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If you own a business, it’s easy to see the parallels between business and war. In this episode of the Thrive Time Show business podcast, business coach Clay Clark and Doctor Robert Zoellner break down 8 powerful quotes from The Art of War.

Key Performance Indicator [ 10:40 ]


  1. 1. Manage the Number of Patients That the Doctor Must See Per Day
  2. 2. Identify Their Biggest Limiting Factors


      1. A. Phone Scripts
      2. B. Checklists
      3. C. Pick Out Frames
      4. D. Turn-Key Marketing
      5. E. Conversion Numbers
      6. F. Number of Leads


  1. 3. Automate Your Saving Money – Save 10% of Your Gross Revenue
  2. 4. Set Up a Consistent Marketing / Advertising Budget –


Merit-Based Pay 101 [ 16:20 ] 
  1. Provide Quick Rewards (weekly)
  2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Face reality as it is, not as it was or as you wish it to be.” – Jack Welch (The former CEO of GE)


How to Deal with Bad Customers: [ 28:40 ] 

Wrapping Up the Skirt Issue


AMPLE EXAMPLE – The Art of Deception in the Game of Football:


NOTABLE QUOTABLE #4 – “All warfare is based on deception. Hence, when we are able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must appear inactive; when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away; when far away, we must make him believe we are near.” – Sun Tzu [ 36:41 ]



NOTABLE QUOTABLE #5 – “In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity” – Sun Tzu [ 57:50 ]



NOTABLE QUOTABLE #6 – “Engage people with what they expect; it is what they are able to discern and confirms their projections. It settles them into predictable patterns of response, occupying their minds while you wait for the extraordinary moment — that which they cannot anticipate.” – Sun Tzu [ 1:04:36 ]



NOTABLE QUOTABLE #7 – “The art of war is of vital importance to the State. It is a matter of life and death, a road either to safety or to ruin. Hence it is a subject of inquiry which can on no account be neglected.” – Sun Tzu    [ 1:10:25 ]



NOTABLE QUOTABLE #8 – “Treat your men as you would your own beloved sons. And they will follow you into the deepest valley.”- Sun Tzu



NOTABLE QUOTABLE #9 – ““Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.” – Sun Tzu



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Casting for this Saturday evening, verse in the world’s only business school with us, cellar, you’re here, boom, Bloom and baboom welcome back to the Thrive time show on your radio. My name is Clay Clark. I am the former USS, be a entrepreneur of the Year sit here to help you build a successful business, we are so passionate and so fired up to help you, and occasionally we get to have some of the Thrive business coach is inside the box that rocks And their aunt they’re asking Dr zeeck directly so Eric you are a business coach and allegedly you have some hot some hot take. Some tough questions for doctors already have my friend okay. So here we go. I wanted you to ask you, Doctor Z, when it comes to KP eyes for doctors, what do you find are the best kpi to hold doctor’s accountable to sew key performance indicators? You know I’m working with the chiropractor and he was wondering if you know, what’s the best way, to keep his doctors on track and keep them accountable.  business coach  Right now, he’s working with like a minimum goal. The doctors need to see a hundred visits per week. Mommy had some ideas for tracking they’re closing percentage. I see the chiropractor, so patients number of patients that completed care. business coach  Things like that. Just wanted to get your take on that. I absolutely down the lane that you need to be, and I’m thinking the most important API key performance indicator is in her. Patients are seen. And that’s a team effort. business coach  You know, I I told him it had a matter fact. I was just talking about him. I said when I sit down my staff at Elizabeth that doctors doing anything he works for me, if he’s doing anything or she doing anything other than being in the exam room during an eye exam we’ve all lost, we’ve all missed the boat right, because there’s a Lot of things that the doctor can do me doctor can’t answer phone right right doctor could do pre-testing could greet even check somebody out make sandwiches for people, I mean old school. Will you go back in Idabel or whatever you do probably help you pick out your glasses to the doctor? business coach  Can do all those just like with this chiropractor the doctor can do a lot of things.

They really need to be in that room. So all that, then you higher than the stats stop. You drive the marketing, you drive the patients in and then some of the limiting membranes is the mine said the doctor. You are a doctor and they say where there’s no way. I can see more patients in a day, and I will you know what, if you didn’t have to do all the antler things? business coach  Maybe you did before at your business coach  office right? What is that mean? We have a staff we do do. Do do do do. Do you want me to do when you go see your family doctor and he doesn’t measure height, doesn’t take your weight? He doesn’t do the history of you all that’s done by the nurse and business coach  nursing staff who you pay a lot less to so you can maximize the doctor time. I want to make this applicable to not only doctors but the any business owner listening, and I really want to get into the deep details of this, because you are a master at doing this. business coach  So when you first started your dr. Robert zoellner and Associates 25 years ago, yeah you are, you were, and you still are dr. Robert zoellner, the right correct, an associate, correct and said it was a total of 2 people. Who was it a he or she who was the Atocha? Okay? So it’s you and that person and then at a certain point you start to say I cannot see any more patience myself and so you then built phone Scripps. Someone can’t answer the phone for right. Then you step to you built checklist for everything, so you didn’t have to do every aspect of the business. I didn’t have to remember to remind business coach  people to clean the bathroom exactly in all the things to do in the bathroom business coach  the other day at Utica Square.

I saw a shout out to Lisa if you’re out there how you doing, and yes she was a great first employee and that we knew we rocked out for Mom and of course I had to hire more people Adventure. So here’s here’s the big question h business coach  ere and Ryan Meyers can identify with this he’s actually eating business coach  founder of Outlaw Customs, Auto Repair in Rhinelander person. But you don’t maybe doctors. business coach  They have enough Revenue to justify hiring the third, but you know you’re never going to get big enough if you do you’re never going to grow. If you don’t hire the third, and so I think, a lot of entrepreneurs, I see they tend to get stuck right. There and they say you know, and now I don’t have enough money right now to justify hiring hiring another optometrist, but I know that I won’t ever have time to work on the business. If I don’t do that that weird transition time wins the time to hire the next person see what you have built the phone scripts, what you have built the business coach  checklist, what you have built a system for picking out frames once you have the credit Turn-Key Marketing System, When is the time for you to hire somebody, if you, maybe you don’t have enough Revenue? What I think about is that here’s the problem with not having enough Revenue. business coach  That means that you’ve not been doing a very poor Foundation thing that we teach you her Thrive and that is delayed, gratification and saving money. You have to be saving money. So, business coach  therefore, when you step out a new hire that person yes they’re, going to pay for themselves day, one probably not they’re, not answer you have a war chest to go. Do those kinds of things of Worchester open, a new practice and Worchester awards has to hire business coach  a new employee that that’s another good? You know use of savings that you’ve done now. Why did you have savings because you were making money business coach  before and you were living below your means? And you were you would talk about on the show so many times at Financial Security is actually having so many leftovers in the month.

He says if you cannot save money than the Habit there. He says you can’t give. You cannot save money than the seeds of greatness are not within you. business coach  This concept, if you can’t save money, that sounds awful mean you can’t. You just means I want to ask you this question: how much money business coach  should this driver who’s, building his medical practice? How much money should he be saving as a percentage like 5 %, 10 % to 2 %? To me, when you can save quite a bit, and it depends on where are you practicing how much are making, but I mean I would start off and take just try to 10 % back at Mercy room set at least 5. I would take 5 to 10 as it grows. It gets larger than that number can go down, as your business coach  avings goes up them to just certain point to where I’ve got enough of Worchester. What my plans are with my goals. Are you know, I’m saying, and so some of that kind of formula that’s why we really encouraged getting a business coach? That’S why we coming in to get like an Eric Chopper at clay Clark and we’ve got a lot of great business coaches here in lot of questions. You know everybody. It’S it’s hard, just paint brushes say this. If you don’t Point, business coach  everybody should be doing this. Everybody. business coach  Everybody should be, they should be doing it, but how much and that’s a deep question you know we had with the other Thrive conference. Yesterday I sent person workshops which was awesome Wellington time and the place is always packed packed. The question business coach  was asked: how much should I be paying myself a great question for you or to get to bring up on their? How much should I be paying myself another person?

