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During this episode America’s #1 Business Coach, Clay Clark, and Dr. Robert Zoellner teach you about the Dream 100 concept and how to implement it and a refresher on how to get to the top of google.  You will not want to miss learning what this list is and how to use it!

Discover The Dream 100  With The Help Of The Business Coach : Podcast Transcript

Voice Over: And now, broadcasting from the center of the universe and the world headquarters. Let’s go. Presenting the world’s only business school without the BS, with optometrist and entrepreneur Doctor Robert Zoellner and the former Small Business Administration Entrepreneur of the year in your ear, Clay Clark. It’s the Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio 1170. Three, two, one boom.

Clay Clark: Boom, boom, boom, guess who’s back and in your room on this fantastic Friday, it’s Doctor Robert Zoellner.

Dr. Robert Zoellner: Happy Friday. Thank God it’s Friday, I’ll tell you what. This is the first Friday of the New Year.

Clay: It’s a new Friday.

Dr. Z: It’s the first Friday. We’ll never have another first Friday in 2017.

Clay: We don’t want to be sacrilegious. We can’t compare it to Good Friday, but it’s a very average, above average Friday, right? It’s a very above average Friday.

Dr. Z: When you’re above ground, it’s a great Friday, trust me.

Clay: Oh wow. Well, I’ll leave that, Z. We have a very special guest on the show here. She’s a lady who’s a real estate phenomenon over the past year.

Dr. Z: Phenomenon.

Clay: This is what happens in real estate. If you do a bad job– say you’re a realtor and you just really mangle a deal.

Dr. Z: Yes, I tell you what, I’m not going to–

Clay: People tell people on social media. They do, they start telling people– But if you do a good job, people tell people. If you go a great job, people start to tell people, “This lady did over 20 million dollars of sales this year.” It’s Miss Danielle Sprik. Miss Danielle, how are you?

Dr. Z: I tell you what–

Danielle Sprik: I’m great, guys. How are you guys doing?

Dr. Z: Fantastic, and if you can, run to your computer and post up on Facebook Live.

Clay: Facebook Live.

Dr. Z: Because she’s a lovely lady and you get a little eye candy in the midst– You won’t have to put up– you could just focus-

Clay: I’ve never heard you described as eye candy. I’ve never heard [crosstalk]

Dr. Z: -you’ll have to focus on Clay or myself and you can see Miss Sprik here. She’s the head of Sprik Realty, so–

Danielle Sprik: That’s too kind.

Dr. Z: [inaudible 00:01:52] that on Facebook Live.

Clay: Now here’s the deal. We’re talking today about a subject that I’m very excited about. It’s how to execute the dream 100. It’s an overview of how do you go out there and get customers on a very maybe limited budget, or you’re just trying to be a good steward of the finances you have. Z, I want to start with you, talking about your auto auction–

Dr. Z: No, time out, time out, time out, time out. Come on. I’m not going to let you just jump into all the serious, deep stuff. Listen, I just got in my car. I’m trying to figure out where to go to lunch, it’s noon, I’m hungry, I kicked on 1170–

Clay: Okay, I’m going to do a survey. If you’re listening right now and you’re an American, just go ahead and put a hand up, but keep one hand on the wheel.

Dr. Z: Okay. One of them goes, “Wait, I’m not driving.”

Clay: If you’re in your office right now, still, if you’re an American, put one hand up, okay?

Dr. Z: Okay.

Clay: Now, use the other hand to get out your cell phone and call Oklahoma Joe’s or Google that beast because Oklahoma Joe’s is where you’re going. That’s where you’re going.

Dr. Z: That’s a fine choice for lunch. They’ve got three locations here in town. If you’re in Broken Arrow, you can go the after by the Bass Pro Shop. It’s a big deal, right?

Clay: It is.

Dr. Z: If you’re in South Tulsa you go 61st and Sheridan. That’s a major intersection if you’re not familiar with Tulsa. If you’re downtown, you can go next to the iconic Cain’s Ballroom and slide in there and get– And here’s my move.

Clay: Here’s your move.

Dr. Z: You’re going to thank me later. I’ve said this before, you’re welcome right now. You can get the burnt ends and the baked beans. Life changer, game changer. But that’s not where I was going with this.

Clay: That’s not where you were going.

Dr. Z: That’s not where I was going.

Clay: No, it’s not where he was going.

Dr. Z: That’s not where I go– Okay. We’d been in the New Year roughly a week.

Clay: I’m excited about it.

Dr. Z: Okay. You survived 2017 roughly a week. I’ve got a question for the two of you.

Clay: Okay, here we go.

Dr. Z: I know that most people marked their New Year resolution, right, or resolutions sometimes, it’s a really aggressive and I take it you two as the aggressive type. You guys are, “Go get her,” get her down and you make things happen. Right-

Clay: Right.

Dr. Z: -is that right with you two? Okay. Have you kept your New Year resolutions already? They say the average person, what, 17 days, they’re off of them or something like that.

Clay: Yes, I’ve kept them. One of my resolutions is automatically broken because it’s a deal where like– I know, it’s part of it– one of my resolutions is to not leave Oklahoma at all for the entire year. I hate traveling like you wouldn’t believe. You put me anywhere not in Oklahoma, it freaks me out, so–

Dr. Z: Dude, you’re a traveling speech maker for years–

Clay: I’m done. I’m done. Drop the mic, I’m done. Here’s the thing, I’m not going. The thing is, but I have one that’s in Florida. They had an option, they go, “We book you for this event. If we like it, we have the option for a second.”

Dr. Z: Oh no, you had to make them like you.

Clay: But here’s the deal, I said-

Dr. Z: You couldn’t stand it.

Clay: -the option, I said, is you had to make sure you pay for all of the accoutrements, all of the costs needed to fly five kids and my wife. Bob says, “I’m going to do it.” I’m going, I’m just one.”

Dr. Z: When is that?

Clay: It’s going to be March, into March, March 23rd or something. That’s the only resolution that I have broken because it’s just an option deal. He calls me the first of the year and he says, “Hey, I want to move forward,” and I’m go– Ah.

Dr. Z: Oh man.

Clay: I said, “You’ve got to take care of my kids,” and he goes, “I’m going to do it,” and I’m like, “Come on, Bob. Okay, we’ll do it.”

Dr. Z: Rumor had it that some traveling entertainers would have this long list of accoutrements.

Clay: Yes.

Dr. Z: I like the way you said that, by the way.

Clay: Accoutrements.

Dr. Z: Accoutrements, yes. One of them was Prince who passed the last year, and he had to make sure the rumor’s blocked out. He had all these things, the list of things– He was crazy. I heard that, I thought, “Is that really a thing?” Are you that, is your list pretty crazy–

Clay: All I said was that I– because I’m trying to not do the events, but I want to be honorable to the people who’ve already paid, so I’m doing those. If they like the event, they want to book you again.

So the guy says, “What’s the option?” This whole year, in preparation for the radio show, the last six months, I’ve just said, “If you want to have me come out, you’ve got to buy tickets for five kids, both ways, and I want accommodations for a week wherever we are.” Because we’re always going someplace fun, like San Diego, but I live in a hotel, I want the whole week, man.

Dr. Z: Where you’re going in Florida and what’s the group you’re talking to?

Clay: We’re going to Orlando and we’re speaking to a group of funeral home directors, which is my niche.

Dr. Z: There’s nothing fun in Orlando. Why would you want to spend a week there, bro? That’s just ridiculous.

Clay: Yes.

Danielle: Disney?

Clay: Disney, yes.

Dr. Z: Oh my gosh. I forgot about that.

Clay: The kids are excited, Vanessa’s found a really nice place on Airbnb, right on the beach. We’re going to drive a little bit to the east, stay right there. It’s going to be awesome. I’m just saying, I did break a resolution, but enough about me.

Dr. Z: If you want your favorite radio co-host to go along with you, I do know my way around– my kids are grown, but I do know my way around Disney.

Clay: You and I never traveled except for– we’ve been together on a couple of things, and you know that I’m the world’s worst driver and the world’s worst traveler. You know it.

Dr. Z: Oh my God, you are. I think we were in New York, we’re all sitting in the car and you’re driving. We’re all sitting there just driving through, was it New York or Chicago?

Clay: Chicago.

Dr. Z: Chicago, oh my God, same thing. Same city, just different–

Clay: Near death, both places.

Dr. Z: Different latitude or longitude, one of those things, and you are, seriously, you are– my life flashed before me like 12 times. You literally are certified the worst driver in the world.

Clay: My wife wanted to go back for some organic drink and I still had to make some sales calls–

Dr. Z: No, some soup. It was an organic soup-

Clay: Organic soup.

Dr. Z: -or something. We had to drive across town and I was just like–

Clay: I am on the phone booking deals, doing something, and you’re like, “Would you get off the phone?” [laughs]

Dr. Z: Is my life worth that soup? I don’t know. Okay, now back to New Year’s resolutions. Danielle, you’re on the floor now.

Danielle: Yes, well, I’m not a big fan of New Year’s resolutions, because I hate to fail. I really struggle with this aspect, but the one thing that I have set as a goal this year is to make it to all of my kids’ special events. Whether it be school related or sports related because let’s face it, when you’re an entrepreneur, you have to have good time management. That’s a big focus for me this year.

Clay: You’re married to a great guy, Tim. He’s a great American. He’s actually in the box that rocks here today. He’s inside the box that rocks, which is inside the world headquarters, which is inside Oklahoma, which is inside the center of the universe, which is right here in your ear. But Tim, Tim’s a beautiful man. I’m going to tell you what, I want to ask you, are you still going to his events? He’s still competing in, what, triathlons and all night telethons, basketball events. Are you going to all his events too?

Danielle: He hasn’t done a lot of that lately. I think–

Clay: Competitive horribly?

Dr. Z: Is all night telethons an event? I didn’t know that was an event.

Clay: I don’t know. I don’t want to get too personal. I’m just saying, I feel like Tim is involved in a lot of things, he’s very well rounded. I just wonder, are you going to his things too or are you cutting him out?

Danielle: He is a big part of what I do, so we spend a lot of time together, and if I’m going to the kids’ events, he’s right by my side.

Voice Over: You’re listening to the Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio 1170.

Clay: Now, people want to know. Z, are we going to get into the dream 100, are we allowed to go there? Is it too early?

Dr. Z: No, absolutely. You guys, I really appreciate you indulging me with New Year’s resolutions and just opening up a little part of your personal life for the thrivers out there. They want to know too because everybody struggles with that. Danielle’s like, “I don’t want to do them because I don’t want to ever fail,” but that’s the thing about it, is that if you said, “I won’t do something because I might fail,” then you’ll never start a business. You’ll never get married. You’ll never have kids. You’ll probably not even get out of bed tomorrow morning.

Clay: You’re probably going to find out that if you get out there in the world– you’re going to get out there into the world and you’re going to discover that life, Z, is a little bit hard, right? You’re going to find out that– and what’s going to happen is, you are going to end up– This is what’s going to happen to you, Z. If you don’t set big goals, this is what’s going to happen. Get ready.

Recording: First off, I am 35 years old, I am divorced and I live in a van down by the river.

Clay: That’s what’s going to happen. You’re going to end up living in a van down by the river.

Dr. Z: We need to get a van, just park it out here, by the Arkansas River.

Clay: I told my son there’s a place in Catoosa where you can buy a van for like 500 bucks. I told him, I was just going to drive that thing off the side, do it late night, no one will see it. We’ll just leave it there, no one’s going to be ambitious enough to tow it out of there.

