7 Financial Management/Retirement Super Moves to Help You Achieve Financial Success

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They teach you the 7 super moves to achieve financial success. Tune in to this episode to hear Business Coach, Clay Clark, and Dr. Z discuss the best ways to manage your financial retirement plan.

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The Business Coach Helps With Financial Success : Podcast Transcript

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Let’s go.

Presenting the world’s only business school without the BS, with optometrist and entrepreneur Dr. Robert Zoellner and the former Small Business Administration Entrepreneur of the Year in your ear, Clay Clark. It’s the Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio 1170. Three, two, one, Boom.

Clay Clark: All right T-Town. Welcome back, Oklahomies. Welcome back. You’re listening to the Thrive Time Show during your drive time home. As always, my name is Clay Clark. I’m the former SBA entrepreneur of the year in your ear. I am joined here with the man, the myth, the legend, the optometrist turned entrepreneur, turned auto auctioneer, turned banker guy, turned thoroughbred racing guy, turned durable medical—I don’t even know what to—

Dr. Zoellner: Okay already.

Clay: It’s Dr. Robert Zoellner. Sir, how are you?

Dr. Z: I am fantastic. I am fired up on this Friday.

Clay: I can feel it.

Dr. Z: You made it. Everybody out there, you made it. You’re driving home. You punched the time clock for the week. You did it.

Clay: One more week, you did it.

Dr. Z: You got the weekend. You got tailgating, football games, Oklahoma Joe’s barbecue on the way home. It’s an exciting day.

Clay: Oklahoma Joe’s, not only are we proud to have them a sponsor, but we just love eating those baked beans. That’s what we do.

Dr. Z: We do, I can’t help it.

Clay: People say, once you’ve reached the top of the capitalism mountain, what do you do? You go to Oklahoma Joe’s and get the world’s best baked beans.

Dr. Z: I know. People always use the term, “It’s like addictive as crack,” and I’m like, “So you use crack before?” and they’re like, “No, it just seems like it would be.” It’s like the bean equivalent of crack.

Clay: All addictive drug references aside. We have the world’s best baked beans, okay? We have one of the world’s best financial advisers on the program today.

Dr. Z: Who wants to know about– I mean is anybody out there who care about their finances? Why are we doing this show?

Clay: I don’t care, I–

Dr. Z: Let’s do a home and gardening thing instead.

Clay: I was going to watch The View. I didn’t have time, I was very busy.

Dr. Z: Maybe politics or something.

Clay: We have a guy by the name of Khris Bryan on the show today. Let me give you a little quick background here. He’s a veteran of the US Navy. Thank you very much. He’s a guy who has helped many Tulsans do this thing he calls Guarantee Your Retirement. Let’s say you’re thinking about retiring. You’re trying to plan your retirement. You don’t want to lose your nest egg. He helps people guarantee their retirement.

Dr. Z: You want to hang on to that nest egg.

Clay: You want to hang on.

Dr. Z: You want to hang on to that thing.

Clay: You don’t want to lose it. Don’t want to crack it. Khris, how are you sir?

Khris Bryan: I’m doing well. Thanks for having me guys. I appreciate it. This is an awesome show.

Clay: We’re going to have a lot of fun today. We’re talking about the eight financial management and retirement super moves to help you achieve financial freedom. Super move number one is you want to start with a plan. Now, I have a notable quotable that I want to read here from Benjamin Franklin, okay, one of our Founding Fathers. The guy who created—

Dr. Z: Father of the mullet.

Clay: [laughs] The father of the mullet. People forget he invented the mullet and the bifocals.

Dr. Z: Those are my [laughs] two favorite things by the way. I mean being an eye doctor that’s just a turn on.

Clay: He says, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” Khris, I want to ask you how do people what’s the first step people need to take when they’re planning their financial future? What’s the first step they need to take?

Khris: First of all, you’ve got to know where you’re going. The big thing is most people don’t necessarily know what kind of plan they’re going to have. What do they want to do when they retire? Do they want to travel? Do they want to stay put? Do they want to sit on their couch and watch TV? What’s your plan? You got to know how to get there. You have to know exactly where you’re going before you can tell somebody how to get there, if you will.

Clay: I have a little tip behind the tip. If you disagree as a financial adviser, you tell me here. I think you have to write out a list of all the things you want to get, kind of like your bucket list. You almost have to plan as though you’re going to live forever, but you also have to make sure you schedule these things that really matter to you. Your vacations, your trips. You have to plan as if you’re going to be on the planet a long time, but also put in some of those things like going on a cruise and those kinds of things. As a financial adviser, when you sit down with a couple and you start talking real deal financial advisory and planning, are couples usually on the same page or are they a little bit different in their world views here?

Khris: Rarely ever are they on the same page.

Clay: Really?

Khris: Yes.

Clay: Shakakhan.

Khris: The wife [laughs] wants to go and do all this, and the guy wants to sit on the couch and relax for a little while. You got to have them meet in the middle a little bit, but, of course, you’ve got those balances and that’s important.

Clay: Have you ever had to be a financial therapist almost where you’re trying to talk the guy into compromising a little bit? When you sit down, is this the first time that a lot of people have ever thought about these things?

Khris: It’s all about compromise. Actually, just because of the fact you might have the couples disagree on a few things, but at the same time, most people would love to have this huge mansion on the lake when they retire, and maybe their budget isn’t necessarily going to allow that to put that much money back. It takes time.


Clay: Now Z, I have a question for you. I have seen the various animal heads on your walls. You have a rug on your wall. If you’re watching right now on Facebook Live, we have a wall here. It’s a wood wall that’s behind you. I’m going to speculate it’s about 15 feet tall, perhaps 20 feet wide, 25 feet wide, and you have a rug—

Dr. Z: I ‘ll get a tape measure if you want.

Clay: You have a rug that’s the size of that wall. You do?

Dr. Z: It’s a tapestry, it’s not a rug.

Clay: Okay. First off, where did you get the idea to get the tapestry or the tapestry as you — I think it’s a tapestry. You’re the one who bought it. You can call it whatever you want.

Dr. Z: I think I said it wrong. Tapestry. When we bought this house, the great room I said I want to make it like a castle room. I made it a castle room and then in a castle, you find tapestries. I called a company and ordered it and it’s pretty cool. It’s hanging on the wall.

Clay: And you have armor?

Dr. Z: Yes, armor. How can you have a castle room without having a suit of armor? That makes no sense.

Clay: You have a suit of armor, and you have chairs that are like thrones. Have you ever been to Thrive15.com and watched our interviews?

Dr. Z: How can you not have a — here again, it seems self-evident, and swords.

Clay: And swords. And you have the heads of how many different animals?

Dr. Z: At last count, I don’t know a couple dozen?

Clay: You went to Africa to shoot them?

Dr. Z: [laughs] Yes.

Clay: You went on a tour?

Dr. Z: Peter is going to shut down our show now.

Clay: You went on a tour to go get them?

Dr. Z: Yes, a tour. That’s what you got, a tour of duty.

Clay: Now I’m just going to recap. Did the tour cost money?

Dr. Z: Yes.

Clay: Did the taxidermy service of saving an animal’s massive cranium cost some money?

Dr. Z: Yes.

Clay: Did the tapestry cost money or did you just get that for free at Lowe’s?

Dr. Z: [laughs] No, it cost money.

Clay: I thought there was a special if you buy a couple cans of paint, you get a free tapestry.

Dr. Z: Well, there could be some weekends, but I guess I missed that sale.

Clay: Have you ever thought and sat down at one point as a young man because you started your own business. You used to work seven days a week when you started your optometry clinic. Did you ever sit down and go, “Hey, someday I have a list of certain things I want to do, and it might cost some money?” Did you ever sit down and think about your financial future?

Dr. Z: I did, and what I want to know is, seriously, because when you and I hooked up a couple of years ago and you cast your vision for Thrive15.com, this online business coaching, which I thought that is — I get shark tanked a lot. You shark tanked me a couple of years ago. I said to myself, I said, “That is a great idea, and it’s going to be a huge success.” One of the first things out of my mouth to you, Clay Clark, Clay Tiberius Clark, Captain Clay Tiberius Clark, is I wanted to know after I said, “What’s your dream? What are your goals? What do you –

Clay: When you [unintelligible 00:08:01] this music it freaked me out at first, but then it just happened.

Dr. Z: “Cast me a vision. What do you see yourself doing with what we’re going to do with this?” What did you say?

Clay: I said I wanted to mentor millions, and then I really didn’t have anything beyond that. I just said I wanted to—

Dr. Z: You better not get [unintelligible 00:08:17] the song by the way, you need a little bit more.

Clay: I’m sorry.

Dr. Z: Gets the DJ to come out.

Clay: I wanted to mentor millions, and I wanted to matriculate millions of people, teaching them how to start and grow a business.

Dr. Z: Did you and Vanessa ever talk about what we’re going to do?

Clay: We did, and we did have a talk and this is what happened is because you conjured up the idea. We discovered that– you know what we have to do, because you asked me, “What’s your big dream?” and I didn’t really have one beyond other than mentoring millions, because financially we’re at a place where we didn’t really need to worry about money anymore.

Dr. Z: And that’s exactly what Khris was talking about is that you have to stir that up again, step one–

Clay: You caused it though. You were like our financial adviser. Are you licensed?

Dr. Z: I’m not licensed in 37 of the states, but– No, I’m not licensed, but it’s a thing you do. Like Khris just said, it’s so important for everybody out there listening. Pull over to your nearest truck stop. I know you’re driving home, but pull over right now, quick trip, truck stop, something. You need to write down a list of what those things are you’re looking for, what your dreams are, what you want to do when you retire.

