8 Steps for Creating an Effective Documented Sales System

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You having effective documented sales systems in your business is huge. Join Clay Clark, Dr. Z, and Joe Davidson the owner of Oklahoma Joe’s as they discuss ways to create tried and true documented sales systems , so that you can track and strengthen your sales team. With the help from the business coach and these proven entrepreneurs you you can expect to see impressive growth when you implement their proven methods.

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Audio Transcription

Learn How To Create An Effective Documented Sales System From The Business Coach : Podcast Transcript

Voice-over: And now, broadcasting from the center of the universe and the Thrive15.com world headquarters. Let’s go. Presenting the world’s only business school without the BS, with optometrist and entrepreneur Dr. Robert Zoellner and a former Small Business Administration entrepreneur of the year, in your year, Clay Clark. It’s the Thrive Time show on Talk Radio 1170. Three, two, one. Boom!

Clay Clark: All right, Thrive nation, I don’t care what your persuasion is, I don’t care what your motivation is; everybody out there you want to start or grow a business. In fact, you being 57%, I can confidently say according to Forbes, 57% of the people listening to this show right now want to start or own a business. And when you start a business, you become an entrepreneur.

Dr. Robert Zoellner: Absolutely, and this show is for you.

Clay: Yes. And the thing is, if you can’t sell stuff, check it out if you want to start a business, once you start a business, you’re not in business unless you’re selling something. So work with me, if you want to sell stuff but you’re not actually selling stuff, in my mind, you have to give back your entrepreneur card.

Dr. Robert: Absolutely. And I’m the co-host, Dr. Robert Zoellner. And I’ll tell you what, I am– people go, “You’re an optometrist. What are you doing on a business show?”

Clay: Yes. You’re an optometrist.

Dr. Robert: I’m an entrepreneur trapped, I say, trapped in an optometrist’s body.

Clay: Many many people have told me over the years, they know that I know you, they’ll say, “So, he’s the optometrist, right?” And they’ll say, “How many patients can he see in a day?” I’m not kidding, people ask me, “How many patients can he see in a day? I mean, he advertises a lot.” That’s the mindset, how many can you see?

Dr. Robert: Yes.

Clay: Now, you learned how to sell, you’re going to sell well, and then once you nailed it, you began to scale it. Make it repeatable. Boom.

Dr. Robert: And then I replicated myself because, as much fun as it is answering every phone call, as much fun as it is pre-testing every patient-

Clay: [sings] Pre-testing every patient. That’s what I want.

Dr. Robert: [sings] I lo-lo-love it. And as much fun as it is picking out glasses with Mrs. Johnson-

Clay: Yes.

Dr. Robert: -no I think the blue is better.

Clay: I better go with blue.

Dr. Robert: It’s better than red.

Clay: Do you think they look good with my eyes?

Dr. Robert: You see your face is more rectangular, so therefore-

Clay: Are you saying I have a rectangular face?

Dr. Robert: I love the [unintelligible 00:02:16] contact lenses, I loved all of that. But you know what? As much as I love it, I know that if I only saw the patients, I personally could do all those steps for, it wouldn’t be that many.

Clay: Have you ever been labeled as somebody who– you know, you hear this a lot. We have small business day, we celebrate businesses that don’t grow.

Dr. Robert: [laughs] Why would we celebrate that?

Clay: I heard a lot. They celebrate the fact that the business does not grow. Have you ever been told, “Hey, Z, you know, if you really want to make a quality product you really have to work on it yourself every day. You have to be there.” Have you ever met entrepreneurs that kind of trying to make you feel bad that you’re not personally seeing every patient?

Dr. Robert: Yes. I had one lady stop in the hallway. And she looked at me and I could tell she was a little frustrated. Because, it wasn’t her normal experience from small-town optometry where the doctor greets her at the door, did all the staff helped to pick out the glasses, spend two hours with her, held her hand and checked her out and then she left.

She was like the only one in the building the whole time, the only one in the office the whole time. And she stopped me in the hallway once and she looks frustrated and she looked at me and she was kind of exasperated, then she goes, “You’re the McDonald’s of eye care.” And I said, “Well, thank you very much. Thank you, thank you.” Because, let’s go through McDonald’s. At the time, they were opening up a store every- one in every 12 hours around the world.

Clay: Craziness.

Dr. Robert: Craziness. I wish I could open up that many stores. Number two, their bathroom is always clean. And I don’t care whether in Detroit, Michigan, or Sarasota, Florida; your- the Big Mac is the Big Mac.

Clay: Big Mac.

Dr. Robert: They’re all the same. The idea is the French Fries are all great. Come on, we all love French Fries don’t we.

Clay: We all do. Even if we shouldn’t– we all.

Dr. Robert: Come on! You’re on a road trip, you see the golden arches, you’re going to pull in, you know they have a clean bathroom-

Clay: You don’t want to admit it, but you do. You go in there.

Dr. Robert: -you got a clean bathroom. You know the moves. You’ve all been there. As you’re driving home and it’s, “Thank God, it’s Friday. By the way, you survived it, the weekend is coming up.

Clay: Now, if you’re driving home and just think “Thank God it’s Friday, this’s Friday.” If you’re driving home and you’re going, “I want something different than just the fries.” Right? You want something — you don’t, even the fries of McDonald’s are very good.

Dr. Robert: Yes.

Clay: But you’re looking for a food experience.

Dr. Robert: Something more sassy in it.

Clay: More than sassy. Little more– just more feelings. Something gives you that satisfaction.

Dr. Robert: Oomph!

Clay: After all that eating action, you still got that satisfaction.

Dr. Robert: So you’re saying I can’t get satisfaction?

Clay: What you do? True. We’re not going to argue with the Rolling Stones but true.

Dr. Robert: Yes.

Clay: To my left, we have a very special guest here, this is Mr. Joe Davidson. And he’s a man who’s sold two million smokers. So, he learned how to sell the smoker well and then-

Dr. Robert: Boy, he must be a good welder to make that many smokes-

Clay: -the question is, “How many smokers can you weld the day Sir?”

Joe Davidson: It got to the point that I could build at least a half of one, or one a day myself.

Clay: Really?

Joe: Right, I’m pretty good at it.

Dr. Robert: [whispers] How’s that possible? Clay, he’s not listening, how’s that possible you could sell two million? I think we may have something going on here.


Clay: So, we’re going to get into this. These are the eight steps from the business coach for creating an effective document sales system. We’ll start with move number one. Step number one. Identifying document which three marketing systems work well for generating leads in sales.

As an example, let’s say you’re listening right now and you go, “I just need sales.” A lot of people have a great idea they need sales. How do I sell something? So go ahead, I want you to sketch out, I’m going to just fire them off. Z, if I miss one, you tell me.

Dr. Robert: Okay.

Clay: One, billboards.

Dr. Robert: Yes. It’s a thing, it’s a thing.

Clay: Yes. Internet ads.

Dr. Robert: Hey! You’re driving home right now, you’re glancing at them. We know you’re looking.

Clay: Yes. Billboards. Internet ads.

Dr. Robert: Yes. Internet ads.

Clay: Okay. You got Facebook ads.

Dr. Robert: Internet ads are a little creepy. They’ll follow you around. You Google John Deere Tractors and for the next- seem like the next ten decade of your life, every time you pull up a website, it’s like John Deere Tractors ad over there on the side.

Clay: You got social media ads.

Dr. Robert: Social media.

Clay: YouTube ads.

Dr. Robert: Yes.

Clay Clark: Then you got TV ads.

Dr. Robert: Oh, yes.

Clay: Radio commercials.

Dr. Robert: Radio.

Clay Clark: Mailers.

Dr. Robert: Yes.

Clay: Trade shows.

Dr. Robert: Yes.

Clay: I mean, there’s an endless variety.

Dr. Robert: Random dude on the corner with the spa at signing spinning.

Clay: The signing spinner a hundred and first in the morning.

Dr. Robert: That’s the thing.

Clay: The mall guy who does the mattress thing, he’s a move. It’s a thing.

Dr. Robert: It’s a thing.

Clay: Boom! And we have science for Elephant in the room that announce we have one dollar for your first haircut, that’s a thing.

Dr. Robert: I thought your competitors were taking all those down?

Clay: They are taking them down. We’re putting them back up.

Dr. Robert: So, you’re staying with it?

Clay: It’s a sign board. Either you take them down or put them up. Take them down, put them up. The sign people love it. I think the sign people are taking those off.


Clay: Here’s the thing. Joe, I want to ask you, what was your first breakthrough where you first started learning to sell your smokers? You made these smokers, your passion. What was the first breakthrough for your sales?

Voice-over: You’re listening to the Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio 1170

Joe: You know what? It was the state fair. Get in front of the masses. You know there’s over a million people who go to state fair every year?

Dr. Robert: Deep-fried. Turkey leg.

Joe: I’m telling you that you’re talking my language now. My love language. But barbecue in a state fair go hand in hand. Both the grills, the smokers, and the product itself. We’d actually start cooking every morning demonstrating our smokers, giving away free barbecue, so that they’d understand how good our cookers could cook.

barbecueDr. Robert: You know what that reminds me of?

Clay: What’s that Z?

Dr. Robert: What fair was that by the way? Was it Tulsa? Or was it Oklahoma?

Joe: My very first one was the Oklahoma state fair in Oklahoma City, the second year was in Tulsa, and I did it in Tulsa from that state until- heck until I sold my company.

Clay: Wow.

Dr. Robert: You know what that reminds me of? What’s that make me think of?


Clay: Yes. It does make me think of America. Right Charles?

Dr. Robert: I mean, that’s just America. What’s more American than being at a state fair and cooking meat on a smoker you made with your bare man hands?

Clay: There’s a man– he has a headset on. He’s giving you a demonstration of how a blender works like, “Now folks this blender, I’ll tell you what, you can put a broom in it-

Dr. Robert: And that’s not all.

Clay: “-you can put a shoe in it. You can put– now I’m going to throw in a free tomato slicer today you get two-

Joe: But wait that’s not all.

Clay: That’s right, “You get two of them. Who here thinks you make fresh yogurt? Yogurt is expensive, right? Now make and you just put it (puff)”

Dr. Robert: And then what happens when you’re watching and you smell something? [sniffs] You catch a whiff.

Clay: Forget this blender.

Dr. Robert: You catch a whiff of something you’re like, “Is that heaven I’m smelling?”

Joe: That’s it, that’s it.

Dr. Robert: “Is that heaven? That could be heaven.”

Clay: But, That was your breakthrough.

Joe Davidson: You get there and they’re smoking.

Clay Clark: Someone listening right now and let’s say someone out there has a great product. Let me give you some examples I’m giving you these. This is rapid fire. You’re ready hot Z

Dr. Robert: Rapid fire.

