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As a business Coach, Clay Clark, and Dr. Robert Zoellner bring on Joe Davidson, founder of Oklahoma Joe’s, and ask him to help explain to the Thrivers how to identify jackassery in your own life and how to overcome it.

Learn About Self-Awareness From The Business Coach : Podcast Transcript

Clay Clark: Boom, boom, boom. Guess who’s back in your room? My name is Clay Clark and I am a business coach. I’m the former SPA entrepreneur of the year in your ear sent here by Scripps radio. Today, inside the box that rocks, we have a cast of characters that will — it could truly take your day from a negative to a positive. Dr. Robert Zoellner is back. Sir, how are you?

Dr. Robert Zoellner: Oh, it’s so good to be back at the box that rocks. I tell you what, you know when you’re at home, there’s nothing like when you get home, you can sleep in your own bed. You get your own stuff, your own space.

Clay: You get to eat your Oklahoma Joe’s.

Dr. Robert: You get to eat Oklahoma Joe’s. Joe, I’m kind of upset that you don’t have them all around the country, because now everywhere I go, I’m looking for those baked beans and I can’t find them unless I’m in Tulsa.

Clay: It’s frustrating.

Dr. Robert: It really is a problem.

Clay: Can I introduce our guy who’s inside the box that rocks, who we do not know who do we have here? We have a living legend here.

Dr. Robert: Well, to watch on Facebook Live, they’ve already got their eye candy. I mean they’re already going, “Oh my gosh, who is that beautiful man?”

Clay: Who is that beautiful man?

Dr. Robert: He smells of burnt ends and meat candy.

Clay: We have an email here that just fly in here. Someone emailed info at and they said, “Who is that person? Is today’s show about the human body?”

Dr. Robert: Is he real?

Clay: “Because I like that body.”

Dr. Robert: Is he real?

Clay: That’s a good show. No, we have today on the show, we have the founder of Oklahoma Joe’s. This man has sold two million smokers.

Dr. Robert: That’s a lot of smokers.

Clay: That’s a lot. When you round that up, that’s two million smokers. It is Joe Davidson. Sir, how are you?

Joe Davidson: I’m great. It’s good to be here again. Love it here.

Clay: I know it’s hard to be inside the box that rocks. You feel like you’re being ambushed by two crazy people, you’re in the middle being sane and —

Dr. Robert: Making a Joe sandwich here.

Joe: I’m certain that I’m going to lose my sanity before the day is over.

Dr. Robert: [laughs] That’s assuming you had it before you walked in here, Joe. That would be a question-

Joe: That’s assuming a lot, isn’t it?

Dr. Robert: – for you to walk in here. There is a question of that.

Clay: All right. Here’s the deal, Thrivers. Here’s the deal. Today, we’re talking about this concept. It’s huge, it’s big and you absolutely can’t pass go. You cannot have success if you can’t master what we’re talking about today, okay. Today is self awareness. We’re talking about self-awareness and how to overcome your own personal jackassery. Now, Z, this is a deep subject because we’ve all, all of us deep within us have elements-

Dr. Robert: Oh, yeah.

Clay: – of jackassery. Elements of the dark force that binds the universe together. This galvanizing unifying all countries, all planets, even other planets countries, townships people all over the world struggle with this thing called jackassery.

Dr. Robert: Clay, I have a really serious question for you. I mean I’ve wondered this now for a couple of years. We’ve been doing business together now for a couple three years, going on three actually, but we’ll go in two.

Clay: Best three years of my life. Best three years of my life.

Dr. Robert: Here’s the deal, on the planet that you’re from.

Clay: Claytron.

Dr. Robert: Because we know it’s not earth, do they have jackassery there? Because that’s the question I’ve always wanted to really ask you and I’ve never asked you that.

Clay: The problem with the planet Claytron that I was from is that basically was — you know where was Superman from? What was it? Krypton or something?

Dr. Robert: Yes, Krypton.

Clay: Isn’t he like allergic to kryptonite? Isn’t that the deal?

Dr. Robert: Well, it takes away his super powers.

Clay: Yes. My planet, Claytron, is made of jackassery and it takes away the powers.

Dr. Robert: [laughs] Oh, I see. That’s why you fight so hard to eliminate it in your life. Now, I get it.

Clay: So Joe, I want to ask you a question here. I want to ask this question about jackassery. You have met some really talented people in your life, some really talented people. There’s a lot of people out there, if you’re listening right now, we have some of the most talented listeners on the planet. Some people are good in painting. They’re good at graphic design. They’re good at video. They’re good at making food. Insert the thing, they’re good at making the thing.

But have you ever seen somebody who just can’t have success because they just can’t get their own personal jackassery in control? Have you ever seen somebody struggle with that or have you ever struggled with jackassery?

Joe: I would say that I’m the picture of jackassery possibly.

Dr. Robert: Wow.

Clay: Really? Wow.

Joe: In some aspects you know.

Dr. Robert: The poster child?

Joe: Finally, finally, you have to wake up someday and say this is what I’m good at and this is what I’m not good at. I’m going to bring people in. I’m going to hire talent that is good at something that I’m not.

Clay: So here’s the deal. For anybody listening right now, if you’re listening today and you’re going, “Okay, okay. This show is about self awareness and how do I fix these limiting factors in my own life that are causing me to get nowhere quickly. What are these things?” Well, guess what, in the book Jackassery which you can buy on amazon, we list out all 41 of these areas that are just wealth destroying.

Today, we’re going to hop right in. I’m going to go into this first one here, Z. This is your ability to manage your time and the increased responsibilities that come with being a leader. So you got there and you start a business or you want to and once you start selling something, now you’re in business.

Dr. Robert: Oh, yes.

Clay: If you sell enough of it, now there’s two people who work there, you and someone else. Now, you have employees and now your inability to manage your time efficiently becomes a huge problem, a huge problem.

Dr. Robert: Huge.

Clay: So please educate us. If I’m listening right now and I’m going, “Okay. I am struggling with time management.” What feedback would you have for the thrivers out there?

Dr. Robert: Well, I tell you what. It’s one of the biggest things I hear where people start out a business or they want to start a business or they’ll think about starting a business is, “I don’t have time. I don’t have time, I don’t have time.” I’m like, “Wait a second. Is your day any shorter than all the other people in your life, all the people that are out there doing things? They’ve got like 27 hours and you only have 24?”

Clay: At Oswald’s bagels, I personally make every single bagel myself. Some of the small bagels and the large bagels. I make all the bagels and I actually buy all the items at Sam’s because only I can, only I can get the items at Sam’s the way I do and they have samples on Saturdays.

Dr. Robert: [laughs] You have the Sam’s card. The point is is that we all have 24 hours. Now, you’re in control of what you do with those 24 hours.

Clay: I disagree with that. Okay, I’ll give you that.

Dr. Robert: [laughs] Okay. On Claytron, the planet Claytron, they may have more, their days may be longer but here on Earth where we’re currently living, we have 24 hours a day. Now, here’s the thing that we’ve learned and here’s the thing we teach. We teach it on, we teach it at our in-person workshops. We teach it at our one on one business coaching.

Clay: Here we go.

Dr. Robert: Yes, that’s right., you get on it and you get all the details of what I just said. We teach time management and what we’ve learned is that you only do the things you have scheduled. Scheduling is very, very important, very purposeful. In other words, if you pull up your calendar and I ask you what are you doing tomorrow? [music] You said, “You know, I’m not sure. I’ve got a few things to do.”

Clay: I was going to go to Bed Bath and Beyond for an hour or two and see what’s going on.

Dr. Robert: I’ve got to get some more coffee cake cups.

Clay: I might go to Oklahoma Joe’s for seven hours.

Dr. Robert: If I get hungry, I’ll go eat some burnt ends and some baked beans. But the point is is that if you looked at your calendar tomorrow, all right, open it up right now. Just pull over the truck, stop. I know you’re driving.

Clay: I’ve got to get it. Give me a second. I’m getting it. I’m ready. Okay.

Dr. Robert: Pull over, pull up your calendar to open it up and it shows you what you’re going to get done tomorrow. All right. So pull up, pull up. Look at it and say, “Oh, well there’s nothing on it.”

Clay: But there’s so much to read, so many Facebook friend requests to respond to and there’s a picture of a cat.

Dr. Robert: I’ve got a lot of Instagram pictures I’ve got to double tap. I get it. I know there’s stuff that we can do. There’s TV. I know you’re dvr-ing probably bachelor, I mean it’s on right now. It’s a thing. [crosstalk]

Clay: Okay. Hey, wait a second. Wise wizards, wise wizards, I want you to get real and raw with us for a second.


All right. Someone’s listening right now and this is the question they’re going to ask. I’m holding up my phone for the thrivers. I’m going to hold it up here. We’re on Facebook live and I’m going to hold it up here. It says right now it’s 12:29. This is the truth canon, 12:29. Let me pull it up one second here. Thrivers I realize that if you’re listening to a radio show and you can’t see anything, those kind of delays might get a little frustrated. But calm down, get on Facebook Live to watch it. Here it is. I have 24 missed text messages in the last hour.

Dr. Robert: Yes.

Clay: Because I’ had been in a meeting. The thing is is that I used to — back in the day, this is what I would do. I would be in the meeting and I would go mentally out of the meeting, but physically be in the meeting. So, I’m mentally not present but I physically am. So I have a meeting but I didn’t get anything done because I wasn’t focused and then I would try to call people back. I’m frustrating everybody, bad things happen.

Clay: I’m going to asked you, Z, and then I want to ask Joe the same question. How do you now, that people you know you’re kind of a big deal — I mean people know you.

Dr. Robert: Stop.

Clay: No, but people say, “That’s Dr. Zoellner over there. Whoa he’s a beautiful man. That’s Joe over there. Two beautiful men. So much beauty, wow.” So then they go, “I’m going to send you a text. I ‘m going to send them a call I’m going to Facebook him. Clay Clark keeps talking about the yoga pants epidemic going on at whole foods, I’ll send him a message.” Where do you set the boundaries? What do you do, how do you do it?

