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On today’s Thrive Time Business Coach Radio Show and Podcast the former U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the Year and America’s number one business coach Clay Clark, unpacks the wisdom of Jack Welch with the founder of Trinity Employment and the founder of Elephant In The Room.  This is an episode you will want to stick around for.

Learn Tips From The Business Coach On How To Hire People : Podcast Transcript

Voice Over: And now, broadcasting from the center of the universe at the world headquarters. Let’s go. Presenting the world’s only business school without the BS with optometrist and entrepreneur, Dr. Robert Zoellner and the former small business administration entrepreneur of the year and your ear, Clay Clark. It’s the Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio 1170. Three, two, one, boom.

Clay Clark: All right, thrive nation, welcome back to the Thrive Time Show. It’s your audio dojo of mojo fo sho, my name is Clay Clark. I’m a business coach and the former SBA entrepreneur of the year and the father of five human kids because that’s the way we want to live. We want to have many kids, that’s the deal. Typically, Dr. Robert Zoellner is on the show, but today, he is out in Guatemala expanding his vast entrepreneurial empire, and so we had to bring in the big guns. We had to bring in some guys who know what they’re talking about and so we brought in the founder of Elephant in the Room Men’s Grooming Lounge.

Full disclosure, he’s my brother-in-law and we brought in the co-founder of Trinity Employment and full disclosure, he’s not my brother-in-law. Cory, how are you doing, sir?

Cory Minter: I’m doing great. How are you, Clay?

Clay: I’m excited it’s a Tuesday. I could not be more excited to be with you guys on the show today. how are you doing, man?

Hey man, I am pumped to be here and Clay we are related there. We had to go way back.

Clay: Sure, we do go way back.

This is awesome and I’m excited to be here.

Clay: We are inside the box that rocks. Sharita has just showed up with some subway sandwiches. Life could not be better, but guys, today we’re talking about a hot topic. This is something that everybody who’s listening right now, if you’ve ever wanted to start or grow a business, you need to hear today’s show. Now, check it out, according to Forbes magazine, 57% of the American population wants to start a business at some point, and if you do start a company, if you do invest the time and energy to start a company, eventually once you learn how to sell something, that’s the thing, you don’t really have a business. You’re not really an entrepreneur until you can sell something.

Before you’re just an idea guy, the ideas are easy, the execution is hard. But once you can sell something, now you have a business, but the problem is “How do you get other people to sell something?” How can you get other people to deliver on what you just sold?” I’m going to start here as we get into the four super moves. I’m going to pick on here. I want to start with okay?

super move number one, you want to start with the big question, “Why are you in business?” That’s the first of four super moves for hiring people effectively, four super moves for hiring great people. You start with the move of asking yourself, “Why am I even in business?” why do you have to know what you’re all about and what your business is all about before you start hiring people?

You’ve got the “why” and the “what” and if you don’t know what your “why” and your “what” is, you’re not going to be able to clearly set the vision for the team.

Clay: Now, the Elephant in the Room, when you walk into Elephant in the Room, describe for the listeners because a lot of people are listening and they have yet to come in for the one-dollar first hair cut challenge. It’s the one-dollar first haircut challenge for anyone who’s listening if you just mentioned, you heard on the radio show, it’s one dollar for your first haircut. But can you describe the experience there?

Yes, it’s pretty crazy. Your for visit in the Elephant in the Room, I believe in the experience so much that all guys that haven’t had it before come in for one dollar. It’s pretty crazy.

Clay: When you come in for a dollar, what can you expect my friend? Is it somebody just chopping your hair, cutting your mop, then all of a sudden, you leave? Is it very super cutty? Is it very gray clipsy?

 I don’t know. I’ve never been to those places but Elephant in the Room, we focus on the experience. From the time you walk in, you’re the number one. Customer service is just definitely a key point in what we do but hot towels, perfect hand treatments.

Clay: Hot towels?

Essential oil scalp massage.

Clay: Essential oil scalp massage? You have paraffin hand dip, you’ve got– Cory, have you been in there yet?

Cory: I’ve been, yes.

Clay: Can you describe it for the listeners? What was your perception the first time you walked into an Elephant in the Room?

Cory: Well, it’s definitely not like your average hair– anywhere you would go get your haircut as a guy generally but there are just so many different things. I’ve always been a barber shop guy because I’m a small kid from a small town and I go in there. I can’t believe they’re offering me a drink before I get started. Once I get in there, they gave me a scalp massage. I’ve never had a scalp massage before, that is some ingenuity.

Clay: You’ve got Edison bulbs up there, you’ve got the barn wood, historic barn wood, you’ve got custom-made counter tops. It’s like a country club for men’s hair.

Cory: It’s definitely next level.

Clay: It’s like going to a cabin.

Cory: It’s definitely next level.

Clay: It’s next level so I’m just telling you, you’ve got to treat yourself if you haven’t had it before. There’s five things about the Elephant in the Room and I didn’t make it unique from my perspective, and when first pitched the idea to me, I thought he was nuts. But there’s five things I’ve grown to appreciate. One is you walk in the music, it’s a “pupfs, pupfs, pupfs.” It’s a high energy, it just feels like you’re in Miami or like you’re in New York or Austin, Texas. It doesn’t feel like you’re in the DMV.

Two is the smell. You’re very intentional about the smell. It’s a great ambiance to it, the aromas, the level of conversation, you sit there and coach people over and over about the importance of having a thoughtful conversation, the tailored haircut itself and then the final thing is the fact that it’s a membership model. You get to see familiar faces and you don’t have to wait and the whole thing is neat. But your goal in your business, tell me if I’m wrong, is to make copious amount of money while providing and awesome service. Am I wrong? Am I missing something?

We are definitely a for-profit company, for-profit.

Clay: What? Is that ethical?

But if I can help enough people reach their goals would be financial or just the mental mindset, I can reach my goals and I knew with Elephant in the Room that I had that experience. I had that music, the smell, the conversation, the haircut, the membership. I had that down and that’s why I came after you heavy and intense right there.

Clay: It was intense, heavy and intense.

Because no matter how well my build-out was, if I couldn’t get people inside, they wouldn’t be like experience it, see it and then you fail.

Clay: He needed the jerk. You need to call in the big guns. You brought in the jerk, we helped the market that base. Now, here’s the thing, I’m going to read you book quotable from Tony Hsieh, this is the CEO of Zappos. He says this and Cory I want to pick your brain on this. He says, “Even if a person is great at their job, even if they’re a superstar at their job, if they’re bad for our culture, we’ll fire them for that reason alone and performance reviews are 50% based on whether you’re living and inspiring the Zappos culture in others.”

If you’re listening right now, what I want you to do is write down the goals for your business. You’re going to “What? It’s– I– Okay– you –you,” just work with me. Write down the goals for your business and these are the six areas. One: write down the goals for your business as it relates to your faith. “My faith? Can I even talk about my faith at my business? I just took down my American flag to not offend the millennials. I don’t know.” Two: your family goals. What are your family goals? How does your family fit into the business? Three: financially. What are your financial goals? What are your fitness goals? What are your friendship goals?

Dr. Z’s favorite, what are your fun goals? What are things that you want the business to be able to fund? What are some fun things that you want to do that you want your business to pay for? Cory, your company is called Trinity Employment. Let’s break that down, the word trinity indicates Father, Son, Holy Ghost. Am I missing something?

Cory: No, you’re not missing anything, that’s it.

Clay: You named your company after the Holy Trinity?

Cory: We did, yes.

Clay: Is that offensive to some people?

Cory: It has been.

Clay: Okay, I’m going to ask you the question. Why are you in business? Are you in business because–?

Cory: [laughs] I’m offended.

Clay: Then, just say it, why are you and Amber business? You and your wife started the business together. Why are you in business as you look through this goals and yet the faith, the family, the finances, why are you in business, man? What’s your thing?

Cory: Well, first what started me out in wanting to be in business is I just had a passion for helping people find employment whenever they were struggling, especially when you had someone who was underemployed and they had potential to do something greater and when you found that– I had a niche in my personality for being able to see that in other people and so when you gave them a purpose and some direction and an ability to move up, it was something really inspiring. But what has turned in now that we’ve built the business into something that has been really, really great?

Our “why” has turned into helping other people out. The Oklahoma Baptist children’s home, we send a lot of money to them and a group called Plumbline Ministries, that’s our why. Now, we get to do what we love and we get to support something that’s much greater than ourselves. That is our why. That’s what we do, that’s what we love.

Clay: You guys are better people than I am. I’m going to tell you a little bit of a quote that ties into my why, this if from Colin Powell. By the way, Colin Powell, just a little background on Colin Powell, under the 65th president of the United States, okay? Sorry, he was the 65th United States Secretary of State serving under President George Bush. He was a retired four-star general. He’s Colin Powell, okay, Colin Powell.

He says this, he says, this is his goals, “The less you associate with some people, the more your life will improve” What? I thought that’s so weird. “Anytime you tolerate mediocrity in others, it increases your mediocrity. An important attribute in successful people is their impatience with negative thinking and negative acting people. As you grow, your associates will change. Some of your friends will not want to go on. They will want you to stay where you are. Friends that don’t help you climb will want you to crawl. Your friends will stretch your vision or choke your dream. Those that don’t increase you will eventually decrease you.”