I said why you got to reverse-engineer it and they’re, like I’m, not an engineer, and I was like what what would your in-game? What you give tell me about what your life looks like when you, business coach  when you come to what you would call success and then work backwards from that you know some guys. What looks like success is much different than what it looks like the other guys. Absolutely look like success 10 years ago is now different, for you even know what it would look like when you and I teamed up to do Thrive. You were talking about Blake at these F5 goals. You got these F5. That goes for your family, your finances, your Fitness, business coach  your friendship, bees are great goals to have, but my man, what are your goals for fun, and I got to thinking you know. I love, I love in your life and that really is to me. Success is being in the man cave with real people having authentic patience with people that I can really be authentic. With that you want to be around around that’s like my favorite thing, and so to me that is success to me in years ago. I wanted to go on cruises and trips in business coach  Oklahoma. Can I want to just stay here in this great state of business coach  Oklahoma? What percentage of gross revenue should the average person be spending minimum on Advertising? Was that be radio TV Internet ads? However, they Market to me? What is the percentage that they should be setting aside minimum? business coach  Where would I start off? I was very aggressive and I did 10 % of my gross. It is crazy and, As I Grew, what I would do is out at another radio station, as I grew out of that another magazine is another billboard is that grew, I would add the business coach  10 % the same in fine. I got to the point where I was barely much about to the point of saturation. business coach  Mymarket of you don’t feel like I’m sick and tired of you where to get to that boy to like that back and now now what you know to around 2 % to know, maybe not even 2 %, have to take a look at my my latest number.

That’S why I try to keep it you know. business coach  So, if I’m listening right now and I’m saying what key performance indicator Sidetrack, one manage the number of patients that the doctor must be 4, they were the number to customers. You need per day back to Chet’s Rental Car Chante. What is the most profitable thing that doctor can be doing, and that made deal with the closing right that made a deal with the referral right that make deal with some other things that you’re tracking on that did they sell? Did they do acupuncture Zen add-on? Do they do some other things that are add-ons at? They can be quote on quote chilling in the room. I know that sounds crazy, but that’s kind of what it boils down to you know. Yet it’s a it’s a problem, oriented exam and you say hey where your problem, let’s fix it, for you got something that we can do for you, um we’re going to cry out loud. business coach  We can freeze you, we can go to acupuncture you all these different things. You don’t tell you, but you monitor those Amtrak. That was because it’s about time you decide whether to keep a guy or bad guy more money. business coach  So I’m the show notes for today for the Thrive time and you click on podcast I’ll put these up there. But step one: you want to perky performance indicators.

You want to manage the number of patients at the doctor must see per day. business coach  You must know that number to identify their biggest limiting factors on a daily basis like what is keeping them from seeing more patients. 3. Please make sure your automated you’re saving, so you have money to hire people as you grow up and for set up a consistent marketing budgets that way you’re able to Market it’s. Just not all word-of-mouth not have a hot question here for for Ryan Meyers right when you build Outlaw custom. business coach  You did this for a long time, but when you first started, when did you know it was time to hire somebody else to AutoRap the vehicles and it was no longer time for you to personally be Auto wrapping all the vehicles. While I had 10 years it’s been a year and I had to look and see if I spend more money doing it myself or hiring someone else and other one look at. That is how can I best use my assets, business coach  liabilities and that was in sales and not in the installation. So I could weigh more than make up for what I wasn’t doing: an installation by cells and hiring someone else to install dr. z. I a c so many entrepreneurs to get hung up on this little Park. This little portion this little idea that saving for them is something they don’t take, that they don’t think about it, don’t talk about it and then, when they want to hire somebody, they need to hire somebody to make that jumping point to grow exponentially to go from 101 doctor in an assistant to two doctors in an assistant to a doctor business coach  in to Assistance or whatever they can’t do it cuz, they haven’t been saving they weren’t. They were purposeful and you have to do it.

We have to be preloaded off the front. You’Ve got to save you guys some people to go to the you need to advertise on when business coach  I can afford it. I can’t afford them like you, pay your rent more. Yes, of course, you pay the electricity. Will you pay your cable bill or your phone or not do well, business coach  I’m actually more profitable when I bring a business word of mouth to mouth is actually a better deal for me in business, business, business, dr. Robert zoellner, inside the box of rocks, and so he Let you know we’re working with the base salary and then there’s a bonus paid once for these goals that he’s going to hit, and then the main question was asking is what the time frame should that matter of base pay be based on his a weekly monthly. business coach  Is okay? If we come back from the break doctors, I’m going to break down how to properly use merit-based pay? What does merit-based pay in Eastvale Police Department results not based upon eat into a quarterback who wins more games more than the quarterback who loses?

This game looks like it’s a giving somebody more money for being better at their jobs that don’t require rating people, business coach  letting there were they standing rating people telling somebody where they are Under Shepherd, just love all of our employees. The same I mean, let’s have a Kumbaya moment, but she works the same amount like room, because you know everybody deserves to be paid the same in a the wait, a minute that would be socialism Central business, coach radio show broadcasting live from the center of the Universe, its business school without the BS featuring optometrist turned entrepreneur dr. Robert zoellner with us SBA entrepreneur of the Year clay Clark.  business coach  Just talk just hold on we’re going home just saw alright tribe Nation. Welcome back to the conversation is the Thrive time show on your radio. Your daily audio Dojo of Mojo fo sho in on Today Show we have. We have got an unbelievable show. Today we talked about the Art of War, we’re breaking down part 2 of The Art of War rating doctors, owners business coach  Take On The Art of War, and we have the opportunity to answer any of the business coaching questions that are coming in from the Thrive Nation today And we have Ryan Meyers who might be the tallest man we never had inside the box that rocks as he is. It’S really a massive party here it is a massive party with a massively tall guy I went takes massive tall is Ryan.

What’S the key to your height, what’s the key from the floor to the top of my gosh, so you’re saying that we were in deef the distance to Deep business coach  Thoughts by Ryan anyone’s listening? If you would make your distance from your head to the floor, big or just need actually taller fire absolutely so I ask you a stupid question like that is because, when you look at someone who successful it starts with curiosity, your path to success starts with curiosity. So, instead of saying oh wow, well, how do you, how do you take your multimillion-dollar business and make it bigger and said that question? business coach  The question is: how do you make your first million? What are the steps for the specific step? No question is too small. My friend, and so we have an eye doctor out there and what an in Tennessee Oklahoma City, Oklahoma City, who has who has a question for dr. zoellner and I’m excited I’ll, just want to get the doctor’s he’s thoughts on how to implement merit-based pay with a Doctor’S with a base salary are, we got the key performance indicators we just talked about in the last segment, those KP eyes. business coach   Now, what is the best time frame to implement that merit-based, pay weekly monthly quarterly? business coach  The sooner the better?

We were waiting on that ridiculous commercial to play. We got to get that the sooner the better and just kind of teaching the young of in the lab, where you have to wrap the presents the thing that gets a treat every now and then., business coach  Not that I would compare a doctor to a rat encourages them. Then they see it quicker and – and it’s a particularly a new doctor that into the practice cuz some time to come and go. business coach  Oh you going to not pay me in 3 months and now all the sudden, it’s just kind of weird and are they believe you is going to happen as we know what’s going on until the sooner you can do that better off and then, when things you business coach  Got to watch out for is you going to make sure that your Merit Bank system is not to waited two things that you don’t want them to do until you want to wait those two to the items that you’re making the most money on, and so you Got to practice and then all this he have to collect the money on it before you can before you can distribute those funds, so you know how many moving Parts there, but the answer that is the sooner the better. business coach  Now I have a follow-up question pay and I want to get to Ryan’s take on this.

It was as well I’ll ride Europe. A really good guy is a good guy. There’S many people. I know who know you, and one of the things that we could say is your you have integrity mean that you’re consistent, they word integrity, means he and indivisible it’s a consistent all the time. So that’s that’s! That’S what I like about you very, very true to yourself. You know you’re, business coach  very clear and direct about things when you first begin hiring people. When did it occur to you that that trait is not universally shared and that you are probably going to deal with If you hired like 10 people, interview 10 people that maybe eight of those people don’t have the work ethic needed to be successful if it at Your standard, when did you run into that for the first time we thought man? It really is a Minefield out here. What did you do? business coach  What did you discover that it happened when I was not an entrepreneur when I was in sales and working for the man and 80 % of the people in the office were not that way?