Dr. Robert: Well, what you do is you put up with that, you answer that. You encourage that at your time and your leisure. In other words, like you said, you have 24 missed text messages. Why aren’t you panicking right now, ducking off the radio show and answering them? “I’m so sorry I [unintelligible 00:09:33]. I’ll never miss your text message again. I mean thrive forgive me.”

Clay: I got to get them, I feel bad.

Dr. Robert: The thing about it is, is that you were purposeful on that, that you were setting that aside right now and you know you’ll get to it when you get to it. Very few times, and I’m old enough, Clay, this is going to shock you. This is going to shock you.

Clay: Shocking?

Dr. Robert: Probably somebody out there right now just pulled into a truck stop to take some notes on time management right now. I remember life before cellphones.

Clay: Holy crap. What was the world like?

Dr. Robert: I know. It barely existed. We had horses and buggies and carts and we walk a lot.

Clay: When Moses was teaching you algebra and you rode at dinosaur to the schoolhouse. What was it like?

Dr. Robert: It was a stegosaurus. I think.

Clay: Oh, nice.

Dr. Robert: Yes. I think that’s what it was and he was very friendly. His name was Billy.

Clay: Billy? Wow.

Dr. Robert: [laughs] I’ve named him Billy. Sad thing, they’re all gone. I don’t know where they all went. But the sad thing all those dinosaurs are not going.

Clay: Remember that song about the stegosaurus back in the day? My name is Stegosaurus. I’m of a funny-looking dinosaur. Do you remember that?

Dr. Robert: I can’t say that I do.

Clay: No. Really?

Dr. Robert: But it sounds like a really, really good song.

Clay: I just learned it last Thursday.


Now Joe, I want to ask this. All stegosaurus theme songs aside. How do you handle it? Because you love your customers. People call you all the time. I bet you back in the day when you were selling two smokers, you wanted to call both people back. When you sold —

Joe: That was back when they cook with wood. Wasn’t it?

Dr. Robert: I think so. Yes.

Clay: Back at the day.

Joe: They still do that.

Dr. Robert: Back at the day.

Clay: Back when people were people. When you’re selling your first 10 or 20 or 40, I’m sure you wanted to have that relationship with every customer. But how do you scale that when you’re selling two million? How come you weren’t up all night crying, frantically trying to return everybody’s calls? I mean how did you do it?

Joe: You know, I think number one was that schedule is so important but my routine was so important.

Clay: Oh, come on. Preach it.

Dr. Robert: Come on now.

Joe: It really was so I set time aside when I would have the opportunity to return that text message. I’d set time aside that I could spend with customers. But I also would set time aside where I’d take care of performance, where I’d look at cost of new units at production efficiency.

Dr. Robert: Oh, now, you’ve just talking business talk.

Clay: It’s business time.

Joe: Focusing on that routine and getting into that routine was the only way I could really manage myself.

Clay: Now Thrivers, I’m going to tell you the other day, the Patriots — by the way, you see my new uniform? You see this coming in here? That’s the Thrive honey badger.

Dr. Robert: I know the honey badger. I know I love it.

Clay: I’m going red, white, and blue with him now. It got a pro-America theme here.

Dr. Robert: Yes. America.

Clay: I got the patches coming in. I got the hat. It’s going to be the same kind of tweel. I’m working on the whole thing.

Dr. Robert: I’m going to get mine. You’re going to cut my sleeves off. Right?

Clay: That’s right.

Dr. Robert: Because I’m belly checked your Bradie. That’s our deal.

Clay: You’re going love this whole deal.

Dr. Robert: Okay.

Clay: The thing is thougth, on Sunday though, I’m watching the game and I’m having shrimp creole. You know why I’m having shrimp creole?

Dr. Robert: Because it was what was being served.

Clay: No. Because every playoff game the Patriots playing, I’m methodical about having seafood that’s progressively hotter as we get closer to the big end. It’s heating up. Some people don’t shave their beards. I can’t grow a beard, so I have to do my own thing. But the thing is I wasn’t returning customer calls. I wasn’t at the workshop. I wasn’t doing the radio show. I wasn’t because that was something we scheduled and the thing is all those other things are important. But everything is not important at one time because if you can’t focus then you’re not going to get anything done.

So when we come back, Z and Joe, we’re going to be getting more into this wealth repelling things that could really, really be hurting your business and you might not even be aware of where of them. So, when we come back we’re going to get into some of the top wealth-repelling things that are causing, I would say the leading causes of jackassery in Tulsa. Z, The leading causes.

Dr. Robert: You know what I miss is, I tell you what. You get your hands around this show, you’re going to thrive on.


Clay: Hello, Oklahomies. Welcome back to the Thrive Time Show on your radio with your business coach. Hello, people from Tennessee. Welcome back to the Thrive Time Show.

People in Illinois, welcome back to the Thrive Time Show and away we grow. Grow.

Dr. Robert: Grow?

Clay: Yes. We’re going to teach you how to make your wallet grow. Okay. Today’s entire show is about teaching you how to vaccinate yourself against this wealth-destroying disease. It’s terrible. It’s an insidious disease. It’s a disease that’s killed businesses all over the world for years and it is called jackassery.


Now, jackassery, it has this power to mystical cosmic habit force that destroys dreams. But yet binds the universe together in a way that we haven’t seen since the force in Star Wars. It’s a bad thing when you have jackassery at work, Z, it could destroy your wealth. When you don’t know what you don’t know. When you don’t know what’s killing you, it could kill you.

Dr. Robert: I tell you what. Two things. One, I’m glad they came out with another Star Wars movie. Make it relevant again for all the Star Wars nerds out there. I want to leave with that. Yes. Thank you. Number two, business coaching is about teaching people what to do. In other words, we’re here to help coach you up on how to start and build a business, a successful one, that you can then do all the things, your bucket list items that you want to do in your life. Have time, freedom, financial freedom I mean. That’s what building a business is about. But as much teaching you what to do —

Clay: What to do? What to do?

Dr. Robert: A good business coach, and we’d like to think that we might be maybe above-average. I don’t know maybe Clay’s viral. He’s probably the world’s best, but anyway. It’s also teaching you what not to do. Did you see? If you’re doing everything right and you’re still doing some of these moves were going to go over today, and there’s so many of them. We’re going to work on them. We’re going to teach you what not to do also. Because you see, just like Joe here, perfect example.

Joe Davidson of Oklahoma Joe’s. A fine man. A great guy. He built a bunch of smokers and now he has Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ restaurants here in Tulsa. Three great locations. If you’re wondering what to do for lunch today, you’re sitting thinking, “Hmm, I just got my car. I’m a little hungry. Where do I go?” If you’re in Broken Arrow, go over by the Bass Pro Shop. Oklahoma Joe’s right there. Boom. If you’re in South Tulsa, 61st and Sheridon. Boom.

If you’re downtown, you can go next to the iconic Cain’s Ballroom. I don’t think there’s a concert going on during the day but they’ve got Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ right next to it, Monday until Friday.

Clay: We have a quick update here from Yoda. He had some things he wanted to comment here about Oklahoma Joe’s. A lot of people are saying –

Dr. Robert: Oh, because I made Star Wars reference?

Clay: A lot of people are saying, “I’m going to try to get over there. I’m going to try to make it by,” and they love the show. A lot of people say, “I love the show, Clay. I’m so glad the show i on.” You know what? The shows not possible without Oklahoma Joe’s and our great sponsors. So Yoda had some things he wanted to say. So here we go, “No try. Just do. No try. Just do. Must have baked beans. Bake beans you will have. In due time. Take you to them, I will. Mmm.”

Dr. Robert: [laughs]

Clay: The thing is we’ve got to get over there. We can’t just talk about getting over there. This can’t be a thing where we’re saying– Thrivers listen, there’s a difference between a high-pressure pitch and a declarative statement. You will go to Oklahoma Joe’s and you will enjoy it because it’s a life-changing. Z, we challenge the listeners to a bet every time.

Dr. Robert: Absolutely, and I tell you what. If you’re in Chattanooga — I’m sorry.

Clay: It’s a longer trip.

Dr. Robert: I’m sorry. I’m going to get Joe. You know what Joe, he’s opened up a store in Chattanooga. Let’s encourage him to do that today.

Clay: High-pressure. You need to open up at Chattanooga right away.

Dr. Robert: Yes. Wherever the show goes, so goes Joe’s.

Clay: So goes Joe’s.

Dr. Robert: I love Chattanooga.

Clay: Who doesn’t. I mean it’s great

Joe: Everyone loves it.

Dr. Robert: I just love the name too. Chattanooga. It’s just cool name.

Joe: It’s fun to say it.

Dr. Robert: It’s fun to say it. Chattanooga.

Clay: Now Thrivers, this next wealth repelling disease. This is kind of a sign, a symptom of jackassery and I’m telling you what. This one here is tough because it seems like, “That seems kind of a mean thing to say,” But here it is point number five. Ask yourself right now, Thrivers listening, on a scale of one to 10, 10 being you are the search engine wizard-

Dr. Robert: Wizard.

Clay: – and one is you have no idea what you’re doing and you’re at the bottom of the Google world.

Dr. Robert: What does search engine mean?

Clay: You’re the bottom. You’re like page two of Bing. That’s how bad it is. You’re not even on Google. You’re on page two of Bing. If you’re listening right now Thrivers and you’re going, “I have no idea how to get to the top of Google,” things are going to get kind of tight and you got to get frugal sometimes. Unless, you have a viral word of mouth see.

Z, I’m going to start with you and I’ll ask you this. Why is it so important for everyone listening to know how to get to the top of Google? What would be your little — why do you feel like people need to know how Google works?

Dr. Robert: You know, the thing that upsets me the most about Google, the thing that really, really irritates me, the thing that I go, “Umph,” when I think about Google. You know what it is?

Clay: What is it?

Dr. Robert: That I didn’t think of it.

Voice-Over: Holy cow.

Clay: Oh, you didn’t think of it.

Dr. Robert: It such a beautiful idea. These dudes are just — you know what they’ve done is they’ve made a ton of money. God bless them and all they’ve done is allow you to find the thing that you’re trying to find. That’s it. That’s it.

Clay: Yes. Real quick.

Dr. Robert: It’s just like putting up a sign like, “Go this way,” and then they just make copious amounts of money. That’s what’s so great about this country, that’s why I love living on planet earth, in the United States of America, because dudes could come up with that idea and do what they did and then, bam.

