Your Purple Cow Should Cause Customers to Love You and Competitors to Hate You

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Looking to stand for something or to stand out in the cluttered marketplace without offending anybody? It’s not going to happen…On July 4, 1776, Congress approved the Declaration of Independence thus ending British taxation and occupation. As of 2019, America has begun to approve flat-rate real estate fees, thus ending the paying of excessive real estate fees by consumers.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “If you’re remarkable, it’s likely that some people won’t  like you. That’s part of the definition of remarkable. Nobody gets unanimous praise–ever. The best the timid can hope for is to be unnoticed. Criticism comes to those who stand out.” – Seth Godin (Best-selling author of The Purple Cow)


  1. The Dental Depot
  2. KFC Bucket Chiropractor
  3. The Golden Arches

STEP 1 – Create the Purple Cow

STEP 2 – Sort Clients to Determine the Right Fit

STEP 3 – Expect that if the customers love you and the competitors hate you – that’s when you found it!

The recent class-action antitrust lawsuit filed against the National Association of Realtors could signify the beginning of flat-rate real estate commissions and the end of the 6% standard commission that buyers and sellers have been conditioned to expect to pay when they buy and sell properties.


My main man, Sam Adams was born on the glorious day of September 27, 1722 in the city of Boston, Massachusetts.

  1. Sam Adams was super intense with his unrelenting opposition of British Taxation so he helped to create the resistance to the Stamp Act, he was one of the main organizers of the Boston Tea Party and he is considered to be on the founding fathers of the United States.
  2. He was the second cousin of the United States President, John Adams who he urged to sign the Declaration of Indepence.
  3. Many historians believe his courage was liquid-fueled.
  4. John Adams, with whom he urged a final break from Great Britain, and a signee of the U.S. Declaration of Independence. Adams died on October 2, 1803, in Boston.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “No one is really going to help you or give you direction. In fact, the odds are against you.” – Robert Greene (The best-selling author of Mastery and The 48 Law of Power)

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “All jackassery needs to become culturally acceptable is for people with a sound-mind to say nothing.” – Clay Clark

  1. Why is it culturally acceptable for realtors to be able to make a 6% commission on every house regardless of the size of the home?
  2. Did the realtor do more work because they house they are listing is a larger home.
  3. Think about this…marinate on this:
    1. Typical Realtor Ample Example:
      1. $100,000 house = $6,000 commission for the realtor or realtors involved paid at the time of closing
      2. $300,000 house = $18,000 commission for the realtor or realtors involved paid at the time of closing
      3. $600,000 house = $36,000 commission for the realtor or realtors involved paid at the time of closing
    2. Door Realty –
    3. Sam Adams Realty Ample Example:
      1. $1,000 commission for the first 80 listings paid at the time of closing
      2. Future maximum commission of $4,444 paid at the time of closing

FUN FACT – According to figures from the U.S. Census Bureau, the United States spends $11,392 per student every year. This figure, referred to as per pupil current spending (PPCS), varies dramatically by state. Some states spend over $20,000 per student while others spend less than $7,000.

$227,840 per classroom

$1,265 per day per class

Per day Breakdown:

$420 per day on Outback

$31.50 per day for gym memberships every day

$210 for new books every day

$200 per day per teacher

$200 per day on leasing a space

Total = $1,261.50

Clay’s demands on an $18,000 commission:

  1. Want to sit in the first 10 rows when Seinfeld or Jim Gaffigan comes to town
  2. 1-year massage envy membership
  3. Daily meal delivery for a year
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Aristotle wants wrote, there’s only one way to avoid criticism. Do Nothing. Say nothing, be nothing. The thrive time show proudly presents a historical reenactment of the events leading up to the revolutionary war. The audio feature and dialogue between the British throne and the Calvinists does not actually real audio. I don’t want you to take it. It’s a real audio from the revolutionary war ad. We did this and I’ll shameless attempt to summarize the events that started in 1775 and that continued to 1,783 I do to some serious budget cuts. Clay will be playing the part of all of the voice actors on today’s show and due to a lack of talent you are in for, well, the low point of your day really, but we hope at least it gets better from here. Right, right, right. So after the 1765 there was growing tinch political difference.

You see, the tension at the time was probably as intense is me spending time with a socialist and communist or pro late term abortionist. The tension between the Calvinists and the British was getting worse day after day. It was getting bad. The taxation continued to rise and it was subsequently followed by more and more cries from the paper. Oh, the callers kept saying, these taxes are too high, and then Britain would respond, kicked. George would respond with an insincere reply. Hello, this is King George and I would like to issue a proclamation of rebellion. This clearly states that we’re not at war, but there are certain elements of the colonies and a state of open and avowed rebellion. I officially order my, my soldiers to do the utmost and Devis to withstand and suppress such a rebellion. There’s no wall and it’s just a rebellion.

Basically. This is my final attempt to put a wall. Meanwhile, a colonist by the name of Sam Adams holding court at a local bar. I, Sam Adams here, if I could chime in real quick. Ah, so he is basically the freaking deal. We’re getting taxation without representation. We got taxation without representation. Also, another point I want to bring up without the dramatic music is we are experiencing taxation without representation. Meanwhile, in England, King George wrote a document that said this. Hello, this is King George and I am issuing by the King of proclamation for rebellion and sedition as many of us subjects and diverse parts of our colonies. And meanwhile, Sam Adams and the diverse call, Dennis started to read the document and they thought, well, ah, Sam Adams back. He again, I really don’t give and I swear I’m going to go some other. So if you guys keep taxing us without representation, I swear I’m going to throw all your shit into the t Haba and then we’re going to you guys up.

So you do. And a big shout out to King George.. Go pats. I also, one more thing, I do need to take a deuce and a, I noticed we had a shortage of toilet paper here in the local bar. So if I could get to remain remainder of the king’s proclamation, I would like to, uh, do the do honors and I would like to use it to clean my derriere. So thank you. This is Sam Adams King George. I will see you in. Oh, and by the way, in the year 2019 eventually America, I was wanting to elect somebody for the u s representatives for New York’s 14th congressional district, which will include parts of the eastern Bronx and porous portions of the north central Queens in New York City. Her name is going to be Alexandria Cossio Cortez. She will be a socialist and although I do regret not being able to meet her personally, I would like to say to you, Ms. Cortez, giving all your power to the government is bad capitalism. Now. That is good. Cortez, I need you to listen to that on repeat until we fix your brain because obviously you don’t understand how economies work and how tyranny starts and socialism and capitalism and does it so much. I want to say to you right now, but I got to go. Bye Bye Sam

shows don’t need a celebrity in a writer to introduce the show. This math eight kids co created by two different women, 13 multimillion dollar businesses. Ladies and gentleman, welcome

to the thrive time show.

Yes, yes, yes and yes. Thrive nation.

Today’s show, we’re talking about hair. Purple cow should cause customers to love you and your competitors to hate you. Flat fee real estate. One O one chip. There’s a lot of information there. Can you please explain to the listeners what is a purple cow?

A purple cow is a, it’s what we call your differentiating factor. It’s how people will distinguish you from your competition in the marketplace. So it can be a, you know, a truck. If you’re a contractor. I’ll an example I use out there, if you’re out there listening to your sitting in front of a computer, Google wouldn’t truck. There’s a, there’s a picture on Google images of a full scale wooden truck. Doors wouldn’t everything. And, and I say if you were a custom cabinet builder and you drove this truck around, do you not think everybody in the neighborhoods you were working in is going to notice you?

Aye. Aye. Okay. Another example I can pick up going to one up me. Ah, well it just, it makes me, uh, it Kinda reminds me of one of our guests here. Okay. Okay. Oh, we have doctor Brett Curry chiropractic. [inaudible]. How are you doing Rick? Welcome onto the show. My thank you. Um, there is one of your competitors or colleagues or everyone to refer to, another chiropractor in broken hill by the lawn and garden place where I’ve been going a lot lately because my son has a lawn mower and we want to get it fixed. Right. And he has a, I guess he’s Ti bought or purchased or leased a former Kentucky fried chicken. I knew you were going with it. Has turned that into a chiropractic.

In fact, let me see if I can guess his name because of this bucket. Is it Gil

Strap there? It is. I never would’ve been able to guess that, but the thing is my wife knows about it because of the chicken bucket. Right. Chicken bucket is still correct. I knew about it because we chicken bucket. Right. Did you know about the business because of the chicken bucket? I did. I actually filled in for Dr Gil Strap, uh, early on in my career here in Tulsa. Did you work out of the bucket? I worked in the building with the buckle buck and I asked him about, I said, you know, hey, have you thought about just because it’s painted white, it does not look like a KFC bucket anymore, but the shape and everything else is still there. Um, so everybody knows what it is. But uh, yeah. I asked him about, I said, have you ever considered taking the bucket off of the top of the building?

And he said, no. Everybody rest slash okay. Okay. So, so a purple cow is, imagine a bunch of cows. Let’s say you’re driving from Tulsa to Dallas or Tulsa, Kansas City, Tulsa to Colorado. You’re going to see a lot of cows and typically Chub. What kind of car? What color is the average cow? We’ve got some brown cows, got some, some black cows. Cows have white spots mixed in. That’s about it. So we have a, there’s not usually a purple cow. No perfect candidate. If it did 10, if indeed we did see a purple cow. So said we are driving to Dallas and we do see a purple cow and a darker brick. How many kids do you have? I have three. Okay. And would you be driving and like a suburban or I’m in a minivan or SUV. Suv. Chuck, what would you be driving in with you and your wife and your child right now?

