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In this Episode of the ThriveTime Business Coach Show, Clay Clark the former U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the Year and America’s #1 business coach teams up with Doctor Robert Zoellner to each you the most effective way to market your business online.

Learn From The Business Coach How To Market Online : Podcast Transcript

Announcer: And now, broadcasting from the center of the universe at the world headquarters. Presenting the world’s only business school without the BS with optometrist and entrepreneur, Dr. Robert Zoellner and the former Small Business Administration Entrepreneur of the Year in your ear, Clay Clark. It’s the Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio 1170. Three, two, one, boom.

Clay Clark: Boom, boom, boom, guess who is back in the room? It is Dr. Robert Zoellner. Sir, how are you doing?

Dr. Robert Zoellner: It’s Monday. I tell you, I had a great week and I don’t know about you but I did great. We live in Tulsa, Oklahoma for those of you who are listening around the world vis-a-vis the podcast on, you’ll be thinking, “Tulsa, where is Tulsa? Where is Oklahoma?” It’s a state right above Texas, and the city is in the northeast part of Oklahoma and it’s getting cold. It’s like winter. We’ve had this little 50-60 degree weather and now it’s just getting cold.

Clay: I’m going to tell you why I like it cold. You know what I do every weekend, Z? You know what I do every weekend?

Robert: Well, I know why. I know why you like it cold.

Clay: I burn everything.

Robert: You do.

Clay: I’m looking for leaves to burn, tree limbs. I live in a land of Camp Clark and Chicken Palace. It’s beautiful.

Robert: Until I came to your house, I thought your cologne was like campfire, because you’re always [sniffs] you just have the smell of smoky–

Clay: My wife is digging the [unintelligible 00:01:30] smell right now. I have been [crosstalk]

Robert: [laughs] Clearly, it’s working. You have five kids, come on.

Clay: Now, we were going to let this guy introduce himself a little bit to Tulsa, because a lot of you can know about the business. But I don’t want to steal any of his thunder here, okay. I’m going to say I’ll give you a little tip here. He started the Phone Doctors. Do you have a phone that’s like a smart phone and those are now like the cost of a– You always have to get a mortgage out to buy a smart phone and these are expensive machines.

Robert: They are expensive. I’m still making new payments on them and it’s kind of a thing. I got a second job so I could afford a phone.

Clay: All right, mystery guest. Will you unveil yourself to Tulsa? Will you explain to Tulsa who you are, my friend?

Alex Iser: Well, hello. Thank you very much for having me on the show. This is Alex Iser and I did start Phone Doctors, it’s 13 years here in the making. I started it right out of the back seat of a Volkswagen Beetle. It was the turbo edition.

Clay: Where did you get the idea to start this business? You see, we love having Oklahomies on the show, people right here from Tulsa who have started a successful company. Where did you get the idea? How did it happen?

Alex: Well, I got to give credit where credit’s due. My brother, actually older than I am. He is the one that tipped me off and said, “Hey Alex, you should open up a repair center.’’ I said, “I don’t really want to do that.’’ But he said, “Get in the car with me. I got an office place I want you to come check out.’’ Before I finished that day, I committed to open up a repair center and get it going.

Clay: Now, I don’t want to pepper you with questions but I think a lot of people are wanting to know, they’re listening right now. At today’s show we’re talking about how to implement an effective online marketing presence. But you said you’ve been in business now what, for 13 years, is that right?

Alex: Yes, that’s right.

Robert: You were in business before online marketing was like a big thing. Now, it’s like if you’re not doing online marketing, you’re like living in a van down by the river here at the world headquarters. How did you initially get those customers before the online marketing was a thing?

Alex: Like I said, I had that Volkswagen Beetle and I stickered that thing up and I was known for the guy that buys old Nokia phones. Just one step leading to another and tried to be as creative and crafty with the things that we would create, whether it was posters in store or it was the marketing that we would go out and engage with carrier stores and whatnot.

Clay: Z, Do you remember that time in American history before the internet?

Robert: I’m actually old enough, Clay, I do remember life before even cell phones.

Clay: Did you ride a horse torque?

Robert: I don’t know why you didn’t start cell phone repair like 30 years ago. Wait, probably because they weren’t around. As technology changes, opportunities present themselves. That’s really cool, Alex, because back then, you’re talking about Nokia, I’m thinking, “Ah, they got a Nokia.” We had the flip phone back then. You get that, like the Razr. I remember the Razr phone. When I first got that, I’d take that bad boy up that–

Clay: You’d flip that up quick?

Robert: My goodness, boom, boom.

Clay: It was like a Star Trek moment every time you pull that out.

Robert: I just said if I had a taser to go with that, I’d have been complete.

Clay: Sam, can you grab my 9-dialer? This is the phone I keep inside and I have a shoe that’s on the wall in the store. Can you pass it to me real quick? I want to show this to the Thrivers. I want to get into this real quick. Thank you, Sam, you’re so versatile. Here’s the thing, there was a time my life where when my wife was working for Dr. Robert Zoellner and Associates. My wife was the pre-tester.

Robert: Yes, she was the front desk pre-tester.

Clay: Yes, and so I started this business called and I went to Vanessa and I said, “Baby,” I remember saying this. I remember this like it was yesterday. I said, ’’Here’s the deal, to afford a yellow page ad,” which is up there on the wall, “to afford the yellow page ad, we need to turn off the air conditioning.’’ She goes, “Baby, we live in Oklahoma, it is the summer. It’s like a 100 degrees.” I go, “But we got to do a trade-off,’’ and I’m reading Napoleon Hill and he’s talking about trade-offs. She’s like, “If that’s what we need to do, if you promise that it’s something we’re going to do together, if we’re–” She says, “Okay, I’ll do it.”

Some of the things I did and I get emotional thinking about it, but I never wanted my wife to be in a spot where she couldn’t have nice clothes or have shoes or have things that she needed. Either the shoe that’s hanging up there, I can’t pull it off the wall right now, but it was nothing left of the bottom of the shoe and I couldn’t afford any new shoes and I had this phone and the nine fell off.

The guys in the office would called “the nine dialer”. When I say “office”, the guys who lived in my apartment with me. I would take out a pin and what I would do when I needed to dial the nine, I’d get out my pin and I would hit it. I had a pin I got where I could hit the button. I would hit that, and the thing was back in the day with Nokia, they were limited minutes. What I would do is, I would call somebody and then I would hang up and then they would get a missed call. They would call me and be like, “Hey, sir–” And now they’re paying the minutes and I was able to book stuff.

Now, here’s the deal. I went to college at Oklahoma State University in Okmulgee and there’s a zone where if you’re driving and you’re out of the zone they are roaming. I would call you, see how I do this. I would call you and I’d hang up then you would call me, then I would get into a conversation and I would act like the phone hung up until I got right into Glenpool and then I’d call you back. I did that over and over for a long time. I’m just telling you, everybody’s got to start somewhere and your old school memory of starting your company just reminds you of this phone. If you’re on Facebook Live it’s just– Z, you’ve got to look at this. Alex, look at that.

Alex: This is a Nokia 6010. This was a $5 fix back in the day and it’s this easy.

Clay: Be careful. It’s history.

Robert: “That’s history that’s like my child.” My gosh he is fixing a phone on–

Alex: This little quick thing I could have put that in there for you, but the sentimental value, [crosstalk] it’s pretty cool.

Clay: Now, let me ask you this. If somebody is listening right now and they have a phone and it’s like an Apple, it’s the new iPhone, whatever, it’s got the phone disease where the phone’s not working right or it’s an Android or whatever. Talk to me about what does it cost to fix it? Can you fix a phone like that, with a broken screen and who hasn’t broken a screen? Do you just throw it away or what’s the–?

Alex: Absolutely not. Bring it in to the emergency room at the Phone Doctors and we’ve got a solution.

Clay: How much does it cost?

Alex: It varies, it depends on what the problem is but we promise to be fair and reasonable. But software stuff, it can be related to so many different things. It could be something from liquid damage or it could be something from a bad file.

Clay: Z, have you ever broken your phone?

Announcer: You’re listening to The Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio 1170.

Robert: No, I’ve actually never broken phone except the phone I have now. I just– First time I’ve actually got the glass on it, it snipped over here on the end but I always have a case, I’m always very careful with my phone and because your phone is your lifeline now, and it’s crazy how much we use our phone. As far as using Phone Doctors, I’ve never broken phones so I’ve never had to go to Phone Doctors but I do remember your wrapped Beetle bugs that you drove around town, Phone Doctors on it, very clever and standed out and it was cool marketing.

Clay: Move number one, we’re talking about online marketing here, market effectively online. Move number one, I want to share with you. If you’re listening right now, we have five we’re going to go over today, five moves. Move number one is you have to commit to results, not to a specific offer. Now, that’s whether you’re wrapping your Volkswagen Bug or you’re marketing your website and, Z, I’m going to start with you. Why is it so important that you commit to the results and that you don’t get pig-headed and just commit to the offer. Why can’t you just fall in love with that offer and just– “I will stay with this offer until the end of time.”

Robert: Because what you’re doing is you’re selling the end product, you’re selling the result, you’re selling what it’s going to do for you, how it’s going to make your life better, how it’s going to better your life. That’s what you want to do, ultimately, and sometimes the way you get there can change. I mean, it could change from day to day, from month to month. That’s one thing that I have done in my optometry clinic over 25 years of being in business.

Clay: That’s crazy, by the way.

Robert: It’s crazy, by the way. Every month they come out with a fresh, new commercial but the results are the same. Hey, you’re going to save money, you’re going to see clearly, you’re going to be comfortable and I like that it going to be fair–

Alex: Fair and reasonable.

Robert: Yes, fair and reasonable, and that’s actually at our auto auction, those are the three things we say we’re going to be, we’re going to be fair, we’re going to be fun–

Clay: Fun?

Robert: Yes. Fair and fun–

Clay: “This is great, it sounds like a great place to buy cars. He’s a great guy. You got me hooked, man.”

Robert: Yes. Fair, fun and reasonable. We’re going to [crosstalk]


Clay: “We’re having a fair, fun and reasonable time over here. Z, do you guys serve lunch too?”

Robert: We give a free lunch, a free lunch thrown in there too, every Friday.

Clay: No, Z, is it possible to have fun and to be fair?

Robert: Yes, of course it is, and if that’s your– If you’re purposeful in it and you can hand that in– When I saw that little Volkswagen Beetle going around wrapped with this guy’s deal on it, it looked fine. I thought, “Those guys. That’s kind of fun.”