Dr. Z: Who on Earth would want to do that? Here we had the auto auction, we get a beat or two there, maybe even beat 500 bucks.

Clay: Should we drive it off the side, put it in there?

Dr. Z: I think so. I think that’s very appropriate, by the way, and most–

Clay: Put it on Airbnb?


Dr. Z: Most days the Arkansas River is not full of water.

like beachfront property.

Clay: Yes.

Dr. Z: It’s not down by the river. It’s down by the beach.

Clay: You’re putting a spin on it. You’re a marketing man, which brings us back in segue into our topic, Dream 100.

Dr. Z: Well, you’re probably right.

Clay: Are you ready to go? You ready to do this thing?

Dr. Z: Okay. Now, I’ve warmed up. I’ve had my little thing. I’m almost at Oklahoma Joe’s now. I’m going to get some burnt ends, some baked beans. I’m excited. I’m going to get a beverage of my choice. I’m fired up now.

Clay: Here’s the deal, Thrivers. Many of you who have been online, you’re looking around and you found like some online, let’s say charlatans, some get-rich-quick stuff, “Make millions of dollars in real estate with no money down in, like an hour.” The thing is if you get tired enough or drunk enough, it seems reasonable.

Dr. Z: It’s seems reasonable.

Clay: It’s like 2:00 AM and you had a half a bottle of wine. You’re like, “He seems like a sweet man.”

Dr. Z: [whispers]

Clay: Your wife’s going, “Did you sign up for that?” You’re like, “Oh, baby, I don’t know what happened. I’m going to tell you what. We’re going to make millions in the morning.”

Dr. Z: It barely only takes a couple of hours. I seem to have that.

Clay: But then there’s a real way to make millions in real estate.

Dr. Z: Oh, really?

Clay: There’s a real way to sell millions of dollars of real estate and it starts with this thing called the Dream 100, okay? I’m going to walk you through the theory, but I want Danielle to walk us through the application, okay? Z, I want to pick your brain too.

What you do is you make a list of 100 ideal and likely referral sources or buyers. Someone needs to write that down. You want to make a list of 100 ideal referral sources or basically ideal unlikely buyers, okay? If you’re a realtor, like maybe a homebuilder, maybe it would be a title company. What, Danielle?

Danielle: Divorce lawyers?

Clay: Divorce attorneys, home flippers. You can go on. You make a list of 100. The goal is you want to make it a Dream 100. We’re talking about an aspirational list. Don’t just put, “I put my cousin Vinnie on the list because he’s Vinnie and he sleeps on my couch.” I’m like bum. You don’t want to be dropping off gifts to your cousin Vinnie who lives on your couch. It’s weird.

Dr. Z: [laughs]. It’s a [unintelligible 00:11:58] down by the river.

Clay: Yes. If he’s in the van, you’re in the van, you got to get out of the van. You’ve got to do some outside marketing. Here’s the thing. Once you begin this process, you can’t stop until you wow the people on the list because people don’t want to refer random real estate agents. Danielle, let’s look back in your earlier career when you first got going.

Danielle: Okay.

Clay: What kind of people did you put on this super list?

Danielle: I was looking at my networking circle, so my children’s pediatrician. I went to my son’s eye doctor. I went to–

Clay: [sighs] Did she say eye doctor?

Dr. Z: I’m right here.

Danielle: [laughs] This was before I knew Dr. Z.

Dr. Z: You can reach out and slap me. I’m right here.

Clay: So awkward.

Dr. Z: Wait. I think you did slap me.

Clay: Move on. Sorry.

Dr. Z: I’m going over to the corner. I don’t know if you can catch what I’m saying in the camera, but I’ll be over there.

Danielle: Okay. This was before we knew Dr. Z.

Clay: I need a list of Dr. Z’s competitors. Okay. Keep going, sorry.

Danielle: Now, I’ve lost my train of thought.

Clay: Okay. You made a list of a hundred?

Danielle: Yes.

Clay: Now, the next thing is, Z, for your auto auction. What are the kinds of men or women that buy cars from your auction? Who’s buying cars from your auction?

Dr. Z: Used car dealers. You have to have a used dealer’s license to gain access in to buy them.

Clay: Let me role-play real fast. I show up on your lot.

Dr. Z: Okay.

Clay: I show up. I saw the round-about deal. I live in the middle of that round-about deal.

Dr. Z: In a van.

Clay: In a van down by the river, but they moved it. It got towed, so I’m here. Anyway, I want to know if I can buy two cars. No money down. What do you think? Boom.

Dr. Z: Boom. I think, first of all, you put on a lot and we have what we call security.

Clay: [laughs]

Dr. Z: Code red, security, van, man, and the round-about– I have stepped on to the lot.

Clay: Man and van. You would say that you focus on your ideal and likely buyers. You would say, Danielle, you focus on your ideal and likely buyers. You’re listening right now. Who are your ideal and likely buyers?

[background music]

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Voice Over: Live, local. Now, you’re listening to the Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio 1170.

Clay: All right. It’s the Thrive Time Show on your radio. My name is Clay Clark, the SBA Entrepreneur of the Year and I am a business coach. I have been sent here to teach you how to start and grow a business because it’s business time. Because, Z, according to Forbes magazine, this just in to our home office on the left coast of the Arkansas River. 57% of people want to do what, my friend? 57% want to do what?

Dr. Z: Start to grow their starting business, the one that just started. They want to grow it or they just want to start one. They want to change their stars. They want to change their life. You know what? We’ve been getting e-mails and calls now. We’ve been doing over a hundred shows. It’s pretty cool.

Clay: Over a hundred shows in the dojo.

Dr. Z: For two years, we’ve been doing this online vis-a-vis our platform.

Clay: Yes.

Dr. Z: A lot of people reach out to us and they said, “You know what? Are you for real?”

Clay: Are you guys for real?

Dr. Z: That was a big deal. That was the biggest one because so many things at their scams that you were talking about at the earlier segment, about so many little get-rich scams and all that kind of stuff. One of the real and two “Can we come out and see it because we’re like doubting Thomas. We want to see it and touch it.”

Clay: “Is it a real thing?”

Dr. Z: “Can I get a hug?” They want something tactical. That’s why in just a few weeks, we’ve got a big deal going on.

Clay: Yes, it’s going to be on January 20th and January 21st. Somebody wants to write that down right now.

Dr. Z: I’m writing.

Clay: January 20th and 21st, we’re going to have a two-day 15 hours of power interactive workshop where we really get into the stuff. A lot of those people want to know, “How do you manage your day-timer?” You know, Z, “How do you do that? How do you get leads? How do you build a website? How do you grow a business?” The thing is you could go to TU, which is a fine university.

Dr. Z: Fine university.

Clay: You could spend $100,000. You could do that.

Dr. Z: You could do it.

Clay: You could get $100,000 of education at Oral Roberts University or OU or any of these fine institutions. For the low, low price of $19 a month, you can go online to our online school. [whispers] $19?

Dr. Z: That sounds crazy.

Clay: Is there a debt, though? Anyway, the thing is you can do that or you can come to our workshops, because of our scholarship program, it’s affordable for everybody.

Dr. Z: Everybody. Wait a second.

Clay: Everybody. My body?

Dr. Z: Okay, okay. You’re going to get me in the building. You’re going to lock me in this little chair and then you’re going to upsell me out the wazoo. I know how these deals work.

Clay: Here’s the deal. Typically, they get up there and they say, “Here’s the deal–” Normally, I don’t do this, Dr. Z. I don’t do this. What happens, only five availability? No, actually, four.


Clay: Okay. We’re going to walk on the calls. You get to hang out with an extra from the Seinfeld show and I’ll have a book signed by a guy who used to know Donald Trump. Come on. I’ll throw in a blender. Since it’s high and motivational, there’s a beach ball bouncing and [beatbox], and people are crying. It feels like you’re on it. What I’m describing is Tony Robbins seminar. The point is that’s not what we do. We’re teaching real business owners how to grow a business school without the BS.

Dr. Z: No upselling. You will not be pressured. You will not be upsold. Our heart is to mentor entrepreneurs. You’re listening to the show and you’re like, “I don’t even know how I found the show, but at least I’m driving to lunch.”

Clay: “Is this a radio? How do I turn this off?”

Dr. Z: [laughs] You said to yourself, “You know what? I can be one of those entrepreneurs.”


Dr. Z: If you look to your right or your left and you’ve got a couple of people in the car with you, the odds are two out of three of you. If you’re like, “Okay. If it’s not me, then it’s the two people next to you in the queue–“

Clay: “Stop looking at me. Stop touching me, Carl. Stop looking at me.” That’s my kid in the back of the car.

Dr. Z: Yes, exactly. I tell you what, we know that that little seed of entrepreneurship is out there buried. Sometimes buried way, way, deep, deep, deep down in there. You know what we’re going to do? We’re going to water it. We’re going to fertilize it. We’re going to weed it.

Clay: We’re going to put Miracle-Grow on it, but not the unhealthy kind if there is such a thing. It’s organic.

Dr. Z: I don’t know.

Clay: We have somebody in the booth right now who’s actually taken the vision of starting a business and turned it into reality. Our special guest tonight. Our very special guest this afternoon here is Ms. Danielle Sprik. Ms. Danielle, how are you?

Danielle: I am doing awesome, Clay. How’s it going?

Clay: I was going on Facebook and I notice an update and your husband has tagged me on a post.

Dr. Z: Oh, no.

Clay: Hostile posting. He asks, “Do you want to acknowledge it?” I look and he’s braggin on it. I think the subject was wife-bragging time or something. He said that you did, am I getting this right, over $24 million of transactions in the past years. Is this true?

Danielle: D Sprik Realty as a combination.

Clay: D Sprik Realty? Okay.

Danielle: Yes. We’ve done about a little over 23 million.

Clay: 23 million.

Dr. Z: I wouldn’t call you a liar for a million plus or minus, personally.

Danielle: [laughs]

Dr. Z: Personally, I wouldn’t do it. Clay, he’s hyper, accurate.

Clay: Here’s the deal, you’ve had some success with it. We’re talking about the Dream 100. This dream 100 system is the concept of getting people that you don’t know, check it out Thrivers, you want to get people that you don’t know to get to know you so that you can generate revenue in a win-win. You want a win-win. You want them to win, you want to win. Z, before we went to the break, we were talking about your Auto Auction. Who do you market to with you Auto Auction?

Dr. Z: Well, there’s about a thousand people in what we call ‘our area’. Every used car dealer has to reregister with your State, so we have Oklahoma, we have Arkansas, we have Kansas, we have Missouri, we even have Texas, and Louisiana but we don’t market to all those exclusively. We have about a thousand that’s our core market crew that we’re after. We’re getting them donuts. We’re on their door, we’re knocking on their door-

Clay: Donuts?

Dr. Z: -we’re in the van, we get the van out of the river, we drive it down over their place.

Clay: I was sleeping there. Why do you always take my van? Why do you always take the van? I was just sleeping. I just fell asleep, you take the van?

Dr. Z: Donuts are heavy. We can’t take a lot of donuts and we take you to Barbee cookies-

Clay: Yes you did. Now I want to ask you this–

Dr. Z: -out of Kat Graham. Barbee cookies?

Clay: I want to ask Danielle this. What kind of things have you done to get– because you have to get a hundred of these people, you got to stay in touch with them. How did you do it? What’s your move? Maybe you don’t want to share your proprietary secrets but what are some of the moves? How do you do this?

Dr. Z: Tell your secrets, tell your secrets.

Danielle: I use Barbee cookies like you mentioned. We would have them create a cookie that had our logo on it.

