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During today’s broadcast of The Thrive Time Business Coach Radio Show Doctor Zoellner and Clay Clark break down the 66 Super Moves that they use to be more productive, to be more focused, to be more successful and to just get more done.



Move #8
Cut negative team and family members out of your life


NOTABLE QUOTABLE –  “A person’s success in life can usually be measured by the number of uncomfortable conversations he or she is willing to have.” – Tim Ferriss (He has written a number of self-help books on the “4-hour” theme, some of which have appeared on the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestseller lists, starting with The 4-Hour Workweek. Ferriss is also an angel investor and an advisor to Facebook, Twitter, Evernote, and Uber, among other companies. He’s a man who gets things done.)


I don’t care whether you have a million dollars or $7 dollars, it’s hard to enjoy yourself and to get anything done when you are surrounded by the momentum killing negative feedback from both team and family members. The fact that you were born in the same home as these people and attended the same school as these people does not forever damn you to a life of negative conversations and a constant barrage of unwanted feedback. I would challenge you here and now to write out the answers to the following questions for your betterment:


  1. 1. What family members do you need to draw the line with and to give them a final warning?_______________________________________________________
  2. 2. What family members do you need to cut out of your life? ______________________________________________________________
  3. 3. What negative team members do you need to cut out of your life? ______________________________________________________________


NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher.” – Oprah Winfrey (She is a media mogul talk show host, actress, producer, and philanthropist. She has stated that she was molested during her childhood and early teens and became pregnant at 14; her son died in infancy. She is a woman who gets things done despite her circumstances.)



Move #9
Get your e-mail inbox to zero during the morning and stop checking it incessantly during the day


NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “You can’t run your life from your inbox.” – Arianna Huffington (Huffington was the co-founder and editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post, which is now owned by AOL. She was a popular conservative commentator in the mid-1990s, after which, in the late-1990s, she offered liberal points of view in public, while remaining involved in business endeavors. In 2003, she ran as an independent candidate for governor in the California recall election and lost. In 2009, Huffington was #12 in Forbes’s first-ever list of the Most Influential Women In Media. She is a woman that gets things done.)


Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to free up thousands of entrepreneurs from the mental disorder I call “monkey brain” that is caused by incessantly checking your email over and over in an addictive manner. My friend, you cannot control who sends you an email, but you can control how often you check that inbox. You must get your work email out of your personal computer and our phone. It’s just not possible to efficiently respond to work-related emails that keep flying into your phone, you can really only be a victim who just knows what is coming in and this will ruin your time away from work. This will keep you from ever being mentally when you are away from work. You must learn to get your inbox down to zero (delete and sort all emails before 9:00 AM) each morning before you start your work day and then must discipline yourself to not check your e-mail during the work day if you want to be a productive person. I would challenge you here and now to write out the answers to the following questions for your betterment:


  1. 1. How many times per day are you currently checking your email? __________________
  2. 2. What is the minimum number of times that you need to check your email during the day (9:00 AM, 4:00 PM, etc.?) ________________________________________________



Move #10
Stop arguing about religion


“The only way to get the best of an argument is to avoid it.” – Dale Carnegie (The best-selling author of How to Win Friends and Influence People whose books and courses Warren Buffett has openly stated “Changed his life.” A man who knew how to get things done).


It’s odd, disturbing, sad or just weird, but even the Christian religion has now been broken in _____________________ denominations. Why? It’s because pastors, monks, priests and theologians who have devoted their entire lives to studying the Christian religion could not agree on an interpretation of scripture and they refused to quit arguing about it until their church finally had to be split apart. My friend, I am a huge fan of the New England Patriots for all the reason that you probably hate them, but that’s okay and that’s fine. However, if I spent the remainder of this book or the remainder of my life trying to convince you that they were truly America’s National Football League team, I couldn’t win the argument. Furthermore, 1 out of 4 of you would say that the National Football League is not even the real football, and then you would spend massive periods of time trying to convince me that soccer was the best sport in the world. I would challenge you here and now to write out the answers to the following questions for your betterment:


  1. 1. Who have you been arguing religion with? _______________________________
  2. 2. How many hours have you spent arguing about religion? ___________________
  3. 3. What could you have done with those hours? ____________________________



Move #11
Stop arguing about politics


NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “People’s minds are changed through observation and not through argument.” – Will Rogers (A stage and motion picture actor, vaudeville performer, American cowboy, humorist, newspaper columnist, and social commentator. Will was a cowboy who got things done.)