Enter Dr. Robert Zoellner, who’s not here today. One of the things that he encouraged me to do is this thing called seclusion, and I go, “What?” Because I enjoy spending massive amounts of time by myself or with people I choose to be with, and I thought it was weird. I’ve never had someone validate this, and he goes, “No, you need to invest time fully in your wife, in your kids, in the people you choose to be with but you don’t have time freedom if you’re not choosing who you’re with,” and I’m going, “Oh my gosh.”

Well then, I had a company, and remembers this. It was called DJ Connection and it was New Years Eve of 2000 and I want to say it was like five, maybe? I had a team of about 50 DJs and I just heard this. I just heard him talk about it and I just read this Colin Powell quote and I went, “Oh man.” It was about three days before Christmas Eve I told the guys, “Moving forward, if anyone is late, you will be fired at all.” Because, you remember, I used to load in all the DJs and I would be up till 3:00 in the morning and the guys would finish their shows at one o’clock in the morning and they would come back at 3:00 AM.

“I’m going to have a drink.”

Clay: Seriously, and I would have to wait all night for the guys and some guys wouldn’t come back at all. They’d come back the next day so I lost my entire Sunday and my Saturday every weekend waiting for these DJs. The first guy comes in about 30 minutes late. I said, “Hey,” his name is Josh, not– Josh Smith, by the way if you’re listening, Josh Smith was great. Josh Smith was awesome, this is a different Josh.

He comes in and I said, “Hey, did you guy my email?” “Yes.” “Did you guy my call? I remember talking to you.” “Yes.” “I just want to let you know you’ve been a great job as a DJ, you’re fired.” He goes, “What?” I said “Yes.” He said, “But I’ve been here three years.” I said, “You’re fired.” Next guy: “Hey, awesome seeing you, Bobby. How you doing, Bobby? Good show tonight?” “Yes.” “Hey, you’re fired.” Next guy, “Fired, fired, fired, fired, fired, fired, fired, fired”

Cory: How long did it take? For surely, somebody saw a pattern.

Clay: I think I fired for one day, and Jason Bailey who now owns DJ Connection can attest. I think I fired 25 men in one night.

Cory: [laughs]

Clay: What I did is I replace them all with people who I’d been training during the month of December who were all on time, and that drama in my life left, and we end up having a great team, and it was awesome for me. That might seem intense for you listening but I’m telling you this, if you’re listening right now and you want to hire people, people are going to buy into you as the entrepreneur. If you come to my office, you’re going to see an American flag, you’re going to see an Israeli flag. If you go into a business, you’re going to see a man with a beard because that’s him. He has a beard.


Cory: He’s got a beard.

Clay: you’re a Christian guy. You have certain values. You believe in America, in Capitalism. Cory, you believe in the Trinity: the Father, Son, Holy Ghost; and your personality is going to repel or attract people.

Cory: Yes, it will.

Clay: It freaks people out when you don’t stand for anything. If you’re listening right now, I want you to write down your goals for your faith, your family, your finances, your fitness, your friendships. Basically, write down what you’re all about and then make sure that that personifies itself in the business because people– Cory, have you ever referred a top talent to an employer and the top talent goes, “I just don’t want to work for that kind of person.”

Cory: Yes.

Clay: A lot?

Cory: In fact, a lot of companies will lose A-players. A-players will get in there and realize who they’re working with, and once they see that they’re not doing the things that they said that they were going to do or some of the employers they work with, it can get bad and they quit and you lose somebody great.

Clay: Now, Thrives, when we come back we’re going to walk you through super move number two. Super move number two which is, when do you start looking for people? Now that you know what you’re all about, when do you start looking for top talent? Stay tuned, Thrive Time Show.


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Voice Over: Live, local. Now, you’re listening to The Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio 1170.

Clay: All right, thrive nation, T-town, Okla-homies. Welcome to the Thrive Time Show where we are talking today about the four super moves for hiring people effectively. So many people tell me, they say, “I can’t find good people. It’s so hard to find good people.” So many people say, “You know what? I would start a business but I can’t find good people.” so many people say, “I meet people who can’t find a job, so I’m trying to figure out is there not good employers? Is there not good people?”

Well, today, we’re taking the side of the employer and we’re teaching you, if you are a business owner, how to find good people. I’m joined here with the founder of The Elephant in the Room Men’s Grooming Lounge, the mysterious bearded wonder. Sir, how are you doing?

I’m doing amazing. For you out there that are watching Facebook live or not, pull over the car right now, watch, look at this glorious beard.

Clay: Have you named the beard? Does it have its own name at this point?

People do acknowledge the beard before me. Strangers, you’re out shopping and my wife’s like “Why are these– the guys are complimenting your beard.”

Clay: It’s come alive.

Guys are like, “Nice beard, bro.”

Clay: “Nice beard, bro.” [laughs] We have the co-founder of Trinity Employment, Mr. Cory Minter. Sir, how are you?

Cory: Yes, I’m doing really great, Clay. Thanks for having me, man.

Clay: We’re talking about the four super moves for hiring people effectively. Now, super move number two is when to start looking. You have to know when to start looking and Jack Welsh the CEO of GE who– he grew the company. I want you to think about this, when he took over, the company wasn’t growing very much. It was like a 2% annual growth, barely keeping up with inflation. When he took over the company, they grew by 4000%. 4000%.

He says this, “Good business leaders create a vision, articulate the vision and passionately own the vision and relentlessly drive it to completion,” and part of driving it to completion is finding good people; hiring, firing, training, mentoring, keeping, coaching good people. Cory, if I’m listening right now, when do I need to start looking for good people?

Cory: Now.

Clay: What?

Cory: Yes, it’s–

Clay: “I’m listening to the show and I’m going to go to Oklahoma Joe’s here in a minute. I don’t have time to look for good people now. I got to meet the Oklahoma Joe’s first.”

Cory: [laughs] Recruiting never stops. I don’t think you should ever stop recruiting and always be looking for top talent. If you look back at some of the most successful businesses in the world, the CEOs of those companies will tell you that the reasons they got there is because the talent that they were able to acquire. You can’t count on finding the best talent every time when you are in crisis mode and if you wait until someone quits to be able to go look.

Clay: Now, for people who are listening right now, one thing I think a lot of people get wrong is they go, “I already have a good team now. I already have a good– my team is awesome. I do not need to recruit. I don’t need to invest the money in hiring a recruitment firm right now.” No, no, because things are good, until you lose a key person.

I want to ask you. You built Elephant in the Room into a juggernaut, a dominant force in the men’s grooming business. It’s doing well. Have you ever had a time when you’re growing the business, things are going good and the sales are going great and you’re going “Pupfs, pupfs, pupfs. I’m the Elephant in the Room, making money, things are great,” and then, key employee quits. Has that ever happened?

Yes. I’d say when we first started and you got four employees and you lose one, you just lost 25% of your business or your–

Clay: [laughs] Yes.

A couple of things early on is I thought small and it kept me small, and so the quicker you can think big. But as far as looking for potential talent, know what to look for. Me personally, I tell my team and we look for people that are professional. They build trust in the eyes of others and they build confidence in the eyes of others.

Clay: Can we break those down real quick? You said their professional.

One, they’re professional. A lot of people-

Clay: What does that mean?

-a lot of people need to look up the definition because we don’t want to know what, let’s say what my or your– “Look at my beard, look at my hair.” But it means, what is professionalism?

Clay: Professionalism is the context of that industry.

Correct. I say don’t say anything or share anything with anyone that doesn’t build trust or confidence in the eyes of them.

Clay: Okay.

I wouldn’t be like “Hey, I got really drunk last night and it was crazy.”

Clay: In the job interview, you’re saying this?

Yes. “Sorry, I’m a bit late.”

Clay: “Sorry, I’m a little bit late. I’m a little bit drunk.” No, you can’t do that. There are people, by the way, who you interview who say these things.

This is true.

Clay: This is a true story. I was interviewing somebody for The Elephant in the Room back in the day and I’ve met these people because sometimes they’d come and interview with and they would go to the bathroom or they’d run around the building or somehow we’d interact. I remember one guy, he literally was going, “Hey, I got to tell you what man, I really appreciate this job and it’s going to be awesome. My friend is going to pick me up here in a minute. It’s one thing about me, transportation is going to be hard because I don’t know if I can go to work consistently. That’s why I lost my last job. I got to tell you what my last boss– I’m glad I lost that job because my boss is actually very difficult to work with.”

You’re just going, “Dude, I just found out you don’t have a car. I just found out you’re having transportation problems. I just found out you got fired. Calm down.”

People who actually tell you everything you didn’t know through their actions or by their words and let you into their stores.

Clay: Be professional best.

Cory: That’s what you find out when your reaction because you’ve got to go to those interviews to find you’re A players. One of the things that I really like to tell people that can save them a lot of money. I think a lot of the reason why people don’t continue to recruit all the time is because they think “Well, I’ve got to place an ad there and it’s going to cost me a lot of money,” and that’s the way you recruit. But I’ve got two or three things that you can do right now that’s literally free that won’t cost you a thing.

Clay: “Give us your things, what are your things?”

Cory: Here are a couple of things. Start with your network. Let people know that you’re looking for this, that, or the other, whatever it is that your job description. Give them a brief job description. You can do this on social media. Social media is such a large platform now that you can utilize this and send out a decent job description and start having people consistently send people. The thing is you never want to stop and you want to continuously drip that.

Clay: One is network. Let your social media know you’re looking to hire but do it all the time.