Clay: I have a story of failure that I want to share, that involves me and maybe listeners can benefit from this. Okay? With DJ Connection, my first move– Alex, you tell me, if you’re a dude, you’re a college guy. You’re going to college at Oral Roberts University, you start a DJ company on the fourth floor. It’s the north wing called Covenant and you’re trying to market your business and you have no money and you want to start a DJ company. How would you have marketed?

I want to hear it, Z. How would you guys–? You guys are successful business owners. You have no money, you’re going to college, you’re paying your way through, your mom and dad are trying to help you. You’re doing what you can, how would you start marketing your DJ company? I just want to know. Just off the cuff here, what would you say, Alex? How would you try?

Alex: Back in the day I probably would have created some flyers and–

Clay: Okay, boom. I got you. That’s what I did. I did flyers. Now, check what I did, I was trying to market to dudes and convince them to book me for their weddings.

Robert: Yes, that’s not going to work.

Alex: To guys?

Clay: All the guys were like, “Hey bro, yes, yes bro, I’ll book you for sure bro. Bro, bro, bro do you want to go the cigar shop?” I’m like, “What?” “Bro, there’s a party this Saturday. Bro.” And I’m going, “Hey, you said you’d book me for your wedding?” “Oh man, she already booked that.” I’m going, “What did you just tell me two weeks ago?” “Oh bro, what was the name of your company again?” And I realized I’m O for a thousand. No dudes are booking.

Robert: No dudes are booking.

Clay: But I was committed, I said, “I’m going to keep booking.” So I’m marketing to dudes. Pretty soon I’m getting dudes going, “Bro, I’ve got like a party.” I go, “You have a party?” “There’s like four of us in the dorms tonight and we’re going to do a party. We’re going to play like Playstation, could you DJ for that?” And I’m going– no, I’m not kidding, this is what I was doing and I kept getting more and more of the wrong kinds of inquiries. And then at a certain point I realized, I don’t know what the heck I’m doing. I went out to Lori Montag and by the way, if you’re listening, this is a fun game I love to do, Z. I love this game. This is the “reach out and touch somebody” game.

Robert: Okay. I got it.

Clay: If you’re listening right now and you know Lori Montag, Lori Montag, the founder of Montag Photography. The lady who invented the Slap Watch and the Zanybandz. She sold $60 million of this stuff. Go ahead and send her a text, if you know Lori, you have her cell phone number, find her on Facebook, L-O-R-I Montag. Tell her, “Thank you.” Send her a text message. Here’s the thing, Lori Montag, I’m sitting down with her, I’ll never forget it. I’m over at 71st & Mingo, right there. 71st & Mingo area run by Zeos, I’m looking at her, she’s sitting down there, looking at me and I said, “Lori, can you show me what I’m doing wrong?” I show her my packages. First of, I’m not kidding, Z, they’re on a tight piece of paper and they’re named after medals and there’s no graphics, there’s no images, there’s no color it’s just text on paper.

Zeos: You did not– Your problem one that you did, step one you did a major mistake on-

Clay: Oh.

Zeos: -your most likely buyer, you got completely wrong. You couldn’t have got it any more wrong.

Clay: It was totally the opposite.

Zeos: It was totally the opposite. You had a 50-50 shot and you know what? A 50-50 shot.

Clay: I missed.

Zeos: You didn’t miss, you missed. Yes. You’re right, you missed. [laughs]

Clay: The thing was that when I sat down with Lori Montag, it was like an epiphany. [music] When we come back we’re going to talk about how Lori– I’m just telling you the stuff that Lori taught me, during that afternoon, it was like– I remember coming back home and telling my wife, “I now have the keys to the universe. I’m going to build”

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Announcer: Live, local, now. You’re listening to on Talk Radio 1170.

Clay: What is going on, Thrive nation? Welcome back to the conversation about how to market your business effectively online, on the internets, on the interwebs. This just in, I know some of you are going, “Listen, I was just over-listening to the other station, they’re talking about the Russians hacking in, teaming up with Trump or whatever. I don’t want to talk about that, this isn’t a political show. We just finished discussing the internet hacking and now I turn over to this station, the business school without the BS and you guys are talking about the internet.” Z, did we team up with Fox News and Fox Business to time the theme of our show to be pseudo-political, non-political show?

Zeos: No. I always thought we’re going to do a home and gardening segment, actually. I’m a little disappointed, actually.

Clay: Before we left, we were talking about Lori Montag and what she taught me there at the Montag Photography at 71st & Mingo. My business is in the toilet, I’m asking her, I’m saying– Lori is like the wedding Yoda. If you understand me, Montag Photography was a juggernaut before she sold this business. I’m sitting down with her and I go, “Okay, here are my packages. They’re printed on paper. I’ve got no visuals.” And she goes, “Honey, the names of your packages are named after medals.” I’m like, “Yes, it’s like the bronze and the silver”, And she goes, “You need to name them after something that’s indicative of female stuff. And I go, “What do you mean?” She was like, “Like Summers Romance or True Romance or Cherished Love.” And I’m like, “What are these adjectives you’re saying?”

Zeos: “What is going on?”

Clay: I said, “Go on and give me a few more examples.” And to this day, before I sold the company, I just used every one she said. I’m like, “Give me another example.” I’m just writing down what she’s saying–

Zeos: [laughs] “Give me another example.”

Clay: Yes, I’m like, “I wrote down, I have five packages.” And she goes, “Honey, you have to have the five packages.” And I said, “Why? I just have the one.” She goes, “What do you mean?” I go, “Well, we have the silver or the gold.” She goes, “No, no ,no. You got to have five.” I go, “What do you mean?” She goes, “You got to have five.” I said, “But I just had the one I would steer people to.” I had one that was– I don’t even know how that package even did but she goes, “You got to have one that is a bit aspirational, the big one, then any of the smaller that is like super cheap, no one would want it. Then people are going to want the one that’s in the middle.”

Zeos: Oh, the middle move.

Clay: She goes, “You have to make a package that’s way more than you want, way cheaper than you want, that’s almost no good at all. And the middle one is what you want and you want to let people choose but they’ll choose the card you want them to choose.”

Zeos: [laughs] Yes, the package is just a dude on a megaphone. No speakers, no fog machine–

Clay: “Ladies and gentlemen, we’re going to have a wedding.”

Zeos: [laughs] He’s got the megaphone and then what he does is he puts it down by the turntable and he–

Clay: “It’ll follow with a bride dance. It’ll do that, it’ll do that. A little feedback here.”

Zeos: “We’ll get that worked out. We’ll get that worked out.”

Clay: Anyway, she showed me these packages and then she says, “Here’s the deal. When you meet with the bride, I want you to have a conversation and not a machine gun.” And I go, “What?” She goes, “How do you pitch to the bride?” And I said, “Well, typically I’ll sit down with them and I’ll tell them all the benefits.” And she goes, “You’re doing what now?” I’m like, “I’ll just give them the benefits, features, features, benefits, benefits, features.” She goes, “Yes, value, features, value–” She goes, “Sit down and ask them, so what day are you looking at? How did you guys meet? So let me ask, how many guests are you having? Wow, you must be a big deal.”

Zeos: “What animal are you releasing at your wedding?”

Clay: She taught me how to– I scripted out five rapport building questions and, Thrivers, I’m giving you the secret system right here. This rapport needs benefits, close and she called it FAQs, but there’s frequently asked questions that you need to script those out so you know how to handle that. Like, can I meet my DJ? What’s the difference between you and somebody else? All these things– so she teaches me all these moves, Z, and I go back home and I start booking stuff.

Zeos: Break out those moves again because someone was out there trying to write those down. They’re sitting there, eating lunch, it’s Monday, they had a busy weekend and they’re still waking up [laughs] in the afternoon. I think they’re going, “Oh man, you just rattled– that was some sick sauce. That was some really good stuff. You rattled through it. You’ve machine gunned them.”

Clay: At our Thrive Time Show today, intensive business workshop, we’ll get deep into it. We’ll get deep like Jacques Cousteau, but here’s the five part system. You want to script out five rapport-building questions. That’s step one.

Zeos: For example, like you said. For example–

Clay: “What day are you looking at?”

Zeos: What day. Well, okay.

Clay: Because every bride would say on the phone, they would call and they would say, “So how much do you guys charge?”

Zeos: Sure.

Clay: I used to say, “Well, they start at $500…” And they’d say, “Thank you, bye.”

Zeos: Click.

Clay: “DJ Connection, this is Clay.” “How much do you guys charge?” “Our packages start at $4.” “Okay, I’m interested.” And I kept lowering the price to get their attention. She’s like, “No, you’ve got to–“

Zeos: [laughs] I’d pay you to DJ, actually.

Clay: Yes, exactly. The first one, Jeff Ramsey, you got a deal and you know you did, Jeff Ramsey. If you’re listening now and you know Jeff Ramsey, send that guy a text. But here is the thing, what happened is, you script out the five rapport-building questions. So, “What day are you looking at?” The bride says, “How much do you charge?” You go, “Well, let me check. What day are you looking at?” Boom. “How many guests?” “What venue? “What are you looking for out of a DJ?” “How familiar are you with DJ Connection?”

Now I move into the “needs” questions. “Let me ask you, in a perfect world what are you looking for out of a DJ? On a scale of one to 10, how energetic do you want your DJ to be? What kind of music do you want during dinner? Do you want Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole or do you want more of Michael Bublé? What are you looking for?” You just script out your five rapport questions, five “needs” questions and you have to have a minimum of three benefits that are supported by independent verifiable facts.

Such as, DJ Connection, one thing we do is we guarantee you the satisfaction of your wedding. If you’re not happy, 100% refund. That’s a fact. We say, “DJ Connection, we’re going make sure your wedding is incredible and I’m going to give you a list of 25 references, here are the cell phone numbers. I challenge you to call them all to do your research because we’re confident that we’re going to wow you.”

Robert: And it’s like your mom and your aunt– Jeff Ramsey didn’t have 25 to call, right? The first dude.

Clay: Don’t talk about my moves.

Alex: I remember you actually met my wife and I back at St. Louis Bread.

Clay: Really?

Robert: Back before [crosstalk]

Clay: Really? It’s a miracle.

Robert: Tell us the story. He was in a booth–

Alex: We knew some people that knew you and you came and you met us and you’re the sales guy. I–

Clay: I did not know that.

Alex: I remember exactly what you just said that–

Robert: You remember that?

Alex: Yes.

Clay: Where was your wedding at?

