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As an entrepreneur, you are sometimes left scratching your head. Let business coach and U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the Year, Clay Clark, guide you with these 6 books that every entrepreneur should read. In this episode Clay Clark deep dives into book #3, Titan – The Biography of John D. Rockefeller.

6 Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read


BOOK #3 – Titan – The Biography of John D. Rockefeller – Written by Ron Chernow


NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Success comes from keeping the ears open and the mouth closed” and “A man of words and not of deeds is like a garden full of weeds.” – Titan by Ron Chernov


NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The ability to deal with people is as purchasable a commodity as sugar or coffee,” he once said, “and I pay more for that ability than for any other under the sun.” – Titan by Ron Chernov


NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Despite incessant disappointment, he doggedly pursued a position. Each morning, he left his boarding house at eight o’clock, clothed in a dark suit with a high collar and black tie, to make his rounds of appointed firms. This grimly determined trek went on each day—six days a week for six consecutive weeks—until late in the afternoon. The streets were so hot and hard that he grew footsore from pacing them. His perseverance surely owed something to his desire to end his reliance upon his fickle father. At one point, Bill suggested that if John didn’t find work he might have to return to the country; the thought of such dependence upon his father made “a cold chill” run down his spine, Rockefeller later said. Because he approached his job hunt devoid of any doubt or self-pity, he could stare down all discouragement. “I was working every day at my business—the business of looking for work. I put in my full time at this every day.” He was a confirmed exponent of positive thinking.” – Titan by Ron Chernov


NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “He had a great general’s ability to focus on his goals and brush aside obstacles as petty distractions. “You can abuse me, you can strike me,” Rockefeller said, “so long as you let me have my own way.” – Titan by Ron Chernow


ACTION ITEM – Develop the Habit of Saving Money – Warren Buffett’s House – 310 S. 55th St. Omaha, Nebraska 68132


NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “A friendship founded on business is better than a business founded on friendship.”

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “I do not think that there is any other quality so essential to success of any kind as the quality of perseverance. It overcomes almost everything, even nature.”- Titan by Ron Chernow


FUN FACT: 8 out of 10 Businesses Fail – https://www.forbes.com/sites/ericwagner/2013/09/12/five-reasons-8-out-of-10-businesses-fail/#22da9ca06978


Partnership 101:

  1. There must be one boss
  2. Create a buy-sell agreement
  3. Buy life insurance policies


NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Charity is injurious unless it helps the recipient to become independent of it.” – Titan by Ron Chernow







