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In this episode, business coach, Clay Clark and Dr.Z go over the 7 principles of how to stand out in your marketing. They are joined by by momtrepreneur, Chera Kimko, to show you how to stand out from the rest of your competition.

Learn About Purple Cow Marketing From The Business Coach : Podcast Transcript


Host: Broadcasting from the center of the universe and the world headquarters. Presenting the world’s only business school without the BS, with optometrist and entrepreneur Doctor Robert Zoellner and the former Small Business Administration Entrepreneur of the Year and your ear Clay Clark. It’s the Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio 1170. Three, two, one. Boom.

Clay Clark: Welcome also and welcome back to Tulsa’s only local business radio show. It’s the place where you go for that positive business dojo of mojo. You see, you’re on your way home and you’re going, “There’s a lot of things I could be listening to. I could be listening to various pop songs about various things but instead I have chosen to turn the dial. I’m going to stick around for a while because I want to know what the good folks at the Thrive Time Show are going to be teaching today.” Zee, today we have probably one of the best shows we’ve ever had today. I’m excited about today’s show.

Robert Zoellner : I’ll tell you what. It’s going to rank right up there. It could be our number one rated show on the number one rated business talk show in Tulsa. I think will be on business talk show [unintelligible 00:01:16]

Clay: [unintelligible 00:01:16] but we are talking today about the seven principles of Purple Cow Marketing Magic.

Robert: Wait. Time out. Listen. If you’re not watching on Facebook live. You may be driving home. It’s throwback Thursday and then you’re driving home. Hurry up and get home. Get on your Facebook and get Facebook live on because we have someone famous on the show today.

Clay: Yes. We do have someone famous.

Robert: Listen if you’re from green country. With your live you’re listening out there, right now you are but if you are from green country you’ll know this face, and this name and this voice. She was the number one rated, what would you call? [crosstalk]

Clay: TV anchor. [laughs]

Robert: TV anchor. Yes anchor.

Clay: TV hostess.

Robert: I know.

Chera Kimiko: Yes. That’s how well you know me. [laughs]

Robert: Anchor. The anchor doesn’t seem like the right word but I guess a woman is an anchor too.

Clay: When you think about Chera, you don’t think about it, anchor.

Robert: That’s what I’m saying. [crosstalk]

Clay: Yes. You don’t.

Robert: I thought there was some feminine version of that. She was anchor woman.

Chera: You think about Cher. Sonny & Cher.

Robert: Yes I do. and I also think about anchorman Ron Burgundy.

Chera: Oh. Good berry.

Robert: She was Tulsa’s number one radio anchor person on several news stations here in Tulsa and now she’s made the jump from being an on air personality and a big one. [crosstalk]

Clay: Okay. Here we go.

Robert: To a mompreneur, or we like to call them female entrepreneurs.

Clay: Wow.

Chera: Yes. Wow.

Clay: Ms Chera Kimiko how are you?

Chera: I’m doing well. How are you guys? You are full of energy, lots of caffeine.


Chera: He doesn’t drink caffeine.

Robert: No, I do. Yes I do. I’ve been drinking a lot like a [unintelligible 00:02:41]

Clay: I want to ask you because I know there’s a lot of entrepreneurs who are listening to this right now. Were you a little bit scared when you jumped from TV, and I know for a lot of people would be so scared to be on TV live every night, I mean when you jump from live TV and to being an entrepreneur, was that scary?

Chera: I would think that’s an understatement. Honestly.

Clay: Really?

Chera: Yes, but I don’t think it was as scary as I thought it was going to be. Robert knows. Maybe you don’t even know this but I am just camera shy and have complete stage frightness, if that’s even a word but it took everything in my being every single night for 22 years to get on the air.

Clay: Really?

Robert: I did not know that.

Chera: Did you not know that?

Robert: I did know that because you did it with such ease [laughter] that you hit it well.

Chera: Well thanks. I appreciate it. Being in front of the camera was never anything that I aimed to do or really wanted to do. It’s just something that happened and I actually ended up really really enjoying it and loved writing but it was a scary adventure. Starting a new business to me I looked at it as, well I was scared to go on TV every night and faced that so if I can do that every night for 22 years I can do this too.

Robert: See. That is a positive attitude because so many people out there right now you’re driving home, you’re listening to the show, you got that little bug inside your ears saying, “I want to start my own business one of these days, one of these days,” but the security of walking away from that pay check, that nine-to-five job, that paycheck that comes and hadn’t bounced yet. You’re pretty secure in that job and you’re thinking, “How can I walk away from that? How can I walk away from that guaranteed amount of money and gamble on, if you will, if I can use that word, on starting my own thing.”

Chera: Well. Go. Do you want to go ahead Clay?

Clay: I just wanted to share something. I don’t not going to do a preach to the Thrivers but I will say something that was pretty profound that happened on Friday. We had a young man that was shadowing me, a lot of times they have people from all over the world who will fly out to Tulsa for our workshops and this guy is in the fitness industry and he’s shadowing me for the day. He’s here and he goes, “I have a question,” and I said, “Okay.” He goes, “Your dad recently passed,” my dad passed of ALS about seven weeks ago.

Chera: Awful. I’m sorry.

Clay: Yes. It was not good and he says, “With that happening have you lived your life any differently or have you changed anything in your life since your dad got sick? I mean has that changed your daily schedule?” I told him, “Honestly, I would do exactly what I’m doing today if I knew that today was my last day”. Like if this is my last day on the planet I would still do, today what I’m doing.

Robert: The show must go on.

Clay: I would because but I as an entrepreneur and business coach  I mean this though. As an entrepreneur if you decide to start a business you’re forced to have a certain sense of urgency about everything and I know that a lot of entrepreneurs they’ve said, “Hey I know it’s the economic certainty. It is, if I stay at this particular job or in this particular industry but if I take the leap and I start my own business then I have an opportunity to live in the now and to self-actualize and to be able to have success right now.” I know that sounds scary but I can honestly tell you. What I love about being an entrepreneur is two things. One, you wake up everyday excited and two, you wake up scared. I just love that.

Robert: There’s as a fine line between those two.

Clay: I love that.

Robert: A very fine line.

Clay: Chera you had something you’re going to add there.

Chera: Well, just building on what Robert said and what you said on the financial side. I always knew TV was a passion and love but I also knew that money was a passion and a love also, and I’m a very independent person. I always felt I don’t need someone else to make money for me, that I always wanted to do something myself and I learned at an early age after well gosh declaring bankruptcy really in the early 2000’s that money was important as far as saving.

I really started saving for the sheer fact that if I wanted to do anything else I better get my butt in line and my financials in line as well. That was something that I had stored up behind me so when I did take that leap I wouldn’t need to worry about it.

Clay: Building that war chest. You’re talking about [unintelligible 00:06:50]

Robert: Oh. That war chest. I tell you. [crosstalk]

Clay: I don’t want to get you started on the war chest but this is a business passion. [crosstalk]

Robert: We got a whole show on that when I did that dog. As we say in Oklahoma, that dog’ll hunt.

Clay: That’s something of your passion about is building up that war chest.

Robert: Delaying that gratification. It’s one of my core things I teach.

Chera: Yes. It’s a must. It really is a must and I think there are a lot of women out there that are starting to learn that now that they can make make it on their own and they don’t need someone else to help them. That they can have everything that they want but you must have your financials in order. You must have trust. You must have whatever you need to get you there and at least a minimum of six months of living so you are not all over the place and having that extra burden of being scared of starting a business and then the extra burden of not having financials.

Host: You’re listening to the Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio 1170.

Clay: All right. The seven principles of Purple Cow Marketing Magic. Here we go. Principle number one, your business, product, or service must be remarkable or it is invisible. Now there’s a notable quotable. I’m going to read here to you this comes to courtesy of Seth Godin, the best-selling author of The Purple Cow. Most people don’t know this but Seth started a business that was purchased by Yahoo for almost $40 million before he became the best-selling marketing guy. He knows what he’s talking about.

Okay, and he says this, again, “If you’re remarkable, it’s likely that some people won’t like you. That’s part of the definition of remarkable. Nobody gets unanimous praise ever.” I’m going to give an example to you. With one of my businesses I started it was called DJ Connection. The DJ Connection did very well and I started another business called Party Perfect which I then sold and now it’s Party Pro. A lot of people don’t even know I did that but Party Perfect, here was our pitch. Here’s how I got the business. In Tulsa there’s only a certain number of country clubs. Right?

Robert: Right.

Clay: We got Cedar Ridge. You got your Meadowbrook. You have Golf Club of Oklahoma. There’s quite a few. There’s probably about 20. What happens is if you book your wedding you have to get tables, chairs, linens. Every bride gets these items and I thought you know I’m going to do, I’m going to refer myself. So, “Thank you for calling DJ Connection this is Clay.” “Yes Clay. Hey, we booked you for our wedding and I wanted to know who you’d recommend for tables and chairs?”

Robert: Oh dirty man.