Soon to be two kids. Soon to be two kids. Probably the old outback. The Subaru outback. So you’re driving in the outback, the wagon hand. The kids usually look out the window? Yep. Are they usually watching movies on and your family, the doctor brick or they, uh, singing along to songs? Are they discussing, are the other areas? I mean, yeah, we do the family road trip kind of thing sometimes where we’re pointing out different things out out and about as we’re passing by or listening to music and singing off key, no doubt. But other times they are watching movies or playing amongst themselves in the backseat. My kids, uh, I don’t know if this is a game that’s a universal or not, but my, my kids play the stop touching me. No. Yeah. And it’s like a game where the whole time it’s like, eh, stop touching me.

There’s a real winner. He’s pretty my hair, but everyone’s a loser. Everyone is a loser. You’re looking at me. So that’ll happen. That’ll happen. Then they’ll see something like, oh dad, it’s majestic. You see that? I said, what is that? We were driving to Amarillo and my son says, Dad, look at that place. So he looked and he goes, they sell tires. I go, oh, I know. He goes and goat meat. And I said, what? We’re driving away to Amarillo. No kidding. If you’re driving from Tulsa Amarillo, you’ll see this place. They sell tires, chicken and goat meat naturally. Ah, so I pull over like baby, this could be our place. She was, we are not covering their buddies botanic tires, but it yet. Right. But it gets, it gets your attention though. So again, you think about what our purple cows in Tulsa, uh, let’s, let’s think about dentistry for a second.

What is, what’s the dentist in Tulsa the business with, with the features that a train the dental depot. There it is the two. We have the dental depot. Why do I know that name? We’ve got the, uh, the Gil strap with the massive a KFC bucket chicken bucket. We’ve got, let’s think about the golden arches for a second. Yeah. Back in the 1950s, this was a unique thing, darker brick. Do you remember as a kid, uh, because you, you’re, you were at a Reagan baby. You’re born in 1977. 89 79. Okay. So do you remember, uh, being pride 19 uh, it maybe 91 ish, 19 late 1980s. Do you remember going for a happy meal? Yeah, of course. Okay. And so you remember that? Do you remember asking for that phrase, a happy meal? I do. Chuck, do you remember asking for a happy meal that they actually, I remember it so much that in college actually dressed up as the hamburglar for Halloween one year. Are you serious? Yeah, that was awesome. So everybody there, you, we know about Mcdonald’s because of their, their purple cow and the relentless advertising. So I’m going to pull up a picture of the one of the original Mcdonald’s you see there on the big screen. They had a big signs at 15 cents and they had a Mcdonald’s over 1 million served are served at that point, and they had those big arches, right chop. Why were those arches essential to the growth of Mcdonald’s?

They were memorable. They stuck out from the other drive up, drive, sit, dine in Burger places that made them different. It made people recognize and see them better than the competition.

Well, chip, I’m going to read you a notable quotable from chef coat and the bestselling author of the book called the purple cow, maybe the inventor of the purple cow. The Guy who noticed it, observed it and put it into a book, put a name on it who came up with the phrase purple cow. So I’m going to read you the notable quotable chuck, and then you can break down what it means. Okay, here we go. Seth Godin writes, if you are remarkable, it’s likely that some won’t like you. That’s part of the definition of being remarkable. Nobody gets unanimous. Praise ever. The best that the timid can hope for is to be unnoticed. Criticism comes to those who stand out. Chuck, what does it mean? It means be

bold. Business is war. People are out there trying to put you out of business. You’ve got to stick out beige. Vanilla nothingness is not going to be memorable. Therefore, people are not going to come back and they’re not going to mention you. That’s the other thing about the tiny and back in to what we were talking about with the purple cow. If your kids are driving in and they see these fields of cows all the way from here to Kansas City, and all of a sudden one is purple, they’re going to say something. They’re going to say something to you. They’re going to say something when they get there. Guys, there’s a purple cow on the highway on the way up here.

Now, doctor Breck, uh, you as a chiropractor in Tulsa have a move that you do all the move and I believe is a, is it purple cow? You for your patience. For your first exam, you offer a free for your first visit to offer a free exam. Free Ray. Yes, and free adjustment. Correct. Nobody else in tells us doing that move where you’re giving somebody a free x Ray, a free exam, free adjustment, a free consultation, you’re offering them four fabulous moves the moves for for for people who might not come back, right? You’re offering that chill. The low low price of free 90 free chump. Thinking about this for a second, if you are going to go to a chiropractor, let’s say you had a little back pain, maybe you got a little fender bender, maybe you are playing sports a little bit. My shoes after work.

Have you ever been to a chiropractor? Don’t ne Ne don’t name names where the experience was not good? Yes. W W what made it bad? Everything I went to one, I went to one of my scheduled three appointments. Okay. And each appointment was supposed to be at five and so like at five 45 each time in the evening. I wondered why it scheduled a meeting at five because he wasn’t ever there. Right. Um, and we, I get it. Things come up. We all have mistakes from time to time, but it was a consistent, not availability of the doctors

always something like that. For me it was the place was under perpetual construction, never to be finished. Um, they, the thing is there, they were really nice, great people, right? Like they, you could tell they really nice, great people, but they’re, you know, two and three year olds were screaming in the waiting room the whole time. The doctor’s kids were there screaming in the waiting room. Every time I went,

I went to another one where the front desk lady, um, basically would always tell me about the bad parts of her life. No, I’m not kidding. I would show her therapist. I go in, she’d say, how are you today sir? It’s a great, are you here to see Dr Such and such? Yes, I am. Okay. Have you been here before? And I said, yeah, it’s kind of weird the third time. Right, right. Okay. I remember your team. Do you remember my name? But she’s like, if you’ve been here before, but she doesn’t, she doesn’t make eye contact. Right. So I say, ah, yeah, I was here the last week. She goes, okay, third time if you serve, you’ve been here before it. Yup. Oh, okay. You know, and, but I’m not trying to argue with her. She goes, how are you? I said, I’m fine. Here comes, well let me tell you how I’m doing.

I got an ingrown toenail. We’ve got this, what she does, she goes, the patients, we were just slammed. And everybody’s coming in with like, oh, I got this pain pain. Everyone’s coming in and got issues and back issues. And I just, this one lady who just left and she’s going on and on about every patient and I’m going, wow. So I’ve had a good experience, you know, with, with other people in Tulsa. But Dr Brick, why have you decided on doing that move and how has it impacted your business over there? Doctor Well, I think it’s impacted us in the way that we’ve grown and it’s helped. Um, but, uh, one of the reasons why I do that is because I want to interview for the job. I mean, I, I don’t think that, uh, for me to interview for you, you should necessarily have to pay me to do that.

I want to be your chiropractor not only today but tomorrow. Um, the chiropractor for your friends, your family, your kids. Um, and so, uh, yeah, come and check me out. If you don’t resonate with what I’m doing or what I’m saying, then you’re only out a little bit of time. Chubb, there are other, there are other purple cows out there, but I think what the listeners just heard is powerful because of Dr Breck is interviewing to be their chiropractor. Right. But also that the patients are interviewing to is to be his client. Now I’ll, I’ll give you an example. Seth Godin once said, he said the your your clients and he says your clients will determine the happiness of your worklife. Chuck, would you agree with us? Oh my gosh, yes, he’s doing it. He’s, he was doing an interview with Seth Goden or Seth Godin was doing an interview with, with the, uh, Tim Ferris.

Okay. And Tim said, what’s a lesson you would give somebody like yourself? Because it says, Seth Goden, by the way, has no employees. Yeah, he’s a best selling author, Chet, but it’s just happening all by himself. And so he was a, Tim Ferriss was asking him, he said, what advice would you give somebody like yourself who is an author who writes books and works on projects with individual clients, but you do everything yourself? What advice would you give? He said, the, the, the, the clients you choose will determine the life that you live. Just be very careful about the clients you choose because you’re with them a lot. It’s really important to be intentional about that. Chuck, I want you to talk about that with our business coaching program for a second. Yeah. Somebody fills out the form. Let’s say they say they go to thrive time and they schedule a 13 point assessment. Can you kind of walk them through the steps? What happens next?

Yeah. So we’re going to sit down and we’re going to measure through and evaluate the 13 steps of the thrive business coaching program and we’re going to decide, you know, are you a diligent doer or a happy helper? Are you an entrepreneur or a wantrepreneur? And we’re going to decide if you’re going to be a good fit after going through that process. And one thing I can say to that, you know, deciding who you’re going to work with thing back with the concrete company, we had the poverty mentality. I just had to get every single job, every single job and it was like a living hell sometimes because these contractors that we would go work for over and over again, they would just perpetually screw you. Let

me of, how can I one up you. I love mount suck material, succumb to climb up to the top of Mount Sangamon Charles, we’re almost there. I had that poverty mentality. But for you, how long did you have that poverty mentality? How long did you run run your parents’ business? I was about eight years that I was pretty much running it. Well you beat me, but I only had it for like six years. We had it the whole time, so you can make me now. Here’s, here’s what happened. The phone would ring boop, boop, boop, DJ connection. This is clay. How can help you yet clear? I don’t charge of it. It’d be something like this when I’m in, I’m in charge of the sand springs, softball. Not It would take usually about 10 minutes just to get that part right. Right. I’m head of the, uh, uh, where it’s like the mind would shut off.

You know, what can people try not to fall asleep while driving? They’re driving these, you’re going to church next to someone who’s doing the nod where they’re like, I have to really go the diving. When I call that car, I call that Cargill. Epsy it’s not a good thing. I have to be careful. You guys had been, you guys have been to church when the guy who’s falling asleep as the church services happening. Correct. Never been that guy. But you know, so, so now, now this is what this guy’s doing. This guy’s like, well, I’ll tell you what, I’m [inaudible] man, I wanted to tell him, you know, is a, well basically it’s a fund raiser of girls and them girls are uh, ages nine through 13. This would just go on. And the first question, the first question was, we’ll get how can help you, you know, and I said, well, where’s it located?

