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During today’s radio show, Clay Clark and Doctor Zoellner break down the 8 of the 66 super moves that they use to be more productive, more focused and more successful. If you have ever struggled with time management then this show is for you.


Move #4
Quit sort of participating in a bunch of things and fully participate in fewer things [ 2:30 ] 


After I won the United States Small Business Administration “Entrepreneur of the Year” Award I began to asked to serve on volunteer groups, committees and various important sounding organizations. Unfortunately, I did not know “Move #4” at this time and I ended up wasting a massive portion of my life attending events, networking galas and dinners that did not help me to achieve my F6 goals. I would challenge you here and now to write out the answers to the following questions for your betterment:


  1. What are you faith goals for the next 12 months? _______________________________
  2. What are you family goals for the next 12 months?______________________________
  3. What are you friendship goals for the next 12 months?___________________________
  4. What are you fitness goals for the next 12 months?______________________________
  5. What are you financial goals for the next 12 months?____________________________
  6. What are you fun goals for the next 12 months?________________________________



Move #5
Do hard things first and your life will get easier [ 7:09 ] 


NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Perfectionism is often an excuse for procrastination.” – Paul Graham (A computer scientist, entrepreneur, venture capitalist, author, and blogger who is best known for first starting Viaweb which was later sold to Yahoo! For $49.6 million dollars. He then went on to start Y-Combinator the entrepreneur incubator responsible for launching,,, and


I used to be super afraid of making cold-calls because I subconsciously worried if the person the other end of the phone line would reject me the same way that people rejected me when I stuttered and struggled to speak while other students made fun of me and my inability to speak. However, over time I came to realize that nobody gave a crap whether my first business succeeded or failed, but me and that’s when I decided to make my dread sales calls first thing in the morning. Now, 18 years later, I actually enjoy doing sales calls because it’s fun doing something that you are good at. I would challenge you here and now to write out the answers to the following questions for your betterment:


  1. 1. What needs to be done for your business that you have been putting off?
  2. 2. Who do you need to fire right now?
  3. 3. Who do you need to hire right now?
  4. 4. What expense do you need to cut right now?
  5. 5. What difficult conversation do you need to have this week?
  6. 6. What person do you need to cut out of your life?




Move #6
Stop lamenting about things [ 23:30 ] 


NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “You don’t need more time, you just need to decide.” – Seth Godin (The man who used his life savings of $20,000 to start Seth Godin Productions, which was a book publishing business. He then teamed up with Mark Hurst to found Yoyodyne which was sold to Yahoo! For $30 million. He is the best selling author of numerous books including, Tribes, Linchpin, The Purple Cow, etc. He gets things done.)


It’s important that you give yourself time to grieve when you experience a loss, a rejection or feel sad, but I recommend that you never spend more than 1 hour lamenting over anything, EVER. My Dad (Thom Clark) died of ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) and my Dad pitched in the 1965 Little League World Series. It might sound harsh, but I will never get over watching him die in front of me and you will probably forget that you even read my Dad’s name 6 weeks from now. 60 months from now, most of the people who attended my Dad’s funeral will no longer think about his life on a consistent basis. 60 years from now, no one will even remember my Dad’s life, because I will 97 (most likely dead) years old and my kids won’t bring his name up in conversation on a consistent basis. 600 years from now, no one in my family will even care that my Dad ever existed for the same reason that I cannot my remember my own Grandmother’s full name (Dorothy Clark).


My friend you must decide here and now to get over whatever the happened to you in the past. I would challenge you here and now to write out the answers to the following questions for your betterment:


  1. 1. What is something that I need to get over, that I am still emotionally lamenting over?
  2. 2. Who is a person that I need to get over that I am still emotionally lamenting over?
  3. 3. Who hurt me that I need to get over that I am still emotionally lamenting over?



Move #7
Learn from mentors to avoid mistakes [ 30:55 ] 


NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “No one lives long enough to learn everything they need to learn starting from scratch. To be successful, we absolutely, positively have to find people who have already paid the price to learn the things that we need to learn to achieve our goals.” – Brian Tracy (Internationally renowned best-selling author of 70 books, a legendary sales trainer and man who gets things done.)


It’s very important that you mentally begin to embrace the idea that you will not live long enough to learn everything from scratch and that you must consistently hire experts to advise you. It’s worth paying experts to provide you with expert advice which is why without reservation I pay the top level attorneys at I know that they know what they are talking about when it comes to business law and they are the legal team of choice for Pastor Joel Osteen, Pastor TD Jakes, Pastor Craig Groeschel and other leaders I respect. I pay a personal trainer, to advise me on nutrition and working out because he has spent a disportionate amount of his time learning how to become the best physical fitness trainer possible. If you insist on becoming an expert at everything, you will fail and it will be your fault. I would challenge you here and now to write out the answers to the following questions for your betterment:


