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As you listen, they’ll walk you through the moves that will help you further your business and become a successful entrepreneur. On this episode, business coach, Clay Clark, and Dr.Z show you how to expand your business.

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Grow Your Business With The Business Coach : Podcast Transcript

Voice-over: And now, broadcasting from the center of the universe and the world headquarters. Presenting the world’s only business school without the BS with optometrist and entrepreneur Dr. Robert Zoellner and a former small business administration entrepreneur of the year, in your ear, Clay Clark. It’s the Thrive Time Show, on talk radio 1170. Three, two, one. Boom.

Clay Clark: Boom, boom, bang. Let’s do this thing Thrive Nation. Welcome back to the Thrive Time Show during your drive time home. And I’m telling you what Z, Dr. Robert Zoellner, I am excited. I am excited, I am so pumped up. I am pumped up, I can’t wait to talk about it. Today’s topic is awesome Z. It’s the topic about helping people who are stuck with their business. They own a business and they are Stuckey McStuckerson.

Dr. Robert Zoellner: Stucky McStuckerson and also for the 57% of you, according to Forbes or it’s a number–

Clay: It’s a thing.

Dr. Robert: It’s kind of a thing.

Clay: That’s just it.

Dr. Robert: It’s a thing, that want to start their own business. They want to stop punching the timeclock. They want to stop working for the man and they want to be the man. That’s not gender-specific, they could be [unintelligible 00:01:16] for the woman and be the woman.

Clay: Hey, and speaking of that story. We have a guy who’s in the studio today. The sound guy here; Mr. Nate the Great.

Dr. Robert: Oh Yes. He’s awesome.

Clay: He indicated today that after being here for about a year he’s decided to move on and pursue his acting career soon. It’s exciting.

Dr. Robert: Oh wow.

Clay: He’s going to be leaving the nest. But the thing is we’re excited, we’ve got many people trained up who know what they’re doing to produce this great show. I don’t know if they’ll ever be able to live up to his legend or fill his shoes but, it’s exciting when someone goes on to pursue their own thing, it’s exciting.

Dr. Robert: It absolutely is. As an entrepreneur or a business owner you’re going to realize, your thinking, “I’m going to hire the person and they’ll be with me forever.” They’ll never going to leave me, they’re going to be here.

Clay: They’re going to be with me to the rest of my life, guys are going to be with me for the rest of my life.

Dr. Robert: [laughs] They’re going to be with me the rest of my life. Then one day they stand up and say, “Hey, you know what, I think I want to do my own thing,” or, “I think I want to move,” or, “I think I want to go get this job over here for this particular reason.” The first time it happens to you as a business owner, you’re just absolutely just crushed. Like just, “Bam.” Like, “Ugh, I did all that I did for you. Man, I gave you a job and I coached you up, Ugh”.

Clay: Z, there’s this song I used to — back in the day, this is what I used to hear. Back in the day whenever somebody would come to me and say, ”Can we talk?” I would go — Well, the button didn’t work Z, I guess it’s kind of a quiet time. It was like a moment of silence. But back to the day–

Dr. Robert: What were you trying to hear? Were you trying to hear the little story time?

Clay: – but back in the day I used be– it’s like an eerie sound. It was like a sound where you kind of felt like in your soul. Yes, you just kind of went like–

Dr. Robert: “I know it’s coming.”

Clay: – “Oh, no. I know it’s coming. Like, “Can we talk?” And you’re like, “Oh, no. I know how this is going to turn out.”

Dr. Robert: It’s never good.

Clay: “It’s never good, never turn out good. I know it’s never good –“

Dr. Robert: It’s never good.

Clay: “I got to leave.” and it’s, “Baby? Can you come back baby? I swear.” I don’t know, but I used to feel like that. But now though, it’s actually exciting.

Dr. Robert: It is exciting and I tell all my employees– and some of them are probably out there listening right now, or former employees. I say, ”Listen, you’re not quitting, you’re just taking a little vacation from the job because you didn’t burn a bridge, you’ve been a great employee. I love you man. And you’re always welcome back.” It’s amazing [laughs]. They will come back and you’re like, ”See.” You’re like, ”Yes I told you.” And so if you let them leave on good terms and they were good employee, which they should have been because you weren’t firing them. So I’m assuming they were good employee.

Clay: Typically you don’t fire the best people.

Dr. Robert: Yes. I mean you usually don’t wake up that day and say, “You know, Billy, you’ve done such a super job here, I’m going to let you go.” That’s not the ones you let go.

Clay: Alright thrivers. Now here’s the deal, we are talking today specifically about why every single person needs a business coach, Z.

Dr. Robert: Boom.

Clay: Why every single person–

Dr. Robert: No, no, they don’t, they don’t, they don’t.

Clay: Every single–

Dr. Robert: They don’t. We’ll —

Clay: Every, okay. Every married person.

Dr. Robert: No they don’t. They don’t need a coach.

Clay: All humans need a coach.

Dr. Robert: No they don’t.

Clay: They don’t need a coach?

Dr. Robert: No. They do like we all did. They can just make mistakes, and learn from their mistakes.

Clay: And it’s a great way. It’s a painful way, it’s a mysterious way.

