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During this episode of the Thrive Time Business Coach Radio Show, Dr. Z and Clay Clark teach the Thrivers how to get to the top of Google and how to market effectively via social media. Former SBA Entrepreneur of the year and business coach, Clay Clark, joined by business tycoon Dr. Z want to teach you how to get to the top of google and how to use social media as a way of advertising.

Learn from the successful business coach, Clay Clark.

Voice over: Now, broadcasting from the center of the universe and the world headquarters. Presenting the world’s only business school without the BS with optometrist and entrepreneur Dr. Robert Zoellner and the former school business administration entrepreneur of the year in your ear, Clay Clark. It’s the Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio 1170, three, two, one, boom.

Clay Clark: Hello, Tulsa, green country welcome back to the Thrive Time Show during your afternoon and Dr. Z I could not be more excited about today’s show, my friend. I am pumped up.

Dr. Robert Zoellner: I’ll tell you what if you’re not watching on Facebook Live you need to turn it on right now because in between us and around us we have visual candy for you.

Clay: Do you remember the Isley Brothers song, Who’s That Lady?

Dr. Robert: Who’s That Lady?

Clay: Who’s That Lady? Don’t say who this lady this is. This is Ms. Nikki Warren and she is the founder. She’s the designer. She’s the owner of the MOCHA Butterfly and her products are on display here. If you’re listening right now and you are a member of the female audience and you’re saying you want to take your style to the next level you’ve got to go to It’s Ms. Nikki, how are you?

Ms. Nikki Warren: I’m doing great. How are you?

Clay: I’m excited. I want to hear your story here. We’re talking today about, I know, how to get to the top of Google and how to sell effectively using social media. But, let’s start with your — how you got started? When did you get the idea to make — if you go to her website, by the way, N-I-K-K-I It’s a clean site. It’s beautiful. It’s well done. The products you have here inside The Box that Rocks are gorgeous. How did you get started?

Ms. Nikki: That’s a really long story. But, what I — I started off learning how to sew from my mom and from there I was always really interested in fashion as I got into adulthood I worked in television production and learned that probably wasn’t for me. I still dabbled in and sewed at home. I wore things to work and people were asking me where I got it. I started taking orders from work.[laughs]

Clay: From work, really?

Dr. Robert: I love it. I love it.

Clay: When did you realize, okay, this is a thing and I’m now going to do this as a career or I’m going to actually turn this into an actual business?

Ms. Nikki: I don’t know, it’s like people started referring people and then a light bulb went off for me. I just said, you know, what I’m going to do this. I love entrepreneurship. I’ve always been interested in being an entrepreneur. From there I just thought, why not? Why not do it.

Dr. Robert: I got a– when did you quit your job?

Ms. Nikki: [laughs] Almost like few weeks after people were really into my stuff. It was really fast.

Dr. Robert: Then that’s when your business really started. The good thing about it is, a lot of people are going, “Hey, I want — I need to raise all this money and I want to make this big life change,” and you what, you started small and you let it gradually take over. You let it gradually grow to what it grew into and I find most successful businesses, that’s why they do it. You just didn’t quit day one, a couple weeks into it but yet you still kept your job and you kept both of them going the same time.

I know when Clay was starting his DJ company he had three other jobs. You say three other jobs? Yes, because he needed you know he had to pay the rent. We needed gas and apparently he wanted to eat more than just celery and peanut butter than he’s doing this year.


His new Year deals he’s doing he’s just eating celery and peanut butter. Tell me about that Clay, again because that’s your New Year resolution.

Clay: Here’s the deal is I don’t like resolution so I think a resolution is where you’re saying “I’m going to do this.” I’m all about going to the next level because I know my character I’ve been and I’ve known myself every 36 years is that I find if I don’t schedule something it doesn’t get done. Lee Cockerell, one of our mentors and business partners who used to manage Walt Disney World Resorts, he says, “Nothing happens unless you schedule it.”

I go through these things right. I get motivated about something or an idea and I went ahead and basically hired somebody who’s– one of their Core Tasks is to bring me celery and peanut butter every day as part of their checklist. That’s all I’ll be eating because I don’t like it, Dr. Z. I definitely will not eat too much of it and I’ll just disappear over time.

Dr. Robert: So it’s a


I’m not sure the nutritional value of that as far as– breakfast, lunch and dinner or is this just like one meal?

Clay: Yes, pretty much even my wife’s juicing the stuff I don’t like either. It gets like celery and carrots and stuff–

Dr. Robert: When I came to the Clark compound AKA your home and the only thing it’s lacking is a security guard, a toll booth really in the front —

Clay: Kemp Clark and Chicken Palace.

Dr. Robert: Yes, Kemp Clark and chicken emporium, but usually they’re juice and stuff and putting random stuff in there and it tasted okay, tasted pretty good.

Clay: Now, here’s the deal thrivers, we’re talking about how to get to the top of Google and how to market effectively with social media. Now, there’s a quote that’s– it’s attributed to so many different people that I can’t necessarily pin it down to one particular person, but I hear it all the time said by entrepreneurs they say, real entrepreneurs, they say, “You don’t have a business until you sell something.” You really don’t have a business until you’ve sold something. Ted Turner he’s asked– he’s one of the world’s wealthiest people. He started the TNN and CNN and TBS and they ask him, “How would you define an entrepreneur?” He goes “My son is now an entrepreneur that’s what you’re called when you don’t have a job.”


We don’t want you to be that kind of entrepreneur. We want you to actually– you’ve actually gone out there and built a product that people want and love. If somebody wants to go to buy your stuff online do you direct them typically to your Facebook page or to your website or —

Ms. Nikki: I do. It seems that people you know, social media’s all the rave right now. People tend to go to my Facebook page and they contact me directly that way. It’s a deal where if you’re local here in Tulsa then I can meet with you. If you’re far away then I have a set of instructions for them to follow in order for them to get something ordered.

Clay: Did you build the website yourself? Or the Facebook page yourself? Or how did you get started with your online presence?

Ms. Nikki: My online presence was definitely me for Facebook. I took the time to figure it out and with all the updates and with the bells and whistles that Facebook likes to do from time to time is funny. But, I did have a really dear friend of mine Sharita Bent, she actually built my website for me.

Clay: Boom, yes.

Ms. Nikki: Yes, and she was awesome. She was so awesome. She did that for me and I was pleased and being an entrepreneur you tend to find other people that are in the same vibe. We help each other out when we can.

Clay: Now, if you’re listening to these lessons from the business coach right now you might be asking yourself, why should I listen to today’s show? Here’s the deal, Z, I call this the one million dollar challenge.

Dr. Robert: Okay, just one– do you have to put your finger in your mouth when you do that? One million dollar challenge.

Clay: I don’t want to over-hype it-

Dr. Robert: No, of course not, that’s —

Clay: -but, I want to be very direct and very real with you.

Dr. Robert: I’ve told you a million times don’t exaggerate.

Clay: If you go ahead and get out your computer right now. Get up to your computer, “Computers? I use a smartphone.” Or iPad or something. Here we go, just Google search this, type in Tulsa cookies. Go ahead, I’ll wait and look who’s top, Barbee Cookies.

Dr. Robert: My gosh.

Clay: And Z, that’s one of the clients we work with.

Dr. Robert: Kat, I love it when she’s on the show and you know why, don’t you?

Clay: Because she brings those cookies.

Dr. Robert: She brings those cookies.

Clay: She’s a high-calorie gift of love.

Dr. Robert: It’s so, so good.

Voice over: You’re listening to the Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio 1170

Clay: Challenge number two, go ahead and Google Tulsa basketball coaches, Tulsa basketball camps, Tulsa basketball clinics who comes up top? Score Basketball.

Dr. Robert: Score, shoot and score.

Clay: Let’s do it one more time. Go ahead and type in Tulsa haircuts? Tulsa’s men’s haircuts, Tulsa men’s, haircuts in Tulsa, check it out. I’m telling you this elephant in the Room, that’s our men’s grooming lounge. We do over $100,000 a month of revenue at each store. Let’s do the math if, there’s 12 months in a year —

Dr. Robert: All right, okay, 12, okay, got it.

Clay: Then you do 100,000 a month.

Dr. Robert: Okay, got it.

Clay: It would come out to roughly $1 million.

Dr. Robert: 1.2, but yes.

Clay: I don’t want to round it up. I don’t want to — I don’t even want to do the math. I want to say —

Dr. Robert: My undergraduate degree is in mathematics, I’m sorry–

Clay: Do you know where 90% of our business comes from, our new business it comes from Google and the other percentage if, by the way, if you look at our pie chart probably 80% of our business total comes in from word-of-mouth. But, all that new business that brand new coal business comes in from Google and is it because, Z, you were on Facebook Live people can see this, Is it because I’m a beautiful man?

Dr. Robert: You’re a handsome man and a Nordic Viking pale like I don’t think the sun is seeing you kind of look about you, you’re probably really good at ice fishing I would imagine. You look like the kind of guy, if I was going to go ice fishing you’d be the first guy I would call, okay?

Clay: Bjorn and I are in Russia for when we get out there and we do a little bit of ice fishing.

Dr. Robert: Kind of like Sam, our production guy over there behind the camera. That dude if I was going to go if I want to go chop down a tree and I need a lumberjack, he’d be the first guy I’d call. He has that look.

Clay: Here’s the thing is I’m being serious here thrivers if you say, “Yes, but did you go to school and did you study search engine optimization?” I went to school in a way that’s very different than the way maybe you go to school but here’s what I did, I got the top, I think was maybe six or seven books on search engine optimization and I hired some students who graduated from Oklahoma State University and I said, “You guys have a degree in web development, I will pay you over the summer, I will pay you per hour, but whichever one of you cracks the code and teaches me how to get to the top of Google organically without paying per click, I will give you a pretty nice bonus.”

We sat down and looked at all the common denominators. We had our highlighters out. There is a book out called Get Rich Click that I read. I read SEO for Dummies, just went on that rabbit trail and what I found was it’s totally doable by the average listener. People listening right now, you have what it takes to get to the top of Google, Z.

Dr. Robert: Yes, and wWhat we’ve done is, what you’ve done and what the team at Thrive15 has done, we’ve cracked the code. We know the secret moves. We’ve got the secret sauce. We just keep a little bucket and then anybody who wants it, that’s right, anybody that wants to come in and get a little bit of that secret sauce out and learn the secret moves from the business coach can do it.

Clay: Now Nikki, you have a product that people want. They like it. Now, this is the only caveat I tell the listeners I say we can get to the top of Google but we can’t make people buy things they don’t like.


Dr. Robert: That’s true. Yes.

Clay: I mean when did you realize that people liked the things you were making? When was that breaking point when you realized– was it just somebody at work just going, “Hey, where did you get that?” Is that how it happened?

Nikki: It really happened for me when they started sending their friends and they kept coming back.[laughs]

Clay: Today you get that word-of-mouth going.

Nikki: Right, right.