For some of you this will be really hard because you are having a TRUMP-tastic time reading this book or because you believe that President Obama was the first REAL President. Either way, half of the United States disagrees you, so in terms of getting things done, I would encourage you to not bring up politics when possible. Certain people believe that we should raise taxes and take care of every sob story and person who refuses to work out there and other people believe that we should overthrow the government and live a completely Libertarian lifestyle buried in a bunker somewhere while clinging to our guns and gold. I would challenge you here and now to write out the answers to the following questions for your betterment:


  1. 1. Who do you argue politics with the most? ____________________________________
  2. 2. How many hours have you spend arguing about politics? ____________________________________
  3. 3. What could you have done with those hours? ____________________________________




Casting for this evening play Business School with up to boom and boom. Welcome back to the Thrive time show on your radio. My name is Captain clay, Tiberius Clark, and I am steering the  business coach  entrepreneur ship today right into your ear hole and I’m here today with the man, the myth, the legend, the guy, who calls himself the business Pig and he needs no other introduction than just a bunch Of cowbell it’s dr. Robert zoellner clay. I made a critical mistake today, critical critical, I think, you’re good too.

I don’t know. I made a critical mistake. In fact, I need to probably find one of our Thrive time show hoodies, which are all the rage now by the way. I business coach  because I got up this morning and got dressed not even thinking about the weather has arrived.

I just right here on the show, just just too. I think I can I go past the line. Can I say no, it was nothing. I said it wouldn’t matter to Polo and it just seems a little too formal. I feel like you, the man I mean.

I know you are the man, but I’m the man the man is holding you down. You got closure, my my my personal assistant. It has gotten out of me a little bit about all business coach  the time, so I have to wear a nice she’s married when your partner’s she’s, a good person she’s generally speaking as high style and fashion, doesn’t mean she’s right now, roll over the world.

What you did well Jersey, run by the radio stations out of their scripts and make commercials for my Optometry business and, as I thought you know, I’m going to be seen or not that way. I almost almost had a soccer jersey on. I was close and I’ll wear one of these silly little polo shirts today.

Will you bring people in your life that can actually give you grief? You have some point, you know I want you to get down to your roots. I want your hands. I want you to stop saying hello to people. I will, when you see a nice right now, you typically are opening the door for people.

I want you to business coach  slam that door. We will see a young young child. I want you to reach down and take some ice cream and eat it, and you will never forget this day in business coach   left ice cream from the consideration.

But I think I’m probably going to err on the side of not changing, not change, and it would affect your decision. I business coach  mean Vanessa, obviously you’re well buddy. Now nobody not even Vanessa now, because we have the way to do the family photo years ago. Yeah, where I wore the sweater sweater on, I just felt like I turned in my man card and ID, and she knows how I am I’m very.

What’S a Mercurial is my personality business coach  type of Mexico’s you like these family photos. I said I hate all they could do that so that got like an idiot look like I’m not at the house, but I will never look at a photo of me in that stupid sweater that matches cuz people that match sweaters those people, I’m not when she

Was okay, if I wear whatever business coach   I want every day that I’m not trying not to mention not doing it? No Christmas family photo. This year, we’re going to be asking me and my honey. You can do it in your head. For real for you to take a photo with a matching sweater. No, no! No! I’M wearing my hoodie, my man cave to celebrate our family business coach  Unity.

That’S what I’m not doing it again, because you’re sitting there, you got your sweaters on and in your fire going on behind you. You know, on the other end of tigers like now hold each others hands and look who lovingly into.

I want you to know that you’re, together on a beach celebrating a business coach  romance your man card, I’m not do it, so I’m not doing it, I’m not doing it. No, not doing no! You don’t get. You know what I I applaud your stick-to-it-ness and I applaud your decision and I think you and the hoodie I think the family should have no family with a hoodie uniform hoodie back cuz.

I like business coach  a memorable Christmas picture of getting things done now. What is it? What is it mean to get things done with so many people? They they wake up and they say gosh. You know. If I only had the time, I would get it done now.

The thing is, we all have 24 hours a day. I think about the Oprah. Grew up as business coach  a perpetually abused kid see what she was unfortunately, sexually abused as a kid she had a miscarriage. She had no money, she had nothing and she went out and became sump Steve Jobs.

You know it was it was adopted. He was kind of in search of his original biological family. Trying to business coach   hide his identity, didn’t have a background in computers, and he went on to build the biggest company on the plane was valuable company in planted.

A company is actually worth more than Poland. I mean this guy is Steve. Jobs is just anything about this Disney of Poland. You look this up real quick, but what business coach   Apple could buy right now with their cash reserves? It’S pretty crazy.

These countries, aren’t, you, know pretty much of the deficit and a side, but Apple could buy. I think it’s Twitter, it was like it was like. It was like major companies that was like Twitter and, like Volkswagen and Chrysler all these business coach   companies cash and still have X, amount left over there any countries they could buy kind of crazy things up.

