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If you are a skilled woodworker who wants to grow your business, then have we got the podcast for you. Today’s episode of the Thrive Time Business Coach Radio Show features Doctor Robert Zoellner and U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the Year, Clay Clark as they lay out the specific proven path that you need to take if you want to build a successful custom woodworking business. 


DEFINITION – Interest leading to inquiry.



DEFINITION – Brisk and cheerful readiness to learn.


  • NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” – Walt Disney (The man whose curiosity changed animation and movies forever)
  • NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.” – Albert Einstein (The man whose curiosity saved our country)
  • NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “It is a miracle that curiosity survives formal education.” – Albert Einstein (The man whose curiosity saved our country)



Questions to ask yourself every week:

  1. 1. How would my life be different if I could just double my income?
  2. 2. How do I get to the top of Google?
  3. 3. What is my biggest limiting factor?
  4. 4. What is a repetitive issue I can solve once and for all?
  5. 5. What is the top agent doing that I am not doing?
  6. 6. How does my schedule look different look different from top performers?
  7. 7. How does one person do 2 times (3 times, 4 times) more sales than me?
  8. 8. How can I improve my closing rate by 10%?




Step 1 – Create a Gorgeous / World-Class Website


Must look elegant and high-quality like:


  1. 1.
  2. 2.
  3. 3.
  4. 4. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Brand is just a perception, and perception will match reality over time. Sometimes it will be ahead, other times it will be behind. But brand is simply a collective impression some have about a product.” – Elon Musk (The man behind Tesla, SpaceX, PayPal, etc.)


Understand The 9 Components That Make a Website Convert Well

  1. 1. Google Canonical Compliance
  2. 2. Most Reviews
  3. 3. Most Content
  4. 4. Most Mobile Compliance
  5. 5. Property Search
  6. 6. No-Brainer Offer
  7. 7. Testimonials
    1. A. “88% of consumers read and trust online reviews.” – Forbes –  =
      1. 8. Https Encryption for Your Website – Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) is a variant of the standard web transfer protocol (HTTP) that adds a layer of security on the data in transit through a secure socket layer (SSL) or transport layer security (TLS) protocol connection.
      2. 9. Information Exchange – Give something in exchange for the client’s contact information




Step 2 – Create No-Brainer for the Website
  1. 1. Free QUOTE Button
  2. 2. Free Custom 3D Design / Rendering
  3. A. What are you trying to sell?



Step 3 – Create Purple Cow
  1. 1. Recommended Slogan – Custom furniture so good it almost speaks for itself (but we couldn’t teach furniture to talk)
  2. 2. Note: The work itself is the Purple Cow…It’s incredible…we need tons of photos and reviews to prove it.
  3. 3. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “In a crowded marketplace, fitting in is failing. In a busy marketplace, not standing out is the same as being invisible (56).” – Seth Godin (Best-selling author of Purple Cow and the man who sold his marketing business Yoyodyne to Yahoo! For $30 million)
  4. 4. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Boring is always the most risky strategy. Smart business-people realize this, and they work to minimize (but not eliminate) the risk from the process.” – Seth Godin (Best-selling author of Purple Cow and the man who sold his marketing business Yoyodyne to Yahoo! For $30 million)




Step 4 – Register on Google Maps
  1. 1. Register website with Google Maps here –
  2. 2. Name the Google Map as: Kirk Creations and Tulsa Custom Woodworking (whatever the keyword focus is)
  3. 3. AMPLE EXAMPLE – (Top in Google for “Tulsa Cookies”
  4. 4. AMPLE EXAMPLE – Total Lending Concepts (Top in Google results for “Tulsa Mortgages”
  5. 5. ACTION ITEM – Save images correctly (Steve_Currington_Tulsa_Realty-2.jpeg)



Step 5 – Gather 100 reviews ASAP


Step 6 – Define Your Ideal and Likely Buyers
  1. 1. Demographic focused social media
  2. 2. Valpak mailers to specified zip codes
  3. 3. Dominate Google search engines (400 articles)



Step 7 – Take professional photos of all work you can possibly photography


Step 8 – Shoot a detailed video of you making the actual furniture like this




Step 9 – Shoot “Story Video”




Step 10 – Create a world-class logo
  2. 2. AMPLE EXAMPLE – (Font based logo)
  3. 3. AMPLE EXAMPLE – (Font based logo




STEP 11 – Create a Website (see proven conversion websites)
  1. Fill the website with all of the long-tail and short-tail keywords




STEP 12 – Register on
  1. Gather 15 reviews ASAP (pay former customers if need be)