Clay: I have a little sound effect that reminds me of Khris. I’m going to cue this up before I ask the next question. [horn blowing]. It’s Anchor Financial Group. If you call Anchor Financial Group, I’m going to tell you what they’re going to do. They’re going to sit down with you, and they are going to help you figure out what your unified goals are. I just want to ask you, for someone listening right now, Khris, who goes, “I don’t need a financial adviser. I’ve got it all together. My wife and I have never talked at all about our financial plans. We have a passbook savings account.” Why does everybody need a financial advisor, whether they use you or not, why do they need somebody?

Khris: Anything we do we want to get better at, we need a coach. The whole idea is to be coachable. Number one, start the program. If you’re going to start working out, start working out.

Clay: Start working out.

Khris: Get there, and what you got to do is, get those pieces together in the right area, because you don’t have time to keep up with what the market is doing. You don’t have time to keep up with all the different products you could possibly be invested in. That’s my job. Rely on somebody that can come to bout for you in that area and give you some coaching on where you need to go in every step of your life.

Clay: I want to ask you this, because you talk a lot about, if-come vs. income. What’s the difference? What are you talking about?

Khris: If-come is something that somebody cannot necessarily rely on. I mean, 2008, everybody lost– well I’d say a majority of people lost 40% of their retirement savings.

Clay: You’re being negative.

Khris: I know, that sounds so negative.

Dr. Z: Nancy.

Khris: It does sound negative.

Dr. Z: Get off the set, Nancy.


Clay: Unbelievable, Nancy.

Khris: Imagine yourself at a retirement point. What if you were 65, about to retire, you just lost 40% of your income. That’s if-come, because it was related to the market. It was actually invested in the market. The tangible things, even had people with their rent homes, or things of that nature that they could sell and retire on, those things went down in value tremendously in 2008. Those things are important, those are your if-come. Your income, what you really want to rely on are things that cannot lose value.

Clay: Okay. Things that cannot lose value?

Khris: Things that cannot lose value, such as taking your actual dollars into a company that has the ability keep you from having that from negative loss.

Dr. Z: More like your baseball card collection, Clay. That’s a guarantee.


Clay: I had a Cal Rip–

Dr. Z: It’s a guarantee.

Clay: I have a Cal Ripken rookie card that I bought for $50, I’m sure it’s going up in value since he set the Ironman record. If you’re listening right now, you are listening to the Thrive Time Show. We come back, we’re going to be talking about super move number two.


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Clay: All right, Thrive Nation, welcome back to your inspiration station, also the place where we give you the practical education. See, a lot of times, we get out there, we’ve gone to a formal school, we’ve gone to some kind of formal education, and we get out there and start a business, we get a job, and we don’t know the specific step-by-step stuff move beyond just surviving. That’s why we built this show. It’s called the Thrive Time show. It’s your audio dojo of mojo. It’s business school without a BS and yes. My name is Clay Clark, the former SBA entrepreneur of the year, in your ear, and I’m joined here with Dr. Robert Zoellner in the house. Sir, how are you?

Dr. Z: I am fantastic. It’s Friday, T-G-I-F.

Clay: What do you like most about Fridays? Honestly, what is the thing about Fridays where you just go, “This is why we’re here. I love Fridays.” What is the one thing that gets you the most pumped about a Friday?

Dr. Z: Well, in the fall, because I know college football is following on the next day.

Clay: Big OU guy.

Dr. Z: I’m a big OU, I’m a big Sooner fan, I can’t help it.

Clay: You all right? Here’s the thing, I’ve never seen you get too emotionally rocked about anything, but when the Sooners lose.

Dr. Z: I’m devastated. I went mad at [unintelligible 00:14:30] State fan when they beat us this year, I didn’t want to show up. Then when I did show up I wanted to punch him, I wanted to just wave it like– but he’s so big.

Clay: He’s so big.

Dr. Z: He’s so big.

Clay: Big man. We have on the show today, we’re talking about this concept, these eight financial management super moves to help you achieve financial freedom, Now, why would you want to achieve financial freedom? Why not be financially enslaved? I’m going to give you just some deep thoughts here. Look this up, I want to everyone to Google this tonight.

Dr. Z: I’m doing it right now.

Clay: Google the percentage of Americans that can afford to retire. Just Google it, you’ll see it today. You’re going to find that the majority can’t do it. Google the percentage of Americans, that are graduating with massive college debt. Just do your own research, and I’m going to tell you what, if you’re not diligent, specific, and intentional about planning your financial future, you’re going to end up where you don’t want to be. That’s why we brought on a guy, a Guru, a dude.

Dr. Z: A dude.

Clay: He’s a veteran of the US Navy. He’s tough. If some sort of fist to cuff breaks out here, some sort of melee.

Dr. Z: If the guy’s production Russia’s, I’m getting behind him.

Clay: Yuck. It’s Khris Bryan, with Anchor Financial Group. Khris, how are you, sir?

Khris: I’m doing well. How are you guys?

Clay: Man, I am excited, but I want—I suppose people don’t know you as well as I know you. Could you explain to the Thrivers out there listening, what exactly Anchor Financial Group does and how they can get a hold of you?

Khris: Well, our tag line is, “Anchor Your Assets.” I think that probably says it all. Whatever is an asset, is something we typically deal with. Now, when it comes to money and where you place it in and all different stages of life, whether you’re just starting out, providing for kids, whether you’re preparing for retirement, all different stages of life, we take care of those things that hold your family together. Life insurance, health insurance, retirement, long-term care, those kinds of things that always come in life.

Clay: All those boring things that really matter.

Khris: All those boring things that matter, that’s right.

Dr. Z: Gosh, so boring.

Clay: I’m going to say this, they help you have a bad day and not a bad life.

Khris: Right.

Clay: Seriously, bad things happen, if you have planned, you have a bad day, not a bad life, boom. Super move number two: Create a budget. Tell your money where to go. I’m going to give you a notable quotable from Dave Ramsey. He says, “A budget is telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went.”

Dr. Z: Where did it go?

Khris: Absolutely.

Clay: This is Dave Ramsey, he’s American, he’s a great American. He’s an entrepreneur, he’s a radio show host, he’s a best-selling author, but you agree with Dave Ramsey overall here Khris, but you do disagree with Dave on one thing. One thing, what is that one thing?

Khris: One thing you hear from Dave Ramsey all the time is, and I’ll give you an example, is, “Buy term invest the rest.” That works for a lot of people, the problem is, as people–

Clay: Buy term, what?

Dr. Z: Buy term life insurance and invest what you would normally put into a permanent life insurance policy or something else.

Clay: Quick timeout, because my job is to get through the jargon, okay?

Khris: All right.

Clay: You’re over here, saying term and–

Dr. Z: Jargonese.

Clay: -so, for they weren’t listing right now, because again, the study shows the majority of Americans don’t understand the difference between term and whole life insurance. Can you explain that really quick?

Khris: Sure. Term insurance is what, really in one simple word, temporary.

Clay: Okay.

Khris: Okay? Very easy terms to understand is. A term is only for a term in life, 10 years, 15 years, 20 years.

Clay: Okay.

Khris: A permanent policy would be your other side. The whole life, the universal life, see? Index universal life policies.

Clay: Yes. You’re saying right here, Dave Ramsey says what, and you’re saying what?

Khris: He typically says, “Buy term, invest the rest”, so, pay the little bitty price and invest what it would cost to do the rest.

Advert: You’re listening to the Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio 1170.

Clay: Back to you Khris.

Khris: Biggest thing is, just make sure that, if you’re buying a term policy, you need to invest the rest. Most people don’t, that’s the problem, is they forget the second half. They’ll buy term and then the budget runs out at the end of the month, they don’t actually create a budget in to succeed.

Clay: You have worked with many clients. We’re talking about hundreds of clients, thousands of people. You’ve helped them financially prepare for their future. Rumor has it that your financial strategies that you have– you have strategies in place to help people guarantee they won’t lose money. I push back, on behalf of the listeners, we have intelligent listeners. They say, “Whatever. It’s not possible. How do you do it?”

Khris: Well, the biggest thing is to make sure that you’ve got the right kind of policy in place. The expertise that it takes to build a policy is no short affair. We have to make sure that we’re well trained at what we do, my agents are well trained at what we do to make sure that when we invest in a product, or put money into, for instance, a life insurance policy, we don’t want the cost of insurance as low as possible, in order for to get the gains that the policy can possibly do. I know that sounds like, a financial ease.

Clay: Financial ease.

Khris: The whole idea is to make sure that we get all of the money working for us as fast and as furiously as we possibly can, without as many fees that we might see in some of the other strategy.

Clay: Here is the question I have. Where do most people get it wrong? Where do most people get it wrong? What you mean with people when you’re going. This is scary, what you’re doing here. You are screwing up. Not our listeners, we have geniuses who listen. We have people from other planets tuning in who are geniuses. We have aliens listening to our geniuses, we have only geniuses on this show. Sir, where do most people get it wrong? Not our listeners, but other listeners.

Khris: Other listeners might get it wrong when they decide to actually go to a firm that doesn’t know what they’re doing, or they actually have just started.

We’ve been doing this for– my business partner 25 years, me 15 years. Just between the two of us, we got quite a lot of experience. We’ve been doing this a long time. Making sure that they have the training possible to put them in a situation for success.

Clay: This is not a political show, Z, this is not a political show.

Dr. Z: I thought it was a home and gardening.

