The F6 Life: How to Find Your Magnificent Obsession (Your Chorus, Your Anthem, Your Heart Song and Your Theme)

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Join Clay Clark and Dr. Robert Zoellner for today’s Thrive Time Business Coach Radio Show to find out how to find your passion, your purpose, and your magnificent obsession.

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If you are an entrepreneur looking to find your passion, your purpose and your magnificent obsession you do not want to miss out on today’s Thrive Time Business Coach Radio Show. During today’s show, Clay Clark (the former U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the Year) and Doctor Robert Zoellner how to find your mission and how to find your main focus for your life.

Welcome back inside the box that rocks inside your daily audio business coach dojo of mojo in a place that you know fo sho is going to teach you how to make mo money and when you when you start to make mo money you do run into Mo Problems which is why you need a mentor or somebody to help you. You want to avoid the mistakes my man you might just need. You might find yourself needing a business coach you know. It’s kind of crazy but I have witnessed over the years that some people.

Handle failure better than they handle success.

Boy oh well. Repeat that.

Some people handle failure better than success and success leads them to a whole set of like implosion problems that they encounter and it’s kind of sad because you knew it’s so hard to get success. I mean you work hard you work hard you work hard at it. We know a lot of businesses don’t make it for reasons that we’re trying to stamp out what are practical steps to growing and starting a business. But you know I see men all the time and women that you know it’s the success that leads them to the trappings that lead them into problems and failure is kind of like well I guess I don’t have a choice to pull myself up by my bootstraps to start over get a job or get after it or you know we’re in a very politically correct time in America now.

And I think that you said you see me and men or women who could have this problem. Do you ever see. I mean do you have to be a specific gender to ever see transgendered people who have these problems as well.

Have you ever seen that it is that he didn’t say I see transgender people this is why you set up the box of rocks that black he did you know before we said we were closer in the back. I know that I could actually reach out and get you. But now it’s that distance closer. Well it just doesn’t make sense. Oh no. Hey I’ve got an idea. I want an update. OK. Last week before I forget you know this shows it’s kind of run into each other that days run into each other. We brought up a very hot topic in me a hot topic hot topic hot topic and that is a young man out there trying to fulfill his dream and know by the name of Aubrey Clark mo. Howard told whoever this young man is mowing services and it had come to my attention that he had had a governor see a limiter a limiting membrane supreme leader named his father. I. E. clay CLARK No you be you by the way so what’s the latest on Motown tolls and what’s left on ABRI out there mowing yards how many yards does he have.

How’s it going for yards and what’s happening is it equipment issues or we’re dealing with now. We have. He’s got the the the eater and when you have that weed-eater you know that thing will eat weeds as long as you put the whip in there you put the court yeah you’ve got to have the string.

So you got to be able to take that top off of that and put the cord in there. That’s important business coach tip right. So there’s got to be an easier way but right now the one he has it requires like a kung fu grip. So currently we have Sam the lumberjack.

It’s like here he gets it off and I’m like if he sincerely is Oklahoma’s strongest man in the amateur division. Yes. If he if only he can take the lid off but he’s like it I don’t know what I can do. I just get annoyed when he does it to me. He looks at like oh like it’s like a Viking like it’s like you’re watching all the extras from Braveheart.


Take off the interview we do your thing with more courts right now. I’m not that big. We did your guy I did a landscaping service back in the day I’ve worked for one. But I mean is there are tools out there other things out there that make it easier to load. We did in court. I mean that’s that right now the four lawns. And I’ve empowered him to go after a few more until he’s going to go door to door right now if he knocks on the door. Any person who agrees to let him mow the lawn for free. He gets five bucks. Oh wow. I’m going to owe him five. The customer won’t pay but he gets five. So he’s kind of. So you’ve taken the limiting membrane off of him a little bit just a little bit I want to give him just because I know that requires rejection. And this weekend he went out and knocked on doors got shut down a lot but then we ran out of the weed-eater Corden’s kind of like well we mowed all the lawns. We’re on record. It’s kind of like being an army where you go well out of bullets.

