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If you are an entrepreneur who is struggling to find that balance in your life,  this show is just for you. During this business coach radio show, the former U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the Year Clay Clark, and Dr. Z have Keith Schultz on the show today to walk you through how to manage your time and all that life throws at you.

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Let’s go.

Presenting the world’s only business school without the BS, with optometrist and entrepreneur, Dr. Robert Zoellner and the former Small Business Administration Entrepreneur of the Year, in your ear, Clay Clark. It’s the Thrive Time show on Talk Radio 1170. Three, two, one boom.


Clay: All right T-town, are you ready to throw down? Are you ready to learn how to start or grow a successful business? Are you somebody who’s crazy enough to start your own business? According to Forbes, Dr. Z, according to Forbes, 57% of our listeners are a little bit crazy. They want to start a business at some point, Dr. Zoellner.

Dr. Zoellner: If you’re in the car and you’re driving to lunch because it’s noon on Thursday and you’re thinking to yourself, “I’m hungry and I don’t want to eat this chicken salad sandwich I packed this morning, I want to do something different.” You’re driving the car and you got your buddy, your co-worker or you’re in your cubicle or you’re in your job and you’re sitting there thinking, “I do want to start a business.” And you look to your right and your left, odds are that both the people on either side of you do.

Clay: They do. I’m telling you, 57% of people out there want to start and grow a business. I’m going to go ahead and give you a definition as to why I believe that you should start a business if you’re on the fence and you’re going, “I don’t know, why would I want to do that?” I’m going to give it to you here, okay? The world does not pay you — This is the tough part- The world does not pay you for the hours you work. The world does not pay you for the number of hours you work. Period. They pay you for the amount of value that you can add to the world.

Dr. Z: Thank goodness for that.

Clay: If you are listening right now and you’re like, “Okay, I’m good, I can make $50,000 a year doing my thing.” Okay? I make $50,000 a year doing my thing. I remember I was working at a place called Faith Highway. It’s no longer in business. They sold the business but it used to be called Impact Productions.

I used to have to make 75 calls a day minimum. I got to a point where I studied the master in the room as we mentioned on yesterday’s show. If you’ve missed it, go to, studied him, got to where I was making 200 calls a day and I discovered I could make about $70,000 a year. That was cool because I never got anywhere close to that before that job. I was appreciative.

Dr. Z: Yes, absolutely. That’s the thing about it is, is that, you may be doing well, you may be doing well, you may be doing good, but this show is about taking good and turning it into great.

Clay: This is where I get excited because, the goal of the business is to build a scalable business that creates massive value in the marketplace without needing your direct everyday involvement, Dr. Z.

Dr. Z: Wait a second. You’re saying, let me get this straight, you’re telling me that I should work on my business, not in my business?

Clay: That’s why we have these two day 15 hour workshops because, you can’t just listen to a show for 10 minutes and go, “Okay, I have the keys to the universe, I’m off.” You’ve got to work on your business. We’re going to walk you through the methodical steps to do that and so, today what we’re talking about, today’s topic is how to maintain your focus and manage your time, your stresses, your family.

How to maintain focus while becoming a successful entrepreneur. How to maintain your focus while becoming –, there’s a lot of things pulling at you. We have with us a very special guest on the show today. We have Mr. Keith Schultz and he is the owner of a company in Tulsa called Witness Security. Keith, for people who don’t know what witness security is, what do you guys do?

Keith Schultz: We provide account security, video surveillance. What I tried to do when I started the company was just create an experience that was going to be a little bit out of the ordinary, out of the box, and be able to provide a service type industry that is different from the rest.

Clay: If I have a house, I just bought my house, maybe I’m going to buy a house and I’m going, “I want to have a security system.” Is that what you do?

Keith: That’s exactly what we do.

Clay: Dr. Z, have you ever purchased a security system in the past, have you ever done this?

Dr. Z: Yes, I have and I think it’s ironic that he wanted to get out of the box so therefore he came in the box.

Clay: Into the box that rocks?

Dr. Z: Into the box that rocks. You talk about, getting out of the box. I tell you what. You know what? Hey, listen. It’s the last week of the year. I’m telling you what, you’ve only got a few days left to change your 2016, and you know what? You’re probably not going to change it that much. But I’m telling you what, you can kick off 2017. We talk about being an entrepreneur, there’s a component to being an entrepreneur that’s acting. You’ve got to do. You’ve got to start. You’ve got to take the first step. You’ve got to say to yourself, “Okay, I’ve got a great idea, I think I can solve a problem with this idea.”

Clay: Basically, I can solve a problem with my great idea.

Dr. Z: [chuckles] And I can make a profit doing it.

Clay: I can make a profit.

Dr. Z: Those are the foundations, that’s okay. Now we got something to work on, okay? Now you’ve got to act. There’s no better way to get things kicked off for 2017 than to come to one of our in-person workshops. I know you’re listening to the Thrive Time Show on the radio and we appreciate that. I know you’re going to and listening to past shows because you missed part of the show, you were taking notes and you missed part of it. You go to and you can listen to or re-listen to any of our past shows that we’ve done on the air, okay? That’s good. That’s a good first step and I’m telling you what, In-Person Workshops you can actually come to the Thrive15 Headquarters. You can actually come see the box that rocks.

Clay: I don’t want to be upsold a bunch of things in the back of the room and I have seven dollars in my bank account.

Dr. Z: I give you the Dr. Z guarantee, we’re not going to bring you here and upsell you a bunch of junk. We’re not going to upsell you anything. We’re not going to sit there and make these [laughs] ridiculous statements about the top of the deal and go, “Hey, listen guys, the next 10 people that give me $10,000 I guarantee success. For a thousand dollars you can walk on these hot coals and I will change your life, and you get rich quick.” No, it’s not that. Listen, we go over it. It’s a two day workshop in person, here in Tulsa, Oklahoma, at our Thrive15 headquarters. You can see it behind us right now because we’re in the box that rocks. The aquarium I call it. You can see the cool setting. It happens right over here. I’ll tell you what we do. 15 hours of hands-on intensive business coaching.

Clay: Two days. 45 minute workshop, 15 minute break. 45 minute workshop, 15 minute break. Take notes, and by the way, they all get a copy of the Start Here book. You’ve got to register right now, you get a copy of the Start Here book, it’s right there for you. Looks like the Marlboro cigarette right there start here Z. Because once you get started you can’t stop, okay?


Dr. Z: Oh yes. You get addicted to it. I’ll tell you what. This book is awesome. Game changer right there in and of itself. You come to the In-Person Workshop and we have a scholarship program. You may be saying to yourself, “I can’t afford that.”

Clay: We can help you.

Dr. Zoellner: We can help you. We have local businessmen and women in the community that say “listen, this workshop is a game changer and I want to dedicate some money, I want to donate some money in your scholarship program because I feel that strongly about it.” Anybody wanting to start a business or say you’ve got a business and you want to grow your business and want to learn from a business coach. You want to learn the practical steps to do that. We’ve got it for you. January 20th and 21st.

Clay: January 20th and 21st. Register now. I’m just telling you what you don’t want to miss out. It’s a smaller setting, we don’t have thousands of people bouncing beach balls. It’s very specific, very detailed. We’re going to get into it now, okay?

Announcer: You’re listening to the Thrive Time Show on Talk radio 1170.

Dr. Z: Hold on a second. I know we’ve been tinning it up and teasing them, they’d go, “Where do I go to find this?” Hey, listen. Two places you can go and get all the information you need. You can go to

Clay: On the internet?

Dr. Z: [laughs] yes. On the internet, thank you, Al Gore. Or you could go to, and both those websites have all the information you have, they break it down for you so you can say to yourself, “That’s for me” or “It’s not for me.” Just kick off your 2017 the right way. Act.

Clay: Got to act thrivers. Now we’re talking today about how to turn your dreams into reality while maintaining focus because life throws a lot of curve balls at you. Step number one. You’ve got to have Meta time.

Dr. Z: What? What does that mean?

Clay: Meta comes from the Greek work meaning above or beyond. Those of you who may be people of faith, Christian people, typically call it “quiet time”. I’m just going to say it’s got to be a time where you can reflect upon the day that just happened. What went well, what didn’t go well. How to improve your systems, problems you have. Thinking proactively about your day and going, “Okay, today, this is a day that I’ve been given, and how am I going to invest this day? What do I need to get done today?” Dr. Z, when it comes down to meta-time, word is so many people screw that up. Motivated entrepreneurs really struggling. Why do a lot of people get stuck right there?

Dr. Z: A lot of people get stuck in what I call busyness. One thing that I learned from Lee Cockerell, he’s one of our mentors on, he does a beautiful job in teaching and coaching time management. We’ve integrated his system into the Thrive Nation System of time management. I feel like so many people don’t get stuff done because they don’t manage their time well. You have to set it aside. You have to be proactive in doing this. The 30 minutes in the morning that I take, or sometimes and hour, depends on the day. You might call it your coffee drinking time but, you want to be proactive and set that aside. You want to get all the distractions away. What does that mean? Turn your

phone off, yes I mean turn you’re phone off.

Clay: Turn my phone off?

[cross talk]

Clay: I can die.

Dr. Z: [laughs]

Clay: Will I die? My pacemaker.

Dr. Z: This just in, it’s been verified, you will not die if you turn off your phone. You could mark that up your list Clay okay.

Clay: Can you stay connected to the Facebook while you’re phone’s off?

Dr. Z: No it’s not Facebook time, it’s not Instagram, you’re not snap-chatting. Turn your phone off, set it to the side okay.

Clay: Why?

Dr. Z: [laughs] Because it’s a distraction. What you do is you be proactive. I’m going to mark off on my calendar today from this time to this time. 8:00 to 8:30, 7:30 to 8:00, 6:00 to 6:30, whenever that is. Your going to have that meditime, you’re going to have that quiet time to think about what happened yesterday, the wins the losses. You’re going to think about what you can doing today, you’re going to go over your schedule, you’re going to be purposeful about it because you’re going to get done once you get scheduled.

Clay: Thrivers we have a downloadable you can have access to when you come to the workshop. It’s a template for how to block out your meditime, how to schedule your morning time. We have that for you, the proven system from Lee Cockerell.

Keith I want to ask you because obviously witness security– You had an idea, you had a dream to start a business. It’s doing well, you obviously want to take it to another level too. It’s doing well and like any entrepreneur you want to take it to the next level. What question would you have for Dr. Z about distractions or– You can ask the man anything what questions would you have about dealing with distractions?