Clay: I would say, “Well actually, our sister company-


Clay: It’s called Party Perfect. They are great.

Chera: That’s great.

Clay: I recommend and I referred myself before I had a lot of inventory and I would use the deposits to buy more and more inventory and because my DJ company was so successful I was able to rent new tables and chairs at almost no cost at all and my theory was I’m going to take all of the business immediately.

Robert: I’ll take all of the business.

Clay: Brides would go, “I got quoted $6 a chair over at this company and you’re doing them for fifty cents a chair?” and I said, “Yes. I’ll do them even free if you want. As long as you’ll tell your friends you like the service.” I would just go for all of it. Like all of it.

Robert: You dominate.

Clay: I did this for almost a year. Just not even caring. Just trying to take all the business. At the end of the year I had taken major accounts and the brides were happy. If you’re a bride and you’re spending $20,000 on your wedding.

Chera: You don’t have to.

Clay: And you’re saying hey–

Chera: You don’t have to.

Clay: A lot of women do that.

Chera: I know but you don’t have to. I’ve done so many wedding shows, helped with weddings, you just don’t have to.

Clay: Okay well, we’re going to have another show about. Let’s just say you’re one of those brides who you have — you’ve spent to the peak and you said you’re out of money and here’s this DJ angel, he says, “I’ll take care of your tables and chairs and linens for you at no cost.” I was like the hero for these wedding people and they would tell their friends, they would go, “This man angel has given me free tables, chairs and linens. How is it possible?” And they would — then their friends would come back and come back and come back and pretty soon I started charging those people. Long story short, I’m saying that was remarkable but it irritated all.

Robert: Yes, but your competitors did not like that-

Clay: At all.

Robert: -move at all.

Clay: It caused them to hate me which again if you’re listening to this right now and you have a business but you’re struggling to do something remarkable for fear of criticism, Z, what feedback would you have for someone listening right now who has a business and they’re struggling to get traction with their marketing and their fear — they’re afraid of criticism, what will people say, what will they do, what advice would you have for them?

Robert: Well, I’d tell you what. This is a big thing to unpack. I don’t want to just cheapen it and just give you just the boom boom, right?

Clay: No boom boom.

Robert: Because this is the thing that is one of my core things in business, one of my core things in business and so when we get back from the break, I’m going to unpack that a little bit and I’m going to kind of marinate on it, okay? Because that is marinatable. Is that a word?

Clay: And also — it is now. I mean, you’ve got to a point of your business career where you now can make up words and then we just go with it and no one’s going to question it. That’s where you’re at Z. When we get back also, Chera’s going to tell us about her newest business venture.

Robert: I can hardly wait.

Clay: They have a remarkable service offering. They’ve got some stuff in there. It’s almost like it’s magic. It’s that remarkable.

Chera: We are magic.

Clay: It’s a game-changer.

Robert: It’s a game-changer on this Throwback Thursday.

Clay: Z, thank you for playing the old-school hits.

Chera: Nice, Mariah Carey.

Clay: Boom.

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Host: Live. Local. Now. You’re listening to the Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio 1170.

Clay: Hello, Oklahomies. Welcome back to the Thrive Time Show during your drive time home. You see, it’s business school without the BS. Whoa, that was easy for me to say and folks my name is Clay Clark. I’m a business coach and the former SBA Entrepreneur of the Year in your ear and I’m joined here with a man who’s helped Tulsa to see 20, 20, for now 25 years. That deserves some cheers right there. This is Dr. Robert Zoellner. Sir, how are you?

Robert: I’m still standing on this Throwback Thursday. Hey, everybody. Thanks for tuning in on your drive home. This is the show. We’re going to encourage you, we’re going to pump you up and we’re going to mentor you so that when you start your business, it’s not going to fail.

Clay: We have a lady here that we have, well, on the show today, special guest-

Robert: Special.

Clay: Miss Chera Kimiko, former TV anchor turned entrepreneur. How are you?

Chera: I’m great, I’m great. So good.

Clay: We’re excited and before we went to break, you know Z was starting to tell us, he was going to give us some encouragement for the–

Chera: Marinating.

Clay: He was marinating.

Robert: Marinating.

Chera: Marinating.

Clay: Because there are entrepreneurs out there who are – I asked him, I said if there’s an entrepreneur listening right now and they are wanting to be remarkable, they’re wanting to get their business into the marketplace as we’re talking about these seven principles of Purple Cow Marketing magic, if they’re reluctant to tell the marketplace what they do because of fear of criticism, what do they do? I asked you what — and you said, you know, this requires a little more time and marination. So, Z, what do you have for us?

Robert: Well I’m glad you stayed tuned because this is probably one of the most difficult things new entrepreneurs struggle with and it’s going to be tough.

Clay: It’s going to be tough.

Robert: I’m telling you out there right now you’re driving home and you’re listening and you’re saying I’m going to start my business and I want to become remarkable but I don’t really want to hurt anybody else’s feelings and I want to be loved by everybody and all those fun things we all think that comes with success in entrepreneurship and success in business. I’m a tell you something right now. This is nearly impossible.

I’m just telling you right here, it’s nearly impossible so don’t feel like you have to get it 100% correct because I’m telling you it’s near impossible. When you start your business and you make it remarkable and you get your super move down and you start pounding that super move to the area around you, i.e. the customers, you’re going to have to learn how to, get ready, it’s impossible but you’re going to have to try, embrace the hate.

Clay: Embrace the hate?

Chera: It’s the hardest thing to do it and especially for women who are emotional. I tell my kids you better get thick skin because not everybody’s going to like you but it doesn’t matter if they don’t like, they’re still talking about you.

Robert: Well and that’s true and so you have to go from that thing of trying to thicken your skin, Chera. That’s exactly what you do and you have to embrace hate which is almost impossible because nobody likes hate. Let’s just face it.

Chera: So hard.

Robert: The trolls of the world are winning, we get it, okay online.

Clay: I want to push back. I want to argue, I want to argue with you.

Chera & Robert: No, no, no.

Robert: Oh good, it’s argue time. Argue music. Oh good. Let’s do it, let’s do it.

Clay: I want to argue. When I built the DJ business, I had a vendor who had got a list of all the brides who had registered, the spreadsheet, and they sent out an email to all of the brides saying that DJ connection was a fraud, we’d missed several weddings and I remember all of the girls at the wedding show got this email. It said, “Attention brides, wedding alert” from some bogus organization. It was like from the wedding-

Robert: Weddings International Committee.

Chera: When was this?

Clay: This is like in 2002, 2003. It goes out to every single girl, every bride. 700 to 800 girls on this list got–

Chera: That’s almost close to illegal.

Clay: Yes. I called the competitor he goes, “It’s just business,” he admitted he did it, he said it’s just business. What I did and I — this is a system I want to give you because I know that you said no one likes hate but I actually love hate.

Chera: Well, because it motivates you also.

Clay: This is what I do–

Robert: Well, I just said as a normal person you don’t go around going, “Oh gee whiz, I hope they hate me.” I mean, people just don’t go around saying that.

Chera: Clay does, apparently.

Robert: Let’s throw it down.

Clay: What I’m saying is I actually seek hate. What I did with this guy, I don’t try to make people mad on purpose but if they – so I have to find a good enemy. This guy though, he says it’s just business and I said to him, I said, “I will put you out of business and we will have this conversation again, give me a decade, you’re gone and I’m not kidding.”

Announcer: You’re listening to the Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio 1170.

Clay: There’s four competitors and all of them went out of business and they were all guys who had told me that they were part of this thing. This is my move if I talk to a bride and they said — Let’s role-play. You’re the father of the bride.

Robert: Okay, my little girl is getting married here soon and I heard you were a shady character.

Clay: Now my understanding is that you had heard this from who, who did you hear this from?

Robert: It was a International organization of Wedding something like or something like that.

Clay: This is what I would do. If you were talking to one of my competitors which is, let’s say the company’s called Plan B DJ Service. There we go, so sir, have you talked to Plan B DJ Service?

Robert: Yes.

Clay: Well here’s the deal, we have a special going right now. I know typically for a DJ you’d pay 650 is what you’d pay for a DJ, disc jockey.

Robert: You’re right around there.

Clay: What did they quote you?

Robert: They quote me $600.

Clay: Well, here’s what we’re going to do. I’m going to call this the one dollar guarantee. I’m going to book your wedding for a dollar.

Robert: What?

Clay: Then if you’re happy, I just want you to holler and tell the world how happy you are. It’s a dollar, holler. Holler for a dollar. That’s the deal, one dollar.

Robert: They said you’re shady, now it’s confirming that. How could you do it for a dollar? That just don’t sound right.

Clay: The thing is that I’m going to lose money anytime that I’m competing with these guys because I want to beat them. I did this over and over and over and over and I — we had one holiday weekend in December in like 2003. We had like 40 parties that were out that raked a dollar. All of them were a dollar.

Robert: That’s crazy.

Clay: You’re just killing them.

Robert: See, you were embracing the hate.

Clay: It did, it got me motivated.