Greg ratable tanks run fuel. Let’s go home. Let’s go. Let’s have a picnic. I mean that’s kind of. So that’s where that’s the status of this case.

He’s out he’s up for lawns right. And anybody out there that can help us with the weedeater issue please email and import 3:59. The young man’s future depends on it.

I just think there’s got to be more of a you know noncommercial kind of tool where it’s just easier to take it all. I think it should be hard to put that we didn’t go in there. I mean we have people we’ve sent people to the moon. We have sent people to the moon. We’ve Al Gore you know singlehandedly created the internet. I mean take you Al I mean.

Well maybe Al can figure out how to do that we the thing we need to email business coach Al Gore and that’s what needs to happen. I mean he may say I’m checked out. I’ve done my thing I’ve done my great service to humanity. So I’m checked I’m checked out. I’m retired. He might say that.

I mean Brown made made a movie. I mean did you know that Steven Spielberg made a movie about a time machine. We didn’t actually do the time machine but we were making some advances in our culture. You would think that Al Gore could help us.

I mean I you know he might be willing to. I don’t know how versed he is on the engineering of said weed eaters but there may be a brand out there what brain do you have by the way.

It’s all steel all steel orange baby. He had a steel hat. The guy at the steel store gave him a hat cause he bought so much stuff. Homeboys bought about $8000 of stuff.

Wow a 10 year old son I mean he bought a 40 and it’s running an hour. And I love it that he knows what his super movie is. He’s super movies and he told me that’s the deal. He’s 10. That’s his movie that’s it. It’s purple. That’s perfect. That’s what makes him unique.

Yes that’s great. I mean that’s a purple and for those of you out there going purple cow get back get on to thrive time showed up. Yes scroll to the podcast there’s probably one would be marketing Turby marketing would be the headline of it or the title of it.

Yeah I would I would encourage you to do this. I encourage you to go to thrive. Have teamed up and sign up for your first you know front center for a trial for a dollar. And when you go in there you can search for the Purple Cow and you’ll be able to find videos on that. But basically in a crowded marketplace we don’t have room in our mind to remember everything. So I get to give an example. This has to do with the cognitive load and the way we learn. But on the way to work today thrive nation. What happened. I’m asking everybody listening right now what happened on the way to work. I don’t know I haven’t. See I don’t remember my trip at all today to work because I went there without any type of intellectual stimulation really right. I was just driving to work listening to some music listen to Mike Posner new album but I wasn’t I wasn’t. But if it’s something shocking happened if you drove by down the road and you saw a maybe a car that an accident or maybe there was something funny on the radio that was it made you laugh or maybe you saw a purple cow in a sea of brown cows you would probably remember the Purple Cow you’d remember where you were when you saw the purple cow. That’s why a lot of people remember where they were when historical events happened. They’ll say where were you when someone broke the homerun record or where were you in the world trade center.

You know disaster happened and people say oh I was at and they remember boom. But if you don’t have a memorable marketing proposition a differentiator if you don’t have a purple cow if you’re not unique people will remember and that’s why you put a Z on everything.

Absolutely. You know I need to put a purple’s the I guess is more of a white or red.

I thought it was weird when I noticed with their new employees you would always do to guys got the tattoo guns ready. Gary are you ready now. And you find out tattoo all the new people I thought that was kind of weird at first but now I understand Gary is kind of your new move by the way.

Gary Belaid. Now you’ve kind of switched over to Gorgas.

Gary seems like a business coach guy we can all relate to. We all know Gary kind of a nondescript kind of a could be anybody’s friend. Could be good because he’s got kind of a brown hair kind of turning gray late 40s. Gary I mean Gary you think about Gary a lot of your man Friday.

He well you need something done.

You call Gary you do you call Gary and Gary is going to duck out right before 5:00 and get there right after 9:00. I mean that’s Gary for me tonight. There there he’s right there. All right now we’re talking today about the six life we’re talking more about the six life and finding your magnificent obsession is actually a song that is on your magnificent obsession. We got it right. So you had to write a song we should. OK. I tell you what this weekend I will write the Magnificent Obsession song and it will make you laugh. So that is my commitment this weekend. Done and done. So next week tune in thrive nation for the magnificent century magnificent.