Alex: We had the wedding at Tarp Chapel.

Clay: That’s where my wife and I got married too.

Alex: Then we went out to a golf club–

Robert: Wait, time out. This could be awkward, Alex, but just be honest, you’re on Facebook Live. This is going out to the world.

Clay: Oh, no. It never goes well.

Alex: November 1st, 2004.

Robert: Did you hire DJ Connection? Did Clay do your wedding?

Alex: Yes, he did.

Robert: Oh my gosh.

Alex: He sold me right there at the table because he did ask all those questions and he knew what we wanted to hear in order to make us feel comfortable and make us feel like we made the right choice.

Clay: Now for people that are going, “Who is this beautiful voice, he got a great voice.” This Alex Iser. He’s the founder of the Phone Doctors.

Alex: Thank you.

Robert: Time out. Are they like real doctors? Or you just play on the word, because they’re like real physicians and wear stethoscopes and white jackets and they have their nose a little stuck up in the air and they walked on halways with a particular cup of coffee in their hand and they’re nodding to–

Clay: They speak in only jargon and none of them could write their name.

Alex: This is only pure branding. No real doctors.

Robert: Because I was confused, I thought, “Man, I didn’t know there was a school for phone doctors. That’s pretty cool.”

Clay: For people who are listening who aren’t familiar with Phone Doctors, what is it, my friend? What is Phone Doctors?

Alex: Phone Doctors is a consumer facing company that we help all walks of life with their mobile devices. Whether it’s repair, whether it’s you need to buy a new iPhone, if you want to get iPhone protection on your thing, we do all those things.

Clay: If my phone doesn’t work can you fix it?

Alex: Absolutely.

Clay: What do I do? How do I get a hold of you?

Alex: Well, you can go to or, if you’re in the greater Tulsa area or in Arkansas, you can go to again or just Google Phone Doctors and you’ll find the closest location to you.

Clay: Now, Thrivers, there’s a book called Soft Selling In A Hard World and at our two-day workshop we get really deep into this but Soft Selling In A Hard World by the author named Vass, what he says is that the top politicians– Think about it, people we elect for president, our top musicians, our top heads of state, the top anything, the top leaders of industry, they can all convince people to take action AKA they are good at sales. The only thing is you don’t notice they’re selling because they sell so well.

When we come back, we’re going to talk about how Alex has refined his system of their Phone Doctors where it’s not a shameless sales pitch but they really help you find the problem with your phone and help you find a solution and that’s what selling is. It’s helping people find a solution to their problem and you charge people for it. We’re going to deep dive into that of how– The problems you can solve. How you do it and how you’ve learned that art of tactful sales. [music] Stay tuned,,

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Announcer: You’re listening to The Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio 1170.

Clay: All right, Thrive nation, welcome back to the conversation. I’m going to tell you what, it is always ecstasy when Z is next to me. He is in the box that rocks, inside the beautiful world headquarters. On the left coast of beautiful Jenks, America, broadcasting from the center of the universe. I am on the magical microphone. My name is Captain Clay Tiberius Clark, I’m a business coach and I am happy to talk to you when it’s not dark. We are so excited to be here with you in that noon time. Z, talk to me about Oklahoma Joe’s and why we’re just so passionate and thankful for that gift to Oklahoma. The Oklahoma Joe’s barbecue.

Robert: Joe Davidson, thank you so much. He sold over two million smokers and they turned that into barbecue excellence. He went around the country entering all these barbecue contests and he’d win the majority of them and they’re like, “Oh, my gosh, your barbecue’s is unbelievable, you must cook on this cooking and so the cookers then you open up these retail stores.” If you’re in Tulsa, do yourself a favor. You got in your car, it’s lunchtime, you kicked on your favorite number one business show which is Thrive Time Show which it wasn’t until right now, and now you’re going to lunch and go drive over there.

If your’re in Broken Arrow go by the Bass Pro shop. If you’re in south Tulsa go buy 61st and Sheridan, if you’re downtown go by the iconic Cain’s Ballroom for lunch and you can get, I suggest the burn ends and the baked beans, it’ll change your life. You know what, Clay? I’m sitting– I’m already at Oklahoma Joe’s, I’m listening to us, I got my phone out my and you know what? My phone breaks.

Clay: “oh, man. Darryl why did you drop my phone?”

Robert: Oh, Billy. The dude next to me is trying to get to my burn ends and he shoved it and my phone dropped-

Clay: “Billy pushed me.”

Robert: -and now I’m stuck. What do I do? In today’s show– We love bringing on local successful entrepreneurs.

Clay: Oklahomies.

Robert: Here’s the thing about Clay and mine’s passion, our heart, is to help entrepreneurs. We know that one of the best ways to help entrepreneurs and the way we prefer is through mentorship and mentorship means, people that have been there, done that, done it well and they’re going to teach you something. On the show today, we have the dude that started the business that will fix your phone. Alex, tell us a little bit about your business.

Alex: Well, Phone Doctors is a retail company that we started back in 2004 with the need that the carriers weren’t able to fulfill. It was just simply finding a more affordable solution to restore someone’s broken device. The carriers at that point were trying to send it off for insurance replacement and there’s always a ton of downtime and we just saw an open door to walk in and fill that void and we did a great job at doing that. We’ve seen so many evolutions in the wireless– From Clay’s infamous Nokia 6010 sitting here, the nine dialer, missing a key, to the Razr, to–

Clay: You better hang up quickly because out of minutes.

Alex: Yes, but the Phone Doctors is really just a company that loves people and, yes, we fix iPhones, we fix androids. We do all that, we sell the phones and we love doing it. We do a lot of it. We have 10 locations now.

Robert: 10 locations, that’s fantastic. You know why you love people? Because every one of them has got a phone.

Clay: You getting calls right now on this show? This is awesome.

Robert: I broke my phone, I’m going to use somebody elses phone to call the dude, the phone fixer, because now I need that phone thing going on.

Clay: Here’s the deal. Today we’re talking about effective online marketing. Okay, so step number one, you want to commit to the results, not a specific offer so if you’re not sure how to make a great offer, get out to our Thrive Time Show two-day workshop, we’ll teach you how to do it. January 20th and 21st. Now, let’s assume that you’ve finally made an offer that is getting a call, you’re eventually going to have to convert that call into a paying customer. I want to ask you, Alex, how did you learn the art of persuasion or tactful sales. How did you learn how to do soft selling, my friend?

Alex: I think more than anything. One thing that people will say to me is that I’m genuine and it’s just important to be intentional. If a call is coming through, that’s a potential customer and they want your service. Just showing first some care, that you’re caring about them as an individual, and that shows through. It is just know that you have a smile on your face. People say they can read a smile through the phone, right?

Clay: Yes, you’ve got to be sincere and let people know that you sincerely care and you have to do that and I will also say this, you have to embrace the fact that everybody who is calling usually starts off the conversation with what they know to ask. If you go into a jewelry store and you haven’t bought a ring before, you usually go, “How much are your rings?” if you haven’t booked a cruise before, you call the travel agent, “How much are your cruises?” If you walk in an auto dealership, “How much are your cars?” Z, people call your optometry clinic and they say, “Hey, how much are the glasses?” That’s a question people ask usually to start off the conversation.

Robert: Yes, and what we’ve learned is that you, just like a car dealer, it’s just like any business, you want to lead with the package that is– We’re value driven, so therefore, if someone asked you a question– I don’t like it when you call a business and you ask a specific question and they’re evasive. I personally don’t like that so I have been purposeful in my businesses is not to be evasive. When someone calls and says how much is something, we always start with that package or that thing that you just asked for starts at this cost.

Is that the one with all the bells and whistles? Is that the one with a fancy AR coding? is that the one with the colored contact lenses? is that the one with– No, but it’s the beginning number. And since we’re value driven, I always found, I want to give them an answer, I wanted to be honest and I wanted to be truthful in what we are saying, but also I wanted to lead with a low price, because value was my thing.

Clay: Which leads us into move number two. You got to have a no-brainer. It’s called the art of the no-brainer. When you tell people, “Our prices starts at this amount”, it opens a conversation where they’re like, “Well, I guess I might as well just give it a whirl, book an appointment, what do I have to lose?”

Robert: Yes, exactly. They know what they are getting into when they walk in the door. It’s like a lot of things in life, when you see a car commercial, they are not leading with the most expensive car they have on the lot, trust me.

Clay: as a consultant, I’ll tell you this, I’ve been doing business consulting for years and one of the things that really frustrated me about consulting and just today I had somebody call me and I were booked out so I can’t really help them. I don’t do that, I don’t have unlimited supply of me, which is why we built the online school. This person calls me and they said, “I hired a local PR firm and they charged me five thousand a month, every month. I never see them, I don’t talk to them. I have no idea and then I get emailed a list of the hours they spend on creative branding and I don’t know what I got for that and I want to know do you guys do a contract?”

They’re almost furious, like, “Do you guys do a contract?” And I said, “No, no, here’s how we do it. You get a no-brainer, here’s the deal. We’re not available ’till February if you want to do something but if you did, that will make your life epic, our marketing and PR firm, the way it works, it’s month to month, there’s no contract and what we do is we do everything, we do the video, we do the photography, we do the branding, we do the print pieces, we do all of it and the price point you pay, it’s a flat rate. For some clients it’s 2000 a month, or 5000 a month, it depends on your industry.”

We worked with a home builder and we did all the photo for all of his properties, all the video, all the web optimization, all that stuff and it’s a flat rate and it’s month to month so if you don’t like it– “You can try it before you buy it?” Yes, because it’s month to month there’s no– And that’s how you and I do the Thrive15 workshops we do now, Z, we made it a no-brainer.

Robert: A no brainer, I tell you what, with the scholarship money we have available, you go to and you look at, what’s that schedule? the 15 hours of power over two days, all of the things that we’re going to teach you, tangible things, some downloadable, some checklist, all the steps that we know, we have a 13 point system for you to build, start and build your business successfully so you’re thriving on surviving. You look at that and say, “I can’t afford that. I can’t afford the cost of that.”

Clay: And we say to you-

Robert: “Yes, you can.”

Clay: “Yes, you can.” We have a scholarship available. We will make it affordable for anybody. Honestly, if you have seven dollars in your pocket– We had a lady today, true story, she says, “My husband and I¸, we’re out right now, I can’t afford 32 dollars.” And with the scholarship we made it happen for her and the thing is we’re not going to upsell you, there’s no upsell on the back of the room because we want to make a win-win relationship with you, just like our main man with the Phone Doctors. They want to make a win-win relationship. [music] They don’t want to get a one time customer, they want to turn you into a life time customer. Alex, where can they find out more about Phone Doctors?