Robert: It got you motivated.

Clay: If you think about group sports, why is the NFL so competitive? Because guys are competing for a roster spot, they’re competing to win the Superbowl. It’s competition. When you were doing the — when you were a TV personality, the TV anchor there, but most recently were you, I think you were at Fox, right? That was your last destination?

Chera: Fox and then Channel 6.

Clay: And then Channel 6, so Channel 6 was the last one, right?

Chera: Correct.

Clay: How competitive is that industry?

Chera: It’s very competitive. When I was getting in it, there are about 500 to 1000 people that want one anchor position.

Clay: Occasionally, do people try to do some shady things to get you off the air?

Chera: They do you shady things all the time. The best were the viewer emails or on Facebook or that they hate you, they hate the lipstick you’re wearing, they would hate what you look like, they hate your hair, they hated that my jacket was too red.

Robert: Did you ever have anybody put a question mark on the teleprompter? I’m sure it could be me. I’m sure it could be go [laughs].

Clay: What did you do to deal with the hate? The comments, the negativity, the people trying to take your job, how did you emotionally process that Chera?

Chera: I just have to compartmentalize and I know that’s not easy. I know a lot of people can’t do it, but you just have to go on because they tell you for one negative you need at least five to seven positives to make you feel better. After a while I just kind of thought it’s BS. If my only people that like me are my family and my close friends, then that’s good enough for me.

If the bosses still want me and they’re keeping me around, obviously I’m doing something right. I would email every single person back. Anybody that emailed me that hated me or liked me I would email them back and a lot of people I became friends with.

Clay: Really?

Chera: Absolutely, yes. I think there’s a lot to be said, because I think sometimes they don’t think that you’re real that you’re not going to email them back. I think that’s a huge point whether you’re in your own business, starting a business, or with someone else’s business is that you treat someone the way that you want to be treated. A lot of times these people just want to talk to you because sometimes they really do have valid comments.

Clay: What’s the name of the business you’re involved with now? What’s the name of your company?

Chera: Cryomed Spa is what it is right now.

Clay: What do you guys do there?

Chera: Well we do a lot of things there. It’s actually connected on to my husband’s which is Zoellner Chiropractic. If you’re going into Zoellner Chiropractic you can go right through the same door with Cryomed Spa. We do cryotherapy. We do compression sleeves. We also have CoolSculpting, Botox. We do weight loss. We do bioidentical hormones and more and more.

Clay: These are all words. I think many Tulsons are just now learning. When we come back, I want you to be able to share about the remarkable aspects of this business. Educate us. You said cryo this, and you said hormone that. I’m just going to be able to body blah. I don’t know man Z, I don’t know what she’s talking about [crosstalk].

Robert: It’s science or something.

Clay: Mumbo-jumbo show here on Thrive Time. Throwback.

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Host: You’re listening to the Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio 1170.

Clay: What is going on Tulsa and Oklahomese? Welcome back to the number one local business radio show. In fact it’s the only local business radio show. My name is Clay Clark. I’m the father of five human kids because that’s the way I like to live. I’m joined here with the guy who’s gone from the whole optometry game. He realized quickly, “I’m an entrepreneur and I’m stuck inside the body of an optometrist. I want to get out of the, get me out.” He finally got out. He started multiple successful companies. He’s Dr. Robert Zoellner. How are you?

Robert: Hello Thrive nation out there. It’s throwback Thursday and my outtake music. I’m playing you throwback. I got a good one loaded up for you so hang in there.

Clay: Something in the studio smells and feels a little famous. Is it you?

Robert: No, no, no.

Clay: Is it me?

Robert: It’s much more beautiful than the two of us.

Clay: It’s Miss Chera Kimiko. How are you?

Chera: I’m great.

Clay: We’re trying to coach her out of retirement. She left TV. Now she’s left to be — she used to be an anchor. Now she says, “I’m an entrepreneur.” We’re trying to coach her out of it. We’re trying to bring her back onto the TV.

Robert: Just when I thought I got out, they pull me back in.

Clay: They pull me back in. Unbelievable.

Robert. They pull me back in. It’s a Godfather reference.

Clay: The Godfather by the way is a pretty intense movie. Everybody who’s–

Chera: It’s been on recently.

Robert: It has. Just like the Thrive Show here. Thrive Time Show. We’re pretty intense here too.

Chera: Once we’re set too we can use that [crosstalk].

Clay: Facebook live you can see.

Robert: I don’t mean to threaten you, but if you did take a horse’s head and put it on your desk today [laughter].

Clay: Serious guys. We’re talking about the seven principles of purple cow marketing. The idea is going to be remarkable. Principle number one is your business product or service must be remarkable or you are invisible. Now Chera, tell us what about your business is remarkable or of the Cryomed Spa? What about it is remarkable?

Chera: I love my business. I think that’s the first thing and first and foremost thing. I love it. When I got out of TV I told my husband, “[unintelligible 00:25:26]. I want to have everything in one place where I had to go several places for.”

Clay: What kind of things do you do there?

Chera: We have the cryo chamber. Cryo basically means cold. You freeze for three minutes.

Clay: Wait, I’m trying to picture this. You walk into like a meat locker?

Chera: Yes exactly Clay.

Clay: Why would you do this?

Chera: You walk into our Cryomed Spa. In the back room we have a cryo chamber that you get into. It’s like cryogenics. You get into it, and it’s liquid nitrogen and you are in there for three minutes. It’s equivalent to a 15 or 20-minute ice pack.

Host: You’re listening to Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio 1170.

Clay: Why would you want an ice bath?

Chera: You want an ice bath to take care of inflammation and just to cool you down again if you get a little hot.

Clay: If I’m listening to this right now I want to check it out. What’s kind of specials? What does it cost? How do I get in touch?

Chera: It’s normally $28. We have a special right now if you’d like to come see us for first time users for $10. Now if you go to other states and other cities, you’re going to take three minutes to go into a cryo chamber and it’s going to cost you between 60-$120 dollars. We just think that’s ridiculous.

Clay: What other services do you offer in there?

Chera: We also have CoolSculpting. A lot of people are scared of cosmetic surgery and they want liposuction. This is CoolSculpting. It’s liposuction without the surgery and you freeze. Cryo once again. You freeze the fat away. Started by Harvard researchers.

Clay: Z, a couple years ago, Z he gave me this birthday card. He gave me a gift pass to your place and it was basically unlimited cosmetic work on my face. I was trying to say but he said, “Dearest Clay, happy birthday. You can go in there and have at it. Redo your whole face. Sure, we’ll help you out.”

Robert: We’ll help you out and in fact please get in there soon [laughs].

Chera: This does not do your face. You can do your belly, your back, your bra fat, your knees, your chin, your arms, your inner legs, your outer thighs, your saddlebags. This is a great story though. I’ll make it short. Started by Harvard researchers. Long time ago, they were studying kids after every summer with these kids. They were noticing they all had dimples in their cheeks not predisposed to it.

Their studies led to the reason why is because they were eating Popsicles everyday which caused a permanent removal of fat in their cheek which caused the dimples. Harvard got together with UMAS Hospital and they have a worldwide patent until 2029. They’ve done more than three million of these CoolSculpting and it really does work. It’s not for weight loss. It’s just for shaping [unintelligible 00:27:54].

Robert: Shaping the body, and I’ll tell you what I’ve done the cryo thing, the cryo–

Chera: Did you feel better?

Robert: The crowd chamber, yes, it’s cold.

Chera: It is cold. The three minutes you can do something. Everybody can do something for three minutes.

Robert: It’s cold. You get in there. You are in your undergarments. You have on little gloves and–

Chera: Socks and booties.

Robert: Socks and booties. Then you get into this thing and there’s a timer. You stay in and then they crank that bad boy on. First 30 seconds isn’t a big deal because I can do this.

Clay: I have a question. When you walk in does it sound like this, A, or B? Close your eyes. Listen to this. When you walk in to the cryosposy does it feel like this [music] or does it feel like this?[music]

Chera: Yes, it’s more like that [crosstalk].

Clay: That’s the energy there when you walk in there?

Robert: I went in there first 30 seconds I’m like, “Yes, this is easy. This is good stuff.” In the next 30 seconds I was going, “This is getting a little cold, little cold, little cold.” Then the next minute you’re like, “Okay, all right, I get it. It’s cold.” Then last minute you’re just counting down and then you get out you feel. It’s amazing. Like you say it’s like old school was you got in the ice bath. This is getting in the the tub of ice. I guess what it does it drives all your blood into your core.

Chera: Correct.

Robert: Your core and it–

Chera: Then when you get up [crosstalk].

Clay: Where’s your place located? For someone wants to check this out where you were you located?

Chera: We’re at 91st and Yale just on the northwest side of the street right next to Zoellner Chiropractic .

Clay: If you want to get involved that’s where you go and see them there folks. We’re talking about this principle number two coming up next year. I’m starting to catch up. Were you saying something there my good friend?