Could you have been doing really really fantastic intros those intros. Oh my gosh are over the last week. You guys haven’t noticed. Clay has written and performed these new intros. You know when we come back from breaks and they were really clever.

Well here’s what I discovered most of our listeners are whether we like it or not. Most of our listeners are north of about 30 years old and they own a business and some kids maybe you know and they remember them oldies aren’t the Beach Boys oldies are like salt and pepper salt and pepper. Bom bom bom bom bom. You know when the girls wear the kneepads in or dance around I like girls and all that. That was a move those are all I mean the baby got back. These are like old school songs. So where does remakes and I’m having some fun with it. So we’re talking about the Magnificent Obsession superzoom number one is you’ve got to find your one thing. Now Quincy Jones this is the American record producer famous for introducing Michael Jackson 79. Grammy Award nominations. Wow twenty eight Grammys he produced off the wall thriller The bad albums by Michael Jackson he says the people who make it to the top.

Whether they are musicians or great chefs or corporate honchos are addicted to their calling. They’re the ones who do. Who would be doing it. Whatever it is they love even if they weren’t being paid to be doing and they weren’t being paid. So Zeke what does a magnificent obsession of yours what something that you’re into that just sort of helps you be successful in a world of business because I know two of them that I know of. But go ahead my friend what of the things that you think make you your super moves your magnificent obsessions that allow you to be awesome in business.

No I mean to be honest I’ve been busy. Yeah. Ooh. You know you kind of sit down you think which one of the magnificent obsession I mean I know what I’m obsessed about I mean I know what I do I think that you know a lot of it is I can you know one of my signature moves I think this is the direction I want me to go. You know you go in every direction you want your. Guardrails have been removed repeat safety rope is off. Might things be able to say what’s the most important thing I’ve got to do. What is the singular thing that limiting membrane What is the thing that is keeping that from moving forward.

And I obsess over that and I and I focus on the one thing that I need to do that day that time and everything else I just I just Ninjak block it away Imprimis like very horse like a horse with blinders horse with blinders.


So here is what I would believe that many people could call your weaknesses but they’re actually your superpowers because in the world someone listening to this right now you need to hear this because you’re like oh those guys have it figured out. No no. And if you listen long enough to know they did not have it figured out we’re very good at business. We know what we’re doing in business but doesn’t mean we’re perfect humans we’re going through life just like you we make mistakes. But in business this is something I’ve noticed you do. You definitely can focus on the thing that matters. Like you said. But that also means that everything else doesn’t matter. So for many people they would call that the average person would call that OCD. Yeah yeah yeah. So you. Oh he’s OCD all he does is he he goes in his example Ryan Tedder the guy who writes all these these pop songs Grammy Award winning artist right here from Tulsa Oklahoma grew up in Colorado moved to Oklahoma went to Oral Roberts University where we went to school with him. He would put on blinders and just write music and people would say hey he’s in there writing music all day. Don’t hang out with us you know he’s written music is all he does is write some music and OCD. The OCD it’s crazy to say OCD. Anytime somebody is obsessed with one thing you know you’re right.

Well I never thought of it like that.

People took it as a rip though. It’s like a rip Oh you’re right it’s OCD. Now here’s the thing I’ve noticed is that you hate unsolved loops. I’ve noticed but if there’s like a box someone gets a box they you know they get something shipped to him from Amazon.

They get a piece of toilet paper that you know the toilet paper roll they get packaging. Most people just leave it and it collects trash and undone things and finished conversation.

I hate unfinished to do lists as a business coach and manicured lawns just on done and it’s just done in a year or two does it not.

It it does. I like things neat and orderly and I guess that you know like you said I mean some people look at it and I think I’d be able to find it. You know like you said OCD has kind of a package. People can put in there but I also think it’s like hey you know you want things a certain way. I don’t like it when my staff you know works out of boxes and boxes or in the hallways and boxes are cluttered up in boxes boxes boxes and stuff like that they’ll tell you they’re like doctors we think about boxes like shtum still coats cats.

When I hear the word box cats are looking for them cats are going meow and they’re flocking to boxes. And you are running away from the boxes you are burning the boxes.

