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Learn How To Lead A Thriving Business From The Business Coach : Podcast Transcript

In this Episode, Business Coach, Clay Clark, talks with a business owner from florida about his thriving salt scrub business.  Mr. Geoff Schmidt is the founder and owner of Florida Salt Scrubs.  Find out how he manages his company.

Announcer: And now, broadcasting from the center of the universe in the world headquarters, presenting the world’s only business school without the BS with optometrist and entrepreneur Dr. Robert Zoellner and the famous world’s administration entrepreneur of the year in your year and business coach, Clay Clark. It’s The Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio 1170. Three, two, one, boom.

Clay Clark: All right. Thrive nation, welcome back to your inspiration station. This is the audio dojo of mojo for many of you. The place that you go every day during your lunch time hour when you’re not going to Oklahoma Joe’s, you are tuning in to learn how to start and grow a business.

Now typically, we have Dr. Robert Zoellner on the show, the optometrist turned tycoon and unfortunately for many of you, he is out today. He’s out expanding his vast entrepreneurial empire and so I looked around the universe, I looked around the planet and I said, who can we put on the show who could begin to fill the shoes of Tulsa’s optometrist turned tycoon, and you know what, we couldn’t find somebody in Oklahoma today. We had to bring in a guy from Florida and so today we have a guy by the name of Mr. Geoff. We’re going to let him tell his story here in a little bit, but he is the owner of Florida Salt Scrub. Mr. Geoff, how are you, sir?

Geoff: I’m doing fantastic. How are you?

Clay: I’m doing great. Where in Florida are you from my friend?

Geoff: Boca Raton, South Florida.

Clay: Boca Raton, South Florida. Could you describe how the weather there is a little bit different from the weather here? What was the weather there when you left?

Geoff: The weather there when we left was sunny, 89 degrees. Yes.

Clay: It feels about 89 today on this beautiful Tuesday.

Geoff: Yes, I’m over dressed, should have worn a shirt and a t-shirt when I left this morning.

Clay: Now anyone who is listening, today we talking about how to lead a thriving business. I want you to be able to explain to the Thriver community out there, we have a lot of people listening on– Who own businesses, they own retail stores, they own restaurants, that kind of thing. What exactly do you do over there at Florida Salt Scrubs?

Geoff: Well at Florida Salt Scrubs, we’re a Florida company. We were the creators and distributors of coconut oil based Florida cosmetic products.

Clay: Wow. So, if I’m listening right now and I’m going, “Okay, what could you do for me?” If I’m a retailer, a restaurant owner, what could you do for my business?

Geoff: Well, if you’re a retailer and you want to offer some wonderful authentic Florida products that people absolutely love, enjoy that smell and feel great, Florida Salt Scrubs, our lotions, our lip balm, our soaps, wonderful products people love. Then if you’re a restaurateur– A lot of restaurants, it’s absolutely nuts because our salt scrub that we distribute that people love across the state, the restaurants have really embraced it. Because they put it in the restroom and they use it as a way to raise the guest experience. I know it sounds like it’s from left field, but people absolutely love it and then they buy a jar from the restaurant.

Clay: What website or where can people find out more information about you?

Geoff: They can always go to our website,, and click around. We got some YouTube videos, we got clicks to our Instagram feed, Facebook, all kinds of stuff going on there. It’s a fun place.

Clay: Boom. Now, Thrivers, we’re talking today again about how to lead a thriving business. Now, principle number one, we’re going to go through all 11 of these today. We’re going fast. We got 11 things to get into today, but principle number one is you must communicate with your entire team and the cast the vision and mission for the company’s future. In your mind, I mean, when you started the business, why is it so important when you start a business that you kind of first cast the vision for yourself. I mean to keep the vision out front.

I’m sure at a certain point when you started the business you started to battle, “Am I nuts? Am I crazy?” How important was it for you when you started the business to keep that vision up front.

Geoff: The division is something that’s a non-negotiable. You have to have the vision, its phase one. Without a vision, you’re basically going to be like a sail boat out in the ocean that can’t catch any wind. The vision literally is the wind in your sails that keeps you going forward no matter whether the clouds are sunny, the clouds come in, the skies start to rain on you. It doesn’t matter what happens as long as you have that clear vision, you can persevere forward because you have an idea of where you’re going. You need to have that direction.

Clay: All right. Now let me ask you this because you sound like the business is doing well, now things are growing, things are happening. But when did you– How did you start it? What was the deal? Were you just watching a movie, you get up to use the restroom, you fall, you hit your head on the toilet seat, boom. It’s the flux capacitor, no it’s Florida Salt Scrubs. What happened? How did you go over with this idea?

Geoff: It really all started one weekend when my significant other and I, Lori and I, were down in Key West spending the weekend and I tried salt scrub in a restaurant bathroom and I’m not going to lie. I was enamored, I was literally wowed. I had that wow sensation. I was like, what is this stuff?

Clay: This is so good. I want to cover my whole body.

Geoff: Literally. I almost locked the door of the bathroom, but no, when I came out my skin was glowing, I was smiling and she came out of the bathroom smiling and you just don’t see that in a restaurant. We talked to the owner, we said, “What’s going on?” He told us a story of what was up and from there we decided, “Hey, Florida Salt Scrubs.”

Clay: People who are listening right now and you want to go, “Is this really true, does this really work?” I’m going to tell you what, if you go to Facebook live right now, and you look to your right, you’re going to see a man bear pig. That’s me. You’re going to go, that’s a man bear pig. I’ve seen. It’s not good. You turn to the left, there right there, that is a man who’s been well exfoliated. His skin is just, it has discipline. Your skin, it’s excellence. How much of this Florida salt scrub are you using on yourself. Are you making any profits at all or are you just using it all yourself?

Geoff: I know. The sad thing it’s hard. When you’re around Florida Salt Scrubs you actually want to share that stuff and sell it, but yes, the company is doing very well. We’re spreading the Florida love, people absolutely love it.

Clay: Now, Thrivers, we’re going to read you a notable quotable. This comes at you from Jack Welch. Some people say, “Who’s Jack Welch. Why does he matter?” He’s the guy who took over GE and by the way, the company was barely growing. When he took over the company, the company grew from almost a stagnant two or three percent growth rate to a 4,000% growth rate during his tenure. 4,000.

The man is a little bit about growth and he says this, “No company, small or large can win over the long run without energized employees who believe in the mission and understand how to achieve it”. That’s exactly what you are saying Geoff. This is a huge thing. You’ve got to have the mission, the mission out in front of you. As you look into the 2017, 2018, where do you see your business headed, my friend? What’s kind of the vision, what’s kind of the mission, where do you see this company going?

Geoff: Where the company is today and where it’s going to go in the future and that’s what we’re working towards every single day, is adding to the product lines. Part of our mission, part of our goal, part of the big vision out there in front of us is to create and distribute some of the most natural and wonderful products available that are Florida inspired. We love the state of Florida. It’s a warm place, everybody likes to go there and I think everybody needs a little more Florida in their life.

Clay: I actually have a fun Florida story. I actually went to Tampa for a speaking event this year, and I thought I’d be a great guy. I thought I’d be a good guy, and I’ve been married 15 years to my wonderful wife. The speaking event ends early and the guy says, he says, “We’re in Tampa” and he says, the hotel guy, he says, “Hey, while you’re here, I don’t know if you know, we have jet skis you can rent,” and I said, “Sure, let’s do it.”

So, we’re in the jet skis, it’s kind of an impromptu thing, because the speaking event ended a little bit earlier. The conference ended earlier. I get on this and I know you guys are from Florida. For you jet skis are not really a weird thing, you’ve probably done this a lot, maybe hundreds of times, whenever. I get on the jet ski and we drive out. We’re pretty deep into the bay out there in Tampa. This is deep for me because I’m an Oklahomie. You’ve seen a river, it’s like sand out there, you could basically just walk down the river if you want to. We get some seaweed stuck in that jet. Have you ever had seaweed stuck in your jets before there, Geoff?

Geoff: Never had seaweed stuck in the jets, but I’ve seen seaweed stuck in the jet. That’s nothing that anybody wants to experience.

Clark: We end up being stuck kind of almost stranded out in the bay there. Kind of a weird deal, long story short I did make it back but it was kind of traumatic situation. That’s my little commercial for jet skis. We are moving on to principle number two. Help your team create duplicable or repeatable processes and systems capable of working without you. You see, Thrivers, once you nail it, you have to scale it. Once you figure out what works, you have to teach somebody else how to do it. I want to ask you as a business coach, what was the first thing that you figured out how to do successfully as it relates to your salt scrub company?

Geoff: The very first thing, right out of the gate, point blank, was to create a product that people wanted to purchase, that people were willing to exchange their hard earned dollars in order to obtain and own.

Clay: How long did it take you to make something that the human race actually wanted to purchase?

Geoff: Longer than it should have, but it took, I want to say, about a month, a month and a half. Probably about at max 60 days.