Dr. Robert: I promise you will not forget. I know everyone of my key mistakes I’ve made. I’ve learned from them, they were painful and I own them like a boy scout badge of honor on my [unintelligible 00:04:23] sash.

Clay: Of course you still have scars.

Dr. Robert: [laughs] I still have — I do, you’re right I do have scars. But, hey listen you’re going to learn by mentorship or mistakes, it’s your choice. And hopefully that’s why on this Tuesday, which is what I call Wednesday because we’re only here for an hour today. We’re only here for an hour. So we got to make hay while the sun shines. Hopefully that’s why you are tuning into the Thrive Time Show because you said two things, “You know what? These guys, they’re telling me some good tips about business. They’re giving me some good tips about business”

Hopefully [unintelligible 00:04:52] that’s happening, you’re thinking, you’re saying, ” And you know what, they’re kind of entertaining me a little bit as they do it.”

Clay: A little bit–

Dr. Robert: Just a little bit.

Clay: Now here’s the deal Z, if you’re listening right now, I want to talk about this concept of a business coach. Now whether you hire a thrive coach or not I’m going to give you a notable quotable. And this comes unto us from Eric Schmidt. This is the Chairman CEO of Google. And this is what he has to say. I’m going to read it to yo right now. He says, ”The advice that sticks out, I got was from John Doerr who in 2001 said, ‘My advice to you is to have a coach.'”

Wait a minute, the CEO of Google is talking to the venture capital and says, ”You need to have a coach.” He goes on to say, “The coach he said I should have was a guy named Bill Campbell. I initially resented the advice because after all I was the CEO of Google. I was pretty experienced. Why would I need a coach? Am I doing something wrong? My argument was, how could a coach advise me if I’m supposed to be the best in the world at what I do?”

Voice-over: You’re listening to the Thrive Time Show on talk radio 1170.

Clay: But that’s not what a coach does. The coach doesn’t have to play the sport as well as you do. They have to watch you and get you to perform at your best.

Dr. Robert: Say that again. Say that again.

Clay: The coach doesn’t have to play the sport as good as you do, they have to get you to perform at your best. The coach is somebody who looks at something with another set of eyes, describes it to you and discusses how to approach the problem. He basically explains that a coach pushes him to be the best him that he could be. This is the CEO of Google. Now thrivers, if you want to find this article it’s on Fortune Magazine. So just google fortune and then Google Eric Schmidt, boom you’ll find it. Now if you don’t like it here’s another example. Google Bill Gates business coach, or do you google–

Dr. Robert: I’ve heard of him.

Clay: Bill Gates, May of 2013. He was giving a TED Talk to explain that everyone needs a coach. Just google that phrase. Everyone needs a coach Bill Gates. He explains, “Without feedback there’s no way to improve.” And you’ve got to have feedback. That somebody’s giving you feedback, and it’s not just your customers because by the time you get feedback from your customers it’s almost too–

Dr. Robert: Late.

Clay: – too late.

Dr. Robert: If it’s good feedback, that’s good positive and your business is growing and that’s great. But we’re here. We want to take good and we want to make it great. That’s why we’re here to coach you up. We want to take an exceptional, and make it really exceptional. Is that a thing?

Clay: Yes.

Dr. Robert: That’s what we’re here to do. We want to take all of you at the place– this is going to sound horrible and we don’t want to be Nancy, we don’t want to be Negative Nancy, pardon me any Nancys out there. But, most of you that start a business, I hate to say this–

Clay: According to Forbes.

Dr. Robert: Most businesses fail.

Clay: 8 out of 10.

Dr. Robert: Fail.

Clay: Fail?

Dr. Robert: Fail.

Clay: Fail as in they don’t make it?

Dr. Robert: Fail as in they shut the door down.

Clay: Why are you so negative? This is supposed to be a positive show.

Dr. Robert: I know but that’s it. Listen, we want to personally change those percentages. Listen, people that don’t listen to the Thrive Time show, they’re 80%. 20% strike-rate, 80% fail rate. Those that listen to the Thrive show we want 100% success rate and 0% fail rate.

Clay: The thing is Z, I’m just going to throw out some examples. When I started my photography business called Epic Photos, when you started your optometry clinic called Dr. Robert Zoellner and Associates, when I started, when you started Z66 Auto Auction. We go back and forth but we’ve started companies. There’s a reason why they haven’t failed and it’s because, one we’re persistent as I’ll get out and two, we know the moves.

And so thrivers, we’re going to teach you the moves. But I’m going to go ahead and give you a little sneak peek on these moves, okay? Move number one is, everyone needs a coach.

Dr. Robert: Everyone needs a coach.

Clay: Everyone needs a coach. Move number two, your coach knows answers to questions that you didn’t even know to ask. See thrivers now that’s the thing when we come back after the break we’re gonna get more into it. But Z, the experience literally has gone the way, he knows the way, they’ve seen the way, they’ve been a part of the way, they’ve studied success.

As an example, years ago I was sitting down with a client, I’m talking to them and they said, ”Hey, I want to be to the top of Google but I just can’t afford those ads.” And I said, ”I know, we’ll get you there.” And they go, ”No, but I can’t afford the ads.” And I’m going, “We’re not talking about fighting the Earth’s gravitational pull here. We’re not talking about the impossibilities. We’re talking about you can get to the top of Google.” The client goes, ”Yes, but I don’t want to buy those ads.”