You’ve got it chopping boxes you and cats have sort of an adversarial relationship because they love the boxes you hate the boxes. And we come back we’ll teach you how to live outside of that box called things centric. If you want to have an east centric income we’re talking about your magnificent obsession. And I’m going to teach you some of the moves and I’ve seen Dr. Z due to become a magnificent entrepreneur and a super humble guy. You know Zee you’re actually probably the most humble guy that I know on this show. Oh that’s awesome.

All right Dr. nation if you have still not found what you’re looking for. Guess what. You are not alone. You mean that Michael Jackson song back in the day when he introduced his new wife Elvis Presley’s daughter. He’s done the song you are not alone. I am here with you. Most people do feel alone and they feel like they haven’t found what they’re looking for they do feel like they say I just went to college.

I got a degree. I I I just there’s got to be something more I don’t understand why I haven’t found what I’m looking for and that’s all we’re talking about today is how to find your magnificent obsession.

Oh thank you for playing that intro song you know last week I was in Pittsburgh. I had the pleasure of seeing U2 on there Joshua or Joshua Tree to our 30 year anniversary for releasing our album.

I’ll only play two songs for the rest some of the rest of today’s show. Oh it’s only yours. I went out let’s do that. They’re my favorite They’re my favorite all time band. Let’s commit. They were only playing U2 on the way in and out of the rest of the show. Oh my gosh. That’s that’s like a commitment and you have to commit you to. OK. I just me but you too I to do it to you too nice with us to all all through the show.

So we’re talking about this magnificent obsession and we’re talking about you’ve got to find your one thing and I’m just teaching a few moves things behind the scene I’ve had the scenes I’ve just observed Dr. Zoellner Personally I’m giving you two things that some people could call weakness but the I view as a super power because he’s focused on it. He’s actually used this super power so many times we have a thing that people say oh that’s a weird thing to do but that’s actually your superpower.

Yeah exactly. Well and that’s the thing about it is that you know whatever whatever it is you do do it. If you don’t everything can be used kind of for the White side or that the dark side of course is the force.

What I’m talking about the force to take a line of Star Wars. No and I’ll tell you this I want to talk about the force. I have tons of time on my hands. I’ll talk about the force as much as you want I that movie I love. I love Star Wars hopped up on that can thrive or my voice is going to force today to do a Yoda impersonation but maybe I’ll sneak one in on the next show.

So here we go anyway. So what is Dr. Z. He hates. He really does hate when things are not finished like these unfinished loops when a box doesn’t get put up when something isn’t clean when something isn’t done. It drives him nuts. I see it all the time. And I am the same way with sales scripts. As an example I hate it when Leeds come in and then the sales script produces a fail. I hate it. This week in year I did all weekend this week they tell me I’m not exaggerating. I spent about 25 hours. My wife knows it was a crazy time at the Clark house but all my life I’m going in the man cave. I got there at 3 a.m. on Saturday I said come in at around 6. I’m not coming out until I figure it out. So I played all every single video testimonial or review we have from all of our workshops. Oh wow. I played them all in a row and took notes to find common denominators.

Oh wow. I’m excited to hear what you to do well

if you go on your phone right now thrive nation and you type in just type in Clay Clark reviews or thrive time show reviews or even business coach reviews. You’re going to find that there was three. There’s thousands of things they said but there’s three main things. Over and over everyone’s looking for a proven path. Everyone’s

looking for the proven path they’re saying I just want to know a proven path. The second thing is everyone’s looking for a real success story to emulate. They don’t want Ty Lopez. They don’t want a guy on the internet. Teach him how to get rich in seven minutes they feel they know inherently that’s not real. So they want a proven path. But the second is they want somebody who really done it. They want to know. And so what’s happening is they’re having Thrivers walk into the elephant in the room. True story. We had a thriver who went to your auto auction. Yeah.

And apparently he has a used car license you know. He went as far as to actually go there to that that it is a real thing. Before coming to a conference.

Wow cool. And he found out that it was a real thing.

Yeah. And the third thing people want is they want to have a lot of fun they want to have some entertainment. They don’t want business to be all going to business school we’ve heard. All right.