Chera: You guys talk so much. I think more than


Chera: Try to jump in this one I was like get out of my way.

Clay: It’s like a ninja fight.

Robert: It’s tough. It’s tough [crosstalk].

Chera: I’m going to fight my way to the top.

Clay: We’re talking about principal number two when we come back. You know you are remarkable when people remark. When we come back, we’re going to be talking about how do you know if your product and service offering is in fact remarkable? This is a very special request from Miss Chera Kimiko

Chera: I love this song.

Clay: Blame it on the rain Milli Vanilli.


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They’re going to bring you in, they’ll offer you a beverage, identify your style that you’re going for, give you a tailored haircut from one of the professional stylist, wash your hair and then style it afterwards so you could even go back to work. The experience awesome. They even do cool things for members like a free neck shave on Mondays or a peppermint oil scalp massage on Tuesday. Check out one of the locations near you and book an appointment. You can check them out at or just dial 9188772219. Seriously you’re going to love it. 9188772219 or visit to book an appointment today.

Host: You’re listening to the Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio 11.70.

Clay: Halo Oklahomies in Green Country. Welcome back. You are in fact listening to the Thrive Time Show with your audio dojo of mojo on your drive time home. We are joined here as always with the co-host with the most Dr. Robert Zoellner. I am Clay Clark. I’m a former SBA Entrepreneur of the year. I also was kicked out of Oral Roberts University. If you want to go to an ORU game and think about all the alumni and all the people who are graduates of that great university, and you want to think about somebody who wasn’t a graduate, you could think about me.

You could do that. Then also, we have a special guest today Miss– I don’t want to give it away Z. We have a kind of a celebrity for people who right now they go, “Something feels different about today’s show. We have a celebrity.” Can you give them a hint Z.

Robert: She’s a big deal, is a number. Number two, she was Tulsa’a, i.e Green Country’s number one anchor for, I don’t know, maybe 20 years, We’ll find out the exact number.

Clay: You’re not ageing at all.

Robert: [laughs] Well, not ageing at all. Now what she’s done is she has made the bold step-

Clay: The bold step

Robert: The bold step.

Clay: She’s moved on.

Robert: Of a secure little job that she did every day and grind, grind, get your paycheck, get your paycheck, get your paycheck.

Clay: Get the check.

Robert: Get your check, get the money.

Clay: Go see HR.

Robert: She made the bold move of stepping out and now she’s a female entrepreneur, mompreneur, and she is making things happen and you’ve guessed it. That’s right, Chera Kimiko.


Chera: I want you guys with me everyday. That is such an intro.

Robert: We were that’s what we do we’re hypers. [crosstalk] We’re Hyper active hyper people hyperactive Heitman. [crosstalk]

Clay: Okay so here we go. Our principle number two is you know you are remarkable when people remark. I’m going to give you a notable quote. Here we go, this is from Seth Godin. He says, “In a crowded marketplace fitting in is failing. In a busy marketplace not down is not standing out is the same as being invisible.”

Chera: This is true. Not that you asked me but I’m going to step in. I have to jump in [crosstalk] It is true. I tell that to other women and other people just in general as you have to have something that makes you different than every body else.

Clay: Let me ask you this, as a TV personality when you were doing the TV game what made you different from other personalities? What did you try to do that would separate you from the other, from the pack of other nice well-spoken anchors on TV?

Chera: Well, initially I didn’t try and do anything it was just something that I think came naturally and I always waved bye at the end of my newscast and a lot of people remembered that and a lot of people still say it till today, “You would always say bye to us.” Because you’re in their homes. Something not small that you take for granted or don’t ever think about is something that was big.

The other thing was, is I did not like to conform and I did not want someone to conform me. I didn’t want to cut my hair I liked my hair. It’s just who I am, so I left it long and while I had a lot of people and consultants telling me I needed to cut and I just didn’t want to cut it. So I didn’t but, that was one thing. Go ahead, you were about to say something.

Clay: The thing that is super important if you’re listening right now, is that I want you to go and get out a sheet of paper. If you’re driving right now, don’t get a sheet of paper but maybe tell the person next to you to take notes or maybe seriously was this you can pull over I want you to do this because I want you to make a list of 10 things that your it’s 10 Try 10 ideas that your business can do that is different from anybody else. If you don’t know this is the step.

Mystery shop your competition and then try to beat them in a way that is authentic to you. I’ll give you an example, with the elephant in the room that’s our men’s grooming business. There are some great haircut places out there. There are sports clips there’s great clips. There’s a lot of places. With the elephant in the room we have literally mystery shopped all of the competition and we discovered we’re not going to beat the competition on price. We decided that we we thought maybe that was something we could try but no we said we’re not going to beat them on the elephant in the room is not really a walk in business.

It’s more of an appointment only business. We realized we’re not going to keep the costs lower but we are going to do is make an experience that we tried to make. We try to make our experience five times better than anybody else. We now have a complimentary beverage. We now have it’s like rustic barnwood if you’re on Facebook live you can kind of see that kind of barnwood there’s Edison bulbs there is a hot oil treatment, there’s paraffin years all these things that we do that are different from other places.

The ambiance, the music, we’ve tried to make everything unique. I would just say if you wanted to compete with elephant in the room, if you’re listening right now you’re going, “Is he actually teaching us how to compete with himself?” Yes. You would want to do something that’s authentic to you. That’s the antithesis of what we’re doing because you have to be different if everyone is the same you’re, again you’re invisible. Z I want to ask you as an optometrist, how did you make your optometry clinic 25 years ago different from the other optometry clinics that were already out there?

Robert: Well, number one we advertised and I know that sounds crazy. You may be going, “What? how is that different?” Well, you got to understand back in the day, back in the day, it was not thought of well for professionals to advertise.

Clay: Because professionals never advertise.

Robert: You see you just, back when I was in school, practice management class. Literally the teacher said there’s three moves. One move is you join the largest church in town and you pass the bucket around. [crosstalk] rule number one, number two we have a business card that’s mostly white. The more white, the better. The smaller your name on it, the better.

Clay: Real quick here. Chera, do you agree with these moves?

Robert: Number three, then the sign on your door, small sign.

Clay: This is just in from the optometrist all over the world [crosstalk]

Robert: That was my practice management class 26, 27 years ago in optometry school. That’s how I coached us some business back then.

Clay: Good job.

Robert: Those are three super moves. When I just started advertising, I got on the radio, wow radio. I got the on air personality to endorse me to come in and be a patient and say, “Man this place is awesome”.

Clay: The radio deejay?

Robert: Right, right, which you’d been listening to for years. Which you trusted, which was in your home, in your car. You felt like you know that person. It’s like Chera waving goodbye every night when she’s going off air. That person you had already a trust with them, so I garnered that, I used that. I used that love that was already there and I just got him for that parade, and I just started waving a flag and got it front of the parade and act like it was my parade. When that on air person said, “Hey go here, it’s a special place, it’s a great place.” That was probably the first thing I did to differentiate myself because then all my all my competitors were going, “He’s advertising, [inaudible 00:38:52] This is crazy.”

Clay: I have a question. I have a question for Chera here. Okay, we’re getting into this third principle which is, “Not taking risks is riskier than taking risks.” This is Seth Godin, he’s saying that not taking risks is riskier than taking risks.

Chera: Well, I would rather fall on my face and learn than not fall on my face and not learn a single thing. Yes, it’s failure. You don’t learn unless you fail. [crosstalk] Then you can make things better.

Clay: You’re saying the advice you would have for a Tulsan out there who’s in the car and they’re going, “I am afraid of failure.” Your advice would be what?

Chera: Embrace it. Because I think the fear inside you is also what motivates you to go. Maybe I’m wrong, I don’t know, I’m theorizing on this but I do, I think that there’s something that’s in your belly of what you’re scared, to just do it and use that energy, go forward and do what you can.

Clay: Z I have a story for you. Here we go. I got this crazy idea to start this deejay company right. I’m working out of my dorm room at college. In Oral Roberts University, women are not allowed to go to social dances and men can’t either. You can’t have social dancing, you cannot, it’s in the honor code. Because you’ve signed it and you know what you’re signing up if you go to Oral Roberts. You sign up for it.

I decided to be dishonorable while signing the honor code. I wasn’t mature yet okay. Maybe I’m still working on my maturity thing. But anyway I go out there and I realized students all around the campus are looking for a place to have a good time and there’s no venue, there’s no place. I rented the Marriott Hotel. Do you how much it cost to rent the Marriott Hotel back in 1999?

Robert: I’m sure you didn’t rent the whole thing, just a room.

Clay: The whole banquet, the biggest one you can have.

Robert: 500 bucks?

Clay: You’re out about 1,200 bucks and they’re trying to get tables, chairs, linens. I said, no,no, I just want the space. Then I paid the deposit. I grew up without financial resources, I didn’t have a lot of money. I had to find a way, I had to do the maths and I’m going if I charge $5 a head I’ve got to get at least 500 people at this dance party just to pay for the cost of the room and make a little profit.