  1. 1. What are the areas of your life that you are struggling the most in? ________________________________________________________________
  2. 2. Who clearly knows more than you about the areas of life that you are struggling in the most? ________________________________________________
  3. 3. How much is it costing you to not know what you are doing in these given areas (your marriage, your sales, your accounting, your search engine optimization ranking, etc.?)
  4. 1. ___________________________________________________________
  5. 2. ___________________________________________________________
  6. 3. ___________________________________________________________
  7. 4. ___________________________________________________________
  8. 5. ___________________________________________________________




Move #8
Cut negative team and family members out of your life [ 36:57 ] 


NOTABLE QUOTABLE –  “A person’s success in life can usually be measured by the number of uncomfortable conversations he or she is willing to have.” – Tim Ferriss (He has written a number of self-help books on the “4-hour” theme, some of which have appeared on the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestseller lists, starting with The 4-Hour Workweek. Ferriss is also an angel investor and an advisor to Facebook, Twitter, Evernote, and Uber, among other companies. He’s a man who gets things done.)


I don’t care whether you have a million dollars or $7 dollars, it’s hard to enjoy yourself and to get anything done when you are surrounded by the momentum killing negative feedback from both team and family members. The fact that you were born in the same home as these people and attended the same school as these people does not forever damn you to a life of negative conversations and a constant barrage of unwanted feedback. I would challenge you here and now to write out the answers to the following questions for your betterment:


  1. 1. What family members do you need to draw the line with and to give them a final warning?_______________________________________________________
  2. 2. What family members do you need to cut out of your life? ______________________________________________________________
  3. 3. What negative team members do you need to cut out of your life? ______________________________________________________________


NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher.” – Oprah Winfrey (She is a media mogul talk show host, actress, producer, and philanthropist. She has stated that she was molested during her childhood and early teens and became pregnant at 14; her son died in infancy. She is a woman who gets things done despite her circumstances.)





Sting live from the center of the universe, its business school without the BS featuring optometrist dr. Robert zoellner with us SBA entrepreneur of the Year clay Clark, hello, 918, hello, Tulsa, hello, people  business coach  out there in Nashville, Tennessee drivers out there in Fargo drivers in Minneapolis drivers were Recently met from Baton Rouge Louisiana at home rule 48.

We have had so many people attend our in-person Workshop from Las Vegas and California. My friend, it seems like California, is calling you give me a business coach  call to the coast of my man. I know I’m so excited on the first segment of the Saturday show up you missed it. You can always go to thrive time,, where we put every show the podcast and guess what they’re very they’re priced, very affordable, cut out the middleman.

We cut out the middleman business coach  and Factory Direct to you, but then I got the call and I’m go out to Breeders Cup horse races today today, at at the track called Del Mar where business coach  the surf meets the turf and I’m so excited.

So that’s in a couple weeks and I’m I’m I’m jacked, I don’t I don’t. I don’t want you to cry on the air, but it is a bit. That’S a beautiful gift right there. Someone just gave you and your beautiful daughter.

How are you my man, I’m good? I don’t know that beautiful would business coach  be the way I describe myself as a ruggedly, humble gift. I take what I just want to go and I wonder you know.

I know that if I joined the New England business coach  Patriots NFL football team – yes, that even at 53 years of age, obviously Bill Belichick can take anybody and make them Superstar.

Did he business coach  take me and I’m in the NBA and say I don’t know, I need a 120. What three months could come on to take him to get the NBA? I mean your business coach  background or you has that expect a miracle on the side of their Court. Do what we have to do now. There’S no chance, I’m still waiting for my business coach  growth spurt.

Are you sort of participating in a bunch of things and fully participate in fewer things to as an example, when I first one the business coach  entrepreneur of the Year award to state of Oklahoma, armor being called by the Junior Achievement, a fine organization that asked me, could you business coach  Come speak, I said sure: let’s go, do it, I’ve got called by the rotary.

Can you speak? I said sure: let’s go do it. I got asked by the chamber boom boom. Speaking speaking, speak now, you’re speaking of the problem. Is your court business because you’re not putting any attention on them and now business coach  you’re involved in a bunch of things, and I had to do a little time out and luckily I caught it before it got too crazy.

But I had to decide you know what there are some things I need to not participate in, such as the homeowners association. As soon as I signed up for that thing, move on, I would be business coach  remiss if I didn’t say something about our last segment. It burning is been burning to the break everything I said. I thought I’ve got to bring it up, agree to something.

It says it’s something that I feel passionate about. We talked about in the segment before about your smartphone, making you dumb, yes business coach  and one things out there folks are listening, we’ve all seen it.

We’Ve all probably have done it, and that is using that smartphone. It’S a very dumb thing to do when your in a car and you’re driving, if you’re driving in the passenger or you’re the backseat, you no phone up on that thing up.

But if you’re business coach  driving for goodness sakes you’re, they say it’s a lot worse than drivers because drunk drivers at least I’m driving on the slower side of things cuz, I don’t you know there may be waiting a little bit, but then I text her is going full Speed and when they look down to your you travel so far, you travel so far business coach   so fast and you were doing that.