Dr. Z: Sneaky.

Danielle: I had our marketing guys create a one-sheet that had my photo, my contact information, and it also stated how we set ourselves apart from the average Real Estate brokerage. That accompanied that box of cookies and then I was just ruthless with-

Dr. Z: Ruthless.

Danielle: -approaching these 100–

Clay: Did you ever get shot down? Because when I started my business, DJ connection, I remembered walking into a bridal store in town. I remember this is two funny story. I go to the bridal store and this lady goes, “Listen all you DJs coming in here, bringing your stuff, I ain’t referring you at all”, so I just kept coming, kept coming relentless, almost like my epidermis and my soul no longer can feel anything. I’m walking like a robot, boop boop boop boop-

Dr. Z: Boop boop boop boop.

Clay: -and I go in there and finally she says, ” Hey, my husband has a 40th birthday party coming up, if you do it for free I’ll refer you if it’s good”, then I go, “Give me a minute to win it.”

Dr. Z: There you go.

Clay: I just kept doing that. That’s how I grew to dominate the market. Now I want to ask you, did you get rejected or is it just something wrong with my wiring?

Danielle: No one ever rejected me in person. [laughs]

Clay: Really?

Danielle: I never had that experience but not everybody would respond either. For instance, one of my clients, they are investors and I marketed to them for probably six months.

Clay: Six months in a row?

Danielle: Yes.

Clay: What?

Danielle: Before they actually called. Now, just this past year, we did 11 transactions.

Clay: With the same person? Z?

Danielle: With them, yes.

Dr. Z: When you say, “I marketed them for six months”, break that down just a touch?

Danielle: Okay. I would call Barbee cookies, order the box of cookies-

Dr. Z: Boom. Check.

Danielle: –pick them up and normally I would do ten in a day because physically I couldn’t do more than that.

Clay: Ten in a day, step two–

Danielle: Then I would personally go and deliver these boxes of cookies.

Dr. Z: Yourself?

Danielle: Myself. Yes.

Dr. Z: Okay, I’m following you.

Clay: You moved your body to a place that you didn’t know. You’ve introduced yourself to someone that you did not know.

Danielle: Yes. It was completely out of my comfort zone.

Clay: Did you ever get nervous?

Danielle: Yes.

Clay: Did it ever freak you out?

Danielle: Yes.

Clay: Are you glad you did it?

Danielle: Yes.

Clay: Oh it’s a winner here. It’s a winner, folks.

Dr. Z: Oh my goodness.

Danielle: After doing it time and time again, you just get used to it and then it becomes second nature and it’s not so bad anymore.

Clay: How many agents run your team now?

Danielle: We have 19.

Clay: Here’s the deal Thrivers, once you create momentum, people want to join the momentum train baby. When we come back, Dr. Z is going to talk to us about how he’s built the momentum train over there at the Auto Auction. Choo-choo.

[background music]

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Voice Over: You’re listening to the Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio 1170.

Clay: Thrive Nation what is going on? Welcome back into the conversation. We’re talking today about how to increase your compensation by expanding your marketing all over the Nation. Dr. Z, I’m super excited to have you on the show because you, my friend, could put on a clinic of marketing. You’re like a marketing magician.

Dr. Z: Yes. Okay, in my hand I have three balls, I’m juggling them and now they’re gone-

Clay: Papap pararara papap parararara.

Dr. Z: They’re papapapap. No. There’s an Elephant in The Room. Packetderm. We’re talking about Packetderm [crosstalk]-

Clay: There’s a Packetderm in the room.

Dr. Z: -and I’m going to shrink them and put it in little Tea Cups. It’s over here now in the Tea Cups. That just happened. Oh wait, watch Facebook Live. [crosstalk]. I’m sorry. Hey, it’s Friday. It’s the first weekend technically of the New Year. Happy Friday.

I hope you’re enjoying your lunch right now. Thanks for tuning us in. This is exciting and you know what? We were talking about the Dream 100, but before the last break of the last segment, something profound was said by Miss Danielle Sprik.

Clay: Oh boy, oh boy.

Dr. Z: We didn’t really break it down because she’s on the show. You want to introduce our fine guest?

Clay: Yes. Daniel Sprik, she’s the founder of Sprik Realty. Now you’ll go, “What’s Sprik Realty?” It is a Real Estate Company. They specialize in helping Tulsans buy and sell real estate and she’s really done it with– I’m not sure how to describe your brand, but it’s a high-end look. You work with people who are middle class in Upper Land, a lot of Mid-Town homes, a lot of South Tulsa, a lot of Broken Arrow. How would you describe your brand? The brand you’ve envisioned over the years as you’ve been building this, how would you describe it?

Danielle: When we talked about my brand and the logo, what I was going for was classy-

Clay: Classy.

Danielle: -and clean.

Clay: That’s why Z and I weren’t invited to be involved in the logo.

Danielle: [laughs]

Dr. Z: We specialize in Trashy and Dirty.

Clay: Trashy and dirty and [unintelligible 00:27:12]. [laughs]

Dr. Z: We’ve got a van down by the river Danielle. I tell you what, it’s riverfront property. What do you say? We’d like for you to–


Clay: It’s clean and classy and simple. Now talk to me about– you had this vision to grow your Real Estate career. So many people in Tulsa have real estate licenses. Now I don’t want to make up the number but I’m just going to say now, I do know as a fact, there are thousands of active licensed agents in Tulsa.

Danielle: I believe there’s around 4,500.

Clay: Basically if you’re listening right now, you’re probably a real estate agent. Welcome to the Real Estate Show, we’re here with Dr. Zoellner and he’s the owner–

Dr. Z: [laughs] I thought this was a Home and Garden Show?

Clay: There’s a lot of real estate people out there and many of which don’t have any transactions. There’s little notable quote but I’m going to quote myself, I very rarely do, I’m going to quote myself, are you ready? “If you don’t sell something, you’re not in business.”

Dr. Z: What? Dude that’s crazy.

Clay: Ted Turner. If you look up Ted Turner–

Dr. Z: Wait, wait, I got a business card.

Clay: Well, Ted Turner, look up Ted Turner, he’s the guy who started CNN and TBS. He’s describing his son and doing interviews off the cuff. I’m sure his son did not appreciate it but they said, “What does you son do?”, he says, “Oh my son’s an entrepreneur”, they say, “Well, really? What kind of business he has?” “Oh, he’s unemployed, that’s what I mean.”

Dr. Z: Yes, exactly.

Clay: It’s like a new word that people use if you’re chronically unemployed, you’re like an entrepreneur. That’s typically the thing.

Dr. Z: My daughter, she actually graduated Optometry School now she’s in a practice but there’s a time frame in there before she could get licensed in Oklahoma and yet she’d finished school, so people were asking, they say, “What are you doing Ash?”, “Well, I’m a stay at home daughter.” It’s like an entrepreneur.

Clay: Here’s the deal thrivers. Look, I’m going to give you a notable quote from Thomas Edison. This is the guy who had 2,332 patents worldwide, he helped to invent the modern lightbulb, recorded sound, recorded video, he says, “Vision without execution is hallucination.”

Dr. Z: That seems awfully harsh. Why you being– Listen, listen, it’s all about vision. It’s all about casting the dream Clay. It’s all about the money’s being attracted to me. You got to have the dream bro. Bro my dream’s to have a coffee shop bro. This could change the world man. It’s going to be like Star buckish, it’s going to be just awesome.

Clay: I know it’s in your heart to give me a jet, Z, are you listening? I don’t want to pressure you but I know how you feel and I know that it would help you release that feeling by giving me a jet.

Voice Over: You’re listening to the Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio 1170.

Clay: Give me the jet, I would say give me a jet.

Dr. Z: Okay, I’m going to give you a jet, it’s parked outside.

Clay: It’s the law of attraction. That’s why I watch that movie every night.

Dr. Z: Merry late Christmas, but it’s outside the parking lot. You’re bad.

Clay: You got to generate leads and one way to do is at dream 100. Okay.

Dr. Z: One thing I said in the last segment, Danielle broke something down that I think we just skipped over it.

Clay: You unpack it.

Dr. Z: Like you just were skipping in the playground at school [crosstalk]

Clay: Unpacking like Christmas. Unpack it.

Dr. Z: Your kids just skipping, chasing chickens in your backyard.

Clay: Unpack it now.

Dr. Z: You know what she said?

Clay: What’s that?

Dr. Z: She broke her dream 100 down to her dream 10. She said every day she would go out and she’d get those beasts 10 by 10.

Clay: Ten by ten.

Dr. Z: I think that’s something that we do. Sometimes people look at the whole thing and they think, “Wow, that’s- how man? You know that’s a lot of people on the list. Where do I start? What do I do?” What she do is she figured out that her time frame, her schedule, with her little, we’ll call it a milk route. Okay. Which was technically a cookie route, which if you took milk also that would been pretty cool. Here’s milk and cookies.

But anyways, she took cookies and she figured out with their time that she could do 10 a day. Ten a day, so she took her top 100. Her dream 100 and she broke it down to her dream 10 because sometimes people like, “100 men, I can take cookies to 100 people in one day.” You don’t have to. Listen folks, it’s a dream 100 for reason. When you get to him, you want to have 100 on there. But you want to break that down to bite size pieces because you know what a boss does?

Clay: What does the boss do?

Dr. Z: They make big-

Clay: -obstacles-

Dr. Z: -seem-

Clay: -small.

Dr. Z: I love it when you finish my sentence.

Clay: Bang bang.

Dr. Z: Boom.

Clay: It’s like a Run DMC up here.

Clay: Yes, it is. I’m I running or are you D of– No, we’re like DMZ. We’re like it DMZ. [crosstalk]

Clay: We have to practice because we’re very Caucasian but we are going to get good at this then. What do you guys say?

Dr. Z: DMZ because I’m Z and anyway.

Clay: We even talk through it, but we’re just now getting good high five. [crosstalk]

Dr. Z: We’re going to work our ass.

Clay: Thrivers, listen. If you’re trying to break this down. You’re trying to understand how do you do this. Danielle is going to walk you through, so Danielle you break it down to your 10 and what time did you go out. Did you just get a block it in your schedule or just whenever you have time?

Danielle: No. I had to block it in my schedule because if I didn’t, it didn’t get done.

Dr. Z: Oh, deep thought there by Danielle.

Clay: Did you have to do some trade off? You have to say, “Hey. I’m not going to do this because I’m going to do this.” What kind of trade off did you have to make at the very beginning?

Danielle: You have to learn to say no. If you want to be successful, you have to learn to say no, so-

Dr. Z: Another deep thought.

Danielle: I made it a priority and I knew which days I was going do it. I just blocked out my schedule and made sure that it got done.

Clay: You know, Z, I’ll say, one thing people ask me a lot of time to go, “How you going to do the radio show at your busy schedule?” Well, you and I had to sit down and make a list to cut independently, but what things are we not going to do? I made a list of things and actually there’s a lot things that I decided not to do that I’m pretty excited I’m not doing anymore.

Dr. Z: [laughs]

Clay: I was looking at going, “Oh, this is a good reason.”

Dr. Z: The world is speaking.

Clay: I’m like, “This is a good reason. I can’t travel in one squirt.” The thing is, though, Thrivers, you’ve got to write now action steps. One, make a list of your dream 100. Your ideal and likely botched. Make that list.

Two, think about what can you drop by that seems sincere and of value. I have a bad, bad story to tell you about this. But I have to change the facts a little bit, so as to not offend somebody.