Ome speaker play the video of my talk about 10 minutes into baby 5 minutes, probably a minute and probably the 10 seconds, and I go mentally the worst Point. Nothing was research, there was no fax, there’s no statistic: there is no, and the kids were like a loser that they dropping like flies their yawning there’s going. You won’t even see it coming.  business coach  It was just bad who has been the guy. business coach  I’M watching these guys. business coach  My speech coach, he says to me he says what you did. I hate to say this for these the words he said he goes. You just mentally raped your audience. Harsh words. He said to zoom it rape throughout its like said what he goes. business coach  It was the worst. business coach  This was not good. So can you tell me why, and I knew exactly why I’m like I talked super fast. I didn’t have a point and I sound like I was mad and it goes correct. Yes, do it again bring me the video that was my just paid 500 bucks for that come back the next week? business coach  This keeps happening one day, we’re having soup or Salad. He says. Are you ready to become good at speaking, or do you just want to continue talking about to be educated, and I okay read these books and it was like not a book, but it was like Dale Carnegie How to Win Friends and Influence People. business coach  It was all these books, I’m going okay, so I do this and I in the thing was Mastery comes through practice and I was working for free and frankly, nobody should have paid me. The kids. I should have paid the kids. I should give him it’s like. business coach  Here’S the deal I’m going to give you the worst hour of your life and I’m going to give you 20 bucks each that cool, cuz, you’re, all high school juniors, here’s twenty bucks and then overtime, the the second-year Miss Farquhar, the teacher she said she was me: Miss Farquhar, so she calls me – and she says she says the kids are starting to really like what you’re saying. business coach  Would you be willing to come back next year to volunteer and that’s why I went and I will volunteer to one day a week speaking to the Broken Arrow High School class and about I want to say that may be the third year I did it. business coach  I got to a level where the kids we at the end of the class they would. It was kind of random, but they would stand up and go the Clapping for the teacher. business coach  That’S that’s because I clapping nobody was thing as I get your high school class and you had a guy volunteer to speak and you like, 30 kids, and it had to be that had to be rewarded. It wasn’t like 300 kids, like 30 kids, and they would stand up and clap and I’m like, I guess, business coach  I’m doing well now, but at the video footage I could see it. business coach  All I would say, is if you’re listening right now and you want to become a graphic designer, then you need to graphic design and you probably are not very good. business coach  Otherwise, you would have a lot of people calling you right now. That’S the way it works. So you have to who let people try it before they buy it? business coach  You’Ve got a volunteer. business coach  You got to start somewhere, so I don’t care where you’re at in life right now, you need to start somewhere. One is that you get a job getting paid for the thing you want to do we’re talking about that high-level. business coach  You say: listen up, I want to go deep sea fishing and I know that nobody with my resume resume is going to put me on a deep sea fishing boat. Is I’ve never been on a boat? business coach   I don’t have any record of catching a fish. business coach  In fact, I don’t have a record of even knowing how to a man. I ain’t seen the water but I’ll. business coach  Tell you what man I have a vision for it and I’ll tell you what I know it’s going to be wet. I know that. business coach  That’S what I know about her: it’s always one hundred percent man. That’S an issue and that’s why you little boat. business coach  How do I get on that boat and and worse than one of the super moves you can do? Is it say, Hey, listen. business coach  I want to be a hand I want to be a deckhand on when I get on that boat and I’m going to work for free, no business coach question you work over the world. business coach  Your business coach give us a question hot and fresh from one of your clients, a lady who has a pediatric clinic in New Jersey, New Jersey, operating this pediatric. Should we come back we’re going to talk about the six business books at every entrepreneur should read, but we’re going to answer your business coach question, which is how do you generate referrals me? business coach  That’S it that’s a big thing: how do you for little peep did you like Pediatrics is like small people of tiny people, young referrals from small people with high pitch voice? business coach  That’S really the question on your radio by the way, by the way, I’m a business coach. business coach  If you need a business coach, cuz right time, show.com broadcasting from the center of the universe and the thrive15 world headquarters, it’s not Thrive. business coach  Time show: oh, yes, Drive Nation. business coach  Welcome back to the conversation is the DriveTime show on your radio. business coach   My name is Clay Clark and the former US SBA entrepreneur of the year in the humbly. business coach   business coach  You know I would consider myself to be the number to business coach in the world will who is the