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Get back those hours in the day that you have lost to social media! Learn the secret moves to get more done in your day with business coach Clay Clark and Dr. Robert Zoellner.

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Alright Thrive Nation, welcome back to the business coach conversation and is the Thrive time show on your radio and they were talking about the art of getting things done and we’re on to move number 39. You want to quit your time consuming bad habits, quit your time consuming bad habits. Now this is a notable quotable. That’s coming in hot from a guy by the name of Duvall, Robert Conte he’s a CEO and co-founder of Angel list, but I don’t think that maybe everybody knows his background. He started a company called opinions which went public as part of and he made a lot of money. They became a venture capitalist, any invested in Twitter, hoober, stackoverflow and a bunch of other companies, but one of the things he invested in is a lot of these social media companies. He invested in social media because he knew Of The Addictive nature of itand. There’s a book called hooked hooked does a yellow cover that explains this, so he actually doesn’t use social media very much, but he knows that it was a great investment because most people can’t stop using it right. So I’m going to read you his notable quotable and I want you is the Thrive Nation, just a process. The words he’s saying, because we’re talking about moving over 39 to get things done, the art of getting things done. You better quit your time-consuming bad habits. It doesn’t mean you can’t have good habits, you do but bad habits. He says I don’t think modern science has good answers here. I think that the modern world is actually really bad.

The modern world is full of distractions. Things like Twitter and Facebook are not making you happy, they aren’t, they are making you unhappy, I as a business coach repeat, he says they’re making you unhappy you are essentially playing a game, that’s created by the creators of the systems and yes, it can be a useful game once in a Blue moon, but you are engaging in dispute and resentment comparison jealousy and anger about the things that, frankly, just don’t matter boom. So I have listed out the things that are absolutely bad, time-wasting habits and, as I list those out, I just want that the Thrive Nation want you to think about this. That this is this. Isthis is the stuff that a lot of people waste their time on LSD amount and then maybe these relate to maybe another 10 of them is during the workday doing a lot of social media. My Steve talk to me about that. How I mean cuz, you use social media for a marketing thing, but you see people that put their phone on and they just pick you up by the desk and the entire day. They cannot get off social media and they can never Focus. Walk me through this concept of of how can social media be a bad habit? Well, I use social media as a marketing tool, but I don’t when I hate to say this: if you’re, if you follow me on Facebook, because people will say, did you see that thing that I posted?

No because I don’t go on Facebook and like look at what people post I mean it may be that selfish, but I frankly don’t really care what you post Me, Maybe at like 11 at night, if I’m awake and bored – and I want to look at it – Maybe I will look at it when you can’t get anything done, because you can’t turn the phone off. You just cannot stop checking us out application for that people to come work for me, because you saw a \ business coach 15-second clip on Facebook. That literally took me 15 seconds to record, and the only thing it took me time is like is headlining it so that I would actually get business from it and then I don’t follow. I don’t go through and look at other bills, I just post and then like when I’m like literally not doing anything, and I have like 10 minutes, I’m sitting in an Uber or my wife driving and I’m like you know, I’m not on the phone and I’m Doing something that’s making business coach money, I might go look at those notifications and make him go off of my phone comment, a couple things and say some nice things we will, but I’m not sitting on Facebook, watching the feed of everything that everybody says that a lot of People there wasting time on this is mental drift. It’S where you’re not thinking about the task at hand, as example, if you make cold calls for a living or sales calls on sleeping for at this, when we, when we record the calls for your team and I’m at total lending Concepts, awesome meeting last week, because Everybody on your team who was on the phone was engaged while they were on the phone they sounded like they do, because they did, they were actually working hard and knowing their calls are being recorded. Help tighten that up later. To put on I mean it sounded objective, it isn’t a great but mental drifting me, we’ve all been at a job or we’ve had two calls recorded, or at least you and I have it. We listen to the calls and some people say that you’re not even mentally present at all during the call right about mental drifting.