Clay: This is a home and garden show. We never talk about politics.

Dr. Z: Tulips.

Clay: We’re talking about photosynthesis.

Dr. Z: And tulips.

Clay: Greenery.

Dr. Z: Pansies. Pansies are big right now.

Clay: They’re the strongest plant.

Dr. Z: I know. With the weakest name.

Clay: [laughs] With the weakest name. But seriously, this is not a political show, but I want to say Donald Trump is our new president.

Dr. Z: Technically, still elect.

Clay: They say, “I don’t know, I don’t like him.” Maybe some people say, “I like him.” Either way, there’s a lot of people right now with insurance cost. The insurance costs are going up. They’re going up, Z, have you seen the cost? They’re going up.

Dr. Z: They’re going up. They’re not going down. They’re going up.

Clay: For my family, they went up by about 70%. So, it was not double, but almost. We have five kids. When we get back here, I want you to address the elephant in the room for a lot of people. This is not a political thing. With insurance cost going up, up and up, how is it that people can financially get ahead when the costs are going up? You guys work with insurance. You work with financial planning. How do you help people manage their financial certainty in a time and place where the insurance costs are going up? It’s kind of an uncertain political environment. And Z, I mean, you have an optometry clinic, you work with people who have insurance. Are people stressed out a little bit about the insurance cost?

Dr. Z: Absolutely, and I think that was one of the big factor during the election quite frankly. It’s going to be interesting to see what gets replaced and what the plan’s going to be. All of us are going to go, “What are the rules?” Today’s show’s all about–

Clay: We want to be rich. We want to get rich. We want to get ahead financially. We want to be free.

Dr. Z: And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Clay: Nothing wrong with it. Copious amounts of cash. Bartender says, “Can I get you something?” You go, “Yeah, give me four somethings. Give me something for my friend.” Stay tuned, Thrive Time Show.

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You’re listening to the Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio 1170.

Clay: Hello, Oklahomies and welcome back to the Thrive Time Show during your drive time home. And Dr. Z, my brother from another mother. It is a Friday and I am euphoric. I’m excited. I’m at the pinnacle of just at the peak of excitement here today, my friend. There’s a lot of pageantry in the air.

Dr. Z: The only thing that can make it better is if I pull an Oklahoma Joe’s on the way home. Get some of those burnt ends and some baked beans.

Clay: Nothing could be better than that.

Dr. Z: This meat candy. Now let me ask you a question, Clay. Is it just the way it worked out or did you plan this? That today’s show, we’re going over the eight financial management retirement super moves and you happen to have a gentleman that owns a company that deals in financial planning super moves? Is it a coincidence?

Clay: What happened was, no planning at all, no forethought. What we did is that you wanted to grab a random person off the street.

Dr. Z: Sure. Get random. Success story. Here on the Thrive Show, we like to find local success entrepreneurship stories and bring them on the show. And let them give a little of their super moves, their gravy, some of their little magic dust that they can spread around.

Clay: Which I refer to as Oklahomies and I’ll tell you why I do that.

Dr. Z: Oklahomies, I like that.

Clay: I went to college and a lot of people go to college. What they typically do is they’ll graduate.

Dr. Z: [laugh] I see where you’re going with this.

Clay: Now I wrote a parody song about Richard Roberts, which he did not find to be as funny as I did, but it resulted in me being excommunicated. Asked to leave, if you will.

Dr. Z: Well, yes, choice.

Clay: Choice, yes.

Dr. Z: You could recant.

Clay: Recant or I have to leave. I left Oral Roberts University unceremoniously and I say that to say that now a lot of the guys that I pal with, I hang out with, are doctors. Literally. Like Dr. [unintelligible 00:25:04], we had Dr. [unintelligible 00:25:06], and he’s a doctor. Dr. Edwards. Doctor. Dr. [unintelligible 00:25:08] Seems like everyone I’m around is a doctor. Doctor, doctor, doctor. They look at me and they go, “No talent, Clay, what do you do?”

Dr. Z: He was a DJ.

Clay: Then when they say, “He used to be a DJ” it’s like, “Oh Gosh.” The thing is, I’m telling you, when you study successful people. When you are intentional about surrounding yourself with them, you’re going to discover there are some great Oklahomies. They’re good people. They’re not pretentious, they’re not ridiculous, but they know how to become successful.

Dr. Z: What’s funny about that is Forbes just rated Tulsa as one of the best cities in the country. One of the top five cities for entrepreneurship.

Clay: Period.

Dr. Z: And it got number one for female entrepreneurs last year.

Clay: Absolutely. I have a low amount of estrogen, so I can’t relate to that at all, but I can tell you there’s many women listening who can. We have a lot of great female guest.

Today we have a man who’s loaded up with testosterone, and he knows a lot about financial success. He’s the guy who can financially advise you. He can help you get where you need to go. It is Khris Bryan right here with Anchor Financial Group. So, Khris, for people who don’t know, who you are and what you guys do over there at Anchor Financial Group? What do you guys do?

Khris: Well, we’re one of the largest agencies in Oklahoma. We handle about thousands of clients.

Clay: Wow.

Khris: We have a lot of people that rely on us to help them anchor their assets.

Clay: Now, we’re talking about super move number two. Create a budget, tell your money where to go. How can people create a budget and tell their money where to go when insurance costs are going through the roof. How do they do it?

Khris: I tell you what, everybody is getting those hate mail, if you will. Everything’s doubling. I could tell you, our phones are lining up. That just happens. The thing is, what we do is we create strategies, we have some proprietary things for group health. We have some proprietary things for individual health. To try and get those premiums as low as we possibly can. Even taking in consideration the subsidies that the government gives for this one next year to who knows what’s going to happen after that, guys, I mean really. With Trump taking over in January, we are going to be on a roller-coaster ride in this, so really we’re planning for one year at a time here.

Clay: For anybody who’s listening right now who says


Oh yeah, Donald Trump’s elected, it’s going to be great. It’s going to be great every day, right? It’s going to be incredible. Or for anybody who goes, “Oh no, oh no. Donald Trump was elected.”


Khris: [laughs]

Clay: “We’re not going to make it. It’s World War III.” Either way, for people who want to get a hold of you and they want to get a hold of their financial future, what’s the phone number, what’s the digits, how can they get a hold of you?

Khris: (918) 591-2880 is our local address. We are right at 45th and Garnet. Easy, central location. Come by and see us. We’d love to see you.

Clay: What’s your website for anybody who’s a conspiracy theorist and who’s going, “I don’t know if they’re real. Do they have a website?”

Khris: www.myanchorgroup.com

Dr. Z: My Anchor Group.

Khris: www.myanchorgroup.com

Clay: Okay, now super move number three. Give yourself some fun money, so you’ll stay on budget. Now here’s the deal. Dave Ramsay says this. He says, “Children, do what feels good. Adults, devise a plan and follow it.” Now here’s the thing. Z, you talk a lot about– I talk a lot about the Five F’s: Faith, family, finances, friendships and fitness. It’s your big goals.

Dr. Z: It’s your Big Five.

Clay: Faith, family, finance, fitness, friendships. But you brought–

Dr. Z: I brought the sixth [unintelligible 00:28:43] in, the secret F. The one F that I have brought to your table and that is “fun.”

Clay: Fun.

Dr. Z: And that’s exactly what Ramsay’s talking about here.

Clay: Why do we have fun, Z? Why?

Dr. Z: Listen, all work and no play–

Clay: When I was a young man, one of the things my dad used to do was he used to make me go outside and haul rocks. Then whenever I finished hauling the rocks, he would have me walk to school uphill, Z, both ways. You see, that’s what was fun to me. Fun to me was not getting hit with a stick by my dad for not getting to school faster, Z. See, that’s the kind of fun we had back in the day, Z. We were thankful for it. While my dad used to yell at me, I was thankful because he spoke to me.

Dr. Z: Yes, and end of that is makes Jack a dull boy.

Clay: What?

Dr. Z: Nobody wants dullness. At the end of the day, we all want to have a little bit of fun. If you don’t want to have fun, you secretly do. You secretly do. You may not on the outward side.

Clay: I’ve never had fun in my life. Never.

Dr. Z: You may say, “I don’t,” but somewhere deep down inside is a child hiding. Hiding out with your chickens. “We’re going to have fun.”

Clay: You encourage them blocking out time, Z, to have fun. You encourage to do it.

Dr. Z: You have to.

Clay: You encourage budgeting for some fun. You encourage spending some money on some fun.

Dr. Z: You have to. Otherwise your brain explodes with all the stressors of life, all the pressure that life brings on–

Clay: You don’t live in a van down by the river because you spent all your money on a bunch of– you didn’t spend all your money on a bunch of random stuff here. This is a balance. Thrive Time Show.

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You’re listening to the Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio 1170.

Clay: Hello Tulsa and welcome back to the Thrive Time Show during your drive time home. We’re located on the left coast of the Arkansas River. We are broadcasting right now from the thrive15.com world headquarters in beautiful jinx America where every day is a holiday. The energy the positivity within the thrive15.com world headquarters is incredible. A lot of people come here and they go, “Am I in Silicon Valley? Am I in Austin, Texas? Am I like–” Z can you describe the decor that makes the people want more inside the thrive15.com world headquarters?

Dr. Z: It’s a four letter word. It’s cool.

Clay: It is. Awesome.

Dr. Z: Yes, it’s awesome. What’s even more fun is that everybody that goes to FlyingTee just a couple doors down from us. They could see us. They’re driving for us. There’s a lot of people driving to us that never reach us. That’s actually a thing.