That is a crazy thing that got things done. He grew up with humble beginnings. How do these people do it, but one is they manage their time very differently if you’re around and normally successfu business coach  l person, and then you’re around another enormously successful person, and then another you’ll soon start to discover this?

A common denominator is a common thing: they all do and they’re all the best managers of time you will ever see any of the best managers of time are always business coach  trying to get better at managing your time, Sam systems, upon systems and every year the I bet You ask yourself:

hey: how can I be more efficient and more purposeful and how I spend my time with those I love in the things I want to do exactly, and you know the thing about it is like like we talked about business coach   it and then or in Person Workshop, we actually spent quite a bit of time on time management.

We do a lot of times. It’S very. If you get nothing else out of the workshop, I had Minnie Driver say I can’t believe how much unless I work now and how much more I make it, that is the beauty of it, and business coach   that is the goal.

That is what we’re here to teach you is to work less and make more work Less in your business, more on your business and then also make more money and so we’re teaching you the 66 moves.

The 66 moves over the next to that, because my auction Z66 Route 66 – I’m always I’m always business coach  trying to do the secret moves. Then you call me out and say: is that why I’m not going to say yes but but I’ll just hand out of yes?

That was the time that you just couldn’t stand it so drawn to it by exit and family members out of your life, but I’m going to I’m going to I’m going to get these take on this business coach   Z. When does a family member or a team member?

When do they get so, let’s go with Team first, when does an employee get to a level where you say you know what I am no longer willing to put up with that? What is the the the threshold where you say it’s time to go? I had lunch with my son this business coach  week and we were having this exact conversation about family and friends that are that are close to you.

That then end up working for you right right and how they have a certain amount of Grace on them that you will put up with more from then you do. Maybe some dude, you don’t know up the business coach  street as an example of the first DJ’s. I hired we’re all friends. Every single one of my first employees was a friend, and one of the things would happen.

Is a wedding start at 6 and the setup would be at 4. You start to set up at 4 and you go to 6 at the Garden Center. This is the first time it happened business coach   to the wedding at the Garden Center 21st and Lewis area, one of my dear friends from college. You know the wedding starts at 6. About 5:45, he shows up to the wedding.

This is back in the day of of you’re trying to met in the minimize the amount of cell phone minutes. You would use cuz your charge business coach  per minute and I’m realizing. My friend is not at the wedding.

I looked down at the tons of missed calls, so I pick up the phone too bright. Explain to me. The DJ is not there she’s freaking out justifiably so sure I get ahold of my buddy. It’S right around the corner, man, no big deal., Just like 10 minutes to business coach  set up bro, and so we have to talk.

I told him how you really put me in a bad spot. You said you know what it won’t happen again. The next week happens again. It happens again. Next week happens again, it happens again. I don’t know how many times it happened again, but eventually, I said, business coach  listen, I’m trying to run a business and you’re hurting my reputation goes.

I thought our friendship came first and if you think it takes me 2 hours to set up I’m not going to – and it was this whole thing like I said – you’re not going to do it. He was not what I said, but you’ve already committed to DJ. These business coach  weddings, I’ve already put your name on the file. You’Ve told the bride. You will personally be there.

I’Ve committed, he was tough bounce buddy and that’s the last time I talked to that guy in that happened with all the friends I hired with an exception of nobody, but through the process I met a guy business coach  who became my friend, who I didn’t know previously:

Andy Matheran who he was the most diligent, hardworking DJ we had, he was Oral Roberts, University, basketball player and I saw his character based upon the way he works and he became a good friend as a result of the way he works.

But I lost business coach  almost all of my friends as result of hiring them. So now you look back to you, wish you hadn’t hired them? No, I actually am moving to make friends that I’m not doing business with that’s how I do it, how they handle their money.

I know that I, like them, like Devin, will raise examples of great coder business coach  he’s going to come over to the house on Sunday when the grill, some bratwurst. Why he’s a good guy he’s worked with me for almost 4 years, and you see his character based on his work ethic and I’ve just found as I get older I just if you don’t have the same values and work ethic as you. I don’t have a business coach  whole lot in common and so that’s kind of my deal now. It’S okay, look for friends!

I work with no absolutely that’s great advice and your you. How many people did you go through to find Evan, I mean you. How many quarters does the two week notice, but doesn’t get a good one, and you said right that business coach  good good character, good work ethic and – and they work here with you now – are you worried about?

How did you draw the line between being the friend and then being the worker? Well, I can say this happened in his almost 4 years. He has never crossed the line about doing anything unethical at business coach  all and the relationship at work. Is it I’m the coach who’s?