Clay: I am a plumber, and I want to get more plumbing business. What’s the best way for me to market my plumbing business Z?

Dr. Robert: Home and Garden show. I don’t know. Maybe, just go to Home and Garden Show?

Clay: And so you go to the show, let’s say you go to the show and it doesn’t work. Do you get emotional?

Dr. Robert: Yes. You get emotional. And you throw a fit and the guy next to you pushed down his, I’m sorry is that another thing?

Clay: But you move on to the next thing, don’t you?

Dr. Robert: Yes. You just– you know what? I’ll tell you what. When you’re up to your button and you strike and you don’t hit the bottle first time, you just drop the bag go bad the dug [unintelligible 00:09:00] out. You don’t just say, “Okay. That’s it. I missed it one time.”

Clay: I think that’s what people do though. A lot of times they have a great product I see it a lot of time and they have great product and they go swing one time. [sho] I want to ask you though, seriously, rapid fire. Have you ever done an advertisement and just swung and missed? Any of you guys, Z or Joe, you’ve ever been in a rapid fire. You’ve an ad where you just go, you’re pumped, you’re motivated, and you run the ad and nothing. Anybody?

Dr. Robert: I’m trying to remember back at the optometry thing I was pretty deliberate, and I don’t know that I ever had an absolute miss–

Clay: Okay, I got one.

Dr. Robert: Somethings were better than others but–

Clay: I got one.

Dr. Robert: Okay.

Joe: Okay.

Clay: I ran a series of ads on a station. Now women are the ones who book DJs for their weddings. Women book entertainment for their wedding.

Dr. Robert: You don’t target the dude at the wedding show hanging out look like they’re bored and want to jump off.

Clay: Well, I used to say this. People would say, “Well, Clay-” I remember these marketing people, they were trying to get my business name. Say “Who is your target demographic? Men or women?” I’m like, “We sell for everybody. Yes, it takes two to get married. That’s right”

I would go out there and try to market to everybody but, over time I realized, that women were the ones who are buying me — I’m convinced now today that unless women were driving the purchases at weddings, there just wouldn’t be wedding spending. [laughs] Guy is like, “You want to shake on it honey? You want to shake on it? Okay, let’s just–” face bomb.

Joe: Right now adjust to the piece, I already know somebody in Oklahoma Joe’s get some barbecue and we just back and watch Thursday night football.

Clay: I’m committed–

Joe: That’s the thing about football.

Clay: I run ads on a radio station which is focused on dudes didn’t work. But I will tell you this, I’ve run ads on radio station focused on dudes for different products, like Elephant in the Room our Men’s Grooming Lounge and it worked well.

What advice would you have an entrepreneur Joe, who’s listening and they’re going, “I just don’t know how to have my sales breakthrough.” What tip would you have for them?

Joe: Mainly, it’s targeting the proper customer and you’ve done it with Elephant in the Room. Obviously, we did it by going to the state fair and let me tell you state fair people love barbecue.

Clay: They love it.

Joe: Everything — the other shows I go to and I was trying to think about this ahead of time and I’d say, “Who is my ideal customer? Because that’s my top customer?

Clay: Preach it.

Joe: I go to the Louisville outdoor Power and Lawn show.

Clay: We have Power and Lawn show.

Joe: They say, “What is the smoker company doing here? We sell lawn mowers and John Deere’s and different items,” but all of a sudden somebody, “Those people want smokers as well.”

Clay: Those people want my food.

Joe: That’s right, they want my food, they want the smokers. Then we started — we join the pool Institute.

Clay: Pool?

Joe: Can you imagine that?

Clay: Billiards?

Joe: No, swimming pools.

Clay: Swimming pools?

Joe: The National spa and pool Institute.

Clay: Wow.

Joe: Those people want smokers out by their swimming pools. So those are the ways we’d go after that business.

Clay: Speaking of pool, speaking of billiards. When we come back Z, I have a billiard story that you’ve never heard before. It’s going to tell you, it’s a marketing move, it’s going to be a marketing move but it involves billiards, it’s going to be great, you’re going to love it stay tuned.

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Voice-over: Live, local now, you’re listening to the ThriveTime show on Talk Radio 1170.

Clay: All right, Tulsa, entrepreneurs around the world welcome to the ThriveTime Show we can also be heard on thrivetimeshow.com and we literally have thousands and thousands of people, who go there consistently all over the world. We have Thriver’s in Australia, I’ve talked to them, we have Thrivers in a Detroit, we have a Thriver I talked to in Montana today that is listening to the business coach. Talk to – Montana do they have an Internet out there?

Yes, this is the ThriveTime show it’s an international phenomenon, and it’s broadcasting right here live from the Thrive15.com world headquarters, it’s our dojo of mojo and on the show, we have got a special guest today Dr. Zoellnerr, we have a very special guest today. Do you want to tell the drivers who we have on the program today?

Dr. Robert: I tell you what it’s, were on the left side of the Arkansas River beautiful view landmark here northeast Oklahoma. I’ve just then jinxed America, in the center of the universe. What’s great about the center of the universe is that were blessed to have, a young man– I say young because he’s young, young at heart, young at mind, he is not immature but he is young.

Clay: Youngness is beauty, this is beauty, Joe. He is just getting into the prime of his beauty.

Dr. Robert: Obviously, obviously there’s a beauty tip we don’t know about. [laughs] It’s you smoke and you just lean over let that smoke waft.

Clay: People think smoking is bad but smoking meat is great for you.

Dr. Robert: It’s great obviously, I just touched your skin just wonderful things. And this man has blessed us and I say that sincerely with fine barbecue, Oklahoma Joe’s barbecue. If you haven’t eaten it, I tell you what you’re missing out.

Clay: Mr. Joe, how are you, sir?

Joe: Oh man, I love hearing you guys talk today, it’s so much fun.

Dr. Robert: It’s a Friday, it’s Friday.

Clay: It’s a Friday, it’s going to shoot for all.

Dr. Robert: You should be happy it’s great. I tell you what, we got Joe on here because you know why?

Clay: Why is that?

Dr. Robert: We love success stories. We love homegrown home Oklahoma born and reared barbecue stories and Joe is- he’s the pinnacle he’s right up there.

Clay: Today we’re talking with eight steps for creating an effective documented sales process. Remember before we left for the break there we were talking about, step number one is you want to identify and document which three marketing systems work best.

The thing is, you want to figure out what you think is going to work, identify in your mind who is your ideal and likely buyer. You going to write that down, identify-

Joe: Identify very important.

Clay: -who your ideal and likely buyer. Are they men, are they, women, where do they shop, what are they into. And what you talked about as you said the state fair worked well for you and you had said also you John Deere’s the pool as like a swimming pool association.

Joe: National Spa and Pool Institute, yes.

Clay: How did that generate sales for you?

Joe: You’d go there and that’s picking up dealers there’s different types of people there, there’s consumers and there’s people that buy it at wholesale and they become your sales force for you.

Dr. Robert: We call that the middleman and middleman moon.

Joe: The middlemen that’s exactly right. It is the most effective sales tool that I ever, ever approached.

Clay: Really?

Joe: Absolutely.

Dr. Robert: You know why? Because when those dudes the middle — I call them the middleman when they commit to getting your smokers guess what they’re doing Clay?

Clay: What are they doing?

Dr. Robert: Guess what they are doing.

Clay: What are they doing?

Dr. Robert: Take a guess.

Clay: Oh, they’re, theyre–

Dr. Robert: They’re promoting your product and they’re selling your product, and they’re talking about your product, and they’re telling people how much they love you product, because why? They want to sell it, you know why?

Clay: Because they just bought a bunch of them?


Dr. Robert: Because they got a bunch of them. Yes, they were and they want to make money.

Clay: The profit.

Dr. Robert: The profit.

Clay: It always comes back to the profit.

Dr. Robert: Is that ethical?

Clay: Is it ethical? Here’s the thing is now, we were talking about, you joined the Pool Association and before the break I said I’ve got a pool story, it’s a billiard story, not pool.

Joe: Yes, yes it’s what I’d like to hear.

Clay: Ever speaking I’ve been in Chicago.

Dr. Robert: Chicago.

Clay: The key to selling books, I’m going to walk you through how to sell books as a speaker. Rule number one is you want to have a common union with the audience, meaning you want to know them all. Because no one wants to buy the book if they don’t know who you are, where you’re from, why they should care. I like to go to the cocktail parties before, the night before, I always flying in the night before the speaking event and always meet everybody.

We’re in Chicago and they’re going to like one of this kind of Dave and busters’ kind of things and they have a billiard tournament. I signed up and there’s guys who brought their own stick, with their own cue or got their own chalk throwing — some guys are good, they can jump a ball. I decided, I had two Cranberry vodkas, [laughs] I hadn’t eaten anything, rather than one of those.

Joe: I love those.

Clay: I hadn’t had anything—

Dr. Robert: I know you’re a light weight.


Clay: I know that and so the guy says, “Mr. Clay, we didn’t ask, now we’re going to start the competition here,” and you guys are serious, “Competition here, we got Clark going against–” Then so I’m there, my wife’s watching. She knows I’m terrible at billiards and the guy breaks and I proceeded to go around and just knocking almost every ball. I clear the table except for like one ball and my wife’s like, “How are you doing this?” And I’m like, “I don’t know.”

Joe: It’s the cranberry, it’s the cranberry juice is that it.

Clay: No, and I’m not kidding, I don’t know but I end up winning. I’m moving, this is like 80 participants, it’s a playoff. There’s a big board and it keeps getting narrower and narrower, and I keep winning.

Joe: No way.

Clay: I’m not kidding, now we’re into the final four and my wife is like, “How many cranberry vodkas have you had and how are you winning?” and I’m like, “I’m not going to answer the person, I played the fifth but I can tell you I feel like I’m going to beat this guy.” Now I’m totally on fire and this crowd is gathering. I’m not exaggerating, this crowd is gathering and they’re going, “How is he doing?” These guys are going, “Do you practice a lot? You’re pretty direct with those shots, you don’t do a lot of tricks but you’re just accurate.” I’m like “You know, some people are committed to the craft, some people–” Anyway, I get into the finals and I beat this guy who’s clearly better than me. I go out to the finals and this is when I show my lack of skill. Now I —

Joe: That’s a good time to pull out now.

Clay: I’ve had a few beverages now, really not sure what ball I’m aiming for at this point. But anyway, so I’m going and I hit the ball, I get a couple in there and then I just miss a blatantly easy shot. The guy almost clears the table. I miss another easy shot. He jumps a ball, hits the thing, he angles it off the bumper like he’s a wizard like he’s trigonometry genius, he’s just beating me and I ended up– I was exposed, I finished second.