And I feel like I’m talking to myself. I looked at the man, he’s about 55, 56 year-old man. I said, ” Listen, I’m like a 29 year-old guy, I’ve had a lot of success in business. I don’t mean to yell at you but listen what I’m saying to you. Your permalinks are screwed up, your meta tags are messed up, your title tags are wrong and your site is not Google compliant. You got to make these moves. If we make these adjustments, if we use a website called SEMrush and we run a report we’ll see all of the canonical errors. And he goes, ”[unintelligible 00:09:49]” and he goes, ”What are you talking about?” I go–

Dr. Robert: Because I don’t want to buy the ads [laughs].

Clay: He goes, ”What’s SEMrush?” And I said, ”Well, SEMrush is a tool that analyzes your website compliance.” He goes,

[unintelligible 00:10:00]. What does canonical mean? [unintelligible 00:10:04]. What I’m beginning to answer are questions that he didn’t even know were questions.

Dr. Robert: Exactly, but you know what? At least he was smart enough to know you need to get to the top of Google. Is that a thing Google?

Clay: I’ll tell you how we met real quick Z.

Dr. Robert: Okay

Clay: He’s bank, he was going into bankruptcy and the bank was on that workout deal. The banker who ran the bank calls me and says, “Hey, I’ve got a guy here that he’s a good guy but his business is going to go under. We are going to let him delay some of the payments to the bank and he can use some of that money to hire you. I said, “Okay, let’s do it.”

I can to tell you the guy did very very well. He’s doing very well financially now. It’s a fun story but these are things Thrivers where, if you’re listening right now, the reason number one to have a coach is that everybody needs a coach. Michael Jordan, how many NBA Championships did Michael Jordan win without Phil Jackson? Zero. Kobe Bryant, how many NBA Championships did Kobe Ryant, one of the best basketball players in the planet, how many did he win without Phil Jackson? Zero.

Maybe it’s a good coach, maybe not. The Patriots, every year they are 12 and 4, 11 and 5. Is it the coach? What about the Spurs? Some people say well it’s David Robinson–

Dr. Robert: I’m a big Thunder fan but he’s a stud.

Clay: The thing is a coach can absolutely push you to perform at your best. We’re heading into the break right now. I want you to go and get a piece of paper and write down where your business is stuck. Go and do it. Pull over.

Dr. Robert: Or the number one thing you would want for your business. I’m going to give you my own. I’m going to give you my own list. You say where they think they’re stuck. Just like the guy that came and said, “I want to be top of Google”.

Clay: What do you want for your business?

Dr. Robert: Write down that special thing you want for your business.

Clay: When we come back, we’re going to be teaching you about the art of business coaching. Stay tuned.

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Voice-over: Live, local, now, you’re listening to the Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio 1170.

Clay: All right Thrive Nation and Oklahomies welcome back to the left coast to Atkinson River where we are producing business broadcasting excellence day after day. We’re here in the Thrive Time dojo of mojo. It’s unbelievable, it’s the box that rocks. Z, could you describe for people who are not watching the Facebook live feed right now what is the box that rocks?

Dr. Robert: Well I tell you what? We are probably one of the coolest studios you can, right here in the epicenter of the Thrive Nation.

Clay: It’s beautiful.

Dr. Robert: It’s just like the center of the universe. We had a really really really cool studio but what we said is, “You know what? This tastes good, let us make it great.” We coached ourselves up and we said, “You know what we are going to do? We’re going to actually build a new studio, a little baby studio here, and we’re going to make it — I all it the aquarium because we have glass on two of the sides. Now the camera while in front here, you actually see our work space behind us as beautiful headquarters.

Clay: There’s real team members back there.

Dr. Robert: There’s real team working around there. Well, where they should be working.

Clay: Well, it’s past work with work day but Mel is very diligent, she’s still here. I want to knock on the glass real quick and she if she responds. Let’s see what happens. Okay.

Dr. Robert: Does she respond?

Clay: I don’t see her responding. She’s not responding. Obviously too focused on working right now to respond.

Dr. Robert: The reason we did that is because we are getting ready to start a very exciting chapter in our lives and that is our in person workshops and we wanted to make sure people realize it. Where I’m I going? Is this a real thing? Are you sure what we’re doing? What are they going to do?

Clay: Here’s the deal, you sign up for the workshop, you go to the back alley right behind the Mail Hotel, there’s a little spot there.

Dr. Robert: Little spot right there.

Clay: There’s a guy named Viny. You hand him a paper bag —

Dr. Robert: Full of money [laughs]

Clay: – and you look at him and you say, “Boom.” He’ll know what to do.

Dr. Robert: He’ll know what to do yes. [laughs]

Clay: He’ll let you in. That’s scary.

Dr. Robert: Scary. So we did this. This is kind of bonafide, the verified and the classified.

Clay: Oh wow.

Dr. Robert: What we have here —

Clay: That transparency.

Dr. Robert: – in Thrive Nation.

Clay: Okay now. Z we’re talking about business coaching.

Dr. Robert: It’s a beautiful thing:

Clay: And the first rule is everyone needs a business coach.

Dr. Robert: You know what? The richest dude in the world, Bill Gates, 75 billion dollars if you are into that kind of thing, that’s a lot.