Cory: Yes, you want to do it all the time, then you don’t want to just your networks, you send it out to your friends. You can also use your network’s network by saying, “If you know of someone, please send this out if you would, and if we find someone and we find out that it’s from you, we would love to offer you a steak dinner or something like that. “That is so much cheaper than spending 2, 3, $400 trying to put up one ad. I think that is the reason a lot of people don’t recruit consistently and that’s a free way of doing it and it brings better results.

Clay: I have a little move that I’ve done for years.

Cory: What is it?

Clay: Every single week, every week, I’ve not stopped since I was 18 so this is now 36, 18 years in a row. I post every single week job posts. I’ve never stopped. I’ll tell you what there was a time where about seven, eight months ago we had all-stars squad and then one guy in our team doing some weird stuff. I had let the guy go because he was doing some things that were unethical that are actually illegal, let the guy go. When I let the guy go, his friends were like, “Dude, you’re going to fire a friend of mine like that?” I said, “Cool, bro.” And then, you lose two guys all over sudden.

Because I was in the pipeline I was with a list resumes, I had a guy from Pepperdine who I had never met who just sent me his resume today. He goes, “I’m looking forward to starting in May.” I have no idea who this person is but, apparently, Marshall interviewed him and he’s ready to go and I’m telling you there will be turnover between now and then because the average American look that up during the break. I encourage you to Google this. Look it up. How long does the average person stay at their job? I challenge you to just–

Cory: It’s not as nearly as it used to be.

Clay: People used to get a job back in the day. They go to church, they go home. They get a job, they go to work, they go to church, they go home. They did the same thing the same thing for like 30 years at the same factory. Now, people are switching jobs every six months.

Cory: So true.

Clay: People are rotating those jobs when we come back we’re going to get a little bit– we’re going to dive really, really deep into this concept of when to start looking into this specific actions steps that you can take today if you’re going, “I need somebody yesterday. I’m in a bind and I need to find a great talent now.” Cory is going to teach us how to find top talent now.

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Voice Over: You’re listening to the Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio 1170.

Clay: All right, thrive nation, welcome back to your inspiration station and the place where you go to learn how to start and grow a successful business. I am a business coach and my name is Clay Clark, Google it. My name is Clay Clark and the former SBA entrepreneur of the year and I’m excited to be here today inside the box that rocks talking about a subject that we have so many people. Literally, we have dozens and dozens of people who have emailed us this question going, “How do you find good people?” People look at Dr. Zoellner and associates and his successful Optometry clinic. They look at his auto auction. They look at all of his businesses and they go, “How do you find top people? How do you find top talent?”

We’re going to teach you today how he does it, how I do it, how we do it. To bring some realness to it, to bring some real people who have boots on the ground, they’re in it every day. We have the founder of the Elephant in the Room Men’s Grooming Lounge on the program and the founder of Trinity Employment, that’s Cory Minter. Cory, I want to ask you, if I’m listening right now and I need to find somebody right now. I could find somebody last week. I have a spot in my office, it’s a horrible vacancy. My wife and I each working 70 hours a week because we’re trying to fill the spot. What can you do for me?

Cory: Probably, I think the very first thing you should do if you’re in that kind of a need. Contacting a company like ours is probably the very fastest way.

Clay: What is the name of your company?

Cory: Our company is Trinity Employment specialist, If you’re looking for employees and you need to have them now, one of the things we do, we never ever, ever stop recruiting. We just talked about earlier-

Clay: Never, never, ever, ever?

Cory: -that you never stop recruiting. Well, that’s one of the benefits that a company like Trinity Employment has is that we never stop looking for people. The difference, this is very important I believe, is we also a company that puts quality over quantity over and over and over again. We never want to make money when we sacrifice our quality and that is so important. If you’re not in this area, you don’t want to use Trinity, that’s something you want to look for in a staffing company. But we would love–

Clay: I’ve used trinity before. I’ve used Trinity and I’m going to complain and I’m also going to praise. It’s a weird thing.

Cory: Okay.

Clay: From outside perspective you go, “I’ve heard about the staffing companies. You got to pay them extra money for them to find people.” It’s like going to a Chick-fil-A getting upset that the food cost more than the raw cost of the chicken. You obviously have to pay someone to cook the chicken, serve the chicken, market the chicken, heat up the chicken. Chick-fil-A obviously is more expensive than the cost of you just buying chicken. You know what I’m saying? You’re paying a markup. “Yes, check it out. They’re making a profit.” “They’re making a profit? I thought these guys were ethical people.”

Yes, they’re making a profit but the thing is you’re making a profit, Cory. [music playing] Because we’re not in a communist country, you have to make a sustainable profit which means you have to take care of the customer. We hired you to staff people for us and you found us somebody and yes, we paid more. I think the person we hired him for 10 bucks an hour. We paid you on top of the $10. Now, every hour, we had to pay you and we had to pay commission as a fee to find the person but you brought him in like that day. By the way, they no longer work with us but they work with DJ Connection, the company I sold still. I think Paul is still there, the guy that you found instantly.

Cory: Well, that is exactly what– The reason that you want to utilize staffing company is to ensure that you get an A player. Yes, upfront we cost a little bit of money, but in the long run, we will save you money we get and if we get an employee who stays there for years and adds a lot of value to the company. Well then, you save that company a lot of money. We’ve had a lot of companies who bring in, who have had a horrible turnover rate and when you bring quality and bring A players to them, A players attract other A players. They do almost one and half times the work and they’re just much more pleasant to work with.

Clay: Now, for anybody out there who is really, really trying to recruit an A player and he’s a spiritual sponsor of the show. If you’re looking for A player who owns a bank, if you own a business right now, you’re going, “I need an A player who owns a bank. It would be awesome if I could find a front desk guy who also owns a bank.” if you could help in trying to find some great people to work at Elephant in The Room right now, we would love to have a guy who owns a bank to be our front guy. I tell you, if

you’re looking for that guy, you’re looking for Sean Kouplen. If you know Sean Kouplen, just send him right now. Tell Sean Kouplen, say, Sean Kouplen is the owner of Regent Bank.

Say, “The guys in the Elephant in the Room are trying to find a front desk guy, guy who can help really,” because the Elephant in the Room is bursting at the seams. expanding at the downtown location. Great things are happening. We’re literally booked out solid and we’re looking for some more front desk people, and we want ones who owns a bank. If you’ll just send Sean Kouplen a text, if you hear him right now, just send him a text. Say, “Sean, there’s people on the radio talking and I guess they’re looking for a front desk guy who owns a bank.” We’re willing to pay up to how much what? 13 an hour for a front desk guy who owns a bank?

 Yes. In our industry as far as the question, “Where to start?” and then, “When to start?” one is, for us, customer service retail. This is the busiest season. This is make-or-break.

Clay: This is December maybe.

Yes, after four years of realizing you’ve got to prepare and put yourself in a situation for the growth, and so, for us, we turn in so many people. I would do it from 30 employees and I said to my employees, district manager said, “We’re going to grow this business overnight. We’re going to blow it up.” I found-

Clay: A good way.

I found 15 people in less than a week but asking my top employees, “”Hey, do you have a friend? Do you know a friend?” I asked the top employees. Do you know why I asked the top employees?

Clay: What you asked them?

I said, “Do have a friend that thinks like you, that acts like you, that likes to work, that shows up on time?” I didn’t ask my bottom 20%. I asked the top percent, right?

Clay: That’s a knowledge bomb.

We grew an extra 15 employees and we were able to take advantage of the busy season.

Clay: Knowledge bomb.

Cory: A players want to hang out with other A players.

They want to win, so we create that winning atmosphere, the winning team. I noticed of sports, I noticed in football that the Patriots have a new roster every year, not the same team.

Clay: They do.

They win every year.

Clay: They win but you notice that. We’re looking at the Patriots of squad here, just a quick review here. This is just an idea, I love the Patriots. What they did is they go out there and they signed this guy named Griff Whalen. They have a guy who gets hurt, Griff. On 12-9, this is December 9, they signed wide receiver, Griff Whalen. Well then, on the 15th, they cut Griff Whalen and they signed Michael Floyd, a receiver they landed off of Waivers from Arizona. “You mean they signed a guy and cut them six days later?”

Well, this is what Jack Welch says about it. Jack Welch says, “Change before you have to,” and here’s the thing. Dr. Z always talks about this, and Dr. Z, you’d be proud if you’re listening right now from Guatemala. I tell you, you’d be proud to hear this. Dr. Z says, “You know what the biggest problems in business is?” “What that?” He goes, “A lot of people have good people and they’re not going to replace them with great people.”

It’s very true.

Clay: I’m like, “That’s not very nice to say.” But then, you think about it, imagine this is the guy, imagine that you are in a professional sports team and you have a guy by the name of Carl Lewis. But you’ve hired and he’s the only guy that you know and this is how he sings the national anthem. You have to say–

Clay: He does this every week.

[national anthem playing]

Clay: This is your guy. He’s pretty good or not good.

[national anthem playing]

Clay: But you related to him, but you won’t fire him.


Clay: People have to put up with this every night, here we go.

[national anthem playing]

Clay: Brutal Carl. That’s so bully, that’s Carl. Imagine if that was the guy you had in your office and he’s answering the phones the way that Carl sings the National Anthem, or he’s doing your paperwork the way Carl sings the anthem, or he’s greeting customers the way Carl sings the anthem. But you’re not going to replace him because he’s a good guy. Customers don’t care that he’s not coming back.

You’ll get what you tolerate.

Clay: When we come back thrivers, I’m going to tell you a story. We come back about a business that all of us are avoiding because they don’t have great people. There’s business out there we’re all avoiding. They don’t have great people. We come back, you’re going to learn more about it.

