You Cannot Fake Your Way to Success – Nature Cannot Be Tricked

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The difference between a professional and an amateur is often painfully obvious to everyone other than the amateur who refuses to invest the time need to truly master anything. Clay teaches the importance of investing 10,000 disciplined hours into your craft and career.

You cannot fake your way to success.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Nature cannot be tricked or cheated. She will give up to you the object of your struggles only after you have paid her price.” -Napoleon Hill (Best-selling author of Think & Grow Rich)

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act. There is no other route to success.” -Pablo Picasso (Renowned painter, sculptor, ceramicist, stage designer, and playwright)

AMPLE EXAMPLE of Mastery versus Amateurism – Baker Mayfield vs. LaDainian Tomlinson In Accuracy Challenge –

DEFINITION MAGICIAN – Prerogative – a right or privilege exclusive to a particular individual or class.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “People around you, constantly under the pull of their emotions, change their ideas by the day or by the hour, depending on their mood. You must never assume that what people say or do in a particular moment is a statement of their permanent desires.” – Robert Greene, Mastery

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The time that leads to mastery is dependent on the intensity of our focus.” – Robert Greene, Mastery

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “In the future, the great division will be between those who have trained themselves to handle these complexities and those who are overwhelmed by them — those who can acquire skills and discipline their minds and those who are irrevocably distracted by all the media around them and can never focus enough to learn.” – Robert Greene, Mastery

BOOK – Outliers: The Story of Success


NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The most effective attitude to adopt is one of supreme acceptance. The world is full of people with different characters and temperaments. We all have a dark side, a tendency to manipulate, and aggressive desires. The most dangerous types are those who repress their desires or deny the existence of them, often acting them out in the most underhanded ways. Some people have dark qualities that are especially pronounced. You cannot change such people at their core, but must merely avoid becoming their victim. You are an observer of the human comedy, and by being as tolerant as possible, you gain a much greater ability to understand people and to influence their behavior when necessary” – Robert Greene, Mastery

AMPE EXAMPLE – NPR Tiny Desk Link – Maimouna Youssef      

  2. Tiny Desk –

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Be so good they can’t ignore you.” – Steve Martin (American actor, comedian, writer, producer and musician.)

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act. There is no other route to success.” – Pablo Picasso (Renowned painter, sculptor, ceramicist, stage designer, and playwright)

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Basketball is just something else to do, another facet of life. I’m going to be a success at whatever I choose because of my preparation. By the time the game starts, the outcome has been decided. I never think about having a bad game because I have prepared.” – David Robinson ( Partners / Mentor, NBA Hall of Basketball Player, former NBA MVP, 2-time Olympic Gold medal winner, 2-time NBA Championship winner, founder of the Carver Academy charter schools and the co-founder of the $250 million Admiral Capital Group)

AMPLE EXAMPLE – David Robinson’s Physique – Shows how preparation changes the game.


NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The number one excuse people use for not getting done what should be done is I did not have time…You either pay now or pay later with just about every decision you make about where and how you spend your time.” – Lee Cockerell ( Partner / Mentor and the former Executive Vice President of Walt Disney World Resorts who once managed 40,000 cast members/employees.)

AMPLE EXAMPLE – If Lee Cockrell held an entire staff meeting for over 40,000 employees it would have to be in an MLB stadium:

  1. Fenway Park (Boston Red Sox) seating capacity 37,731
  2. Tropicana Field – (Tampa Bay Rays) seating capacity 42,735
  3. Wrigley Field – (Chicago Cubs) seating capacity 41,649

MYSTIC STATISTIC – 85 Percent of Job Applicants Lie on Resumes. Here’s How to Spot a Dishonest Candidate


MYSTIC STATISTIC – The U.S. Chamber of Commerce estimates that 75% of employees steal from the workplace and that most do so repeatedly.

Business Coach | Ask Clay & Z Anything

Audio Transcription

Broadcasting live from the center of the universe. It’s business coach school without the bs featuring optometrist turned entrepreneur, dr. Robert, zoellner ussba entrepreneur of the year clay clark. It is the pop time show that you’re pooping steps to make joe and sophie is hot, as hell ppp, the cnib, the sea that was teaching piston seal trucks like to know more all right track. Nation. Welcome! Back to the conversation, my name is play clark in the former ussba entrepreneur of the year and I’m. Also. Somebody who believes in long-term success. I believe that long-term success will always beat get rich, quick moves and, throughout my career, I’ve been self-employed since I’ve been 16 I’m now at 37, so I mean this is 21 years at 21 years, 21 years I’ve been doing the same thing and I see so many people that have a desire to get rich quick. What happens is is the people that spend their entire life chasing rainbows. They actually find it takes longer to get rich, quick that does to get rich on an on a slower perspective. On a proverbs 13:11 perspective, you might be saying to yourself:what’s proverbs 13:11, you might be saying to yourself:i actually keep the bible on me at all hand, but all the time so I can one-up everybody around me. I, keep it always a red, bailable and i. Have it all the bible’s available in with me drive nation to proverbs 13:11. Is there a book called the bible, says proverbs 13:11, dishonest money, money, the windows over away, but whoever gathers money little by little makes it grow.

Let me try again this time and I won’t battles. Everyday. Just money do windows away, but whoever gathers money little by little makes it grow and grow rich. For my favorite business coach author of all time, napoleon hill, he writes nature cannot be tricked or cheated. She will give up to you the object of your struggles. Only after you have paid her price, and so I want to do today is I want to ask you this question there. Mister mister, listen to mrs. Listener, and what area are you trying to? Are we trying to get rich, quick, i? Just think of one example that I’m going to get to clay tile stairs perspective on this is a former school teacher turned billionaire consultant, I think about clay stairs and when he speaks at our business coach conferences, I think about the impact you mix, i, think about his ability to improvise I think about his ability to deliver a message in a compelling way. I think about the tapestry of knowledge that did it creates the story that the fabric of all these stories, all the all the things you’ve gone through as clay’s built his career in his resume, and when he’s at a conference and he’s doing our talk, I was doing the talk on saturday and our business coach workshops about recruiting people. What cannot be faked? Is his history see the scars, the the the the things he’s gone through that have gotten his wisdom to a certain level does helped him get to where he’s at it’s a lot of people say:gosh I want to become a speaker. I want to become a motivational speaker. Clay I want to be the kind of guy who can go out there and speak like you.

Do I looked i, looked it up online and it’s so cool. You spoken for ping golf clubs in big companies. You spoken out there at the gaylord, huge crowds and you’ve done so much. But then, when you look back at clays history, you see that he actually was a school teacher for play. How many years were you? A school teacher I was a teacher for 15 years and how many of those years everything about your typical day as a teacher? How many of those days that you have to speak in front of an audience of at least 20 people every single day, i, don’t man 15 years and then after that, you transitioned into what was your next business coach career took over the family business back here in oklahoma, which was a christian summer camp & retreat center. So it was a shepherd’s fold. Yes, sir right upper fold ranch and we ran into each other cuz, a friend of mine who had known about what I built with dj connection and then again with make your life, epic marketing and then with rahi new of what we were doing and who we were helping me cuz, my my history couldn’t be faked, my resume couldn’t be faked and he knew what you were looking to do with shepherd’s fold get to the next level, and so jordan referred us together. I think jordan catherine said you should call clay stairs are playstations call clay clark like call clay, but your history couldn’t be faked.