Carves stops in front of your next thing. You know you rear-ended and we will get hurt it’s too horrible things. So please please, please, please, please, please don’t be dumb with your smartphone and want to use it while you’re driving. I had to get that off my chest so right business coach   here by a high school and every day I leave.

I don’t know if you’re the same way, but I see kids texting down that one road across the bridge just about every day that I believe, how can I look at him? I give him dirty looks, but I do just protecting myself here, coach and in and dizzy.

This is the business coach  safety tip. I want to give all the drivers here.. I drive a Hummer, so I get hit it’s kind of like my second, because I never leave the building till about 5:30.

When I know they’re gone and then I wear a helmet, you know that I buy bubble wrap my body, my entire body just bubble bubble, wrap protected me business coach  because if I feel like I got with multiple layers, so that would be by then I would even drive

By a high school I mean, if you keep your Nero, what are you thinking to pull over, get into the ditch, just jump into a bush and then climb up in a tree and just hide just hide till they’re done, for you want to quit sort business coach  of Participating in a bunch of things, Z, I’m sure you found yourself being asked to serve on committees boards association’s something that could be a time suck for you.

That’S not going to help you achieve your goals, although it may be a worthy cause or a good organization, but it’s not devoted business coach  towards helping dr. C get to wear. Cuz. He wants to go we’ll just California to see the race, because you can ask. I can last a lot to be on different boards and committees, and things of that nature in the first question out of my mouth is, is what’s the time commitment?

What do you? What do you want business coach  from me everyday? We want to meet and talk about it. That’S all emails and text messages out of and it’s something that’s something have to really take a look at because you go oh yeah that sounds fun.

That sounds good. Are you bad? I want to help you as I wanted to get rid the world of whatever. I business coach  want to help this her and then all the sudden, you realize that population in the next thing you know you’re into a couple months. You gave your word night got the commitment and you don’t look like that.

Guy. We need everyone to get. The kids had signatures from people who have business coach  actually spayed or neutered or animals now, because a lot of people haven’t done that, yet we’re going to give you at home, neutering, kit and you’re allowed to go door-to-door to neuter at least 10 animals. I would like you to go twice to each animal just to be safe.

I will get to me know you find yourself business coach  doing things that you don’t remember signing up for I’m telling you that’s what happens. That’S what happens it’s so you’ve got to ask yourself today.

What are some things that you need to unsign up for right on this? What was the worst committee, the worst group, the worst, the worst of the worst that business coach  you signed up for and then you realized OMG, it’s sort of ridiculous, but I’m just such an idiot.

This is what happened. I was volunteering at Junior Achievement and the lady I miss Farquhar asked me to speak for one hour a week and I spoke and then work or at the end of it Farquhar. I need to get some business coach  kids and she said really so she says she says she says that you did a great job there. Anyway, you could speak next week. The students really enjoyed the presentation and they would love for you to come back.

One student emailed me and said is my favorite teacher. I’Ve ever had favorite volunteer. Could business coach  you speak so my location? Now, I’m speaking it twice two hours a week after that session in a different class. She goes hey my class, my planning.

Different than hers speak to mine since you’re already here. Yeah, because I really enjoyed long stories are not exaggerating. I literally was booked business coach   every single hour for one day a week at Junior Achievement, speaking out of complete obligation, but because they cheered, I thought.

Okay I’ll do it. So, I’m speaking over and over – and we talking about entrepreneurship, how to start a business. Okay and certain life skills and say the business coach  byproducts. I got very good at public speaking as a result of doing that, but there were like week.

So I don’t know that I saw my wife sounds like preparing for the night before or emails coming in question from the kids I’m responding to all over pretty soon I’m going, I’m a really good unpaid teacher business coach  that doesn’t have a second pick in there are valuable.

It’S about trade-offs and wide is I sacrificed major, I’m not exaggerating major major Windows of time. Cuz me out for me: I’m a very preparation, heavy guy major person to my weekend or being sacrificed for almost a year to prepare for an unpaid business coach  speaking of ended, ended Vance. My family to F6 goals are goals for our faith: family finances, Fitness, friendship and fun, and that’s it.

So you just got to ask yourself today: are you drifting away from the achievement of your goals? Are you moving clearly towards those goals? Has he moved business coach  number 5? You got to do hard things first, and your life will get easier.

I want to get coaches take on this coach. You talked about this. A lot do hard things first, and your life will get easier to tell my friend of one of my favorite books is a book called do hard things that I recommend every kid, never parent, where business coach   I read, Because kids are taught to go to school and memorize

And they aren’t taught to do hard things. I think what we do as business owners is we caught up in the everyday things that you see things that cleaning up our office, the making the simple phone calls doing all the easy stuff that we we fool business coach   ourselves that we’re busy, but we don’t go.