STEP 13 – Define Your Ideal and Likely Buyers
  1. 1. Narrow down ideal and likely buyer niche – Must work to narrow down niche (working with people who cannot get qualified for “normal insurance”)
  2. 2. Define Gender of ideal and likely buyers
  3. 3. Define Zip Code of ideal and likely buyers
  4. 4. Define Income Level of ideal and likely buyers
  5. 5. Define Age of ideal and likely buyers
  6. 6. Define a No-Brainer Offer that this demographic would love
  7. 7. NOTABLE QUOTABLE“Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.” – Steve Jobs (C0-founder of Apple and former CEO of PIXAR)



STEP 14 – Define Keywords That People Would Type Into a Google Search Bar



Casting for this evening play Business School with up to alright Drive Nation. Welcome back to the conversation, it is the Thrive time show on your radio and, as always, I am fired up to help you start or grow a successful business and doctors eat. Today we had a thriver who is a custom wood Builder guy. This guy does Custom Cabinets, he’ll build the a yacht Hill, build U-Boat Hill, build your bunk bed till build your cabinets and he says: listen I build great stuff.

I just want to know the proven specific path that   business coach  you would take if you were trying to grow your high-end woodworking company, and so damn I’m fired up. My friend I can tell I take you to become an exciting show and it’s always fun to be in the box of rocks and I’ve been traveling a lot the last few weeks. It’S always j  business coach  ust feels right when I’m here and  business coach  you one thing on the on the opening on the opening night intro yeah, we throw out you, throw you band around the term called boom boom, which is appropriate for October.

Call my Boo with a at the end of it just scary ghost, with some yummy food in the box of rocks boom painted on the wall, because over in  business coach  person Workshop, can see a gigantic boo. What’S the story behind becoming known as the boom dude, I think you have one of your principles. You weren’t one of your 10 rules and business agent talk about it..

Can you explain what the showtime is and then I may explain how boom ties into Showtime? So, can you explain your your showtime for lost because you talk about the pig and then taking the pig to the show and the Blue Ribbon Pig and queen  business coach   come on man order new Showtime, appropriate? You got to go down to the farm and the kids every year that get old, Bessie the pig and it cleaned up real, pretty like a little bows in her hair down to the Tulsa State, Fair and then show her and that’s a themselves to be backstage. At be wringing their hands at be so nervous.

That said, you know what Daddy It’s Showtime Showtime was. That means well. I know it sounds silly, but back in the day when I would see patients on a daily basis, I would what I would do is. I would literally stopped before I was going to each exam room and I would clear my head. I pulled the charts at back to that’s back Wing Shoes paper. I know it’s  business coach  crazy. I know I know I know I know kids, I know Chucky Define millennials may not know what paper is, but that’s back when we had paper in the charts and I would actually clear my head. I take a deep breath.

I try to forget all the problems that are going on, because we all have you other kids sick, that towards backed up at someone’s complaining about that. I mean you got so many things that I occupy your brain and even more nowadays with  business coach   all the screens everywhere. You turn, and I would clear my head. Say to myself two syllable word to be Showtime Showtime, because I knew the most important thing I could do right then write them is to go in that exam room, head tension that patient and give them excellent service.

Because  business coach  that’s how you built that’s where the way it’s in between the best ways to build the business is one customer relationship at a time and so to me that was just the most important thing and then, when I would get done with that patient, then I Can go. Can  business coach   I want phone calls what I had to do with that? The advertising that they’re so that I can write this email this I got it. You know until then, all the other stuff in them in the back of the next patient Showtime to the showtime. The idea that DJ  business coach  connection, I said, listen, we just got to bring some big optimistic.

This is this is just big. It’S it’s! It’S so important! You listen here. You have this concept because if you do not bring this big overwhelming optimistic momentum  business coach  to ever situation, everything’s too hard, and so just as an example, we have clients who will say I’m just really struggling to gather Google reviews. Well, he, and I are we empathize. I understand what it feels like to ask somebody to give you a review and them not to do it.

But when you bring a big, overwhelming optimistic momentum to every situation, when you bring that that that  business coach   just that that it’s a massive Just Energy to any situation, things  business coach  can get done. But if you go at it with low energy over cerebal OG’s, I don’t know what percentage of people are going to say know what percent going to say.

Yes, it doesn’t work, you don’t trade. Show me you’re the man. If you see, if you get someone to buy something for your / 20 presentations, if you  business coach  can sell 1 / 20 presentations, you’re, like a trade, show Legend what you mean if you’re talking to humans you and one for 20 min normal human interaction, I mean imagine What that would feel like if you talk to 20 people and said hey, you measure your twelve-year-old, you said hey, could you spend the night this weekend to come over to my party and they said no, you ain’t one for 20. That does not normal.

