The Art of War | Breaking Down 8 Powerful Quotes (Part 1 of 2)

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In this episode of the Thrive Time Show business podcast, the U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the Year, Clay Clark, and Dr. Robert Zoellner break down 8 powerful quotes from The Art of War.

The Art of War | Breaking Down 8 Powerful Quotes

FUN FACT: Sun Tzu – Sun Tzu (/ˌsuːnˈdzuː/;[2] also rendered as Sun Zi 孫子) was a Chinese general, military strategist, and philosopher who is thought to have lived between 544–496 BC.

The book is divided into 13 chapters.

Chapter 1: Laying Plans

Chapter 2: Waging War

Chapter 3: Attack by Stratagem

Chapter 4: Tactical Dispositions

Chapter 5: Energy

Chapter 6: Weak Points and Strong

Chapter 7: Maneuvering

Chapter 8: Variation in Tactics

Chapter 9: The Army on the March

Chapter 10: Terrain

Chapter 11: Nine Situations

Chapter 12: The Attack by Fire

Chapter 13: The Use of Spies

The Method of Business Growth

  • Define
  • Act
  • Measure
  • Refine

FUN FACT: Customers Do Read Reviews

81% of consumers read reviews –


88 percent of consumers trust online reviews – Forbes

NOTABLE QUOTABLE #1 – “He who wishes to fight must first count the cost.” – Sun Tzu [ 35:25 ]


NOTABLE QUOTABLE #2 – “The whole secret lies in confusing the enemy, so that he cannot fathom our real intent.” – Sun Tzu [ 46:08 ]


NOTABLE QUOTABLE #3 – “Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.” – Sun Tzu [ 53:18 ]


NOTABLE QUOTABLE #4 – “All warfare is based on deception. Hence, when we are able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must appear inactive; when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away; when far away, we must make him believe we are near.” – Sun Tzu [ 1:21:00 ]


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Casting for this evening play Business School with up to all Thrive Nation. Welcome back to the Thrive time show on your radio, and today we are going to be going inside the dojo of Mojo fo-sho, because today, dr. Z, we are talking about the Art of War.  business coach  The legendary book 25 hundred years old, my man – are you excited about this or wait. I think it was right about the 6th Century in China, and you know it’s funny, because if you, if you’ve missed this week’s, shows you going to get the podcast, you can grow Thrive. Time because we broke down to 6 business books that you have to have to have to have to have to read it at the end of the show and Clay, of course, being the clay Tron, the robotic gentleman that he is, he just got really deep Dive in the book – and so he just I was talking about how awesome it is where we just kind of scratch, scratch scratch, he drove into it, and he just got so excited. We got to do a whole show on The Art of War cuz. It is, it is a fascinating book if you think they was written 2500 applicable for business owners. business coach  Today, in level, entrepreneurs will quote the book the reference the book and see what I did is I broke it down into eight notable quotable sure, there’s a lot more notable, notable quotables that I’m going to kind of tea up for dr. Z and for West Carter’s West Carter and West Carteret people to get ahold of you, how can they get ahold of them? business coach   business coach  They can call me at 918-494-6868 at 918-494-6868 or winners,, The Art of War and the 13 chapters that make up this incredible book. business coach  We’Re going to eat up here for Robert Redman, perhaps one of the best business coaches on the on the team on the squad team from awesome. Dad, though at least you’re his dad was a great business guy. So you know it’s almost unfair business coach with one arm tied behind his back, and you know how women in high school, you guys had 87 kids, we have an 84 and it was on like Donkey Kong clients, Robert. business coach  They came from Long Island. Nine of them in this is the second Workshop.

If you haven’t had attended and there’s more from Long Island coming next month October, 6th and 7th, what business coach questions do you have this week from your stack of stuff, with your in great clients, so check this out? So I work with a lot of contractors and I’m working with one locally and his situation. business coach  Is he starting to grow right he’s doing the moves he’s like like? I was giving you don’t take care of that thing. You have a certain set of still with the family. business coach  Members is upset about that. So I got a. I got a contract on a particular person I got to do.. Did you take care of something I could use to smell it to knock down a wall? What to get for a payment? business coach  Is it that kind of contract anyway, I could be off at about the details of the business. Is that type of Contracting they’re putting on a good front? But it’s something like building stuff, but they’re. Building a cruise is causing the grow they’re having more sales, which is requiring them to have more Cruise, did work on multiple jobs during the day, and the question is when you’re growing, you know and you’re only one right now. business coach  This is just one business owner. business coach  One person has a Contracting organization, needs multiple Crews. business coach  How do you manage multiple cruise to make sure your ensuring quality assurance to make sure your person people are following the the checklist? How do you manage it when you’re just one person, let me go first and then zo pylon with with the date. You know that the right answer, and then when will give us the legal help one is, business coach  I would highly recommend that you Mystery Shop, your own job sites, cuz, you can’t be at the job site. So that’s what I would do. I know that when we built our company DJ connection, we would have 80 disc jockeys out it. business coach  Probably 40 wedding venues within Oklahoma, baby 40 in Dallas and there’ll, be some weekends are for Vanessa and I would drive them that brought down to a Dallas and we can never take away. We had to DJ’s at The Anatole hotel that down there in Dallas and I don’t think either one knew I was coming and one guy was pleasantly. business coach  Try to psych, hey man, good, to see you man and how long have you been here and he was like to just see that that was awesome. I go down to the other ballroom and it is the worst entertainment I’ve ever seen. business coach  You couldn’t even be called entertainment was just a guy doing a bad job in right away. business coach  It’S like he saw me and all the sudden his show got better. business coach  Oh yeah, you know it’s, so I would just say: is you need to randomly show up but has to be consistent, consistently random Anthony other once a week you’re showing up? business coach  The second thing is, I would have mystery shoppers. business coach  It was any other kind of business, but it’s Contractor Supply not applicable to have a customer show up, but I’d at least Mystery Shop. Your own business see that’s what I would have happened is like today. business coach  I was actually in one of my optometry clinic today and my Optical manager says man. business coach  I love it when you come down to the floor and just kind of meander around I had a friend and her kids are getting glasses and I was up in my office. So I came down the floor too kind of Pop hobnobbing hobnobbing hobnobbing hobnobbing, and doing what they’re supposed to be there about half nervous, and I could call you guys doing what you guys want to sweep the floors for the 4th time like we normally do. business coach  Every hour on the hour every hour, that’s one way to get the other 10 minutes in the bathroom for a little bit. Just good people at the normally do in the difference between a mystery shopper is, is that they don’t see the boss, and so you see someone you know someone that you reimbursed, because they won’t do it for nothing. If you do you get what you pay for it, she want to give him a little something something for the effort to know and they go in and they are they watch. business coach  They, you know, or a patient or a client or they’re, going by the job site and looking and invaded the workers. business coach  Don’T change with her doing kinda like when another guy walked in that show play that guy didn’t change.