Alex: Straight to Just Google it.

Clay: Okay. Thrivers, stay tuned, Again, that’s, stay tuned.

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Announcer: You’re listening to The Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio 1170.

Clay: Oh, Thrive nation, welcome back into the conversation. We’re talking today about how to do successful and effective online marketing. Why? This just in, it’s not a political show. Z, it’s not a political show.

Robert: It’s not political by the way.

Clay: But here is the deal, we have heard that Al Gore has worked with various– basically himself, to create this thing called the internet and we’re talking to all the kids. We’re talking to the kids. I’m 36, you’re 52, we’re talking to kids and some of the kids are using the internet now and we’re going, “Is this a thing?”

Robert: I think it could be a thing.

Clay: It’s catching up.

Robert: I loved your story back in the day.

Clay: Back in the day.

Robert: Back in the day when you’re doing the moves, you’re doing your yellow page ad, the bigger the better, because you go forward in the book, you may call it your bullet point, you got a bullet pointed out, [music] whatever you all had and now you got that some guy says, “This here is like the biggest, we’ve got hundreds”, you’re like, “I got thousands”, you go your moves going on, and then your boy says, “Hey, you know what, boss, I think this internet thing, we might want to get a website. We might want to–“

Clay: Hey, could you stop talking I’m trying to crank up the ’90s music. Oh, yes.

Robert: Oh, come on bro, come on, DJ.

Clay: Internet is going to catch on. It is going to catch on, Z.

Robert: It’s just a fad. It’s a phase.

Clay: I’m going to go squad skating tonight. I’m going to go get my new quad skates. I don’t have time to listen to this internet nonsense.

Robert: It’s just stupid. Plus, what does Al Gore know, really, come on.

Clay: We’re going to the corner games tonight. we’re all set to do the corner games. I always win the corner game and the reverse skating, I don’t have time to talk to you about the internet. with all the shuffle, well, the cross over.

Robert: It’s like the world wide web. It’s WWW, it’s a thing, remember?

Clay: Do you know when the fluorescent shoe laces were a thing?

Robert: [laughs] I love it when you get the DJ mode. I love it. You play a little music, the box that rocks is rocking, you have people swaying back and forth but your boy came in and said, “Hey, boss, this internet–” and you’re like, “Forget you. You’re stupid. Get back on the horse you rode in on and get out of here. Get in your van and go.”

Clay: I remember out of exasperation I finally sent Josh Smith. Josh, if you’re listening right now, if you know Josh Smith from Broken Arrow high school fame, if you know Josh Smith, send him a text right now. Send him a text, it’s a gift that keeps giving. Here’s the thing, Josh, is talking to me about this internet thing, internet marketing and I remember just saying to him repeatedly, “It’s not a thing.”

Robert: It’s not a thing.

Clay: “It’s not going to happen.”

Robert: Be quiet.

Clay: So, finally I said, “You go to that conference.” It’s called the conference. They’re teaching how to optimize websites. I said, “If I pay for it, will you swear to me you will not talk about it again?” He goes, “Yes.” I’m like, “Just freaking go there. Can you go, because when you go you’re going to find out nothing. You’ll learn nothing and then we will talk about nothing. We will do a recap in a week, oh, nothing.” And so, he comes back and he looks like he has seen the face of our maker. Like an Indiana Jones moment, he’s [gasps] I’m like, “Josh, are you okay?” He’s, “I’ve seen the maker.” I’m like, “You’ve seen our maker?” “No, not that maker, that’s sacrilegious, but I’ve seen our maker.” “Who?” “Making successful websites and he’s teaching me about HTML text, descriptive narrative, title tags and keywords and Google compliant fonts and I just know that we can get to the top of the Google.” And that’s where I said, “What’s Google?”

Robert: What? The Google?

Clay: What? the Google?

Robert: What?

Clay: Alex, You now fix smartphones. We have Alex Iser, the founder of the Phone Doctors on this show. Do you remember back when people had phones that could not access the internet?

Alex: Oh, man.

Clay: What was that like?

Alex: I think the only thing you could do on your phone other than make the calls was play Snake.

Clay: Snake?

Robert: That was a great game. It’s a great game, come on.

Alex: Tell me about it.

Clay: When people started switching from the phones that didn’t have the internet on it to the phones that did, was that a boom for your business? Was that a boom?

Alex: Yes, absolutely. The screens got bigger which made more of them break.

Clay: Oh. Were you working with Big Brother to make that happen? I didn’t know– I’ve always wondered, because he’s a very handsome man. Alex is handsome. My wife called me and she goes through the com, my wife says, “He’s a sincere and handsome man.” That’s what she said.

Robert: “I think I’m going to break my phone.”

Alex: Tell her I said thanks.

Robert: Is that why she keeps breaking her phone, Clay? That’s just a little awkward.

Clay: Are you working with the Illuminati to make this whole– Seriously, the phones sizes are getting bigger and there’s more issues going on. We’re talking about effective online marketing. In the event that you get someone to your website finally, you’ve got to make a no-brainer offer. I’m going to start with you, Alex, I’m going to ask you, for all of our listeners right now, what’s a no-brainer offer? What’s the supper offer you’re making right now at Phone Doctors that you just can’t resist? it’s the hot sauce.

Alex: You ever have a data cable, or a lighting cable, that just craps out on you?

Clay: I’ve had that happen, yes.

Alex: Those things, you can buy them anywhere you want off the shelf and a lot of people sell them for six bucks but those are the ones that are guaranteed to crap out. We don’t like doing that, we want to serve quality and so we’re the home to a lifetime warranty cable where you buy it once, you don’t need to buy it again.

Clay: What does that mean? My cable quits working I can come back?

Alex: That’s right.

Clay: Wow, that’s a no-brainer right there. You get your phone repaired, you buy that little cable, it’s a lifetime guarantee on that cable. Now, Z, what’s your no-brainer you’re making out there at Dr. Robert Zoellner and Associates?

Announcer: You’re listening to The Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio 1170.

Robert: Right now what we have is you can come in for 99 dollars and get an eye exam, a complete eye exam, great eye exam and a pair of glasses, complete for 99 dollars. That’s a free frame warranty, we back it, we guarantee it and just for 30 dollars more you can upgrade that to two pair of glasses. That’s an incredible offer. The other thing about it is we’re open seven days a week and we just take walk-ins. You are like, “Can I get in?” Yes, just come in, walk on in. We take emergencies, appointments, walk-ins, in that order. Just walk in if you’re out and about and you break your glasses or you’re out and about and you want to get some new contacts–

Clay: How are you making any money with that offer? How do you do it? How are you making any money, my friend? It’s such a no-brainer, it’s such a– What’s the catch?

Robert: Magic. We do magic through it. It’s magical.

Clay: Do you believe that people who come in might come back and buy something else later? Is that what you’re saying?

Robert: Absolutely and then some people want– They come in, they see the base frame and it’s a good frame and we give a free frame warranty, but they go, “You know what, I want to get one. I’ve got a Michael Kors purse, I want to get Michael Kors frames.” You’re like, “Okay, it’s great.” “I want to get Oakley, I want to get a sports frame. I want to get some sunglasses.” Another thing that we do if you come and get contact lenses from us, you get 50 dollars off any pair of sunglasses in our store and our prices are great, we beat all the sunglass huts and all those guys anyway, we have the same stuff, same cool, latest cool Ray Bans stuff. Ray Bans is kind of a thing now. They’ve come back.

Clay: Ray Bans, they are a thing. I’m wearing some right now. they look good.

Robert: They’ve come back, they look good. If you’re on Facebook Live you can see them.

Clay: Here’s an offer I’m going to make for our listeners right now. It’s my no-brainer. First, I’m going to get my music ready, here we go. [music] This is New Kids on the Block, we’re going back to the skating party. Roller skating, remember that? Z, remember the quad skates, they were awesome.

Robert: That was a thing.

Clay: Have you ever switched, Alex, to inline or did you always stay with four wheels.

Alex: No. I did have a pair of roller blades for a season.

Clay: You sellout. Did you have the roller blades, Z?

Robert: Until I injured myself one time, I used it one time, coming down the hill, I could not stop.

Clay: Here’s the deal, if you come in to The Elephant in the Room Men’s Grooming Lounge, we have three locations to serve you. It’s the Tulsa’s finest men’s grooming experience and I’m going to tell you what, it’s a country club of hair, paraffin hand dip, hot towel treatment, straight razor shave, an adult beverage of your choice and check it out, it’s a dollar and I promise you, we’re not going to play any New Kids on the Block, no New Kids on the Block shall be played in the Elephant in the Room. This is the last time you’ll hear it.

Robert: I’ll tell you what, that’s a good no-brainer.

Clay: It’s a no-brainer.

Robert: Alex’s is a good no-brainer. I like lifetime warranties, those are cool, that’s sexy, because it gives you that satisfaction. Mine is a good no-brainer, I’ve had it for a very long time, it’s been very successful and effective, it’s value driven, but I’ve got one even better than that.

Clay: Is it more sexy?

Robert: Yes. [music] Oh, there we go, that set the mood right there.

Clay: How are you doing?

Robert: How are you doing?

Clay: I was asking you.

Robert: I’ll tell you what, for 57% of people out there listening right now, 5-7, you got buried down deep in the layers of [unintelligible 00:44:10] and punching that clock, you’ve got buried down deep in there, the boss is yelling at you. People screaming at you, stressful about whether you got your job done correctly that day, you have a little seed of entrepreneurship buried down in there, in your soul, maybe down could be by your liver or gallbladder, but down in there.

Clay: I’m starting to feel it, it’s coming out.

Robert: you might say to yourself, “Where can I go? I don’t have thousands of dollars to spend but where can I go to get coaching, to get mentoring, to learn what to do?” A couple of years ago we started on a journey, Clay Clark approached me and he shark tanked me. And he shark tanked me on, “Hey, let’s scale business coaching.” I’m like, “How do you scale that?” He goes, “We’re going to do it online. We’re going to make it 15-minute videos because that’s just a cognitive load, we’re going to make it fun and we’re going to find great mentors, people that are very successful, and we’re going to get their stories and get their secret sauce, their hot sauce, and then we’re going to scale it. Kind of like the Netflix of business schools.”

Clay: And on a quest we went to Orlando, Florida to interview the guy who used to manage Walt Disney World Resorts, Lee Cockerel. To California we went, to interview, to meet, to become partners with the guy who’s PR consultant for Nike, Pizza hut, Michael Jackson, Prince.