number one business coach in the world? business coach  I know doctors owner often refers to me as the best business coach in the world, but I do believe that the best business coach in the history of the world is none other than William Campbell now who’s, William Campbell. business coach  This guy was the chairman of the Board of Trustees of Columbia University in the chairman of the board of into it. business coach  He was a VP of marketing the board of director of Apple, and he was the business coach of Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google, Now Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google. business coach  This guy, just want me to put this on to Today, business coach  Show notes, because I think, if you get a chance to look up the life of a Barracks, MIT you’re going to be inspired, because Eric Schmidt was the guy who was the CEO of Google and Eric Schmidt said that everybody needs a business coach, he needs is his number one advice he would give any entrepreneur. Is you need a business coach? business coach  What are the CEO of Google, who that’s going to be your business coach? business coach  Will the CEO of Google hired Bill Campbell to be his business coach and if you are not familiar with The Life and Times of of Bill Campbell Bill Campbell was an entrepreneur who really never became an entreprenuer until he was over 40? business coach  He was 8. You was a high school coach, he coached High School sports and then he decided to become a an extra business entrepreneur kind of guy after the age of 40. In so many people business coach  I meet, they say. Where are you know? business coach  I don’t have what it takes. You know my time has passed me by. business coach  I probably you know going to have to just settle it. Here is the number one business coach and the world, the guy, who was the actual business coach for bill for Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google excerpt from business coach  The Fortune Magazine. Okay, this is what it says. business coach  This is asking Eric Schmidt. It says Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google. What’S the best advice, you’ve ever received any says the advice that sticks out. business coach  I got from John door who in 2001 said my advice to you is to have a coach to coach. business coach  He said I should have his bill Campbell. business coach  I initially resented the advice by the way. business coach  By the way Bill Campbell was the business coach of Steve Jobs, Steve Jobs, business coach, yes, Michael Jordan had a coach, the best basketball player of all time had a coach, Kobe Bryant, head coach. business coach  You always want to push you to be your very best. I initially resented the advice because, after all, I was a CEO I was pretty experienced. business coach  Why should I need a coach? business coach  Am I doing something wrong? Their argument was. business coach  This is Eric. This is Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google Talking. How could a coach advise me if I’m the best person in the world at this, but that’s not what a coach done the coach doesn’t have to play the sport as well as you do. business coach  They have to watch you and get you to be at your best in the business context: the coaches on a repetitious coach, a coaches, somebody that who looks at something with another set of describes it to you in his words and discuss, is how to approach the Problem and so if you don’t know who Bill Campbell as I encourage you to check out Bill Campbell, he was the business coach of the late, great Steve Jobs and Eric Schmidt, I’m going to put links to both of them on today’s show notes, you might say: business coach  Well, how do I get to the show nuts? Will you go to thrive time? Show.Com I got to do is subscribe. The podcast when you go up there, you’ll be able to have access to the show notes just go to throb time. Should I click on the podcast put in there you’re going to find the show notes for everything we said we always site everything. We say we give you ample examples of the human mind can handle. This is from Napoleon Hill and today’s topic is what are the six books that every entrepreneur needs to read: weren’t, never once Think and Grow Rich. business coach  This is from Napoleon Hill’s book, business coach  Think and Grow Rich. business coach  He says remember that is not the lawyer. business coach  Who knows the most LA but the one who prepares his case? Who wins? I repeat he says remember that is not the lawyer who knows the most law, but the one who best prepares his case. Who wins? What does that mean? business coach  Well, I’ve been asked over the years to do speaking events for some pretty massive organizations: Hewlett-Packard O’Reilly, Auto Parts, Maytag University, Oral Roberts, University, Oklahoma, State University. business coach  I think I believe it was North Dakota State and could be South Dakota Stanley, North Dakota State University, big big companies I mentioned to the Packard exp Realty UPS. business coach  The list goes on in one of the things that I have found is that you don’t just show up and deliver every great speaker. I’Ve ever met has spent ridiculous amounts of time studying and preparing, and it’s all about the preparation. business coach  And so what are the tips of every single business owner who’s listening right now is you need to prepare every day for the day before it occurs? business