Do the really important things, because it’s easier just to do the day today I agree with you. I want to tap into your Genius here. What are some hard things for you as a business owner that’ll, be easy to do, because it’s easier just to do the easy things like right now, weird business coach  trying to train coaches, and so I am going through writing up everything that we do and write it down.

On paper and getting it all perfected, and I would rather not do that – I would rather go clean, my fingernails so or I mean I would rather do anything. Then right and you don’t like you – do with business coach  all your book, writing and everything. But it’s important stuff to write a curriculum. I don’t want to write a curriculum. I don’t want to ride all the way to greet people. How do we?

How do we greet people? How do we finish on things? How do we now calling Scourby Then you can keep business coach  up with, and so you have to decide. Are you going to start turning it down a lot of business and you already do turn down business for certain cam events, or are you going to train the next level of coaches nosey?

I want to ask you this: what your optometry clinic got to a certain level where you could no business coach  longer see all the patients operations manual holes in hand books in at checklist me did that make you purr like a cat, or was that something you didn’t want To do I didn’t want to do, it was just kind of busy work and then it’s really not fun at some of the minutiae.

That’S not the cool sexy part of being out of Sexy, and I know business coach  and that’s why you would. I make a good King and yang, you use your mother, you love getting in the weeds and doing that kind of stuff, and that’s why I try to surround myself with guys that do like that weed, puller yeah.,

It’s time, the guy who’s! Writing. In 9. Point font on my to-do list and you’re the business coach   guy with the big vision, and I I love the yin and the Yang, and I was wanting everybody listing.

You’Ve got to be self-aware and that’s why I brought that up because.. He has helped me so much in my life, not through words as much as through demonstration. He has a business coach   big Vision in his life and I’ve seen that with the mentorship of your son Beau, I had a great time during your birthday party.

So while you were talking about your birth and having a party celebrating your birthday, I don’t remember a lot about my birth. I was very young at the time it was dark and weird.

We just needed your mic Sonoma hear of your memories of coming out the birth canal, but I’m talking to your son – and he was talking all about these principles that you’ve taught him and how much of an impact you been on his life, but you’ve been very

Principled about that, you had a big Vision, but at the end of the day, you need people on your team to break down those tasks so that you can be free to do the things that you needed to do and you just if you’re, a big Vision. Guy find a small detail guy in her small detail.

Guy find a big Vision. Guys are you got to do that? You can come to do that. You got to business coach  find the yin to your yang and because none of us are programmed to be all the above, and so you know like me, I love marketing. I love riding my own ads. I love doing the the marketing and buying it and negotiating that and doing the deals and then going and making the commercials.

I swear that I’m business coach  good at it or I’m I’m okay and I patted to do it and and therefore you know I’m I don’t have to hire that out, but some people coming all the time. They’Re like that it scares me. I don’t want to do that. I go with them down.

Exactamundo teach you more specific moves on the art of getting things done and business coach  specifically we’re going to Deep dive into stop lamenting about things. Stop fretting! Stop worrying! Just move on pictures of drive time show on business coach  your radio. I’M a business coach going to drive time should I come.

I know back to the only business coach radio show that mentally intimidate business coach  Chuck Norris, alright T-Town welcome back to the Thrive time, show on your radio and down in between the and it kind of commercial time there in business coach  between segments hear one of our business coaches.

He he he snuck onto the show inside the box that rocks to ask us tough, hard-hitting questions business coach  from actual business coach clients that we service there at DriveTime, and I’ve been exploring a new nickname is it that describes his legs in his smoothness butter cup butter Cup I love it.

I love it up buttercup. Is there any kind of song they could do with that clay? Can you do something business coach  with that? Build Me Up Buttercup Baby when you, let me know if you want another man’s smooth legs, it’s nothing weird about that. I don’t think I wasn’t looking at it when you’re in here.

I watch the surveillance video for 4 hours to determine that stuff to the Minnesota State Fair up there and they have a business coach  guy who carves things at a butter is a butter sculpting and I feel like the best investment of marketing dollars. That we could do would be to hire the best the premiere butter sculpture out there and to carve a replica of Eric Chuck D butter chip out of butter.

Do you certainly business coach  approve of that? I do, and you know what you have to go all the way to Minnesota. We had a butter butter Carver here in no, we didn’t know no internship, and, according to my status, is according to my staff, the fine lady that was the butter Carver. I guess you’d call them is actually, I think, a patient of ours.

Said he better or if we as a team, helped her she better. If we had something to do with the car being that butter. That’S not so I just kind of ties it all at Joe. I say business coach  all that to say that you are now officially nickname butter, Chuck butter, Chapel, hitting business coach question of the day.

I think it take you serious business coach  now now I want to get everybody’s. Take it on on the panel today about what the best move for getting past the gatekeeper when you’re out business coach  running dream 100 system, we’re looking for referrals or new clients.

What’S the best moves you guys are found to get past that gate business coach  keeper into the decision maker? I’Ve got three he’s got three for me. It’S just very systemic.