Clay: I don’t care about — I don’t define success in business as money.

Dr. Robert: But anyway, here’s the thing and he gave a speech in May 2013.

Clay: TED Talks.

Dr. Robert: TED Talks, and in it he specifically said, “Everybody needs a business coach.”

Clay: Everyone needs a coach. Also again Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google, he says, “Everyone needs a coach.” Now here’s the thing Thrivers, the main reason of having a coach is, one, they’re going to help you lead the way. We talked about that. They’re going to help you lead the way, show you the way. They’re going to coach you to success, push you to be the best you, you can be. The second thing is, they know the answers to questions that you did not even know that you had.

Dr. Robert: What?

Clay: Z, how would you even argue that a coach helps you dream bigger than you’ve ever dreamed?

Dr. Robert: Absolutely, that’s one of the first thing a couple years ago when you Shark Tanked me about I said, “Oh, that’s a fabulous idea where we can scale business coaching for people around the world.”

Clay: Around the world.

Dr. Robert: Around the world. I looked at you and I said, “What’s your dream? When this hits it does really well what are you doing this for?” And you were like, “Aaaaaa–“

Clay: I will say this, I was at time and place where financially all of our needs were met and you’re asking me a big question like, “What would you do when this thing takes off?”

Dr. Robert: You gave an answer. I just went, “Psh psh”and I said, “You, before we do anything, you got to answer that question.”

Clay: You get a chance to take it out this week and you saw the men cave. It’s starting to come together, the compound is starting to begin.

Dr. Robert: I’m going to help out rebuild that little tree house in the back.

Clay: Are you pretty handy with tools

Dr. Robert: No but I know people. I got people, I got people.

Clay: You got to send over a team–

[cross talk]

Dr. Robert: Do I look like a dude handy with tools?

Clay: Okay, let me tell you this Thrivers, let me tell you this. The coach, what they’re going to do, they’re going to help you get those answers to the questions you didn’t even know you had. Here’s a question that a coach will help you find the answer to. I’m going to go ahead and give it to you now. This is an inevitable quotable from Michael Gerber. He says, “If your business depends on you. Do you own the business or do you own a job?” See that there? That’s a question.

Michael Gerber, he’s the best selling author of the E-Myth. He says, “If your business depends on you.” Here’s an example. Back in the day I used to own DJ connections, when it was me and two guys, I used to DJ every show.

Dr. Robert: Every show.

Clay: Every show. I DJed. “My name is Clay Clark, I’m the founder of DJ connection. You booked DJ connection. You booked DJ Clarks. I’m DJ connection. Bam, Bam, Boom.” I was excited. I said —

Dr. Robert: And you were good.

Clay: People would say, “You’re good.” I’d put myself again. I had a team of minions who would then go — one guy would do the paper work. One guy would answer the phone, “Hello?” One guy would make the CD. One guy would look at me and go, “You can do it, you can do it. You’re the best.” It was like four dudes in me DJing all the time. Six Seven days a week.

Dr. Robert: You’re like the man.

Clay: It was like Wu-Tang Clan but one guy had the mic. That was it.

Dr. Robert: That’s how you do it.

Clay: The thing was is that, I didn’t realize that I had not built a business but I had built a job.

Dr. Robert: [laughs] You built a job with three cheerleaders.

Clay: Z, please explain the difference between a business and a job.

Dr. Robert: Are you working in it or you’re working on it. That’s taking it to the next level because if nobody else knows, nobody on your team knows how to do the thing you’re doing right now then guess what? You’re working in it and not on it. We want to give you, through this show, we want to give you time freedom, we want to give you financial freedom and the only way you do that is to build your business beyond what you can just do yourself.

Clay: I’m telling you this Thrivers, we’ve coached businesses one on one for years we as the Thrive15 team. Before Thrive15 I did it through my other business called Make Your Life Epic. I’ve coached a lot of Tusla’s top businesses. I’ve worked with Hewlett Packard, I’ve worked with O’Reilly Auto parts, I’ve worked with Maytag University, I’ve worked with Farmers Insurance, I’ve worked with Valspar Paint, Chevron, I mean etc. and I only mention this to say, we know what we’re doing.

Voice-over: You’re listening to the Thrive Time Show on talk radio 1170.

Clay: When the coach begins to ask you questions that you never even knew existed, one of things a good coach will ask you, he’s going to force you to clarify your vision so that you can begin to make better decisions upon your strategies and the systems you’re doing. I’m going to give you an example. Z, do you know why I typically don’t — it’s a general rule to do speaking events. Do you know why that is?

Dr. Robert: I don’t know why.

Clay: My vision for my life, I’m just telling you, you’ve been on a plane with me before, I’m a foot tapper. I’m like a — the steward is–

Dr. Robert: You’re horrible travel partner. You’re horrible. And a horrible driver by the way.

Clay: The steward is like, “Does anyone–” It’s like 5 AM “[unintelligible 00:20:10] passengers were on a flight yada yada headed to Houston and if anybody would like an alcoholic beverage, it is five in the morning but we’ll make that available for you.” And I’m like “I got it right here.”

Dr. Robert: I got it —

[cross talk]

Clay: Give me a [unintelligible 00:20:19] of cranberry because I just can’t–I get motion sickness. I get OCD sickness where I’m like, “Why is there not be the exact a lot and amount of room for me. Where’s my stapler? Where’s my to do list.”