Dr. Robert: Exposed for the fraud that you are. Living on cranberry juice.

Clay: But it is time for the marketing because everybody remembered me. The next morning when I’m at the speaking event, everyone’s like, “You are the guy who’s–”

Dr. Robert: “You’re the dude.”

Clay: “You’re the billiard master. You were so good, how do you–?”


Clay: And then everyone went to buy the book because they were like, “The billiard master who’s the good speaker guy.” You have to stand out of the tradeshow, do you not?

Joe: Absolutely.

Clay: If you’re at the trade show and you want to be conservative, give us some of the moves you’ve done to draw a crowd, to stand out and to sell some stuff. What are some of the moves you’ve done there Mr. Joe?

Joe: Number one, give away great barbecue food. I’m telling you, it gets so much attention when you’re out there, you’re putting smoke in there and then obviously we’re building smokers. Then you you’ve got great aromas that make cooking, and then you’ve got samples of that coming off there. Then, as you were discussing, a good beer with barbecue goes in perfect, so we’d always have several ice chests full of beer. You’ll make so many friends [laughs] that you never knew you had, and wait until you start giving away barbecue and beer. That’s a way to get close to people, to get to know them, and in a casual setting that they feel very comfortable in.

Clay: If you guys get a chance. If you’re listening right now, and you get a chance to read a book, it’s called Soft Selling and Hard World, it’s written by the author named Vass, one of the things he says is, “People like to buy from people that they like and trust. They prefer to buy from people they like and trust.” So we got to fly through all these, we’re going to fly through all these moves, but I’m just telling, if you want to watch the video version, we have them available exclusively at thrive15.com, a massive video vault.

Move number two, is determine which marketing and sales system is far and away the most effective. You have to figure out which one is the most effective, after you’ve done a bunch of these, you’ve done billboards, you’ve done the mailers, you done the commercial, you have to Z, eventually arrive on one that is the most effective. Why is it so important for you Z as a young entrepreneur, when you’re first starting to figure out your thunder move, why do you have to figure out the one that works?

Dr. Robert: Well, you don’t have a lot of room for error. You don’t have as bigger- you don’t have your bankroll, you don’t you a big war chest, and because you’ve started small and you’re trying to grow it, so you don’t start off with the big war chest.

The idea that someone is going to give you because you have a good idea, “Hey bro, if I just get a quarter mil man, I’m going to start this awesome coffee shop.” It’s not going to happen, so what you do is you start small and there’s not a lot of room for error there.

Clay: Now here’s the deal, for anyone who’s listening right now and you’re saying, “What was Z’s first big move?” When we come back Z, you’re going to tell us your first break through, the move that you did where you started to go, “This move works a little too well,” almost feeling guilty because people are coming in, you’re making more money than your spending, its profit, that whole profit game. When we come back we’re going to talk about your first breakthrough super salesman.

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Voice-over: You’re listening to the ThriveTime show on Talk Radio 1170.

Clay: What is going on, tell us, my name is Clay Clarke, I am the father of five human kids, I own chickens, I sort of live off the grid a little bit, I own businesses, I start businesses and I am a business coach. And as a young entrepreneur, I looked up and I said, “Man, it would be awesome someday if I could do with that dude is doing,” and you know who that dude was? That dude was Dr. Robert Zoellner, so I’m honored sir to have you on the show today, my co-host with the most, how are you doing sir?

Dr. Robert: I’m doing great, I just thought you were like a creepy little dude. That was– you had your lovely wife that worked for me, and you’d come to the office and seemed like you were taking mental notes, and you’d just walk around, you were just like–just always trying to figure something out. I thought, “What’s he trying to do, what’s he doing?”

Clay: I don’t know if Kylie remembers, but I literally- one point you had clipboards, and I literally, I remember grabbing one of them and looking at your checklist for the day, and I’ll be going like, “I’m taking it, she’s got to think this is a creepy mystery shopper, this is Captain weirdo,” she’s like,” Excuse me, can I help you?”

Dr. Robert: Then we found out that you were Vanessa’s husband we were like, “What?”

Clay: Yes, “How did he trick her?”

Dr. Robert: But, I tell you what, when I got to know you better, and we did lunch–you remember our first lunch we did?

Clay: Ruby Tuesday.

Dr. Robert: -As you hounded me, I’m like, “Hey, a little nugget out there for you,” if there’s a mentor out there that you want to spend some time with, and the first time you tell them they say no, what you do?

Clay: You just keep calling.

Dr. Robert: You keep going, keep asking.

Clay: In the worst-case scenario, he’ll get more and more frustrated, until maybe you buy him croutons.

Dr. Robert: What they do it is they’ll either get a restraining order or you hope that you guys go to lunch.

Clay: The first time you did the restraining order move against me, I felt like it was a sign, I was like, “Is this a sign? This is him trying to teach me something?”

Dr. Robert: Yes, but after the third one I thought he’s not going away, so I’m going to do lunch. We to Ruby Tuesdays.

Clay: We did, and we have an entrepreneur here, I’ve been like it’s sort of like a hounding through osmosis, I go to the place, I buy the barbecue, I go, “Who is the man who is making this barbecue? I want to meet this man,” and they say, “This man is not here, we’ve built a duplicatable sales system, he is somewhere else enjoying life.” But, seriously we have Oklahoma Joe, the founder of Oklahoma Joe’s on the show today, sir how are you?

Dr. Robert: Show gave it to him, great man.

Clay: Sir, how are you?

Joe: Man it’s so good, and I’m great.

Clay: Well, here’s the deal, we’re talking about the eight steps for creating an effective documented sales system. One, identify and document which three marketing systems work best. Two, you got to find the super move, you got to agree on the one, the one moves. Why do you have to figure out the one move that works the best?

Dr. Robert: Well, the quicker you figure it out, if you figure it out very quickly that’s good for you, and that’s what you want, because I tell you what, when you’re starting off, there’s not a lot of room for error. It’s sad and we’re going to change these percentages, but eight out of 10 businesses fail. I think that they fail because they don’t find the super move early on, and then they implement it. Maybe they aren’t even looking for it, maybe they don’t even know to look for it.

Clay: You can’t take it, we had to do a super move every month. Okay, my wife and I, this is what we did, –you can’t wait two months to try. My wife and I, my wife was working at office depot in Oral Roberts university, I’m working at Applebees West telecommunications center ,and the target back before there was a super target, 71st memorial. Working three jobs, and everything my wife made on office depot, every dollar bless her heart we spend it on ads.

Yellow page ads, bridal show ads, I bought ads and all these magazines that didn’t work. I’m just trying everything and then finally we got a breakthrough, and I realized wedding shows work, the wedding shows were are move, let’s do the move. It’s a move, the wedding shows work, let’s do that move. So if you’re listening right now, fail faster.

Dr. Robert: Fail faster, and that way you can find out your super move and then you just pour everything into that super move.

Clay: What was your first super move?

Dr. Robert: My first super move was–well, I tell you, part of my best super move was when I’d advertise, put on a billboard one-dollar Lasik.

Clay: One-dollar Lasik?

Dr. Robert: Exactly, that was the thing.

Clay: That had to upset other eye care professionals?

Dr. Robert: It just really irritated eye-

Clay: But it’s a catch

Dr. Robert: -There’s probably some eye care professional happened to flip on AM 1170 Talk Radio-

Clay: So shady

Dr. Robert: -and they’re like, “I remember that I was so upset by him, it’s just so ugly.”-

Clay: He’s like the dark side of ads.

Dr. Robert: -But it was overwhelming, in fact, it was too much. It was like we had people on top of people, screaming at other people, wanting to get into the people, fighting like-

Clay: You told me, “If you run an ad, and it doesn’t make your competition slightly mad, it’s not strong enough,” you’ve told me this before.

Dr. Robert: Does that sound mean?

Clay: It did, pretty tone fader, it sounded like what Darth Vader’s tips was like, “Come join me on the dark side, we don’t recognize the power of the force,”-

Dr. Robert: Here’s the deal, it’s Friday, you’ve had a great work week, you’re driving home, you’ve got this little itch at the back of your mind where, “You know, one day I want to work for myself, I’m tired working for the man, I’m going to work for myself, I’m going to do that, I’m going to start my own business.” I want to tell you this, I’m going to be gentle, but I’m going to tell you a little truth nugget, “Business is war.”

Clay: What, I heard you said the word war, you said a war that in sometimes, that’s very aggressive. The word war comes from the word meaning battle, like fighting, like can we just all work together, do a networking event and trade the pies?

Dr. Robert: The pies, the one I love is, “The pie’s big enough, we can all have our own little slice,”-

Clay: “But I ate all the pie.”


Dr. Robert: -“Shame on you trying to eat somebody else’s slice. We all just to share, and we all have our slice and don’t encroach on someone else’s slice. We’ll just chop it up equally among us, “I’m like,” No I want more than just one slice,” and you know what?

Clay: What?

Dr. Robert: Nobody gave it to me. So its war and you’re right. If you’re advertising, if you’re super move doesn’t make your competition wins or go, “Woo,” then it’s probably not super enough move.

Clay: Move number three, create the step-by-step process involved in executing the system. The thing is, you got to create a step-by-step system. Once you know what work, you have to take a picture of the ad, you have to have it saved. You have to have a picture of the billboard that works. You have to have a picture of the display booth that you set up that finally cracked the code, you got to document what works otherwise you’ll end up going, “Well, what all did we do here?”

Dr. Robert: “We had a great month, last month [crosstalk] I don’t know what I’m doing.”

Clay: “We had a good month and didn’t know what happened this month but–” To record what works, I’m going to give you a notable quotable, this is from Martin Luther king Jr. he says, “Rarely do we find men who willingly engage in hard solid thinking, there’s almost a universal quest for easy answers, and half-baked solutions. Nothing pains some people more than having to think,” Oh, Martin Luther King Jr. thank you for that, that was huge.

Dr. Robert: Boom.

Joe: Yes.

Dr. Robert: Yes

Clay: What we’re going to do when we come back, we’re going to be talking about this move number four. Move number four, to build this ultimate sales system, it’s by–Well, I’ll tell you, I’m not going to tell you what it is right now Z, because this move right here, if you start to know the move too early–I don’t think you’re ready for it yet Z. I don’t think they’re ready for move number four, better clean up.

Dr. Robert: Well, I don’t know, they maybe, but you know the great thing about this show is you can go on thrivetimeshow.com. If you’re driving home and you say, “Oh, I missed a couple of moves, I had to pump gas in my car, I pulled at the truck stop to get a Twinkie or something” and now you’re like, “I missed -missed a move.” You know what, go to thrivetimeshow.com and they’re free, you can listen to them as many times as you want.

