The Art of Getting Things Done (Part 2) – Hour Two

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During today’s broadcast of The Thrive Time Business Coach Radio Show Doctor Zoellner and Clay Clark break down the 66 Super Moves that they use to be more productive, to be more focused, to be more successful and to just get more done.



Move #12
Stop focusing on what you cannot control


NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Waste no more time arguing about what a good man should be. Be one.” – Marcus Aurelius (was Roman emperor from 161 to 180, ruling jointly with Lucius Verus until Verus’ death in 169 and jointly with his son, Commodus, from 177. Marcus was Roman Emperor who got stuff done.)


People whose attitudes and emotions are controlled by the weather, really struggle through life because the weather is unpredictable especially in Oklahoma and where you live. If you are depressed because it’s too hot or too cold to be productive you are really going to have a tough experience on the planet Earth. Regardless of whether it’s raining or snowing you just have to shut the hell up, get to work and get your things done. I would challenge you here and now to write out the answers to the following questions for your betterment:


  1. 1. What weather pattern do you currently allow you to make your the most unproductive? ____________________________________
  2. 2. Determine here and now that you will have your most productive days when the weather is the worst.
  3. 1. Name _______________________________
  4. 2. Date ________________________________
  5. 3. Signature ____________________________


 Move #13
Be a lover and not a fighter when possible


NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Every day we have plenty of opportunities to get angry, stressed or offended. But what you’re doing when you indulge these negative emotions is giving something outside yourself power over your happiness. You can choose to not let little things upset you.” – Joel Osteen (Best-selling author of the pastor of one of the largest churches in America, Lakewood Church)


For me the concept of being a lover and not a fighter has always been the hardest concept for me to grasp. When somebody wrongs you, screws you and takes advantage of you, you must stop and consider Matthew 5:10 from that controversial book called the Bible which states, “Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” My friend, if you stand up for anything you will be attacked and you cannot lose countless hours and years fighting to right every wrong, sometimes you just have to let it go. I would challenge you here and now to write out the answers to the following questions for your betterment:


  1. 1. In what areas of your life do you just need to “let it go?” ______________________________________________________________
  2. 2. Who in your life has screwed you over the most? ______________________________________________________________
  3. 3. What can you do to expedite the ending of the doom loop that is being created as a result of you remaining in constant communication with the person that has wronged you? _______________________________________________________________




Move #14
Work via appointment only


NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “You can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do.” – Henry Ford (The legendary founder of Ford automotive and the man responsible for creating the first automobile “The Model T” which was affordable for most people).


If you have ever tried to hire a contractor, invite friends out to dinner or close a deal with a potential client you will appreciate this move. It’s SUPER IMPORTANT that henceforth you only work via appointment. When you ask people, “What specific time do you want to meet about that?” something magical happens…it forces them to make a decision. When you ask people, “What specific time did you want to go out for dinner?” it forces people to make a decision. However, if you never ask people for a specific time to meet or go out for dinner you will be caught in a constantly unproductive cycle I call “THE DOOM LOOP OF PHONE TAG HELL.” And you know what this means. It’s where you call them and they call you and you keep running into each other at church each Sunday saying something bogus like, “Hey we should get together sometime” but you never do because you will not ever force either party to set a specific time. When you do force either party to agree to a specific time it’s amazing what happens. You will quickly discover what their true objection is or you will book a specific time. Either way it will free up your schedule and will help you get more things done faster. I would challenge you here and now to write out the answers to the following questions for your betterment:


  1. 1. In what relationships or situations do you typically play the unproductive, “THE DOOM LOOP OF PHONE TAG HELL” game the most? _____________________________
  2. 2. How many times have you gone around and around with this other party saying, “I’ll call you back?”




Who was top 15 that calm and was just want to welcome you to drive Nation baby? Does books and the fairy pets names and we can dance down minute episodes. I almost want to cut it off, so I just want to let him just Singin in pontificate.

The glory of musical Perfection right there, TL Odell big, shout out to you with a little custom acoustic, radio  business coach  show intro see that was that was awesome.

Last time we were together and I looked at you and Ferb singing in falsetto both apologize for that. I wanted to do it more so maybe, after the show me, the commercial breaks I’ll do more falsetto Newport, like a cat, I knew I was on something different business coach  than what was in the city of how about them Bears going to be a lover and not a Fighter when possible, doctors eat Osteen the acclaimed Pastor, best-selling author, he says everyday.