My history couldn’t be faked. After working together for a while in the call center, you would say, I have a desire to go out there and coach businesses and show them the proven moves. But the thing is:you’ve been speaking for so long that it’s almost second nature for you. If you just had to learn how to speak with the new wants to businesses right, but there’s somebody out there listening right now that you had the idea yesterday to become a motivational business coach speaker, but you don’t want to go through the pain and the effort needed. How can I spend that time in a classroom year after year after year, finding his voice message to clients throughout your career and I want to give you a good 6-7 minutes to share your thoughts on this. When you work with a client-and you tell a client mr. Client, hey, you need to get 100 google reviews from your previous customers. You need to do that. What percentage of the time on the onset the people push back and ask you if there’s a way they can maybe buy reviews fake the reviews.

Is it a way I could buy them from someone in india? Is there a medium forget people trying to find a way to fake their way to reel reviews play I’ll? Let you know that before before they get their first deal because of their reviews, 100% are pushing back 100% or sink I need to i. Just need to get more business. I just need to get another client need to get another customer and so before they actually get that fruit and the reward of their work, even as napoleon hill talks about with mother nature before they put in the effort, they’re all pushing back and i. Remember even with you and i, as you were I remember. The very first thing you told me to do when I started go to google is clay. You need to make a hundred business coach phone calls every day every day, and these are these-aren’t like a hundred phone calls to your friends. These are a hundred phone calls to people that you don’t know, and that was such a foreign concept to me that I couldn’t even get my head around it and if you remember I resisted that for about 8 months right I gave you the pushback. Everybody myself included wheat want to give someone the the push valves look for when I worked at directv. My boss’s name is lex l e x c, a double hoop, earrings he’s a large guy. Look like you could be like terry crews office, linebacker died and my boss, lexie says guys there keys you got to have keys to becoming a $20 an hour earlier here at directv, a base plus commission system tip number one to get 200 calls a day two hundred calls a day.

Now that means that if you’re there for 8 hours, you got 30 calls an hour. This is how it works. You can do an auto dialer system called the dolphin I believe they use the time it was supposed to be dial. The next person for you see want to dial nice. The next thing you want to do is:when you get rejected, you want to spend zero time emotionally processing it. You wouldn’t act like you’re more like a stamp. You want to stick to it till you get there. So don’t stamps don’t get emotional when people reject them print pieces for target, don’t get emotional when they get rejected, but only 3% of the print pieces typically generate a response. So what you want to do is print piece, but you, my friend, or not a print piece you’re not worth 50 cent’s, know your worth:50 cent’s of mahler you’re, going to print these were $0.50 and you’re worth $20 an hour play you’re worth 40 times more than I print peace, a 6 by 9, postcard least in my mind, not more than that, but you’re worth 20 times more than one post. Remember, gun supposed to be motivational really negative and I am worth at least a hundred times that print pieces worth i, get paid $50 an hour to make sure that you make $20 an hour. So the weather company connect thousands of dollars per hour. If I ever get my value up to a higher level. Thinking ever have these business coach conversations you difficult conversations with you, people getting you do rookies. You knew cold card. If I can get you to be successful faster, my boss makes $100 an hour which is worth 200 pieces.

Okay, but directv makes a lot of money with print pieces, but we make a lot more with cold colors and you are not going to get in. My way you are going to be successful, get on that phone, so I get on the phone and a half of directv, not interested in a three or four weeks of intense rejections. I figured out how to use the script, how to not sound like a cold caller, how to get better at my job and I got really good. Now, I almost wish I could send alexa christmas card every year and I’m almost home and i. Don’t know his last name. Cuz I was at a time I’ll I flex, my business coach boss, but it would take about the millions of dollars of revenue I’ve generated as a result of that. Pushing yeah I honestly want to thank him, and if you know, alexa deals right now, you know alexa. Thank you. Lex I mean shane harwell, my boss. At the faith highway, he got to click clark to point out. That was less cantankerous still cantankerous, but he had to push me to get even better and weeded out bound cold calls. Are you familiar with me? How do you know about faith? I will primarily no better. Just from hearing you talk on your experiences in the in the past year, we had a video i, think I have it on my my shelf here. I want to show it to you, I want to show them to you, but I would mail these videos to churches and my job was still getting mail, a video to churches. So this is my cold comfort in your busiess coach pastor. Okay, yes, sir! For sure the front desk I can I ask what this is pertaining to lake clark I’m, with a faith highway we’re doing an outreach in your area and i. Keep hearing that the pastor stairs is the guy I need to talk to i? Just don’t want you to miss out on this big outreach. It’s going to be huge in the community and I want to get his feedback on some things are doing. Well, let’s see I think he’s busy right now. Could I take your number and have him get back in touch with you. Welcome to my dad. This is my dad. I would keep doing this eventually I learn the move.

May I ask who this is? My name is clay. Here’s the deal! If you do me a favor I’m, actually calling them with the faith highway I’m we handle the marketing for john osteen. You know osteen ministries lakewood, how we work with ted haggard robert rotolo, some of the top names in ministry and that we’re doing an outreach in your area and I just wanted to make sure I reach pastor stairs before it happens. So he’s not on the outside. Looking in cuz I know he’s a leader in the business coach community. How can I get in touch with him? What’s the best way to be walking by right? Now, let me get them and I had to learn that move I’m kind of getting hep rapport with the front desk person to work my way through, and we didn’t even get together beforehand to to do that. What I had to do is I actually had two, then mail, a video to the past ready to pass the phone cases pastor stairs. And yes, it is pastor steve clark. How are you I’m doing just fine? How are you I’m doing great i, know you’re busy I’m busy too I just want to tell you we’re doing a huge outreach reaching pastors all over the country and I want to get your feedback on a commercial business coach series. That’s good be running on espn cnn. That kind of thing. If I send a video through their produced on motion, picture, film, they’re, high-quality you just miss the same commercial of being used by lakewood ministries, and it’s a bigger churches in the country if I send them out to you. Could you take like 10 minutes to look at him and give me some feedback i? Think I could do that.

It would be a good time for me to call you just to get that feedback from you and how about thursday to that’s what I had that was step one. We come back from the break I’m going to tell all the listeners how I went from that to been committed. Getting a pastor to commit to spending $20,000 wow was someone they’ve never met over the phone via a cold call attend the world’s best business workshop, led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review. Claim your tickets by emailing his group that you didn’t, and your contact information to cancel at drivetime show.Com, all right back to the business coach conversation and today we’re talking about is you cannot fake your way to success? You can’t charlatans eyes your way to sustained success. You can’t trick the world in topanga, napoleon hill, the best selling author of think and grow rich wright’s nature cannot be tricked or cheated. She you give I give up to you the object of your struggles. Only after you have paid her price against nature cannot be tricked or cheated. She will give up to you the object of your struggles only after you have paid her price and so I think about my business coach ability today to become a to be effective as a salesperson, be very effective as a speaker and has to do with that. The years I spent in the trenches.

So to speak in at the years, I spent grinding and refining my scale, and we were talking about before the break. I worked at a company called faith highway. Now that worked at faith highway, my job was to cold call a secretary work, my way from her to the pastor, the pastor on the phone convince him to take time out of his schedule, to look at vhs tapes that I mailed out to him and mail. Those to him and I would Say:i’ll pass for stairs I’m going to mail those those commercials out to you business coach today. Those are the same commercials that a john osteen is using for his church and I would name drop big churches that we worked with that were using it. You know rob rotola, ted haggard different people, and they would go 10 minutes to give me some feedback on those if I mail them out to you could do that for linda lane, hey I will give you a call thursday at 10 a.M. Want to talk to him on the phone with you and I’ve got a script. I’ve got the big ask that I’m going to ask you for I’m going to ask you a huge business coach question at the end of the call, and it’s going to be 20 grand I need a minimum, it’s ten grand. So let me let’s go to the car.