[cross talk]

Keith: I’d say as far as setting aside– Like in my time we talk about meditime. Mine is around 5:30 in the morning.

Clay: 5:30?

Keith: 5:30 to about 6:00. Even though my phone ring frequently it don’t ring at that time. I’m good with that but at the same time as far as setting aside time to work on my business throughout the day because my phone does ring a lot. That’s what my question would be.

Dr. Z: Here again you’ve got to be purposeful in that. First of all you’ve got to say to yourself what I need to work on. What are my goals, what needs to be fixed, where is the problem you’ve got to fail-fast, you’ve got to fail forward. A lot of time people are like, “Hey I want to work on my business, cricket” and they’re going, “What do I do?” I think a lot of times what we need to do is be purposeful in what we’re working on. So many times people spin their wheels working on something that– when they can’t fix, it’s too-big-a problem, you’ve got to break it down into bite-size things. The boss makes big-

Clay: Obstacles-

Dr. Z: -seem-

Clay: -small.

Dr. Z: Thank you.

Clay: Boom.

Dr. Z: Boom. As a boss, you’ve got to make those big obstacles seem small. What does that mean? That means even to you, you’ve got to take those and you say. “I want to open up Oklahoma City branch.” That’s an obstacle. I want to get outside Tossa now, I want to maybe go to big Spear when the suburbs around. I want to be more purposeful in that, so then you had to break that down. What are the steps to do that?

Clay: I have a special gift I want to share with you Z. This relates to this topic.

Dr. Z: This is kind of Christmas a gift.

[cross talk]

Clay: Your book-

Dr. Z: It’s a late Christmas.

Clay: -your upcoming book is called The Business Peak.

Dr. Z: Yes.

Clay: While you were out at Guatemala I’ve been looking for an illustrator and I’ve found the illustrator to illustrate the book. You go to you’re going to see a picture of Dr. Z with a pig and we have an illustrator that’s going to be starting, we’ve commissioned him to begin illustrating the book starting next week.

Dr. Z: That’s like the gift that keeps giving.

Clay: That wasn’t on my list of the things to get done, so to your point you have to know what you need to do. I called the deep dives but I put it on my list. Whenever I have like 10 minutes to go deep, I work on my deep dives. I was like I need to reach out, I need to find an illustrator. I’ve been interviewing all these people, all of these artists, all of these designers and I found the guy. Johnny if your listening, Johnny, he’s the dude, he’s the man.

Dr. Z: He’s the dude.

Clay: He’s going to be drawing the book. It’s going to be great so stay tuned thrivers we’re going to talk about how to stay focused while growing your business. Thrive Time Show.

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Clay: Boom, boom and boom welcome back we’re in your room or in your car or we are in– We’re somewhere where you are. It’s the Thrive Time Show, your audio dojo of mojo fo sho. I’d like to do in this segment- It’s kind of a thing I’ve been trying here, it’s a little social science experiment Z I’ve been trying. I’ll mention someone’s name and then I’ll see how long it takes before someone texts me, before that person texts me back. I’m going to try it right now. It’s kind of like that game of– What’s the game? the telephone game where I tell you a message and you tell someone else. Here’s the thing, if you know Terry Fisher. If you’re listening right now, you know Terry Fisher Tossa entrepreneur. If you know Terry Fisher tell him, “Terry they’re talking about you.” His company is called Trinity Chemical a great company in Tossa. They haul hazardous waste materials. If you know Terry Fisher reach out, text him, go on Facebook hit him up say, “They’re talking about you on the radio.” Get on there and have him text me.

We did that the other day with Sean Coplin, the president of region bank and he had some fun with that, you’re down in Guatemala he’s sending you a text, it’s a lot of fun. Thrivers seriously this is the show we feature local Oklahomies like Terry Fisher, like Dr Zoellner, like the sponsor of our show Oklahoma Joe’s. We feature these people on the show. Dr. Z, we’re honored today to have a very special guest. It’s Mr. Keith Schultz of witness security. Keith, how’re you doing?

Keith: I’m doing great.

Clay: Keith we have some questions. Dr. Z and I, we’re talking today about how to be successful as an entrepreneur while maintaining focus but we have some questions for you about security. Z?

Dr Z: One of the thing I want to do too in the last segment if you missed you can go to and binge listen to all of our past shows. Keith asked me a good question the last segment and I wanted to wrap up my thought on that a little bit. He asked about– Throughout the day you get some free times maybe between the phone calls and the emails and all the fire putting out from employees calling you, you know,”Hey we’ve got a problem”. You’ve got some down time in the day. How do you know what to do as far as working on your business? I love the way business coach, Clay does it. Clay does it old skull, he has a running list of stuff to work on. A physical list–

Clay: Mike can you grab my list at the counter while he’s talking?

Dr. Z: Yes go get his list. He has a physical list and it’s an order that he needs to get done. It’s an order of priorities. When he get’s that little bit of down time. When he gets- maybe he has an appointment scheduled and the person last minute backs out on him, if that happens- backs out, he’s like, “Oh my God I had 30 minutes scheduled to do this thing with this dude he backs out last second, so what am I going to do this 30 minutes.”He goes to his list.

Clay: I just want to read off a few of them here to give you an example. If you’re on Facebook live you can see the list here okay. I’m going to read to you here. I called Nate G Bishop today because he wants to buy a boat. Like a decommissioned navy vessel and he wants help optimizing his website so I’m like, “Okay I’m going to call Nate G Bishop, he owns a steel company in China” true story. I had to call Daniel because, Daniel Sprick one of the coaching clients we work, with Sprick Real estate- Her business- she sold $27 million of real estate this year, her team.

Dr. Z: Go, way to go Sprick.

Clay: She sent me this email and I’m going, “Are you kidding me? I need to get that captured on video.” I called Rick Miller. “Why we calling Rick Miller [unintelligible 00:18:44]?” and I said, Marshall, you need to call Rick Miller. Who’s Rick miller? Rick Miller, if you’re listening. Rick Miller is a great Tossa business person. I wanted to make sure my team reached out to Rick Miller. Those are things that on my list. Other things that might sound kind of crazy is that I have on my list here, buy a dog for the kids.

Dr. Z: Buy a dog, you’ve got to get a dog.

Clay: You’ve got to get a dog. The reason why you–

Dr. Z: You sure need to talk to a man about a dog.

Clay: You’ve got to wake up in the morning and write down what you want to get done and then when you have those gaps or you come up for air then you’ve got really at that point cease that opportunity. That’s a big morning discipline, Z.

Dr. Z: Absolutely we talked about meditime, we talked about having that time to gather yourself, prepare your notes, prepare yourself for the day. Keith brought up a good point he goes, “When you get those times you didn’t anticipate being open throughout your day, what do you do? Do [laughs] you get on Facebook? [unintelligible 00:19:35] guy. Look at this cat video, no.

Clay: Jennifer Aniston is getting married, oh my God, what in the world?

Dr. Z: [laughs] What’s happening? No. You be purposeful. You will have your list that you’ve already made in the morning, you add to it, you refine it, you mark stuff off of it. I love the old school just going on with his list. I love that, that’s what I used to do. I used to have just my list.

Clay: You’re above the list now.

Dr. Z: I’m not above the list but my list is much shorter than it used to be.

Clay: I’m going to say this-

Dr. Z: What it used to be my list is much shorter.

Clay: You build your business to the point where you have teammates like myself that you can entrust to execute the operations.

Dr. Z: I hire guys like you to have the list.

Clay: He is [unintelligible 00:20:13]. He’s got his braidy. He’s got his-

Dr. Z: Got my cut off Hoodie.

Clay: Keith, we have some questions for you though because Z and I, we don’t live in a van down by the river. You guys don’t live in a van? I thought you lived on the river. I thought– no, so we have some security questions for you. Z, I want to start with you. What security questions do you have for Mr. Keith, the expert and the founder of Witness Security?

Dr. Z: It seems like that securities made leaps and bounds in the camera technology, and it seems like the cameras are much better than they used to be. Tell me a little bit about camera technology and their range and the clarity. Tell me a little bit about cameras these days.

Keith: The cameras we install are casino-quality cameras. Therefore, they’re above 1080p. We sell them in packages. You can get four in a package or whatever you like to be able to do. With as far as the clarity, you can zoom in on your phone. You can zoom in after the fact. That’s one thing even today, we’re able to catch a burglar that broke into a house last night.

Clay: Are you being serious?

Keith: Yes, I am. At the same time, we’re able to zoom in and be able to determine who it was, and the guy was able to identify him.

Dr. Z: Let’s say we have a room– let’s say we have a business, and let’s say my business is 4,000 square feet. It’s one big open room.

Keith: All right. I’m tracking.

Dr. Z: 4,000 square feet. One big open room. How many cameras would you suggest I have to cover that?

Keith: In a 4,000 square foot room, if you didn’t have eight, you probably would be inadequate.

Dr. Z: Eight? Okay.

Clay: De otso.

Dr. Z: De otso.

Keith: Because otherwise, you’re going to have a lot of square footage that aren’t going to be covered. Now, depending on your entrance if you have here, you’d want to be able to cover the entrance and various employees and things that you’d have. Here, you definitely have to have at least eight.

Dr. Z: Yes, here we probably want one just dedicated to Marshall, just to follow Marshall around 24/7.

Clay: I know this is going to seem weird. Dr. Z, my glasses that I purchased from your business, Dr. Robert Zoellner and Associates where you have the $99 deal, you get the exam in one pair, I go in there, I talked to your manager and I don’t know if she knows that we had this conversation. You want to remember I was such a fantastic conversationist. Too awesome. I have embedded a camera system with Keith right now.

I am filming you right now.

Dr. Z: You’re filming me while I’m being filmed on Facebook live?

Clay: In the context that you’re wearing right now are filming me. It’s a dream within a dream? He can make it all possible.

Dr. Z: He made it all possible. When you go away and then you assess a business, you tell them how many cameras I need and where they placed them, right?

Keith: Yes.

Dr. Z: Now, the technology is so cool. Like you said, you can zoom in even on your phone, right?

Keith: On your phone, on your computer, whether it’s live or recorded video.

Clay: Step one, if I was in right now, I want to go ahead and reach out, I want to reach out and talk to you Witness Security, what’s your website, what’s your phone number? How can I get the ball rolling if I want to learn more?