Then they say, “For security, who are you bringing in for security, do have security?” I go– I’m 18, “Absolutely, I have the finest security people, absolutely.” They go, “Are you fully insured?”. “Absolutely”. “Do you have a team that’s going to help you?” “Absolutely.” Then all of a sudden I’ve got now 30 days to figure this out and promote the party. You know who was motivated?

Robert: You?

Clay: Me.

Chera: But then you also learned what you needed by them asking you what you needed, because you didn’t know.


Clay: And to your point, and to Chera’s point, fear is what motivated me. That’s what got me going. The thing is, I could have stopped, I could just have said no, waved the white flag but that fear is what got it going and I ended up meeting some massive Samoan men. Men from Samoa. Massive dudes at the– what was the fitness place up at Memorial by Magoo’s? Point of Fitness? [crosstalk]

I paid these guys that I’d just met 100 bucks to stand there and be security. I made up an insurance document, I didn’t even have insurance, I just made it up. I did a bunch of crazy things. But you know what I did? I filled it up and I ended up making money and that’s how I paid my way through college and it worked. And so Thrivers, when we come back we’re going to be talking to you more about Purple Cow Marketing.

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Host: Broadcasting from the Center of the Universe. Featuring optometrist turned entrepreneur Dr. Robert Zoellner and US SBA entrepreneur of the year Clay Clark. This is the Thrive Time show on Talk Radio 1170.

Clay: Hello Tulsa and welcome back to the business show that gives you jack. We teach how to start and grow a successful business. My name is Clay Clark. I’m the former SBA entrepreneur of the year. I’ve been involved in the hair cut industry, the men’s grooming. I’ve been involved in the entertainment industry, the PR, the marketing, bakeries, photography, real estate and the thing is, and I don’t mean this in a braggadocious way, business is sort of easy for me and other parts of life are probably harder for me and everybody if you listen to this, we all have different things we’re good at, things we struggle with.

I’m joined here with a guy who is like my business hero, kind of like a business yotta. He is, if I am on the Patriots, he is the Belichick. He is the coach. It’s Dr. Robert Zoellner. How are you?

Robert: I’m fantastic, and you’re my Tom Brady. You’re my Tom Brady.

Clay: I was wondering why you put on my to do list, deflate balls, and I’m going, I don’t know why I would need to do that buy okay.

Robert: Well, because you catch them a little easier that way. We want every edge we can get.

Clay: I just finished deflating all of them about 10 minutes ago. We should be all good for today’s show.

Robert: Well done, well done TB.

Clay: In all sincerity, we have sort of a unicorn on the show today. A unicorn–, take a lepricon–, it’s a unicorn being escorted through the game of life by a lepricon. That’s how rare this is. This a Chera Kimiko radio sighting.

Chera: Okay, I”m just sitting here laughing hysterically at these two. How the hell do you come up with this stuff? This is good stuff right here.

Robert: We spend hours seriously hours practicing this.

Clay: We go to Mount Awesome and pontificate. [crosstalk] seriously though, since you’ve been off the air, you’re no longer on TV, you’re no longer an anchor, what have you been doing, what kind of business are you involved in now?

Chera: We have been starting the Cryo-Med Spa, which, there is nothing like it, it’s one of a kind, and we cater to a lot of athletes but I also wanted it to cater to women and other people who wanted other stuff done such as myself when I was on TV. I wanted botox, I wanted facials, I wanted to have a little cool sculpting done. I wanted everything at my fingertips, and that’s what we did. So athletes, men, women, spaies, that’s not a word for sure.

Clay: When you say cool sculpting is that like a really trendy kind of sculpting or what do mean by cool sculpting? What is that for people who don’t know what that is?

Chera: It is cryogenics once again. I take an applicator and I put on the parts of your body that you think are too fat and we freeze the fat away.

Clay: Can you put that on Zee’s whole body, just cover his body, squeeze his nose in place?

Robert: I just want my fat frozen man, just one time bro.

Chera: You can go home after an hour, and you can go work out and you can live your life and you don’t have to deal with all needles, the anesthesia, the tralalala–

Clay: No needles.

Chera: The anesthetics of it all. No needles, no nothing.

Clay: Now Z here we go. We’re talking about the Purple Cow marketing. We’re teaching the seven principles of effective Purple Cow marketing. Here’s the concept. You’re driving down the road, you’re headed out to Bristo. You have an uncle who lives in Bristo. Your kids go “Hey dad, look it’s a cow, it’s another cow”. Pretty soon you realise there are a lot of cows. But one cow, the magical cow, is the Purple Cow and the Purple Cow stands out.

Pretty soon you pull over the car and you say, “Kids, we must get out and see the sacred Purple Cow.” You pull over, other people start to say, “Hey, why is that car pulled over? We should pull over and see if they’re okay”. Then someone else pulls over. Pretty soon there’s a line around the door and that is what I believe the Blue Dome district is. Z have you been down to the Blue Dome district recently, have been down there?

Robert: I have, but one thing about your story that I would change when we were driving out to Bristo to see the uncle, and we would pass a cow, we’d always just look out the window and go, “Mooooo”.

Chera: Didn’t you want to tip it?


Clay: You have to wait till they fall asleep.

Chera: Exactly.

Robert: That is the thing, by the way. You were asking me, the Blue Dome district. Yes, and I’ve see the Blue Dome. It actually designates the Blue Dome district.

Clay: I’m going to give big praise to Elliot Nelson here. This is in Blake, Ewing. Think about this. Downtown Tulsa before they built the Driller Stadium, if you went out to the Blue Dome district, it was just a weird collection of empty buildings. And so Elliot throws up McNellies. Have you guys been to McNellies? There was nothing there. It was so unusual for there to be something that you’re going okay there’s something, maybe we should go out there because there used to be nothing, let’s go see if there’s something.

Then Lotte, Libbie Oland says I’m going to open up a business right downtown at 5th and Boston right down there, and she opens up a Lotte, that farm to table farm fresh organic stuff. She has those puppy tacos. The puppy tacos are awesome. One by one these different entrepreneurs– Then Blake gets in the game, and he starts opening up his businesses. Now you go downtown, there is this vibrant, thriving, energetic series of restaurants, and dining and retail, but they are all remarkable.

If they had opened up a conservative restaurant one that you could find anywhere, I doubt people would be willing to fight the traffic and drive downtown to go there. But because they made it remarkable, people decided to go down there. If you want to google this to verify that I’m not insane, the Brookings Institute, the Brookings Institute, those smart guys, they did a study on urban renewal, I encourage everybody to look this up, it’s great. They discovered that the Gas Lamp district in San Diego, the Austin, the downtown Austin, Texas, that whole revival they’ve done down there.

Chera: It’s at Loddow in Denver as well.

Clay: Loddow, Denver. There we go. They are entertainment, dining and retail, but it must be a Purple Cow. It must be compelling for it to work.

Host: You’re listening to the Thrive Time show on Talk Radiio 1170′

Clay: Seth Godin says, “Boring is always the most risky strategies. Smart business people realize this and they work to minimize but not to eliminate the risk of the process”.

Chera: We’re not boring by any means. If you know my husband, you know he’s a spaz first and foremost. I’m kind of the calm, quiet one.

Clay: You’re the calming one?

Chera: I would like to think it as zen on my side [laughs] let me ask my husband, he’s like, ” Exactly.”

Clay: [music] Chera Kimiko, the calming voice of reason in the Zelna family.

Chera: Right. Exactly. That’s what I’d like to say but when you go in, we’re not boring because we have everything in there. Who would have thought that with a chiropractor, you can get Coolsculpting to freeze the fat away? Or that you can go in and get your bio-identicals done, with bio-identical hormones? You can figure out, Is your testosterone to high or too low, your progesterone, your estrogen, a lot of things that women are going through right now? I know. Stop it, Clay. You might have low testosterone and not know it. It’s a guy thing.

Clay: I don’t do well with the human body. Just discussing the body I was [unintelligible 00:51:01]

Chera: You don’t have to. They do it. They set you up.

Robert: Well, you know, you are trapped in one. You do realize that you do have one every day?

Clay: Every time we talk about the body I’m always-

Chera: Well this is what I wanted. I was getting older and I thought, I just don’t want to go to all these places. A, it’s kind of embarrassing and B, it’s a lot of time that you’re spending around so we’re not boring. You can go in, and you can pretty much get anything done and there’s going to be nice people and happy people and hyper people.

Clay: Anyone listening who wants to know how do you continue to look 25? what’s your tip?

Chera: My Asian mother.


Robert: She’s a beautiful lady.

Chera: Thank you. I do think it has a lot to do with the Asian blood. I really do think it has a lot to do with taking care of yourself. Activities and of course skin. A lot of skincare.

Clay: Skincare. Now, we’re talking about principle number four. Define your target audience. This ties in perfectly into skincare. Work with me on this. Chad Holmes, he’s the best selling Author. He also worked with Charlie Munger. Somebody says, “Who’s Charlie Munger?” Charlie Munger is Warren Buffett’s partner. If you look up anything Berkshire Hathaway, there’s kind of like the secret guy behind the scenes, that’s Charlie Munger. Okay. Chad Holmes is his partner.