That doesn’t have anybody else to explain my childhood. I asked women on dating. I would like one for 80. Every time I mean you have that mindset to bring that big, overwhelming optimistic momentive or as he calls it Showtime to every  business coach  situation  business coach   or you just can’t win and that’s what’s exciting about this driver is that they are a custom woodworking company, it’s called Kirk creations and He listens to the show, just like a mid many other people listen to the show, but he decided to  business coach  interact. He emailed us info at Thrive, info at driving, and he said hey.

What do I need to do to take my business to the next level? You brought this thing: z, z, there’s a thing called alacrity alacrity. There we go. What is a Brisk and cheerful  business coach  Readiness to learn? It’S an eagerness to learn something new and he had. He was curious and so fill your a financial planner, and why am I seeing this for the clients who have transformed their financial Futures?

Does it start with him  business coach  being curious about how to do it? Yeah? I did absolutely starts with them being curious in and having a little doubt about their future, and so that’s what leads to that by the way they want to get a copy of your yearbook here, called The Safe  business coach  Money book hear the safe money.

Can. How can I get a copy of that book, my friend well, they could simply give us a call at 918-591-2880 or go on to our website and request a copy of my anchor So if you’re listening today, I encourage you to be curious about. How can you double your income? How can you get to the top of Google what is biggest limiting factor? What would you do if you could double your closing rate?

These are great questions to ask, and  business coach  so here we go. If you are a guy by the name of Kirk and you own, a company called custom got Creations. You are in luck here, because Kirk Creations, I have deep dive into your business and see I found I found  business coach  something. Awesome. I mean I mean really. I, like a yacht. I just want to get my head wrapped around that I’m his dude. I called him up and said: hey, can you take pecan wood  business coach  and build me a yacht of the dude. Can do it if you, Google, search Kirk Creations, it’s Kirk by RK Creations.

I haven’t pulled up here and in the Box the work he does BBB cabinets, the it’s unbelievable. This custom  business coach   is easy. Cuz it you. You need this look at this bed’s eat. Wow! That’S built in bed, that’s impressive bro! He can. He can build anything. I’M pretty sure I mean this guy. Can you could build a spaceship? What, if that’s easy, it’s  business coach   unbelievable, and so he built this customer wants right.

I think I think I’d rather try out the boat before I try the spaceship. I’M just saying I mean I know how it works. You can build a boat. He can build a spaceship to turn  business coach  around before then you’re, the main so you’re saying these things. Airtight. Absolutely I built a bed okay, so step one. If I were you mr. Kirk, I would create a gorgeous world class website and I have three examples for you:, Visa Thai, it’s Setai or four number to pull up the Setai Hotel right here in the box that rocks because Z.

I think you know you’re a guy, you Finer Things in life. You  business coach  appreciate a nice experience and if you go to the Setai Hotel – and you look at this place, where the Four Seasons it shows you right away the quality of what they do before they even say a word, and I mean this Kirk. Your work is spectacular. So we just got to make sure that your site looks as good as your work, because Eric Chapa, even if it’s just for a long time, working with clients if their site doesn’t look good. What tends to happen.

It gives the  business coach  prospective client a bad impression, a bad first interaction with your brand, and so you got to look world class and look big  business coach   look bigger than those other guys, if even if you’re not there. Yet you’ve got to have all that stuff in place of business coaches. You throw these big words that mean here’s the deal first up a branding at it. We have. Is it when you’re a college freshman in a fraternity, Muska the guy behind that Tesla, SpaceX, SpaceX and PayPal, says he’s a brand is just a perception and perception will match reality overtime?

Sometimes it will be ahead other  business coach  times it will be behind, but brand is simply a collective impression somehow about a product and so fill your a financial planner, and you have a lot of accountants that refer you guys business. Why is it so beneficial to you when a real accountant recommend you to one of their real Clyde me?

Why is that goes your financial planner, but why does that impact with you and you can have that platform of introduction from an accountant? Well, I mean obviously  business coach  they’re looking at their counting it as an expert on all things, financial and in a lot of cases, the accountants really great at doing your taxes and really great at tax code, but it when it comes to retirement planning.

He shifts that over to somebody that’s an expert in that field. Then we take a team approach, making sure everybody’s taken care of and getting what they need for retirement as well as Tax Services. Now the next thing about your side here, if you  business coach  want to make sure that you have the nine components in place that are going to make a website convert. Well, it’s so important port needed to do this, because if you don’t do this, your site’s not going to generate leads, even though it does look right and if you go to thrive time, should I you click on podcasts, you can see all of them out.