When I had a deer to Taco Taco Bueno, or they’re over there by the sand springs community center. Now I am now in a Taco. Bueno. It’s just a little bit now if you are, are you familiar with the VA expressway? And he’d just get, it would be like, God, so another 10 minutes. So I, it was like a 30 minute, the first two calls, the first two questions I’d say, okay, well how many girls are we planning on where others now that’s a great question. How do we eat? Are girls of all different sizes, types and ages all coming in? Right? Which really it’s a mixed group. We genders, races, [inaudible] all working together. It’s parents and neat to see a very diverse, uh, what was the question when you’re just like, I just went, how many people, you know? Well, I know, I hate to put a number on it.

Nah, he ain’t one of them djs. The charges based on the number of people. Because if you do that, I’ll tell you the, what we had two people coming rat and I’m like, okay. It was just crazy. And the guys used to listen. They’re like, this guy is taking forever. So then I would say, I remember this Guy Barry [inaudible] specifically and say, well, okay, well sir, we have fight for packages. Um, every package comes with unlimited time. Any music that you want, we’re gonna sit down for one on one consultation. It’s unlimited time. You remember, you’d all the music unlimited time, customize the sound, customize the lights, it’s all there for you. Uh, we just need to set scheduled time to meet you to go over the agenda. And then here it goes, where? Now I have to set a time, mom, I don’t like to get pinned down.

Absolutely. What would, what would be a good time? Well now if you come on out to sand springs out pocket, meet you over there at uh, uh, over there by the Mcdonald’s and then a big old super center right over there. There’s a sonic. Oh, I’ll meet you. You’re like, okay, well till you meet people at our office. Well, if up my business, you coming out here. So I drive out there in the van from broken Arrow to some obscure sonic right in sand springs with my singular phone with limited roaming minutes. Did I get a call [inaudible] to Doodoodoo clay. Now I ain’t going to be there. I tried calling your office and your team’s got to answer that phone. If you up my business now we’ll need to meet tomorrow cause I’m busy. Oh my gosh. And I would go back and the guys were like, Dude, you’ve driven to sand springs three times.

And they’d say, why are you, what’s the deal? It can, it’s, it’s a pride thing. Deal man. Got It. And booked this thing. Anybody who’s this hard to book has to be booked seriously. The university. Just the hunt. Have you guys seen the Seinfeld where George George, someone spreads a rumor about George based on truth that he will break this woman’s heart. Have you seen this one? I don’t know. Oh, it’s so good. What do, wait. Apparently George has A, Georgia’s dating a girl and George’s friend knows the girl very well. It was, this is the bad boy one. So the girl says, um, she says is he could guy and his friend says, Nope, he’ll love you. He’ll leave you. It’ll break your heart. And then so George finds out that this guy said this about him from the girl. So he goes to Jerry and Elaine and uh, and to Kramer and he says, guys, can you believe that such and such said that I love and leave?

There’s, that’s not me. I don’t do that. Why would he say that in the lane goes well, cause that’s what you do George. And he’s like, listen, you can’t say, well I’m going to do before I do it. That’s up to me whether I do it. Maybe I’ve changed, maybe I haven’t, but no way tells people my reputation before I do that. That’s what your reputation is. It’s, it’s a procedure. No, no, no, no. So anyway, he was, he goes, Jerry, and I’m gonna do, I’m going to date this woman forever and I’ll marry her if I have to, but I’m killing this rumor. And she’s like, it’s not a rumor. George is based on truth Costanza. Anyway, all I’m saying is that the Djs knew that if these kinds of events, the guys in the office knew, then I would book this person. But once I did book him Chupp what would happen?

It would be the worst client on the planet, right show up and in the, in the van usually, just to give you a picture, it was a Chevy Astro van, usually about 70,000 miles on a hand painted. Of course, of course, a DJ connection logo on it. I drive up to set up and Harry is, well, I’ll tell you what now I know you said you’ve got to pay a deposit, which we did now, but as far as the rest of it now, um, we, we ain’t going to be a whole paid not turn out. It’s a little bit less, but now you can grind it off, gets the sand springs, uh, softball. It’s five o one c three. I told you that now what we’ll do is you can just write that off and you just, you just ride it off and you just can say you made donation.

They’ll just, between you and me, right. And I’m good at it. At an up, you need to pay. I remember this guy, he’s like, well I’d pay, but it’s break the heart and the little girls that shows a lot about a man. It takes a lot of balls to be that big of a jerk. It’s like, I’m like, what? Yeah, so somehow I leave, come home. Vanessa is like, how was it seven hours later? Deejayed from like 4:00 PM to like midnight. How many years did you do that Gig? Did I did that Gig for at least at least five or six years for corporate sponsor? Top of the back of the tee shirt? No, but another one, if you’re out there in your, from India, okay. Don’t, don’t get all worked up, but I have to share the accent because otherwise you won’t understand. The conversation was okay. Now I just made fun of, it’s very intentional. I just shared what it’s like to deal with a redneck redneck. And I’m also telling you a read nick could be a different kind of potentially different. Yeah. But also I want to share with you about dealing with this man named Harry. Fred. Nick. Now Mary.

Hey Dude, that’s a redneck. So what I would go meet with this, this, uh, this one guy. I met him at Itex, Doctor Brecker youth. Are you familiar with Itex? I’m not chuck. We’ve, when I texted you, came in, I text is a form of currency that’s not currency. So it’s you trade out. Okay. So it’s like, it’s in the past. It’s like I DJ for you. Uh, oh. Like a barter system, barter system, and not in the past. So I DJ for you doctor Breck and then I get cash instead of cash, they say let’s do a trade out. And so you as a chiropractor, you would inflate your prices. So what, what does it mean? What does a typical exam and adjustment costs for somebody after their first free appointment? So the adjustment that’s itself after the first one, um, it’s about $200.

Okay, so let’s just say this. So you would just crank your prices way up cause straight out. And I crank mine up. So now I’m charging $1,000 to DJ. You’re charging 400 to do chiropractic service and no one’s honest with their prices. And I didn’t, I didn’t, I didn’t understand the game yet. Oh. So I’m charging my still everyday low price of like $350. And this guy, we get up to the wedding, he says, okay, I went to tell you out today, we’re not going to pay you with batteries, batteries. And I go, we’re going to what? You’re, you’re going to pay me with batteries? He goes, I pay with veterans or yes, I do it at Redwood. I pay it better and he’s like all giddy about it. Like he’s not trying to be shady. This is like his gift is on I Texas too.

I would normally all your $900 a battery. I give you my friend, my friend, $1,800 a bedroom. It was like, it was $2,000 a battery. These are like huge. You know the ones you use for a boombox back in the 80s huge batteries, small batteries, the AAA, the Ds, the Denine volts watch battery and they’re all off brand. Yeah, of course. Of course. I, and I’m not kidding guys, it literally filled up probably we had a cargo van. It was like a pallet of battery all off brand land and he wouldn’t pay. I remember he looked at me in the eye and he said this phrase, and I, I’ll never forget because it was seared into my brain. He goes, if you’re not networking, you’re not working good. Nothing that I can go networking and I’m going, what does that mean? Because I didn’t ask him for advice.

Right. I, there was nothing that means is Gotcha. Hey, and he gives me these batteries and he said, I hope I be good. You did such a good job. Especially friend, I give you $900 dollars. And I’m like, I’m not part of ITEX. He goes to get to with like, do you keep talking about our itechs and it’s honor. It’s honor. It’s an honor to work with itex people. I had met his daughter, I’d booked his daughter off her wedding and she like an Americanized person from India. Um, so it doesn’t really have much of an accent. Totally understands American culture studying to be come a doctor, neat lady. I never uh, talked to him and I’m like, what is itex? He goes, it’s a tradeoff system where we are exchange of goods and services and we found out he’s the head of it. Ah, homeboy though.

Could you imagine your child, we, can you imagine what it would be like to try to pay your family using or pay your employees using batteries? No, they would quit immediately. This is during a low cash flow time of the best. What did this worst case scenario ever had? Somebody in Chiropractic, which I don’t, you need batteries, your heads, many chiropractic care. Try to not pay you with actual currency, actual money for a job. Oh well I’ve never been a chiropractor. Okay. I’m sorry concrete. I we definitely had people that would try to do trade outs, you know, especially fact, especially if they were other tradesmen. Yeah. Well you know, I’m a little short, but they’re always rednecks. Um, but if you need that sprinkler line, repair it. I’m like, I don’t have a sprinkler line.

Breck, if you ever had somebody try to barter with you just to blend the two story. Yeah. I had somebody try to offer me concrete recently. I was like, hey, how’s your driveway? You need some concrete work done. Sorry, my bad. It’s a matter of fact. I don’t know. So again, if you’re out there and some cash and you’re out there and you have a purple cow, step one, you’ll get that purple cow figured out. But step two, understand that everyone is going to call you now. It’s going to happen because your deal is a hot deal. That’s right. You’re going to get more calls, right? Right now you have hot deals, a hot call. You’re going to get more calls, more deals coming in, and it’s up to you to say yes to who’s a good fit, right? He was not a good fit.