coach  You need to prepare everyday for the day before it occurs. If you’re listening right now and you feel like you’re overwhelmed and you feel like every day, you’re behind and you just can’t quite keep up it’s because not cuz you’re an idiot not because you are feeling to be competent. It’S because you’re failing to plan properly and Lee Cockrell, the Executive Vice President of business coach  Walt Disney World Resorts who’s. What are Partners in a guy who once managed 40,000 people during his tenure there at Walt Disney World Resort Disney World Resorts over a million guests per week? business coach  How is Uber a million guests a week? business coach  That’S incredible, and he said what you what you don’t schedule doesn’t get done once again. business coach  He says once you don’t schedule doesn’t get done. He goes on to say what you schedule gets done it. business coach  So I encourage you to wake up an hour before you see the first member of your team. business coach  At least you owe it to your team, and you owe it to yourself to at least spend an hour a day either after work. You know before you go to bed or in the morning, whatever works best for you and your family’s life balance, business coach  I encourage you to design your day. You know Jack Welch, the most successful CEO of all times has ordained Your Destiny, or somebody else will you’ve got to design your day everyday. business coach  We got to find away every day to proactively get up before the battle starts and begin to design your day. You can’t just show up and get into reactive mode every single day and be successful entrepreneur, the most successful entrepreneurs I know all get up early or stay up late to design their day before it occurs. business coach  That is an end of the tip that you have to do. business coach  Remember. That is not the lawyer who knows the most law, but the one who prepares his case, who wins my name, is Clay. Clark were talking about the six business books that every entrepreneur must reach tattoo Ooh Child things are going to get easier. business coach  Child things will get brighter Child Things Are Gon na Get Easier. Job put it together. Welcome to the Thrive time show on talk radio 1170. You won’t have me is what I’ll do all right before we went to the break doctors. business coach  He was sharing us a shirt with us, a story about somebody who basically demanded a raise because they knew he was short-handed one of his top people put in their notice and said, hey Anthony. business coach  I want you to know I’m moving on and it was a good parting way of ways. business coach  They did the right thing and then somebody else heard that he was short-staffed, and so they wanted to take advantage of the situation by telling you hey. If I can’t get a raise basically immediately that I’m going to have to move on as well and bacteria store, mom is absolutely you deserve both of those things I’m going to. How much did you want done? What schedule do you want done thanks for coming in and sharing your wants with me because you’re awesome and you like my brain inside my brain, I was literally thinking you are fired, but I’m not going to do it yet inside your brain, real quick. I couldn’t get in your brain, but I did buy had there’s a microphone, those in your brain, and this is what, with the audio set, it says, extortion the practice of obtaining something, especially money through force or threats, extortion, the practice of obtaining something, especially money to Force her threats back to you, and so I felt like I felt extorted and at the time I thought I’m going to be extorted because it’s in my best interest, because I had a duck one doctor leaving at the other doctor left right. Then it would have left me high and dry with put me in a compromising situation. So then I went out. I got on the phone I got on the thing: do you get? The Al Gore did for us a little thing called in the world wide web Parental Advisory sticker, and thank you gorgeous and you lately thank you now and so what I did is I not only hired guess how many doctors I hired play. I don’t know how many one, but two doctors, one cuz, you just told somebody hey it’s okay, I’ll, give you the raise. A new hours are all things I was thinking about it and I did a finger painting just for you, and here it is framed and decoupage ready for your email, accoutrement wall in about a month or two nude. Well, they were dressed. So what work as a nudist camp? No, I didn’t go there and all that and then the doctor that’d me on said, said occasion: I bring her up to the room and you popped up there to such a good mood. So I get a new schedule. Looking fantastic, I did and she got you know I got my new nails done. I would like to say, but you Hey, listen, I’m how things going great. I love my new schedule. Happy and my large pay raise and it’s just Life’s good as well. I’M glad you do and you extorted all those those things out of me and you can look kind of Cockerham. Look to me as that day you were fired. I just couldn’t tell you that day, but today I can so you are fired. I need you to gather your stuff and leave today and I don’t have a job to do. When I get right, I got to schedule cuz. I don’t happen to like your premium. Good, I’m so glad I’m on fire. I don’t understand my final on your tactic. Your tactics are confusing me, so you can decide that. Can you own a business, every single thing you do need to go to the filter of