Clay: Now, back at the day before Google, there was a way to market your business. There’s different ways to market your business too. But Google is now a new thing. I do want to ask you this. I want to ask you, Joe. When you first started marketing your business, did you go Yellow Pages or trade shows? How did you market your business when you were first getting started?

Joe: First get started, I actually came and made personal calls to retailers.

Clay: What?

Joe: Did from that trade shows.

Clay: Cold calls?

Joe: Cold calls is what we did.

Dr. Robert: Cold calls. That seems crazy.

Clay: To people you didn’t know.

Joe: You know what? All you got to do to know me is to love me.


Clay: Now Thrivers, we’ve got a lot of Thrivers who’ve been asking if we would be willing to do the cold calling Olympics again. We did it on the podcast and was a hit. The cold calling Olympics, we actually play recorded audio from my days back in the day when I made cold calls, when I ran DJ connection of me actually making the calls. I have some of those archived and they’re epic. When you know how to make a cold call and you know how to get someone to call you back who doesn’t know you, it’s a super move. Then when you can talk to someone on the phone you’ve never talked to in a way that makes them feel like you’re not a cold caller.

Dr. Robert: Yes. Oh, that’s the best.

Clay: Then when you can sell something to someone that you have never met before and you can do it in a way that doesn’t feel all scammy and high-pressure, it’s a beautiful thing. I mean it’s a dark art. Joe, I mean it’s kind of a dark art. I would say it’s on the — it’s the dark side of the force, the cold call move. That’s a questionable power.


Dr. Robert: It is and you could master that. I tell you what? You can. That’s one of the moves but going back to Google a little bit is that, it is so relevant right now. If you’ve had your business for any length of time, you may have had it before Google was the impact that it is, and you may be saying to yourself, “Why am I not as busy? Why are my numbers not as strong as they were last year?”

Clay: “Why are my kids so skinny?”

Dr. Robert: We’re still greeting people at the door. We’ still got our scripts to answer the phone correctly, dancing like the phone, drinking as much and seems like things are happening. I still have my ads that I’m running in the local school, booster pay. I mean I still go the things that I’m doing. I’ll tell you what. If you go right now, pull off if you’re driving. Don’t do it while you’re driving. Google your business if you have a business and and look at where you are on the Google, where it shows up on Google. If you’re not on page one or two or three-

Clay: If you’re listening right now-

Dr. Robert: – or four.

Clay: – and you have a restaurant or a barbershop-

Dr. Robert: Or five.

Clay: – and you Google Tulsa barber shops or Tulsa cookies, if you’re not on page one somewhere-

Dr. Robert: Or six.

Clay: – that’s not a good thing. Now Z, when we come back, we have a gift for all the listeners. We’ve never done this like this before. We have a gift for every listener and we come back it’s going to be a game changer and it does relate to Google.

Dr. Robert: Wait a second. I’m on page seven. There I am.

Clay: There you are.

Dr. Robert: I’m on seven.

Clay: Page seven. You’re a somebody.

Dr. Robert: I’m somebody. I’m on seven.

Clay: Now Thrivers, when we come back though, we’re going to give you — Z, we’re going to give this gift to every single Oklahomie listening. Stay tuned. Thrive Time Show.

Dr. Robert: Christmas and January.


Clay: All right Thrive nation, Oklahomies. Welcome back to the left coast to the Arkansas River. You’re listening to the Thrive Time Show with the business coach during your afternoon sponsored by Oklahoma Joe’s, baby. We’re broadcasting from the box that rocks inside the world headquarters and I’m telling you what. It is a beautiful day, a great day to be an American.

Before we went to that break, I was telling you Thrivers we have a special gift. We’ve never done this gift before. It’s for all the thrivers if you’re listening right now. This gift is going to be worth about $600 for everyone listening. $600 gift —

Dr. Robert: Did we discuss this because I mean are you — what do you — I mean —

Clay: Here’s how the math works.

Dr. Robert: Am I going to get to write out of checks? What’s going on now? I’m a little scared, Thrivers.

Clay: Here’s how math works with this, is once people have seen what’s wrong with their website, they usually want to fix it.

Dr. Robert: That’s very good because a lot of times in life, you don’t know what you don’t know.

Clay: It’s like a medical check-up before your website and here’s the deal is, about three-quarters of you listening are going, “I don’t have a web guy. I don’t have a graphic designer. I need someone to do it for me.”

Dr. Robert: “I don’t have an IT department.”

Clay: “I don’t have an IT department.” Then someone else like a quarter of you say, “Hey, now that you’ve brought this up, I can fix it myself.”

We can help you Thrivers if we can help you as a client. We’d love to help you but here’s the challenge.

Dr. Robert: I’m goosey with what you’re going say right now.

Clay: Step one. You must go to Oklahoma Joe’s. Oklahoma Joe, where are your two locations?

Joe: You can go over by Broken Arrow next Bass Pro Shops. You [inaudible 00:23:56], 61st and Sheridan-

Clay: That’s two.

Joe: – is the other one, right? Then at the Cain’s ballroom right next door to that [crosstalk].

Dr. Robert: Iconic Cain’s ballroom. That’s nice

Clay: Unbelievable. That’s more than two. That’s three.

Dr. Robert: Well, that’s just math. Now, you’re just throwing math.

Clay: Okay. You go over there.

Dr. Robert: That was easy math.

Clay: Then step two. Once you get over there, there being one of the three locations of Oklahoma Joe’s, you got to buy something. Now, if you want to buy a cookie, you want to buy a barbecue, baked beans, the world’s best baked beans by the way.

Dr. Robert: Certified. Certified.

Clay: Anything. You got to buy something. Don’t be don’t just be taking things. You got to buy something. Then get your phone out take a photo of it, okay? Just take a photo of it.

Dr. Robert: Of the thing I bought?

Clay: Yes. The thing you bought with the receipt.

Dr. Robert: Or the receipt.

Clay: Of the receipt. Let’s take a photo of the receipt and then you just email that receipt to [email protected]. Going slow so you can write this down. Email [email protected]. Then email us a link to your website. We will do a full battery of tests on your site to show you what’s wrong with it and how to fix it and then there’s no strings attached. There it is.

Dr. Robert: Wait, wait, wait, wait. Are you telling me that if I go to Oklahoma Joe’s and buy anything-

Clay: Anything.

Dr. Robert: – take a picture of the receipt and if Joe Davidson says I can get a pic — I’ll definitely take picture of him because he’s a beautiful American. Boom, boom, right there. I’ll take a picture of the receipt. I’ll email it to [email protected] and then also put a link to my website on there, and you will run a full battery of tests. No charge, no strings attached-

Clay: It’s worth of $600 value.

Dr. Robert: – and you’ll tell me what’s wrong with my website or you might say your website is perfect, it’s wonderful, you’re great American, nothing needs to be done or you might say, “There’s a few issues.”

Clay: Yes. Not only are we going to do that for you, but Joe, what is the cheapest thing you have on the menu right now? What’s the thing on the menu right now that you say —

Joe: I’m going to tell you. You can go in there any lunch time and get a huge sandwich a side and a drink for 8.49.

Dr. Robert: Wow.

Clay: 8.49. Wow

Dr. Robert: That’s a great deal. 8.49 to get $600-worth of diagnostic testing done. I mean that’s like, is this real? You guys you’re pulling my leg.

Clay: I think there’s a lot of these late night shows with these late night infomercials that over hype stuff and I don’t want to be accused of that. I could say this, it might be a slight hyperbole, but one of those, the lunches that you serve for 8.49 is worth millions of dollars if you’ve never had it before. It’s that good. I mean it’s almost that good. I mean it’s a billion-dollar — it’s priceless really. You can’t say millions. You could say it’s priceless.

Dr. Robert: Well, you could say that because once you get a bite of those baked beans, it’s pretty much a game-changer. I mean it’s game over. Game over. I mean award-winning, certified the best. I love it.

Clay: Award-winning. Now Thrivers, this next form of jackassery that is absolutely — it’s wealth-destroying. If you’re totally clueless of this is —

Dr. Robert: No. Wait a second. Clay, Clay, Clay.

Clay: Yes.

Dr. Robert: I just turned into the show. I’m at lunch, I just got my car. I just flipped it on and you use this term jackassery. You just going to throw it out there as if I know what it means. Where did you get that? I know your’re book Jackassery is an awesome book by the way.

Clay: Well, I was looking back at patterns in business. I was discovering that there’s many times where somebody has a checklist they need to do, okay?

Dr. Robert: Okay. All right. I’m following.

Clay: This just happened two weeks ago. I’m in a meeting with a client and this guy comes in. I said, “Did you do your checklist?” The guy says, “I did not do the checklists.” I said, “Why did you not?” I’m not his boss. He’s just a client I’m trying to help. I said, “Why did you not do the checklist?” This is not talking to the owner. I’m talking to one of the employees of the owner. He turns to the employee.

The employee’s there and the employee says, “I pre-filled out all the checklist for the year so I would never forget to fill them out.” I said, “You pre-filled out the checklists so you wouldn’t forget to fill them out which is why you’re forgetting key steps.”

I almost can’t stop laughing because I realize the presence of jackassery from the root word jackass is so prevalent. Then I said, “How do you, my friend, remember to pay your rent? He says, “That’s a good point.” He looks and you know that he has not paid the rent and I just reminded him. This is the kind of jackassery I’m talking about. There’s no other way to describe it. You could say forgetfulness, you could say ignorance but really jackassery is the best way to explain just not knowing enough about the world around you and it’s hurting you. It’s jackassery.

Clay: I used to suffer from jackassery so much. I was out there trying to grow my DJ business with no clue of anything. I didn’t know how the universe worked. I wasn’t aware of how to sell things. I didn’t know how to build a website and so I struggled. Z, this next form of jackassery, it’s so dangerous. Is not using social media effectively to market your business. Just not using it.

Dr. Robert: It’s a shame because I’ll tell you what. They make it so affordable. I mean we have generated leads for companies for pennies on the on the leads really. Then those can turn into thousands of dollars for the owner. I mean if you get to where you get social media, i.e. google optimization. Let’s just start there. I mean just the step one. If you can get the top of Google, and there’s ways to do it, it’s not rocket science. Unless of course, your business is rocket science —

Clay: In which case, it would actually technically be rocket science. Psych of a rocket.