Keith: and then 918-850-3082, that’s my cellphone or 918-289-0880.

Clay: I was eating some Oklahoma baked beans and it was hard for me to listen to what you said because I was eating some beans. Could you repeat the phone number just one more time and that website one more time?

Keith: 918-289-0880 and

Clay: Boom. Now Thrivers, when we come back, we’re going to get into this point number two here. It’s all about time-blocking. You talked about getting some stuff done. You talked about staying focused. You’re going to have to learn the time block. That’s a tough thing because nobody wants to be the kind of person that says no. Nobody wants to be the person who says no, but we’re going to have to learn to say no.

We’re going to learn the time block and the best time blocker I’ve ever seen, this guy blocks like the Dallas cowboys offensive line. Best time blocker ever, Dr. Z. Stay tuned.


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Announcer: You’re listening to the Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio 1170.

Clay: All right Thrivers. Welcome back to the Hour of Power. We are here to pump you up. My name is Clay Clark, and I’m joined here with Dr. Robert Zoellner. How are you?

Dr. Z: I’m good. Are you hands or my front? Or my hands and new front?

Clay: Yes, you have huge triceps. I love your triceps. I want to touch–

Dr. Z: Don’t make me [unintelligible 00:25:40] don’t, don’t.

Clay: Sorry, we’re taking a lot of steroids in between the breaks.


Dr. Z: Hey really, we tease about it, but that’s really what we’re about. We’re business coaches and we want to pump you, we really want to pump you up.

Clay: We do, in the face.


Clay: I just think of you for some reason on bulk enhancers just pumped up all of a sudden. Look at him, he’s so huge, he’s got such a beautiful face. It’s such a beautiful swollen face. Look at the muscularity. It’s just huge, it’s [unintelligible 00:26:06] are. Anyway, it’s probably done. The point is, Thrivers, is that we’re here to pump you and we’re going to teach you how to start to grow a business.

We’ve got two things we’re going to get into today. One, we’re going to teach you how to focus. Teach you how to focus and how to eliminate distractions to get stuff done. If you’re going to take action, you got to eliminate distractions. It’s like if you’re driving a car, quit texting, focus. You got to eliminate distractions. Now, here’s the thing is, the second thing is so many of you literally thousands of you, you have reached out and you’ve said, “Hey, I want to get out to the workshop. When is the next one?”

I got to tell you, the first couple of one were already booked out. We’ve had people coming from Florida, Boca Raton. We had a guy coming from Canada. We’ve had a lady come here from Oregon. We had a guy coming from Dallas. All over the world, they’re coming in. I’ll tell you this, the next one is January 20th. January the 20th and the 21st. Again, January the 20th and the 21st, 2017.

Z, it’s a two-day interactive business workshop, and there’s no upsell. We upsell nothing, my friend.

Dr. Z: We upsell nothing and I tell you what, we promise you no upsells, we’re not going to get you and try to sell you a bunch of stuff. What we’re going to give you though is in depth, we’re going to dive in deep to the things that we get to touch on the radio show. Then also, we have our website I call it the Netflix of business coaching, all right? You say it yourself, okay, I can watch that. That’s good, but I want to meet someone. I want to shake someone’s hand. I want to raise my hand. I want to ask some questions.

I want to deep dive a little bit more, sit down with my notes, take my notes, and do that. That’s why we have the in-person workshops for, because the Thrivers have been asking for it. We’re like, “Okay. Let’s do it.” Then step three is well actually some of them say, “I want even more personal attention than that.” Now, we even have a third step. We didn’t start off with it, we just listen to our audience. We listen to our customers, to Thrivers out there and then said, “Hey listen. I just want one-on-one business coaching.” Now we have that.

Clay: Yes, a lot of people will run to your optometry clinic, or run into the Elephant in the Room Men’s grooming lounge, or run into your auto auction, or run over to the full wedding photography business we have and they’re like, “But Clay is not taking any photos. I thought this was his business? Dr. Robert Zoellner don’t see any patients. I thought it was his business? He’s not fixing the cards. What do they even do?”

Well, we build a business, not a job. We build a business, not a job.

Dr. Z: Preach that. Preach that a little bit.

Clay: What you want to do is you want to build a business that is capable of working without you. Meaning, you have to take time out of your schedule to work on your business not just in your business. If all you’re doing all day is fix some cars, then you have a job that you’re self-employed, but if you build a business, then somebody else is fixing cars who works with you on your team. We got to talk about-

Dr. Z: Wait, but I love fixing cars.

Clay: You can do that. The weird thing about it is once you build a repeatable system, you can literally spend your entire day if you want to and spend your entire day fixing cars, you could.

Dr. Z: Right, good choice.

Clay: Or anything that you want to do.

Dr. Z: Yes, exactly, because when you build your business, you get it running and scaled and you get it running smoothly because that’s what we’re here to coach you up on. Then, guess what you have options. You have choices, because now you have time freedom, you have financial freedom. If you wake up one day and you say, “You know what, I want to go old school.”

Clay: Old school baby.

Dr. Z: I want to go in and I want to fix a few car– but do you even have carburetors anymore. I want to go fix a few carburetors.

Clay: I want to wear my quad skates to work. I want to go old school.

Dr. Z: I want to get my hands dirty today.

Clay: Yes.

Dr. Z: You can.

Clay: You could. Now Z, here’s the thing is we’re talking about you have to stay focused. Step one, you want to block out time for your meditime, AKA your quiet time. Rule number two is you want to time block. Now, this is weird, time block. This is– I’ll start off, I want to get into this, and Z I want to get your take on it. Within the day, you watch me Z, I don’t ever stop. I book every appointment back-to-back.

Dr. Z: You are robotic.

Clay: Then when I go home, my phone’s off. I’ll just tell you this, why do I do that? Because I want to block off time to be with my wife and be emotionally

and physically present, I want to be mentally engaged when I’m there with my kids. Z, I see you do with your kids but that means I’m turning off all outside communications.

Announcer: You’re listening to the Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio 1170.

Clay: Z, educate us about time blocking. Where do most people get this wrong and how do we get it right?

Dr. Z: Most people get it wrong because what they do is they think they’re blocking and they don’t block.

Clay: Oh boy.

Dr. Z: What does that mean? That means, what I’m saying is this, you say, I’m going to spend time with my wife or my kids. Let’s just say, for example, this two hour we’re going to go on a date night, we’re going to do the thing, okay?

Clay: We’re going to do the thing.

Dr. Z: Yes and what happens is you have your phone sitting there and your phone’s on.

Clay: You’re at Oklahoma Joes, got your phone with you.

Dr. Z: And you’ve just ordered your burnt ends and got your baked beans and you’re sitting down and you’re talking about the day and you’re going through all your little things on your date night that you do, all of a sudden your phone starts to ring and like, hold on a second sugar, I’ve got to check it- Then you pick up your phone and you’re like-

Clay: Look it’s a Facebook update.

Dr. Z: “What? What are you talking about? That shouldn’t have happened. Oh my gosh, no. Sell don’t buy, sell don’t buy”. Then you hang up the phone, you’re like, “I’m sorry honey, where were we again?” and all of a sudden, phone. It’s what you did and you didn’t block it, you let other things get access into that time. You’ve got a meeting, hey, I’m going to go and sit in front of Billy’s snow cone shop but I’m going to try and sell him my little plastic- I have the business where I have the little paper cups.

Clay: Hey Billy, good to see you. I’m here to sell my little, plastic cups.

Robert: And you’ve got a meeting with him, it took you a month and a half to get the meeting with him because Billy’s really busy.

Clay: Meeting’s at 2:30 PM, I’m here at 2:22 AM.

Dr. Z: And he has 2,000 snow cone machines set up around the state of Oklahoma. He’s a big deal in the snow cone industry. You finally have the meeting set up with him, okay? Then you show up late and your phone’s ringing the entire time and you wonder why Billy didn’t buy your little, paper cups.

Clay: I was just checking the end line on the rotary girder and I got a little bit lost on the way here.

Dr. Z: I’ve got some management issues, Billy, but the manufacturing company, they’re supposed to email me a quote so I’m checking on it during our meeting, Billy.

Clay: Crazy deal. All right, I want to ask though, with your optometry clinic, you’ve got customers that come in, there’s emergencies. Keith Schultz here, he is the founder of Witness Security, the company- If you’re looking for a home alarm system or a home security system, this is the guy you want to talk to. Keith, what questions do have for Z when it comes down to the brass tacks of time blocking with your schedule, because you’ve got a lot of customers, a lot of stuff going on, you got thousands of people, thousands of accounts, talk to- Any questions you want to ask Dr. Z about time blocking man? The floor is yours.

Keith: I was thinking the main thing I struggle with is I get pretty close to 400 calls a day. The main thing is I’ve been trying to find somebody to take that from me.

Dr. Z: Okay.

Keith: And how to find that person, the right person, to do that.

Dr. Z: What are the calls about?

Keith: They’re usually calls about service, could be calls wanting a quote, could be calls, as far as my secretary and those that are working the office have questions, things like that.

Dr. Z: Well here’s what you do; first off, you break it down into categories. You don’t hit them all off day one, you don’t get a dude and say, “Dude here, here’s my phone, you’re now me-“

Clay: “Bro, bro, this is so cool because I’m not you but I think I am.”

Dr. Z: Good luck bro. You broke them down into three or four categories right there, okay? So what you did is now- One of them’s service. Do you have a service department? Number one, we have someone to answer them and then you say listen, if they’re in this category they go to me. If they’re in this category, they go to Billy.

Clay: “Awesome bro.”

Dr. Z: If they’re in this category, they go to Nancy.

Clay: “Hi.”

Dr. Z: Now you may say to yourself, “Well, I don’t have a Billy and Nancy yet”, well now the sudden, when we come back from the break we’re going to start talking about how to duplicate yourself a little bit and what that means as far as a building your business and bringing people on because that’s part of a healthy business.

Clay: Thrivers at our workshop, January 20th and 21st, we’ll teach you how to attract, hire and inspire top talent. Thrive Time Show.

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Voiceover: You’re listening to the Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio 1170.

Clay:, that’s and you’ve got it on. You’re listening to the Thrive Time Radio Show, its business school without the BS and yes, before I digress, I would introduce the man with plan, the co-host with the most, the optometrist that Tulsa has chosen to be their optometrist of choice for 25 years, it is Doctor Robert Zoellner. Sir, welcome back from Guatemala.