Sometimes I think you don’t realize we had somebody who’s, actually really good, that doesn’t really great job for us, but one of the things we kind of allow this person to get on their own that they were listening to music while making calls. While I can call so they had, they had earbuds in your ear, while on the phone with you and then when someone would answer, they would hit me, they said on there and so I’m like well. Do you think that’s going to help you to be the most effective? We don’t want any of this person’s case you’re like no. I can see where that is, and then they got off of the headphones and then now they’re booking a lot more appointments, because I don’t think they realize it mentally. They were drifting. Another third is alcohol. During the day, a lot of people on, unfortunately, and if you need help, you need to seek professional help, I’m not judging you, but a lot of people. They they do and they use alcohol during the workday as like a coping mechanism, because you’re upset about their boss, that upset about it feel stressed and anxiety and they run around their day drunk and I hate to say that. But I think it affects a lot more people than you know, and the other day was funny that we declined. It came to the office there going to be a client and they parked their car in such a crazy, crazy way like and then they walked in, and I were just talking to him in circles and I knew that they were currently intoxicated and I was like Do you need like to Uber home or something cuz?

Yes, but like there’s people that they just fit, but he went to Los Cabos before coming to our office and we went to Los Cabos right before his coaching meeting any pad. I think you know if I hadn’t eaten anything for breakfast or whatever and just slammed a couple margaritas and he just drives over and I’m like dude, and he just sent me straight up as if you want me to call and everything absolute. You know that was a thing that, like my wine down at night was, I would drink crown, and I really good at it. You know it’s that’s why for me to keep drifting and be more focused, that’s why I quit drinking almost a year-and-a-half ago cuz. I just said for me: it’s not like it’s distracting from my business coach work, even though I was doing it at night. I wasn’t drinking during the day I was I was focused when I was at work. It was still killing my mornings, it was still fat and overweight and kind of tired of that is drugs, don’t know because it just it. It’S like the next thing. You know it’s just people cuz, I think some people will drink and then they will use some type of stimulant or drug till. I can get them to work so that they can work right.

Now it’s just the cycle of to put down up and down up and down always chasing new girlfriend’s. I say single guys out there that just cannot stop the Chase and make the can never read a book. They can’t ever studied at the information for work. They can’t ever get to master anything. You have to put time into it, you know so I have to work. I mean you have to practice if your mortgage guy and you would be good at mortgages when you go home, you want to study the laws. You want to read your script. You want to study the packages you offer. You want to know more about your business. Should become a master of it and some people literally as soon as Works, done they’re chasing the new girlfriend. I have this problem at total concepts with I’ve had it for years after admit, with our reception and I’m always chasing her name Sally. She lives in my house with me at work until when I’m there get off me get off early, but I do Chase my girlfriend a little bit of work. That’S okay! If you’re married to her and I’m not going to get too much into this, but looking at inappropriate content during the workday – that’s not a good thing, but in fact people do it all the time of the work day. Now people are just obsessed with doing things that are related to their job during their work. Today they love the Perpetual distractions addicted to that unfortunate, but it’s actually a normal thing in the workplace. If you’re, not intentional, about holding yourself and your teammates accountable, I give an example.

There was a business coach study that came out. It was published in Forbes that found that a back in 2013, 69 % of respondents are 750 employees, they monitored them and they found that 69 % of employees were wasting time during the work. However, now 2017 89 % of employees admit to wasting time for the work. That means it if you did not wasting time there in that unique top 11 %, and so here’s what I would do for you if you want to kill a waste of time in your office, don’t kill the employees. That’S about its controversial other things. You can do people put call recording into place in your office. I would record the calls Steve. Why is recording calls just so powerful if you have any business at all, that requires inbound phone calls I’ll give you an example.. We had a problem in our company couple weeks ago where something was sad or something was allegedly said. It was on Google, so I just pulled the call Brian it’s interesting, because you hear one person side and you hear the other person side. Then you actually hear what was said on the call, and you realize it that both of them are kind of blowing it out of proportion and they just get over it, and it could have turned into this. He shed she shed back and forth hostility, but on the same token, when my sales people making outbound calls in their social following a script, first of all, they know their calls being recorded.

Their actual number of calls is being recorded and so they’re less likely to not work during the day, because at the end of the day, if the only 30 calls there’s like 130, oh no, and that only happened like one day and then he’ll be bad and They won’t be the next move. You could do a lot of people do most people do some people do you should actually to Mystic. If you don’t do it just learning, it won’t help. You got to set up video recording in your office, it’s so affordable. Now you’ve got to do it if you went into Target if you want in to Target today – and you did going to Target today if you went to Target. So if you would put your hand up The Classy place, you go into the big red, the big bull’s-eye you go in there to buy some avocados right. I was there yesterday to buy some Harry’s Razors here I go in there and when you check out guess what there is no there’s a camera where you can see yourself winter checking. Have you seen this yet Steve? Do the self-checkout get when you checkout?