Clay: If I am online right now and I go to Nikki,, so many people want to support local Tulsa entrepreneurs. They want to go check it out. How much does it cost to be– You’re kind of a fashionista. How much does it cost to look like you? What does it cost to get one of your beautiful creations?

Nikki: It’s not much at all. The skirts that I do are regularly start at 110. That’s US dollars.

Male 1: Now I am–


Dr. Robert: She’s learning my little secret move.

Clay: I definitely– I am committing to it on the air. You hold me accountable. Tomorrow is Monday. I will buy one of them for my wife. I will definitely do that. I’ll make it happen. I’ll buy one of them for–

Dr. Robert: Tomorrow is Wednesday. It’s Tuesday today. You–

Clay: New Years threw me off.

Dr. Robert: Yes, I know. Happy New Year by the way, everybody.

Clay: I haven’t been outside since the beginning of the New Year. I have been in the box that rocks, just rocking, recording just having a good old time.

Dr. Robert: Boom, boom, boom, I got it.

Clay: If people want to buy, can they buy right there on your website or do you come out and do a consultation?

Nikki: Usually what I do is I schedule a time for them to come see me and we chit chat a little bit, and I get their measurements.

Clay: Where do they see you? Do they come to your building, your office, your house?

Nikki: I work out of my home.

Clay: Really? Okay.

Nikki: Yes.

Clay: They come to your house and then how long does this appointment take?

Nikki: For a person who makes decisions fast [laughs] it could take like 10 minutes, 15 minutes at the most. For a person who is indecisive, it could take a long, long, time. An hour–

Clay: This is some custom tailored high fashion Michelle Obama, cover of Vogue, kind of stuff. This is what you do.

Nikki: Yes, it is.

Clay: You make it happen. If you are listening right now and you are going, “Hey, I don’t have thousands of dollars to custom tailor my clothes.” You’re talking about $110 you’re in the game. Who is your ideal customer? Who typically likes your products the most?

Nikki: Women who like to wear skirts are typically my customers and women who want it to fit. They don’t want to have to fuss with the fitting of the outfit. There are some other little fun things about my pieces that I share with them that helps them make mobility, movement a lot easier.


Clay: When we come back Dr. Z and I, we’ve talked about it a lot. Not out loud and verbally. We’ve just mentally telecommunicated that we want to get some kilts for 2017.

Dr. Robert: You– we did mentally communicate that. You were tracking me.

Clay: We will be talking about kilts when we come back. Stay tuned.

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Voice over: Live, local, now, you are listening to the Thrivetime Show on talk radio 1170.

Clay: Alright, Oklahomies, green country tea town, it’s about ready to get profound. My name is Clay Clark. I am a former SBA entrepreneur of the year in your ear and today we are talking about how to as always, start and grow a successful business but specifically were talking about how to sell stuff effectively by getting to the top of Google and marketing effectively on social media. Dr.Robert Zoellner is in the house today. Sir, how are you?

Dr. Robert: Fantastic! Happy New Year. This is the first week, it’s the first Tuesday of the New Year. I tell you what business coach, Clay, here at we’re practical business steps in helping you start and grow a business. Everybody loves the show. They’re getting on our website and they watch the videos and it inspires them and teaches them but some people say listen, “I want to come out there. I want to check this thing out. I want to touch and feel–. I want to meet other entrepreneurs I want to meet you guys. How do I go about doing that?” What’s a move they can do?

Clay: We have a guy who’s a tutor I think about in Tulsa who’s a school teacher. He just dropped the mike last month, true story. He was a school teacher and he says, “I want to now do–.” Because he has people on the side reaching out to him, just like our special guest Nikki people at work are reaching out going will tutor my child and teach them how to score better on the ACT. He helps several students go from the lowest they can possibly get basically to where a couple of them are on full rides.

One kid actually earned a full scholarship to Oklahoma State University for football where he was previously denied. He reaches out and says, “I want to learn how to become what you and Dr. Z did. I want you to teach me how to start and grow a successful company.” He signs up to the program and he wants to do one on one coaching. We worked with him one on one, our team worked with him one on one. Got his website to the top of Google. Taught him how to build a pro forma, a sales system, marketing. Now this is an hour out of his schedule and our schedule every week. What’s happening is he’s telling his friends, “Hey, these guys have helped me down the entire path and it straight up is less money than I spent on my entire, one semester of college. They taught me how to grow a business now I’m full-time. Clay, can you help them?”

I can’t we are booked out. We don’t have any more time so we started these things called the Thrivetime Business conferences. It’s a two day, two days of your time to learn how to start and grow a successful business. It is a two day workshop and what we did is, we teamed up with some very, very wealthy Tulsans and we said, “Hey we want to make this available for everybody, because you and I grew up without financial resources we know what it is like to be poor.” Literally, it’s a two-day workshop, you can come to– and anybody if you’ve got seven dollars in your pocket right now put your hand up and get out here to a Thrive15 workshop because you can afford it.

There’s no up-sells. There is nothing to up-sell you in the back of the room. There is no smoke and mirror. We have a suggested price, if you go to you can see that but it’s a workshop it’s not an arena. You come to our 20,000 square foot facility and we are going to walk you through the linear step-by-step technical details of how to get to the top of Google. How to hire, how to fire, how to sell, how to market, how to promote. Everything you need to know, how to lead a meeting, how to manage people. Everything that you and I know, it’s like psst out of our head, right there. It is a two-day conference.

Dr. Robert: I think one of the most important things that we teach you– when I talk to young entrepreneurs one of the biggest things I get are people that want to be an entrepreneur, they have an idea.

Clay: Wantrepreneurs.

Dr. Robert: Wantrepreneurs, yes that’s right. One of the things I hear the most is I just don’t have the time–

Clay: I don’t have time. I was watching a lot of tv the other night and I realized after watching all the shows there’s no time to start a business.

Dr. Robert: I am going back and I’m binge-watching Game of Thrones. Did you know?

Clay: I missed the third one.

Dr. Robert: Here is the deal. We teach you time management and therefore when you leave here. When you leave our workshop you will no longer be able to use the excuse I don’t have the time.

Clay: True. I will tell you somebody who made the time to be successful, this is Miss Nikki Warren. She is the founder of the Mocha Butterfly which you can find on Facebook, and you can find at It’s a beautiful website, well done. Tell people what it is– what kind of service do you provide for the ladies of Tulsa, Oklahoma and beyond?

Nikki: You mean what type of service?

Clay: What kind of products do you sell, typically? If I want to go–

Nikki: I give great customer service. When you said that, I just thought– [laughs]

Clay: Yes.

Nikki: I do skirts. What I typically do are skirts, but I design a whole line of clothing. I’ve done jump-suits, I’ve done nice capes. I do not know if you guys know what a cape is.

Clay: Capes?

Nikki: Not like Dracula–

Clay: Z, did you borrow my cape? I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Dr. Robert: Oh, my Gosh. You made capes. I have always wanted a cape. I want a cape. I mean, I do not want it to be like a Superman cape. Instead of an S on mine, I want a Z on it, though, like a Zorro cape. Can you do that for me?

Nikki Warren: You know, we’d have to have a conversation afterwards.


Dr. Robert: We are going to talk this thing out. Before the break, business coach, Clay Clark, brought up a good point. Since your skirts are, I guess, mostly worn by women that we like for you to start a kilt line so that we can [laughs]–

[music background]

Clay: All right Z, We’re going to wear the kilts.

Dr. Robert: We’re not going to dress up for nothing. I am going to go pick a fight.

Clay: If you are a man listening and you want to go to N-I-K-K-I, you can find a lady who does not make kilts, but maybe we can convince her to.

Dr. Robert: Yes. Flood it with Facebook messages at Mocha Butterfly and say, “Men, I am going to buy some for my wife, but I might get her a kilt.” Just kilts on top of everything.

Nikki: Maybe they can have a matching. I mean, she can have the skirt and he can have the kilt.

Clay: I want to ask you, though. Some of those listening right now and they go, “Okay. But how did she start selling stuff on Facebook?” I mean, how did you start first selling things on Facebook? What was the process like?

Nikki: My process was [sic] started posting and just sharing information about what I do on Facebook and people started reaching out to me. What I did was, let them know, “This is what is available. This is what I have got going on right now. Contact me for more information. I would love to meet with you.” What I have tried to do with my clients and people on Facebook is to be as personable as I can because it is social media. I’m not able to have that face time. That’s what I did. I just started really pushing myself out there.

Clay: There are women listening right now. There are probably some men listening too right now who are having the same thought. This is what you are saying to yourself. You are going, “I would market it on Facebook, but I just do not want to self-promote. What if people judge me? I am not there marketing. I am telling people what I do. Z, I do not want to fill up people’s Facebook feeds with me talking about some me.” I love me some me, but I do not want to be telling people love me some me. How did you get past that barrier?

Nikki: That’s funny because that is something that I have thought about before. But what I notice is that when I’m on Facebook and I’m talking about anything, I’m talking about myself. Why not use some of that time to promote what I do and I know that, eventually, someone is going to like what I do and reach out to me.

Clay: What I have found is Thomas Edison had this quote. Thomas Alva Edison, the man who’s credited with having invented the modern light bulb. Some of you are going, “He stole that from Tesla.” Okay, fine. He started GE, but he says this. He says, “Vision without execution is hallucination.” You have got to eventually execute. You got to start to tell the marketplace about your product, and it doesn’t mean your product is going to be perfect day one, and I guarantee you that you have probably made some pivots along the way and some changes and tweaks. I know Dr. Z has, I know I have.

When we get back Dr. Z, we are going to share some of the stories about from your career, Z, from my career and with Nikki basically– once you start marketing, you now can get data from customers and then you can begin to make those changes and so Z, we are going to talk about, kind of, getting that early market feedback

Dr. Robert: I love it. I can hardly wait. What a way to kick off the New Year, 2017, in our workshop on the 20th and 21st, put that on your calendar and show up. it’ll be a game changer, life changer.

Clay: Check it out.

[background music]

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Voice Over: You’re listening to the thrive time show on talk radio 1170.

Clay: All right. Thrive Nation, welcome back. It is a glorious Tuesday here in the beautiful Thrive Nation inside the box that rocks located on the West Coast of the Arkansas River within the friendly confines of the world headquarters. My name is Captain Clay Tiberius Clark, the business coach, and I’m joined here with really the– I’m not sure if you’re the brigadier, if you’re the admiral, if you’re the– what would be your title if this was a military organization here?

Dr. Robert: [laughs] Military organization. Stand up. Left, right, left, right. I would be– yes, If you’re the captain, I would be the general, I guess.

Clay: The general, yes. He is the general of optometry and of entrepreneurship. It is General Robert Zoellner.

Dr. Robert: Titles just come every day. I get a new title. That’s pretty impressive.

Clay: I started getting those little name plates you can put on someone’s desk.

[crosstalk] But then every time I get it on, like, I got to change it.