Can I have you, I want you to break something down on this. Um, whenever I very first started working with you, clay, I was making calls for ethic photography. Yup. And would you share the way we qualified brides? Oh, well, we’d add, the bride would call where we’d see him at a trade show and we’d say you for called epic photography. How can I make your day great? And it’s, Oh, I’m looking for a photographer, uh, for my wedding. And we’d say, well, what date are you looking at? Right. And they would say, I’d say 90% of them would say, Oh, you know, June 5th or May 7th or August 15th. They did. They knew a date, probably 90% but the 10% that said, so as far as the date, what do you mean by that? Well, I think in springish you’d say, well yeah, I’m just looking for a specific date in my calendar I can [inaudible].

So it’s just like, I don’t want to be pinned down. I says we’re in a great relationship with a man named Matt and it’s just like, it’s crazy. But we met and it just, it’s gonna be awesome kind. I’m just calling good ideas, right? Let’s not spend much time on this person and chop. But we had to ask, what date are you looking at, what date? And then also we knew a bride was serious if they’ve picked out a venue. So then we’d go to the next question. Right. So what venue have you select Zack? And if they said, so it’s like I just brass, it’s more about 2019 it’s right now in the mind. No, I know it’s 2016 about 29 to the overthinking and we’re going to move forward. We just don’t know where we’re moving forward with. You know exactly what, what, could you email me over a list of venues and maybe I’d like to meet you at them and drive around and see if you could just look at the light and kind of explain how it works.

And you’re like, well, you know what we are, I think we’re all booked up for all, all of 12 2019 all 2019 really 20 to 2030 where are we got a lot going on there. Crazy. So that’s, but again, step one crit, purple cow step to step to sort the clients and figuring out who’s a good fit. Dr Breck, who is the right kind of client for you? Somebody who wants to be, we’ll somebody who actually wants to take responsibility for their own health. So those are the, those are the clients that I really enjoy working with because I come alongside and I get to coach them. I get to guide them, but uh, I can’t want it more than you want it. Now we have a lot of stuff to read here. I’d like for you to read the text in red to explain what is going on and I will break down one more detail.

Okay. The recent anti or the recent class action antitrust lawsuit filed against the National Association of Realtors could signify the beginning of flat rate real estate commissions and the end of the 6% standard commission that buyers and sellers have been conditioned to expect to pay when they buy and sell properties. Now how many of you out there have sold a house in the last, let’s say year? I just asking rhetorically, how many of you out there have sold a house within the past year? How many of you have sold the house that within the past five years, how many you have? You have sold a house ever? Well if you’ve sold a house, you probably are going to uh, recognize the power of what I’m about to read to you. This, this headline and chip, I’ll put a link on the show notes here. Cool. So you can see what I’m doing here.

Give me just one second. I’m going to post to post the link and this is on a Fox. This is also on Forbes. This is also on, it says real estate firms accused of conspiring to overcharge home sellers and class action lawsuits. Little thoughts commercial, unbelievably autoplay, autoplay, a class action law suit has been filed against major us real estate law firms accused of violating antitrust laws. According to the suit filed in Federal District Court in Chicago, the defendant’s worked together to require home sellers to pay brokers representing the buyer of their homes and inflated it. Inflated amounts. The lawsuits centers on a rule allegedly imposed by the National Association of Realtors in Ar, which pertains to the multiple listing service or a database of properties listed for sale in a particular area. The plaintiff argues that this is how most homes in the u s are sold and most mlss are controlled by national association of Real Estate Associations on a local level.

When a property is listed on the multi list system, the guideline in question requires a seller, not only to pay the agent listing his property, but also non negotiable offer of compensation to the buyer’s representative, which saddles home sellers with a cost that would be borne by the buyer and it competitive market. Okay. So what do we say? Check. What’s it say? Have you bought a house in the last five years? Yes. Uh, where did you buy the house? Approximately what part of town? 60 Ferris in Harvard and Tulsa. So you bought the house? Yep. And did you guys drive around previous to buying the house guy? We did a lot of Zillow going and then some driving? Yes. So once you, you, you knew the part of town you wanted to live in? Yes. And then that neighborhood actually. Okay. So then you drove around once you did some Zillow and, Yup.

You drove around and when you found the house you wanted, did you have an agent representing, you know, so you called the sign directly, directly. And when you call it the sign, do you remember what, what Real Estate Commission you had to? Uh, it was 6% okay, well it was the 3% it was the 6% split or whatever. But just so we’re getting the art, they just said, we’re getting this idea. The seller of the home, the first thing listed in the House has listed the house with a 6% commission, right? So on the MLS system, all realtors can see what you as a consumer can’t see. They can see how much commission every realtor makes if this house sells, right? It’s not public knowledge, but his knowledge to realtors, right? So again, if you look at a house on mls and on that house, it lists the address and the price and all the details.

It says what commission that the real estate agents get. And it’s almost always 6% 3% available for the buyer, right? 3% available for the seller, the 3% available for the real estate agent who represents the buyer, 3% available for the real estate agent who represents the seller. So chuffed when you call the number of direct, um, did you ever have a realtor who, who represented you or did you just deal with the realtor who was helping you? So who’s helping to sell the house? We just dealt with the one who was helping sell the house. Okay. And they get, and they got 6% because now in this case they’re getting the buyer’s commission and the seller’s commission. Right. Because I reached out to them. Right, right. And so they made 6% commission instead of three because their marketing made sense. Right, because the, cause you call it the side, because I saw the sign.

So because their marketing was so effective, Aka because you saw the sign and called direct, they made 6% exactly right. Dr Breck, have you recently purchased a house, let’s say in the last 10 years? Six years ago, six years ago. And when you were looking for the right house, did you use the internet and then drive around or what did you do? Yeah, both. Um, I was on Zillow, a realtor, um, every, every app that Arnie, Max, whatever, there’s a bunch of, you already know what part of town you want it to live in. We were kind of open to some different parts of town in general. And so did you do most of your research online? Yes. Most of it, yes. And then you called? Yes. Did you have a buyer’s agent? I did have a real leader. And do you mean you known this person for a long time?

Uh, for a little while. Okay. So this person helped you find the house or did you help? He, did you have your cell phone? I found the house. You helped yourself find the house? Yes, I’m an entrepreneur. And then they’ve got the conviction. What does it say? You helped yourself find the house and then you told the realtor who represented you have, this is how much I want to offer for the House I did. And then they served as a middleman to go to the seller’s a seller’s agent and say, Hey, seller’s agent, this is what doctor Brex willing to offer. Right. Did you counter back and forth a few times or was it the first little bit, yeah. Not a lot but a little bit. A little bit. And how many days back and forth of negotiation where they’re, where they’re, where their hours with their board rooms with our big meetings was a big discussions where their labor talks, where there are a lot of confusing within a week, within a week or few days check.

Was it weeks, was it days, was it a couple of days? So you didn’t offer my first offer is a donor. I think we went back maybe twice back and forth, maybe twice. Okay. So once you agreed on a price, your agent I’m assuming got 3% correct. And the seller’s agent, the person representing the house, they got 3% correct? I believe so, yeah. So Chuck, this, uh, this concept has always made me crazy. Yeah. And because I have purchased, there was a time between 2001 I think 2012 where my wife and I bought a new house every year. Like we just kept moving because we’ve got a home based business. And so we kept just moving up to bigger houses, bigger houses. Then we had five kids, bigger houses, bigger. So we kept moving, right? And every time we’re paying a 6% commission. And at one point I thought, why aren’t any agents just charging a flat fee?

So I called a buddy of mine. I said, hey, if you will represent me to buy a house, you don’t have to do anything. Because the last two times you’ve done nothing either. Right? And what I’m going to do is I’m going to pay you literally $1,000 a thousand just to represent the deal. You do nothing ever. You’re not gonna do anything this time. Cause I dealt directly with the agent for the seller. I refuse to call my agent. I just needed someone to help me get the transaction done. Yeah, I’ll pay you $1,000 to do nothing. They don’t know. No, I can’t do it. It’s a, the association, it’s really frowned upon. You got to do 3% do you have to do 3% it was just frowned upon. Only professionals to clay. We do all the contract negotiation. We look at all the deals.

We help you to negotiate. We help you determine the fair market price, and I’m going, I know that you’re part of this fabulous organization called the National Association of Realtors. You need the crops. Hey, can I get you to think about this? There’s four justifications that most realtors will tell you why they get the 6% they say one chip is because we help you determine the fair market price. We’ve got to find that. Do you believe that to be true chip and doing you mean, do you believe that you could figure it out the price, what you should be offering without a realtor? Yeah, because I did. I’ve done that. But your Dr. Brock candy leave. I can figure that out. Really? Yeah. Do you believe you guys can do that with our own products? I buy off. Okay, so step one is you’re saying you guys can find your own price.

Yeah, I grew up watching the prices. Right Click. Okay. Step two variable to this is why realtors say, this is what the National Association says. This is why they say that you need a realtor to, is that a realtor help first, they help you determine the price to help you market the home, got to market the home. Do you believe there’s anything that your realtor did, uh, on behalf of your seller chip, other than to put that sign out there and to put that freaking house on mls that helped you determined to buy the house? No. Did you see a Facebook post? Nope. Did you get a big chain email that you get a big group texts that encouraged you? Nope. Did you see a billboard promoted that you didn’t see a Instagram post? Nope. So all the, all these really are things that are used to market houses and then none of them worked on you?

Nope. Dr Brick. I mean, he’s crazy. Did you, were you impacted by billboards on the house? I bought no mailers on the house. I sold, uh, we did, um, share a Facebook video of, of a walkthrough for our house. But other than that, I mean, I still felt like we could’ve put pictures on Facebook, Facebook, video lead. I don’t think it’s sold the house. Now. The real winners are running around getting, getting not a glamour shots. Oh yeah. They’re, they’ve shut that down. And Woodland Hills Mall I think. But the realtor said, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Bring it back. No, we’re bringing it, bringing it back. Now you see all these pretty people going in. My name is Carrie. I’m here for my glamour shots. I mean real estate headshots and they put their head shots on the photos. I almost feel like it’s like a dating website. When I see these things, I’m driving around through neighborhoods and broken Aaron. It’s like, my name is Susie and I am ECPC. How close to shots are, it’s uncomfortable.

