How to Become a Goal Orientated Person

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Are you drifting through life without any goals? In this episode of the Thrive Time Show business podcast, business coach Clay Clark outlines what it takes to become a goal orientated person. Get all of the knowledge that you don’t get in college from the powerful insight in this installment of The Thrive Time Show.

How to Become a Goal Orientated Person

With special guest John Mason the founder of Fresh Word and the best-selling author of over 2,000,000 books including An Enemy Called Average


Realize That Mediocrity is the Default (Without Goals You Must Accept Mediocrity)
  1. 1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “People who are unable to motivate themselves must be content with mediocrity, no matter how impressive their other talents.” – Andrew Carnegie
  2. 2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “70% of Americans hate their jobs.” – Forbes –
  3. 3. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Of the country’s approximately 100 million full-time employees, 51 percent aren’t engaged at work — meaning they feel no real connection to their jobs, and thus they tend to do the bare minimum. Another 16 percent are “actively disengaged” — they resent their jobs, tend to gripe to co-workers and drag down office morale as a result. These proverbial Debbie Downers are disgruntled about the direction of their companies, feel their needs aren’t being met at work and don’t fully understand what’s expected of them.” – Why So Many Americans Hate Their Jobs –
  4. 4. FUN FACT: “According the 2017 Harris Poll Survey of American Happiness, shared exclusively with TIME…Only 33% of Americans surveyed said they were happy. In 2016, just 31% of Americans reported the same.” – Here’s How Happy Americans Are Right Now –


Accept That Inspiration is the Reward. Inaction is your giant and action is your sword.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Every time I read a management or self-help book, I find myself saying, “That’s fine, but that wasn’t really the hard thing about the situation.” The hard thing isn’t setting a big, hairy, audacious goal. The hard thing is laying people off when you miss the big goal. The hard thing isn’t hiring great people. The hard thing is when those “great people” develop a sense of entitlement and start demanding unreasonable things. The hard thing isn’t setting up an organizational chart. The hard thing is getting people to communicate within the organization that you just designed. The hard thing isn’t dreaming big. The hard thing is waking up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat when the dream turns into a nightmare.” – Benjamin Abraham “Ben” Horowitz (born June 13, 1966) is an American businessman, investor, blogger, and author. He is a high technology entrepreneur and co-founder and general partner along with Marc Andreessen of the venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz. He co-founded and served as president and chief executive officer of the enterprise software company Opsware, which Hewlett-Packard acquired for $1.6 billion in cash in July 2007.



Set Clear Goals

  1. 1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy and inspires your hopes.” —Andrew Carnegie (Andrew’s family had to borrow money from the Lauders in order to migrate. Allegheny was a growing industrial area that produced many products including wool and cotton cloth. The “Made in Allegheny” label used on these and other diversified products was becoming more and more popular.His first job at age 13 in 1848 was as a bobbin boy, changing spools of thread in a cotton mill 12 hours a day, 6 days a week in a Pittsburgh cotton factory. His starting wage was $1.20 per week ($36.36 in 2017 dollars)
  2. 2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE“Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act. There is no other route to success.” —Pablo Picasso
  3. 3. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “All successful people have a goal. No one can get anywhere unless he knows where he wants to go and what he wants to be or do. ” —Norman Vincent Peale
  4. 4. DEFINITION – Firmament – God created the firmament to separate the “waters above” the earth from the “waters below” the earth
  5. 5. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – Genesis 1:6 – “And God said, Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters.”


Recognize the Tradeoffs

ACTION ITEM: Determine Your F6 Goals

      1. 1. Faith 
      2. 2. Family 
      3. 3. Finances 
      4. 4. Fitness 
      5. 5. Friendship 

A. NOTABLE QUOTABLE“People around you, constantly under the pull of their emotions, change their ideas by the day or by the hour, depending on their mood. You must never assume that what people say or do in a particular moment is a statement of their permanent desires.” ― Robert Greene, Mastery


Fun – Provide examples

AMPLE EXAMPLE: Listen the Tradeoffs of Maria Sharapova –


FUN FACT:  “A typical organization loses 5% of its annual revenue to employee fraud.” –


FUN FACT: In a 2010 survey of 1,818 organizations, 69% reported catching a job candidate lying on his or her résumé, according to employment screening …CNN



Making Tradeoffs Eyes Wide Open

NOTABLE QUOTABLE“There’s no such thing as work-life balance,” Mr. Welch told the Society for Human Resource Management’s annual conference in New Orleans on June 28. “There are work-life choices, and you make them, and they have consequences.” – Jack Welch (Arguably the number one CEO in modern American history who grew GE by 4,000% during his tenure)


Learning Emotional Intelligence

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “What really matters for success, character, happiness and life long achievements is a definite set of emotional skills – your EQ — not just purely cognitive abilities that are measured by conventional IQ tests.”  — Daniel Goleman




NOTABLE QUOTABLE“The time that leads to mastery is dependent on the intensity of our focus.” ― Robert Greene, Mastery


Saying No

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “People think focus means saying yes to the thing you’ve got to focus on. But that’s not what it means at all. It means saying no to the hundred other good ideas that there are. You have to pick carefully. I’m actually as proud of the things we haven’t done as the things I have done. Innovation is saying no to 1,000 things.” – Steve Jobs (Co-founder of Apple and the for PIXAR)


Emotional Trade Offs
How do I work as many hours as I’m working and need to work and not ruin my family?
How do I overcome the fear of rejection?
How do I overcome the fear of confrontation?

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “If you want to conquer fear, don’t sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.” – Dale Carnegie