Dr. Robert: Yes. I got to change it now, yes it’s [unintelligible 00:26:16]

Clay: Now, we have someone on the show here who really– we’re not going to change her title anytime soon, okay? This is Queen Nikki Warren. Now, Nikki Warren. She started the Mocha Butterfly. For anyone who is listening right now who is unaware of what the Mocha Butterfly is, what is the Mocha Butterfly?

Dr. Robert: [whispers] What is that?

Nikki: Mocha Butterfly is me.

Dr. Robert: Oh.

Nikki: Yes. [laughs] Mocha is actually an acronym and that stands for Manifesting Our Creative Hidden Abilities.

Dr. Robert: Blows my mind.

Clay: Knowledge bomb.

Dr. Robert: [unintelligible 00:26:56] bam. That’s awesome.

Clay: When did it occur to you, “Okay, I might want to start a business.” When was that first moment where you had that inkling, that entrepreneurial itch that 57% of people have according to Forbes magazine?

Nikki: Like I said, I’ve always enjoyed entrepreneurship, just watching other businesses grow. I would say in college was when I decided– I started a candle-making business. This is what I started with first.

Clay: Really?

Nikki: Yes, I made candles [laughs]. When I started selling them to my friends at school, this is when I said, “You know what, I want to have a business.” A career in other things is great, but I want to have a business at some point in my adulthood.

Clay: And your business now can be found at That’s and Dr. Z, we are going to teach people today the five moves to sell stuff effectively online with Google and social media. So move number one, you’ve got to commit to results, not to specific offers.

Dr. Robert: What? Talk about that.

Clay: Here’s the deal. When you go out there and you run a promotion or a special or you have the perfect dress idea maybe or in your case Z, maybe the perfect special idea for the glasses or for my business Elephant in the Room, the perfect product mix or the perfect haircut special, if you run it and people do not buy it, you’ve got to pivot, man. You got to pivot. Z, I want to ask you. Why do so many people get stuck on, “This was the perfect offer. It was the chosen one. I am not switching.” What is it all about?

Dr. Robert: I tell you what. Probably one of the biggest things to overcome as a young entrepreneur is, and this is going to be a harsh word-

Clay: All right. Here we go. Earmuffs.

Dr. Robert: -hold on to your egg salad sandwich or your lunch, is rejection.

Clay: What?

Dr. Robert: Yes, is rejection. When you learn to get over that and to fail forward and to come up with another fresh idea, then you are on your way to a successful business.

Clay: But every time I get rejected, I feel not good.

Dr. Robert: I am like a turtle. I just get further and further to my shell. Nikki, okay, you put these beautiful skirts on your Facebook stuff. Boom, boom, boom, boom. You’re out there and you are thinking this is going to be awesome. How did you handle your first rejection? How did that happen?

Nikki: You probably want to ask my husband that. No, I am just kidding.


Dr. Robert: I will call him right now.

Nikki: Yes, just give him a ring. [laughs]

Clay: He’s doing therapy.

Dr. Robert: Mr. Mocha. [laughs]

Clay: There was soo much crying and yelling. There was soo much yelling.

Nikki: At first, it’s hard. It is a hard process to deal with because I carry it. It is like a feeling on your sleeve and–

Dr. Robert: Because it’s you. Your business is you, right?

Nikki: Yes. It is a reflection of me.

Dr. Robert: Bingo.

Nikki: Yes, exactly. It’s like, “Are they saying that they do not like me as a person?” But that’s not what it’s about. You have to really find some way to coach yourself through the rejection just like with any other rejection– But you have to get to a place, in my opinion, I had to get to a place of realizing that it’s not me they’re rejecting. They just don’t like that particular thing.

Clay: I have something I want to share with you guys, that’s a deep kind of issue in my life Dr. Z.

Voice Over: You’re listening to the Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio 1170.

Clay: I grew up in Western Minnesota. Western rural Minnesota. I love John Legend. I loved the Isley brothers. I loved Temptations. I loved Motown. I love just insert R&B artists, I love Alicia Keys, I love– my parents though, they’re like “what is this music, what is going on?” And if you grew up in Western Minnesota, nobody there who knows what’s this music is all about. As I played basketball and different sports more of the guys that I hanged out with that was their music too.

Now when family and friends come over to my house I’m listening to some R&B and I love me some R&B. I love R&B. I love Luther. I love it all. I love Usher. I just– that’s what I do, that’s what I like. That’s my thing. The new John Legend album, Black and White. Love it. That’s my thing. But what happens is, people go “What are you listening to, this isn’t country. Hey man, that’s not country man.”–

Dr. Robert: That’s not even western. That’s not even country or western

Clay: But it got to a point to realize, it is okay for you not to like what I like. So in our studio here, Nikki you could probably comment on this disturbing picture but my dad, he was terminally ill with ALS this year. It was a bad, bad deal. It’s a funny gift because the family is like, it’s kind of like a house divided, people hate Trump, people like Trump. So I thought I’d take the Trump body and put my face on it, with the Trump hair and give it to him as a gift that’s stuck to the ceiling.

It created a sort of a great conversation piece, like “Isn’t he terrible or I like him”. Or whatever but it kind of started-

Dr. Robert: Polarizing.

Clay: -yes polarizing. I’m just saying if you’re an entrepreneur, though check it out. You’ve got to be polarizing. Your product has to be something people love. You’re making products for the ladies and you’re making fashion-forward skirts and dresses for women not for dudes.

Nikki: Yes. Not for men specifically. It’s not my idea when I go into my workshop to create for men but [laughs]–

Clay: I’m just saying, Dr. Z and I, we’re listening, “This isn’t cool, how come it’s not for men too.” I suppose we want to buy but we couldn’t. But I’m saying you know your niche.

Nikki: I do.

Clay: You got to be okay with your scratching your niche. I understand that. It does not appeal to everybody. So Z, optometry clinic who is your niche?

Dr. Robert: My number one most likely is soccer moms. They’ve got the kids, they’ve booked the eye appointments for their husband, boyfriends or children. They’re driving their SUV around. That’s my number one– does that mean that everybody that comes in there is a soccer mom? No, of course not but I tell you what, you two are very similar in your targets and that is Clay, your Elephant In The Room. If a chick walked in and wanted to get a haircut you’d say, “Get out of here.” You’d be like the hair Nazi, “No, no cut for you.”

Clay: No hair cut for you. It only men’s grooming lounge, it’s high-end and the average haircut is over $35. it appeals to a certain niche but I can just tell you, you have to know your niche. So an action right now if you are listening, take the time, get a sheet of paper, someone needs to tell somebody next to you, “Get a sheet of paper, he said get a sheet of paper, how come he told you to get one out too.” The point is you’ve got to get out a sheet of paper and write down specifically, who is your target market.

When we come back, we are going to talk about the art of the no-brainer. You’ve got to make a no-brainer offer. You have to have an offer where it’s so good they can’t say no–

Dr. Robert: Call it action. People can’t stand it, they go crazy. They’re falling over themselves to get in the door. They’re lined up at the door before you even open. They’re camping out. It’s like the Black Friday of your business. The Black Friday sale where people actually bring pop tents and will sleep right outside your door waiting for you to unlock it to come to you running in there to get the deal.

Clay: No-brainer. It’s such a powerful thing. It’s like a tractor beam, people–

Dr. Robert: I don’t want people outside my door, put up a pop tent.

Clay: Some of you are going, “I don’t want to be known as a discounter.” Check it out. During the break I want you to go out. Check out Check out Check out Check out any website, they always have some sort of discounts to get you in the door.

Dr. Robert: Get you in the door because they want your business.

Clay: and

Ad: For the professional-looking men out there, this is for you. Are you tired of waiting for hours in disorganized barber shops around town? Are you maybe looking for an upscale haircut experience instead of being treated like a little kid? If either of these thoughts crossed your mind then Elephant In The Room Men’s Grooming Lounge is for you. The Elephant In The Room Men’s Grooming Lounge is proud to offer a variety of packages and membership for discerning men and regular customers who wish to maintain their tailored look while receiving discounts off of services and products.

They’re going to bring you in, they’ll offer you a beverage, identify your style that you’re going for, get you a tailored haircut from one of the professional stylists, wash your hair and then style it afterwards so you could even go back to work. The experience is awesome. They even do cool things for members like a free nape shaved on Monday or a peppermint oil scalp massage on Tuesday. Check out one of the locations near you and book an appointment. You can check them out at eitrlounge. com or just dial 918-8772219. Seriously, you are going to love it. 918-8772219 or visit to book an appointment today.

Voice over: You’re listening to the Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio 1170.

Clay: Thrive Time Show, it is your time to go. This is your new year and we are here to teach you how to start and grow a successful business. You see– check it out. I was looking at my new year’s calendar, you got that new year calendar?

Dr. Robert: Yes.

Clay: I have a lot of girls see with puppies on it. The puppy calendar.

Dr. Robert: Soo sweet.

Clay: I’m Looking at the face of those puppies but here’s what I noticed. You got Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, there is no someday on there.

Dr. Robert: There’s no someday.

Clay: No someday. There’s a Sunday but no Someday. [sings] Someday over the rainbow–

Dr. Robert: You know what we need to do– you just inspired me. We need to come up with a Thrive15 Calendar. We have 13 business points. What we do is we have one of those covered each month. Then we have an extra January for the next year or something on it. You know what I’m saying? That’s the 13 point or we squeeze that in some place.

Clay: I’m writing this down. This [crosstalk]–

Dr. Robert: It’s kind of inspire that. We have Thrive 15 calendar and maybe if you come into our workshop you get it or you can get it online or if you become a member of Thrive 15.

Clay: Does it have puppies on it?


I already have one.

Dr. Robert: You know what, we can hide some easter egg puppies in there so if you don’t know what month they’re going to pop up or the puppy will pop up. It’s unexpected.

Clay: Here’s the deal Thrives, if you don’t know, now you know. We are talking today specifically about how to grow your business with Google optimization and with social media marketing. We’re talking about move number one which you got to commit to results not specific offers. Move number two you got to create a no-brainer. Dr. Z why do you have to create a no-brainer my friend?

Dr. Robert: I tell you what. You’re advertising– if you’re spending your money on marketing and there’s no call to action. What is a call to action? What does that mean? In other words, you know sometimes I see an ad and I go, I’m not inspired to go there or to-

Clay: I just want to get my name out there. I just want to get it there.

Dr. Robert: I have no reason to call them. There’s nothing exciting about that. But if you say, listen, the next ten callers, you got a free car. I mean the phone’s going to blow up.

Clay: Boom.

Dr. Robert: Boom.

Clay: You know the moved you did Z that was kind of legendary that made your phone blow up as related to LASIK back in the day when you used to do LASIK?

Dr. Robert: Yes.

Clay: Can you talk about that on the air?

Dr. Robert: Absolutely I can. Yes, just like you did a haircut for a dollar. We did LASIK for a dollar.

Clay: What?