Robert: Michael Jackson is estate right now.

Clay: We’ve worked with gurus, the guys who sold more franchises than anybody else in the world of franchising, the guy who has funded more franchises. I can go on and on, we’ve brought the unicorns, all in one room.

Robert: All in one room, we filmed them, we made it fun, we put in categories, we put mentorship and then what we did we weren’t even– Now, to make it a no-brainer, here;s what we did, we made it 19 dollars a month. What?

Clay: You’re talking about one to the nine? 1-9?

Robert: Less than twenty dollars, 19 dollars a month, you swipe that credit card and guess what you have. Because we give it to your fingertips, 24-7 you can binge watch all the mentoring you want, all the business coaching you want, you can pull out that smart phone, if you break it, you can get to the Phone Doctors and get it fixed, you can re-watch it on your It’s,, check it out.

Clay: “My smartphone can make me smart?”

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Announcer: Broadcasting from the center of the universe, featuring optometrist turned entrepreneur, Dr. Robert Zoellner and US SBA entrepreneur of the year, Clay Clark, this is The Thrive Time Show.

Clay: All right, Thrive nation, welcome back into the conversation. Today we are talking about how to create and implement an effective online marketing strategy. How to be effective with your online marketing. We had a guy, he flew in, he’s a Thriver, he is a member of the thrive15 community, he is a business owner. He is a guy who has decided to move beyond surviving to a place called thriving. He flew in here all the way from– Where in New York, Mykhaylo, did you fly in from?

Mykhaylo Panchasakha[sp]: Putnam County, New York. Suburbs of New York City.

Clay: Putnam County. How did you first run in to When did you first run into the whole Thrive nation?

Mykhaylo: I was– Almost two years ago now, that we’ve been together, I was just listening to the podcast and Clay was a guest on a podcast and you were doing that deal, the no-brainer deal with a dollar a month.

Clay: Do you remember what podcast you were listening to?

Mykhaylo: Entrepreneur on fire.

Clay: Entrepreneur on fire.

Mykhaylo: John Lee Dumas.

Clay: Oh, sweet, man. So that’s how you found out about us and so, at that point, where were you in life at that point? What were you doing for a career?

Mykhaylo: I was in my fourth year engineering school, civil engineering.

Clay: Civil engineering, headed down the engineering path.

Mykhaylo: Yes.

Clay: Now what are you doing?

Mykhaylo: Now I’m trying to renovate homes and make them a 100% energy efficient.

Clay: And for anybody who wants to verify that you are actually a real person, what’s your website, my friend? Where can people find you?


Clay: Basically, you’re were an wantrepreneur. You are one of those of 57% of people who wanted to start a business and now you’re a guy who has owned the business. You own the business?

Mykhaylo: Yes.

Clay: Was it scary when you decided to go all in and start your business?

Mykhaylo: Are you asking if I was scared to drop out of college with 60,000 dollars worth of debt?

Clay: Yes, was it all scary?

Mykhaylo: Yes, absolutely.

Clay: Now, I want to ask you this, because we are talking about effective online marketing. Step number one for effective online marketing is you want to make sure you commit to the results and not to the specific offers. But step number two is you want to get into the art of the no-brainer. What was the no-brainer? The absolute marketing moves that you started using to pick up your first clients. Because you can’t get business from big-time clients unless you have testimonials, references, you have some kind of history. What was the move? What was the offer you made to get your first deals?

Mykhaylo: The first deals that I got, that’s when I was doing door knocking.

Clay: Door knocking.

Mykhaylo: The rejections.

Clay: Oh, man.

Mykhaylo: Basically, I would walk from door to door and ask people if they want more insulation in their homes.

Clay: Well, if you knock on a hundred doors, how many people would say yes?

Mykhaylo: Like a half.

Clay: A half of a person?

Mykhaylo: It would be like two people.

Mykhaylo: Two out of a hundred?

Mykhaylo: Yes. For those people, the only way they would do it is if I said, “Look. All you guys do is pay for the materials. I’ll deliver them and install them. If you guys are happy and it works, just give me a review”.

Clay: Really?

Mykhaylo: Yes.

Clay: You did free jobs for good reviews and where did they put the reviews? Where would you ask them to place the reviews?

Mykhaylo: At that point, I discovered HomeAdvisor.

Clay: HomeAdvisor.

Mykhaylo: They would leave reviews on HomeAdvisor.



Clay: Okay.

Mykhaylo: They would leave reviews there and once you have reviews, you look like a reputable contractor. At that point, you can actually sell and start turning profit.

Clay: How many people over the years have told you or how many customers who talk to you now, who say that they’re calling with an inbound lead and you ask him, “How did you hear about us?”, and they say, “Oh, I saw you on HomeAdvisor.” How many people say, “Oh, I read your references, oh, I saw your testimonial”?

How many people now actually comment on the things that you sowed seeds? Because of a little over two years ago, you’re sowing seeds. How many people now are saying, “Yes, I read your reviews and I want to go to do business with you”?

Mykhaylo: The people who find us online, a hundred percent of them. Because you always want to research your contractor, so you’ll read any information that’s out there about them. At this point, we have over 50 reviews on HomeAdvisor. I’ve been able to book a project without even going out to take a look at it or sell it.

Clay: So people are moving forward with you now just because of the online reviews?

Mykhaylo: Yes.

Clay: Okay. If someone is listening right now and they’re going, “I don’t know if I want to do a no-brainer. I don’t know if I want to work for free in exchange for a testimony or a reference or a review”, what would you tell them?

Mykhaylo: You’ve got to keep the big picture in mind. If you plan on being successful or if you plan on being in business a year from now, this is not for free because it’s a return on investment. All these are investments, but if you doubt yourself and you’re like, “This might not work out, so I got to get paid for the things I do right now”.

Clay: “Freak, I’ve been working for like an hour and I don’t have any business out of this. I went door-to-door for two days.” But if you’re committed for the long-term vision, you’ve got to do this.

Mykhaylo: It’s funny if you do it. At this point, these are growing pains and you accept them, and you embrace them.

Clay: Here’s one thing for the Thrivers listening right now. They might be saying, “Well, you know what growing pains did you go through Clay? I mean you’re on a radio show now and you guys are doing great.” But what did you do before? I mean, what was the move you did before? I’m going to tell you what I did. This is what I did. In Tulsa, Mykhaylo you’ve been in Tulsa now what? Three times?

Mykhaylo: This is my third time. Yes.

Mykhaylo: Tulsa is really becoming a tourism destination for it. Are you amazed by how many tourist activities that are to see here? Contrast Tulsa with New York City’s, isn’t it such a tourist trap? You’re trapped now, right? You want to come back all the time.

Mykhaylo: When my coworker today, he said, “Where should I go?”. Because we were doing the website. He’s like, “Are there things to see? Let’s Google it. He’s like, “I’m just going to go back to the hotel.”

Clay: [laughs] There is so much –

Mykhaylo: No. It’s a beautiful place. A beautiful place. No lines at the airport.

Clay: Now, here’s the thing, Thrivers. What I did and I would encouraged you to just do your own research on this Thrivers and think about this. If you’re listening right now and you’ve ever heard of the Renaissance Hotel at 71st in 169, I’ve DJ’ed there for free. Did you heard about Tarp Chapel out there in Broken Arrow with a glass chapel, I’ve DJ’ed there free. Five Oaks in Jenks, I’ve DJ’ed there for free. I’ve DJ’ed in Sapulpa. In Sapulpa there is a little country club out there, DJ’ed for free. Golf Club of Oklahoma, DJ’ed for free. MeadowBrook, DJ’ed for free.

I won’t bore you, but I have DJ’ed at every single facility constructed previous to 1999. I did all the events for free and my pitch was, “Hey, here’s the deal. I would love to earn your business. I’d love to be referred to all the brides and grooms”, they’re going, “Yes, so does every other DJ. Hey here’s deal, I will be willing to DJ for your personal family for free”. And you know how bad it feels when the people reject the free offer?

Mykhaylo: You’ve got to sell the free offer.

Clay: Yes, I’m like, “Here’s the deal. I want to do it for free”. Because if I do it, I know you’ll tell your friends about me. That’s all I’m asking for. Just let me DJ for you for free. And then one by one people begin to say, “Hey, I would like to go ahead and use my free DJ card at super bad parties by the way.” They’re like, “Yes, my brother he’s turning 42 and his sister is coming over. Your sister’s coming over? Yes, well it’s a step-sister, but basically yes. We are related but it’ll be three of us. And like, you want to DJ? Yes. Well, you said you DJ for any party for free, so we want to go and do this.”

Long story short, over time I start getting more events and then more events. Pretty soon people start going, “Hey, my husband’s turning 40. Could you do that party?” And then, “Hey, I know of a girl getting married at the Oklahoma Aquarium. Could you do her wedding for free?” Well, then fast-forward 2002, this is from 1999, I’m 18, to 2002. 2002, I was the Tulsa Metro Chamber of Commerce Entrepreneur of the Year with a million-dollar business. That was three years of sowing seeds. I want to read a notable quotable. This is from that controversial book called the Bible. Do guys have the Bible out there in New York? Do you have the Bible out of the thing you do out there?

Mykhaylo: Yes. Yes it is.

Clay: Okay. Let me read this to you. By the way, where are you from originally? Are you from the Ukraine? Is that what I hear?

Mykhaylo: Yes. Western Ukraine, Ivano-Frankivsk area.

Clay: Do you feel like Donald Trump is working with Putin? What do you think? What are your informants telling you over there in Ukraine? Is he working with him? Is he hacking into computers?

Mykhaylo: I have no idea.

Clay: Okay. That’s just in. Non-political ends. I respect that. But here we go, Proverbs 10:4, says this, Lazy hands make for poverty. But diligent hands bring wealth. Let’s just break that down for a second. Lazy hands make for poverty, so if you would not have gone and knocked on those doors, sow no seeds, you probably would not have got those leads.

Mykhaylo: Yes, correct.

Clay: It says, But diligent hands bring wealth. Diligence, if you look at the word diligence, diligence means the steady application of effort. The steady and constant application of effort. Talk to me about what was going on your head as you were going door to door knocking on doors. I mean the self-talk. What were you saying to yourself? What kind of negative things were you trying to not say to yourself or what were your family members saying to you? Walk me through, your knocking on doors. [knocks] You’re going door-to-door. [knocks] Hello, this is Mykhaylo here with American Hybrid Homes. [knocks] This is Mykhaylo of the American Hybrid Homes. [knocks] This is Mykhaylo with it Amer–. [knocks] And you keep on doing that. Walk me through. What was going on your cranium man?