Dr. Z: Oh thank you very much, I tell you what, I had lunch yesterday- I don’t think I told you this, with Steve Hunter a big wig at Scripts which owns Talk Radio 1170.

Clay: And HDTV.

Dr. Z: Yes and you’re listening to right now, by the way. We had lunch yesterday and he said that- You’re going to like this; I can’t believe I haven’t old you this yet.

Clay: He has a big wig, I’m worried about this. He has a huge wig, his mop is huge.

Dr. Z: You took me literally on that, I like that, it’s clever. It’s clever, I like that, I like your cleverness Clay.

Clay: Sorry.

Dr. Z: C- Starts with “clever” and “Clay”. What he said is, “Hey, Thrive Time Show is the number one rated local business talk show in the Tulsa and Green Country, in the Tulsa region”.

Clay: Woah, this just in from the big wig.

Dr. Z: The big wig.

Clay: The man with all the hair that says he doesn’t care.

Dr. Z: But you know what-

Clay: You always- The thing is, you build me up, I’m starting to get excited, I’m starting to feel- I think it’s endorphins, I get adrenaline, I get the whole thing.

Dr. Z: Dopamine. Dopamine is fired off.

Clay: Dopamine and then you look at me and you’re going to take it away, I know it’s going to happen.

Dr. Z: No, I’m not but I tell you, just to be fair, we’re the only local business talk radio show in the Tulsa area.

Clay: Why would he hit me in the-

Dr. Z: Sorry man. Hey, we’re on the Left Coast of the Arkansaw River and listen, sometimes it’s a river and sometimes it’s a beach.

Clay: It’s a path, it’s a beach.

Dr. Z: And that’s what life is, sometimes its flowing water and it looks beautiful like, “Oh, look at that, it looks actually like a river now”, and sometimes here at the Thrive 15 headquarters, the epicentre of business excellence, we’re actually beach front property, so we’ve got both kinds here.

Clay: How are you going to implement all these things you’re learning? How are you going to maintain focus as an entrepreneur? How do you maintain focus as an entrepreneur and to reset it, Keith, our special guest here from Witness Security, he’s asking Dr. Z, “Hey listen, I’ve got 400 customer service calls coming in during a typical day”. His business, Witness Security, it’s the security company of choice for so many Tulsans, so many people use his company, he prides himself on customer service excellence and responding quickly. How does he, with that sort of a business, how does he block of time, Z?

Dr. Z: Well, what he said is, “I’ve got so many calls coming in, I’ve got 400” and I said, “What kind of calls are they?” and he broke them down into three or four different categories, there’s your answer right there. You don’t hand them all off day one, right? Let’s say we take the service calls, so you take service calls number one and say I’m going to have a guy that I’m going to shift all those service calls, let’s say it’s 200 of the 400, let’s say it’s 150 of the 400, okay. Now all of a sudden you’ve taken 400 calls and now you’ve lowered it down to half of that and you’ve got someone now dealing with those service calls and so pretty soon the idea is- You don’t want a job, you want a business.

Clay: You don’t want a job, you want a business.

Dr. Z: And as you grow your business and bring on new people and you bring on talented people and you bring on people that you can share your vision of Witness Security to, they get it. Now all of sudden, you bring them you can hand them more and more stuff and then you inspect, which you expect, so we’re always making sure we’re double checking it, right?

Clay: One thing, I think it’s very important, many of the legendary leadership experts out there will tell you and even if you read 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership or maybe you read Habits of Highly Effective People, you’re going to discover that you want to begin with the end in mind. I’m going to give you an example; let’s say that Dr. Z is passionately working as a young man and he’s trying to create a job, so his goal is to be self-employed. By the way if you’re listening right now, that could be you so- “That’s not me, I would never do that”. Okay here’s the thing, a lot of people though- Your job–because what you did is

you become an entrepreneur by one of two ways. One is you’re unemployable. That’s a thing. That’s kind of a, “What is he talking about?” One is you’re unemployable, or two is that you have motivation beyond– you have the ambition beyond what a job can provide. What happens is you go out there, if you’re that person who just wants to be self-employed, you’re just fighting with the world. I just want to wear my own uniform and I’m tired of wearing that uniform. I just want to set my own hours and I just want to have my own logo. I just want to have my own van. I’m going to put my own logo on my van. Take that mother company. And then all of a sudden you realize, I’m 40.

Dr. Z: I’m 40, I’m a man.

Clay: I’m 50. Oh no, I’ve built a job and not a business. Right there, is the big fork in the road, Do you want to build a business or a job?

Announcer: You’re listening to the Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio 1170.

Clay: Z, here’s the next aspect. Point number three is you want to set boundaries. You want to basically be able to set boundaries. I talk about this. This is emotional blocking and communication boundaries. This is an emotional block and a communication block. You want to set those boundaries. Z, get into why is it so important that you emotionally have to learn to block and not let the things at home bother you at work and the things at work bother you at home. Why is that such a hard skill for most people to master? How do you do it?

Dr. Z: You see Clay, we’re taught as a young person to be kind to everybody, to be nice to everybody. You want everybody to love you because you’re a nice guy. Nice guys don’t say no. Nice guys say, “Absolutely you can take me to lunch next week. You could spend two or three hours with me just asking me random questions” To think about it Clay, this is going to sound– I hate sounding mean. You always put me on a spot where I get mean.

Clay: You can be nice. You don’t have to get mean.

Dr. Z: You know what, they want the truth. Thrive nation, if you’re listening to the show right now, you’re listening because you can handle the truth. It’s not a few good men, “You can’t handle the truth.”

Clay: Can you say it in a nice politically correct circular way where there’s not actually a point?

Dr. Z: No, I’m going to be direct and I’m going to tell you how it is. That is, you have to limit the number of people that have access to you.

Clay: That is so mean. It’s so judgemental. All right, that’s it.

Dr. Z: I’m done. Change the channel. Let’s go back to listen to angry politicians. Let’s go to home and garden show. That’s it, we’re done with business. What I mean by that Clay, is that if you let everybody have access to you, then you’re going to be spinning your wheels with just a bunch of randomness that is not productive for you. Listen, you’ve got your schedule. You know what you need to get done for they day. You’ve got your list. We saw Clay’s list earlier in the day, right? Show me the list again Clay. He’s got his list. If he wants, he could spend the day having a bunch of randos type his time, use his time how they want to use it. Listen, it’s your time. You get to use it how you want to use it. I tell people, listen, you don’t want to let everybody have access to you. You want to have a few core people that always have access to you.

I probably have not quite 10 that they can call me and I’ll be there and they’ve got my full attention, and when they call, they’ve got my full attention. They have so many people that they do the same thing with.

Clay: I have an analogy that goes with this. I have five kids, and wherever my kids went and invite a friend over, I want to make sure that the people we invite over to our house are bringing the same values into my family. I don’t want just randos coming into our house. I’ve had to set boundaries and certain criteria, so we meet them at ballet, or dance lessons, or gymnastics or wherever. I want to meet the dad, meet the mom, talk to them make sure they’re the right fit for the family because again, you only have so many hours, every day is a gift Z. You only have a certain number of hours, if you’re not careful you’re just going to spin your wheels. Now, the emotional communication about just saying, do not take home the issues of the work day to the home.

How do you not take the issues of home to work. How do you do that?

Dr. Z: It sounds a little cheesy, but it’s the word I use. I call it “Showtime.” Showtime baby. What does that mean?

Clay: What do you mean when you say showtime. Can you tell me what they do, the LA Lakers? The magical team with Magic Johnson, James Worthy?

Dr. Z: What does that mean? It means it’s a Broadway production. You sell tickets to it and– what it means is that whatever you’re doing right then, is the most important thing you can be doing. You need to get all your focus on it. What I use to say before I would go in when I first started off, before I would go in to see a patient, I pick up their chart back when we actually have paper charts back in the day. Back in the day, I would pick it up, I take a deep breath, I try to clear my mind of all the problems, all the issues. This front desk gal, I caught her stealing from me yesterday. Stress, drama, trauma. I got the toilets leaking in the back bathroom. It’s just like, “Oh.”

All the stuff in the day that takes our time, and I take a deep breath and I mentally say to myself, “This is showtime.” When I walk in that room and I look at that patient, I smile and I greet them. That’s the most important thing I can be doing right then. I push everything else all off to the side. Whether you’re walking into your house, whether you’re walking into your business, you need to leave everything else behind you. You need to come up with a system. For me, it was that. I take a deep breath, try to clear my thoughts, and I would literally say– I whisper in my head. I wouldn’t scream it out, “It’s showtime.”

Clay: It’s showtime baby. Show me the money.

Dr. Z: I wouldn’t do that. I wouldn’t scream it. I just say it to myself mentally. I know it sounds a little cheesy and whatnot, but you know what for me, it worked. It was effective and it was showtime.

Clay: Thrivers, when we come back, speaking of showtime, when we come back to the Thrive Time Show time, we’re going to be getting into specifically step number four to help you stay focused which is breaking down your big ideas into small action items. Stay tuned. Thrive Time Show.

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Announcer: Broadcasting from the center of the universe, featuring optometrist turned entrepreneur, Dr. Robert Zoellner and US SBA Entrepreneur of the year, Clay Clark. This is the Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio 1170.

Clay: It’s the Thrive Time Show on your radio teaching you what you need to know to make your business grow. Boom.

Dr. Z: Boom.

Clay: My name is Clay Clark. I’m a business coach and the former SBA Entrepreneur of the year in your ear on the show here with Dr. Robert Zoellner. We have a very special guest with us, Mr. Keith Schultz from Witness Security. It is the top, it is the premium, one of the best companies in Tulsa for home security. If you have a security problem around the house, or you’re worried about taking care of your home, making sure that no one can break in. You’re making sure you have surveillance cameras and all the latest gadgets, they can help you. Keith, if people want to know more, where can they find out more about Witness Security.

Keith: Go to That’s our website, and you can also dial 9182890880, and that’s how you get a hold of us.

Clay: One more time the phone number, I was just finishing– Dr. Z was passing me some Oklahoma Joe’s baked beans. I was just finishing. Those beans are really good Dr. Z. What was the number one more time?

Keith: 9182890880.