Dr. Z: Oh, I love it when you offend people. [crosstalk]

Clay: I know when somebody who did a dream 100, but they dropped off stuff that you would find in the back of a car that you just bought from a used dealerships, from a guy who knows a guy. A fifth owner kind of thing

Dr. Z: Yes, we get a lot of that at the auto watch. We can fill up a .couple of grocery sacks with stuff that stuck in the back of the car. [crosstalk]

Clay: It’s like your auto-detailer. All the stuff you pulled out of a car. I’m not kidding. In every bag had something different and you know it was re-gifting and it just felt, “I’m going”, so Sharita looks at me, on our team, and she goes, “Is this the thing?” and I’m going, “This cannot be a thing.” We got to drop off something of value and because you want to build that relationship because you’re trying to build a– check it out. I call it a relation shift. You have to move or shift from a-

Dr. Z: Fancy.

Clay: -so when you’re marketing to a friend and, Z, I really want because you’ve done it so successfully in your auction. I would like for you when we come back, to walk the Thrivers through the step by step process that your team goes through because you had some all-star. You Monty over there, the other guy was the most penalty minutes in the history of professional sports. [crosstalk]

Dr. Z: I got to hear that story when we get back. It’s pretty true.

Clay: True story.

Dr. Z: Yes. True story.

Clay: When we come back, that’s

[background music]

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Voice Over: You’re listening to the Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio, 1170.

Clay: What is going on there Green country? Welcome back to the thrive time show. Oklahomies welcome back into the Thrive Time Show. We’ve got an incredible show for you today because we’re talking about how to take your big dreams and turn into reality.

So many great programs out there about how to find your vision or set your goals or how to get motivated. There’s a place for that. But if you are sufficiently motivated. You’re like, “I said, I am motivated. Just show me how you do it. Walk me through the specific step by step. I want to know how to do it.” Dr. Zoellner is going teach you right now. You got to get a pen. He’s going to teach you right now. How his–

Dr. Z: [laughs] Everything you need to know.

Clay: No, really. You’re going to teach them right now the system that you’ve been using at the auction to grow that to one of the most successful auto auctions in the region. I’m excited for you to break it down like fractions, my friend.

Dr. Z: I’ll tell you what, here’s what we do. We made our dream 100 which for us was a dream 1000. We had our sales team. We have Doug Pirnak. Doug if you’re listening, hey Doug and you could Google Doug Pirnak now. He was a professional hockey player. A hockey player. How did he end up selling cars?

Clay: I DJ Doug’s wedding. I DJ his wedding.

Dr. Z: Oh, you did?

Clay: Yes.

Dr. Z: Sara is lovely. She’s a pharmacist.[crosstalk]

Clay: Wonderful, wonderful people.

Dr. Z: Yes. Pharmacists means, she’s a drug dealer.

Clay: Oh, yes.

Dr. Z: I know. It’s okay. It’s a little-known family fact. It is what it is. But she’s licensed drug dealers, so that’s okay.

Clay: She’s a licensed drug dealer. Doug Pirnak, so Doug–

Dr. Z: Doug Pirnak, he’s on record for having the most penalty minutes in a professional hockey game of any living human. A hockey game is 60 minutes and he had like 80 minutes worth of penalties.

Clay: His whole night was spent in the penalty box.

Dr. Z: They wouldn’t even let him take a shower until 20 minutes after the game was over.

Clay: Real quick. I want to digress for a second. Do you realize what that means? That means that as soon as he’s out of the box, he’s looking for anyone. He’s just-

Dr. Z: It was majors and I don’t know all the things-

Clay: Back to the box.

Dr. Z: -he’s a tough guy. He’s from Canada. It’s like from a whole other country. [crosstalk]

Clay: Oh, you bet you. Up there it will be [unintelligible 00:07:46].

Dr. Z: He’s up there like, you’re from Minnesota which is practically Canada. Right.

Clay: Here is a great idea we have up there. Let’s take our truck to the middle of a frozen lake, step one. Step two; let’s put a house over to keep that area warm. Then let’s take an auger and let’s drill a hole right underneath where we’re standing. Oh, yes. Spin it. Let’s do that. Let’s hid in a box for now and let see if we can catch a fish. What is going on? Why are we doing that? [crosstalk]

Dr. Z: What’s going on? That remind me of true story, I’m going to digress. I‘m going to get back to ourselves in just a second but I have a friend of mine that was doing online dating and the girl that put on there. She has an athletic build.

Clay: Super athletic.

Dr. Z: I met her and she’s like, “She’s not athletic build”, and I said, “Well, maybe sport is ice fishing.”

Clay: Oh, You bet you.

Dr. Z: You bet you. Okay, so anyway. We have Doug Pirnak who was a professional hockey player and we have Tommy Brown used to own a fencing company. He knows nothing about cars. Barely hadn’t started one actually.

Clay: Fencing like sword fighting or fencing like?

Dr. Z: Yes, it’s a sport I’ve never done that I’ve always wanted to do.

Clay: You should do that with your yoga.

Dr. Z: Probably because of the Zorro thing. I’m a big Zorro thing.

Clay: He put fences up. Privacy fences.

Dr. Z: Privacy fences around you. You can hire him out to do your compound. Your Clark compound which you built.

Clay: I actually will probably do that.

Dr. Z: Yes, exactly.

Clay: That’s a move.

Dr. Z: Well, he’s busy now. But he used to do it. Okay. Tommy her memory started to goes, “I don’t know” and you know, he’s a country, a bumpkin and he’d admit that. That’s sounds negative word. Bumpkins are fine people by the way.

Clay: Hi, man. You just call me a bumpkin.

Dr. Z: You can call me bump for short. You have to go kin. Do you know what I mean? Anyway, these guys are like, “What do we do? What do we do? We never have done this before and we just [crosstalk]

Clay: Oh, what do we do?

Dr. Z: Step one is just exactly what Danielle was talking about and that is you’ve got to physically be there. A story I love to tell.

Clay: Oh, boy.

Dr. Z: Is about the young man who’s in love.

Clay: Oh, wow.

Dr. Z: He lives up in Boston.

Clay: In Boston.

Dr. Z: His girlfriend that he’d just adores, she lives in Oklahoma.

Clay: Oklahoma.

Dr. Z: He writes her letter every day.

Clay: Every day.

Dr. Z: Dear sugar.

Clay: Dear Sugar?

Dr. Z: How’re you doing?

Clay: How are you doing?

Dr. Z: [background music] And I so want to

see you.

Clay: I so want to see you.

Dr. Z: I miss you.

Clay: I miss you so much.

Dr. Z: I just love you so much.

Clay: I do.

Dr. Z: You know what? His girlfriend after days and days and days of letters you know what she did?

Clay: No.

Dr. Z: She married the mailman.

Clay: No, It’s not good.

Dr. Z: Because he was there every day.

Clay: Ohh.

Dr. Z: Delivering that letter. You got to be there. You got to physically stop by the dealership. I tell these guys, listen, “If you’re doing this, if you’re taking some goodies”, i.e. Barbee cookies like Danielle and It’s her little move. If you’re taking the goodies and you’re stopping by every day and you’re shaking hands and you’re building a relationship. That’s 83% of the battle.

Clay: 83% of the battle just showing up.

Dr. Z: It’s just showing up, get them on your milk route, driving and stopping, and getting to know them.

Clay: I’ve discovered one thing, Z. This is all fact. 100% of the time that you and I have been on the show together in this room, we’ve been here.

Dr. Z: That’s crazy.

Clay: Yes, figured it out this for a second, though. Danielle, you had to block time out your schedule to meet people you’ve never met before.

Danielle: That’s right.

Clay: How many times did it take you for most people before they start to realize she’s actually– she is a mom. She does have kids. She doesn’t have a criminal record. How long did it take you for them to build some kind of warmth?

Danielle: It’s hard to say for sure but I would say after maybe number five or six times of stopping by and bringing them a gift. All of the sudden they would change. Their demeanor changed. They were more open to talking to me.

Clay: Now, what would you say to somebody who’s listening right now, Z. Who’s listening and they’re going, “I just fear rejection.”

Advertisement: You’re listening to the Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio, 1170.

Dr. Z: You know what I would tell them, “Get over it. You’re going to get rejected. Just say yourself. I’m going to get rejected.” You know what, it’s going to be okay because eventually– It could be the fifth time. it could be the sixth time.

Clay: Could you repeat that again because I feel like there’s someone who’s listening right now who’s like, “You know, I was eating some Oklahoma Joe’s and I’ve been neglecting my marketing. I’ve been talking about how I feel a lot. I’m not doing my marketing. I keep– [crosstalk]

Dr. Z: I’m just going to buy that baked beans. It’s harsh, it’s harsh. If you have small children around cover their ears.

Clay: Earmuffs. Earmuffs.

Dr. Z: I’m giving this is a warning. SCCS, you might just give out these warnings. When we say harsh things. That is when you have a business and you’re out selling, you are going to be rejected.

Clay: Oh, now somebody break that down. You from the root word me the listener, meaning that I’ll be rejected?

Dr. Z: Yes, it’s going to happen and you know what, it’s not the end of the world.

Clay: Here’s what I found. I’ve been doing some research. I’ve been researching farmers. I’ve discovered the farmers that don’t sow seeds, they don’t actually reap a harvest.

Dr. Z: But wait a second. You say that, but would I be upset that every seed that I put in doesn’t like give me this bountiful harvest? Sometimes I put the seed of care No. No, Not Bernie. Oh, no. No. [crosstalk]

Clay: O-oh, Bernie Sanders say sorry. Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders. Quick update here. It doesn’t matter whether we work hard or not. We should all make $15 an hour. Whether we do anything or not. Bernie Sanders, I’m out. Headed back to the other show. Headed back. See you guys. Boom. Boy, give me half of your money real quick because I chose not work very hard. Wait a minute, just half. No, seriously wrong. [crosstalk]

Dr. Z: Okay. Okay. I hear it. Do you take credit? Okay.

Clay: Free college, free health care. Boy. Watch them, Bob I’m going.


Dr. Z: I’m telling, where I’m listening? I thought this was the Home and Garden Show? [unintelligible 00:43:20] I want to play at my tulips.

Clay: This is the thing, though, so Danielle what encouragement would you have to someone listening right now? Maybe they’re a real estate agent. Maybe they’re a doctor. Maybe they’re a lawyer. Maybe they’re a business person and they are good at their craft, but their phone isn’t ringing. They want to do the dream 100, but they’re going, “I just don’t do well with rejection.” What advice could you give? Maybe say it nicer. I don’t know. Pretty brutal. How would say it? How would you describe it?

Danielle: I don’t know, Clay. Rejection is never easy. But if you go into it knowing that it’s bound to happen, set the expectation that it’s going to happen, maybe it’ll be a little bit easier when it takes place.

Clay: Now, Thrivers, I have– this is the thing that one–

Dr. Z: One thing I want to point out, though. One thing I want to point about rejection is and Danielle touch on a little bit right there. I don’t want to just prophesy rejection on every entrepreneur out there. That’s not what I’m doing. If you go into thinking, “Here’s your box of cookies. I know you don’t want to talk to me and I know you don’t like me and I know-

Clay: I didn’t wear any pants today because it doesn’t matter.

Dr. Z: -I was shaking last night and I can’t do it. Here is the box and I know you’re going to reject me so- [crosstalk]

Clay: It doesn’t matter.

Dr. Z: -Pre-rejection. Don’t hurt my feeling there. I reject you actually and I won’t take a bite out of everywhere of these cookies in here. No. You go at the positive attitude, but just understand that’s part of the game of entrepreneurship. That’s part of the game of starting your business. I know it’s going to sound crazy. Not everybody’s going to like your product. Even though that’s a great widget.