Mykhaylo: I mean, I don’t know. You’ve door knocked before. You’ve told me you used to door knock.

Clay: Oh, yes. It’s a move. It’s the scariest thing, man.


Mykhaylo: Coming to somebody’s house and you’re scoping it out. Making sure nobody’s waiting for you. At first, it’s really scary. Like the first couple houses, but then you kind of get used to the rejections and you’re like, “Here comes another one”.

Clay: Did you have someone just freak out at you?

Mykhaylo: Yes.

Clay: Okay. What was the most epic freak out moment? Where somebody just lost their mind at you because you have the audacity to go door-to-door and to make them a no-brainer offer.

Mykhaylo: So the guy starts yelling at me, “Get off my property”.

Clay: Get off my property.

Mykhaylo: “Get off my porch”.

Clay: Get off my porch.

Mykhaylo: And then the doors open and he goes into the house.

Clay: Really?

Mykhaylo: I have no idea what he is getting, so I just booked it.


Clay: Oh, man that’s like a. All right, so now Thrivers here’s the next part. Once you have a no-brainer offer, you have to do search engine optimization or some type of online optimization. Now, talk to me with your online optimization. Where are you getting most of the business now for American Hybrid Homes on the Internet? Where are the leads coming in from?

Mykhaylo: At this point, most of our business is coming in from HomeAdvisor.

Clay: Most is coming in from HomeAdvisor.

Mykhaylo: Yes. So you’ve got to take a look at available services there that can give you leads. But you’ve got to make sure that you are able to sell those. That’s what it would help me with the door knocking that I learned how to sell and talk to people. Now, when I’m getting those leads, if I get 10 leads I can close four of those. That’s huge for a –

Clay: At the world headquarters, we have a notable quotable that’s posted up on the wall that people can see when they come here for our workshops and it’s by Napoleon Hill and what it says is, strength is a result of struggle. Strength comes through struggle. Your sales skills now are pretty high? Would you say that it’s pretty high now? I mean, you do pretty well when you have an inbound lead you convert out to.

Mykhaylo: I feel comfortable doing this.

Clay: But are you a lot better than you were back then?

Mykhaylo: Yes.

Clay: I could tell you this when I was first started doing DJ’ing, I was DJ’ing as an entertainment for weddings and I was doing them for free, I was so bad that even the ones I did for free, I still got complaints. Because I didn’t know what I was doing. The people would like, “Man, I wish I would not have hired you for free. I guess technically didn’t hire you”, but here’s a tip –

Mykhaylo: I want a refund.

Clay: Well, people would say because we have a DJ come out, it’s typical that a DJ has a table and you cover that table with a black linen or something. I didn’t have a line, I just had a table. My chords were everywhere and I didn’t have any songs to choose from. I didn’t have any sound and lights but I did the best I could to provide the best service I could so I had in the beginning I had two good speakers but no lighting and no linens for my table.

Over time you start to hear more and more feedback, you get more and more songs in your musical selections and you begin to improve your lighting, your display and then you have a real business. But the thing here is that, Mykhaylo, anybody, if you’re listening right now, what encouragement would you have for anybody out there who goes, “I want to start a business but I just don’t even know if I have the what it takes, I don’t know if I can handle doing free work for people to get reviews and to develop an online reputation, which by the away you have to do.

But what would you say to somebody, because the only other alternative I know is just spend a bunch of money on ads and for many people who are startups, they can’t afford to spend money on ads or endorsements. But what encouragement would you have for someone listening right now who goes, “I don’t know if I can handle doing some jobs for free.” What would you say?

Mykhaylo: Again, it’s the big picture. If you have your goals, when you have your goals, then all this is like you know that this is now, this is what you have to do in order to move on. It’s just your steps you have to cross.

Clay: Thrive nation, when we come back, we’re going to be talking abut specifically the step by step moves that you need to take to optimize your website. So many people go, “How do I optimize my website? I’m going to teach you specifically what you have to do to optimize your website. Stay tuned, it’s the Thrive Time Show, again, it’s the Thrive Time

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Announcer: You’re listening to the Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio 1170.

Clay: All right Thrive nation, welcome back to the conversation. Today we’re talking about how to implement effective online marketing, how to do it. My name is Clay Clark. I’m the former SBA entrepreneur of the year and I’m here to teach you how to start and grow a successful business. Today on the show, we have a guy, a guru kind of a dude who is– he started off as a little baby entrepreneur and now his business is doing a well, it’s starting to finally, it’s kind of getting it’s wings, it’s starting to take off and he can kind of see where it’s headed. How many jobs did you do in the past like month, maybe? How many jobs in the past, maybe, I guess the holidays might have a little bit slow down there Mykhaylo. But how many jobs did you do this past month?

Mykhaylo: Two jobs.

Clay: Two jobs?

Mykhaylo: They are big jobs.

Clay:Like big jobs?

Mykhaylo: Big jobs.

Clay: Some big jobs, but your first year, like your first six months in business, how many jobs did you do?

Mykhaylo: The first year of American Hybrid Homes if you like at the taxes, we only did 13 jobs.

Clay: 13 jobs that first year and how many jobs do you anticipate to do this year with American Hybrid Homes?

Mykhaylo: As of February 2015, 2016 has just ended, I look at the books, we did 72 jobs.

Clay: 72, so if you look at this year kind of projecting where you’re headed if you keep your current rate, how many jobs do you think you’re going to do this year?

Mykhaylo: We’re looking closer to a hundred jobs at this point.

Clay: Well, and they’re bigger jobs too.

Mykhaylo: Yes.

Clay: For people who don’t know what your business is, you’re a guy who found us by listening to our podcast, the Entrepreneurs on Fire podcast, you found us what does American Hybrid Homes do my friend?

Mykhaylo: At this point, we’re doing carpentry on a dry wall. But our goal is to build a hundred percent energy efficient homes and additions. Right now we’re in the moving process where we have to do carpentry and dry wall.

Clay: Here’s the deal Thrivers, I’m going to encourage you, I’m going to challenge you right now. Get to your smart phone, some of you right .now, you are listening from Oklahoma Joes, you’re out there having some barbecue for lunch, you’re having some baked beans and what you’ve discovered is you’re going, “Okay, it’s hard to take notes while eating the barbecue, while having the baked beans.” I’m encouraging you to put the phone down just for a moment and what I want you to do is I want you to go ahead and I want you to Google search something for me. Google search Tulsa Men’s Haircuts. Everybody now, here we go. Tulsa Men’s Haircuts.

If you’re somebody and you’re going, “What did they say?” I’m saying Tulsa Men’s Haircuts and when you Google that, you’re going to find that we are Elephant in the Room, that’s our men’s grooming lounge which by the way, for all of our loyal listeners here at the Thrive Time Show, if you mentioned it’s your first time inside the elephant in the room, your first haircut, this is for men, it’s a men’s rooming, it’s a men’s haircut facility. Your first haircut is always a dollar. It’s always a dollar. How can you guys afford to do that? We can’t unless we wow you. That’s why it’s a no brainer. But it’s a dollar for your first haircut. Go in to Elephant in the Room, see what Tulsa is taking about. It’s [email protected]

The point of this exercise is you Google Tulsa Men’s Haircut. If you see that we’re top at Google, and at the first 10 listings, we’re number one, we’re number two, we’re number three, we’re number four, we’re number seven, eight, nine. We’re nine of the first 11 listings and you have to say, “Well, how did you do that? Did you pay for that?” No, there’s a specific system that we implement, we’re going to teach this to you. This alone is worth millions of dollars for people that execute. According to Thomas Edison, knowledge without application is meaningless. Knowledge without application is meaningless. He says vision without execution is hallucinations.

But check it out, When you go to the site, when you go to the Google listings, you’re going to notice that if you scroll down on Goolge just a little bit under the map listings, hopefully you are doing this with me now, you’re going to see those text that says Elephant in the Room, Vertical Bar and then Tulsa Men’s Haircuts, Vertical Bar, grooming lounge. That’s called the title tag and I know it’s a radio show so work with me, but it’s a title tag. If your title tag is not focused on the right keyword, if you’re doing it wrong, you’re going to lose.

Then, the green text underneath it, that is called a permalink. It’s the word, it’s the .com and the letters after the .com. If you don’t do that right, you lose. If the meta description is wrong, then you lose. The real magic is when you go to the site, we have more content than anybody else in the market place. Whoever has the most relevant content wins. Also, we have the most Google canonical compliance. You’re going, “I’ll be a little above you.”

The thing is, I don’t know what that means, what does that mean? I’ll tell you what that means, what it means is you need to email right now, [email protected]. If you have a website, if you have a business, you need to email us your website right now, [email protected]. “What’s the catch? What are you guys going to do?” The thing is we’re going to tell you, we’re going to run a 37 point analysis on your website, a battery of tests and we’re going to tell you what’s wrong with your website and what’s right with your website. What’s wrong with it, what’s right with it, how you can fix it so you can also become top in Google and that search term alone is worth millions of dollars as the Elephant in the Room.

I want to go back to Mykhaylo our guest. I want to and to ask you Mr. Mykhaylo, you guys install, do you guys install kitchens? Do you do cabinets? Do you do remodeling? What exactly do you do now at American Hybrid Homes?

Mykhaylo: We do interior trim works. If you want custom cabinets built, or if you want custom bookcases built. Also we can install kitchens and cabinets.

Clay: Kitchens and cabinets and — Let’s say this, is there a right way to build a cabinet and a wrong way to build a cabinet?

Mykhaylo: Yes, and wrong materials, there’s a lot of things that can go wrong.

Clay: Walk me through one of the most basic problems that you’ve seen because you’ve obviously had people call you and they want you to do a major renovation in their home. People all over the world will call you, sometimes you might have to fly into a new city, or you have to drive somewhere to do the work, when you go in there and you go to fix the cabinets or to place the cabinets, what is the basic rookie mistake, where you go, “Oh, are you kidding me? I can’t believe they did it this way.”? What’s just an obvious, caps an obvious move.

Mykhaylo: For some of it, even the sizing. If you have the kitchen like some of the cabinets could just be not appropriate for the actual kitchen.

Clay: But you could see that looking at it.

Mykhaylo: Yes.

Clay: Because you’re an expert of it now.

Mykhaylo: A pro.