Christ if you open up your syllabus to pick your syllabus are you going to the world a little bit will open up your syllabus. We’re talking about as a SWAT analysis war while SWAT was rank law weaknesses opportunities threats henceforth.

Now did you know that and they just you just you reject business not because you reject business you’re rejecting the way it’s delivered. You just hate that stuff don’t want to watch that as a business coach.

I remember back in high school there was there was a skeptic when that interest he met the teacher was so dynamic Yes it was so entertaining the teacher was like I felt like I was watching Gladiator do I entertain you. You know it’s like he brought. It was showtime. Every day our show was glorious. I mean I was his class. I was like you know I had a really curious thing about you know Eastern European history of the Slavic nation. But. I mean he did and that was my LWB I was going.

I have got to do a better job of communicating to you the listener what they’re about. And everyone keeps saying Oh when I went I went and read the reviews when I typed in drivetime show reviews and I read them and I watched them. I was convinced that that was where I needed to be. So not only did I catalog them all. But I uploaded them all to all of our channels. Which takes would you upload a video. It takes all of 12 hours to get all of them updated and all the names. Now when you call out quotes from every video so you can see what they said and why didn’t you delegate that because I wanted to obsess on it and figure out what it is because when Victoria takes your inbound calls many of you will ask who’s who’s Dr. Zoner and she’ll say what’s Dr. Zoellner. Oh what does he do. And I wanted to communicate that and so the thing is you do it. I do it it’s like if this is it and close the loop it just irritates us. But I know people would call it OCD.

I wonder which came first the chicken or the egg on this deal. Follow me first. Yeah. Track track with me for a second OK. I’m tracking business coach. And that is is that when we got together three years ago and you Shark Tank to me you pitch me on the idea of $315. Yeah. You said basically these are the three things that we’re going to bring to the table. You said listen we’re going to we’re going to get we’re going to show a proven path we’re going to show the steps how to start and grow a business correct. Correct. And you said we’re going to use guys and gals that have actually done it right. We’re going to we’re going to canvas the nation and we’re going to find real success stories. I mean people that have done it I mean we’ve got like Lee Cochran We’ve got David Robinson. You have got Mark divine we’ve got all these guys and you can get on there and see who they are. Right. Jill Donovan like here locally with just cockups ya. So we’ve got all these people on there that are the mentors and then you said hey listen and we’re going to have fun we’re going to put little Easter eggs you know little videos and we’re going to have fun and we’re going to you know that’s our flavor.

Here’s what I’ve learned though is that the Thrivers want to come to a business coach workshop and they want 15 hours to board down to shut the world off and to turn on. They want that and they love that one on one mentorship. They just love it because you see real people out there doing it it’s like oh my gosh that’s what I needed.

And we’re bringing that because they wanted it so much. I’m wondering if since this is the things the three things that we really brought to the table and what are important to tracking the people that want those three things.

I think it’s both. I think it’s a deal where like if you’re looking for a charlatan get rich quick kind of scam mockery you’re not going to find it he’s going to upscale you and overcharging over price.

So we people I ran into who are telling me they don’t even want to start a business but they listen to the show because they want to optimize their life and that’s what we’re talking about today is finding that magnificent obsession finding that thing and so move number one you’ve got to find your one thing. And Quincy Jones a producer for Michael Jackson. OK. Twenty eight Grammys. He says the people who make it to the top whether they’re musicians or chefs or corporate honchos are addicted to their calling are the ones who will be doing it whether they were paid to do it or not. I mean Zeke you’ve got to find that thing that motivates you and I can tell you that if it bothered me to obsess and almost an OCD way and I’m definitely OCD way to make great systems I wouldn’t enjoy business I’d have to find someone else to do that for me has to pay somebody else. But the problem is when you’re a startup. You can’t afford to pay somebody else to do that.

So you’ve got to find the thing you’re passionate about but have the maturity to do things you don’t want to do.

And when we get back to talk about your one thing. You’ve got some superpowers that are pretty tremendous.