Fasting for this Saturday, world headquarters boom boom and welcome back inside the room I’ll go back inside the box that rocks my name is Clay Clark and the former US SBA entrepreneur of the year and looky looky here who is in your ear? It’S none other than dr. Robert zoellner. He is back. So how are you I am fantastic and I’ve been traveling so much here late, but you every time I travel. I know I’m not coming on the show. I feel I’m so sorry pregnation, because I feel like that parent who’s, leaving that teenager that should be old enough to be on their own. You know that transitional time of a kid’s life when you know they’re responsible nothing, yet they still sometimes make poor decision date. You leave on vacation and you come back and there’s there’s all sorts of trouble and Decor hopeful. business coach The house is still standing, there hasn’t been a fire. If you don’t beverages spread out you’re going to talk to him completely that there’s not you know. Just dogs and cats living together and I’m sorry that you prefer 25 years, you had the same offer for you get one pair of stylish glasses in an exam. While you were gone, I’m sorry about it. business coach We were going to do it.  business coach A super intense change of your whole Marketing System, the whole thing when you were gone and we decided last minute.  business coach You know what, for 25 years, you’ve been home with the special. business coach We should probably get you to sign off on it before we change the entire.  business coach Like. I was going to be a purple cow Motif, yeah yeah I was going to be incredible, very expensive. I was going to be very, very high-priced instead of value base and I we were going to be serving alcohol in the lobby. business coach  I think those are all great ideas I will think about them and take them in will become consideration, know what are the thing we did as we decided to bring on the leader the leader of what were the one of the literary leaders in Tulsa into the Show today on mr.  business coach John Mason – and we did that run this by you and he’s sort of a feeling.  business coach So I’m sorry we didn’t ask you first but, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, John Mason, John. How are you, sir? I’M doing great?  business coach Thank you. I was looking at your bio here and I know you’re kind of an urban legend in Tulsa, but I know that you’ve actually sold 2 million books, you’ve sold to you’ve sold 2 million bucks.  business coach I have that seems like a lot of walking around to sell that many books.  business coach  I don’t know how old is smart man, and you know what I love your jars when you did come up with that that mason jar right in that is that you or okay?  business coach  That’S okay! business coach  Those are all jokes to me. I want to ask you this now seriously for anybody listening, cuz we’re talking today about how to become a goal orientated person within the context of being an author. So when did you first have that goal? business coach To be an author, or did you I have a goal? business coach  Did you just find yourself waking up one day with two million sales or what no actually writing a book would have been one of the furthest things from my mind when I was in college, I’ve shared that you know.  business coach If you ask me what are 50 things?  business coach Do you think you might do writing a book would not have been one of them, but it was one of those surprises that comes across your path, while you’re on your path to something that you know you’re supposed to do, and so I actually had a job business coach At a publishing company and the itch to write a book came to me as I was working there and it’s actually a Kind of a Funny Story,  business coach because I was working there in a fact.  business coach There was an owner and then there was a general manager and then I was the next in line about 2/3 of the company reported to me, and I felt like I wanted to write a book and they didn’t want to publish it.  business coach And so what was your role? Were you, like the vice president of this company? business coach I was the director of operations and about two-thirds of the company reported to me, and I had this desire to write a book and it just kind of came to me.  business coach You don’t out of the blue and I, and I knew that I had to do this.  business coach If I was going to write a book cuz, business coach I was completely unknown. business coach  I had to break some rules. business coach I had to find a way to stand out and not blend. In an n in my very first book, a book called an enemy called coach  You know I did that. I did something very different and what did what did you do? business coach  My friend I mean how did you break three people write books and a big Ideas? What did you do? That was your sister secret move? Well, it’s kind of funny cuz. I knew the rules cuz I was in publishing. business coach  Then I broke some, so I went in and back then. This was 27 years ago. business coach  There were no books with short chapters, not the most folks were very long, and I came up with this idea to write to Paige tractors and when I did that people really responded to it, and I think it’s because they can read. You know a pages in feet and say that they’ve read 4 chapters, they can feel really proud and it did really took off from that point now. business coach  Tim Redmond, you obviously been a friend of John Mason’s for a long time and you’re 6 slow business coach here in Tulsa. business coach  Did you know, John before the two million books sold or after where’d you meet this guy? business coach  Can you give me, how can you go to bed in a little bit here? business coach  What’S interesting, is I met them at the very front and before he sold his first book, this was so interesting. Really I’ve actually been privileged to serve on his ministry board and then we’ve just been dear dear friends, advisors to each other. business coach  So we came up with some of the first earliest marketing ideas of a beginning to Market his book orientated person who number one you got to realize that mediocrity is the default basic. business coach  If you don’t have big goals, you’re just going to be mediocre. If you have kind of accepted, if you don’t have a specific goal, you’re chasing you’re, just going to kind of drift around ask you: when did you have your Epiphany in that Vision? business coach  Will you said should be an optometrist mean? When did that happen? Did it did it ever happen? Did you just find yourself going to the wrong class win enough days?  business coach  You play the green. What happened yeah that long weekend in Puerto Rico, I mean it takes a lot of work to get my degree in College of the transition. business coach  I knew that I wanted to be a doctor because I just said to myself: that’s a good way. I see you know most doctors out there or drive nice cars, they seem to be able to make the house payments and people can a like them. They do. They do good things right so then the question was what kind? What type in so I had grown up with them. business coach  I care you need so I was familiar with optometrist and I thought that’s the perfect blend. For me. It’S kind of about half business. You know you’re selling classes in contacts and doing all that kind of stuff at manufacturing, the of the glasses there on side, and then you also have the where you’re, seeing the patients and making them or helping them. She better. That’S a wonderful thing, business coach  Vision so important. Everybody, so you decided Joy College April, 8th 1984 at 3 p.m. while I was eating a burrito. business coach  I didn’t have that too, like damn you like it’s going to groove, just the more I thought about the more it made sense: okay! Well, so John Mason store he’s working at a company as an employee right now shows today that 70 % for chicken look. business coach  This up here thrive on today’s show notes: 70 % of Americans hate their jobs, which seems like an extreme number, but then EDD, statistics that come in here. business coach  This is another onesies that used to hate hate hate. This is from for the Harris poll, maybe more more more reasonable. It shows that 33 % of Americans were surveyed indicated they were actually happy, 66 % said not happy or I’m very unhappy, so only 3 % said they’re happy. I want to just go to the next level. business coach   I mean we’re weren’t, you fit into that scale there when you got the idea to start your own book. business coach  Well, I was actually one of the 33 %. I really thoroughly enjoyed that position and Publishing House, but I have this this idea that wouldn’t go away and I pay particular attention to ideas that stay, that that are persistent, and so I began to act on it. business coach  I just stepped out and, like I said clay when I finally got it done. I presented it to the publishing company, which I was an executive at and they didn’t want to do it. business coach  So what did I do? I decided to go ahead and do it on my own and I stepped out, and I printed the book I had everything done on my own. business coach  They agreed to put a line listing on their order form of about 800 books, just a simple line listing.  business coach  It was very clear to me that they were never going to promote it. They were only going to offer it on on a line listing on an order form. business coach  I think you could have just said. business coach  Okay, maybe it’s not meant to be. Maybe the door wasn’t meant to open doctors. business coach  Are you see the Salat people say you know? First sign of rejection. Okay, the bank told me, know yeah, I guess it’s just knock. I call it to me hard and syndrome. You know people out there. business coach  Their they’re almost kind of the guys that are approaching the green light in the pump on the brakes. Look like we, business coach  I knows return, yellow eventually. I know it’s going to turn red and it said up on their brakes and they’re slowing down like kids green. Go. You know what more do you need? business coach  I mean it’s, a green light go in, so that’s what this shows about your the shows about. business coach  You know what 67 % 57 % 57 7 % all these numbers you’re, throwing all these others numbers that mean people out there. Listening want to start and grow a business, don’t want to go and do their own thing. business coach  They have that in them until this shows all about giving you the green light to go, do it! business coach  How do you process doctor see what’s in your head, when you get rejected when you first for trying to get a bank loan to start your optometry clinic when you try to buy a building that they did, that they told you is not available? business coach  You actually tried to buy a building, they said no, it’s not available for sale and you stayed persisted what’s going through your mind, is it kind of irritated as it motivates you when you get rid what’s going on in your cranium football season, and I think it’s business coach  So incredible, how a guy will think he’s a first-round draft pick and then it gets drafted like the 4th or 5th round, and they always say: oh that guys are have