Clay: Really?

Dr. Robert: Yes. And when you do that when you listen to these shows you know what you are going to become?

Clay: What’s that?

Dr. Robert: Happy.

Clay: Happy.


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Voice-over: You are listening to the ThriveTime show on Talk Radio 1170.


Clay: Hello, Thrive nation, welcome back to your inspiration station. Is the place that you go on your radio to get the knowledge that you need to know to start or grow a business or you are looking for a business coach? And why would you want to start or grow a business? Well, this is the thing. Rumor has it that things cost money. I mean it’s not going to get political.

I’m just going to say perhaps you’ve looked at your insurance bill. Perhaps you’ve seen that it’s gone up. Perhaps even the cost of yogurt, food, groceries, gas anything I don’t know, goods and services has gone up, and perhaps you would like to make more money to compensate for the increased cost of living.

Perhaps you say I don’t want money. “I actually prefer living in a van down by the river,” this show is not for you. If you want to live in abandon by the river you don’t need this show. But if you want to have success financially, which in my opinion is kind of like that. If Maslow had his hierarchy of needs, those of you who went to college studied things like psychology, Maslow has this triangle called the Maslow hierarchy of needs. And the first need a human has is for shelter and clothing and then you move up, food and that kind of thing.

So thing is we want to make sure that you are learning how to be financially successful we want to teach you that. So my name’s clay Clarke the former entrepreneur of the year the great state of Oklahoma, and I’m here joined with a guy who started optometry business, he realized, “Hey I’m an entrepreneur. I’m not really an optometrist.” Then he went on to start– what was the next business you started there’s Z?

Dr. Robert: A sleep center.

Clay: And then what was the third?

Dr. Robert: Car auto auction.

Clay: It makes sense because you go from optometry if you’re grasping it, optometry to sleep center and then you go to- what’s the third again?

Dr. Robert: Auto auction.

Clay: An auto auction and-

Dr. Robert: And then a horse ranch the red bred horse.

Clay: Then after that?

Dr. Robert: D-MI Company where we sell C-Pap machines.

Clay: It just it just the whole thing doesn’t make any sense for a lot of people. Sir we’re talking about sales the sales the whole thing about can you– How do you build a sales system. So we brought a guy on the show and he’s kind of an expert. Mr. Oklahoma Joe.

Dr. Robert: Great Oklahoma’s success story.

Clay: This guy started Joe- he started Oklahoma Joe’s, it’s Mr. Joe Davidson. He has sold and sir if I’m if I’m wrong you tell me. You’ve sold over two million smokers.

Joe: That’s correct. Two million.

Clay: Have any of you- have you guys thought about- have you thought about this Z. Joe have you thought about this. How many customers Joe have you served in your lifetime barbecue to or have sold a product? Have thought about that? Are you playing over five million at this point?

Joe: I would have to say at least over five billion and you know we average a lot of restaurants. Big restaurants will have upwards of a thousand people a day that come in an individual store.

Clay: I only know this because somebody pointed it out to me one time, they said, “Do you know you probably- your companies has probably entertained 15,000 weddings?” and that’s where we were going.

Joe: Wow.

Clay: What. I mean you just- and that’s not millions like you. I mean that’s some 15,000 [unintelligible 00:34:24] Z have you ever thought of how many patients you’ve helped to see well?

Dr. Robert: I’ve never thought about. I guess I could do the math on it. But it’s it’s a high number and you know we’re fortunate that people trust us with their visions, it’s an important thing and here we don’t take it lightly. And just like Joe doesn’t take feeding people lightly, just like you didn’t take weddings lightly.

Clay: Oh yeah

Dr. Robert: and that’s part of it is that you know when you’re doing, it’s something you’re passionate about. And that’s what this show is going to help stir up in you.

Clay: Survivor to conjure it up.

Dr. Robert: [crosstalk] go home on Friday. Yes, because as Forbes says 57% of you listening, you may not even realize it but, deep down in there there’s a little there’s a little dormant seed of entrepreneurship. There’s little business just waiting. Well, what we do is– And this show this show is going to water it-

Clay: water it

Dr. Robert: -fertilizer for it.

Clay: Be careful, be careful.

Dr. Robert: We’re going to pull the weeds which could hurt a little bit. All those things.

Clay: Importance of negative nancities and false beliefs.

Dr. Robert: And we’re going to prune it a little bit which is going to hurt, it’s going to hurt a little bit.

Clay: I just wanted to believe that it’s always true the fact it took money to make money.

Dr. Robert: I just- I know. Don’t cut that off because I like that. I like that employee, I got to get rid of him because, he didn’t show up on time and he’s he didn’t answer the phone right and he spent my money incorrectly. Don’t [unintelligible 00:35:27]

Clay: Don’t prune it, don’t prune it doctor.

Dr. Robert: We’re going to prune it for you and you know what? You’re going to end up with a blossomy, lovely plan that’s productive with fruit, and goods and food products.

Clay: Here’s the deal, if you’re going to sell millions of something, thousands of something, you have to document your system and that is where we will dwell. Point Number four of building this super sale system.

You must buy a huge white board or sheets of paper. Massive amounts of tape. You got to have– you have to document your systems and you’ve to document your systems. So Mr. Joe founder of Oklahoma Joe’s. How do you go about it? If you’re listening right now and you know how to sell but you can’t turn it into a path that someone else can duplicate. You can’t turn it into a system that someone else can do. What advice would you have?

Joe: You know that that’s a great question. When we were– when I was young man. Literally just starting my company, I was fortunate enough to have some help with one of the area of vocational schools.

They actually came forward said, “Hey we can help you develop a business plan, have come up with the vision statement and a mission and hook you up with a seasoned entrepreneur that can help walk you through those stages,” and we had exactly this a huge white board and we would brainstorm and we would think and he would draw out of us everything that was great about our company. And then he would make us defend things he might not think were so great.

Clay: I will tell you, when you begin to look at your business on a white board or a sheet of paper in a linear workflow– I’m going to give you an example. We have thrivers who are asking this– We talked to a guy Z, in San Diego and he listens to the show on thrivetimeshow.com the podcast and he says, “Are you guys real?” And I just read that question, this is like the fifth time I’ve had this question in the last two weeks.

Dr. Robert: Yes, yes.

Clay: And I’m going, “What do you mean?” He goes, “I listen to the podcast every day. But what business does Dr. Zollner- He says zoner. “But, what business does Dr. Zoner own?” And I said, “Oh it’s Zeollner Z-O-E-L-L-N-E-R and he puts in and you could tell he’s doing it one on the phone and he goes, “Oh wow. So he’s got this and that he’s got the auto auction, he’s got the brain–” It occurred to me that the majority of listeners all around the world don’t have the context, they don’t know what it is you do.

Dr. Robert: Yes.

Clay: So that’s where the idea of the box that rocks, broadcasting with little glass color you could see

Dr. Robert: I saw it’s going to be fine, and people can actually watch us live. Watch the videos and get on thrive15.com and watch it and see that we really are real or we’re really good CGI.

Clay: There’s a team there. There’s a team of people who are getting stuff done. It’s a real thing. And so all I would say, is the workflow I realized people are going onto the Web site they’re realizing Tony Robbins has $5,000. No disrespect to Tony Robbins but, it’s 2,500, 5,000 whatever it is to go to one of his seminars–

Voice-over: You’re listening to Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio 1170.

Clay: -where he teaches you how to grow a business. He’s very motivational, for some people they really need that. Then you’ve got the Maui mastermind. Check it out, you can google this, it’s $30,000 to be taught by the guy who started the Priceline. He teach 30,000. Then the third option is the E-Myth. Michael Gerber great author, he’s got these workshops are 4,000 they’ll have contracts with him too. Maybe you’ve seen Robert Kiyosaki Rich Dad Poor Dad there are thousands of dollars.

And it occurred to me, ours are $500. I don’t think people understand the profundities. We have a workflow and so I made another addition to the script to make sure the people– I said, “How familiar are you with Dr. Zoellner?” There was the first objection. “How familiar are you with Dr. Zoellner and myself? And they go, “I’m not, I’m in San Diego, I’m in Montana, I’m in wherever.”

Dr. Robert: Yes.

Clay: Well, “Here, if you just google this, you can find them? And they go, “Oh, wow.” Then I go, “How familiar are you with the overall industry of self-help?” They say, “I’m not quite familiar.” I say, “Well, have you looked into Tony Robbins? They go, “Yeah and in fact you guys are quite a bit less,” and all of a sudden puff. So that there’s a linear system so you’re trying to script it out.

Joe if somebody was going, I just don’t have somebody who can help me draw it out. I don’t have that person. What advice would you have for that person who is listening right now? They’re trying to make their own line of smokers, it doesn’t compete with you because, rumor has it you sold the business so–

Joe: I did, I did- I’m not in that business. I sure promote up Oklahoma Joe’s smokers obviously, but, you know–

Clay: so they want to go out there and start their own smoker line. What advice would you have? They just don’t even know where to start. They’re looking at a blank sheet of paper, they don’t know where to start?

Joe: It gets tougher every day in this world to start a new business obviously. And number one is, that you’ve got to go out and get the resources to educate yourself in order to become a better businessman and re-evaluate yourself on a regular basis.

And that applies to your business practices, your marketing schemes, everything you do, before you spend your dollars to promote your business, it changes all the time. So there’s not one single thing that’s the right answer. I’ve always said it’s like barbecue; there’s not one way that makes it perfect, but there’s a lot of ways to do it really bad.

Clay: I’m going to give you a layer of envisioning your minds. I’m going to give you a picture of this. Say you’re doing online ads, step number one is to make a ad that people will actually click. You have to think about– Okay, well, that really step one? That’s not even step one. Step one is to determine who your ideal and likely buyers are. Because, now with Internet marketing you can say, “I only want to show my ad to soccer moms who live in the 74133 zip code who have two kids.” You can almost do that specifically.

Dr. Robert: It’s kind of creepy.

Clay: It is. In step two is you make an ad people want to click. Step three, if they click the ad, they don’t ever fill out your form, step three is getting them to fill the form. Step four, someone on your team as a follow up, so what do they say? Step 5, someone has to know, and you just go down the system until you close the deal. I’m telling you, if you’re stuck and you just don’t know where to start, we have an online school that can help you. It is called thrive15.com. Z, what other kind of goodies can people find at thrive15.com if they’re new to it?

Dr. Robert: Well, you can get a free website evaluation which is huge-

Clay: Huge.

Dr. Robert: -because Google has made to where the website’s relevant now. Back in the day it was like, “I don’t want to send them on my web site. I just want them to come in the office.” But, now everybody’s kind of doing this thing called– apparently, Google’s kind of a thing, apparently.

