How to Attract and Keep Quality Staff

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How do you attract and keep quality people? During today’s episode of the Thrive Time Business podcast, business coach Clay Clark, Justin Moore, Wes Carter and Tim Redmond break down the importance of hiring and retaining A players to your team.


1. Hiring the Right People


NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “I noticed that the dynamic range between what an average person could accomplish and what the best person could accomplish was 50 or 100 to 1. Given that, you’re well advises to go after the cream of the cream. A small team of A+ players can run circles around a giant team of B and C Players.” -Steve Jobs (Co-founder of Apple and the former CEO of Pixar)


2. How to Know What Type of Person You Are Looking For

Personality Types:
Lions – Strong Personality – Alpha Type
Beavers – Accountant / Task Masters
Labs – People Pleasers
Otter – Out-going Extroverted Person


NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “There wasn’t anything disciplinary I had to do. I had to do some disciplinary things with Dennis Rodman, but we signed off on them. ‘Dennis, I’m gonna fine you for being late,’ because he’s late every day. And he said, ‘I went to the team and I said Dennis is gonna be late, I’m gonna fine him, but we can’t act out of sorts with this and become childish because we have to make allowances for his behavior.’ He said that Bulls team was mature enough to allow Rodman that space to be out of bounds. But he’ll pay for it. He’ll be fined. But we’re not going to get caught up in Dennis Rodman’s eccentricities, his tardiness, and everything else. We’re not letting that drag us down, or make that an opening for then everyone else to get out of line.” -Phil Jackson on The Lowe Post Podcast with Howard Beck (11-Time NBA Championship-winning coach and former NBA player)

3. Hiring the Right People


NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The moment that you walk through that door it’s showtime.” – Doctor Zoellner


4. Retaining / Staff People is the Biggest Challenge


NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Steve Jobs has a saying that A-players hire A-players; B-players hire C-players; and C-players hire D-players. It doesn’t take long to get to Z-players. This trickle-down effect causes bozo explosions in companies.” -Guy Kawasaki (Venture capitalist and part of the marketing team that was responsible for introducing the original Macintosh computer line to the world in 1984)


5. Managing a New Generation
Baby Boomers
Millennials – Praise


NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “If you pick the right people and give them the opportunity to spread their wings and put compensation as a carrier behind it, you almost don’t have to manage them.” – Jack Welch (Arguably the most successful CEO of his time. He grew GE exponentially during his tenure with the company.)


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