So I knew that that was the norm that took to not be exceptional, and so it wasn’t a huge surprise for me when I got out into the real world of fun for no reason, and so this is what I’ve discovered with a lot of entrepreneurs. If you’re not renew her, you wake up at whatever time you have to wake up to get whatever you need to get done. business coach  That’S the right! If you don’t work like the last 2 weeks, I’ve ever worked over the weekend or ever had to get up early. Be there at like work extra hours that you know to get something done. I have not worked eight 8-hour day in 11 years and I noticed that you work very hard. You get your stuff done, I do and so what happens if you’re an entrepreneur, you work hard doctors, business coach  he started his own business, he works hard. So the thing we try to do as well as my default as entrepreneurs were not intentional. We create a pay system. Gay people, the way that you would want to be paid if you have a job, but the person who works for you typically is not an entrepreneur. Furthermore, doesn’t want to be an entrepreneur, and so I’ll give an example from the Fitness industry. I see the second time with Fitness businesses. business coach  They say I’m going to hire a trainer, a personal trainer, to work for me, so I can get my muscles pumped up the muscles of other people building the business.

I’M only going to pay him to straight commission, only the employee is commission-only and he has to bring in business all day. So he has to work with the same sense of urgency to get all my clients. So now he has to get all his clients and usually that system doesn’t work because the employee realizes, if they’re getting all their own clients, why don’t they business coach  just start their own thing? And you end up with these dysfunctional merit-based pay system. They just noticed these systems, where it’s almost like you’re going to be my second Ploy, but you have to round up all the business yourself. You have to motivate yourself train yourself to manage yourself, but you have to split the profits of me because I’m your boss, business coach  people start their own business and it gets kind of weird. Can you help help the entrepreneur out there who was maybe trying to pay their team 100 % commission only in keeps losing their top people that can’t figure out? Why? That’S exactly the reason? Why? Because they sit there and say what you’re you’re not bringing in the patient’s you’re, not bringing the customers, I am and then I’m trying him that I’m giving you a piece of it. I can do a better deal. business coach   I can start. I can rent my own little space to put up some gym equipment. Do it myself in so that’s when things in the owner says we’ll listen. I I couldn’t afford that person is at sphere. You know it’s fear-driven, that’s a fear-driven decision, because they’re kind of going okay. If I, if I bring him in straight commission, then I have zero., I have zero liability. I have zero. Do you know if it doesn’t work out? It’S not going to be on me right, zero risk, but that’s not entrepreneurship. business coach  Entrepreneurship is any of this is going to work, I’m going to make it work. I burn the boat. I have you know. I can’t turn back now. I’M the pig at breakfast, not the chicken, all the things that we say and you’re fully c business coach  ommitted to it.

And now the said you bringing the trainer you and you give them a salary, and you maybe give them a bonus every now and if they do so many or whatnot that something you can work out with him, but then you’re driving the business into them. business coach  You’Re doing the marketing your dick you’re running your business and you’re driving to get them now you making a bad trainer that doesn’t keep up with the people that are coming in. You might get a great trainer. business coach   The still still tries to leave and still that business. But if you’re the one bringing it in there now, you have the confidence that you can bring in those customers that you did bring. Those customers are, in fact your customers. business coach  Now, if your employees on your team, Jack Welch, would tell you Jack Welch former CEO of GE, he said face reality as it is not as it was or as you wish it to me come on now, so you have to have a merit-based pay program in Place to motivate humans because humans are inherently so and so humans look at a group photo and what I look for their own picture. So humans need to be motivated. I need to be motivated, I’m an entrepreneur. business coach  I wouldn’t, I would definitely not have started a business and I couldn’t make a tremendously higher returns. I wouldn’t do it would be worth it, so you have to come with a merit-based pay program that makes sense for the members of the team and we come back really Breaking Down The Art of War. Part 2. We’Re getting dark, jerseys take on this Timeless classic. It’S over 1500 or 2500 2500 years old, but it’s quicker business coach. business coach   I think that I found myself a cheerleader.. She is always right there when they Thrive Nation.

Welcome back to the Thrive time show on the radio big shout out to my incredible wife and dr. Z. I have a huge announcement that I want to make hear on the radio right now he’s a huge huge. Is that the reason why you’re looking out the box of rocks, because that song was on made you think of your wife, because she’s a cheerleader, business coach  I don’t know I’m going to check with Nessa since we put in the new sexual harassment Clauses in the office? If I stare at her and she keeps turning in her complaints on your report to me, somehow I got designated HR, but I’m not sure married to and make them stop making Melissa. And she is a clinical psychologist and I’m getting to know these people and she put her hand up and she’s asked. The question was very short with each at her wedding. business coach  Like 13 years ago, oh wow, I was the workshop today. So awesome. You know in this lady I’m Melissa. She actually was there and Josh DJ her wedding and all that and Vanessa’s it go really well.

So Josh is fresh in her mind that I’m, like I haven’t seen that guy. In a long time we were moving into a new house, I said: don’t we still sleep on the mattress that he gave us like 17 years ago since he was 16? I think we do so. We checked we had the same business coach  mattress. It was given to us by DJ years ago, just occurred to me. I should get a new mattress. I probably should so. I go into Mathis Brothers and Carl. The best sales guy in the world looks just like Jamie Foxx. If you have not gone to Mathis Brothers to experience the amazingness, the ultra incredible missed, it is Carl you got in the car locks, you might be more town, he just went home late. Is it okay? If we go in there – and I realize that the mattress business coach   I got from Josh was never actually a good mattress cuz, this was a guy who had it in his college Years at OSU. Oh, my gosh just keep coming in. So what are you never sleep? I’Ve! Never actually wait a minute. This mattress that I’m testing out here Mathis. This is considerably more comfortable than this mattress shocking. If I were to pay money for goods and services, I too can have a new mattress. Until I have committed to my wife, business coach  I am buying a new mattress this week. It’S going to happen, did you know you’re busy?

I just go to Mathis Brothers. I said whatever they I buy. Whatever they sell it there. You go. That’S great! Yes! Yes, I do. This is this is not new at this, not on his desk. Just stay on a new well done. Mattress is more comfortable than a 20 year old mattresses back in college. I guess it was from my friend who had it in his car. That mattress is. It’S been through a lot of blinders on no just getting stuff done, business coach  and I haven’t gone to these mattress stores in there’s a whole world out there. A new mattress see what happens when you step out of your man cave your bunker gear, where you actually go out and experience new things like a mattress. Did you find out if you find that Tempur-Pedic did you lay down on Tempur-Pedic? Oh my gosh? This is so give me a call. I take your shoes off your shoes and why are you crying you put on your silk? Jammies put your shirt back on the right back down here in the US, and then you can see plays I just light up and the heavens open, the top of the building open and a dub came flying down the landed on you, and you said you just Need to accept it was a game-changing experience, so business coach  I booked an appointment on my to go back in there, I’m going to buy a couch that fits our new room exactly and I’m getting a mattress from Carl, business coach  the main man that matters worse. You get out of there without setting an appointment with him. It was Carl Carl knows how to deal with me when I shop, I literally will go in and go get that that they’re only going to cost. Let’S go ship, I mean that’s how I want to be there all day. So he saw me he says: okay, give me to call you, you call me whatever so what’s the deal so we’re going back in there will come in hot will see him a text we’ll get him trained. business coach  Him he’s the man. I want to go to the meeting now he’s always going to up-sell me. Some like a dog face pillow too cuz. He knows how random I am. I say – and I say what course absolutely Chucky up another business question and they were just wondering what’s the best way, to deal with complaints either like actual complaints. If the team member messes up – or I will never please or people in there, almost done with Ryan Meyers excellence in your auto service business coach  over there, a lot of great reviews to show your commitment to this. A lot of great reviews online of people typing, Outlaw Customs.