Dr. Robert: Short of you building rockets for your business or the [inaudible 00:29:31] have that. It’s not rocket science and so you get to the top of Google and it can be millions of dollars. It could be game-changer. I’m sitting in a hot tub up at Winter Park, watching the people skiing down the slopes.

Clay: While other people are suffering from —

Dr. Robert: Drinking a beverage of my choice-

Clay: Jackassery.

Dr. Robert: – living the dream. Or I could be working for the man, punching the time clock and just hoping one day I catch my break. Yes, hoping that one day my lottery ticket, they’ll call my numbers.

Clay: Now Thrivers, here’s I’m going to give you an example of social media working for you. I want you to rate yourself on a scale of one to 10 how effective are you at social media marketing? 10 being the best, one being the worst. Here is an example from your business coach. Right here in Tulsa, there’s a wonderful business called Tip Top K9.

Dr. Robert: Tip Top K9.

Clay: If you’re listening right now, Tip Top K9, how are you doing? How are you doing?

Dr. Robert: How are you doing?

Clay: How are you doing? Now, here’s the deal. We’ve got Ryan and Rachael, they’re a husband and wife team, true story. They have a special they’re running on Facebook right now. If you’re trying to get your dog trained, they do it for — it’s a dollar for the first time that you have your dog trained. If you like it, you can move forward with their dog training programs.

They’re literally having dozens upon dozens of people every week who are reaching out to them and finding them for the first time saying, “Thank you so much. I didn’t even know this existed.” That’s all for — in this case it’s about 50 cents a lead. Unbelievably affordable stuff here.

Dr. Robert: Yes, exactly. We’re here to teach you the moves. Keep listening, Thrive Time Show is coming back. Also, got all the answers to your questions.

Clay: Come back with some Oklahoma Joe’s Baked Beans, stay tuned.


All right Green Country, welcome back to the Thrive Time Show during your afternoon with your business coach. This is the time when you can be a true American. One, you could have some Oklahoma Joe’s Baked Beans, the world’s best baked beans. You can go buy a house. You can do that. You could take advantage of your freedom, your economic freedom. You could buy it. You could take those baked beans with you into the lobby of Regent Bank, one of our generous sponsors, Regent Bank. People will begin to congregate saying, “Are those for me?”

Dr. Robert: What does it smell like?

Clay: “Are those for me?” You look and you say, “No, they’re not. These are for me.” Then you get out some of your brisket and they go, “Is that for me?” “No, just bought enough for me.”

Dr. Robert: That’s smells like money. Yes, I’m in a bank, so that’s why it smells like money.

Clay: Then pretty soon, your popularity starts to gain and then that’s when you wanna start negotiating terms on the next bank loan. Right there when the guy across from you doesn’t have what you want, then you say, “Hey, can I get a better deal here at Regent Bank if I were to give you these?” People have given —

Back at the bible there’s a story of Jacob and Esau. A guy gives away his whole blessing for some stuff, for some soup. There’s people out there willing to give you a great bank loan in exchange for those baked beans. No one at Regent probably but other banks probably.

Dr. Robert: No, that probably would. They’re that good. They’re that good. We do the baked bean challenge. If you’re here in Tulsa, drive over Oklahoma Joe’s three locations, Broken Arrow by the Bass Pro Shop, 61st and Sheridan next to the Cain’s Ballroom, they’re downtown. Get some whatever meat accouchements you like.

Clay: Accouchements.

Dr. Robert: Accouchement. My personal favorite it’s the burnt ends. You can do some burnt ends, you can do — there’s lots of meat choices, but then you also get the baked beans. You pop that little — you just you pop some of that in your mouth, savor it. If it’s not the best baked beans you’ve ever had, you just get right in your car. You drive right to the headquarters here in the left bank the Arkansas River and the River Walk establishment or the second building just north to the big golf flying T thing. You stop there —

Clay: Watch where you’re golfing.

Dr. Robert: Stop that. Then you could walk in. Knock on there, “Where is Clay Clark?” You could say, “Those weren’t the best baked beans,” and he will give you a copy of his book free of charge, no wrangling. He won’t even try to Indian leg wrestle you. He’ll just give you the book, he’ll sign it, hi-five you. If you say, “Those are the best baked beans.” He’ll still give you the same book and he’ll hi-10 you, okay.

Clay: So far, I’ve never had to give a book for someone who has dared to spread the dishonest rumor that they are not the best irrefutable baked beans

ever, because they are. You’d only know that if you have them now. That’s the thing.

Dr. Robert: They’re award-winning. I will say and for those of you listening now out there that were offended this weekend, first of all I’m sorry. We had for the year, for 2017, we had our first in-person workshop and Clay got a little loud. It was a little ruckus.

Clay: Little ruckus.

Dr. Robert: There was a party going on.

Clay: Little bit of volume.

Dr. Robert: I think Fred, the security showed up three times saying, “You’re too loud.” If you’re listening out there and you were offended by that and you were like, “What’s that noise?”

Clay: What’s that noise?

Dr. Robert: “Who sounds like an energetic young man doing, I don’t know what?”

Clay: Sounds like heaven.

Dr. Robert: Sounds — [laughs]

Clay: Is that heaven? Is that heaven?

Dr. Robert: Is it in the world? What’s happening? I hear this noise from somewhere.

Clay: This must be the best noise ever.

Dr. Robert: Sounds like an enthusiastic young man.

Clay: Wow.

Dr. Robert: I don’t know what he’s doing. All those people down there chanting and yelling his name and cheering, we’re sorry. We’ll work on the noise for the next workshop. It was [crosstalk].

Clay: We’re trying to piper, piper down, piper.

Dr. Robert: [laughs] You’re giving me a 10 and I need about a 7 young man.

Clay: Yes, we were trying to pull it down a little bit. Now Thrivers, we’re talking today about self-awareness. It’s so important that if you’re listening right now that you are self-aware. I’ll give an example. Many of you are watching right now on Facebook Live and you may say, “Why do you have a honey badger sweatshirt on?” Well first of —

Dr. Robert: Yes, why do you, well yes?

Clay: The honey badgers are our official mascot at

Dr. Robert: I knew that.

Clay: It’s indicative of the tenacious spirit we have as a company and a tenacious spirit that you have to have as an entrepreneur. You have to be just unbelievable tenacity, unbelievable resilience to be a success entrepreneur. That is what a honey badger is but the thing is I’m aware of it. I’m aware of it and so therefore I could fix it, change it, move it, do things with it.

If you’re unaware, it’s hard to even know what’s hurting you. This next area, I want you to rate yourself on a scale of one to 10 on this area Thrivers, 10 being you are awesome at sales scripts. This is on point 10 of the book Jackassery that I wrote you. You can buy in, point number 10. Ten is you have tight sales scripts, it’s so repeatable that your sales don’t decrease at all when you’re not on the phone.

Dr. Robert: I don’t write it down. I feel that’s restrictive. I feel I can’t be flexible in the conversation. I like to just play it from the hip. You never know who’s on the other line.

Clay: If that’s —

Dr. Robert: You don’t know who’s answering the phone.

Clay: If that’s the mindset you have, what you end up doing is you end up creating a job and not a business. The business creates time freedom, but a job creates a lot of work just for you to do, no one else can do it. It’s not scalable. Therefore, you exchange all your time freedom for a financial freedom. If you want to have both time and financial freedom, you’ve got to build repeatable systems.

Dr. Robert: You’re saying — let me get this right, Clay.

Clay: Yes.

Dr. Robert: You’re telling me that if I write it down.

Clay: Write it down.

Dr. Robert: If I work on it, if I edit it, if I write it down. I get the final scrip to go, “Okay, this one has the highest chance of getting done what I want to get done, i.e. sell the thing to somebody I don’t know”?

Clay: Right.

Dr. Robert: Okay. You’re telling me if I write it down and then edit it, get it all just right and then I can hand it to somebody else. Like right now, if I said, “Okay, Joe.” We got Joe Davidson on the show right now, Oklahoma Joe’s Barbecue. If I gave him that written script and said, “Joe, I would like for you to now make this phone call and say these things.” Then I can have other people do it. It’s not just me.

Clay: It is weird, it’s weird. Now, here’s what Joe did. Joe sold two million smokers. A lot of people want to know, “Wow. What kind of car did you drive or how big is your house?” These are questions. I always want to know, how did you do it? He talked about this video series. We’re going to get into it in a minute. He made some videos that he was able to use to market the business

Clay: I want to ask this question to you Joe. Were the videos — did you make videos that were tropical themed and it was just you in a Speedo and you’re going –?

Dr. Robert: You obviously seen them before.

Joe: Hello, welcome to Oklahoma Joe’s.

Dr. Robert: Hey man, I’m Joe. I’m here to cook some meat for you man, come on. Come along.

Clay: Oklahoma Joe’s.

Dr. Robert: To make a video.

Clay: My body is my wonder world, that’s how I sell it. [laughs]

Dr. Robert: I put some sunscreen on first, man. Just help me out, man, okay.

Clay: Okay, now seriously, what were your videos like?

Joe: I felt it was so important that our dealers, the people that sold our smokers to consumers knew how to be a world champion barbecuer. They could convey that information on telling everyone how to be a world champion in your own backyard. We scripted it but then we videoed it. We showed them on how to be an expert on how to use smokers, how to cook with them and how to get the results to make you a world champion in your own backyard.

It was scalable. It put me in the boardrooms and in the classrooms of every one of these dealers that I had. Some of them were huge, Sam’s Club, Lowes.

Clay: Wait, wait a minute. I’ve heard of these places. You’re saying that you have sold your products in Sam’s?

Joe: Absolutely. They were my first big dealer.

Clay: Sam’s?

Joe: Sam’s.

Clay: You said Lowes?

Joe: Lowes, yes.

Clay: Lowes? These are major companies that you used this system to sell your smokers.

Dr. Robert: Okay, okay. Time out, time out, time out, time out. You must lose your uncle run Sam’s. Come on.

Clay: Come on.