We can do it. One is write, a script that sounds business coach  casual, don’t make it sound super formal, as example of a friend of mine. I wouldn’t say hello. Is this mr.

Eric Church up cuz? I don’t talk to you business coach  when you say hello is mr. Eric Church up there for my calls, I’m calling on behalf of you out of here. You don’t sit and then second thing is when you’re making the calls. You need to record those calls, so you can make sure that the casualness comes across in the voice.

Cuz, it’s script to be well written, but business coach   if you don’t sound casual, that’s what the problem is. You want to make a list of the rude questions. You always get asked by the GateKeeper what are going to ask him, so you might as well write them down, and there was this a what’s.

It called regards to what sitcom regards to who are you going to have business coach  the time to build it into the script? If you attend our next in person Workshop in December, you going to thrive time, to book your tickets.

For a December event, we used to vote almost two hours of the workshop to building cold call script being and in we have systems for that and also business coach   Eric cheap. I would encourage your your client. We could send them.

Some best practice recorded calls right of our teammates, actually getting through gatekeeper, say can hear it, but now I’m going to pass you on Monday Morning, Quarterback the man who knows the 4th movement is moving 18th business coach   move dr. Robert zoellner.

You know what I got my Gatekeepers pretty good at writing. Pick up the Casual stuff cuz, the move was people call up there and it said: hey is Bob that is Bob around the day. Is the r factor there yeah? I did drop the b word Bob.

My gate keeper knew immediately calls you business coach  Bob you at to cash on the call, because nobody calls me Bob and they be like. Oh really yeah Bob’s good friend of mine, I’m just wondering to see, if he’s around his brother Bob Bob my breath and they knew my friend referred to me as I do right up front. We should advise there will be your advice. Cuz. He business coach  helped up.

Tulsa See Clearly about 4028. Gatekeeper is if it’s really a big pot, when you say top 100 1 to 10. Top draft picks movies are big deals. Big Kahuna’s gifts are always a fun thing, because not only if it’s not always, but sometimes The Gatekeepers. Also a pseudo decision maker, and that business coach  sounds that may sound a little like what it may be a personal assistant, and maybe some of that really has that person’s ear.

So you want to you get them for like a better term wine and dine them. You want to give them some give. She want to give you a show them that you want to come over business coach   because a lot of times they are a keeper Center of their decision making, because since I’m coming up here to get some gifts for you.,

Give me a call back. Would you like me to voicemail, like that? I, like that., Just tell me what you’re trying to sell to that to the boss is, is maybe not that big a deal to him you business coach  like, who does? Who who vacuums our carpets? Who is the thing who cuts the grass? Who does this? Who does that? Who you know whatever it is? I mean damn?

It may be that this not that big, a deal higher level things up here, he’s worried about right, but you need his yes for you to get the business, but why don’t you look at that gate keeper me his personal assistant in the percentage of the phone? Go see what you think he’s doing that for us now at what what’s a non creeper gift if you’re giving a gift to me, what’s a non creeper gift?

What’S a gift, for you say that wasn’t creepy Sindhi sehra Kevin Carl someone business coach   answers the phone for this guy to the gatekeeper cookies you’re a gift card to you know what coffee house a find out with her find out what their favorite restaurant isn’t giving a gift

Card to it so not like sensual candles you at work or massage flavored, massage oil does a Starbucks gift card or mango business coach  that this is an Edible Arrangements. Wow top lamenting about things see bad things happen, but some people can never get over a bit.

Just talk about him over and over and over and over 3 years, it’s sad somebody was a kid that can they actually have a little bag? You may have built it invisible, whatever business coach   bag and in that bag they have stuff every bad thing.

That’S happened of them and if, given the chance, they will sit down with you over a cup of coffee or lunch or dinner and they were won by one pull those out of their bag and line them up on the table and tell you about each and Every bad business coach  experiences have them. Everything was good before we switched the manager back in 8787.

Summing the 30th Anniversary coming up with things being bad here.. Do you want to learn how to build a successful business, or do you want to live in a red van down by the river all right, swipe business coach  Nation, if you choose to 111 van down by the river on the left, goes to the Arkansas River like we Do who are we to judge, especially if you want to live outside in a red van by the river?

We really would not judge you, but it’s showing all sincerity is dedicated to helping you achieve your financial goals business coach   and you can’t get your goals done. If you can’t get things done so we’re talking today about the art of getting things done now, move never 6.

Stop lamenting about things, and I’m going to give you a serious example, followed by a light example, but they’re. Both examples used to run the DJ call business coach  center. We switch to a new phone system nosey, you remember.

These phone systems used to be like ,000 or whatever crazy, wasn’t like today’s phone system, for you paid 30 bucks a month and you had to move in a huge commitment. All the games a lot of new features, but one of our lowest performing business coach   sales people they’re kind of the middle. Oh, they weren’t, they weren’t.

They were profitable, but they weren’t that great they kept bringing up at every meeting going yeah. You know the on-hold music. It’S quieter than it used to be, it’s just quieter and I’m going.