He says this, “Best buyers buy more, buy faster and buy more often than other buyers. These are your ideal clients. They have a special effort dedicated to just the dream clients”. Work with me on this. I love to go to churches that are more of an African-American persuasion. That’s my mojo. An example would be, higher dimensions, Carlton Pearson used to be the Pastor.

Chera: Yes. His daughter sang at an event that I was at this weekend by the way. Beautiful book voice majesty.

Clay: Really? Can she bring it ?

Chera: Oh my God. She was singing Alicia Keys and it just brought me to tears.

Clay: Really? How old is she now?

Chera: I don’t know but she’s beautiful .

Clay: Carlton I would go to his church. I would go there and I’d go, “This guy can sing.” It didn’t matter how many gospel albums he would put out, I wanted to buy them all because I just love that kind of music. I love African American gospel music. Now, other people in my family, other family members, they don’t want to buy the gospel cd’s at all because they want that Steven Curtis Chapman stuff. They want that-

Robert: Sure

Clay: – that butterfly kisses stuff. They want that sort of music.

Chera: Now if you’re Catholic you have- do you have that all cued up?

Clay: That’s what you have there. I’m just saying that there’s all different persuasions, there’s all different people out there and so with your business Chera, who are your ideal and likely buyers? Who are you trying to market to?

Chera: Well, that is an interesting question. Initially, it was to sports. Sports chiropractic and sports with a cryo chamber and the compression sleeves. Bringing my aspect into it is, I want to bring the women in as well. My target audience is both and I feel like I can do both because I do both in life anyway. Does that make sense?

Clay: I thought you’re -guess who your audience is not. You know there’s that sign when you’re on road trips and it says, “if you can eat a 72-ounce steak then you get it free.” have you seen that sign?

Robert: Oh yes.That’s a deal.

Clay: The people who are trying to win that each week, as a personal goal, are probably not your customers.

Chera: No.

Clay: I think there’s’ people who are very, they focus on- people who really do want to look their best, and are some people that go, “Well it’s 4:00 A:M, let’s go to waffle house.” There’s two different worldviews. I’m just telling you, if you’re a business owner listening right now, you have to think about who are your ideal and likely buyers. If you’re selling hockey tickets, think about who do you want to market to?

I work with the Oilers and when we do tickets and marketing, we focus on families who are looking for a wholesome entertainment for their kids and their families. We don’t focus on extremely elderly people nor do we market to extremely young people. We focus on people with families. You just have to know your audience.

Chera: Absolutely. You do have to know your audience and we had to know NTV as well. As who is your audience and who are you trying to win over? 25-54 women, men, blah blah blah. Well, in the Cryo Spa side, the Cryo Medical Spa side, it is definitely men and women that are probably about 35, 40 and up. Because, when you start talking about bio-identical hormones, it’s usually women who are in their forties, men are in their forties. [music] Yes, then when you start talking about cryo chambers and athletes as our men and women alike. But a lot of the strong men and women are a little bit older. That is our target audience.

Clay: Somewhere over the rainbow. Some place if you get- People say, “If I run to the end of the rainbow, is it possible but if I actually get there, What will I find?” Chera, they are going to find your business.

Chera: You’ll find Clay and you’ll find Robert, and you’ll find me.

Clay: They’ll find your business. 91st and Yale right?

Chera: Cryo Med Spa.

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Host: You’re listening to the thrive-time show. On talk radio.1170

Clay: All right Thrivers. Welcome back to the Thrive Time show during your drive time home. It’s Tulsa’s only local business radio show it’s business school without the BS. We are not to be talking about papyrus, we’re not talking about cuneiform, or the periodic table, or the migration habits of indigenous people from- We’re talking today specifically, about how to start and grow a business and about this whole marketing game. This whole purple cow marketing game. How do you make your business stand out in that cluttered world of commerce? We have the co-host with the more- ost on the show to enlighten us, to bring us the knowledge we’re not going to get in Business College. It’s Dr. Roberts Zoellner. How are you?

Robert: I am fantastic and you know what? I’m 52 years old. I’ve started, ran a lot of businesses. Made a lot of mistakes and I’m here to share my knowledge, my mistakes, my high points, my low points, how to do it, how not to. Sometimes, how not to do it, is just as important as how to do it.

Clay: That’s true.

Robert: You know what I mean?

Clay: Yes.

Robert: We have one goal. One mission Clay and I do, in the Thrive Time show. That is- well actually we have a couple missions- One is ,to encourage you to start it. Then two, make sure you’re successful when you do start your business.

Clay: Absolutely. I will say this, we brought on an entrepreneur on the show. A lady who is very, very successful as a TV Anchor. She was the number-one-rated- I’m not sure. Nielson, all the reports she gave can you explain to the Thrivers out there- We have Chera Kimiko on the show. Chera, can you explain to the Thrivers, how does the rating system work? How do you know if your show, is in fact, top-rated? How do you know ?

Chera: Well, Nielson. It’s such a convoluted thing, but in layman terms basically, it’s how many people watch you, every single night. A lot of people keep their jobs or lose their jobs depending on your Nielson ratings. If you have a low rating or high rating, meaning people turn you on or turn you out. That was great grammar

Robert: That was excellent grammar.

Clay: In order to get people to tune on your show and to be able to watch you and to become the official, like the newscast of that family,-

Chera: You have to make yourself noticeable and marketable. I have found that what I learned in TV, I’m now wanting to bring over to a business. It was trying to do something that no one else did. We started doing a lot of Facebook lives with our business and not a lot of people were doing that. I think now maybe it’s catching on and so now I’m thinking, we have to do something different.

At that point in time honestly, that’s when we came to Clay and Robert for Thrive 15, for help that way. I think it’s great to surround yourself with people that are smarter than you and know more than you and share all of that information. With the facebook live, we got it, we get it, we understand it but now it’s time also to break out of that role as well.

Clay: I think somebody’s listening to this show and you’re trapped right now and I’m hopefully this isn’t- I don’t want to get too deep. I really do care and I want to help you. You’re trapped in a cycle of dysfunction that it’s your new- It’s your normal. My man cave which is a beautiful place. We’re doing some final nuances been in NZ will build a broadcast in the man cave on occasion. We always keep it at 60 degrees. It’s always 60. If it’s–

Chera: Freezing. Actually, I do like it. I walk in the cause. [crosstalk]

Clay: Different show here, so you walk in here and this is why we have the female entrepreneurs, we’re keeping it real. With these female entrepreneurs on the show, we’re keeping it real. Talking about menopause but we are moving on. No eye contact, won’t make it awkward. There’s the thing is that the man cave, I keep it 60, that’s my normal. The other day I walk in and I’m going[unintelligible 01:00:26]. That’s what I do when I’m not on the show, that’s how I talk, man talk. I look and I noticed it’s not 60. Somebody has adjusted my temperature. I go, “This is uncomfortable. This isn’t what I like this. This is 60”. I knew it was something 67.

Chera: How dare they.

Clay: The travesty.

Chera: Violation.

Clay: Now somebody, you’re listening to this right now and you’re used to making $40,000. You’re just used to it. You’re used to whatever sacrifices and compromises that requires. You’re used to doing certain things to get by, to make it. The cost of health care is doubled, the cost of groceries goes up, the cost of fuel goes up, the cost of schooling goes up.

Everything is going up and your income is not going up and I’m saying right now, Z and I are helping you, we are waging war on this concept of mediocrity. We want to help you make that money, you can do it. In fact, 57% of you listening right now, according to Forbes, want to do what Z?

Robert: Start a business or grow the business they just started.

Clay: As an example my wife says, “I want to put in wood floors into our new house.” You know why own my business, so I can say, “Yes.” You know what time I had to think about it, I wasn’t financially going well. I need to, “How much can we afford.” No, you know what because we’ve made sacrifices for many years to get to the businesses to the point where we wouldn’t have to worry about financial limitations.

Host: You’re listening to the Thrive Time Show, on Talk Radio 1170.

Clay: We want to help you be successful, that’s what this show is all about. We’re talking about principle number five which is, “Decide this week what your purple cow will be.” If you have a business and you’re not being remembered by your target audience, it is over. This is the week we’re done. We’re done, having that conversation about, “Where are you located?” “Well, I’m over here.” “Well what do you do that’s different?” “Well I did it, we’re kind of competitive, I’m not really sure, I’m not really able to articulate what I do differently.” You want to say, “This is what you do differently.”

I’m going to teach you this concept called the elevator pitch. Here we go, “Clay, what’s the elephant in the room?” It is like a country club for men’s hair. It’s a dollar for your first haircut. It is the world’s best haircut experience, period, for dudes. It’s done. People, “What is epic photography? “It is half the cost of any other photographer. We get it done in two weeks instead of months, half the cost, your engagements and bridles are free, give us a try.” I mean it’s just that’s the offer. Z at your optometry clinic, you have a special, you do all the time.

