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During today’s edition of The Thrive Time Business Coach Radio Show, Clay Clark teaches the proven path for how to build a successful handyman service. During today’s broadcast Clay discusses the following topics and more: Defining your ideal and likely buyers, defining your unique value proposition, creating a world-class website, optimizing your Google maps, the importance of gather sincere reviews from real customers, Home Advisor marketing, and more.



Step 1 – Define Your Ideal and Likely Buyers [ 3:07 ] 
  1. 1. Determine the demographic for focused social media marketing
  2. 2. Determine the zip codes that you should be mailing to
  3. 3. Determine the keywords that are currently being searched by your ideal and likely buyers



Step 2 – Define Your Purple Cow / Core Differentiator [ 8:13 ] 
  1. 1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “In a crowded marketplace, fitting in is failing. In a busy marketplace, not standing out is the same as being invisible (56).” – Seth Godin (Best-selling author of Purple Cow and the man who sold his marketing business Yoyodyne to Yahoo! For $30 million)
  2. 2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Boring is always the most risky strategy. Smart business-people realize this, and they work to minimize (but not eliminate) the risk from the process.” – Seth Godin (Best-selling author of Purple Cow and the man who sold his marketing business Yoyodyne to Yahoo! For $30 million)
  3. 3. AMPLE EXAMPLES – Loud Harley motorcycles, the Starbucks language, the Purple Cow vehicles, The Ark Mobile, etc.



Step 3 – Create a Gorgeous / World-Class Website [ 21:23 ] 
  1. 1. Must look elegant and high-quality like:
  3. 1.
  4. 2.
  5. 3.
  6. 2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Brand is just a perception, and perception will match reality over time. Sometimes it will be ahead, other times it will be behind. But brand is simply a collective impression some have about a product.” – Elon Musk (The man behind Tesla, SpaceX, PayPal, etc.)
  7. 3. Understand the 9 Components That Makes a Convert Well
  8. A. Google Canonical Compliance
  9. B. Most Reviews
  10. C. Most Content (Podcast, blogs or paying someone to write articles for you)
  11. D. Most Mobile Compliance
  12. E. Interactive component
  13. F. No-Brainer Offer
  14. G. Testimonials
  15. “88% of consumers read and trust online reviews.” – Forbes –  =
  16. H. Https Encryption for Your Website – Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) is a variant of the standard web transfer protocol (HTTP) that adds a layer of security on the data in transit through a secure socket layer (SSL) or transport layer security (TLS) protocol connection.
  17. I. Information Exchange – Give something in exchange for the client’s contact information


Step 4 – Register on Google Maps [ 40:50 ] 
  1. Register website with Google Maps here –
  2. Name the Google Map as: Handy Pro | Tulsa Handyman Service
    1. AMPLE EXAMPLE – (Top in Google for “Tulsa Cookies”
    2. AMPLE EXAMPLE – Total Lending Concepts (Top in Google results for “Tulsa Mortgages”
  3. ACTION ITEM – Save images correctly (Steve_Currington_Tulsa_Realty-2.jpeg)

Casting for this evening play Business, School cellar, boom, boom boom and boom. Welcome back to the Thrive time show on your radio broadcasting from the box that rocks on the Left Coast of the beautiful Arkansas River, which happens to have water in it.

Typically, I mean I would talk about that Diddy profundity of there being water in the river with dr. z, and it’s always ecstasy  business coach  when is next to me, but instead he’s not here today, so I had to run around and had to hide the one for four People that could fill his shoes, and so I was in the office one day and I’m kind of looking around.

I look to my left. I look to my right. I realize I’ve looked both ways and I look forward business coach  and they’re like a vision like an angel like I like, I like a majestic something there where the defeat of of Robert Redmond – and I thought that’s amazing, so I looked up his feet up.

I looked up there. I saw his eyes I communicated with him verbally and non-verbally. Do I can almost ESP – and I said Robert – would business coach  you be willing,

Robert as a business coach, I have a tight schedule, but would you be willing to free up your schedule to be here to broadcast business coach  from 12 to noon and Robert said first, it was like That is like a proposal you knew it was going to be a yes, but his soul said yes and then his eyes said yes and then he verbally said.