a chip on your shoulder chip chip. business coach   I don’t know why they put wood products on the guy shows that chip on the shoulder that you can take that chip and you can do two things with it. You can build a beautiful little. business coach  You can will it down to a whistle and have a nice accoutrement to put on your show nicer Trojan where you can wear you down and be a failure because of it. But I think that the key to success is when we’re all going to get those chips and what other words are always going to have someone say no to us the rejection. Now you can take that as motivation. business coach  That’S what I would do. business coach   I would always use it as motivation. I do that football player. business coach  That said, I’m going to show you I’m going to show you. In fact, I make a list of all the teams that didn’t draft me. You know now thrivers Accord Andrew Carnegie. This was the world’s wealthiest man during his time, and then he was surpassed by John D Rockefeller when Andrew Carnegie decided to sell his company to JPMorgan. business coach  So he was the wealthiest guy and he was surpassed Bill Gates and Jeff Beezus right now. We’Re Jeff Beezus through the acquisition of Whole Foods and different business is. business coach   It looks like he’s going to surpass Everybody by a lot here for the for the sustainable future. Edible story it’s ugly, but he says that he says people who are unable to motivate themselves must be content with mediocrity, no matter how impressive there. Other talents Tim, Redmond you’ve started a company with a guy Group business to 450 people. business coach  How do you want to daily basis motivate yourself to move Beyond mediocrity? Great question clay: I tell you the the big thing hears you start out talking to yourself and I like there’s two groups, you talk to is yourself and everybody else and how you talk to the two groups in termans everything. So I like to start the day. Talking to God and talking to myself, those are the two big groups like to talk to and just get myself pulled up know we come back a break here I want to. business coach  I want to hear the biggest adversity story from John Mason as he is. He built this publishing Empire and it also want to share with you about my no good, very bad Labor Day did I processed as not very bad and negative, but with you, if you list out all the things that happened, business coach  I think you would say: oh well, It was, it was pretty epic, all the crazy things that happened, but yet it’s how you look at it because to me it didn’t come across this horrible, but multiple people in the outside were like. Oh, my gosh. That happened in that happened to, and that happened to happen for that happened. 3. business coach  I mean zinc, I’m a bad deal that story and we come back from break. I’Ve got a hard-hitting question for John that I got to ask him. I mean you can’t, have you done you? Are you going to be ready for it? I hope so well, I hope so too eating very insightful question. business coach  I have because I need some help. My name is Clay Clark. I am a business coach. If you give you the app to book your tickets for this weekend’s Workshop Ticket available one ticket, that’s it get your ticket now, if you don’t get it now, maybe we’ll see in you November. Maybe we’ll see you in December, but we love to see you this Friday and Saturday might have to collect Clark on the business coach. Listen to the Thrive time show on your radio Tulsa. You smell terrific and now back to the only business coach radio show that can teach you how to kill two stones with one bird in the specs on the N line for the rotary girder, I’m retarded with two birds that you’ve got that backwards. business coach  Don’T you already dead, I mean I maybe I mean I’m not like a scientist, business coach  I’m just an optometrist. I was going to voice, says something it’s true, but that’s right. I love all the new interest by the way it’s going to get better. business coach  First, I wake up and I-95 is the day this show moved to noon. It’S a one year anniversary when your anniversary 95095, what are these? business coach  Not here? It was like summer overheat.   business coach  It’S I’m driving the back left. Tire of that thing is flat randomly randomly because I’ve got at least I’ve got. business coach  You know we’re moving into the new house. Things are good, we move into new house, but then we did, but then there’s no water. business coach  Because of a of a plumbing issue and said my let’s sleep in the house. We just moved out of kind of Camp style because you can’t say because you know, but at least we have, the paperwork from house need the old house we just moved out. business coach  That’S all you need is Internet, isn’t there’s no hot spot? Do you need any food? Okay need shelter, yeah, you need to know internet internet. I business coach   didn’t put that on his list and you need your car or the back of car. You need to make sure that you’re not celebrating the one-year anniversary of your radio show without your partner and all these things I just want. business coach  You know what is almost Chevy Chase Funny now and I just vomited for about 40 seconds and I started laughing cuz. It was just such a crazy series of events, so I just got my phone back feeling good got a new one, they’re supposed to be back today. business coach  Mercedes is supposed to be back in a couple days. business coach  Things are good, whatever you’re approaching versity man, because that you can stay in a rut all weekend over that kind of stuff. business coach  I could stay all frustrated. I know our society these days. It’S it’s all about hey everybody’s, looking forward to being offended looking forward to being so upset, I mean psychic people smile. business coach  You know your decision inside your heart with a you’re going to have it or not. You know and no matter what’s happening because we don’t have a reason to be upset. Speaking about being upset and offended, you told John Basin did the author. business coach  They are sold 2 million books before the break use to put him on the spot, and I was offended on his behalf of a phantom offense. business coach  I was kind of a phantom offended for him. Rockstar crowd go wild, you know when he’s probably eyeliner eyeliner and, like a roughly sure, that’s pretty credible to have any questions. I’D me that needs to come out kind of like that aliens thing you know from the show, or I just don’t want to rip out their my stomach before I mean I’ve, never written one. business coach  Give me step three or five steps right to get this book ready to start off with I’m ready to receive incredible company like ours to help. business coach  You ghost write the book. business coach  Okay, we do a lot of with. business coach  We did a book for the we’ve done books for Governor’s, NFL folks and what a successful business feet in a little secret. All the books that you see at the stores have had help in a very substantial way, and someone strategy is certainly to hire somebody who’s. business coach  Very competent to help with that process a secondly, that we, if you’re, going to do it on your own, like I’ve done, and so many others have done. business coach   Also, you got to find out what fits for you so their strategies, such as it’s an old saying in the writing world a’right a’right. business coach  So they said a daily goal to write so many words a day they’re going to write 300 500 Words a day and then no matter what every single day they’re going to get it done, even if it’s gobbledygook in a sense they’re going to write their words. business coach  Not for myself what I ended up doing was a combination of things. business coach  One is overtime. I found out what unlocked my most creativity and made me most productive. business coach  Frankly, I’m not what enough to write every single day and I don’t feel inspired everyday either. business coach  So I would typically go away Tim Redmon knows I used to go to Bennigan’s I used to check into hotel. Now I found a phenomenal spot in Florida that I go to every single time when I’m working on my books. I don’t do anything for a week at a time, and I have everything spread out on the table and it’s very focused and it’s an approach that I was kind of in the beach or more of a swamp environment. business coach  To me, talk to me about is it kind of like Yoda sort of in a multi for it’s a beautiful condo and it’s an incredible environment and it’s also a situation that is work for me. business coach  So you have to find an environment that unlocks that creativity and also you know we believe in Blueprinting your book ahead of time laying out the chapter outlines, there’s a whole strategy about finding the right questions to ask. If so, writing in response to a question is much more powerful than just starting to write out long hand, so we go through the whole process of and I do to of writing in response to questions Plainville now in most of my books are on on 52 Subjects so that’s crazy, wow and I only devote a couple pages to each subject, business coach  but the truth be known most of the time I ride over 100 of them, and then I read it down to the best, the very best that I have and leave that in business coach  The book and get on the beach and hang out and do the thing right here, that’s what floats your boat here was like me, and it was from one morning was Primetime. business coach   I don’t know that most other humans, besides my dear friend, clay Clark that really drives during that time, but that was just some time for me. business coach  You know one thing I would just encourage anybody wants to write a book to do and I’ve done it. business coach  Multiple times is exactly what John said find that place find that time, because there’s all different mindsets – and I can for me – cannot participate on writing or doing anything creative when I’m around other people. I just have to be in complete seclusion. business coach  I have to do it. It’S kind of Zia, Batman, cave the man cave whole Aura. business coach  You know that hoe. I just submit man Katie. business coach  I can write anything I mean I don’t have too many other than I have to have: Pinon wood isolation, Perfect, music. My perfect chair, my perfect desk. business coach  I can’t do it and so you’ve got to know yourself, and I also would encourage you to reach out to John Mason I’ll John, how good they get ahold of you if they do want to reach out to you to have you help them crap the book? business coach  Well, we have a website of fresh word. Fresh word. Car number is 918-493-1718 one other strategy. business coach  I think they can really help those of you that are listening that want to write. I came of this expression. business coach  The flow writing system where flow stands for each step. I hate to be the root guy. We’Re going to go to break or going to pay a few bills can possibly be. business coach  My name is Clay Clark. I’M a business coach that guy over there John Mason he’s an author. He sold 2 million blogs a possible Stage. Show no back to the business coach radio show that Tony Robbins calls Daddy where’s my snack pack, you