I just fire through them right now, because it is on the podcast form you can play this back back and forth. You’Ve got to  business coach  get the canonical compliance. You get laid out the right way to Googleplex speak words again, I am young. Kids has to work the way that Google wants it to work. Best thing that you could do an all the listeners could do right now is you could just email us info at 3:15.

Calm and we will run your site through a battery of tests and we are going to turnt. We are going to look at all 37 aspects of what impacts of sites ranking and we’re going to tell you what you need to do to fix it now, once you have that in place, Z he’s got to create a no-brainer offer.

We talked about a little bit yesterday, but every business has to have of a compelling offer. Do I thought about his business and see? Maybe you disagree, maybe have a recommendation. It would be different, but I would recommend that he would offer customers a free quote and a free 3D rendering of what the furniture would look  business coach  like when it’s done one before he makes it, and in the end of that moves worked very well for a pool Company in Tulsa that we work with called Sierra pools yeah, it seems so people can see how the custom pool – or in this case custom furniture, looks before they buy it, easy they love it yeah.

I think that’s a great idea and that’s definitely your people feel better whenever they can get you a drawing is, is okay but a 3D image? That’S pretty cool. Would you at? Would you have another no-brainer? I mean I mean to put you on the spot. There’S a but if you’re thinking about a couple questions for him, I’d say: what is it? What did you make the most money building?

What what? What? What is he trying to sell cuz? I know when is website and we need to hear your boats to Furniture. The bunk beds to Bishops bunk beds in boats to two boats that look like bunk beds, I mean obviously, can do about anything.  business coach   I don’t either. Why would should I went through to him what it? What do you want to say, and what do you want to make? What’S your what’s your the most profitable use of your time, making what and then when he says that, then I would go came out to make a no-brainer  business coach   based around Alex Smith.

Try to push people is that the right word push that mean I would have welcomed. I would have welcomed them into the deal open the door, invite that have like cookies, Washington from the room and you know, take the money and I put some  business coach  wood products cookies, and I want to push you and courage. You strongly high pressure you to go to DriveTime subscribe to the podcast. It’S free and you should check it out. I’M a business coach stay 2, get ready to enter the Thrive time show I want to especially dedicate this song to anybody.

Who’S ever worked at a QuikTrip convenience store. Anyone who’s ever worked a 24-hour shift. Anybody who has ever worked on a holiday. We  business coach  thank you for making Tulsa a great place to live QuikTrip. We Salute You every single time. I pump my gas no hesitation. My decision is fast: I go to the gas station Harshman Hall place where you can truly have it. You can have it for retail liquor boost your ego and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There people there know how to work their entire workflow blows. My mind I want to pay them just to. Let me pay them all this time and not what it is great.

What’S the  business coach  reasons Quick Trip itself and quick trip reasons like he just said, the same thing twice, but he just left so I can get away with it all got to follow two reasons: baby to QuikTrip: QuikTrip, raisins. Okay, so if you know anybody out there listening, you can sincerely say that you’re going with the other guys guys guys I’ve been around a long time ago, born back when your mom is now the squirt bottle there fill to squirt was like guaranteed gaster the  business coach  first People to guarantee the gas, I understand it’s a risk, I’m taking cuz they’re, not guaranteeing it but QuikTrip. They guarantee that guessing NZ.

They always say hi to you so fast. It’S almost like it’s before you even open your car. Before I even act like before. I even turn in as hell. Oh, you know what I found myself the other day, and I know this is going to sound kind of weird yourself. The other day I found myself the other day. I come to that  business coach  point in her life. Was it the last place you look., I think I’ll put on khaki shorts and a red Polo shirt and I’ll play and I’ll play QuikTrip QuikTrip in like a show from a quick trip.

One time just do not like to set up a box of rocks Equestria to send them if they let you how to set up a website. Great guy, that’s a great website. His website is currently up there’s a lot of his examples of his work. It’S called Kirk, it’s Kirk  business coach, he really does have great work, and so we’re trying to do is help him take his business to the next level and he started with curiosity say what do I need to do? I want to take my company the next level. Well, you got to have that free quote button on your website.

Okay to you got to have that free custom 3D, rendering Eric Chuck business coach, you and you brought up something good, bring it up. What you were talking about how  business coach   his work looks so great. We want to have a really awesome, looking easy to navigate to Gallery cuz we’re going to get on that website.