Clay: What?

Dr. Z: Not everybody is going to like your service

Clay: No.

Clay: Not everybody is going to like you.

Dr. Z: I like you.

Dr. Z: Thank you, Clay. I appreciate that.

Clay: Yes, so I want to make sure– do you have any rejection stage?

Dr. Z: You’re a fine American by the way.

Clay: I want to bring up this. This is the process of doing a dream 100. This actually feels emotional. You start off immediately with annoyance. Whoever you reach out to they’re annoyed because you showed up at their office unannounced.

Dr. Z: Oh, yes. There is that boom. Brought up about, boom. Annoyed.

Clay: Step two is curiosity. They’re like, “Why you came back twice? Do we need cookies? Is this Santa?” Santa is not real. I’m a 40 years old or something. The next one is like and trust. They go, “I like her or him, or maybe I don’t know. I’ll eat these cookies, though.” The next is they started to go, “Well frick, my current vendor is doing a terrible job. I’ll just use them.”

Dr. Z: Huh?

Clay: See, that’s what Warren Buffett discovered in the book called The Ultimate Sales Machine where his partner Charlie Munger and Chat Homes, they discuss that if everyone hears the commercial. They hear the commercial says, “Take 15 minutes to compare your car insurance.” They feel like three percent of the people listening basically are going to say, “It’s a good fit.”

Dr. Z: Okay. Yes. I’ve got 15 minutes.

Clay: 3% of people are going, “Hey. I’m ready to make a switch.” Three percent of people are going, “I was just looking for a realtor.” 3% of people are going, “I’m maybe open to it.” I want to ask you, Danielle. If someone is open to it, they’re looking for a realtor. They find their selves in a jam, they need a top-notch realtor. Where can they find out more about you and your team?

[background music]

Danielle: Well actually, we have a 90-day deal going on. If they contact us by February 1st, let’s say you have your house on the market, you’re looking for an agent. Give us a call and if we don’t sell your house in 90 days we will reduce our commission to two percent.

Clay: Boom.

[background music]

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Voice Over: Broadcasting from the center of the universe. Featuring, optometrist turned entrepreneur, Dr. Robert Zoellner and US SBA Entrepreneur of the year, Clay Clark. This is the Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio, 1170.

Clay: What is going on Tulsa? T-Town? Brides and grooms. What potential brides and grooms? Doctors Z, we have a lot of fun people listening right now. But Z, today is a very special day because this final hour of the show we have the lady who is the founder, the guru, the wizard behind the Tulsa Wedding Show. Miss Vicky Taylor on the show, Z.

Dr. Z: Oh my goodness. I’d tell you, “You’d probably wore her out back in the day.” You’d always work in that show with your DJ and then you’re-

Clay: Finally, know that rules.

Dr. Z: Oh yes. Setting up you’re probably not getting there you’re not supposed to, doing things you probably not supposed to.

Clay: She is saying stuff like, “Let’s make it a classy show for the brides and grooms. I want a place, a nice and calm environment where they can calmly choose which vendors and meet them” and I’m like, “We need eight guys in the hallway. Let’s go get them all.” [crosstalk]

Dr. Z: Blocking, and funneling [crosstalk]

Vicky: Yes. Actually, Please get out of the aisle. [crosstalk]

Clay: Please get out of the aisle.

Dr. Z: Funneling people into your booth. Clay, your booth is supposed to be in the bag back there. Remember, you like to run up here in the middle of the thing. [crosstalk]

Clay: Why are you doing the mood? From here at the hallway booth.

Dr. Z: Yes.

Clay: Now, Vic I want to ask you this. To the listeners out there, first off. Where did you get the idea? When did you get the idea to start When did you get that idea?

Vicky: Well, I really have to credit my husband. We had a franchise at that time. It was a publication. A wedding publication and it didn’t go well [laughs]

Clay: It didn’t go so well.

Vicky: It didn’t go so well. However, while we were talking to wedding people, wedding professionals, we really saw a need for the Tulsa Wedding Show. There was a show in town at that time, but they were hooked up with TV stations and it was pretty expensive, and you had to buy TV advertising. We thought, “You know what? We do it different.”

Clay: There’s a lot of bride listening right now. There’s a lot of mothers of the bride listening who’ve never been to the Tulsa Wedding Show. Can you describe what’s that show all about?

Vicky: Well, it’s super fun. Our motto is, plan your day in a day because-

Clay: Plan your day in a day.

Vicki: At the Tulsa Wedding show.

Clay: There it is.

Vicki: Yes, we asked girls at the show if they can sing the jingle and then we give them prizes, it’s fun, but anyhow, that’s really what you do. there’s everybody, DJs of course, there’s photographers, caterers, cake places, every–

Clay: Optometrists?

Vicki: No, no. We don’t have that.

Dr. Z: Optometrists?

Vicki: [laughs]

Clay: I know. No, no optometrists.

Vicki: Not yet but–

Clay: What does it cost and when is it? What does it cost sister?

Vicki: To get in?

Clay: Yes.

Vicki: It’s $12 if you buy your ticket online, so you just go to, very easy, and buy your ticket. If you get it at the door, it’s $15.

Clay: When does it start? What day is it?

Vicki: It’s this very Saturday.

Clay: What? Tomorrow?

Vicki: The 7th.

Clay: Tomorrow?

Vicki: Yes.

Clay: You mean I have to write this down? I got to write this down, so tomorrow morning–

Vicki: [laughs] You can remember.

Clay: Tomorrow morning, what time is it again tomorrow morning?

Vicki: Well, the VIB portion of the show, Very Important Bride preview event is from 10:00 to 12:00.

Clay: Can Z and I go?

Vicki: You have to have a ticket.

Clay: Okay. Right.

Vicki: No, you can just come on down.

Clay: We’re talking today about the Dream 100 and its concept of how to market to your ideal and likely buyers in a consistent way. With the wedding show, you probably market your show to- I’m going to guess, wedding vendors of some kind?

Vicki: Professionals, yes.

Clay: How do you decide over your– who is your ideal unlikely buyer and who is not? You have a reputation as having one of the best show in Oklahoma, but how do you decide which kind of vendor is the right fit and which one is the wrong–? What categories? How do you know who is your ideal unlikely buyer who you want in the show?

Vicki: I do that people. I don’t put my contract online because I don’t want anybody just filling it up and sending it in because I won’t necessarily offer them a booth [chuckles]. I just like to talk to people first.

Clay: Z and I have been working on this scheme. We’ve only talked about it verbally but I can just see in his eyes that he wants to be [crosstalk]– It’s a high pressure-high-interest mattress company. Can we get a booth?

Dr.Z: No.

Clay: We’re a start-up.

Dr. Z: Wait a second. Every bride– I don’t want to be technical Vicky but they do need to sleep at some point. I know it’s all wedding and wedding planning but they will go to sleep sometime, so when you say high pressure, well, not only high pressure but we’re all going to lead the booth until they buy one. Yes, I don’t know but that’s–

Vicki: [laughs] that is not high pressure.

Dr. Z: It’s not a high pressure. It’s not a high pressure.

Clay: We have seven sign flippers in front of our booth. They’re all flipping at one time.

Vicki: See, this is why I like to talk to people first.


Clay: What kind of vendors would you have? Who do we find there at the show?

I really do like to have core services. Honestly, that’s about all I have room for. I think that the brides when they come, they can go to other shows for mattresses and for home goods and that kind of thing in general. I really like to stick to the core, mostly the core services for weddings [crosstalk]-

Clay: Catering?

Vicki: -so when they come it’s super fun. Yes, there’s catering, catering samples. When we surveyed the brides, they say the number one thing they’d come to do is sample cakes.

Dr. Z: Oh Wow. Well, that’s just another reason for us to show up tomorrow morning.

Clay: That’s right we’re going. We’re going to bring some Oklahoma Joe’s baked beans, [crosstalk] barbecue–

Dr. Z: We’re going to just eat cake all day. Let them eat cake.

Vicki: Let them eat cake.

Clay: We heard that if we’ve paid $12 online, we can get unlimited cake, so that’s why we’re here.

Vicki: [laughs]

Dr. Z: I pay more than $12 for a cake and so I’m falling for that.

Clay: That’s true, now, okay, let me break this down If you’re listening right now and you’re going, “What is this show about?” We’re talking today though about how to build a Dream 100 which is how do you market to your hundred ideal and likely buyers. Z, we’re talking a little bit about your auto auction, how you’ve executed this system. I want to switch to a different industry because you’re involved in a lot of different industries. We’re focused right now, A to Z Medical. First of, what is that business?

Dr.Z: Well, it’s a DME company. DME means Durable Medical Equipment company.

Clay: Let me write that down- Durable Medical Equipment.

Dr. Z: I like the band we’re doing together, like DMC or DMZ or something. It’s something DMZ.

Clay: It’s complicated. It’s run [crosstalk] DRZ.

Dr.Z: apparently you just run. It could be a silent R. [crosstalk]

Clay: Run DRZ. [crosstalk]

Dr. Z: It could be UN. I don’t know- [crosstalk]

Clay: Run DRZZ.

Dr. Z: -it could be. Apparently, you just move your legs and just go some place.

Clay: Okay, back to you.

Dr. Z: Yes, exactly. A to Z is– what we primarily do there is CPAP machine. CPAP is that machine you get if you have sleep apnea and you’re unable to sleep or you snore, you toss and turn, you wake up, you feel like you need to go back to bed.


Dr. Z: [chuckles]

Clay: I can’t sleep, I want to eat ice cream. I just want to find some ice cream. Where’s the ice cream?

Dr. Z: We’ll charge you cake with that ice cream.

Clay: I just want to buy some ice cream. [crosstalk]

Dr. Z: Where can I get cake with that ice cream?

Clay: The Tulsa Wedding Show.

Dr. Z: Boom, $12 online, you can go eat all the cake that you want. You’ve tasted this cake now 37 times, Sir, I think you either know you like it or you don’t.

Clay: I don’t know where the sleep center is. I just stayed up all night, I registered online, I’m here to eat the cake.


Dr. Z: Apparently there are a lot of cake here. It’s called different because it’s business to business selling. it’s a little bit different game in the sense that, we have patients that come to our sleep center which is a diagnostic sleep center. Dr. Zzzzs with multiple Zs. It’s cute, you get it? Dr. Zzzz Sleep Center? get Clay? get it?

Clay: Is this a high Q? Is this a rhyming scheme that the oriental people came up with?

Dr. Z: No, it’s French way.

Clay: Oh my bad, I’m sorry.

Dr. Z: Anyway, it’s a cake way. Yes, over there at the pantry.

Clay: You market from business to business?

Dr. Z: Right, business to business. Remember, to come into the Sleep center, the Dr.Z sleep center, you have to have a referral from a physician, so you can’t just be someone walking up screaming ” I’m not sleeping very well.” You got to have the referral, insurance, and so there’s a process there. We brought to Tulsa a new thing. A sleep center. Back in the day, we brought in a new concept.

Voice Over: You’re listening to The Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio 1170.

Dr. Z: That concept was to get a pharmaceutical rep, a dude that goes around trying to encourage doctors to write a particular drug?

Clay: Yes, I’m here to get some salad samples.

Dr. Z: Tell him that you might go to the Wedding Show and you get prescribed cake. Same kind of thing.

Clay: Yes, same kind of thing, yes.

Dr. Z: We actually had some guys and gals and we taught them how to go door to door, doctor to doctor and educate them about sleep, because, think about it, there’s a study that came out at Berkeley, that’s a College west of here in California.