Joe: [laughs]

Dr. Robert: You’re really a Walton, I mean something. You can just go up to these big boxes and say, “Hey, I got to think about a thing. Will you sell my thing?” How did you get into Sam’s? Tell us that story.

Joe: That was the most unique thing I truly did. I grabbed the smoker. I loaded it into the back of my truck.

Dr. Robert: Okay.

Joe: I drove to Bentonville Arkansas.

Dr. Robert: You drove, in you car?

Joe: And I just pulled up in front of Sam’s club headquarters and I walked in. I said, “Is Mr. walton available?”

Dr. Robert: All right. Well, there you go.

Joe: And they said, “Do you have an appointment?” and I said, “No, I don’t, but I’ve got a smoker. I guarantee you he’d want to see.”

Dr. Robert: [laughs] Security, we’ve got a smoker in the building. We got a smoker in the building.

Clay: You did this. This is a real thing.

Joe: This is the real thing. He and a guy named Gary Myers, he’s head buyer for durable hard goods walked down. He said, “Joe.” He says, “Nice to meet you I can’t visit right now but Gary Myers can.” We stood around this truck. We talked about this unit. He said, “How many of these smokers do you think you could build?” I said, “You’re talking about a week, a day,” and he says, “A year, for us,” and I said, “I bet I could build 10,000 of these.” He says, “I’ll take 10,000 of those.”

Dr. Robert: Wait a second, wait a second, wait a second. Let me get this straight. You took a smoker and put it in your vehicle, and then you drove to Bentonville Arkansas. You camped out unannounced, no appointment, and you walked to the lobby and you just made yourself known that you were there. You got a little walk by meeting and then from that meeting, you sold 10,000 smokers. I’m I hearing that?

Joe: You heard that exactly right.

Dr. Robert: That right there clay, that is a little slice of, I would say barbecue, but that’s a little slice of America right there.

Clay: I can’t even handle it. I’ts amazing. Now, the thing is, I think a lot of people are listening and they’re like, “I thought I had to go get a government grant. I thought I was going to wait. With the new president, we now have — all the thing are just going to happen for me. I’m waiting for my uncle to make the connection. I’m waiting for my friend to make the call. I’m waiting for –“

Thrivers, let me tell you what, the one thing you cannot do is wait. Your destiny, your success is right there in front of you, but you have to take the action. If you don’t saw the seeds, you cannot reap a harvest. When we come back, Oklahoma Joe is going to be breaking it down to give us more knowledge bombs, teaching us how to get our product into Sam’s. What?


It’s the Thrive Time Show on your radio. Hey, Thrive nation, what is going on? Welcome back into the conversation with your business coach. Today, we are talking about something that I think you’re going to want to know about. Something that you — Today’s show is really all about you, the listener. It’s about teaching you how to grow your business and take it to the next level, because it starts with you in this little thing called self-awareness.

So we’re talking from the book I wrote called Jackassery, that you can buy on But we’re talking about these things that if you’re not self aware, that they are a limiting your limiting your business growth, then they’re going to limit your business’s growth regardless of whether you know about them or not. It’s like if you don’t know about it, it’s still going to impact you.

Z, the best example I have of this is when I was in eighth grade, I had choir. Choir class. This is how choir class happened. In Minnesota, some smart guy said, “Moving forward, every boy and every girl must have some type of music class.” So I teamed up with all the guys and I said, “Guys, here’s the deal. We’re going to mess this system up,” because I’m an eighth grader. I’ve always been a leader guy.

Dr. Robert: No, no, you would not do that.

Clay: Joe, you’ll like this story. I pulled the guys and said, “Guys, let’s all sign up for choir,” and they’re like, “What?” I’m like technically, we get to choose wood wind or percussion, but let’s get every single male to do choir. Let’s focus in on it because we’re overwhelmed and there’ll be shock and there’ll be chaos.

Dr. Robert: Shock and all.

Clay: They’re like, “Lets do that.” Most of us did choir. It’s a bunch of us in choir. We’re talking about a school of 200 people, like 80 dudes in choir. In choir, what what we used to do is Mr. Anderson was our teacher, and he had the control of the room. He was a full-time teacher, but he controlled the room as if he was a substitute teacher. Do you know what I’m talking about?

Joe: Oh, yes.

Dr. Robert: Yes. Hi, Mr. Anderson, if you’re listening.

Clay: It’s a deal, if you’re a substitute teacher though and you have no control over the class, then it becomes fun for the students and this is what my dad —

Dr. Robert: Kind of like how I feel sometimes with you, because something shows you’re pretty fired up, and I’m like, “I’m not even — I don’t even think I’m guard rails.” It’s just out of control.

Clay: My dad — Dad, I know you’re listening from up above, so I apologize for this story, but it’s so true. I decided I said, “Guys, at 11:05 tomorrow-

Dr. Robert: Oh, no.

Clay: – we’re all going to start coughing. It’ll start with Jeff, and then after Jeff then it’ll move down the row and it’ll become like there’s wheezing and it needs to seem violent like convulsions.


Clay: And he will not be able stop us.”

Dr. Robert: Then Billy, when it finally gets to you, you just die.

Clay: That’s what we got to. Then we had to guy named Dale Mitty, who I said, “Hey Dale, tomorrow’s class at 11:05, I want you to climb back there,” his dad was an electrician, and he knows how to do this stuff. I said, “Turn off all the lights at 11:05.” He goes, “Awesome.” He climbs back there and then the teachers talking and the lights go off, and it’s all chaos and we’re throwing things. This kept happening and he wasn’t aware who was organizing it, but it was still happening.

Dr. Robert: Who the Mastermind was.

Clay: Yes, here’s the final example of what it’ll cost you. If you’re not aware of the epicenter of your pain, it still happens.

Dr. Robert: Yes, the lights go off, the coughing happens.

Clay: In Minnesota, people fish. Ice fishing, you know it’s a thing.

Joe: Yes. I love to Ice fish.

Clay: Have you ever been ice fishiing joe?

Joe: I have been.

Clay: Really? Have you been ice fishing, Z?

Dr. Robert: No, I haven’t but I’ve studied it, intently.

Clay: Here is the lay out of the game. First off, you get in a truck and you drive the truck onto a lake. Sounds safe.

Dr. Robert: Sounds perfect. Okay. Truck, drive on to lake, boom, check.

Clay: Then you get a house, that you heat. You put a heater in it.

Dr. Robert: I get a house, more like a shed. For those of you out there, you don’t have to actually pull a house. It’s more like a shed.

Clay: A 250 square foot something.

Dr. Robert: Okay, yes.

Clay: You get that out there and you take it out and you drill through the ice. Meanwhile, [unintelligible 00:46:23] are going, “Yes, that’s a good drill right there. Look at that, nice.”

Dr. Robert: I’m going to make a slushie.

Clay: That’s right. So your drilling down there. What happens is then you set your line in there, and the fish are hungry because no one one else is — The fish are coming right up to the surface and they’ll bite and then you catch fish. What we did one time is, we caught a bunch of fish and we decided to start the class. Each class, on the way you’d walk by his piano, and he would just throw the fish in the piano when he wasn’t looking.

Dr. Robert: Oh, my gosh. Now, you’re destroyed school property. Now, I’m going to have to arrest you.

Clay: What happened is, we ended up — we kept doing this. At first, it’s funny because it’s like, “Oh my gosh, it’s in his piano. He doesn’t even know.”

Dr. Robert: He doesn’t even know.

Clay: Day two, it’s like we’re in the class and it smells awful and he doesn’t know, but this is not good for us either. Day three, it is like, oh.

Dr. Robert: What we didn’t know is Mr. Anderson has no sense of smell.


We really just did that to ourselves.

Clay: Yes. Anyway, long story short is I think it was like day two, day three or whatever that he discovers the epicenter of it. It’s just green and nasty and growing and all I’m saying is like it was killing the smell of the whole hall, of the room, of the area and he didn’t even know where it was. The thing is, if you’re listening right now and you’re going, “There’s a fish that is killing my sales. I don’t even know what it is, but it stinks.”

Dr. Robert: I smell something. That smell, Where is that? [crosstalk]

Clay: Right. So here’s the next fish that could be killing you. On a scale of one to 10, rate the effectiveness of your advertising, just advertising. The words you’re saying to convey to the public what you do. I’m going to start with you, Z.

Dr. Robert: Yes, okay.

Clay: You have an add right now that you’ve been doing for, I don’t know, 25 years. Your Doctor Robert Zoellner and Associates, right there by the mall and you’ve been doing this special for a while. What is the special?

Dr. Robert: It’s a $99 deal. It’s call to action. The good thing about our store is that, we’re open seven days a week and we take walk-in. We’re all about convenience. But what I’ve done is, my little move, I did in advertising is I get the endorsement of the on-air personality.

Clay: Why?

Dr. Robert: Because it’s a parade. It’s someone that you’ve been listening to, someone that people feel like they trust, and there are a — it’s not Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods or Shaquille O’Neal, whose doing all the stuff but it’s a local celebrity, someone you listen to everyday. By you listening to them, you start to believe some things they say, that’s a thing. Then what you do is you get that person to come into your store and endorse you and that’s been the move I’ve done for 25 years.

Clay: Twenty-five years.

Dr. Robert: I think that’s why we’re growing. We have eight doctors now, of course two locations here in Tulsa. The thing about it is you’ve got to be

consistent with your advertising. A very good indicator — I used to try to track where everybody came in from. This was crazy. Every day, we were very purposeful in the early days of, “Where did you hear about us? How are you in?”

Clay: Because you’re spending $400 on adds now the only $400 you have. You want to know, does this thing work?

Dr. Robert: Yes. I’m either going to turn on my air-conditioning. That’s a great story of your’s by the way, Clay, you and your wife purposefully didn’t have air-conditioning for one summer, so you could afford your Yellow Page ad. That’s a powerful statement of saying, I can sit there and I can be in air-conditioning for the summer, “Oh, that is so good.” You are so cold, “I think I’m going to put on a scarf. Where are my mittens, baby? It’s so cold in here.”

Clay: Probably lower at 58 degrees and I modified a little bit.

Dr. Robert: Phone’s not ringing, baby, but I’m cool as cucumber right now.

Joe: I feel like I’m ice fishing.