Did the commercials look incredibly motion picture I mean they’re like eating in the christ, but I have seen yet it’s like. Probably like many other people, I thought once I get the dvd the commercials that we made the commercials that we made it faith hi. We were that called me they’re, just like next level. You know, why did you watch the business coach commercial we sent out to you? You know clay I actually did yes and there’s three get your feedback on commercial one was the compass commercial called I got jesus, which feature of the guy bungee jumping in haiti jumps off the the bridge attached to the actual bridge. That’s enough! What do you think when you saw that shocked, did not see that one coming? The idea you know the premise of it is:is it in? If you don’t have jesus, you jump off a bridge in downey, it went out again when it actually happened. There was that shock factor, but then the lesson of the commercial hit and was like wow commercial out there in your town on robert ola out there he runs ted, haggard I mean or john osteen, john osteen says you have been able to to triple the size of the church since running those commercials.

How do you think that those commercials would run out there if we’re running them out there and in nappanee, where your, where you’re based I man, based on what you’re talking about there I’d be very interested to see how they would run is called a what people want and other what people want is all about. Four people like you need to remember it’s, the commercial where the woman is testifying about battling cancer yeah, the young boy is talking about battling cancer and the teenagers talking about battling cancer, and then you have another another person in the video. That’s talking about battling the feelings of of anxiety from being abused and their mother left him and they were like 10 years old yeah. That was probably my favorite one as a business coach. When you watch that I mean once your face, it seems most about that commercial i. Think just the empathy and sympathy me being a pastor I mean that’s just right up my alley to people that are in paying people that are hurting. Seeing people like that and wanting my heart is to reach out to those type of people and help them. Let me ask you this:what do you say?

We called you as a blue? Are you familiar with us? Actually I’ve I’ve, never heard you are you in from your computer. I actually am I just want to show you our signed there I’m. Basically, we do we partner up with one church in every community and we run commercials on your look like espncnn all secular stations and for about $20 per commercial. You can get in front of your local community and, at the end of the commercial say, a message brought to you by first baptist church, your church. The message brought to you by first baptist church and put your business coach phone number and your website on there, and if you had something like that run for in your community, I mean that do you think the church would grow what you think I have. What kind of response do you think it would be interesting again, you’re talking about these other churches headed done so well with it. We’ve never done commercials is. Is that even christian can you do a commercial for a church I’m going to email you over 25 testimonials it take about 10 minutes to watch cuz. It’s a lot of you’ll know the deal to know the names a lot of people think it would.

The reason why john osteen is big is because xyz123, but they don’t realize that he started business coach advertising before he became big and that’s how we became big and I was just a lot and I’d like you to just watch those commercials. Give us some feedback on those testimonials to get your feedback there. If I email, those to you too, could you watch those today or maybe the next couple days? I could definitely in the next couple days, yeah. Well today’s wednesday we’re talking about for right. Now. Why do i? Give you a call friday? Are you in on fridays I am in on fridays? Yes, I’ll call you friday at noon and then we’ll go ahead and give me back. Okay sounds good, then I send that to you and when you get those videos when you watch him, it has a testimonials from all these real deal pastors and at the end its first discusses. It says and licensing those commercials and having him exclusively running for me in houston has been the biggest business coach game changer on one of our ministry, so now you’re. Finally, seeing that we might charge you yeah, it’s called a three-part closure, so cold call initial consultation. Then the next call that’s where I have to get on the phone and ask you if you’re willing to pay me right now, credit card over the phone, a guy you’ve, never met $10,000 for the rights to run those commercials and I only could do it because I met the pastors that had run the commercials and they were all just absolutely thriving and so I knew that the churches that ran them would do well. And if you didn’t run him, you wouldn’t do well, but still asking somebody for a credit card for $10,000 as a lot and we come back from the break.

I want to get your take on what it was like when you first learn to ask for the sale in the credit card. Okay and if you’re listening right now-and you said, I have an office and I want to make sure my office is clean and presentable and I want to try bathrooms or christine I want to make sure my office is. It has a porcelain palettes and not a circle k restroom I would encourage you to reach out to one of our show sponsors. One of our friends, the folks at classic janitorial, these guys are the cleaning service of choice for a google for a new business coach star for a for dupont to the drive time show for total lending concepts for dr. Zoellner and ii without reservation. I recommend you give these guys a call. Their website is the classic clean. Come it’s the classic clean., their phone number is 918-671-2046. Its 918-671-2046 stay tuned, attend the world’s best business workshop, led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review clean your tickets by emailing his group that you didn’t, and your contact information to info at drivetime, show.Com, all rights, rap nation, welcome back to the drive time show on your radio, and they were talking about. You can’t fake your way to success the title of today, show and podcast. If you’re looking for tom drive time should I come on the podcast, you can’t fake your way to success. Nature cannot be tricked and I was sharing with you on the previous egg, but you’re just now.

Turning in when I worked at faith highway, it was the vandalism commercial, a company before that I worked at directv now, directv clay, when I called called people and I got to the end of the cold call. What do you think that I had to ask them for probably a credit card or how much? How much do you think I did for directv satellite 20 40 bucks a month, so I said your first month is $10 to a hbo espn cinemax, cnn, fox, news, all the big channels, and then each month, every month after, if you want to move for, we have different, affordable payment plans as low as starting a $49. We have 7500, you can get what you want. So most people over the phone after you’ve gone through that they identified that you were with directv and you sounded reasonable as a business coach. You can use to get that credit card and you would say to the person. The phone I know just got to role play with me here today. So if you want to go ahead and do the $10 trial here, yes, I do the way we do it for quality control and for your peace of mind, is all get your credit card over the phone I’m, an email, you a confirmation from directv, while we’re still on the phone. Okay, can you pull up your email or something, so you can verify that we have in fact got you signed up there, sure I’m actually sitting here. Looking at my email right now, when would you like us to come by and install it? Do you want us to do like tuesday morning tuesday afternoon? What’s the best, probably tuesday morning would be best because of the install process we can usually we can guarantee a 2-hour window.

We can’t do like an hour, so I could say:i could do either 8 and 8 to 10 or 10 to noon. What’s the best time for and then what credit card? Where can I do a thing? I have two right there in this. What you’re supposed to do black said you’re supposed to ask for debit card or credit card and pause and i. Remember this is how I felt this is my inner dialogue. You want to do debit card or credit card 23 minutes incredible. True story, i, remember the first time someone said yes, I’d like to like five bucks and I’m running around. Like a birthday, you know where I was I was excited and I transition to faith highway, where I could make $70,000 a year guys, but I’m asking for a debit card or credit card for a $10,000 purchase, a $5,000 deposit. All all we’re going to need right now and dude my face and I needed to ask for that card. I thought I could not be sick. Is the new form of indulgence. Thank you, but the point is i. Couldn’t have asked for a credit card or debit card for $10,000 that I am not previously gone through directv now so anna anna and I previously not worked at applebee’s, where I used to ask people for a $10 up charge for two drinks.