got a banana. business coach  You know you ain’t, no Snack Pack! You know I like Snack Pack. Why can’t you just give me a fat Pat? Why does Tony get all frustrated? business coach  We won’t give him a snack pack, I mean I don’t I don’t know I mean. business coach  Maybe apparently he likes to snack pack. business coach  What’S in a snack pack by the way is putting her someplace, but it makes you say you know what we might be pushing the envelope too far there but we’ll see if he’ll read it and it’s awesome because that’s got to be true question you can, you Could get them all worked up without them? Really, knowing that you were messing with me now and sorry I’d business coach  Target they had to the prank calling technology, whoever told you what my prank calling at Target. business coach  Please do. I worked in the electronics section when I was still recovering from Jackass fully made my recovery, you know, and so I’m working than any electronics department before Tara became my manager, and I discovered it. If you hit the little button, the call Paige you can make announcements like your car keys here, Amanda Smith, you couldn’t tell from what station the announcement was made in it appears to have been hit outside, could be a Honda or a Ford for doors. business coach  Please report to the bridge we have. We have a credit card appear to be a MasterCard, very Spirit of weed report to the front and then my boss, before Terex, my boss, got fired because he let us do these kind of things my boss would go now. business coach  Somebody has made an announcement over had, and I know it was you like Locker. I know it was you and he would kind of call us at more, like weed tell who it is, but we will notify Sonic, seven of us what we’re looking at the buzzer that when people walk out you hit the buzzer and it’ll go off if you’re, business coach  Stealing things, but you can manually hit it to a really good somebody walk out who definitely 85, who definitely didn’t steal. Anything is always funny just because we hurry and stupid person who was a security guy, tackle the movie with Dane Cook where it’s about the life of a big box retail store. business coach  Everything in that movie is almost true, and I apologize to anybody who went to Target during the during the year of 1999 through 2000 apologized to me cloud of Jackass. business coach  We didn’t make it all the way over here, optometry clinic, because my wife’s are there working hard in your belly gets big intersections being an idiot. I thought it was so funny, idiotic, fun, science, all the targets of limitations. You can talk about that stuff about flow, not interrupted his Flow State. So, John back to you my friend, yes, I was an idea on just a strategy on how to write. business coach  This may not apply to every person, but a lot of it will apply to every single person wants to write a book and by the way, clay. business coach  You know, there’s some studies that say that 75 % of all people want to write a book and especially entrepreneurs. business coach  How to write books, but let me tell you a little bit about this idea about flow writing. business coach  The f l o w stand for each particular step in this process. business coach  So I encourage people to number one app right as fast as you can. Let your ideas right as fast. business coach  You can’t don’t worry about what you’re saying just let it come right down. Let it flow, let it flow. Let it go straight from your head from your heart. business coach  Let it go that way and then oh, oh, it’s only right. In short, bursts if you’re doing this kind of a strategy, can’t you really physically can’t do it for hours, while most people every once in awhile, you might, but only right in short, bursts. So 10-15 minutes then take a break and then here’s the best. business coach  One of all the W the W is the most important tip that I can give. business coach  Anybody that wants to write, write without editing mistake that most people make. business coach  Is there editing their book as they’re, going along they’re they’re trying to make this sentence perfect and before they write the next sentence? business coach  And it’s it’s awful, you want to kill that you want to kill your flow. You want to kill your creativity, you want to kill your ability to communicate. Do that because you can always go back and edit later so without editing flow, riding idea. This isn’t how I’d describe watching someone right who edits. While the writing. It’S a lot like watching a Caucasian man learn the Electric Slide for the first time at a wedding and people out there dancing and then you would see a man who’s interacted with the electric slide for the first time and he’s Caucasian it’s it’s over. It’S just take him an hour and a half. He has to go back up to the bar and kind of teaching to an author, John Mason. He has this great company called Fresh word fresh word. How could they get ahold of you if there an aspiring author and, in fact over half the people are I mean it was all sorts of that out there? T business coach  hat shows that people are very interested in writing a book. How do I get a hold of you? What’S the next step, they can get ahold of us by calling us at 918-493-1718 and our website is fresh, hey. business coach  Let me give you one more quick tip, maybe after this break and I hit those mixed step of how to become a goal, orientated person who number to you have to accept the inspiration is the reward and inaction is your Giant action? Is your sword meeting if you’re waiting to become inspired? It’S probably not going to happen, but you have to go ahead and take action right now. business coach  Recognizing doing nothing is really the problem. business coach  It’S not that you are wigs. I’M just seen this so many times with business owners who only go to work on the days where they’re motivated Say Never celebrate. business coach  But I see the entrepreneurs who just show up and put your head down, get to work done: they’re, consistent, Grinders and those are the ones who win I’ll, give example: doctors they even when it commercials in Tulsa. business coach  For how many years have you been running? business coach  Radio commercials? 25 years no cuz, I need the consensus he was. I mean I never thought about that. In fact, if I’m down a little bit, I might think about putting more in you know. This is what I want to get into. This is what that you have. That says, if we’re down a little bit and sales, I should probably increase my ass, because I know that this particular mindset was taught to me by my Uncle Jerry, and I think that I don’t know if someone taught you that or you hit your head on The toilet seat, the strong, the flux, capacitor, that’s making time travel possible us interacting with my Uncle Jerry, I’m not sure how you got this Minds. If I don’t talk to you about how you got this mindset of when sales are down a little bit, it’s time to crank up the marketing activity, my name is Click Clark, I’m a business coach. We are here in the box that rocks with the legendary John Mason he’s so two million bucks – if you have not sold 2 million books, stay tuned, I’m a business coach testing live from the center of the universe, will come back to the radio, show that the Illuminati uses for business tips. Welcome to the Thrive time show see if you read the feeling we’re being watched. Are you all the time I know I’m? I was fun the other day, though I had a friend I ran into randomly at the store when it’s kind of eerie is kind of eerie, Zayed, Illuminati, music cuz. business coach  That was that Mysteries theme music right there. I want to feel unsettled retrieve that working lights open like it and I’ll give you the questions for you and I said, did you laugh, and I said yes and I said: did you learn anything and I said yes check goal accomplished? business coach  I will say if you’re listening to this show – and you agree with everything we say there was something wrong and I encourage you to look at this. This is this. Is the old Ronald Reagan philosophy? Can you towards radio listening trust but verify Mystic or a quote? business coach  You go check that go to DriveTime, business coach  you see the podcast up there, you can subscribe for free to all the show notes. Are there so you can look, you can click on the stats? You can click on it, as example, when I said to you earlier today that 57 % of people want to start a business. That’S an actual sided statistic from Forbes shows. business coach  The majority of people are not happy. I mean that’s a little unsettling when you hear it. The first time, but it’s it’s it’s – you can just check out the facts now before we went to the break. We were teeing up this point that doctors do you have this mindset of diligence? business coach   If you look at the word, diligent means to study application of effort. business coach  The study application of the D consistency, the Proverbs 10:4 kind of consistency, business coach  Proverbs 10:4 states that God blesses the hand of the diligent and punishes the slacker Elon Musk states. He says You must work like h. E double hockey sticks because, if you don’t put in 80 to 100 hours per, we, you Willis so either way to go to the mosque or Proverbs consistency of having too much of the other end of the spectrum. So you know I can OK, Google off my Crank It Up. How do you do it? Why did you what’s going on your car to go faster? business coach  What do you do? What you pull over you all over your chest in the carburetor to check the carburetor? business coach  You check the air in your tires, because you’re not obviously must be something going on down there. You know, you know, I know you do what little thing called pressing the accelerator down more. business coach  So what you do is you put your put more gas in the system and that’s what advertising is. business coach  Advertising is the gas pedal of your car and you want to go fast. You put more into it. If you’re not going fast, what’s enough right, then then you press down that accelerator and that’s what that’s. What eyevertising is that something marketing is now to think about. Is – and I I have seen this claim it breaks – my heart breaks your heart. business coach  I have seen people spend a lot of money, can advertise in your goods and services, yes and the ass. So bad, I’m like! Oh, oh, that’s almost like. business coach  I don’t want to do business with him now because it had is so so horrible. business coach  So you can. You have to have a compelling a compelling marketing campaign compelling add, and then you have to put get it out their front of people now so hun I’m going to read you a notable quotable, don’t have John Mason 2 legendary, the living legend Tulsi civilian copies of His book, business coach  I’m going break it down, for so this is from. This is from a guy named Ben Horowitz, who wrote a book called the hard thing about hard things. business coach  You wrote the book after selling a company for 1.6 billion dollars, but there were no more Harkins in his life Thang, that’s fine, but that wasn’t really the hard thing about the situation. The hard thing is setting a big