Dr. Robert: Where’s my to do list?

Clay: “I can’t handle it” but I’m saying is that it’s hard for me, seriously. Causing me anxiety in my travel. And so I’m saying is my vision, years ago I realized my vision is not travel. So it’s okay, but I had to — my wife helped me clarify that, but when I was talking to a guy who at the time was mentoring me I realized, “What am I doing?” like, “I’m good at speaking I do that for a living. But I don’t like traveling I got to quit doing that.”

Dr. Robert: When they want you to come talk, they want to come talk at their place.

Clay: Yes, I have got one more event coming up here at Caesars palace in Vegas. One more.

Dr. Robert: Who are you giving a speech to this time?

Clay: This is going to be actually — it’s a Department of the United States government. It’s the food and drug administration.

Dr. Robert: This ought to be exciting.

Clay: The thing is that I’m going to go in I’m going to bring it and I’m dropping the mic it’s,”Sh, Puff, done.” That’s the last one I’m going to do on

the road.

Dr. Robert: Wow that’s very cool.

Clay: Yes so it just–

Dr. Robert: If they come to our in-person workshops they will see your magic, they will see your magic in person.

Clay: It’s like Jim Gaffigan meets a very specific actionable business coaching session. It’s kind of a vibe, and the thing is you and I like to have a lot of fun.

Dr. Robert: I thought everyone liked the Jim Carrey of business education.

Clay: That’s what they said in Yahoo, because I was the Jim Carrey of business education. I don’t know, I didn’t–

Dr. Robert: Is that like the Jim Carrey of dumb and dumber or is that the Jim Carey of–

Clay: No common sense.

Dr. Robert: — of Liar or?

Clay: Yes. Now here’s the deal Thrivers when we come back, we’re gonna be talking to you about super-move number three as relates to business coaching. Reason number three why you need a coach.

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Voice-over: Live, local, now, you’re listening to the Thrive Time show on talk radio 1170.

Clay: Alright Thrive nation welcome back to your inspiration station, your audio dojo of mojo. It’s like a virtual library of business. It’s business school without the BS. And yes, my name is Clay Clark the former SBA entrepreneur of the year, in your ear. Broadcasting live here from the left coast of the Arkansas river within the beautiful confines of the friendly world headquarters. And inside the box that rocks on this majestic microphone here. Dr. Z, Dr. Zoellner, how are you sir?

Dr. Robert: I am fantastic, and you know what? I was just thinking you were — I thought, “How he’s going to introduce me now?” You did really a short one on that one. It’s just, “Doctors Z, is boom-boom.” It’s funny because will people meet me and they’d go, “You have an auto auction? I thought you’re an optometrist.” They do that and you have this, “Hey, by the way how do you do that working?”

Here’s the thing folks if you’re an entrepreneur you’re an entrepreneur, okay? Number one. And number two, don’t let people paint you in a little corner and put you in little corner, “Oh you’re just an electrician. How on earth could you ever think that you would own a big electric electrician company? Oh, you’re just a plumber. Why do you think you got to own your own business?”

Clay: As an example of what you’re talking about but not the way you intended it. I have been labeled as a very pasty male. If you look at me I’m a pale male.

Dr. Robert: You are. I don’t think they say it’s the sun. When the last time you were out in the Sun.

Clay: It’s been years, people look at me and they go, “You are one Pale Male. Do you ever go outside?” and I say “No.” But here’s the thing is, I want to throw out those labels here. I didn’t have a code Z. I want to throw up those labels. My wife and I we go out to a — what’s the island of the Texas that’s at the South? Padre Island?

Dr. Robert: Yes, yes, South Padre.

Clay: Book with those quick trips on a Southwest Airlines flight on their ‘shoof’ lane there. I get out and I’m like, “I’m going to walk on the beach.” Take off my shirt walking down that beach. Didn’t have a coach, didn’t have someone teaching me about sunscreen and various people say, “You’re Pale Male. You should probably–” My wife says, “Baby, you really need to cover up.” Fair skin, not a freckle on my body. Not a freckle on my body. Just as pale male pure —

Dr. Robert: Pure.

Clay: – pure, smooth, light skin. Anyway, so we’re walking around and all of a sudden I’m like, “ouch” I put my shirt on I’m like, “Oh gosh.”


Clay: So we get back to the hotel room and I am peeling like a pollen peel dude. And I tell you what, I got freckles on my back now. And I’m never going outside again without my shirt on. Tell you what, I have no– listen to this Thrivers, were talking about business coaching and why everybody listening, whether you hire the Thrive team or not you need a coach.

This third reason, this third justification is everybody who has a business you need accountability. I’m going to go ahead and read off to a notable quotable from Gino Wickman. Gino Wickman is the author of a book called Traction. His program is actually a program that it’s pretty expensive, so his business coaching programs could cost $7,000 $8,000 a month. Now by the way the Thrive15 program is $1,500 a month, this just it. But here’s the thing he says this, “You got to clarify your vision and you’ll make better decisions about people, processes, finances, strategies and customers.”