We have plenty of opportunities to get angry stressed or offended, but what you’re doing when you indulge business coach  these negative emotions is getting something outside yourself power over your happiness.

You can choose to not let these little things upset, you Chuck better chop and doctor. He will start. Do doctors think he’ll ever not a fighter what that means exactly what it says, be a lover, not a fighter it a lot of times.

People business coach  something bad will happen and they use this word. You should take this word out of your out of your vocab. Everything use this word on principle principle. A lot of attorneys make a lot of money because someone walks in their office offended and they say the principal principal, the principle business coach  of the thing and they smile and they go all.

I could to make my car payment this month. It’S bad! If you find yourself, you know slinging mud business coach  right, you’re, slinging mud, you need to stop, but you’re digging a deeper hole. You got to stop singing that much. You got to somehow not business coach  chubby of 3 scenario.

She want to ask doctor say about you: are a business coach, Eric butter chip? I want you to ask doctors. He sees the sooner you business coach  thought about these us navigate this.

What are the scenarios you been marinating on over there? Alright, so let’s say, you’ve got a bigger competitor business coach  out there and they’re kind of coming out to you in any kind of a fight going with them.

What’S the best way to bring that love, her mindset, not business coach  a fighter to that when you, when you know they’re big, I might not be the best idea to fight him.

Well, yeah. I might want more specifics on that. What that category companies that do you recall or do you know how to detail and Company about maybe coming in and then you know just shut you down business coach   and and just getting kind of nasty with it.

And what is your advice on how I should I go back after or should we take the lover root on this and what you got to understand that business 101 is war and and that’s why, whenever you don’t really was probably last month we broke down to 6 – and I give a business coach  bonus seventh book on books – you should read if you’re, not tripping or, and one of them was

The Art of War by which is like you know, twenty-five 2400 years old, and the idea is that when you start up a business you’re Going to have a fight on your hands now that’s a different kind of fight.

Then then, when business coach   I have a detailing business, someone called according to you on this question that scenario and says: hey, I’m going to I’m coming after you and you can will bring it on.

Well, that’s a normal fight! That’S why you should be willing to get up every morning if you’re not willing to fight for your business, not business coach  regard and that or take out hustle them out Market them out, work them out detail them out whatever you need to do come on now think about It you may save yourself when I don’t even know, I don’t have the tools to do that.

That’S why we always recommend getting a business coach. We recommend business coach   getting a minute or you can bounce ideas off of you can come to our workshops. You can get online to our business.

Cool you can listen to the show is a podcast you can you know where you can find some guys and gals out there that have been there and done it. I eat mentorship and help you with that, but business coach  that’s a normal.

That’S the normal grind of opening a business in this business and all my competitors going to give me my slice of the pie me on and you’ll bring me fresh baked cookies Thanks for opening up your kind of business right down the road from us and got You sure hope you do well cuz.

You business coach  know dr. Z, I would have tell you what is your neighbor here at the Clay’s Optometry and Associates in what we’re doing we’re doing tonight at our special this month to commemorate your business come on by and give you a hug, and I’m saying that with

A box big enough for us man in that fight that business coach   comes with open up a business and so that’s a natural fight. That’S a good fight! That’S what that’s, what you should do and if anybody, if you don’t have someone calling you on the phone telling you that, then you just assume they’re thinking that if you open up a bakery,

I promise you some other business coach   bakeries in town or going to take him To the next movement after your brownies do is getting into. This is more of just kind of a general question.

As far as you know, hey like you’re saying earlier, maybe I’m going to get involved in a legal battle with this guy? Is it going to take 6 months to get mad about business coach  it when we get into the three specifics that happen all the time, so I want to unemployment.

That’S kind of a potentially litigious thing. A competitor makes a false claim about you, yeah. It happens all the time or somebody’s. You know out there when your ideas, he remains at you, you fire them business coach  and moved on to start a new company they’re competing with you everyday and one of my companies.

One of those scenarios is happen like a little fly. Flying around there’s always one of those kind of things. What is your thought and legally to handling those kind of scenarios when they were one business coach  unemployment?

I never find it. I let him get it. I always I always like it. When I’ve let someone go, and I feel like the kind of the last word on me, you know and then then they don’t they don’t have that Grudge with them.

That can kind of release to come back when I got in front employment. Think business coach  about it is, is that I have some friend colleagues other people. I know that will sit there and spend hours trying to prove that they shouldn’t get unemployment because they’re trying to harm their business, and it’s just that it’s a lot of time.

