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If you want the freedom to do what you want, then this is an episode of the ThriveTime Show business podcast you do not want to miss. During this episode of the Thrive Time Business Coach Radio Show Clay Clark and optometrist turned tycoon, Dr. Robert Zoellner bring on Mr. Theodore King to talk about how to turn your dreams into reality while maintaining life balance.

Learn How To Turn Your Dreams Into Reality With The Business Coach : Podcast Transcript

Announcer: And now broadcasting from the center of the Universe and the World Headquarters.

Clay Clark: Let’s go.

Announcer: Presenting the world’s only business school without the BS with optometrist and entrepreneur Dr. Robert Zoellner and the former small business administration entrepreneur of the year In Your Ear Clay Clark. It’s the Thrive Time Show, Talk Radio 1170, 3,2,1 Boom.

Clay: Boom. Guess who’s on In Your Room? My name is Clay Clark I’m the former SBA Entrepreneur of the Year sent here on a mission to teach you how to start and grow a successful company. In order to do that, we had to bring on the big guns today. We brought on my co-host with the most it’s Dr. Robert Zoellner. Sir, how are you?

Dr. Z: I am fantastic. I’m freshly back from Guatemala City.

Clay: It’s always ecstasy-

Dr. Z: Guatemala.

Clay: -always ecstasy when you are next to me.

Dr. Z: They do the Salsa down there. It’s a big Salsa country.

Clay: Did you do any Salsa dancing while you were down there?

Dr. Z: No but, I thought about Salsa dancing. Is that the same? You think it then it’s reality and then you — something.

Clay: Today we are talking about how to turn your dreams into reality-

Dr. Z: There you go.

Clay: So if you think about it long enough and take some action steps maybe your Salsa championship dreams-

Dr. Z: I’ll just kind of Salsa throughout the show today.

Clay: -could become reality. Now we brought on a guy on the show today. I am certain that on the show today we have Merton, Merton Hoff. This guy is the Praise and Worship — you could call yourself the Praise and Worship director or the Praise and Worship Wizard. What’s the official title there in the Metropolitan campus?

Merton Hoff: Now that you say that, I like Wizard. I would probably say Praise and Worship Director but since you say Wizard I’m going with Wizard.

Clay: I’ll just tell you what. What you did this past Sunday during service. It just — it touched me and I’m still riding that emotional, it was just awesome. It was a Christmas Service and there’s some people that come to church on Christmas — it’s their annual trip. There’s a guy behind me, he left, he was walking out and he goes, “That was, man that was,” and he was talking to me on the way out and he was still talking about it. It was like — it was incredible. Do you do that every Sunday?

Merton: Yes sir, every Sunday, every Wednesday — every Sunday.

Clay: What church — where could people find out more about you, my friend?

Merton: or you can go to, in just a few days and we’ll have the new site up and running.

Clay: I am super excited.

Dr. Z: That’s pretty cool.

Clay: This guy can bring it. He can bring it. Now Dr. Z we’re talking about how to practically turn your dreams into reality while maintaining life balance.

Dr. Z: Time out. You’re not going to short-change me. I’ve been in Guatemala, I’m back. I missed a couple of shows.

Clay: That’s true.

Dr. Z: We’ve got some stories. I need to hear about Christmas. You had us set up with your son, I mean, we’ve got, we’ve got some stuff we’ve got to work through on the show right now. Before you get all big into the thing about the thing, the thing, first of all let’s check the list. Aubrey, your son, you had a — you told me about this Christmas-

Clay: Christmas miracle

Dr. Z: It’s a Christmas scam to your son. Tell me, why don’t we do that? What happened, and how did that go, by the way?

Clay: My son, Aubrey, he’s nine and he’s got landscaping dreams. He wants to start a landscaping company called Motown. [laughter] The name is beautiful.

Dr. Z: That’s awesome.

Clay: And I love Motown too so the whole thing works out. So Aubrey says to me, he says, “Dad, I want a 48 inch Husqvarna lawnmower.”

Dr. Z: A 48 inch Husqvarna lawnmower

Clay: Then I said, this is what I said-

Dr. Z: That’s like a riding lawnmower.

Clay: Yes, this was four months ago and I said, “How do you know about this?” He goes, “I went on YouTube and I’ve been watching these videos,” and he goes, “But you need to go onto Lowe’s and you click down on the products and you click here and then you click here then you scroll down here and that’s the one,” and he knew.

Dr. Z: Okay.

Clay: I said, “Here’s the deal, man,” because he does all the janitorial work at the office with his sister up here. He’s working up here.

Dr. Z: Is that legal?

Clay: No, we’re not breaking any child labor laws by the way. This just in.

Clay: He’s working hard. He’s saving about 100 bucks a month and I tell him, “If you do that and you’re on very good behavior, you’re going to get the mower. You’re getting the deal.”

Dr. Z: So okay, all right.

Clay: Here’s the deal. He’s been sort of on, it’s been great behavior, but Vanessa and I had a speaking event, our final one at Cesar’s Palace out there in Vegas. Grandmas are texting me, calling me, going, “He just did this. Little homey just did this, he just did this.”

Dr. Z: No.

Clay: I’m going, “Come on, you were so close.

Dr. Z: Aubrey, no.

Clay: So Merton, I want to know in your family, did you guys as a kid, did they teach you that Santa Claus was the real deal?

Merton: No, not really. We found out pretty early on that Santa wasn’t real.

Clay: Really?

Merton: Yes.

Clay: Really.

Merton: Yes, probably five or six years. Isn’t that crazy?

Dr. Z: That’s what I told my daughter when she went to school and all the other parents and all the other kids were upset with me. I don’t want her to go through first and second grade thinking something — yes?

Clay: Here’s the scam. It got a certain — teasing him, I said, “Aubrey I was in the bathroom at the office and this elf he comes up and he tells me you’re not on the good list,” and he goes, “An Elf came to the office, right, Dad,” and I’m not, I’m just saying, and he goes, “What was his name?” It’s weird, you’re at a urinal you don’t reach over and say “What’s your name?” You don’t fist pump a guy. I just look straight ahead. I’ve got to focus on my aim. I’m like, “Okay, here’s the deal.” Aubrey, overtime we see, “Was he there, how often, did you see him, twice?” I said, “I saw him twice.” He goes, “Dad, there’s no way,” and I said “Aubrey, listen.” Aubrey’s now going to get into the lineage of how is he related to Jesus and the Father and the Son and the Holy Ghost. I said “He’s not a deity, but he knows him, he knows the guys.” Anyway, I said “Here’s the deal, I just — I’m worried that you might get a lump of coal. I’m not saying you are going to, but I’m worried, and I don’t know if this whole Santa thing is real but if you get a lump of coal I’m sorry.”

Dr. Z: Okay, that’s fair.

Clay: So Aubrey’s now starting to ask, the couple of days before Christmas, “What was his name, is he, — did you really talk to him?” I’m like “I’m just saying I don’t have any control. As a parent, I buy most of your gifts, but there’s certain ones, Santa brings those things and I just have to tell him — I just plead your case,” I said — he’s been good all year. Long story short, he opens up the Christmas gifts, all the kids are opening their gifts and he opens his and it is straight coal.

Dr. Z: Wow.

Clay: So he looks at me and starts to laugh and then goes from laughing to crying. We’re going to put this on We’re going to embed the video so you can see it.

Dr. Z: Because everyone likes to see a child cry, that’s a good call, good call.

Clay: You go to and you click on the about section, you will see this video. You go to, click on the about, you”ll see it tomorrow. It’ll be up there on the website. Here’s the thing is, he opens, he realizes, “No I’m not going to get a gift,” and he goes from laughing to like crying and then he’s like, “Dad,”and he runs off. It’s — within 90 seconds, I timed it, Sam the Man, one of our producers, he knocks on the door.

Dr. Z: The lumberjack?

Clay: Yes. Aubrey goes, “Who is it?” I said, “It could be the coal miners.”


Clay: So we take him outside and there’s the 48 inch riding Husqvarna mower and the beginning of the Motown Landscaping Services. Dr. Z I couldn’t be prouder as a father to see him get it, and he mowed the lawn three times on the Monday after Christmas.

Merton: That’s awesome, I tell you what, you have any grass?

Clay: No, he kept lowering the setting.

Merton: Down to the nub scalped it, he scalped it. That’s an awesome deal. You only left him crying for 90 seconds.

Clay: Yes. In Guatemala do you guys even celebrate Christmas over there or were you just like, “No, we’re in Guatemala, skip it. Let’s go under a palm tree.”

Dr. Z: It’s always kind of weird, yes, when you’re in a country that has palm trees and Christmas is going on. It’s always different to see that but yes, it was fun. My first grandson-

Clay: What is his name?.

Dr. Z: Sebastian. Yes, and he is the most awesome person in the world.

Clay: Sounds sophisticated like his grandfather, he’s sophisticated.

Dr. Z: Yes.

Merton: Multiparadise effect.

Clay: Did you give him Grey Poupon as a gift?

Dr. Z: No, but I missed that one, that would have — I should have given him a Husqvarna and he could have been out there, I mean he’s only a month old he could have been out the mowing the park.

Clay: Now, Merton, you have a child on the way.

Merton: Yes sir.

Clay: What is your baby to be’s name?

Merton: Eden Amari Joy.

Clay: You said Eden Amari Joy. What’s the origin of the name?

Merton: Eden, of course, means delight or paradise, Amari meaning miracle from God and of course, Joy, meaning joy.

Clay: I thought you meant Amari like Amar’e Stoudemire, you have a thing and you’re going this guy.

Merton: Amari Cooper

Clay: Yes, and they thought you were named after the Phoenix Sun’s legend here. Amari means joy?

Merton: No, Amari means miracle.

Clay: But Eden means joy.

Dr. Z: No, Eden means paradise.

Merton: Eden means paradise.

Clay: Where did I get the word Joy?

Dr. Z: Cause that’s her third name.

Clay: Oh, see there it is. I need a chart and I can just break this down, unbelievable.

Merton: Yes, you didn’t write it down, that’s why you missed that.