The player and that’s relationship, we have, I think, it’s a lot like I’ve watch, I’m Tom Brady and in Belichick’s relationship over the years and when they have these player Party symbol, film them and those two are like the best of friends but on business coach  the field.

Tom does not think he’s above the correction even now and just the other night. They did the Falcons rematch of Patriots versus the Falcons and it’s interesting to watch the intensity of the instruction. And if you watch NFL mic’d, where you can see what they’re saying it’s amazing to hear their business coach  dialogue back and forth and how?

Even now Tom Brady is still getting correction, he doesn’t. He wants to be coached, he wants to get better, and so as long as that’s the relationship, it’s fine to be friends, but if someone doesn’t want to get better than gets weird exactly did we talk when I’m right business coach  here getting rid of negative team, negative family,

Negative people in your life and in the thing about it, is that it’s it’s it’s a hit or it’s either a home run or strike out. Whenever you have somebody work with and then they turn into a friend right now, if they get, you know that entitlement comes in. If t business coach  hey get a bad attitude and something’s happening there homeless, can a tall person become not a good employee?

You know, then what happens is I have found that when you, when you have to distance yourself from that person, that you lose two things you as an employee and friend, it’s it’s business coach  a tough road, but when it’s working, when you have a great employee who’s, also A good friend yeah, that’s awesome, it’s magic and we come back.

We’Ll talk more about the art of getting things done and chop Eric butter chop, the business coach. He is going to be asking some hard-hitting questions business coach  from the Thrive Nation.

As we talked about the art of getting things done where to come back and talk more about cutting negative family members and team members out of your life, how to know when to draw the line in switching to answer some of tough business coach question from Eric The business coach  buttercup buttercup Eric Eric Eric, I love I’ve, never been more excited broadcasting from the center of the universe and the thrive15. Com world headquarters.

Let me get that air horn going. You know what’s a good answer, every time you get that the office is kind of a a Segway, your life tree sales in business coach  the in caring for the human eye to talk about something else, nobody to move, I need to incorporate because it is effective.

It get your attention is good. You know I got my son, the air for air horn effect now on his DJ system. It tonight we’re going to have tacos on the mic, I’m not getting on the mic. Now business coach  he announces emc’s the family.

Dinners hamburgers are ready to hear it all the time. It’S like it’s stuck in my head in his DNA, or is he doing it because he knows you did it would happen? If I think when God made me, you know, the guy doesn’t make any mistakes, but God was going.

Let’S screw up business coach  this one a little just to see what happens more than average size head on this phone melon told me about two-thirds the size of my might, but my melon, but isn’t thing right. I realized man that guy dear Lord, thank you for giving him a big gourd. I mean that’s what I was thinking when he just got business coach  her a cranium. It’S just it’s just it’s at magical!

Optimizing! Your schedule becoming more effective at getting things done by cutting out negative team members. Talk to me about negative family members. When do they draw the winning draw the line? When you say yeah, I will always say that business coach  I was having dinner with my son, and we were talking about this very thing in that, and I said earlier about.

You know they tend to get a lil bit more Grace from you. In other words, what that means, as you allow them to make more mistakes, and you would allow somebody else to make, and the business coach  problem is as if you don’t do some Correctional moves.

Early on, like I had one of my best friends, come to work for me and really kind of entitlement kind of took advantage a little bit of it. Okay, I did drive your car and I used all the gas. My bad, I forgot you don’t have found out around that mean he pretty business coach  much kind of ran over the other employees a little bit and kind of, and they knew what we can’t say anything cuz.

That’S Doctor! These are really good buddy! That’S what kind of little bit out of hand and shame on me that I didn’t dig in a little earlier, make some corrections little earlier than finally got business coach   it sold for so far.

I Hannah said I said dude we got part way. This is your dad and there’s a women’s restroom in the MiniMed in the unisex he made his own bathroom. That’S when you knew it was too far all the time.

No, when it’s time, if someone’s being dysfunctional up there, not be a good team business coach  member – and I always give the same answer – I said it wasn’t last month or the month before and I got question after question boom. I’Ve got a lady that comes in she’s drama, drama, drama, she’s, a good friend, you know when what do I do if I can’t get her to change and she just bring the n business coach  egativity throughout the office and it just it’s a Debbie Downer, and I said that,

Will you know what man you’re going to put up with that as long as you want to put up with then decide how much of that jackassery you get to put up with that?

Stick, that’s the great thing about that is the great thing business coach   about it. You know what the problem is, though, if you don’t nip it in the bud, if you don’t deal with it, then it’s Brad’s, noted investor of Facebook and best friend, Twitter in Evernote and Uber never heard of it. He says a person’s success in life can usually be measured by the number of business coach  uncomfortable conversations.

He or she is willing to have now. Oprah went on to say, surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you up higher. So I would just encourage you to marinate on that and I’ll chop.