A lot of effort and I’ll look at them when I go there go yeah, but business coach  if they get it, it’s going to increase my rates a little bit and then we have to pay more money and I go.

How much could you have made by focusing on more productive things that the time you spent in fighting that plus now now imma send you leave it even worse, taste of that person’s mouth now, they’re business coach   out there bad-mouthing and social media now. They’re, causing you grief.

They could be doing physical damage. I’Ve had him, do it before too much businesses and it’s just it’s just a mess. You know the things that you could do if you, if you didn’t, want to waste all that time, filling out the unemployment business coach  paperwork, something that you could do, it would be more productive. What’S a you could get out tweezers and you could cut your lawn with it?

Well, there you go, that would be more productive. That would be more providing unemployment letter. U. The Shakedown, let us know the exact. he business coach  Shakedown letter is the letter that comes in. That’S not it’s not a lawsuit, but it’s the build-up for a lawsuit, the threat, because I’m so offended and I want everything to change, but you don’t you just give me some money, then I’ll. Send my attitude changes about everything. Yeah.

Imagine that. Would business coach  you give me some money? It really is about as a Shakedown letter Tom Petty once said, give it to me. So I get some brown sugar oatmeal this morning that you hate the letter you’re going to get that letter to have it.

Maybe you won’t hope and pray you don’t, but if you, when you get it, don’t panic, don’t business coach  whatever you want to seek legal advice on it and then you also want to understand it’s just business, nothing, personal. Just a Shakedown Letter. People just want money and if you’re a successful business person – and you have money, people going to hate hate, hate hate, hate they’re going to want it.

I business coach  got to want it and with it that you get to get some bad information about your they think or they they see that you may be done something wrong they’re going to their. You know, they’re going to give you the Shakedown later.

If you don’t hey, I’m going to I’m going to the channel Channel 6 News, Tulsa business coach  World newspaper social media is going to know the things that you did, that you should have done unless you, unless you give you some money, weather update I’ll, be up there with

A hanging a big old Banner have them down there and just trying to do you know, I know what you did when y business coach  our 14. You know it’s always leak and then all the sudden a they think they know some things or they think they were offended or harassed or your fill in the blank or it was due to their age of their race or their orientation or whatever they’re going to Go live to the keyboard.

Where do they live? The business coach  keyboard Warrior now have a customer, not an employee, and I was tired and I mean let go. I mean I choose to be gone for good reasons to say: yes exactly and there’s a

Shakedown, let her go to your attorney to get a plan and go forward on it, but not too – and I know this is easier said than done – try business coach  not to let It really get. You agree, then upset because I need to lose sleep.

You get stressed, it’s not healthy, for you turn that over to your team, your your legal team and let them deal with it or the other two becomes. An images come in Fire and hot with the lawsuit, and here again you can’t go well.

If business coach  I’m just nice to these people, it’ll go away. No you have to. You, have to unfortunately go in and get a lawyer and you have to have them. Then start the fight, and but you here again here again in this – you need to make sure that you have a clear understanding with your attorney because it business coach  died. This may sound a little rough.

It sounds a little rough, but sometimes attorneys like it when you are really mad, and you want to spend money in fighting over a leakage. What time did you need to do sit down with them, since I want to minimize my cost in this, and so I don’t want to argue, I don’t want business coach  to argue cuz a lot of times.

It’S okay. They want this and you’re like. Oh, I want to give them that we’re going to argue about it. You only spent all this money on this argument phase and so even in a lawsuit you can still be tend to be more of the lover, not a fighter, but you need to follow what your business coach  attorney say, but all she need to.

Let them know you have you know you have realistic. Expectations was going to cost. For instance, a good friend of mine had a car deal, go bad in the car was less than ,000 and and the the person with suing them about the car deal they couldn’t.

They couldn’t come to business coach  an agreement on how to unwind others car deal and so his attorneys here and he went up a bill very quickly of 1,000 there’s a tournament yeah. It was less than ,000, but we’ll just rounded up and call it that you know and it’s up what your kind of going. When does you lose control?

You know somebody business coach  who’s out there listening to the show daughter, meatloaf it was on a meatloaf. I would do anything for love, but I just won’t do that know that I actually settle out of court now, everyone’s going to start the quote, the Alamo and you like hate, you know they all die.

Ok, Google give me unemployment business coach  and then and then customer service right or wrong. If there’s a customer, that’s mad at you, how you know, how do you show them love and then, when it?