Clay: That’s unbelievable. Z there shows you Thrivers, anybody can turn their dreams into reality. Even people like me with no short term or long term memory. Now there’s the thing. Z if you’re listening right now and I encourage everyone listening right now, I want you to write this down, this is something you need to write down. Pull over. Dr Z and I personally worked with hundreds and hundreds of entrepreneurs. I’ve worked as a speaker with thousands of entrepreneurs all over the world and we truly, we know, this isn’t like a guess, we know that you can turn your dreams into reality. You can achieve financial freedom, you can do it and time freedom. But I want to get into, Z, when we say that someone can achieve financial freedom and time freedom. Let’s go into financial freedom. When you hear the word financial freedom, what does that mean to you?

Merton: That’s right Merton, it means enough money that you can do the things that you want to do not the things that you have to do, is in my opinion, because one of the things I found out in life is that you don’t want to Aunt Connie anybody.

Dr. Z: We have to do is my opinion, because one of the things that I found out in life is that you don’t want to Aunt Connie anybody.

Clay: Aunt Connie anybody. Who’s Aunt Connie?

Dr. Z: Aunt Connie, God rest her soul is my aunt. One of the things that she said to me early on in my career she came up to me and she said, “Robert, I’m so disappointed in you.” I was like, “Sorry, excuse me Aunt Connie?” She said, “Yes, I just really thought that you’re going to do so much more in your life.” I was like, “All right.”

Clay: It’s not really nice Aunt Connie.

Dr. Z: It’s your awkward one on one, how do you handle that? She said, “Well, you were smart enough to be a real doctor. You’re smart enough to do this, and I just really feel like you’ve settled in your life.” I’m like, “Well you know Aunt Connie, I don’t feel that way.” I went on to tell her why I felt that way. Hey, I’m doing what I love. I’m successful at it, and I have financial freedom now and time freedom now because of my success. I’m happy. If I’m happy, you should be cheering for me and saying well done instead of sitting there acting like I didn’t hit some mark that you had set for me. One of the things I say that is, is that your measure of success and your measure of financial freedom, and your measure of time freedom may be different than anybody else in your life. Hang on to your dream and let’s make your dream a reality, not somebody else’s dream for your life a reality.

Clay: I’m going to give you the example of this. I’m going to just read a notable quotable from the book A Scale that blows my mind, here we go. He says, “The world doesn’t pay you for the hours you put in. It pays you for the value that you create.” He goes on to say, “The goal of owning a business is not to be needed but in fact the opposite to build a business that doesn’t need you.” What does that mean? Here’s the thing is. Today, your optometry clinic saw many patients.

Dr. Z: Yes, we’re busy today. This is a busy week for us.

Clay: Elephant in the room, we saw hundreds of men that we cut their hair today. I did not see a single person.

Dr. Z: You’re saying a business that you co-own, that you helped market, that you’ve helped build, you didn’t straight razor any dude in their today.

Clay: I did not for their safety and you did not see any patients today.

Dr. Z: That’s correct.

Clay: The thing is Merton here is a musical talent and I was touched– I mean it though, you have a gift. It’s awesome.

Merton: Thanks man. I’m glad to have it.

Clay: Seriously, on Christmas service, there are just hundreds of people packing. They had to bring out extra rows. It was packed. There are passing out fans, people are sweating and stuff. The thing is, his gift is — Merton, how would you describe what your vision for your life is, what your dream for your life is in terms of your career?

Merton: To share my music. To heal people through music. I think music expresses what cannot be said and it crosses barriers, it reaches outside of what we can actually say.

Clay: I believe you do heal me with music every Sunday. One person. We’ll see — people I don’t share it with, they’re probably like, “Hey Merton, do you know where the bathroom is?” People probably don’t share what you’re doing, but my dream is to teach people how to start and grow a successful company. Our entire mission at Thrive15 is to mentor millions. Dr Z, what’s your big dream my friend in terms of your career?

Dr. Z: In terms of my career? That is to get the things — we’re talking about financial freedom and the time freedom. I want to get today to where everything is on auto pilot in my life, and I can make up in the morning and go, “Hmm. What do I want to do today? Where do I want to go? Who do I want to take to go do the thing with me?”

Clay: I want to take Merton. I want to take Dr. Z I’ll tell you that.

Dr. Z: I’m going to take that keyboard too. that’s where we’re going. He can give me a little of that.

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Announcer: Live, local, now. You’re listening to the Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio 1170.

Clay: All right thrive nation, welcome back to your inspiration station and today we are talking about a topic that I could not be more excited to talk about. Thousands of you have reached out to us and you said, “Hey, I’ve got a dream. I have a business idea. We’ve got a business plan. I have a current business or I’m thinking about starting one. I’m just trying to figure out how can I actually — is it possible for everybody to truly turn their dreams into reality while maintaining life balance?” That’s the kicker right there. How do you turn your dreams into reality while maintaining life balance. What Dr. Z and I have done, we’ve got together with a team, we sat down, and we have developed what I believe what many are calling the world’s best business workshops. We have these workshops on January 20th and 21st. Fellows you want to circle your calendar. January 20th and 21st, we have a Thrive Time two day intensive workshop. Now here’s the deal.

Dr. Z: Here’s the deal.

Clay: We have a scholarship program. I don’t care if you have $4 in your bank or you have $4,000 in your bank. You can afford to come to this. Because what happens is — this is the part that’s a little bit offensive as Dr. Z — Hopefully, I’m not super offensive here. Here’s the deal.

Dr. Z: That’s a shocker.

Clay: Lee Cockerell, who’s the former executive vice president of Walt Disney World Resorts, he says a quote and I encourage you to look this up. He says, “You can pray and you can hope, but you also need to do.”

Dr. Z: Bingo.

Clay: Work with me. You need to do, in the natural what you can do, and allow God to do what he’s going to do in the supernatural. Z don’t believe in the supernatural. That’s okay, but you have to do what you can do. The thing is, we can get very motivated. We can walk on hot coals.

Dr. Z: We can walk on hot coals? Ouch, that really hurts.

Clay: We can get motivated. We can bounce a beach ball around and go, “We can do it. Yes we can.” We can go to an overnight, make Millions of Dollars with no money down real estate seminar.

Dr. Z: You can do it, an overnight success story.

Clay: But at the end of the day, you have to learn how to build a workflow. How to do your accounting. How to do sales. How to make an LLC. How to fire people. How to hire people. How to sell stuff. There’s a lot of details and Z, that is what our two day workshops are all about my friend.

Dr. Z: How to make a checklist. I tell you what, we’re going to break it out and break it down, and you’re going to leave here, I promise you this. We will give you a 100% guarantee that you’re going to leave here smarter than when you showed up here. You know what Clay, it’s a little after noon on Hump day right?

Clay: Hump day?

Dr. Z: I’m going to make your lunch dreams come true.

Clay: Make my lunch dreams come true?

Dr. Z: I’m making dreams come true today. I’m going to tell you what, you’re in your car. You got the radio on. You’re listening to your Thrive Time Show. Thank you very much thrivers. We love you. Thank you for listening. Just drive, just don’t even think about it. Just drive straight to Oklahoma Joe’s Barbecue. If you’re in Broken Arrow, it’s over there by the Bass Pro Shop, South Tulsa it’s over here 61st in Sheridan. Downtown, it’s right next to Cain’s, right there next to Cain’s — the iconic Cain’s Ballroom. Go in there and get yourself some burn ins and baked beans. I’ve been talking about them forever because you know what, they’ll make an impact on you too.

Clay: I want to challenge Mr. Merton. We have a special guest, Mr. Merton Huff. Mr. Merton how are you?

Merton: I’m up for a challenge man, I’m good. How are you?

Clay: I’m doing awesome. I’ll tell you what, you’re a man of integrity. You’re the praise and worship leader over there at the Metropolitan Baptist Church. Are you perfect, no but you’re a great guy. You’re a good guy.

Merton: Yes, I’ll take that.

Clay: Have you been to Oklahoma Joe’s? I’m just asking you.

Merton: I haven’t.

Dr. Z: No. Life changer. Game changer.

Clay: Here’s the deal. If you will go there, not that you need a financial spot. If you go there, I will promise you I’ll reimburse you the next time you’re on the show. You got to go there. Do you like barbecue?

Merton: Yes, man. I love barbecue.

Clay: Dude, I’m telling you, you have to go there. It’s going to be a game changer for you.

Dr. Z: Game changer.

Clay: In Oklahoma Joe’s you’re going to find the guy, the guy who founded it is an Okla-homie, and he literally built a business that sold two million smokers Z. You talk about turning your dreams into reality.

Dr. Z: Joe Davidson is a great guy. We’ve had him on the show before because we love to highlight local Oklahoma, the Tulsa region particularly, success stories. We had him come on and tell his story, it’s just fascinating how he did his marketing, the moves he made, how he got into it, guys that mentored him. It’s a great story. We have to have him on the show again, because the best part of having Joe Davidson on the show is-

Clay: He brings that fun.

Dr. Z: He brings that fun. He’s so good.

Clay: I almost cry every time I see him. He’s sort of like he’s like, “Clay, quit giving me the weird eye. Quit giving me the weird eye. I’m just bringing barbecue. Calm down.”

Announcer: You’re listening to the Thrive Time show on talk radio 1170.

Clay Clark: Sir Joe I just want to touch those baby backwards.


Merton: Sorry.

Clay: I’m going to read you a notable quotable. This comes at you from Napoleon Hill. My son, his name is Aubrey Napoleon Hill. Napoleon Hill was the mentor of Oral Roberts. Oral Roberts? Yes, Oral Roberts, Oral Roberts University. He’s also the personal assistant apprentice of Andrew Carnegie, the second wealthiest man during his time. Here’s the notable quotable. He says, “A Carnegie or a Rockefeller or a James J. Hill or a Marshall Field or a,” — anybody guys listen, “or a Russell Simmons or a Puff Daddy or a,” — he says, “Accumulates a fortune through the application of the same principles available to all of us.” Someone needs to write that down. “But We envy them in their wealth without thinking of studying their philosophy and applying it to ourselves. We look at a successful person in the hour of their triumph and wonder how they did it, but we overlook the importance of analyzing their methods and we forget the price they had to pay and the careful, well organized preparation that had to be made before they could reap the fruit of their effort.” When I ask you this Merton and then I want to ask you Z. Merton, thinking about your music career. Your music career — again what is your dream? What is your vision with your music career? Share that with Tulsa.