You see yourself on Cameron, you know why they do that because they want you to know they’re watching you recorded and the video recording on passion about this, because somebody out there is getting killed together. Your business is just being destroyed. There’S a thing called that Nest. You can buy Nest you can buy at Lowe’s and if contractor, you can demand that your team sets up a nest camera on the job site before they begin working everyday, though there’s somebody that does this right there. So many does this and you’re able to see where the team is actually working or not. Another third move, the third move. If you have a company where your employees drive somewhere, put a GPS on their car, put a GPS on the company own car to verify that they are in fact going to where they say they’re going to go cuz. If not, people are going to drift they’re going to do it, and this is so important that you help your team manage what’s in their agenda, you know John Maxwell. The best selling authorized the former Pastor, business coach, who went on to become the best-selling author of 21 irrefutable laws of leadership.

He once wrote. I believe that the secret of your success is determined by your daily agenda. If you make a few key decisions and then manage them. Well, in your daily agenda, you will succeed. You will never change your life until you change something you do daily come on now, John Maxwell, that was hot. It was hot, so hot, the next time wasting activity. Next habit. People spend their time wasting under the work day is non. Work-Related email just make sure your employees are not allowed to be on their personal email during the workday. If, if you’re saying what is that possible? Yes, when you work at Disney World you’re not allowed to bring your personal phone to work, you got to put it in the locker. You’Ve got to cut down on this. The next move. Number 8 know what is well on this before we go to the break and come back, I want to make sure we hammerless home over spiritualizing over spiritualizing everything where, in Tulsa to this is unique phenomenon to Tulsa Tulsa, so many people over spiritualize their success or Failure, if they’re not succeeding, they spiritualize it.

Maybe maybe God just doesn’t want me to be successful business coach and if they are successful, then they over spiritualize that I want you to get to a place where you realize there’s a cause and effect, and you want to do what you can do in the natural and Then let God do what he’s going to do for you and the supernatural show on your radio. My name is Clay. Clark of a business coach go to right now and download the start here book for free download, the world’s best business book for free. That’S right time: get ready to enter the Thrive time show on talk. Radio, 1170, cable America don’t forget YouTube. I like to go back to the conversation is the Thrive time show on your radio in my encouragement, for you today is don’t give up if you’re not having the success that you want. Don’T feel like an idiot, don’t feel like you can’t do it. Everybody listen to the show. God made you for a reason. I sincerely believe that this is the day that the Lord has made and you should be rejoiced. You should rejoice and be glad it’s for found that you’re above the ground, it’s profound, but you don’t have to live as just a now. You can be a verb. It’S absurd to not be a verb! Think about that for a second okay think about this work with me on.

My logic is profound that you are above the ground: you’re, not dead, right yep, but you can live as a verb and not a noun and noun is a thing. You don’t have to just sit there and say this is just the way life is. You have the capacity to change, but if you’re going to change, you got to rearrange, you got to move things around okay, and so many of us are are going to gosh. I just stuck in this job, I’m stuck in this bridge, but I’m stuck in this relationship., I’m stuck, but you don’t have to be stuck. You can make your marriage awesome. You can make your business great. You can do these things, but you’ve got to make sure you understand that the core principle, your life, is nothing but what you do during the day. So John Maxwell, who is a pastor and the best-selling author of 21 irrefutable laws of leadership. He says something: that’s super simple, but it’s so true, and if you embrace it it’s profound, he says I believe that the secret of your success is determined by your daily agenda. If you make a few key decisions and then manage them well into your daily schedule, you will succeed into into. If you mentioned in your schedule, your you’ll never change your life until you change something you do dailies example, if you’re not happy with the amount of sales you’re getting right now, you just don’t want to schedule into your schedule. The number of sales calls you need to make to produce the results you want or if you’re not happy with your search engine rank you’d want to schedule into your schedule the search engine activities that you need to do, and you want to put it in your Schedule what’s require you Steve to say no to other things.