Robert: Yes, $99 special, two pair special. I’ve always brought value to eye care, growing up without much. Unfortunately, I have to say that I’m around too many days with the big thing a tape on my glasses because we couldn’t afford new glasses. When I started off without my core values going to be– I mean my core thing is going to be values. I’m always trying to bring value to it but when you walk into my stores there are two storey, you’ve got the big posters up, it’s clean, it’s bright, it’s fun. You walk in you go, “What, this doesn’t look like a very cheaper, yes”

It’s really nice all the Kleenix latest equipment, the doctors are the best trained doctors and the staff is all well groomed, and in their scrubs and all high and tight and we’re smiling and happy you’re there. We take walk-ins, we’re open seven days a week. The thing about it is that you can have a business and you can bring value to it but you don’t have to be cheaply, cheaply.

Chera: I think you have to be focused and I want to give kudos out to someone who’s on your team with Thrive15 and that’s [unintelligible 01:03:54] One of, the first things that she always told me working with her is, make lists and I know women like lists, men don’t always like the lists. The lists keep you focused and it also gives you a sense of purpose at the end of the day when you can mark things off. The other thing is what we talked about, just previously before the commercial break, was reach out to people that can help you, that do want to help you.

That’s why I’ve reached out to you two gentlemen, as well, and I think it’s a great opportunity for people to start thinking outside of the box and have people come in and say, “Well, have you thought about this? Have you thought about this?” Because when you get into business you’re married to it, you’re very close to it and you can’t see the other things that you might need to bring into that aspect, such as just maybe video on your website or testimonials on your website or getting more people on Google to do the video. It’s absolutely fantastic.

Clay: When we come back Chera, I really want you to hold court and to — because you’ve transitioned from being a TV anchor to being an entrepreneur business owner. I’d love for you to be able to share with some of the ladies and men who are listening but specifically some of the ladies who are listening. What are some of the biggest challenges that you run into when starting? What advice would you have for someone who’s scared to start their own business? We’re going to get into all those details when we come back on this throwback Thursday. Now, Z you’ve queued something wonderful for us, what do you have here?

Robert: Backstreet Boys because throwback. Let’s throwback Thursday with a little, “I want it that way.”


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Host: Live, local, now, you’re listening to the Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio 1170.

Clay: All right check it, check it, check it out. You are in your car, you’re headed home, you’re stuck behind a guy, he’s got a large quantity of political stickers that are still left the remains from the election. He was pumped, he got every sticker, very opinionated stickers and you’re feeling good right now because you– we’ve made it through the elections and the final results are in. We’ve moved on now, we finally can be talking about something else. The political fatigue has set in an ultimate high and your wanting now just to say, “How do I start a business? How do I grow my business?

Because in Tulsa, this just in, this just in from my home office, in Tulsa, this is a stat you can verify this, okay. Forbes estimates that in, Tulsa, Tulsa, Tulsa supposed to be the most fertile, one of five most fertile cities in America to start a business. Seriously, this is Tulsa’s–

Chera: Really?

Clay: Yes, true story. Tulsa was actually rated number one a couple years back, it’s in the top five right now. This is a great place to be. It was actually rated as one of the top places for female entrepreneurs.

Robert: Absolutely, and that’s what’s so exciting. I think that’s why probably part of the reason why we have started Thrive a network, online business school to teach entrepreneurs how to do it. We did it right here in Tulsa and probably because it just the permeation in the ground, it must be something in the soil.

Clay: It’s the center of the universe.

Robert: It’s that maybe the Arkansas River on the left bank of it, maybe it just flows down, maybe it just that entrepreneur just flowing by us.

Clay: I wonder what that smell was sometimes and really was the smell of entrepreneurship. Going down the river.

Robert: Flowing down the river.

Clay: We have a very special guest, just there’s a lot of estrogen in the room. I can feel it, I haven’t checked the bio-identical hormone status. I haven’t really gotten into that yet [crosstalk]

Clay: I’ve determined that we have a celebrity here–

Chera: Let me taste testosterone [laughs].

Clay: We have Miss Chera Kimiko in the house, how are you?

Chera: I’m doing really well, you guys are hilarious, I love it. Thanks for having me on.

Clay: I’m exposing my lack of knowledge about any medical subject, minute after minute on this show today.

Chera: You sounded great.

Clay: Now there’s women listening right now who go, “Okay, okay. I want to start a business, I love that you’re teaching me these seven principles for Purple Cow Marketing but Chera, you made the transition from TV to start your own business. I’m a lady, I’m listening and I just I’m afraid to start or maybe I have started and I’m stuck. What advice would you have for anybody listening right now who’s a female entrepreneur, who’s kind of stuck and doesn’t know what to do?

Chera: I would — just like someone gave me the advice on how to invest in stocks, is invest in something that you really like. Whether it’s chocolate or if it’s gum then go that way. If it’s something that you like and it is something that you do as a hobby or something that you’ve always dreamed of just do it because if your passion is in something that you like you’re going to be successful.

Clay: I will say this too, if you’re an entrepreneur or you want to be an entrepreneur, what you need to do and I encourage to make these lists, so I encourage you do it. I encourage you to list all the benefits of owning your own business on the left column, and on the right column make a list of

all the potential bad things that could happen

Chera: There’s a lot.

Clay: It’s important that you embrace the good and the bad and you’re fully aware of those trade-offs, because my wife and I when we started our business I remember talking to my wife and I said hey we were 20 years old the time I said we’re not going to have air conditioning for the summer in Oklahoma because we’re going to buy a yellow page ad and she said a minute, and that was to me if I if she didn’t support me like that we would not have made it we would I couldn’t have afforded it.

I said I’m going to get a third job so that way I can buy more equipment, so I had a third job, had three jobs and Morgan Applebee’s, Target, West telecommunications. Vanessa’s working office depot and she’s working it Oral Roberts University but because of the trade-offs that we made for something bigger. We exchanged the good for something great for anybody who’s listening to Chera, who’s just totally consumed by fear, it had to be scary being on TV for the first time.

Chera: It is scary and I was consumed by fear and I still am consumed by fear. I have this camera sitting in front of me that’s going off probably to facebook live or whatever and looking at it terrifies me. I feel anxious with the anxiety in me, but at the same time I feel like if that is something that scares you then you have to do it and conquer it. I am driven by that and we started talking about the principles of women in business or just business in general.

Women have the tendency to be very very emotional. However, I also think that can be such a great thing for women in business because when you’re dealing with employees, you have to be empathetic but you also need to check your emotions at the door as well. I think that’s one thing that men do well as they keep their emotions in check they don’t hold grudges and that’s something women can do better. I think men then need to check what their empathy level is also and women have a great ability to be empathetic.

Clay: Now Thrivers if you’re listening, we’re talking about principle number five which is decide this week what your purple cow will be. Seth Godin says, Seth Godin best-selling author marketing expert, he says, “It’s difficult to change once you get into the rhythm of mediocrity.” A lot of us are just used to having a business that’s not remarkable. You probably are sitting on a remarkable product or service you’re just not marketing it in a remarkable way. Let me give you some ample examples of what I believe to be remarkable. One, Trump’s hair.

Chera: It is a selling point.

Clay: It stands out. Like it or not people remark about the word remarkable means people are remarking about it. Second, is Andy’s rotating ice cream sign. That’s like a beacon going to drive all five of your kids over here for only $7 a kid, you can make them happy. Come over here, but the kids see that rotating sign and they instantly go, “Dad can we have ice cream?”

Farmers insurance, it used to not be memorable at all but now they have we are farmers bump bump and it stuck in your head. Elephant in the room the name of our men’s grooming lounge reason why we named that is people say why is it elephant in the room? Well, the elephant in the room is most men have bad haircuts and they have bad service and so we wanted to offer something different. The rotating u-haul truck in downtown Tulsa in downtown stadium

Chera: On top of the building.

Clay: Hobby lobby closed on Sundays chick-fil-a closed on Sundays, what is your purple cow going to be? There’s Monday, there’s Tuesday, there’s Wednesday, there’s Thursday, there’s Friday, there’s Saturday, there’s Sunday but there’s no someday you have to decide today what is your purple cow going to be Dr. Z?

Robert: Absolutely because once you do that you stand out in the crowd and you become remarkable and that is the key to turning that business just from surviving, just getting by just paying the bills, we might make it but to thriving.

Clay: But you got to have faith.

Chera: That was nice.

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Host: You’re listening to the Thrive Time show on top radio 1170.

Clay: All right Thrive nation, welcome back to the thrive time show during your drive time home my name is Clay Clark and I am a business coach and you’re listening to my voice your almost like pre dark you’re on your drive time home and you’re going, “I just need that voice to keep me in enlightened before I get home because it’s getting dark. I don’t drive well at night.” Z, you and I are teaming up together here bringing a ray of light and hope to the entrepreneurs out there teaching them specifically how to grow a business because if your business is in the toilet it doesn’t have to stay there right Z?