Merton: My dream is to share my music nationally, internationally. Music that heals people, music that crosses barriers, any kind of barrier you can think of, my music will bring people together.

Clay: How many hours have you practiced? If you had to just guess. We’re talking throughout your life, are we talking thousands of hours? Seven hours? Two hours?

Dr. Z: That seven [laughs] seven hours.

[cross talk]

Merton: Tow hours in my whole life man, that would be horrible, I will say thousands of hours.

Clay: Thousands?

Merton: Yes.

Dr. Z: [laughs]

Clay: Give us a little sample, just give us a little something, take us to church. Give us a little something.

Merton: Sorry.

Clay: Here we go.

Merton: [piano playing] [singing] “God has not promised me sunshine but a little rain mixed with God’s sunshine. A little pain makes me appreciate the good time.”

Clay: Now here’s — the thing is you’ve practiced though. You’ve put that preparation. Z, no one celebrates process.

Dr. Z: No I tell you what I just want to be able to walk over there and do what he just did and sound like he just did without — People go, “Wow I want the end result.” Everybody want an end result. We are a fast-food society.

Merton: Yes absolutely.

Clay: You-

Dr. Z: Drive in get your thing, order you — Talking the clown face, you get your thing, you pay your thing, you drive away through your thing. You pull in the park, you eat your thing and then you go back to work.

Clay: Here’s the thing Thrivers you need to check it out. Someone needs to write this down. Check it out. You go up to Dr. Robert Zoellner and associates by the mall and you see this big piece of real estate, you see the successful company, you see the auction, you see the bank you’ve invested in. You come into the world headquarters, you see our office, you go-

Dr. Z: This is spectacular.

Clay: -“How did you homies do that?” People want to talk about, “Now that you have financial freedom, what do you like to do with your time?” No let’s talk about how we got here. That’s what we’re going to talk about Z at our two day workshop is the process, the specific detailed stuff you need to do. Now it’s January twentieth and twenty-first Z, and it’s 15 hours Dr. Z. It’s 15 hours of power for two days.

Dr. Z: It’s fantastic, you can’t come sooner they’re sold out. We’ll have some after that that you can get but the next opportunity is January 21 and get on our website,


Dr. Z: Scroll down just put things in, I’m interested — boom and-

Clay: You will leave overjoyed.

Dr. Z: You will leave overjoyed. It’s a tent. But do you know what? It’s the step you need to take if you want to take it to the next level.

Clay: Thrivers when we come back we’re going to teach you about how to take you’re big dreams and turn them into specific detailed goals.

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Announcer: You’re listening to The Thrive Time show on talk radio 1170.

Clay: All right T-town Oklahommies and people listening to this show, welcome to the audio dojo of mojo, for sure. My name is Clay Clark I’m the former SPA entrepreneur of the year In your Ear. I’m joined here with Dr. Robert Zoellner. Sir welcome back from Guatemala, welcome back.

Dr. Z: It’s good to be back in the United States of America. There’s no country like this.

Clay: You travel a lot, do you like leaving America? I’m kind of Afraid, every time I leave I’m kind of afraid. Did you like leaving America?

Dr. Z: Probably, should be. I do, I like going to other countries but my favorite airport in the world is Tulsa International Airport. You know why. Don’t you?

Clay: Very quick when you’ve land on the plane you’re almost instantly where the baggage–

Dr. Z: Okay that’s true but the good thing about — When I’m going to the airport, I’m either going some place fun or I’m returning home and both of those I highly value.

Clay: My least favorite airport is LaGuardia in New York. Every time I fly I feel like I landed in an old bus station. Some people listen right now, you don’t know what it’s like to travel on a bus. Let me tell you what that’s like, I’ve traveled in some buses. If you’re listening right now and you’ve traveled on a bus you know what I’m talking about. Usually sitting by a guy named Bernie, Mac or Buddy, something like that.

Merton: [laughs]

Clay: He has a certain smell to him, and he might or might or might not brush his teeth and he’s been living on that bus for about a week.

Dr. Z: [laughs]

Clay: It get’s worse from there.

Dr. Z: That’s a high point.

Clay: Merton’ have you been on a bus before?

Merton: Yes. I remember one ride from Atlanta to Pensacola, Florida which is my home town. It was four hour ride, it took me 20 hours to get there.

Clay: [laughs]

Dr. Z: Beautiful.

[cross talk]

Merton: They stopped at every station on the way, everyone.

Clay: Merton if you’re not certain who you’re listening to, he’s a man angel. Merton he has the voice of choice, he’s the praise and worship leader for the Metropolitan Baptist Church, blesses me and my family every single Sunday. Truly bring joy into us, into our family. Just unbelievable voice, you got it. If you’re looking for a church home you’ve got to go visit the Metropolitan Baptist. We’re honored to have a guy on the show today who is a listener of the Thrive Time show. He goes by Ted and he’s on a talk radio show so we’re to call him Ted Talk. Mr. Ted King, he’s an Oklahoma native he graduated from North Eastern State University. He’s worked at the Republican national committee, The National Right to Work Committee and he spent some time working on the Hill on Washington DC and Theater Rights For The Federal page and has been a staff writer at numerous publications. Ted you had some questions and we’re talking about how to turn your dreams and you’ve practically turned your dreams into reality. Ted I’m going to give you the mic my friend welcome to the show.

Ted King: Greetings and thank you so much for having me on Clay it’s terrific to be here.

Clay: We were excited to have you inside the box that rocks.

Ted: It is, it say’s so on the outside.

Clay: You can ask–

Ted: It actually it’s really true.

Clay: You can ask Dr. Z he’s going to ask us anything question, we’re talking about how to turn your dreams into reality. Do you have any questions for Dr. Z about business or start up ideas? What kind of questions do you have for the man, the myth and then the legend Dr. Zoellner.

Ted: [laughs] Myth. I want to know if you believe in online newspaper for the Tulsa Metro area could actually make it financially based on subscribers.

Dr. Z: That’s an interesting question. My thing, my first hip, from the hip I would say absolutely. Now there’s a lot of people come to me with business ideas and I don’t want this to sound wrong but almost every one of them could succeed. Now, you had to do certain steps, and Ted, one of things that we’ve learned in business coaching Clay and I have — Clay and I have been mentoring young entrepreneurs for a while now, is that we have a certain approach, we have steps that they have to follow and do. We almost guarantee success if they follow those steps with the diligence and a commitment that’s necessary to make it happen. When you say that idea, I would say absolutely yes, but is it going to happen overnight? Is it going to happen easily? Is it going to be some fight? Is it going to be some push-back? Is it going to be some — When we valuate a business, we look at 13 core issues on them. What we’ve done is that we obviously have a which is our Netflix of business school. We encourage people to get on that, but then we also encourage them to come to our in person workshops. In our in person workshops we break it down and we deep dive in all these different moves that people need to do to make their business successful.

Dr. Z: In fact our next one that’s available, Clay when is it? January 20th right?

Clay: January 20th and 21st, it’s going to be here at the Riverwalk, in beautiful Jinx, America, on the left coast of the Arkansas river, left coast. People are saying, “Is there water in there right now?” Stop judging, thrivers. It’s a beautiful river when it’s full, it’s a January 20th or 21st–

Dr. Z: It’s beachfront when it’s not.

Clay: Yes, it’s a beachfront property here at beautiful Jinx America and you go to if you want to attend the workshop, Whether you have $7 or $7 Million, it’s a scholarship program, everyone can afford to be there and we’re going to walk you through how to specifically start and grow a business.

Announcer: You’re listening to the Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio 1170.

Dr. Z: Clay one of the biggest promises I like is we’re not going to be sitting there up-selling you. This isn’t a game to get you out here to try to get in your pocket–

Clay: At the back of the room is a multi-million dollar secret–

Dr. Z: For the next 10 people who are going to stand up and give me $10 Million, we’re going to — No it’s not that. Listen guys, it’s practical business coaching, business teaching and the good thing about it is you’re learning from some of the best of the best and we’ve got proven systems and proven ways to do this. You sit and you catch the show every now and then, thank you for listening to Thrive Time Show, it’s our business show without the BS. All the Thrivers out there, we love our audience but they say, “I want more.” Well,, you can get on and listen to that. You can come in to the in-person workshops, we’ve got our next one up with some openings, that is January 20th and 21st right here at our headquarters. It’s 15 hours, 45 minutes and a 15 minute break for two days. Then also, we have one — you see, “I want even more.” We have one-on-one business coaching.

Clay: We do have one-on-one business coaching and I’m going to give you a little sneak preview, Ted, of how we would walk you through this process.

Dr. Z: Yes, let’s walk them through it.

Clay: Step number one, you want to discover your break-even analysis. Let’s say, I’m going to the MET church and let’s say I’m going there and Merton’s leading praise and worship and after church some guy’s like, “Who is that person? He’s so pale? What is his deal?” So someone pulls me aside and goes, “Who is that pale man? I think I’ve seen him on a billboard or something.” And they were to say, “A landscaping dream. I have a dream to make an online publication,” whatever it is. My first question is, how many customers do you need to break-even? Someone ask you that question, how much would you charge per subscriber in your perfect world?

Ted: I wouldn’t charge for subscription.

Clay: How would it make money? Advertisement?

Ted: Advertisement.

Clay: Okay.

Ted: Banner ads and I’d have video ads.

Clay: How much ad revenue would you need to break-even?

Ted: I wouldn’t know. See, this is new for me.

Clay: Great. We’re going to hop in to a super-fast business coaching. Let’s say the number is 20,000. Because it’s you and a dude and you want to make some good money. So it’s you and a dude and you want to make some good money. The best example I can give you that relates to this would be and it’s Tim Ferris and a dude and he makes a lot of money. Millions of Dollars. That’s an online publication. The second step is I would say, what are the number of customers, or in this case advertisers, that you would need to land to fund this thing? Z, you buy advertisement?

Dr. Z: Yes.