Clay: I will say this also. We have some of the most diligent security personnel here and if you ever go over those speed bumps-

Dr. Z: Did you get busted the other day?

Clay: -I have not.

Dr. Z: I do the move where I go around them but then the other day I was going around them–

Clay: Did you get pulled over by the golf cart?

Dr. Z: No but I think I could’ve outrun him. I think I could’ve taken him. He eyeballed me.

Clay: [laughs] We have some of the most diligent most specific most detailed most aggressive most accurate mall cop golf cart kind of guys. What they want to do is they want to make sure that you’re not speeding through the traffic through the parking lot. After hours, before hours, weekends, they’re going to want you.

Dr. Z: It’s a thing and we pay them well to make sure that we–

Clay: I appreciate it and I respect it and they keep it safe here. We have a very special guest on the show today. This is a guy who knows a little bit about protecting our country. He knows a little bit about that. This guy he served in the US Navy and he knows a little bit about protecting your financial future. This is Khris Bryan. He’s here today. He could be anywhere in the world right now. He could be in Paraguay. He could be in Australia. He could be on a boat, serving the Navy.

Dr. Z: He could. I can be down under.

Clay: They wanted him he just chose not to go back again. He is here and he is actually a partner with Anchor Financial Group. Khris, how are you sir?

Khris: I’m doing well. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else guys, thanks.

Clay: I want to ask this. We’re talking about the super move number four. Say goodbye to all of your debt.

Khris: Say goodbye.

Clay: I want to ask you this. As a financial advisor, why do you care about people’s financial future? Other than the fact that you financially benefit as the client financially benefits. When they make money you make money. You guys have a kind of relationship where you’re in it together. Why do you care about people’s financial future? Seriously.

Khris: I love to see people smile.

Clay: Really?

Khris: I don’t like to get the bad phone calls. Hey where’s all my money. After 2008 going, “Now what am I supposed to do?” Looking at me to solve an issue that I didn’t have control over.

Clay: This just in. According to The Wall Street Journal, it says, “Based on data from the Federal Reserve, outstanding credit card debt is set to hit one trillion dollars in 2016.” This just in, it happened. Dave Ramsey says this– he says, “The first step to taking control of your money is to stop borrowing. You’re sitting down with a customer, you see another couple. You’re sitting down with a person, an Oklahomie, an 1170 listener. A good person. Somebody who works hard. They’re trying to take care of their family. You sit down. You’re trying to help them take control their financial future. Talk to me how important it is for people to stop spending more than they make.

Khris: We talked about fun in the last segment I think. You could go overboard with that and a lot of people do. Like you mentioned also once you become an adult we have to start doing adult things and setting aside for our future is one of them. Also setting aside for emergencies. I see a lot of people that don’t do that.

Clay: Here’s what I hear a lot of people say, “Bjorn do you want to say any money? No. I want go to the lake house this weekend. Do you want to go to the–

Dr. Z: Let’s go ice fishing.

Clay: -Let’s go ice fishing. Seriously, why don’t you get some Molson and we could watch we can watch some Minnesota wild. They’re going to be very good at playing the Canucks tonight. We will get the essentials, just 24 packs of–” This is what people are doing though, seriously. You got a lot of adults who are 40. I grew up in Minnesota so I can have fun with this, but you see a lot of 40-year-old adults in Minnesota. It might sound crazy for the listeners but Z, have you ever been ice fishing?

Dr. Z: No, I haven’t.

Clay: I’m going to walk you through how this works.

Dr. Z: Okay.

Clay: Step one. You wait for the lake to freeze. The lake is frozen.

Dr. Z: Okay. Step one, check. The frozen lake.

Clay: Step two. You drive a truck onto the ice.

Dr. Z: Onto the frozen lake.

Clay: Would you go to step two?

Dr. Z: No, but okay.

Clay: I feel like it is on your bucket list. You need to do this you’re.

Dr. Z: You’re probably right. Okay, it’s on my list now [unintelligible 00:36:50].

Clay: You go up there and then what you do is you find a guy named Bjorn or Rauschendorfer or Audison and you go, “Hey Bjorn you want to go ice fishing?” What you do is you have a house that you heat that’s on a lake that’s frozen and you auger a hole. Augering is like you’re drilling.

Dr. Z: How thick is the ice?

Clay: At this point, maybe a foot or more is what we got there. Did you ever see in the movie Grumpy Old Men?

Dr. Z: Yes, that’s where I’ve learned my ice fishing techniques from.

Clay: They put in street signs and they’ll label it and people literally will go out there– they put a TV in there and they’ll watch the Minnesota Vikings. You’ll see people who are so intoxicated before noon because you’re in a small– it’s like a porta-potty. You’re fishing and you’re sitting in a line. You can’t move though. You put a line in there and you’re waiting for something to nibble.

Dr. Z: What do you catch up there? What’s in the lake?

Clay: Walleye. A lot of walleye. Sunfish, sunnies. Seriously walleye and sunnies that’s the whole thing. You go out there. I know people who spend more time planning their ice fishing expeditions than they ever spend time planning their financial future. In Oklahoma I’m not really sure what people spend more time planning but people spend more time probably going to a OU game than they spend planning their financial future.

Advert: You’re listening to the Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio 1170.

Clay: Khris what’s the deal what’s going on? Why aren’t people planning their financial future?

Khris: They’re not allocating their money in the right direction. They start allocating their money towards something that’s going to grow and not necessarily lose money. That is going to be a big feather in their cap because they can keep being consistent. They don’t have to worry about where their financial future is going to be. They can set it almost on autopilot.

Clay: If somebody is now debt-free or they’re getting there and they’re in a place in their life they can start saving some money. Socking back some funds putting some funds where it needs to go. What do you recommend for them?

Khris: That is a loaded question. Depends on the type of person. How conservative they are obviously, but the biggest thing is what part of their life are they in. Are they young? Are they middle aged? Are they now getting to where they’re going to retire?

Clay: They’re 45. They’re so conservative in fact they’re upset that Donald Trump has won. They’re a fundamentalist conservative. But they’re happy he won versus the other guy but they’re frustrated.

Dr. Z: It was actually a girl.

Clay: It was a girl. True story.

Dr. Z: Guy/girl or whatever.

Clay: Whatever, it doesn’t matter. It’s a transgender culture. I’m beyond genders now Z. Unbelievable, sexism everywhere. If someone’s listening now they’re in their 40s. They own a business. They’re fairly conservative. What do you recommend? What do they do first–?

Khris: This happens a lot. A lot of guys have actually put their money into their businesses instead of planning for a financial future investing in things. They’ll just dump it back into their business, which I get it. Hoping one day that that business will be worth something they can sell.

Clay: I keep buying lobsters. I got a lobster restaurant. Every Thursday I go buy more lobster. Why should I stop buying lobsters, Khris? What’s the deal?

Khris: Big thing is to make sure that you allocate in the proper way. There is a thing called Index Universal Life Insurance Policies.

Clay: Do tell.

Khris: Index Universal Life Insurance Policies use the power of indexing, which is nothing more than seeing how the stock market opens when you buy the policy, one year later when the policy closes out, you have the ability to buy options, or actually exercise your right to the options. Now you can actually capture whatever the gains were. If you didn’t have gains you can sit out, and you didn’t get any interest rate, but you didn’t lose a dime either.

Clay: These are all moves, a lot of things to learn, but if somebody wants to get a hold of you, they want to meet with you they go, “It’s too much. I’m trying to drive my car. I’m just trying to drive on Friday on the way home, and I’m amazed I’m excited. This sounds great, but I just don’t have a pen, I can’t write it down it’s not safe.” How do people get a hold of you? Where can they find you?

Khris: If you’re driving down the road remember myanchorgroup.com, we anchor your assets, that’s our slogan.

Clay: Myanchorgroup.com.

Khris: Now phone number, (918) 591-2880. We’re easy to get a hold of, easy to sit down with. We basically just sit down and talk about what you want to do with your future, simple.

Clay: Now we’re talking about supper move number five, be patient with purchases and with yourself. Now Z, when you started your optometry clinic, you were working out seven days a week when you started.

Dr. Z: Seven days a week.

Clay: 25 years ago you started.

Dr. Z: 25 years ago and now 25 years and one week I might add.

Clay: One week, this is just in from our home office, and so you were working 25 years and a week ago to start your business. How often did you have to remind yourself, “Be patient you’re growing it, be patient you’re growing”? How many times were you just like, “Why isn’t it growing?” How often do you have to remind yourself to go, “You got to keep doing it, you got to stay focused”?

Dr. Z: Every day, you got to wake up and game time and game face, and you got to — I paint my face, put the OD on there, and you can paint my faint glasses on there, and then I would go to work.

Clay: Actually I have audio of when you started painting your face.

Dr. Z: You know what? I’ll tell what– I’m going to tell you a little bit about that when we get back, but I’m excited about– I queued up this song, because Khris–

Clay: I’m going to play my audio after your audio, when we come back.

Dr. Z: Was Khris in the navy?

Clay: He was in the navy. How many years were you in the navy?

Khris: Nine years.

Clay: Nine years, crank it up Z, crank it up. When we come back we’re going to be teaching super move number five, be patient with purchases and with yourself, in the navy or not in the navy.

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Broadcasting from the center of the universe, featuring optometrist turned entrepreneur Dr. Dr. Z Zoellner, and US SBA entrepreneur of the year Clay Clark. This is the Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio 1170.