Clay: Here’s the deal but when you are building a website, almost everyone I’ve ever talked to does not, either a ninety five percent of the people I’ve met, maybe more, maybe a hundred percent, I don’t know. Almost every person I’ve ever met has no idea how to get to the top of Google. No one knows. It’s very complicated. They go, “Oh, its impossible to learn that.”

I’m going to tell you what Thrivers, on January 20th and January 21st, someone needs to write that down. But on January 20th and January 21st — some of you are looking for a pen right now, “Where’s my pen?” On January 20th and January 21st, we’re going to teach you how to optimize your website, the specific nitty-gritty step by step, steps you need to take there, the specific checklist in the systems that you need to do to get to the top of Google. All you’ve got to do is get to Go to, click on the conferences, it will teach you how to do it and check it out, if you don’t have the money available to attend the conference, there’s two guarantees I’ll make for you, one, there’s no up sales. We’re not trying to constantly — Mykhaylo, you have been a part of the Thrive 15 community for years. Are we always calling you and trying to upsell you random stuff? Has that ever happened like, “You’ve got to get my million dollar DVD series?” Has that ever happened?

Mykhaylo: No. It’s just one monthly payment.

Clay: There it is it, it’s just one. It says the deal Thrivers, if you come to a conference you can come to this conference and if you can’t afford it my second promise is we have a scholarship program available for you. There’s really no reason that you shouldn’t take advantage of this offer. You’re going, “Well, I’m going to be out of town.” There’s still time to change those plans. You’ve got to get out to the world headquarters into our two-day workshop on January 20th and January 21st. Go to to learn more. When we get back, we’re going to get into targeting ads. These are targeting ads. These are ads that you only show to certain people. If you’re listening right now and you have a Facebook account — Mykhaylo, do you have a Facebook account?

Mykhaylo: Yes, I’m the company lister.

Clay: That’s probably a ridiculous question, everyone has a Facebook account. In fact, I saw you celebrating your first Christmas party I think with American Hybrid Homes on Facebook. Is that true? Is that a rumor?

Mykhaylo: Yes, that was our first Christmas party. It was huge.

Clay: Check it out here Thrivers. When we come back, we’re going to teach you specifically how to make a ton of money using social media. “You mean I can make money on social media not just get involved in hearsay and gossip and comparing myself versus the false narrative of people trying to impress others” Stay tuned.

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Announcer: Live. Local. Now. You’re listening to the Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio 1170.

Clay: Hello, hello, hello and welcome back to the dojo of mojo on the left coast of the Arkansas River here in the beautiful world headquarters and inside the box that rocks. You are listening to the Thrive Time Show and today we’re talking about specifically how to make money. How to implement an effective online marketing strategy? Hi, my name is Clay Clark and I am a business coach. I’m the former SBA Entrepreneur of the Year and I’m joined here today in the box that rocks with Mykhaylo. Now Mykhaylo, how do you pronounce your last name?

Mykhaylo: Panchasakha [sp].

Clay: Panchasakha?

Mykhaylo: Panchasakha.

Clay: Where are you from originally?

Mykhaylo: The Ukraine.

Clay: How in the world did you and I got to know each other my friend? How did you hear about and the Thrive Time Show originally?

Mykhaylo: Well I’ve been with Thrive for almost two year now. Actually, over two years now and I did this crazy thing by emailing you through and somebody responded.

Clay: How have we kind of helped you along the way? What are some of the challenges that you ran into as an entrepreneur and how have we been able to help you throughout because obviously as an entrepreneur, there’s many many challenges but for those people listening right now who have a ton of challenges they dealing with on a daily basis, I just want to hear your perspective. What kind of challenges have you run into and how have we helped you?

Mykhaylo: Earlier on it was just getting started. That’s the hardest thing with everybody. Like you said, over 50% of people want to start a business but not everybody does and really because people don’t know how and you can’t be expected to know how to start a business without knowing that. So Thrive was a nice good platform for just practical education.

Clay: Where were you stuck at in life? Were you overwhelmed by time management? Were you overwhelmed by just — what was the part where you thought, “Oh my gosh, I don’t think I can do it?” Where was the part where you were just, you needed a little bit of nudging?

Mykhaylo: Honestly it was almost everything.

Clay: Okay. All right.[laughs]

Mykhaylo: Because you don’t know how to do it so you take one step at a time. On Thrive there is videos of you coaching and you kind of find steps that you have to take and then you just break those down and you make them. Did people think that you were nuts when you decided to start your own business? I mean is that something that people thought, “Wow, this is pretty crazy.”?

Mykhaylo: Yes very, especially when I told my parents, “I’ve got to go to Oklahoma to meet with Clay” and they’re like, “Who?” Yes to come and shadow you here for a day, so yes, many people thought so.

Clay: Now, I’m going to read you a notable quotable. I want to ask you if you believe this quote to be true because this is to me is something that I really live this quote. I believe in this quote. I’m obsessed with this quote. This quote made me start a business. This is why and the Thrive Time Show exists but here it is. This is from Brian Tracy. He’s a bestselling author and a speaker. He says, “No one lives long enough to learn everything they need to learn from scratch to be successful. We absolutely positively have to find people who’ve already paid the price to learn the things that we need to learn to achieve our goals.” Do you believe that?

Mykhaylo: Yes absolutely.

Clay: Now Dave Ramsey says this. Here’s what Dave Ramsey says, “You must walk to the beat of a different drummer. The same beat that the wealthy hear. If the beat sounds normal evacuate the dance floor immediately.” The goal is not to be normal because as my radio listeners know, normal is broke.” For someone listening right now going, “Things I’m learning, these are not normal. These are not normal things. These are not the things normal people do. I can’t believe I’m doing this.” What feedback would you have for listeners out there who go, “Okay, I’m thinking about starting a business but I just don’t know if this seems normal?”

Mykhaylo: It’s never a normal thing. Starting a business — I don’t know the percentage but obviously there are way more workers than business owners, so just that in itself is not normal. And like you were saying is you have to seek advice from other people. I don’t think there’s one person in the world who started a business just in a box by themselves. You have to look for help and people who’ve been there before because it just expedites everything. If you have to learn how to do SEO by yourself by reading books and taking out textbooks, you can take forever. You have to reach out to people, ask for help, use the resources that you have. Use the internet, come on, it 21st century.

Clay: Here’s the deal Thrivers, here’s the deal, we’re talking today about how to be an effective online marketer and how to execute an effective online marketing strategy. But this next aspect of executing an effective online marketing strategy is targeting ads. Mykhaylo, do you go on Facebook man?

Mykhaylo: Yes.

Clay: I’m on Facebook right now just so I can kind of walk people through the visual of this. But I don’t like Facebook at all. I don’t like it. Do you like it?

Mykhaylo: Yes.

Clay: You do?

Mykhaylo: Sure.

Clay: What do you like about it? Walk me through your world man.

Mykhaylo: What do I like about it?

Clay: Yes what’s your deal? What’s your boom boom? What makes you say, “Oh I like Facebook.”

Mykhaylo: Just the funny videos. [laughs]

Clay: Okay. Here’s the thing. For me, I would never, ever, ever go on Facebook at all unless it was for business. I just wouldn’t do it. I just, oh, I don’t like it. Here’s the thing about Facebook is that everybody’s on Facebook and people are using Facebook. You know back in the day when you — how are you now? How old are you?

Mykhaylo: 24.

Clay: 24, okay so you don’t know about back in the day but some of you listening right now you know about back in the day. But back in the day what would happen is your mom and dad would be watching something like Dukes of Hazzard or something and what would happen is in the commercials, you’d flip between the channels using a box. You didn’t have remote yet. So you’d hit the button on the keys like a keyboard almost and you would go to ESPN and TNT and CBS or whatever and you’d flip the box. That’s how you did it.

That was the move, that was the old cable box and that’s how people would do. They would spend their evenings basically sitting down at the couch if there’s a cord attached to this thing and attached to their TV and it sit there on their couch. They would just flip through the TV stations and that’s how we’d do it. Now today people, don’t really do that. We have a remote, people use the channel surf. People’ll sit there in front their TVs and they use the remote and just keep changing channels. Some people are doing that still.

But more and more people are hopping on their smartphones. They sit on their couch looking at their smartphones and they’re just flipping through the news-feed. They’re just flipping through the news-feed on Facebook. What do you look when you go on Facebook man? What are you looking for? What’s the deal? What are you looking for? Walk me through your mindset.

Mykhaylo: You just scroll through some of the videos and you look for funny ones.

Clay: Okay, you’re looking for funny ones.

Mykhaylo: I’ll go on it like 20 minutes a day, 10 minutes a day just to –

Clay: He’s an addict. He’s addicted to Facebook. He can’t get away from it. No, but seriously, so the thing is you go on Facebook. You go and you scroll through that, okay? Now, how do you know like right now, I’m just scrolling through — there’s a company called I’m looking at their ad, and then I scroll down and Nathan’s talking about something about Donald Trump here, and then we’ve got — let’s see, here we got – what have we got? Steve Currington is talking about something. I’m not very sure what he’s talking about here. And then we’ve got somebody doing a back flip. We’ve got somebody’s talking about a salt of lamp that improves your mood. Somebody else is talking about, “Should I have dreadlocks or should I not?”

And then, all of a sudden I see an ad that pops up here. There’s an ad popping up here. Again, let’s see it for Binge, that’s an accounting company of some kind, and then I see another ad popping up here for, what is it? Okay, yes, it’s a shirt. It’s a shirt manufacturing company called Proper Cloth. Why is the Proper Cloth ads shown to me, Mykhaylo? Why am I seeing it? If you had to guess.

Mykhaylo: You probably fit their demographic.

Clay: That’s right. It’s targeting ads. You can go on, and we’ll teach you how to do this at the Thrive Time workshops. You can decide whether men or women see your add or both. How old is the man who sees your ad? How much money do they make per year? You mean you can tell how much money someone makes per year on Facebook? Yes, you can tell their estimated home value, you can tell their hobbies, their interests. You can laser focus on who you’re showing your ads to.

Mykhaylo, you can show ads to people who are likely to move, people who just bought a house, people who have their house for sale, and are people more likely to do remodeling before they sell a house?

Mykhaylo: Yes.

Clay: So that’s a move. So Thrivers what I want you to do during the break is I want you to get a piece of paper and a pen, and make a list of your ideal and likely buyer. Go ahead and make a list of your ideal and likely buyer, and when you come to the workshops, we’ll teach you how to target them on Facebook. Stay tuned.