That requires a business coach trade-off even today to record the radio show you – and I had to take things out of our schedule right to be here, and certainly the notifications won’t stop coming in, that have to text messages to voice mails. We had to take something out of our schedule to put something in our schedule to go to. People just want to have success. We were taking me out of our schedule, and this is the one where I think people out of people in Tulsa get stuck over spiritualizing everything you’re saying that will see you seen this before you got to church of people who said this to you been in A home fellowship where somebody has said these words. They say I’m just praying that God’s going to give my husband a new job. What Steve don’t recall having ever prayed for a job well, but you could yeah and you can and I’ve heard that too, like I’m just praying that God will. I think God gave me two hands and two feet and brain yes, so that you could go use that to take care of your family, so people that sit around and are literally on a hope and a prayer. But it’s saying, but they won’t do any action and what’s funny and not really not funny, is that that people have said that before and I’ve offered them assistance. Yes to get a job like that, let me introduce you to this person had a guy one time. He said he can’t get a job he’s a doctor he’s at the ER doctor. Let me help you, you know, I give a resume, can you or I don’t have it digitally but but I can give it to you. I have it so he’s going around in his house and he pulls this resume out, and I noticed that the top the last time I try to get a hold of this guy’s phone number was disconnected.

Phone number was at the top of his resume and it’s like you’re trying to get a job and you’re wondering get a job. In the whole reason. You can’t get a job because you put a phone number on there that doesn’t work slowly, but I got some Christian clients we have, that are our spiritual. I do believe that that Jesus died for their sins right. They are Christian people, there are people of Faith, but yet they do the work coming back on to people give me as soon as I can pick up. I’M just a right onto one is coach Cowher, it’s score. Basketball. The lord loves his family. I believe that God has a plan for his life attends church Faithfully, but he knows that he has to work. He understands it. Proverbs 10:4 reads: God blesses the diligent and punishes the slack hard it’s hard to Arriba Harvest. When you don’t sow seed Steven of a tattoo now Proverbs 10:4, is that correct, yeah? The only thing I allow in my body underneath my website to tell my biceps as I put Proverbs 10:4, it’s coach Gilbert has to call his leads. He gets leads everyday to come into his website, but he actually has to call them. He does call them, so he actually picks up the phone and makes the call Denny call of those lazy cause an overdose. So you have to call the same lead that filled out the form on his website Bill.

If you go to, you can ask or one of our other business coach clients because you’re looking to teach your kids how to become better at the game of basketball. If you fill out a form has to call those people seven to eight times before they answer the phone. Cuz people don’t answer the phone, don’t recognize the number that has to text you email, you call you follow me actually have to show up on time. For football practice in before you get 3 hours to clean the floor and before he leaves the prettiest in the bathroom, no, no, the bathrooms clean themselves do that. It won’t do anything in the natural that all these guys are in the process by the way, if you’re, if you’re looking for a six-figure job – and you don’t know how to do it, you should go to Tip Top K9 visit their website they’re nail licensing, meaning You can have your own business for less than ,000. They have a proven system, Steve that produces over ,000 a week of gross income. You can make a profit about seven Grand a week, 6 grand a week using their proven system. While and all you got to do is a ,000 licensing fee to license the business, we have people that they just opened up two locations in Boise they’re opening up another one here, I believe in Owasso Tip Top K-9. If you’re looking to make six figures a year – and you really don’t know what kind of business you would do, I would highly recommend that you reach out to Tip Top K9 me. That’S a good that awesome, awesome business, an awesome sister, but you know why the system works because they recognize. You know what we believe in God. We know God the plan for our lives, but we in the natural we don’t know how to do certain things with our business, and so they decided to reach out to us. We’Ve been living a business coaching client for some time and now because of their diligence in executing the proven path. There now topping Google because they offer their first a dog training lesson for a dollar, because their lessons are actually good, because I actually do a good job right now, actually of people that swimming with you and no brainer. And you allow him to try your service for a dollar and it’s actually good people will sign up.

So I didn’t hurt you to check out Tip Top K-9 during the break. We come back we’re talking more about the art of getting things done, while you’re on the business coach Thrive time show on your radio station, make sure you never miss a broadcast by signing up for the ThriveTime Show podcast babbu Maan step off that roller coaster in before you. Don’T want to ride the bus like this, never know who to trust this. You don’t want to be stuck up on that stage, singing on stage singing a sad song, sad song, Alright Thrive Nation back to the conversation. It is the Thrive time show on your radio, and this is what we’re talking about the art of getting things done and specifically were focusing on the move, and this is the this is my new number 39, which is quit those time-consuming bad habits. Everybody, myself included, you will have a bad habit that we could. We could do if we, if we let ourselves go there and for me of of these 10, most common bad habits. My will be mental drifting. It’S really easy for me to be physically present with people, but to not be mentally present. It’S very easy for me, cuz, I’m a dreamer guy. I love to read. I love to think many moves ahead. I’M a planner! It’S easy for me to be with someone physically, but not mentally, be there in so we want to do something to help you buy a fight through whatever bad habit you have, it’s kind of you know beat me up a little bit the one.