You have a business coach question for dr. who, before I move on to move number 9 of the art of getting things. Oh yes, what’s your question, my man we’re getting through The Branding, we’re doing a lot of advertising where you live at Leeds in and I typically you guys know this, but whenever you’re running a business and you’re starting it and you don’t have a lot of employees, You’Re probably like to stay All Star, Auto sales are passionate and you know how to close the deal. You know how to get in front of people now.

My question is: is what business coach  was the first step somewhere? You want a scale that you want to scale your sales, but how do you go about? That was the first steps I need to take to try to get somebody to do not as good as you do it’s easy.

Can we go to record your calls of you doing it the right way? Somebody has to see what your business coach   teaching someone to play football teaching, someone to shoot a basketball teaching somebody do a sales call. You’Ve got to show an example of doing the right thing.

People learn by watching the right thing to you want to document. What am I to do? You want to write down your script so whenever it business coach  works, you just want to transcribe it, and that way you have. This is what it looks.

This is me, you know this is a recording. This is written down. This is documented and a third is you want to role play because you want to practice until they can’t get it wrong. You don’t practice until getting it perfectly once business coach  you want to practice until they can’t get a wrong. It’S a repetition people that would be. Might my big three mr.

Eric butter chip, how my gosh that’s exactly right boom boom boom. I want to add on there that you assume nothing. You don’t want things that happen whenever you’ve done it and then business coach   it over and over and over you just assume that you know people greet they build rapport they they, they all the moves that you know that you do too kind of hey:

hey, hey! What’S up yo, we can you get your lab done so good. I have another beer, the best. I can see why you want to do business, who business coach  were negative, terrible, bad but funny examples of the past.

We have a a person that doesn’t hurt person who used to work with us back in the day I told him. I said it’s very important that you build rapport with the women at the at the bridal show build a police report.

First, they said Rapport Rapport business coach  Rapport Rapport Rapport, meaning of like you and trust. You teach specific questions to say my script, this out and I put all the scripts on a clipboard in the team – had to actually use them over and over. There only allowed to ask those questions, yes, but previous to that I just talked to principal, which is business coach  not actually a scalable think so this walks up to this woman walks up to the booth with her in a Which Wich – and he goes oh great and so Is it is this your mother?

Not the problem is the person he asked is that your mother is her sister who’s about the same age, but through a series of excessive binge business coach  eating.

She has way now significantly more than the other person and where were their sister, and you could see not only the rage but the it was like this, the weirdest thing ever because they’re the exact same age, yet one was twice the size of the other end Of twins – and you know this is got business coach  to be a thing – you know yeah, so she walks away, and I look at the guy in the good news – is you’ll. Remember that one that was pretty much the same man at the bridal show the next day or woman walks up and he’s excited.

When the baby. There was no baby because she’s not pregnant epic, fails, say business coach  words anymore, and then I saw her driving back to know. He just doesn’t know what to say: you have to script it, but this one guy he used to tell women.

You know you look great for your age, I mean just this endless passive-aggressive insults and apparently his family thought were funny, but he just business coach   I don’t understand, and so you can’t assume these people know I’m just telling you you can’t assume that they know. You know the basics: you got to break it down like you’re teaching a third grader how to sell.

You know how to sell this stuff right, I’m going to need and then you’re like that. business coach  Yes, I’m not tell him to keep right turn it. Yes, yes, grasshopper talk more about the art of getting things done. How do you get more done? How do you have find the time to both wax on and walks up wax back to the business coach radio show that taught Yoda the force.

Welcome to the Thrive business coach   time show on talk radio 1170. You should get off of your X-Wing and off your TIE fighter put down the Millennium Falcon land that thing put down the lightsabers and get out of pain and papers were talking about how to get more things done. The art of getting things done today we’re moving business coach  on to move number nine on this episode of business school without the BS quickly Yoda the force in the only had some nice Star Wars tie into the tribe Nation out there.

The Last Jedi trailer thing is: I know that all of the movies that are coming out from Disney now we’re basically they have Disney, bought business coach   the license that bought the rights to that they own it. Now they own the Star Wars, franchise billion dollars from George Lucas and the other company started.

Pixar is George Lucas, so I know that George Lucas had a series that he wrote out for a long time, so he actually wrote in original 9 books, business coach  but what she just decided to start and make the first three which he didn’t make them in order. But the point is, I know that they’re sticking to a lot of it and they’ve hired.

I cannot bear the director’s name, but the way he’s doing it, it looks so accurate did JJ Abrams did the first couple reboot. I don’t business coach  know. If he’s doing this one or not, or else I’m going to get it looked like the spaceships weren’t real, but it seems kind of way I can, but now they need the new ones. I’Ve been great.