Clay: I buy advertisement. I’m going to say you’re going to need about five advertisers. Here’s the part that’s not fun, but I like it ’cause I’m a sick freak. How many rejections do you need to get five?

Dr. Z: Come on now.

Ted: Let’s say 20.

Clay: What I like to do is I like to take the number of yes’s you need, times 100 and I’m almost certain you’ll sell something. So I would say you need 500 no’s to get five yes’s to get to your success. I’m going to repeat over, 500 no’s to get to your five yes’s.

Dr. Z: But I can’t handle rejection that’s just — you’re setting me up for failure. Clay-

Clay: And I don’t endorse people drinking adult beverages during the workday, really, I don’t like to endorse I’m just going to say, you’ve got to get emotionally numb to rejection if you’re going to have some success. You specifically, I would say, make a list of 500 companies that you could call to try to sell ads to. You’re going to simply shoot one for a hundred and you’re close enough, that’s what I would do. Many people think that their ideas are not good because they get rejected, you’ve got to get rejected to get validation. When we come back, we’re going to get to the specifics of how to make a publication that Tulsa would want to read and want to listen to. Stay tuned, Thrive Time Show.

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Announcer: You’re listening to the Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio 1170.

Clay: All right, Thrive nation, welcome back to your inspiration station, Green Country, welcome back and in fact inside the box that rocks, we have Ted Talks. Doctor Z, we have got one of our incredible listeners, one of our Thrive Time Show listeners, Mr. Ted King in the box that rocks. Z, I’m excited to have him. Are you pumped Z?

Dr. Z: I’m extremely pumped because this is practical business coaching 101. He has a very good question last segment and that is, “Can an online newspaper, basically, make it in the Tulsa region?” And I said, “Absolutely, if you follow the steps we have outlined for you and so you went through a couple of the steps.”

Clay: I’m going to review these steps real quick here. One, you want to figure out what’s your break-even analysis and I’m just making up a number but I’m going to say, we need to find a way to bring in about $10,000 a month so that you and a dude can run this thing. Maybe we have more ambitions than that but then when we can think about — Step number two is how many customers do I need, do you need, to achieve that goal? And I’m thinking about five advertisers to get to that number conservatively in my mind. Then it gets down to the product, Merton, you live in Tulsa?

Merton: Yes, sir.

Clay: Z, you live in Tulsa?

Dr. Z: Yeah.

Clay: I live in Tulsa. Mike, one of our producers also lives in Tulsa. Sam lives in Tulsa. I’m going to give you what people listen to all around the world and you don’t have to read if you’re not interested in, you don’t have to group me but I’m just going to tell you, because one of our mentors Michael Levine, book with the blue cover on Z’s desk, is the book he wrote Guerrilla PR and he is the public relations consultant for Michael Jackson, for Prince, for Nike and this is coming from him. He said this, “People will read newspaper articles about celebrities.” Hanson’s in town, okay. Hanson wow. Two is scandal. “People will read about scandal and whether we want to or not, people love,” — “Oh my, did you hear what Donald Trump said?” “Did you hear what Hillary said?” “Did you hear what Hillary said about Trump.” It’s always a news cycle now where, this person said this about this person and they said this about this, could you believe it? Third is local. People love to see local names and people love to see, “I know Bert he’s on the paper today.” “That’s Dr. Z I know him.” “Oh, that’s Ted, why isn’t-“. You’re going to have to find some way to weave them into — the question that I have for you is “what do you want to talk about?” Like, “what do you want this paper to be about? this online publication?”

Ted: Local state and national news, some national most of it local and state.

Clay: So give me an example of the kind of stories you’d like to cover.

Ted: A story I did on a website called A man presented me with some federal filings about the new mayor.

Clay: Federal filings about the new mayor.

Ted: They were perfectly all above board but he has worked as a lobbyist. In the process of discovering that he has worked as a lobbyist, I also discovered that the Tulsa world had a tax abatement on a building that they owned next door to their building.

Clay: You’re talking about some deep stuff here.

Ted: Deep stuff. Stuff that’s not going to be covered by the regular newspaper.

Clay: Z, I have an offensive statement. I’ll make my comment here and you can make your own comment over there. Here we go, I’m going to start here. You have to know who your ideal and likely buyer is. So the elephant in the room, if you’re listening right now, I challenge you, I challenge you Z, I challenge the Thrivers to check out the elephant in the room. Here’s my challenge: the first time you get your hair cut, it’s a dollar.

Ted: Yes.

Clay: And here’s the deal. Two-thirds of you listening will never come back because you’re going to go, “I don’t want a pair of paraffin hand dip, I don’t want a hot towel treatment, I don’t want to have to pre-book, I don’t want to have a membership, I don’t want to have a straight razor shave, that’s not my deal. I don’t want a men’s grooming lounge.” There’s people out there who want to get their haircut they go, “My appointment canceled, I want to get my hair cut now, I don’t care who does it.” That’s two-thirds of people. But we know who our niche is. See, the rich country club knows who their niche is. Merton, your praise and worship music, how would you describe the kind of music style that you bring there on a typical Sunday?

Merton: It’s always real soulful kind of mix of jazz but it’s pretty soulful. People look at it’s like a music for the souls.

Clay: If you’re listening right now and you go on the Facebook live, you watch, you will discover I’m your pasty male, okay? There’s nobody more pale [sic] than me, okay? My family growing up, they were always like, “Why do you like John Legend? What’s the deal? Why do you listen to Johnessey? What’s the deal with –“. I don’t know what it is but I’m like, “I like two genres. R and B. That’s it.”. So, the thing is-

Announcer: You’re listening to the Thrive Time show on Talk Radio 1170.

Clay: You have to know the niche. You have to know your niche. So, I’m just saying this right now. You, my advice to you — and I want to hear Z’s feedback on this, but you Ted, you’re going to have to know your niche and sell out to that niche.

Ted: Right.

Clay: Because, the word tax abatement. Some people are like, “Is Justin Bieber in the article?” You’re going, “No, no. It’s tax abatement.” “Justin Bieber?” “No. Tax abatements.” “I’m not interested.”You’re going to have to decide, are you going to sell to the masses? Or a specific niche? Z, what mentorship do you have there, on finding your niche?

Dr. Z: Well when you find your niche — I mean, obviously, when you make your product, you’re thinking about your niche when you do it. You’re not talking about the passing of Carrie Fisher, which is a very sad thing a few days ago by the way.

Clay: Or George Michael.

Dr. Z: Or George Michael. I know. I was going to maybe get Murphy to play a bit of Faith or something down, maybe next segment, or something. Yes, we need to do some of that. But obviously, as you build your widget, if you don’t have your likely customer in mind. You’re just thinking, “Well, I’ll just make it for everybody”. That’s the worst thing you can is when I talk to a young person who’s starting a business and they go, “My customer is everybody, everybody, I want the world,” and then I go, “No.” No, that’s not the right thing to say. We’ve got to get our most likely customer. I mean, like, the one for my optometry is soccer moms, that’s my core target, you know, that I target.

Clay: Yoga pants.

Dr. Z: They are not, it’s not just every, not every patient is a soccer mom, obviously. But they are the most likely because they tell their husbands and boyfriends and children and they drive in their minivan, not in minivans anymore, I’m kind of dating myself, they’re SUVs over the–

Clay: In their wood trim minivans.

Dr. Z: You have been in publications Ted, you’ve done a lot of writing. You know the atmosphere that’s out there and if you’re — like Clay said it if you’re writing, if that article you’re writing about tax abatement and what that means. Most people would look at that and go, “What is that? I don’t even know what that means, next.”

Ted: Well, it’s highly information stuff.

Dr. Z: Yes, exactly. But there is a likely person for that and understand them and also know what else they’re doing in their lives, where else they’re going, where you find them, where they’re most likely to be. Then, that can help drive the next few points we have. Step one is, what’s your break even? Step two is, how many advertisers are going to take to get there? I love what Clay said, “For every one you’re going to have a hundred rejections.” That’s excessive. You’ll see them like, “Oh my gosh, I only have a 1% strike rate?” If you book that in your mind, you end up with a 2 or 3% strike rate you’ll be like, “Score.”

Clay: Score, here. The thing is, this morning my playlist, not that you care. But, this is what I listen to in the morning doing paperwork. I listen to John Legend a lot. What I do is, I listen an album. I’ll listen to it probably like, 20 days in a row to just totally — and so, track number three right now on his new Darkness and Light album. It’s a song he did with Britney Howard and it’s called Darkness and Light. There it is. It’s great and my kids know that song but most people don’t know what that song is.

Ted: I don’t even know who he is.

Clay: That’s what I’m talking about. Can you play a little John Legend? Could you? Maybe we have like, together-

Merton: I know one of his songs.

Clay: You know one of his songs.

Merton: But I don’t know that one.

Clay: Okay. Can you play one you know? Maybe, Merton, can you kind of queue up real quick? Here we go. Just give us a little, little. There we go.

Merton: [singing] [piano playing] We’re just ordinary people. We don’t know which way to go.

Clay: You know this song?

Merton: [singing] Because we’re ordinary people.

Ted: It’s very nice.

Clay: Here we go Merton.

Merton: [singing] Baby, we should take it slow. Take it slow

Clay: Ted.

Merton: [singing] This time we’ll take it slow.

Clay: Okay. So, here’s the deal. That’s the deal. That’s a song I love that you don’t even know about.

Ted: Right.

Clay: Abatements. That’s something you love and no one — The thing is you’ve got to know your niche and do not survey anybody who’s not in the niche.

Ted: Right.

Clay: Do not take it as a form of rejection that I’m going, “Abatements? What’s an abatement? I don’t know. Is that a John Legends’ song? Is that a new song?” The thing is, you’ve got to find your niche and scratch it.

Ted: Right, yes.

Clay: That’s the thing. So, Z, I mean, you’ve got to know what your niche is. You have to know that.