Pruning saw you, we change what you can do now for contractors, that’s pretty amazing awesome, and here we go ready. business coach  I’M ready. Okay, there is a camera system called The Nest which is available for about at Best Buy, and I actually have one business coach  Builder I work with whose hat requires his team to set up the nest cameras on all job site, while they’re working, business coach  I think, that’s a great Expense of to do when I’m on the job site, I’m in the nest you plug in the nest, cameras and you can see the elephant, the remix of cameras up at the front desk to ensure quality and that kind of thing – and it really is a truth-teller. business coach  So I went to the nest: that’s how everyone set that up and it’s like a police system at West Carter, walk us through the legal aspects of what we’ve said where we were. We missing here legally and bust contractors not doing their job. Yet Mike unemployment claims. business coach  We pull up GPS to find out. business coach  They were at the casino or the gentlemen’s club what the heck, what the heck, what were they were actually going to try to get work there. Remember. Third, you know I’m headed out of bed that job at this love with you about the job. business coach  You need policies and procedures, so they know what to do when you’re, not there now business coach  I’ll come on now you just remove my friend. You can give us a call. 918-494-6868 or you can catch us at winners, business coach  Now Robert business coach question for chapters eat, while you’re inside the box of my dear idea, is to contractor question from other business owners as well, and you know whenever you’re experiencing growth requires and need a greater need for systems for organizations, processes right and so the Question is: do you build systems before you grow, or do you build systems after your growth, but the only problem with that, the latter? It’S you might compromise your qualities. business coach  So it’s so which one did you get it right busy here is. I want everyone to do. If you have a kid, have a baby, it’s a young baby made a child. Maybe you don’t like a toddler.  business coach   It’S it’s almost quite a kid! It’S like that that 2 year olds or talk to you tomorrow when we see how you doing, I don’t want you to introduce that baby to anybody and nobody until the babies perfectly matriculated adult. business coach  Nor can you close the baby until you get the perfect clothes they reach their Peak and not even way to it could be like a because you know where to buy the clothes cuz. I might outgrow the club. Gender-neutral. I don’t think you should find out the sex of the baby until about 5 that’s kind of glue, and then you can. You know that would have barely party with your own privacy.

Of course, if you want one of the baby, the baby, business coach  because there’s those things you can buy late, Hobby Lobby, where they’ll say like clay which actually in Hebrew, means from the large head, don’t we go? Have these signs that I don’t have any signs and Hobby Lobby it’ll say like it means a trusted leader and a friend and a name the baby after it’s true, so it’s like large Cranium we go to bed. How did we get the babies or toddlers with you?  business coach  Don’T want to name the baby until you know the perfect name, you don’t want to close the baby to have the perfect size. I want to introduce them until they’re well-behaved, no wait to have a child until the time’s right to use it all the time. It’S never going to be right, so you build the business and you can you make improvements as you go and if you did, the end of the enemy of done is perfect, and so, if you don’t want to build the systems and take her to lunch until You build the perfect systems, you’re, never going to lunch, and you make the systems better day by day and see you got to get comfortable with having these uncomfortable issues on the daily basis. business coach  My man absolutely that there is a level of perfection you need to have an obvious he’s kind of like hey, I’m thinking about open up a pizza place. I try.  business coach  This beats everything, that’s nasty, you might want to get something to eat before you swallow sauce for water-source. Like the cardboard box, he was recycled pizza box. I sent it to you and then that way, there’s no raced. You know it’s is no land to find step on. You define what do you think’s going to work? You act 3, you measure and for you refine you define at measure reply, business coach  Define act, measure measure, look like the Kool-Aid Define you measure roof on it. Go to Heaven, if you just give you all your money and drink the Kool-Aid you you got to get it on, you got to go, you got to go, you got to get those systems and you can’t wait until you’ve got a mess. business coach  You’Ve got to start working on them early and then keep providing. What’S your next question Robert? So another question is I’m working with a medical staffing company, so these guys work primarily like the idea unlikely buyers are. Ceos of hospitals are directors of human resources of hospitals and they placed physicians in the emergency room and they do great work. business coach   business coach  They placed great physician, but the question is where to find out your ramp up: Google reviews and ramp up and search engine optimization, but these guys are saying: wait Hospital CEOs, they’re not going to go to Google they’re, not going to look at my Google reviews. Hospital CEOs are from other planets that don’t use Google when we come back we’re in a breakdown business coach  Roberts question and. Where is going to be joining, is from elephant the roads going to join us inside the box that rocks it’s going to be crazy.

Cuz, I’m going to come back in and segment 3, it’s just it’s unbelievably on West Carter,    we’ve got Robert Plant Doctor, say: hair grooming, Lounge I’ve never seen him without a hat on. I know back to the only business coach radio show that mentally intimidate, Chuck, business coach  Norris Thrive, nation of people to feel like it’s. You against the world, will guess what it is. Not you against the world, it’s you and z and Me Against the World. That’S right! You got to you got to get a teen there’s. business coach  No, I in team, but there’s a me. We are here to help you and he asked a question. He said one of his clients was, you know they work primarily with CEOs, recruiting CEOs and top level executive, and the question was asked to see. business coach  Why do I need to get Google reviews when I’m working with top-level Executives and CEOs the CEOs actually read, reviews dr. say that the CEOs actually reviews before going out to eat and watching movies or even know how to work a smartphone? So you do CEOs even have phones, I mean today I don’t even know they have. I do that. I mean you’re, a CEO of a hospital right now. Would you please email us and let us know a way that they did that time, don’t know how to email side. business coach  hey don’t go out to dinner, they don’t cut. This is a conundrum supermarket in the aliens. The answer is no. Do not use Google reviews. However. According to Forbes Forbes 88, at 88 % of people read reviews before you can Google that 88 % of people read reviews before taking action on the website. According to adweek, it’s 81 % either way it’s a large number, and you just can’t understand me – and I we mean this in a loving way. business coach  Everybody is using the Google everybody’s using Al Gore’s internet, so you’ve got to make sure that your relevant on that thing, even though you might get some idiots some nefarious morons that love to write on the social media Ergo. Hence Justin you had a situation today. We got the beat the legal eagle and doctors under the wise wizard of business here. To answer the question you had, somebody today write some stuff on social media, my man. business coach

What can you walk us through without being super specific? What has spindletap Z break it down? In West Carter breakdown, social media, many men have killed. business coach  Someone today is that a Facebook – that’s our business here if you’ve never been in one dollar, hair, no more than men of Tulsa cost at 918-877-2219. I don’t know anyone else is offering that wants to go cuz. I’M trying to break the Ender. business coach  What’S a coincidence, I tell you what I’m here with my buddy the truck, stop and listen to this over the years. We look at each other. We just kind of both stubborn and set in cheeseburger. business coach  Cuz, with my turn to shower I’ll. Just say that right now and then, but before I left, I don’t have to bring it into the shower. Like a first left. My booth, my said boots with my cheeseburger attack. I looked at my friend. I said that sounds a lot like bait and switch to right now. business coach  What that thing, pull over to one of our three location. They’re Holliston High 1-877-221-9415 right now pick up the call the cars are standing by it’s like Richard Robert. They are right for you right now. Yes, oh, so what do you guys? Do? business coach  You’Ve got someone. You know, may Floyd that decide to to go on their own way. That’S fine! Since I can Mutual break and then they they want to tell people I got fired. business coach  It was brutal, he yelled at me and then there you didn’t actually do that correct. But then the people they tell her going to Omni use the platform of social media for the person that I can be. business coach  There were working it to get my frustration to follow someone else right and then you cuz your having a caliber and has nothing to lose. You don’t you know it’s stupid to that level. Conversation happened to you, but things are probably in the worst at me. business coach  I just bear my I’m just going to Bare my soul right here right here, just open up, I’m just going to just boom right here, and that is there something I know I need to do and I’m not doing it so here. Therefore, it’s the worst thing that I’m not doing – and that is – is that when I have a disgruntled employee, when I have a disgruntled person that starts posting stuff on social media, I should address it on social media and I don’t in other words you going to Go, thank you. You know very 778 Juno wild wild wild thing. 824 Google. business coach  Are at to Think you for your comment. I looked up your actual name in our database and you are we’re having a hard time. Finding is a patient and we want help your problem. So would you please contact you, don’t choke? What year is your address it to ya and, and you have to kind of address of the negative ones and sometimes or someone is disgruntled – mean that you don’t people just get, but you don’t even go around today. business coach  Looking I’m going to wake up thinking, oh God, I can hardly wait till I get offended today. business coach  You know I am so looking forward to being offended, because that is my right. That is my goal: cat that I’m offended that you say how dare you offend me by the way, that’s a fence, how to say you’re lookin Mighty well, today, are you being like everybody’s on point out there just to be offended? You in, like I told me, business coach  I’m going okay, I want to. I want to walk you home now., I’m not done being offended. If we take on this happens is, is there was a long time in American history where people basically to devote you had to have land ownership of some kind? Okay, was it wasn’t they change the laws in and that’s what is a time where, if I could make the laws, I would say you shouldn’t be able to have a a voice to complain about a business unless it can be proven that you are correct. But what I can’t do that right, because it’s America, we have freedom. I can’t so.