I enjoyed the past couple and I I plan on dressing up like a Darth Vader and wait and wait in line. Can I tell you something: I’ve business coach  never seen a single Star Wars might have to leave the box.

Where you serious, I mean seriously. How long have you been directly with the red Empire? I mean, are you we were run on 30 30 to 40 years now, and I just never seen him.

I don’t know what the deal with Korean viruses put on the business coach  computer. So now I know who that nosy Moon number 9. You want to get your inbox down to zero VOC ain’t, no work to me as opposed to checking it throughout the day.

Now you – and I could argue about this a little bit by want to give an example, Arianna Huffington, who was the lady who business coach  opposite co-founded, Huffington Post. She talked about how she got to a place in your life, where an email would come in like every 10 seconds and she would respond and she couldn’t ever be mentally present.

So she’s like I’m just constantly and she’s like it in my phone. It sends the message to me and business coach  she’s, like Big Biscuit, begins to develop monkey brain where she can’t respond to the email she just now know she got a new one and it’s almost dislike stress and you’re, never able to be home or not home, because you’re Constantly digitally tied to the office for some of their who’s got 3000.

You business coach  males in their inbox and your constant checking in with her out to eat there with family goes through. How do you get more stuff done by not incessantly checking your email constantly?

What would happens is unless you, unless you’re, expecting something very, very, very, very important to business coach  the areas that off that one off that says, I’m going to check in and say something tonight, because you’re expecting something very important. You need it immediately, but for the most part I love that’s that’s the system I use.

What I do is I clear my box in the morning I die, dress everything and business coach  then about maybe twice throughout the day that mid-day in the end of the day, I check it again and then I’m done I’m done at the chicken and all the time.

It’S just it’s almost a neurotic Behavior come out in OCD kind of behavior. You know never that song The Crying Game for the movie, The Crying Game business coach  about the dude, who date’s the girl and find out later that she is a dude I heard about it.

I never watched it it’s kind of a character. He says he thinks he’s in love with this woman and he finds it at the end that it’s a dude and it just destroys his life. I think there’s a lot of entrepreneurs out there who think business coach   that if I just checked my emails throughout the day, I’m going to become like a hero’s out to be the best sales person ever I’m going to be the best my boss is going to love me.

Cuz I respond within seconds, but they end up becoming the least productive person. It’S like what they thought it was it. Isn’T business coach  you see a person who’s intelligent reduced to the level of like an idiot monkey brain level because they’re in a meeting with you there in a staff meeting with you and they’re responding to emails during the meetings are checking him?

It’S actually a neurofeedback that gets developed, Anatomy becomes business coach  almost to know, you know an addiction and – and I get that yeah if specially to push.

If it’s a push take out those – and we we talked about yesterday – show we have ever shown, there’s a podcast yeah and it’s and then it’s when you get that addictive behavior, then it starts to control you and you business coach  not controlling it and when things start to Control you that’s on healthy and then becoming the next to get out what he had a binge heroin night and died.

If you want to stop arguing about religion now, Dale Carnegie says things done at work till Carnegie, the best-selling author of how to win friends and business coach   influence people who wrote the book that Warren Buffett says quote: unquote changed my life, stop arguing about religion.

So here’s an example: people who spent their entire lives studying the Christian faith, got to some point of disagreement. They go. You know what I’m going to start the Assembly business coach  of God denomination. I disagree with you, but I’m going to start the new, the new Southern Baptist, because the Baptist wasn’t really I’m more Southern Baptist. I disagree with you: the Church of Christ, I’m going to ban music and sounds good, I’m tired of you being a music.

So I’m going to do a free business coach  Church won’t play any music. I want and there’s thousands of them in literally. There are thousands of denominations in this, because people just argue about something over and over and over to see what your rules for arguing about religion during the work day, I may need you to vote 90 % of business coach  your work day to arguing religion or what percentage Of your work day, 97 % ninety-eight percent. What percentage of your work day do?

You spend currently arguing religion 0, zero come on it’s a waste of time, and I are arguing is, is the word the Opera operative word there I mean obviously you’re business coach   getting stuff done. You’Re working unless you’re working at a religious institution, you know you’re doing a publisher, you’re doing Christian manuscript real quick.

I could you pass that stapler and by the way, I don’t think we should have instrumentation in praise and worship. Video pass it if you business coach   could.. I just want to make sure you know I don’t believe in the fruits of the spirit, but he passed the fruit that be great, exactly he’s kind of a broad term, a lot of things that really don’t matter to the work day.

You know another word for filters, what’s best for the business at hand and having employees business coach  sitting there. An argument thing is inappropriate talking about the openly gay paper, please, because I know that was a very divisive ear tubes like was, it seems, like we’re, agree this country, but not in that way right now.