Clay: All right, Thrivers, I’m going to rip on myself, because this guy’s a genius. I’m an idiot, but this is the true story. I started the company called DJ Connection out of my dorm room, and we have about 37,000 people-ish that listen to each show in a city of about a million people. People who are listening in right now, if you’re listening right now and DJ Connection ever deejayed for your wedding and you’re not happy about it, I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry.

The thing is, we ended up winning all the awards though. We won the awards, we won the US Chamber awards, we won the Small Business Administration award. We won every award possible. We deejayed for Southwest Airlines and UPS and a lot of great companies before I sold it, but I’m going to tell you what, if you or somebody who was unfortunate enough to have booked me for those first probably 150 weddings, I’m just sorry.

I’m just– Everything I did, I mean, I went out to a wedding and the bride says, “We are looking for some country, you know, and we are looking for some hip hop”. Geoff, how many CDs, because this is back before iPods, downloads and iTunes, How many CDs of country music do you think I brought out there?

Geoff: Oh boy, we here in Oklahoma, so I like to think you had at least one or two.

Clay: I had three CDs. I’m not kidding, I had Cotton Eye Joe, I had cliché country, like Achy Breaky Heart, “Don’t play that, why would you play that?” But I’m a new DJ, I don’t know what people want. I’m just highly motivated, ready to sell some stuff. I grew up without financial resources and I’m just thinking, “I’m going to go out there and sell something.” And I could sell, but I couldn’t necessarily deliver on that and then over time I realized you know, “Don’t play the Achy Breaky Heart ever again.”

Then I started realizing over time, there are certain songs you should play, certain ones you shouldn’t play, you should actually take the time to ask the customer what music they want to hear, how to pronounce their name. I mean think about your grand intro and having your name mispronounced for your wedding. How would you feel, Geoff, if your dj did that?

Geoff: well I spell my name with a G so I’m pretty much used to that.

Clay: Okay now for anyone listening and they want to Google you, how do you spell your first and last name?

Geoff: G-E-O-F-F-R-E-Y, Schmidt as S-C-H-M-I-D-T.

Clay: There it is, what website can they find more, where can they find more information about your company?

Geoff: Well, if they go to obviously, our website has quite a bit of information but outside of that, there is our Facebook, our LinkedIn and there’s articles, YouTube videos on the internet just got to look around for them.

Clay: Now, Thrivers, if you’re listening right now, when we come back, we’re going to teach you more about principle number two. We will teach you how to build a thriving business, we are going to teach you about principle number two when we comeback after the break. Thrive time Show.

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Clay: Alright, Thrive nation and Oklahomies, welcome back to the show that gets you jacked when it comes to learning how to start and grow a business. It is the business school without the BS and yes, my name is Clay Clark, I’m a business coach and the former SPA entrepreneur of the year in your year. Talking to you about how to start and grow a business. And today we– Typically on our show we have Dr. Robert Zoellner here with us, this optometrist who’s been trapped. He’s been trapped in his optometrist body for years but he is really an entrepreneur.

Today he is out expanding his vast entrepreneurial empire and so we had to bring in a guest with a certain swag. We had to bring a guest with a certain mojo. We had to bring in a guy from one of the coasts and we brought in Mr. Geoff Schmidt, this is the guy who was the founder, he is the founder of Florida Salt Scrubs and we are talking about how to build a thriving business. And I define a thriving business as a business that allows the entrepreneur to begin to achieve their dreams.

Say you have a vision in your mind and you say, “I am here and I want to be here.” I remember sitting in my dorm room in college and I remember going, “I can’t afford to buy some pants. I just want to buy some pants.” I remember my Mazda MPV, I remember thinking to myself, my Mazda MPV van my maroon Mazda MPV van. That thing has got 220,000 miles on it and I can’t go on reverse. So if I have to go on reverse, I got to go on neutral and push that thing back. I’m hoping I never get in a situation where I have to go on reverse cause if I have to go on reverse this could be a bad deal.

I remember thinking those thoughts, I remember my cell phone ring, I remember thinking I have limited minutes. And if somebody calls me, that’s cool. But if I call them, not cool. So I’m literally used to call people like Mr. Geoff Schmidt. I would call you and then I would hang up. And then you would call back and I’m like, “Oh, yes” because now it’s your minutes. That’s the kind of moves you have to think about when you don’t have the ability to fund the fulfillment of your dreams and your destiny, but once you figure out how to start and grow a successful business, then you can start focusing on this next thing that Maslow talked about on his hierarchy of needs, its self-actualization.

You start off focusing on the food and the shelter but then, you get to move up a level, and you get to move up and you get to focus on achieving those dreams, those visions that you’ve had that maybe been long been dormant inside you and so today, we have a guy who has risked time, he has risked money, he has risked his energy, he has risked his reputation to start a company called Florida Salt Scrubs which, by the way, is doing very very well. And he traveled all the way from Florida to be here today. Mr. Geoff Schmidt, thank you very much for being here, my friend.

Geoff: Thank you for having me.

Clay: Now, I want to speak to the entrepreneurs who are listening right now because according to Forbes, 57% of the American population wants to start or grow a business. 57%, think about that. For the people who are listening right now who are a little bit scared and reluctant to start their own business, how did you push past that fear and start your own business? How did you do it, man?

Geoff: Well, it’s really funny because what you just opened up with, talking about pushing your car and paying attention to the minutes. That is exactly how I have started all my businesses before, in the past and even this current one. I started them them with nothing. Anybody and anyone that tells you that you need to get an investor you need to get money. No, you need to start with what you have. When you are an entrepreneur, you have resources. Yes, I know what to do with them. You have to know how you can leverage, maximize and whatever those resources happen to be.

When you are at the starting block, let’s just say, at the very beginning and maybe you don’t have a lot of money maybe you only have a few hundred dollars in your bank account but if you have the energy inside of you, you have burning passion and the drive to succeed, and you are willing to do what it takes and you are resourceful enough, you can make that fifty dollars turn into whatever you need it to turn into. When I started Florida Salt Scrubs, we started with the internet, learning how to do salt scrubs and just a ton of research and a ton of books. There is so much information out there. I can’t emphasize, read read read.

Clay: You know, just in talking to you, Marshall was kind of bragging on me, one of our guys in our office, he was going, “He has read The E-myth”, which by the way, check. If you are an entrepreneur read that book, The E- myth by Michael Gerber. This guy has read gorilla marketing, he has read Trump books. “He has read Trump books? Is this some political show? I thought this was not a political show.”

Geoff: I read those ten years ago too.

Clay: Yes, boom, you have read Jack Welsh?

Geoff: Absolutely.

Clay: Straight from the gut, Jack Welsh?

Geoff: Yes.

Clay: You have read about Michael Eisner?

Clay: Now, I love Michael Eisner because, one of our partners, Mr. Lee Cockerell, he used to manager Walt Disney world resorts and so I used to hear these Michael Eisner stories and I’m just telling you, you have studied some of the greats. And we are talking today about the eleven principles that you need to take into your system and implement to grow a thriving business.

Now, principle number two is you have to create repeatable processes and systems capable of working without you. What kind of systems now within the business work without your direct involvement. Obviously, you still touch a lot of things, you’re still involved, you’re still growing but what are a couple of things that can happen without your daily involvement, what are some aspects there?

Geoff: Well on that note, there is actually a lot of things that can run without my daily involvement. And this is a little bit of a character thing where my personality, I love the business we are in. And for any would be entrepreneurs, I would suggest fall in love with what you do because that’s a good pathway towards success. Because then you are going to be passionate about it. So, naturally, I want to be involved, I love being involved. Having a business, I don’t have kids yet, but I would equate it to like raising a child when you start a business.

It’s going to grow, it`s healthy as the much attention as you give it. As much as the parent gives the child so, that being said, the systems, we have a lot of systems operating, from accounting to sales to customer relations to customer service to delivering the product. You name it, those systems are in place. However, there is always room for improvement. So we are always working on the systems, always working on them.

Clay: There is another book quote that really piggybacks, apparently Warren Buffet agrees with you. He says, “No matter how great the talents or efforts, some things just take time. You can’t produce a baby in one month by getting nine women pregnant.” “Come on, Warren, that’s a little bit rough I don’t know if that was appropriate, Warren.” But the thing is you can’t rush the building of certain systems, you just have to work through it. How long have you been doing this business now?

Geoff: This business we’re going on five years.

Clay: Five years? I’m sure there’s things now you look back at you go, “Why weren’t we doing that five years ago, were we idiots?” But now you’ve figured out some things. The thing is, Thrivers, if you’re listening, you can never be content. Now point number three, you have to refine your brand. That’s what people think about when they think of your company. Branding. Branding McBranderson.

I’m just going to tell you about branding. Branding is a thing that is so weird, because, I remember years ago, I produced a celebrity event. My job, I got hired to book all the attendees, to sell all the tickets, to build the website, to do everything related to the event. You know the one thing, Geoff, that I didn’t think about doing as the event was happening?