Dr. Z: Well, it’s one of things otherwise you’ll waste advertising dollars, you’ll spin your wheels and you’ll waste time because here’s thing about it. Is we want to get that in front of those high and likely buyers as often as much as possible. That’s how you’re going to build your base. Once you’ve build your base then you can sell the product to advertisers. Because, quite frankly, if nobody is listening to it, no one’s going to advertise, right? You got to have — you got to build that. I like the idea you’re thinking I’m just going to give this away, get as many people reading it and looking at it as possible and then I can sell it. I have a product that I can sell to my advertisers.

Clay: And we’ll come back thrivers. We’re going to get more into Ted’s specific questions but before we do that, we’re going to let Mister Merton Huff scratch his niche right here, showing, demonstrating his musical mastery. Mister Merton, you have the mic.

Dr. Z: Take us out.

Merton: [singing] Ooh child, things are gonna get easier. Ooh child, things’ll get brighter. Ooh child, things are gonna get easier. Ooh child, things’ll get brighter. Some day, we’ll get it together and we’ll get it all done. Some day, when your head is much lighter.

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Announcer: Broadcasting from the center of the universe. Featuring optometrist turned entrepreneur, Doctor Robert Zilner and USVA entrepreneur of the year, Clay Clark. This is the Thrive Time show, on Talk Radio 1170.

Clay: Hello Thrive Nation, welcome back to your information super-station, my name is business coach, Clay Clark. And, today the conversation is focused on turn your dreams into reality. How to practically do this because there are so much motivational training out there, so much charlatan-focused — three steps to get rich or 18 tips to make millions but there’s very little conversation about the specific steps you need to take to start or grow a business. Today I’m honored, I’d say honored and I sincerely cherish the moment to have Ted King on the show here today. He’s one of our listeners and so he listens to 1170 and it’s an honor to have you on show, it’s fun, I just — So, Ted, for the listeners out there, can you kind of tell the listeners a little bit about your journey? A little bit about your career and kind of your background, I guess.

Ted: I’ve worked in — for newspapers in the area. For years I worked in politics, worked in Washington DC. I’ve always been interested in public policy and years ago I started working as a newspaper man in Prior.

Clay: Wow.

Ted: And I discovered that I — I said, “Ted, you love to write.”

Clay: Love to write.

Ted: “You are cynical, you’re suspicious of authority and you like to drink a lot”, and I said, “I must be a journalist.”

Clay: Wow.

Ted: I just — it was a niche for me. I wrote a book a few years ago called the War On Smokers and The Rise of The Nanny State. I don’t exactly say that smoking is good for you but, it’s not crack cocaine.

Clay: Okay.

Ted: It’s being made illegal, pretty much everywhere. Trucker Carlson was kind enough to endorse the book, and I’ve since written for The Daily Caller, his online site. He has an online site.

Clay: You have a vision to turn this into an online publication for Tulsa.

Ted: Yes, because I think every time any newspaper publishes an obituary, that is one less subscriber they’re ever going to replace.

Clay: I’m going to give you the power of the pen. I’m giving you this pen right now and I want you to write down these five things and hope it’ll help you, because with the show, one of the things that doctors, and one of our frustrations, is when people come to our in person workshops we have 15 hours. On the show, we have basically an hour and a half in between our great sponsors. We have an hour and a half to get into it.

Z, I’m going to walk him through these five areas and I’d like for you to help him through these, okay? One is you have to focus on finding a market as soon as possible. That’s step one. You have to find a market. Basically if you can’t sell something you’re not in business. You have to find a market. Step two; you have to know who your market is and who your market is not, okay? Step three; you just have to know how many customers you need to achieve your financial goals. You have to know that. You’ve got to know, is it three customers, four customers. Four; You got to know your life goals.

Z, I call it the F6. We’ll get to that in a minute. Then the final thing, and this is a little bit weird, who are you okay with not doing business with? Who are you okay with saying no to? Who are you understanding that they are not your niche? Who are you understanding that they’re not going to endorse your idea? I want to go through those. Let’s start with this first one. Let’s start with the first one. Let’s interrogate Ted or help him.

Ted: By the way you called that last one chasing unicorns. It’s a great line. Love that one.

Clay: Chasing unicorns. Be careful. Be careful to chase unicorns. Z wants to go to you my friend.

Dr. Z: Yes, I call it flying pigs. I mean it’s an impossibility, and if you wait till pigs fly, if you wait till you write something that that person is going to want to read, I mean it’s kind of like you didn’t. You got to pick your team and stick with it, and that’s what he’s saying about the market. You’ve got to find out who’s going to be your market, and you’ve all got to make sure that what you’re making people want.

I know that sounds crazy but so many people think, “Well, gosh, this is such a great idea,” and they go out there all gung-ho and then it’s like just cricket. You’ve got to make sure that the widget you’re building is solving a problem, and that’s a thing we coach about for young people to come up to us and say, “Hey, listen, I’ve got a great business idea.” The first things we ask him is, “What problem are you solving?” number one. Then number two, can you make any money doing it? Because without those it’s hard to have a business, Clay.

Clay: Ted, do you have any questions for Dr. Z about that? I have a few questions for the wizard. Do you have any questions for him?

Ted: Well I guess if you know your audience, you know what you’re going for and you’d go for people who would fit that niche that you would want to advertise.

Dr. Z: All right. There you go.

Clay: I have something terrible I want to say. When I first started deejaying– Merton you tell me how you’d process this. You’ve been to some weddings. Does the DJ not make or break that wedding?

Merton: Oh, men, they’re going to absolutely break it or make it, absolutely.

Clay: You’ve been to a wedding where that DJ he plays you’re– Everyone’s in a groove. They’re in a groove. They’re playing Let’s Groove Tonight by Earth, Wind & Fire, okay?

Dr. Z: Oh, yes.

Clay: They’re playing that song and they go to September. You know, they go to September. They’re in there and then the guy goes into like Rapper’s Delight hip-hop. Then he plays Billie Jean by Michael Jackson. He’s on his own and all the sudden he goes you’re– It’s almost like they’re just like dead silence. Then he goes, if it hadn’t been for Cotton-Eye Joe, I’d been married long time ago, where did you go? All of a sudden the floor clears and then– Oh, Z’s getting calls right now from thrivers all over the world. Z, you’re a big deal.

Dr. Z: I know. How did that phone get turned on? It’s unbelievable.

Clay: The thing is that you get you get the Cotton-Eye Joe, kills the mojo. I went back home as a DJ, and I went back home, and took out my notepad. I said, “Do not play Cotton Eye Joe ever after these songs.”

Dr. Z: Right, exactly.

Clay: Over time I had made it better. I made it better. I made it better. When you got to the marketplace, this is the one thing about academia versus the marketplace. You have to fail first in the marketplace. You have to fail. You have to go out there with your song list. The best you can possibly do and be comfortable with screwing up someone’s wedding. I mean I remember up in the mic Z.

I remember going, “Oh, hey, folks. Whoa, whoa, that was the remix.” Then we switch it up and I would just change songs immediately because I’m like, “Not good,” and I would write down real quick. You’ve got to do that and that’s the one thing I see so much people who are educated. I’m not putting you in that category. I’m not labeling you, but you’re very educated.

Ted: I’m wearing a bow tie and a quarter of-

Clay: How long have you been to school?

Ted: Four years. I mean bachelor’s degree.

Clay: Okay, bachelor’s degree. So the thing is, I mean this sincerely, if you look at the world’s the industry changers, like, John D. Rockefeller, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Richard Branson

Ted: Why are all these people drop outs?

Clay: Not a lot of degrees there. Not a lot of degrees. The reason why is because these people are not afraid to fail forward. Z over here is a sick freak. He went to school for– Z, did you go for eight years or did you go just– How did you get your optometry degree? Did you just get– ?

Dr. Z: It was a long weekend in Puerto Rico. No. It was eight years undergrad. I got my undergraduate degree in mathematics, and then I got to my optometry degree from Northeastern State University. Go RiverHawks.

Ted: RiverHawks? I went there too.

Dr. Z: Well, very good.

Ted: It was Redmen back then. [crosstalk] name at all. I like the old name.

Dr. Z: I like RiverHawks. I think it’s cool.

Clay: What about Redmen RiverHawk, is that a thing?

Dr. Z: Write about a RedHawk.

Clay: Wait. Here’s the deal. I’m just telling you, you’ve got to go out there to the market place and test your idea. You’ve got to attempt to sell it and you’re going to get some serious rejection. That’s the part where I see people they’re just like, “I don’t know. Maybe my business isn’t a good idea.” No. You’ve got to get rejections. I talked about it earlier. Z, you got to get 100 rejections per yes at first.

Dr. Z: Absolutely. The thing about it is when people are starting a concept like this they get 20, 25, 30 rejections. The next thing you know they’re packed up their bag and they’re on to the next thing.

Clay: It’s not going to work. It’s not a good idea anymore. I can tell. I had 24s nos in a row, Z.

Dr. Z: I mean the thing about is, if you buckle up and say, “Listen I’m going to knock on 100 doors and I’m going to be happy if I get one yes.” That’s a strong statement, and you know what that is, that’s not going on a lot of doors, and they’re not going to get knocked on by themselves. I loved that when Clay was doing– Working in a call service. When they had to make calls, outgoing call sales calls.

He was making his the minimum that he had required in the day and there was a dude over there that would make this killing the sales. Everyday Clay would be looking at him going– His name was Ron. Great guy. He’d be like, “How is he killing that over there. What’s he doing? Is he saying something different? Is he going off script? What’s he doing?”

Clay: Is he bribing people?

Dr. Z: As he was over there and finally kind of picked on him and finally Ron was like, “Listen Clay, here’s the deal. You’re making 75 calls a day.” “Yes, that’s what I’m supposed to make. That’s– “

Clay: 75 baby, hit the minimum. Boom.

Dr. Z: Yes, that’s what I’m supposed to do. He goes, “I’ll tell you what, once you make 200 calls a day-

Clay: True story.

Dr. Z: -you’re going to two and a half times your sales just by-“

Clay: 200 calls a day.

Dr. Z: A day and [crosstalk] calls a day. I have to maybe cut my lunch short. I don’t know that I could go on a break with all the guys here [crosstalk] we think it’s a coffee we’ll be able to drink. The thing about it is that you’ve got to do that. I mean that’s step one; market. Know your prod– Make sure your product is solving a problem. Make sure people want it.