I can’t hear any of of clay. Clark isn’t where I so it happens to everybody has a voice, but what happens is that 81 % of consumers according to adweek, do read? Reviews for online social media feedback and 88 % of consumers do Trust online reviews of Grand Forks. So because I’m not in control the rules, I would recommend that the response, always even if it’s the most insincere anything possible. I would definitely always try to take the high road and I would say something like hey: this person decided to move on and I’m so you know we will wish them well, but then I would be thoughtful and my responses because the consumer will read the using They always assume, there’s a there’s, a problem. They always assume the employee was right and the boss was terrible. business coach  They always assume that the business owners a tyrant and that the employee is great. That pattern see where people always assume that the boss was terrible in the employees right yeah cuz, business coach  I had a horrible boss. I mean you know I prideful police officer. We’Ve all had a we’ve all had a situation. So therefore it’s easy to kind of default. To that night – and I get that you know – I really do but – and you said you said it right – you have to address it. I don’t do that is enough in my business and so I’m having to my mic. I might have to my people. Do that? Because that’s what you do so here’s what’s going to break down the legal aspects of this, because some of those on social media makes a claim about your business. business coach  That’S not true! In this case I know Justin and I know how we handle it. It’S not true what they said about him. What can he do? What can you not do and then, when I get these taken, what he should do, what they were getting into the Art of War 3 questions from Robert Redmond, the business Coast, see there’s so much to unpack on Today. Show my brain might explode. Show could be awesome, don’t go anywhere. Let’S get the duct tape explode right here in my car. business coach  My cranes, masochism you are now entering the dojo of Mojo and the Thrive time show that it’s going to make it huh make it to me cuz. I have stronger just wait for you at Daniels. Say you have strong and don’t need nothing except what inside this to grow, crickets and Clay? Can we do a movie night in your man cave yeah? I do understand. Ghost Hunters did Ralph Ralph Macchio. The best actor in American history doesn’t know states. Is it close? business coach  I would. I would like cage fighting to find a real winner by the way I feel, like you have to say, Rosie O’Donnell. First, then, you have to say Ralph Macchio second Encounter of Third in the top actors of all time. I business coach   can’t I would flip flop, keano and Route okay, okay, so we’re talking today we’re talking to a specific about the Art of War before we get into it.    had a question and has it as a thing: that’s going on elephant in the room, and I want to suck someone understands the situation.

We had. A member of the team. Who’S been consistent and has done a very good job for a very long time. business coach  Then, for whatever reason, team member has a lot of people do decides to move on now, to give it a fair and balanced perspective. According to Forbes, the average employee does not stay at a job anymore longer than three years Tour of Duty, as you like to refer to me by the way so Justin meet with the person and says: hey, are you deciding to move on in the person says? business coach  Yes, I am decided to move on. I am going to take my slippers and and move on so he says why don’t we go ahead and wrap it up? This will be your last day then, and we’ll move on, because, typically in the hair industry, we find a lot of Nefarious people who will basically try to take their customers with them about every 6 months. business coach  They come to Elephant the room to build up a book of business know whether they try to move on it’s a very normal move and I’m sure it’s not Tom, a tryst. You probably dealt with this a little bit as well. business coach  Absolutely will come in to build a book of business, and so he decides to let the person go. He pays them with their over the road. That kind of thing there’s no raised voices the person cried and apologized and said: no, it’s not how it looks, are grown. business coach  Man weep this person actually crying saying. I promise I just I just this, isn’t the way it looks. Do it there was crying right. Every time he said this is not the way it looks. business coach  I don’t understand, I mean if you run away cuz the person was moving on and it got reported to Justin that second customer I want to move on. So he knows about Justin is receiving these posts that are claiming that Justin fire. This person is, and I can handle it and then legal perspective. What does he need to do? So? Let’S go to use the one more time. How should we handle it happens in the social media, part of it, I think, he’s just ignores. business coach  It takes a high road for give the guy moved on in life. You know not to wait. That’S to me. That’S the least amount of I mean you really want. Take a lot of time and energy. How important is your time and energy is a business owner? You guys get ready franchise going to blow this thing that because a lot of things going on and does it run me? What do you fired or quit mean they belong scheme of things, and what does that matter? business coach  That’S why I won’t sleep tonight, Joy, forgive and forget, and move on and don’t look at the post. I even think about the post on talk about the post. Ignorance is bliss and don’t forget it just forget about it. Is that you told me you told me that you’ve said that forgiveness is for you not for them. Absolutely, because what happens is that you sit there and you start reading stuff. You start brewing on it. business coach  You know, that’s not true, that’s not true. You know he. He is slandering me saying he piercing falsehoods about me and my business also on principle, which attorneys love to hear and look how he lit up like it might turn into my one write the number one attorney in Tulsa. business coach  He lit up like a Christmas tree when it comes to personal litigation.

Do you feel like people should fight on principle or get it resolved, never never? Ever ever ever ever ever yeah, business coach   I’m not going to send that to mean it has to be something to me. business coach  If someone’s coming after, you then have to defend yourself, you have to hire legal help and that’s why we have was caught on the show, because every now and then even though you’re a lover not a fighter, you still need. business coach  You still need a big gun. You know they’re kind of big., He comes in, you ask you where a gun anymore well as soon as I was that appropriate, I don’t even know is that it, because I know you don’t like a leather or is it a denim jacket anymore and he comes. I don’t know you were that our business, because I’m not going to sleep over this, but this happened four years ago, when I had five employees, business coach  I might lose a little bit of sleep that you might have lost. You can that’s a lot easier, you more options but West. Have you ever find yourself in a situation where it is a personal matter on social media or Internet or it’s a business matter where someone does come to you and six legal advice. More people are filing lawsuits over social media posts and ever so bad Yelp reviews bad Facebook reviews, businesses are suing their consumers and vice versa, cease and desist. T business coach  he business owner react out of a motion and says something about well. You know your mother blah blah blah blah blah blah happen. business coach  So let’s say I’m a good woman Chef. Restaurant has people that come in people sit down. Have a dinner go home is Prince a delicious spy gear. 0 stars are cockroaches. You should never ever ever go there and they say stuff like this place is filled with cockroaches, most consumers. This – and I just see this – is what Ann Arbor to the case study of the service profit chain. Consumer. business coach  Does everything taste? business coach  Alright? business coach  Are you guys? Okay? business coach  So I get it and they go. business coach   business coach  Then they call your manager and talk about how you’re the worst waiter of all time for the food’s terrible or whatever it is. It is a cultural most most most people are not comfortable with confrontation, so they go online. business coach  They’Re right, this place was still with cockroaches in the big we went too far because it wasn’t for the cockroach cockroach restaurant owner than calls you and says: hey, business coach   I’m hot I’m hot and bothered Billy at Just thought you’re! So crazy. You subpoenaed subpoenaed, the internet provider you find out who they are: okay file, a lawsuit wow – and this happened in this happened to me this week – is business owners to business owners get in a fight with each other, over maybe a contract, and so, instead of resolving It between, amongst each other, they hire their menu used to go start, leaving bad reviews for business coach