Okay, people do that when you see it all the time, it’s dysfunctional stop doing it. If business coach  ou want to get stuff done with number 11 stop arguing about politics, I can’t wait to fake argue with you about politics on the Shelf there.

So many people that get so worked up about this, it’s like in your mind when Barack Obama, when President Obama was elected, it’s like the world business coach   stopped and it was horrible and you pride and you lamented you want on Facebook and now Trump’s in office and you’re, Crying and you’re posting on the ward Facebook see your posting on the work. Facebook tried out your frustrations with the commander and chief either way.

I want to business coach  get your take on this because you’re a guy who’s politically active, but you’re not sitting there arguing about politics during the workday. How do you draw the line? When do you draw the line, and how do you endorse candidates? How do not endorse candidates?

A minute to talk, if you have time, show business coach   on the radio presenting the world’s only business school without the BS, with optometrist and entrepreneur, dr. Robert zoellner and ussba entrepreneur of the Year Clinic Clark Nina Nina the head job.

Understand nothing was done for me, so I don’t plan on stopping in town 918 people out there business coach   in Tennessee people in Fargo Fargo, all don’t you know.

Yes, Fargo welcome, fart Fargo chiropractors, all the chiropractors in Fargo. We love seeing you at the workshop the Exotic tropical pet store down there in Midland Texas. We love seeing you at the workshop Minnesota Minnesota. It’S not too business coach  cold to come on down to Tulsa. You can get on a plane this time of year.

We can’t wait to see you again after Workshop New York, it’s so fun to be sick of people all over the world. Now listening to the rumor has it the internet is everywhere. Thank you.

Al Gore thank you Alvin who gave us the Parental A business coach  dvisory sticker sticker, which to me is that young youth was like the recommendation. Checkers super recommend this album I’m going to get some, but I don’t think she’s recommending a decimal number 11. If you want to get more things done the art of getting things done, how do you get business coach  more stuff done during a work day?

Is you got to stop arguing about politics now? Will Rogers if he was here, he would say this is. Will Rogers quote he says people’s minds? Minds are changed through observation, not through argument. Why can’t you argue politics at work? What the problem is, you business coach  think you’re going to hate, you know what I’m going to change their mind.

Absolutely I’m going to do it because my argument is so compelling that must work on their mind, love to speech last night just end up going round and round like a dog chasing its tail and in the end of this frustration, and you end business coach  up, you don’t Have any now A co-worker or an employee, not like you even more because you can sit there and argue with them and you’re not going to change your mind now.

Sales guys want to let you know we got to hit our quotas this week. We got to make calls we got to go to do it like right, like business coach   President Obama, who would get things done so we got to change. I have a hope for the future, like President Obama – and I want you guys to know I care about all of you equally, like President Obama, but the interesting one is when it’s a customer come on out.

That’S the interesting one business coach  and that’s one, especially if you have done what I have done in the last few election cycles, and that is publicly make known. I putting you, know, posters and signs on my buildings. You put up the breidenstein example. Yes, you said you support. Breitenstein on the side of the building at 65th and Memorial business coach   on the right side of the aisle erect a wall with a gun turret.

When you put the you put all the all the barbed wire up there, and that is not trusted that you were doing. Well. Gold, everywhere and everywhere, and this new guns and gold Motif what it. What is the new guns in the draft? By business coach   going to see that’s the guns and publicly my views on unsaid race and it created some?

My back, I should pitch created some arguments. It created some discussions with customers, and you said with your 20 customer, come in to do with what you say. There’S two sides to this business coach  argument: there’s one that’s right, and one is wrong side by would prescribe you to leave this building. Is that what you would do have a you handle it?

No, don’t know their business and it’s a it’s a touchy thing to step out. You know put signs in the in your yard, but signs up on your buildings, guns and business coach  Gold Everywhere publicly announced that you’re supporting, because you know what there’s nobody out there – that has 100 % support.

I don’t care how great a person they are it just the way it is someone’s going to be on the other side of every issue, but he was looking for some historical context: Abraham business coach   Lincoln, who famously ended up. I ending slavery. Officially, what he did was. He ran is a moderate and once he got into office he let people know surprise I’m going to end slavery. You didn’t agree with him, his own wife and so hey to get a house divided.

I mean he wanted to end slavery. His wife’s, like business coach   I would rather you not get a bullet in your head. Why don’t we not take up this fight right now? Why don’t you stay alive and so Harrell thing was:

let’s not upset everybody right now, let’s kind of so I’m just telling you what do you take a side for against slavery back in the day or you’re, taking a any business coach   any kind of stands at all?