Would you like a long island iced? Tea would like to one for the lady want to I want to go back to you so clay stairs. When you first got to a place where you exited teaching, and then you went into working at shepherdsville, camp was, it crazy. Was it stressful for you going from the pace of a school to the pace of a non profit and non-profit is not as fast as an entrepreneur of most industries, but it’s still faster than a school yeah. Well, it is. The thing is:is that when I stepped into the nonprofit I was the ceo i? Was the executive business coach director and I didn’t really understand nonprofits, but so, when I came in, I tried to run the nonprofit at the same schedule of a school teacher, i, remember actually having a conversation with some of the staff was like okay, so we got like what 2 weeks for christmas. Is that what we’re doing we got to spring break going on? You know, but the clayton, where I really got slammed by the bus, was moving from the nonprofit ministry world into the business world coming into meetings on a weekly basis with you, and it was like you were talking so fast and I’m, trying to absorb information and, in my brain, just wasn’t up to payson so I’m on the other side going:okay, i, don’t know how this is. Will you do all this for me clay because I don’t know how to do this I’m terrified, you’re asking me not only to do things I’ve never done before, but actually things that I have avoided on purpose. Doing my favorite clay stairs moment there you’re on the phone with when you’re speaking, event, clients and they had said on the phone. They said:hey we’re looking to bring some entertainment in and take the crappy love you. As a speaker, we’ve watched your videos, we looked at your resume, want to hire you and I got was on the call them can imagine that business coach call, but we want to bring some more entertainment value. What can you do to entertain-and you said without even thinking, but you said drunk as you were around me:i was a dj teacher, entire crowd to line dance. I remember to get the gig. That was the taylormade. The taylormade give me, and you said:hey I got a deposit for this event. I’m at that’s great you get to the gaylord texan yeah, that’s great yeah, gary vaynerchuk is going to be presented:social media marketing king, oh yeah, and the garyvee. You know it I asked if it’s awesome, he said here’s the deal the deal I have to teach them all aligned at today, cuz I told him, I could do it and you had to deliver baby I did i.

Do did get her to do because he had told me that the year before that the clothes are which they wanted me to be. They wanted me to be to be the closer of afford a conference and they said the other, the guy that did it last year. He everybody loves him in the cup, actually, a part of the company for any came up and he played the guitar. Everyone a song and that’s what I just went. I can teach everyone at dance and it was like. The company was called d scoop and I will call it that the dscoop loop or something like that. You like exactly that’s exactly what we need and clay it was hilarious. I had no idea. I actually came up with the dance by watching just dance the night before I left going to do this event. We come back from the break. I want to ask you about what it’s like to for add to ask for the clothes, because you are not entirely the fears you associated with the deposit asking for the credit card and shop before we do that. I want to talk about a good friends with onyx imaging. Those guys are passionate about going to office depot I love the lines I love by in the printer supplies of an business coach office supply i, just love how long it takes longer. So I’m not interested in three of my time in my money, but there’s somebody out there that I do want to free up my time. My money I don’t want us. I want to go to office depot. How can I help them? Will they got to get ahold of the highest reviewed printer service and supply company in oklahoma that sonic’s images, most google reviews of all their business coach competition? So get ahold of these guys for printer supply printer service office supply same next day delivery, onyx, imaging.Com, ony, x, imaging.Com call at 918-6276 6. Don’t want to get 918-627-6611 your one-stop-shop for business. At sonic’s, imaging.Com, o n y x, o n y x imaging.Com attend the world’s best business workshop, led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us.

No jective review claim your tickets by emailing as proof that you did it and your contact information to an voi drivetime show.Com go back to the conversation. My name is clay clark and today we are talking about how you cannot fake your way to success. Nature cannot be tricked and on page 40 of the start here book of the amazon best-selling book a start here. What you can download for free right now to ebook version at thrive time should I come it reads:nature cannot be tricked or treated. She will give up to you the object of your struggles. Only after you have paid her price napoleon hill nature cannot be tricked or treated. She will give you she’ll give up to you the object of your business coach struggles. Only after you, after you have paid her price napoleon hill, the best-selling author of think and grow rich were focusing right now and how, if you’re a business owner and you’re an entrepreneur aspiring entrepreneurs just said you want to become a really good business coach salesperson job. You want to make a lot of money, money, money, money, I want to grow a call center and I say:okay. In order for you to grow a call center, you need to be good at sales, so step one. We need to go ahead and have you come to the office and then start making cold calls will record your calls. I’ll work with you and the problem is:if you are an apple tree, you can’t sew a seed of an orange tree. If you are an apple tree, you can’t sell the seed of an orange peel, say:i, don’t want to deal with it. The profundity or they need thought dddd depth of thought.

I want to deal with, like I’m, not going to say also be hard to teach someone else to do sales they want to deal with like, but I heard that there’s a way, maybe I could do it. Maybe I can skip that part of actually come and get it till there. Somebody listening right now, cuz I want to get in shape and they meet somebody like charles colaw, one of our clients who has calluses on his hands his calluses on his hands, and he has a very large muscle, but his hands are very strong, very strong hands and you can’t fake chucky working construction right. You can’t fake those calluses on your hand. You can’t fix this for I’m right here. Look at that thing! That is good. So how do you search up, though I want to i? Don’t want to do the hammer part, but I want that for what you want. First of all, you won’t know how to train your employees. If you don’t go through the fire yourself, you won’t know how to help pick them up from the lows of being rejected. You won’t help business coach them past and make them better sales people, so you’ve got to put yourself through that process. First, because you probably don’t have a ton of money to hide expert sales. Guy right now is about all about, like the marines, a business. If you want to make more money than 99% of the american population, like so many of our clients. Do you understand all of our clients we brag on full pack, which media phone doctors delric research, the hub gym shoes that is required to get clay stairs I can’t leave where you want. Go, get yes amen time. Do you remember the first client of the first instance where you had to ask for a credit card deposit over the phone I actually asked for a credit card deposit face-to-face at charleston’s on peoria? How was how that feel terrifying and it was $450? Why was it terrifying, because I had never ask someone how about this, business coach? Never ask someone to give me money for something that I was going to do.

That was the difference. That was the key I think that’s all I’ve been a school teacher for 15 years and I want awards. I was a great teacher, I loved it, but I never got more money because I was a great teacher and then I’m like the missouri state coach of the year for three years in a row in a row, but I never got more money because I was a good coach and and then moving into ministry. You know clay. Can you come and speak? I’ll call you that was too so far just changed my life. What you said:here’s a love, love offering a few dollars now here. I am trying to to find the courage to actually ask someone to give me money for something I’m going to do and it just didn’t fit in my brain i. Remember the first time I had to fire somebody, oh yeah, for drinking on the job for stealing money from the company and for breaking it an entire you just say:whitney of of of of crimes against humanity where the person just broke so many business coach rules in the office yeah, but the guy never owned up to it. She looked sharp and he would say the right business coach type things. He always led the room and sales I pulled the guy us a sign. I said:hey I got to talk to you about this. Did you call a client? They were working with and lie to them about the amount of the of the wedding package for dj connection.Com connection.Com is the average wedding was $600. Okay, the bride pay $250 deposit, which meant that there was a $450 balance due this was his moved. He’d go to the wedding, all kind of role play with your friend or the groom make the final payment.

Do you have fun tonight yeah, it’s good time. It is really awesome. Interview was good working for you. Man I want to click the final balance here. Absolutely so you, your $600, when you’re totally paid 150 time to get your credit card or debit card, I’ll knock it out for you and debit card or credit card credit card awesome, and he would come back and he would give you a receipt and you look at the receipt and you’re like most people would notice, like you just charge them 6, 450, right and so go ahead and bring that up. It looks like not the 450 that we did the date, but a total of 600 on top of that, so it just it. I wasn’t really what we communicated I thought. You would turn it into my wife and my dad as a tip, so I decided to be an extra hundred fifty-eight hook it up. So he kept doing that. Knowing that most people never complain directly, they just complain indirectly. Most people never called to voice their complaint directly to a company. They typically share it with just the company of business coach people there around right and he did that move dude for like a year. That’s unbelievable! He would fill up his car car with gas for the company yet, but all the time after he shows so, he would drive the van home to his house. Take his personal car to quiktrip fill it up then return. This car then come back in the day all the time, and then our van I would hop in the car, but noticed it was on e and they’re like dude. Your car was empty, but you filled it up last correction world, so I called him on it. He acted like it didn’t happen. So I said:hey man, I noticed you been business coach systemically frotting people on the amount you’re charging me and I and ii. It’s like significant. It’s $150 / event /. What appears to be a hundred shows so I mean we’re talking about thousands and thousands.