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They’re going to bring you in. They’ll offer you a beverage, identify your style that you’re going for, get you a tailored haircut from one of the professional stylists, wash your hair and then style it afterwards so you could even go back to work. The experience is awesome. They even do cool things for members like a free nape shave on Mondays, or a peppermint oil scalp massage on Tuesday. Check out one of the locations near you and book an appointment. You can check them out at or just dial 918-877-2219. Seriously, you’re going to love it. 918-877-2219 or visit to book an appointment today.

Voice Over: You’re listening to the Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio 1170.

Clay: All right, thrive nation, welcome back to inspiration station. We are broadcasting live right now in this beautiful Tuesday from the left coast of the Arkansas River and we are nestled inside the world headquarters and within the box that rocks. It is incredible. It is the world headquarters and I’m telling you what. If you’ve ever wanted to start or grow a business, this is like the nerve center of many successful Tulsa companies. You want to go out there and you want to find the top auto auction and that’s Dr. Robert Zoellner. You want to find the top optometry clinic, that’s Dr. Robert Zoellner.

You want to find the top place for dudes who care about their hair, you want to find the top men’s grooming lounge, this is the guy right here. It’s   Moore, the founder of Elephant in the Room Men’s Grooming Lounge. Sir, how are you?

I’m doing amazing. Thanks for having me out today.

Clay: Hey, we are excited to have you within the box that rocks, the friendly confines, and I’m telling you what, if you’re looking for the best staffing company in Tulsa, “What does that mean?” I’m saying if you’re looking for good people and you’re like, “I don’t have time to interview them. I don’t have time to do job posts. I don’t have time to write descriptive narratives to find them. I am just very busy and I literally need a guy. I just need a guy right now. I need someone for medical clinic, for my bank, for my office, for my oil and gas company. I need somebody.” Cory Minter could find people quite often, often times within hours, right?

Cory: That’s right, we never stop recruiting. We talked about it earlier, never stop recruiting, that’s what we do.

Clay: You started a company called Trinity Employment. For those people have never heard about Trinity Employment, can you explain what is Trinity Employment? What is Trinity Employment?

Cory: Trinity is– we’re a staffing company. We work in this entire region. We do a lot of work in Oklahoma City and in Tulsa. Our main areas, Clay, are in the medical field, almost everything you can think of in the medical field, banking, accounting, finance.

Clay: Speaking of banking, if anybody’s listening right now and you know of somebody who is the CEO and the founder of a bank, who is also wanting to work as a front desk member of the Elephant in the Room right now what positions are we hiring for Elephant in the Room right now? What are some of the positions were hiring for right now?

Lounge creditors, managers, grooming professionals.

Clay: Grooming professionals if you want to cut hair, and so what we’re looking– We made a list, we made a description of the kind of things were looking for from the top person. I’m going to read it. I did not go over this together but I sort of read his mind. First off, we’re looking for somebody whose name is Sean Kouplen. If you know somebody named Sean Kouplen–

Clay: Whoever this may be, he needs to sound like Joel Osteen and he needs to be the CEO of a bank and the president of a bank, and he needs to own many other companies and he needs to be gainfully employed. He needs to be the kind of man who is not looking for a job. If you know of a Sean Kouplen, please send him a text and say, “They’re talking about you on the radio right now. Apparently, they want to hire you.”

Clay: If it’s possible that he hasn’t responded back to you yet, he probably needs another reminder. What do you think, Clay?

Clay: Yes, you want him up on Facebook and whoever this is because I’m saying the kind of person who was– We want kind of person who prefers about 45 text messages within an hour so that is–


That is what we’re looking for.


Clay: That’s the kind of person– Seriously, guys, we were talking about how you got to start looking for great people all the time. You have to start that process. You’ve got to do it and the thing is if you don’t, you’re going to end up with some bottom-feeders. I’m talking about the carp and so I am going to share a story. I’m not going to mention the name of the business but this is what happens. My wife and I, we go to Oklahoma City. We’re going to a thunder game. Can you relate to this, Cory? Have you heard of a thunder game?

Cory: Yes, their great.

Clayv have you heard of a thunder game?

Clay: You’re in the car with the wife and you know how it goes. You get in the car and you get on the I-44, right? You’re heading west, and if don’t stop to go to the restroom before you start your trip, you’re not going to have any more quick trips after you get past what, like Bristow or something?

Clay: Now, you’re on the highway. You’re heading west, right? You’re wife, because I’ve been married 15 years and Cory, how long have you been married, man?

Cory: 13 years.

Clay: how many years have you been married now?

Clay: Two years.

You’re in a car, but you know it’s going to happen. It’s predictable. Eventually, somebody’s going to have to go to the restroom. If you’re a guy, we’ll call you a standard.

Clay: If you’re a lady, we’ll call you a non-standard. We will not get into the details. But then, you go, let’s say, “Honey, I need to go to the bathroom,” and you’re like, “No big deal. I’m going to pull over.” You pull over and the place you pull over to is not a quick trip, so you go into that place. Usually, it’s like a subway. It’s a gas station that has a like subway in it. It typically sells a lot of CB radios and they also will sell you a shower.

Yes. I know what you’re talking about.

Cory: With keys attached to like a long steel and you need to go outside.

Clay: Yes, so I said, “Sir, I’m trying to get the key for my wife. She’s at the restroom,” and so he goes, “Well, I tell you what. I’ll get you your key here.” It’s like the winter. It’s cold, very cold.

Clay: “I’ll tell you what because you know thunder games.”

Cory: You got to love the outside bathroom too.

Clay: “So man, I’ll tell you what. What you’re going to do is you want to take this and you’re going to give. This is what you need.” You’re going, “Did you just give me a tire?” He gives you like a tire attached to–

I got toolbox for one time.

Clay: A toolbox attached to the key. You knock on the door and say, “Hey, honey, I got the key to the bathroom,” and they’re going, “That’s outside?” They make that look where they go, “I’m not going in there.” Did this ever happen to you, guys?

It happened to me not long ago but it was so bad. It wasn’t my wife, though. It was my daughter and apparently she was a little bit picky. She just refused to go and she’s somewhat young so it was a big deal.

Clay: You said perky. People don’t like to get a disease for it. They don’t want to die while using the restroom.

She was not going to tolerate this, Clay. It was not going until the end of the day.

Clay: Not an option.

No, she went on the road. She made a stop later on the road.

Clay: How are the people of Oklahoma City getting by without a quick trip? How is it possible?

I don’t know but my daughter, she’s not a fan.

Clay: This just in. Oklahoma City would like to hire Mr. Check-at-you to fix their gas station. Here’s the thing, seriously. When you have bad, we have not tap people working, it becomes a culture, right?

Cory: It does.

Clay: Isn’t not predictable in every one of those gas stations are nasty if there’s not a quick trip?

I don’t think their employees want to go in there. You know, they don’t want to clean this. They don’t want to go in there.

Clay: But it attracts bad. this is where it gets real. You and I, we built the Elephant in the Room. Here’s your vision. Here’s your passion. My job is just to market the business. How frustrated would you be when you walk into the bathroom and there weren’t towels for the customers and the bathrooms weren’t clean or whatever the– anytime. How much did it irritate you?

The details matter. If you’re in business right now or learning or wanted to launch business and you’re listening right now, the details matter. You may think, “Oh, we’re in haircut, Elephant in the Room haircuts just matter.” There’s so much more to details matter. There are so many people that could have said, “Wow. Your place is so clean,” and they come back just for that.

Clay: I will say this and I’m going to tell you right now. If you do not irritate at least one person a day because you’re holding them to your standards, Steve Jobs says, that most people– This is Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple. By the way, the guy also took Pixar and grew it. Pixar was started by George Lucas, the Star Wars guy. He started that business and Steve Jobs took over it and launched the Toy Story. Steve Jobs says this, “Most people are not used to environment where excellence is expected.” I’m telling you what, if you’re not irritating at least one member of your team per day by holding your mechanical to high standard, you don’t have a standard.

Clay, I think that a lot of employers, it surprises them when they’re in the middle of the tree so they can’t really rise up and see what’s really happening. But you’re just going to get what you tolerate. I remember the very first employee that I hired in a certain position and he– I tolerated him. I would ask him, “So what have you get done today? Did you schedule any meetings for us today?” “No, but, man,” and he would give me this great, great story-

Clay: Great merit.

nd I would buy it as a business owner. I calculated what he cost me and it was well over six figures when I patched up. While you’re going through, you don’t realize what you’re doing. If you do not hold someone accountable quantitatively and you tolerate the really great story, and let me tell you how the story starts. The story always starts with the same word. It’s like, “So did you set your appointments today?” He’s like, “Well–“

Clay: Oh Billy.

[laughs] You get well. You say, “Oh Billy, no way” a lot. But you cannot tolerate that because you’re costing your company so much more money than you’ve ever made.

Clay: I have one conversation today. You remember my story?

: I can’t wait to hear it. I can’t wait to hear your response.

Clay: Many companies hire us to make calls for them. Make calls and set appointments for the business and that’s all the time. We just make call. In Elephant in the Room, if we haven’t seen you in 90 days and won’t pick up the phone and we’ll call you to see how you’re doing, we would invite you back out. That’s what you do. You have to make– activity makes more activity. Activity generates revenue. You got to make some calls.

: Correct.