That’S taking your joy, taking your success and you know this man who never ate was over spiritualizing everything now that the most common bad having over 9 is engaging in the lingering arguments State. I want you to help the Thrive Nation to maybe help yourself by helping the business coach thrive nation but you’re, a guy who you’re smart and you have had a lot of clients. Friends, family delete people you work with over the years and because you live in a nice home, you know you live in the Greystone home and you drive a Lamborghini in Eugene. You had a lot of success in a lot of things. People will come to you. It will ask you for help Bill said: could you help me become successful right and you want to help so you’ll tell him and it’ll say all the time. So this is what to do in the Seattle. What are you doing? You tell him. It was at this is what I did to become successful, so this is what you did. This is what I should do. I don’t want to argue with you, even though they make you know a fifth of the income you make and they’re not happy with their job. They’Re, not happy with their income that I had with your business, going to sit and argue with you about your ethics. To the means, the ways how you do at the strategy right and I think, as a younger guy, you probably would have just argue with people round and round and round until you got to be right right. But I think in your career Now you kind of just move on help the person out there who was little.

They come home from work and I spend their entire evening just lingering arguing over the same thing over over or somebody who doesn’t during the workday. You had to work at is argue all the time. It’S just not worth it. I just say like engaging with this is harsh but engaging with stupid people because here’s the deal you can be right and you can be righteous all the time and it doesn’t really matter because you’re not going to convince somebody if they’ve already decided that this is How things are going to the best you can do is offer your assistance, give them your advice and then be prepared for 99.999 % of time for them not to take it right, and so what I’ve done, and if this is happen to you then now you’ll Know what happened when people come to me and they say I want help with my business. I give him a book play my gift to them. I give him this book called The e-myth Revisited, because it’s a great book by Michael Gerber. We talked to her before I got scrapbook and I say I’ll tell you what I will help you. I won’t charge you for doing it I’ll help you and your business read this book read this book and then I never hear from him again. It’S like. It’S might get rid of people book, because most people won’t even read a book and wanted me to Buck.

They want their business to do well and they want any successful. They want to do something, but they were so they might build. Never ask me again: it’s amazing because they’re like I asked him at one time and he said to read that book, and I read that back. I’M about to another thing that keeps me from getting stuff done it at this bad habit is emotionally lamenting over everything, which means that, like something bad happen, like you didn’t get the deal and Steve you see this people that are very successful in sales. They get over the rejection, real fast, their processes of. Why Did I Get the deal Step? 1? Why didn’t I? Why did I not get the deal? That’S a successful sales. People think why do I not get the deal 1/2? What can I do better for future reference 3? Who should I call you sit there for like hours, and I just don’t understand why I thought it was already got to work for the two that I always listen. He got so mad one time that this client called us in to talk to you about the mortgage and he worked like on this thing and then they went to their lender. He went on our server and he deleted all of their info that they come on. It cuz he was, he would just do on it because he’s like dust that you wasted my time and I talked to her – did somebody get a hat that says I hate them and just talk about it all the time and what’s funny, is they didn’t care?

They just got their mortgage or someone else. He was the one over there upset for literally days crank. Why he’s about it? Why aren’t you taking a shower and I’m not going to teach them? I would not take a shower for a month and I’m going to run around being irritated all the time and I’m not mean you got ta move on its people. Don’T want to move on, so they want to just hang out there and it’s bad. When are you going to quit interviewing candidates, one person at a time this is huge, so many people want to interview people one at a time when you do that. You’Re wasting your time because, let’s be honest of 10 candidates, apply for your job and they say they’re going to be there for the interview and what percentage of our nation rhetorically. What percentage do you speculate actually show up on time, regardless of industry or income dentist? If you an interview with 10 dentist, how many of the dentists for applying for the job would show up on time? Well, I have believe: we’ve done the hiring we’ve done. We’Ve been asked to do. The hiring. Take care of the hiring process at the process. Is a Canadian Scott for medical businesses for Optometry clinics mortgage lender, mortgage companies for contractors, and I would tell you about half of the people that said they’re going to be there, for the interview can even figure out how to be on time or find your location Right nigger can’t find it. I can’t get there on time and by the way that have it won’t change that that at that they will have it.