Dr. Robert: I know it was crazy. I’ve mean it’s almost too good an offer. We didn’t have them camping now at our door like a Black Friday sale but–

Clay: But people were singing, “It’s just too good to be true, can’t take my eyes off you.” Seriously it did blow up the phone.

Dr. Robert: It absolutely blew up the phone and– a big billboard and I got a copy of it to this day. It’s like LASIK for one dollar for detail and it just made people crazy. They couldn’t stand it. They had to call. They had to go, “Okay, I know there’s something to this but I can’t stand this I got to call. I got to call.” That’s what I wanted. I want those phones to ring. When people call and say, what’s the deal? Come on, what’s the catch?

Clay: What’s the catch. If you’re listening right now. I going to go ahead and just fire up a bunch of no-brainers you can use. I give this to you. This is kind of a gift. Here you go. One is you can say a dollar for the first time, a dollar for the first time. That’s a boom.

Dr. Robert: Boom. That’s a move.

Clay: It’s called Freemium. Free the first time. Free. Try it before you buy it kind of a move. Three is a BOGO, buy-one-get-one-free. Four, you say guarantee, money back guarantee. Five, this one is a celebrity endorsement, “Hey, I’m Michael Jordan, I like this beverage, I’m Michael Jordan, I drink it, you should too.”

Dr. Robert: Here’s the deal, you might be saying to yourself “I can’t afford to have Lebron James endorse my stuff.”

Clay: But wait, George foreman, he actually endorsed the grill with no money. No compensation upfront. It was just a percentage of every deal and by the way George Foreman made a several hundred million dollars on that deal but he was at the bottom of his career, he’d gone into bankruptcy. He was just struggling. Hulk Hogan, true story, Hulk Hogan turns it down. He’s like I’ll do it–

Dr. Robert: How’d that work for him.

Clay: Yes. That’s a real thing. He just split revenues. I’m just telling you, don’t give up on yourself. Who Hublot watch? The ace of spades champagne Jay-Z endorsed that stuff. Again no money upfront just a percentage of the revenue. That’s the thing.

Dr. Robert: That’s maybe we can hook a big fish right? That’s maybe how you can hook a big fish. But listen there’s local– the point I’m trying to make, there’s local celebrities like me, from when I first started I couldn’t afford Michael Jordan. I couldn’t, I didn’t even ask him, actually.

Clay: So we called Karl Malone.

Dr. Robert: What I did is I called a young lady that was on the radio. She’s still active in radio today, her name is Carly Rush-

Clay: I love Carly Rush

Dr. Robert: -and she was on K-Hits at the time 106.9-

Clay: Yes [unintelligible 00:40:21]

Dr. Robert: – and she was the afternoon drive or maybe the morning girl, I’m trying to remember it’s been like 24 years ago. The move was, is that she had a celebrity status because everybody listened to her every day, everybody knew her name and I was able to get, you know I couldn’t get Michael Jordan to come and say, “I get my eyeglasses from Dr. Z”, but I could get Carly Rush to do it. So the point is, when you talk about celebrity endorsements, it doesn’t have to be somebody that’s a national figure. There’s local celebrities that are actually looking for those endorsement deals, they like them.

Clay: They do, and we have a very special guest on the show today. Nikki Warren is the star of today’s show. She’s-

Dr. Robert: Star

Clay: -she’s built this wonderful brand called The Mocha Butterfly, which, it’s– if you go to it’s, if you go up there, you’re going to see an unbelievable selection of dresses, and skirts, she’s making it happen. Nikki, what is the special that you have for today’s listeners?

Nikki: I am doing a buy one, get the 2nd skirt half off.

Clay & Dr. Robert: Wow. That’s very nice of you.

Clay: That’s very nice of you.

Nikki: Yes.

Dr. Robert: So I could give one away as a gift, or I could keep both of them.

Nikki: Most women keep both.


Dr. Robert: Men, if you’re listening now this is the perfect late Christmas gift or early Valentine’s gift. How long, if I come to your house, I call you up [makes sounds], “hey Nikki, I need to get a skirt.” I’m a lady and want to come and get a skirt, and you say, “Okay-“

Clay: You sound like a man. [impersonating a woman’s voice]


Nikki: Damn it, even, that voice problem

Clay: Play the part. Sorry.

Dr. Robert: -and so I come in, we meet. We have tea and probably we sit around and you take my measurements, and then I’d pick out what I want. How long before I get my skirt?

Nikki: I usually tell people it takes 3 to 5 business days.

Dr. Robert: Wow, that’s not very long at all.

Clay: Total?

Nikki: Total. Yes, and it really depends on how many orders I have ahead of you and sometimes people have received them the next day. But I like to tell people, definitely 3 to 5 business days.

Dr. Robert: That is awesome. So listen, all you dudes listening out there, you’re going [unintelligible 00:42:26] Valentine’s day, Groundhog day, another big holiday that’s celebrated [laughs]. You see a shadow, I don’t know [crosstalk] here’s a skirt just in case.

Clay: I’m going to tell you this thrivers, if you’re listening right now and you want to boost your sales by double by next January. So it’s January right now. One year from now, check it out, everyone listening if you’re alive, you’ll be one year older anyway, see might as well take some action. But Dr. Z and I, we guarantee that our 2-day workshop, which is on January 20th and 21st-

Dr. Robert: Right around the corner.

Clay: – we’re going to teach you the Google canonical. Canonical [crosstalk]

Dr. Robert: Those big words again

Clay: – we’re going to teach you the Google canonical compliance rules on how to get to the top of Google, and we’re going to be talking about permalinks, and title tags, and meta descriptions and R2D2. No, we’re going to teach you all the things you need to do to be a complete nerd but get to the top of Google. I’ll tell you this, we– just one lady I’m thinking of right now, one lady I’m thinking of right now. She is a local entrepreneur and we taught her these moves and she literally went from barely making it, to now that she’s over tripled the size of her business in less than 18 months simply by learning these moves, and it’s all going to be taught at the two-day workshop. Z, we have scholarships available so everybody can afford it.

Dr. Robert: There’s no excuse not to go. When I started off in business Clay, I would’ve given anything to be able to one, attend a workshop like this. Not only they get to learn from us and the coaches we have here, they’re going to speak to you. But the world is going to be full of people just like you, and that sometimes is the most powerful thing, is meeting entrepreneurs that you can network with.

You could ask them, you can email them, “Hey, you know,” you can talk about and share your stories with them. So that’s encouraging and edifying and that’s also kind of inspiring too. Hey, Forbes says about 6 out of 10 of you want to start a business. 2017 is the year to do it, Okay? And this workshop is the perfect way to kick it off. Take copious amount of notes, you’re going to get some really great handouts and downloadables, you’re going to get some checklists, we’re going to help you.

Clay: Big screens, you can see on the screen what we’re doing-

Dr. Robert: Boom.

Clay: – it’s not esoteric and vague. I know it’s on the radio so it doesn’t translate super well to a visual concept like search engine optimization. But we will get into those details at the workshop. Now move number 4, we’re going to talk about, when we come back Z, is you have to know your target audience. You just have to know who you’re targeting, and I want to ask you Nikki, because we only get to have you on the show here for the first hour here. We’re going to miss you but, how did you know who your target was? I mean, how long did it take you before you knew who your target audience was?

Nikki: It took me a little bit of time, I took some, what do you call, trial and error but I knew there it was a woman because I enjoy making women’s clothing. I just had to figure out what type of woman this person was.

Clay: Okay.

Nikki: So, with what I do I started to figure out what kind of things she likes, what colors does she usually typically wear. Does she wear prints? Things like that.

Clay: Prints, like purple?

Nikki: Not prints [crosstalk] the prints-

Dr. Robert: Purple rain [sings], hey Nikki –

Clay: Sorry we’re obsessed.

Nikki: – P-I-N-T-S [laughs]

Dr. Robert: but a tough year on us we’ve lost some really good artists.

Nikki: I know we did, [crosstalk] we did. So that’s how I started to figure it out, with little stuff like that.

Clay: Now thrivers, if you’re listening right now, I’m going to tell you this, you can’t steer a parked bus. Okay. Knowledge without application is meaningless.

Dr. Robert: Meaningless.

Clay: You’ve got to start, you got to take some action, you got to do something. I always tell people, we have a lot of people in Tulsa, it’s the Bible Belt who believe in God, and I do too. You got to do what you can do and the natural, and let God do what He’s going to do and the supernatural. But you can’t just be sitting there waiting for the world to come help you because nobody cares about your business, Z, more than you care about your business.

Dr. Robert: Nobody cares about it. I tell you what, nobody’s going to start it, it’s your business. You’re the one who’s going to have to take the first step. I love that, you sit in the bus all day I’m going to hug you but steer it well. Nothing’s going to happen unless you hit that gas pedal. Crank that bad boy up and fire on down the road and we’re here to help you do that.

Clay: and


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[music fades out]

Voice over: Podcasting from the center of the universe, featuring optometrist turned entrepreneur Dr. Robert Zoellner, and US SBA entrepreneur of the year Clay Clarke, this is The Thrive Time Show on talk radio 1170.

Clay: All right thrive nation welcome back to hour 2, it’s long overdue and we are happy to rendezvous with you to talk about how to start or grow a successful business. Because we’ll start and grow a successful business, I guess you want to start and grow at once. You don’t want to just start it or grow it, you want to do both.

Dr. Robert: You want to do both. One of the members we’re going to eradicate,-

Clay: Absolutely.

Dr. Robert: -we’re going to smash this,-

Clay: Smash it.

Dr. Robert: –we’re going to take out a hammer and just pound it into submission, and that’s a number that I just, I don’t like. You know what that number is?

Clay: Is it the number of failed businesses?

Dr. Robert: Yes. 8 out of 10, 80% of businesses that start fail and that is unacceptable. That’s why we, in our passion, help you to [laughs] our mistakes,-

Clay: Yes.

Dr. Robert: -and hopefully a bit of mentorship along the way because we’re sharing with you our life stories but we’re also breaking it down in practical steps you can do. Everyday on the thrive time show on talk radio 1170.

Clay: Now here’s the deal thrivers, if you’re listening, I will tell you on it, you’re going to hear me say this more and more in the coming weeks about starting a business. Starting a business is not complicated, but it’s not easy.

Dr. Robert: Right.

Clay: You have to learn what to do but you don’t have to actually do it. You have to be diligent. Proverbs 10:4 says, “God blesses the hands of the diligent, and punishes the slackered.” What does that mean, that it means if you don’t sow seeds, nothing’s going to grow.

Dr. Robert: Yes.

Clay: We’re talking today specifically about how to sell more stuff through Google optimization and social media marketing. Now on hour 2, we have a very special guest who’s snuck inside the box that rocks, we have Mr. Merton Hoff, the praise and worship leader, the praise and worship director over there at the metropolitan baptist. Murton, how are you man?

Merton: I’m good man, how are you all doing?

Dr. Robert: Welcome back to the show Murt, it’s always good to see your smiling face in the,-

Merton: Yes, sir.