Geoff: Branding.

Clay: Yes, I didn’t think of that. I never thought about, maybe I should get a photo with all the celebrities, because for me, I’m like, “I’m there, I know these people are there. They’re buddies of mine, I’m calling them on their cell phones. I don’t need to impress my wife or myself, I just need to do the event.” Then after the event, I remember it was a ridiculous situation. Another event planner called me and said, “Hey, I heard you did the such and such event. Could you organize an event for us?” and I said, “Yeah, sure.” Then I’m talking to them and they go, “Could you provide references that you actually did the event. I said, “Oh yes, no problem.”

I call the guy and the guy goes, “Yes, I’d be happy to get your references. Let me talk to the team.” Long story short, it’s like pulling teeth to get the references because certain people moved on, certain people don’t work there anymore, and I should have been collecting testimonials, proof photos, data aka things that could have branded the business better. When we come back, Thrivers, we’re going to get into the specifics of how to brand, because a branding is basically what people think about when they think about you for the first time, and the second time and the third time. We’re going to go deep diving into branding when we come back right after the break. The Thrive Time Show.

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Clay: All right, thrive nation Welcome back to The Thrive Time Show during your afternoon. For any of you listening for the first time, we’re broadcasting live right now from the left coast of the Arkansas River in beautiful Jake’s America within the friendly confines of the world headquarters and within the box that rocks and now I’m on the magical microphone. My name is Captain Clay Clark, and I’m here as a business coach to pontificate, to educate, to bring a little bit entertainment to your afternoon and to teach you how to start and grow a successful business.

Today on the show we are blessed to have a very special guest. A guy by the name of Mr Geoff Schmidt. Geoff, for people who are listening right now who don’t know who you are can you give us a little biography. What is it that you do, where you’re from, boom.

Geoff: Sure, yes. I’m from South Florida, Boca Raton. I’m the owner of Florida Salt Scrubs. We are a Florida company that man– The creators and distributors of coconut oil, Florida based cosmetics. A little bit of my background is, I’ve been in this industry for going on five years now. Prior to that I was in the world of surfing.

Clay: Wow, world of surfing?

Geoff: Yes. Surfing.

Clay: What were you doing bro?

Geoff: Well bro, we had a surfing learning company, now surf training company where we had locations from Cocoa Beach down to Miami Beach and one in Costa Rica. We were actually ranked by Newsweek magazine and I want to say in 2005, as the fourth best surf school in the world.

Clay: Can you surf?

Geoff: No, never done it.

Clay: I want to ask you, what’s some of terminology about surfing that people– What’s a word, maybe give me two or three words that are common jargon in the surfing game. Throughout Oklahoma, many people in Oklahoma have never seen water before, they’re “Is that water, the rivers never even full.” What are a few surfing terms. I know the word “spit”, right? “Spit”, is that a thing?

Geoff: Spit?

Clay: Is that a word, “spit”?

Geoff: No, I might be learning one right now.

Clay: What about this. Let me see, what would you– is a barrel. What’s a barrel?

Geoff: A barrel is when you’re in a wave when the tube, when the top of the wave, the crest is going over you. It’s like a pipe.

Clay: It’s a sick barrel, bro.

Geoff: Sick– There you go.

Clay: Awesome.

Geoff: You’re watching some surf movies?

Clay: I’ve been watching lots of surf movies.

Geoff: Point Break.

Clay: Now, Thrivers, here we go. We’re now going to get into it again. The 11 principles to grow a thriving business. Principle number three, you have to refine your brand. These are just some things I want you to think about right now, Thrivers. These are some things, a little checklist, I want you to go through these and some people are going to go, “You’re judging us.” Let me help you. One of our partners, his name is Michael Levine. Michael Levine is the PR consultant for Nike. He’s the PR consultant of choice for Michael Jackson, the PR consultant of choice for Pizza Hut. He’s one of our partners. If you go to, you can see his trainings with myself. He’s hilarious.

He’s is a sensational and intense libertarian. I’m just going to tell you this, this guy’s intense but one of the things that he’s all about, he says, “You can package your product in a Tiffany box,” think about that. “You could put your product in a Tiffany box or you could put it in a K-Mart bag and it’s going to have a different reaction when you present it to a woman.” So you can take a ring, let’s say it’s a cubic zirconium, it is not even a real thing, and you put it in a Tiffany box. You’d be a dirty guy if you did that by the way, but if you did that you could present and, “Oh my God, it’s so awesome. This is this great.”

But then if you have an awesome diamond ring and you put that in just the box, you had the most expensive diamond ring ever and you put it in a K-mart box. Which you have put in the K-Mart bag or the box and you get on one knee. You might get a pshh-pshh. You might get slapped. It is not a good thing. You have to think about your company, you got to go, “Does my logo, is my branding where it needs to be? Is my website where it needs to be? Are my business cards where they need to be?” Thrivers, some of you need to get a piece of paper and take notes here, okay? Your website, your logo, the smells. How does your business smell when you walk into the décor? Our office– If you come to world headquarters, I obsess every one of those pictures by the way. I obsess about those and then I say, “Why is that?”

There’s just hundreds of those. Someone the other day said, “I bet you’ve spent 30,000 on those.” and I go, “No, it’s a lot more than that.” But the thing is, framed images, there’s a certain atmosphere, the overhead music, there’s a décor, there’s a feel. You guys get it in Florida. You walk into a nice Florida restaurant, there’s always mojo.

Geoff: Absolutely. That’s classic. That’s known for Florida. That’s one of the reasons people love to come down to Florida so much. That’s expected across Florida brands, Florida lines. Anything you buy, see, touch, and feel down there has to be branded correctly.

Clay: You walk into Florida restaurant for dinner and it’s like, “We’re in Florida.” You walk into Oklahoma and it’s like– And you go, “It’s kind of quiet in here.” Then you hear a bird flying outside, little crickets. The thing is, you got to get that mojo, Thrivers. Now, I want to ask you about your brand. What are some of the areas about your brand that you’ve fixed or spent the most time on that you’re now the proudest of. I know you want to fix some things, you want to improve some things. What are the things that you’re the most proud of as it relates to your brand.

Geoff: What I’m really proud of with the brand is, I’ll tell you real quick. Back in the day when we were putting the brand together, it’s a challenge of basically defining your brand. You’ve got to figure out what kind of feelings do you want people to feel from your brand and you’ve got to get those adjectives very clear. Then, once you have those adjectives, then you can assemble your brand. Now you can start working on the graphics the way it’s going to look. We had some really crazy looking logos in the beginning like stuff that some of it looked contemporary, some of it looked like it wasn’t even Florida.

It was like a picture of the moon, I think it was on one of our logos. But it was through a lot of trial, error and tribulation and work where we got the adjectives like tropical, fun, exciting, joy, you know, happy things. Who wants those, right? Like the tying those in in the ocean-

Clay: You’re getting me pumped up right now.

Geoff: I know, and you get all those together and then you get Florida Salt Scrubs.

Clay: Now, Thrivers, when we come back, I’m going to tell you about a client that I had chance to work with years ago. In his home he started Skyy Vodka. “Skyy Vodka, I think I’ve heard of that.” Somebody will go, “I’m actually drinking that right now. I love it during my lunch hour, it’s my favorite– I drink my watch, I’m trying to lose weight.” But seriously, years ago I got a chance to work with the founder of Skyy Vodka, Mr. Maurice Kanbar, and he was obsessed with branding.

He wrote a book called The Inventors Handbook, which everybody needs to read and by the way, he bought one third of downtown Tulsa, a 30%. So you’re staying downtown, homie bought a third of downtown Tulsa. He sold a business for $600 million and he’s obsessed with branding. When we come back, Thrivers, we’ll get more into branding, then we’re going to teach you power move, super move, super principle number four, branding cleanup. And during your noon, I want you to think right now, get out a sheet of paper and rate your own brand and then come back and join us here in just a moment.

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Announcer: You’re listening to The Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio 1170.

Clay: All right, Thrive nation, welcome back to your inspiration station during your lunch hour of power. My name is Clay Clark and I am a business coach. I’m the former SBA entrepreneur of the year and the father of five human kids. How did we do it? Well this isn’t an adult show. I can’t get into those details, I can explain to you how we were able to matriculate and equip and actually produce five human kids but I can talk about how to start and grow a successful business and I can tell you that on today’s show its action packed.

It could be one of the better shows we’ve ever had it because we will be brought on a guy who in my mind he’s more of an enigma. He’s more of like a, it’s an aura. You bring him in you can just feel the aura of Florida. The room got warmer, I mean this guy, had ever been to Florida before, Geoff?

Geoff: Maybe once or twice.

Clay: So you fly in. This is like, there’s this warp, this love and I just feel like I’m in Florida right now but I’m not, as people can see on Facebook live but tell the Thrivers, for anyone who doesn’t know who you are, Mr. Geoffrey Schmidt, what is it that you do?