Clay: Apparently, and also one or two we have to help you. Is we like to have the founder of Oklahoma Joe’s on the show quite often. I’ll tell you this, if you go to either one of his– These are tools we’re giving you. If you go to either one of his restaurants, there’s two that are open all the time. Where are they located there, sir?

Joe: One’s in Broken Arrow next to Bass Pro Shops.

Clay: That’s my one. Yes, that’s one of the two.

Joe: The other one is at 61st in Sheldon.

Dr. Robert: That’s mine. That’s where I- that’s where I–

Clay: So if you go over there to the one in Broken Arrow, that’s one where I go. Broken Arrow, that’s where I go about to be. When you go out there, they have tools that could change your life and they’re called the world’s best baked beans. Am I my right there, Z? The world’s best big beans?

Dr. Robert: You are correct they are. They are like they’re one-Act– when I go to heaven, if they don’t have those baked beans up there-

Clay: You won’t come back?

Dr. Robert: I don’t think I want to go.

Clay: You see and I- in all due respect to contemplate whether this is the right career move right now. Can I come back again? Can I try that? Could I maybe–

Dr. Robert: Or, I tell you what, time out. “Can I go down there and get like a big tub up and come with them- and bring them with me?”


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Voice-over: Broadcasting from the center of the universe. Featuring optometrist turned entrepreneur Dr. Robert Zoellner and U.S. SBA entrepreneur of the year, Clay Clark. This is the ThriveTime show on Talk Radio 1170.

Clay: All right, it’s your Friday you’re headed home you’re going back to that place where you hang your hat. The place where you say hello to your kids. That place where you just- it’s not just- it’s not really just your house it’s a place where you eat your barbecue. It’s called your home. And so to make this an epic, an epic Friday edition of the ThriveTime show, we are always joined here with Mr.- an incredible Dr. Robert Zoellner the co-host with the most Sir how are you?

Dr. Robert: Thank God it’s Friday. I mean you survived. And now we’re going to help you thrive.

Clay: We’re going to thrive and the thing is you get you before you step in the front door to be a good husband or a good wife. You need to go over there. This might be like a heavy handed sales pitch. It could be. But, the thing is you need to get over there at Oklahoma Joe’s first. Pull over, get in there Oklahoma Joe’s you got two locations to serve you. Get over there at Oklahoma Joe’s get yourself- be a meet hero, bring home that barbecue to the rescue. Get some in Oklahoma Joe’s and then bring that back into your driveway, your wife will go, “Where did you go?” You say, “I had to go to Oklahoma Joe’s, I wanted to be the weekend hero.” And that’s what you need to do. Where can people find the there Mr. Joe?

Joe:barbecue You know what. We’ve got two great locations ones in Broken Arrow next to Bass Pro Shops and the other ones at 61st in Sheldon and on Friday, it’s a day. And when you arrive home all you’ve got to do is say, “I love big butts and I cannot lie.”


Clay: “I love big butts and I cannot lie.” This just it. [laughs]

Dr. Robert: I love that.

Clay: We are talking to. We we’re talking to– Sorry did you– I didn’t want to– You just seem like you have an emotional reaction to that, the pig butts.

Dr. Robert: I’m having an emotional reaction to that because I mean who doesn’t? I mean really when you boil it down it is not like pig butt.

Clay: The [crosstalk]

Joe: Well, they’re tender.

Clay: Pork is-

Joe: Pulled pork is so tender, so ooh–

Dr. Robert: With your sauce, oh, when we had your sauce here the other day I just drank it, I just drink it out of the bottles.

Clay: It’s right out in the parking lot.

Dr. Robert: Is that a thing? Can I do that?

Clay: I don’t know if it’s a thing but you did it. Now here’s the thing is we’re talking about the eight steps-


Clay: -for creating an effective documented sales system we talked about move number one. Okay, identify and document which three marketing systems work best. Two, determine which marketing and sales system is far and away the most effective and keep doing that. And three create the step by step processes involved in executing of the system. Four, buy a huge white board, sheets of white paper, massive amounts of tape got to build a workflow systems.

Dr. Robert: You’ve got to build it.

Clay: Because, if you don’t, you’re not going to be able to sell two million smokers like our main man Joe Davidson here. You sold two million?

Joe: Two million smokers.

Clay: That’s an– have you ever thought of how many- if you were to put all those smokers into a football stadium will they fit?

Joe: They would not fit. They might go around the world as big as those smokers were.

Clay: Have you thought about it?

Joe: I had never thought about that.

Clay: The profundity.

Dr. Robert: I wonder if they’d reach to your home planet Clay. [laughs] Because, we know we’ve been through DNA and extensive chromosomal testing, we’ve determined that that Clay a.k.a Clay Tron is not from Earth.

Clay: And the reason why, and people always say that honesty is because, for me I love the business thing. I love business but you know how like Bill Belichick. We always like describe you, but you’re kind of like Bill Belichick.

Dr. Robert: Yes, yes.

Clay: I’m a little- Brady as. Well, Brady was doing the interview the other day. And is this is- you can you can google this I’m sure you can find on YouTube. They’re asking him at what point do you think you’re going to retire. Remember they’re playing the bills and Jim Kelly who was the best quarterback to the bills, they went to the Super Bowl I think three times?

Joe: Four times.

Clay: Four times.

Joe: Yes.

Clay: Never won it. But he says, “This is the Buffalo Bill great. Okay, Tom Brady is coming in there to play those guys. He says, “Tom Brady is the best quarterback of all time.” Just huge respect. That prompts the conversation how much longer will he play? And Tom is joking but he’s like, “I want to play five more years, then I can do four more years, five years.” And the coaches are like, “No that–” It’s not funny for them because he literally eats as a crazy– You cannot be 39 and play at that level without that kind of regimen. And he’s that way about the film he loves football. I love business that way and I don’t understand why, it’s like I’m missing some sort of genetic thing that makes me want to not work. And to me working is relaxing and relaxing is work sometimes.

Dr. Robert: And that’s what I’m saying, that’s why we’ve determined through chromosomal testing that you are not from– So do you take the smokers had reached? Because, I know you’re very, you’re very– he is very mystery wise on what planet he’s actually from.

Clay: Yes

Dr. Robert: We can’t get that out of him. Do you think the smokers would reach your planet? That was my question.

Clay: Well, scientifically speaking yes.

Dr. Robert: Okay, good.

Clay: Now, we’re moving on to point five here; post in a highly visible place your giant workflow. You’ve got to you got to put it out somewhere, you got to make it. Joe you built two million smokers, your team built two million smokers. Why does everyone on your team have to see eventually that the plans or the diagram or the system. Why do they have to see some sort of visual at some point to understand what your master plan is? Why do they have to see it?

Joe: It’s all about a common vision with every team player. We’re all shooting for the same goal, we’re going after the same attributes of every smoker that we build. Making them the best smokers in the world and then–

Clay: Okay, okay, well, you said best in the world best in the world?

Joe: Best in the world every time.

Voice-over: You’re listening to the Thrive Time show on Talk Radio 1170.

Clay: I want to ask you because somebody is listening right now and you were raised in an environment where you shouldn’t say your goal is to be the best of anything in the world. Because you’re just, “Oh, you know good old me. I just make pretty good smokers and that–” You got to be your own hype man a little bit. Talk to me about your commitment to becoming the world’s best smoker manufacturer.

Joe: Every time every single time with every employee, I would talk to them at a cookout or etc. And say, “Someone’s going to be the best in the world so why can’t it be us? It’s going to be.” And these are the reasons why and enough reasons why? Were on that white board, every time.

Clay: I will say this about you and I mean this sincerely. I was telling my wife about the interview we had the first time we had you on the show. And the thing that made the biggest impact for me on a just a big level, like I’ll never forget it as you said

We make the world’s best smokers.” I love that. I love the person who wants to be the world’s best something.

I look at Z over here and I look at your auto auction, and I know that you– with your auction and with your thoroughbred ranch, you kind of want to make it– no you don’t kind of, you definitely want to make it first Oklahoma’s best, then the world’s best. I get the sense that you’re never totally content. I mean you’re happy with where you’re at, but you want to make it the best. Why is that such a driving force for top entrepreneurs?

Dr. Robert: It’s just in your DNA. If you’re out there listening thinking, “I want to start my own business.” That’s what you want to do. Every year you want to build that mouse trap better, and what some people do and I know this is going to sound crazy and Joe, not crazy Joe but crazy Clay, it’s going to sound crazy. That is, they try to think, “Well, my mouse trap isn’t perfect. My mouse trap is not perfect.”

Clay: It’s not time to market it yet.

Dr. Robert: “Do you know my mouse trap isn’t perfect? It’s not the best in the world, so I’m going to wait. I’m going to wait to start my business. I’m going to wait till I perfect it.”

Clay: “Till my kids graduate.”

Dr. Robert: “Yes, and then I’ll have the time to really get it perfected.” No, you know what you need to do, you need to get in there and get going. That’s what’s going to drive you to do it, and guess what, every year– I bet the two millionth smoker, if I was betting- if I was a gambling man I would bet that your two millionth smoker was maybe a little better than your very first smoker?

Joe: No doubt about it.

Dr. Robert: Right, you think, “How can that be? How can that be?” Well, because here’s the deal, you get in, you get it started, you work on your product and you try to make that mouse trap better, and better, and better.

Clay: Do you dudes every buy things from Hobby Lobby or know people who do buy things from Hobby Lobby? Z, Joe, do you ever buy things from Hobby Lobby?

Joe: My wife must go in there once a week.

Dr. Robert: I know people, I mean I get pictures framed in there sometimes. I’ve actually been in the Hobby Lobby, is that okay?

Clay: I’m just trying to– I’m going to stir it up here. Think about this if you’re listening right now. I got a chance, one of my goals was I wanted to meet the founder of Hobby Lobby, Mr. David Green. My partner, Braxton, his father Doug served on a board at Oral Roberts University. Long story short, the Greens invested copious amounts of money in the ORU. Like $60 million and more to save the university. By the way, they didn’t even go to that school. They just did it to help the– they were being pressed with the student bodies. They wanted to help the school, pretty cool deal.

Long story short, he goes out there and he starts this thing called Hobby Lobby. They basically taught people with cerebral palsy, how to take reclaimed wood and to make frames out of it. That’s the true story. That’s how it started. Then he taught more people to do it, more people and their goal was to help provide income for handicapped people. He keeps growing it, growing it, growing it.

Now, if you go in there, you can buy a painting. Some of these paintings are spectacular. You can buy a frame, like a wood rustic frame. You can buy a rustic clock. You got to be thinking, “How can make that mini clocks?” Z, do you want to know how they do it?