hairy, audacious goal. The hard thing is laying people off when you missed the goal. business coach  The hard thing isn’t hiring great people the hard things when these great people get entitled and start demanding, unreasonable things. The hard thing isn’t setting up an org chart. The hard thing is getting people to communicate and to stay within the organizational chart you just designed. The hard thing is dreaming big. The heart thing is waking up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat when the dream has turned into a nightmare. Come on now so John Mason, I mean what are some of the hard things about riding into the things behind the things that keep most author stuck someone decided to get motivated, they started writing the book and then they fell off the lack of motivation Cliff. What are those predictable issues people run into when trying to write their own book? Well, I think lot of self-doubt about what they have to say and that’s why we encourage authors to take it. Look at what has worked and focus your book on writing about what has work or what has helped. You never write a book unless it’s actually helped you first, and I knew this – that no obstacle ever left me the way it found me how come on. So. Yes – and you may find this surprising, but at one of the very lowest most difficult points of my life is when I wrote my first book and it was entitled an enemy called average, and you know what spurred means clay, what I got an article in the Tulsa World the Tulsa World was reading an article written by the Associated Press and it was describing the average American, the average American had this this size house, the average American made this amount of money, and I started to see that’s exactly what I was the average American at that time had two children, and I had two children, the most common name in America. At that time was Linda and my wife’s name was Linda in the most common male name was John, I’m an average American and I’m not average and it began to motivate Mason is negative. I began to think and I’m in a difficult situation and I began to write in it. First change me: it began to help me and I thought well maybe you can help others also, but it changed me first and please don’t write books that don’t change you. First and I’m going to be able to represent the person listening who babysits, I don’t know property in this up here. If you are listening today – and you know, your F6 goes and I talked about all the time – your goals for your faith, your family, your finances, your Fitness, your friendship and your fun, and if you are achieving your success in those areas, then I’m not harassing you. What I see is people who are going through life with dissonance where they have a goal to spend time with her family, but they don’t and they say well, I’m just coming into work or they say I have a goal for my finances, but they don’t and They kind of hide behind. Well, I want to spend time with my family in no matter what the reason you’re not hitting your goals as there’s always an excuse, but if you want to exit your excuse and begin to learn how to achieve time, freedom in Financial Freedom, will you put on A seminar every once in awhile and this last seminar we had, we have 1 ticket left. Then it’s actually this Friday and Saturday, but you got to go to thrive time, to book your ticket. Here’S the deal with scholarship program available if you’re listening right now and you said, hey financially, I am not in a good spot. Then we welcome you. In fact, I challenge I want to see you. I want to meet you. I want to shake your hand, but if you are achieving success in these areas, where not saying that being average in certain areas as bad, when I’m support we’re saying here’s, we want you to live a life of abundance and to achieve freedom in your time and Your financial life and so doctors, the I want to ask you, having achieved success in the world of of business. What do you do with your time? Freedom, and we don’t have sex goals on the time it? What did you do during labor day or what are some of the things you did during the labor day, because you have time frame you weren’t laboring, nobody works. I travel a lot here and that’s why I’m going on the show light, I’m sorry drivers and I’m sorry, like I said before I was going like leaving a teenager that you think is old enough to be left at the house and you’re just glad when you Come back in the house is still standing night, so that’s kind of thought. That’S clay being left unsupervised on the radio show, but for me I enjoy traveling on I enjoy going places. I enjoy experimenting new things and around the world because I have the time to Financial Freedom to do that. So that’s kind of my go-to what I do now, what what? What are some of the places on your bucket list that you still want to see? Is there a maybe a place where to where you said man? I really want us. I want experience that yeah. You know one place I want to go to is like New Zealand have been in a New Zealand, yet I’m going to walk there with a couple Hobbit Trail down there. I know I don’t know I’ll, look like a hobbit, believe it or not. I mean there’s some really fantastic cities to go visit all all throughout Asia. So what you to dream big here. Have you ever been to Delaware? You know, I don’t think I’ve been to Delaware.. You can speak right baby. I understand putting your hands of how many people are putting. You have to be bor, the from and some guy says, he’s from, like Delaware and I’m realizing. I know a lot of people incorporate in Delaware and I’ve even done that before, but I’ve never met. Somebody shake your hand. It was as funny finger in the cocktail hour. Everyone was like here from Delaware, because Delaware, so is he going to put that on your list? I do you know I’m due by and meet the most are 20. I think the only thing I have in common is it supposed to put Rhode Island on there with a guy who’s achieved, mini mini milestones in his career, he’s ready to ease actually sold 2 million books. So if you aren’t in a me of average, and you want to move Beyond just surviving, I want to stay tuned, because John Mason, with fresh word, publishing, is here inside the box that rocks today on the Thrive time show on your radio. If you need a business coach where they labal check, check, check it out throughout time, show broadcasting from the center of the universe and the thrive15 world headquarters. Oh yeah, oh yeah. I want to go to the snack bar, get myself a pickle pickle. I can’t wait for the corner game, see when we go to the corner game, but the words are denim jackets with some driving like a Thrive. Glittery thing you know sewn into it. When are they going to turn on the black lights and let’s play the dice game? I don’t know, that’s a good question. I keep asking her pretty good quad head for the day when, when skating mattered would when America was was good, went back. Remember when America was great, when skating was the thing, did you ever go out and skating and if you did, did you have some? I can neon laces in quad skates, where you good on the on the on the roller skate was not good. I was. I was probably just a touch below average and I remember one time I forget that you know whoever if you’re listening, you were the DJ and you got on to me at the roller rink this is. It really hurt my feelings, I’m over it, but they it was. It was a shuffle Shuffle only Shuffle Shuffle only how to shuffle. So I thought well what better place to learn to shuffle, while shuffling I’m on a shuffle only song absolutely here on the red shirt. You’Re not shuffled get off get off, there’s no parking on the dance floor. Please no parking on the dance floor. Please remove yourself from the price to America. Please warn you are not shuffling. Repeat you or not, shuffling. Who is the messed up? The part where it got over the line was when he actually took out a hot iron and branded your forehead. I left it was unnecessary, but I become a great quad skater or you want to be successful in business were talking about how to become a goal-oriented person. This next move is, you have to set clear goals, clear goals, so I’m going to give you an example of a clear goal, and then I want to John Mason to break it down to the world of being a writer being an author goal for a man. Cave after a conversation with you and it had to be under ground, eventually, the man cave had to be okay, if it’s on the ground, so I had a specific list of things I wanted in Z I just completed, and it has the fireplace check check the Pinion is always burning in my opinion and in reality, we’ve got Black Walls everywhere, not nice blue lights. It looks just like the live, lounge and attached weight, room, multiple flat screens, a little kitchenette, I think bulbs, the kitchen. It looks everywhere everywhere, skip a Philips. I’Ve. Never used it for there. It is you what I felt like when I wouldn’t actually moved into it now, but when I went down to there and the first time I walked down the stairs and walked in your man cave. It is like I feel like if, if Heaven is in a lot like it’s as if Heaven’s not like this, I don’t want to go when you get up there, and I mean the stear Lord in a man cave, and he says no. This is Purgatory. When you leave the man cave, you actually have to go on streets of gold, you might say, is it basically there’s? No actual. Can you join Mason? You know about purgatory. I don’t see how you been probably dangerous, but it’s a place. You go and then it’s up it’s a holding place. We judge hold it yet holding place like that. They’Re still hope for you, even when you, even when you get there, you can be out of there by by your friends and family and and been making onto haven’t, I believe now we can email, email referring to the apartment and I’m going off her moment. So I look it up and it in back in the Bible, it’s the waterdome that allegedly surrounded the Earth that God pierced to crit flood. You got to look up to be really blew my mind about purgatory. Whenever I get into school, I told you off the rail goal. That book will never get written in what? What a lot of our authors and what I have to do, my own in my own life is: I have to set a realistic goal. That also has some results that I’m going to get recently. I had an opportunity to speak at a conference in Maui and the Maui. I knew how wonderful it is and I had a goal to make sure I had my book done for that conference. Cuz. It’S a conference full of influencers and I’m pretty sure that if I didn’t have that goal, which was in March, which man I had the book had had to have the book written by January – that I would have never read I would have. I might be still writing it today without that particular going to enter Stingley enough in the book world. Everything works backwards. So if you get involved with Publishers, they’re working everything backwards, most people don’t realize it. When you give a book to a publisher, a manuscript, it takes more than a year for that book to come out. Books are sold in advance about 6 months in advance before that book ever comes out, and so, when you’re involved in writing and Publishing, you work everything