Dr. Robert: -box that rocks.

Clay: Now a couple of days ago, you guys had the New Year’s eve service there. Talk to me about– how do you guys at the church try to use social media or Facebook to promote what’s going on? Occasionally I’ll see some of your stuff forFacebook Live or something. How do you guys do it?

Merton: Man, it’s definitely a big part of what we do. We try to use hashtags oftentimes. That sometimes helps. We had a big hashtag for this event called I Will. Like, what’s your hashtag? What are you willing to do to strengthen my community? We had this sign, it says #iwill and there’s a spot where you can write in whatever your commitment is if it’s I will become a reading partner, I will pray more, I will whatever to strengthen my community was the bottom. Using that and —

Dr. Robert: Awesome.

Merton: Anytime you look up that hashtag throughout the year. You’re going to see and remind yourself of that picture and that commitment you made. We use it a lot.

Clay: Now, I know the answer and I’m sure some of the Thrivers out there do to but I want to marinate on this idea for a second. Z, why is it that when a woman will post a picture of a cat or a man will post a picture of barbecue, why is it that everybody will comment, like, like, comment, “Oh, yes. Bro, that’s awesome. That looks great, bro. I want to eat some of that right now.” Or the ladies would go, “Look at that cat. It’s such a beautiful cat.”

Dr. Robert: “It’s such a [unintelligible 00:50:52] video. “

Clay: Or why is it that that gets so much comments there whereas, like a business post. If you’re not doing it skillfully, why does a business post maybe not get the traction that a cat photo does? Z, I’m going to start with you. Why do you think cat photos are getting so many likes and shares? What’s that all about?

Dr. Robert: [laughs] I don’t know. It’s one of the things that makes me crazy. People wanted me to watch another cat video. I’m like, “If you ask me to watch cat video again, I’m going to [makes noise].”

Merton: [laughs]

Dr. Robert: But I think one of the thing about it is that social media has this weird way of people thinking that it’s okay to share this random stuff. A picture of a cat or a cat video chasing that flashlight around the room. It was, “[laughs] It’s so funny, it’s so cute.” Because you know why? Because if someone doesn’t like it or someone says that’s stupid, it doesn’t really offend you, it doesn’t really affect you. But when you put yourself out there in the form of AKA business and then they don’t like it or it doesn’t move them, people sometimes feel a little rejection.

You know what? Here’s how you don’t feel rejection, don’t put yourself out there.

Clay: Whoa. Don’t put yourself out there. Don’t —

Dr. Robert: Yes, don’t put yourself out there and I promise you won’t be rejected. That’s what people do.

The hurdles that come over in business. We’ve talked about it in the first hour today. If you missed it, you can as always go to and you can listen to that first hour as many times as you want. We had Nikki on. Nikki Warren with Mocha Butterfly. Lovely lady with a lovely product. She’s making skirts, she’s a local entrepreneur. We love to highlight those.

Clay: We do.

Dr. Robert: Yes, because we love to have them come on, tell their story, say some good things, some bad things. One of the things we talked about with her was, how did you handle your first rejection? Got a little emotional about it. She was like, “Well, it’s not easy.” She walked herself to the story of that.

Clay: Now, Thrivers, listen to this here, okay? You have to know your target audience. No matter what kind of business you’re trying to grow or church you’re trying to grow —

Dr. Robert: Wait, wait, wait. I want to sell to everybody.

Clay: Okay. Let’s just —

Dr. Robert: No way, Clay. No.

Clay: Merton, let’s have this awkward conversations, okay?

Merton: Yes, okay. Let’s do it.

Clay: Here we go. Awkward conversation.

Dr. Robert: [laughs] Awkward conversations –

Merton: Awkward.

Clay: Let me get some music for that.

Dr. Robert: – with Clay and Merton.

Clay: [music] Awkward conversations with Clay and Merton. Okay, there we go.

Dr. Robert: That’s awkward.

Clay: That’s a good start to it.

Dr. Robert: That’s awkward.

Clay: That’s good. Okay. Here’s the deal. The Metropolitan Baptist, where is the church located? How do you get there?

Merton: It’s right off of Tisdale, going north of downtown on the Osage — I guess that’s Osage. Yes, the Osage Expressway. The exit right before the casino actually. It’s Apache.

Clay: Now, my wife and I, we drive —

Dr. Robert: If I’m on my way to the casino, I can pull in and pray a little bit that I do — I’m going to go, — [laughs] “Dear God, bless my Blackjack play. Thank you.”

Merton: [laughs]

Clay: I don’t know if that’s allowed. I don’t think it’s —

Dr. Robert: I don’t know.

Clay: Merton, you’re —

Merton: Yes, if you want to pray for that, go for it.

Clay: [laughs]

Dr. Robert: Okay. I don’t know, I’m just saying. You mentioned it was like that —

Merton: That’s between you and God.

Dr. Robert: Or if you go at the Osage casino, you didn’t do well, you want to come back.

Clay: [laughs]

Merton: You need to come back for that.

Dr. Robert: [laughs] Either way you get you’re coming and going, right? It’s what I’m saying.

Merton: I say go on the way and go on the way back. [laughs]

Dr. Robert: There you go.

Clay: Here’s what I’m saying, though, I live like 41 minutes from the church —

Dr. Robert: At the Clark Compound.

Clay: That’s right. We’re out there on a Clark Compound, on the far Southeast side of Tulsa. We’re a good 41 minutes away but the thing is, is that I go because I really like the music style, I like the praise and worship style, I like the people. I like the Met hug. I like the —

Dr. Robert: And a mug. Your first visit, I got a hug and a mug.

Clay: You did get a hug and a mug. I feel like the ushers rule that place. Like there’s a really —

Merton: They makes things happen, yes. [laughs]

Clay: There’s a connection there, like they’re introducing you to people, there’s a certain cheerfulness. I like it.

The entire experience is what I would love out of a church, that’s what I like. But other people go to other churches and they have a different style. At the Met today my daughter comments but in the lobby — My daughter is 12. In the lobby, the ladies at the Met, they talk with a certain enthusiasm. There was an energy in the church.

Merton: Yes, absolutely. Yes, you feel it.

Clay: Now if you go to the church that we used to go to back in the day, people are like, “Miss Smith, how are you doing?” “I’m doing fine. I’m sorry, how are you doing?” It’s very quiet [music] and there’s a lot of energy — Yes, it’s very high. “How are you? It’s good to see you.”

Dr. Robert: [snoring]

Clay: Then at your church, there’s a certain energy.

Merton: [laughs] Yes, absolutely.

Clay: If someone is listening right now, how would you describe what kind of people does the Met Church try to reach out to? Are you only going after gregarious Christians? Or what’s your target demographic then?

Dr. Robert: [laughs]

Merton: Honestly, and I hate to say it as — I don’t know, I think it’s where — I hate to say it in front of everybody —

Clay: Just say it. Just say it. Just say it.

Merton: I hate to say that we’re — we want to be open to everybody and every [unintelligible 0:55:30]

Clay: This is what I would do. If I was in charge of marketing, which I’m not. But if I was, this is what I would do.

Dr. Robert: All right. Here is — okay.

Clay: I think it’s reasonable to say most people will not drive more than 15 minutes for church, typically.

Voice over: You’re listening to the Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio 1170.

Clay: It may be 30 but I probably wouldn’t put billboards up by where I live. One, because only a chicken would see it.

Merton: [laughs]

Dr. Robert: Yes, compound.

Clay: Two, you have to know who’s your target audience and what’s realistic, who’s going to be —

Merton: Absolutely.

Clay: I think you’d probably would want a 15 — Z, if you are the marketing director of a church, would you want to put billboards throughout the entire city? If you had to choose. You have to be wise with marketing dollars, how would you do it?

Dr. Robert: Yes, you’d probably map out. I think 15 minutes would be the first wave, the first phase. I think that’s probably a good rule of thumb. I’m sure there’s some studies out there. That’s the thing about it is is that you just don’t, “When I think –” You do your research, you do your study, and you do your pre-calculations. You look at the demographic of who’s there now and maybe you mapped that out on a map because you have their address, right? They fill out of card, they fill out something, so you maybe it’d be purposeful on that.

Then the other move is, on the marketing side, is trying to encourage everybody to bring somebody. If you were going to be the marketing director, that’d be —

Clay: Yes, and I will say this to you — what you do is you’d encouraged people to bring somebody and then you would want to mail the homes of the people who go to the church or who are near those people because they’ll start to tell their friends and it just — but it’s so important that you know your target audience.

Now, with the music style you have, how do you describe that music style or the — for someone who hasn’t been there or maybe you can even play a song. How would you just describe the musical praise and worship experience someone is going to get there?

Merton: I won’t say it’s too traditional but I think it’s a good traditional mixed with a little contemporary praise and worship.

Clay: And Pastor Owens he jumps sometimes.

Merton: [laughs]

Clay: Have you noticed him do that?

Merton: Yes.

Clay: Now, how would you describe what he’s doing there sometimes? Because I watched him today at service. He winds up and when he gets towards the last five minutes. I’m like, “This is going to be awesome.”

Merton: [laughs]

Clay: It is an event. It’s awesome.

Merton: He’s all the way in by the end. Like you said, he kind of gets worked up in the beginning and by the time you get to the end it’s like full throttle.

Clay: He is charismatic.

Merton: Absolutely.

Clay: Now, I’m just saying, though. But if somebody came to the church and they go, “Excuse me, Merton. Could you make it a little quieter because I want to keep it quiet.” That’s maybe not the right fit, baby. It’s all more of a boisterous church.

Merton: Yes, we’ve had some people who do that. They sit a little farther back if it’s a little too loud for them.

Dr. Robert: [laughs]

Clay: Okay, all right.

Merton: We try to mix the music off just a little bit, so that —

Clay: Really?

Merton: Yes. Yes.

Dr. Robert: Sure.

Clay: I’m just going to say, if you’re listening right now. You’ve got to figure out who is your target audience. I’m just going to say — no, I don’t run a church. I’m not trying to save souls at one of our businesses. Let’s just say, Elephant in the Room is an example. When you walk in, the music is like [makes noise]. It’s kind of a club, like a sushi bar. We’ve got rustic barn wood, we got Edison bulbs, we’ve got paraffin hand dips, hot towel treatment. Merton, have you been over there yet?

Merton: Yes, man. I’ve been there.

Clay: Yes, you did. You went to —

Merton: Yes, I went to the downtown location a couple times when they first opened.

Clay: We got to make you a mystery shopper.

Merton: [laughs]

Dr. Robert: Yes, mystery shop.

Clay: We still got to get —

Merton: I don’t have much hair though but I go.

Clay: We still got to get Dr. Z on in there.

Dr. Robert: [laughs]

Merton: I go for the hand wax. I love the paraffin hand.

Clay: But the thing is the haircuts are about $40, $35. It’s a dollar if you’re there first time. But it’s about $35 a haircut. Z, we’ve had to know who our target demographic is.