Maybe it’s close to $13,000, potentially and I might have to let you go and this guy started. Attacking my character is like dude I go to ramah. You think I’m going to lie in front of you and in front of god. Do that? Do you think I met my wife? Are you kidding me I’m not going to lie to you, I mean your wife knows. If my wife knows you I would never do that to you, man, you, like a brother to me. He just goes on and on and so and I felt bad, so I fired the guy, but I felt really awful and I and I’m not exaggerating for a listeners out there. I want you to know. It was probably about 2 months before I got over it like it was probably a good 2 months, where I just felt awful. Those are the kind of things that people that have it run a business. Don’t quite understand right before you life your resources, your money into these people, and they turn around screw. You forever and it’s just the way I feel terrible. You like, but now I’ve gone through it right in there. So I can now tell you directly as a coach as a mentor. Someone who’s been through it hey. This is how I do and so I invite a lot of our listeners. If you’re listening right now and you want to shadow me-you should do it. I would encourage you to look at the guy from of louisiana coming to shadow a guy from tulsa shadowgun if a guy from I believe it’s from new york city coming to shadow, control and I would encourage you to do that, because when you shadow me during my business coach meetings, there’s really not ever a day where I don’t have to fire somebody and one of the businesses and son automotive repair shop, and he goes i, think I’m I think I just saw you fire. Somebody add somebody at all, so you can’t fake that you can’t you can’t fake it.

That’s a job I think a lot of people want to skip the part of having gone through the fire that is required to heat up the metal to build that store to build. If you can’t skip the heating up process and I will take that analogy further. Once you start banging on that metal that hasn’t been temperature heat treated, it’s going to break and that’s what’s going to happen to you, you’re not going to have any systems you’re not going to know how to follow up you’re, not going to coach your team past the walls that come back from the break I want to hear clay stairs and eric chuck talk about as a coach. What are some of the fires you had to go through to become an effective coach, effective coaching, you guys I want to hear what kind of fires you went through it. If you listen right now and you’re going gosh, my accounting is coming through. Fire. Don’t want to burn my receipts. I owe I owe so much money. I need some help here:cpas. Comets, hood, cpa, trusted partner and sponsor checking out hood cpas. Com attend the world’s best business workshop, led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review. Claim your tickets by emailing his fruit that you didn’t, and your contact information to gain point, drive, time show.Com. Welcome back to the conversation is the drivetime show on your radio. My name is clay clark and the former us has to be a entrepreneur of the year. In my entire focus, my entire vision. My entire mission is to help you as an entrepreneur to gain both time, freedom and financial freedom as a result of implementing best practice systems and proven moves things that you can use to grow your business to the next level on today. We’re really going deeper, really wanting to dwell on this business coach concept of you cannot fake. Your way to success. Nature cannot be tricked recently. I was watching a espn espn interview. They did with a who’s.

The guy from oklahoma university, who was just drafted by the cleveland browns quarterback baker and baker mayfield, was competing with a former running back for the for the san diego chargers and a he’s a he’s, a hall of fame running back ladainian, tomlinson and they’re competing for an accuracy business coach challenge to see who can hit the target with a football now ladainian tomlinson was a running back and baker mayfield as a quarterback, and he was drafted by the browns, and it made me think, he’s going to leave the team to success, and so anyway, they’re doing this interview, it’s casual that they got dress shirts on they got a tie on and they said, a baker we’re going to a competition here to see what team is likely to draft you. So it’s just kind of a fun game where you throw the ball at the target. If you hit the target that counts as point baboom, somehow they figured out why they took a guess and the biggest target was the browns idea. Was that he’s going to? They want to see if he which teams going to go, go so he’s throwing the ball and the dude throws the ball and he hasn’t warmed up and he’s in dress clothes. It don’t ask me what you can find on youtube, but he throws the ball and he throws the ball. He hits the target nails, but it’s like a tight spiral and the lady who’s interviewing him. She was okay with danny and he’s running back. He throws and he throws like some who’s athletic, would throw it, but not an nfl quarterback, and he knows all that off next one conor nails next one nails it next one, and it’s like it’s ridiculous.

How good is it is so good and I watched it I thought about my girls going to piano recitals and how confident I am that we’re not asian, and so we went to the piano recital and I’d or roberts university, and you go there and typically, if you’re like five or six, the song you will play will be like mississippi hopfrog. So the song goes like this bump bump, bump bump bump bump, bump baba baba baba baba baba baba baba baba baba baba baba baba baba baba baba calligraphic based off awesome, I’m, not kidding no exaggeration, there like in our next performer suzuki, a broken arrow oklahoma, and he gets up there in the dudes like 8, maybe 7 and he’s like what how and it’s like what my daughter did-figure skating so again we’re going to figure skating and havana’s pretty good. You know and talk in the next performer on nagasaki can was comes out. He is from here from broken arrow, another agent, and this kid is like performing like at junior olympic olympic level at like 8:10, and my daughter was like eight, eight or nine and that this person is there like better than the than the caucasians who are the 78 winter business coach patterns. I’m, not racist, I’m, being real with you, so I’m talking to the person sitting next to and I said, hey man curious. How often do your does your daughter practice and the guy says we practice every day for our for an hour and I said flower for hours more hours for our practice until perfect, we practice so perfect. Like a big thing, he wasn’t trash-talking, they just so again piano recital I’m talking to another member of the inner person who’s. The parent of this daughter, cuz it. I, need to give you liked the business coach roses. When you win or you talking to this guy and I said how often does your daughter practice we practice for $5 per night, wow and I said like like 5 days a week, 7-day 7-day we take the rest to a good friend of mine is a very successful doctor in tulsa, his family’s japanese talk to you until you went to school.

Can you explain to me your experience because I’m not asian I’m, not from japan i, don’t know that culture I read about it, I’m a huge fan of the japanese production culture. If you get a chance to read a book by at charles dimming, he talks about how the japanese, after world war ii rebuilt an economy. In like 5 years that takes countries hundreds of years, I mean they became the number one auto manufacturing city in the world ever won a country in the world after being bombed a carpet bomb. We dropped crazy bongs on those got nukes yeah and they rebuilt the city, though they became at the powerhouse of production. We’re building cities on rock and roll over. Here is a kid though. My parents I get home from school, around 3 or 4, and my mom and dad lived at the restaurant, but not like we live there. We are all in and we don’t have a home. We live at. The restaurant and I would do business coach homework until like 9 every night, from 3 to 9, and if I got a b. My father with log me like what like a blog blogger, he can’t fake you can’t fake the level regimen somebody who’s, a professional, do something you can’t fake the magic that has been to the daily grind, the investment of time at because I truly mastering something. If you ever seen the nba warm-up when nobody’s in their face, they don’t miss, they let every single shot.

I want to ask you this question and you knew enough about coaching to teach it, but now you had to actually teach him the first time. What was going through your mind? Maybe what were some of the rookie mistakes that you made early on? That maybe would have shown to the client that you are new at what you’re doing probably be just second-guessing myself and not making the mistake of not being confident in my voice as I am helping people ending up with the? What is it with the conversation when you were talking and all of your senses end up here right so when you’re talking, if they are things here so I think what we need to do today is this. You might want to get to the top of google exactly you might want to say ok google. So everything is up here. So it sounds like I’m questioning everything that I’m asking you know and so I’m wrong. That was something right:i mean? And, if you don’t have the right mindset, yeah, and so it just took time. I remember you know:i played football. The university of oklahoma back in the day with barry switzer, i, remember stepping onto the field for the first time and being terrified, and these guys that I just want to play in the orange bowl the year before and now here, I am on the field with them and it took me weeks to get comfortable in that space. I did a talk on this. It’s been a long time ago, but you never want to put on the show notes, but I was explained to him for salespeople you’re, always going to sound an interrogative until you get the right business coach perogative and they were like what you sound like it’s a question but a perogative.