I understand that and we’ve cracked business coach  the volume as high as we can go and you are the only person who’s commented on this, and I know that it’s something that you value and appreciate you bringing up we’re going to move on to become a joke.

Cuz. Every meeting you always ask me know what are some ways we can improve the DJ business coach  company and I’m not kidding every meeting ever took the volume. Is it seemed quieter overall, just there on the on when you hear it on hold, you know, and I just I wanted to bring that up make.

That was all they would do every week and they were like to move because they were just so upset. Will business coach  then, I said, hit you in your sales. I haven’t improved at all they’re, not going down having a producer yeah, but you can you put some on hold, though, to check availability.

I think it kills reporter, because people just do not the energy there used to be, and then it just like their lamenting they’re, constantly business coach  reliving and dramatizing a bad event.

It wasn’t even that bad of an event, and then I see other people like last year. People know this list of the show you my father, passed away on September 5th of last year and it was awful, but I also believe in heaven.

So I believe my dad is in a great great place right business coach  now, but you know it’s not a pleasant thought. Thinking about your father, passing away from ALS the same time you got to say you know what this is.

What Tom Clark stood for. This is what he is a great guy great example going to put a picture of them up on my wall in the man. Cave going to think business coach  about him often, I know he’s up in heaven smiling down on me, but I can’t bring it up all the time as an excuse for not being motivated or not being driven or why is it God blessing my business?

I’Ve got a bitch move on and just feel like whether it’s a deep thing or a shallow thing. We’Ve got to learn to business coach   move on if you’re listening out there right now and there’s somebody in your life there’s something that happened in your life, whether it’s business or personal, making affect you know either one at the.

It all affects this kind of thing and you’re mad at them. If you’re mad at anybody right now, I would business coach  challenge you, I’m going to try to thrive time, show challenge.

I don’t often throwing these out like Tron Clark, but I might throw out a challenge to you. Do you to truly forgive that person, don’t know what they said. I know, and I really don’t want to know – and I don’t want to hear about it.

It’S already business coach  on a spike in it ready to taxidermy. I want you to forgive them because being mad at someone for whatever they did to maybe drive your car just got cut off right now you might be someone, you know, jipped you out of a deal in stolen from you. Somebody could have really business coach  done you wrong.

You might have changed your playlist to hear the song. Thinking about you on forgiveness, in your heart does nothing to them. It just causes you stress and strain.

Physical and emotional takes a toll on you. So it’s a it’s easy to say. I know when you’re here the battle and something goes wrong to you. I know it’s hard to do it and it’s it’s it’s much funner. It seems like sometimes it take that wrong and shove it in your bag in the back and then the next time you have lunch with your friends pulled out, don’t look, look what happened to go home and that’s horrible wow.

You did that to you. That is something really really bad. That’S terrible! It’S terrible man I’d! Rather, why you’re so upset that man yeah? You should start a blog on that, but forgive me if you can’t forgive his professional help out there to help.

You walk you through that process. Cuz. You know what a long time to be more like man, I I’ve tried. I just can’t do it. What you doing. Why you just don’t go around the rest of your life with the I can’t get it done.

You find your profession that can help you with that. There’S professional counselors out there that can help walk you through that process. How it looks like what it feels like and in good for you to go, maybe to the grieving process of what happened to you and get through it to accept it and go on in your life, because there’s nothing less fun than sitting down with a buddy Or a friend or acquaintance or somebody you know where they just continuously put out these these issues that they just will determine. I ask you this again over.

Can I can I can I go into one step past the line with a permission maybe come back. That’S too far. Okay, if I got my Taser though, and I got new batteries so watch out, when was the

Twins win having headed what is it an example where you’ve just been so screwed, it’s like Bob Vila and he had to get all the details, and then I mean You had to really work at it to move to get over, it mean what is the best less than a week less than a week ago, really and yeah.

I’Ve already feel like I have forgiven the person, even though it’s an ongoing thing to be honest with you, I feel like I’m forgiven the person, and I can’t put myself in their shoes and kind of realized. Okay, I get you now. I can see.

Maybe why you you know, did that, but that’s beside the point: you did it and you don’t have to do it. I mean it because you make a mistake, doesn’t mean the person who made a mistake to has the ability to the right and here’s.

What business coach   I described it clear real quickly. Is that when you make a mistake, you’re, basically handing someone a hammer and sitting here now you have the right to hit me. You know I messed up your glasses week.

We didn’t get your damn correctly. If we do know whatever you know now, you hear hears you, I cut you off, I’m sorry, I didn’t see you but you’re not cut you off. So now you have that person a hammer and we’re always shocked and they hit us because you’re going to go in nice, you live in the midwest. To me we don’t have a car.

How long can we don’t have a lot of you know people making hand gestures to business coach  you or yelling at you, cuz we live in. You know where the Bible Belt – oh my gosh – that that customer hit me with a hammer and when you forgive somebody, do you forget and then immediately let them back into your life or how do you frost them out?