Dr. Robert: Yes.


Like ice fishing, guys. I mean you were purposeful in that, in saying, “You know what? I’m so committed to doing advertising. Because, that’s the little thing I hear with young entrepreneurs is — I’ll say, ‘What’s your advertising budget?’ “I can’t afford that.”

Clay: I can’t afford it. I’m just going to use the power of my business to grow it, I‘m just going to use the power of the profit. The profit is so good. It’s going to sell itself. It is powerful. It’s so huge. With this success, I’m going to have. I do not have to advertise. I rather do the sellout.

Dr. Robert: Listen, you can’t afford not to. If you’re starting a business, or you want to start a business, you’re certainly listening to us going, “I think I’m one of those 59% according to Forbes. 57%, 59%, somewhere in there, and say, “I want to start. One of these days I want to own my own business. I’m going to do my own thing. I have a passion to sell this widget that’s percolating up inside me and I’m going to do that.”

Announcer: Broadcasting live from the center of the universe. You’re listening to the Thrive Time Show.

Dr. Robert: One of the things that you have to do is be very purposeful when you have to advertise. Be consistent with it, and your message has to be a call-to-action, very powerful and we’ve got a lot of great training on this on You can come to our in-person workshops. We run it about every month. You can go on Thrive Time Show, you just missed the one we did in January. But, we’ve got one coming up in February. You can get on and get the date to that and see what we do. But, we’re always very purposeful in teaching the art of advertising.

It’s not just advertising, it’s not just the message but it’s also the consistency. People say, “I’m going to start a business. I can’t. I look into the television and hear the news. Do you know how much they charge for 30 seconds of been on the news? I can’t afford that.”

No, of course, you don’t start there. You start small start. You start with social media. You start some things that you can afford. Guess what, you may have to not do with air conditioning for the summer. You may have to not do with the new car. You may have to delay some gratifications that you want. You may not be able to-

Clay: So, sacrifice.

Dr. Robert: Well, you will be eating at Oklahoma Joe’s every day.

Clay: That’s only 8.47.

Joe: 8.49.

Clay: 8.49? That’s a great lunch, man.

Dr. Robert: Yes. It’s less than nine, but you can. Still, you don’t have to give up on Oklahoma Joe’s barbecue. Don’t worry. I know you’re panicking for a minute, but you have to get that up. But you have to be very purposeful and very consistent. But, when you start small like me — I was on one radio station — and I’ve got a little secret. Do you want to know what my secret was?

Clay: What’s your secret?

Dr. Robert: It’s called Pulse Advertising.

Clay: Pulse? Dude, come on talk to us about it. Let me get my music ready for the pulse. I’m ready for the pulse. One second.


Dr. Robert: Oh, Wow.

Clay: Wow, Sorry about that.

Dr. Robert: Coming in hot, wow.

Clay: It’s all right.

Dr. Robert: I woke up to do the cubicle next to me.

Clay: Wow, all right. I’m so sorry about the dance party and cubicle-


Dr. Robert: Cubicle seven.

Clay: Okay, talk to me about the pulse.

Dr. Robert: Here we go. Come on.

Clay: Give me a pulse. That’s right.


Dr. Robert: Oh yes.

Clay: Give it to us. Give us the pulse.

Dr. Robert: I got to dance for a moment.

Clay: Okay, here we go.


Dr. Robert: Okay, here’s the secret. What I would do is I would be on every other week. But when I was on every other week I was on heavy. They would tell me, “Hey, you got to be on every week heavy pounding.”


Clay: Heavy on the pulse. Pounding the pulse.

Dr. Robert: What I would do is, when I was on I’d focused all my money on that week and then I’d be off for a week or two and then I’ll be back on again. And people will go, “Oh my gosh, you’re everywhere. I heard you all day long. Wow, you must be successful. I just hear you out all the time.”

Clay: And then they would say — here we go.


I’ve been thinking about you.

Clay: I’ve been thinking about you.

Dr. Robert: What a great tide. You’re — I love it when you turn DJ on me.

Clay: Yes. They’ve been thinking about you, they were-


I’ve been thinking about you.

Clay: That’s the thing drivers. Do you want Thompson to be thinking about you right?

Dr. Robert: Absolutely. Then, whenever I would be off that week, they would say mentally, I might have just missed him because I know he’s on all the time. Because, I know that next week they’ll be like, “There he is.”


Clay: He’s been thinking.

Dr. Robert: Now, I’m thinking about you.

Clay: I’m thinking about you. Now, there’s something else I’ve been thinking about a lot inside the box of rocks.

Dr. Robert: Yes, what is that?

Clay: Is Oklahoma Joe over here, Joe Davidson?

Dr. Robert: He just – you know he smells of barbecue.

Clay: So, Joe-

Dr. Robert: I think he’s a clone, barbecue clone. Do you have an Oklahoma Joe’s clone? You need to get one.

Joe: It’s called ‘that evening of smoke.’

Dr. Robert: That evening that smoky-


-smoky evening by Joe Davidson.

Clay: But, I want to ask you this sir, because this is the thing though. A lot of people have been thinking about you, that there’s a pulse on those ads. I want to ask you this. You’ve been our loyal sponsor of this show. You guys advertise a lot there for Oklahoma Joe’s. How does the pulse move work for you? Why is advertising consistently so important for your business?

Joe: When we’re making our decision of where to go for advertising, I really wanted the television. But you know what? I couldn’t afford it.

Clay: And our faces were big already.


Joe: I couldn’t afford the frequency that I wanted to have. So, a radio was where I could afford the frequency that we needed to have.

Dr. Robert: Come on preach it.

Joe: We decide, we’ve got to devote a portion of our sales to advertising, at least 3% or may be more. So, that’s how we did it. And we wanted to own the stations we were going to go to. So, we went to one station. When our sales grew, we went to the second station and then the third station.

That’s how we did that and made a conscious decision. I’m happy I did. And I do love the aspect of having endorsements from the on-air personalities, because those guys are there every day and people follow them. They’re fans of them.

Clay: I have a confession I want to share.

Joe: What confession is it?

Dr. Robert: Hold on.

Clay: Is it too early to share the confession? I’m trying to get it off my chest. It’s really about me.


Okay, here’s my confession. Since having you on the show as a sponsor, I can’t stop myself from going over to Oklahoma Joe’s for baked beans on Monday nights in Broken Arrow. And I want to stop and there’s a part of me that wants to stop. There’s a part of me that knows it’s wrong and I shouldn’t do it. I shouldn’t go there every single Monday, because people are just, ‘This is a creep, he comes in and gets to. All he gets is the baked beans, what is his problem? Why does he come in? Does he not have family obligations?’ And I’ve sacrificed family time and friendships and my body. I have no boundaries. I can’t stop. Father Zoellner, help me. Help me stop going to Oklahoma Joe’s. What can I do? Please coach me.

Dr. Robert: It’s same thing here for my reason to go eat some more beans. Here’s the good news. My son you don’t have to stop.

Clay: Oh okay.

Dr. Robert: In fact I would encourage you to go, maybe another night.

Clay: This is a good thing?

Dr. Robert: Maybe in the afternoon and mix it up a little bit.

Clay: Now thrivers, when we come back we’re going to teach you more about how to grow your business.

[pause 00:56:11 00:56:17]

Boom, boom, bang. What’s going on, man? Welcome back to the Thrive Time Show. This is your show. We’re building this for you. Literally, this is where I say literally. I’m talking about — some people say — figuratively they’re saying, “Figuratively, I’m building the show for you and not in a specific way.

But, we’re saying we have physically built a room onto our office, the box that rocks. We’ve built a literal space — a physical space for you the listener, because you the listener are very kind to us. When you go on, consistently, people go to, and you’re sharing the podcast with your friends. And then your friends who don’t drive by Dr. Robert Zoellner’s & Associates every day, they don’t see the Auto Auction. They don’t you know about the Elephant In The Room. They don’t know about Oklahoma Joe’s.

You start to say, “Is that a real thing? Is that some type of feel good charlatan business thing? Do those guys actually know how to build successful businesses? And so we built The Box That Rocks, I call it the box of transparency or the fish bowl. And you can see in the back we have real people on a real team working for you, helping you start and grow a successful business. What are they doing?

They’re selling tickets to the in-person workshops. They’re answering your business questions. They’re doing evaluations of your websites. They’re optimizing our own websites for our own companies. It’s a real people, real thing inside the real box that rocks. Doctor Zoellner.

Dr. Robert: In our heart and our passion, is to help you fulfill your dreams. And how do we do that? Are you like a dream doctor?

Clay: Are you a mystic?

Dr. Robert: Dream weaver?

Clay: Dream weaver.

Dr. Robert: That’s it. A great Dee Jay would have had that cue right Dan and play Dream weaver. No one would have gone there.

Clay: A great telepathic DJ.

Dr. Robert: [laughs] He has exactly read my mind. But listen, we are here because — here’s the reality of life. And do you want know the reality of life? In your life, the thing that grows is the thing you feed.


Look at that. That’s how good — I love when he goes DJ Mood [sic].

It’s Tuesday, Dee Jay Kurt with Clay Troy and Clark. But the thing that you feed, the thing that you water — if you go to your backyard, you’ve got some flowers and over the corner are some weeds. When you go out there, let’s say it’s a hot summer day, you’re out there barbecuing with a smoker you bought from Joe Davidson — he sold two million of them by the way.

Clay: Two million of that. When you say two million? Are you rounding that up or where you’re talking like — because if it isn’t 1.9 million, then that isn’t impressive? If it’s 1.9million, that’s isn’t impressive. Is that a legit?

Dr. Robert: No. Actually, it is to me.

Clay: All right.

Dr. Robert: So, you’re in your backyard, you got your hose in your hand and you’ve got a choice. You can either walkover and water your flowers.

Clay: Don’t know what to do. Oh nice. How did you get it?


Dr. Robert: You could take that same hose and you can walk over to the corner of your backyard.

Clay: Hi Kerry. Hi neighbor.

Dr. Robert: And you can water those weeds. You can do it.

Clay: Sure.

Dr. Robert: It’s in your backyard. It’s your water hose. You’re paying the water bill apparently. I mean still on. So, apparently you’ve paid it. Am I right?