Why are there glamor shots? What they do? Okay, so one is to help you market your, is there another industry where every person’s face is on the card actors? All right, right. Yeah. We’re tending to actually help you. Okay, so real inner say they do this [inaudible] say one, we help you to determine the fries too. We help you to help you market the houses. Right? Three realtors say real intersect. They say, well we’re going to do is we’re going to look at that contract and help negotiate. I don’t know about you, but I’m going to tell you some deep and dark, terrible secrets about some realtors that I know very well. Okay? If you’re out there listening and you say, I know who you know. Well, let me take in Tulsa. I’ve worked with about three dozen religious, so we kind of hard to guess.

I’m going to tell you two of them. You ready for this? Doctor writes, I’m ready. This is how the call would go cause we have a mutual friend. Let’s pretend. Let’s pretend. Let’s pretend that you are the realtor representing, uh, Eric chip’s house that he’s selling. Okay, so you’re representing the chapter, right? I am the buyer’s agent. Franklin haze. It’s Breck. Yes it is. How are you doing Breck dude? Good man. My, my buyer on the DDA. Clark’s right. They’ve got the money and they love the house. Right. And I think they’re going to accept full price. Yeah. And so do you think your, your client come off the full price or that you think they went full price? I’m sure they’d love to have full price. Yeah. I think just they want to do full price. I’ll just do full price, full price. Then this is what happens on my end.

They come back to me. Mr. Clark, why don’t you know, here’s the deal. I talked to a doctor Bratt case and his team there, he’s, he’s crazy days. He’s a chiropractor slash, realtor and this guy, he said his buyer and he’s here, he said his cellar and he’s, he told me, he said his cellar is really wanting to full price and they could be insulted by an offer that’s too low and I’m just, and I hate, I hate, I told him, paying a lot of offers on this and I would hate for you to lose this house. In fact, there’s two full price offers on the table right now just above. They’re saving it for you and he’s willing to, he’s willing to pay part of closing costs, but I’d recommend you come in 3000 over asking price. I recommend that and I’m just looking out for you, cause I don’t want you to miss out.

I mean this house property. So let me, let me tell you this, Mr. Clark, and they say this because not going to be on the market. And let me tell you this, this house has the pool you wanted it that point only houses in Tulsa, the walkout basement, and it’s a Friday. And uh, people shop Saturday morning and then in the industry would call Fridays closing days. Cause either you close a deal or you close the window on that opportunity because it’s just, it’s a either way you want to me to offer. And then they sit and then the client’s like, well, I suppose if that’s what you recommend, and then they throw out this when they go, one of my professional opinion, that’s what I would do. And they go, okay, based upon the fact that you’ve glamor shots and okay, so then I call you back and I’m like, uh, a Brac.

Here’s deal. My client wants to come in today. I know the houses on the market for three Oh three three 3000 they’re coming in at all right. Now we’re going to go three 3% more than that. So we’re going to do 300 and 300,000 let me get out of here a three 12.1 0.132 the math. I got my using my glamour shot calculator here. Get through 109,000 plus. So you took, you could accept that offer, I think. I think I can sell that to them. Yeah. Okay, cool. I think they’ll go for that. So you want to, you want to call it, call it a day? Yup. Okay. I’ll sit over the east signature. We’ll get this thing going on. Earnest deposit. I’ll get 5,000 and we’ll set a close date. See a man’s good boom. Then I call my client back. Here’s the deal. You would not believe it. They said,


Meanwhile we each made 3%. Yeah. So now on more than the original listing, all the freaking time. Now both of us, let me throw this out. That’s 300 and uh, was it 300 and 300930939 against three to $9,000 times 0.03 these each has made $9,270 for having a conversation. Right. So it be a real Fox News, Fox News. Well, no, this is what’s funny. I’ve worked with a lot of realtors and a lot of realtors, Chubb that were startups and a lot that were bigger when I started with them. And every time, every time I work with them, I see. I would see people on the team who are talented. They would dress sharp, hardworking, nice people. These people are making $9,000 commissions because that’s how it’s set up. Right. I remember one woman in one week, I, she had a house for sale. She listed a house and she sold that house the same day I could kept happening where she put the sign up and sell them the same day because the market was hot.

Right. So in one week she made 70 grand of commissions. Wow. 70 grand and then, and they were on the office like, wow, this person must be really good at marketing. No. So again, what is it? Justification reloaders, half are charging that much. There are four justification’s one they said they help you determine the price. Not true too. They said they help you to, you know, market the house. Not, not true. The three, they said they help you negotiate, negotiate. Now for this, is there another thing that they say it’s a healthier, it’s healthier relationships, a healthier, healthier. If the, if the real estate agent schedules the photography and videography, it’s better. It’s more professional because they know the words to put on the flyer. They know the word, the language lingo. They know the language you put on the flyers, they schedule the photographer.

It’s better. It’s, we’re professional. We have so many professional helps you write those things. Chip, do you feel like for uh, you know, uh, as it relates to your house or Doctor Breck, do you feel like if you could save $18,000, you could probably sit down and write that text for that flyer? Well, you know it’s hard to say a master plus one versus two bedrooms. But yeah, I think I can figure that out for an $80,000. My lovely wife is so smart. We sold our first house. He paid $350 to get listed on mls. We took all our own photos, uh, put it on the flyer and when we sold it we got to full price offers day one like, I mean if that was easy is in the pudding. Now chip, I’m going to keep this song cause I want to play this song before I roll out the purple cow we have right now. Okay, I see

Kuna, Peter, Tara, you do bring it back. His voice was like that of an angel from the 80s. Certainly told Calvin. Most realtors needs time away. Here we go. We’ll need some time away from buyers and sellers. We are holidays. Ridiculous real estate fees here. Y’All real [inaudible] all by realtors are unsubscribing, podcasts, they’re all leaving bad reviews exact. Now I can feel it. Sorry. All the real letters getting bad now stay oil to happy customers. Sing with me now. Happy customers. Happy customers. Sing it. We’ll make it up to you. We’ll invite you over for dinner, but we’re not paying those crazy commissions anymore. I’ll come on now. Heavy, heavy consumers. Yes, there’s more happy consumers and upset realtors. It’s a ratio. Oh Chicago. Hard to say. I’m sorry, the song was so good. Excuse me. Going. Okay, so

think about this. I think it’s time for a holiday. It’s time. It’s a type or a little time away. Chip from the ones we love. We love realtors but I just think it’s, I think it’d be, I think it’d be safe to introduce the listeners out there to two companies. Can I do that chapter? Is that fair? You got to give him options, clay, but because one of them my own, that’s very self serving. You got, I mean the second one I don’t own, which is not self serving. So check the concept. Interesting concept. Are you familiar with a company called door real estate door? Like A, like a front door? Let me introduce you guys. Let me open the door to door real estate. Thank you for dirt to break. It’s called and this is a door is home smarter. Sell your home buyer harm by your home.

Keep more, sell your home by your home. Keep more cash. Let’s see how the door works for me. You clicked the button there and there’s no head shots on this website. Nice little pistols. We’re about to show you how much money you can save using door first. Are you buying or selling? Selling. Selling. And then you say, enter my name. Okay. So I’m going to tad tad. Okay. Okay. That’s why I named Tad. And then, uh, what’s your time from to sell? Three or four months like that. And what area is your home located in? We’ve got to be a Dallas. We gotta be Dallas, so it’ll be new Dallas, zip, zealous zip codes. Let’s go nuts. Let’s go. Let’s go. A Plano, zip code. Plano, zip code, Zip Code, not upon old. Seven five 0237502375, seven five. Zero, two three. Okay, so you’re two three.

Okay. I put that in there. It says, uh, can you approximate the value of your home? Yes. $300,000. Oh my gosh. Was that a real odor? I just did this crazy cause I typed that in and said, okay, right now you’ll be able to save approximately $4,000 by using door. It’s a flat rate real estate. It’s a flat rate service. They charge $5,000 to list your house and chat. Let’s just say that you decide to list your house with door. Do you know the process works? I think you just did it for the most part. But what do they do for the $5,000? The doctor brick. What do you think they do for the $5,000? I’m thinking they put you on the mls. Um, and uh, maybe provide the, uh, contract paperwork. So what they do is they, they, they, they, they put it on mls for you.

They schedule the photos, great photos, great photography, great video chip. You know how I know about door? Uh, I would have a guest, they worked with full package media, one of our clients. So they have a ton of listings in Dallas. So again, you decided to list with door, they sit down with you, they fill out the questionnaire, then they say, this is what we think the price should be approximately on, but it’s flat rate. So you can choose whatever you want. We don’t make any more money or any less based on how you listed. Then they schedule photos and video, great photo, great video, three d tours, whatever. Then they put out the sign it, put it on mls, and then chuck what they do, what did they do? What do you think they do next? Sit back and chill ax. Right. Waiting for what to happen.

Somebody to find it. And then when somebody calls and says, hi, I’m interested in buying this house, they would say, what a sure. What’s your offer? Right? Or let’s schedule a time to tour. And that’s what they do. And I just think that right there is, is a revolutionary idea. It’s great. They can probably do that, uh, for a lot less money. Right. If they centralize it and you don’t have all these agents running around doing everything. Yeah. And so I thought, you know what? I need to do chuck, I need to get after it and I need to because I work with so many people in Tulsa who are uh, uh, friends of mine clients and shut. Most of my clients are not realtors. Most of them are people who use a realtor. Very true. Right? Every client, myself included, has not been a big fan of the realtor.