The definition I want to put some show notes. Here is the exclusive right or privilege held by a person, especially of hereditary or official right 220 of the official. Did they write, the power are the command. So it’s like when you go to a game, a professional sporting event. I think everybody’s friend to try to do this once if you’re weaseling down into the box seats like you, bought the cheap seats and never done that, but you’re weaseling down to the nice seats when the old guy walks down as an excuse me son there in might my seat it’s his prerogative that he is his command. It’s his rule. He knows, he’s bought the tickets and it looks to the person who’s running around making sure there’s one sitting right seat that you are out of place if your 18 year, old and you’re out there sitting really low by the sidelines for 47 year old, as though he is correct and you come across like you’re wrong, so you’re always going to sound like you’re in the business coach interrogative asking questions until you get the right perogative, which is just you have that mindset that you know your business coach stuff and you can’t do think that and I think there’s somebody out there that it’s trying to fake their way to that I want to ask you, you japanese, when you first started coaching clients. What can you tell me about some rookie mistakes that you made where you’re going to cash now? No, they do it every day, I work with dozens of clients, yet it is what I do, but first you like 90 i, had to head knowledge. I knew what to do, but I came across this new clay here just said. Is that understanding that I didn’t necessarily have to come up with that answer right? Then you understanding the power of the the response of hate. That is a really awesome question. What I’m going to do is take this to all of the coaches and and mr. Clark and everybody, our coaches meeting I’m, going to get the best answer that I can get that back to you, and you say that in a confident, confident way and people are like that sounds great and I say that even today, I mean today, I would say 99% of the questions I can ask to the conference or in person. I could I could pretty much answer right away. I know that http is a hypertext it to take a bisque, a security socket layer.

You put on website that didn’t crips it to keep it from being towed. How do you know that there’s a book called the hard thing about hard things by ben horowitz, and he explains that one of the byproducts of a company called wops. Where would you solder? 1.6 billion dollars was invented, encryption and they’re like who’s ben horowitz, and then you just go and I can go deep with you. They go well he’s the guy who owns andreessen, horowitz and horowitz is the most successful, venture capital business coach fund in the world right now that I can pull up their website. I can just continue, they could say. Oh how do you know? How do you know? How do you absolutely know? This is the right script, for my dentistry and I’ll say:walk worked. A lot of industries in this is an example of first coaching me to do it by myself. Okay, I’ve been chatting with you for a while play shout on marshall a little bit. I we’ve been coaching a couple clients together so I’m coming into work now, just not feeling great kind of pale sweating run fever just getting kind of sick, but I’m not missing. My first coaching me:hey guys, address the elephant. I look a little off to you today, but I’m feeling great we’re going to have an awesome meeting, so the guys are across the table from me. That’s in the back room in her office with tim and robert. Redmond are now writing on the business coach whiteboard wall and I sneeze and fart right in their face right. Just couldn’t do anything about it. Did you just say what you just I said what I just said and in my head I’m like? Oh, no, but we laughed it off and it was all good, but it tormented me. Cuz I’m, like i, can’t believe I just have your boss I know. Sometimes you just put that really unsettled me. It’s okay, robert greene people around you constantly under the pole of their emotions, change their ideas by the day or by the hour, depending on their mood. You must never assume that what people say or do in particular moment is a statement of their permanent desires, will come back and talk about why you cannot fake it until you make it, it went great tulsa company that actually does not fake it.

These guys are making it. They have a very successful company as a result of doing things the right way, day after day, it’s okay. If you’re listening right now and you have a pest problem, you got amount, she got mosquitoes, you have insects. If you want to deal with him right now give a call to our good friends at platinum pest & lawn, that’s platinum pest & lawn, their phone number is 918-376-0857, 918-376-0857, platinum, pass and walt’s attend the world’s best business workshop, led by america’s number one business coach for free and your contact information to input, drivetime, show.Com facebook, it back to the conversation, doesn’t show on your radio on canal today show, we’re doing we’re talking about this great business coach division that will exist in your life between amateurs and professionals, the great division that exist in our life in our world, between professional athletes and amateur athletes. The great division that exist between people that are faking it and people that are actually delivering and i. Just I cannot tell you how passionate I am about this, because we had somebody just the other day at elephant in the room in this young lady. She came in and she did not over hyper self self in the room. As you send in your resume, we schedule a time for the interview. Then you shadow with with daisy in our call center, and then you shower with me.

You shana what you said over the course of call center manager. Then you shot it with me and if you’re, if we think you’re a good fit with the emotional intelligence, your good communicator, then we send you to the store at our broken arrow location in this is the picture. Look like any kind of role play with my chair, I’m with you. You must pretend you’re a guy who gets his haircut at elephant to remember to role-play I’ll just pretend like we how’s it going man I’m doing good. We have a new person today and they hurt her name is kelly and if you would like to you, don’t have to if you don’t want to, but we would like to pay you $37 to get your haircut today, because she’s new she’s graduated from the business coach school has a great resume, but we need to do some demo cuts. So if you’re not happy, it’s like $37 for a bad haircut, would you want to do that or not so sure this person came in shop and you would love. This story has graduated from the top hair school in tulsa, with top of her class grades. She says:resume mile-long. All these places she’s worked at endorsements references whatever she said it, so she she she shadows, daisy shadows me she shows up at one of the stores to cut hair. She made it through the gauntlet very good until she makes it so we send her out to the store and in broken arrow, just kind of role play this okay. So let’s pretend I’m cutting your hair cut your hair today, because i, don’t i, don’t want to i, know you’re used to her, and it will still give you the free deal. I just want her to do it. Cuz i, just i, don’t want to like you know, I know people like the way you do you like the way that she cut their she does this like? Okay for 5 times ends up with the manager talking to you and the manager says:hey.

Can you not cut here? She says I can’t I can’t what how what she went all the way through the charade to do that and I see this. All the time I see this with musicians that can’t sing I see this with people when do a podcast for not wanting to be consistent. Somebody should you write that down, so he wants to be a podcaster but won’t write it down as soon as I want to be a podcast, but I won’t take note. I want to be a podcaster, but I won’t write down. My show. I want to become a podcaster, but I won’t do my show. Prep I want to become an officer, but I won’t write the book play stores. Have you ever seen a client that wants to be successful as an author, but won’t write the book? Yes just talked with one couple of weeks ago. Maybe it’s too hot yeah man I’m an awesome riders, like you have a book now, but I’ve got I’ve got one that I’m thinking about I got an idea. I’ve got the idea that I passed by a lot of people and they all think it’s really good I feel well. You need to write the book or I really need a coach. It’s like! No, you don’t need to coach. You need to write a stinkin but I’m here as your coach telling you the book, I’m telling you you cannot fake, awesome and I’m going to play some audio during the next segment. So you can hear what audio awesome and sounds like butt comment is one of my favorite rappers and in common was asked to perform on npr npr is a national public radio have a show called tiny business coach dots, good and he’s performing and what he does is he does two things that I didn’t blue the mind of the audience. I’m a huge long, time, and fans I was i, was not shocked by this boy decided to do was to freestyle so make up the lyrics as he goes in front of an audience, and he woke in you.