The Other Corporation. I just get finished on the first one. Okay, so the restaurant tour comes in higher as you you find out. If the dude was it, what about the Cockroaches, you guys fire off a deal and then and then what would happen if you can prove that they said something that was untrue, that hurt your business reputation. What is the legal process works? It’S too big to people argue in the lawyer, wins encourage your clients to try to settle and let’s not go to litigation and questions from the book. We got to get the book. The Art of War on the Thrive Time Shows The Art of War, but it’s the real deal, The Art of War. You have to think of it as well or more. It is a business coach where to catch you up on that and back to a show. That’S cooler than the other side of the pillow. If that’s right time, business coach show alright, dr. z, I’m not sure if you’re aware, but we are cooler than the other side of the pillow. Now they need the Epic voice. Just said it. So it’s true that – and that is a very close, but I love that you wake up in the night, your little warm you put that pillow and just like all the other side I mean more, but before we get into that Wes you were giving to give Us kind of the legal maneuver mixed with the Art of War with how to handle social media posts break it down. I want to share this quote from Art of War to fight and Conquer, and all your battles is not Supreme. Excellence. Supreme Excellence consists in Breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting Lincoln talked about it to a good solicitor to try to settle at every opportunity. So if you can avoid the fight that there’s no point in drawing it out and spend your buddy and litigation, if you can walk away the bigger man and just go on about your business, everybody out there and Abraham Lincoln a story that maybe we’ll blow their Minds but it was played by Daniel Day-Lewis movie, but if you read any books about Lincoln, you could have discovered that the tapestry of Lincoln facts were things he was very passionate about was ending slavery. Obviously, but when he ran for president, he ran is a moderate. He ran like he could see your point like you know what slavery it’s hard to, the president, I’m not going to freak out about it. You know it’s probably not a time. Even on my radar. You know, I understand it’s. It’S it’s part of the Southern economy. Let’S just get into office, and then you know we’ll look at it will just be in as soon as he got into office. He was like: okay, probably number one slavery, wrong done and people are going to lie to us and it’s kind of like yeah. I did but I’m in office so now we’re ending slavery and I think sometimes people aren’t comfortable with the Arts of War they’re not comfortable with these, the moose, and so I’m going to give you the moves. You can sit there and have the ethical conversation with with with with with your pastor tonight, but I’m going to give you the notable quotables from The Art of War and just understand I’m a Christian man, but I also understand the Arts of warranty.

It’S kind of that balancing act after the show the other day. We were talking about this and that’s why we decide to break down this book and people are going War business. I thought that was a good thing. You have to understand, isn’t and being in the Bible Belt being in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Tulsa russula me some folks, there’s a lot of people from locally that have very high morals, very high standards, and that’s good, that’s great. We we applaud that. We encourage that. That’S awesome! It’S on this idea that, as they start a business that they’re going to actually or is kind of boring, it’s kind of boring it fixed in lieu of principles of people, saying what I want to do is I want to love on my competition. I would have stayed up and then you get screwed the author of for allegedly 2500 years ago. It was written. This is a Chinese military expert. He says he who wishes to fight must first count the loss, Z going with you first. What does that mean to cost? He who wishes to fight must first count. The cost at the loss was first attempt at a cost. What does that mean you’re getting into you know, just like we said earlier? If it all, you can keep from the actual fight fight, keeping the fight, because it’s it’s time-consuming, it’s money, consuming it’s energy-consuming. I mean, if you end up with heartburn some nights in a black of sleep. People underestimate all the time 100. What I want to ask.. I would like to see West real quick. I want to ask you just 334, just real fast, like rapid fire legal questions, how much money will it cost in legal fees? ,000 divorce depends on how I mean your wife is coming back in your business. I just be wanting to settle, though, but I hurt my back in the business open fault, what we’re going to take a contingency fee and take 1/3 of everything we get from your employer. What’S the paper Flipside the mountain by the fire department? I need that right now, Charter Business. You only visit if you don’t think you’re not at War. Shame on you uniform Publix! You can Google it right. Now. We love us love us before we left for they. You can Google it right now to get the number of businesses that fail 80 % unacceptable in this is what I see is a non-compete trying to enforce a non-compete or a lawsuit or a lawsuit potential, as a business owner want to Z. business coach  Do you want it kind of settle that if you can, or do you want to fight as soon as you he senior he who wishes to fight must first count the cost walk me through break it down. business coach  The problem is: is that the guys out there fighting? They didn’t count the cost, because if they had counted, but if they had counted the cost they would have figured? I want us to fight this. business coach  What’S going on, business coach  I’m going to spend ten times the amount of money and it’s going to take a lot of time and effort, and I’m going to just going to get the same result for Fiserv. You lose your joy, your time, you said it and not not fun, not fun and in, as you said, the attorneys are the winners button thing about it. Is it that when you count the cost and there’s every now, and then you count the cost of you say you know what it’s worth the Better Business cases for the business I’m going to have to have this. business coach

This is it’s worth it and imma get after it and get it on. I mean I got you the other day clay example yep and the cost of litigating in federal court, the cost of proving that I was right. I was one of three that got sued in a car deal. business coach  Think I’m going to the my new she can go back to couple shows ago. I went his social security number was just kidding, but what happened was it? Can I go? Can I can write this check today and settled today, or I can write that check times to prove I’m right and when? But you know what which really winning paying half the amount of money just somebody doesn’t deserve it. I get it and and and the pain of that or spending twice as much and someone raising your hand they are going to. business coach  I don’t feel like it when I don’t feel like it was a deposition. business coach  I mean was the day you want to hear that out, or did you get it by Sir well? I took some people were quick Learners and people are slow, Learners and and you’re right. You get a business coach, IEM Mentor, somebody in life that you can bouncy things off of you get Good Counsel. The problem is a some and – and I know not you not you with, but sometimes you go into a Attorney-at-Law Aiea counselor-at-law I either and they will advise you to fight for your right, because it’s a principle, I have a thought. It is related to attorneys in this is going to sound offensive, but it is offensive. business coach  If you spell the word therapist, what we will use their attorney is a therapist. business coach  I would trust wescard. I’Ve actually used litigation, but the word the therapist break it down and the rapist are the exact same they’re saying there’s a lot of guys who will absolutely just take advantage of you wallet, I’m just telling you there’s attorneys out there bro, I told clients listen. business coach  This has nothing to do with the case. business coach  If you want me to listen to you for an hour, I will do it. I don’t think about this, will give him something someone says Hey. I just need to come a quick question when I run something by you. Do have something going on out there that I can do or mean or sit week, 15 minute consultation, so we can figure out if we can help you great. If not no charge will send you on your way or point you in the right direction from The Art of War. business coach  Did you have anything to add on that? Because that’s how that’s it that’s a deal. I thought I just might my whole thing, and I I probably before Aubrey was born blind to my son – was born in 2007 and he couldn’t see – and I absolutely felt just totally hopeless in that moment, and it was right then right when I have my break Down to have my breakthrough, I can’t create more time and from that point forward I have embraced your philosophy of be a lover, not a fighter. business coach  That’S honest more often than not.. You had told me that, and other people told me that, and it was just like I would spend amazing amount of time. I would come home and I would complete my work day, but yet I was still mentally fighting. business coach  My wife would say how was your day and I’m we are going to win this thing. We’Re going to fight this thing to that. If everyday was like, Remember the Alamo and if you do remember the Alamo, everybody died in that time and yet you had a a handgun in NC.

