I should use his cuz he’s wrong.

My web guy says that your web guy is wrong, so broaster. Thomas anybody listening. Mr. Incredible mrs. Incredible I humbly submit to you that you need of a wordpress website, but you probably get a kick back when I’m a kind of warcraft a thousand words of content per page minimum. Now there is a portion from the book search engine for dummies on page 141, where he explains this in great detail. He being bruce clay or if you want to learn more about it, you can read how google works by eric, schmidt, the ceo of google, or you can read, get rich, quick, get-rich click by mark ostrowski. Either way you have to write a thousand words of content per page and you might say, give me my business coach contact us page see how I do it there. That’s right. What about my homepage? A thousand and I will show you the proper way to do this. Okay. So what you do is you put what matters above the fold the next step, if you want to put what matters above-the-fold, but what matters at the top of your website they caught above the fold at the top of your website, put what matters. So if you want an example of what matters you could go to tip top k9.Com, its tip top k9.Com in above-the-fold you’re, going to see on their website. You have to go to their website to see this though. Okay, this is not a metaphysical allegory. This is a specific instruction go to tip top k9.Com. When you go there you’re going to see it says good dog guaranteed, we fix 95% of problems, guaranteed your money back okay, so that is important.

That’s why it’s above the fold it to schedule your $1 first lesson:that’s important because it’s above the fault, you have the star rating the highest and most reviewed dog training company. You have to have that he’s ever read reviews these are all things you have to have. Then you want to have underneath. If you scroll down the things need to be less important to know. They show you the three kinds of training they do. They do potty training, dog training and puppy training, that’s less important than that. Their first training session is a dollar and that they guarantee the results are supposed to play. Video right there so noah right above the fold, you see a play button. You can watch the commercial. You can schedule your first lesson and they have. We fix 95% problems, guarantee they have that I’ve also got their social proof on there right there, a sinons that the prada members of those types of things fire attic scale and go to journalism. School and I have will teach you this, but what you do is you write the most important thing. First, then, underneath that so that’s the second most important or the third most important. You just keep getting less important as you go down to underneath that now they have potty training, dog training, a puppy training and again they have yet again schedule your first lesson for a dollar. Why? Because they know you’re on your smartphone, you might have missed it. So they put it again. Then, if you scroll down to have a video demonstration, video did you watch the video and it says what we can do and it says you can make. We can make your dog a dog,, a hundred percent. The time we can fix jumping. We can eliminate the leash pulling. We can ease anxiety and fear. We can address aggression, we can stop nuisance barking and it going to get to less important as you go down nothing, it’s not important, but if everything is important than nothing is important.

Oh that’s deep. The word emphasis is example, if you were to say, hey, shut up, stop putting the wrong in fastest on the wrong syllable. It’s weird sounds weird, but syllable is how you say it, and it’s all about the emphasis how you do it to it olympus’s and syllable. That’s the way. Did you put the important stuff? First, do you scroll down that doggie boot camps, which again is not not important, but it’s less important? Then you scroll down again:i have their guarantee. Now they were going to add a thousand words of html content. I will make sure you put that on the show notes that stands for hypertext, markup language, that’s the that’s the language the internet uses. If your your site’s not built on html you’re, going to lose, you have to do it that way. There’s a famous interview where is steve jobs is being interviewed and he explained to the interviewer that flash is terrible. So it doesn’t matter what you think about clash of your website, built on clash steve jobs made it where the ipad won’t even work on flash, because he says it’s terrible and now that the iphones control, the majority of internet usage pick up, the majority of internet users are using a smartphone to search, and the majority of them are using an iphone. Samsung is catching up, but you’ve got to make sure you have a thousand words of content. That’s how you do it and you won’t have the most important text. First, elchuck I teach this everyday. Spinners all across the country, so I want to make sure that you, as a business coach cuz. You see a lot of questions that they have. Are you today asking these business coach questions directly? What questions do you have is when we recap you’re getting has to be to wordpress? It has to make sure you have a thousand words of content. The most important content needs to be at the top. What is maybe something that I’m skipping over there? A lot of your clients will ask you from time to time. I didn’t hear very much that you skipped over, but I want to put some more in fastest on the fact that were talking about it has to be original content. It can’t hire somebody without checking them. I promise you, if you hire some people they’re going to just feel stuff for spinning or whatever so do not copy your competitions. Content with duplicate content will cause you to be banned. And, yes, that’s what you saying. Are you saying band man band band, the band like there’s like a good copy content bands are fun. We should get to know me and amanda like a marsupial. If you want to stick, don’t copy that content, alright, so I’m, sorry, but the b, a n n e t? U do not copy your competition’s content will cause your website creation of your content for the main pages of your website to google.