They can find just tons of great reviews, sure I’m sure you can’t make everybody happy. How do you handle complaints? Well, that’s a great question when you know what we’ve done over 4,000 wraps and I have over the course of 10 years three customers that I could not make happy three pretty good closing ratio, business coach  but still those three bug me and it just came down to the Fact that they were at the end of the day and reasonable, and you just can’t you can’t fix them all so that we can we go to every step. We possibly can to make sure that you have an amazing experience and, and so that’s our goal and a 3 out of 4000, not bad. business coach  Now, if you get a chance to read the book called the service profit chain, it was once introduced to me by the the head of QuikTrip. Mr. kajo, he said read this book. business coach  I love this book. It says you break down your customers in the five categories categories number one is you have the apostle that doesn’t know who love your business? You love them about the business, the third of the business coach  mercenary guy, looking for a coupon for a coupon or the 4th hostage. That’S where you mess up the hostage you have to take care of that person right away and then the terrorist to somebody who’s, not happy with you or anything in their life and they’re. Just coming into your business to tell you how unhappy business coach  they are with the way the world Works. business coach  Susie, let’s start with the terrorist.

How do you handle a terrorist customer who comes in is just on a mission to get you into a negative position with every now and then you can turn a terrorist, and when you do it’s a very satisfying for filling thing, when you can, when you can Walk them off of him off the ledge, and you can actually have them, maybe even go up to a hot tub mercenary. You know you never going to go. business coach  Take it to return Apostle it just now the true Terrace you just got to rent a red X on those are the three out of four thousand. Those are the ones that you needed to be promised them and not do business with business coach  Mike to say it like that. But there are people out there that are coming in to do harm your business or coming in to steal from you they’re coming in. To be mean or coming in, to be anything other than what you would want for my customer coming in your door and those terrorists, but thank goodness, there’s not a lot of them out there clay there’s a lot of people have Terrace moments.

The right people are having a bad day that got a car wreck, business coach  that they went home with her new glasses and her husband said a bad comment about them. So now, they’re really upset. If I got to make up a story to act like they’re mad about the glasses to try to get you to take him back to you know, sometimes there’s a lot of issues in their life. business coach  That’S that’s going on right, then. business coach  That causes them to come in and be just in a bad mood and a terrorist kind of mood. I don’t you can kind of turn you can sit down with them and be reasonable with them, and you can do all right now Thrive, Nation. We want to encourage you to go drive time. Should I come and sign up for the podcast? What time do the Thrive time show a show for the enemies of average? business coach  I think they have a picture to my wife will get that mattress. We’Re getting a new mattress, bouncy, bouncy technology that has improved in the last 18 years, going to make a new man out of you for the last 16 years. business coach   Scientists, researchers, marketers and they all been working together to make new mattress technology and now, through the help of of a captain obvious, I have discovered that we now need a new mattress, because the mattress that we are currently sleeping on is the one that a former business coach  Dj gave us that he used in college. Why do plants? People worry about regifting things, business coach  that a mattress is one of those things you can worry about and hear what I had a regifted mattress for 16 years and that’s after he had it in college. So I’m sure it was very gifted million-dollar businesses in Arkansas. business coach  Do it be booming and they are supposed to spend about a third of your life on you, maybe 25 % of yours, because you don’t sleep that much and now. I know why you got me through the morning: cuz you sleep, so I don’t know how I’m going to be here. This early was driveable whistle e d. business coach   I couldn’t go psychologist. She puts her hand up the car for two says: hey you guys need had my wedding. It was awesome I supposed to be Josh Smith. I go home. business coach  Talk to my wife call Josh Smith, we’re talking about moving in at the mattress is today I mean CD realize you can adjust the number. The Select Comfort me, that’s what the commercial been about here for the last 5 years ago. I sleep on as one of those that you can blow up to pressure you make make it firmer. business coach  I don’t think I like 900 % cuz. I like it firm business coach. You ask a question from one of your clients. Yes, there’s one to know: how do you deal with difficult customers correct and I’m going to put a show link a link appear on the show not to go to business coach  DriveTime, and you click on Today Show notes were covering the Art of War. business coach  Today you can see how Southwest Airlines handled the miniskirt issue, but when it was the Southwest Airlines, they reserve the right to fire customers who do not value other people and who do not value their value.

So as an example, if you wear a miniskirt you’re required to wear underwear on the Southwest Airlines flight and did not wear a mini skirt, skirt and just did not wear underwear and War, the craziest short skirt ever sold a member of the team noticed it mentioned It subtly said: hey discreetly, hate we’d have to have you exit off the plane and put a blanket over yourself because of XYZ and the person just refuse to do it. And it’s me: these kind of people exist out there and so Southwest Airlines got dragged through the headlines for over a year. Just getting beat up about this and actually put it on a story on Southwest air and it’s called wrapping up the skirt issue, and it tells you the whole situation how to handle it, but they reserve the right to fire customers who are terrorists. business coach  I would encourage you today if you’re listening and I would say more than about 1 % of your customers are terrorists. You are actually the problem are terrorists. business coach  You are actually the problem and what I have found is it in businesses, if you’re, not careful as the owner to set the standard, your employees will start complaining about the customers and starting to treat the customers as though they are a problem and not the boss.

In the customer is the boss, my man, oh yes, and they vote with their checkbook with their check, but we have entered some tough business coach. business coach  You know we move on to the Art of War. You better know this is going to break down the principles in this book one day at a time and if you missed episode one you can find it at DriveTime, but today we’re doing part 2, and so he was notable quotable from The Art of War. business coach  Is all Warfare is based on Deception? When we are able to attack, we must seem unable when using our forces, we must appear inactive. When we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away. When we are far away. We must make him believe. business coach  We are near okay, so basically the first off the fundamental precept. You do view business to be like War.

Can you explain what that means to turn off of business you? What happens? Is I remember when I first started an optometry clinic? I had a guy reach out to me and I he’s not Triston. That’S in that City and he said one weird weird. I took me to lunch and I had to see these new commercials were. business coach  They have to people interacting, and they really say out loud at Landers thing to each other, like in the end of the end up with don’t you really want people to say what you’re thinking two gals house neighborhood, I like to bring you this Pike to find Out if you’re creepy and then the other places that smells very intrusive, because you would like to come to my house and Snoop around he lied, business coach  he said: that’s why I’m here, which you really liked talking to people on the dates can like hey. Are you know I’ll, never call you again could because I’ll say I’m going to, but then I won’t because I had a horrible time me to OK, Google, by Myers you’re, a man of Faith, Zero Man of faith in someone break down. Thinking about this go eat. Just even the title of the book, The Art of War seems seem as if I was the president of the United States, and I knew that I was going to attack a country that was a terrorist country known to business coach  Harbor terrorists and I’m going to attack them. The last thing I would ever do is tell the enemy that I’m going to attack. First welcome to the community to go around much the car and I’m just so glad you’re here and anything I can do to help and all this kind of stuff.

I thought he doesn’t mean it doesn’t mean so disingenuous didn’t mean any of this was coming to steal your ideas. Yes, it’s a business coach  little bit see what’s going on give me the measure put his eyeball on me trying to sort this thing out. You know figure out. What’S going on yet we have 2 Mystery Shop and herein lies the ethics issues, business coach  so we have to. We have to meet Bill. Belichick had to film the other day had to so Brian walk me through your your your take on the ethics of spying on your competition, just your personal take out when is no right or wrong from year to year, the ghast I’m not trying to change you To a quarter have to agree with us, I just want to get your take on. What’S your take on spying on the competition, you know, I think it’s probably a great idea. It’S not something that I’ve ever done and I haven’t. I probably should I have a problem with it. business coach  It’S that whole deal doing the others thing and – and I want those people calling me and and getting prices and coming by and snooping around and all that jazz though I know it’s happened, cuz it had employees that were stolen from me because of people that came Into that, so I’m just now, I know I probably should have just don’t agree through mystery shopping business coach  and let’s say something like that: the ethics of you being a business owner and deciding the mystery shopping because I think somebody’s listening right now going and then you might Be going that’s Pirates, Pirate talk and walk me through the woods on your mind when you catch him in there, do you see them?