Yes, Robert. Were you aware of that entire story, where you aware of how the hell profound you’re being on Today business coach  Show was, I absolutely did because I am and aware of the Angelica aura that awesomely radiates from me and it actually was absolutely it wasn’t.

Yes, there’s absolutely! No! Here’S the thing is, I want to feel good to other planets begin to tune into our jokes and say: hey: can we be in your broadcast Zone? Could you business coach  guys at kfaq?

Could you expand the satellite power to get into the science of the program and how we nice red on the online talking about today’s The business coach  Proven Plan and a business plan for a handyman to proven business plan, the overall plan to be a successful handyman?

We were out there who has a handyman repair business and they wanted to know what is the path that you guys would take us through to become successful as handyman now we’re business coach  going to do.

Is I’m going to be up the steps and I’m going to have Robert break down the execution of it snowing up Steve breakdown, where business coach  most people get stuck red lot of fun on this to okay?

So I’m taking up the principal Roberts going to teach us how to execute and Steve’s going to break business coach  it down as a business owner where most people get stuck so step number one.

You have to Define your ideal unlikely buyers. Specifically, you business coach  have to define the demographic for your social media and who are you? Who are you going to Market to? What kind of people would afford your business coach   handyman service your handyman service II? Is you have to define the zip codes or you’re going to we’re going to mail people we’re going to Target? Where do your ideal?

Unlikely buyers live if you’re going to mail them something? What address is do they live at? Because what is your ideal business coach  unlikely by the next to figure out your search engine keyword?

You want to figure out the key words that you want to dominate on the vast business coach  internet, Robert Break It Down For What you first have to start out by just asking questions related to your ideal, likely buyers, and so I know business coach  in the Boom book.

We have an exhaustive list of questions that you can ask and I believe you can download that for free on Thrive time,, correct, absolutely. Come get your free copy of the start here book and the

Boom book absolutely free and in router the business coach   catches there’s no Catch no catch, you can get exhaustive list of questions they are, but you want to just start by asking a hey: are my business coach   ideal and likely buyers, men or women, or both?

What is the age for handyman? The majority of your calls are going to be from women so and help business coach  you with that women also handy Mandy’s of Robert. You speculate that more people with higher incomes would be likely to hire a handyman as business coach  opposed people lower and cussing.

At a great point, if you want to define the average income level of your ideal unlikely buyers, in the reason why business coach  you want to answer all these questions, first is because this is going to affect everything that you do from here is going to affect the way

That you brand is business coach   going to affect your purple cow, it’s going to affect the way that you mark it and you first have to start out by defining hey. Who is it that are the most ideal business coach   unlikely customers to do business with us now Steve?

Where do people get stuck here where to get stuck when it comes to the defining and business coach  properly determining who their ideal and likely buyers are well believe it or not? I used to be your handyman what yeah yeah? I was a handyman business coach   for a while didn’t work out, because I guess I was mailing. The apartment complexes business coach   really. Are you serious?

They know they don’t pay any man’s. I guess I have a maintenance man at the apartment. Complex so I spent like business coach   it was some tough competition, 50 Grand on mailers to all the apartment complexes around Tulsa, and then I was like man.

What’S going business coach  on so yeah, you got to make sure that you know who your marketing to list. This is big yeah. When you’re buying a list or you’re you’re, you’re business coach  you’re setting up your

Geographic code or your, what are your geo-fence on Facebook in the zip codes in determining where you have to go where people mess up as they, they don’t get specific with its they’re trying to Cast a big net big net that I would say you need more of a sniper rifle, you don’t need a you, don’t need business coach  a shotgun blast, you need a sniper and you need to be very specific about who’s going to hire you in the best way.

To do that is find out who has hired you before I want to brag brag on somebody out there. You know Barbie cookies over there at what is it to 90 spaghettis, 85th and Memorial. She knows who business coach  her, who are her idea, unlikely buyers?

Are there people there moms, who are looking to celebrate a birthday, a wedding, a special occasion with Gourmet cookies and some we work with her? We had to boil that down and figure out who who are these people and where do they live?

So we nail down business coach  the ZIP code, we figured out what ZIP codes we should do the Millers 2. Then we figured out specifically the demographics on Facebook. Are they men or gay women in this case was women what other Hobbies or interests?