No, I don’t know because I think about it. I’Ve learned business coach   is that people change tell them and that you know you can’t control what they do. You can only control how close they are to you and your life business coach  and to a person who does certain things that irritate you or make you mad. You can’t wait. Would you need to do?

Then you need to distance yourself from that person because you’re not going to change the way. I could change the way they do their life as a hot question, but I’ve got to meet learning some of these things from you guys, if you’re limiting on something that makes me think that possibly you don’t have that bigger goal, that higher goal that you’re focused

On your thinking about these small term emotional things in your not focus in the right direction, so you need to refill yourself on your Big Y, your big goal that you’re going after we’re settled in the first place, and that way you have something to kind of

Help you push away the short-term emotions are for those feelings of resentment or whatever cuz you don’t care anymore cuz. You got a bigger Focus that you’re looking forward to the big value of this show, and my opinion is, you can learn from mentors and try to avoid a lot of mistakes in Cebu. Number 7 is to get things done yet to get more things done to accomplish more goals.

You want to start to learn from mentors, so you can avoid those mistakes we come back. I want to get coach Calvert steak on this. I want to hear his feedback as a business owner of maybe some ways in his life he’s been able to learn from mentor to avoid the mistakes movie go back and Coach, his younger self, maybe ways he would have got more mentorship fast drugs.

When I get his take on that, because I think there’s so many people listen to show who are in a mentor free zone you’re in a bad spot right now, because you are running everything by a committee of you thought about you and the business coach  board of you And your any ideas by you and your ideas aren’t working but you’re loyal to this function. Just keep looking in the mirror business coach   going.

This is going to be at here. We go into business coach radio show stay. 2, looks like Steve. Martin meet Steve Forbes, it’s the Thrive business coach   time show on your radio, all yes, tribe Nation, walking back to the conversation.

Is this right time show on your radio your place to go to get the business coach  knowledge that you need to know to grow? You see so many people out there we’re starving our business because we don’t rub rats feeding our business coach   business, the knowledge that we need.

We need to be where we are doing the same task year after year, looking for a different result and when business coach  you’re not changing anything. We’Re doing the same wrong activity, we’re not we’re not building checklist right Building Systems.

We don’t know how to optimize your website, we’re not getting the business profitable, we’re not looking at our pro forma. We don’t even know what the word proforma is.

Weekly meetings were not holding people accountable, we don’t have key performance indicators for people, we don’t know what we’re business coach  doing, and so every year we get further behind our taxes more stressed, and then eventually we have a breakdown, and it’s typically when we’re looking for a breakthrough.

In our hope is to help you have some breakthroughs previous to the breakdowns, the sweet record, the show live business coach  everyday from 12 to 2 and we’re teaching today specific about the art of getting things done. How do you get more things that I will have 24 hours in a day?

How come some people get so much more done every day and some people can’t seem to clean out the garage to number 7 learn from mentors to business coach  avoid mistakes. Brian Tracy, the best-selling author, the internationally renowned speaker, the author of over 70 books.

He writes no one lives long enough to learn everything. I need to know learning for starting from scratch to be successful. We absolutely positively have to find people who’ve business coach  already paid the price to learn the things that we need to learn to achieve our goals. Coach Calvert was Scourby.

Ball.Com. Tell me how, in your business career, how many able to learn from mentors to avoid mistakes? I’M a huge believer in right now and read for devotional. Every morning I read my Bible business coach  everyday.

I am reading for books right now that I’m reading through I’m different phases of them, so I’m trying to learn all the time and grow all the time. It’S very important to me and I teach my staff to do the same thing and we talked about her books every Monday that were reading the big thing business coach  for me was when I first came to 22 years ago, for 15 years I went through business working extremely Hard, but not extremely smart, and it took me sitting down with yourself where I changed my business plan. I changed my how we build everybody.

I got rid of our office person. I got rid of a coach, we hired the right people, you know one thing I would say that working with you, that was interesting as you have a good product but good service, and so that part is the hard part in my opinion, and what happened was In basketball, it’s for specifically was Scourby You have a business coach  demand for services. So, but what happened?

Was it people just couldn’t find you on the internet? So they didn’t know you existed so you live. If you lived business coach  almost entirely off of word of mouth – and you could do that because you were good enough as a coach, but there was no internet presence and it.

Furthermore, the Billing System, you were still taking, you, know, checks and cash from a lot of families and, unfortunately I’d say 1 at a four people. I can’t business coach   figure out the concept of paying on time and so you’re a good guy and you have to chase people down to go out. You know you haven’t paid me in 3 months. You know, could you drop by a check and then they would forget?

Then it was like you would spend at least three-quarters of your week, Jason business coach   checks and then 1/4 coaching, basketball and now you’re kind of getting back in the groove. Where you get the focus on basketball. Again, life is so much easier now because I don’t have to spend all that time on the business part of it. It’S all set up.