They said it was only 3 dollars. $300, that’s all you got to do is give you a credit card and I will get you to the top of google sounds like I need to drop I like it sign up right now. Okay, give me your credit card and emails are really want you to get to top of google after you’re. Talking to that is what is to be like, where you know you want to be dropping google now, I am topping google. That’s why you’re calling me? What are you referring to your dub dub, okay, you’re, going to get a lot of calls from internet scammers all the time when I get one of those i, always email them back and I say please contact my seo guy found her at 3:15,, or you know some email that goes, that I know will go i, don’t know if I could put you on hold for a second I would have some really amazing punjabi music on like for you to hear happy song includes a thousand words of content per page got to go fast. You got. It include the key word that you’re focused on getting the top of google for one time in your meta title. You have to include it twice in the middle description:once in, the, meta, keywords, i, don’t know what these things are. Your business coach will help you. If you don’t have a coach i, don’t know why just go to drivetime.Com and schedule your one-on-one coaching session. Your coach will help you in the first sentence of your love, your love, your page.

Do you have to have once in the first sentence of your on-page content? This is big because a lot of people-don’t they don’t get this okay, then you have the turkey word twice in the first 200 words and five times in the 10 paragraphs, I can once in the meta title tag twice and the two sittings meta description. What’s in the medicaid, how many matter? What’s in the first sentence of your on-page content, twice in the first 200 words in five times in each of the first 10 paragraph, i, don’t believe it it’s just crap I said it’s for a living, and you know where you can watch me. Do what I can. Plus I don’t need to prove it? Okay, fine! Would you do a search for jinx men’s haircut? I’ll! Do it right now? Okay, so the type of jinx men’s haircuts in look weird top for every for every search, result. Comes on whoever has the most content, wins everyone I know we invest about $6,000 a month and writing content. I can put a couple hundred pages of content up on my site down every single month, so you need to write a lease, a thousand words of content to for it to count as a page, and if you don’t know how to do that, I’d recommend that you reach out to your coach, and now we got ryan on the show tip top k-9.

It’s only asked you ryan, you train dogs for a living. Is there? Was it mind-blowing for you when you discovered that to get to the top of google, you literally just have to have the most content once it’s laid out right. Yes, you thought this could be more complicated but super black mad, because I hear that talk to seo guys new here at all times, while stuff. That’s the thing most people want to tell you that it’s too hard to figure you’ll never be able to do it. So, when they’re stuck with you right about this, because I guess I have several good friends that are from india and there’s a lot of great I have doctor’s. We go to that are from india are calling from india literally tell you to give me to the top of google for, like just pennies-on-the-dollar. All you got to do is get my credit card and pay a thousand a month. To give me top in, like 9 months, will charge it for 50 a month to maintain your business coach rank or have you seen their ride? There’s a pretty good scams out. There pay monthly for lynx monthly back to matt account. He can cut my ad cost in half right, literally a we’re just going to spend half of the impound google certified. As you should see, the wet roads in my seo services and I do have some amazing curly chicken too. If you’d like have you ever use, off-brand batteries jump jump available for you seen on tv shop


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