When is that right scenario, you customers mad at you, you’ve got to own it, you got to listen to them and you’ve got to agree with them business coach  because more times and not ninety-nine times out of a hundred the right, okay, every now and then you can catch

At super crazy, I’m just being honest with you like in 26 years of being Optometry weave, I can count on two hands with one hand. The number that we said – okay, they’re, really certified business coach  crazy, crazy customers will be teaching that specific time of when it’s appropriate to bend over and moon a customer when it’s time to just to show them your derriere, like you don’t care.

How are you already here, at least a two to learn about when they turn the other cheek live local broadcasting f business coach  rom the center of the universe? Live time show feel good tonight, I’ll give it two times want you to touch just to give me to something about the need you tonight, Remix by just by Justin Timberlake.

That just makes me makes me want to cry. It makes me feel good. It makes me feel excited and I get so business coach  excited that I I’m a glad to be a Justin Timberlake custom. I go to the concert,

I’m excited, I love paying him money to watch him perform at the next to the guy at the concert who is like you know, he’s actually not very good. Actually, you noticed his voice kind of waivers when he’s dancing by the business coach   way.

The best dancer / thing I’ve ever seen in life. You just phenomenal that I would say the only only only been beaten by Justin Justin Bieber’s first performance at the BOK.

That was phenomenal. Second, one not so good, but there’s always next to a guy who’s kind of the critic and he’s critiquing business coach  the concert the entire time, and are you been to a movie where the guy won’t turn his phone off at the movie? They have these announcements.

Super elaborate. 3D graphic z, turn off your phone turn off your phone turn off your phone turn off your phone when he got his phone on the entire time business coach  at the theater has to walk up and go hey buddy.

Could you turn that phone off? And you know your buddy, I have a buddy who likes to fight guy we’ve all known that guy he likes to fight. You know. If I can take this guy out, he’s going to argue with somebody so sure enough they go.

Could you turn the business coach  phone off? Can you do that and then he’s like no cuz, I’m in the middle of a phone conversation on FaceTime, and so you know that awkward tension, knowing that he’s with you but you’re coming.

I don’t know who he is, and so they have to go ahead and share it, so they have to escort about the theater business coach   we’ve all seen this before they ask what I’m out of the theater, and now you got a hostile person goes.

That’S how the company wants to treat dark all gone into. This is America, it’s a hostile situation. It’S a crazy person, he’s a crazy person, Z and those kinds of scenarios where you’re the business coach  movie theater and you have to ask out a lead, certified legitimate, crazy person.

What’S the best way to handle it, and when should you be a lover and when should you be a fire by the security guard at the security guard for the theater?

Okay and this guy’s been escorted out because you he’s Breaking All the Rules – and I happen to know this guy and I know he’s crazy too, so we we’ve all agreed, he’s crazy how to use the movie theater attended to by handle a hostile terrorist customer.

That’S a very good question: I’ve never worked at a movie theater and I typically whatever we have a hostile person on on on business coach  our facilities.

Now, what we do is we call the police and let their the sheriff’s department to let them handle it and they have business coach  their produce their procedures and protocols how to do it.

I would imagine if I was the security guard there, then I would hopefully try to be at least somewhat nice but firm to this person to where I don’t end up in a physical. You know here in the hallway.

You know so, but you here again, sometimes business coach   if you’re, if you’re in that role, you’ve been trained, you’ve known what to do and said that those guys, like you Department, deputies in, might not of me man, you know how they they don’t they don’t mind a little. You know how is your father, you know,

I would say yeah, but I mean you want to be nice business coach  and polite and know that you’re always being filmed and know that you’re always being taped recorded, and so you don’t always always keep that in the back of Your mind these days because it will be shown and it will, but someone will see it.

It will go viral on note to self no more streaking right now business coach  at all times, which is almost impossible to do by the way. But if you did, you might act a little different.

If you said you know what everybody can see, what I’m doing right this! Second, you, you might be a little different than what you are and I don’t remember the Rabbit Trail about the Eye of Providence.

The business coach  Eye of Providence, there is any idea behind the Eye of Providence. It was supposed to be a symbol showing that the Rays of light aka, the rise of God and the rise of Glory, are around the eye, and God is always watching.

It was kind of a founding fathers concept that we, as a country were formed by business coach  Divine Providence and that the Eye of Providence is always watching a cake. God is always watching say, put it on things now, people take it to me in the Illuminati or signs of the end times.