Where do they live that kind of thing, and we had to determine the key words business coach  that are being searched by their idea when likely buyer, so no we did. Is we mailed out mailers on her behalf, and we also did the search engine optimization on her behalf and now you type in

Tulsa cookies or you drive by 85th and Memorial, or you open your mail you’re going to get a buyer from cat business coach   over there with Her company Barbie cookies and I would highly recommend that you go to Barbie cookies today, to go ahead and in in pick up your free cookie, cuz Robert, to get a free cookie, the first time that you go over there to Barbie cooking every first time.

First time for first-time customer business coach  cookies check them out, I’m just telling you that is a real thriver. We’Ve really worked with and she was able to almost triple the size of her business within one year I got kicked out of their Clay.

Did you just change? My look out of Barbies to and get my free cookie business coach  every time. Cuz there’s like first time customers, but I guess I’ve been ordering cookies from cat for years and she recognized me – and she was like great – is the reason to have a bouncer at Barbie cookies.

That’S not me cat. No, that is about to be cut. So it’s not me step number two. Is you business coach   wanted to find your purple cow? You wanted to Define what it is. It’S going to differentiate you, and I think this is a big issue for small business owners. Robert.

Can you break down this concept map of determining your your value proposition or your unique value proposition? You might business coach   call it your purple cow kind of explain what is a purple cow. What is a unique value proposition very basic level of purple cow is a way that you’re able to stand out from the rest of your competitors.

It was really made famous by this guy named Seth Godin, who wrote the book called Purple Cow and he business coach  talks about how he was taking a trip in the French Countryside, and he had his kids with him in the car and they are driving.

They saw cows and it’s kids are getting really excited, hey, look, there’s a brown cow white cow, black cow, look at and the kids really getting excited and as they continued, hey kids look at the couch, so Dad business coach   we’ve already seen it.

It became to become boring because it was so familiar thought, hey what happens if we saw a purple cow, we saw a purple cow. We’Re not only probably remember this drive, we probably remember exactly where we saw. It would probably tell our friends about it.

We probably want business coach  to come back and look at it again. A lot of businesses don’t have that purple cow, and so as an example, if you are a handy man, I’m just going to give you a tip right now that you could do you don’t have to do this every try to get you thinking, trying to brainstorm

With you cuz, this is a very a real business coach  example. You could do on again. I’M not saying you should do it cuz it did. The Purple Cow needs to match your personality. Okay, so here we go for Steve and his Mortgage Company Steve.

What is your details about the whole qualified and what that whole kawaba theme is all about? Yes, oh thank you business coach   to thrive because Jonathan actually came up with this. Among other really cool Mark anything.

So it’s the one that clay and I decided to run within its get qualified, so we went back to get qualified. Com. We have a koala as our mascot. We have disqualified, so we just became our thing.

We just we business coach  have little koalas at that clip onto your lapel on your shirt. We have a mascot koala on everything we call it communication koalas are, is our number one in communication guy?

So that’s our that’s our thing.. Let me give you some examples that would that are three specific that I can you could use business coach  your handyman. One is Noah, build his ark out of what Cedar and I, I believe, one of the woods.

One of the woods is that the proper term, for what were you doing until I saw was Cedar, it was Balsam, would be awesome if you took a truck and you don’t fit into a street-legal Arc. Yes out of business coach  wood and you drove around with this massive Ark and it said:

Noah built the ark. We can build everything else. If that was the slogan, we can build a hotel by Utica here, and if I were him, my marketing strategy would consist of always win ever had to go out to eat out, always go business coach  eat at BBD or something over them at Brookside area.

Right and I would just constantly be driving around cascia Hall driving there, you just kind of in that demographic, because people never you’re doing work. People would stop stop a notice made. You sit are to mobile right, they would say: Noah built business coach   the ark.

We could build everything else. Another example of your. If you don’t like that idea, you can paint your vehicle or your Fleet of vehicles in purple cow print, Purple, Cow, handyman, service. Right, that’s a no! I mean you just have to stand out in something, so some other examples I’ll business coach  give you is Harley’s are allowed they’re designed to be loud.

Yes, they know they know. They know they could be more quiet, courteous to have a vehicle that loud, but when your next one is stoplight, there’s no mistaking that it is a Harley okay.