It’S all ready to go so now I just get to enjoy doing the business coach  things I actually enjoy doing, which is the coaching part of it, the mentoring part of it, because this is what you will, and maybe the word I’m using for this is too hard. So you can kind of correct me here but cut negative team and family members out of your life.

That’S a strong word negative. We could business coach  clarify, but you seem to have found the balance and I’m not saying that you’re perfect. I just watched it from afar, but you seem to have found the balance to not have repetitively super negative people in your daily schedule.

I mean there yet totally idiot 3, probably not, but how have you been able business coach   to do that when you sent me this this? I understand how this relationship is going to go.

I understand how this is going to go help you been able to maybe cut or or push out or have you been able to keep chronically negative people out of your reoccurring schedule being purposeful, I mean that business coach   that’s the thing about it is you have to it’s

Difficult it’s challenging, especially when someone has gotten close to you and then you feel like this person is not a person. I want close to me and there’s a lot of reasons that can be a lot of times. They can be very needy that can kind of that can be mean that business coach  can be jealous.

They can be feeling a lot of negative things that they can be and then, for you, you’re not here to think about, is that I’ve seen it so many times. Do people like hey, you know what this employee that’s my mind now my office manager and see if they have access to me in business coach  there, I’m around them a lot and were meeting a lot and so negative, though the other just I didn’t realize how Negative they Were you don’t have to do I’m going to take upon myself to change him, try to change them.

Can you come in here asking questions, hey, what’s a great thing going on your life today business coach  right and they go what kind of personality well we’re alive, just killed that conversation. You know I can do this now. That’S my new goal is to take this person and make them a positive person, and I’m telling you what that is a very challenging thing to do if you are but he’s a basketball coach right right and business coach   shut up over here, he’s a business coach right life.

Coaches, and so it’s a challenging thing, and so what happened is all the sudden you you’re spending, more energy and trying to get this person positive or maybe trying to eradicate the negative things are going your life funny. Looking at business coach  yourself going to have to do this, you know I don’t have to have this person be my manager.

I have to spend the time to spend with this person. I don’t have to let them have the access they have into my life. I had a family member wants to come up to me and say: hey man. You know why I wish I wish you business coach  were my family spent more time with me and I looked at them straight up and I said well, you need to be nicer and they’re like what I said.

Dude you’re, not very nice. People don’t want to be around me, and so, if you continue to be mean, I’m just being honest with you, and so if you really want business coach  people to be around you more than be nicer and if you don’t think it to you on the way you are But that’s the reason why you know you get to not some big conspiracy that we all got together to hate.

Everybody forgot about cousin belly and I can see you soon just for a clay on behalf of the Illuminati calling. I business coach  want to push away billy goat. Having exactly I mean we don’t get together and said.

You know what I know. What happened is that you leave a trail as you go through life until you get a negative prayer and the smart people don’t want to be around that this marble going to be around the what I called the vampires.

You know they just want to suck the the energy into the joy, and you know here are two notable quotables to hammer home what you just said. The first one is from Tim, Ferriss he’s a guy who wrote the book hour work week, he’s a guy who’s.

Winning early investors in Twitter never heard of it, Facebook, nope, nope, nope nope, wouldn’t he says a person’s success in life can usually be measured by the number of uncomfortable conversations he or she is willing to help.

So I’m asking you today what is an uncomfortable conversation? You might have to have to business coach  tell somebody hey. I need you to turn the frown upside down smile for a while or we’re moving out now. The next notable quotes from Oprah business coach  Oprah was a lady who is unfortunately molested at the age of 14.

She was raped repeatedly by her own family and she actually gave birth and had business coach  a miscarriage and at the age of 14, Oprah decided that she was going to change who she’s around and that involved her no longer connecting or talking to in any way her own Family and Oprah says surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you up higher if anybody has a reason business coach   to be upset or just a negative or to talk about the past that would be over.

But she decided to turn that bitterness in the bitterness and unbelievable story, because everybody has a reason to be negative. But it’s up to you to decide whether that reasons going to be enough to validate your negativity. You business coach   got it.

You got to use it as a reason to turn the front, or I become a positive person and was always a. We have four ways for specific way to help every single entrepreneur, another all available to you at Thrive time show Duncan successful businessman on he’s actually running for public office, great business coach  story, great thing so get on the podcast.

Drivetime go ahead and absolutely absolutely it’s story. Time should I come in for ways to help you at all available at DriveTime show., the first ways to podcast. It’S always free.

You can always get it at Thrive. Time, be a great American and I business coach  asked you. I asked you a request for you. Think of it, who do you know in your life that needs to hear this show and Shirley with them?

Today I beat beat me an encourager will never to you, can find the world’s most effective and affordable business school available at Thrive time. Show.Com 3. If you business coach  need a one-on-one business, coach and mentor and your life and everybody does go to drive time, should I come and sign up your free consultation and finally booked your ticket for the

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