That’S just a sign of what’s to come. That’S the tip of the iceberg with mr. lights. If you interviewed at the BOK Center right, which is not a hard place to find right, there will be people that would say where to find Pei Wei Chipotle. I just can’t find your office but they’ll say hey, I’m at your office Steven 101st. Where is it going to be the interview Sims at the BOK Center? That’S what you meant by that, probably not going to get the Jets will be there on time on time what percentage of candidates lie on their resume? Well, no matter what research you look ink magazine, study the Forbes tell you’re going to find out about a third of the candidates are going to lie about the resume, then simply not tell the truth. Yes and it’s 75 % of employees according to the US Chamber of Commerce, actually steal from the workplace repeatedly and despite the fact that we were in a recession during 2010 guess what happened Harvard, did a study and found it more employees quit their jobs, then were Fired at the peak of the reception Crites hardest time in American history to find a job outside the depression, people were still quitting at a faster rate than they were being fired. So what am I saying? The point is most people are not worth your time. So you need to set up a group interview. We come back over to talk with a specific steps that you need to take to do a group interview, and I know it some controversial things right there so go to thrive time, and click on the podcast button, and you can see all of these statistics And I’m throwing at you today because they’re all excited and they’re all real. It is the drive time business coach show on your radio. Do yourself a favor subscribe to the podcast and never miss a broadcast. We come back or Break It Down The Art of getting things done, specifically the art of implementing group interview.

How do you find good people into the process called the Riverview Stadium ready to enter the Thrive time, show on talk, radio 1170 people hangs, call Davis, never friendly, now he’s jumping out of Bentleys Steve. Can you relate to that mean? You know, drive a Bentley. I mean: could you could you relate to that? What’S my secondary car but yeah, I jump out of my belly friendly teaching you the art of getting things done that I see you so many employers waste so much time on this because they don’t embrace the idea of the group interview. We don’t live in a world where the average American employee is a train wreck, and you – and I both do not have the free time in your schedule, to sit down in to meet with every potential job candidate for a one-on-one interview, which is why I’m a Huge fan of the revolutionary group interview the wheat belt think about these mind-blowing and soul, crushing statistics for a second and then I’m going to give you the specific moves that you need to do to grow a successful business by using the group interview to a fun Fact, according to research conducted by the US Chamber of Commerce, in conjunction with, in conjunction with CBS News and the Money Watch program and the US chamber here, it says it needs to be at they estimate. The US chamber estimates that 75 % of employees steal from the workplace in most.

Do so repeatedly, do you remember when your parents thought you liked it? You know you should stick to something you shouldn’t just quit. Well, most of them were taught that, despite being an economic recession at the time in 2000 July, 7th of 2010, an article published by the Harvard Business Review reported that more employees quit their job. They were terminated according to the US Bureau of Labor was supposed to make you more intelligent, more hireable, that’s not true anymore. According to an article written by Mary, Beth, arkline research shows that that students spend 50 % less time studying than they used to just two decades ago. Also they found check this out. This is a study member when you weren’t supposed to look at an adult content during the website content during your work day. Remember when, like that, was the move you’re not supposed to look at adult content during your work day or maybe whatever, but during your work day will, according to research that out there, 70 % of all online porn access occurs during the nine-to-five work day. What are you talking about where we were with common sense, common walk, a 2011 study that Newsweek did showed that only 29 % of Americans could Neymar vice-president 29 per cent. I love watching that one like Jimmy Fallon or whoever does gets on and they walk around New York and they’re. Like do you know who Barack Obama is? According to a Newsweek study, 56 % of us adults admit they don’t pay their bills on time back to studying, to get my ink magazine in June of 2007 Shirley average American employee wastes 1.7 hours of an 8.5 hour work day if you’re between the ages of 20 and 29 that never goes up to 2.1 hours a day that you waste.