Clay: Is that near Oklahoma State?

Dr. Z: No, it’s further west. The study came out years ago. You could google this and see. Half the people that were on antidepressants were weary because they weren’t sleeping. Sleep is a real undiagnosed problem out there because if you’re not resting well, your body’s not rejuvenating, you’re not healing. Sleep is so important so we need to talk about, “Hey, I have a freaking problem, I get 30 minutes of sleep and I’m ready to go.”

Clay: 30 minutes of sleep, man.

Dr. Z: That’s not sustainable, it really isn’t.

Clay: The way that it is Thrivers, no matter what business you’re in, Thomas Edison has this encouragement for you, he says, “Vision without execution is hallucination.” Eventually, we know and Vicky has this idea to start the Wedding Show. She eventually had to go out there and talk to other vendors and introduce them in a tactful way to the show. Someone asked you when you first went out there and presented people– because you were at the DoubleTree Warren, right?

Vicki: Yes, for about nine years.

Clay: When you presented vendors with the idea and you said, “Hey, vendor, my name’s Vicki Taylor”, they’d go, “Vicki who?”, “Vicki Taylor.” Talk to me, how did you go about that? What was your step one? How did you get started there?

Vicki: Honestly, we did the pick and choose method. We found a list of– probably the yellow pages — and decided who we wanted to talk to.

Clay: You dialed and smiled?

Vicki: Just cold call.

Clay: When you cold call, did you ever get hung up on?

Vicki: I don’t think I exactly got hung up on but I was very quickly dismissed a lot. [laughs]

Clay: You know the only reason why they hung up on you? you’re so classy, that’s the problem. A lot of people that are listening right now we’re going– for me, I’m going, ” I’ve got to work on my classiness to keep up with this woman.”

Vicki: [chuckles] Oh boy.

Clay: You would cold-call and you will do it in an artful way. What kind of things would you say though just to get through the gatekeeper? Getting through the gatekeeper- what would you do there? Would you just, boop boop boop boop, “Hey, who’s in charge of your marketing?” What would you ask?

Vicki: Well, sometimes, it depends. I would try and find out who that was before that I called. You can’t always do that of course. You can’t always get through the gatekeepers but I would try and talk to them about the pluses of being in the show really. How do you beat being able to talk to people face to face? How do you beat that? You can sample your goods. You can build a rapport in the wedding business. Building a personal rapport is huge-

Clay: Huge, huge.

Vicki: -because the buyers, they’re all like, “This is their special day, they want it to be perfect and all we want to know that the vendors get them.”

Clay: If you’re listening right now and you say, “For your job, for your business” and you struggle to get through the gatekeeper, meaning the person who answers the phone won’t let you on the phone with the decision maker. Don’t feel like you’re a loser here. I’m just telling you, about 95% of the business owners I’ve met over the years, struggled to get through the gatekeeper. Now, Z, you and I, good news because we have a two-day workshop coming up on January 20th and January 2ist where we teach Sales 101. I’m going to tell you this, it’s not a born gift, it’s a trained skill that anybody can learn. Z, once somebody learns how to sell well, it get’s fun once you know you can sell any product that you have.

Dr. Z: You start adding zeros and commas too. I tell you, once you figure that out then the keys to the kingdom are given to you. The thing about it is, the 15-hour workshop that we have come up, in-person workshop, yes,

physically. Can I actually see you? Yes. Can I come up and touch your face? Well, that might be a little weird but I’ll shake your hand.

Clay: It’s always weird when that happens.

Dr. Z: It’s always weird. It’s January 20th and 21st. You maybe sitting there. You’re driving. You’re going, “Oh my gosh, I don’t have everything write down. What’s going on? I’ve got to go somewhere and get the details of this.” Well, take it easy. You don’t have to pull over a truck stop and write this down. You can remember this. I know you can.

Clay: All right, man. You’re telling me this. I’ll remember this. I’ll remember what you are saying right now.

Dr. Z: It’s the same place where you go. It’s in the back episode of our show. That’s

Clay: We’ll repeat it now. It’s

Dr. Z: That’s right. You can get on there. It gives all the details about it. The cost of it. We have scholarships because we have some wealthy business people here in the city of Tulsa that understand and encourage entrepreneurship, just like Clay and I do.

Clay: Yes, and I tell you this. True story. I just spoke to a gentleman this morning who lives in one of the coasts. He’s a thriver. He said, “I want you guys to know that I finally feel like I have a plan for my business. I’ve been alone on entrepreneurship island. I manage my team and it’s me and my team and I talk to my wife, but that’s about it because I’m busy. I feel like with you guys I know what I am doing now specifically step by step. That’s what we’re all about.

It’s teaching you specific step by step. Steps you can take to grow your business. That’s why we have teamed up with some wealthy investors and we have a scholarship program. Go to and you can literally afford it regardless of how much money you have or don’t have. Now Thrivers, you want to come back here because up next, we’re going to learn more about this

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Voice Over: You’re listening to The Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio 1170.

Clay: All right, Thrive nation welcome back into the conversation. Business school without the BS. Yes, my name is Clay Clark, I’m the former SBA Entrepreneur Of The Year sent here to help you learn how to start and grow a successful business. To do that, I brought in a guy who knows a little bit about owning an auto auction, a little about investing in a bank, a little about being in the whole optometry game, a little about owning a horse ranch, a little about owning a sleep center, just a little bit being a dad, he is Dr. Robert Zoellner. Tulsa’s optometrist. Sir, how are you?

Dr. Z: I am fantastic. I tell you what, Clay, I am so glad all those years ago, you creeped me. You creeped on me. You were just a creepy, young man. You had a lovely wife which always shocked us how you got that gathered up but obviously one of your success stories in life.

Clay: Well, you obviously know from a medical perspective, she can’t see. You’re an optometrist. [crosstalk] That’s part of the deal.

Dr. Z: Yes, that is step one but the fact that you were persistent as you were. On our previous show, we talked about making your top 10 list of people that you want to enhance, that you want to go spend some time with, i.e. lunch with, i.e. get to know them, have them mentor you to some degree. You were persistent. You hung in there. We did lunch that one time and since it’s been a great ride even though sometimes you were a tad bit crazy.

Clay: You know what I want to do. I’m going to dedicate a song to you right know. This is a TLC song, oldie but a goodie because we have Vicki Taylor on the show. She’s the founder of the Tulsa Wedding Show. You know weddings would happen. This is what happens on weddings. People are out there, Vicki, there’s the mother of the bride.The bride’s out there. They plan this wedding. The DJ can make or break this event.

Vicki: That’s true.

Clay: The entertainment can do it. What happens is, he realizes he’s got to go old school because old school’s always where you find that common denominator.

Dr. Z: Oh yes.

Clay: People of the 90s, they don’t necessarily know that they played this song in a lot in weddings but if you’re going to go to that 90s theme here, Z, this is a creep here. Just a little bit of a sample here for you. Let me get this cranked up here. Let me see if I can get this– You’re a Creep by TLC, Z?

Dr. Z: Oh yes.

Clay: I think this was back, in the big 90s here, Z, TLC Creep?

Dr. Z: Yes.

Clay: This is the song I was listening to in my headphones in my earbuds. I was sitting there waiting on you, trying to creep on you on your office.

Dr. Z: Well, apparently, because you were listening to something. I was like, “Who’s that dude, he’s here every day. I think he’s with Vanessa. No, he can’t be with Vanessa. No, Vanessa’s a sweet wholesome Southern cowgirl who was a cheerleader-

Clay: Double hoop earrings on.

Dr. Z: –she can’t be with that baggy dressing, Eminem want-to-be dude.”

Clay: I didn’t smile very much at the time either so it didn’t help my charms at all.

Dr. Z: You want to step on your shoes.

Clay: Step on my shoes, we have problems.

Dr. Z: You got to fight.

Clay: Now, Thrivers, we are talking about how to make this Dream 100. What’s a Dream 100? A Dream 100 is a way to affordably and systemically market to your ideal and likely buyers. This system was developed, it’s written about in the book called The Ultimate Sales Machine by Chet Holmes. Who’s Chet Holmes? Chet Holmes is the business partner of Charlie Munger. Who’s Charlie Munger? He’s worth 1.3 billion according to Forbes. That’s Warren Buffet’s partner. It’s like a guy twice removed Warren Buffett. This is the system they used. What they found is if you make a list of a hundred ideal and likely buyers and you market to them, whether be it radio or TV or however you do it, about 3% of them will go, “I’m in.” Right now, Ms. Vicki, what kind of person listening to the show right now should get out to your wedding show tomorrow morning? What kind of listener right now really needs to find their way, they need to navigate to your show?

Vicki: Mothers of the bride, obviously the bride, even some grooms can come, bridesmaids.

Clay: Having worked at many wedding shows, usually there’s the mother of the bride, there’s the bride, bridesmaids and there’s that dude. Go ask him ‘What day are you guys getting married’?”, the bride will go, “It’s the June 7th.” , and if you ever ask him first, he’ll say, “Ahh babe, what day are we getting married again, babe? I heard the cake is pretty good over here.” He’s just eating cake.


Clay: Why should the brides and the mothers of the brides and the bridesmaids, why do they need to get out here to the wedding show? What are they missing if they don’t get out to it?

Vicki: First of all, it’s an event. It’s a really fun event for them to do together, to kick-off their wedding planning. Beyond that, you can save a lot of time and money.

Clay: How do you save time at a wedding show? It seems like a time-consuming event. You got to go to a show.

Dr. Z: You got to eat cake.

Clay: It takes some five minutes to eat some cake. How do you save time? [crosstalk]

Vicki: [laughs] You save time because you don’t have to call all of the bakeries. You don’t have to call all the photographers. You can go online before the show, scope out everybody who’s going to be there and even decide who you want to see when you’re at the show. There’s a good array of photographers. All different price points, bakers, everybody you need to see and then some people that you didn’t even know you needed or wanted. You don’t have to drive all over town. You can see them all. You can taste the cakes in one day. You can book the venues, the photographers. Some of them, those popular days book up– [crosstalk]

Clay: You’re saying I can plan my day in a daisy?

Dr. Z: That’s just crazy. Who wants to save time or money?

Voice Over: You’re listening to The Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio 1170.

Clay: How can I save money on a wedding show?

Vicki: I hear that some of those DJs will give you some show discounts.

Clay: Why don’t I think about this? It’s of awkward.

Vicki: [laughs] Really everybody. Almost all of the exhibitors have an offer. Discounts, if you book within two weeks they have value added things so you really can save a lot of money. Plus, there’s all kinds of fun prizes.

Dr. Z: Vicki, isn’t that stressful? Okay, I’m going to be a potential groom, I’ve no idea what day I’m getting married, I just want to go and eat cake. I’m there, I’m walking down the isle and I get some cake and I eat it. I walk over the next booth and get some more cake. Pretty sure, I’ve eaten cake all over the room. [crosstalk]

Dr. Z: They’re all watching me because they know I’m a groom and I’m eating cake. In the show, I walk up to the winning booth and I obviously talked to them and all the other bakeries are going, “Oh, Billy. Oh, man, he’s over there and he bought that cake, but I guess it’s big enough and it’s not like Aquaville, is it?.” When you were in the DJ company, Clay, you knew that they were going around the other DJ people, right?