Robert: It doesn’t have to stay there. 80% of startup businesses fail and we are here to stamp out that fail rate.

Clay: People say where are you guys getting the stats? I want to encourage you google, google this google. Forbes eight out of 10 businesses fail you’ll find it. Forbes says right there Forbes also says 57% of the people listening right now want to start or grow a business they want to start a business.

Robert: Listen, I’m going to tell you something out there. If you have been one of those eight out of 10 and you’ve had a failed business, you’re in good company. That’s sounds-that’s weird.

Clay: I have a little bit of a list here I mean Walt Disney failed, lost twice. Now, Henry Ford or maybe he lost it five times. Thomas Edison was trying to invent that whole light bulb game people thought he was nuts. He also invented recorded audio and recorded video but homie went through 10,000 failed experiments. Yes, twitter check out Twitter used to be called audio took them six years to make a profit.

Robert: Six years, so listen if you’ve been one of those out of 10 and your beat down you’re like, “I wish I had the show man then, I wish I would have had access to these guys and Thrive15 and the Thrive time show and all that back then,” guess what it’s not too late, get back up on that horse.

Clay: And you know somebody who said, you know what, we have somebody in our presence who said that they said, “I’m doing pretty well in this whole TV game, I’ve been an anchor, I’ve done that.” I believe this person was an anchor first in the Vegas area Las Vegas. I believe off the fact-checking a minute here before then comes into Tulsa, goes to one station does very well, goes to another station does very well, she says it’s time to drop the mic. Dropped the mic, starts her own business, then she goes, “Now that wasn’t that wasn’t good enough, now I want to dominate the Thrive time show. I want to bring some estrogen to these two testosterone-filled dudes. It’s Miss Chera Kimiko. She’s on the show how are you Chera?

Chera: I’m well I do want to offer this suggestion for you all. On Thrive15 I think you should have your fact-check link so all the things that you have people they just go to your website and check it.

Clay: Yes, we’ll check it out there Thrivers. [crosstalk] Yes Thrivers check it out we are in the process. We’re in the process right now we’re transcribing all of the shows we’ve done and so we have an insane amount of facts that are going up there. Which is why if you google business coaching right now, anyone listening right now check it out. Go ahead and Google business coach, you’ll find us were popping up with creeping up the google game just like it was.

By the way if you want be top in google for something it’s whoever has the most words and the most google compliance. We have a lot of training on that but if google Tulsa men’s haircut that’s why my business elephant in the room is top. You can do it but the transcriptions are how you do it with the transcribe all the words and put them up on the site. We’re going to be taking Chera’s suggestion to heart and it’s going to be a game-changer go thrive time You can see some of the ones we’ve transcribed already but this just we gave away the present early I was going to sneak it in there but anyway so we’re talking about principle number six. Not everyone will be happy

Chera: Well, no not everyone is happy and actually your biggest critic might be yourself or your spouse.[crosstalk] because everybody can do it better than you, but I would say don’t ever be comfortable. I do think that’s why there are so many people in TV that have the longevity and then some people that don’t have the longevity and same with a business is if you’re comfortable then you’re mediocre.

Clay: I’m going to go ahead in piling on this little bit here Z because the concept of being, never being content.

Robert: Are you going to preach?

Clay: I feel like I need to.

Chera: Take us to church.

Clay: All right so here’s the deal, you can’t as an entrepreneur ever get to a point where you say I’ve reached my destination. Because if you do that what happens is you start to lose motivation which causes increased frustration as you only have some dissipate you can have this whole this massive decrease of customers. Every morning your competition wakes up and they say how can I beat you? They say, how I’m I going to be a little bit better?

What happens if you even take all your foot off the pedal for just a second that competition will come there and they will take your business. I’m just telling you they will absolutely take all of the business from you if you ever stop and I’m doing it with the DJ company, with DJ connection, let me give you an example I built that thing to where we were doing thousands of weddings per year 4000 events the final year. That’s 80 per weekend and what happens is that I got to a point where I said, “You know what I’m going to do? I am going to install this mystery shopper program.”

Robert: I love that move.

Clay: After the wedding, I would ask the bride, I’d say, “Please rate your DJ’s performance on a scale of one to ten. Your review will determine their pay check. The DJ’s review literally was determined by the bride’s review. What I noticed by doing that, I learned that move from Mr. Chet Cadieux, he’s the president of QuikTrip. He told me there’s a book called The Service Profit Chain.

I said, “How do you keep your bathrooms clean day after day after day”. Most gas stations drift by the way. They start off motivated to be clean. I asked him, “How do you keep that in play every day? How do you keep those plates spinning? How do you do it?” He said, “We have a mystery shopper.” I did that because, Z, you know what began to happen with the DJ business? As we grew, quality started getting worse —

Robert: Because you had to hire so many DJs. You were doing 4,000 events. How many DJs did you have working for you at your height?

Clay: 65 or 70.

Robert: 65 or 70 dudes. You know some dude is going to have an off night every night.

Clay: What I did is I had no mechanism in place, and so what happened is there was only so much of me to go around. I used to try to motivate and encourage by putting in that mystery shopper program. Every guy was motivated because every night was opening night. That was a very tough concept for me to handle that my company was drifting. At first, I didn’t know about the mystery shopper so, instead of putting in that system, I just began to get more and more frustrated in just thinking that as we grew, the quality would go down.

By putting in that move, that Mr. Cadieux showed me, we actually improved the quality, and it caused people that were not performing at their peak to no longer want to work there. That’s a move that anyone can do, but understand that not everyone’s going to be happy when you finally do put in your purple cow marketing. Principle number seven is once you find your purple cow, you got to go all out with it.

You’ve got to go all out with it, okay? Seth Godin says, “In a crowded marketplace, fitting in is failing. In a busy marketplace, not standing out is the same as being invisible.” Z, why did you have to go all out with your optometry clinic of being a value-based business, a place where you could just offer great value to your customers, great prices? Why did you have to be all out for that?

Robert: I’m going to tell you something right now. If you find a purple cow, which is pretty incredible, you get your purple cow, right? Then, you say to yourself, “I’m just going to put him in the barn and just leave him in the barn.” Then everybody that drives by your field — guess how many people see your purple cow?

Clay: Leroy and Trevor.

Robert: When you get your purple cow, you want to go all out. You want to get it out there, not only put it in your pasture, but you want to put it up by the fence line so that everybody driving by says, “Oh my God, there’s a purple cow.”

Clay: When you do that, it begins to change things. You begin to start to create a certain momentum. One of our great guests is Mr. Oklahoma Joe. He was telling us about his smokers. He said he wanted to make the world’s best smokers. When you tell people you make the world’s best smokers, that offends all the other smoker makers. I encourage everybody, though he did it and he held himself to that standard, and he sold two million smokers. But I’m sure he had to irritate some competition.

If you’re stuck on center right now and you go, “I have my purple cow, but it’s kind of buried deep into my pasture.” You got to get it out by that thin slam like Dr. Z just said. Chera, I want to ask you, if people want to know more about your business. They want to find you, they want to check out this Cryo Med Spa. Where do they do it? How can they get a hold of you? Tell us where they can find and connect with you.

Chera: Well, where can’t you find us and that’s something that you guys also helped us with as well is Google us. It’s cryomedspatulsa or, or you can find us on Facebook Cyro med spa or under my name or under Chuck’s name or anywhere. 91st and Yale. That’s what you want to do is you want to try and saturate it and be all over the place. Perception is reality.

Clay: Perception is reality. What a deep thought to marinate on there. Now, Thrivers if you are looking for our online business school which I do believe is one of the world’s best business schools —

Robert: Well Forbes said it was. I mean Google it right now.

Clay: Google Thrive 15 and Forbes, and there you will see they say that Thrive makes learning entrepreneurship easy. It mentions us specifically there., it is the world’s best business school and Z, I’m going to give the people five reasons why. You ready?

Robert: Yes, go ahead.

Clay: One, we have exclusive access to in-person workshops. Two, we have best practice templates. You want to make a phone call script, we have it. Proforma, we have it. Anything you need we have. Thousands of video training courses. And, Z, what kind of people teach these things?

Robert: The best of the best. We have Lee Cockerell teaching management and time management. David Robinson teaching leadership. That dude is a leader. Great guy. We’ve gone out there and gotten the best of the best. Mentors and millionaires and success stories. We’ve put them in fun, byte size little videos for you to get a hold of and learn from. You can rewatch those things as much as you want for just $19 a month.

Clay: I got two more benefits here, Z, and you just beat me to one of it’s $19 a month, are you kidding me? People are spending more money at Starbucks on random things they don’t need. The final thing is it’s available 24/7. That’s Go there get it on and check out a business coach. It’s old school throwback Thursday. We’re playing Brass Monkeys. Z, I’m excited about it, and we’re going to end it as we always do. Here we go and three, two, one boom.

[01:25:35] [END OF AUDIO]


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