Oh tremendous oranges speech pears plums stay tuned it’s the drivetime show on the drivetime show dotcom you can check it out get the podcast. My name is Clay Clark. I’m a business coach. He’s an optometrist posing as a business coach business coach business coach and business coach Oh we’ll get back to the Thrive time show on your radio.

That’s Dr. Zee a man he wanted to be a disc jockey serve up this song. Tell us why we need to hear this song.

It’s got a great story behind this could be my favorite U2 song in a little while and he’s coming home late at night and he’s trying to get forgiveness from his wife. We’re going to bring that up here four years ago. The Joshua Tree tour right now. I mean 30 years after releasing the Joshua Tree album tribe nation I’m telling you what to marinate on the lyrics. He’s going to crank crank. Radio and the chorus and. Get some candles and make the boys think if we cross.

That line lighter out Oh please everybody sing it with an aerial.

That falsetto going to the person the way to smile it away right now doesn’t matter the way the next wave of glory. See I don’t know what to do now.

I mean I might in my opinion there’s nothing better than that than pinion would. I mean in my opinion nothing is better than painting except for that.

Can you imagine that song wafting in the room opinion would you just sitting in your man that right there.

Laurie you know right now a lot of people are we’re talking today about your magnificent obsession and one thing that I get into thriving I love reading and studying the origin of words and things and one thing that’s interesting is I’ve discovered a lot of people get hung up on the Bible being written in like Old English and the way they kind of relate to things that maybe we’re old school you know streets of goal. People want streets of gold now might be streets of platinum you know streets of bling you know.

And so it was actually streets of aluminum. I mean you know going in was a big deal there for a while.

So you know you people like well I don’t even know if that relates to today will it. In my mind it does. But I would say this is if we can up the Bible if I were if I were asked. Because you can’t change the Bible but if I were asked you know as part of the clay Clark version there was a time where they actually threw out the inner Testament books the books that weren’t the old or the New Testament they threw out a few of them.

So I was asked to ratify the Bible and I was asked to do that you were if I if I was asked Oh if you were asked if I was asked I would say when we talked about heaven let’s start on the streets filled with where the streets have no name and we’re in opinion what is burning and why is that claim.

Ah yeah that’s what I would be doing that would that would be a habit that they have. I think more people would want to convert to Christianity if they knew that’s what they got as a reward.OK got Jack. You can get lost Veronica. Yeah. And it kind of you to move there. Would Oh yeah burning Yeah just that. In a little while by YouTube playing on continuous loop a continuous dot dot dot. And I cream at your eyes. It’s a no brainer. That’s it. No that’s superfecta wonderful complete heathen’s. People who are would be terrorists would convert. They would run to the steeple they like the one that would render this whole terrorism thing is it were worth it. I’m going to switch over.

I want to ask about history or history with the day. Well I’m listening to in a little while with pinion wood burning and this is the new mission’s angel.

I’m going to have to explore this further. We’re talking about your magnificent obsession and you said you were going to ask me some intense questions about idiosyncrasies.

So what I see it on you and I know what your superpowers are but break it down because you are a guy that I will I’ll tell you what. I’m around a lot of people. I’ve been around a lot. I’m 52 years old. I’ve been around a lot people in my life but I don’t know anyone that gets things done with with just the straightforward just obsession that you have to break down your one thing which I have two super powers but they’re also seen as bad moves.

Oh. See that there you go. So one is I have been called by people who don’t understand me. They said you are sociopathic. Well if you look up that word it’s somebody who doesn’t have feelings. And I would say I do. I just choose to be very Bill Bellicheck about it because there’s times where I have feelings that aren’t appropriate to be manifested at that moment. Give you an example. OK. When I am an extremely enraged My son will invite kids over. Other people invite kids over. OK. OK. Yeah we want to be with hockey. And there was a father who in my mind was not doing a good job as a dad. And my son wanted to go play with his kid on that their plane on the iPad. You know kids 8 years old 9 year old plan the iPad. Yeah well the kids like let me show you this. It was an adult movie. Oh my. Because the dad left it on and the kid had it and he’s eight at the hock. Oh no. Well the emotion that I had the emotion right there was I’m going to go give that dad a piece of my mind because it doesn’t just end up on the 8 year olds thing and I don’t know I could have done that but the appropriate response was to time out time out put the brakes pulled the guy aside and a private moment and just say hey you know the content that was on the iPad. I’m not sure what got there.