Clay: Z, we’re talking today about something I’m excited about, something that really everybody listening should be excited about. We’re talking about the eight financial management retirement super moves, to help you achieve financial freedom. If you’re listening right now, and you go, “Who are these people?” My name is Clay Clark; I’m the former SBA Entrepreneur of the year, and I’m joined here with Dr. Dr. Z Zoellner, here at the Thrive15.com world headquarter. Sir, how are you?

Dr. Z: I am fantastic. I am an entrepreneur trapped in an optometrist body.

Clay: You are.

Dr. Z: I am excited to be here on a Friday, and I’m excited about this eight financial super moves, because you’re driving home you’ve had a full work week, its Friday, you’re happy, you got football this weekend.

Clay: Things are going great.

Dr. Z: You got the kids games, you got the thing.

Clay: Euphoria.

Dr. Z: We got beautiful weather in Tulsa right now.

Clay: Good, incredible weather.

Dr. Z: It’s getting a little colder this week, but it’s fall it feels nice.

Clay: My inner Norwegian loves the cold weather, as it goes down I go up.

Dr. Z: Is that why we keep it like 40 degrees in here?

Clay: It’s at 60 at all times.

Dr. Z: I get– I almost see my breathe, if you watch Facebook like.

Clay: You like it though secretly you like it, do you?

Dr. Z: I do, I like it. We’re here and you know what I love about the show? Is people are calling in, people are emailing in, people are letting us know that we are giving them practical steps to help them start and or grow their business. That’s what we’re about.

Clay: Well the thing is right now I will just say this and I’m going to go on a slight rabbit trail, just a slight little tangent. When you’re listening to a show like this, what you have to do is you have to say, “Am I happy with where I’m going?” Are you happy with where I’m going? Because what happens is if you’re not intentional about planning your life and ordaining your destiny, you’re going to drift to a place that you don’t want to be at. According to the Gallup, G-A-L-L-U-P. They have all statistics here, just goggle it tonight; the majority of employees are disengaged at work.

Dr. Z: I know, I’m surprised.

Clay: According to Gallup, the majority of people do not like their job. I want you to look it up tonight, you can see the statistics, it’s over 70% of people don’t like their job. Now according to Forbes, 57% of people specifically want to start or grow a business.

Dr. Z: They want to hold their destiny in their own hand. They want to be the man, or the woman, you know gender.

Clay: Let’s just say you’re listening right now and you are the man, or the woman or the Khris Jenner of your own destiny, right? The Bruce Jenner.

Dr. Z: You’re not yet Bruce, Khris whatever it don’t matter, Jenner.

Clay: You’re Jenner, and the thing is you are wanting to go from here to there, well one of the things you’re going to have to do along the way is you’re going to have to build a team. You’re going to need an accountant, you’re going to need a lawyer because you’re going to get — if you start a business or grow up business, I swear to you you’ll be sued at some point, it’s going to happen.

Dr. Z: Hopefully yes, but the– here is one thing, here is the heart of the show Clay, eight out of 10 businesses do what?

Clay: They fail, and it’s not fun.

Dr. Z: We’re going to do a poll, and people that listen to the Thrive Time Show that percentage is going to be drastically lower.

Clay: It has to be.

Dr. Z: -than 80%, it has to be. That’s our goal. If it’s not we’re just going to– for two hours, just slap each other.

Clay: You have to build a team if you don’t want to fail, okay? You got to get that account, you’ve got to get that lawyer, you’ve got to get that sales guy, but you’ve got to have a financial advisor. You got to have somebody who sit there thinking about the things you’re not thinking about financially.

Dr. Z: Yes, because this is not– I’ll be honest with you; there is a lot of fun things in life, but really life insurance. It isn’t fun. I’m just being honest with you, it’s not fun.

Clay: Yes, and you know a guy here who is exited though about your financial future, he makes it fun.

Dr. Z: He makes it fun all show.

Clay: He is like chucky cheese of financial advising. He is just so fun.

Dr. Z: Like a big mouse of financial advising.

Clay: He makes it fun, there is pizza, there is– seriously this guy makes it fun, because he helps you win. It’s Khris Bryan here with Anchor Financial Group, sir how are you?

Khris: I’m doing well thanks.

Clay: I am sorry to compare you to chucky cheese. I was explaining [unintelligible 00:08:00].

Khris: That’s all right. I’ll take that as a compliment.

Dr. Z: Absolutely.

Clay: We’re talking about super rule number five, you got to be patient with purchases and with yourself. Dave Ramsey says, if you can’t pay cash for an item you can’t afford it. Don’t let monthly payments become a way of life for your family?

Dr. Z: Real roll that, because I’m driving and a dude just kind of almost cut me off, and I weren’t paying attention, and that is a powerful thing. Say that again Clay.

Clay: Let me bring it back from my inner DJ, because if you can’t pay cash for an item, if you can’t pay cash for an item you can’t afford it. Don’t let monthly payments become a way of life for your family. That’s how it works.

Dr. Z: He’s quite the DJ. Are we getting married around here, you got a wedding?

Clay: Yes, I’m just trying to bring it back.

Dr. Z: Yes, there we go.

Clay: Talk about this Khris, what is the cycle of debt-financing, debt-financing, debt-payments, what is the cycle that a lot of people get trapped in?

Khris: Well, they basically end up getting it over their head. They start thinking about this nice bright shiny new car, and they don’t think about what then after that monthly payment, the new wears off, they start thinking their buyer’s remorse sets in, if you will. It impacts a retirement plan heavily especially when the cars are priced 60,000 $ 70,000 now for the nicer cars.

Advert: You’re listening to the Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio 1170.

Clay: All right, this is just in from Dave Ramsey, he says, “If you’re looking for a shortcut to build wealth, you have the wrong spirit. It’s build gradually layer upon layer.” Khris, somebody listening right now they go, “Okay, I know I need–” secretly, because your wife is in the car with you, and you don’t make eye contact with her, just look her head, we’re talking about other people. Okay you’re in the car by yourself, don’t even look in the mirror, we’re not talking just work with me here. Your inner dialogue you’re going, “I need some help. I feel like, right now, I’m feeling convicted. I’m feeling like I just need, I probably need to get a hold of a guy who could help me.”

Where can they get a hold of you? What’s the phone number? What’s the deal?

Khris Bryant: (918) 591-2880 or myanchorgroup.com, either one of those places will get you to me. get you to my business partner or one of our wonderful staff. We can help you out. We’re going to take you from zero, if you’ve saved nothing for retirement. That’s, I would say, probably 70-75% or our clients are right there where you are. You’ve saved nothing. I’m in my 40’s what do I do? You you’re out of that 10-foot tall and bulletproof range and now you’re thinking, “Oh my gosh. My dad was 40 and he was already thinking of this or that or had a pension going or something. What am I doing? I’m panicking.”.

Clay: I have a sound effect, Z, a sound clip that I’ve recovered. I got the original audio from people who choose not to give you or someone like you a call and I’m going to play it now.

Audio: First off, I am 35 years old. I am divorced and I live in a van down by the river.


Clay: I have more of the audio. One more audio clip here. Here’s the deal, if you do not call. What’s your website, sir? How do they get a hold of you?

Khris: Myanchorgroup.com

Clay: What’s your phone number?

Khris: (918) 591-2880

Clay: If you do not have a financial advisor, whether it’s you or somebody else, somebody helping them get where they want to go. This is audio of what people said. They go, “I wish I would have called.”

Audio: Now, you kids are probably saying to yourselves, “Hey, I’m going to go out and I’m going to get the world by the tail and wrap it around and pull it down and put it in my pocket.” Well, I’m here to tell you that you’re probably going to find out as you go out there that you’re not going to amount to jack squat.


Clay: That’s pretty heavy.

Khris: That’s heavy.

Dr. Z: I’ve got a question, though. Khris, often times I hear people ask me, they go, “How young is too young to start saving?” or I get on the flip side and get, “I’m too old. I should have started a long time ago. Too old, I got to gamble. I got to buy lottery tickets now with this money because I’ve got no shot of getting a nest egg because I’m too old.”. And the young people are like, “Well, am I too young to start?” What do you tell people? How do you address those two questions?

Khris: You’re never too old or too young to start saving, Dr. Z I have a lot of grandparents that buy policies that buy things and put them in place for their grandkids that will actually project them to be millionaires by the time they are 65 and they put this little bit in and it just grows. I mean time and compounding interests just like Benjamin Franklin said. It is amazing.

Clay: I have to preach something here.

[background music]

If you do not have a complete commitment to saving money you are absolutely going to disqualify yourself from buying opportunities in the future. You must learn how to save. You have to. If you don’t learn how to save, what’s going to happen is you are going to end up financially in the toilet and you’re going to end up feeling really, really bad all the time. You’ve got to get yourself on a disciplined financial saving regimen. I know nobody better than my brother from another mother Mr. Khris. He isn’t lying. Buy it. He’s here for Anchor Financial. I want to cheer for him right now, Z. If somebody is listening right now and they go, “I have no financial discipline, I need some help” could you help them?

Khris: Absolutely. I have a radio show of my own in Bartlesville. I don’t know if you know that or not. My radio show, we get two types of callers sometimes that call in and one is, “I’m 55 and I’ve saved nothing” or the other one is, “I’m 75 and I’ve run out of money.” Big, big mistakes. Start planning early. Make sure that you start putting money away, fast and furious if you can.

Clay: You have to start somewhere and I’m just telling you, you can absolutely do it but if you are not willing to save or to create a regimen of financial discipline you’re never going to get to where you want to go.