I’M glad you brought that up in my business coach I come to the Thrive. Time show its business school without the BS all Thrive Nation. business coach  Welcome back to the drive time show on your radio. Now before I went to the break, my name is Clay Clark of a business coach. I’M not a member of the Gang Related Industries out there. I’M not a member of one of the notable games, but Justin said he goes: hey, hey, dude that time that you pulled a gun on me and that was like how you were home. It was unbelievable. I didn’t say the word business coach. You just said gun into it, just go and let you Canna can UT up. business coach  They need the situation before we get back into the Art of War. We turn back time right now is least 10 years ago. Almost 13 years ago we started our business coach  DJ connection right and it was unique because you start that out of the doormat or you and then you moved into the condo, then moved to the first house and then the second half the third house as a business. For the houses grew, and so he was driving, it was hot and it was you know. I mean how many 60 weddings a weekend. business coach  It was crazy coming around and these are employees and is all you guys, no other business owners. You may have one employee that check. I don’t fully trust him, but he doesn’t stop by the house he’s not going to get gear and stuff because run the same time at this guy. business coach  Had you try to break in to steal some gear and Equipment stolen about 2 or 3 weeks before this time, because I actually went to one of those self-defense classes. business coach  He used those classes before where you going to self defense and you guys could go to the concealed, carry permit hours of class every time and I would shoot like a parrot on the shoulder of the target. I never hit. The target of terrible and Vanessa got her license and what happened was we went to this class and they teach you that you’re supposed to get behind the door, and if somebody wants to get in you you’d basically are in defense position. Y business coach  ou say: hey, don’t come in this store, you know and then you can shoot people with legally right if you’re trying to break into your house. So you think this new guy now and so it was late at night. business coach  Somebody just be back there and stuff and hang up yet so anyways, I’m in the back door, and I probably discreetly try to open it and it’s you know kind of sounds sketchy and then maybe I’d knock a little bit but next time I know the door Swings open and it’s still dark outside and there’s a gun pointed at me and it’s my brother-in-law and I’m so sorry. business coach  I went to the doctor today and the whole Secret Life using the enemy said he cannot fathom are real intent. This is from The Art of War, the whole secret lies and confusing the enemy so that he cannot fathom are real intent. So here is an example.

We had a bridal show in Dallas Texas, in about 2005 2006 called the Dallas bridal show. Is it that it’s at the market Hall, which is across from The Anatole hotel right next to the big Renaissance Hotel and everyone should go to a bridal show by the way, business coach  if you ever been, you need to take that needs to be on your checklist. So if you guys found a place to book and one of the people coming through, I know he’s one of my competitors. I know he’s pretending to be a groom, but he isn’t one of them, but one of my competitors – and so I knew some of these moves in the whole secret – lies in confusing the enemy so that he cannot fathom are real intent to Lisa, hey. business coach  So with my wedding is coming up in June and I turned it: would you guys charge for their packages? You were very good. We won all the awards start about 5 to ,000. If you want a really good package by 15000 hours. Does that include the package like an hour or two, if you want really good entertainment, 15,000 for 2 hours and I’m just making stuff up my competitor? business coach  It’S it’s the fog machines. We have the Martin fog machines, they’re, very expensive, they’re, very, an empty and all the things that are not true right. Of course, I’m just getting really into it. business coach  I like to hear things are: Martin Foggers are amazing, like it’s like a thick Haze at every way, and you say he’s slick Clark. That’S super Shady. Will. Let me tell you what Arnold Schwarzenegger was pulled aside by one of his competitors he’s competing for mr. universe and you can watch this on the 4-Hour workweek by 2 by Tim Ferriss. He interviews Arnold Schwarzenegger. business coach  You can verify this, but Arnold was asked by but heat there’s only like mr. Universe, there’s, probably no 25 people in real contention with this rate, probably a top five, and so he was competitor says for mr. Universe this year. business coach  I just want to know what advice would you have for me to be the most successful bodybuilder I could be. What you want to do is look out today that get to the striations. I get the basket out of tea that very pumped up and all of us look the same and you get the oil to help when you been working out and you’ve been pushing yourself in and the Difference Maker has the personality and in some of the real business coach  Training some of the delete, all Fitness people with the do is that when they pose they would actually scream so that they were supposed stream an instrument which is against the rules to make any noise at all Lipozene. How do you say who you practice for me right now., I will tell you if it’s a good scream, he says you need to find out if you have to sell me on that answer, to win the mr. universe. So he says this guy can get some International bodybuilding competition and it gets up in front of all of his family and all his friends in Eustis. business coach

These guys are stupid, idiots they hadn’t read the books, but I was able to eliminate the competition and Todd his competitor, how to lose in z, it’s the Art of War. I mean the whole set of the rise of confusing me. How many you got to drink when you’re jacking you got to let him think you’re going left and going right eye. business coach  I often when I know what competitive would really want to know what I’m up to how often I buy a you know if I’m developing a new business I’ll, buy the property and red a name that has nothing to do with me or nothing to do with The new business coming in because you were those things like public records.   business coach  You know when you close on property when you get building permit. When you get these things, I mean there. They people can see these, and course like in the auto auction. In sure, there’s no secrets here, so you know Auto people work in the automotive industry, I’m think they’re worth in the women’s surrounded Indiana show quilt together. You know, I mean, like talk. business coach  More men sailed two cars, a dangerous time they’re on their phone. Just what are you doing hey what you doing hey Billy, what’s going on over there at your dealership right here, you going to be up what’s up what’s up with you, but no no! I mean to be able to have people there on the thing you know. business coach  What’S going to hate, have you heard, did you know I’m going out the rumors just fly all around until I would what about the lamp of Z66 Auto Auction, I bought it under three musketeers LLC, Three Musketeers. business coach  Thank you very much. You do the whole secret, though, why is it confusing the enemy, so he cannot fathom are real intent now another example – and some of you might think this is Shady, but this is an example. business coach  These are some of you might think this is not 80 %. business coach  If you would I’m teaching you The Art of War and you can switch it so we’ve had members of our team in all different businesses, and I can just think of a very specific example. business coach   business coach  There was probably about 6 months ago, been a member of our team. business coach  Has a graphic designer – and he definitely was not on vacation and he definitely was applying for a job at a local business, and I knew he was, and he told me I just want you know I’m going to be gone on vacation because I just need a Little bit of down time with my wife and I down time, because you don’t so sorry pressed more convenient for me to pretend I didn’t know that he was actively interviewing at a business and that he would be taking a job immediately, so why he was on Vacation and he was so – he called me and he says to me he said I want you to know.