Dr. Robert: Sure.

Clay: We’ve discovered that about two-thirds of men, it’s not the right fit for them. Because some guys want a $9.99 haircut and they want to get in with no appointment. That’s what they want.

Dr. Robert: Exactly. That’s not your target audience. You have certain — what is the income of the average guys that comes in there?

Clay: We’ve looked at it on — we’ve actually charted it on the map, we’ve done the zip code stuff. I’ll just say the average home value is about $300,000.

Dr. Robert: There you go. See.

Clay: It is a thing where — I’ll just encourage if you’re listening right now, what’s the action item? When you start launching Facebook ads. You have to put on a demographic there. Okay? I’m not talking about — you literally have to do — on Facebook it says, “What zip code do you want to run ads for?” Or “What hobbies or interest do these people have?” What do they — You don’t want to be running ads for — if you have a company that sells dresses and skirts, you don’t want me to see those ads.

Dr. Robert: [laughs]

Clay: That’s just not your move.

Dr. Robert: It’s not your move. That’s when the things people — and almost across the board, people are like, “Well, everybody.” It’s not everybody. When you have a business, you do have your highest and most likely buyer. That’s the ones we’re talking about.

Clay: What is the service of the year that gets the most people at the church? The first timers. What’s the one where you go, that is the deal. That’s what –“

Merton: Probably Easter.

Clay: Easter?

Merton: Yes. [laughs]

Dr. Robert: Easter, yes, that makes sense.

Clay: Is Christmas second or is Easter like way —

Merton: Yes, I think Easter’s first, I think Christmas’ second.

Clay: Do you guys do any marketing promotions around that specific holiday or is it just happens, all just 100% organic?

Merton: We have a big Easter production, so that happens every year. The Good Friday before Easter Sunday, so always a big Easter production, big Easter egg hunt on Saturday. Big target families that are looking for something to do on a Friday night to come and enjoy that production. The same thing for the kids for Easter egg hunt and all those things that’s there. The big children’s church on Sunday, tents outside Jupiter jumps. A big target audience is families with small kids.

Dr. Robert: There you go.

Clay: We have five kids and our kids loved the church services, it’s awesome. It is awesome. Dr. Z, I want to ask when we come back, I want to talk about again targeting. There’s a certain time of the year where people buy more glasses, there’s just a certain time of the year where more glasses are purchased. There are certain times of the year where not so many are purchased. Why is that, my friend?

Dr. Robert: There’s a couple different reasons for that. One, income tax return money. Two —

Clay: The Earth’s gravitational pull.

Dr. Robert: No, no, no that’s not it. No, it’s —


Two, is back to school. Then three we actually have a — we used to have just two big curves in the air, now we actually have three curves. The the third big curve is the last week of the year everybody having those cafeteria plans, money they have to use or lose.

Clay: Use it or lose it.

Dr. Robert: Use it or lose it. Last week was a very busy week for us, probably the busiest of the year.

Clay: Now, Thrivers, when we come back, if you want to hear some incredible praise and worship music for Mr. Merton, you have to stay tuned.

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Clay: All right, Thrive nation, welcome back to the Thrive Time Show. As always I am joined here in the dojo of mojo with Dr. Robert Zoellner, fo sho.

Dr. Robert: Hello, hello Thrivers, happy new year on this first Tuesday of the year.

Clay: It’s a beautiful time of the year, it’s a time where a lot of people make big goals. They say, “This is the time of the year that I’m going to make that that change. I’m going to start that business, I’m going to get out there and I’m going to take my fitness to the next level,”

Dr. Robert: “I’m going for it.”

Clay: “I’m going to make more money than ever before. I’m going to be Tulsa’s best dad. I’m not going to yell as much on the radio.”

Dr. Robert: [laughs]

Clay: People make these big goals. We did, we brought in a change agent, the guy who can change the mojo of any room with his musical stylings. It’s Mr. Merton Huff.

Merton: Yo.

Clay: Tulsa can never get enough of Mr. Merton Huff.


We’re excited to hear you enlighten us with some of your musical stylings here in just a moment. Z, we’re talking today about search engine optimization and how to market effectively through Google and through social media. When we were talking off the air, you had a few questions, so we’re going to get into it now.

Dr. Robert: One of the things that we’ve done now on our Thrive15 platform is that when you text us in, when you email us in, we’ll run a 37-point evaluation of your website for you and walk people through what does that mean? What does that mean? Let’s say, I want to be a thrive, I’ve got a business, I want to start a business, I got my website, what good does that do me?

Clay: Okay, and hopefully you’re ready to get nerdy there, Thrivers. I’m going to walk you into it.

Dr. Robert: Come on, nerd out.

Clay: There’s four things that are going to make you top in Google. There’s four variables –

Dr. Robert: Four variables.

Clay: – that make you top in Google. One —

Dr. Robert: May I take notes?

Clay: Yes, you can.

Dr. Robert: Okay, I’m going to take notes. Let me get a paper.

Clay: One, your site has to be the most Google-compliant or they call it the most canonical compliant. If you Google C-A-N-O-N-I-C-A-L, canonical rules, basically, Google has laid out, “This is how a website should work.” If you don’t follow the rules, that’s not so good. The site that follows the Google rules the most, the canonical rules is Wikipedia.

Dr. Robert: Wikipedia? Yes.

Clay: If you Google search for the word dog, then Wikipedia comes up top. If you Google — You got to follow the rules, the canonical compliance rules.

Dr. Robert: Aha.

Clay: Now, step number two, variable number two is whichever site has the most words. Now, I’m gonna blow Merton’s mind real quick. Merton, you want to be topping Google for Tulsa churches, if you type in Tulsa churches?

Merton: Yes.

Clay: Here’s how we do it.

Merton: What I got to do?

Clay: We would take all of Pastor Owen’s sermons that he has on video — You guys film them all, don’t we?

Merton: Yes.

Clay: Okay, we’re going to go ahead and transcribe them all. We’re going to go to and we’re going to transcribe every single sermon that he’s ever said and we’re going to put that on the site, okay? Then, we’re going to go — we’re going to have somebody on our team weave in the keyword, like Tulsa churches, churches in Tulsa five times per 1,000 words. As long as those words are original words, you’re now 50% of the way to the top of Google.

Merton: Wow.

Dr. Robert: Cool, that’s coogle.

Clay: Now, variable number three, is I’m going to get up there on that pulpit, pastor’s like, “What’s he doing? Why is he doing this?” I’m like, “Here’s the deal. I need everybody to not– no hostile threats here, but you cannot leave the building until you write a favorable review on Google for the church.” They’re going, “I’ll do it when I get home.” “No, no, no, no, no, no. Don’t get scared –

Dr. Robert: “No, no, no, no, no. You can’t leave.”

Clay: – but you can’t leave until you write a review on Google.” The third variable is the most reviews, okay. It just comes down to the most reviews.

Now the fourth is, here it is, it’s mobile compliance. Mobile, because most people are on a smartphone now or a tablet when they’re on a website.

Dr. Robert: Like 75% now of all the Googling happens over smartphones, right?

Clay: Yes, literally, if we wanted to make the Met top in Google, it’s now January 1st, if we wanted to do it by March 1st, it could totally happen. We could do it. It would just require that — It’s about a dollar per minute to transcribe text and our team are hard cost, just so people will understand this, because Z and I we try not to be — One of his rules is you want to be the pig at breakfast and not the hog. Don’t want to be greedy.

Dr. Robert: That’s right. Number one rule of business, don’t want to be greedy.

Clay: We operate at about a 30% margin. If anybody’s listening right now, you want to help doing this. Literally, it costs us a dollar per minute to transcribe and so we charge people $1500 a month to add in all those keywords, and do all the back links, and build the site and arrange it, but we can guarantee you that you get to the top of Google very quickly, well you just follow the rules and it works over, and over, and over again.

If you want to take a challenge, you just Google Tulsa men’s haircuts and who’s top? Is it the smartest guy in town? No, but it’s us, it’s Elephant in the Room-

Dr. Robert: [laughs]

Clay: -Men’s Grooming Lounge because we know the rules.

Dr. Robert: Okay, you talked about the step one, canonical. When I [noise], and I send you my website address, and then we pull it up, and we run those 37 points, is that checking that?

Clay: Yes, what we do is we do the 37 points. Here’s where it gets crazy. You’re going to discover like your permalink is wrong and like, “What’s a permalink? Does she have a permalink? Why does she have a –“

Dr. Robert: I thought those were the ’80s.

Clay: “I thought those were in the ’80s. What’s the deal? I thought that– Who’s the– ” The Full House, Candace Cameron, there’s Full House?

Dr. Robert: Yes, I remember that.

Clay: She had a permalink.


Dr. Robert: She had a permanent perm.

Merton: It sounds like a hairstyle, obviously.

Clay: You got to fix your permalink, you got to fix your title tags, you got to fix picture meta descriptions. There’s so many thing you have to fix, that you don’t even know there are problems. It’s like going to the doctor and I hate to say this example, but you go to the doctor and he goes, “Well, you’ve got a little bit of a problem with your, let’s say, cholesterol.” Then you’re going, “Okay, okay, okay.”

Dr. Robert: Yes, there you go. “I had no idea.”

Clay: You had no idea because you don’t look at someone and go, “Hey, I have this –” [unintelligible 01:08:26] with a cholesterol problem.

Dr. Robert: Yes, that’s obviously a cholesterol —

Clay: Then you think, “Okay, well, I’ll change that.” He goes, “But you also have a problem with this.” Pretty soon you realize there’s some stuff under the hood that ain’t good.

Dr. Robert: Exactly.

Clay: We got to maybe fix this.

Dr. Robert: You don’t know what you don’t know and that’s why that’s so cool that we’re doing that service for folks. They call and they go like, “Hey.” Then we give them a score because 100% means you’re very compliant, you got all that stuff worked out, your meta tags, you permalinks, your — I have no idea what I’m saying but I heard you say these words enough I can actually repeat them now.

Clay: But we do it and it’s free. It’s a free service, we do it. If you want to fix it, we can do it. Merton, you help you help people learn to sing. You do singing lessons, vocal lessons, musical lessons.

Dr. Robert: [singing] He’s been working with me.

Merton: I hear that.

Clay: Now, you can tell when somebody’s off key.

Dr. Robert: [laughs]

Merton: Yes, he was good, though.

Dr. Robert: [laughs]

Clay: Now, you’ve been around some people that don’t know their off-key.

Merton: Yes, absolutely. You call them tone-deaf.

Clay: Okay, so give us — Going to educate us on how you would — If you’re trying to teach somebody to some basics, taking their vocal game to the next level, walk us through how you’d do that my friend.

Dr. Robert: Yes, how you do that?

Merton: I’m going to do it with the scale first.

Clay: Yes, let’s do it. Let’s do it.

Merton: [vocalizing]

Dr. Robert: Here we go, here we go.

Merton: Three, go.