Dr. Z: Wait a second, business coach Clay. Let’s say I’ve got 10 bills that come in every month guaranteed and I have money to pay for nine of them and I juggle that 10th one. I juggle it, I juggle, I juggle, I juggle.

Clay: This just in from our home office. There is a book called, Exodus. It’s in the bible, controversial. And in Exodus, it talks about how people would work on the sixth day. That’s crazy. God created the earth in six days and rested on the seventh. In Genesis he talks about it as well. Elon Musk says you should work 80 hours. He actually says you should work like hell which is not in the bible. The thing is you must work more than five days a week if you want to get ahead. Check it out.

Dr. Z: You’re saying if I’ve got more bills than I have money. I can’t cut any of them because I just choose not to, and yet I want to have some extra money to pay off those bills and to start saving I should get another job?


Clay: Yes, you should get another job. Or you should listen to copious amounts of gangster rap music and buy a bunch of Twizzlers and try to find someplace like some kind of billiard hall, take up smoking, copious amounts of drinking, gangster rap. That’s your future. Buy lottery tickets.

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Clay: All right nation, welcome back to the Thrive Time Show presented by EWScripts Company and thrive15.com. If you have business questions, we have business answers. It’s Thrive Time Show during your drive time home. It’s really business school without the BS. My name is Clay Clark and I am a business coach. I’m a father of five human kids. A lot of people say, “Five kids? Are they human kids? Are you Mormon? What’s your deal?”. You know, here’s the thing. My wife and I, we decided we wanted to have five kids and, boom, we had five kids. I’m not going to get into the details or the specifics of the game plan.

I will tell you we intentionally had five kids, five great kids, four daughters and one son. It’s a great thing and we have a lot of different businesses that we are involved in. Now, I’m just blessed and honored to be on a show with a guy who’s been a mentor in my life, kind of a business guru, and I will say, I mean this sincerely, probably my favorite male human.

Dr. Z: Wow. You don’t get around much. That’s probably true.

Clay: Again, I never go outside. I never interact. Currently, you are my favorite male human. Dr. Robert Zoellner.

Dr. Z: Well, I appreciate that, Clay, very much and you do have five beautiful children. I will confirm that by the way. That is a confirmation. You’ve got, I don’t know, maybe pushing 50 chickens now?

Clay: Yes. The population is starting to grow. We’re getting eggs. Things are going well. Heading into Thanksgiving there’s a lot of great things to be thankful for. It’s Camp Clark in chicken palace.

Dr. Z: Have you guys ate one of those chickens yet? I’ve been meaning to ask.

Clay: No, we haven’t but the raccoons have.


We’re just trying to work through that scenario right now. But I will tell you if you are listening right now and you’re saying, ”Hey, I’m trying to save my nest eggs. I don’t want my eggs to be eaten by those raccoons. I want to save my financial future.”.

Dr. Z: Yes, I want to save them.

Clay: As the business coach, I want to say, we have a show for you. We are talking about the eight financial management retirement super moves to help you achieve financial freedom and if you’ve missed some of the steps you can go to thrivetimeshow.com, you can check out the podcast. It’s on Blast. You can listen to it. You can share it with somebody. You can download it. You can just hit play and pause and play and pause and play and pause. It’s awesome. Today we have an incredible, incredible guest here. It’s Mr. Khris Bryant with Anchor Financial Group. Sir, how are you?

Khris: I’m doing well, thank you. Thank you.

Clay: For people who don’t know you, give kind of a quick commercial. Who are you? What’s your background? You know, I’m doubtful. I’m a listener. I’m very skeptical. Give me some sort of–

Dr. Z: [funny accent] It’s some sort of scam working.

Khris: Well, born and raised in green country Oklahoma so these guys that you call Oklahomies are my kind of peeps.

Clay: Now, I understand that you’ve helped people invest more than $600 million in assets. Is that true?

Khris: That’s true. I have clients that range from just now starting retirement plans all the way up to 600 million in assets.

Clay: Okay, so here is my little push back. Dr. Z and I we know a guy. He’s name is Marvin, he’s on the E side. What you do is you call him, you give him a little money, he puts it in, boom, next thing you know you get it back. You put in 600 he gives you 700. He’s got a big old package. A financial package. He’s got some what we would call penny stocks that he’s invested in and that would be huge. They are transformative. What we call disruptive stocks.

Dr. Z: Could change your life.


Dr. Z: Yes, disruptive.

Clay: They’re so big the SCC hasn’t been able to fully investigate them and [inaudible 01:00:06] huge.

Dr. Z: But, it’s totally legal of course.

Clay: What advice would you have for us because we know a guy?

Khris: You know a guy that knows a guy?

Clay: Yes.

Khris: Big time. All you have to do is remember that you’ve got to start, if you don’t start, you’re not going to finish. Big thing is start your retirement plan as early as you possibly can, get it into something that preferably doesn’t lose money as we spoke of earlier. I think the big thing is, just as an example, being taxed on the seed and not the harvest. That’s a great, great–

Clay: Okay. Get into that. What does that mean?

Khris: I know that’s phenomenal to say but being taxed on the seed, I mean, there’s only certain vehicles they max out. Your IRA, you can only put 5,500 a year into your IRA or 5,500 into a Roth which is being taxed on the seed and not the harvest by the way, but it limits us and there is another option out there.

Clay: What is the other option? What’s the Holy grail?

Khris: Life Insurance is the most over-looked product on the market today. Life insurance is a beautiful flexible product.

Advert: You’re listening to the Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio 1170.

Clay: Do tell.

Khris: Life insurance tends to give you the flexibility for instance if you’re starting to put into a life insurance policy, 10 years from now, you have something you can actually take a loan from and collect the arbitrage yourself. You know what the arbitrage is right?

Clay: Well, first off you said flexibility so I was thinking about–

Dr. Z: I’m thinking like a Russian gymnast or something.

Khris: [laughs]

Dr. Z: Like a gold medal Olympian.

Clay: -Russian gymnast with fish oil, steroids the whole deal. What’s triage?

Khris: Arbitrage. Arbitrage is merely making the difference between, for instance a banker will take your money and put it into a CD, give you 1%. Then he turns around in a car loan and then he gives that out at 4%. He just made 3% arbitrage. Now, doctor Z you should know something about that.

Dr. Z: is that ethical? That sounds ewe. I want an arbitrage.

Clay: I’m going to tell you what I did. I was doing some psychological warfare. He says what is arbitrage. I ask him what is triage? He circles back, boom. I win.

Dr. Z: You win, he avoided your question. You’re so smart.

Clay: Tom Brady, Tom Brady, Tom Brady. That’s the answer to all the questions. Seriously now if someone wants to get a hold of you they go, “This sounds interesting, tell me more.” How do they get a hold of you?

Khris: Myanchorgroup.com. If you’re driving through the road, don’t stop and write it, unless you’re willing to pull over, that’s fine (918) 591-2880.

Clay: Billy grab the wheel, Billy.


Dr. Z: I’m at the ditch.


Clay: Write this number down, grab the wheel Billy. Seriously, super move number six: Get on the same team with your spouse. Why do you have to get on the same team with your spouse financially Khris, what’s the deal?

Khris: Because everybody likes peace in their life that’s why. Because if you don’t you’re going to end up disagreeing at some point.

Clay: I’m a fighter. I’m looking for a fight. I swear. I got something to say. I’ve slept on the couch every week and I tell you what I’m going to win this fight, we don’t need to be on the same side.

Dr. Z: [laughs]

Clay: No but seriously, so you wanted to get on the same team with your spouse. Now Dave Ramsey says, “Couples who want unity in their marriage need to be willing to depend on each other for accountability and support.” He goes on to say, “When you and your spouse agree on spending, you agreed on dreams, fears goals and priorities.” Who needs to be calling you right now? Who needs to be talking to you if you and your spouse are kind of going, “I don’t know if we’re on the same page.” Who should be calling you? Everybody? Some people? Who should be calling you?

Khris: Everyone that has a question about it. The big thing is education, let’s get educated about it before we make a decision. There’s a novel idea. Let’s find out exactly what’s out there and see what our options are. That’s the big first move.

Clay: What’s the right time to call you. Is it better to call you at 4 AM, 2 AM? I know you prefer the 4 AM waffle house calls. When is the best time to call you?

Khris: [laughs] Go to the website at any time, but anywhere from nine to five, you’re going to find someone to answer the phone for you.

Clay: Hey Z what we’ll do is, we’ll go to waffle house after we go to the casino. We’ll call Khris Bryan with Anchor Financial, and get our questions answered at 4 in the morning.

Dr. Z: All the money we win at the casino, we’ll be able to finally invest some.

Clay: Unbelievable. This guy is open 24/7. Unbelievable. Tom Brady.


Now seriously, you schedule appointments, you meet with people, you sit down, you have a calm conversation. How long should people plan in their schedule?

Khris: First time, maybe 20 minutes. All I’m doing is a fact finder. I want to know where they are, where they want to go.

Clay: Facts finder. Sounds very accurate. Very easy. Sounds scary. Now super move number seven, be prepared for emergencies. Z, this just in from our home office at the left coast of the Arkansas River. Bad things are going to happen, Z. Bad things are going to happen to good people. This just in.

Dr. Z: Yes. It’s going to happen. That’s why you have to have a little bit of what we call a rainy-day fund. When we come back we’re going to unpack that and if you have that it’s going to allow you to still follow of dreams and be a lover of dreams– and be a dream lover.

Clay: This Mariah Carey dream lover reference, this shows yet again that I should have been an Optometrist and you should have been a disk jockey. It shows yet again. Mr. Collins–

Dr. Z: Who says I’m not?