backwards and I own a publishing company, and so we always have to tell our authors if you want to book By this day, we can work it backwards and know exactly what day you must have that manuscript on or you’re going to miss that goal. What am I listening right now and I say I’m willing to stay on track. I’Ve tried to start writing a book 4 times 5 times now. It’S just become a doom loop. I sit down and write for a page or two and then I lose track. How do you help people? How do you guys help people? How does your company help people go down at track of getting a book done? Well, we help them different levels. As I mentioned earlier, we have a whole team of writers that help come in and help the author we worked together with the author is truly called a collaboration in the industry, not really ghostwriting. So we do that, but also I created this incredible tool because all these years of being the head of three publishing companies in written all these books that are so pretty well actually put together, this tool called the ultimate author to a how to write the book Of your dreams and sell it everywhere, you can, and so I would tell an author that was stuck one thing for sure. Just begin with the information that you know the best most people think they have to start at chapter 1 and and that’s not true, you can write if your strongest idea really is most appropriate in the middle of the book. Then start with that information right with what you know best first and again, go back to that whole flow. Writing idea of not editing just writing as fast as you can and putting the idea on paper, and I always tell people you’ve got to have a picture of who you riding to in your mind and by the way your book is not for everybody. Now you give us tips earlier. That was great. You said B, I have to give you feel the flow feel the flow ride. The bull work at F4 flow f fast, Go Fast book Fast. What does L stand for? Let it go. Let it go straight from your head on your heart right on paper. So can I get a no okay, only only that’s for printer pressure, even though I go away for a week at a time, I’m writing in versed. I’M getting up. I’M walking around I’ll go for this at the place that I go has a huge the lake on it I’ll go, walk around that I’ll go workout I’ll, come back I’ll, go at it again in the final one is without editing. So what you mean by with right without editing, wow, that’s the most important one. I believe, because people always try to make that sentence perfect before they write the next one. Crazy, don’t do that right it as fast as you can. Just don’t don’t be editing your book, I even know at authors who turn off the spell check, turn it off, so they can write it down. Listen. You can always go back and edit the book you can always go out of hire people to do the editing part of it, but it’ll help you get the book done. Most people that are stuck are probably trying to make their Brooke perfect and I always tell my authors: there’s only been one perfect book and it’s not yours. Okay, speak of the perfect book. Genesis 1:6 somebody’s just going to be here for you, okay, I meant so firm firmament. This is from Genesis. 1:6, the King James Edition. It says – and God said, let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, not it divide the waters from the waters. So turn down trying to plan, and I want to ask you to see imagine back in the day that, because we live in such convenient times, imagine back in the day. If you wanted to sit down to write anything, let’s say that you started a optometry clinic supposedly lets say 25 years, did you have to type it right? The first time I’m in the tuckus back of the Dead Violet write with a quill pen. It took forever. I mean, oh, my gosh, the stress the pressure of writing every letter. Did you have to use a typewriter when you first started? No, I don’t have to use a typewriter, but it’s funny because back home we did really did the things changed. The most and advertising is the ease. Now that is to go in to make you I’d, make a new radio commercial every month, and I remember back in the day, would be on tape. Your committee would actually have to do it to the to the 60 seconds on the., Otherwise would have to cut and spliced actual tape it. So you can cut and splice. It was just easier if you have a practice with you on your personality and then we would do that. I dried them all and then we would do the end. I can’t get a feel of what 60 seconds was. You know all that in the mood actually do it if you messed up yet to go back redo. The whole thing welcome to the world of DJing. This is this dialogue of a DJ. Your loans, almost over you’re, almost done playing sugar pie, honey bunch and you got to find the other song load it in to the player and there’s no digital download it. You can’t go in just to Best, Buy and get that song, and I you say coming up in just a moment: the bride and groom are going to be cutting that cake once again, folks, any moment now and you’re going to CD skipping, it’s skipping, you take The disc out you blow on it I’ll do it and you just hit that repeat. You come back on the mic and now that he’s a gentle house here for the beautiful bride and that’s the world of DJ, but you are under a much more intense situation. I could filibuster, and now it’s all digital me together, it’s easy, easy peasy you bring that up, but I’ve got to go there. Cuz, you hurt my feelings all those years and you just you crushed me like it like a guy with step on a Rollie Pollie. That’S that’s how I felt like a Rollie Pollie, underneath your foot and what I mean by that is folk to listen., Going to Wichita k y work for me Vanessa you play and I started mentoring him and we hung out a little bit and then all those Times I just need the clay, would look at me and see my eyes and know that I wanted to be a guest DJ and one of his events. How many come in a small event. Like some kids, you know 16 birthday party, their backyard. You know, and I could have me and Bubba the Clown you’re going worked at work, the crowd you know or whatever, but just born in Jinks, we’re Garth Brooks actually performed there. One time it has a flashing light it’s over there by Riverside. Where is Riverside, it’s Brighton Sprint, South of the Brahms. You just go to Riverside where the Brahms and maybe 9100 1st and Riverside well that that Barn right there, tribe nation, that was a barn where that was like the mecca for 16 year old birthday parties. So many DJ, you know I didn’t ask him, I don’t know recordable for you from Norman Vincent Peale, the success author. He says all successful people have a goal. No one can get anywhere unless he knows where he wants to go and what he wants to be or do, and once you know that goal you’ve got to go in Eyes Wide Open. Knowing the trade-offs in this is where I want to focus remainder of our attention, because it’s so easy to set the Big Goal. But what about the trade-offs? Because you have goals for your faith, your family, your finances, your Fitness, your friendship and your fun, and it’s so easy to talk about work-life balance. But Here Comes Jack, Welch coming in hot. He says this. He says: there’s no such thing as work-life balance. Oh, he says there are work, life choices, you can make them alone and they can have consequences. Do we do any Cruise Jack Welch? I love you, I’m not busy. Will you do WFAN today at DriveTime against DriveTime, and now returning to his throne, from traveling somewhere around the world, the man with the plan, the optometrist, who helped also See 20/20 for over 25 years, a man who has incredible caps but doesn’t want to Talk about the Cavs and if muscularity of his cap hit is dr. Robert, the calf muscle cell, know I love. This is my stuff right here at DNA testing cuz. I think I might be a Targaryen. I think there might be I may I may I don’t know how do you test Marion’s of the guys with the with the crazy swords he run around killing people out there? But you know if you have, if you have watch The Game of Thrones, that is either one show in the world right now. You know somebody who was kind of a modern-day Viking come a modern day, Warrior of personal finances guy, who will just get out there and fight for your wallet, the kind of guy who will just slay the dragons of wasting any fish in sea who help you Automate your Millions it’s Christmas Brian over here, Chris Brian. How are you doing well? How are you guys today? Well, I’m excited because you came into the box of rocks today, give it away a free gift for our listeners and really what better way to say. I love you. It was a gift to a financial focused book, so Chris Tell us about: did the gift you’re giving away to our listeners Safe Money book is awesome for those guys that are really trying to understand if any intial world trying to understand how it works, the good, the bad, the ugly. You know the pitfalls and the the up the upsides markets, how they turn why they turn the way they do and I feel – and I co-wrote it. So it’s actually a pretty nice, pretty nice Hindi books, not like it. You know real big thick book. It’S pretty easy, late, layman’s terms, it’s awesome, but give us a call at 918-591-2880 or you go to our website and get it at my tanker You know all the pages you put in where you could color. That’S really made it easier for Matt sauce. It’S really nice. If you happen to remember a few weeks ago, we talked about that. The doggy was going to get yeah, he did and on the show, and now he brings in his name is Zeke, and that is one fantastic-looking dog that can tell us a little bit about Zeke again now he’s only 14 months old, so he’s pretty fun. Metal. Wawa menu looks like a right very far, he’s just missing the trunk from the elephant. That’S about all, but yeah I mean special training program is going to be an executive guard. Dog right. Is that what you said, yeah travel. I leave them at home with the wife and he takes care of the house – okay, not so cool. We were talking today about trade-offs and I want to dive into this because Jack Welch said and is this is Jack. Welch’S of this is a CEO who grew GE by 4000 per cent during his tenure, which is incredible. He says, there’s no such thing as work-life balance. They are, there are work, life choices and you make them and they have consequences to. Let me see this up here. You have a big goal. I remember reading a book by the guy who started ESPN whose Name Escapes me, but he teamed up with a J Paul Getty to launch ESPN Jay Paul get his money was used to launch ESPN and he explains that when you have huge ambition. The consequence is massive trade-offs. It’S always listening to an interview recently with Maria Sharapova, the tennis star, where she explained the Tim Ferriss Astra during the interview. What are some of the biggest trade-offs you’ve made, and she said well, for instance, my friends having a wedding this weekend, I’m not going to because I’m going to be playing tennis, but I’m the one who pays for the girls out and we all go out together And I’m a tennis star because I make these trade-offs to make them all the time she’s at my dad moved to America from Russia when I was 7 so that I could have