They’Re going to want to go search, and I know what it what kind of bed is. He done what kind of spaceships as he built in this leads me to stiff step three of the Purple Cow that this at 3. Would recommend here for Captain Kirk. Ok, Google cal! You need to create a purple cow until I came up with kind of a a slogan for you. You might not like it, but I was looking  business coach   at your furniture and I feel, like your furniture, is exceptional.

The quality of his awesome – and I are a hundred percent – agree that your gallery is your purple cow. That’S what makes your work great as all the customization you can do inside custom furniture, so good. It almost speaks for itself, but we can’t teach Furniture to  business coach  talk because it’s like really it really does. When you look at the Quality was work. You go man that stuff is awesome. Thank you, cousin, printer, so good, it almost speaks for itself. I mean it’s. It’S very very good stuff and you got to get a gallery of that stuff because Z, according to Seth Godin the marketing experts who wrote the best-selling book, The Purple Cow, he sold the company that Yahoo back in the day for 30 million dollars.

He says boring is  business coach  always the most risky strategy. Smart business people realize this and they work to minimize but not eliminate the risk from the process that you had a crowded Marketplace, spitting in his failing and a busy Marketplace, not standing out of the same as being invisible right. The idea behind the Purple Cow. How is your driving down the Old Farm, Road and you’re, looking out and you’re on your way to wherever your grandmother’s house for Thanksgiving  business coach  or Halloween?

If you have help that sat next to Penske reports, not tell him. Yes, I mean you couldn’t take dried. You couldn’t take your eyes off of you can have a look at that. Had a cow in his field, unbelievable, be the Talk of the Town speaking of purple cows. Can I give you a a pseudo political Purple Cow, no sat down there. It was a deal kneel before the game.

This is probably your two weeks ago and had one player who served in the Army and he stood for the national anthem  business coach   in the locker room. I don’t want to correct your store in locker room. He came out of the tunnel in Montclair on the Park field. Former US Army bug from Afghanistan to something the number one selling jerseys in the NFL ever that weekend in in previously,

I believe he was. He was the offense of lineman or defensive lineman University. He was a lineman 74, probably offensive lineman because he was an exceptional player but because he stood out – and so is that is a time or is  business coach   it a purple based at it.? It’S absolutely everybody was talking about him. He was the exception. He had all the attention had everybody focused on him and then they showed him the love they started. The letter said you know what the ones that appreciated what he did. They said you know what we’re going to show you the love she talked about.

Him then went and what’s up with the wallets cuz, that’s how we often as a society show or love or Ardis love  business coach   unloved by using by whenever wallet to close in awhile to The Wind by the Jersey Shore is pretty cool symbol of a purple cow and Maybe you don’t maybe Z Battle of Z if you were actually his business coach for this, but Dennis Rodman, if you’re ever Dennis Rodman before before the tattoos he actually played at a small school here in Oklahoma, State University, remember when they come to the week we  business coach  Had a pretty good team – and they have pretty good team – is a big – is a big time this week at the gym and we have big signs around their.

You know the worm hang the worm, I mean you know cuz I was his nickname, and so it was a lot of fun of me. I remember him back and I watched him play in college and he will no piercings no tattoos and it seem like a really nice young man. I mean I don’t really hang out  business coach   with him. Is he actually was playing for the Pistons, and you realize that the endorsement deals for the players that people knew were far superior than the play of the players of people didn’t know, and he wanted to come out with a way to stand out. This book is called as bad as I want to be.

He basically explained that he thought about it methodically and thought you don’t do. I am going to just go for it to start with, like the blonde hair, they  business coach   start getting tattoos, he started and it’s whole thing was he’s a rebounding guy who really didn’t have an offense of role on the team and played solid defense, which isn’t something people Talk about right and he found his way to get the attention of people, and then we went to the bowls. He wore the number 9 1 which equals 10 and he can’t get his hair green and a different hairstyle every game.

He became the Purple Cow of the Chicago Bulls, I’m sure much to the  business coach  disappointment of Phil Jackson, but they want some games. I mean he got paid it all right. Then it alright so was that some of the pretty good players on that squad, one or two there was a guy named Michael Jordan, shoes, Jordan, Michael Jordan, on his silent Jay and I’m a business coach. What time show on talk? Radio, 1170, Roc Nation? Welcome back to the conversation is the Thrive time show on your radio. My name is Clay Clark and I I wish that everybody here could understand what I want.

An  business coach  incredible dancer doctors owner. Is that because you’re, not a guy who really carries around a business card anymore? You don’t put on the card dr. zoellner, but here’s the new card. I was thinking about designing for you and I I wanted to share it with you and you just didn’t want you to think about it. I would rise up front for tinnitus action. Yeah you do, I would prefer if you would just identify and put back what you are and what you do, which is male dancer work.