Well didn’t you know why that is? Because they take 6% of your money and B, I’d be happy to pay him five grand to do it. Maybe three grand, 18 grand, 18 grand bro. And it’s so weird cause it’s mixed up in your mortgage. Right? And then you’re usually paying one off as you’re buying in. So you never really feel like you have that highlighted in the circle. Right. And it says this goes to this person, but like you just said, a 300,000, $309,000 house is $18,000 in commissions. Right. That’s, let me tell you what happened after the other day. A guy in Tulsa reached out to Sam Adams. Reality Might, might company k where we revolutionize real is company number two. He reached out and uh, he said, I am interested in listing my house, but I wanna make sure I understand how this works. And I said, okay, okay, fine.

Um, so we go through the process. In full disclosure, Amanda was speaking to the guy. So the guy says, my house is a little over $650,000. And I said, Oh, you know, this is what man is talking to the guy and this is, this happens over and over. So Amanda says, okay, well it’ll, it’ll be $1,000. And the guy says it will be $1,000. Excuse me. He goes, I was, you know, I think, I don’t know if you understand this, but typically it would be $39,000. It’s going to be a thousand. How do you guys make any money? And she goes, well, what we do is we schedule a photography, videography, um, we get all your details, we put it on mls, put a sign out, and then when people call, we do the right thing by them. We show them about your, we show them your property, we give them tours, that kind of thing.

And we make $1,000 and that goes to, you know, the photographers, the videographers, myself thousand dollars and the guy just, he just could not get over it. Well, how do you make any money? You’re like, well, you know, and then I don’t know what she said after that. I just heard that, that portion of it. But I know that, uh, the same way that if you work at a chip, if you work at Mathis brothers, right? Do you, do they make a little commission up there? A little bit. Yeah, a little bit. And those guys are working hard up there. They, I’d make $1,000 a week. So in furniture, some guys might make two grand in weeks on furniture, but they got a hustle. Right, right. We’ll hourly a little bass, a little base plus to get a little commission will base with the sigma, but they’re there.

They’re not making $18,000 commissions up there. Why would day so chuck in your mind and your mind, is it okay for a realtor to build to make you know, 50 grand, 75 grand a year? Yeah. Yeah. And he’s like, cool break. Is that cool with you? I’m, I’m happy with, you know, so in our realtors are driving Hondas, they’re not driving, you know, Maseratis, you know, and uh, what we’re doing is, is this guy was like, yes. I mean, oh, let’s wait. Yeah. So I just want to treat you against that Adam’s tattoo. I’m just telling, if you’re out there today and you want to be part of the revolutionizing of real estate, you got a Sam Adams The first 100 people that call and set an appointment. Um, we’re going to list your house for 1000 bucks, 1000 bucks. That’s it. Thousand Dollars. Now, why would we do that?

Can I pre list my house for, at any point in the future? Go for it. Okay. So I’m going to call, let me explain to you, I know when I’m selling, but I know in the future the pricing model will, will change a little bit that the first hundred are, are $1,000 okay. After that, the pricing model will change just a little bit and it’ll change 7% no, no. It’ll change to be then a 1% fee with a cap of 4,000 that’s awesome. So as soon it will change for one, it’s 1% with a cap of $4,444. So instead of break that last example, that guy is still saving $35,000 minimum at a Mac. And this is what happened. We had a young couple that we helped to buy a house. They called us. So you guys are telling us it’s only a thousand dollars right now. Yeah.

Again, how do you make any money? Well, this, this buyer went to a purchase their house, they found the house online themselves. Chet and our real estate agent said, um, my buyer would like to offer this much, which was less, less, less money than what the house was being listed from Andy’s Selig agent says lets less. And they go, well we will only make $1,000 commission. So just take my commission out of it. And the selling agent was passed. They were not happy. Do you know who was happy? The customers, right? So let me a weird concept. Let me walk you through this idea out there. If you have a purple cow, all right, if you have a purple cow, step number three check and I’m going put this on the show notes. You must accept that if the customers love you and your competitors hate you, that’s when you found it.

That’s when the deal is hot. Now let me tell you, Dr Brick, you know we only work with one chiropractor because we work with you. You know Mr Ribbon coaches you and we’ve had a few guys, great guys home come to the workshops who are chiropractors who have called in many, most of which are very kind, very nice people. But one in particular just saw one at the conference back in December and it was not this gentleman just so you know though, but we had one that called and was very, very frustrated that you are doing your free exam, free adjustment, free. What do I get for my first consultation, their free consultation, free exam, free X-ray, uh, if they’re necessary and a free adjustment. And this guy was frustrated about it. Yeah. Because he’s like, is it ethical? Does recitation chuck, how often do you see where the no brainers so good. It irritates the competitors.

It’s awesome. It’s, it’s uh, I mean that’s the classic example is Dr Zellner back in the day when, you know, no optometrists in town where advertising or you know, doing marketing of any kind and he’s like, this is dumb. I’m going to take all the business. It’s right. It’s like all these low hanging apples. I could just reach up and pick them off the tree and they got super pissed.

Let me tell you about this lawsuit between the National Association of Realtors. Um, what, what’s happening here? The same law firm that represented big Tibet represented on the suing of Big Tobacco, right? That one $25 billion billion. That same group is now suing the National Association of Realtors. So I believe that in the future, I think in the future, a flat rate real estate’s going to be the thing. But right now if you go to Sam Adams um, this offers good for the first 100 people listing their house to thousand dollars, then it will switch to 1% with a max of 4,000 hundred and 44. And Dr Brick, that deal you have going on right now, I mean, how much have you grown in the past two years? Man, we’ve grown by, we’re, we’ve doubled. It’s crazy. It’s a no brainer. It’s a great deal. So whether you have a back adjustment issue, uh, when you need, you have a little bit back pain or maybe having a little pain in your head because you thinking about paying so much in real estate commissions.

Chuck, you know, the average American has less than 10% equity in their house. Really? Yeah. I didn’t know that. Yeah. So you’re losing 60% of the equity, Brian Average. Right, right. Then. Right. That’s crazy. I’m going to put a link to the Forbes article about this, the Fox News article and then shop. I would like for you to give us a little history lesson. Okay. Okay. Well a little, a little synopsis of what happened with Mr Sam Adams cause we named the company after Sam Adams. I think we should know who Sam Adams was. Is this the a one, two, three and four now you got that. Okay. Okay.

Synopsis. My main man, Sam Adams, was born on the Glorious Day of September 27th in 1722 and the city of Boston, Massachusets, Sam Adams, we’re super intense with the unrelenting opposition of British taxation, so he helped to create the resistance to the stamp act. He was one of the main organizers of the Boston Tea Party and he is considered to be one of the founding fathers of the United States.

Let’s, let’s start to talk about that real fast. Sam Adams, a beep. You Watch the book called American history, the history of us. Great documentary. By the way, the history of us, chuck, I think you’d like it. It’s really good. But Sam Adams, uh, was probably an alcoholic. Okay. Um, but Sam Adams, a lot of guys were talking. They’re going, man, we’re getting taxed too much by the British. Yes ma’am. And they’re talking, oh, my ain’t going, you guys are complaining. And Sam, Adam says, well, you know, guys, excuse me, here’s, but he’s a little bit intoxicated all times. He says, what we’re going to have to do as we’re going to go out there and we’re going to show him who’s boss? No, like Sam, calm down. And this would happen a lot. But he’s like, we’re going to go out there and show him who’s boss.

So one day, this is the how, this is how the, this documentary shows it. The books I’ve read, this is how they share the history. They got really upset about the British taxing them on the stamp act and other things. And so the texts were getting so high that you actually couldn’t get ahead. Right. And it had no representation. Right. Correct. To some Sam. Adam says, here’s the deal, I’m going to go get this taken care of. So he disappears drunk as a skunk and he paints a red x on the doors of every business in Boston. That was owned by someone who was a spy for the British, for the king. Because he knew who they were. Yeah. But it wasn’t common knowledge yet. Right. He paid, painted a red x on their door. Uh, they called themselves Tory’s people that were sympathetic, sympathetic to the crown, to the king.

Well then he’d probably fell asleep drunk in a bush. Yeah. Well the next day, cause he told me he was, he was going to do this. Yeah. The next day, all of the Boston consumers avoided the businesses of these people. So there was like a boycott that he started. Well, because there was only like, we know, like 1% of the population was sympathetic to the crown and all the consumers, we’re not, all of a sudden it was like crickets. It was like nobody was shopping at these businesses. And so Sam Adams is like, see, I call it you guys. All of a sudden I’m like there, what did you do? Why? Now? A lot of people don’t know this, but Benjamin Franklin did not want to go to war. Thomas Jefferson? Nope. George Washington. Nope. None of these founding fathers wanted to go to war. And they’re like, what did you do anything?

Well now he really got it guide. So then he sobers up and they’re like, stop. Just stop. So now there’s like a wire. It’s kind of rioting in the streets. People are throwing stuff, throwing stuff in the windows of the, of the, uh, of the sympathizers to the crown. They’re boycotting, they’re yelling. So Sam organizes the Boston Tea Party. Oh yeah. Which is where they just threw all the tea into the habit and the habit. And they watched Tom Brady know, said they threw it all into, into the harbor. And Sam organized that thing too. He said, well look, we’d rather just throw away the tea than to pay taxes on it. So he threw it away. Well now it becomes like this, almost like a, it’s like very dry. Uh, weather. A lot of sticks around. Any type of flame can start a wildfire because it is just the temperature.