I have to be honest, which is always a great clarifier. I have to be honest. I got up now. I have to take me a job tomorrow. business coach  I hope it doesn’t put you in a bad spot yeah. I sure hope – and I said absolutely no problem. I’Ve already had you already hired replacement and he says what I can’t believe. You told me me and I was like yeah. I did believe in you and how did you find out about the way? business coach  Just tell me what your little secrets dark secrets and find out in this particular situation. It was a religious organization and I know numerous people who work at the place in place and we feel kind of bad. We want you to know, and it just it happens so often now the thing is for this guy. business coach  If he wanted to build his his his resume and his references and his overall value, he would have left us on good terms. But he didn’t know that was his choice of a quote on number 3 from the art of or what your plans be dark and impenetrable as night and when you move fall, like a thunderbolt z, z, talk to me about this. business coach  Why do you have to let your plans, be? You know, kind of quiet, impenetrable, unknown, walk me through this. You know you keep a secret, I’m not telling anyone. I know it’s crazy. business coach  I miss you and I’m thinking about starting a new Subway sandwich going to be nobody, I’m going to go interview thing about the note. Here’S the thing with this kind of Segways with the other one into Art of War. You got to be good when you were in business. You got to kind of think about, like a general would think I mean you’re in war, you’re, trying to outsmart them you’re, trying to Outfox them you’re trying out move them maneuver them. business coach  You know – and you may save yourself well – that doesn’t sound very nice ate the war.

Folks, it’s business business is war, you win, they win, 80 % of people shut down their doors. You think they’re happy, you think they like the money they wasted. You think their families happy the hours I put in that business and think of you as being an intense mean guy. What do people say? Good baby, that’s not going to the other eye. Doctors want to come into town in about his doesn’t seem very nice. business coach  No, I thought the pie was big enough for salt. Think about this one is I love this because that’s your plans be dark and the words that means don’t tell anyone. What’S the painting and impenetrable as night, that means it’s a secret and the way you keep a secret is just don’t tell anybody how many times you were this. You know what Hangouts I hate. You know what I got. I know that some hey clay, don’t tell anyone to tell you that I do all the time. business coach  I will tell somebody not to tell somebody something that doesn’t want it. What you want – and it doesn’t matter to me at all just to see if they’ll tell somebody 797 97 % of time they will decide exactly what I said: crush crush them. business coach  Here’S. What it means is that you realized that person is not in your inner circle. You can share those intimate things with the song you’re not going to change them. People change seldom, listen to me. business coach  People change, sell them and so you’re not going to change them now. You’Re the idiot, if you continue to tell them secrets and expect them to keep them, I’m the idiot. I just like this. I, like you like me, to share with everybody everything I know and the interview with Arnold Schwarzenegger and but the second part of this is even better, and that is when you fall. When you move, you fall like a thunderbolt, and that is when it when it happens, when it’s going down, guess what it’s going down when it’s going down it’s going down and you got it all. business coach  Pent up you’re ready to go and you leave kind of the deeper you can. We forgot to leave her when we come back or Break It Down. Notable court number 4 from The Art of War and Robert Redman is going to ask us a tough hard-hitting business.

Coach, It’s Clay Clark, you listen to DriveTime, show on your radio. They were talking about the Art of War. I am super excited to be here with you go to DriveTime I am a business coach. business coach  No back to the business coach. Radio show that taught John Madden the word boom. I mean there’s a lot of places you could be, but I want to be out of there in a funny place in. business coach  This is one of those funny places that end in for the other places, not as one of the big ones in the funny play. Some wow, you remember the moment in the place and time when you taught John Madden the word boom. business coach  You remember where you were at me where you at with you over there haikey Creek, where you at the Philbrook, where you at John and I were sitting down at Thanksgiving dinner you going to Turkey Leg each and, and I said hey. What would you think about this and he said what Z I said the word boom any just stopped. business coach  They said it’s turkey leg down, he wiped his hands off of the napkin that he had and looked at me said. You know what I like that were unbelievable about the Art of War and we’re breaking down. These eight powerful quotes from The Art of War, but before we do that Robert Redmond, your business coach and you have got a hot question to the Thrive Nations. Hot hard-hitting questions why you asking for clay – and I got one so check this out – I’m working with a business. Both these guys are incredible. business coach  They’Ve been in business together to guys they share an equal partnership in the business and they’ve, been together for about 20 years. Now right long, history of success and we spent a lot of time building checklist Building Systems to make things more organized and efficient, hold people more accountable right. business coach  So it’s so we built this system. The only problem is, one of the partners are not following the system. So the question is: when you’re in that situation, how do you motivate your business partner to follow best practice proven system? business coach  Okay, move number one is doctors. He would strongly encourage you not to ever have a fifty-fifty partnership ever ever ever ever playing your rationale behind this. business coach  Will you see, I got my best friend over here and we were besties. business coach  You know we’re going to lie. When you were together to high school together, my buddy was dating. business coach  I got your awkward for you and me a great idea. You got the thing. Let’S do this together, let’s move forward this thing: the chopper down the middle 50-50. You do your thing: imma do my To The Choppa Choppa and then I don’t know what happens if people go into business with some of their friends with instead of and then what happened is as soon as you get these ride as soon as you get these Problems, you don’t have a boss which way to 5107. business coach

There was one time when we were in the bowling league and you were supposed to pay for the cheese fries and you didn’t do it and I was like okay. So I was looking at my house until not going to necessarily do what you want me to do with it was 50-50 on, like we did a lot of business last month was it may be as much as you wanted to do, but you know I’m happy. I’M satisfied, I don’t know why you all fussy, while you are getting on mcken about doing stuff as a 50/50. business coach  I don’t know I feel like I have a hundred percent right now. Both of you get the Strikeforce ticket to decide. Okay, come on in here and problem there and that it’s it’s a difficult and challenging thing, and that’s why you don’t do the 50/50 partnership to have a face-to-face, Hey! Listen here! I’M going to be honest! Here’S what I’m thinking! Here’S what’s going on here that I’m feeling here’s what I know and come to terms of a Greement you might find out. business coach  Oh you know what you’re right, I’m sorry. I was kind of dog and last week because you know I had a thing about a thing and I’m sorry and I’m going to step it up a notch there or you could say the guys like you know what I don’t think and you have a separation. business coach  Then you do a buy-sell agreement which I got like West Carter can help you with, and that is where you say I can listen. You either set the price of you, buy dry ice at the price and buy one of us. You know because we obviously we’re not working together as well as we did 20 years ago, and I must say it’s kind of that point. Yet alright, but you’ve got to sit down and have you can’t let it Fester, because the heart of Kano, the volcano way of management with, is no fun. business coach  You probably see that all the times in attorney the guys didn’t want to say volcano. They just played sting and steam and Steve, and then one day they don’t send this to Cowabunga from Down Under nuclear was talking about that little bit. You know a lot of people talk to me about this problem and I’m like no, you don’t understand what they did 20 years ago to me that I have right now. We know this is horrible. business coach  We cannot solve this. business coach  Those are the people that, like he said they have been letting it fester and it’s cancerous voice, Heroes, irreconcilable differences and all hope is usually lost, and it talking about numbers and who’s going to buy who out, but you can think about, is you might bring a business coach  Third-Party someone that can come in you might Unisom audit might come in with some some other, maybe even have an attorney that deals with his business kind of you know, trying to Kumbaya. Let’S work together and sit down with the third party, because sometimes you’re so close to somebody that you best friend of your business partner. You work your spend more time with him than you. Do your family, it’s hard to sit down one day and go. business coach