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Announcer: You’re listening to the Thrive Time Show on Talk radio 1170.

Clay: All right Thrive nation, welcome back into the conversation about how to increase your compensation with effective online marketing. My name is Clay Clark. I’m a former SBA entrepreneur of the year and a business coach, and I am here to teach you the moves and the strategies of millionaires and billionaires. How they go about building successful companies, and today specifically we’re going to get into this whole game of search engine optimization and effective online marketing.

Now Mykhaylo, we were just talking about targeting ads which is where you can show your ads specifically to people who meet your targeted demographic. I want to ask you, with American Hybrid Homes, if you could think about all the customers you’ve worked with, 150 customers [unintelligible 01:23:36] all the families and that kind of thing, do you typically get a call for your services from the man or the woman? On average, from the man or the woman?

Mykhaylo: The woman.

Clay: Typically? Shocker. Now here’s the deal Thrivers, check it out. Did you know the majority of the purchases in America made today are made by, this just in, women? Someone’s going, “No way. no way.” In my family, I’m the man and I’m the one who buys all the towels. That’s not — I’m the one who buys the towels. I’m the one who drives to shopping. I’m the one who goes to the store. No, but in most homes, women, absolutely, are the decision makers when it comes to spending. So you’re saying women?

Mykhaylo: Yes.

Clay: Is it three quarters of the remodeling calls you’ve got those from women? Three-quarters?

Mykhaylo: It’s got to be around, yes, 70%.

Clay: Okay, so if you’re doing targeting ads, you want to focus on, in your case, you would focus on women. If you’re a re-modeler, women. Then are you finding that of a bunch of very, very poor people are doing remodeling? Or is it people who you usually have a little bit of disposable income?

Mykhaylo: It will have to be somebody who’s ready to take that step and invest that.

Clay: You don’t find a ton of homeless people calling you to remodel?

Mykhaylo: No.

Clay: Okay, so is it upper middle class or lower middle class? Or is it in terms of just income? Who typically is driving the remodeling game?

Mykhaylo: It will be middle class and up.

Clay: Are there zip codes where, in New York, where you’re getting more business out of a certain zip code or certain county or a certain city than others?

Mykhaylo: Yes, and typically for us, it’s just closer to the city.

Clay: Which one — so closer to the city. Bigger houses, bigger value of homes?

Mykhaylo: Not, I mean not the size. The houses gets smaller actually, but they get way more expensive.

Clay: Okay, so smaller, more expensive houses that want to remodel, okay. What are other –what are other commonalities you see? Are the women typically in their 30s or 40s or 50s? Or what other demographic are these ladies in, typically?

Mykhaylo: It would be — it’s more of a new home buyers or somebody wanting to renovate their home. So it’s a people who are moving into older houses. So you’d be looking at older neighborhoods.

Clay: Yes.

Mykhaylo: You wouldn’t look into the newer neighborhoods.

Clay: If you had to describe the average customer who’s hired you to remodel, are they in — are they over 30 years old?

Mykhaylo: Yes.

Clay: Are they over 40?

Mykhaylo: Yes.

Clay: Are they over 80?

Mykhaylo: No.

Clay: So they’re under between 40 and 80?

Mykhaylo: Yes.

Clay: 40 and 70?

Mykhaylo: No.

Clay: 40 and 60?

Mykhaylo: Yes.

Clay. Okay, but you have 61 people said, “Screw it. I’m not remodeling.”

Mykhaylo: Go in Florida.

Clay: Okay. So here’s the deal Thrivers, what you have to do, what you have to do is you have to choose your target demographic, you have to do it. If you are doing a Facebook profile to market your business, you would target the age range, the zip code, the city, the county. All of those interests, hobbies you have to do it. Because if you don’t do it, what ends up happening is you’re just throwing your advertisement dollars away. You’ve got to break it down, Thrivers. Let me give you just a moment to break it down. Here we go.


Oh, breaking it down with Mykha – mykha — mykhaylo from American Hybrid Homes. Now, we’re moving on here to re-targeting. Now what are re-targeting ads? If you, Thrivers, I, as a business coach, encourage you to take the challenge right now. Go to, “Is this part of the Illuminati? Are you trying to control what I do with my free time?” No, go to Make a new tab, go to “You mean a communist news station?” Calm down. Let’s go to “You mean the Republican news station?” Stop it, go to Go to Go to any of these sites. Okay, go to, and you’re going to notice that certain ads will follow you around.You know you go to a website and the ads follow you around.

There’s a book, Mykhaylo, have you read The Retargeting Playbook?

Mykhaylo: No, I have not.

Clay: It’s probably not psychologically healthy for you to read it at this point. It’s just too much data, just overwhelm you. You’re too busy growing your business right now. You don’t need to read that, but it’s called The Retargeting Playbook and in that book they found — if you had to guess, how many times does somebody typically have to see it, go to your website before they buy something? If you had to guess, Mykhaylo, how many times they have to go to your website before they buy something?

Mykhaylo: More than five.

Clay: 4.7 is the average, 4.7. The Retargeting Playbook 4.7%. 4.7 times I mean. They have to go to our website 4.7 times before they convert. Now I’m going to read off a list of the things your website has to have before the average person will convert. I’m going to read these off, and if you’re listening right now and you’re scoring at home and you have all these things then your genius and, “Winner winner chicken dinner” for you.

You should probably go to Oklahoma Joe’s, and go there, high-five them and say that the people Thrive, the Thrive Time Show say hello. Just go to Oklahoma Joe’s to celebrate and say — walk up to the front there and find the cashier and ask what will give you a big boom, a big fist bump if you get this right, okay. We’re going to go through the checklist, think about your website right now, and if you don’t have a website, go ahead and make a list of these things.

First off, video testimonials. Mykhaylo, why do we have to get video testimonials my brother? Why do we have to do it? From your perspective, why do we have to do it?

Mykhaylo: Everybody watches the videos. Nobody wants to read.

Clay: How hard is it to get a video testimonial? From your perspective, how hard is it to go get one?

Mykhaylo: It’s — you have to have customers. You just got to ask.

Clay: And then you ask, and if we ask 10 customers, how many of your customers will probably say yes and agree to allow you to film them talking about your business?

Mykhaylo: I would say two to three.

Clay: And I’ll tell you this, a lot of people are just freaked out about video. They don’t be on video, “I don’t want to be on video. Call me when I’m dead.” They don’t want to do it right? But you’ve got to get a video testimonial. That’s thing number one, okay? Thing number two here, check it out, written testimonials. Why do you need a written testimo — how have written testimonials benefited your company and your website my friend?

Mykhaylo; Well those — typically people, if you do a good service, they will do the testimonial for you. The more testimonials you have, the more likely you are to get more and more work, and it’s just — the snowball keeps growing.

Clay: Three, icons, okay. So your icons, what does that mean? Icon is like a hieroglyphic, the Egyptians used to draw with hieroglyphics back in the day. They would use cuneiform which was – anyway, I won’t get into that. But the point is, they would write and it was like a symbol that indicated words, that kind of thing. And now people are so busy, they’re on their smartphone, they have icons. So Thrivers if you go, “What does that look like?” Go to,, and there you will see a website that’s done very, very well as a result of using icons, but it’s almost intuitive at that point.

Mykhaylo, we’ve been working with you on your website adding more icons in there and doesn’t it just simplify the whole messaging in your mind?

Mykhaylo: Yes it does.

Now the next move you want to have is you want to have a Google canonical compliant website. What does that mean? Just email me [email protected]. Email [email protected] and send us a link to your website and we’ll get into that for you. But it has to look a certain way according to Google standards. Also, it has to be checked out. Next one is mobile-friendly. Oh why does the website be mobile-friendly Mykhaylo? I’ll tell you why. Eight out of 10 people who are using the internet are using it now on their phone. If you don’t believe in that statistic, look up right now. Look up on your computer. Go to Google and type in the percentage of people that are using their Smartphone to search the internet. It’s almost everybody.

So you almost have to design a website now in mobile and then work backwards to the computer. But it’s easier to start with a computer because you can actually talk about it and look at the images and the text. But all I’m saying Thrivers is that you definitely have to have a mobile compliant website, a mobile just look at got any mobile phone on a smartphone.

The final one I want to get into is you have to have social proof that’s like as seen on local news media that kind of thing. Then you have to have a prominent call-to-action. A prominent call-to-action. A no-brainer offer. You have to have all those things because if you don’t have those things if went to a website you can’t find their phone number before Mykhaylo you’ve ever been in there and you’re like what in the world is this?

Mykhaylo: Where are their address, where is the restaurant. I can’t find their address.

Clay: Yes. You’re going to a restaurant you can’t find their address. So thrivers, here’s the deal, you could spend tens of thousands of dollars to remodel your website, you could do that or you could come out here to the Thrive, check it out, the Thrive Time Show workshops. It’s January 20th and 21st. Now here is the no-brainer offer. It’s a limited group but check it out Thrivers. For everybody who comes out to this workshop, we are going to do an in-depth website analysis, a 37-point website analysis for you, we’re going to help you find the problems and coach you through the process of enhancing your website.

“So you’re saying you guys are going to include my website enhancement?” Yes because it’s a small group so I’m just telling you. “So you mean you guys are going to enhance my website and not upsell me anything all included, what’s the catch?” There’s no catch. “Why would we do this? Why would we do this?” Because my mission on the planet is to mentor millions. That’s why I was put on the planet, that’s what Dr. Z and I decided to do years ago when we teamed up.

So right now you have three decisions you can make, there’s three decisions. Decision number one. You could listen to this information and you could say, “This is some good information now. Larry this is some good information.” “That’s right Troy. This is some, Grandy, this is some good, this is some good information” and then do nothing. You just listen to it and you go I’ll just going to do nothing. It’s like you watched a great comedy and now you go that was kind of funny but move on.

Move number two is you could, you could go to, and you could sign up for the world’s best business school and get a business coach. Let me tell you what it’s for 50 bucks a month, 50, five zero, you have unlimited access to the super premium features and for 19 bucks a month, you have access to an unbelievable variety of features. $19, Yes, $19 to the world’s best business school and if you can’t afford it, we have a scholarship option. A scholarship option which allows you to set your own price. “Are you kidding me, I could set my own price?” No, I am not kidding. It’s all available for you.

The third option is you can go to That’s, and when you go up there you can sign up for the two-day interactive 15 hours of power workshop. You’re going to learn everything you ever needed to know about search engine optimization, time management, sales, marketing, accounting it’s all taught there 15 hour workshop, two, one boom.

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