It’s, it’s dry, it’s a ton of dry. You know, there’s 10 of us, crisp, crisp, there’s a lot of kindling available there. What a dried leaves. I mean, this is perfect. Wildfire conditions. So rumor has it, Sam get some liquid courage yet again. Ooh. And he’s hammered. And so all these people are shoving each other and there’s this big, the red coats have their, their weapons out. They got their bayonets out and they’re going stop being ridiculous. Calm down, stop throwing things, stop yelling, get it together, stop doing these things. And Sam apparently is completely, um, he’s egging it on. He’s yelling. Yeah. Was there a wasp from the studio? What does that Chubb Oh man, we got, we got, we’ll be right back in just a second. Apparently we’ve, we’ve angered the red coats. We’ll be right back.

Nice. Okay, we’re back. Okay, so what happens? True Story. There was a wasp in the studio, killed it with my hat. You got it done. So what happened though is the red, the red coats are in a situation where they are, they’re being Egged on [inaudible]. So people like Sam Adams, who again, Sam was like at the, at the Duluth, that spears edge of this. Okay. I can just imagine him saying, I swear I swear we were going to kill you guys. You guys just try going to sleep. We’ll freaking murder. Yes. Wait. I mean people were throwing rocks. We know this is probably egg, but you’ve probably heard about this. You’ve heard about this, that there that they don’t know who fired the first shot. Right? But most historians agree that Sam Adams was the one at the front of language. I swear. Shoot me. Shoot me.

And he’s hammered. He’s like an instigator. You guys have all met the best man at the wedding. Who’s totally wasted, guys, why don’t we, why don’t we do a Conga line? You’re like, we haven’t served the meal yet. Guides. Why don’t we go a I’ll. It’s all dual bust a move. Remember that? That was the, it was trying to say the vowels right now. Okay guys, instead of a toast, let’s do a roast. Right? I mean hilarious. The groom, I knew him. He was an idiot. It’s still is an idiot. Right, right, right. Stop. Get off the mic please. So we all, we all seen people who are, have liquid courage. We all know that, right? So all I’m saying is that this guy, Sam Adams, he revolutionized America cause you just egg the whole thing on its right. A shot is fired. Next thing you know the war begins.

All right? So Sam Adams is known as one of what was known as one of the founding fathers. But a lot of mature people like Ben Franklin had to show up. And Ben Franklin said, here’s the deal. We didn’t want to get into this war, but now that we’re in this war, we either hang together or we hang separately. But we got to get going. We’ve got to be a team here. We’ve got, so now the adults came in. Now you know about George Washington and different people, but, but, but none of them actually wanted to be an the revolution, right? Because it’s too much controversy. So chip, I like you to read this notable quotable from Robert Greene. Robert Green, green right here. Okay? No one is really going to help you or give you direction. In fact, the odds are against you. Think about that Robert Green who wrote the book mastery and 48 laws of power.

Um, nobody out there is going to help you come up with your no brainer and all your colleagues are going to say you shouldn’t do that. Doctor break. Do you ever had somebody in the chiropractic industry who’s told you that you shouldn’t offer a free first exam or our first free adjustment or a free they have? Why you are not placing enough value on what you do? That’s probably the most common is you’re undervaluing what we do in chiropractor undervaluing what we do. Now, chuck, what other, what other uh, maybe arguments. Have you heard like on behalf of clients who they want to unleash a no brainer, like the Sam Adams? No brainer or the doctor, Breck no brainer. But then their employees, their teammates, people on their staff, they say what now? They take, they take, first of all, they’re just open to taking feedback from everybody on their staff.

And that’s a recipe for disaster. Um, you know, but they’ll say stuff like, what about, you know, how are you going to afford to pay us if we’re doing a dollar for service or, you know, people are worried about money and we’re like, well, let’s quit spending on this billboard five grand a month and we can offer a half off our first service or a dollar for the first service. See if you’re out there though, I’m just telling you what will happen is you, over time, culturally will begin to accept certain things as normal if you don’t stand up against it. So, um, you know, Jack Ascertain, all right, all, all Jack Castle or he needs to become culturally acceptable is for people with a sound mind to say nothing. So as an example would be, why is it culturally acceptable chip for all realtors to charge 6% where did that number come from?

They made it up. I imagine it sounds like low enough that it doesn’t scare people. Did the realtor do more work because the house larger Dr Brick? I don’t think so. No. So think about this for a second. If I buy $100,000 house, Chuck, I know you’re a math whiz. You did go to college. You have a degree from Lsu. How much commission do you pay a typical realtor? If I buy $100,000 house, $6,000 but if I buy a $300,000 $18,000 what if I buy a $600,000 $36,000 what if I buy at one point $2 million house? Oh, you Jerry would be whatever that is. Times two 70 72,000 yeah. So 72 now. Why? Why? Why? I don’t know. Extra photos. How much that’s on top of that though. How much money? How much money Dr. Break. Let’s just say that I bought a house for one point $2 million.

Right now, the acceptable commission is 72,000 ship. You can see how crazy it is, dude. I have to take more steps. That’s half the price of my house. If somebody has a $72,000 commission, what should they do with that? Like what? Which, which they include in that service. If it’s 72,000, oh, I’m going to make a list of what I think should be included in Dr Brick. I’d like to get you to one up me on this, the pool in your next house. So let me explain to you what should be included. Now, by the way, um, rush Limbaugh looked at the average, um, money that’s spent on the average kid in public school. Um, it’s, it’s, it’s pretty crazy. Pretty crazy how much money is allotted per kid in public schools. But right now the United States currently spends $11,392 per student. Or Chuck, are you feeling what I’m saying?

Yeah. Chip, I don’t think you understand what I’m saying. That’s how much they spend per student. How much? 11,000 something. Okay. So let me give you, let me give you a of fun fact in Jeff, I want you to take notes on this. So in fact he got bottom here and I will, I will try to type do math as I go fast, see if we can do math while hosting a show at the same time. I like this. So yeah. The average a classroom. How many kids were in the class that you went to in highschool? Chip me, uh, probably about 18. 20. Really small school. Yeah. You serious? Yep. That’s a break. How many kids were in your class? Uh, 2123 somewhere in there. Maybe 24. Okay. I’m going to say 20 is the average, but I took mom was a lot bigger.

There’s a lot and especially nowadays we don’t have any, I mean let’s do this instead of guessing. Let me do broken Arrow, broken arrow, 45 students per class to teacher ratio cause it will usually make this public knowledge. So, uh, okay. Class Broken Arrow, let’s say broken. Our average class size. Let’s do the average class size. Broken Arrow. Um, okay. What is the biggest, how many students attend? Ah, man, ah, ah, just say 20 right now to make it easier on the listeners. Okay. He’s probably about right. So that means there is a budget of 20 times 11, three nine to 11, three nine two times 20. There’s $11,392 available per kid. And there’s 20 kids, right? That’s a budget of $227,000 for the kids, for school or classroom? Per classroom. Per classroom. Okay. So I want to get into this. How many days are we in school per year?

180. Is it really? Yeah. Okay. So let’s divide that. Chubb, uh, two two seven eight four zero by one eight as a combined classroom budget of tutoring, $27,000 $840 $227,840 is available. [inaudible] divided by 20 students. And how many days? 180. How much should we have per day per, per, uh, you know, I mean the charter tries to $1,265 so you have $1,265 per day of class. All right, so that means for lunch, I am going to take all the kids. I’m going to get outback every meal. Now what does outback costs? If you go there for one person, usually 20 bucks. Yeah. Easy. Okay, so let’s take $20 times 24 we’re putting meals $20 times 20 it’s $400 okay, so put that down. So $400 a day on outback. Every student is eating out back. Hey, we got it. We have thrown the teacher though too, right?

Right. So 21 meals times 20 we’re going to get the teacher this much money. We’re going be $420 so it was, we’re giving the teacher and the students outback everyday. Does that sound like an upgrade for you versus cafeteria food? Dr Bloomingdale and had an upgrade. All right, now step two, we’re going to buy all of the students every day, a lifetime gym membership. Every day I’m going to buy them another one. Yeah. I’m going to add on a family member, but everyday, even if they already have one, I’m going to add on one every day. So that is going to be $30 per student plus the teachers. So $30 Times 21 cause I’m adding on. You can add on a family member. I’m just going to add on every day. Even if they already have one, I’m going to add it on every day. What does that cost him? 30 Times 21 yes, it’s $630 okay. Put that down please.

Then. Does it seem fair that the book that the students use the book, like your math book is going to last you the whole year history book will last you all year. Know we need to book every day a book every day. But just say though that I go onto Amazon and I buy all the students a new book every day, which by the way, all the books that I have in my library, I bought it used for like 10 bucks on Amazon. So let’s by all the students a new book every day for 10 bucks a piece, there’s 21 because the teacher has one, two that’s $210 per day. So I bought the students outback every day and a gym membership everyday. Now chep let’s dial it back. Okay, let’s just say I’m going to buy that the students at gym membership once a once a month cause it’s probably prudent, right?

Not every day probably, you know. Okay. So let’s divide this a six 30 number, okay. By 20 because I’m only going to buy him one a month, I’m not going to miss, it’s a 20th of the cost. That’s 30 30 bucks. Okay. Now you think about it just been 30 bucks and you go for one for every student and yet up. So let’s say it’s a $30 membership per student. We buy one a month and 21 with the teacher, right? So 30 okay, so we got 21 times 30 right? But it’s only once a month, right? See the divide that by the number of days in the month. So we’re down to, okay, so it’s $31 and 50 cents a week. I’m spending on gym memberships. $31 and 50 cents all the kids, by the way, we’re doing PE at lifetime, right? Okay. They’re all jacked. All right, so now we got a total here.