Clay: He’s revamping the millennium club here.

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The way it works is that it subtracts 2.75% of every time a card is run and it does it automatically. If you sell a sandwich for $20, you’ll see a net gain of $19.45 on your bank account the next day. If you enter by hand it costs 3.5% plus 15 cents on top of that. They encrypt everything so you know you’re secure. They make it super clear to start and even offer bonuses for sharing with friends. You can learn more at squareup.com. It’s free to download and works on all devices and operating systems. Make sure you go visit squareup.com.

Live, local, now, you’re listening to the Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio 1170.

Clay: Hello, thrive nation welcome back to the Thrive Time Show during your drive time home and yes, it is true, we’re local and nothing is more local that Oklahoma Joe’s, Z, on this Friday.

Dr. Z: Those burnt ends and baked beans. I think I could leave on them.

Clay: I’m going to tell you one thing I did this past Friday, true story. I went and I got two courts of baked beans. We weren’t even having barbeque. My wife was making some curry and some great stuff and I said–

Dr. Z: You guys are into the curry thing?

Clay: We are, and I said, “You know what goes good with curry?” My mother in law was in town. Baked beans. The world’s best baked beans, so I went out there and got some local baked beans. I went out there to the one by the bass pro shop in Broken Arrow. It was beautiful. I went in there and I said, “Just give me the best thing you’ve got” and the lady says, “Baked beans.” She brought, it changed the direction of my weekend.

Dr. Z: That’s what will happen. What you put in is what you’re going to get out?

Clay: Had I not invested in those two courts of baked beans, my weekend would have gone to the bottom like a submarine, which reminds me of the navy, which reminds me of our guest, which reminds me of Khris Bryan with Anchor Financial Group. Sir, how are you?

Khris: I’m doing good guys, you guys are nuts. I love you guys.

Clay: We have a great time on the show and in all sincerity, we’re trying to help you financially get to where you want to go with Thrivers. We’re talking about the eight super financial moves to help you get to where you want to go financially. Super move number seven, Be prepared for emergencies. Dave Ramsey says this, “Your emergency fund is not an investment, it’s insurance with one purpose, to protect you and your family.” Wow, Khris, go for it, what’s he talking about?

Khris: Absolutely, you’ve got to have something you can get to quickly in an emergency. Every one of my clients, that’s the first thing I ask them, what’s their emergency fund, how—I mean, if we got $1,000 would you be surprised how many Americans don’t even have $1,000 in their savings account for emergencies when we all know deductibles on insurance now are five, six almost $7,000 going to next year. Unbelievable amount of money can be asked for at any given time so building that up first and foremost is a good idea.

Clay: Now Dave Ramsey says, “There’s always something coming in a few months that will cost money so be prepared.” Where do people get this wrong?

Khris: One big thing where they get it wrong is they tie it up in some kind of an asset that they can’t get money from. For instance, a lot of people want a house paid off. That’s a great, that’s fantastic. You lose your job—

Clay: Not a great move.

Khris: Can you get a loan on the house? No, they’re not even going to give you the time of day, even though it may be an asset–

Clay: Repeat it. Repeat it. Please repeat it again

Khris: Okay. If you get your house paid off, you pay your house off, it is an asset, you’re right. However, if you need money off that asset and you’ve lost your job, there’s no money there anyone’s going to loan you because you’ve lost your ability to gain an income whether it’s being laid off or just absolutely having a disability that kept you from working.

Clay: Which is why Z and I, we put the money in the walls, we’ve hidden the cash inside the walls of the house. Should there be an emergency, our main man Khris Bryan would be wrong because we would just take a crowbar.

Boom. We get in there, we get all the cash out, obvious of cash out of our own home, unbelievable. Liquidity, I call that.

Dr. Z: Liquidity in our house. It is in our house but it’s not in our house.

Clay: Unbelievable. Tom Brady posters everywhere. Put the Tom Brady and Belichick over the hole on the wall so no one suspects it.



Dr. Z: Yes, no one will go in there and mess with that. They don’t mess with the T-shirt.

Clay: Okay. Obvious. Now, here’s the thing. I want to go ahead I want to read this to you because this is a fun fact I read about Shaquille O’Neal. By the way, this is from Bloomberg. This is not from the Khris Bryan apologist network. This is from Bloomberg. He says this in Bloomberg, “O’Neal doesn’t need Gold Bond’s money or the rest of his $20 million endorsement income, and he says he doesn’t count it. When he first came to the NBA, his money manager, Lester Knispel, I believe, persuaded him to sock away more than a million dollars a year in annuities.

That income is now enough to live on, O’Neal says. Just in case all this stuff goes bad. His endorsement income, he says, is mostly for his six children. I have all the toys I want.” What’s he talking about? An annuity? I thought we were talking about Shaquille O’Neal here. What are we talking about here, annuities?

Khris: Yes. Another unknown thing out there. A lot of people had this bad genre, this bad thing, “Oh, I don’t want an annuity.” Because back in the day, back in the ’80s–

Clay: Back in the day.

Khris: Back in the day, in the ’80s and early ’90s, if you died and your wife died early, well, your kids got nothing. It all went back to a life insurance company. Not so today, not so. Everything, every dime you put in, it comes back to you. Either it be an income that you cannot outlive or on to your heirs.

[background music]

Clay: Back in the day, I tell what, annuities were terrible. Back in the day, remember that Z? Back in the day?

Dr. Z: Oh, yes. Come on now.

Clay: Awful, back in the day. Have other things changed since back in the day, financially or are we still listening to this music in quads skating around financially? Is it still jean jackets and bad things happening with annuities?

Dr. Z: Big perm, big hair. Big perm.

Khris: I think jean jackets are coming back but I don’t think that has anything to do with the finances. The financial products out there now are a lot more cutting edge than they use to be. Most people that got a bad idea about an annuity, for instance, you’ve got all of these major ball players, they’re paid through annuities. All of their contracts are paid through annuities. Why not leverage the same thing that the guys are making millions on, even if you’ve only got a nest egg of $250,000 or $50,000?

Clay: What is an annuity, then, for everybody listening. I’m driving home, I’m thinking, “Okay. You guys are talking about annuities. What is an annuity?”

Khris: Very simple. Life insurance companies have annuities, banks have CDs. It’s an investment product where you cannot lose money and you can actually gain based on market gains using this neat little thing called indexing.

Clay: I don’t know. Even talking about the last hour and a half. I’ve had a lot of Oklahoma Joe’s beans.


I just want to know what’s your website, how I get a hold of you because I am just trying to eat these beans and I’ll call you later. What’s the number?

Khris: Number is (918) 591-2880 and our website is myanchorgroup.com.

Clay: I only hear things the second time for first [unintelligible 01:13:08]. Can you say that again?

Khris: Myanchorgroup.com (918) 591-2880. We’d love for you to call.

Clay: Awesome. Now, Z, coming up, we come back after the break. We’re talking about super move number eight and Z, do you want to know what super move number eight is?

Dr. Z: I can hardly wait. I’ll tell you what, I’ve been waiting, this is the eighth and final one. I’ve been driving home. I’m going slow because I don’t want to miss it.

Clay: Creeping.

Dr. Z: I’m creeping now. I’ve stopped a couple of times–

Clay: The law enforcement is worried about you.

Dr. Z: -parked at a truck stop for a little bit.


Now I’m easing back on the road and I’m almost home for super move number eight.

Clay: Just idling down the road, Thrive Time Show.

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You’re listening to the Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio 1170.

Clay: All right Thrive Nation, welcome back Oklahomies to the left coast of the Arkansas River where we are broadcasting deep within the bowels of the Thrive15.com world headquarters inside the dojo of mojo. Broadcasting, providing you with that audio excellence that you just can’t find during the workday. Got a little darker here. A little bit darker in here.

Dr. Z: A Moon.

Clay: A little moon. We’ve got a moon.

Dr. Z: We’ve got a moon. Moonlighting.

Clay: An American moon. We’re talking today about the eight financial super moves to help you get to where you want to go financially. My name’s Clay Clark and I am a business coach. I’m SBA, former SBA, Small Business Administration Entrepreneur of The Year, and I’m joined here, I’m in the presence of greatness.

Dr. Z: [laughs]

Clay: You cannot debate this. If you drive around Tulsa, you’ll see the Dr. Z signs everywhere.

Dr. Z: You can debate it.

Clay: No, you can debate it, but you– well, okay, fine. It’s Dr. Robert Zoellner. Sir, how are you?

Dr. Z: I am fantastic. Everybody listening out there, listen, we’ve tried to bring you radio excellence. We do. We’re the number one radio business show out of Tulsa.

Clay: Yes. Apparently, out of– there’s no other shows.

Dr. Z: There’s no other– there’s no other shows. But listen. For those of you who make it home, you’ve driven home, maybe your shift is earlier and you’re already home. You get on Facebook Live and you’re watching us, right?

Clay: Yes. A lot of people tune in to watch you not me.

Dr. Z: We’ve got some visual candy for them coming up very soon. I’m excited about it.

Clay: He was matriculated in the United States Navy. He’s what I would call a beautiful man. He’s got a beautiful mind like Russel Crowe, beautiful man like Brad Pitt, beautiful mind like Russel Crowe. He’s got the whole thing going.

Dr. Z: Russel Pitt.

Clay: Yes. Russel Pitt. He’s the whole deal. Not only that, but he knows the whole financial game. He knows how to financially get where you want to go. He is one of the partners there with Anchor Financial Group. Let me tell you what. It’s like chicken soup for the financial soul, right here.