Dr. Robert: Through magic?


Clay: He has created a replication system. He is created a replication system where he goes to the artist and he says, “Can I buy the rights to your original work?” And he say, “Sure.” He goes, “Am I okay to replicate it?” They say, “Sure.” Then he goes over to China, they have these systems they’ve built where they replicate the artwork of somebody a million times. Now it’s all over the world. This is a thing that people said previously couldn’t be done. He even invented crazy amounts of technology over there. Hobby Lobby, right there in Oklahoma City.

Dr. Robert: I got a question for you. A little personal. You mind if I ask you a personal question?

Clay: Yes, go for it.

Dr. Robert: It’s Friday, we’re driving home, when you did the super move and you met David Green, were you still a student at ORU, or is this after you got kicked out? Or asked to leave I’m sorry.

Clay: I got kicked out from Oral Roberts University for writing a parity song about the school’s president that he did not find to be as funny as I did.

Dr. Robert: I think that’s really? No sense of humor there?

Clay: It got played on the voicemail, and so all the students– Somebody thought it was– I think the song was funnier, but somebody thought it was funnier than I did and they said, “Can I borrow the CD?” It’s back in the CD day. I go, “Yes, sure.” He puts that up on Napster. Napster, the old file sharing program. He starts sharing the files, and then he puts it, he literally goes in the dean’s office, and he programmed the song. This is what the message says- you know whenever you’d say– you get back to your room and you’d see a red light flash, you had a voicemail.”

Dr. Robert: No, not the voicemail.

Clay: I remember hitting and I go, “Boo-boo-boo-boop.” I hit it and it goes, “Message from Dean Boyd’s office.” I’m going– because it’s only an announcement for his, “Attention students, message from Dean Boyd’s office.” It’s the song, and I’m like, “Oh.”

Dr. Robert: So was this after– My question though is when you met David Green.

Clay: I got kicked at ORU. This is like seven years later.

Dr. Robert: It was way after that. That probably didn’t come then.

Clay: The thing what we did, we had a great time talking. I will tell you David Green, he has a wonderful heart to help people and he really wanted to fix the school. Actually, later through a series of events, got brought on to fix their alumni marketing department. I got hired back.

Dr. Robert: That’s a good thing, and you did it, and you helped them and that’s fun.

Clay: I actually made more money than I spent on my tuition. That was my goal. I made more money than I spent on my tuition.

Dr. Robert: [laughs] that’s a good goal.

Joe: You went into the black.

Clay: That’s right, be on the black with my college education. When we come back Thrivers, we’ll be talking about the sales super move number seven. If you’re trying to build the sales system, this duplicatable sales system. We’re going to talk about sales move number seven. This move is a game changer. For a lot of people, this move right here is the move. If you don’t know this move, it’s hard to really move on. It’s hard to grow that business, to take it to the next level.


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Voice-over: You’re listening to the ThriveTime Show on Talk Radio 1170.

Clay: Hello Thrivers, welcome back to audio [inaudible 00:56:42]. My name is Clay Clark, I’m the co-host with the most, very excited to take you to this audio paradise. This place where we talk about entrepreneurship. We talk about how a start or grow a successful business. For me, I’m just being totally transparent.

Every single day, I wake up excited knowing that I have the power to change my future, because we’re in this great country, that we have so many great patriots who’ve fought for our freedom, and you can create time freedom, and financial freedom. You can do it. It might be a little challenging, but you can do it.

This is a show who are committed to teaching you the steps you need to take to do it. I’m sitting right across from a man who has achieved the financial freedom and the time freedom. A lot of people get the financial freedom, but the time freedom, meaning that you are free to go where you want to go, when you want to go there, it’s Dr. Robert Zoellner. Sir, how are you?

Dr. Robert: I’m great. I tell you what, I signed back up. You know why I signed back up to do this radio show?

Clay: Why is that?

Dr. Robert: Monday through Friday, 5:00 to 7:00 PM.

Clay: The thing is, I think I know but I’m going to let you just tell us. What is it?

Dr. Robert: Because, I have a passion for mentoring and coaching people that want to start a business. Where else can they go? We have on our show a guest, Joe Davidson, who is the founder, proprietor of Oklahoma Joe’s, the world’s best barbecue.

Clay: The world’s best barbecue.

Dr. Robert: Yes.

Clay: And he sold two million smokers.

Dr. Robert: If you didn’t catch it earlier, it was a beautiful story of how Joe got started, got mentored up. It was beautiful, and if you didn’t hear it, go to thrivetimeshow.com and listen to the first half of the show and catch it, because it’s a beautiful story. It was about mentorship. He had some people that looked into his life and said, “Listen, we’re going to help coach you up. We’re going to help you with all the moves.” That’s what we all want when we start a business. I wish we’d had the show on when we were starting businesses Clay.

Clay: Absolutely. I’ll tell you this, why I wish I would have had it, was because, you can absolutely learn from those mentors and a business coach or those mistakes. What happens if we’re talking about these moves, through all this replicatable, this repeatable sales system? Move number four was you got to go out there and buy the huge white board. You got to get the piece of paper. You got to get the tape. You got to get the– get all the equipment setup, so you can actually make a workflow. You got to get all that stuff available for you. You know the supplies.

Point number five, is once you get all that out, you got to post it up in a visible place where you can begin taking notes as things happen. Because, you think they’re going to go a certain way. You think the marketing plan is going to work a certain way, but then when you take your plan and you actually execute it, you’ll start to run into opposition, push back, objections, issues, concerns, grievances. Any kind of sales process, you run into many of the same objections over and over and over.

Step number six, is you now have to write out all of the steps of your sales process on the paper. Before we went to the break, I got so excited I almost skipped step number six, but you have to then take the time to actually write those steps on the board. I’m going to ask you this Joe, when you were going there to the State Fair selling your smokers, when you’re going back old school, if you can just turn back the clock mentally go there, what were some what were some of the objections that the early buyers had about- you know when you’re first trying to sell the smokers, was it price? Was it you know, what kind of questions really asking frequently?

Joe: Let me tell you the most humbling experience I had and it’s- I not only built smokers but I built deer stands as well.

Clay: Oh, wow.

Joe: And most people don’t know that. So I built this stand that had four trees, that I’d cut down and framed around the top of it to hold it up there. And tree stands hang on the side of trees. So I hung these tree stands up there I wasn’t getting the attention I thought I would and finally a lady came by and she said, “That’s the greatest idea I’ve ever seen.” I said “So you’ve got hunters in your family?” she said, “Well, no I don’t have hunters in my family but those are the greatest pot hangers for planted pots I’ve ever seen in my life to hang a potted plant on the side of a tree.”

Clay: It’s a perfect potted plant hanger.

Joe : And I said “How many would you like?” And she took four of them and it was an unintended purpose but it was a– it was a way of that communicated me that I wasn’t communicating what that purpose was properly or I just wasn’t looking at it in the right manner.

Clay: Now I will tell you this. If- When I was starting my business, DJ connection I didn’t know this, but anybody listening, I’m going to tell you know what I wish I would have known then. It’s in any business you’re probably going to have three objections that you get all the time. What you want to do is, when you get those objections you want to write them down because, you are going to hear them over and over.

You want to- You want to be like train a sales army. An army of people who are selling.

Here are the objections you always get, “I have no money and I charge too much money. I have no time. This isn’t a good time to buy. I’ll buy later and maybe not now is not a good time. And no need. I don’t see a need for widget. I don’t think I need your stuff. I probably just do it myself.”

Z at the optometry clinic, you know, people say the money objection. Okay, they come in the go, “Hey, I love the frames, I love what you’re doing. You’re value-based so you have very good prices,” but how do– how do you overcome the price objection? What’s your move? How do you- how do you do? Or you just say, “We have financing options or are you aware if you get to too [unintelligible 01:02:06]

Dr. Robert: One of our moves we did, is we pointed out the- where they are spending their money and what’s really important and one of my moves– one of my old school moves-

Clay: Old school.

Dr. Robert: -that I taught my people to say is, “What’s the one thing, you’re going to wear every day, all day?”

Clay: My boxers. Boxers? Well, most of day.

Dr. Robert: Toodoo-toodoo-toodoo-toodoo-too-toodoo-doo.

Clay: Glasses?

Guest: Yes. Your glasses. Think about it. You– you wear different shoes, socks, undergarments, t-shirts, shirts, pants, you wear all different things you might even have multiple watches, you might even not wear your watch one day but when your glasses-=

Clay: Tom Brady jerseys

Dr. Robert: You might wear Tom Brady jersey, My point is, is that that’s the one thing you are going to put in, how much you spend all the other stuff that you have? You know. And so let’s look at the importance of this. Number one your vision is very important, okay?

Clay: Yes

Dr. Robert: And number two fashion is- you know, looking good. Hey, let’s just call it what is it. That’s important, okay.

Clay: Yes

Dr. Robert: So let’s refocus some of those dollars on what’s important. But you know the thing about it is that you write ahead the value message out there, so we already let people know that, “Hey, you can come in here and we’re not going to try to finance your glasses for you. They’re not like that expensive”.

Clay: Can I give you a knowledge bar?

Dr. Robert: Please do.

Clay: There’s a super move I can teach you. It’s from a book called Soft selling a hard world it’s called the deal wheel.

Dr. Robert: Oh I love- Oh yes, yes.

Clay: The deal with this thing is– this is hot sauce.

Dr. Robert: Hot sauce.

Clay: Here we go thrivers, no matter what the objection is the customer says, “Oh, you’re too expensive, now’s not a good time whatever.” Step one suck air through your teeth. Everybody go. [inhaling] That’s the move. Then you act like you’re hurt. Then you go “so- so I can appreciate that”. You always want to say, “I can appreciate that. I can appreciate that”.

Dr. Robert: Yes, you want to validate- you want to validate what they are saying.

Clay: They appreciate that.

Dr. Robert: Yes.

Clay: “So what is your main concern” and no matter what they say, time, price, whatever, you go, “You know, you’re– you’re exactly right. Let me ask, “If that wasn’t a concern, what’s the main thing you are looking for out of your smoker, glasses, DJ service?” Then they go, “Well, if money wasn’t a concern, if time wasn’t a concern, I would really like boom boom, boom- then you go, “You know what, you’re exactly right. In fact most of the customers tell us the same thing.