a tennis coach and we spent all of our money and all of our time Investing in me so that I can play professionally, but that’s what I did. Other girls were playing with dolls. I was out there playing tennis, so I think people want the big results, but they don’t want to make any trade-offs at all, and especially not the big one. So can you talk to us about trade-offs? Maybe some of these some of the trade-offs. Maybe you had to make throw out your career. Well, I mean Jack Welch’s, 1 % correct, hear you think you’re going to start a business and have this happy balance your spouse is never going to go when you going to come home. Your kids, like we like to see your Dad or Mom at some point, Our Lives you’re going to have to do the trade off and you have choices you make. I mean. Obviously, when I started, I was working play days a week. That’S it that’s! A life choice right there in seven days a week I member you know back in high school. I work every weekend at a restaurant because I needed money right real, quick. I know Caesar Augustus amended to calendar back in the day. Did you adjust the calendar to give you 8 days or resist bills to like, in the time of 7 Day work weeks? Don’T know what that means. You have other time, and I think the key is is that you know for me: it wasn’t the amount of time I spend with my family, but was a quality of time I spent with him. So if you could be home all day long and on your computer or on your smartphone and beat you know your kids like that, dang like and whatever, whenever whatever you got to get in there nobody’s going to nobody’s going to want you to have success more Than you do and the only way you do it is to make those choices that you can put that business first for a season and that’s what you do you work hard to take it from a job then to a business and that’s what we coach you Here to do it, so then you have the freedom to do whatever it is. You want to do now. What at the hard-working first, I want to ask you this Chris Bryan. I also want to ask you there, mr. John Mason, about this, because Chris you help people financially stay on the tracks. Album stay accountable. I think a lot of people struggle to make those trade-offs. What advice do you typically give your clients about financial trade-offs me? What are some of the Practical trade-offs? You know, encourage your clients to make to achieve their big goals. Well, emotionally everybody likes the big new TV, the big new cars, all that kind of stuff. You know it’s okay to do that, but I think one of the big things this is: if you don’t set aside your Financial Freedom in the future, no one’s going to do it for you. So you know the car is going to depreciate the items you going to buy it going to depreciate, make sure that when you’ve do actually start blowing money, if you will cuz I’ve seen a lot of people do that with with the businesses to just take off. They need to start with some kind of a plan where they setting aside that money ahead of time. Canter they’ve allocated that and then then go have fun things like iTunes, downloads and Slurpees yeah. Absolutely I mean, I think that you know I mean I think they did what you did you deal with money, as you just find you find like a guy that lives on the corner. You know to give you protection. Could you give me all your money and I’ll make sure you’re safe sounds like a very reasonable offer? You can give me all the money. What are you doing with the lead pipe? Why you always have to think about it is. Is that so many people out there and we’ve we’ve read Lisa’s tistics and it’s almost kind of scary, how many people out there have less than in the savings account? Is it sounded close to half of the people out there have a less than say. That’S not! That’S not a good thing, fried Nation. We would encourage you to get ahead financially. We want to encourage that you can achieve your goals if your goals are to become a best-selling author or to become a successful business person order to have a job and to stay at that job in to retire. Financially, we’ve got the gurus in the no inside the box of rocks today to teach you how to do that. So we come back we’re going to interrogate John Mason about how to become a literary Wonder, see this guy has sold over 2 million books by Man. 2 million, I wonder how to become a literary Wonder, or has he it’s a competition? We come back play John Mason City broadcasting live from the center of the universe, its business school without the BS featuring optometrist turned entrepreneur. Dr. Robert zoellner, with us SBA, entrepreneur of the Year Clark exactly who you could be just hold on going home just hold on going home. Alright, tribe Nation, welcome back of the conversation. My name is Clay Clark and you are listening to the Thrive time. Show broadcasting live from the Left Coast of the Arkansas River Z? Can you explain the Left Coast of the Arkansas River? What the Thrive Times show world headquarters really looks like and feels like for those who have yet to book the final ticket for the Thrive time. Show.Com Workshop this Friday and Saturday by left, you mean west side of the Arkansas River and drinking and we’re over here in that beautiful suburb of Tulsa called Jinx, and there is a need. Little area here called the Riverwalk area and we are in the farthest building on the north of that project. So, like two things, south of us is the new flying T and one of those golf things than three levels and have the net around it. So it’s kind of cool, but ours we have the entire first floor of this building and we’ve turned it into a millennial, Disneyland, Disneyland, poor Millennials, it’s half Millennial, half business and have Disney no gluten gluten free environment. We all share a car receiver burning through this place, but we have a lot of laptops out here, a lot of computers per capita. I mean, I think, Moses Williams have party three or four him set up and then just I’m going to get scientific it. When I get here so the older ones – and I could agree, I explain to my setlist – an electric car doesn’t use gas in there. Like that’s that’s true, I said so in electric building also doesn’t use gas, and I didn’t explain to him that most electricity comes from coal because that’s not the part that may explain right, didn’t explain that part to just say that we are not using gas in The building can you jump a car and do an outlet and it just from how much electricity comes from coal. I have any we’re not going to put a financial planner and John Mason. You are a book career planner. I would call you or somebody who helps take somebody who has a idea. The seed of a great publishing careers in their mind is a seed of a great career as an author’s in their mind, and you help them turn that thing into a best-selling book into a citizen to a successful book. So I want to get into the nitty-gritty. How does one begin to sell a book and get someone actually make any money self-publishing a book without a big deal getting in the big book stores that kind of thing or yes, you can? I mean I’ve seen it happen on a number of occasions and for most people the key is to write a book. That’S answering a question that somebody is asking in the bigger the question that you answer the bigger the problem that you saw in your book. The more valuable your book will come in and we also teach people how to write a book that people will actually read so many people they play. They just write whatever they think without really getting down to. How can I help this reader they’re going to buy your book because they want to answer the big question, the Big Marketing question? What’S in it for me, and you have to answer that in writing a book and if you can do some of these things, you can help have a successful book, then I’m going to challenge listening right now and they say Okay cut through the chase. I know you sold 2 million books, but if I want you to help me with my book, what’s in it, I mean how do you do it? What’S that look like I mean how what’s in it for me, if I do pick up the phone and call you yes, we do that we do offer coaching and we also do the actual the collaborative kind of work and we sit down with every author. We want to know what your idea is and we will talk to you about how marketable we feel like. That idea is, or maybe there’s some modifications of that, and we will come in and work together with author. Some of them decide to buy our tool, which is really credible resources. The easiest way for me to describe it as I took everything that I’ve learned and experienced and known and put it into one tool and make that available, and then we have some coaching. Are you selling me and referring to me as a tool on the radio, and he just refer to me as a tool? I don’t think today’s press any opinions at all it about religion or politics, anything I’m offended and I’m a go marked. I got on the river in March, I think it’s a smart thing to do and just Marge until you pass out – and I don’t think I have no goals and how can you actually help me get to my financial goals, I’m making ,000 a year? I have a job in there for long time not going to leave like my job, I’m not one of the people who hates their job. I just want to know how can you help me financially? Actually, what am I going? What’S the real deal we need to take it apart, I mean picking apart what you’re wasting a lot of people go to Starbucks and I’ll buy a cup of coffee. You know every day and it’s okay to that once a week as a as a treat but hey every day, you could be putting that money aside. I can be making you money, I mean that’s, that’s a hundred bucks a month if you want to add that up. What is the book that you have your the gift you’re, giving all the listeners to their Kris, Bryant, safe money and then come book? Basically, what you need to do is just give us a call 918-591-2880 or go to our website and my anger group going to give you some Basics on vesting what you, what you probably don’t know a little behind the seat scene Secrets things like that that people Try to keep from you, okay, now Secrets the next segment and a half. My plan is to irritate three-quarters of our listening audience. Not not I’m not going to the goal, and we determine this is a good idea. Are you tall rated trade-offs for your faith if you’re going to make a commitment to your face, there’s trade-offs, you’re going to have to make otherwise you’re somebody who hasn’t read the book of James. It’S like a face without works is dead. I having a religion that you don’t practice. What’S the point and I’m not saying I’m a perfect person with mileage and I’m just saying, if you’re going to make a goal for your faith, that’s going to require a trade-off of some sort if you’re not making any trade-offs that you really haven’t changed. Anything now with your family, if you’re going to commit to your family, this is something I’ve seen you do very, very well. Z is all three of your kids are now married. Yes and I’ve met, I met them. Yeah and I didn’t mean to match it. Wasn’T like visitation, one of them she’s. Actually, a doctor running around Tama Tree Clinic she’s working there yellow just got married and your kids are