So why am I hammering you with all these negative statistics? I’M saying this to prove that the majority of people out there do not deserve a job in your company, so you got if you have high standards like a Chick-fil-A or a Starbucks by the way people work at Chick-fil-A and right, quick trip and Starbucks a company That are growing in all of the pleasure. The happy companies that company that are growing have found that they need happy people that can’t run around trying to change. People study that came out there by Harvard health is Harvard Health Publications found that 18 % of employees surveyed have mental health issues 18 %. It may be more like 30 minutes all the statistics up there on Thrive time when you click on the podcast button. You can see the show notes. So here is how you do a group interview or seven steps to make sure you take notes on this. Okay, there’s there’s seven steps to break down here. For you just kind of ten moves was it will go kart 10 steps; okay, we’ll call it ten steps. Step number one write: a great job post to post a job post everyday on Craigslist in deed and your Facebook account 3 respond to all job applicants, inviting them to the group interview for disqualified, don’t read their resumes and don’t tell them it’s a group interview format. Invest in a shredder like American document shredding who’s a great drive to operate, Shredder cuz!

Like me, you if you actually were to print these emails that came in with these. You know with these resumes and you looked at him – you can take him and put them directly into your Shredder box Kelly and his team will come by and because I have them all right because half of what’s being written on the that the resume is not Real right it just literally like in front of you. So let’s recap the moves. Moon, everyone have a red, a great job, post, step number to post your jobs every single week on Craigslist in deed in Facebook forever. Yes, every week to respond to all job applicants, inviting them to the interview, but don’t read their resumes and don’t tell them it’s a group interview for disqualify. Anybody who shows up late, close the door if your body is late. Your body is late yesterday by late body. They don’t call by 7 or 5 just called by anybody who looks like smells like or sounds like they’re. Currently a drug addict. This should be a no-brainer, but you know maybe some people annoy. I know he was high, but he was so nice. He was a nice hot. That’S why he was nice cuz. He was high. The number six in the shredder. Anybody who argues with you during the job interview have the most likable candidate Shadow you for a half. If you want to come, have them shout at you cuz, you might not like him at the end of The Shadow day when they were 8, the Ocho, if you like, some of them see how did you read the resume and do a background check so at This point you might have to get their resume out of the Shredder. Put it back together, which case you’ll need that little blue key or American documents. I will have to come unlock it for right now and then, when you do offer them a job, don’t be a bad boss.

You got to train them on a daily basis, commit them to being us to commit to being a source of inspiration for them and Inspire them. You train them on a daily basis. You make sure that you inspire him and he do it on a daily basis. That’S what you don’t have to be a source of wisdom for these people and to inspire them. If you don’t do that, it’s not going to work if you’ve got to make sure you commit. Are you can’t just hire people and then never talk to them? You got it so many people to hire a great person and provide them zero training. Will they think training is an event and it’s a process, a process. It’S like. They have an event. We had training this year was on January 8th and that wore number 41 in honor of Dave, Matthews song number 41, don’t respond to most email, social media, post and text messages and phone calls or respond to email, social media, post text, messages and phone calls. What will Daniel goleman is? Actually a clinical psychologist is a PhD. He wrote The New York Times, best-selling book called emotional intelligence and social intelligence, and he wrote this. We need to recreate boundaries when you carry a digital gadget that can it’s a virtual link to the office. You need to create a virtual boundary that didn’t exist before it’s so important that you do. This you’ve got to make sure, because anybody who wants to reach you can now reach you. So I just didn’t save on my pic on myself for a second okay. So this is a real real example. Anybody who wants to reach me Canal do other programs. You can scan a website and find my email or you could send me a message on social media. Now. If I responded to anybody who wanted to reach me for the sake of this exercise, I found it the other day, and I found that 226 people had attempted to reach me before 3:29 a.m. I had 7 missed calls from the day before, between 5 and 3 A.M. I had to Facebook friend, request 6 Facebook messages, 27, Facebook, notifications to LinkedIn messages, 41, LinkedIn notifications to voicemails 14 text messages; 37, YouTube, notifications, 31, Twitter notification and 226 potential Interruption.

So don’t allow yourself to become dumb and distracted by feeling the need to respond to everybody all the time. We’Re here to coach you up not to talk down to you were here to help you become the best you that you can be, but we can’t help you if we don’t get to know you, so I encourage each and every person, listen to the show today To do one of four thinks one go to thrive time should. I comment subscribe to the podcast to go to DriveTime in book of one-on-one business Consulting session 3 book, your tickets to our next in-person business coach Workshop, make it a December to remember my god of rap time. Should I come or number four or number for you could go to the right time should I comment subscribe for the world’s best business school and it’s just a dollar for your first, but my name is Mark. I am a business coach and you are kind of a big deal. Why I believe in you. I tell you, I’m telling you you have what it takes to be successful and is always Steve. We like to end this thing with them, ready for what I do. 3. 2. 1. Are you make me feel


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