They dropped the pad and Pen run out the door, that’s always kind of fun. They don’t always run out quickly. You do it to A-1, you mister shop, your your business coach  competitors and you Mystery Shop yourself, your see, cuz, you know you can start learning a lot about how your patients are really acting when you’re not around by mystery shopping. In the attempt to encourage highly, we teach all the moves and or in person workshops we talked about it on our online business school 2015. Com at DriveTime, Any ideas that you reimburse somebody to come in and give you a real look at how your patients are handing them and how your customer and how your business coach  employees employees deal with them, what they say or they follow me scripture that being Pleasant or the beneficent. Are they making you happy or they taking care of business on their phone, saying you’re right now, business coach  you’re going to the record you going to whatever records there is you’re going to go on the record, saying that you would endorse having some Mystery Shop, your own business? Yes, and you would endorse mystery shopping, your competition, you have to that. That’S when the key things to know where you stand with them, what their prices are, how they’re dealing with things and just like business coach  Ryan said every now, and then you can. Maybe I get a good employee of the deal when we come back.

I want to explain to the thrivers how these these War Concepts can be used in business, but I want it really get into y z. You view business to be War, because what you view it as War, then you should make some changes. The way that you work together like EndWar, you don’t want to be working next to someone. You can’t trust. You know what business coach  I got to sleep in during his shift and he’s got to be protecting you and you don’t want to worry about you, no spying on the competition with a business people, The Art of War, definitely describes your philosophy. Business domination in that of every successful lunch, whatever some people get upset about the tonality of Donald Trump, but look at the results, so it’s kind of that whole top of the ethics of the cooking and comfortable could get crazy. business coach  Who knows we might end up in a fisticuff? It says right time show on your radio, I’m a business coach and that’s dr. zauner, a soon-to-be business broadcasting live from the center of the universe, its business school without the BS featuring optometrist turned entrepreneur dr. Robert zoellner with us SBA entrepreneur of the Year clay Clark. I was special that new mattress, because Gloria Morris mattress you make it to the darkest part of the night.

Now that mattress okay, business coach  can you explain to the thrivers I mean I did that special time for us on Today Show I shared with you. It’S a it’s. A private thing between you and me and Dawn and shop and Ryan to Meijer in the 30,000 people who may or may not be listening to the show it’s a very private moment for me very private. It’S a big occasions. He can explain the series of events that comes to our in-person business coach  Workshop. Leave you to your life changed right. We we get report after report after report. You know I put that one thing in the motion and it’s changed my life. You, like I did that one thing you said I didn’t even realize I wasn’t doing a thing that was going to do and our main speaker, our main man clay card at the last in person Workshop got his life changed to, but little bit differently hit a Lady in the audience point out today, Dan hurwit hit business coach  DJ her wedding, and she mentioned the name of the DJ. Josh have Josh Smith and then that led to a series of events of clay, realizing the mattress that they’ve been sleeping on 417 years, give it to them by Wonder DJs at work for them. That gave us this mattress, the meds it’s 25 years old and your life on. Oh, my goodness, I’m not a mattress salesman, but I mean I should be Spencer College. Oh, my gosh, I’m talking about the Art of War and ethics, and business coach  I think really me having a match and Patrick stat long is unethical is unethical artist. Sleeping will be our next second half of the show that go to sleep in the trailer next thing. You know you’re under the same address for 16 years, five, kids later you realize this mattress, this Foundation of our marriage is was given to us from a a college man. This is not a good situation. Oh my gosh, I said earlier outdoor mattress. He probably you know no telling where that message came from. Oh, my goodness change. business coach  I can hardly wait to see you after you’ve had your first night on your first match of the person in my truck, doesn’t feel good now, there’s a procedure that there’s no reason to think that was the earth centripetal force force or something.. business coach  That’S that’s right!

That’S why I’m so comfortable breaking down the eight powerful quotes in the book and really the ethics of it. So here’s an example: there’s the Six-Day War which Israel famously one. If you get a chance to watch this, go to YouTube. Watch it on the History Channel. Watch the Six-Day War, I had a very good friend of mine.. She fought in the War who was a mentor, my business coach   life early on in my career, and he explained that the Hostile Arab nations were going to attack Israel and Israel knew about it. So there had leadership., I sent out a message to all of the military telling them that they need to go on vacation. They can go ahead and go on vacation enjoy the time with their families and I’m like what the world so they go on vacation. Meanwhile, we, the people who were in charge, the top people, business coach  knew that they were going to wage a war like none other as soon as the enemy heard they’re on vacation, because once they heard on vacation, they realize that the enemy would relax and then they would Be like over we’re not going to do it then I can attack us for a while. So what kind of have time? business coach  And then they said that the top leadership knew what was going to happen, but the troops to their on vacation yea one by one. They are getting calls and they’re, not told why they should show up immediately and they get there and hear their order. This is the order that was given to a friend of mine, a lawn. He was a pilot.

The message was: you’re going to fly low, so you’re barely off the ground. business coach  They can’t detect you on radar in a fly super low and you need to blow up there Runway. You have just enough you’ll blow up the runway. Come back as soon as you get back, the other guy will immediately get in the air and do it again and all of our Fighters go. Do this all night! First, the runways, then the bridges. Then their fuel sources then dump fuel on them. Like dump your fuel on these people, yeah Siri was the first attack the the the military. business coach  The air force of these hostile Arab Nations couldn’t get off the ground cuz I had no Runway snow run likes it out there sitting there. Then they blow up their Bridges. Now they can’t get out of their own area, then they start dumping fuel on these guys and they won the whole thing in 6 days. They fix an aero bar me all these nations that were in Toto and total and in the totality. If you look at the numbers, it was something like a 10 to 1 ratio in a 1 through deception. You cannot win head-to-head if you don’t business coach  Mystery Shop, your competition but Z. I just I don’t know. I just took Colton Mystery Shop, my competition, what if they know if I go to church with them, what if someone else would have been go to a church?

What if there are dad what if there are mom what if they were a kid, save just us, but I’m going to take me to how do you handle it? How do you handle it? business coach  Because you are a man of faith and there’s also Ephesians, There’s A Time to Kill or the time to love, but I’m too bored time to time to reap time to say this is the thing you signed up for 57 % of the other according to Forbes. Have in your heart desired open up a business, and I’m telling you right now if there’s a reason other than 80 % failure rate. Of course that’s also from Forbes. We love some forms and they are the leader in business information, absolutely until you say you’re. So I could so many people want to do it, business coach   so many people fail at doing it. I think a lot of it stems from the idea that they think it’s going to be fun and friendly and and and fuzzy and everybody’s going to be cheering for you and it’s just everybody’s wanting you to succeed and it’s just going to be glorious. business coach  Rainbows and unicorns and a leprechaun, not you play basketball business coach  Division. 1 level.

Did you who was your coach Dave and Dave Dave Bliss watch game film of the competition all the time as a business owner? Do you spy on your competition or you all the time? So here’s my thing I enjoy the sport of it is kind of a game. So when I find that I’m being mystery shopped, it does irritate me, but that’s where I, when I kind of like it, the motivation in basketball terms. Mr. I buy used to say the essence of offense is deception, business coach  basketball, deception, but you don’t have deception. You can’t beat your opponent, you have to use deception in basketball, it’s imperative! Cuz! Most of us aren’t Westbrook’s where we have an incredible talent and ability. Most of us have to use deception, to beat our opponent, okay, okay, so what’s what’s break down to Brian, when you play basketball that you have to be up and under the de pump fake movie, you have to lose the deceased Yoakam. business coach  I would like, if all the drivers, I will put a link to it during the commercial break, I’ll put a link to a no-show note to go to thrive time, and you click on podcast I’ll, put a link to it. But one of the things I love about the Patriots is Bill, Belichick, memorizes game situations and to win the Super business coach  Bowl versus the Falcons. He knew that the referee who is calling the game love our personal level. He loves to call game-changing penalties, so he’ll call a penalty if he can change the game. If he technically is right, he’s the guy who loves the controversial big call.