So you  business coach   like crazy and a dinner And then just hang up the business. You are a male dancer. How many hours a day do you practice? Cuz, I mean you have a sense of Rhythm. I sent about your in the groove and you can’t get out. How do you do it?

I’M trapped, I’m just I’m trapped within the holiday parties, understand what are the Disco preciate, that lights up all I enjoy doing it and and it’s good exercise and so they’re out I’ll, leave I’ll leave it at that. But I  business coach  don’t I don’t practice hours a day, original purple, dr. Yeah, a Little Italy, San, Diego, it’s so nice time to Step in Time, dance or you know the occasional Ballroom.

Your diagnosis in your prescriptions when you would walk in with black lights strobes going off in the next probably was the only optometry clinic and had a disco ball and it exam room. I bet that’s probably go. That’S a true statement. Probably all right now threadnation were teaching  business coach  specifically the plan hair for a Kirk, a Thrive member who says: listen, IMA, a custom, woodworking dude, a custom woodworking woodworking contractor, and I want to know how do I grow my business take the next level.

His business is already doing well and he wanted to know the proven passes were walking you through the steps. The next move step, never five-year Captain Kirk you’ve got to get a hundred Google reviews to prosper,  business coach  reviews and prosper. Captain Kirk you’ve got to get 100 reviews now. Is it here’s the thing if you’re going to? If you go to his website right now, if you go, if you’re the Thrive nation and you go appear to Kirk, it was a k k. I r k and Creations is also spell the gate, so k k a r e l, a t i o n s. Com.

He built some stuff is pretty remarkable. So I just want  business coach  to ask you before you hire to dude to come in there and build, as you see in this, it’s like a yacht. Fixture units are used to pictures of boat yard next to come in a bowl of a boat fixture in your house. Would you want to get some reviews?

Absolutely you can take a picture and then you really build the Monell’s, I’m in the people that he’s helped people as built things. Before I mean you got to know that you just curious. She like it’s like two and a half times the size  business coach  of a human man that is unbelievable and you’re, going to sleep with Sasquatch in those that’s a big concern, people who doesn’t know a Sasquatch and then trying to find a place in the busy can’t just Call like the Ramada I mean I can have room for a Sasquatch to Holiday Inn Express, does now have special Squatch room, so you have to fill up quickly so quickly, America, by the world headquarters.

People that are I’d, call them proactive planners. I would call them people  business coach   who are who are wanting to plan their financial future and they do something proactive by calling you as a financial planner to help them set aside a set amount of money so that they actually will get ahead. Financially.

That’S not everybody! So you don’t like me, that’s why I think your idea, when likely buyer is but who are your ideal and likely buyers over there at anchor Financial Group? Well, we work with a lot of business owners, people that are doing great business and in  business coach  Rocking that, but they’re forgetting to pay themselves first and put some stuff aside for later later. You know: that’s that’s! Why we’re in business right to make money in to build our assets, and so that we deal with a lot of folks?

Are business owners lot of people that are planning their doing? Well, they need to put money back to to be able to retire. At some point, so I want to ask you this here: it would somebody wants to get a copy of your financial planning guide. How do they do it, and  business coach  what is it called its money and income is the book and you could call us at 918-591-2880 or go with the website and request one at my anchor and you just got back from.

Where do you get back from their fill of the great state of Ohio will be up there visiting the birthplace of LeBron James or what were you doing? I was actually, I was up there for a seminar and a conference, but it was in Canton, so I did the go by the Football Hall of Fame, and so  business coach  that was kind of the Cleveland. Browns beat the Browns are winning anything.

You know what I’m kind of in the playoffs in the NFL. Can I get your employees and you’re on the clock, and you know if you want to protest. Do that on your own time and I’m just a firm believer that makes my employees you around the clock, I’m paying them to do a job right right and they want to take that time and do some something disruptive or do  business coach  something in the business.

Because I have a point to make, I would say: don’t know I’m paying you. This is your employee. I want to hear what you need to do while you’re on the clock for me and said this idea that you know everybody has a right to do whatever they want whenever they want to do. It is just about got me, but have crazy, so I can start  business coach  right now. I was going to ask you about this time of the year. Every year the Cleveland Browns have this thing called fan participation night and it’s the first 10 fans that get to the Game X get to play, so they can improve the roster.

They are looking for a quarterback, see they’re awful ever your house, it out of the deposit, you should go, you should go up there. Three things would bother me about you being when the first 10 players, when I would get  business coach  smashed, why would they have a helmet big enough for your head? I don’t I don’t know enough padding around that they would.