Clay: We’re talking about how to focus. We’re talking about how to put the beans aside for just a minute. You can go to Oklahoma Joe’s for lunch right now, you can still go there but you want to listen to the show while taking notes and eating beans. How do you focus, how do you get it all done as an entrepreneur? Point number four is you want to break down your big ideas into small action items. Now Keith, you obviously were crazy enough to take your big idea, “I want to start a business.” You went out and did it. Many people are running around town. For some reason, I run into the most authentic coffee shops probably because it’s my only data point.

Every time I will leave the office, I either go to [unintelligible 00:49:31] or a coffee shop. I go to [unintelligible 00:49:33] or a coffee shop, typically a coffee shop, you’re sitting down and someone goes, “Yes, I got this idea for this app I want to start.” It’s a cool idea. I don’t mean to mock people who want to make apps. “We’re working on this.” And I go, “What’s the name of your app?” “I don’t really know. I don’t want to limit myself. I’m more focused on trying to make something from the ground up. Something that’s going to be disruptive.” And you go-

Dr. Z: And viral.

Clay: Viral and disruptive, and you’re like, “So specifically, what does it do?”Man, I don’t want to limit myself,” “Are you a coder?” “No, I didn’t want to focus in college I just want to want a graduate degree in business.” And you’re going, “All right captain Vegatory,” And he goes, “I just downloaded the 66 steps for success I only paid 14,000 online for it and it’s going to be awesome. I just walked on hot coals, can you teach me the way?” And I’m just like, “You’ve got to break it down to specific steps bro.” Keith when you wanted to start your business what was the first small specific step that you had to take? What were some of the first steps you had to take to go from big idea into big business?

Keith: My main thing that I focused upon was service.

Clay: Service.

Keith: The company that I worked with before, big name company, probably the largest in the world.

Clay: Do not mention them Keith.

Keith: I will not.

Clay: I’m watching you.

Keith: Will not mention them. However, they would take three days before they would ever get to a phone number to where I could make a phone call being the installations service manager for this big name company. I would get the phone number to call or list at 5:30 in the morning and I’d start calling them at 7:00.

Clay: So you mean if a customer called in with a concern, the company would take three days to respond?

Keith: To actually get to the dealer to be able to do that response.

Clay: And this bothered you?

Keith: Very much so.

Clay: You saw a problem.

Keith: Yes, by the time I got to call those phone numbers, people were saying, “I called three days ago.”

Clay: Let me gripe for a second. Back in the day, there’s a guy in Tulsa who was very, very kind. He was a nice guy name Rob Biggins. If you’re listening right now, and you know Rob Biggins reach out touch him, text him say, “They’re talking about you on the radio.” He started a company called “All Access Mobile Music”. He was gracious enough to hire me because I didn’t have any discernible skills and I wanted to become a DJ, and I didn’t have enough equipment back in college at first to get going. I reached out to Rob and I saw this problem was that the students at Earl Roberts University didn’t have much entertainment to do on the weekends that was clean, and fun.

I figured I could throw dance parties, even though it was against the honour code. I could throw dance parties


at the Marriott hotel where there was no alcohol served but it was a fun time. I could serve dance parties. I saw a problem, I saw a niche kids looking for entertainment, college kids looking for something to do. I reached out to Rob and Rob saw a problem going, You have no equipment,” and Rob said, “I’ll rent you the equipment in exchange for money. I will then use the equipment to put on dance parties,” see he solved a problem for me, I solved a problem for them, I paid him, those customers paid me. That’s how it works. When did you have a jump point man? When did did you actually start this business? What happened?

Keith: Two years later.

Clay: Two years later?

Keith: It took me two years to be able to come up with the solution how I was going to do that and then go forward with it.

Clay: Did it take you two years because you called the costumer service line and they took two years to get the call to you? When you called about your own issue?

Keith: No. I went to work for another company, a local company here in town. It was a very good company to work with and at that point, that individual which his name — okay if I mention his name?

Clay: Only if it’s a good thing.

Keith: It’s a good thing.

Clay: Okay.

Keith: Tim Carpenter was his name.

Clay: Tim Carpenter, I know Tim Carpenter. Hey Tim, what up?

Keith: Fantastic individual. I loved working for him. He was looking to sell his business. And I wasn’t going to have a part of a business that he was going to sell because I knew it was going to go back to a big name company, so I went out and started my own.

Clay: Now, Z, there’s a big group of people according to Forbes magazine, there’s 57% of our listening audience.

Dr. Z: All right I got it, okay.

Clay: That wants to start a business.

Dr. Z: Got it, yes.

Clay: And you and I have – we’re not exaggerating, have had thousands of questions come in at, thousands of comments come to

Dr. Z: And we love them, each and every one, keep them coming.

Clay: And I would say half of the questions are from people who want to start a business and they don’t know the first step to turn their big idea into reality. So we have something for them. We’ve got a little special something coming up for them here.

Dr. Z: It’s a great way to kick off the New Year 2017 listen, let’s make this the year we do it. Let’s make this the year that we act. Let’s make this the year that we take our first step down the road of starting our own business, why not?

Clay: Why not?

Dr. Z: Are you too busy? Are you too busy to do it? Are you too busy to change the rest of your life? Are you you too busy?

Clay: I’m going to say this, what we did was put together a two day intensive business workshop.

Dr. Z: It’s hot sauce, you know when you got to the Mexican restaurant and they give you the regular salsa?

Clay: Do you want the super spicy? Do you want?

Dr. Z: And you’re like this is good, but then you look at the waiter or the waitress and you say, “Hey do you got the real spicy, the real hot salsa?” And they say [Spanish 54:30].

Clay: You’ve got your buddy Ralph with you, maybe a Billy, a Ralph or a Billy, probably a Billy. Probably Billy.

Dr. Z: And Billy’s like, “Dr. Z you got to do the habanero man, you gotta, you gotta do it, you gotta just when you feel that burn in your belly then you know you’re the man, do it.” This two day workshop is the hot sauce.

Clay: It is.

Dr. Z: It’s the good stuff, it’s the stuff we deep dive in. We give you practical steps on Thrive Time show and that’s what we love about this. Clay’s heart and my heart is really business coaching, we love mentoring, in business I’m going to tell you right now, I’m going to break it down, you’re going to learn two ways. You’re going to learn by either a mistake.

Clay: Mistake.

Dr. Z: And we’ve all made them. Or you’re going to learn by mentorship. Right?

Clay: Boom.

Dr. Z: And we prefer the second way of doing it. The first way is powerful, don’t get me wrong, you will make some mistakes you’ll go, “Okay, learn from that, won’t do that again,” and that’s the way it is. But to learn from mentorship, you’re learning from somebody else’s mistake.

Clay: So check it out Thrivers , I want you to write this down right now, write down these dates. January 20th and January 21st, that’s a Friday and Saturday, what are you doing on those days?

Dr. Z: Watching cartoons, non-stop.


Clay: Okay, fine, maybe you can’t make it for that day.

Dr. Z: Hey Scooby-Dooby-Doo that’s good stuff.

Clay: It’s a good show. It’s a good mentorship. But here’s the thing, January 20th and 21st it’s a two-day workshop, seven and a half hours per day here at the beautiful Jinx River walk we have a fun day planned for you, it’s two different days of workshops. We teach branding, sales, accounting, marketing, customer service, how to raise capital, we have hundreds of downloadables, you leave with tangible copy of our 550 point business system. So many people ask Z and I, “What is your business system?” It’s in the book called “Start Here” 550 page book, it is yours when you come here and we don’t upsell you anything.

Announcer: You’re listening to The Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio 1170.

Clay: And here’s the deal, if you have $7 in your bank account, you can afford to go. We have a scholarship program that’s funded by many generous investors, there’s no excuse. Time, money, there’s no excuse other than, “I’m not motivated,” and if that’s you, that’s cool because you just aren’t going to have any growth this year and you’re just accepting that, you’re just going, “I’m just going stay where I’m at because I don’t want to invest the $7 in myself to go a workshop, because they have a scholarship for it.” Or I’m just telling you we’re here to help you, this is your year to thrive, and I promise you we’re not going to upsell you a single thing in the back of the room. We teach this stuff.

Dr. Z: Absolutely, what I’ve said in an earlier show, earlier segment, is that the time management portion may be worth all of it put together.

Clay: It is.

Dr. Z: I hear so many time people are like, “Oh man, how do you get stuff? Because I just don’t have the time. Bro, I just don’t have the time to get stuff done. I’m running out of time, bro, I don’t have the time.”

Clay: Time, time, time, time, I hear it over and over, and over, and over.

Dr. Z: We’ve been talking about time since 4:00 it’s like 5:00 now, bro.

Clay: [laughs] Exactly, so I’m telling you what, we even have a time management system. We teach you vis-a-vis through Lee Cockerell. Who’s Lee Cockerell?

Dr. Z: Is that that new theme park out there in Orlando the one that all the kids are talking about called Disney World?

Clay: Yes, he ran Disney World you talk about time management, he had 40,000 employees he had to manage.

Dr. Z: That place will never catch on.

Clay: Apparently, they’ve got a mouse running around there, just weird it’s like a full size mouse.

Dr. Z: 40, 000 people. He used time management system and we integrated that into We integrated that into our teaching and it is a game changer, that alone, because you’ve got to have your foundation, you’ve got to know how schedule your day, know how to get things done, because you might say to yourself how can I start a business, I don’t have the time.

Clay: What I’m saying.

Dr. Z: How can I take my first step? I don’t have the time.

Clay: Half the people say I don’t have the money, half the people say I don’t the time, we teach you both.

Dr. Z: And we that’s the beautiful thing about it, it’s in person workshops, you can meet us, you can shake our hand, you can raise your hand, “I’ve got a question.” We’ll answer your question.

Clay: We’ll be here.

Dr. Z: We’ll be here. You need to be here, because 2017 is the year of doing. I love your term. We entrepreneurs and we we have wantrepreneurs. I want to be an entrepreneur, I want to. I have a great idea.

Clay: Yes, I want to.

Dr. Z: I know a problem that needs to be solved. I know a widget that I can make. That I can sell for a profit, but I have the security of my – I punch this time clock and I get a check and that’s my security blanket.

Clay: “Smith what are you doing over there?” “Nothing boss, it’s all good.”

Dr. Z: “Nothing Boss. I’m sorry, Boss. I’m sorry, Boss.” “Smith get back to work.” Billy get back to work. So the thing about it is we get that.

Clay: We get it.

Dr. Z: You’ve got to understand we embrace that, listen starting your business is not about quitting everything you’re doing and then diving off a cliff. That’s not what we teach.

Clay: I’m going to be naked until my business succeeds.