Clay: Yes.

Dr. Robert: So, it’s your choice what you water. And this shows all about watering that business that’s been buried inside of you. You may be saying to yourself. You’re sitting there. You’re having lunch or you’re driving right now. You’re sitting in your office at the place that you’re working. Then you go, “You know what, I have always wanted to start my own business. I have always wanted to take control of my life in that regard. I do want time freedom. I do want financial freedom. I want those things.”

And, that’s why this show exists, because we’re here to help you. Let’s say that in your life is the flowers, we’ll use that as an example. So, now we are going to water your flowers and let them bloom and grow and let those weeds over there, we just — wet the doubt, the pessimism, the people whispering in your year, you can’t do it, you never want to buy that.

Clay: You are so weird.

Dr. Robert: You can’t do your own business are you crazy. All those naysayers. All the doubt. People out there saying shaking their head no, no, no. We’re not going to feed that. We’re going to be away from those people. We’ll choose not to spend time with those naysayers. We’ll choose not to listen to that and what we’re going to do instead for those two hours every day Monday to Friday. I’m going to listen to Thrive Time Show, because those guys are watering my flowers.

Clay: We weave your dreams into reality if you will.

[background music]

Oh dream weavers.

Dr. Robert: That’s the right song, I love it. It’s the last dance at the prom, you have being standing against the wall, your palms just sweat because that girl over there in the red dress, you’ve been wanting to ask her all night long.

Clay: If this was a song that you asked a lady to dance with you to, her name was probably Amanda or Karen.

Dr. Robert: Yes and you’re sitting looking at the Karen you’re going, “Oh my gosh, she’s in my English class and she sits three rows in front of me one to the right and I’ve always wanted.”

Clay: She’s out of my league but I know she doesn’t go to Dr. Robert zone and associates, she probably can’t see.

Dr. Robert: She probably can’t see very well so I might have a chance. It’s the last song and it’s going on it’s like look at the Dee Jay, you give him that look of, ‘play it again and slow it down. I’m going to do it. And you know what, we’re the show that’s going to tell you to walk across that dance floor, look Karen in the eyes and say, “Karen, extend your hand.”

Clay: Karen, extend your hand to me.

Dr. Robert: Say to her, “Will you dance with me?”


Clay: She says, “Well, I can’t hear you. Are you [unintelligible 01:01:49]. Then, she just sits there and then she goes, “Sure. I don’t know what you are saying, but sure.”


Dr. Robert: And, you put your little hand, because it’s a tiny little sweet hand-in your hand and you walk her out to the dance floor. That’s what the Drive time show does, it’s not Karen, it’s not dancing, it’s not Dream weaver song, it’s your prom, it’s not that. It’s encouraging you to step out and to start that business. Does that mean quit your job? Not necessarily. Does that mean maybe get another job? May be.

Clay: That was good, because I don’t actually have a job technically. What I do is I moved in with everybody. I drove by came out to one of your workshops.

Dr. Robert: My mom makes great lasagna. So, I’m staying in her basement and she feeds me in [unintelligible 01:02:28]

Clay: Here’s what happened the total of the story. I heard about the workshop the Thrive15 workshop, my mother makes great lasagna I went over there. I had some lasagna, I had some of this lasagna and what happened was my truck happens to run out of gas, I pushed it over there by the river, I noticed that the rivers perpetually empty so now I live in a van down by the river.

Dr. Robert: It’s a beach.

Clay: It’s a beach. [laughs]

Dr. Robert: I live on the beach. Hey bro that’s everybody’s dream men, to live on beach, be kicking it on the beach bro.

Clay: I have a question for our guest. This next wealth destroying activity that could be hurting you right now that you are not aware of is customer service. I want you to rate your customer service on a scale of one to one to 10. 10 being awesome, one being terrible and I want you to take the challenge real quick. If you type in Thrive15, Z go and try it. Thrive15 and conference. If you type in Google Thrive 15 and conference, there you will find reviews. 128 video reviews from chevron, from big companies.

Dr. Robert: Wow, it’s top, popped up.

Clay: There it is. It’s top because we did a little Google optimization over the weekend and so we have 11 more-

Dr. Robert: Is that ethical?

Clay: Look at that we’ve 11 more video testimonials.

Dr. Robert: It comes out number one, boom right there.

Clay: And for 16 hours, my wife and I did together. 16 hours of power.

Dr. Robert: Is that ethical?

Clay: We teamed up. But the thing is listen that could happen for your business right now Thrivers. You could do that, but the thing is if you don’t wow your customers, they’re are not going to have anything nice to say and you’re not going to have those videos. So, Joe I want to ask you how do you wow your customers in Oklahoma Joe’s.

Joe: Number one is that we make a commitment that it’s going to be the best barbecue they’ve ever eaten. We stand by that. We want 100% customer satisfaction.

Clay: Who is the manager who works in Broken Arrow nice guy.

Joe: David Eversell.

Clay: David, that him? Okay.

Dr. Robert: Shout out to David.

Clay: Really nice guy, big shutouts to him. Every time my kids go in there, very, very nice people.

Joe: Number one, that’s our sole purpose for existing is to serve our customers and in turn enrich their experience when they come in Oklahoma Joe’s.

Clay: Here’s the deal Thrivers. When we come back we’re going to go deep, we’re getting deep. We’re going in deep like a meditative, it’s like a yoga class. Z, are you doing some yoga now.

Dr. Robert: Yes, I’m still trying to learn all the moves.

Clay: I’ll give you some yoga pants before we come back. Here’s the thing Thrivers, when we come back he’s going to get deep, he’s going to get deep like that hot yoga class, where the guys talk about metal stuff. That’s how deep we’re going to get into customer service and how they do great customer service.

Dr. Robert: My favorite move is the sleeping bear, you just get in the corner and do this. [laughs]

[pause 01:05:01 – 01:05:12]

Clay: Tea town, guess who’s back? It is the Thrive Time Show and we are listening to some Michael Jack, and in fact we are joined with Oklahoma Joe himself, the founder of Oklahoma Joe’s, a man who’s sold over two million smokers. Someone saying, “Are you a bunch of jokers two million smokers?” No, he did really did sell two million smokers. He has three locations to serve America’s best barbecue, the world’s best barbecue, the planets best barbecue, the universe’s best barbecue, other galaxies, it’s an intergalactic phenomenon, that’s how good it is.

If you go to the end of one of those black holes, you go deep into those, no one’s ever done this before, but if you go in that deep at the end of it there you will find another planet competing to make the world’s best barbecue, the universe’s best and they will be, second. because this right here is the man, the myth, the legend, Oklahoma Joe.

Dr. Robert: Well they will be a second, they’ll be a distant second that distant cousin. It would get that distant second. they would be a distant second because-

Clay: We’re talking about customer service and really how your goal number one over there at Oklahoma Joe’s is to provide great food, the best food, uncompromising great food, great ingredients, great food, great product. Then, the next move is that customer service experience. When someone walks through the door, there’s a certain way you’re training your staff to treat guests. Talk to us about the science. How do you provide great customer service? What’s your move?

Joe: A couple of things. Number one is just to acknowledge them, don’t let five seconds go before you acknowledge their presence there, so that they know, you recognize them, you’re saying hello to them and you’re explaining the system. It’s a little different when you don’t have white service. Think about it, we have a counter service. We’re a fast-casual.

The advantages that you can get in there get your food and if you’ve got an hour for lunch you can have 30 more minutes to listen to Thrive Time after you’ve had your lunch there.

Dr. Robert: Oh, I like Oklahoma Joe’s.

Joe: But, the other part of that is that you got to have people that are checking on them. We actually in Broken Arrow because of the way we treat our people, we’ve got a guy named Archie Ford that won the award for best waiter in Broken Arrow and we don’t have wait staff. Now think about that.

Dr. Robert: Wow. I think you blew my mind.

Joe: It’s just because, we make sure we visit with them, we talked with them, we make certain, when I say them we’re talking about our customers, our advocates, our friends.

Clay: That’s huge.

Joe: That come in there on a regular basis and they’re part of our family now.

Clay: Unbelievable. So, you have a methodology to it. And you said, you want to make sure people say, hello to the guests right away.

Joe: Immediately.

Clay: Which reminds me of this song that I find to be kind of creepy, Z. You know Lionel Richie? I love Lionel Richie. But this song he did, I think it starts a little creepy, but I’m going to go and play it here, this is hello by Lionel Richie and you got to say hello to your guest though.


Dr. Robert: I think he’s coming to Tulsa soon.

Clay: Is he.

Dr. Robert: I think he is.

Clay: He’s really good. He was on fire.

Dr. Robert: Do you want to go to the concert with me.

Clay: I do.

Dr. Robert: Okay. I’ve got a box now they’re at the BOK.

Clay: Really?

Dr. Robert: Yes.

Clay: I do. I want to go seriously and I know all the words to all the songs for Lionel. But does this song start creepy, mystic or is it just –

Dr. Robert: Is it me you’re looking for. Is it my barbecue you really want? That’s in the song.

Clay: Yes that’s part of it if you listen we’ll get into more of the song. It does specifically reference Oklahoma Joe’s barbecue if you play it backwards.


It weaves in that, it’s one’s you’re worried about the Beatles and they said, “The Beatles songs do they have demonic, van Halen or they have a demonic def. leopard’s, is there a demonic words, in it if you play it backwards?” and I’m going, ‘I don’t know.’ So, I went to through and listen to my vast music library as a Dee Jay, literally thousands of discs, playing them backwards, very hard to do that. But you play them backwards, and then you played this song back and it backwards it’s going, “go to Oklahoma Joe’s.” And I’m like, ‘What is that?” and I stopped the music and I realized it was on the track. It was backwards. It’s crazy.

Dr. Robert: Yes crazy. For Lionel be that far ahead of his time. Back when that song came out I’m not even sure there was Oklahoma Joe’s. He was just saying in the future.

Clay: There’s something unbelievable about this whole story that just truly amazing.

Dr. Robert: You’re probably right.

Clay: Okay. Now, Thrivers here’s the next thing, this is the next move. You have to have a mystery shopper program. You got to have a mystery shopper program.

Announcer: Broadcasting live from the center of the universe. You’re listening to the Thrive Time Show.