You know back in the day the rainbow Matt, the God wouldn’t flood. The Earth not mean something different and a business coach   lot of people freak out about that, but the idea, the concept that you would have live but leaving that the eye is always watch is a pretty profound idea and in our current Society you really are being watched.

All the time, so I would encourage you to always take the high road is kind of Capstone thought business coach  on that and move number 14 The Art of getting things done. You need to work via appointment.

Only if possible, can you call a plumber to hire the plumber to come. Do some work for your house and he says I’ll, be there between 8 and noon so you’re going to have a job, because I know I’ll be business coach  there at 8 and noon. So you take off work half day from 8 to noon, to meet with the plumber. The plumber shows up now at 1:30.

Is it to you already had to go back to work and he sends you a text. Hey sorry, I’m running behind, but you know I’m right behind. So can you come back now? You have to business coach  take an entire vacation day.

Your boss thinks you’re crazy, cuz you’re trying to fix a leak. Now, if you had the principle that you only work via appointment, did you tell the plumber hey? I have a job, so I need to have a specific time that you will be there and if they don’t work, every appointment, you business coach   move on to another provider.

You get your day back, but so many salespeople sales professionals, business consultant, whatever Z, they’re, not working via appointments that are caught in a Perpetual game of phone tag.

Your phone tag info tags in internal waste of time and we’ve all been there, business coach  we’ve all done that his schedule. We talk about this when preached about this wee wee ranted about this, and that is if you’ve got a schedule and you fill it up. You get things done.

What could you repeat that again cuz? That was a profound that if you have a schedule and you keep it and you get it filled business coach  up, then you get things done. You know you look at your calendar. You look at your day for tomorrow and you know I’ve got a 10:11.

I’Ve got a lunch meeting, I got I wanted at 2 and then 3 and I got an hour to wrap up what I need to wrap up and go home. If you are a man, I’ve seen you schedule time business coach  with family. I see you. Do it all the time, it’s very normal to say hey. I can’t do it that time. So I’m going out to LA my son, I see you.

Do it consistently with your kids yeah? I also noticed you become the Fountain of Youth age 53. It seems like you’re scheduling, maybe what you’re eating with your not business coach   eating, or are you working out use it on the schedule? What are you doing, what you got to eat right and exercise and take care of yourself or you only get one body what I know you only get one.

You can borrow body parts in mind if you needed to be here tomorrow I mean, but still here I know, you’re business coach  exhausted okay, so you want to work via appointment if you’re not working to be appointment. What are you doing?

What are you doing? It manager schedule? You can’t manage your life management all about life management question on this point. He ran out when you’re working the appointment business coach  with you in the end of business scenario. Is it smart to schedule an end time to those appointments? Oh we come back. I wanted. This is a medicine, the Hot Topic.

How do you do you schedule a start time for the lunch meeting and do you schedule an in time or do you just drift? The next thing you know business coach  you’re meeting for dinner with a customer.

Next thing, you know, spend the night camping out at the Olive Garden. Next thing you know you’re just getting unlimited soup and salad. They cut you off. If you wanted 24 hours to me in time in the beginning, how do you work via appointment?

Only business coach   it’s right time, business coach radio show stay tuned, live local, presenting the world’s only business school without the BS get ready to enter the Thrive. Time show Scooby-Doo shoes Charlie as a credible.

That’S an incredible performance! If you have it, if you haven’t seen the library in that song about business coach   blow your mind just blow out blow you’re gorgeous, so many good musicians out there so much good artists are so much is dinner so much good in the world and if you’re, not careful,

You spend your whole day in the negativity and you don’t get to enjoy the good stuff yeah. I can imagine your time business coach  and that a shame when you see that with people doing that, you know they they we talked about yesterday, show they they just stay offended.

United States to live in this world of accounts, and – and maybe something happened three years ago or a year ago or six months ago or ordered for that many business coach  of them are choosing not to stand. Maybe you’ll listen you’re like that’s right, because they should be me like someone else’s.

That’S right. They should be standing either way. Don’T let him take your joy, you can’t control it move on. I mean you just if you don’t answer your opinion share move on.

I business coach  mean unless you’re going to go out, there Swan be in charge of the team and do what you want to get screwed up my opinion, it’s great to be present in Life or the people want to discuss it.

But if people actually I’ve met people who are actually upset and letting that situation dictates our mood like letting business coach  that dictate what images it said you got to just move on, you got them.