Dr. Z: That’s not what we teach you, you can continue – what we teach you is this, sometimes you’ve got to go get a second job.

Clay: Yes, or in my case, a third job.

Dr. Z: What? I thought I’m starting a business so I don’t have to get job, that doesn’t make sense.

Clay: Now Thrivers, check it out so let’s say you have three jobs, or two jobs, or you got one job, the point, the next thing you’ve got to manage your to-do lists and I’m going to hustle through this point, but I want you to write these points down. Any time you put something on the list, this is where the magic happens. Write down next to the item on my list here, how long is it going to take to do it?

Dr. Z: There you go.

Clay: Here’s the deal, this is one right now. It says “Listen to call with team”, you see right there calling it team.

Dr. Z: I see it right there, yes.

Clay: The call is 32 minutes long. How long will it take me to listen to the call? There is a customer service call we had. Someone was calling about a workshop. How long will it take me to listen to a 32-minute call with the team?

Dr. Z: Well, at a minimum, 32, but probably 35 because you got to get everybody together, you got to play the lead, you got to think, so–

Clay: So, about an hour today?

Dr. Z: Yes.

Clay: And instead of we have anybody cancelled today, I am going to do that, and I gather the team and I worked with them, and I had a little – the same notes, I gather the guys like five minutes and went over a situation of a customer service enhancement we are doing. We are trying to make the – when you come to the Thrive15 World Headquarters, it is beautiful. We are trying to make the experience even better and I was like, “guys, this the move we need to do.”

Dr. Z: And through our Facebook Live, they can actually run the box that rocks, and we have windows on the side that– the actual cameras pan it to where they can actually see the headquarters right here. It is one of the coolest spaces around.

Clay: Many people come in and go. Is this like, “I’m I in Silicon Valley? I thought I was in Tulsa.”

Dr. Z: Is this Google?

Clay: Is this Google?

Dr. Z: Is this live somewhere?

Clay: Now, the thing is Thrivers, when we come back, we are going to talk about November 6 which I want to dive into and I want Keith both to ask any questions to Dr. Z, because Keith prides himself at Witness Security on having great customer service. Many people – not you Keith – but many people say, “Well, do you want quality or quantity? Do you want to have quality or quantity?”

Dr. Z: Don’t get me started.

Clay: So we are going to talk about email management.

Dr. Z: Don’t get me started.

Clay: Email starts flooding. Customer service emails. How do you respond to them all? Do you respond to just a few of them because you wanted the quality or all of them, or what are you? Just email management. And look at this new Chuck Norris joke just came in via email right now. I clicked the link and now I am on I am on

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Announcer: You are listening to The Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio 1170.

Clay: All right, Thrive nation, welcome back to your inspiration station right here on Talk Radio 1170. It is Tulsa’s only local business radio show. Now, here is a thing right now. I want to challenge you. We are heading into a new year. It has been a year of – it has been a season of giving. It has been a season of giving to others. You probably brought your loved ones some specific gifts they loved and it was exciting for you to watch them open up the gifts under the tree. But I want you to do is, I want you to make a list right now of two people that you need to share The Thrive Time Show with, because everybody knows two people who their business is in the toilet, and you hate to do it. If it is for your brother, it is for your cousin, it is your neighbor. Maybe you are rocking. You are driving right now on your oversized beautiful truck and your brother is living underneath a bridge somewhere doing his —

Dr. Z: On your landscaping company like, “Hey.”

Clay: Yes, he is struggling. What you do is you go to and all of the radio shows are archived.

Dr. Z: Yes.

Clay: You got a and you can share it with them and I just encourage you because it is free, it did not cost me anything. There is no upsell. There is no– but you can, I literally — an example, there is one lady who is a thriver, who listens in Sydney, Australia faithfully.

Dr. Z: Down under.

Clay: As a result of her friend who lives in Missouri, as a result of her friend who lives in Tulsa.

Dr. Z: Yes.

Clay: That is how that works. We want to encourage you to share that with somebody. Think about somebody that you care enough about to share with them, and now we get into how to focus today. How to focus. We are getting into point number six. How do you stay focused with all that email coming in, man? All that email?

Dr. Z: Huh? What did you say? What?

Clay: Sorry, I was reading the Chuck Norris joke that I just got via email.

Dr. Z: I thought you are watching a cat video.

Clay: There is a Saudi prince. I was going to fund him while you were talking about the cats.

Dr. Z: There is a Nigerian prince I funded and millions are coming in soon.

Clay: Which one should we fund?

Dr. Z: Well, let us do both.

Clay: New Chuck Norris joke.

Dr. Z: Let us double our money.

Clay: My mom just sent me a picture of a cat.

Dr. Z: [Laughs]

Clay: Well, how do you stay focused?

Dr. Z: Well, you are purposeful, because you have to get all the distractions out of the way.

Clay: You have got mail.

Dr. Z: It is– I will tell you what. I am old enough. I am older than I could remember back when, you know.

Clay: “Ping” You have got mail.

Dr. Z: We did have these things called cell phones. I tell you what. These cellphones are – it is crazy how much attention they take from us throughout the day. If you really knew how addicted you were to checking that phone, you would go, “I need to check myself into a –” They should have a Betty Ford Center for phone addiction.

Clay: There is a article that I was reading, and I encourage everybody to Google this phrase, but “Is your smartphone making you dumb?” And there is an article I read that was showing, and this is really bizarre, but you know how you should not text and drive because you are distracted. They were showing that people who are on their smartphone consistently – because an average person is on their smartphone checking it so often, the statistics are alarming, that they said their mind is reduced. They are basically, their cognitive and their critical-thinking skills are – it is their critical-thinking skills. Their critical-thinking skills are reduced to that of a third-grader –

Dr. Z: Can’t think.

Clay: – because they are just constantly, “Oh, Facebook update.” “Oh, text message.” “Oh, voicemail.” “Oh, call.” “Oh, email.” It is just too much, Z. So, how do we manage it?

Dr. Z: Well, you manage it by getting those distractions out of there. You manage it by having a to-do list. You manage it by being purposeful in your day. You know, Lee Cockerell of Walt Disney fame has his time management system and he says “You are going to get done what you have scheduled. And if you let all the distractions of the day dictate your day, you are not going to get your to-do list done.”

Clay: Lee says this, Lee Cockerell of the Walt Disney World fame, I am going to read it with a Mickey Mouse voice because that is really the best you could give tribute to Lee Cockerell.

Here it is.

Dr. Z: Do you have some of the ears you can put on for Facebook Live?

Clay: [Mickey Mouse voice] You either pay now or pay later with just about every decision. You make about where and how you spend your time. Whoa! I don’t know how I ended up with “whoa.”

Dr. Z: [Laughs] A mousetrap caught you, Mickey. I don’t know.

Clay: That is the sound a koala makes when it is scared. But you know, seriously you got to be thinking about these things. I want to ask you though, Keith. Keith Schultz here, founder of Witness Security LLC, Tulsa’s number one security system company.

Announcer: You are listening to The Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio 1170.

Clay: Email questions. What email questions do you have for Dr. Dr. Z?

Keith: Email questions. If we get a flood of emails for mainly just people having questions about security systems. As a rule, I normally feed that to my secretary to take care of, but I am not sure as to whether that is a good avenue to take.

Dr. Z: Well, I mean, there are questions about security and their leads, right?

Keith: Yes.

Dr. Z: And leads are the life blood of your business, right?

Keith: Yes.

Dr. Z: I am not sure what else you are delegating, but that is something that I would. If you are your sales team, you want to have a sales team, but let us say you are your sales team. You have started your business, you are running your business, you have only got a few people working, we have half of them or your family because you cannot afford to pay them kind of thing, hey, it is a thing. Really, when you start off, it is okay. Sales leads are the lifeblood and I would probably – if it is a sales lead I would take that personally and that is where I would spend my time, because sales lead, that is where you get your bid ins, you get the money.

Clay: And you do not ever want to delegate to somebody unless they are a honey badger, and a honey badger is an animal. If you look it up here during the break, go to YouTube and type in honey badger. A honey badger is an animal that survives by eating the larvae – a bee larva, and they eat snakes.

Dr. Z: Oh, yes. They will eat pretty much anything.

Clay: Yes. And so my son is a honey badger of ice cream at Braums right now. He was like, “Dad, we go to Braum’s?” and I am like “Yes, we go to Braum’s.” About 40 seconds later, “Dad, we go to Braum’s?” and I am like, “Yes,” but the silly thing is, you asked me unless we like transported there, like Star Trek style. I am going to have to get in the car. I literally, I’m looking for my keys and he is like “Dad, are we going to go to Braum’s?” and I am like “Dude, listen, that is three times. That is violation.”

Dr. Z: I will get my keys. I will get my keys.

Clay: That is who you want in your sales team.

Dr. Z: Right. Exactly. Your secretary is a secretary for a particular reason. You didn’t say, “She is in charge of my sales team.”

Keith: Right.

Dr. Z: You said, “She was my secretary.” As far as that goes, that’s the hot sauce. That’s the life blood. That’s where you make your money, you are selling, right?

Keith: Right.

Dr. Z: Those are things that I would personally take on myself if I were you. You can delegate some other stuff. We talked already about service calls, delegate that to – you said your son is coming on right now and he is handling a lot of those. You can delegate other stuff, questions about the billing, questions about that. That is what you give your secretary. But as far as hot leads, oh, baby. That is what you want to get on.

Clay: Hot leads? Was that a Rod Stewart song? [Singing] Hot leads.

Dr. Z: No, that is Hot Legs.

Clay: Now, here is the deal. Point number seven. Point number seven, how do we stay focused there? This is file management and file nomenclature, AKA, the naming of things. This right here, point number seven is my favorite, favorite–

Dr. Z: This is your —

Clay: I am just right now, I cannot handle it. This must be said. This must be spoken. Work with me on this. Thrivers, I want you to Google.

Dr. Z: You know what?

Clay: What?

Dr. Z: [background music] I want you to preach about this a little bit.

Clay: Okay.

Dr. Z: This is your will house.