They would you justify would have constituted an actual helmet action. Allow you on the field, because you in town they have super sized gourds and that’s what their helmet colors. He probably do that number to. We are afraid that you would make the team permanently and therefore I would lose the world’s best business  business coach   coach co-host for the DriveTime show them. What would we do?

What are the world would be at a loss I want to be. I appreciate that the Commodores – I will say this: if, if you have a pulse right now, you could probably show up and improve their record. I mean you could just show up and say, I’m just not going to Fumble the Browns and see the Browns been bad since I have been around since 1980 on this planet Earth and it only been good.

Like I  business coach  think twice and the third thing I would be for you, because all the guys should be doing as being mealing and then that would drive you crazy, and I know you would probably start tackling people in the sideline.. Your head, you be tackling guys and crazy Mike Pence. I be walking out of the game right now, yo and no back to the business coach. Radio show that Tony Robbins calls Daddy. You got a man and you don’t need no Snack Pack. You know I like Snack Pack, why can’t you just give me  business coach  a fat pack. Tony wants a snack pack, I mean.

I know he already has a banana, but he just wants to see the sound, a little peanut butter and jealous a little jelly jelly ketchup of business coaches humor. Is it it’s like a sneak attack and most of it I get it about an hour after he says it so he’ll he’ll sneak it in there that I went. Did he just say ninja, that’s the second submarine you know, okay, who knocked the big hole in the whole town out there who reached out to his creations and he  business coach  wanted to get a custom path to grow his business and we have written him a custom business Plan path and we’re on to move number 6.

You have to find your ideal unlikely buyers. I mean the skirt for the bottom of my heart, my soul, my brain, my core. Here’S the thing your business his custom, so you need to be marketing to people with discretionary income and I don’t know who your marketing to now, but you need to stop marketing to anybody  business coach  who doesn’t fit into that Whole Foods category actually Whole Foods cuz.

It’S a general rule when you’re just brought brushing everybody will be go to the Whole Foods and you look at the parking lot of who’s parking at Whole Foods and you see the SUV’s and then the foreign cars, and you see people spent four bucks on Avocado. That’S the kind of person who’s going to say: oh, it’s, okay, to spend extra money to get custom.

The people who aren’t are  business coach  going to Mathis Brothers and so you’ve just got to make sure your marketing the right people. Otherwise, you can be pushing A at the ball up heels so to speak, and I try to convince people. It’S worth the money camps out in the Whole Foods parking lot with the sets at one of his beds out there and just says it’s a good idea.

So on social media, for a specific on Facebook, you can get just a demographic, so only be seen by people  business coach  whose homes are worth more than ,000 now you’re. Getting the second thing is Valpak those mailers. I would do Valpak mailers to zip codes that have an average house price that fits your Niche, so I would do to a Valpak mailers to specified zip code elephant in the room. We are doing a higher-end Men’s Grooming experience at for the first haircut with your average haircut  business coach  like after that. If you want to become a member, and so if you’re wanting to get a haircut,

I can’t help you because it doesn’t fit into our business model and how we do think so. Valpak is very, very important. The next thing, as you want to dominate Google – and I did a little research for you on this before the show, but as a custom, a custom Craftsman in Tulsa, a custom and a custom woodworker. It’S very easy for you to dominate Google  business coach  search engines, and, specifically, you need about four hundred articles of content total to win. So you only about four hundred pages of content and you’ll, be topped so for about ,800 of total investment, whether you’re going to pay our team to write the content, or do you want to do it yourself?

You need about four hundred pages of content of your top of Google know. People who are looking for a custom stuff are people that can’t afford it. It’S so  business coach  important. You focus on them now, step 7. Is you want to take professional photos of your work? Is he I want to start with you?

Why do we have to get professional imagery when we’re selling high-end high-end furniture? It makes all the difference. I tell you what you can take a photo and all that looks pretty good or you can have a professional take it and it looks great and that could be the difference between the Tipping Point, because people going to get onto going to search  business coach  you online. First of all, we got to get that website.

Super super sexy super cool super, and then we got to make sure that the gallery is just bump it. We got to make sure that those are professional. Pictures of all your great things that you done he’s got some pretty cool stuff on there. You know right stuff in and when you get professional photograph of something it’s got like whenever you you watch these commercials that are done professionally, that have the food on  business coach   there and it just looks so good and then it breaks it down slack.