You know what the One Direction I thought I was going to go. business coach  That’S a difficult situation. business coach  Sometime, you bring a guy like wescard, he said he had less and less and you have a meeting. business coach  I need to have a camera mediator between us and I need to have someone that can kind of be common sense, because I’m aggrieved these are my issues and and and help me help me a lot of times when you have two people lighter 50/50 or even 5149 there’s years when somebody has a great year and they feel like you’re, not carrying your end, will in a couple years, usually little flip on you and so some introspection there that the think about okay well over the last 5 years. How is a one year? business coach  Maybe we just a little bonus here. It wouldn’t even think that’s what Anna counselor I eat, attorney IEM mediator can bring to the table. Is that bigger perspective that anybody pump the brakes? Let emotions cool down. business coach  Let’S look at the bigger picture and see how things are really going. You guys are doing really. Well, it’s been working for 20 years. I mean that you know divorces that happen after a couple years ago. business coach  Okay. Well, you know that after 20 years you like that here is the other step one you would do if someone has a checklist, do their system to their work, their project do with their assigned to do, doesn’t do their job. If your partner’s, I would recommend that this question gets asked. business coach  Do I have permission to be direct with you? business coach  Oh that’s huge. I love that question. Do I have permission, and so is that a yes, then what you do is you say, here’s the deal, you’re not doing what you’re supposed to do, and I think anybody listen to this recording myself. business coach  Can you listen to your own? Show your a sick freak? What happened to this? Is it you? We all need accountability and by default everybody’s going to drift, and I will just tell you – you need accountability in your life and that’s why a Steve Jobs, Eric Schmidt and Jeff Bezos, all shared one thing in common. business coach  They all had a business coach, who is the smartest wealthiest people in the on the planet name of Bill Campbell was the business coach for all of those guys and everybody needs someone to hold him accountable. I I work with the pastor of a mega church. business coach  Right now and guess what he has a pastor: it’s all about accountability, States versus red time show broadcasting live from the center of the universe, its business school without the BS featuring optometrist turned entrepreneur. Dr. Robert zoellner, with us SBA entrepreneur of the Year clay Clark. business coach  I would American food alright Drive Nation. Welcome back to the conversation is the Thrive time show on your radio. My name is Clay Clark, the father of five human kids and I’m a joint in the box of rocks with the man, the man who always provides ecstasy when he is next to me. It is dr., z, sir, business coach  how are you doing you’re, not song with you about glorious and you look glorious. I always try to be more humble. You know you are just Glory as a man. I would change your name to Glorious.

If I were you that’s, how can I appreciate that very much about myself, I’m being super humble and when you said that I’m glorious and I was I was saying I was saying to myself – I was thinking it back, I’m going to go so far as to Say that if you were to be born of woman, your name probably would have been in fact I’m sure it would have been. business coach  If you can hear me, yes, what’s it mean if someone with the trouble now I’ve got to reach out to you? Have a business coach question then we’ll talk more about transgender restrooms and by the way this is getting too hot and heavy hard-hitting questions. So we just talked about if you’re in equal Partnerships with you know a business partner and they’re not wanting to do something. What do you do? That’S important? What do you do? business coach  The next question is: is so I’m working with this business? business coach  What they do is you know that the giant mining like Caterpillar trucks, like that, like they huge once I’ve, always wanted driveway. So this guy sells engine parts for those trucks in this industry. In the it’s been a family business for a century literally a hundred years hundred years, and they have multiple locations. You know all over the country, yeah yeah. I know I don’t drink largest casino in Thackerville Oklahoma to sign Thackerville home of the largest casino in the country. business coach  But yet, when you get us in the country is Google, it Google it right. Now it is the largest city in the United States of America. business coach  There’S one larger in Macau: how is it goes on for a long ways of business? Multiple offices and the partners of the business are all family members and they can’t agree on a major decision right now answer. T business coach  he question is when your business partners are your own family here, they’re your family members and you have a big decision that you don’t agree upon. What do you do because he has a hot take and I try to you know I try to Tivoli like you. Don’T care to go first and then I’m like Yogo II, but this time I want to throw me under the bus, I’m just like an immediate questions. 8. business coach  What do you think what the breakdown is? business coach  Anybody have 51 % voting is in rehab authority to zoom zoom with the boss. Is anyone is anyone home? Is anyone else to hear me more than that? I mean okay, there’s Nintendo’s 5 Business, five family members that are running this thing is there’s no majority. There’S four family members that each have equal ownership but, like three of the family members, agree on the decision and one doesn’t it so I guess the question is: what’s a the hill that decision? Obviously I mean when you have the Orioles yellow and get the baby powder, or maybe mud depends on. You know this person is a screw. You you’re doing what we say or how do you actually manage the conversation and we appreciate you, we validate your views. business coach  We appreciate your input, but the three of us verse, one. We voted on it and guess what you lose and we’re going to go in this direction so and if you are so unhappy with that that you no longer want to be a part of this guess. business coach  What will buy you out of me if it’s like an epic fail and they’re just like I want to see you I’m going to cause trouble, I’m going to be jealous and here’s the deal you can either go along peacefully or we can call it West card And sit down, and but do we can buy you out, because you know what it’s a life too short for me to go through it and you can take that money and go. business coach  Do the thing you want to do. Let me point out the time to do this is not when you have the fight. If you set the rules in advance, everybody has an expectation so that guy that the out he’s like hey, it’s all fair, I got outvoted.

If it’s everybody has to agree unanimously, then you know that you know, but if you accept those expectations of head of the fight a lot less drama, Jack Welch would tell you that you cannot manage you can’t jack. What’S the number one, CEO of all time, you would tell you that you cannot manage Jack walks, the guy, who is the number one CEO of the former CEO of GE? He said you cannot manage in a democracy, can’t be like a democratic. It can’t be like a managed by committee. It can’t be like hey. We all need to reach a consensus here before we would make a decision because, as an example, business coach  The Hobby Lobby is a great company and I really do applaud because his values align with mine. business coach  But he’s made that you like to make you like to make frames, and I should know I want this – is a great example of a whole day with the guy. He believes that the business should be closed on Sunday. business coach  However, inside the box that rocks, we have a guy who’s known as being the seven days a week. Optometrist of you need your glasses break on a Sunday. He believes that you should be able to get them fixed, but yet there’s another person who says it should be closed. business coach  So if you guys had a fifty-fifty partnership of your optometry clinic, you would say: listen. business coach  The customer broke her glasses on Sunday and they deserve to be able to see even on the Sabbath and he would say well, we need to shut it down on the Sabbath and you would say – and you would say no but listen. There’S people that cancer feeds on the side, but I should be able to see you whenever that needed to go see a doctor when they need to. business coach  But most doctors are closed Friday, Saturday and Sunday. business coach  Archuleta Hospital don’t take a look close on Sundays in a bad car wreck right and that’s why you don’t do it and then, at that point in your what she said it well, you got to have if you, when you get in too busy, could I have The prenup in place and that’s when you got to go and get legal counsel, that’s when you got to go and say: okay, what happens if this thing goes south or even worse, even worse, clay, and where is what happens when it go to a big success? business coach  Any more fighting, no more problems up to doctors eat before we head to the breakers. business coach  When I want to come to this up here, you have been the most Fair kind partner, /, father business guy. I’Ve ever had my life, he needs money and I want you to do it and I feel that you’re consistent in your in your you do it’s fair right, and it also seems as though, when somebody doesn’t agree with you, you don’t lose sleep about it. business coach  You you don’t lose sleep over this situation, not make the fair call or telling a lot of people want to make everybody happy. So we come back. I want to talk about when you know what the fair decision is. When you know what the right move is, but you struggle to make the decision cuz, you want to make every single person happy. business coach  How do you do it show on your radio? business coach