Dr. Z: It really is.

Clay: It’s Khris Bryan. Sir, how are you?

Khris: I’m doing well. You guys need to– I need to record this over and over and over, and my wife needs to hear this while she sleeps, I think.

Dr. Z: You can tell her to go to Thrivetimeshow.com–


Dr. Z: -and just hear it repeated on this show right here.

Khris: That’s right.

Clay: I want to pivot. I want to ask this because a lot of people want to know. They want to know the man behind the financial genius. Where did you meet your wife, where did you meet her?

Khris: I actually met her at a bar here in Oklahoma.

Clay: Really?

Khris: [laughs] I did.

Clay: Really?

Khris: You know the old Midnight Rodeo, the original one?

Dr. Z: The Midnight Rodeo.

Khris: Maybe I’m ready to go.

Dr. Z: Did you ever DJ there, Clay? Back in the day.

Clay: I sent a lot of DJs there but I never went there. I did the Yucatan Liquor Stand like it was going to–

Dr. Z: Oh, yes. I was your jam.

Clay: That was right in front of the old Target.

Dr. Z: Oh, yes.

Clay: The thing about the Yucatan Liquor Stand which was great is that they were trying to get a volleyball tournament going. Most people who went there were North of 40. They were trying to get these Thirsty Thursday volleyball tournaments going. I travel out to Florida for a speaking event less than about three years ago, it’s about two and a half years ago. I go there and this lady goes, so I’m in my suit, she says, “What do you do?” One of the videographers was just screwing with me and screws with her. He goes, “Yes, this guy is the guy who DJs at the Yucatan Liquor Stand.” He said that because he knew that was true.

Dr. Z: This is in Florida.

Clay: Florida and she goes, “Oh my gosh. You’re the guy.” I’m like– so it’s DJ Clay, I’m a Thirsty Thursdays.

Dr. Z: Your fans are everywhere.

Clay: There was six of them. They were loving it. But anyway, so seriously. We’re talking about the super moves, the eight super moves to help you financially get to where you want to go. Super move number eight-

Dr. Z: Clay, Clay, Clay. Why don’t you recap the first seven? I just tuned in, I want to know whether it’s worth going to Thrivetimeshow.com and listening to this show.

Clay: Super move number one. Z, I give you super move number 1. Boom. Start with a plan. Super move number two, why this just in from our home office here, super move number two, create a budget. Tell your money where to go.

Dr. Z: That’s important.

Clay: Super move number three, I submit to you. Give yourself some fun money so you’ll stay on budget and you can afford Tom Brady tickets. Super move number four, say goodbye to all of your debt. Super move number five, you got to be patient with your purchases and with yourself, like Belichick. Super move number six, you got to get on the same team with your spouse because if you’re not on the same team as your spouse–

Dr. Z: Like Brady and Gronk.

Clay: It’s like Brady and Gronk. They’re like one together, it’s like two become one, it’s like a Spice Girl song. It’s amazing, they love each other. Super move number seven, you got to be prepared for emergencies like when the other team no longer allows you to deflect the balls when you need to deflect the balls.


Dr. Z: Emergency.

Clay: Super move number eight, if you want to be great financially, it’s make daily decisions with the end goal in mind. Here we go. Notable quotable, “Begin with the end in mind. Start with the end outcome and work backwards to make your dream possible.” Wayne Dyer, best-selling author. Why do you have to start to meet with the financial advisor, Khris, who can help you automate those daily decisions or at least help you make a plan where those daily decisions become the bright decisions over and over again?

Advert: You’re listening to the Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio 1170.

Khris: Big thing.

Khris: This is making sure that when you do have that plan in place you you’ve got someone to hold accountable. Accountability is huge in business, and anything. When we hold ourselves accountable both with the spouses, if you got your husband and your wife and your holding each other accountable. When the man wants to buy a new boat, and the girl wants to buy a new purse that’s really what happens in my household. Those things balance out. You’ve got to have that middle ground. Once you actually get those things going to the right direction, and you just need someone to help encourage you, help encourage those things.

Clay: For somebody who’s trying to get their love life together, Z.

Dr. Z: Yes.

Clay: For someone who’s trying to– Khris I want to ask this question. How do you get you and your wife on a same financial page? She wants to buy the purse. you want to buy the boat. You can’t agree. How do you agree financially without completely killing your love life? How do you do it?

Khris: Smaller purse, smaller boat at first [laughs].

Clay: Work your way up.

Khris: Work your way up. Don’t buy the big night trolley that you see.

Dr. Z: A little jingy and a little cletch.

Clay: For somebody is listening right now who does a little bit about compound interest but not as much as you do. They haven’t studied it, they haven’t looked at it. Why is it such a magical and powerful wonder of the world?

Khris: It’s just a miracle of compounding interest as Ben Franklin said it right. “The big thing is making sure that when you get money in there your money wants to make money, and the minute you stop making it make money is the minute where you’re just stagnant.” You don’t want to be stagnant with your money.

Clay: Now, you have a free gift for all of our listeners. For tonight’s listeners apparently you have a free book called The Safe Money Book. It’s 115 pages, it has a safe money retirement kit. It’s free for all the listeners.

Khris: Absolutely, and it’s not legal lease guys. This is something that you can read. You can actually comprehend which is really nice today.

Dr. Z: With words?

Khris: With words.

Dr. Z: Is there pictures, because I need pictures.

Khris: It has a few diagrams. Which is takes up a few of those pages for people like me.

Clay: Now seriously, if you’ve been listening though, and this is called The Safe Money Book. It’s 115-page book, and safe money retirement kit. How can they get a hold of this? They say, “I need to have it. I want that book, give me that book.” How can they get it?

Khris: They can just go to the website myanchorgroup.com. They can request it there. We’ll actually get on the phone with them, and actually build them a safe money retirement kit specifically for them.

Clay: I have some rude questions I’m going to ask, I shouldn’t ask, I’m going to ask them here. Here we go, one. What is you motive? What’s your motive to help people up financially? What do you get out of it? If I come to you, I hire you. Is this a job? Are making profit? Is it ethical? [laughs] It is ethical Z?

Khris: Well, profit’s not a dirty word of course, however, we do try to put things in the woods– we don’t want making money on a consistent basis every year on your money. We might get paid one time but that’s just it. Our security advisor makes money whether you win or lose. We make it one time, and we set you on a course, we put your retirement on autopilot, and check in with you on a once a year basis and do an annual review.

Clay: I want references. I don’t know if you’re real people. Where can I find more information?

Dr. Z: Yes, are you real?

Khris: [laughs] Go to our website, great source, we’ve got testimonials, we’ve got reviews if you’re Google person. We’ve got a quite a few things there to look through. Lots of educational things, podcasts. It really is endless there. You could spend a lot of time there at myanchorgroup.com.

Clay: What if I want to get financially pumped up? Where I’m saying Z, “I want to get pumped up. I need to have a guy who pumps me up. I need to be encouraged. I need to get the pump. I need to get the pump.” Do you do that?

Khris: Absolutely, yes. Give me a call (918) 591-2880, I’ll pump you up.

Dr. Z: Will you talk with that accent? Like Australian accent?

Khris: I can do it, yes.

Dr. Z: Yes, there we go.

Clay: Z, what rude question do have for Khris here? Do you have any rude questions about– because people want to know. People are asking right now. They are going, “Hey, I have had a few questions.”

Dr. Z: Well, here is a rude question. Come right here, let’s say I’m driving home. I’m already home. I’m listening to the show. I’m going, “Man, I’m getting started. I’m young. I don’t have a whole lot of money. It sounds like these guys are like, for the big dogs, for all the people with the millions to invest and all the stuff. They’re doing all that, annuities and whoa [unintelligible 01:24:04] you threw out there. Legal lease. I’ve just got a little money to invest every month. Am I wasting your time? can I come by?”

Khris: Absolutely not. The younger you are, the less money you have. That’s fine, that’s a good place to start. You can always build off of it. Everything is a process–

Dr. Z: You’re not going to toss me out. You’re going to go like, “You’re not a big enough fish throw you back in the lake.” This goes back to the ice fishing hole.

Khris: Z, I’m going to tell you this. We have something that we have– for anybody who’s in the financial hole, for anybody who’s struggling, anybody who’s really doing well. We’ve built the world’s best business coaching platform Z. You and I teamed up, we said, “We were want to build the world’s best business coaching platform.” I’m going to tell you why, Because I had probably thousands. People say, “Hey, can I pick your brand for coffee?” “Sure.” You probably had many more than thousands.

Dr. Z: Yes, and you’re going to have so much caffeine in your body, and then you’re like—

Clay: I started discovering that when I would sit down, and try to mentor and be a business coach for a young guy. Try to teach him how to start, and grow a business I wasn’t with my wife, I wasn’t with my kids. You and I teamed up, we started Thrive15.com. Tell them about it Z.

Dr. Z: It’s beautiful. It’s wonderful. It’s the Netflix business coaching for $19 a month. That’s it. Just $19 a month. I spent more at a Starbucks. For only $19 a month you can get on there. You can binge-watch 24/7. You may never sleep again. Hey, get the coffee.

Clay: We have thousands of videos.

Dr. Z: Get the coffee, you’re going to buy us, and just watch videos and drink coffee.

Clay: Watch it until you brain explodes.

Dr. Z: Downloadable, in-person workshops at your fingertips.

Clay: Thrive15.com, and it’s always Z. Three, two, one.

Clay and Dr. Z: Boom.

[01:25:35] [END OF AUDIO]


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