They tell us when they first bought from us, what they thought was we were too or too expensive but after they bought us, they realized, in fact the knot.com showed, the number one regret the bride’s had was not having a great entertainer because everyone leaves early when the music’s not good” and they go “Oh” and then you go “So you want to do debit card or credit card” I mean just it’s the deal wheel. It’s circular reasoning, it’s Jedi powers

Dr. Robert: It’s from the Jedi mind control

Joe: [laughs]

Clay: I learned it’s so– it’s so good. And I’m telling you, that move works probably 50% of the time, in real estate. 50% of time in almost any industry. It’s the deal wheel. We have the deal wheel diagram available exclusively for thrive15.com subscribers.

Dr. Robert: Okay. So right. So I’m driving home-

Clay: yes

Dr. Robert: -I’m listening to this going “Oh my gosh that was just magic I just heard. Oh my gosh what do I do? I can’t pull up. I just- I’m in traffic. I can’t pull over-“

Clay: I can appreciate that.

Dr. Robert: “-where- where can I go and deep dive into that little bit more?” tell me about it.

Clay: Let me ask what your main concern- you want to have it? Okay. Well, thrive15.com it’s the world’s best business school. We have downloadables, templates and check it out, we’ve turned this into a science baby. A science is where they’ve broken it down and they know it specifically to cause a certain reaction to do a certain thing. They’ve tested it. It works. It’s like the periodic table of sales. It’s the ultimate dojo of sales mojo, thrive15.com.


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Voice-over: Live, local, now. You’re listening to the ThriveTime show on Talk Radio 1170.

Clay: Hello Tulsa. Welcome back to Tulsa’s only local business radio show. It’s the Thrive Time show on your drive time home and for many of you this has become your audio refuge. You get in your car and people are wondering why you’re locking those doors. You’re- you pull into the driveway, no this isn’t for the married people.

This is for you single people. You pull into the driveway at college, you pull into the driveway at your house where you got some roommates and you’re not getting out of the car and they’re going “What’s he doing in there? What’s she doing? What are they doing? What are they- what- what’s going on over the- They’ve been there for like an hour.

Dr. Robert: What? What? What?

Clay: All what you’re doing, first of- you’re idling that car’s burning a little bit of gas but it’s worth because you’re listening to the ThriveTime show and you know this is your show. Where you could learn how to start and grow a successful business. And specifically it’s the only show that you’re going to find- I’m very confident- It is the only radio show right now, in America, you can go to, to learn the specific steps to start and grow a business.

There’s a lot of that vision stuff. There’s a lot of shows about how to get motivated. How to get inspired. How to chase your dreams and there’s a place for that. But, this is the specific step-by-step. We are talking about the eight steps to specifically build the sales powerhouse. The sales system. And so we brought on the big guns today Z. Dr. Zoellner we brought- Dr. Z we brought on the big guns who do we- who do we have with us on the show today?

Dr. Robert: We have a very big gun. He’s huge, he’s got very big guns. He’s a beautiful man.

Clay: He’s huge, he’s got the big dollars, he is what- [unintelligible 01:08:18]

Dr. Robert: He’s a beautiful man. And you’re the best part about Oklahoma Joe’s Joe Davidson who is our guest on the show and we’re highlighting Oklahoma success stories because, quite frankly we’re from Oklahoma. We love Oklahoma and we love successful business. But you know Joe, one of the best things about him?

Clay: What’s that?

Dr. Robert: He kind of smells a little bit about like his barbecue

Clay: Yes, I found myself wanting to sit closer to him, it’s kind of creepy.

Dr. Robert: I know. It’s like-

Joe: It’s my newest offering.

Clay: Oh wow.

Joe: It’s BBQ Tillette Letta

Dr. Robert: It’s working.

Clay: When I first met him, I was like “Can I smell you?” It was weird.

Dr. Robert: I lingered my handshake just kind of lean and you’re like [sniff sniff]

Clay: So we’re talking about this the seventh step. Okay, to build the super sales system. You have to adjust the description and order of the steps of your sales process until you’ve developed a perfect strategy that works well for you. As an example, with our wedding photography business, there’s a certain time to ask the bride if she wants to do a debit card or credit card. You want to go for the deposit or the–

Dr. Robert: She just walks up to your booth. You’re at the Tulsa wedding show.

Clay: Hello.

Dr. Robert: She just walked up to your booth and she’s kind of wandering down the aisle her husband’s over there on his phone trying to catch ESPN because there’s bad coverage and-

Clay: So let me- let me look- Amanda? Is your name Amanda?

Dr. Robert: Yes. Yes. It’s Amanda.

Clay: Okay. So Amanda here’s the deal so what day you getting married?

Dr. Robert: March fourth

Clay: All right. Well, first of March forth- I’m sure that’s somewhere during that time of the year while Tom Brady will be celebrating yet another birthday. It’s a great year to get married Tom Brady lobster boom. Here’s the deal I know I don’t have all this time for all the chitchat little chitchat let’s go ahead and do a little deposit, you know what I’m saying? What we need to do to go and close this deal? Right? I mean boom and it’s like boom.

Dr. Robert: [laughs] I like that. I like Tom Brady so here’s my credit card.

Clay: You know seriously I’m not trying to high pressure you, but seriously you’d be an idiot to not buy today. Am just- And there’s people doing that all the time.

Dr. Robert: Yes and the husband continues walking down the aisle But you know blissfully unaware of anything happening to him on his phone trying to try to find a good you know just trying to an ESPN.

Clay: I’m going to give you the four steps. Rapport build rapport. Step number two, find the needs of the customer.

Dr. Robert: Find the needs.

Clay: Three, give him those benefits.

Dr. Robert: You got to give him the benefits.

Clay: Four, close the deal. So that we travel through space and time.

Dr. Robert: ABC. Always be closing.

Clay: All the time

Dr. Robert: Yes. Because, if we don’t close you might as well not have to talk me anyways.

Clay: If you don’t close you you’ll be closing it.

Dr. Robert: Bingo.

Clay: Boom. Here’s we doing we’re going to we’re traveling through space and time. Over to Oklahoma Joe’s we at the Broken Arrow location next to the Bass Pro Shop and here we go.

Voice-over: You’re listening to the Thrive Time show on Talk Radio 1170.

Clay: I walk in, Mr. Joe, how does your team build rapport with me? They always do it every time I’m there but what kind of thing should they be doing to greet me with a little bit of a rapport of a smile –

Joe: Every time maybe even open the door for you-

Clay: They do they’ve done.

Joe: –“Welcome to Oklahoma Joe’s. Is this your first time?”

Clay: They do it every time.

Joe: And if it’s not, you say, “Welcome back it’s a great day to be eating barbecue.”

Clay: Service with a smile I’ve seen it happen. They perfect know but they’re very close.

Joe: Very close very close. There’s some of them that are right on the edge of being absolutely perfect and I’m going to tell you the next thing is to make it easy for them –

Clay: Easy for them.

Joe: Easy for them to make a decision.

Clay: Talk to me about how you make it easy.

Joe: You know what we– number one we’ve got a huge menu board up there, they’re easy to see it’s well-lit it’s going to be super clean and cool.

Clay: And it and it creates a need, just so we’re clear with that rapport it- but it creates a need I look and I go, “I suppose I could have an entire rack of ribs or two.

Joe: And it doesn’t hurt to see pictures of beautiful food on the walls either. It entice them makes you lead them through that you know.

Clay: It establishes that need.

Joe: And you know what if they’ve never had a burnt in when they get up there the first time in there what’d you do? Give them one.

Clay: Oh, that’s not fair

Dr. Robert: Oh stop it, you see that cost money. You can’t give away food in restaurant.

Joe: Give them one.

Dr. Robert: Joe?

Clay: You did that to me the last time I was there and it’s literally I go in there and the guy says, “Have you been into the store?” And I’ve always go to the Broken Arrow stores and I’ve been the other one. He goes, “Have ever been here?” I said, “No I go to the Broken Arrows,” well “Hey, let me get you a sample” he gives me a sample and I wasn’t even going to order the burnt ends and I’m like, Meat candy have to do it,

Joe: You have to.

Clay: I just won’t eat tomorrow.

Dr. Robert: Candy made of meat

Joe: [laughs].

Clay: Then the next thing its benefits. You want to show people specifically, the descriptive narrative of the menu why do you want to accurately describe the items that you have?

Joe: Well, it’s going to help them get understand their experience every time. So they can put themselves in that exact place when they’re going to take that first bite and enjoy that’s going to come from it.

Clay: Why do you have to eventually ask, “Do you want to pay on credit card, debit card, Jack?? Why do you have to eventually go for the close, go for the, “Hey do you want to buy it.”

Joe: We close for the deal immediately. That’s it, it makes it so easy for them to do that.

Clay: Shake them down just shake them down around.

Joe: Immediately right up there, you know, “What would you like to have tonight?” You place your order we collect their money right then. They go down there they pick up their food. The average ticket time is a minute 30 seconds. You place your order in a minute 30 seconds later the benefits it’s hot and fresh right there.

Clay: All right when we come back, I’m going to tell you how not to close deals. Because, I used to do it every single time. And my last deal where I finally got over this was a deal I did with Mr. Godwin. Mr. Godwin was booking a party for his daughter I believe and I’ll never forget it was the first time I overcame my sales anxiety of going for the close. I had a little push back I would struggle with the close for years but I learned this move and you know what it did for Z?

Dr. Robert: What?

Clay: It took me into the hotel California of sales. A Place where things were a little bit cooler, things were great.

Dr. Robert: Well, I got a little I got a nugget for you when we come back. There is one animal that can run a mile a minute 30.


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Voice-over: You’re listening to the ThriveTime Show on Talk Radio 1170.

Clay: Hello Thrive nation welcome back to your inspiration and practical education station. It’s a place- it’s like if you if you want to go up to the mother ship of entrepreneurship you want to do an airlock when you hook up to the mother ship and [zip sound] airlock all of a sudden up here you’re able to plug in and get all the answers to your to your business questions, then you go, [Pololoo] you go back to earth takeover. Boom, that’s the deal. This is the mother ship of entrepreneurship and the father of the mother ship it’s kind of confusing is Dr. Roberts Zoellner. Sir how are you?

Dr. Robert: Yes, that is– We’re one on the left hand side the Arkansas River the center of the universe. In an incredible– I encourage you to make- if you’re ever in Tulsa. You need to put this on your list of places to visit and landmarks to visit. Thrive15 headquarters it is super cool.

Clay: It’s like the Disneyland of entrepreneurs.

Dr. Robert: It it really is I mean we’ve got characters around here in costumes. Well, not. Well, they’re in costumes I mean Clay is in a costume every day.

Clay: Every day I wear the red shirt-

Dr. Robert: Everyday.

Clay: –the red tie the white shirt.

Dr. Robert: It’s kind of you’re already see Mickey with the big ears the white gloves and you just have the white skin and your ears aren’t so big.