You got to go to move yeah, I know you’re upset and then people that you work with your friends, your family, your spouse, your kids, they all get they’ll get some of that they do.

They don’t get it because when you’re upset you business coach  it’s hard to be kind of nice and forgiving and and all the things that were supposed to be to make the day go by a little faster border.

Would you pass the Border? I’M happy I’m crazy about the art of getting things done and working Visa appointment only in shop. You asked you said his business business coach  coach. What was it?

What was the question when you’re setting appointments in the business world and everything like that? Do you set an end time to those appointments as well? Take a look at these take on this.

If you’re there to marinate as in like, have a rich conversation, I would advise business coach  not to do it, but I would have a bookend meeting, so I hate guys want to meet up for cocktails at 5 and then you could stay from 5 to 6 to 7 Or 5 to 5:35 is a good, it’s kind of a more loose.

You know it’s more like a friend, but if it’s during the workday for the respect of your employees, your teammates, business coach  the customer, I would look like hey.

Let’S do lunch or something like that. You just kind of said casually on: that’s how I would do it, so you don’t get your take on it depends. Are you buying? Are you selling? Are you bye, bye and bye, bye, bye in today, if you’re buying today than I did, we put it in time business coach  on it? Okay, if I’m selling today – and I don’t want that in time on it – you wanted to keep going the same way,

I’m going to build a warm, and I want to make a friend out of you I want to hang out. I want to you know, talk about your life and your dreams of what’s going on. I would have been that business coach  Rapport, so I’m not going to put it in time.

Hey. I got the meeting. Finally, now, if I’m buying and I’ll put that on there, because I’m going like how long do, if I give you the meeting, how long do you need to always ask how long do you need help and then they say: 30 minutes 15 minutes in hours, 7

Hours business coach  and 23 minutes 7 hours and 15 minutes great, absolutely cuz. I don’t want to sit there and listen to them, go on and on and on about why they make coffee. It’S got a Keurig built right in it right now, Chicago sales drivers out there deserve the deeper thoughts deep thoughts. If you dropped your car business coach  keys into lava.

Do you reach into pick them up out move number 15 in honor of Tim Tebow and the former NFL player? Was he create one email inbox me this is. This is something I see this way when you’re at work, you have a work email.

I firmly believe that when I see people at work using their business coach  personal email than interchanging throughout the day in my inbox, I’m into my personal now, I’m into my work going to minimize it when you walk by you walk by advice would be to just keep your

One work, email open at your one job and if you want to email Grandma Robin have the one email business coach  at your personal house. I really hate the blending. Where you got two different emails, you keep minimizing an opening at work. It just leads to bad things as a disingenuous idea.

I hate that to you drive me crazy, but I want to get your take on that it drives you crazy, really. I don’t like when you walk business coach  by somebody and they minimize the screen which, let you know either 8 or working on some you’re, not paying with AK stealing company time or be something they don’t want you to see that it’s all so bad for the company they’re.

Hiding things I like it, where you go, you know what I’ve got. One business coach  email address that I’m going to use during the workday and that’s what I have pulled out, but I’m not going to be minimizing with this whole digital world has created these all these ethical back in the day, if your wife or your husband wanted to reach,

You at work that to do what call the office call the business coach   office and then the boss would go pay your wife’s on the phone. Will somebody be small business owners today tell her employees how you bring your cell phone to work, no big deal and if you go to like Disney Disney World, you can’t bring your cell phone phone into the retail shop.

If you work for business coach   the retail shop, you cannot have a personal cell phone, a lot of businesses. I mean JetBlue as an example Southwest Airlines. You cannot use your business phone. Are you can’t use your personal phone while at work you just can’t cuz of distraction levels there, so I want to get your take on that. Can you business coach  bring your phone?

Can an employee who works for you, bring their personal cell phone onto the floor and check it routinely throughout the workday, while working for one of your companies know it’s funny that you can put a lock on it.

That’S an option blockers at the break room and they’re supposed to business coach   leave their their phones in in the locker them, and they have a break when there are you note on their time and they can check it and in all the important things I’ve got to find Out you, Facebook updates in what novel then there’s an emergency.

I can call the office, so we will answer the business coach  phone and we won’t tell you about the yes now, then you an interesting point, because I was walking in the hallway the other day, and I saw when I was right there in front of a plot. Their phone and check something put back in the pot, but I texted Down Low by the belt that what I said I said I know I know h business coach  uman nature.