Well, that’s not even really, that’s not me, that’s frozen yogurt that she known did whatever they do to make it look like the picture on there to make it look great. It is makes all the difference. It makes all the difference. I want a burger from Hardee’s. Now you know me or whatever it is, I’m so you’ve got to have that professional touch on the right lighting, the right angles to the right.

Every  business coach   in the right background I mean makes a big difference, the lighting and the angles. Or do you just look that good? It’S a combination it, so it’s a whole lot. It’S a whole lot whole lot of work. Is it the lighting, or is it just the good Lord being benevolent to give us the visual Splendor that he has you? I’Ve got to face the radio..

He actually am it’s his own light. It’S like a blow-dryer. This pic on ZTE recognize making  business coach   me look disingenuous the law, so I just feel I feel a little dirty right now got your system. Number 8. You’Ve got to shoot. Video of you actually making the furniture, those detail, videos you’ve got to shoot a detailed video of you, making the traffic really cool.

Wouldn’T it be nice to this for clients right? Why is it so magical when you get that detail? Work details, shots of the hands in the tools, carving the would you want to get in there  business coach   and some sweeping shots and just no power tools and saw, and everything going in the real artistic value to the video. When you get that going to be real going on now, the next thing, as you want to shoot a story, video news story – video really tells the story of the owner, and I would really recommend that you go to Barbie and look at her story. Video or go to sprik Realty Group, just Google search sprik

Realty Group and you  business coach   can see, but the story. Video really does showcase who you are and what your about people want to make sure they’re comfortable with you see, especially in high-end homes, before they invite you into the house. Am I right, you don’t want invite a rando contractor into your house if you have a high-end home, here’s the beauty of all these moves is that you’ve got him on the hook already sold them.

They feel like they know you. They feel like they’ve, seen  business coach   you work. They feel like when you do a good job with the store and it’s heartfelt and from your heart and you and you do well and since produced well in this building, to be like it there their self when they make the call to get a quote there.

They’Re sold when they, when they call you you’ve, got you. You said that hook up a real men speaking of boats and reel in a man and hook it just anything nautical in about oceans and both anchor anchor Financial Group, a  business coach  world-class logo. You guys have a really nice looking at your website for all the Thrive day. She wants to see your logo anchor

Could you describe what your anchor logo looks like? Well, it’s kind of a combination of an a Linker, and is it a unicorn? It’S one of a kind so yeah we really liked it. What am I answer? You’Re saying you took the anchor and put into one thing: man where’d. You get these brownies mountains artist. That number 11 create a website. Okay, you’ve  business coach   got to create a website that is filled with the long tail and short tail keywords Chuck.

Do you want to try to break that down, so you, like, we talked about in the past. All different people are searching for all different things. If you ask 100 separate people what they would search for when they want custom woodwork, some people are going to say you know: custom woodwork, Tulsa, some people are going to say, custom twin bed with a trundle bed under  business coach  the under it in Tulsa.

So there’s a long-term keyword there, so you really want to stuff that you want to put all those words in there and the contents of that. We capture any of those people, anything anybody typing in there going to go to your site and because you probably won’t know what words people are looking for. I highly recommend that you email us right now if you’re listening to info at at Simplot email as info at 3:15.

Calm and we can schedule a one-on-one business coach consultation with you and we could run your website and your competition’s webs website. Through battery of tests – and we can tell you what terms your competition is attempting to optimize for and then whatever they’re currently dominating, we can help you dominate as well. That sounds good. You can.

Can you do that? Well, it’s not ethical, but we can do it. It’S kind of North Korea testing nuclear weapon underneath their own soil does something to the water. When you blow up nuclear weapons, underneath your own soil get up sad thing is, I really don’t think they care the Supreme dictator. It he’s he’s he’s an incredible guy at Dennis Rodman are getting together.

I think I think we actually start to give the North Korean dictator personal life. Coaching tips, basketball, lessons to come out with purple hair next  business coach  week 12. Is you have to register your website on HomeAdvisor? What’S HomeAdvisor my friend, why would anybody want to register there business on HomeAdvisor, a ton of people are visiting to find different people that can work on your house for you or do different to build the different accouterments? If you will for your house, so it it’s a very popular side, a lot of people already know  business coach  about it.

So it’s a good place to go ahead and start marketing your business, it’s kind of like an Angie’s List or a Craigslist. It’S a way where you can go into a community where they have contractors who have been vetted Bonafide, and that way you can make sure you don’t have a random contractor coming into your home, stealing stuff misquoting of you taking your money and running you want to Register with Home Advisor get those 15 reviews as soon as  business coach  possible. We come back more about the true business plan for custom. Woodworking business coach radio show subscribe to the podcast at DriveTime


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