Clay: Yes, sometimes my shirt like looks dark and contrast to my pale white skin. But, we have a guest on the show today, who’s causing many people to go outside. They’re just enjoying tailgating, they’re enjoying being outside, they’re enjoying summer, they’re enjoying their- they’re enjoying barbecue. And barbecue can be best enjoyed by yourself, with a friend, with friends, with people you don’t know, with– it’s anywhere really you can consume barbecue. This is this Mr. Mr. Joe Davidson the founder of Oklahoma Joe’s. The guy who sold two million smokers. He’s no joker when it comes to business, two million smokers Mr. Oklahoma Joe’s Mr. Joe how are you sir?

Joe: Hi I’m wonderful so good to be here I tell you I love your studio here, and when I walked in to the building I just felt myself becoming– my intelligence level went up by several points just by walking in the building.

Clay: Did you see the new edition-

Joe: I felt that way.

Clay: –in down today. Do you see the new edition?

Joe: It wasn’t there just a couple of days ago. What’s up with that?

Dr. Robert: Fish bowl. I’m calling it the fish bowl.

Clay: Really? I want to call it the box that rocks but you want to go fish bowl.

Dr. Robert: I’m going to fish bowl, you go with the box that rocks. But you know you know I’m telling you what how special is that let’s say you’re at your high school or you’re at your college, you’re pro-game you’re tailgating right. And you got an empty space next to you and you said “I wonder, I wonder who’s going to pull in here, I wonder who’s, I wonder who I’m going to tailgate with today. Because the day it’s potluck right, I mean you don’t know, you don’t know.

Clay: Yes.

Dr. Robert: And they all said you had the good fortune to have a young man by the name of Joe Davidson Pull in-

Clay: Oh, come on now.

Dr. Robert: -unload one of the smokers got a little trailers something like that and he starts cooking, you’re like, “Score whether we win or lose the game today, I’m a winner because, I’ve got the dude cooking the dude’s barbecue right next to the thing, and I’m going to sign up to him he’s going to be my new best friend.”

Clay: Well, today’s- well, today we’re talking about having this ultimate sales system. Okay, the eight steps to do it. If you missed some of the steps you go to thrivetimeshow.com. You can hear the podcast, you can play it front back reverse it, reverse it boom. But, here’s what we’re talking about move number eight and before we before we left that we’re talking about how you really you just got to go point number seven you’ve got to get that close you’ve got it eventually always [cross talk] be closing. ABC

Dr. Robert: But you can’t go through- you can’t, you can’t– some people make the mistake too soon we’ve all been on a car lot oh so annoying.

Clay: Oh so tough.

Dr. Robert: You’re all you’re on the car lot and the dude is like trying to close you before you even I told you so- it’s like “No, dude–“

Clay: What do I got to do- what I got to do to get you in the car right now? You want to get in the car right now-

Dr. Robert: We got- I mean you-you-you you need a car right? You came here it’s good to buy a car so what we going to do?

Clay: Did you come in to talk about Tom Brady because it is freaking awesome but if not you going to buy a car or what? Come on, come on.

Dr. Robert: You be able to lobster with that car-

Clay: No, no.

Dr. Robert: -you get the car go buy go buy some lobster. There are sometime they try to close too soon. At any time listen out there you’re starting a business you get yourself systems, you go to these eight steps, do the eight steps and on this on this one here don’t try to close too soon because, it feels it feels dirty and creepy don’t do it.

Clay: Here’s the five parts rapport, needs, benefits, close. I’m going to repeat it rapport, needs, benefits, close or bonus part number five isolate the objections here’s the part I was stuck on I couldn’t close.

Dr. Robert: Yes and then you –

Clay: This is I would do it see what’s your point here we go.

Dr. Robert: Okay, okay.

Clay: We’ve already had a meeting we’ve met for 30 minutes, you’re planning your daughter’s Bat Mitzvah, you’re ready to go and I say this, “So would you think about today’s a presentation?”

Dr. Robert: Oh, I’m thinking about it wasn’t bad.

Clay: I mean, so do you want to take it home and think about it or–

Dr. Robert: You know can I because I’m you know I’m kind of just sifting through some things and I and I –

Clay: I did it every time every time I would go there –

Dr. Robert: You do that.

Clay: -and I would sit there. And go, “So what do you think?” And they would go “Well, I think I have I’ve liked your presentation I might maybe have some more questions.” I’m like “What questions do you want to think about?” I just- I had this it’s called the poverty mindset.

Dr. Robert: Yes we are we are.

Clay: It repels money because, it’s just the, “Oh jeez, I don’t want to interrupt anybody,” it’s hard for people who know me now, do you even know I was like that? But I used to just totally–

Dr. Robert: Really? It is, as well as I know you know, that’s impossible for me to think you’re that way.

Clay: I had switched, I used to tell my wife I was so bad because I would go home to our house, we lived at the river with the Fountain Crest apartments right behind the Marriott Hotel.

Dr. Robert: Oh yes.

Clay: We couldn’t afford the air conditioning and she’d go “Did you sell something?” And I’m like a fisherman who comes back with no fish.

Dr. Robert: They’re thinking about it, they’re thinking about it-


Dr. Robert: –they’re thinking about it.

Clay: I come back with a pool and a long story.

Dr. Robert: They’re thinking about it honey, I think I may have this one hooked. I mea,n I’m thinking, I’m thinking good thoughts, they’re good thoughts, honey.

Clay: Got it nibble, got a nibble–

Dr. Robert: My barber went in there twice today.

Clay: So I had to learn though being assertive, not mean, but to say “Hey, so did you want to go ahead and do this package or this package?

Dr. Robert: Yes, that’s the thing, you ask them.

Clay: I said this is the move I will learn. “Based upon what you told me tonight, I would recommend this package or that package.” “Which one do you think is best?” “This one.” Then I said, “Now, who would be the one paying for it?” Boom. “You want to do debit card or credit card?” Boom.

Dr. Robert: I’m going to tell you right now, if you’re not closing, here’s one of the keys. “You have not, because you ask not.” One more time. “You have not because you ask not.” Once you spend that time and you spend your energy building a rapport, going over the issues that they have and tell them the value and what’s so great about your widget, your thing, then if you don’t do the last part, shame on you. We’re here to help you, to coach you up. It’s okay to ask. You’ve got to ask, otherwise, they’re not going just to pull out a wad of cash and go, “Can I just give you this?” no, you’ve got to ask.

Clay: When I was first starting out in business, one thing I would do is I would wait for my phone to ring Joe. Joe, did you ever do that when you were starting out, and you’ll wait for that phone to ring?

Joe: It was a lonely, lonely day and it went into the night too.

Clay: Every once in a while people would call in and say, “Is this Clay?”, yes, “Clay, I know who you are, but I have a feeling in my heart I should give you about $600 for, do you guys DJ?” No, it never happened. You got to go get it. Now moving on to number eight, I call this Theocho. It’s in Spanish.

Dr. Robert: Now he’s doing foreign language.

Clay: Here we go, but I called the- it’s a bilingual. ‘The’ and ‘ocho’, I blended it, unbelievable. Once you have created the perfect system, take a picture of the written steps and produce a PDF image that you can easily distribute to your salespeople, so you can train them. [laughs] You want to train other people to do your sales? What? If this catches on, soon other people could grow the business. Z, why do you have to scale?

Dr. Robert: You have to scale because listen. If Joe, this beautiful man on my right, and watch him on Facebook live you can see. If he only sold the barbecue that he personally cooked, it wouldn’t be near what he sells when he teaches an army of enthusiastic barbecue chefs how to cook. He’s got the recipe, he’s got the system, he’s got it in place folks. He’s written it out, he’s coached them up and he doesn’t have to be there and he didn’t have to cook every batch of beans, by the way the baked beans at Oklahoma Joe’s, the best.

Clay: And how much time do you spend training people on your system? Now that you have these baked beans that people love, how much time do you have to spend training a new employee and go to do the sales systems?

Joe: A Pit master is different than a cook. A pit master actually goes on apprenticeship program, and it’s really an education. And we don’t believe that a pit master is capable should be turned loose to do it themselves, without at least six months of training at my hand or one of our executive chef’s hand. So that it’s certain that it’s going to be the same way every time, at every location.

Dr. Robert: Now, is that different than a pit bull? Because you don’t want to turn those loose either I think, I mean you trained them.

Joe: It is a tad bit. Pitmasters, they’re rugged people let me tell you.

Clay: The tip is, you never want to let a pit bull go and eat your barbecue, until you’ve tamed the pit bull for six months.

Joe: Barbecue will train and tame a pit bull faster than any other food there is.

Dr. Robert: Just one more use of Oklahoma Joe’s barbecue for your drives Friday. They’re still open, still going home. You can be a hero. I tell you what, call the spouse, say, “I got this, I got it. Put the microwave, dinners up back in the freezer, put them away.”

Clay: Put them away, put them away.

Dr. Robert: “Put them away.” You don’t have to cook the ramen noodles tonight, I’ve got it, as you swing by Oklahoma Joe’s and pick up something. You got to get burnt ends and you have to get the baked beans, am telling you.

Clay: You got to do it.

Dr. Robert: Get them on and you will be a hero.

Joe: Did you know though, that Friday nights are steak nights at Oklahoma Joe’s right now, it’s crazy. I installed this beautiful wood-burning grill, burns pecan logs, whole logs in there and we cook nothing but the best Iowa premium beef and it’s going to be announced fillets one-pound ribeyes, three quarter-pound ribeyes that come with potatoes.

Clay: And how much can somebody who’s on a budget, they wanted, they’re going to go in there and they’re in a little bit of a budget. What do we need to get started there?

Joe: Most places you’d expect it to be $29, $39 for steak, you can get one for $19.99 at Oklahoma Joe’s. It is a great steak deal.

Clay: Unbelievable, unbelievable.

Dr. Robert: It’s a great deal. I know of something else that’s $19.

Clay: That’s thrive15.com Z.

Dr. Robert: T-H-R-I-V-E-one-five.com.

Clay: It is the world’s best business school, the world’s best business coaching program. I’m going to tell the four things you get included okay?

Dr. Robert: Tell me the four things.

Clay: One, you get downloadables, templates, proven downloadables and templates. Two, you get those interactive workshops. Three, you can call somebody then give them that coaching feedback he needs.

Dr. Robert: They’ll actually answer?

Clay: Yes. And number four, in number four, this is huge, thousands and thousands of training videos, interactive videos taught by some of the world’s best mentors, business leaders, it’s unbelievable. It’s thrive15.com.

Dr. Robert: What’s the trick, there’s got to be a trick.

Clay: The trick is you got to go to the internet, out goes internet thrive15.com. And three, two, one, boom.

[01:25:36] [END OF AUDIO]


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