Otherwise, I just go let’s– Next business idea because so many times people go out there and they think, “Well that’s a great idea.” It’s not solving a problem. They’re not selling it for a profit and they wonder why their business fails. Unfortunately I hate– Clay, I hate this. I hate this number.

Clay: Don’t do. Why do you hate that number? Just because Forbes has reported it as true in fact does not mean you need to say.

Dr. Z: I hate this and we’re going to change this number. This is our singular goal with this show.

Ted: Yes, I know what this is.

Dr. Z: 80% of all business, started business out there, fail.

Clay: 80%.

Dr. Z: There’s zero excuse for that.

Clay: Here’s the deal thrivers though. I have started nine and so far none of them have failed. They’re all doing great. “Is he a genius?” No. Here’s the deal is. We know the 13-Point system and that’s what we’re going to teach you on January 20th and 21st right here at the world headquarters. Go to Literally if you’re listening right now and you know somebody whose business is in the toilet, or you just want to take your business to the next level, you need to come to this because the business coach is going to teach you how to create financial freedom and time freedom.

There’s no up sells. We don’t have anything else to sell you. The thing is we have a scholarship programs that’s affordable for everybody. Now Z, we’re going to skip ahead just for sake of time. I want to skip ahead a little bit. Z, the F6 goals. When you get going with your business, you’ve got to know your F6 goals. You’ve got to know what your goals are for your faith. “For faith? What do you mean?” That’s why I don’t do Sunday appointments because i’m at the mint. The second is family. You got to get your family goals. I had to go at five kids.

Dr. Z: Are you Mormon? Human kids?

Clay: I don’t know. I haven’t looked into it.

Dr. Z: Are you sure you’re not Mormon?

Clay: Yes, I’m not Mormon. The third is fitness. When are you going to work out? Four; friends. “You mean you have to stay in touch with people if you want to get close to them and stay close to them? That’s weird.” Five; finances, and six; fun. Z, talk to us pontificate. Tell us. Coach us about these F6. Why is it so important to know what you’re all about?

Dr. Z: You’ve got to be balanced. I’ll tell you what. No we’re not here to teach you how to be the Soup Nazi. We’re not here to have a successful business but you’d be a dude that nobody wants to hang out with.

Clay: No soup for you. No soup for you.

Dr. Z: He’s got a line outside the door but nobody in the right mind is waiting in line-

hopefully that they gonna be getting their soup for the day, right? We want you to have a successful business and be a balanced person. We want all your dreams to be fulfilled and you know what, let me tell you three few things, Clay. In our in person workshop January 20th and 21st we have, it’s 15 hours long, this is just a few of the topics we are going to go over, okay? Branding marketing.

Clay: Who needs to know how to do branding and marketing? Not me, I am the wizard.

Dr. Z: Lead generation sales conversion.

Clay: Okay, I could see maybe needing to know that.

Dr. Z: Well, I just thought [unintelligible 01:00:31] I just hire a outgoing person, they take care of all my sales.

Clay: Might just oursource it to India, basically.

Dr. Z: Leadership.

Clay: No, I don’t know– I just lead myself, they’re all in India.

Dr. Z: And a lot of people– You start a business and guess what? All of a sudden find themselves that they’re the leader of this organization, they’re like, “How do I– What do I do? How do I handle that?” Financial management.

Clay: Financial management.

Dr. Z: Okay, now you start to make money, now what do you do with it?

Clay: But I’m a praise and worship leader, why do I need to learn financial management?

Dr. Z: Everybody needs to learn it, because you know why? Because we are going to make sure you have the finances coming in, through our 13 steps system that you are going to have to manage it.

Clay: Now, Thrivers, when we come back we’re going to teach you more about how to turn your dreams into reality but I’m going to turn the microphone over to mister Murtinhoff, praise and worship leader of the Metropolitan Baptist Church, he’s going to sing his dream.

Ted: [singing] In the still of the night I held you, held you tight because I love, love you so, promise I’ll never let you go–

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Announcer: You’re listening to The Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio 1170.

Clay: All right, thrive nation, welcome back. I’ll tell you what, this is an incredible day, I believe it’s the day the Lord has made, maybe you go, “I don’t believe in that”, but it’s a good day, it’s a great day. The thing is, Thrivers, it is a great day, we could not be more excited, I’ll tell you what. If you have got two feet and a heart that beats, life is sweet. Maybe you don’t have two feet, maybe you don’t have a heart that beats, then your life is sweet.

The thing is, though, every day is what you make of it. I was in Las Vegas, at Caesar’s Palace, right out there– Z, what’s the place where they have the fountain that dances to music?

Dr. Z: Bellagio.

Clay: So I’m in front of the Bellagio, and there’s a guy that, I’m not exaggerating, he is painting caricatures with his teeth. He has no arms, and he’s painting with his teeth. My wife and I are going, “No way”.

Dr. Z: Way.

Clay: And he’s just painting and people are paying him, the line, people are lining up and I’m going, “This guy is living his dream.” I talked to the guy and I said, “How long have you been doing this?” He says, “A few years. I just had to get to a place like Las Vegas where there’s traffic like this. This is what I’ve dreamed of.” And I’m going, “Oh my–” and I just sat there and watched the guy to a point where it’s probably getting disturbing, he was probably going, “Why is he looking at me?” But he’s living his dream.

Then there’s Ryan Tedder, a Tulsa, Oklahoma native who I went to college with at Oral Roberts University, he’s the frontman for One Republic and his dream, he used to say it in college, he goes, “I want to write a song for Paul McCartney and for U2.” Well, he just wrote a song for U2. He’s almost there. He’s writing songs for the big people. He’s writing songs for Beyonce, he’s writing songs for Adele, the who’s who of music. That’s his dream. But we all have a different dream.

If you’re listening right now, every single person has a different dream and I want you to go and get out a sheet of paper, Z is it okay if somebody gets out a sheet of paper while they’re at Oklahoma Joe’s, having their lunch? Is that acceptable?

Dr. Z: Absolutely, yes. You can write while you’re eating burnt ends all day long.

Clay: So, here’s the deal. Get out a sheet of paper, I want you to write down these six areas, because if you do this, the power of writing this down will change the game for you. One is faith. I want you to write down when are you going to practice your faith. When? Not just your faith goal in a broad way, but when. Two, family. When are you going to spend time with your family? Three, fitness. When? Well, time out. Lee Cockrell, the guy who used to manage Walt Disney World Resorts, one of our partners, he used to manage 40,000 people. He says this, “What you schedule gets done.” Oh, that doesn’t seem very nice.

Four, friends. When will you spend time with friends? Five, finances. When will you look at your checkbook? “My checkbook, look at that, I thought I would just–” No, get a look at it. Six, fun. When will you have some fun? So I want to pick on Murtin over here, Mr. Murtinhoff, the praise and worship leader of the Metropolitan Baptist. Z, we’re going to interrogate, you and me, we’re teaming up here.

Dr. Z: Okay there.

Clay: So what are your faith goals, bro? What are your, can you show that on the air? What are your faith goals? What are your goals with your faith?

Ted: Well, considering I’m a faith man, I just love God and I want to be able to work this thing out. Faith is believing what you don’t see. I believe it’s just that, so I believe it’s everything. I don’t know how to find the balance in that yet, I’m learning right now about the balance, but I believe it’s in everyday believing in what we don’t see.

Clay: Now, family. Let’s talk about it. There’s somebody listening right now, I know there’s a guy I’m very good friends with, who’s very single, he doesn’t have any kids, he doesn’t want any kids, doesn’t want to get married, he’s just straight up myopic focused and he loves that single coating, living by myself, coating, traveling, traveling, coating, single guy– And other people listening go, “I want to have a family some day, I want to have kids”, some people go, “I already have my kids, I want to go explore my new thing–“

Talk to me about your family goals. What are your family goals? Do you have any family goals?

Ted: Yes. I guess it’s balancing it all out. I just got married about a year ago and now I have a new baby girl on the way.

Clay: Oh, congratulations.

Dr. Z: Congratulations.

Ted: Thank you. Have a new daughter on the way in about another four weeks or so, so my life is probably going to change, but before all of that–

Dr. Z: Probably. Time out.

Ted: Probably, yes.

Dr. Z: Yes. You think “probably”? It’s going to change, bro. Trust me. Oh, it’s going to change.

Ted: But before that I had three sisters, growing up in a very musical household, my mom, dad, my parents– So, even balancing all of that out with spending time with my family there and in Florida, I had to find a balance, even now, being a wife, to have three sisters in there all [unintelligible 01:07:18] , now they’ve got to share their brother, they haven’t had to share him for 35 years. So, now they’ve got to share me with my new wife and they’re doing a great job at it, though.

Clay: Now, life starts to get a little complicated when you have two Fs, because, I’m just going to tell you, my life– This is what happened for me is, I remember growing my business, growing, before we sold it we were doing 4000 events a year, and I remember all of a sudden my son is born blind when I’m growing the business. I remember putting that on my list, because I was going, “Hey, I got my faith goal, I got my family goals”, none of them were to deal with the handicap of the kid. Then, my dad, he got ALS. I remember he called me and said, “You’re the people I talk to about it”. My dad calls me and says, “Son, I’m going to die soon.”

Just hearing that was– He just passed away four months ago. The profundity of trying– Nothing’s going to be perfect. You can’t put it on a piece of paper. “Oh, faith, this one is perfect.” What you’ve got to do is you’ve got to define your ideal and you’ve got to begin to adjust to it. Okay, now, fitness. You are a tall man, how tall are you?

Ted: Six four.

Clay: Six four?

Ted: Yes, sir.

Clay: Do you have fitness goals? Do you jog a lot, do you run a lot? Do you just have this incredible metabolism, what’s your deal?

Ted: I have fitness goals, I work out about four days a week. I want to do a physique competiton one day. That really is, get my eating together and–

Clay: When you work out, do you have a guy like Mick who’s chasing you and going “Murt, come on Murt.”

Ted: I’ve got a trainer, he’s really tough on me.

Clay: You have a trainer? Really?

Ted: Yes.

Clay: Okay.

Announcer: You’re listening to The Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio 1170.