He goes on to say, I want to clarify the vision, he goes on to say “Most people are sitting on their own diamond minds. The surest weight to lose your diamond mind is to get bored, become over-ambitious or to start thinking the grass is greener on the other side. Find your core focus and stick to it and devote your time and resources to excelling at it.” And he goes on, one more thing he says, “What gets measured gets done.” Boom, Gino Wickman sick.

Dr. Robert: Gino Wickman’s so right. That’s what you see so many times, that people are like you, “Hey i’m good at this, but I’m going to put this in there. I’m going to have a med-spa, then have a bookstore in there too because –“

Clay: Because we’re going to sell books.

Dr. Robert: — “and then I’m going to put a coffee cart in there because people like to drink coffee.”

Clay: Here was my thinking that, the divinian I put into this. It’s like people all drive a car right? Right Z?

Dr. Robert: Yes.

Clay: People in a car they pull in with the car, when you’re in your car, and you’re getting your oil change, what are you doing? Nothing right?

Dr. Robert: Nothing.

Clay: So you get your head chopped by a dude in the shop. It’s called the the Lube Shop and Chop Mock. Boom, it’s there. Then when you’re waiting to get your mock chop, what are you going to do? You get some deep, so we got paninis.


Dr. Robert: We got paninis in a coffee store, in the lube store.

Clay: We have combined what we would call All Three. It’s called the Holy Trifecta. Some would call it The Trinity. We’re not sacrilegious would not call it that. But I call it the trifecta of lube, hair, and paninis.


Clay: That’s what people do.

Dr. Robert: Yes, we call it Luberinis. Come in to Luberinis and we’re going to get you fixed up.

Clay: The thing is that there we oil up the paninis, we oil up your hair, we oil up your car, we do the whole thing. Everyone goes home with the wet look.

Dr. Robert: Yes, the wet look. Your panini will give you all the different dipping oil.

Clay: I don’t care if you want the wet look or the dry look, you get the wet look every time.

Dr. Robert: Yes, and that’s what you see so much. Is that a lot of people have a hard time mastering the one thing. If you get that one thing mastered folks, let’s just make that repeatable, let’s make that scalable, let’s make that where you can do it. This idea that you can have quality and quantity is just, ugh, driving me crazy.

Clay: Z repeatable, repeatable. How repeatable does it have to be my friend? How repeatable?

Dr. Robert: Has to be so repeatable that when you’re in Hawaii, and you got your flowered shirt on, maybe a little grass skirt. You’re eating, you’re getting a serving of a freshly roasted pig over the luau, you don’t have to worry about what’s going on to Luberini store back home.

Clay: Would you actually build a script for someone to answer the phone that detailed.

Dr. Robert: No, you teach them once they should remember it.

Clay: Are you actually going to invest in a checklist.

Dr. Robert: No, absolutely not, because that takes away freedoms and then people like that inspiration. They like to do things on a fly.

Clay: I’m going to say this, I’m going to ask you this, and when I’m going to ask you the question, I want you to answer the question because I want you to be honest on the air.

Dr. Robert: Okay.

Clay: Would you actually go as to far as to say, you might even pre-write an email or a text message communication that was sent out from your business.

Dr. Robert: I wouldn’t take my people in a box like that. That’s just– you sty for the creativity.

Clay: So if you are going to build your own business, you would actually build these systems. Is that what you would do?

Dr. Robert: Absolutely, and then you have to do it. That makes them repeatable and then what you do it’s a lot easier. You can you hire quality people. You’ve

got the system in place, you’ve got the script, you’ve got the checklist, you’ve got the pattern, you’ve got the skeleton in place. Then what you do is

you just have them say, “Now just repeat this.”

Clay: Now Thrivers when we come back, we’re going to be talking about super-move number four. The reason number four you want a coach and that is, because a coach will help you create time freedom and financial freedom.Time freedom and financial freedom. Stay tuned Thrive Time Show.

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Voice-over: You’re listening to the Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio, 1170.

Clay: All right Thrive Nation. Welcome back to the inspiration station. Do not change that dial. You’re going to want to stick around for a while because I’m telling you what, my name’s not Kyle. My name is Clay Clark. I’m the former SBA Entrepreneur of the Year. And a man who always wants to keep a low profile. A man who just– he’s kind of off the grid, almost it’s like, he’s sort of sneaky. He’s kind of mysterious. He comes in, he goes out.

He’s a very successful entrepreneur. You’ve seen his name, his sign all over Tulsa. But it’s hard to see him. When you see him, you go, “Is that, he’s got shorts on. He has a soccer jersey on. It must be Dr. Zoellner.” Sir, how are you?

Dr. Robert: I am fantastic. You know what?

Clay: Chicken butt.

Dr. Robert: That’s exactly right. I’ll tell you what, I went through your house for the first time last weekend. Unbelievable, you’ve got a compound going on.

Clay: We’re working on it, man. We’re working on it. We’re working at the compound.

Dr. Robert: You got the wall structure kind of going up, you’ve planted all these trees to grow up so no one can see you.

Clay: I’m trying to convince you to buy the 28, it’s kind of a passive-aggressive thing where I just mentioned it. There’s 28 acres right there behind.

Dr. Robert: Did you say 28 or 20?

Clay: It’s 28, I believe.

Dr. Robert: 28? I thought it was 20. That makes a whole of a deal.