Clay: One guy turns into a call log to my wife and I’m looking into the call log and I’m like, “Okay, I see you made a hundred calls.” He got to exactly 100 and he stopped to a hundred. Wow. That’s awesome. So he didn’t make 96. He’s a new guy and some screwed with it. He goes, “What you mean?” I said, “You did not make 96. You did not round it up and you definitely went to a hundred.” He said, “Wow. I thought it’s 92.”

: Well, did you see the word? The word, it tease you all.

Clay: The calls were 92 and I said, “I don’t think it was 92. I think it was a different number.” He goes, “Well, I got to be honest. There was about 80 or so but I couldn’t totally tell.” But I’m like, “Here’s the deal, I have caught you being dishonest to me once. One time, it’s like I didn’t know. The second time, it’s like you got to go.” Can you feel me?

: Yes.

Clay: The guy goes, “Okay,” and you know what? I just saw the look in his eyes. I saw that connection point. I saw that and I realized, you know what, he understands that as employer, you could only expect what you accept. It’s my fault if I accept it. We’ll come back, thrivers. We’re going to teach you where to find great employees.


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Voice Over: Broadcasting from the center of the universe. Featuring optometrist-turned-entrepreneur, Dr. Robert Zoellner, and US SBA Entrepreneur of the Year, Clay Clark. This is the Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio 1170.

Clay: Hello, thrive nation, welcome back to the Thrive Time Show. It’s business school without the BS and yes. My name is Clay Clark, the father of five human kids and I am the former SBA entrepreneur of the year and a business coach. It is my pleasure to be here with you today. Typically, Dr. Robert Zoellner is here with us but he’s out in Guatemala. He’s again expanding his vast entrepreneurial empire and so I have to bring in the two dudes who know what they’re talking about. These are two icons of Tulsa business. I bet you, there’s a one in three chance that you know either one of these men or you know their business, okay?

Here we go, so there’s one in three chance. It’s my own little informal survey. If you’re listing right now, and you go, “Yes, I know who they are.” One of the thing, just put your head up and put scouts honor thing. If you don’t put your head up, it’s on you, okay. But here we go. If you know of the Elephant in the Room, if you know, may I ask you something, “Do I know what the elephant in the room is?” We have one in 91st Yale. Have you heard of that? The one in the 65th in the Windlane. There’s one in 16th in Boston. “Is that the hair place?”

Yes. Yes. But the better question is have you been there before? Because if you haven’t, our guest here,   Moore. We have a special going on right now. For anybody who was never been in the Elephant in the Room Men’s Grooming Lounge before or if they have never been in, you’re saying to all listeners today, you’re saying, “If you come in, you mention you heard a song in the show today and what happens, my friend?”

: Yes, if you are listening to us and you’ve never been in the Elephant in the Room and had experience what we are known for, your first visit is just a dollar.

Clay: What? A dollar?

: Get our locations, give us a call 918-877-2219. It’s our call center. It’s dedicated to just answering the calls for you guys and booking your first experience. One dollar will get you in. Mention that you heard us on the radio. We’d love to book your first visit.

Clay: What was your website? I’m sorry. What was your website?

: The website is

Clay: I was just eating some Oklahoma baked beans. Oklahoma Joe’s baked beans while you were talking so I missed it. Can you tell me your website one more time?

: Okay, one more time.

Clay: It’s really good bits.

: One more time, The number is 918-877-2219.

Clay: Nice. We also have the co-founder of Trinity employment. It’s Tulsa’s number one staffing company, Mr. Cory Minter, who has decided to enter the dojo of mojo. Cory, how are you doing, my friend?

Cory: I’m doing great. Thanks, Clay.

Clay: Now, Cory we’re talking about super rule number 3. It’s where to find great people. Where do you find them? Now, Jack Welch says this. He says, “You measure your people and you take action on those that don’t measure up.” I’m going to repeat it again. This is from Jack Welch, the former CEO of GE who grew the company by 4,000%. He says, “You measure your people and you take action on those that don’t measure up.” Which means you have to go find new people. New people?

I don’t want there to be a turnover. Sometimes you have to turnover if you don’t have the right people right now. Cory, where do you find great people? If I’m looking for great people, I own a business; I’m trying to find great people, where do I go?

Cory: Well, you can go First, if you need somebody right away, you can go to and check us out or you can give us a call at 918-622-2588. But if you are trying to really define or raise your level of the performance you are doing, you want to try to visualize where you want your company to go.

Clay: I want my company to go to the top. I want to be over there at the top. Boom. I want to be the man. Boom.

Cory: You want to visualize where you want to go and see it. Start seeing the type of people that you want to have, see how they interact with your customers and do not lower your expectations of them. Set your expectations high and never, ever, ever stop recruiting. But you asked me where to find them.

Clay: Where do I find them? Where did you get them? Give it to me now.

Cory: If you need someone right away, please give us a call. But if you are going to continually try to find someone, you’re better off to find someone in your network. Even us at Trinity-

Clay: Your network?

Cory: -Even though we recruit all the time, we find our best talent through our network and through our social media platforms.

Clay: I’m going to argue. I’m going to argue with you. I’m going to argue. I’m going to argue. I’m ready. I’m ready. You ready? You ready to argue?

Cory: Let’s go.

Clay: I’ll let you win but it’s going to be a cage fight.

Cory: I don’t know.

Clay: When I started my business, I was an idiot. Everyone I knew was also an idiot. Just by virtue of knowing me. If you knew me, then you were an idiot, probably. Or you were someone who was nice who was putting up with an idiot. What would you say to someone who is starting a business who really doesn’t know a lot of people? If I’m new to town, I don’t know people, or maybe I know people but it’s not the good people, you know what I mean? I’m seeing all my friends go to jail on Facebook. I’m like, “This is not a good friend, I think I’ll de-friend that guy.”

: I know the guy.

Clay: I mean, what would be the next step then?

Cory: I think the very first step, now I don’t mean to go way back. But if you would start to visualize where you want to be and start becoming the best you that you can be as a business person, reading the right things and making sure that you are putting the right kind of information in. You have to become a certain person before you can expect to start being able to be around those of influence. If you want to be around those people of influence, you want to first become that type of person. But there is someone that is, that you know, that is at a higher level than what you are and you will want to reach out to only those people.

I strongly suggest that you do not reach out to the people that are where you are at or where you know you don’t want to be. Don’t reach out to them. They are going to take you and keep you in that same level.

: You don’t want to reach out to unemployed or the free time?

Clay: Okay, you guys are just super negative.  , super negative. I want to ask you– super negative  . He is always just talking about facts.

: But I got a super move, though.

Clay: Where are you finding your people, my friend? Where do you find the great people who work at Elephant in the Room? Where do find them?

: You’re going to love this. If you have a business or want to grow your business, listen, if you don’t, plug your ears for a second but if you want to grow your business, listen.

Clay: I do not want to grow it, I just want it to stay small, I’m a small business. It’s called “Oswald’s Bagels” and I like to keep it small because I’m Oswald and I make the bagels.

: I want to grow my business and I’m looking 24/7. As Cory said, becoming the person knowing what to look for but 24/7. For instance, right now, if you cut hair or if you are a man and you get your haircut, the next time you get your haircut ask your stylist or your barber, “Have you heard of elephant in the room? Hey, why don’t you go work there?” If that person comes to work for me, “Call me up, I’ll pay you money. Right now”.

Clay: How much money will you pay if someone brings you a stylist right now? How much? What is the bounty? Live radio. How much money are you putting down?

: Live radio. $300.

Clay: $300? Right now?

: I’ll write you a check if you have someone come work for me. Now this is the thing-

Clay: This guy is paying for– if you’re a listening right now and you’re going, “I think I know Karen, I think Karen is looking for job and she cuts hair. I know Billy.” Don’t send us Billy, don’t send Billy because we know about Billy. We know that every time Billy gets a job, it always happens.

Sound effect: Oh, Billy.


: But this is the thing, Clay, always hire and I just want to grow. We got three shops. I want to grow, have three shops in 2017. It’s just right around the corner. It’s going to happen. But it’s going to happen because I just put some out there. I’m expecting something back.

Clay: Now, I’m going to walk you through. These are my four things that I do every week. You guys listening right now, I’d encourage you to do it every week as well. I, we do a job post on Craig’slist, we do that every week. We also do a post on social media, that’s Facebook, LinkedIn, that kind of thing. Boom. Three, we always on and four we also post on Indeed. But I heard that costs money. Yes, that costs a lot of money if you have a big old building and nobody working in it. “Well, that wasn’t very nice at all. I thought this wasn’t a good show.”

The thing is you have to invest in finding good people. I’ll tell you what, right now, one of the things we’re doing is we’re trying to recruit– I made a job description, I’m trying to find a guy who can come co-host the show one day, just for one day. I made a job description and I’m going, “We’re just looking for a guy to co-host for one day whenever Dr. Zoellner is out. He has to sound like Joel Osteen. He has to be a black belt. He has to be a father. He has to own a bank, that’s sort of the hard part. His name has to start with a “shhh-“

Cory: I know this guy. I know someone like this.

Clay: Sean. Shawn. I’m thinking of a Sean. And his last name—

Cory: Is it Sean Kouplen?

Clay: That’s who I am looking for. If you are listening right now and you know Sean Kouplen, this is the challenge right now, thrivers. If you don’t know who Sean Kouplen is, I want you to get on Facebook right now. Everyone has a phone. Get up on that cellphone and I want you to do a little hotline bling here for me. Go up on that cellphone and look up the name Sean. It’s S-E-A-N space Kouplen. It’s a little different than you think. It’s K-O-U-P-L-E-N-

Cory: You got it?