Geoff: What is it that I do is I run a company. I’m the owner of a company named Florida Salt Scrubs, we’re the creators and distributors of a coconut oil-based Florida products which include spray lotions, salt scrubs, lip balm so-

Clay: Did you bring some stuff with you?

Geoff: I certainly did.

Clay: Really? Well, before you leave tomorrow, and this is I’m just saying on the air here, I’m definitely going to be buying some of your stuff because the holidays are coming up, my wife might not hear this show. She drives and listens all the time. I didn’t plan that very well. Okay. Vanessa, turn off the show for a minute, don’t listen. Mom, don’t listen either, just for a second. But anyway, we need to work a deal. I need to buy some stuff I say work a deal, I’ll pay you, you give me this product, boom.

But here’s the thing, we’re talking today about the 11 moves 11 steps to building a thriving business. And we’re talking about– We were talking a little bit before the break about Maurice Kanbar, the guy who started Skyy Vodka and if you read his book, The Adventurer’s Handbook, you can discover the story. But, do you know what it is about the Skyy Vodka that makes it unique?

Geoff: I’d like to think it’s the blue bottles, the packaging.

Clay: I’m gonna tell you the story, this is the story, you can read his book but it’s a fascinating story. Basically, Maurice Kanbar likes to consume some alcohol. He finds it helps him think, I think at night, helps him kind of relax and think and– He’s an inventor. Okay? This guy’s invented the modern needle protector for nurses, the modern stoplight. He’s the first guy to come with a multiplex, the idea to have multiple movies showing a movie theater, this is this guy, okay? He’s real deal.

He’s built like a– He sold his patents to like Johnson & Johnson. If you look up Maurice Kanbar, K-A-N-B-A-R, he’s prolific, man. This guy’s awesome. Lives out in San Francisco. So anyway, long story short, he’s drinking alcohol and he’s talking to his assistant, he’s like, “Man, I don’t feel very good.” And she’s like, “Uh, because you’re drinking.” And he’s like, “I know that I’m drinking but why does drinking cause me to feel sick?” And she says, “‘Cause you have a hangover.” And he’s like, “I know that the word hangover exists and I understand that is a cause-and-effect, but why?”

So it sets him off on a tangent, he begins researching this thing and it’s called like collargens or something, but he discovers that basically there’s an imperfection in the way that alcohol is distilled, that causes headaches. So he goes to a university, he finds some bro-fessor, some professor, and he says to the guy, “Hey guy, why does it cause–” and they’re professors by the way, who study alcohol. This is the thing. He says, “Why does it cause headaches?” And the guy explains to him, “Well, scientifically, what happens is there’s imperfections in the alcohol that cause the human brain to go–” And he’s like, “I know, I get it, but how much would it cost to fix that?”

And he goes, “We’d have to triple distill something. It’d be very expensive.” And he goes, “Let’s do it.” He’s like, “Okay, I’ll go ahead and give it a try.” So he pays this professor to triple distill the alcohol, thus causing Skyy Vodka, which is now– At the time it was the only alcoholic beverage you could drink that cause no hangover the next morning.

Geoff: Unbelievable.

Clay: Ever.

Geoff: I think I want to drink some Skyy Vodka tonight.

Clay: Because it creates a clear head in the morning aka the sky. So then, he calls it Skyy Vodka and he realizes though, but the sky, the name sky, S-K-Y, doesn’t beg the question. So he adds an extra “y” to it and people say, “Why is there two y’s?” That’s a question. Boom. Then he goes to these bars, in his book he explains, he goes primarily to the gay bars, and he goes to the gay bars because these guys have their the fashion-forward mindset, and he’s like, “Hey, what kind of bottles are the hot selling bottles? What alcohol is moving?” And he gives a contoured bottle and boom, that’s Skyy Vodka.

But this is like a guy, he didn’t come up with Vodka until he was 65 years old. No experience in the alcohol business before, but he understood branding. Some people are listening right now and you’re familiar with the Elephant In The Room, at least 3200 of you are, because of 3200 members at the Elephant In The Room Men’s Grooming Lounge but the Elephant In The Room Men’s Grooming Lounge, by the way, we have three locations. One Downtown, 16th in Boston, we have one at 65th and Lynn Lane out their Broken Arrow. We have 91st and Lynn Lane. People say, “Why did you call it Elephant In The Room? Well don’t you want to know?” See, that’s why it begs the question, right.

Geoff: Sure. That’s it. That’s– You get people curious. You make them wonder.

Clay: By the way, if you’re listening right now, for all the listeners we do the $1 for your first haircut. One dollar? Is that real? Yes. $1. Why? Because it’s awesome. How can you afford to do that? I can’t but if I wow you, you’ll come back and bring friends, that is the trick. Now we’re moving on the principle number four. Create written values that will keep the company operating with an insistence on excellence now and in the future. My friend, Geoff, you obviously have a big vision, but why is it so important at some point you write some things down? And why is it a challenge for a lot of people?

Geoff: Well, the thing with writing is people got to get clear on what they are going to write first. We gotta get clear about what they want and what direction they’re looking to go. And you see, at Florida Salt Scrubs we put everything in writing, we document as much stuff as we think of, because you want to be able to come back to it. You want to be able to improve it and refine it and when you’re ready to improve and refine, you need to be able to find the source to do that and also it sets a precedent so that other people can follow. If you’re not able to run the pitcher of whatever it is, your documents and you want other people to be able to pick up and run with that.

Clay: I think a lot of entrepreneurs though, what happens is that– In my mind this is the entrepreneur mind. If I had to create what I believe to be the inner dialogue and sort of just let you– If you’re listening right now and you’re not an entrepreneur and want to hear what’s inside the mind of a typical entrepreneur, this is what I hear. I’ve got an idea. There’s a problem. There’s a big problem I could solve. Oh my gosh, red ball, red ball. Look at that red ball. I can solve the problem. There’s a squirrel. And then there’s like this excitement.

Geoff: Yes.

Clay: But then you have to go out and explain to other people who are going [inaudible]. Calm down. Would you just calm down. And so, as an entrepreneur, that part of you that makes you want to run and charge, sometimes gets in the way of making you calm down and take notes and write it down and I know for me, when I was building my DJ business, I mean, when I started, before we sold that we did 4000 weddings in a year. That’s like 80 a weekend.

All the equipment, all the sound systems, training all the people and I remember the first three or four DJs we brought on, its Brie, right? Brie? It’s Brie. Imagine this Brie, imagine you apply for a job, working for a crazy guy who has an entertainment company, Brie by the way works here with incredible Mr. Geoff, I’m just picking on her because she doesn’t have a microphone, she can’t defend herrself.

Geoff: [laughs].

Clay: But here’s the thing is, so what happens is, is that you come to interview and you go, “Well, when people cal,l what do I say?” And I’m like, “Well, what you got to do is you’ve got to create an emotional connection with the brides.” And you’re going, “But what specific words do you say? It’s common sense, Thomas.” I’m like, “But it’s not common sense.” And then we start to go back and forth and then after Brie’s been at work she’s a diligent, excellent– If you guys go on Facebook live and you can see the Brie, she’s a good human, great human. And so what happens is, then after two weeks she starts to go, “He’s crazy.” And so she begins to look for another job and then I start to go, “I can’t find any good people. No one knows how to book weddings.”

So you begin to mow through the human race. People are starting, stopping, quitting. You can’t train anybody and then you buy into this myth that you’re the only person on the planet who knows how to book a wedding. Thus, I had a very dysfunctional and very profitable company that caused me to work 80 hours a week at one point. Literally, I was getting up like 4AM working until 7PM, detailing every sales call.

For any entrepreneur right now who hasn’t read the E-myth like you have, Geoff, they don’t understand you can in fact build a business as an entrepreneur that can create time freedom and financial freedom. They really have bought into the myth that they have to do everything and they haven’t built any systems. What advice would you have?

Geoff: Well, the first thing that comes to mind is being really clear on what you want. Being really clear on what direction you want things to go in because like the E-myth specifies, makes very clear and obvious is that you can structure an existence based on if you want time freedom. You want freedom to do certain and other things but you know, the flip side of the coin is I look at it as a double-edged sword because a lot of entrepreneurs including myself, we really like what we do.

Clay: You shouldn’t feel bad about that, by the way.

Geoff: I’m not working. People think I work a lot of hours every single week. But I’m not counting the hours. I enjoy it. I have fun with it.

Clay: This is how I feel about Tom Brady. People say, “I feel like it’s unhealthy how much you’ve been watching Tom Brady videos. You like watching Tom Brady like you’re going to play against him or you’re obsessed with him. It’s not healthy. It’s like a man crush. I don’t know if that’s really a move. Maybe we should turn off the Bellicheck. Maybe you should stop reading the books.” I’m reading Bellicheck and Brady. I’ve read every book and my wife’s like, “It’s so weird, you’re obsessed with him. You’re not going to ever be with him. You’re never gonna be his buddy. What is your deal?” It has not worked for me, though. I’m just obsessed with the Patriots. I love, I want to know what we’re doing every game. I feel like if I cheer hard enough at my TV screen it will help affect the outcome of the game.