Clay: Yes. My whole deal was I just want to make it a no-brainer offer. I tell you this. What’s fascinating about the show– we are going to talk about this when we come back–is when you’re at the show, you want to get in front of the brides and grooms, and you want to find out if you’re a

potentially- a right fit. If they want to ask you what kind of service you offer, what value you do, what benefits, what features, and what makes it unique. You go, “You know what? I’m not saying we’re for sure a fit but we could be a fit.”

Dr. Z: You would just stop it.

Clay: That’s what you do.

Dr. Z: Do you worry I’m fit with all of them and you know it. Stop it.

Clay: I believed we were. Here’s the deal, the brides are going to maybe meet with three DJs or two DJs, or two internet photographers–

Dr. Z: Yes. I’m saying, you’re watching over their meeting with that dude. You’d read his lips going, “Okay. What did he just say?”

Clay: No. It was going down. The thing was, it was all about the follow-up. If you’re a vendor at the show, the brides, they meet so many people. They might keep your business card. But as a vendor, the winner– financially of these shows is the person who follows up in a tactful way and lets the brides know, “Hey. We want to work with you. We have some specials. When’s a good time to meet?” You got to do it. Z, you got to follow up.

Vicki: Absolutely.

Dr. Z: Vicki, is it too late for us to get a booth? Because I just want to do a booth and just see how many people we can close on a wedding thing. I don’t even know what we want to sell Clay. Let’s just go and start a booth–

Clay: What if we sell happiness?


Clay: “You guys want to be married forever? Okay, great. What day? Awesome. We sell happiness.”

Vicki: If we could sell that, it’d be great, wouldn’t it?

Dr. Z: “We bottle it. Here try some. Look at you smiling already.”

Clay: “It’s unbelievable.” Thrivers, when we come back we’re going to talk about the pursuit of happiness. Specifically, how to execute your Dream 100 so you can make copious amounts of cash. Stay tuned.


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Voice Over: Live. Local. Now. You’re listening to the Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio 1170.

Clay: All right. Thrive nation, welcome back into the conversation with the business coach. We’re talking about how to grow your compensation by learning how to elevate, how to improve your marketing skills. Specifically, the Dream 100. We’re joined here today with Dr. Robert Zoellner and Ms. Vicki Taylor, the founder of The Tulsa Wedding Show. We were talking just before the break about going to the wedding show and the art of the follow-up. Because you meet these brides and grooms at the wedding show and you’ve got to follow-up with them if you want to sell something. I want to tell you a funny story about this. Do you want to hear the story?

Dr. Z: I do want to hear a funny story.

Clay: I don’t know Vicki if you want to hear the story but this is the story that I will share.


Clay: I don’t know.

Vicki: I might not want to hear it.

Dr. Z: She’s got on headphones. She’s going to have to hear it.

Clay: First off, every bride at the show they walk up to the booth and we’d say, “What day are you looking at?” Question number one though is, “Are you looking for a DJ?” If they said yes, then we’d say, “Step into my mobile office.” Because you can’t talk int the hallway, right? Because Vicki wants to keep the hallways clear. We always have that ongoing battle there. We bring them into the booth and then I would say, “Okay. What day are you looking at?” We had five questions. I told the guys, “Ask five questions. If it’s not a fit, move on.”

Five questions are planted. If you’re looking for a DJ, yes or no? What day are you looking at? What venue are going to be at? How many guests? Tell us what you’re looking for out of a DJ. If they said, “Well, we’re looking for something somber, something introspective.” We’re like, “Not a good fit.” Pass from a brochure. Seriously, we try to bring them in there and their whole goal was to set an appointment. We’d say, “Hey, let me show you the five things that does that no other entertainer does.”

For disclosure, I’m not in any way connected to the company anymore. I don’t make any money from it but I’m happy that it’s doing well and succeeding since I sold it. This is what I would say, “There’s five things we do that no other DJ does. One, we do unlimited time which means if you want to start your wedding at noon and stay till midnight, it’s fine. It’s unlimited time. We’ll be there all night. Two, any music you want we’ll get it, except for Micheal Bolton for your safety.” My understanding is they’ve updated that joke. It’s other artists now because Michael Bolton’s no longer super relevant.

Third, you have unlimited– It’s basically professional sound and lights. You get to have the JBL quality audio lights that move to the beat of the music. Four, we work as your emcee and your host to lead the way from the beginning to the end so everyone has a great time, and fifth, we guarantee your satisfaction. What does that mean? If you’re not happy at the end of the night, we will refund you.” They’re like, “What?” Every time, I say, “Here’s the deal. Are you talking to another DJ?” This is the part that frustrates her probably. They would say, “Well, yes.” I go, “Whatever they offered to pay, I’ll do for half.” I do that all the time.

Dr. Z: All the time?

Clay: All the time.

Vicki: It frustrated the other DJs.

Clay: Yes. Then they would go, “Half?” I’m like, “Yes, and then if we do half of the half, it’s fine.” Because I know that I’ll wow you and then you’ll tell your friends and then we’ll be big.

Dr. Z: We’ll be huge.

Clay: I did that for probably the first four years I was in your show. I built such a big word of mouth business. Then we quit doing those hostile marketing moves. It worked. I didn’t make any money for many of the weddings. About a third of the weddings, we didn’t make any money. The thing was, we sowed the seeds. We got the word of mouth and we knew that all of our ideal and likely buyers. Check it out. There’s like 4,000 women in Tulsa who are getting a marriage license every year. Many of them, at least a quarter of them are at this show.

Vicki: Right.

Clay: I’m going, “This could not be a better audience. This is the best investment of my dollars.” Many of my friends and family members would tell me, “Hey, Clay, I’ll see you at the wedding show.” They knew I’m a DJ. They wanted to book me. They say, “I’ll just see you at the show.” People mark their calendar because they know that tomorrow’s going to be your show, right? Tomorrow morning?

Vicki: Right. Tomorrow morning.

Clay: Where is it located?

Vicki: Renaissance Hotel.

Clay: Renaissance Hotel. What time?

Dr. Z: What’s the time?

Vicki: The VIB portion’s from 10:00 to 12:00. You have to have a special ticket for that because we’re only selling a limited number, and then from 12:00 to 4:00 it’s general admission.

Clay: There’s going to be 125 vendors there?

Vicki: About 115, about 125 booths.

Clay: Cakes, caterers, DJs, photography. Any optometrist?

Vicki: I’m sorry. No optometrists.

Clay: Why will you not sell them a booth?

Dr. Z: How many bakers are going to have there? Because I want to see if it’s worth like $12 to buy it early. Because I want to go eat some cake.

Vicki: There’s lots of cakes and catering.

Dr. Z: Yes. I told you, business coach, Clay. Let’s go tomorrow. Let’s see how big of a sugar rush we can go.

Clay: Is Oklahoma Joe’s going to be there? Will he be there? Do you know if we’ll see there Oklahoma Joe’s?

Vicki: No.

Clay: We only eat at Oklahoma Joe’s. They’re one of our proud sponsors and we were only–

Dr. Z: When were down there, you can go buy and have cake– a little dessert.

Vicki: I’ll call them.

Clay: Our New Year’s resolution, we’re only eating Oklahoma Joe’s every meal, Z. That’s the thing.

Dr. Z: Those baked beans of theirs, I can live on those baked beans.

Voice Over: You’re listening to the Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio 1170.

Clay: We’re talking about the Dream 100 though. Let’s say I did come to the show. I’m a vendor. I bought a booth. I’m in front of all of these brides and grooms. Why is it so critical to follow-up? Why is it so rare that vendors follow-up?

Vicki: It definitely is rare. I can tell you that sadly. Because they do get that contact list of all the brides – their names, addresses, telephone numbers, wedding dates, e-mail address. They can follow-up in several different ways and they should follow-up. They usually don’t. A lot of the reason, I think and from talking to them over the past 23 years, is that they feel pressed. They feel like they don’t have the personnel. I think they also don’t know what to do.

Clay: Dr. Z, in your company Dr. Robert Zoellner and Associates and the bank you got involved in with, Regent Bank, and then the Auto Auction, all the different businesses. Talk to me if you bought a booth at the wedding show.

Dr. Z: You know what? I know it’s too late. Vicki on the brakes said, “Can Clay and I get a booth? Can we come-

Clay: She said no.

Dr. Z: -be at the fashion show? Can we do something?” She just shot us down like boom.

Clay: Do you ever feel like you’re being blackballed?

Dr. Z: Yes.

Clay: Do ever feel like you’re going, “Just because we don’t have a wedding business, it means we can’t be in the wedding show.” Do you ever feel like that? You’re like, “What?”

Dr. Z: Brides need so many things and grooms need so many things. I don’t get– Anyway, I think that could be a goal for next year. Let’s shoot to get a goal on a booth. Let’s sell and you package it up well. We’ll sell happiness and we’ll sell-

Clay: Wedding accouterments.

Dr. Z: -maybe butterflies or something. I don’t know.

Clay: Decor. We’ll sell decor. We’ll call it Decor and Ambiance.

Dr. Z: We’ll release animals at your wedding.

Vicki: [laugh]

Clay: We’ll release animals. A ferocious badger.

Vicki: There’s something for everybody.

Dr. Z: Think about it. There’s the low-cost just like a sparrow. It can be like a beginner package.

Clay: “Do you want a dove or a sparrow?” “What’s the difference in cost?”

Vicki: Then, we can move it up. Pretty soon we’re releasing wild elephants at your wedding. Pachyderms.

Clay: I want to ask you, though. If you went to a show, seriously.

Dr. Z: Okay. I got it.

Clay: If you’re in the photography company and your guys went to the show. You paid to have a booth. To put up the big screens, to have all the print pieces, to have a team stand there in the booth – four or five guys, four or five ladies.

Dr. Z: Okay. I’m with you.

Clay: How intense would you be with your team about following up?

Dr. Z: If they did not, I’d fire them. I would make sure that we got all–

Clay: Are you being serious?

Dr. Z: Yes. Because that’s what it’s all about. You got to generate those leads into prospects, prospects into clients, and clients into money. Listen. Clay, I’m going to tell you something I know this is crazy. I know this is capitalism and I know people are going to have an issue with this but listen. If you don’t want to make money, then don’t start a business.

Clay: Quick time out here. Bernie Sanders checking in the show. Bernie Sanders time out. I feel like everybody should make 15 bucks an hour just for being in the booth. I’m going to head back to Limbaugh Show. See you. Bye.

Dr. Z: [Laughs] Most people out there listening, 57% according to Forbes, we throw that name around a lot because it’s a real deal. Google it and you can verify that.

Clay: On the internet?

Dr. Z: [Laughs] Thank you, Al Gore. Listen if you are wanting to start a business, there’s two things you are wanting. You know what those two things are?

Clay: I’m going to say time freedom and financial freedom?

Dr. Z: You looked at my notes, I hate it when he sneaks around my notes during the break.

Clay: I hate it when I sneak too but I like it.

Dr. Z: Yes, exactly. Those are the two things you want. If you are taking the effort and you are a wedding business-esque business and you get your booth at Vicki Taylor’s Tulsa Wedding and you got your high-end tight, you got all your stuff and your brochures, you got your logo and you got your people and you got your beautiful people in the booth selling your stuff and you don’t follow up on the hot sauce leads that you get-

Clay: What’s wrong?

Dr. Z: You know what? I’m going to personally show up and go Pshu! Pshu!

Clay: You know what’s going to happen? You are going to end up living in a van down by the river here, the headquarters [laughs] you are going to be-

Dr. Z: We need to get a van down there. Just when people come to the in-person workshops bootcamp January 20 and 21 by the way, and the week of that we showed them up to the river and said listen, “if you don’t follow the 13 steps we give you”-

Clay: That’s the thing that’s probably–

Dr. Z: That’s what we need to do.