My name is Clay Clark and the word is business coach back to the business coach. Radio show that’s so good that it makes the Oru praying hands. business coach  Clap. Yes, yes, yes, I thought of something last one time. Welcome back to the show on your radio and join here with an incredible Guru of Entrepreneurship, is kinda like the business coach  Daniel Boone and Tycoon of Tulsa entrepreneurship he’s taking Optometry Optometry game to the next level. This is dr. Robert zoellner, sir. How are you I’m good? Pretty good hand clapper by the way, I’m here, let’s go, let’s go and I think I actually saw the praying hands clap one time I’m not meeting was productive. I wasn’t video taping it like everybody else takes everything in the world in or video tapes it or whatever. You want to call her and see how old am I, when I say, take a picture of how how old? business coach  How old is the my car sound like who’s got? The 8-track players – and I were playing here is here, is here, is the issue before the break Robert insco. She has to question him. We’Re going to be, and they’ve got a family there’s for voting members. business coach  They’Re. All family members, they brothers and sisters that cannot reach an agreement, and you were explaining that how you how you deal with it, because three of the four people agree with the decision. But one doesn’t in the question I would have for you is, how do you say, listen by majority, because I told me set up this company three of us agree. One way one of us disagree isn’t working to make the decision. business coach  If you feel bad, I’m not worried about it right, exactly! That’S how you have to have it. I mean you said it very well. You should have it all set up beforehand, but you don’t really mean how many of us have done that right in our lives. Unless you have a great business coach at walks, you through it really sets at the business, and those are probably your your 3rd 4th 5th and 10th business that you like, okay, absolutely right about as well kind of wondering the singer. business coach  Next thing you know: we’ve started something in his blown up and now we’re all making money. We look around them. What was going on when you encounter these things? Robert Redmond, i e business coach, extraordinary button, bring in an expert like a West Carter and say: listen help us devise some rules help us devise some a template that we can go forward with our business because you know what we didn’t encounter. We didn’t think we’re going to fix it. business coach  We did heck, we don’t know we be around this long. No, I agree, and I think you know me for a while now and he was good about saying, we’ll just figure it out as we go and then, when you get to some point, thank you to you make it right. You say: Okay, timeout love to work. This is going to work, it ever going to figure it out, so we can sit down now and make these rules and make these decisions the word on a good foundation, so we can blow up exactly and so then, business coach  when you get there go the next step Play in Robert, then you would you do just? How can I don’t know you don’t pump the brakes? Here’S the deal. If I let emotions tied down and take a deep breath, and if one is so aggrieved, then you can go to a buy-sell agreement with them. You can try to work them out of the deal if, if someone is so upset about it on the end or if you can’t come to agreements and you sit down with a counselor and you work out the deal, business coach  but this was kind of easy one. Cuz three equal parts, verse one equal part. I mean you’re going to go three and that’s coming to Branson family member. You don’t want to ruin the relationship, but I entered the business center and he said that I’m so he’s like you know what we may have to just kind of stomp, your foot down the three of us and say hey: business coach  this is the directional going. The key thing that we’re just talking about even during the break that that you’ve developed very well dr. zoellner, is maintaining a sense of of stoicism. In that you don’t make an emotional, you don’t get real mad hey. This is the best decision of the business. This is the way we’re going. We all agree that you know if you’re the best at this is unbelievable. He seriously you can from the clinic on emotional. You know what her next in person Workshop play. business coach  What you want to talk about her little bit more down the road down the road a little bit later in the segment and before we wrap up, but it in her in person, which I did probably coming to tie an address and maybe a little bit next Time maybe next month, thank you in a little I, for one will do that. Okay during it, when you said that the rules the pigs are, the 10 pig rules of business was incredible Revelation seriously.

I was sitting there listening and I thought it was great, and so that was awesome. business coach  Thank you. I appreciate that. I love popping in on her in person, workshops and kind of just you know doing that to spot-check doing what we talked about, what you wish. I knew what does Ohana Lubbock appraisal. I love you to come to think about. It is that it’s never too far gone to get a write-up right number one number to do. You know I love. This line is always said it’s a classic line with quote it. I business coach  t’S nothing personal, it’s just business. business coach  Take your pick, your personalities out of it yeah. I know you know Dad may have been nicer to me when we were kids, my other siblings and whatever I mean take the personalities out of it. business coach  Take the personal stuff out of it and always run it through the filter of if you’re running after the filters what’s best for the business, and you can argue that point it correctly and intelligibly, and you know without a lot of Hyperbole and you’re, just saying: hey: business coach  Here’S here’s my point and the reason why I make it white the best for the business and then you can stand behind that. Then people have to listen to you because it what you do is it the way you talk and business coach  the way you presented. It has nothing to do with it. I just can’t, can you can’t be all the second time today? Will you have time for one more notable quotable from the art of we did get a couple days from The Art of War we are able to attack. We must seem unable, when using our forces, we must appear inactive. We are near, we must make the enemy believe that we are far away when far away. We must make him feel we can believe we are near, see it just still so dirty. business coach  I tell you what they found a bunch of statues in China that were made to look as if they were warriors so out on the battlefield. business coach  They lined up the statues of fake Warriors to do this very thing and sometimes it when you’re in business that temporary spot blow your mind by the way. I know you love it, but deception is not being completely truthful with your enemies and your enemies is the guy down the road. With the same business wanting to shut you down example: World War, 2 Adolf Hitler was absolutely of the Mind said he could trust. business coach

Nobody can you could see why? business coach  Because he was trying to kill everybody of Jewish descent, music, the worst person ever and what happened was our our president. At the time FDR, he realize Franklin, Delano Roosevelt. He realize that this guy is absolutely paranoid at all times, so he started creating a faux military set up so using plastic and metal. He created, like not real tanks, not real.. It’S not real armies. business coach  What things that look to be real from the satellite imagery and back of the satellites are going to space that would fly very high altitudes. They take pictures photos you’re, going back to Hitler and they’re going hey Hitler, rule QuickTime out. I know you’re busy, killing people and being the worst person in the world, business coach  but I’m going to quit on syphilis and all the things you don’t like to put heiling Hitler yourself, sir. We have taken satellite, imagery or High aerial photos, and we have a showing that the Americans are worse in this area and that area and we don’t know what to do. business coach  We had reports, are going to attack Normandie and this other area and he’s like oh well. I’M sure Hitler some comic anyways, he breaks up the troops in different areas and that’s when we stormed the beaches of Normandy, we were able to get past the massive German military power structure, but it was through deception that we just to be honest. We wanted to let you know our plan is to invade exactly on this certain day at this certain time we just want to. Let you know this is a pic of you know your enemies. You won’t tell me what you’re doing when you’re doing it where you’re doing it. – And this is my only political commenter of the day. business coach  If you do that – and you happen to the leader of the Free World, you are a jackass movie, four ways to help all the entrepreneurs out there for ways to help you one. business coach  We have the Thrive time show podcast to see. Why is that powerful? It’S free! You can subscribe to it. It’S awesome. You can listen to goldfrapp time to check it out. Also. We have one-on-one in-person, it’s 101 business, coaching over the phone or in person, because you can sign up right now for a free consultation at drive time. Should I come Thru. We have the world at the business school, it’s only a dollar for the first month. business coach  That’S DriveTime and for we have the in-person workshops or next one’s coming up in October, you’re, probably hearing the commercials book your tickets, but that drive time should I come nosey. business coach  We always like the end of show with a boo. I love it here. We go


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