doing great. I mean optometry school and add at the kid, but you really should get mad at the parents, because I didn’t make the trade-offs needed to raise a good kid. And but how have you been able to? I mean. Obviously it takes two to raise a kid, but how are you able to raise great kids cuz? That’S a question I have is a business of what things I see nowadays. Is parents don’t want to be parents, they want to try to be buddies. They want to be friends, and I want to hang out and they don’t disturb the kids. Don’T need another friend, that’s plenty of those out there and with her smartphone today they can have as many of those as they want right, but they need a parent. They need someone to do the hard decisions wanted to say no, and I see so much of this now. You know parents especially successful ones. They worked really hard so that they don’t for some reason feel like to have to say no to their kids. You know we talked about the trade-offs needed to become successful, financially and in the areas of friendship and Fitness in whole bunch of stuff. So it’s going to be exciting to talk about trade-offs and goal-setting today, on the Thrive time show on your radio. My name is Clay Clark. I am a business coach and I do encourage you to go to thrive time today and to sign up for the podcast. It is free. You can sign up to it subscribe for free. My name is Clay Clark. I am a business coach going to DriveTime, show stock Drive Time. Radio show me to tell you teach your super moves. You could use to grow business Anunnaki. How many times did you watch the first Karate Kid and don’t don’t underestimate? I mean, I know, you’ve watched it, probably four to five dozen times, but how many times have you watched the first Karate Kid rap song mean arguable, you can argue it might be one of us films in her in her in American history of my life. After I put the wax on their take, the wax off it just something to wake up the morning like time for the wax are Chia Pet as a way to kind of just therapeutic therapeutically, interact with the movie Little happy Santa dad, and you got to move The Rocks around and happy same ticket punish him break up music play, so this is. This is something I want to throw here: Cobra Kai, that guy’s making some serious trade out he’s saying: yo not going to risk my credibility, I’m going to risk the esteem of the other parents and I’m going to yell at a 12 year old kid wearing a Headband to punish the other kit, you know he’s he’s, making the trade-offs the eyes wide open. He says we’re going to go black outfit kind of snake Motif upgrade their Social Circle. They want to surround themselves with high-quality people, yet they’re unwilling to make the trade-offs. Why do you think that is where life is? We want her cake and eat it too, because we don’t want to put the hard work in. We don’t delay gratification and what is it? I think that we are taught is a culture. In again, this is maybe we’ll give it all to go. I didn’t retire as a culture that your friendship should be based off of geography and families. You were born into and not based off of choice, and I entirely reject that idea. So I can just say that I don’t go back to Minnesota cuz, I don’t like it and pretty much everybody who was in my life that I didn’t choose. This is not in my life now, and the people that I chose are very much in my life because I didn’t want to be around negative people and I making that decision was very hard, but I’m so glad I did it because I can’t even relate to People who wake up negative every day I die, can’t do it, and so, when I see guys like you or Chris or John Mason, it’s an honor to have guys like you guys inside the box of rocks – and I can say I was thinking about the math Of it – and I can’t clone myself to be with the negative people and with you at the same time, so time is limited resource you have to decide. We were going to spend your time and, if you’re going to be happy person, happy people spend their time with the happy people. More often I mean so it’s really just who you’re spending your time with z and where you’re spending your time and requires you to say no, and I think it is upsetting when you tell your aunt or your cousin, that hey I’ll see you at Thanksgiving. But that’s again on Facebook read one more me a picture of a cloud complaining about who’s President on either side everyday. I’M done I’ve got to move on. I got to get some things done exactly and why people choose to have that mindset is just beyond me. It just breaks my heart when I see people going and I go and are always a lot of times. I have the attitude, will it when this happens I’ll be happy? You know what was happening I’ll find my spot when this finally gets bad when it breaks my heart, because I’m like you, don’t have to go through life like that, you know: that’s a decision you’re making to go through life and if you’re an entreprenuer – and you Have that mindset you’re, probably going to be one of the 80 % of people who start an open, a business that do what clay fail, fail, shut the Doors Down responsibility for own life? And I want to ask you this, John, with a friendship of the Pierce Circle that you’re around. Have you had to make some trade-offs to be around the people you’re around today cuz, I noticed that you pal, you hang out with really kind nice people. What kind of trade-offs have you had to make to upgrade those that you’re reminiscing financially upgrade? I’M just saying upgrade the character of the people you’re around absolutely. I have, and I think, as you begin to increase and grow one of the biggest decisions that a person has is who they associate with, because not everybody’s going to want you to increase and grow and do better and everybody comes to a Crossroads of decisions about Who they associate with, because you do become like those that you closely is so don’t experience in my life early on where I had to make a decision. In fact, I really felt like at one particular point in time that I had like a an encounter with God where he talked to me about some people. I was hanging around and I didn’t need to be around those anymore, and I I made a decision that day to change who I associated with and literally my life changed from that moment forward, and so I’ve always been very cautious about who I associate with samples Of a new normal that I understand, having known dr. zoellner and people like him at Disney World, Lee Cockrell would have been your boss there for a while Lee Cockrell one of our 315 mentors. They give. You give you a hand book and they have standards in there. They have standards of excellence at Disney World and, if you choose not to follow the guidelines that uniform the being on time, the alcohol policies, all those things all the rules in the handbook they are going to. Allow you they’re going to promote you to customer status. They’Re going to fire you and because there’s forty thousand employees they do it every day and you can’t feel bad about to feel bad firing. Even one person for failing to live up to the expectations before meeting you yeah, then you get over it. You know it is, it is an unfortunate thing and me, because you hire someone in your hopeful and you’re positive. This is it. This is the OWN you’re, going to help me with my business, and you immediately bring the man and you treat them well and you give them stuff and you, you know, give them money and you give them your benefits and all this tattoo of their name. On your arm and then when they’re not doing well kind of reflex little bit on you cuz you’re, going to go. When I hired this person absolite I mean I was either duped by them. Telling me what they cuz. You know most people on all the job applications everything you put on, there’s true, absolutely not what’s the percent to be able to put stuff on there? Is he number I can’t say it again according to CBS News. Okay in this is the US chamber: 75 % of employees are stealing from the workplace. We know that, and the dad of it’s out there from like ink magazine is showing about half of all resumes have something on it. That’S 100 % false. True on the show notes, Sapphire someone: you don’t deliver feeling on your cuz you’re sitting there thinking. Maybe I should train them better. Maybe I should have coached him up better. You know and and then it’s it’s difficult and I know some employers that have a real difficult time in firing. Some related to buddy go cuz they’re like what I got a job. They got a family and all that I got a car payment. I mean you know they love their mother for a Kiss Is Not a Home and Garden Show, but there’s a principal if you have a plant and cutting off cutting off parts of it pruning is a very healthy weight for to grow the next season, and you Might say to yourself what does that have to do when you talking about well? My point is: if your business, if you look at, is a plant, sometimes you need to go in there and prune it and an upgrade your personnel in order to have the business grow to the next level. I have a fun fact: according to a CNN article, in 2010, they found it 69 % of recruiters consistently find people lying on the resume. This is a consistent thing, it’s the nature of someone, and they gave you false information. It’S probably happened and when they start working for you, there like it when they’re at a time are there in the Navy – and I you got out of the Navy and now you’re a financial planner. So talk to me about some of the trade-offs you had to make as you’ve kind of met new people, I mean if you had to meet some new people to go to get into the financial planning world or not. Absolutely I mean you know all the people that I grew up with. We all grew up relatively poor. Okay, we work either just we’re out food stamps, but just one one level above it and what you really got to realize is there is a poverty mentality that you’ve got a break out of, and those people that I surround myself back then we’re all driven people, Even though we all grew up with very little money, we roll driven and just about every single one of those friends that I have actually had contact with now and still are friends with now are actually doing very successful in business. Tell in the game of business. We have four solutions for you want. You can go today and sign up for a one-on-one consultation with an actual business coach to you can go to thrive time, show. Common sign up for the podcast, absolutely for free or three. My friend, you can sign up for the world’s best business school. It’S only a dollar for your first month going to DriveTime and finally, we have one ticket, or at least we did. We started today. One ticket left for this month’s Thrive time show in person to day workshop, go to DriveTime right now and book your ticket also little bonus for you. You can download the start here, heat book Edition right now at DriveTime, that is John Mason. That’S Chris Bryan, That’s doctors, ain’t! My name is Clay Clark, I’m a business coach and, if you’re looking to have a book written, just Google searched John Mason. It’S right here in Tulsa. He can help. You turn your book into reality.


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