Clay: Now, friends. Z, I’m going to ask you about friends. You’ve got a lot–

Dr. Z: You’re not going to ask me if I’m going to do a fitness show?

Ted: No.

Dr. Z: You just, you guys just went right over that.

Clay: I’m going to say this because, here is what I see–

Dr. Z: What are you saying?

Clay: I’m saying you are a beautiful man and I just– I’m telling you what, if this show was a TV show it could be called “Doctor Z’s body.” That’s not what this show– Here the thing is–

Dr. Z: “The Wonderland” it called.

Clay: Now here the thing is, you have a lot of people who’ve listened to you over the years on the radio, who you’ve met, customers and so many people want to get to know you. I’ve seen that where people want to get to know you, take you out to lunch, take you out to diner, but you’ve met a lot of great people along the way too that you want to spend time with, that you already know. You already know them and you want to stay in fellowship with them.

Dr. Z: Correct.

Clay: Talk to me about your boundaries for friendships and how do you block out time for family and friends. How are you doing it at this age of 52?

Dr. Z: Well, I’ll tell you what. There’s a word you have to get into your vocabulary which is going to sound mean–

Clay: Bacon?

Dr. Z: No, but not bacon. Which is a fine food– by itself-

Clay: I was just trying to help you out there.

Dr. Z: -don’t get me wrong who doesn’t like a little of fried bacon in the morning or just the smell of it. Now it’s a word, it’s a two letter word and it’s called No.

Clay: No.

Dr. Z: No.

Clay: Oby one can oby?

Dr. Z: No, no, no. Listen if you suggest to every request that came into your email, to your text, people on the street. People that want part of your day, part of your time if you said yes to every one of them. Then you would not have time for your other five Fs.

Clay: Man, I’m going tell what man? You sound like a mean person, probably a hateful person, probably all do, you just turn me down. I’m trying to suit your LinkedIn request, trying to suit your facebook. It’s like you’re too good for me man just because I don’t wear pants. Just because I don’t wear pants doesn’t mean you can judge me see.

Dr. Z: No, bro. I tell you what, it’s not a rocket science sometimes even I get it wrong and sometimes you get it right. That’s fine when you get it right. It’s kind of a gut feeling I mean. I go through the day and people pull on you, people want to people stuff, people want a little piece of your time, people want lunch, they want dinner. They want happier meeting whatever it is.

You’ve got, number one you’ve got a schedule and what you are going to do with your schedule. Number two, you’ve also got to figure out how much of your day you are going give to that thing.

Clay: That thing?

Dr. Z: That thing is friends, that thing is the Fs you know. You can’t give it all because you run out of the others

Clay: Stay tuned, Thrive Time Show.

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Announcer: Live, local, now, you’re listening to the Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio 1170.

Clay: All right thrive nation check it out, Dan MacKenna was just in the studio you can see we’re on Facebook live. He is walking by, that’s the unicorn. Dan MacKenna the star of the Hustle Show, co-founder of Thrive Kind of a big deal, kind of Irish, kind of excited. That’s why today we’re talking about how to turn your dreams into reality. How to turn your dreams into reality and so many of you, literally thousands of you have emailed us and have said, when are your workshops? When are they?

Z and I have all the details together for you. Early once– we have a few more coming up, they’ve already sold out. We keep them small, we’re not talking about 4000 people bouncing around the beach ball going, “How do you feel?” No, this is detailed, specific, deep dive, hey I’m trying to figure out how to start my business I have a question sir, that’s what we’re talking about. It’s a two-day workshop.

January 20th through the 21st. All you got to do is go to you’ll find all the details there you can see the agenda. You can see the topics. We teach branding, sales, marketing, search engine optimization, how to raise capital, how to fire people, how to hire people. How can you guys pack it in? It’s two days and we spend zero of the conference up-selling anything. Literally, there is nothing to up-sell, we literally have a one on one business coaching program if you want it and we have the two-day workshop with help from the business coach. We have a scholarship program Z, so it’s affordable for everybody.

Dr. Z: It’s affordable for everybody. You will not be turned down due to money, I promise you that. I think one of the most important breakout sessions that we do, when things I hear them, I hear this over and over and over by young entrepreneurs, I say why are you not getting your stuff done. They always come shrugging their shoulders, man I don’t have time.

Clay: I don’t have time, brother.

Dr. Z: I don’t have time brother.

Clay: Brother

Dr. Z: Brother, I just don’t have enough time.

Clay: That is the thing.

Dr. Z: We do a whole thing, on a whole thing, we do a whole segment on time management then I say what time management? Yes, I’ll tell you what, if you manage your time well, you’ll be able to do all these things. If you’re not managing your time well, you may know about search engine optimization vis-a-vis workshop. You may learn about service product delivery, you may learn about marketing, you may learn about all these different things.

You may say, ” Man I know all this stuff but how am I going to get it done?” I think one of the most important segments we do, it might be Clay is the time management. We’ve got the guru of gurus that help teach us about time management. That’s Lee Cockerell. He wrote a book, he speaks, he was the former-

Clay: Executive Vice President of Walt Disney World. Just talk of-

Dr. Z: Don’t think I want Disney.

Clay: -40 000 people work there. A million people a week visit. He built the systems and he’s teaching you how to do it.

Dr. Z: He’s teaching you how to do it. I’ll tell you what, that could be the foundation that we lay all the other stuff on because if you don’t know how to manage your time, you can’t get it done.

Clay: Now I want to define the finish line, let’s say that you come to the workshop and you go, “Okay, you crazy guys I’m going to come up to your workshop.” What is the finish line look like? I’m going to read to you what I believe the finish line to be.

Dr. Z: All right, read it.

Clay: The finish line is when you build a truly scalable and massively successful business that creates time freedom and financial freedom for you.

Dr. Z: Say that again, say that again.

Clay: When you can create a sustainable business that can create– is scalable, a business that can scale that can create time freedom and financial freedom for you. Check it out, in exchange for offering value to the customer. Okay, proverbs talks about gaining wealth through folly, not good. You know we are not scamming people, we’re not selling a non-real product, okay. We’re talking about making a real product that people really love in exchange for your time and financial freedom.

We’re talking about these F six, these goals you are striving for.The first F we talked about is faith, the second one is family, the third is fitness, the fourth is friends and now moving on to five which is finance. We have a very special guest, Ted and Ted you’re on the show and you’ve obviously been around the block. You’ve written articles for successful publications. You’ve had successes Ted King on the show here today. Ted when we talk about finances and goals what questions do you have for Doctor Z about may be financial goals? Do you have any questions about financial goals?

Ted: I do, you’ve told me that I need to figure out how much I need to bring in every month, every month. No, every week or is it every month?

Dr. Z: I’d really encourage you to break it down to the smallest amount possible.

Ted: So it will be every week?

Clay: Yes.

Ted: Okay, I would want to know should I get a loan, should I not get a loan? Should I offer people sort of a trade, I’d give them ad space, they give me money? Do I look for a partner? That sort of thing.

Clay: If I was Martin, I want to pick Martin for a second. Martin has a product that people want.

Dr. Z: A product.

Clay: I mean that because I love R’n’B, I’m a R’n’B connoisseur. I listen to music, I listen to so much music I can just tell you, that’s good. Or uh oh and when you say uh oh you kind of say your fingers have to sing. Have you all been to church before when the person who’s suppose to sing gets and your friend’s fiiling in? They’re getting up there and you’re going, “Uh oh”.

The thing is once you have a product and I see people, I was at church on Sunday, Christmas Sunday. The guy who sat behind me he goes,– You go that Kirk Franklin song can you do that real quickly whether that was something [someone singing] The guy behind me goes, “Uh oh.” He goes, “He’s going to do it, he’s going to do it.” You can tell he’s excited, so you know you’ve got a good product because you know it’s a good product, I would spend copious amounts of money marketing the product.

Announcer: You’re listening to the Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio 1170.

Clay: If I were Martin, I would record a series of Youtube videos that demonstrate what my talents or my skill and I would– on Youtube they have those pre-role videos that play before you can watch the video. If you’re trying to watch John Legend before he comes up to sing, I’d have to watch the first five seconds of your commercial

Dr. Z: Commercial.

Clay: I can’t turn it off because you’ve paid because you’re an advertiser. If you’re spending like 20 bucks a day on that, I promise you that people are going to hit and they’re going to your website and you’re going to get downloads and boom boom boom. If you’ve a product you’re not certain of I would be hesitant to put out a loan, to get a loan. I would be more intentional, Z may be you disagree.

I would be concerned about making sure you have two jobs, and you kind of moonlight. Which is what I do with my first business, DJ Connection because I wasn’t sure that people wanted it. I had to have two jobs, actually three jobs in addition to DJing. I worked at Applebees target and direct tv. I self-funded funded my business. Does that make sense Ted?

Ted: Yes, it does.

Clay: Do you have questions about that?[unintelligible 01:19:38] some clarifying?

Ted: I had an idea for seller ads, 15-second ads for really good videos stories. They will be something like, “Bobs Garage we’ve been serving the [unintelligible 01:19:50] for 15 years. That’s a year for each second of this ad, Bobs Garage,” and then you go to the story. It’s a captive audience you see. If it’s something that they would want to see.

Like a car wreck or something.

Clay: If it is a product that people want, I will have no reservation telling anyone. If you know people are already buying your thing and you already see the scale of it, I have no reservation to get the small business, would you agree to get a small business loan.

Dr. Z: Absolutely, if you got to believe, the thing about it is that a lot of businesses, that 80% mark again, they fail, they’re under-capitalized, so the idea that you’re not going to gamble on your business so to speak.

Clay: Gamble is like a bad word.

Dr. Z: No it’s not.

Clay: Why is it you always talk about gambling on the show, just quit, its like, “I got to go to [unintelligible 01:20:30] , it sucks”.

Dr. Z: I got to go back to[unintelligible 01:20:33] got to win a 800 number. No, I’m just saying, if you don’t believe in it enough, that you’re not going to put your own skin in the game i.e skin maybe: borrowing money, finding investors, getting other people excited about the vision and make sure you have enough capital behind it, because guess what, you’re going to have some failures, you’re going to knock on some doors people are going to say, “No”, and you got-

Clay: What?This is not a positive show, that’s it.