Another example Starbucks the Baristas they’re called business coach  Baristas, the very fact they have their own language. There is hysterical. They don’t have like you can’t say I want a small.

I want a large. I want a medium, hey, coffee guy, at least it’s all about their culture. To what I mean purple cows are just standing out in a crowded Marketplace, Robert. You have business coach  to do it and here’s the thing at once.

You get a purple cow, you begin to build top-of-mind awareness, and so, if you’re driving around in the wooden Arc, Mobile, probably everyone that sees your truck doesn’t need a handyman right then, and there, however, because you’re able to stand out, they business coach  will remember you and you Will be the first of the in their minds whenever they need a handyman that I owe my gosh.

We need to hit me up. Let’S go to Google and, let’s find I’m so you build at the top of mine awareness by having a purple cow as well. I think if they worry about what other people business coach  think my old thing is, I don’t care what they think as long as you’re thinking about my business because they might car they might not.

But if they don’t think about me, I’m invisible in a crowded Marketplace fitting in is failing in a busy Marketplace. Not standing out is the same thing as being invisible.

We business coach  come back we’re to break down the proven plan for becoming a dominant handyman. It’S so easy to do. It’S like one plus one equals two Clark. I’M your brother for a Minnesota state ID at the Thrive time show on your radio business, coach business, coach, business, coach, coach for business, subliminal business coach  message, business, coach, business, coach, Steve,, coaching businesses welcome to the

Thrive time show a show for the enemies of average. People are not born with big thighs baby. You know where to look like this alright trap Nation welcome back to the Thrive time show on business coach   your radio.

They were talking to the proven pass any business plan for a handyman to meet us member of the Thrive Nation. Reach out to us and by the way you can do it to me, email does info at 3:15. Com info at thrive15.

He said hey, I am a handyman and I would like to know how to grow my business coach   business and bam. We’Re teaching you how to do it. You know how we can do it. Cuz we’ve already helped multiple contractors grow. Multimillion-Dollar business is there’s a specific moves that work in before we went to the break.

We’Re talking about Step2, which is you have to have a purple cow, and business coach   I want to hammer this home there’s a notable quotable from Seth Godin, who said boring is always the most risky strategy.

Smart business people realize this work with me on this. My friend, you have to stand out in there, so many people that give a crap about what other people think and business coach  that’s they don’t do the SMART marketing they are invisible to.

As an example, I can’t tell you how many people I know who by default, will name their company, something like Integrity, blinds Integrity, Cabinets Integra. It’S such a quick, easy move. It seem honest right so then, to see if they have business coach   integrity, stay, there’s a new gym that I’m done working on it that I have.

My only desire is to have a total of 100 clients and that’s it so so so far drivers we have a a 9797 spots still left here. So we have in our facility the Riverwalk. We have a beautiful facility and we’re busy all the time. Business.

Coaching business coach  and we have the elephant the room call center here and we do all the graphic design for all of our core businesses and all the video all the photography Wheels this to the studio.

But it’s occurred to me that I spend money going to Jim’s and I would like to have a personal trainer 7 days a week and it business coach  clears my wife that you know she would also like to have a trainer every day during the week, and it occurs To us that outside of the Hub gym in a couple other really high quality fitness places in Tulsa, there’s really more people that are looking for a high-quality personal training experience.

Then business coach  there is a good trainers. I mean there’s people out there who do a good job and when you got a new gun, Michael Watkins is a good guy. You’Ve got to Luke.

Owen’S is a great guy, but there’s a lot of people is what he was saying it was. I just want my trainer to know what he’s talking about to push me to business coach  be my best and to be on time, and that seems to be like a hard concept for a lot of people to grasp. And so my wife and I we decided we’re going to open up a gym here.

We’Ve built a teen multimillion-dollar, businesses does far between Z and I just might be 14, but what you do is you just business coach  got to make it stand out. So the name of the business right now again certainly look ality.

Certain things might require us to to change this overtime and I’m out and I’m okay about getting a cease-and-desist letter and then changing it later. But for right now I’m going in with just a blind excitement in the business coach  euphoric energy about the name,

Steve Steve: can you can you or Unleashed 2 Tulsa? Can you explain to Tulsa what the name of the new business coach   soon-to-be Riverwalk personal training


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