Clay: So, here’s the deal. We had this conference this weekend, in the Thrive time conference, many of you want to know when the next one is, we’ll get into that later. But, the thing is of all things, I want to put on a laser show for Tulsa. I want to make it a great event and I wanted to make sure there’s, one no up sells.

Dr. Robert: No upselling.

Clay: Two, I want to make it affordable for everybody.

Dr. Robert: Scholarship available.

Clay: Three I want to get very, very practical.

Dr. Robert: I left here smarter and more knowledgeable about business and when I showed up here. Those are the three boom, boom, booms.

Clay: If you read the reviews, some of the people so it’s very nice things you can type in Thrive15 conference and you can read the reviews. You can watch the video reviews. Nice things were said, but the whole goal was to offer great customer service. But by what standard? What standard is it great? So, this is why it is, a member of our team came up to me and said, “How do you think its going?” and I said “We’ll see what they say.”

Dr. Robert: Yes.

Clay: Because, it’s for them. I don’t know what they’re going to say. I believe,

Dr. Robert: I’m a believer.

Clay: I’ve done these thousands of events. I’ve done thousands of all over the world for some of the bigger companies. But, I believe this is — the world see. So, we had one member who was there, and their whole job was to tell me what was wrong. So, I made sure she got a scholarship her through and I said, ‘Send me a report.’ Just a review at the end of what happened, well in terms of booking the ticket, get ahold of our team, scheduling, logistics, booking the hotel, getting here at launch, where to go, what to do, taking notes, did everything work.

She brought back a few revisions here few revisions there and she said “Hey I love the opinion, wood smell. I loved all the training that my husband and I got. It was very good. My mother enjoyed it as well. We, the three of us had a great time.” However idea of one feedback for you, she said “When you’re doing this financial part we’re getting into the brass tacks of personal finances, if you could go a little bit deeper and slower if you got more time for that, that would have helped me fully understand it more and like other people might feel like that too”

I said “Man we have a two day 15 hour workshop. We’ve got to either cut something or extended it. We’re going to get into some of those details but again without having a mystery shopper I wouldn’t know. Someone I want to ask you, Z, if you have ever sent a mystery shopper into your business to spy on it before?

Dr. Robert: All the time. I still do it. I tell you what to think about it is that — this is going to sound crazy.

Clay: Okay.

Dr. Robert: But, I love that show Undercover Boss. The problem is, I couldn’t wear a costume, I couldn’t wear enough makeup to come to fool my staff. I got a couple three other people that work for me all my different businesses and they all know me. So, when I go on there, they act a certain way. Duh. When they’re going to be — you see him.

Clay: Yes sir or no sir.

Dr. Robert: There’s the boss, there’s Zoellner [unintelligible 01:12:18] about boom. So, if I walk in and go, “All my guys are doing great, look at them. Wow.

Clay: Wow.

Dr. Robert: Look at that, they picked up that piece. “Oh wow, they’re answering the phone, right. Oh my goodness they’re doing wonderful.” The problem is that you’re not the average Joe. Not talk about Joe Davidson, because he’s above, he’s an above the average Joe, like Oklahoma Joe’s. But, to say that when you have to send somebody that they don’t know, here in the mystery of it, they don’t know that there’s a mystery shopper, they don’t know. There was a great, great, great commercial that aired years ago I haven’t seen in quite a few years.

Clay: Back in the day.

Dr. Robert: Back in the day. It’s about a about a company that ships packages and they ship them overnight.

Clay: Package shippers.

Dr. Robert: If you pay for the overnight shipping, they’ll do it.

Clay: Shippers of packages.

Dr. Robert: What they said is that one of the packages had a something of great value in it, like the Golden Goose.

Clay: The Golden Goose.

Dr. Robert: The Golden Goose a priceless great value and the guy when he was checking in forgot which box the Golden Goose was in. He forgot he was like “Oh what box is it, well I guess it Billie.” And so he told the management team and the managers “Okay, everybody, everybody listen up, listen up. Here’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to treat every box as if they have the Golden Goose, because in that way we’ll treat that box correctly.

And I love that commercial, because that’s the way you need to do it. Everybody when I walk in that front door when they walk into your business, they are your Golden Goose right then and there, so you treat them all the same and that way when you get mystery shop by your owner, guess what you’ll pass with flying colors.

Clay: As far as we come back we’re going to teach you a super move that can totally help you unleash, your growth that is unlock you’re growth potential. Stay tune.

[pause 01:14:01 – 01:14:08]

Alright Thrive nation. Welcome back into the conversation and inside the Box That Rocks. If you’re on Facebook live and you should be, you can check us out in the background here. You can see two faces at least that were definitely made for radio. One face that was made is the Oklahoma Joe’s is his face was made for TV and his body was made for instructional sales videos.

Dr. Robert: Absolutely and then and it proof is in the pudding, there’s a lot of pudding here. So, what we should have done today. We should add Sam, one of our producers are our lumberjack I was first referred to his as Sam the lumberjack. We should decide, him just take the camera on Facebook live and just do a hard focus on Joe the whole time its frame up his face.

Clay: Why don’t we do it, just for right now.

Dr. Robert: Just for right now-

Clay: Just to the next like 10 minutes, really make him comfortable.

Dr. Robert: -In that way, they don’t have to be bothered by you and I Clay they could just –

Joe: I feel weird.

Dr. Robert: No. It’s okay Joe.

Clay: No Joe, don’t feel weird. Alright, now here is the deal thriver’s. We’re talking about this move right now. In totality, what we’re talking about is being self-aware. Okay, we’re talking about — when you have a business, you have to know what’s limiting your growth you just have to know, what is my biggest limiting membrane? As you put it.

Dr. Robert: Exactly, that’s why the last segment we talked about if you missed it. Of course if you miss anything on the show. You’re busy, you had run the bathroom, you had a pull in the truck stop and fill up your car with gas, we get it you missed some stuff. You can always go to, and there we put all the shows on there on podcast form you can look as many times as you want, take notes, rewind, do your thing on that. But, if we’re done mystery shopping because you’ve got one you got reimbursed people that are doing it. You can’t just say, “Hey buddy would you -”

Clay: It’s going to be a paid gig.

Dr. Robert: It’s going to be paid gig, and you want to mix it up it can’t be the same person every month. I really go back in there and mystery shopping again. So you want to mix up a different people but what that does and you want them to be brutally honest with you.

Clay: Brutally honest?

Dr. Robert: Brutally honest.

Clay: You mean say the truth?

Dr. Robert: Say the truth, because then guess what. Then, you can be, you may not like what you hear sometimes I don’t. Sometime, “Oh, they did not do that. Ugh, really?” Okay, it’s something we got to work on, so let it in a month.

Voice-Over: I’m serious. And don’t call me Shirley.

Clay: I’m sorry I missed time. Let me try one more time.

Voice-Over: You can’t be serious. I’m serious and don’t call me Shirley.

Dr. Robert: And don’t call me Shirley.


The thing about it though, then you get to know — you find out what’s wrong you find out what they’re doing wrong, you find out that they’re not following the checklist, you find out they’re not cleaning the bathroom, you find out there are not answering phone properly. You find these things out, and then that way now you have something you have a target to work on. You know you have something that you can. You know fix and a lot of times when a patient or a customer would tell me a problem I would first [unintelligible 01:16:50] thank you.

Clay: Thank you.

Dr. Robert: Because, it’s nobody likes to share the bad news really, inside nothing I know you feel like just people around there going “Yes I want to complain and fostered in. No, it is when they take a time to do it. I was thinking, I was listening to him right.

Clay: Well you know that Bill Gates said “You can’t learn anything from happy customers”, he says “Upset customers are our greatest source of learning-

Dr. Robert: I love your notable quotable. Yes, that’s true. So, you take that as an opportunity to grow, to fix, to make something better than what it was right? And, that Segway sort the next thing. What if, you’ve got a mystery shopper and I come and tell you every time I go, “Billy did this again.”

Clay: Billy did this again.

Dr. Robert: Next month, you know that guy named Billy was he was rude yet again, yet again. Billy, Billy did this, Billy did that. So, I know you sit down and Billy say “Hey Billy okay you’ve got a bad review we need to work on this” and Billy doesn’t want to work on it now that leads us into our next thing for us to work on our businesses.

Clay: Well, Z you know what I would do. If I had a fellow mystery shopper coming one of my business is, and I had a complaint. The first thing that I would say would be-

Voice-Over: Shirley you can’t be serious. I am serious and don’t call me Shirley.

Clay: If you if you give you play sound clip four times in the same in the same segment, it shows a commitment that has not been seen on the show before. So, we’ll see how committed I am to the airplane references that I grew up with and I love. But here’s the thing thrivers, is eventually the data is in.

Dr. Robert: The data is in.

Clay: The data is in and you look at the scoreboard, and you say, “Okay, here’s the deal.” I have in it I have a real example that just happened this morning and I want to get your take Z and a — the advice you would give the entrepreneur okay?

Dr. Robert: Okay.

Clay: The business owner has mystery shoppers, they realize that staff is not tracking the sales totals, and they’re not asking where things came from and they’re not returning calls. These are things that happen. They’re not doing their job. So, the owner says we’re going to have an emergency training to make sure you know what to do on Thursday’s at 7:00 AM. Here’s the scenario Thursday at 7:00 AM. Thursday at 7:45 the last member of the team got there. Everyone was late by an average of 15 minutes. Then, this is how I felt during that time I felt like.

[background noise]

I came in hot.

Dr. Robert: Came in hot again. Tiger.

Clay: This is what I think needs to happen, at the end of the day, he has actually — doesn’t have replacement share. So, he doesn’t have — he can’t replace the people. But, they definitely knew what to do. They chose not to do it. Then, they’ve a required training and they all showed up late to it.

If I’m listening right now and I feel like this-

[background music]

-as an entrepreneur walk me through it. Dr. Zoellner what do I do?

Dr. Robert: Well, the thing about it. Is that, people always ask me, “How do you do it? How do you handle all these businesses and the responsibilities?” I think the key to it, and the key to keeping your sanity, because that’s important. Keeping my sanity and my brain

[01:24:55] [END OF AUDIO]


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