Geoff: Go Patriots.

Clay: That’s right. But if you’re listening right now, you shouldn’t feel weird if you’re obsessed with your business. That’s okay. It’s okay. We just got to define your F5s. Your faith, your family, your finance, your fitness, and your friendship goals. Make sure you schedule time for it and you’ll be fine. Now, Thrivers, when we come back we will teach you super-move number 5. Super-move number 5. What is super-move number five? You want to know what that is? That’s the move after number four. I can’t tell you unless you come back. So if you want to know waht’s super-move number five. All I can say, it’s a game changer and it’s really the best super-move number five I’ve ever had.

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Announcer: Broadcasting from the center of the universe. Featuring optometrist turned entrepreneur Dr. Roberts Zoellner and US SBA entrepreneur of the year Clay Clark. This is The Thrive Time Show on Talk radio 1170.

Clay: Alright, Thrive nation, welcome back to the inspiration station. My name is Clay Clark. It’s not dark because it’s noon and we are listening, you’re listening right now to the show that’s all about how to start and grow a successful business. Today specifically we’re teaching you how to lead a thriving business. So, moving on to principle number five. You must define who your ideal and likely buyers are and are not. So that your company knows who it is making it’s products and services for. To help teach us this principle, we brought in Mr. Geoffrey Schmidt. He’s the founder of Florida Salt Scrubs. For people just listening, what is that? What is the Florida Salt Scrubs, my friend?

Geoff: Florida Salt Scrubs is the name of my company which– What we are is we’re distributors and creators of Florida products, we’re obviously based in Florida, like lotions, salt scrubs is our flagship product, lip balm, soap. Basically, it’s a product that is going to be sold anywhere that you want to spread the Florida love, right? I’m here in Oklahoma, I think on a day like today when it’s at 25 degrees outside, a lot of people would appreciate the Florida love right now. If there’s any gift shops, even restaurants that want to up their game and increase their guest experience, talk to us about putting this in the bathroom, you’ll be the hottest restaurant in town.

Clay: Where did you grow up as a kid, where did you grow up?

Geoff: Actually, I grew up in Boston. I’m from the Northeast.

Clay: That’s the Boston connections. Do you love the Patriots?

Geoff: Absolutely.

Clay: See, this is a beautiful thing. So, you know right now, without Gronk it doesn’t matter, we’re still good. He’s a good guy but we got other guys.

Geoff: They got lots of other guys.

Clay: We don’t know who the guys are but they’re all our guys. It doesn’t matter, boom, we’re going to win. Here’s the thing, if you’re listening right now, I would encourage you, take some notes on this because this concept can be huge for you. You have to know who your ideal and likely buyers are. You have to know who they are. So here’s an example. My wife goes into Whole Foods, she walks in there and this is what they did. All the people who work there, they know she’s coming. They see her and they’re like, “Oh, yes, here she comes that’s our mark.” The guy goes, “What’s up, Ms. Clark, how you’re doing?” She goes, “Do you have any kale? Do you have any kale?” And he goes, “Oh, yes, I got some fresh kale here. It’s $407.”

She’s like, “It sounds like a good deal, is that on sale?”. “Oh yes, Mrs. Clark, we got some Angus in the back. It’s fresh and the cow ran around like free-range. We have free range chickens, that’s $800 for a pound, you know?” And she’s like, “That sounds like a great deal.” “Oh, Ms. Clark, do you want a fresh smoothie? We got this new smoothie it’s got kale.” “It’s got kale? Wow, that must make me live forever. Is it organic?” “Oh it’s so organic, its natural, it has no antibiotics.” Then my wife is like, “Okay, will do.”

Then she comes back home. I say, “How was the trip to Whole foods?” “It was 18,000 dollars but we save money because it was on sale.” That’s how Whole Foods does. They know their mark, it’s organic, it’s free range, it’s the deal. Who’s your ideal and likely buyer, my friend? Who buys from you?

Geoff: Our ideal and likely buyers are two groups of people. We got one side that appreciates natural products. Coconut oil-based, something that has no chemicals, something that is healthy and good for your skin. Then the other side of the coin is going to be restaurants and also a lot of retailer establishments that want to basically spread the Florida love and sell wonderful high-quality products.

Like I said, the restaurants absolutely love it. The customers love it. They put it in the restroom, people use that. They put it on their hands. It’s almost like when they get out of the bathroom, you wondered what they were doing in there. They got the biggest smile on their face. Then before you know it, the restaurant is selling them a jar, everyone’s happy. They’re telling all their friends and hey, that restaurant turns into the hottest place in town.

Clay: Now, if you’re listening right now and you’re going, “How does this apply to me?” I’m just telling you, my company DJ Connection that I started, we grew and it became very successful, guess who books weddings, Geoff? If you had to take a guess. I mean, I know you’ve got a vast knowledge of a lot of things. You’re really into that soap scrub game but take the soap scrub game off for a second and think about weddings. In your mind, who books most weddings? Here we go. Here we go. For 500 points not redeemable for anything.

Geoff: [laughs] I am going to say, word of mouth and the women.

Clay: Women. Women. Say that’s the deal, women. I started a DJ company and I started marketing to men. I’m like, “Hey dude, you want to book a wedding?” “No. Freaking stupid question bro, dumb.” With guys, I go, “Hey dude, when are you get married?” “I don’t know, bro. She’ll call me, whatever. I got it on a counter somewhere, bro.” Because guys do not know when they are getting married. Guys go meet with the florist and the wedding planner. They don’t even know.

You’re sitting down with the florist and the florist is like, “It’s gonna be so awesome. You’re going get some orchids. They’re going to look great. And you get this barn wood and it’s rustic. It’s like, it’s gonna be rustic. It’s going to be” and the guy’s going, “What was that again? What? What?” So I started booking. I started realizing you can’t build a successful wedding business focusing on dudes. So I started going to those bridal shops where those girls go in. They try on the gown, another gown and another gown. They’re there for hours at the bridal boutiques.

I started marketing to those places. Next thing you know, boom, I’m booking a wedding. But you’ve got to know who your ideal and likely buyers are. Now, we’re moving on to this next move. This is principle number six. Create guardrails and rules that will keep your company in check even if you get abducted by aliens or on vacation or simply decide to sell the business. Gino Wickman, A Notable Quotable. This guy who wrote the book Traction. A notable quotable from Gino Wickman. You might want to write this down. He says, “What gets measured, gets done”. I’m just going to tell you this, if you don’t have any guardrails in your business, things won’t get done correctly.

One of the companies I work with it’s called Oxi Fresh O-X-I Fresh. By the way, we have hundreds and hundreds of locations and if you go to and I hope you do, and you want to buy a franchise, and I hope you do, it is the world’s most green carpet cleaning system according to the EPA. “I don’t like the EPA.” Well guess what? They’re in charge of the– this is the Environmental Protection Agency. You go to, you should buy a franchise, it benefits me, but it’s also good for the environment. But you go up there and I’m telling you what? We have– If you buy a franchise you have to get the logo on your card exact same way.

I don’t care what location you’re in it has to be the same. No matter what franchise owner you are, everything has to be the same. All the specifications have to be the same. When you buy salt scrubs from you right? You have certain specifications.

Geoff: Absolutely. When our salt scrubs are being manufactured and created and crafted, it’s based on the original formulas, the original recipes, the salt grain is very specific, which lends to its popularity and so many different markets, and so many different areas. As we do focus on certain ones, we get contacted all the time. By places that you, you may not imagine or expect to by a salt scrub. Because they appreciate the ingredients. Our salt is actually Atlantic sea salt, it that has to be, that’s it.

Clay: Sea salt?

Geoff: Absolutely. I’m from Florida.

Clay: Bro, my wife is going to like– My wife, she’s purring right now. You said sea salt?

Geoff We bring the oceans to you.

Clay: My wife likes that organic, natural deal.

Geoff: She’s going to love it.

Clay: My wife’s going to be bying this all day. What’s the website my wife can go to spend all of the money we’d made?

Geoff: Well all of it, We will keep making if she keeps buying.

Clay: She will, she loves that sea salt. Now as far as the guardrails though, have you ever had a system in place where you said, “These are the specifications” and your team begins to manufactured and somebody tries to not manufacture it to your specification-

Geoff: Oh, absolutely.

Clay: -somebody tried to not follow your rules?

Geoff: 110%, you know, that’s one of the biggest challenges on our front and business is the manufacturing aspect. Because being an artesian oriented company, wanting to– Releasing only the highest quality coconut oil products, it literally has to be the best or nothing at all. Otherwise we’re not going to put it out there. The manufacturers we work with need to be willing to meet our standards and guidelines it has to be produced correctly. I had a story about a couple years ago, a manufacturer that I was given a test run to, hadn’t produced just a small little order of a few thousand jars just to see what they-

Clay: Just a few thousand jars. No big deal.