Dr. Z: [laughs]It’s going to happen, sorry, it’s going to happen, but you got to be- you know what, you fell first, you can go forward and the next segment we’re going to go over the four steps you’re going to need to follow and if you follow these steps and you do them religiously, I can use that word today, in other words with determination and commitment, all these four steps we’re getting ready when we come back from the next break we’ll go over Ted. Guess what?This could be part of the key to success.

Clay: Get on,, checkout the conference, get serious be there.


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Announcer: You’re listening to the thrive time show on talk radio 1170.

Clay: Alright thrivers welcome back, my name is Clay Clerk former SPA entrepreneur of the year and business coach in your ear and I am joined here with the man who’s returned from his diplomatic mission to Guatemala . He has started Dr. Robert Zoellner and associates.

He started Auto auction, he’s helped start a bank when he wasn’t doing those things, when he wasn’t screwing around with those businesses, he started a horse breeding facility, he started A to Z medical, it’s a durable equipment company, he wears soccer jersey, he’s my friend, he’s my mentor, it’s Dr. Robert Zoellner, sir how are you?

Dr. Z: Thrive nation its hunt day, it’s Wednesday, you know it’s that magical week in between Christmas and New year’s, it’s the last week of the year-

Clay: I have a name for this week, I call it the holla plagues, I can’t stand this week.

Dr. Z: What do you mean you cant stand this week?

Clay: I like this day but here’s what I see, I see so many people who all their dreams they just stop them for a week and they just sort of look around looking for something to eat, that’s what I see, I call it the holla plague, they’re like, “have you any left over pumpkin?”

Dr. Z: Can I inject something here?

Clay: Yes.

Dr. Z: I hate new year’s eve, I’ll tell you why I hate them. First of all it’s a bunch of amateur drinkers, we need more professional[unintelligible 01:24:20] like myself. The other thing that wrong with it is, you wait until midnight to say happy January, the worst month of the year, sorry about all those who were born in January, my mother was born in January, I love you very much but I hate January


Clay: You see change of perspective[unintelligible 01:24:46] South America. It’s not about the month it’s about where you are.

Dr. Z: That’s true, that’s a very good point, its probably very nice to South American.

Clay: Now today we have very special guests on the show, we have Mr. Martin Huff the praise and worship leader for the metropolitan baptist on the show and we’ve got Mr. Ted, I’m going to call him Mr. Ted talks on the show. Ted you asked me a question of the air, if you look in here at the background, if you’re on Facebook live you can see it and you saw the Elon Musk quote that says you have to work like hell and you have to work 80 hours a week to make things happen, then also you’ve quoted the 4 hour work week in 10 pairs, what’s your question?

Ted: Isn’t there a contradiction time, why is there?

Clay: Well I’ll tell you this, you know how many hours a week I work right now on the Elephant in the room or men’s grooming lounge, do you want to guess?

Ted: This is one of your endeavors.

Clay: Maybe how many hours a week do you think i work on this.

Ted: I’m going to say 35.

Clay: Two.

Ted: Really.

Clay: Yes, never more than two, maybe an hour usually, because I have the guard rails.

Ted: You help competent people, you hope.

Clay: We do group interviews every week, it’s called guard rails, but we do a group interview every week, so if you’re not a good fit just like the patriots, I’m going to cut you, no emotions i just talk to you, I warn you three times cut you [unintelligible 01:25:59], we have an online marketing campaign that works, we’ve called it the three legged stool or the three pigs. We have three marketing systems, we have the online-we’re top in google, we know how to do that, by the way in our workshops we can teach you how to be top in google.

Mark your calendars, January 20th and 21st, the business coach will teach how to get to the top of google, it’s not luck, we teach you it’s a system. Two, we do mailers, three we do-it’s kind of online Ads, we teach you how to code them up, do that, we have a training system that’s- the thing is when we started it, how many hours was I working. I want to ask you, how many hours were you working when you built your optometry clinic. The first year how many hours were you working?

Ted: I’m [unintelligible 01:26:40] thinking I had 60 plus and probably closer to 80, I know that sounds crazy but we worked seven days a week and I was working, you’re trying to build-why not.

Clay: I have five kids, I remember getting up at 3AM working until 5PM every single day for [unintelligible 01:26:56] for almost a year, everyday but Sunday, 12 hours a day, 14 hours a day for Friday. You got to work towards the system, what you get orbited just keeping it up there.

Ted: I like your rock analogy you used before Clay, that’s really very good and it’s a good way to think about it. When that rock has taken off it requires a lot of fuel, a lot of energy, but once it gets out of the earth’s gravitational pull, this is just rocket science 101, once it gets out of that gravitational pull, it takes a lot less energy to keep it going.

Clay: Thrivers, this is the four step process that you must do to turn your vision into reality. I call it the entrepreneurship rhythm.

Ted: Wait, before you do it, we got to get to the number six on the F thing, F6.

Clay: I always try to skip that one.

Ted: I’m surprised.

Clay: I’m so serious all the time.

Ted: All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

Clay: Whats it with always Jack, its like I met him.

Ted: Or Billy or whoever you are.

Clay: Yes Billy, rip Billy, he deserves that.

Ted: Okay Billy, rip Billy, No what I’m saying folks is that, Clay had his five steps down and every time he goes his five steps, faith, family, finance, fitness, friends and then I go, “There’s number six, what’s the sixth one?”

Clay: We’re done having the [unintelligible 01:28:14] F5 we’re serious about success, we’ve had our F5 and then he interrupts with this-

Ted: You got to have some fun, you got to enjoy the moment, you got to enjoy the journey and you got to have a little bit of fun along the way, you got to mix that in there okay, in with your business, its one of my principles. You got to know when to cook the pig you got to know when to celebrate, you got to know when to have a little bit of fun.

Clay: You got to do[unintelligible 01:28:33] once in a while, you’v taught me this.

Ted: You got to spike the ball every now and then and do a little[drum sound].

Clay: But don’t be Lionell latin spike it before you get into the end zone.

Ted: Now into the four steps, here we go, very important.

Clay: So step one is define and thrivers I want you to write this down okay, get a shit of paper I’m going to give you a second, here we go: define, act, measure, refine, I repeat, define, act, measure, refine, so define. Martin with your musical career Martin Huff, Praise and worship leader for the metropolitan baptist church, unbelievable, define for me what success in your career looks like.

Martin: What success in the music field looks like-

Clay: Yes for you.

Martin: For me, a very broad audience of listeners, people who download my music, they want to hear it, they are, ” Where can I go get it”, they are online, they are iTunes, streaming,whatever.

Clay: What I’m going to do is we’re going to break it down and you want to get really specific into the smallest detailed action like a daily, you want to break out that calendar. Define how are we gong to do that, so for you specifically, you have a product that is very good, if you go to the metropolitan baptist and you hear him sing, it’s like going to a John legend concert, it’s unbelievable but here the thing is, you define by how I’m I going to do it, well we know people are on YouTube okay, we know people are on websites listening to music right now, we know they are on spotify right.

We know they’re on Spotify, right, we know they’re on iTunes, we know they’re, so we have to be where the people are. I believe, you’ll do well through Youtube advertising. I believe you’re going to do well if you’re Spotify commercials that interrupt other artists. I believe these things. I believe Soundcloud will be a good place for you to be. But I don’t know. I guess. Z, we guess, we have to start to act.

Dr. Z: Exactly. You’ve got to go ahead and step out there and make a best educated guess. If its all for certain, it wouldn’t be entrepreneurship. It’d be a job.

Clay:That’s right. So you have to take a little bit of a risk and you act. Here’s the part where people don’t get it on. They do not act. They just go now, “what was that again?”. Travis when you come to this conference, I’m going to bless you right now with something, this is you, this is a notable quotable from Napoleon Hill. He says “action is the real measure of intelligence.”

Dr. Z: I love that quote.


Clay: Thomas Edison says “that vision without execution is hallucination.” You got to act, so once you act, now here’s the part where people get wrong now. Some people go “I did, I acted, I acted, I’m so busy, I’m acting, I’m acting, I’m acting.” But you got to take a time out. Time out. You got to measure. Did it work? What were the matrix? Is this ad working? Z, when you ran your first commercials, you had some pretty quick wins, when did you realised, “Ho, this ad is working.”

Dr. Z: I’ll tell you what, when the firsts ad I had worked, I did a coupon. It was a coupon driven ad. They had to bring the coupon in. Sounds crazy, I know, thats so “old school” but you could do the same thing. Print it off the internet. Go to the website. They have to have the actual thing. You can also have a phone number that they call on the ad that rings just from that ad. You can measure that.

Clay: And then you got to refine. Once you get the data, you’ve got to refine. Martin, can you just play a song that you’ve been working on for a while, okay, where you define your minus song is going to be this certain way. You’ve pry played it for a few people. You probably refined it over time.

Martin: Oh man, I’m working on one right now. It’s kind of a war song and the lyrics have changed a couple of times and the melody, trying to make it work.

Clay: So now you’re kind of getting into a point where you’re starting to measure it a little bit and now you’re starting to refine it to a part where you’re going, hey this is actually a good piece of music. Can you play us, we want to hear your dream on the radio here on Thrive Time Show.

Martin: Okay. sings “Question, how do we make the world a better place? Can we move beyond the pain of yesterday? Together we can restore faith in humanity. But it’s gonna take courage to make a difference. Getting tired of the way things are. No time for blame. Let’s be the change we want to see.”

Clay: So that’s the song you’ve been working on for a while. When you started with that melody, or with that hook, or with that lyrics, or with that chord, you started and then you defined it then you acted, you measured and you refined. See that’s the rhythm of entrepreneurship.

Martin: Absolutely.

Dr. Z: That is the rhythm of entrepreneurship and I’ll tell you what folks we’re giving a call to act. We’re giving you a call to action. Come to our in person workshop, January 20 to 21st. You can go to, get information. You can even go to and get information about it. But there’s no reason for you not to act.

Clay: If you can’t afford it we have a scholarship program. Go to

[01:33:44] [END OF AUDIO]


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