How to Hire Small Business Coaches

When you hire a small business coach, you’re picking up a massive rock and slaying a giant. You’re slaying the giant of frustration, an out-of-control daily schedule, poor business management, lack of sales, ineffective employees, and being broke while owning a business.

My friend, the action is a sword. It’s a sharp sword that’ll get you to your dream destination a lot quicker. Hiring a business coach is a decision that’ll forever change the way you do business. It’s a decision that’ll move you from surviving to thriving. And it’s a decision to help you work smarter, not harder. You can have time and financial freedom, and create a company that exists to serve you.

Lee Cockerell, former Executive Vice President of Operations for Walt Disney World Resorts and manager of 40,000 team members said it best, “You either pay now or pay later with just about every decision you make about where and how you spend your time.”

Lee is right. What you sow today, you’ll eventually reap today or sometime in the near future. Choosing to hiring a business coach is a good investment of time. You’ll reap great rewards. Even the most successful business leaders knows this to be true.

Eric Schmidt is one of them. An American software engineer, businessperson, and the Executive Chairman of Alphabet said, “A coach is somebody  who looks at something with another set of eyes, describes it to you in [his] words, and discusses how to approach the problem.”

By hiring a business coach, you’re looking at your problem through a new set of eyes. You may be thinking, “What should I expect when I hire a business coach?” Here’s the scope on everything you should expect:

  1. Business Coaching Interaction: Your Initial Call
    1. Your initial call should expect to hop on a 30 minute to a 1 hour phone call so that the business coaching program can learn more about your business and your goals while determining whether you would be a good fit for the program.
    2. This is the initial call also provides you with an opportunity for you as the potential business coaching client to ask any questions that you have about the program.
    3. During this call, pricing should be discussed and testimonials and references should be provided. The ThriveTime Business School program will beat competitors price by 65%.
  2. Business Coaching Interaction: Your DEEP DIVE Analysis and Assessment
    1. You should expect to be lead through a deep 1 hour dive analysis and consultation where the business coaching program can get into the details and the biggest limiting factors that are limiting your business growth.
    2. The time of your first appointment should be agreed upon and the total number of monthly coaching sessions that are included in the business coaching program should be clarified.
  3. Business Coaching Interaction: Your First Coaching Session
    1. A great business coach should focus on identifying your biggest limiting factors and creating a step-by-step plan for pushing through any obstacles that have caused your growth to be stagnant or non existent.
    2. Like a quality head football coach, quality business coaching programs should focus on:
      1. Offense: Your business coach must be able to help you with your branding, marketing and your sales
      2. Special Teams: Your business coach must be able to help you to create a product or an overall service experience that wows your ideal and likely buyers.
      3. Defense: Your business coach must be able to coach you through accounting, administrative and the legal aspects of your business.

This is everything you can expect from a phone call with a small business coach. At ThriveTime Business School Program, your first 60 minute phone call is on us! To find a business coach, schedule a free coaching session.

Can a Business Coach Really Make a Difference?

Business Coach | David Robinson & Clay ClarkAlthough even if you are 100 percent convinced a small business coach is the right decision, there’s still a lingering voice of doubt in your mind asking, “Is it really worth it?”   

Let us share a few success stories of people who were once stuck, but are now thriving. After hiring a The ThriveTime Show Business School program coach their business experienced massive success. These men and women implemented our proven systems for management, hiring, sales, branding and marketing and the results were off the charts!

“Our experience working with Clay Clark and his team has been nothing short of amazing. When our team first met Clay, I expressed that if we were able to move the needle and get results, we would be working together for a very long time. Clay and his team listened to our problems and custom built a program specifically for us. So for this season, we have a 42% increase in group tickets sales! We have also had a 21% increase in concession novelty sales. Our program focused on search engine optimization, an increased social media presence, target online ads, digital retargeting ads, and the implementation of the Dream 100 system . . .”  Taylor Hall, Tulsa Oilers, General Manager

“Thank you so much for all your hard work and success on this campaign. We have raised over $100,000 for the WPS (watched)! Thank you!”  Yvette Webb, Development Event Coordinator, Oral Roberts University

“Thanks for all your help last year; we’ve done a lot of work, reading and investing and the results are truly amazing. Our best staff ever, continuous increases, and overall happiness like never before ( and yes more profitable than we’ve been in years, and while in a down economy)! I feel like we now have entirely new understanding on the importance of culture in the workplace. Do you have more books you could recommend?! Thanks again Clay!” Dave Bauer,


Slay Your Giants

My friend, the sword is in your hand. Take a step today and schedule a free 1 hour business consultation with our small business coaches. Our program is available for less money than it would cost you to hire an $10 per hour employee. To find a business coach, contact us today.

March 13th, 2019


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