Geoff: I wanted to see what he produces you know –

Clay: You’re kind of a big deal, no big deal. just a few thousands.

Geoff: He sends us a sample in the mail before he does the full-blown run, just to say “Hey, how is this? Does it look good? Does it smell good? Does it meet your quality standards?” I’m looking at the stuff and I’m like “What is this? It was like soup in a jar. It was not, he didn’t even use the same salt. I bought the salt, supplied them with the materials, he decided to use his own salt.

Clay: Not good.

Geoff: People are used to our salt. We’re unique. If you’ve used a salt scrub before and you use ours there’s not another one out there like it. Oklahoma, I challenge you, find another salt scrub like us. That they’re not out there.

Clay: Now I mean this, your hair’s looking good. You don’t need a haircut but if you, did tomorrow you need to go in there just checking out one time. Elephant in the Room, I’m telling you, what it is, you can walk in there, it’s like a country club for men’s hair. I’m a man bear pig and I I’m always spying on the competition. They recently started to catch on to me because my face is all over the place. But the thing is the Elephant in the Room, you go in there and the decor it’s like rustic barn wood. There’s paraffin hand if, there’s a hot towel treatment.

It’s like a paradise, it’s like a mancation. It’s a place where you just go in there and you go, “Oh, oh, yeah”. This is– it’s like, it’s totally– You go in there, a lot of guys are going, they fall asleep in the chair. It’s just the way you’re greeted and by the way no phones are allowed to ring in our business. When you call there, you know you go to some here places and your stylists keeps getting up to answer the phone? No, we have an outside call center so the phone rings not there, right? Because we’re caring about your hair. But the thing is, we have specifications that we have to do things the right way in Elephant in the Room and if not, I freak out.

Tomorrow at 8:00 AM you might get the chance to see because I’m doing a training with the team and certain people who have missed those specifications for 8:00 AM you get to see. They all have to come through required training with me. We have to do this training because if we miss the specifications you have to come talk to me. This happens every week. It’s kind of like, “I don’t want to see Darth Vader, I don’t want to see.” I got to keep it fun, I try to keep it light.

But literally, there are specifications and if you don’t do it, you have to come to training with me and I’m and I’m the most Pale Male in the world and you just don’t want to come to train with me, because not a beautiful thing. Thrivers, when we come back we’re going to move on to our next– We’re talking about principle number seven which is identify the biggest threats that your business faces in the short-term. “Threats? You mean there’s competition? I thought this was a Bernie Sanders Show, I didn’t know there would be any competition at all that was all Bernie Sanders today.”

No, but seriously, this is– We have competition in the marketplace. We have competitors trying to take your ideas. We’ve got economic downturns. We’ve got a lot of things going on and so you’ve got to be looking out to the competition. Are you a big Patriots fan?

Geoff: Absolutely. When you grow up in New England you have to, it gets in your blood.

Clay: Yes. So, you know, Bill Belichick was very upset when Mangini went and he left he went to the Jets because that’s a threat. You can’t go to another team in the division. No.

Geoff: Especially a New York team. Come on.

Clay: We’re talking about threats, you can’t go to the Jets.

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Clay: All right, Thrive nation, welcome back to the Thrive Time Show, your audio dojo of mojo. We played some ’80s for the ladies. Oh, yes, and now, Thrivers, here’s the deal. Here’s the deal, so many of you, you’re going, “I’ve listened to a lot of politics, I know they’re doing a recount, I know Trump allegedly just brought you know 500 billion dollars of jobs to the US.” Some of you are going, “He did not, actually President Obama had set that up is what happened.” Some of you are going, “I’m tired of the wall and the immigration.”

And you just want to go, “Turn it off, the political fatigue, I’m tired of the recount. All I want to do is I want to focus on something I can actually do. I want to learn something that I could actually apply to my own life. I want to improve my own life. I want to do that”, and that’s why you’ve turned into Tulsa’s only local business radio show. It’s the Thrive Time Show during your afternoon. Today we’re talking about the 11 principles that you need to learn to build a thriving business.

We move on, we move on here to the next principle which is identify the biggest threats that your business faces in the short term. It’s move number seven. Identify the biggest threats that your business faces in the short term. We have Mr. Geoff Schmidt, the founder of Florida Salt Scrubs on the show. Geoff, how are you, my friend?

Geoff: I’m doing fantastic, how are you?

Clay: Man I’m telling you what, when you– I hate to say it, because it seems weird and it’s going to be stuck in your head for the rest of your life, but it’s ecstasy when you’re next to me. That’s what it is right now. No, but seriously I’m excited to have you on the show, so let me ask you. With competition and threats how much time do you spend focusing on what the other guys are doing? How much did you go, “Doesn’t matter I’m focusing on me”. How much did you go, “I really do need to find out what they’re doing”.

Talk to me for the entrepreneurs out there who are going, “How much of my time?” Because you built a successful company and it’s growing. How much time do you spend focused on the other guys and how much is focused on your guys?

Geoff: I would have to say like if I was to put in a percentage, I’d probably spent about 96% of the time on us and 4% on them. I’m curious to see what they’re doing, maybe they’re doing something different I’ll find that out if they are I have a way to figure it out pretty quickly. But at the end of the day, I like to put my focus and energy on my company growing to be the best, to making better products, to delivering better service. Because here’s the reality, if you’re doing it right they’re more concerned with you then you’re going to be with them.

I always get a kick out of going into some of my retailers across the state and around the country, when I see competition that has popped up in other places and I go, “Oh, look at that”. I see they’re doing that just like us or doing this just like us. I think the imitation is great flattery but yes, at the end of the day if you’re leading the charge, it’s that they’re looking at you more than you’re looking at them.

Clay: I have a confession I would like to make for you and to all the 37,500 people approximately who are listening right now. If we can just keep it a secret, if we could just not tell anybody, it could just be something we keep secret. Here’s the deal. I get my mop chopped about every two weeks and I’m just a man bear pig. I just tricked my wife into marrying me and because she doesn’t have, any eyesight at all. She can’t see me.

Doctor Zoellner, my partner, has never been able to treat her. She can’t see me. I just get away with it. The thing is I go in every week, every week. But every 10 days I go into great clips and sports clips, and the boardroom in Dallas and I get my haircut and I am just taking pictures and I am taking notes. Then I am just doing and I am constantly spying, and I am constantly getting ideas. I am constantly paranoid. Are they watching us? Are they watching us? I realize maybe I am just watching them, but I always take a little notes.

Then about 95% of my month is been devoted to just doing what we do. The other day I go in there and I notice I am like, “They are doing this move. This is good move. This move is a good move. This is not the kind of move they need to be doing. we need to be doing this move.” I did a move and you tell me how shady this move was. Scale 1 to 10, you tell me. Okay?

Geoff: Mm-hmm.

Clay: They put a sign up that said, “4,99 first haircut.” 4.99 for your first haircut.

Geoff: Sounds like a bargain.

Clay: It’s a really good move. I said, “If I put my dollar signs right next to it that can be a move.” I had my team, my squad, my guys, we set up $1 signs right next to them. They had five signs that said 4.99. I put like, I am not exaggerating, 12 that said a dollar. I didn’t take their signs. Technically we were all legal because it’s an easement, but I had the $1 signs. Our board is blowing up. People are rolling in like whoof. Then their guy, their guy, I mean you can’t. I spied on them and their guy took down all of our signs, Geoff.

Geoff: Could you believe that?

Clay: Could you believe that? After I spied that he would break ethical boundaries and take down my stuff.

Geoff: Some people just have no limits. I swear to God.

Clay: As a good Patriots fan, I admire a team that films the other guys a little bit. But then he got to hit back to actually win the game. It was kind of unbalance. You say 95% of the time you focus on you.

Geoff: Yes.

Clay: Okay.

Geoff: And 5%, like I said, I will look at my competition, I will see what they are doing. In our industry there’s really nothing that’s going to be– that I’ve noticed too groundbreaking coming for them. You do take a look. Their people put everything on the web pretty much. Or they put it out on the shelf.

Clay: I want to brag on you.

Geoff: Yes.

Clay: You have awesome customer service, awesome reviews.

Geoff: Thank you.

Clay: You do. I’ve been cyberstalking, cyberstalking, been looking around. You have great reviews. You’ve been doing a good job.

Geoff: Yes, we try.

Clay: That’s- I mean, just saying. What websites can people find more about you if they want to carry your products to the retail store?

Geoff: I’ll go to, our homepage. You will find on there YouTube videos, you’re going to find testimonials, you’re going to find Instagram, all kinds of great stuff about us. Then also throughout the internet, but I love the social media, because the social media, it’s warm, fuzzy and brings it home.

Clay: If you are on Facebook live right now, you’ll notice that another website that I just- I set up a domain for you while you were talking. I hope it wasn’t too distracting. I was setting up domain for you,

Geoff: Aww, come on. You are making me blush over here.