He sends Jake business coach  Long across the end and they’ve got audio of. You can watch the video of it, but he sends Jake Long across its on Kildeer job to he sends Jake Long to rush the passer and cuz. He knows that that offense of lineman gloves to hold people, and he knows that raps going to be right there doing it, so he tells Jake Long. He says before you rush tell the rep a ref watch. business coach  Me he’s grabbing it. So here it is at the end of the Super Bowl and he bets at all. He rushes it and sure enough that ref watch isn’t he calls it the holding call which changes the whole momentum of the game. business coach  But it was because, and Jake Long had to play it up like oh my gosh, I can’t get to him. I got just got hold of me so much in basketball. They fake, be they always fake with a guy, but they got fouled to the gate that they might deception know is that you have to it’s it’s a game and I always tell people your business as a game or you keep score with dollars. That’S how you do it, you might call it yet, but z. I find there’s a lot of people that did push back on mystery shopping, so happens if you’re F business coach  lying Blind. So your competition is not charging to add guacamole, but you don’t think it’s a bad deal, but the word’s getting around the charger.

That’S charging work through the ethics of this, because this book is powerful, but it also is is one I guarantee at least half the audience is is upset psychologically about the concept of mystery shopping. What’S something else see that you’ve got a business? It’S very warlike that people say like. I can’t. business coach  I can’t believe you would fire a person who you know is a hardworking person. I can’t believe you’d mystery shoppers anything else like that kind of Art of War. I business coach   swear you have a different take on it. Okay, I’ve got to move. I’Ve got something I did back when I had my first Auto Auction. What happened was my general manager. I asked him to leave and pick him a customer. business coach  She will so I fired him and so sure enough. He went right down the road and he was working on leasing us face that he’s going to compete against me until I found out about this cuz. I got more feelers out there and I’m you know it’s because he wants open up an auto auction and run me out of it. So you knew you had the information your you knew. I had. Yes, I have my ear to the grindstone two little birds chirping out there and I found out business coach  so I called the person that had the least for the space right beside you know what I think about. I may want at least expect nothing wrong with the police, and so he said that I’m what got somebody else looking at it.

I said he knew that they were looking at it. If you want to move pretty quickly right now, business coach  right now and see what he does, he called up my ex general manager at that point to hack into I got somebody else interested in this to the price. Just went up home just got a little less favorable did you still want it and, and he said more panicked and end in signed up for a much more expensive police and much worse terms, and in all that into what I did is. I kind of you know right or wrong right or wrong. business coach  Well, hey! It’S me, are you, you know what you’re more interested in you got a gun pointed them. I got a gun pointed to chew it. It’S not it’s about trying to win, and so – and I know it’s kind of like you may be saying yourself wish. I could business there’s a plenty b. Usy baking a pie for all of us, we can all get along and – and you know what I agree – that there is a big pie, you know, but I just want a big piece of it. business coach  Cuz I want to have a successful business and then that way I can have more businesses and effect more good things in life that I want to affect your ears, one at the situation I made this call over and over and over again to the point that.. It’S become my move, but I I love the fire people on Fridays. That’S my move, because you have two more convenient for me sure because it’s like a mental colon cleansing on a business coach  Friday, and so when somebody is bad and are not doing a good job. I’Ll write him up and I’ll talk to him and all that, but I’ll be nice to the person until Friday morning, because I have on my plans together in a lot of my business coach  business as we don’t have us a ton of customers on a Saturday for Pearl Of the companies involved in and so but I fire people it’s convenient for me, I fire. It’s convenient for me. I don’t fire people when it’s convenient for them and see. I think a lot of business owners feel like the moment that somebody irritates you.

You should fire him right there on the spot and be super transparent with him until listen, you’re fired right here and now, and they have to work all weekend as a result of it. That’S not a good thing, because you know one of these would keep trying to show you ever try to give you a practical business tips, and one of them, I always tell everybody that listens to me, is the filter that you should run. Everything through is what’s best for the business not what’s best for your remote, not what’s best for your pride, not what’s best for fill in the blank what’s best for the business and sometimes swallowing your pride keeping some around for a few days or a few weeks. When you know you’re going to fire them or let them go, you might see, but I can’t stand to be around them, will just suck it up and do it and do what’s best for the business when come back or break it down more notable quotables from The Art of War, the what’s 2500 years old and doctors he’s giving us his fresh, take on this incredible Timeless book. Why did Clay Clarks? I’M a business coach, stay tuned, alright, tribe Nation, welcome back to the Thrive time show on your radio today we’re talking about the Art of War, we’re talking about how to grow a business in the fight-or-flight world of Entrepreneurship called capitalism. Doctors they are. We are you excited to be talking about the Art of War. Today, my friend you like a secret agent out there. You know you got it got to get the mindset that what you’re getting ready to get into is not just you know, it’s not fun and games it’s serious. Are we go to step it up a notch years and you hear a lot of people quoting it and I’ll give an example. When President Obama was a member of his staff accidentally said out loud, they said you never want to waste a good crisis.

Do you remember when that was floating around? There was a big problem going on with the economy, and there was a Mike left on and a member of a stye. You said we never want to waste a good crisis. What sounds a lot like this quote from The Art of War? It says in the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity so Z, break it break it down for us how, in your business, have you ever run into a time of chaos that actually created an opportunity when I get coach Calvert steak on this, I also want To get Ryan Meyers take on this without LA Customs, because we’ve all seen a situation where there’s chaos is an entrepreneur and you’ve been able to benefit from it. If you see, if you’re a opportunist entrepreneur, you can benefit really this week last week and it came in the form of a fella by the name of Harvey Harvey. Harpy was actually a large hurricane that we call down in Texas, Houston, Houston and ruined about half a million cars 500,000 cars about the last estimate on how many cars have been flooded. It’S a what we’ve done is we’ve been on the phone, doing smiling and dialing dealerships in car buyers in Houston, and now these German flew up the last 2 weeks. They have been flying into Tulsa the airplane and they’ve been coming in tomorrow to watch it registering to. Thank you. Thank you.

Thank you. Thank you. Little bad and they’ve been in there buying cars like there a sailor on Shore, leave how many, how many cars do you think you going to increase your volume by 10 % or 20 %, or is it I mean what kind of increase are you going to See as a result of Racine about a 20 % bump right now and it’s happening – you know, as you get closer to you – and you don’t owe us – is that market is still close enough to him in there by the time the cards ship them down to Houston and the chaos that came from that hurricane is opportunity, and you have to notice that until we’ve been proactive and calling and dialing and get tires from the Texas Market further out than we’ve, never had a buyer that we knew what they’d have been flying in. From Houston to buy cars, but now they’re doing it will come say: hey look at us. We’Re independent, normally knows about us. Viper, not a big national chain and people that in Houston, quite frankly, didn’t know that much about it cuz we didn’t Market that City. Why? Because it was pretty far away, but now it makes sense because they are okay, so coach Cowher have you ever seen. Chaos and you’ve been able to benefit benefit from it there at score: basketball yeah. I had a guy working for me and he had talked about him working for me for a long time. I trained him for a long time and he came in and they make a long story short. He was grumpy, didn’t like kids and didn’t really like coaching basketball facility Hayden like doing anything and just was real negative and all, and it was kind of chaos there for a while. But once we got rid of him is that a nice way of saying? Let him go so. We were able to hide like to say fire by the business.

Wealthy can run it for a week if I’m not there, and so was out of that chaos that we found our best employee turned out to be a good thing for you. You know we had a couple of customers that, because of their chaos in the fact that they couldn’t get things turned around quickly enough, that we were able to come in and help and then all the sudden we got all of their business. Because of that, and that’s a great thing to be able to help in chaos and then to be able to benefit from it. And then we’ve created chaos with some of our competitors and unintentionally hiring a couple of theirs. And then all the sudden have to shut down because they no longer have the ability to produce or installing. The thing that I can think of recently in an exhibition at the hurricane and a hurricane just devastated a lot of people and it devastated. Specifically, the city of Houston and their star player, JJ Watt decided he’s going to do something about it and they got a raise. I think it was over 20 million dollars he raised for hurricanes in that now and in every interview he always wore his JJ Watt logo of the Tom Brady has a logo. Tv 12 always wore his logo hat, and I would say one. I think that he ethically was sincerely trying to help and is trying to help the people of Houston, but he also recognized hey. There is going to be CBS NBC. I mean people, don’t watch sports people who just watch the Superbowl are now going to see a person on TV raising money and that can’t help it can’t hurt his branded on that can’t do anything but help his brand but see he could have just not want To have it all or war in a biggie was hat for his team or it could have worn a hat, but he wore the hat for his actual brand and his actual logo. With almost every press conference, he did while raising money and again that’s an opportunity, and but it’s also you got up so I just encourage you to not get on these Puritans stances. We are like well I’m going to raise money, Hurricane Relief.