Clay: Just do a friend request. If they say, “How do you know him?” Say, “We are very, very close friends”.

Cory: He will appreciate that.

Clay: He will appreciate that. He wants about 400 of them this hour. Sean Kouplen, if you are listening right now and your name is Sean Kouplen, we want you to come co-host when Dr. Zoellner is out of town. Now, super rule number four. This is where it gets really, really specific. Jack Welch says you must understand his four E’s. You have to know what your looking for and once you do post and you start getting applicants, you have to know what you’re looking for. You have to know because if not, you’ll settle for what’s available. “What? That was kind of deep, man, that was kind of deep.” I mean check it out.


Clay: If you don’t know what you want, you will settle for what’s available. If you don’t know what you want–  , you always talk about you’re looking for happy people at Elephant in the Room. What does that mean?

: There’s three things right off the bat that I look for a potential team member to team up with. One is a happy person. If you tend to find yourself smiling a lot and you bring the positive aspects out in others, if you can manage your time, show up to work on time, reliable transportation time–

Clay: You want me to submit to the tyranny of time management?

: That is right. One is happy person, two is time management, and three is people skills. We’re in customer service. Be able to communicate with your team and communicate with the clients. Those three things is just getting your foot in the door.

Clay: I have something I want to share that might not be popular.


Clay: In fact, that it’s real and raw. Here it is, thrivers. If you right now, get on your phone and Google this little– just Google this right now what I’m saying to you. “Google CBS news U.S. Chamber” and then the words “employee theft”. Like stealing. U.S. Chamber CBS employee theft. You will discover that in a study of employees and discover that 75% of the employees that they surveyed were stealing from the workplace. And if you Google the Gallup. Google Gallup and actively disengaged. Google that. Gallup, G-A-L-L-U-P and actively disengaged. And you will find that the vast majority of employees openly admit they are disengaged in the workplace and in fact are not even trying.

And if you Google, just Google one more thing, Google, Google Ink magazine average time of employees spent on social media during the workday. And you will find that number is over a couple of hours. And if you want to really crazy, if you Google– if we have kids who are listening to this show, kind of get earmuffs here. But if you Google, let’s just say adult content and when it’s consumed, most people, most people over 25% of the people they were– they found they were viewing that at work.

And so now you get into, you go that wasn’t very positive. No, the thing is you cannot accept the first person available. You have to look for these four aspects, these four key performances these indicators that Jack Welch was looking for.

: I’m ready for them.

Clay: One, positive energy. People with positive energy, who just love life. Describe these. I’m looking for people with positive energy who just love life. When they walk into the room this is what you hear. They’re going “Hey what’s going on guys?”. “How are you doing man?”. “It’s awesome to see you bro”. “Woo you smell terrific”. There just this certain energy, when you have people like that in the office. Then some people come into work and they just have a negative mojo. “Hello, Cory I just took– It’s cold outside”. I mean literally, they will complain about everything.

They complain about the weather. When it’s too hot, it’s too cold. When they walk into the room this is what you hear. It almost like what? And, they create drama. They’re going, “Did you hear what Sheryl said?”. “No, I didn’t, what did Sheryl said?”. “Well, I heard Sheryl, I’m not going to go on the record but don’t tell anybody that I heard her baby mama”. “What Sheryl? I thought Sheryl?”. “Yeah it’s really weird, it’s dark”.

: That’s actually some really great music for that.

Clay: But that’s what happens right? And, so when we come back, thrivers. We’re going to get into some specific stories. Cory is going to tell us about the power of hiring people with positive energy. How they find them consistently for Tulsa companies over there at Trinity employments. When we get back here we are going to be talking about how to find people with positive energy. Stay tuned, Thrive Time Show, Oklahoma Joe’s.

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Voice Over: You’re listening to the Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio 1170.

Clay: Alright, Thrive Nation, welcome back to the Thrive Time Show. Inside the audio box that rocks. For any of the people that listening right now, and you’re going, “What is the box that rocks?” I’ll tell you what the box of rock is. Go to Facebook right now, search for thrive15. There you will find the live broadcast of today’s broadcast and every broadcast. You will see that we are located inside the world headquarters. We did that because, many people go to every day, and they share the podcasts. People will listen to them. We have a lady in Sydney, Australia I talk to last week. A wonderful lady.

: Good day, mate.

Clay: Yes, good day, mate. We had a lady in Santa Barbara, Florida. We had a guy in Toronto. I just talked the other day in South Dakota. They’re listening to the show, and this young man in South Dakota, he drove here for a workshop. He drove here, he’s a college student. Drove here straight up, he drove all night so he could be back for class. I talk to the guy and I said, “Hey, how did you decide to do it?”. He goes, “I love your show, I just didn’t know if you guys were a real thing or not, because there are so many BS’ers and charlatans out there on the radio and podcast. So, I googled you guys. I went to YouTube and I Google, Thrive15 world headquarters.

I found you guys and realized, oh my gosh, you’re a thing. I realized had to come do it and this is a great thing”. I’m saying is we broadcast here so you see the context of our background, culture, and what we are all about. On today show, typically on any show we would have Dr. Robert Zoellner, the optometrist turned Tycoon. But, he is out expanding his vast entrepreneurial empire from the country of Guatemala.

We had to bring in the big guns. We had to bring in some T-town Oklahomies that know me. We had to bring in some guys that really know their craft. We brought in Cory Minter, the co-founder of Trinity Employment, and   Moore, the founder of the Elephant in the Room Men’s Grooming Lounge. Before we left we were talking about what to look for in key people. Jack Welch, he wrote a book called Winning, which is on the desk that Cory is currently standing at.

It’s called, Jack Welch book, Winning. In there he underlined four E’s. One of the E he says is, “You have to find people with positive energy”. He goes on to say, “People with positive energy who just love life”. So,  , talk to me, if you were working at the Elephant in the Room. If I worked at the Elephant in the Room. This is the scenario. I’ve been cutting hair all day, and I go, “Well,  , my back hurts a little bit and it’s so cold”.

: For me, when someone states that, whether it be inside of work or outside of work, “My tummy hurts, my back hurts, it’s cold, I’m cold”. I just state, “Clay, my back feels amazing, it feels absolutely amazing”. When you say that they give you this weird look. Like, “Why did you tell me that?”.

Clay: “My back hurts, I told you it hurts.”

: “I’m going to lift some weights, it just feels amazing.”

Clay: “You’re not very nice.”

If you don’t watch that, like Cory said, it will create your environment. The complaining, the whining, all of a sudden everyone back starts hurting. It’s weird.

Clay: It does. There is a negative gossip spread. There’s a negative contagion. Cory, why is it important so important to recruit? When you’re out there recruiting and searching for positive people to employ. Why is it so important that you find people with a positive energy?

Cory: They set the tone for your business. If we are going to send someone out, they are going to set the tone as a representative of our company. If you ever talk to someone who is a great business leader. You ask them what’s the key to your success. I’ve not just ever met anyone who was very successful that didn’t talk about culture, and how important that was. There have been several that said, “You know it took me several years to realize how important that is”.

Clay: It doesn’t matter; I’ll hire anybody with a pulse. If somebody has a pulse, you’re my kind of guy or gal.

Cory: They just don’t want to celebrate that kind of attitude. Leaning in towards positivity, finding somebody that leans in towards that and has top of conversation. They are going to affect everyone around them. What is so crazy is you can have an entire team that just unbelievably killing it, and you get one individual that starts the conversation going the wrong direction. Before long as a business owner, you think everything going great. You’re having a party there and before two days go by and everybody’s is in the dump. It’s all because of just one employee. You have to be very careful at tolerating that.

Clay: Bruh, I think it’s super shady how our boss, Cory, coming to work going, “Hey man how its doing? You got to work”. “He trying to make us work, cause he only cares about his money, bruh”. “I’ve been living in my parents Volkswagen for several years, bruh. I have no issues with money you know what I mean, cause my parents will pay my allowances, and Cory’s all negative” They will contaminate your entire work environment. You got to be very intentional. Now, the second E Jack Welch talks about eloquently in his best-selling book Winning, the former CEO of GE, he said. “The ability to energize others”, I always loved this one, the ability to energize others.

I’ll give an example of a guy who can energize others. This was something he would do, let me give you an example here. Here we go. You remember Prince? Imagine you hired Prince to come and work in your office. I know he’s dead now, Rest in Peace Prince. Imagine you brought this guy and you go, “Hey guys we just hired this guy. He wears a lot of purple. But, this guy I’m telling you, he’s going to be the new talent. He’s going to be performing during lunch.” Imagine this guy can entertain. He can affect the entire audiences. I mean this guy could fill up an entire stadium, and make the whole energy of the stadium positive. Seriously, think about how powerful that is.

A lot of people are good at music but to be able to energize an entire stadium and arena, that positivity. Whether you like Tony Robins or not. Whether you like Prince or not. The ability to contaminate an entire room with positivity and energy, that is magical. John D. Rockefeller, the world’s wealthiest man during his time, he said, I’m paraphrasing, Google this, “The ability to manage people and lead people is the skill that he’s willing to pay more for than any other skill”. No one could do it. It so hard to do it. So,  , there is a lady that we’ve brought into the Elephant in the Room in the South Tulsa location. What is this woman name?

: Katie.