what’s best for the business. Sometimes it’s not what’s best for your emotions. Sometimes it’s not what’s best for your psyche. Sometimes it’s not best for what you think right, then what you want to do you got to you, got to take a deep breath, calm down and say, what’s best for the business Carter interest, a room Westside, the box that rocks West Carter with Winters and King West Carter, who cannot say legally, he is the best attorney in Tulsa, but I can’t I can’t look at Ernie’s had to go. Buy me. Where is the fire danger room? Was you can’t say you’re the best attorney in Tulsa guy that I use he’s got? I would recommend so talk to me about Wes, legally extortion, when an employee’s is I’m not going to show up to work today. Unless I get an immediate raise extortion, the definition of I’m finding Huron on Merriam-Webster says the act or practice of basic obtaining something, especially money through Force for threats to legally. What do you have your? What can you not do talk to me about the the Minefield? Legally, avoid Z, just explain to us what is nothing you can do to the employee other than terminate them. So it’s perfectly fine to do it easy to give him a raise, get for your rough spot and then let him go, but the employees not really breaking any criminal laws by saying hey, I know you’re not tough spot. So why don’t? We just do some little special treats here for me, while you’re in this to renegotiate there’s nothing at all illegal about. As long as I got a contract, you know that we have to worry about saying right now and I have to fire some, but I really am it’s crazy, but I met on printers who been in business for 20 years. I’Ve never fired somebody if I have to fire somebody. The story sounds way too familiar West. What’S the first step, how do I get ahold of you tell me what I need to do. You can call us at 949, 46868, that’s 918-494-6868 or checks out on the website. Ww.W. Winters king.com and I meet you. Are you going to help me to the process? Maybe help me make a system for letting go of people and maybe a nun boarding process for new people. Or how do you help me so make sure we can help you out and we can will walk you through whatever the immediate problem is and then try to put something place, so it’s easier next time. This comes around because you’re not about this. Unfortunately, if you hire 10 people, how many do you have to let go giving the current talent pool that’s out there I mean if you hire 10 people and your you know, and you really vet them and you scream them in a shadow. You and you read the resumes how many people do you have to ultimately, maybe sometime during their tenure. Do you have to let go of those 10 or going to probably lie to you on the resume? Cbs news in the US chamber found it 75 % of employees. Still I’m saying it slow, take it slow. So you can research it u.s. chamber in CBS News. You can Google this u.s. chamber CBS News: 75 % of employees typically steal from their workplace, and most do so often does. The second thing was going to say so they lying on their resume. So you hire them. Then three out of four will steal from you: either time Goods Services product – something now you know you can’t fire: 75 % of them run up the bat and there’s a threshold of what they’re, stealing from you that you know hey throw on Facebook and they’re doing Their Facebook or stealing time from you and that’s money, so I mean it’s some point you have. Are you have Allie way there, but when you say I hire 10 people. How many do I have to air over the Long Haul of their career? You know how I don’t know the Long Haul their career, that’s a toughie. I mean, if you said, like 6 months into every, like 3 Long Haul, their career, maybe 5 or 6 or 700 mean I mean just a quick question. If you ever had an employee show up to work high on drugs, he has to work drunk from the night before. Yes, yes, just straight up, lie to you about their schedule all the time. Okay. So if you’re dealing with, I encourage you to go to winters.com. Now, if you see, if you’re listening right now and you’re, not your printer, we have four ways we can help. You say number one. My friend, you can go to thrive time, show.com and subscribe to our podcast see. Why would anyone want to subscribe to are podcasts free? You consume the shows again, you might said, hey I missed half Today show I want to see what the first half was. He can go to the podcast, listen to it, moving number to DriveTime show.com and you can sign up for a one-on-one Khan Tatian with the business coach. Why would you want to piss this coach judge me know what you don’t know and 80 % of businesses that open hate that number we want to change that one? Are you going to DriveTime show.com and you can send it for the world’s best and most affordable business school for just a dollar for the first month in 1999, there after and move number for you can book your tickets for an in-person, DriveTime workshops? Why would you want to attend to thrive time Workshop? Only if you want to learn everything you need to know about starting going to business. The laugh I want to meet other people turn your same shoes. You don’t like other entrepreneurs that are going through what you’re going through you can Network and have fun. It’S awesome drivers, as always like in the show, with a bang and a boom, specifically Abu. So here we go any further. I do 3 to 1 Friday.


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