Clay: Now we’re going to move to the ocho, the ocho, move number eight because I am feeling great. It’s identify the biggest threads that your business faces over the next five years. Now, Jack Welch, this is the CEO of GE. By the way, they grew the company by 400% during his tenure. He says, “Buy or bury your competition.” I want to ask you, my friend, thinking about five years into the future, where’s your business? Where is it? Tell us.

Geoff: Five years into the future Florida Salt Scrubs is going to be fully spread across the United States. Maybe not necessarily under the brand Florida Solid Scrubs because we have other brands in the work, regional brands, as well a more national brand. But building up within it’s various markets. People at the end of the day love regional products. They love products that reflect a place.

That’s one of the reasons like your Wholefoods or places like that are doing so well, because we are in a different place in space and time where the big companies that manufacture all this different stuff, the different stuff wasn’t always so great. People are now moving away from the large corporate, buying the canned goods and stuff and looking for the source. Where does the stuff come from? We want the real deal like Maine lobsters, Cape Cod cranberries, Washington apples, Oklahoma something.

Clay: Talk more about lobster. I love lobster.

Geoff: I know. Lobster is fantastic.

Clay: Oh my Gosh. Some people argue it’s an insect with better marketing, but I don’t agree with these guys. That’s a great thing. How much do you love lobster?

Geoff: Lobster, love. It’s a staple dish up in New England.

Clay: I now am going to buy either shrimp or lobster as a result of what you just said. It has to happen.

Geoff: [crosstalk] share?

Clay: We do.

Geoff: Like the little lobsters.

Clay: Yes. I am probably going to go to Wholefoods and get myself a little, on the way out of here. I definitely will be doing that.

Geoff: Still tour the states in Wholefoods.

Clay: Unbelievable. Thrivers, if you are listening right now, we are going to talk about next, we are going to talk about move number nine, which is identify the potential for strategic partner relationship. You see, they have a core audience, they have a core customer base. You have a core customer base, but if you can team together in the same place, boom. Think about that. Samsung teamed up with Dropbox, Microsoft teamed up with Dell. Stay tuned.

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Announcer: Live, local, now, you are listening to the Thrive Time Show live on Talk Radio, 1170.

Clay: Hello, Thrivers and welcome back. You are listening to some Michael Jack on your afternoon right there. I want to rock with you. It is kind of weird that your talk show host wants to rock with you. I will tell you what. I just want to help you grow successful business. It’s the Thrive Time Show where we teach you how to grow, mow, dough, fo’ sho’. My name is Clay Clark.

I’m SPA entrepreneur of the year in your ear and I am here to teach you how to start and grow successful business and to help our studio audience of three people occasionally laugh. That’s my goal. Just to break them down like fractions. Hope they are feeling like petting zoo. Geoff, we have Geoff on the show today. He’s the founder of Florida Salt Scrubs. Sir, how are you?

Geoff: I am doing fantastic. How are you doing, Clay?

Clay: Man, I am excited. I am trying to wear down our studio audience. Try to get them laugh a little bit. That’s my whole focus today. But point number nine is identify the potential for strategic partner relationships. Okay? Now, here’s an example. Zappos Tony Hsieh, who is the CEO. He’s not the founder by the way. Although, I think Tony Hsieh is the founder of Zappos, he’s not, he’s the CEO. He sold the company in part to Amazon, but he still has the autonomy to run Zappos as a separate company. He did that because the way that they can distribute the product through Amazon and the power they had, allowed them to grow and expand tremendously.

Another example, as many people, they go to their local bank and they go, “My business just, it stinks. It smells, it’s not good.” Your banker, by the way, he just lends you money. Are you familiar with SBA loans? Are you listening right now? Small business administration loan, an SBA loan? The small business administration says if you go into a bank and you get a loan and it’s SBA complaint, the SBA, the small business administration will guarantee that they will pay. Say the small business owner goes into bankruptcy or default, or can’t pay his bill, the SBA guarantees, “Hey, we’ll pay, we are on the hook for 85% of it or 90% of it” or whatever.

The thing is, if the bank does a loan, they don’t want the person they lent money to go out of business. They don’t want that to happen. When your business is struggling, they go, “Hey, you need help.” But a banker doesn’t make money coaching businesses. That’s not their job. Their job is lending money. What happens is banks all over the country call me and say, “Hey, Clay. Here’s the deal. We’ve got customer whose business is– He hasn’t missed any payments yet, but he’s getting close and we’ve lent him like $500,000 to open a restaurant. He’s not going to make it. He’s got six months of runaway left and I’ve got to get him profitable. We’ve got to get him profitable, because he’s got to pay his loan back. Help us. Help us help him. Help us, help him.”

That’s a strategic relationship we have with many, many banks. I am sure with your business, you look at strategic relationships. But you, Geoffrey Schmidt, you are with Florida Salt Scrubs. Retailers sell your products.

Geoff: Correct.

Clay: Tell me how you view that relationship? Because I’m a retailer. I’m buying stuff from you, but you can’t be successful unless they’re successful.

Geoff: Exactly, and indeed, every retailer we work with regardless of the industry, listen, at the end of the day it has to be one thing and only one thing. It has to be a win win or nothing at all. We view our retailers and the people we do business with, they’re our partners, they’re our strategic partners. We’re in this together.

Clay: Is there a strategic partner that you work with, someone who you sell your products to, maybe a big hotel or a big restaurant or somebody who’s a big name drop that it’s like– Is there something that you would feel comfortable mentioning on the air that’s big, like a big boom.

Geoff: Retailers, they tend to have their ways about them. I’ll avoid the name drops, but I will say that what we do do with them is a full blown partnership. Their success is our success. It’s really funny, because when you’re doing business with some of the retailers initially like out of the gate, I guess because this is the experience they get from other people that they do business with, but they beat around the whole making money aspect of doing business and I tell them right out of the gate.

I have this greedy little selfish desire to actually make money, but this greedy selfish desire to make money makes you money too. It’s a win win. That’s why people are in business. Money is what keeps the lights on. That’s what keeps employees paid.

Clay: Do you know why you want to make money?

Geoff: I want to make money because I can make a difference with making money.

Clay: And because I have met your significant other. This is a great lady.

Geoff: [laughs]

Clay: I’m telling you what-

Geoff: She is.

Clay: -she has certain needs. You want to take her on hot dates and she’s a great lady, and so to keep the great lady, you got to take her on the great dates, you got to treat her like a queen. You got to do all these things and you couldn’t do these things with just hope and wishes and great– It costs money to do these things, right.

Geoff: It does.

Clay: Well maintenance lady, but you just want to wow that lady.

Geoff: You got to.

Clay: You got to do it. You’re going to lose a high quality lady like that if you can’t take care of her. Now, moving on here, we’re talking about this, I want to give you a notable quotable. I want to give this to you before we move on.

This is a notable quotable. This is from Entrepreneur Magazine, it says, “Forming the right strategic partnership can increase your efforts in two essential areas of business, credibility and distribution.” I know for credibility, I’m going to tell you this, this is an example. I am a business coaching speaker guy. I built a business, grew another business. I built DJ Connection specifically. Then I started this wedding show specifically, now it’s called the Tulsa Wedding Show, used to be called the Tulsa Bridal Association.

Then I started Party Perfect which now is Party Pro, the biggest party rental company in Oklahoma. Dr. Z, as the biggest auto auction in Oklahoma, he’s invested in Regent Bank. He has the biggest optometry clinic. I name drop these things because over time then I get booked to speak at events. My final event that I’m doing this week in Las Vegas is the Food and Drug Administration, their big event.

For some reason people go, “Because you speak for the FDA, you must qualify to help me,” or because I’ve spoken for O’Reilly’s Auto Parts or Southwest Airlines or Hewlett Packard and my wife, she puts up with me. My wife goes, “He’s nothing special. He’s a man bear pig and he’s good at making money but he’s kind of man bear pig.” But the thing is, that association can help you, that name drop, that connection, that thing.

But I’m just telling you, Thrivers, think about right now, who could you team up with to distribute your product with. Think about that. Maybe write that down. Who are three or four people you could team up with right now to get your products and services in front of more people? When we come back we’re going to teach you super moves number ten and 11, super move number ten coming up next. Thrive Time Show.

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Announcer: You are listening to The Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio 1170.

Clay: All right, Thrive nation, welcome back to your inspiration destination, your education destination that we provide entertainment and education. We call it edutainment. Why do we do it? Because we care, we want to help you start and grow a successful business. For many of you, you’re thinking right now, you’re tempted, you’re going, “I kind of am dabbling. I can hit a button and at any moment I can go over there and listen to Rush Limbaugh and I could learn about the politics, and I could learn about the economy, and I could learn about immigration, and I could learn about Trump. There’s a recount I’ve heard about in Hillary, is he going to go after her, is he not going to go after her. Did she share the emails?”