I know people could have sneaked two phones on the floor and do it, but at least I have the intelligent not to do it in front of me right, I mean me right steps. I do to walk to get past you to do that at least. Have nothing but at least say like with all due respect, I think you’re following business coach  the rules to follow the rules of the things people like to do.

They say like to say you know with all due respect and then that gives them a license to do whatever you would disrespect. I don’t want to disrespect, but you would have least preferred that kind of a thing like bare minimum. I mean you know. I business coach  know you can sneak around and do it, but at least I would do it in front of me I mean, can I tell you a hilarious

Story, one of our clients. I went to audit one of his offices in Colorado and one of the employees there screen faced a certain way when you walk into the room you’re facing the person business coach  but you’re, seeing the back of their computer monitor when you walk into the room right in the Back of the monitor of the employee right, and so he pulls the person assigns, and I need you to change your desk.

So I can see what you’re working on cuz. You could see what I’m working on like business coach  and she just said it to him and he had to go.

No, that’s not how it works. I appreciate the decanter, but not when it’s like they respect. I prefer for you not to see what I’m working on this ridiculous ridiculous. You wonder what she’s working on! That’S!

What I’m saying you working on like a business coach  nuclear device, would North Koreans dangerous to drive time show on your radio, we’re talking to the art of getting things done her now. Ladies and gentlemen, strips radio in the

Thrive time show proudly introduce to you today is Main Event: fight and out of the blue Corner, wearing a blue soccer business coach  jersey, Regional Logan, from an unnamed international corporation and two pounds and 170 pounds and three quarter hours from

Tulsa Oklahoma to Wichita, legendary birthplace of the sod farm tourist industry includes 140000 minutes, he’s been part of growing a multimillion-dollar company and he’s let his on-air co-host over Amy’s to ever. Ask him for the money back. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Zonar.

If you have to make a few interns, I have a feeling I’m going to have to make this up to you. Intros got to fight fire with fire. People don’t understand is that he is, I would say, he’s got that that fighter rocky rocky to take on the best of the best fighter.

He fought the Russian, but he’s also was a nice guy. When you got to know the guy – and I think we’re talking today about the art of getting things done, you have to be able to get things done, while also being a likeable guy.

It’S kind of a balancing think of some of these moves. When you hear some of the moves you come in at move, it that’s kind of a tough move. You no answer. One of the moves that you do. I see it everyday.

Is you determine the action items that will get done everyday? No matter? What does an example, as a small business owner small business owners struggling to open the store on time on a very basic level, struggling to open the store on time struggling to respond to the voice mails struggling to send everyone checks to them on time and very

Fundamental level you were listening to the show today and you’re having a hard time getting one of your three employees to just open the door to the business on time. I see this. It was small medical businesses where you’re a doctor and you are struggling to get her or him to answer the phone and to actually open on time, see if someone’s listening in that is their current Paradigm.

What advice do you have to be there 30 minutes before you open at 9:30? Deny you got a 30 minute fudge Zone in there and that that’s weather there later.

Is at 8:30 and then that way you never have a customer walk up at 9 and pulled on that handle and the door doesn’t open up 30 minutes earlier and then they Prove the person prove they just consistently cannot figure out how to be there on time.

How would you handle it, so I will take him to some kind of a trust fall we’re going to develop the power of why I’m going to cram endless motivational books down their throat, we’re going to we’re going to really figure out the problem and even start To turn business coach  to go, maybe I’m the fault, maybe maybe they don’t want to be on to work on time, because I’m not a good motivator will hear.

What are you going to want to do things, one as a general rule of thumb, you’re, typically not going to change people now you can. You can play the Old Clock game with business coach  them feel like I have a brother and if we were to do something we went to dinner at 6 o’clock and I went to eat with my brother at 6.

I tell business coach  him we’re eating at 5:30. That’S the right kind of trick them, which is a little childish, but you know it. Sometimes it is I’m going to change my brother right and it’s just it’s the way that it is so that you do that Friday through Sunday church. You can do what they are a rockstar employee.

I mean they are business coach   when they’re there. They are your number one and they are just Liquid Gold, like with liquid gold and you’re sitting there going to responsibility. You know you get them, give them the job or the job title to wear being a few minutes. Late is not a deal-breaker me being a few minutes late and not open the door, and I have been the business on time.

That’S a deal-breaker as an example of prince in concert. Did you not sure did it was awesome? Okay, so the concert starts at 7:05 right. Where was the last time you saw him. We were at the Rio there in Las Vegas when that he was a resident Entertainer there and he rocked it and he rocked it was awesome.