Clay: All right, Thrivers. Here is the deal. Every file needs to have a specific naming system associated with – you must name every file. Retrievability determines your ability to move quickly. If you are running around in the office looking for a password. If they are in my office, you are going to get a curse word. You have got to save your stuff in the right place. You got to save in the right place because if you don’t

save it in the right place, you got these runarounds going, “Hey where’s that file? Where’s that password?” It’s just jack assery, it’s just stupid. Imagine that Noah did it. “What do you want to name this animal Noah?” “I don’t know, we’ll just call it something.” “Okay, what’s the next one?” “I don’t know we’ll call it it, I don’t know we’ll call it those guys, those things.” And I see businesses running around but we’re talking about doctors, lawyers, attorneys, top level entrepreneurs, who literally spend half their day looking for their freaking business card file, looking for their passwords.

Dr. Z: [laughs]

Clay: And we have a nomenclature training, we’re going to do at the world headquarters at our two day workshop on January 20th and January 21st. Someone needs to write this down. January 20th and January 21st, go to, we will teach you the specific, proven nomenclature system. I want you to google this. Google “Elon musk” and “acronyms”. This is the guy who built Space X, Tesla, PayPal. He goes off about the stupidity of using abbreviations for things that shouldn’t be used or acronyms that no one understands, you got to have a naming system it will wear you out Z.

Dr. Z: Wear you out and I’ll you what you are a passion about this. And I will tip my hat, I don’t have a hat on, but I’m going to tip an imaginary hat to you Clay Clark. Tipping a hat because this you’ve owned, and you do it well, and you’re with the excellent.

Clay: Thrive Time Show stay tuned.

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Announcer: Live, local, now you’re listening to The Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio 1170.

Clay: It’s The Thrive Time Show and guess what, we’re back and we’re listening to some Michael Jack and in fact we’re going to teach you how to start and grow a business today. It’s business time Thrivers, it’s business time. So many people want to start and grow a business, we’ve done that successfully. Dr. Zoellner and myself. And we’re not here to go, “Oh, today’s topic we’re going to talk about how we feel, about how we feel, about how you feel about politics.” No we’re talking about how to grow a specific business how to do it. Specifically the topic about focusing. And Z this next aspect number eight, is calendar management. Calendar management.

Dr. Z: I got something I want to say before that.

Clay: I want to hear it.

Dr. Z: I knew we’re going to deep dive in this, we’re going through all the different points on how to — today’s topic is how to focus your day and focus on your business and focus on building your business not just kind of busy in your business. And here we’re going to have a two-day workshop here at the thrive15 headquarters. One thing, just listening to Michael Jackson on the intake coming into the segment gets me in a dancing mood you know. But what’s really cool is the space. The thrive15 headquarters where we have the two-day workshop was a restaurant/nightclub before. Back in the day. Years ago.

Clay: “Zee you look great, is it your first time to come into the club here and say.”

Dr. Z: And we left the dance floor up there.

Clay: We did because you never know what can happen.

Dr. Z: You never know what can happen so as a bonus, we might like teach moonwalking lessons in the workshop. Crazier things have happened. If Michael Jackson breaks out over the sound system we might have to teach some moonwalking or something.

Clay: The thing is Thrivers once we teach you how to grow a business, there’s no problem with celebrating a little bit.

Dr. Z: There’s no problem. That’s one of my core things. Whenever I talk about my ten rules of building a business or running a business, one of them deals with that. And it makes me want to go back [music] down to the farm. “Because you see here you got to know when to cook that pig.” Business rule number three. What does that mean? That means you have to know when to celebrate. And so here at Thrive, yes we’re all about getting it done, and going through the steps, talking about our 13. If you email us we will run your website through our 37-point checklist and tell you about the compatibility it has with Google. We’ll tell about all that, what needs to be fixed, the score you get, all that fun stuff. We’re all about the business. We’re going to teach you all the different steps and 15 hours of in-depth hands-on education. But we’re also about celebrating, we’re also about having some fun, so when you come to this workshop be prepared to learn a lot. But be prepared to have it sprinkled in there a little bit of fun.

Clay: You’ll laugh a lot. You’ll laugh a lot at these things. I’m just telling you, you’re going to laugh and learn. It’s an edutainment.

Dr. Z: [laughs] If you don’t Clay will personally tickle you.


Clay: “Okay, we’re going to tickle you. Trevor I think it’s weird but I’m going to tickle you.” Now here’s the deal Thrivers, we’re talking the next move. Point number eight is calendar management. We have Keith schultz, the founder of a business called Witness security. What do they do? They install security systems, they help keep your family safe, keep out the bad guys. Keith, why is it so important when you tell a customer, “Hey, I’m going to be there at four, that you show up at four and as a general rule, why is every person that I’ve ever hired who’s a security system installer – with an exception of you – seriously why do I call them and say, “Hey, what time are you going to be there?” They say four. Six o’clock my wife’s calling going when are they coming? How do you manage your calendar? How come they can’t manage their calendar what’s up?

Keith: Every appointment we set is set 15 minutes prior to the actual scheduled time, so therefore gets me on the road sooner. I usually try to get there about ten minutes prior.

Clay: Someone’s listening right now going, “I tell you what, I’m listening to the show and I’m going, yes some jobs may take longer, some jobs may take shorter. I get there when I get there.” Why is it so frustrating as a consumer when you hire any kind of tradesman, contractor, employee, you do an interview, you do a dinner meeting whatever. And somebody just has no regard for your calendar or your schedule. Why is that just wear you out?

Keith: It’s the ultimate in being rude. Because what you hear them say is, “Your time doesn’t matter.”

Clay: “I was trying to get there around like three right? But then I was hungry and I’m looking for some roast beef. Now I would have bought the roast beef but I could not locate my wallet, and so I get stuck in the traffic.”

Dr. Z: “I had to backtrack back to the office to get my wallet because I left my wallet back there.”

Clay: And the stories get more and more elaborate the more perpetually late someone is.

Dr. Z: Absolutely and the thing about it is we’re all busy.

Clay: “I was so busy I was playing, I was working hard.”

Dr. Z: [laughs] We all have a busy schedule, we’re all trying to get stuff done. We’ve all probably scheduled ten things for the day when we probably have the time for nine things, most of us in the world of being busy right? That’s what it is. And so when someone disrespects you and acts like your time doesn’t matter–.

Clay: “Your time does not matter to me. I’m not saying that you don’t matter, I’m just saying your time– the time that I told you I would be there does not matter, but you matter a lot. Dear customer, I really do value your time which is why I will show between–. [crosstalk]

Dr. Z: “And I value your money and I want your business but I–.”[laughs]

Clay: “I will show up between one and five basically.”

Dr. Z: “I will show up sometime this week so just you know.”

Clay: “Please take the day off all I want to do is install some cameras.”

Dr. Z: And it’s frustrating, it’s frustrating. That’s why at my Optometry clinic, we’re trying to be efficient with people’s time, and some people actually fuss about the goal, “Well you know, back in hometown Podunk America, my eye doctor takes hours with me and you guys kind of – I feel kind of rushed through the system.” Well, we didn’t rush you through the system, we’re just trying to be efficient with your time because we know your time is valuable.

Keith: “You know back in Wisconsin my optometrist would take usually about an hour to get to know me.”

Dr. Z: Is that doctor [unintelligible 01:18:53]?

Keith: Sincerely though, if you’re getting– you offer a great deal and you’ve offered a great deal for 25 years, great deals. And efficiency you are able to offer discounts, you’re able to offer better value. Or you could go slower you got to charge so much more for everything.

Dr. Z: Well that’s the thing about it, it’s kind of like: I once had a lady stop me in a hallway and she was– I could tell she was frustrated by the system because we have kind of a system. It’s kind of we are the Ford of eyecare.

Clay: “You’re like the Ford of eyecare. Unbelievable. It’s like McDonald’s in here. What is wrong with you?”

Dr. Z: Well there’s a difference. I mean Mercedes Benz you have one guy and he lovingly builds a car all by himself, he does every little step. And then, Bjorn he puts his name on the inside of the trunk that “Certified and built by Bjorn. It took me two months to build your car.” And Ford, he had this assembly line concept. everybody thought he was crazy. But he had this assembly line concept so just one person all day long did the one thing.

They got efficient. They could built a lot more cars. That’s kind of how my office is. We have [crosstalk]. We have people that do just one thing all day long and that’s the efficiency of it. B ut sometimes if you are not used to that, Leslie had stopped me in the hallway and she said, “Oh my God, you’re just like the McDonald’s of eye care.”

Clay: Unbelievable.

Dr. Z: I was like– [unintelligible 01:20:24] a little bit of a dig. I just smiled and said, “Thank you so much.”

Clay: Yes, thank you.

Dr. Z: That’s awesome. I mean, McDonald’s always has a clean bathroom, you stopped there on the Expressway.

Clay: And billions and billions of customers.

Dr. Z: And they serve billions. I wish I could have served billions of customers. Back in the day, they would open up a new McDonald’s worldwide every 12 hours. I wish I would open up that many optical shops around the world.

Clay: Sounds like a lot of problems.

Dr. Z: Yes. You know whether you’re in Racine, Wisconsin or Tampa Bay, Florida, you know those fries are going to be awesome. You know, consistency.

Clay: You know, Jim Gaff can talk about it, but when you get that bonus fry. When you realized you think you’re done with all the fries but you find one more in the bag.

Dr Z: Ooh, that’s good stuff.

Clay: That bonus fry. Look at this, it’s the bonus fry. I know you’re in there. This is so exciting. Now Thrivers, when we come back, we are going to talk about more bonus fries. Also, we are going to talk about specifically the final two moves for staying focused in business. The final two moves for staying focused in business. If you ever wanted to stay focused in business, I have it all. I am off distractions. But if you want to stay focused in business, look there’s a squirrel– no, but if you want to stay focused in business, is that a Chuck Norris joke? I am going to put that on my Facebook update, I should send a tweet — no. If you want to stay focused on business, you want to stay tune. Thrive Time Show. Super Moves 9 and 10. Boom.

Ad: Are you looking to start or grow a business? Then you are definitely going to have problems and questions along the way. You will find the answers to all of your business questions at provides online video-based business training taught by millionaires and successful entrepreneurs for less than a dollar per day, that’s less than your daily coffee budget.

It’s no classrooms, no get-rich-quick seminars, these are trainings broken into 15-minute segments that get you the answers that you need. It’s business school without the BS. I dare you to try a seven-day free trial. Simply go to and the first 100 people will also receive a free downloadable for how to optimize your website. So stop wasting your time and money, go to and get your business questions answered now.

Announcer: You’re listening to The Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio 1170.

Clay: All right, Thrive Nation, welcome back to your inspiration station in your ear, I am here to come help you start and grow a business. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Dr. Robert Zoellner in the house, in the box at rocks.