Clay: Katie took the sales numbers. A lot of men come in and they want to buy a membership. So, they’ll ask, “How much is a membership?”. She went from basically sharing the membership with 18% of people to 60% of the people just by herself.

: Yes, we’re huge on stats. We were at an 18% closing rate. You know how long it would take to grow anything at 18%?

Clay: I would be bad. We would be living in a van by the river.

: If you can’t find the right person and you don’t have it, we’re going to find the right person. We found the right person in Katie, and actually, Katie came from Hawaii.

Clay: Is she from Hawaii?

: She’s from Hawaii, she came here to Tulsa, Oklahoma and she’s closing at 70%, 75%. Those are some growth numbers, right there. She has the ability to energize others, by just speaking live and positive, just saying things like, “I can see you doing great things, I believe in you.” Reinforces those positive things.

Clay: Cory, talk to me about why, again, why is it such a prized possession when your company, Trinity Employment can bring an energizer into a business that was stagnant, why is that such a game changer?

Cory: Because if a company has a culture that is at lower level, bringing just one individual in can really change the ball game. Just one positive individual can raise everybody else around them. And really, it’s the same thing as if you hire leaders, and you find someone who’s a leader, it will raise your entire organization. They give you a whole abillity to do some great things.

Clay: Now, thrivers, when we come back for Oklahoma Joe’s, we’re going to be talking about Jack Welch’s third E, his third move of what you look for in great people. when we come back for Oklahoma Joe’s.

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Voice Over: Live, local, now. You’re listening to the Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio 1170.

Clay: It’s the thrive time show. We are destroying poverty one show at a time. If you had your head in a bad position, your head is stuck in a negativity cloud and you haven’t been able to be positive and you go, “I just, all I want to do is talk about politics and just– anger and I’m just frustrated with the liberals or the conservatives or the people that want to build a wall.” Could you believe the fact that people would want to build a wall?

The people are just– if you’re just frustrated and you’re going, “Insurance costs are too high and I want reform”, there’s a place for that I guess, but today’s show, and every show we do here is about how you can specifically change your own life. There’s a lot of things you can’t control, but successful people can learn to focus on what they alone can control. Again, you can’t change other people, you can’t change the economy, you can’t change who just got elected, what you can change is what you do on a daily basis. You can change who you are. You can change the action steps you can take.

Really, success is the sum total of the daily action steps you take every day, minute by minute, hour by hour, compounded over time. That’s what success is. You sow those seeds, you are going to bear fruit, eventually. And today we’re talking about this concept of how to find great people. How to find great employees. To make it happen we’ve brought on the founder of the Elephant in the room men’s grooming lounge,   Moore.  , how are you doing, my friend?

: I’m doing amazing.

Clay: I’ll tell you what.   business is thriving, it’s growing, he’s got a great team of people that he loves to have on the team and in just a minute I’m going to come back to him and ask him about some of the great changes that have been happening out there at South Tulsa location. And we have Cory Minter. Cory Minter is the co-founder of Trinity employment specialists. If you’re trying to find a great employee, and I know you are, Trinity employment can help you do it. Cory, how are you doing, my friend?

Cory: I’m doing great, I’m trying to figure out how in the world and life I’ve gotten myself to a place where I get to hang out with you on a radio show. How did that happen?

Clay: Well, the thing was you lost a series of bets, and the bets– when you loose you have to hang out with this pasty male who never goes outside.

Cory: It’s great to be here, Clay, thanks.

Clay: Now here’s the deal. We’re talking about Jack Welch and his three E’s and one of them is edge. This is what you’re looking for in people, you’re looking for people that can have great energy, positive energy, two, people that can energize others, but three, people who have edge. I’m going to read you this notable quote, he says, “Anyone can look at an issue from every different angle. Some smart people can and will analyze those angles indefinitely.” Is that you, thrivers, are you the one who never makes a decision, are you the ones thinking– if that’s you, don’t make eye contact, just keep looking down and eating your Oklahoma Joe’s.

But effective people know when to stop assessing and make a tough call even without total information. He goes on to say strong managers who make tough decisions to cut jobs provide the only true job security in today’s world. Weak managers are the problem. Weak managers destroy jobs.  , I’m going to start with you. The Elephant in the room south Tulsa is been growing, Broken arrow’s been growing, Downtown’s been growing, you’ve got some great managers there and they’re getting better and better all the time. Talk to me about how the business has been able to grow since you’ve been able to bring in more and more people that have edge and can make that tough call about who to have on the team and who not to have on the team.

: Yes, the managers are going to set the standards there, set the environment and their team is going to adjust to that, whether it will be up or down. So holding people accountable, a person from us are going to show up on time, they’re going to have their smile, they’re going to reassure everyone that they’re having a great day, and they’re going to have that lear that’s helps yo problem solve. Because you’re being thrown problems everyday, whatever you’re doing in business, but you’re going to adjust and not take that problem and shut down the day.Just keep on doing, it’s just a little speed bump, whatever it is. The edge is to whatever that thing is, go to accomplishing it and get over it today.

Clay: I want to ask you this, thrivers, listen to this. Imagine that thrivers, you’re on a date. But it’s not a date. you’re a single woman and there’s a single man. Imagine the scenario. you’re a single woman, he’s a single man, and he goes, “Hey, Cheryl, you want to get some ice cream?” You’re in Braum’s, you go out to Braum’s, okay? He says,” Let’s go to Braum’s.” You say, “Sure.” You get in the car and as soon as you get in the care, he does this.

: At Braum’s.

Clay: We’re on our way to Braum’s and he says, “Cheryl, how you’re doing?” And she says, “How you doing?”

: What, Clay?

Clay: How you doing, I mean, is something wrong listening to this song? You meet my dimmable lights here, those fluorescent lights from the Braum’s sign, is it okay if I burn my incence while we drive to Braum, I mean Cheryl, are we cool? All of the sudden it gets weird because the ambiance changed. There are people that can make things awkward all the time. If you don’t have the ability to make the tough calls as manager, you’re going to put out all the wrong signals into the marketplace, I don’t care how good you are at your business, if you’re surrounded by idiots, your business is not going to do well, and the problem is we’re all told that in school.

“Don’t judge people.” No, you’re wrong. if you were told that, you should judge people in your business. You have to. If not, the customers are going to judge you. Am I– Cory, am I wrong? Are people, customers going to walk into your business and go, “I’m not judging your business at all, although the food tastes bad and your service is dirty and weird, bathroom has a certain taint to it.”

Cory: Your judgment ability is probably going to set the tone of how good, or the quality of the service I will get.

Clay: I’ll tell you this, when I think about banking, going to a bank, I’m a judger, I won’t go into a bank unless that bank is– the CEO or the bank has a certain swag. The CEO sounds like Joel Olsteen, unless he has a certain nice charm to him, unless you see him and you feel like you’re talking to Tulsa’s Joel Olsteen. I won’t go into a bank unless they have a certain class to them. And when I do go into a bank, the bank that I typically go into, the CEO of the bank has to tell me. I won’t go into a bank unless the CEO of the bank is Sean Copeland, for instance.

That’s just an example. If you’re listening right now and you’re going, “I want a bank like that, i want a bank where the CEO’s like Joel Olsteen, that’s kind of cool. Do they offer suckers too?” No one provides more suckers thatn Sean Copeland. He is the adult-size sucker. He’ll provide and he’ll give you an hi-five, an adult-sized sucker for your deposit, go in there and go into region bank and go find my main man Sean Copeland, give him a high five, send him a text and say, “Oh my gosh. Sean, you are really setting the emotional tone in this business. You have the edge.

Now thrivers seriously, if you’re listening right now and you’re saying, “I have a manager in my office who doesn’t have the edge, coach me.” If I’m listening right now and I don’t have the right management on my team, I don’t have the people on my team who have the edge, where can I find such people?

Cory: You can find such people at If you’re looking to try to find someone who is an A player. If you have the idea that you are tired of tolerating B and C level players, you got to come talk to us.

Clay: Now thrivers, I’m telling you what. This afternoon you got to make sure that this afternoon is a great afternoon. I’m going to call you out. You don’t want a mediocre lunch. You don’t want to go to some random convenience store, go in there and get some old– quick sandwiches are beautiful. They’re great sandwiches. You don’t want to have like a nasty tuna sandwich.

No. You deserve more from your life. You’re the kind of people who need a great lunch. If you’re listening right now, and you want a great lunch, I have the edge. I’m going to tell you. Go to Oklahoma Joe’s or throw your afternoon away. I mean you’re just throwing it away.

Cory: It’s not going to be good. It’s not going to be nearly as good.

Clay: Go in there and take the challenge. Get the baked beans. Get the burnt ins. It’s going to be a game changer. Now thrivers, when we come back, we’re going to get to our final E. Jack Welch’s final E. I’m telling you what. Jack Welch was the CEO of GE, who grew the company by over 4000% during his tenure. And you know what he did? He wrote a book called Winning, which I’m sure you’ve read. If you haven’t read it, go on Facebook live right now. You can see the book right there. It’s on the table.

: It’s one of my favorite books.

Clay: And he just tells the four Es. You want to know what the magical fourth E is? Do you want to know?

: I do.

Clay: Well, we’re going to tell you when we come back. The fourth E.

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Voice Over: You’re listening to the Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio 1170.

Clay: All right. Thrive nation, welcome back to the Thrive Time Show. Your audio dojo mojo fosho and as always I am the business coach and I am always joined with some of the top Tulsa business people. But today, you are in for an audio treat. Because I’m telling you, we are joined here with a guy who was crazy enough. He was nuts enough. He lost his mind long enough to start his own business.