I can’t wear the logo of my company. Another example would be Tom’s Shoes, there’s chaos all around the world where people can’t afford even a single pair of shoes, and he decided to do something about it. It also happens to be the name of this company. It’S called Tom’s, which is short for tomorrow, buy a pair of today and he’ll, give another pair away tomorrow, so Tom shoes, but that there wouldn’t have been that opportunity for Toms shoes in the by pair give a pair. If you wouldn’t be economic chaos that causes people to not be able to afford shoes in other countries who got to look for chaos, is he sometimes talks about and he’s a smart man very successful? We all we all agree correct. I would agree since when the market is fearful, that’s when you charge, you know, I’m the markets charging, that’s when you become a little fearful and somebody saying basically you’re looking for the opportunities for the chaos, you know, you’re looking for the opportunities for fear fear, then You know the old saying you buy low, nobody else wants to buy it, and then you sell high and that’s why nobody wants to buy it now it Warren Buffett. When the economy was falling apart, he he took a big old swing, a big old bed on Bank of America stock.

I mean that thing was just cratering business coach  Bank of America was at the bottom of the stairs, were so cheap and be greedy when the markets fearful that guy went in and went all, and I mean not just a little bit, I mean he was able to deal With that company would not have made it without the weight of Berkshire Hathaway getting in there. business coach  That was right before the visit before leaving a bomb on the stimulus, and he was right in there in the stimulus came in and it took those stocks way up there and people feel insecure about their money again. business coach  Warren Buffett benefited greatly as a result of looking for opportunity in chaos. business coach  Number 6 from the art of wars engage people with what they expect. It is what they are able to discern and confirms our projections. It settles them into predictive patterns, a response occupying their minds, while you wait for the extraordinary moment that which they cannot anticipate. Basically, it’s kind of the old, potentially bait and switch bait and switch move with your competition. I’M excited to get your take on this and how you’ve ever use the bait-and-switch move on your competition. It were talking about the Art of War today, business coach  on the Thrive time show on your radio Clark, your joint here with dr. Robert zoellner. We have the dawn. Calvert was score: basketball and Ryan business coach  Meyers of Outlaw Customs go to and sign up for the podcast, and I am a business coach and coaching businesses is what I do. This is coach.

This is coach. Coach call capella with with the brass to present them to present to Brasserie president. She have you ever thought about starting acapella, / brass band that I never crossed your mind. Did you did yeah? What was it called? We go to Acapella Boys Boys Boys. business coach  You guys were we have big in that big in the Philippines, that we were actually were big and in a couple Central American country for a very short time. I don’t want to lose your love tonight. You know I want to lose you tonight for some reason that song was huge in the Philippines and we had an employee who worked for us for years. He was from the Philippines and he kept wanting to just keep that up and I’m going to do it. Just keep the Outfield yeah, business coach  I’m like the Outfield. You guys know the outcome. That’S like the best like the jam. That’S like the mega that song is incredible in the Philippines amazing, how different plenary, thanks again just catch on One Republic Too Late to Apologize, crazy, bigger than Germany, David Hasselhoff, is. business coach  Actually, it was a pop music star in Germany or heard something about that during the commercial break, because it’s the worst happens if it’s ever been created, but he was talking about the Art of War. business coach  Today, The Art of War, Art of War, is kind of bathing and switching your competition. So before you share your examples, yeah I want to kind of I want to let you know I’m going to have Cut Above therapy cup of cathartic moment. I want to air my move that I used to do at the bridal show to my competition. business coach  Please do anytime, I knew they were in the booth. I wanted my people to give them a sincere as to say, sincerely passionate sales presentation, one hundred percent wrong. So whatever we don’t do, I wanted them to do it and do it passionately and convincingly, and I used to incentivize the people for doing business coach  I’m, like.

Oh man, this guy and it made me think of you. You should have one or two mystery shoppers, / bridal show in the person who could just see how to make sure you do with a words that mean you’re like to know to protect your pride, and you know what I’m thinking about you know of day, and You like wait a minute you’re, a guy at a bridal, show and you’re thinking about the day, you’re getting married, not likely not like the DJs. If you want to come in strong upper song, I was an investment and we only have one availability. You can reserve the best DJ that we have one. business coach  So you need to do a deposit now now right now, then we never did. I press just telling you know it’s all right. Like right now, like I don’t even know if we have an availability. business coach  The first look like the way they tried every move and they just never really really funny, and it was kind of a move but bass, guitar competition. business coach  You would see them sometimes taken the moves that we falsified and it would then use those moves to actually Market to the real customers. It was hysterical to watch it happen, so it was open deception but see if you read the bait and switch your competition, you don’t know, but I’m trying to think back on on any really good example. Any funny examples – and I don’t know that I have any really funny examples, business coach  but you don’t wear the things that we always try to do is at least I did is that you know we we always trying to to to know what they were doing and then Outdo them, of course, and so I guess my bait-and-switch was more like me, learning about you and then beating you to the punch as far as that goes as far as pricing.

So why would you walk into my store to be a board there and it have the price of the same goods and services at my competitors right there on the board said when they walk in and see where they’re on the board, you would walk into your business coach  Business and you would see on the wall the prices of your competition, yes, but I know crazy huh. For the same reason, my arms are too long or Too Short. How many weeks has it been since you’ve filmed the other teams, calls during the games and how many weeks has it been since your suspension, you still film the other team during, I can’t my attorneys won’t. Let me answer that question for movement of a gag order. business coach  There’S the next notable quotable from the book, The Art of War, The Art of War is of vital importance to the state. It is a matter of life and death, a road either to to safety or to ruin. Hence it is a subject of inquiry which can on no account be neglected. Seattle think people are teaching today to the kids what it means to really compete and win. So we’re going to start with Coach Calvert because you play to win the game coach Calvert. business coach  Does it drive you crazy, when their parents out there, who are saying I just play for fun in there kitten loses all the time and nobody’s having any fun and what the elephant in the room is. We just won’t talk about the store and then they go into the world of business and they going to bring that mindset. Talk to me about the kids today in this concept of winning. Does it exist anymore, yeah, but what I get irritated when the parents say well, business coach  I just want my kid to have fun. Yeah, it’s fun, but you don’t have fun. If you don’t compete, you don’t have fun. If you don’t succeed, you don’t have fun. If you’re not accomplishing things out on the floor, so I tell him yeah they’re, going to have start having fun when they become good, though we got to First make them become good getting to where they compete. What I have trouble with, though, is it’s not that tough kids that compete? business coach  It’S my good Christian, nice kids that don’t know how to work hard and don’t have impeded, don’t know how to get over get after Pagan attribute to be all the people that can paint it and they’re the kind of want to be nice out here on the Floor, it’s like no now’s, not the time to be nice.

Now you need to be physical. To compete. Use deception is a a high attics guy he’s a he’s, a Christian guy right. business coach  Can you play basketball? I hear you pretty intense in the corner where you at Billy and beer, and we would you just Family Guy, just for looking at you or were you where, where, where does your ethical line there? business coach  Yes, so much so my move was, we would have these Yeti point guard to come in and he was too slow to to beat. The point guard point guard to come in drive the lane and I would just hit a moving pick that would just knock him flat on their back and it would not do that again. business coach  I play I love this quote about life and death. Now, obviously, we’re not talking about physical dying, but in business it is life and death argue with you in his life and the life. You want verse that hit up everyday of six goals in the death of your dreams in the death of all the things you can do it if you had a successful business until this life and death is a real thing.