According to Aristotle, Z, the only way to avoid criticism is to do nothing. Wow, wow, that’s deep, isn’t, Aristotle. The only way to avoid criticism is to do nothing, so you chose to do something that you have to educate your team on on the far-right extreme values of the business coach   libertarian party.

Or how did you do it again, what a workshop, so they knew my Bantu mean they knew me in so they were all pretty good with that. I think maybe some employees that didn’t agree with it, but they didn’t really step up and want to argue about it or make a big deal out of it in just a few business coach  customers that came in and didn’t.

Let you know that gave the old I’m not doing business with you anymore.. If that’s the way you feel and I’m kind of going, I understand and there’s a fine line of bringing your personal and bringing your political views in with your business views.

It’S not necessarily business coach  something I recommend freeway to do, but every now and then every now and then you going to catch a key or do you want to make a stand, and you know what that’s okay, you know.

The only thing I thought was weird, as when you put up the sign that said, we no longer take cash or check or any business coach   part the Illuminati payment systems were just going to take gold. I thought that’s when he was little and Chuck’s feedback on this to stop focusing on what you cannot control Marcus Aurelius.

This is the guy. Was the Roman Empire rule Roman Emperor. He wants said waste no more time, arguing business coach   about what a good man should do. B-1B lot of people sitting there arguing about you, know the weather or whether the boss is a good person or the life of their boss outside of work.

You know a good guy, but it turns out that he’s got it. You know he’s going through this. We did this arguing about business coach   this attack leadership, so I want to get your take on this first doctors and I want to get your take on this to chip focusing on what you can’t control the things you see, people focusing on a lot that they absolutely cannot Control and he was a boss or an owner or a partner you’re going.

Would you just business coach  stop focusing on how to focus on selling something your social medias really made? This get out of hand in a lot of offices and your people are wanting to talk about. Other people’s lives, but we call it.

We come with the good old-fashioned word yet that word is called gossiping. We have a zero policy business coach  f gossiping and all my businesses, yet it still goes on shocking, an idiot when the worst thing that can happen because it lowers morale it.

It is so frustrating and, as you know, when you tell the story over and over and over and it goes down the line, it changes, and so not only do have people wasting business coach  time talking about things that they can’t control and they shouldn’t be talking about.

Now. You have decreased morale and the office and by the time it’s gone through. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. People. I mean it’s, it’s gone from the you know the guy. You know Big Pick A Story, I mean you had up a handgun go off at his house till he’s. You know it’s very unproductive unprofessional and we have a rule in my family, and the rule is this.

Is that if somebody calls me to hey how’s your brother doing how’s your brother, doing I go first, like I let brother, so you had been packing and I’m like. Well, you you know them have their number.

If you want to talk about Eazy-E to Eazy-E than you need to call Eazy-E trying to contact about Erika here’s the dirty Tulsa move Eazy-E, I was going to pray for him. I just want to know. What’S going on, I just wanted to pray for him, so I wanted to know.

What’S going on you seen that move and call you seen some abuse, I’ve heard this. Is it true? I, like you know what that’s a great question for my brother. I wanted to call and talk to him and here’s his number.

If you don’t have it, because I’m not going to sit there and get into a discussion – and that’s when I try to encourage my employees to do is – is don’t if you’re not talking about yourself, then need to stop talking questionnaire, because you work with a lot

Of coaching clients out of business business is tremendously what are some things that you’ve seen clients over the years focus on it doesn’t matter, but yet they want to focus on and help them now

I’ll write some things they wanted by default focus on a lot of The things that that we get into when we start really drilling down with it with business owners that we business coach  work with his it’s a lot of emotional things right there, the way they’re reacting to what someone else did, what a competitor decided to do, and I’ve heard You talk about this clay, it’s kind of like arguing with gravity yeah, so you can argue all day.

If you could jump off this building, I guarantee you you’re business coach  going to hit the ground in the room. One of our competitors kept stealing our signs, so we open the store in Broken Arrow.

Every time we put our signs up, they get stolen and you know what I know he’s going to steal the signs. It was like an Ace of Base. I saw the Base song, I Saw the Sign I stole this. I business coach  saw the signs. I saw him standing there in his truck and I saw him do it so it wasn’t like. I could spend all my time, energy. Do it talking to him chasing him down.

Cutting him off talking to him meeting with him, but instead we decided just keep buying more signs, just keep winning like winning. But the business coach   thing is: if I think about it too much it irritates me yeah I’d, probably you can file an injunction, you could feel you can have a committee that you can go, get him but yeah you probably could, but these are all waste of time.

The whole point of being a business at the wind – and I didn’t you hate yourself business coach  like that – which is one of these big rules – is be a lover, not a fighter with awesome how to get stuff done on your radio.


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