Dr. Robert: [vocalizing]

Merton: You need to slow it down a little bit and try to — [laughs]

Clay: What you do though is when you get — you though as a coach, you know when someone’s off-key –

Merton: Absolutely.

Clay: – then you can help. But they may not even know that they’re off-key. The same thing is for search engine optimization. You might not even know you’re heading down the wrong path. Now take us down the right path, give us give us some musical stylings as we’re heading into the break. Tulsa wants to hear Merton Huff.

Here we go.

Merton: [singing] I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. I am who he says I am, despite the opinions of man. Through him, I can, I can do anything.

Clay: Merton, if people want to find more about the church, where can they find more about the Metropolitan Baptist?

Merton: or you can go to

Clay: “Do I have to be on the internet to see the website? Do I have to do that?”

Merton: Yes, I think so. [laughs]

Dr. Robert: [laughs] Thank you Al Gore, by the way.

Clay: Thank you. Here’s the thing is, if you’re listening right now and you want to learn more about the Met you could do it. Again, what’s that website?


Clay: If you want to learn about how to get your business website in key, get it where it needs to be just email [email protected], it’s free. We’ll go send you the report. It’s going to take my team about an hour to run that report for you. We’re going to invest in you, we’re going to invest in Tulsa economy, we’re going to teach you how to fix your website. If you want us to fix it, we can do it and if you want to be taught how to do it you can come to our two-day workshops. We’re going to tell you more about those two-day workshops when we come back.

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The way it works is that it subtracts 2.75% of every time a card is run and it does it automatically. If you sell a sandwich for $20, you’ll see a net gain of $19.45 in your back account the next day. If you enter the card by hand, it cost 3.5% plus 15 cents on top of that. They encrypt everything so you know you’re secure, they make it super clear to start and even offer bonuses for sharing with friends. You can learn more at, it’s free to download and works on all devices and operating systems. Make sure that you go visit


Voice over: Live, local, now. You’re listening to the Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio 1170.

Clay: All right, Thrive nation, welcome back to the inspiration station. You are listening to the Thrive Time Show during your afternoon and many of you are listening right now. I’m just telling, I can feel it, I can sense, I can smell it. Many of you are right now, you’re headed and you go, “I don’t what it is but I thought I need to go Oklahoma Joe’s for lunch.” Many of you are on your way right now to Oklahoma Joe’s. Many of you are going, “Just the lure of barbecue all of the sudden it’s just too much, I have to go there.” I’m going, “Hey, can you stay around and listen to the show?” You’re going, “No, no. I will drive and listen to you guys while I’m driving.”

Dr. Robert: Absolutely.

Clay: It’s a thing and allegedly they have AM radio in the car.

Dr. Robert: I think it’s a thing, most cars do have AM radio and AM 1170 is what you tuned in and we want to thank you. We wanted to say, “Hey, Happy New Year to this first Tuesday of 2017.” You know what? This is the perfect year for you to do what, Clay?

Clay: It’s the perfect year for you to make your business thrive.

Dr. Robert: There you go. You know what? I tell you what, we put together two days of excelente, excellence. The last segment we talked about search engine optimization and when you’re talking about all these confusing words, and big words, and meta tags, and permalinks, and perma tags, and meta links. All this stuff confusing to me too by the way but that’s what we have the nerdery of a young man and business coach named Clay Clark.

Clay: I’m going to break this down like fractions for you because this is something I’m going to just — there’s someone listening right now who needs to hear this.

Dr. Robert: All right.

Clay: You have a business and you’ve been in business for probably 20 years.

Dr. Robert: Lay it on me.

Clay: You are saying, “I don’t want to learn any more about business because I don’t really like it. I’ve bee doing this, this is how I support my family but as soon as I get home, I just basically want to turn the business off and then I want to get back to work tomorrow for as little time as possible.” Check it out. If you want to work as little as two hours a week,-

Dr. Robert: All right, fair enough.

Clay: – if you’re going, “I don’t like working full-time. I own my own business but I don’t even like it,” or maybe you work at a job and you don’t like that. Check it out. Once you can learn how to build a scalable business, you now can create this thing called time freedom-

Dr. Robert: I like that.

Clay: – and financial freedom.

Dr. Robert: Even better.

Clay: Let me give an example about financial freedom and what that does for you.

Dr. Robert: All right, lay it on me.

Clay: A few weeks ago we had a person in the office who was going through a rough patch and they pulled me aside and said, “Hey, this situation is going on. I can’t be at work tomorrow because of ABC one, two three and I need to get this car taken care of but since I don’t have the ability to repair it, I won’t be able to be back this week because I need someone to pick me up.” I said, “Hey, let’s just — we’ll take care of the repair.” They’re going, “But you’re going pay for–“

Dr. Robert: Yes, how do you do that? That’s why I, you have worked as hard as you’ve worked and built the businesses that you’ve built because — what’s fun to be able to do that, to be able to spend your money on however you want to spend it. You made it. It’s your money.

Clay: It was convenient for me to have the person work at the office more and it was also convenient for them. All I’m saying is it’s not about money, it’s the things you can do with the money.

Dr. Robert: You’re right and the time freedom. I tell you what, if you’re sitting out there, you punch a time clock, you’ve got that little ember of hope of starting your own business one of these days, this is the year to do it. I tell you what, there’s a perfect way to get started on that. We are having a two-day in-person workshop. Yes, that means you’re physically in our home office or 20,000 square-feet of awesomeness here. You can actually even see the little box that rocks where we filmed the show everyday, it’s cool.

Clay: It’s going to move my body to a different building.

Dr. Robert: [laughs]I got to physically come there. You could drive, be in planes, trains and automobiles can get you here, by the way.

Clay: Merton, you obviously, you are the praise and worship director, you are the music ministry leader there at the Metropolitan Baptist Church.

Merton: Yes, sir.

Clay: I want to ask you, how often do people come at the church or talk to the church about maybe wanting to start a business and look for resources and tools? Do you see this a lot where a lot of people in a church or trying to learn how to start and grow a business?

Merton: Yes, probably weekly.

Clay: Weekly?

Merton: Seriously, yes.

Clay: What kind of questions that people ask a lot? What’s a common question? They’ll come to the church and go, “Hey, you know what? Could you help me with ABC?”

Merton: I think one is building their network or if they got a business just starting, they want to use the opportunity to — you got an audience of 1,200 or however many people and you want to get in there in what you have going on. I think that’s one of the things.

Clay: If you said, “Clay, I would love and have the answer to this business question, maybe this question or that question.” On behalf of the people you’ve met at the church over the years doing ministry, what do you feel is the number one most pressing business question people have? What is the thing? Is it how to sell? Is it how to market? Is it how to build a website? What do you think —

Merton: I think the marketing is probably the number one thing.

Clay: This is what I see, I think people feel like, they go, “If I build a great product, then it’ll sell itself.”

Voice over: You’re listening to the Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio 1170.

Clay: Z, at our workshop, we’re going to walk people through the specifics of what they need to do to sell their product, guaranteed.

Dr. Robert: Guaranteed. It’s January 20th and 21st, so it’s just 17 days away and you may say, “I’ve got a lot of questions. I’ve got a lot of questions about this workshop. What are the topics you’re going to be discussing? What are the hours? Hey, if I don’t live in Tulsa, where can I stay?” All these questions are answered, all you have to do is go to That’s right, it’s all one word,, click on the thing and it answers all your questions. You have a question that we didn’t answer on there, guess what? You can email us or you can even call us. Yes, we answer the phones still.

Clay: What?

Dr. Robert: I know, it’s crazy.

Clay: Here’s the thing is, we have this thing called — that we’re moving on, we’re talking about how to grow your business with the Google optimization and with social media marketing. This next move, again point number four is called Targeting Ads. You have to know, you have to master this. Let’s say, that I’m on Facebook right now and then I see an article come up and I click and I go, “Oh, that’s cool. Mariah Carey did what during the New Year’s eve of singing?” I click, now I’m on CNN.

Have you ever done that where you’re on social media and you click it, now you’re on a website?

Dr. Robert: Sure.

Clay: Have you ever seen the ad follow you around?

Dr. Robert: It’s kind of creepy.

Clay: You’ve ever seen that before with the ad, and you’re going, “How’d they do that?”

Merton: How did they know that? Right, yes. [laughs]

Clay: I’ll show how they do that, I’ll show you at out workshop. I’ll show you. The thing is and they’re going, “Well, I heard there’s a contract.” No, no. Thrivers, I’m giving you free stuff just left it in right now, go to,

Dr. Robert:

Clay: You go, “How do these companies that are running ads in the Superbowl making their money back?” Remember GoDaddy, the commercial back in the day?

Dr. Robert: Yes.

Clay: They said, “Go to and see Danica Patrick do whatever.” People are going in there. Check it out. What they did is they teamed up with groups like AdRoll and they put a re-targetting pixels so the ad follows you around all the time. Merton, let’s just say that I snuck into the church one time.

I come in one time.

Dr. Robert: One time.

Clay: My wife and I are in that process of — we haven’t become members yet. What do they calls us, are we called a professional —

Merton: You’re professional visitors.

Clay: Professional visitors, okay. The thing is —

Merton: [laughs]

Dr. Robert: [laughs] That’s funny.

Clay: Thing is though is that the ads, if I had gone to the church one time, I’ve been to the website one time, which I have been there before the ads would then follow me around. I’m on ESPN, CNN, Fox. Now the ad remind me top of mind that it’s top of mind, tip of the tongue that your church still exists. That’s a move that people need to know. It doesn’t require a degree to learn it, it doesn’t require a big extensive background in coding. At the workshops Z, we actually take a computer, and we put it up on a big screen, and we allow you hands-on access, someone that’s looking over your shoulder showing you, “Hey homie, this is how you do it.”

Dr. Robert: “This is how you do it.”

Clay: “That’s how you do it.” Z, a lot of times it’s hard to learn by just hearing, you got to learn by doing.

Dr. Robert: You got to learn by doing. That’s what’s so fun about the in-person workshop. It’s one of the moves when we started thrive15 a couple years ago and basically it’s a Netflix of business coaching. We’ve had all these great people and their mentors, millionaire success stories. We filmed them and made it fun, we can watch them over, and over, and over but you’re right there is some tactical thing that people want to do and so we started the workshops. Now, we even have in-person one-on-one business coaching too. There’s three levels that we offer here at, plus you can catch some goodies on the Thrive Time show everyday, talk radio 1170, 12:00 to 2:00.

Clay: It’s the stuff behind the motivation, you’re motivated. you’re excited, you’re ready to go but it’s the technical detail boring stuff you got to learn. We do it in a fun way. I promise you the workshop’s going to be a lot of fun, you’re going to love it. Check it out, again it’s

Ad: Are you looking to start or grow a business? Then you are definitely going to have problems and questions along the way. You will find the answers to all of your business questions at provides online video based business training taught by millionaires and successful entrepreneurs for less than a dollar per day, that’s less than your daily coffee budget. It’s no classrooms, no get-rich-quick seminars, these are trainings broken into 15-minute segments that get you the answers that you need. It’s business school without the BS.