I would you open your business. It is a life-and-death struggle that you’re doing and what you’re struggling for? What is that, like? business coach  You want the time for you in the Financial Freedom, the the freedoms that you that you see other people that successful business is handled. That’S what I want! business coach  Okay, there’s somebody! Listen to the show right now and you have said to yourself, so you won’t feel bad about it. You said you know my business isn’t growing and I’m not really making any money, but you know it doesn’t matter what the problem is. Your kids are going to a school that doesn’t teach the values that you want them to learn. So that’s the first form of dissonance, you’re frustrated, your kids. business coach  Don’T go to school. You want them to go to to. Is you work all the time? So you never even see your kids when they back from the school that are going to the you. Don’T want to go to so they’re learning, values of other people and now you’re, realizing, oh, no they’re 14, their 15th, and you are literally dying in terms of your vision in your dreams. The life you could be living is dying as a result of you putting up with mediocrity, so you’ve got to learn and business coach  master the art of using your business.

As though it’s War you got to win ever going to play the see, if you’re not going to play the game to win, you might as well go work for somebody else might as well go punch the clock and continue doing what you’re doing and do it With excellence and do it well, but if you’re going to step out, if you have to listen, I ain’t going to change my life, I’m going to start a business and I’m a grow that business successfully we’re going to walk you through some of the steps you business coach  Need to do that are learned in this book. It’S and it’s unbelievable. 4500 years of Excellence, Thrive Nation go to thrive time should I comment subscribe to the podcast, never missed an episode, mines, clay Clark, I’m a business coach state. How come to the DriveTime show its business? Alright, alright Thrive, Nation struggling to breathe so emotional, The Art of War Z. Why don’t you take it from here and then I’ll come back once I kind of get on the Klimt? business coach  What you went to get your stuff gathered, we give her that frog in his throat what’s funny about this book, and I encourage everybody to this Ranch for Newark. business coach  That is thinking about starting a business or, if you start a business, to read this book to get your mindset in kind that warm mode, and I don’t remember seeing how I don’t really want to think about business as a war or another we’re fighting or that It’S a competition, but it is, and when you read this book coming up to reset your brain a little bit, there’s 13 chapters, it’s on real long book and you got ta understand it was written back about the sixth Century BC and about 2,500 years ago in business coach  China – and it was the quintessential book on Military Warfare for hundreds of years, and some of the chapters Captain’s right now like like the first chapter Clay, is laying planned before you start a war II, a business you got to lay some plants in the foundation of Plans you would advise someone to lay down to the thriver who attended a workshop name Alyssa. We just helped her make her plan this morning. Actually – and I she’s a clinical psychologist and a great person and her being a great person and being a clinical psychologist, won’t help financially, so what we did as we teamed up with her, we figured out her what her makes your business unique. So you start with asking yourself what about my business could be unique. How am I going to beat my competition then?

Do we ask her, who are your ideal and likely buyers? How would you rate your branding on a scale of 1 to 10, then for talk to me about yourself.? You got your your system talking about your accounting, we just go to the process from left to right on, like a timeline, and you start with defining who your ideal unlikely buyers are and what you can do, uniquely to beat your competition InStep to you, get that Branding step 3, you start to sell some things step for you to deliver excellent customer service. Have a checklist step. Five, guided accounting step 6, go get that legal stuff together, step 7 and so on and so on, and so are you and I were able to build 13 multimillion-dollar businesses buy used by utilizing the very steps and the 13 chapters of The Art of War. My man, but you know what was great about the beginning of that, what you kind of just flossed over you come over real, quick, please, it’s kind of that is it. What did she do? Step 1 Step going to begin with a question the Curiosity of what do I need to do to grow my business if you attended and in-person Thrive time where she found what a business coach and it does the word, I want that – try to exactly so step. One out there thinking I’ve got a great idea. I found a problem. I think I can solve it and make a profit. These are. These are the foundations of a business. Then I go okay. What’S in, what’s my first step find a business coach now I’m going to somebody’s fighting me on this right now, so it’s fighting this idea.

I want you to help us search. The Bill. Campbell Campbell was the business coach of the late great Steve Jobs of Jeff, Bezos and who’s. Google call today he impacted your life. If you have an Apple product, he impacted your life. You’Ve ever bought something on Amazon. That’S Phil Campbell CEOs I’ll have what a business coach! Why? Because you can’t improve without feedback and without mentorship. You cannot do it’s not possible to can’t do it Eric Schmidt Bill Gates, all these guys when they give advice to young entrepreneurs. First got their mouth is get a business coach help. You learn the move, learn the things to do, because inherently we just don’t walk into a gymnasium go all. This is how you that’s where my trainer guy pushes me I’m going to come on. I just wanted to let you know 17 best with 100 pushups. If I do 93 and I’m going it’s good, we’re going to forget about me to 93 right feels like, and he can just knows how to get the very most out of me and so it’s kind of a weird relationship. And then I am slightly irritated half the time what the results of the Art of War Waging War and in order to wage war, you got it, you got to have it. You got to have a an army. You got to build a team, that’s why we do that. You got a super move. Clay for people wanting to build their team is just so awesome. You do it every week, every Tuesday.

Every other day, I thought I had quarter super moves of changing people’s lives out there. It’S called the group interview and what we do is we realize that we’re never going to stop hiring all the companies are always going to be growing and we’re always going to need a graphic designer or web developer, searching up search engine Optimizer, a videographer or photographer A Content writer we’re going to eat people salespeople accounting people, so we always are job posting and every Tuesday at 5. We interview all of the can it once we can compare them against each other in front of them, so the person who hates competition hates the group interviews are like, but the person who’s competitive always Rises to the top and it eliminates jackassery Myers. How important is it for your business is outlawed Customs to find good people and how hard is it to find good people? My man, you know it’s it’s difficult, because people like coach was saying earlier that kids have a hard time being aggressive and people have a hard time working nowadays. The expectation is, I’m going to I’m going to come and do what you want to and feel good about myself and figure out your job to make me happy and if I get some work done in the middle I’ll, do that too. So exactly so, I didn’t get a birthday card, I better. For 3 days. I argued examples like shopping and TJ Maxx. You know that I always have different things in there every week and you don’t always have the same stuff in there, but you kind of dig around you pictures of all the different stuff. You can find. There’S a good deal. I found it. I found it. You got to work a little bit if it were easy.

The Final Chapter I want to I want to have you break down here today from The Art of War, is kind of this home. Is the use of spies chapter 13 pound it on this one, because I guarantee you 9 out of 10 entrepreneurs. I’Ve met at the workshops. Just beat me up over whether it’s ethical to do it will it is ethical, and what you’re doing is your gathering information? Your gathering information, so you can, you can get a Competitive Edge, don’t compete if you don’t have a Competitive Edge. What what did I just say? You got to figure out what you’re up against you got to figure out. Everybody has choices these days, you’ll be back in the day. Back in the day, you have one eye doctor in town. What the one-eyed doctor could he really help patients and now there’s so much more competition? You go to any small town. There could be multiple ones in there, so where do you go? How do you decide? You know me more more people looking to Google reviews more more people are looking at these. These things out there that, if you don’t get your head wrapped around, if you don’t get in front of that parade, if you don’t want to figure out how to use that to your advantage, you know you can get all that information we now you got put In a motion to a second part of that is get the information and then put it into motion. Okay, Coach Calvert tell us what’s the business coach  Competitive Edge, what makes score basketball different from the competition right.

I want to ask you to coach Cowher breakdown for first thing to develop great confidence, so I can better skills and everybody else does third we’re going to evaluate them. So they know exactly where they’re at and then 4th we’re going to help them become glory in it. So they know where they’re headed for for all the parents. business coach  Listening right now, Kitchen come in for free for a week and try out our classes Outlaw custom. So unique and special well and very tall. We have to do the job right, the first time we just kind of crazy cuz. You think everybody does it, but they don’t and if there’s so much involved, so everything from the print the design, the prep in the installation. It’S also important that we take her time to do that. We offer a guarantee, like nobody else out there in the business and, at the end of the day, we’re going to give you your design time for free now business coach  Thrive, Nation Nation. business coach  We want you to be successful, but we can’t help. business coach  You grow a business. If we don’t get a chance to know you so busy everybody listen to that, you got to go to thrive time, and book your tickets for the next in person Workshop, my man, they just have to do it there so much fun.


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