But you’re going, “No, I’m going to give it a chance. I’m going to give this show a chance. What are you guys talking about?” We’re talking about today specifically the 11 principles that you need to know to learn how to build a thriving business. Now moving on to principle number 10, is you must develop your successor. Now, I’m going to give you a notable quotable from Mr. John Maxwell. He says this, “Legacies that matter are connected with people. Ultimately, if your people can’t do it without you, you haven’t been successful in raising up other leaders. A legacy is created only when leaders put their people into a position to do great things without them.”

I’m going to give you an example,. I started a company called DJ Connection. Started out of my dorm room at Oral Roberts University and I didn’t have any money, didn’t really have any resources, but what I did have was a will to prepare and a will to succeed. I got a job at Applebee’s. I got a job at Target, and I got a job at an outbound call center where we made calls for Direct TV aka cold calling. I would make those calls, when I make those calls I mentally wasn’t at my job. I was mentally going to build my own business, but I had to work there to be successful. Had to do my best job possible so I could get promoted, get raises, get bonuses.

I wanted to be the most successful I could be, but I was mentally focused on my big thing. So my wife worked at Office Depot and my wife worked– She went to college, she was a cheerleader at college, she was on full scholarship. She was cheerleading at Oral Roberts University, working at Office Depot and all the money we made we would invest it into our business. We grew that business it was like a snowball, as Warren Buffett calls it, a snowball. Over time we took some money, we bought some ads. We bought some advertisements in the Yellow Pages, on the TV shows, on radio shows, and it grew.

Then we started a wedding show, The Tulsa Bridal Association. Then we started a wedding photography company called Epic Photography. The DJ company was called, by the way the world’s largest wedding entertainment company, little secret. Then we started epic photos, the world’s largest wedding photography company. Then we started a wedding show, not the world’s largest but very successful in Oklahoma now called the Tulsa Wedding Show. [sings] “Pan your day, head your day at the Tulsa wedding show.”

That’s the thing, we ended up starting a business, we sell that business and the next thing we move on, and now while we’re growing the business we get some momentum. We starting a party rental company called Party Perfect, then we sold that to become Party Pro. The snowball grows, it grows, it grows. I had to train somebody to take over who was better at the job than me in each position. Otherwise, I would have been the one taking all the photos, djing all the shows, setting up all the party rentals.

You have to build a successor. But once you begin the process of building a successor, you have to realize if somebody doesn’t have the ability to potentially succeed you, you must replace them. What, it seems so weird. But if someone doesn’t have the potential or the want to eventually replace you, or to be coached up, you have to move on. Now we move on to principle number 11, which is this, weed your cultural garden identifying the weeds that need to be pulled and the flowers that need to be planted.

You see, in your business, in your office right now, you have people who want to be successful and you need to mentor them. Management is not just management, its mentorship. It’s not just administration. Management is mentorship and the people who work for you deserve the best of you. They deserve to be coached by you mentored by you. They deserve that from you, because they’ve given their time to come work in your business and if you don’t think they’re deserving of your time because they’re not diligent, then you need to move on.

So we brought on a guy today who’s been diligently building his business in a proverbs 10:4 kind of way. Which is, “God blesses the hand of the diligent and punishes the slackard. That’s offensive. That’s the Bible, why would you share that? But proverbs 10:4 says, “God blesses the hand of the diligent and punishes the slackard.” And this guy has been blessed. He’s growing his business. He’s the founder of Florida Salt Scrubs. It’s an incredible American here, Mr. Geoffrey Schmidt. Mr. Geoff, how are you, sir?

Geoff: I’m doing fantastic, Clay. How are you doing?

Clay: Man, I’m excited to get your feedback on this because I want to ask you, as you’ve been the growing the business, you grow up from one person to two, if you hire a moron, 50% of your workforce is a moron. A lot of people, we’ve done that before, we’ve hired somebody and the other person’s a moron, and we go ,”Well, they’re related though, so I’ll give them a hall pass.” Talk to me about what kind of people you’ve tried to surround yourself with as you’ve grown the business?

Geoff: When you’re growing the business, you want to surround yourself with the flowers, not the weeds, they smell a lot better than weeds, way a lot nicer than weeds, that being said, those flowers tend to be energetic, they tend to have edge, they tend to be ambitious, they tend to be more proactive than reactive and you know what? the business benefits from that, and makes your job so much easier, because you’re not micromanaging, they’re self managing.

Clay: I know that Brynn as Bryn. Bryn. People who have been listening to the rest of the show say, “You said Brie.” Because I was wrong and so you need to stone me, just throw, just say, “You’re wrong. You mispronounced somebody’s name? What kind of talk-show host are you?” Well, Brynn has traveled here from Florida to Tulsa. You’ve hired miss Brynn and she’s electric, she’s great, she’s a nice person,so when you hired miss Brynn, what about miss Brynn appealed to you and your team?

Geoff: All the important stuff, she was engaging, she was energetic, she was direct-

Clay: Has a good scarf.

Geoff: Absolutely, amazing amazing scarf. Actually, it might have just been the scarf. No, but had everything that you look for, in having a successful person join your team. You want a team member, you want somebody that’s going to play with the team, support the team and stand behind the team.

Clay: Somebody needs to write this down right now, it’s probably not you. You probably are listening right now, you’re probably a genius, you probably already have this all memorized, but you want to hire a character and train skill. Let’s talk about Brynn.

Geoff: Sure.

Clay: She seems like she’s got good character.

Geoff: Amazing character.

Clay: If you’ve got good character,you can train the skill.

Geoff: 110%.

Clay: Talk to me about what you’re looking for when you say “good character”, when I say “good character”, what does good character look like to you?

Geoff: Good character means integrity, somebody who’s a hard worker, brings a good work ethic to the table, brings honesty to the table, because you know what? You can have the most skillful person on the face of the earth working for you, but if they don’t have integrity, if they don’t have honesty, if they don’t have a work ethic, then I hate to say it, they’re a waste of time.

Clay: Oh, now I have a little prverb I want to read here, this is a maximum kind of proverb, I’m reading with my proverb voice here, here we go. “Make sure everybody is rowing, make sure everybody in your boat is rowing and not drilling holes when you’re not looking.” Let me repeat one more time, “Make sure everybody in your boat is rowing, and not drilling holes when you’re not looking.” If they’re rowing in the boat, why is it so important to make sure everybody is rowing in the same direction, Mr. Geoff?

Geoff: Because when everybody’s rowing in the same direction, you’re going in the same direction, and everybody’s looking ahead, you don’t need somebody looking to the side, you don’t need somebody looking behind the boat, you need all eyes focused forward, put an effort and energy into the direction and vision we’re going.

Clay: That is sick like swine flu and I’m feeling like a petting zoo. All right, so we’re moving on, we’re moving on here, sorry about all my ridiculous– I’m kind of a rapper trapped inside a pasty pale male. Here’s the thing, for anyone who’s listening right now they go, “How can you help my business? What are the products that you offer my friend, what do you offer, talk to me about what is it that you do?”

Geoff: All right. For Tulsa, Oklahoma, being here in Oklahoma, Florida Salt Scrubs, how can we help your business? Well, we can help in a lot of ways. I know one of your number one fears and your number one issues is your competition, everybody having the same stuff, try some Florida Salt Scrubs in your store, give it a shot, you’ll be unique. and you’ll be surprised how many people come into your store saying, “Hey, is that the stuff I saw in Florida, is that the stuff I bought in Florida? oh my God, now it’s available at your store.”

Same with the restaurants, you want to raise your guest experience and be unique and do something different that nobody else is doing, be the first ones to say, “Hey, I was the first one to do that here” because this is wildly successful across Florida and the United States. Put some Florida Salt Scrubs in your bathroom, test it out, sell the jars, you’ll do amazing, you’ll love it, will do great business for a long time.

Clay: Here’s the deal, if you’re listening right now and you go, “What is the name of the company again?” It’s Florida Salt Scrubs. If you want to mispronounce it, it’s Flo Rida Salt Scrubs. Now, Thrivers, here’s the deal, you have three options you can do right now, you have three options, One, you can do nothing, which according to USA Today 59% of the American population does not believe it’s possible to achieve the American dream, and you know why? Because they’re wrong.

The thing is, you can be successful but well, option number one, you can just choose to do nothing and go,”That was an entertaining program, that man is disturbing, I probably need to offer him therapy. He changes voices all the time, what’s wrong with him?” The second thing you can do, is you can go to, you can go up there to, by the way, the world’s best business school, it’s online. You can go up there, you can discover it’s $19 a month, but you go, “I don’t have $19 a month, because I’m spending a lot of money buying crap I don’t need, over at various convenience stores and Starbucks.” You can set your own price.

Or the third, you can attend a in-person workshop, or you can have thrive15 one-on-one mentorship, it’s available for you, because it’s subsidized by the thousands and thousands of subscribers that we have, or you can come back tomorrow, to learn more., boom.

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