So you know it’s not memorized. He weaves in with the security guard is wearing. He weaves in with the people in the audience are doing he. References of the show he’s on and he just sits temporarily-is making things up that run all the time. It’s awesome, then he introduces a friend of his who is an aspiring artist and he introduces her and this girl’s been looking for her break for years, but there’s this woman she shows up, and not only should does she deliver a unbelievable rap, but you can sing and you can’t fake it. It’s like talent can’t if you work to develop a talent is not I believe that god gives you the cw develop. The talent god gives you the cw, develop the town and what happens is a lot of people want to skip the part of ever becoming great in anything right and there’s a book out. There called the outliers I want to put on the show notes for the outliers. To sum it up for you, it says that you must spend 10000 hours doing something to become truly great at 7. To put this up on the big screen.. You guys can see this so as a business coach. This is my 12th year doing this and I averaged about 80 hours a week doing this 52 weeks a year, and this is * 12 years so I have 49920 hours invested into business coach it there for people say gosh I need to know that it’s what I do I’m a five-time master y’all got to a level of mastery because I’ve done it forever.

Somebody says how do you know? That’s cuz I’ve done it forever, but we’ve all seen someone fake it until I want to eric chapa to read a couple notable quotable, some excerpts from the book called mastery by robert greene and when I read this book on for the first time, I realized that I needed to read it again because it was helping me in so many ways. I read this book now 3 times and it’s coming to do with with a phil jackson going to be doing a whole bunch of shows here soon on phil jackson’s book, 11 rings, because it’s so good. The former coach of the chicago bulls in the lakers to be coming up here soon. But it’s like there’s so much phil jackson is so devious so much, but the book mastery has so much good good content. So chuck, can you read the first notable quotable from robert greene, the best-selling author of the book mastery after he is dependent on the intensity of our focus? The great division will be between those who have train themselves to handle these complexities and those who are overwhelmed by them. Those who can acquire skills and discipline their mind and those who are completely distracted by all the business coach media around them and can never focus enough to learn what is it quote mean to you. That means that if you cannot motivate yourself, if you cannot train yourself, if you cannot be a person that can do things on your own, then you’re, never you’re, not going to have the discipline required to build anything of yourself in life example show sponsors dr. Sibley. This guy has been the chiropractor of choice for wayne gretzky, the perhaps the best national hockey league player of all time, great one. He has coached hundreds and hundreds of chiropractors all across the country he has. He is known as the great chiropractor of tulsa oklahoma. Many people come from all over the world and if you had it in the tulsa area, you’ve not reached out to dr. Sibley you’re missing out chip. What’s doctor said his contact information, so you can check them out at dr.

John, sibley., com, dr, j, o h, n s, I b l e y.Com, dr. John, silly. Com i, give him a call at 918-749-5741, 918-749-5741, same-day appointments short or no wait times. Does full-service I’m in the sky can help you he’s a great chiropractor, a great show, sponsor I recommend you check them out today that the doctor is dr john john, sibley s, I b, l e y.Com attend the world’s best business workshop, led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective business coach review. Claim your tickets by emailing his group that you didn’t and your contact information to info at drivetime show.Com all right as we to waging war on this concept of faking it until you make it and I want to make sure we’re getting this added to rightly balanced idea. I know before you have any customers at all:you have to fake it. You have to also deliver and so place. There’s no better example can i. Think of is when your first speaking it into you did many many moons ago, you’re on the phone with the event planner, and they were trying to decide between you and some other big names and they already signed gary vaynerchuk, one of the top he’s new york times bestselling author, one of the top podcasters in the world, one of the most successful people in the world of social media marketing of all time, he’s going to be speaking at the same conference that you’re speaking at their in nashville at the gaylord texan. And how did it go? Were you all the sudden you volunteered yourself teach a line, dance to a group of people when you would never done it before they’re sitting there telling me about how the year previously they had a crowd favorite one of these and one of the executives in the business coach company did it come out to be the closer and he goes out yet and in he brought his guitar and he play the song and everybody was singing along. Then he taught everyone song and I’m thinking.

Okay, that’s the move and I just go:i can teach everyone a dance and it just kind of came out of my mind. It’s just I can teach everyone to dance and they go. Oh really and I said yes. I can absolutely tell your guy i. Am your talkin all of a sudden. It just occurred to you like a vision, but it was almost like an outer body. Experience assisted emotional, yet music, like good news, I booked a big event at nashville, gaylord texan, bad news. I promise I’m going to teach him a dance. How do I do it for the average person you were than willing to do the work needed to actually be able to deliver yeah and so up until the final night of the event, you’re practicing learning out of peace health vanscoy. So the time that led to your mastery was dependent upon your intensity of focus, robert greene, best selling, author of mastery writes the time that leads to master is dependent on the intensity of are focused. What I’m going to do. Another notable quotable from robert, greene and I’m, going to play an audio clip from one of my favorite rappers common, who is performing on the tiny desk show, which is an npr show and he’s performing there, and he introduces a new business coach musician to america. Right there on the show, and not only did she practice, but she delivered with such bravado and such quality that hurts her. Her mastery of her skill was undeniable and I guarantee she one herself some band that she got any ignored right, right, she’s, so good. She can’t be ignored. Steve martin said:what’s the key to being a successful comedian, he says the key to being a successful comedian is to be so good that you cannot be ignored. Steve martin, we’re talking about steve martin, the actor. The comedian used to be so good that you cannot be ignored.

What I should put the notable quotable in the show notes, but you please read the net of a quotable from rob. He says the most effective attitude to adopt is one of supreme acceptance. The world is full of people with different characters and temperaments. We all have a dark side, a tendency to manipulate and aggressive desires, the most dangerous types of those who repress their desires or deny the existence of them, often acting them out in the most underhanded ways. Some people have dark qualities that are especially pronounced. You cannot change such people at their core, but must merely avoid becoming their victim. You are an observer of the human comedy and, by being is tolerant as possible, you gain a much greater ability to understand people and 2 in their behavior when necessary. That was huge for me as a business coach, understand, I’m dealing with people and the majority of which have a dark side and i, and rather than like arguing with them or trying to drink I told about deserve what they’re doing to begin to study them and to look at it, not so much as a person, but category a category b, k receipt, so I can identify personality types. So in the future, when I’m working with clients, I can go okay, that particular person spit personality types of probably not a right fit. For what I do? That’s, probably not a right fit, but again rang the mastery is a grind. It’s one of the hardest books. I’ve ever read. It’s so hard to read. I feel like I’ve won like a trophy wife is robert greene. It changed everything, but it allowed me to business coach communicate with people at a different level as a result of that it’s what I do now is I’m going to play.

The result of somebody who is a rapper is a friend of, have been working for years for her shot to share her skills with america when she goes on and performs of a tiny desk show with common i. Want you to listen. Mister listener misses listener and tell me whether you think that this person sounds like she’s practiced or not. It’s a performance and I want to get your feedback on here. We go jason yo hit me while I love, my brothers I’ll, give you all your problems, so don’t be mad at me because I’m, a showstopper, can you pay cash. I heard it. I’m only concerned with my money, because the revolution look pretty spaceclaim, don’t talk loud, don’t think don’t feel don’t have around. But if I’m at my little tiny, 100% god made woman, will the real men please stand up and defend? Please panda. Take some pride. Everybody started cheering & s performance where it was a smaller audience on npr, where they broadcast all over the world. It’s a very, very popular show called tiny desk, a great place to see live musicians, but people wanted to cheer as a result of the performance and that emotion couldn’t be fake. People saw there like, we don’t know who you are, but you just performed. It will put a link to the video on the show notes, but it’s like she perform. It was so good at it that it was like everybody felt. The need, I’ll put it right there for you are so excited as a business coach. It looks like that they felt that need to cheer, and you can’t fake that it takes time to get that good at anything, but I think the natural tendency we all just humans are all looking for a hack, a quicker way, a way to get rich, quick away. That kind of I don’t know sham at be ashame, mockery, be kind of a scam. Did you eat that people want to do that and we can’t we can’t give in to that desire and pablo picasso? Who shockingly enough going to be here today? He says our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan in which we must fervently believe in upon which we must vigorously act.