I don’t make accusations that my son cannot fellowship with your kid anymore. And he goes are you judging me as. Yes. And then I just wrap it up but it was like a deal where like I didn’t say what I wanted to say and then at hockey at the same game the refs. I believe that the average ref has paid roughly 10 to 15 an hour and they don’t wake up accepting bribes in that like answering your voicemail. Hey ref if you go ahead and cut my game I could appear to be in it all going to be a 20 spot on the third game.

And number 42 he’s just make sure he guna be benign.

So when I go to the game I find myself around people that sometimes don’t have emotional control. And so my son’s team is losing and one kid hits my son pretty hard. You know and other parents are like Are you kidding me.

Are you kidding me.

I ran for radio just yelling at this kid the kids going to be 17 18. Volunteer ref probably making 15 or 10. And he just will not stop and the other the head ref is probably a 80 year old father of somebody you were in Rogers Arkansas and this guy will not stop. So then they you know in between a hockey there’s no quarters there’s periods. He follows the ref out. This father of one of the kids and just start to lay it into goes out on the ice.

Oh. Oh dear. And you we’ve all been to a game like that have you not. We’ve we’ve all seen it. We’ve all been there.

So I just detach myself emotionally now. Here’s the thing I saw I saw this big kid picking on my son and I emotionally wanted to deal with it. But I’m a dad and I understand that you know what he’s going to have to learn. So my son the second period starts and he goes out there. True story. He takes the stick and swings it like a baseball bat at the kid.

It just knocks him down. Look look. I didn’t say anything and I’m just like. Carry on carry on. But emotionally there are so many times emotionally I could have participated that day where I would have lost my cool at the wrath.

I kind of lost my cool about playing time. Yeah. But there’s just times where it’s not appropriate in the office environment I’m very good at that because there’s times where the passive aggressives reigns supreme You know what I mean. Oh yeah. If you tell somebody hey we’re definitely not going to spend money on this. And then you go to the next meeting and it’s there again you know like one thing I don’t know if your businesses do you like to auto shift water. No. OK. See I am openly like who bought that water thing and someone tells me. OK to talk to the purse. Do not buy that water do not ship that water I don’t want to touch that water. If I see that water again please just don’t. Because it just lets me know that someone’s putting their focus in the wrong area and then it comes in again the next week. Now the emotional response I wanted to have was like I’m going to rip the head off of whoever ordered them on.

Well I have to detach myself. It is not a good thing and a kind way.

But isn’t that a skill you have to learn but it’s also like for me I have to really work hard to emotionally connect sometimes in social settings because I had to learn that in business coach so much. So it’s like could be a superpower could be a weakness. But I’ve had to learn that move.

Yeah and sociopath is kind of a strong term by the way. But you’re right. You break it down it just means that you know you don’t have really feelings and you don’t do well in social settings.

But and we have you and I both have feelings but we’ve had to learn how to detach ourselves emotionally so many times because of just the cruelty of what people do during the day to day business.

When you’re around people that are just ruled and governed and dictated by their emotions and feelings and the current wafting of the breeze. It’s frustrating. It’s frustrating you know because you need. And that’s the thing about it as a leader though you have to have that you have to have that ability to kind of detach yourself and do do the thing that needs to be done and sometimes the hard choice when we come back and talk about my superpower number two which is my ability to focus on one subject.

Forever. Forever and ever and ever and ever as a business coach you do know how to do them.

You too could be a business coach but it starts with you getting a mastery of the business games students that thrive time. Business Coach radio show business coach says.

Thrive nation will come back it’s a beautiful day here on the Thrivetime radio show. That’s business coach Dr. Z over there. A man who would like to be a disc jockey in his next career. Serve up this song.

I love the song. It’s just so beautiful. It’s a beaut. It’s a beautiful day when you play beautiful day. How did you go. You went to Pittsburgh. I was in Pittsburgh with some buddies going to the new tour. So let’s make this song talk on a player. .


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