Yung Knowledge | Remix / Cover of 2Pac’s Changes

Show Notes

Today’s lyrical miracle features Yung Knowledge’s remix / cover of 2Pac’s Changes.

Tupac changes lyrics


That’s just the way it is, things’ll never be the same

Never be the same never be the same naw

Way it is Aww yeah


It’s feeling like my Resurrection,

I was Neva dead I was resting

I been waiting on my time to be selected

I’m sorry you felt neglected

Still hold it down my section, 111

We Reppin it with perfection

I promise I got a message

Str8 From the great one

Lotta fake people tellin lies but I Ain’t one

They ain’t gon give you no shot, you gotta take one

No rap scene in my city until we made one

Uh I ain’t got friends no more only got bruddahs left

I could Neva let you put ya knee upon my bruddahs neck

They wanna kill our whole race til ain’t no bruddahs left

That’s why we gotta push forward take another step

I’d rather do life in prison with like a 100 sets

Hit the yard lookin hard, do a couple hunnit reps

But I can’t let my bruddahs die and just record it

Man Ain’t to many real ones left I can’t afford it

Jordan, lately I been feelin like Lebron

Yea I said it all before but I feel like it’s my time

Now you wanna come back thinkin its all fly

I ain’t seen you in a minute like a super sized fry

Neva let a sucka break ya spirit they aint like us

Brodys gettin busy no hesi, homie you might bust

Don’t tell me what you would’ve did, don’t hype us

I could never hang around a person that i might trust

Lifes tough, we preserve through it all

Same people smiling at you gon cheer when you fall

It’s a shame when they hate on greatness and praise fakeness

Big blessings on the way I feel it, I can’t shake it

I pledge allegiance to my region cuz I know we need it

Don’t act facetious bout us bleeding while we tryna treat it

They say that slavery is over but it never ceases

So come in peace and act decent or you’ll leave in Pieces

I ain’t tryna start no problems I just wanna live

The young homies living life the way I always did

Stacking chips even if you gotta make a trip

I wanna tell em quit but then I’d be a hypocrite

Some people think I move to Oklahoma randomly

I always felt Jehovah Jirah had his hand on me

They said they always be around but they abandoned me

Man life’s a gamble so you gotta bet a band on me

My soul hurts when I think about my old friends

All the things that we done and we could’ve did

Like family man I fed em like my own kids

We don’t even talk now but that’s the way it is


Talkin: Outro:

You see the sad things about life is people love talkin about ya whether you do good or do bad. So Might as well give em something good to hate on, ya feel me? Don’t follow ya dreams chase em, don’t meet me there beat me there. Give someone who’s around you the motivation they need to make it because they see you Grindin and they see you shining and they see you tryna make it to the the top!

See the thing about me, the thing about me is, You might be more talented than me, you might have a better back ground than i do. But one things for sure two things for certain, I will not let you outwork and that’s a promise I intend to keep for the rest of my life!


Singing Outro:

Never, never, oh never

Some things will never, change

Ah nah never, never, oh never

Some things will never change

Yea, that’s just the way it is

No no no, oh never

Oh never, done things will never



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