Clay: We need to get it.

Dr. Z: If you don’t do what you learn these two days, in this 15-hour hands-on workshop, guess what, that’s where you are going to be living.

Clay: [Laughs] down by that river. Now, thrivers, stay tuned, we come back, we’re going to be talking more about the Tulsa Wedding Show and the Dream 100.

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Clay: All right, Thrive nation, green country and Oklahomies. Welcome back and in fact, you are listening to the Thrive Time Show, your audio dojo of mojo. Your place to escape the daily ebb and flow and to learn more about how to grow your business, how to start a business, how to become successful. Why are we qualified to teach it? I’d made a lot of mistakes but en-route I was honored to receive the small business administration entrepreneur of the year award and I have become a business coach but before that my wife was what we call a prepper? Is that right an eye-tester?

Dr. Z: A pre-tester.

Clay: A pre-tester. My wife was a pre-tester at Dr. Robert Zoellner and Associates. Obviously, many people know his optometry clinic located right there by Woodland Hills Mall. My wife’s working there and one day it occurs to me, this is what occurs to me. I remember it hit me like a– I’m walking in to pick up my wife in my Mazda MPV, it only had 290,000 miles on, it was beautiful.

Dr. Z: He was breaking it in.

Clay: I was just breaking it in. I remember pulling in and smoke up, coming out the back and things really working and I’m in the lobby and I’m thinking “this is a big optometry clinic”

Dr. Z: It is big.

Clay: This is like the Taj Mahal of– I remember looking around going this [cross talk] bigger than the average optometry clinic.”

Dr. Z: Something’s going on.

Clay: Because I was dumb, that’s where it stopped. I come back the next time and I’m starting to get a little smarter and I’m going, I was reading this book, Think and Grow Rich, I was reading it and he says that success begins with curiosity. Instead of looking at people who are successful and being mad that them and feeling like they owe you something, you should look at them and go “how did they do it?” I’m going “how do you do it?” I start taking notes because I’m there a lot like 3 or 4 days, 5 days I’m picking my wife there every day. I start noticing every time someone’s greeted, the phone is answered the same way every time. Every time someone’s greeted at the front desk it happens the same way.

Dr. Z: You were there so much we nearly called security a few times.

Clay: It was getting a little weird. I noticed that you had put these flags up so what happened is when the patient was ready to be seen by the doctor, what was going on with the flag? What’s the flag thing?

Dr. Z: It was a way that the doctor could walk down the hallway, we can walk in the hallway and know exactly who is next, what needed to be done in each room and it was a system of communication because when you are busy you have to have those systems of communications amongst your staff because here’s the thing that made ours a little different. You are going to home town optometry and the doctor greets you and the doctor checks you in and the doctor pre-tests you and the doctor fits you in glasses and the doctor holds your hand and you share pictures of your grandchildren and the doctor calls you and lets you know that the glasses came in, a couple three weeks later from the lab and you can come pick them up now. But in ours, we are like the Ford motor company if that’s the thing. We’ve got one person doing the widget, one doing the thing, another one doing the. They are doing that all day long so you are seeing ten different people as you are going through the system. They’ve got to have a way to communicate effectively and efficiently and that was one of our little flag systems on the doorway.

Clay: Here is the tie in here, on the show day.

Dr. Z: But funny you should mention that. That’s so funny how people come into a business and they see one little thing like that that stands out to them and they are going “yes, it was no big deal. It’s–

Clay: This is true. I’m not bitter. This is just a truthful story about our guest that we have on the show okay?

Dr. Z: Yes, Miss Vicki Taylor.

Clay: Vicki Taylor the founder of The Tulsa Wedding By the way how are you doing? You doing good?

Vicki: I’m doing great thank you.

Clay: Here’s the deal, I was wanting to get in your show and I couldn’t because you only have a max number of vendors per category and I’m going “I’m going to get in that show.” Finally, what happens is we end up starting a show in the summer, the summer show with Laurie Montague. Couldn’t get in so I’m like “if I don’t get in I’m going to start my own show.” I start my own show, if I have the attendance of her show maybe, I could have my own show. I started getting a little momentum and then finally I was able to get into her show but here’s what happened. If I were to meet with the bride and groom it used to take me an hour. To meet with the bride and the groom to help them plan their wedding and to book the wedding.

I looked at my wife and I said “hey, I can only book 40 a week under this system” she was looking at me and I said “the brides usually don’t ever want to meet until about afternoon, usually four or five” and I go from four to eight, four to nine maybe. That’s five a day and then we’re going to do six days that’s like 30 and if I’d open it up all day on Saturday like 10:00 to 10:00, 10:00 to 9:00, I could probably get 40 max. I’m going to cut down that to a half– I wonder how that flag thing works? I didn’t have an office. We’re at Panera bread and Fareed Hussein the guy who worked there making all the bread, he is the manager, he now sells mortgages. He ruined my cover.

Here’s the deal, Josh Atkinson. Josh if you’re listening right now– if you know Josh Atkinson, send him a text message or if you know Josh Smith, send him a text message, if you know Joel Reyes, send him a text message. What happened is we would show up at Panera bread in suits at 3:00 in the afternoon and I’m not kidding I would have greet somebody “Hi are you Sam are you Kareena? Welcome back. Do you guys want coffee?” I would greet them at Panera, I grab a seat then the guy comes behind me, behind the other booth he comes up “Hey, are you Michelle and Thomas?” and then he meets and the three of us rotate all day Panera.

Dr. Z: All day long.

Clay: We were like we’re a good email Emory like a direct selling guy. We are in a suit, we are at Panera Bread, we have an opportunity. We were there and so we go to the point for free, would hop on the mic and go “Ladies and gentlemen, Clay Clark booked another one. Boom.” I’ve literally amused the bride, I’m trying to humble “Thank you so much, guys, I’m excited” he like “Oh, another one”

Dr. Z: Another one bites the dust. Boom.

Clay: Shelly walks up, Shelly is his boss. Shelly goes, “Sir, you have been here every day for months.” Well, actually it’s about two years. You are just new to this location.


Clay: 71st and Louis, I’m not kidding, and she goes “You cannot meet brides here, this is not an office, this is more like a place to gather for dinner and food”, and then I go, “But other people can meet here, what’s the move,” and she goes “You have to book a room.”, so I booked the room, the side room and one of us will meet people there and the other one would use the booth. But that was the move.

Dr. Z: That was the move.

Clay: But I stole my idea, the flag system, from your damn flag. When you booked the wedding, you put your hand up. As soon as I would greet the bride at the front, because we had two brides at the same time. I’d put my hand up and they’re going to be able to come around otherwise it’s creepy if there’s three sales reps greeting you at Panera bread who don’t work in Panera bread.

Dr. Z: Absolutely. I’ll tell you what folks, if you are out there thinking about starting a business, you don’t have to come up with all these new original ideas.

Clay: “I want to invent the wheel. I want to do it. I want to be the one–“

Dr. Z: I’m going to give you a little hot sauce. I’m going to shortcut you like shortbread, like shortcake. There’s cake tomorrow.

Vicki: Cake, cake.

Dr. Z: Cake, everything’s cake. I want to give you a little shortcut and that is the wheel’s already invented.

Clay: What?

Dr. Z: Yes. When you come to our two-day workshop, you know what we’re going to do, we’re not only going to show you the wheel.

Clay: Yes, show the wheel.

Dr. Z: We’re not only going to show you the wheel, we’re not only going to teach you what to do with the wheel.

-We’re going to teach you how to make a wheel.

Clay: How to make a wheel?

Dr. Z: Make a wheel? Is that a thing? Is that possible?

Clay: Anyway, if you come out to our two-day interactive workshops– everyone listening, I have two guarantees for you. One, it will absolutely, positively change your life, okay?

Dr. Z: Boom, that’s one. Okay thats–

Clay: What we teach you, it’s a game catcher. Two, there’s no up-sells.

Dr. Z: No up-selling?

Clay: Because there’s no up-sells, we made it so everyone can afford this thing, okay. It’s going to be totally transparent where, if you come up, you’re not going to be ambushed by salespeople in the back of the room and it’s affordable for everybody.

Dr. Z: Drag them down a Panera Bread and get them in a booth [chuckles].

Clay: It’s $9.99, but we’re gonna hardcore sell you for these multi-million dollar secret system. No, it’s affordable for everybody. Go to to learn more about it. Now, if tomorrow, if you wake up tomorrow and you’re engaged, if you’re engaged right now, if you know somebody who’s engaged, I want you to do one thing for us, Z. If you’re engaged or you know someone who’s engaged, send them a text message right now and say, “Go to the Tulsa Wedding Show tomorrow. You could save time and money. Go to the, Vicki, how can people save time and money at the Tulsa Wedding Show?

Vicki: They can save time because they don’t have to travel to see all these places. They don’t have to travel to every bakery in town. They don’t have to stop and make appointments with every photographer in town or even three or four. It takes time just make the appointments and then to drive there, it’s crazy. You can go to the show and you can see four or five photographers. You can talk to them, you get their style, you get a feel for them, you can taste the cakes.

Dr. Z: What’s the catch? Z, what is the catch? Is she going to charge us money to go to this, Z?

Clay: Yes, just a little bit.

Dr. Z: How much is it going to cost?

Vicky: Just a little.

Dr. Z: How much is it going to cost?

Vicky: Well, if you get your ticket online you can save $3. You get your ticket online it’s $12, boom, you come in, we scan it, you’re in. If you don’t, it’s 15. It’s so much for that.

Clay: Now, Z, over the years people have asked me– I used to be a wedding DJ, they’d ask, “What’s the most popular song right now?” and I remember when that movie, Meet Joe Black came out? Z, every bride wanted to hear this song. This is the song they all wanted to hear right here. This is the song. Let’s get it cranked up right here. Do you remember this song? This is a father-of-the-bride song.

Dr. Z: Oh, yes.

Clay: Remember “What a wonderful world”? You know that song?

Dr. Z: Oh yes, of course. Yes, yes, I do.

Clay: Everyone wanted to hear this song.

Dr. Z: Everybody?

Clay: Everyone wanted to hear this.

Dr. Z: Do you want to know what’s so– Oh yes.

Clay: That was the song for a while there.

Dr. Z: It makes me just want to dance right now, but here’s the deal. It’s so funny, ha-ha. The Tulsa Wedding Show is going to save you time and money. Our two-day workshop is going to save you time-

Clay: -and?

Dr. Z: -money. Let me explain what I’m talking about. You show up, 15 hours of intense, hands-on, what to do to start your business and how to grow your business.

Clay: Will you teach me sales? Will you teach me sales?

Dr. Z: Yes. I’ll teach you time management.

Clay: Search engine optimization?

Dr. Z: Oh my goodness. You could just drop a Google, that’s a million dollar game-changer.

Clay: Personal finance?

Dr. Z: Absolutely.

Clay: All at one place?

Dr. Z: All at one place.

Clay: Where can I learn more? Take me to your leader.

Dr. Z: It’s all together, If you’re outside of Tulsa, get into Tulsa for the two-day workshop, okay? You’re going to love it. It’s 45 minutes, we break 15, we’re down by the river. Beautiful Thrive15 headquarter settings. Go to and learn more about how to get help from a business coach.

Clay: If you’re scared, “Where is this place?” Go to YouTube and type in Thrive15 world headquarters. You can see our building, it’s awesome. Zazzy as always.

Clay & Dr. Z: Three, two, one, boom.

[01:33:40] [END OF AUDIO]


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