Let’s put the gym memberships. That number is 31 50 okay, so 30 50 so 31 50 per day per day for gym memberships, right? Per Day for gym memberships, right? And then we got our new books. We’ve got our outback. Let’s add all this up. Chip added off, but we got to add up for $2,420 per day on Outback for 20 k plus 31 50 31 50 for our gym membership. Plus we’ve got an ad in our tutor and $10 per day for the new books. $661 now let’s pay our teachers 400 a day, 200,000 a year. Should we do that? I like it. Yeah, let’s pay him. How much a day? 400 a day. 400 today. See a pair of teachers. $400 did. That’s their budget. $400 per day. $400 per day per teacher. Got It. Got It. And now we need to lease a space.

Let’s lease a space at 91st and Lynn Lane. In fact, let’s leave the space right next to elephant in the room right there. We know how much it is. It’s, yeah, it’s, it’s roughly, I’m just so we’re clear. It’s about a 2000 square foot space right there. Next to kio. Next elephant, the room. Nice area. Safe area, doctor Brexit, you have to save area. Nice. There’s a clip right there. It’s, it’s just, it’s a nice lit by a whole foods. No, parents can just drop off their kids right there, right? So let’s take $2,500 we have to divide that by the cost per day. So 2,500 actually after, after I’m reading the space, air conditioning, heat and air, it’s four grand, four grand. And chip, we’re going to be in class 20 days this month. So four grand divided by 20 what’s that? Come down to?

200 and $200 so let’s put $200 per day now. Chupp let’s see if that adds up to what we spend per dance students. All right, let’s add it up here. Okay. So we got, uh, four 24 20 day we’re spending on food. Doctor Breck was paying $420 per day and food. Would you agree that’s an upgrade from lunch, cafeteria food? Absolutely. There were spending $31 and 50 cents per day so that each kid per month can have their own gym membership at lifetime. Where we go workout, we’re going to drive over there together. Now, new books, a lot of schools, they say we’re only going to buy, um, you know, students, a new book once a year and we’re gonna charge you $70 or some ridiculous textbook. But I buy him use, I’m resourceful, right? I’ve heard of Amazon chip. I want the cutting edge technology. Jeff Bezos character has been in tutoring $10, you know, per day, roughly on the books.

I pay my teacher $400 a day, the Honda $400 a day, a day. And then I pay $200 per day to lease space. How much money is that chip? We have just saved $3 and 50 cents because that turns into $1,261 and 50 cents. 1200 and what? $61. How many cents? 50 cents. And Chuck, do you know why I know this off the top of my head and why rush Limbaugh does too. So you’ve figured it out because our heads are not in our rectum. When we hear that it’s $11,000 per student and the teachers aren’t getting paid enough. We know there’s some corruption going on there. What the crap? Something unbelievable. Dr Brick. Why can’t we just do that? Why can’t we just upgrade and pay our 400 a day? Why can’t we do that? Well, I’m sure there’s a balance in between. Cause I mean, yeah, there’s a additional cost, uh, infrastructure, buses, you know, stadiums, those kinds of things.

Can we agree? Maybe there’s a balance. Sure. I think we not pay our teachers 400 a day if we do 200 hours. I mean, my wife’s a teacher, so I love that. That $400 a day, you go down to 200 today. Yeah, I’m that’s still about 55,000 here. Okay, let’s go to $200 a day. Okay. Turn hours a day. Now Chubb, if you were, have you ever rented a limo before? No. Okay. Let me take and until about limos or like buses, that kind of thing, right? Um, $200 a day. You’re able to kind of get some good deals there. Maybe you don’t want to do outback. Maybe these are, these are exaggerated examples just to help you. All I’m saying is that it is unbelievable waste out there. Oh, definitely. That’s in, that’s in the school system. Now let’s get into real estate real estate.

If you’re, if I’m gonna pay you a $70,000 commission. No, no, that’s too hyperbolic chip at one point. $2 million house is probably unrealistic. Okay, let’s go with $300,000 $300,000 house. So $300,000 house times 0.06 18,000 okay. For 18,000 this is what I want my realtor to do and I’d like you to put it on. These are my demands. Step one, I want to sit in front, front row. I want to sit front row or the for at least the first 10 rows. The next time Jim Gaffigan comes to town or Seinfeld. Yeah Cause I’ve done this before. I know the tickets are about a thousand dollars it’s like seven 50 I think I want to sit front row for your Seinfeld or Gaffigan has to happen. Step two, I want a massage envy pass for the year. I want to massage envy membership for the year, which I know is $350 those are my demands.

Now have other demands, but I’m just trying to be very conservative. If I’m paying you $18,000 to work for 18 hours, maybe probably nine hours to sell my house. That’s what I want. I also want to show you the daily meal delivery where it delivers healthy food. I’d kind of like that every day because you know, otherwise I’ll just forget it. So it’s like 10 bucks a day for the year. So $3,000 of food delivery per day, and that’s all I want. I’m done. I’m not going to be too demanding. They can still keep the extra what? 13,000, 12,000 there, Dr Breck, what would you want for an $18,000 commission? Oh yeah. I kind of liked that massage idea. Yeah. I like myself. Feel free. This is your list. Yeah. You know, I mean, uh, there’s a number of things I could probably think of a, you know, a little trip.

Um, you know, maybe, maybe a week off somewhere. Um, little all inclusive. Uh, that’s not, that’s not going to cut into that 18 to, what’d you feel too bad about getting, if you’re paying 18,000, if you have to go to Hawaii with every purchase, would that make you feel less? Bless bad. It’d be great. I would like a new pair of socks every day. Uh, maybe new, maybe new hat every week. I like that. It’s all that good. Maybe a, a shrimp once a week just shows up. That’s what you would like. Cocktails. That’s what you would like for that fee. Do you feel like, I’m asking, you’re gonna have to agree with me. Yeah, I feel like it is a little bit ridiculous that for however long we’ve been paying 6%, that’s why I’ve never done it.

Like I just, I thought it was ridiculous. So I never bought into that system. Anytime I’ve dealt with real estate. But you kind of had to, well, we had to pay 3% to the buyer, but I’ve never had my own realtor or help to have a realtor help.

But then the buying, the selling real estate made 6%. Right. Because you have went around the system, they humble you still make their money and actually made more because I didn’t bring somebody with me. Right. So by you screwing the man, the man made more. Well that’s the one man, one man made more. That’s the way the cookie crumbles. Dr Breck. Uh, do you think 6% is too much? Or what do you think about that? Oh, I would love to work outside that system. So if you’re out there today and you say, you know what? I want to revolutionize real estate with you. Call us today. It’s $1,000. It’s $1,000 to list your house for the first 100 people who do it, you lead the way to go to Sam Adams and the art case. We don’t have a an intoxicated man in charge, although I might seem like that from time to time.

Hey, go to Sam Adams go there today and a skull out the form and we decided to go with a Boston area code just to go with the whole Boston theme. So freedom rings at (781) 667-0436 (781) 667-0436 that’s our no brainer. That’s our purple cow, Sam Adams, now doctor Breck, all you have less of a controversial offer but it is how much were your first adjustment? It is free for the exam, for the exam, the adjustment for the adjustment and the therapies for extra it is free. Check them out today, Dr my name is Clay Clark, encouraging you to find your purple cow and to go with it. If people get upset about it, if the consumers love it and your competitors hate it, you know you’ve found the right purple cow and now without any further ado, we’d like to in each and every show with a boom. Chuck, are you ready? I’m ready. Dr Brick, are you ready? I’m ready. Here we go. Three, two, one. Boom.

My friend. Don’t make the show more meaningless. Stan, I don’t know. Most of the time we spend on Fox or CNN, make this actionable, make this doable, make this real. Make this tangible. What is the purple cow that you can come up with to make your business stand out and be cluttered? World of commerce. How? What is the offer you’re going to make? What’s the no brainer offer that you’re going to create? What are you going to do to get the attention of your ideal and likely buyer in this cluttered world of commerce? Now, once you figured out the idea that you like understand, there will be some pushback. Oh yes, somebody is not going to like the offer. Your competitors probably they’re not going to like that offer. But I can encourage you to think of an offer that is so hot, so incredible, so good that your competition understandably will hate it, but that you and I go, I give you permission, I give you permission to like the deal. Think about this commercial that we’re running right now all over this great country. They go, this commercial we’re running right here in the Tulsa market area as we are introducing Sam Adams reality into the marketplace. I mean, think about how many people have gotta be upset. How many realtors have, not like this deal,

but think about how many customers absolutely love this deal. This deal is hot thing. We are actually running this commercial right now in the Tulsa area. Just think about that for a second and the year got 1,492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue. I want to get off his boat. In 1776 we declared English occupation wasn’t cool under 1980 Tom and merit passionately conceived a baby boom. In 2018 brought home sellers and buyers. Great Joy. I’m just having a blast. He blast. He founded Sam Adams reality because he believed 6% read the state commissions. Well, way too hot. There’s $4,444 flat rate. Real estate commissions seemed just right.

If you have a house, does it, Sam Adams through the T. Dot. Co

Good. You can smell it smells like lavender, but if for some reason you insist on paying traditional real estate agents 6% for nostalgic reasons, don’t visit Sam Adams, [inaudible] dot com where you can save a ton of money without committing treason. As we close, remember this notable quotable by Seth Goden, the best selling author and Marketing Guru? He writes, if you’re remarkable, it’s likely that some people won’t like you. That’s part of the definition of remarkable. Nobody gets unanimous praise ever. The best the timid can hope for is to be unnoticed. Criticism comes to those who stand out. Seth Godin.


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