Clay: You should get that acre that’s right behind our house there. The only way to get to it would be to basically drive through our property. That would create the personal bond that we didn’t always have because you would always have to drive through the property.

Dr. Robert: The compound. Or I would sneak in somehow right?

Clay: Yes. I’ve been through this. Thrivers, listen. Everybody has their own definition of financial freedom and time freedom, but a coach can help you achieve financial freedoms. I’ve made a list of three things that I enjoy about my time freedom. Z has made a list of a few things he enjoys about his time freedom. I will start with my list.

Dr. Robert: Okey-dokey.

Clay: One, is I really enjoy being able to tell certain people to go away.

Dr. Robert: Just go away.

Dr. Clay: I love the idea that I don’t– as example, we have a client we’re working with right now who’s super kind, super generous. We’ve worked at the same business coaching client for almost nine years.

Dr. Robert: That’s nice.

Clay: Things are great.

Dr. Robert: Things are great.

Clay: Do you know why I’m working with that client? Because I fired another one to get to this client years ago. I was working with another client, and the client was being disrespectful, saying some pretty crazy stuff on the phone. Could perpetually crazy late for things. Because money isn’t the only motive, I was able to say, “Hey, I don’t think that we’re a good fit, and so I’m going to move on.”

Dr. Robert: See you later alligator.

Clay: Money allows you to do that.

Dr. Robert: Yes, it does.

Clay: Z, what’s one benefit of having financial freedom that you enjoy?

Dr. Robert: Financial freedom that I enjoy? Having my horse ranch. You know my horse ranch down on South 75 called Rockin’ Z Ranch? That was a bucket list dream item as a little boy for me. I said to myself, “Man, one of these days when I make it, one of these days when I get there, I’m going to have me a horse ranch.” Why, I don’t know. I think growing up, I watched the shows on TV, Bonanza, Gun Smoke, all these cool shows, Long Ranger and they all dealt with horses. I thought, “Oh man horses are just so cool.”

That’s what it allowed me. To chase the dream that I had as a young boy. Financial freedom did.

Clay: The second thing for me I would say that I enjoy the most about having time freedom and financial freedom is I like to be able to, whenever there is an emergency that would’ve previously devastated us financially, I love to be able to go, “We’ll knock it out, no big deal.”

Dr. Robert: We’ll knock it out.

Clay: A lot of times, it could be little things like my kids. We have [unintelligible 00:35:07] kids. This is a story about flat screen TV’s you’re going to enjoy. I got this flat-screen TV. Back in the day, as a kid, I remember about my first TV. I took care of that TV. It was my first Magnavox. Big old 32 inch. That was when the TVs were deep and wide, super heavy.

Anyway, so my wife and I, we buy a flat screen, this is probably about three years ago. We have a flat screen, that’s in the house. One of my kids, I come back from work and I noticed there’s a crack in the screen. I go, I was like [unintelligible 00:35:37] I’m like, “Who’s been touching my screen?” The kids were like, “We don’t know. We don’t know we’d have TV. We don’t know dad.”

I’m going, “Come on. Somebody knows.” The little sweet daughter, the twins. They’re like, “We don’t know who did it, dad.” I’m like, “Come on. Somebody has broken my screen.” I buy another screen. This is a true story, this is the next day. I buy another screen, set it up, you probably got to mount it, so you got to buy the screen, the bracket, [unintelligible 00:36:00] thing.

Dr. Robert: It’s a thing.

Clay: He mounts the thing. I come back the next day. No joke, broken again.

Dr. Robert: No way.

Clay: New screen. Two days in a row. I came home and I’m going, “All right. Who has been throwing a ball, pushing somebody. What is happening? Who has broken my thing?” They’re like, “We don’t know who did it.” I will honestly tell you, I did not get mad at all. I was frustrated, I disciplined them, but I didn’t get mad in a way like materially. This is like only $500 and that was my last TV in the world.

The other people they buy a car they could barely afford and then if someone touches it they’re like, “Are you kidding me? Get away from it.”

Voice-over: You’re listening to the Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio 1170.

Clay: It’s been a little turn, financial little issues. It could’ve been big issues in the small little ‘boop’, but little speed bumps. That’s what I enjoy. That’s one thing I enjoy. What else do you enjoy about financial freedom?

Dr. Robert: Well, I enjoy traveling. I enjoy going places that are on my bucket list of places to go. Everybody out there listening right now, if I walked up to you and said, “Hey. Where’s the top place you want to go in the world?” They would stop and they’d cock their head a little bit and they’d go, “I want to go –“, and they’ll fill in the blank.

Clay: Old Mogo, man. I’d like to get out there and get something-

Dr. Robert: Oologah. They want to go down in Oologah. Such a fine place. You would have an exotic place. It could be Rome, or Paris, or Hawaii, or it could be anywhere, anywhere around the world. We all have that list in our head. You may not talk about it, you may not say it out loud, but you’ve got the list.

Clay: Where’s one of the favorite places you’ve been to this year? What are the — maybe the two places you’ve been to year where you go, “Well, that was pretty cool.”

Dr. Robert: That was pretty cool. There are two places, this is what I’ll tell you about overall cool because when you said that, I was just thinking overall. I really enjoyed Ireland. I loved to go in famous castles and do that, I’m one of those kind of guys. I think if I grew up, I would’ve been — I’d have been that guy that you go to all the Renaissance Fairs and you’re like you’re really into it.