His name is   Moore. He’s the founder of the Elephant in the Room men’s grooming lounge. And another guy who lost his mind. He just lost his marbles. According to Forbes, 57% of you want to start or grow a business. But you know what the number one reason why people don’t start businesses is?

: What’s that?

Clay: They’re afraid. Fear. This guy looked fear in the face and he’s like, “You know what fear, I’m going to come over there and put you in a headlock. Because I’m going to start my own business.” His name is Cory Minter. He’s the co-founder of Trinity employment. Cory, how are you my friend?

Cory: I’m doing great. Good afternoon everybody.

Clay: Now, before we get into this fourth E, and everyone wants to know what are Jack Welch’s four Es. If you’re looking for great people, what are you looking for? Jack Welch, the CEO grew GE by 4000%. He says you’re looking for these four Es. Guys, listen. He’s saying this is what he did. This is the move. You want to be the most successful CEO ever? Look for these four Es.

Some of you will go, “Yes, but GE don’t they just make refrigerators?” No. They make medical devices. They make jet engines. They bought RCA. They produced the Seinfeld show. The Seinfeld show? Yes. They lent money. They have credit cards. They have every industry all on lock. This is GE. The world’s biggest– one of the world’s biggest companies. This is the four Es. This is gold.

Before we get into the fourth E. Cory we have a survey. We’re going to do now a survey. Just doing a survey. What we’re going to do is a lot of people want– we have a lot of listeners who are listening. They’ve been asking a lot. People say, “How many people on average listen to the show?” Because a lot of people have been listening to Rush Limbaugh for years.

They changed the station. Now they found the Thrive Time Show. This is business school without the BS. This is a positive place. But how many people actually listen? Right now, if you know Sean Kouplen, and you’re listening right now. If you’re listening. If you’re just listening right now.

Cory: I know Sean Kouplen.

Clay: You know Sean?

Cory: Yes. I’m texting him right now.

Clay: Okay. If you’re listening right now-

Cory: Should I text him right now?

Clay: Yes. If you’re listening right now, go to Facebook and search for the name, Sean Kouplen, S-E-A-N. We’re going to go because I’m not going to give out his cellphone number on the phone, yet. But we’re going to go. So switch on to Facebook and you want to search on Facebook for Sean. It’s S-E-A-N. And then Kouplen. K-O-U-P-L-E-N. I’m going to give you a moment here. Sean Kouplen. We want you to go and send him a private message. Or either you send a message even if you’re not a friend. You can send him a message, or you can request to be his friend. Just say Thrive Time Show says hello.

By the way, Cory Minter’s hiring right now at Trinity employment. And we know of many banks that are looking for a CEO and owner. Cory you know some of the banks that are hiring. If he wants the job, if he wants to get a job as a teller or a bank head. I mean, you probably could help him find a job, right?

Cory: Sean, if you can hear me, I would love to help you find a job. Please give me a call. You can call Trinity employment at 918-622-2588. We’d love to talk with you.

Clay: Okay, now here we go. This is the fourth E. The fourth E is execute. Execute. Jack Welch says this. He says, “I’m in a heartfelt deep and authentic excitement about work.” These people just get it done.  , when you built Elephant in the Room, and you finally found out how to get customers through the door.

What were you doing? By the way, how did you first get your first customers? How did you finally– you built it, you decorated it, you had the vision– how did you finally get the first customers through the door?

: Back in the day when we first started, it’s a little different than now. The original guys that came in, I personally called them.

Clay: On the phone?

: On the phone. I knew how to communicate, talk to people and sell. I had this script written. It was pre-written. I knew how they were going to react based of other people reacting.

It was, “Hey Mike, this is   with the Elephant in the Room. The new big thing in town. You’ve probably heard of us. Your friend was just in, and we wanted to invite you out. He said that you would love their experience out here. So want to count the first service? It’s on us. Does tomorrow or Saturday work best for you?”

Clay: Assuming the close. Go to the core.

: Just assume, right? Guess what? His friend had never came in. Wasn’t in. I lied.

Clay: Come on. That’s ethics. Once you found out the system that worked, you then had to teach someone else to do it. Now, here’s the thing I saw as a business coach. You tell me if you disagree. You could do it. You could sit there and literally and make a hundred calls. Probably set up 10, 15 haircuts. If they did answer the phone you were going to book them?

: Yes. If they showed up they get the membership.

Clay: But then you delegate it to the next person?

: Yes.

Clay: I remember the first guy you delegated it to and he’s like, “I made calls for like 10 minutes and no one even answer. This doesn’t even work.”

: Actually, that was someone who was related to us.

Cory: Is there some family drama going on?

Clay: Not anymore. We did an excommunication.

: When you find all your flyers in the trash that were supposed to go out to all the local businesses.

Clay: Then you discover that he might or might not have real stuff.

: So he wasn’t executing. It’s the fourth E, right? He wasn’t executing.

Clay: Let’s just say that almost Adam was kicked out of the garden of Eden.

: We executed him, you could say. [laughs]

Clay: The thing is that he did not execute the system. Maya Angelou, she’s the best-selling author. She say this, “Nothing will work unless you do.” I’m going to let you marinate on that for a second.

: That’s what she told me when I met her. We sat down.

Clay: Really? You’re a good friend of Maya Angelou?

: Yes.

Clay: She was the lady who spoke at President Obama’s inauguration. She says, “Nothing will work unless you do.” Cory, execute. Why is it so important that you have to find people who could– At the end of the day were going to sum up what the resume says. They have to be able to get stuff done.

Cory: Yes. Especially when you are interviewing someone. This is a remarkable thing. You guys know what I’m talking about?

Clay: We are.

Cory: That is, when you meet someone and they blow your mind in the interview. You cannot wait. You’re hopeful. This is sick. You cannot wait. Sometimes it happens in week one. Sometimes it happens on the first day. And then all of a sudden, this person that you thought was so wonderful, what happened? Where did they go? A lot of people like the idea of working hard. They like talking about working hard. But when it comes to doing it, the reality is that most Americans, they don’t work hard. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that you find new players in your business.

Clay: Check it out.  , we have an audio. An audio sample. This is from the Trump administration, this is not a political show, but this was released earlier today and might or might not have been realized by Trump administration, but this is what will happen if you do not work hard under the Trump administration.

Donald Trump: You kids are probably saying to yourselfs, now, I’m going to go out, and I’m going to get the world by the tail and wrap it around pull it down and put it in my pocket. Well, I’m here to tell you that you’re probably going to find out, as you go out there, that you’re not going to amount to Jack Squat.

Clay: [Laughs] It´s just him.

Cory: No, Trump? he sounded a little bit different.

Clay: He modulated his voice, now seriously this is a thing about America, the capitalistic system that we are in, people that don´t have discipline and they can´t get it done, they are not very employable. I´m going to say something that I believe to be true but it´s going to be like, “Oh my gosh, that guy, I don´t know if I like that guy anymore”, but here we go. The unemployment in America rate in America right now they say it´s 5%, then some people will say it´s 6%, and some people will say, “But if you count the people that quit looking, it´s actually like 10%.” I believe it should be 50%.

Cory: Wow 50%?.

Clay: I mean, based on the people that I interview, based on the people that I interview where it´s like, I mean in a modern office somebody, I´m just going to pick on our team really quick here. We got a guy out there named Andrew right now, and he does what he is supposed to do, he’s great, he always does what he is supposed to do, so you know what? I like him. I like Andrew. And Shreda out there, Shreda, you ask her to do something, and guess what? she does it.

Cory: Yes, Shreda is on it, I like Shreda.

Clay: Sam the Man our producer, he does what he is supposed to do, there he is, Sam can you hop on the camera quick so people can see your beautiful face, really quick just really quick, It´s a beautiful face.

Cory: Look at that beard, what do you think of that beard there  ? is that a quality beard?

: Beard game is strong.

Clay: You know why I like him? because in Proverbs, Proverbs 10:4 it says that God blesses the hand of the diligent and punishes the slacker, and I see so many people that can´t show up to work on time, they can´t talk with respect, they can´t dress to impress when they are trying to get a job, they just don´t do the basic minimum, and therefore they deserve to not be successful, and as a business owner I have to decide, do I want to fire them or do I want my customer to fire me? I have to decide that, so thrivers listen right now, if you are struggling to find top talent go to is that correct?.

Cory: That´s correct.

Clay: And if you want to make 300$, send an e-mail to info at and if you know somebody who is a hair stylist, send the lead to   Moore and he will pay 300$ if it works out, and thrivers who are listening right now, you have three game changing decisions that you can make today. One: Are you going to do nothing with this information? “I think I just want to listen information and really not do anything, it´s like a–“

Cory: I filled up the application.

Clay: No, that´s something people like to do, but here is the other two options you can do, one, you can go to, it´s the world best business school, and it´s 19$ a month, you have access to thousands of videos taught by, millionaires, mentors and everyday success stories, and if you can´t afford it, you can set your own price. “I can set my own price, what?”

Yes, we can do that, it´s kind of Bernie Sanders of us, or option two, you can turn up for in person workshop or one on one business coaching, where can you do it? go to or, as always thrivers, we are so excited that you let us share this afternoon here with you, get out Oklahoma Joe´s, send Sean Copeland a text or a Facebook invite, and as always, three, two, one, Boom.

[01:33:39] [END OF AUDIO]

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