Everyone song he played that song was better. Why did I remembered on the album? In that thing? You just you just nailed that was there a certain song that jumped out to you. I see the movie until there’s a lot of songs in there that I really love from his business coach  is the movie back in the 80s and my personal favorites When Doves Cry.

But I know you probably really good job is probably didn’t really do anything with purple rain, that night really drunk it out. We had so many number ones who was like. I don’t even think I can sing on my number ones.

If I started business coach  right when it came out, it was like teasing about it going. You know, if you don’t, I just sang on my number ones. This is going to go over the schedule and it starts at 7.

So we got our tickets, we got our table. We were sitting there, they said, there’s a chance, it may not even come out tonight, there’s a c business coach  hance, he came out, it was so funny he came out on stage and he and The Crowd Goes Wild, but I guess not wild enough and it got the mic And business coach  goes y’all ain’t ready for Prince dropped.

It walks out to say an hour behind you’re having a good time, but I’m saying is televangelist who’s to say: I’m business coach   not going to start my service until the crowds in tune and I’m like what he’s like.

No, I’m not going to get out there. 5 minutes 6 minutes 7 Minutes whatever they have music playing. So you knew you weren’t just showed up at the wrong place at the wrong time, gig at the Rio, because Prince breaks ankle business coach   and all the sudden you like Bernie will you got the shot using. I got this shot buddy.

You got the shot birdy that you can do this at Bernie’s, never business coach   performed, live and he’s a pretty good on the guitar way, probably 30 seconds before you fire her exactly about about a casino performances business coach  is that they are like they want to start on time. In the end on time, they don’t have to go over better shape because they weren’t there for that the business coach  machines are pushing buttons.

Do you start when you want? You cannot show up. You can show up if you can get that to tell you that since contract, business coach  because then you don’t don’t make yourself crazy, I put by putting them in charge of opening the store on time because her historical late, you don’t you want somebody else to do that.

Job now, the final, the final mood I want to go over to the art of getting things done: moved number 17 fire unhappy people business coach  and contractors unhappy people like that that you know that you’re okay over this person talk to me that when you know it’s time To fire, the unhappy person seems me, and you know you said it earlier in the show today, clay and unfortunately are so many people out there that are not a thermostat.

They business coach   are a thermometer and the people that are the difference is a thermostat create the environment than other words. You, the thermostat, controls the temperature of the room, thermostat right, exactly the thermometer, it’s just kind of such measures. What the temperature is

Thermometer business coach   sales person comes and goes when sales are down that you hire that person because they’re a trendsetter they come in and go okay. Your cells are low, I’m going to fix it. That’S why I make more than a buddy else.

Let’S do this: let’s do this come on. If you, if you’re listening today and you find business coach  yourself not getting things done, you got to listen to tomorrow’s show because we’re going to go through going to all 66 boobs and honor of roots are honored Z66. Auto

Auction 66-6 shows, and so you don’t want to miss out, because I find that so many people struggle to get things done and be honest business coach   with yourself and you struck. If you find yourself running out of time today, you really want to tune into tomorrow ship all the negative things been.

I will have negative things we alright, we all have a reason to be upset. We all could have reason to be offended. So if you have those people in there a business coach  round you, they affect the they affect everybody else around you and you going to put up with that. As long as you want to it’s, not healthy for your business is not good for your business.

People can go through seasons of that, but if that is their default, that’s how they are all the other. All the time business coach  I’m telling you off your business is better off without them than with him now clay to help people we are. Can you give a few ways to want to help people to 1 ratio? We have one website in four West. What one website?

What’S the website it’s Thrive, time show so much. Does DriveTime show. unit business coach  DriveTime going to find a buffet of tools for moves for tools entrepreneurs can use. What is we have the world’s best business school? It’S just a dollar for the first month check it out.

There’S 19: every month after to one-on-one business mentorship, you struggling to find somebody business coach  who’s crazy enough to meet you every week to hold you accountable and who can provide you with an entire team of graphic designers. Photographers videographers search engine Optimizer go to the right time.

Should I schedule your free consultation today, three one-on-one in-person workshops business coach   and the number for the podcast. You don’t have to miss part of the broadcast. If you subscribe to the podcast, you can hear the in shows in their entirety. My name is Clay. Clark. That’S dr. Oz! That’S Eric butter chip, the business code. She would listen to business coach   drive time show on the radio who is 321 BOOM!


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