There is no other route to success. You need to have a plan. That’s why I recommend, if you’re out there you’re looking to add on to your building looking to improve your facilities, grow your business, business I would recommend you reach out to our friends at williams, contracting, chippewa, cir, contact information contact info. You can call him at 918-682-5511, 918-682-5511 or check him out at will. – khan.Com again, that’s will – khan.Com 918-682-5511. If that’s right, I’m business coach show start up for a big tomball that will teach you the system to increase ship. Does optimize cells multiply table next to me, it’s easy on staples and you can too, if you unplug the cable or I tried talking about today. You can’t fake it until you make it. Nature cannot be tricked. People know this, but one of our partners, one of our investors, would have our key teammates is david robinson, the key business coach teammate for the san antonio spurs for so many years, nba championships. He was the mvp of the most valuable player of the national basketball association. He won the olympic gold two times he’s a guy who started the company called the admiral fund that the time we interviewed me. For 5 years ago I mean the guy. Was it’s already worth? 250 million dollars this funded, it’s been growing steadily. Since then, academy sports is in their portfolio. You think about the omni hotel, that’s their portfolio, they’re doing great, but david robinson has a notable quotable. How to read it to you from page 43 of the amazon best-selling book called the start here book till the start. Here book is an amazon best-selling book which you can download right now for free, so we might going to thrive time should I come I’m going to the notable quotable and I’d like to get a clay stairs like to get you or your take on this cyclase tears.

As the former school teacher turned on multi-millionaire he’s, a millionaire business consultant and so kind of known as being a school teacher turn millionaire on who calling the millionaire school teacher and I want I just want to get your take on this. Could such a powerful quote? He says david robinson, says:basketball is just something else to do another facet of life I’m going to be a success at whatever I choose because of my preparation by the time the game starts, the outcome has been decided, i, never think about having a bad game, because I prepared again basketball is just something else to do. It’s another facet of life I’m going to be a success. Whatever I choose because of my preparation by the gate. By the time the business coach game has started, the outcome has been decided, i, never think about a bad game, because I have prepared wow I was working and running my family’s business. We put together a discipleship training school and we had four different levels in our training start out with the invitation level, and the second level was the preparation level after that was consecration and then purification and the problem with all of us is we love the invitation. We have the idea, we want to respond to the idea and we want to get to the full identification of that sucker, but we don’t want to go through the wilderness. We don’t want to go through the fire. We don’t want to go through the furnace of preparation and as a result, we we get out there we overextend ourselves, and then we did. We just don’t understand why the world is turning out.

That with the world is against me, you know, and it’s like it. Why is it so hard how come everybody else gets to do it and i? Don’t it’s not fair I’m going to show you guys here on the drive time, show a picture and shove. It like me to put a link on the show notes to I’ll make this easy for you. This is a picture of david robinson and if you describe the western who put on the show nuts, but what is this, how big are david robinson’s, arms and sculpted? He was you can tell it wasn’t an accident. This guy was jacked, and so all I’m saying is david said that the preparation, the game already been decided before you even started because of the business coach preparation and I ain’t got such a powerful. That’s where I get my confidence from is from my preparation that separates the damn actors from the pros now:lee cockrell, the former executive vice president of walt disney world resorts. Also a member of the thrive time show team I set down with him because he interviewed 40. He actually think about this. He interviewed about this. If you’re listening right now and you’re struggling to find 5 good people ask yourself how many people did you have to interview to find the five good people you have I didn’t think about this lee cockrell had 40,000 employees that he managed if he were to have a team meeting with everyone present. He would have to rent wrigley field to wrigley. Field is where they go this in in florida home of the demo of the tampa bay devil rays summer time in tampa, bay, devil, rays, seating capacity of stadium in st, pete, beach, florida be pulled up here and, let’s see here, we’re getting it okay and we have it okay, so their stadium, tampa, bay and I want to put this on the show notes your check. Their stadium only seats, 40, 2735 peanuts.

One of them was an employee. They couldn’t fit within fenway park fenway, where the boston red sox play could not accommodate all of the people that worked for lee, fenway hat holds 37,000 people wrigley holds 41000 people. You understand, the guy was an employing basic at the city of broken arrow I’m in the city. Where were broadcasting from right now, the center of universe, broken, arrow, oklahoma, suburb of tulsa, oklahoma, that’s of the man cave studios. Are this guy manage that many people and solely told me a note of a quarter that blew my mind so I wrote it down and I added it to the book here start here what you can download for free right now by simply going to thrive time show.Com, you can download the business coach start here, but he writes the number one excuse people use for not getting done, which should be done is I did not have time you either pay now or pay later with just about every decision you make about where and how you spend your time. Talk to me about this with clients in helping cuz like a guy like the hub jim luke, we really worked with him and helped him he’s been very receptive to it to manage his time effectively and I would argue that probably 80% of our coaching relationship with one of our client is helping them learn. What not to do right now is think they should be doing, but focusing on the things you actually move the needle talk to his listeners out there about the relationship with luke and it how the things he’s been able to focus on that allowed him to achieve record-setting growth at the hub gym when your clients at their broken arrow oklahoma. Well, one thing I can speak to with him specifically that I honestly saw with my parents in the way I ran a company as well is that he was focusing on making sure people cared about him too much and not making sure business was successful.

He has a huge heart. He loves people, he wants to help. People grow in their lives, professionally, obviously helped him get in shape, and he was spending a lot of time dealing with drama inside his business and after a few months of focusing on building, systems and scripting and justin systems and processes in places, he realized I just got to get rid of some of these business coach people and not give my care my love away too quickly, and so now he’s focused on the business and not about how much people care about him, and things are so he’s. So much happier he’s got some time for you to making some money. It’s really really awesome december, so maybe fighting with what you just said, I will make sure we see this up according to ink magazine. What is on the show notes. 85% of employees lie on their resume right. According to the united states small business administration. Nails to do a group of the us chamber did research with this with cbs news 75% of people steal from the workplace in most do so repeatedly. According to research, that was done by the folks who wrote the bible jesus was killed at the age of 33. For being sinless, accord good folks are a fan of history and who read and are aware of american history martin luther king jr. Was killed, for what, and why was he so persecuted for pointing out that races should not be divided based upon the color of people’s skin people shouldn’t be judged by the content of their their skin? The color of their skin is be judged based on the content of your character, so clay stairs, you might have a client after you work with in the past, where maybe they were focusing on trying to make sure every single customer like them.

Every employee, like them, talk to me about how freeing it is for your clients, when they fire somebody who’s, just not ever going to improve it. It’s well. It’s like getting rid of a weight of a dove, a heavyweight that they’ve been carrying around their shoulders forever because they begin to actually they begin to and I’ve been in this place before you begin to dread going to your business, not good today, because of that person they are there and I don’t want to deal with him, but for one reason or another I unwilling to cut it out, I’m unwilling to take care of the issue and confront it. I think a lot of it has to do with it. You we all have a desire as humans to be liked, and once you get to a place where you recognize you rather be feared and respected, then loved and liked. That’s where you can win, that’s a makavelic quote, but if it’s better to be feared and respected and loved and liked in one company after I know, that is absolutely obsessed with being respected for the quality of the business coach work they provide is rc auto, specialists, rc, auto specialists in a proud sponsor of the show how they been in the nfl combine 80 years of experience, maintaining repairing ford automobiles. They do heat and air system transmissions fleet service battery issue super suspension alignment. These guys give him give us your contact information. You can get ahold of these guys at rc auto specialists. Com, rc, auto specialists,, calling today at 918-887-2811 I’ve 918-872-8115 tom clay clark sent you we can help. You grow your business with any further ado

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