I dare you to try a seven-day free trial, simply go to The first 100 people will also receive a free downloadable for how to optimize your website. Stop wasting your time and money go to thrive and get your business questions answered now.

Voice over: You’re listening to the Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio 1170.

Clay: All right, Thrive nation welcome back to your inspiration station, your audio dojo of mojo broadcasting from the left coast of the Arkansas River, inside the box that rocks. My name is Clay Clark and I am excited to be joined here today with Dr. Robert Zoellner. Sir, how are you doing?

Dr. Robert: I am fantastic. It’s a new year, new challenges await us. This is our 100th show, I believe.

Clay: 100.

Dr. Robert: We’re a hundred.

Clay: A hundred.

Dr. Robert: Wooh, 100.

Clay: There’s a church that’s been around for 100 years.

Dr. Robert: Wow, that’s impressive.

Clay: Celebrating their centennial celebration. There’s no hyperbole this is real stuff.

Dr. Robert: It’s pretty clever, it wraps all in.

Clay: We had to bring somebody-

Dr. Robert: Bring him in.

Clay: – who’s close to the source who could verify that the Metropolitan Baptist has in fact been around for a hundred years, is this true?

Merton: Yes sir, 1917.

Clay: Wow.

Merton: Yes, sir.

Clay: Is this an exciting time at the church? It’s crazy, you don’t hear about a hundred years.

Merton: Yes, we started September 18th of 2016 and we’re going all the way to September 17th 2017. Basically, a centennial celebration that lasts all year and so that —

Dr. Robert: Now, you haven’t been the praise director all those hundred years, have you?

Merton: No, I’m not that old.

Clay: You look young.

Merton: [laughs]

Dr. Robert: You’re like Z, you look like just a kid.

Clay: I was wondering if Merton drinks a lot of fish oil.

Dr. Robert: [laughs] Yes, bathes in it too, I think. He’s got to, man.

Clay: Some of you have been sowing seeds all year and this is your year, you go, “You know what? I saw that ball drop –” You got your favorite motivational book, you’re listening to the Thrive Time Show and you said, “This is my season for favor, this is my year that I’m going to reap what I’ve been sowing. “We have a real musical treat for you from Mr. Merton to encourage you at the start of this new year. Marton, what do you got?

Merton: [music] This is my season for grace, for favor. This is my season to reap what I have sown. This is my season for grace, for favor. This is my season to reap what I have sown. Everything is working together for my good, everything is working together for my good.

Clay: Merton.

Dr. Robert: Love that.

Clay: Unbelievable.

Dr. Robert: That’s so encouraging, edifying for the year.

Clay: I tell you what, I’m just telling you this, I know as a business owner I love looking at year over year growth and it’s frustrating when you start something because at first you’re trying to figure out, “Is there a market for it? Do people like my cookies? Do they like the the dresses I make? Do they like my DJ company I started? Do they like the haircut business? Do they like my optometry clinic?” I want to be encouraging to you but I want to be real, that first 12 months or so a lot of times it’s no, they don’t. They don’t like your food, they don’t like your dresses, they don’t — Your like, “Lord, work with me.”

If you sow those seeds, six months, nine months of marketing and you’re willing to just continue to be diligent and just continue the steady application of effort, what you’re going to see is all of a sudden Z, something starts to grow. You get a customer who says, “Here’s the thing, I have one suggestion to improve it but I do like this aspect of your product. I’ll buy one.”

Dr. Robert: That’s a glorious day.

Clay: Then they say, “Hey, I have a friend and he’ll be calling you.” Pretty soon you get a call from him and her and all of a sudden now things are growing and you’re getting this thing called momentum. Then people look back and this is the part that people don’t want to get — they don’t want to look at it. They don’t want to look at the timeline. I’m going to give you some timelines, they don’t want to look at, how long did it take Walt Disney to become successful? Did you know that Walt Disney went bankrupt twice?

Dr. Robert: I know, yes.

Clay: Henry Ford lost it all five times.

Dr. Robert: Five times, could you imagine going back to the people that gave you the money the first four times and say, “Hey, guess what aunt, uncle, grandparents, all these people in my life that I’m getting the money from, I’ve got another idea.”

Clay: Mert, do you know an inventor in your life? Somebody who does inventions?

Merton: No.

Clay: Z, do you know any inventors? You’re hanging out with some inventors?

Dr. Robert: Not really, couldn’t say I hang out with any inventor.

Clay: Let’s just say that I was one. Let’s say that I was one.

Dr. Robert: Okay. I do hang out with one, if you’re one. So, yes.

Clay: Here’s the deal Z, Mert, I’ve got this experiment I’ve been working on and I’ve been doing one field experiment today and I’m 4,000 in right now. I’m 11 years in, now when I finish this it’s going to transform the way that the world does everything.

Dr. Robert: Okay, everything all right. That’s —

Clay: There’s no way, there’s no [unintelligible 01:28:06] describe that I can say it’s going to bring light into a place where there’s previous darkness, you couldn’t — Typically, right now we’re in the whole candle game, we’re doing the candles. I know you guys are in the candles —

Dr. Robert: Candle, kerosene.

Clay: Yes. I’m going to have you flip a switch,

Dr. Robert: A switch, whatever that is.

Clay: Yes, I’m 4,000 experiments and I do one a day but I feel very close about 11 years in. I feel like I’m close but I need another 600 grand. I don’t have any prototypes yet.

Dr. Robert: Yes, see you later alligator.

Clay: I think it will only take me about 7,000 or 8,000 experiments. That’s the story of Thomas Alva Edison, 10,000 —

Dr. Robert: Oh, you’re sneaky.

Clay: 10,000 failed experiments.

Merton: Wow.

Clay: Now, after he does that there’s all sorts of faith, people go, “Wow, you must be a genius bro.” True story, he got so exasperated because he couldn’t figure out the right filament that he grabbed some cardboard, ripped it off, someone shoves it in there and that’s what made it light up for the first time.

Voice over: You’re listening to the Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio 1170

Clay: Then people say, “Okay, we’ll give you some money.” He spends all of the money with no traction working on this new thing called recorded sound.

Dr. Robert: That’s just crazy, that will never be a thing.

Clay: The same guy that did the light does recorded audio but now people have a little bit of faith in him but two years in they’re like, “Dude you’re nuts.” He finally comes through, boom. Then he does it again, a couple years later, he does recorded video. You know the same guy that recorded a video, audio, and light, that’s crazy.

Dr. Robert: That’s crazy.

Merton: [laughs]

Clay: But he was a failure, 10,000 failed experiments. Was he a failure or a winner? It’s all about the steady application of effort Z. For someone who’s listening right now, who’s given up on themselves, given up on their dream. They feel like, “This is not good. I’ve been sowing my seeds but I’m going to stop watering the ones I sowed.”

Dr. Robert: Don’t stop.

Merton: That’s real though. When you say the steady application of effort that just hit me like a brick wall or something, more like a bulldozer. That’s real.

Clay: I just will say this, that that’s the thing that I love for Google optimization

or sales calls, or whatever it is. There’s one of our listeners, we’ve had her on the show before, Danielle Sprik.

Dr. Robert: Yes, real estate.

Clay: Yes, real estate. This is her first year of her own business. She just closed in on– she just hit for the year $24.5 million of sales for the year. Her first year —

Dr. Robert: Good for her. That’s awesome.

Clay: First year of being totally self-employed in her own business. $24.5 million of transactions. Her husband was posting on Facebook bragging on her for the New Year.

Dr. Robert: That’s so good.

Clay: She’s a listener who’s listened to this show. She’s learning these skills, she’s applying them. If you’re listening right now and you sold two houses last year, you make about 6%, 3%, whatever you sold two houses. You probably did 400,000 of sales last year. There’s somebody right here in Tulsa who learned these skills and just did over 24 million.

Dr. Robert: Million.

Clay: You know what 6% of 24 million is? A lot. You know what 3% of it is? It’s a lot.

Dr. Robert: I could do that. I could get my calculator out and tell you.

Clay: Let’s just say it was 10%.

Dr. Robert: Yes, 10% would be —

Clay: 2.4 million. We cut that into third, it’s around like 800,000. Maybe there’s some discounting going on.

Merton: Wow.

Clay: We’re talking about someone who’s clearing some serious high amounts of —

Dr. Robert: Some serious dough. Do-re-mi.

Clay: It’s because she’s a genius? No, but she’s learned this specific topic that we’re teaching today. She put the time and energy into it. She was taught how to do this at our workshops and I’m telling you what, she’s a successful Thriver out there.

Dr. Robert: Okay, okay Clay you got me. I’m eating lunch. I’m listening to you, go, “Okay, you got me. You got me now. What’s my action steps? How do I followup? I want some of that. I want some of that little Sprik magic.”

Clay: You got to go to

Dr. Robert: Okay, step one.

Clay: You got to go to and you got to walk in there with full faith, click on that, and say, “Hey, listen. If I can’t afford it, you guys said on the air in front of everyone who’s listening here in Tulsa, that you’re going to comp me or give me a discount.” The thing is we want to give you a hand up, not a handout, so we have a scholarship program for everybody. When you buy a ticket you can bring anybody in your group you want to bring.

Dr. Robert: Fair enough.

Clay: So, if you buy a ticket, you can bring your whole office, okay? It’s a two-day, 15 hour workshop, January 20th through 21st. Someone needs to write that down. January 20th through 21st. If you’ve got that little seed that’s starting to grow, you’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur and you just haven’t been able to chance to water it and get that real specific training from somebody who’s not a charlatan, not trying to upsell you a bunch of stuff, this is what you’ve been looking for.

You mark your calendar. This will be the beginning of the new you. The new you, the new year’s it.

Dr. Robert: The new you and the new year. You know what? This is the year to do it. What’s so great about this is that the thing that I love the most about our workshop is that as you’ve said, no upselling. Number two, time management is one of the key things we teach about. There’s all kinds, there’s marketing, there’s this SEO step we talked about and touched on today. We actually teach you, we actually have you do some of it, okay?

The other fun part about it too is there’s other entrepreneurs that are attending it that you can get some energy off of. That’s fun.

Clay: We’re going to teach you Thrivers. You got to mark your calendar now.

Now Merton, if people want to learn more about the church or your music, where can they find out more about that?

Merton: or, and I’m going to be at the workshop. I’m excited about the workshops.

Clay: I am excited. I tell you this Thrivers, if you want one-on-one business mentorship, we have that available for you as well, one-on-one coaching. Or we have access to the world’s best online business school for just 19 bucks a month at Z, it’s the best.

Dr. Robert: It’s the best. I mean, Forbes says it, everybody says it. Get on and you can be guaranteed that’s going to be the best.

Clay, Dr. Robert: Three, two, one, boom.

[01:33:39] [END OF AUDIO]


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