Dr. Z: I am so happy to be here. You know, I was in Guatemala over the weekend.

Clay: Did you do salsa dancing?

Dr. Z: No [laughs]. Now, I am back in Tulsa, back on The Thrive Time Show. I missed a couple of episodes and I am back Thrive Nation. I am so excited about our next in-person workshop.

Clay: This thing is hot. I am going to tell you why it’s hot because I remember starting DJ Connection. Now tell me if you’re listening right now, tell me if you ever had this happen to you. I’m starting DJ Connection, I’m growing my business, I hear a commercial and it was like, “Do you want to be motivated? Do you want to make money? You want to learn real estate? You want to learn sales?” And I am like, “Yes. Yes.” “Do you want to lose weight.” Yes, you can go sprinkle that in too. “Do you want to be a hero?”, and I am going, “Yes. Yes.” You’re going out and meet some random celebrity, some celebrity, some famous person, some famous politician. Next thing you know, it’s at the BOK, it’s at the Renaissance, it’s at Sunday, Sunday, Sunday. You go to the thing and it’s like $2 to attend, or it could be $1 to attend. You go and they just try to upsell you. They are trying to sell you that get-rich deal. The guy is going, “You want to learn my magic system? You want to learn it? I only got 10 spots left. First 10 up here. $19,227 is what I would normally charge but today, it is only $17 — No, no, I don’t know this but I am going to throw in a signed copy, signed by somebody like Mike Tyson of a T-shirt or something.” Come on.

Dr. Z: Come on, man.

Clay: Do you want to learn some real business, Z? Z, do you want to learn some real business, some real specifics steps of workflows? We are talking about checklist, how to optimize your website? That alone can be worth a million dollars.

Dr. Z: No, I don’t know. I think I am safe in my little job here. I have that dream, I have that burning amber and deep buried. I’ve shoved it deep down.

Clay: Bury that amber, Carl. Bury it.

Dr. Z: The thing about it is that I found over lunch, I’m eating my chicken salad sandwich, I’m sitting, I’m listening to The The Thrive Time Show day after day. Thank you very much by the way.

Clay: Chicken Salad. Chicken Salad.

Dr. Z: It’s a fine meal. And you know what guys, you are starting to blow a little breeze on that amber. You’re putting tender on it.

Clay: Put it out, Carl. I told you put it out.

Dr. Z: You’re starting to get that little flame of entrepreneurship to revibe back in me again with these practical business steps. The stories that you’re telling about the mistakes you made, the successes that you had, they’re inspiring me. Now, I am thinking about taking that next step. I am thinking about taking some action now. I’ve got this dream, I’ve got this idea, I know a problem that needs to be solved, a widget that I want to make, and now I just need some practical deep dive steps.

Clay: This is why you’re going to come. You’re going to sign up right now. You’re going to go to You are going to go there right now. We are giving you a moment. Go to You’re going to sign up for the two-day intensive business workshop. It’s on Friday and Saturday, starts at 7AM goes until 3PM, both days. 45-minute workshop then a 15-minute break. 45-minute workshop then a 15-minute break. We never have and we’ll never turn down anybody for lack of financial resources. We care, both Dr. Z and I know what it’s like to grow up without financial resources. I am telling you, I promise you, when you leave, you leave the conference, no upsell. We have an in-person one-on-one coaching. We have that available. We have the workshops, there’s nothing else to upsell you. So get out here, bring your mom, bring your dad, bring your cousin, bring your wife, bring your husband, bring your neighbor, bring somebody. Bring them here and we are going to help you focus on growing a successful business.

In today’s topic specifically is about focus. Point number 9, you got to balance the personal and business financial management. I see so many business owners who are spending everything on growing that business. They are just all in, baby. Woooh. There family is like, “Dad, do we have to eat oatmeal again?”

“Little Billy, just quit complaining.”

“Dad, can I get new shoes this year?”

“Little Billy, stop. I am getting a billboard with my face on it.”

It’s just that they are all in for their business and their family is just starving. You got to have that balance in personal and business financial management.

Dr Z: You have to have that balance. One of the things I teach in my book, Business Pig, is about delaying gratification. There is a component of maybe eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches maybe more often than you want to. There is a component of that. There is a component of buying the new car, pushing that off another year. There is a component of that, delaying your gratification because if you don’t have a healthy business, you won’t have a healthy personal life. Which comes first, the chicken or the egg?

Clay: The chicken.

Dr. Z: Well, that a tough question but I know which comes first when you own your own business. I know the business has to be healthy because if the business fails, guess what, you can’t go out and buy little Billy new shoes, you can’t go buy the new car, you can’t go buy the steak dinner.

Announcer: You’re listening to The Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio 1170.

Clay: You can’t join the bowling league and get your name embroidered on it and get that bowling ball that you want and put–you know you’re going to go to River Lanes to get a bowling ball and put a rose on the center of it.

Dr. Z: You can’t do that. I want that clear one with the rose center on it. I want that. That seems so cool. Maybe lights up or something.

Clay: You can’t do that. You need to do some cutbacks.

Dr. Z: You go to do some cutbacks. That’s part of what we teach you. The thing about it is that you are going to have some balance though. That’s what we are talking about. The six things in life that you want. When you want the fun component of it, you got to have a little – you got to budget. Here’s the thing, if you don’t make a budget, your money is going to go where it wants to go.

Clay: But a budget is telling your money where to go.

Dr. Z: Say that again, what did you just said. What did you just say?


Clay: A budget is telling your money where to go.

Dr. Z: You say, I can be in-charge of my money? You can tell your money where to go?

Clay: Yes, you can. Check it out. Having a budget is something we will teach you at The Thrive Time Workshops. I am telling you. Go to “Someone get me a pen, I can’t write this down.” “My iPad, the little stylus went out.” Use your finger, bro. Check it out.

Move Number 10 from the business coach. Learning to say no. Here are the big, big wasters I see in business. Learn to say no to Charlottetown’s, you know, every word that is just trying to sell you get-rich-quick scheme non-stop. Two, time-wasters. Three, negative people.

I want to ask you this. We have a very special guest on the show, Mr. Keith Schultz here with Witness Security, one of Tulsa’s finest home security companies, security alarms, security cameras. I want to ask you this Keith, in your years of business, have you ever seen, have you ever encountered a get-rich-quick seminar of some kind? Have you ever been approached about that kind of thing?

Keith: All the time.

Clay: How have you learned to say no? Or did you get sucked in a couple because I almost got sucked into a couple early ones where you go and then you’ve invested an entire day and you’ve signed up for the minimum price thing. And you go, “What am I doing?” Did you got ever sucked in?

Keith: I’ve been to a couple of them, yes.

Clay: How have you learned to say no now? What do you do? Do you say, “Noski?

Keith: I basically tell them no. A lot of times, it’s Google calling or a funding company.

Clay: Do you want to fund your business overnight with 50,000 in your account by noon with zero repercussions and no interest? And you’re like, “Ah, no.” It doesn’t happen. Hi, I’m calling on behalf of a Saudi prince who’s very well connected. The Saudi prince I know, he knows – who’s the guy who you know, Z? The Saudi prince guy who know the guy you know.

Dr. Z: Mine’s the Nigerian guy.

Clay: He and his very close friend, the Nigerian prince. And all he’s asking for is what I would call your bank routing number. If you could go ahead and read those numbers.

Dr. Z: He’s got to move millions of dollars out of the country, and he’ll give you a cut of it to help him out.

Clay: He needs 19,000 to what we call “free ify” the money. The next move is negative people. Z, How do you say no to negative people? How do you know when it’s time to say no?

Dr. Z: You can surround yourself with positivity or – and there’s a lot of negativity out there in the world, and you could choose to do that. You could choose to go. And no offense to any lady out there named Nancy. Sam, I know your mother’s named Nancy. I met her the other day, fine lady. But I call them negative Nancys. People just love misery sometimes, and when they’re miserable, they want people to be miserable around them. I’m not saying it’s not proper when it’s someone close to you in your inner circle and they’re mourning some loss. Then yes, that’s okay. You should mourn with people that are –

Clay: Can you believe the main characters died in Rogue One? That’s it. This is a bad week.

Dr. Z: People that are constantly being negative, you don’t let them schedule time in your life. You walk away from them. You say, “That’s an interesting point,” and you walk away. People go, “That’s mean.” Or you can sit there and listen to them spew negativity all over you, and that’s no fun.

Clay: Now Thrivers, here’s the deal. Do you want to come to a place where you’re going to meet other positive people?

Dr. Z: Yes.

Clay: Do you want to come to a place where you can learn how to start and grow a successful business?

Dr. Z: Yes.

Clay: Do you want to go to a place where there’s zero student debt and you’re guaranteed to be able to afford it, even if you just have seven bucks in your wallet?

Dr. Z: Yes.

Clay: Do you want to go to a place where there’s no upsales?

Dr. Z: Yes.

Clay: Do you want to go to the River Spirit Casino? No, that’s not what we’re talking about. We’re talking about you want to come to Thrive Time Workshop. You want to come to a Thrive Time Workshop. Now, here’s the details. First off, go to It’s January 20th and 21st from 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

Dr. Z: 7:00 AM? I’ve never woken up that early in my life.

Clay: 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

Dr. Z: Why is it so early?

Clay: Because we want to get you home. You can enjoy the weekend, enjoy time with your family. We care about the family balance deal. It’s a two-day intensive workshop. We teach you everything you need to know to start or grow a business. We’re talking marketing, sales. We’re talking time management. We’re talking lead management. We’re talking about customer service. We’re talking about how to raise capital. What are we talking about? We’re talking about the two-day interactive Thrive Time Workshops. And you know what? If you’re listening right now outside of Tulsa, outside of the country, which many of you do because you go to Thrive Time Show and hear the podcast. Z, they’ve got to go to Why do they have to go to

Dr. Z: Because it’s the Netflix of business coaching. If you want to have business coaching 24/7 or a business coach, you can binge watch it all the time. It’s $19 a month. Go to We’ve got it all there for you. It’s all there. You’ve just got to dig around and find it and enjoy it because we did it for you.

Clay: Also Thrivers , if you want one-on-one business coaching, we have that now available for you. Learn more at And Z, as always, we like to tell people knowledge about application is meaningless. You want to apply what you learned today. And Z, here we go.

Clay and Dr. Z: Three, two, one, boom.

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