I could’ve made that switch at some point in my life.

Clay: Did you go into a pub?

Dr. Robert: Yes.

Clay: Did you go in there and did you do the Irish jig?

Dr. Robert: Yes. You do Irish jig and in everybody there loves you and they’re all like, “You’re Irish” and you’re like, I don’t know, “No”, but you are America, that’s what’s — this is Western Ireland.

Clay: Is there a fear that everyone there has that you’re after their lucky charms?

Dr. Robert: [laughs] I couldn’t sense that.

Clay: [laughs] Okay.

Dr. Robert: Now that you brought that up.

Clay: What’s one more cool place you’ve been to recently or overall where you’ve traveled to, you think it was awesome?

Dr. Robert: Rome. I love Rome. Rome’s fine.

Clay: Rome?

Dr. Robert: Yes. It’s amazing to go and walk through that city and see the things that were built so long ago. You’re like, “Oh my gosh.” It’s just incredible. Like the coliseum. You go into that thing and you’re just like, “This thing’s been here for this many years and they built it back then.” They didn’t have like all the big cranes and all the big stuff to move the stuff to build the stuff, they don’t have all that.

Clay: [unintelligible 00:38:48] speaking, they don’t have all the stuff to move the stuff back in the day to get the stuff done.

Dr. Robert: That’s what I’m saying.

Clay: Overall. They didn’t have the things.

Dr. Robert: They didn’t have the things to do the thing.

Clay: Or the whatnot. Yes. Specifically, they had no whatnot to get the stuff done.

Dr. Robert: The engineering and the design and the history, then you get a little tour guide and they get you kind of kind of a little air bag in and they’re giving you all the stuff about it and you’re just like, “This is amazing.”

Clay: They did have aqueducts back then.

Dr. Robert: They had aqueducts. It’s amazing, the technology they had back then. But that’s one thing that you do and you say to yourself, “Listen, I know that if I’m just punching the time clock, I’m not going to be able to get these things done unless I really dummy down and try to really save money because if I own a business and I own a successful business and I do the right things by the business –“

Clay: A successful business.

Dr. Robert: “A successful business, I have good business coaching, then I can afford these things down the road.” Some people may be listening today, it’s Tuesday, we’ve only got an hour, we got to wrap things up here in a little bit, but some people are probably listening right now and, Clay, they go, “Hey listen, yeah I know Clay. You’re like the world’s best coach, I get it. All right. I know everybody needs a coach, okay I get it. But I don’t have $6,000 or $7,000 or $10,00 to pay you to do all these things that you’re going to say I need to do and to hire you. So, what are my options?”

Clay: Here you go, you got three options tonight. Three options for you tonight. Option number one is, you can do nothing and continue down the cost that you’ve been going.

Dr. Robert: Check. All right. That’s one.

Clay: Option number two is, you go to, you sign up with the world’s best business school. It’s $19 a month.

Dr. Robert: Tell me about that. What do you mean the world’s best business school? What is it like?

Clay: We’ve gone around the world and we’ve gathered up some of the top mentors millionaires everyday success stories. For instance, you want to learn management? I’ll do one of our management.

Dr. Robert: I do.

Clay: Do you want someone to teach you who knows what they’re talking about? “I’d prefer the person to teach me who knew what they’re talking about.” We have a guy by the name of Lee Cockerell. He used to manage world’s Disney world results as the executive vice president. He managed 40,000 people, and he’s going to teach you management. The list goes on. You’ll learn sales, marketing, search engines, it’s all there 19 bucks a month.

However, for the rare breed, I call this T. This is rule number three. This is for people out there who are tired of mediocrity. They want to move beyond intention. They want to move into real talk. They want to get stuff done. We have –

Dr. Robert: — touchy feely kind of people?

Clay: – workshops. Z, these are affordable by anybody. If you email [email protected], go up there and just email [email protected], put your name, phone number, email. Our team will call you. We have prices, people from all over the world do fly in for the workshops. It’s a two-day, 15-hour interactive workshops, workflows, sales, marketing. It’s awesome but we’ve made it. It’s affordable for anybody, Z. No matter what your economic situation is. We’ve made it affordable for you.

Dr. Robert: You know what? We’ve have some very generous business people in the community in Tusla, which is one of the best places for entrepreneurship, by the way. They have helped us. If you got a dude out there, that needs the workshop and can’t afford the full price, you know what? They’ve given some money. We can actually have some scholarship money for those out there that can’t afford the full price of the workshop. There’s no excuse to not come and get coached for the day or for two days.

Clay: Try ago into a major university. Try enrolling into a business college and having no money and going, “Hey, I don’t have– can I go next week?” And they’re like, “No. You go seek financial aid, you go get some loans, let’s apply. Things take a long time. ” We get you taken care of. This week it’s a Thrive15 workshop.

Dr. Robert: What about if I want a little bit more? What about I got a little bit money? I’m doing okay, I want to go the next level?

Clay: We’ve got one-on-one business coaching and it is awesome. We have a one-on-one coach who will work with you and coach you up on how to grow your website, expand your sales, fix your accounting, improve your management, Z, and is always —

Clay and Dr. Robert: Three, two, one. Boom.

[00:42:32] [END OF AUDIO]


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