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We have a excited show for you today! They are talking about the art of increasing your sales by implementing business to business sales. In this episode you will hear business coach Clay Clark and Dr. Z talk with TEAM Professional Services, Hillary Jenney.

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[music playing]

Voice Over 1: And now, broadcasting from the center of the universe and the world headquarters.

Voice Over 2: Let’s go.

Voice Over 1: Presenting the world’s only business school without the BS with optometrist and entrepreneur, Dr. Robert Zoellner and the former Small Business Administration Entrepreneur of the Year in your ear, Clay Clark. It’s the Thrive Time Show on talk Radio 1170. Three, two, one, boom.

Clay: All right, Thrive Nation. Welcome back to the Thrive Time Show during your drive time home, and as always, my name is Clay Clark. I’m the former SBA Entrepreneur of the Year, co-hosting the show with a man who needs no introduction. But yet, week after week, day after day, this guy is helping Tulsa see more clearly. He’s the founder of the Dr. Robert Zoellner & Associates. The eye care center that we have two locations in Tulsa that are serving us. He’s founded the Z66 Auto Auction. He’s the founder of ZZZ’s Sleep Center of the rock and sea red heat really. I could keep going but I’m not going to. It’s Dr. Robert Zoellner. Sir, how are you?

Dr. Z: I’m stuffed.

Clay: You’re stuffed?

Dr. Z: I’m stuffed.

Clay: Did you have too much of that dark meat?

Dr. Z: The dark, white pie. I don’t do a lot of desserts but how can– Happy Thanksgiving everybody. What a great day. Clay, did you really work me up because after the show, I got I got a date with a pie, I got to go take care of.

Clay: [laughs]

Dr. Z: I need to work out. I need to work all that turkey down.

Clay: This show will not only be spectacular, but I promise it will be cardiovascular. That’s the kind of show–

Dr. Z: I feel better already.

Clay: We have a very special guest in the box that rocks today. It’s a lady who– it’s exciting. It’s Miss Hillary Jenney. By the way, Miss Hillary, how are you doing?

Hillary: I’m doing great. Thank you.

Clay: I’m going to read your bio real quick and I just want to make sure I’m not get anything wrong here. First off, you graduated from the University of Oklahoma, is that correct?

Hillary: That is correct.

Clay: Dr. Robert Zoellner–

Dr. Z: Robert Zoellner.

Clay: Already a connection there. Then, you took over the management of a company back in October of 2011. Which for those people who don’t remember, this is the same year that we had that crazy snowstorm that hit the Northeast during that time. It was a crazy time. The Northeast was being pounded with snow. Meanwhile, you’re putting on a laser show. You help grow the company from four employees and approximately 200 customers. Now, you have 22 employees and close to a thousand customers, is that right?

Hillary: That is correct. It’s been a busy five years.

Clay: How did you do it? Are you on steroids or what’s your secret?

Hillary: We’ve hired really great people. We have a really really good team. We’ve been able to really create a need and have a solution for our customers, I think better than our competitors.

Clay: You have two companies that you’re helping run here. You have Team Professional Services, is that correct?

Hillary: That’s correct.

Clay: What is company number two that you’re helping run as well?

Hillary: Team Professional Services is that where a third party drug and alcohol administrator for drug testing. Then, we have TPS Alert which does contractor monitoring, primarily for oil and gas operators that want to audit their contractors to ensure they’re performing drug and alcohol testing. Their policies are the same as their employees.

Clay: Today, Thrivers, we are talking about the high art of increasing your sales, okay, with the vice president here, Miss Hillary Jenny. Now, here’s the thing. I want to make sure you’re getting this. We’re talking about high art, the skill of increasing your sales because you couldn’t hire more people if you weren’t actually selling more solutions.

Hillary: That is correct.

Clay: I’m excited because so many entrepreneurs, so many Thrivers reach out to us all the time at the and they say, “How can I increase my sales? How can I do it? How can I sell more?” Z, you’re an optometrist but you’re a best-selling optometrist. I think a lot of people say, “I want to be a better optometrist.” At the end of the day, let’s say that everybody’s equal, it’s the best-selling optometrist that makes the most money. Why is sales so hard for many optometrists? Why is it so hard for them to get over that sales hump?

Dr. Z: You want the truth?

Clay: Yes.

Dr. Z: I can give you the truth on this fine Thanksgiving afternoon.

Clay: Please give it to me, my friend.

Dr. Z: Are you sure? Can you handle it?

Clay: I don’t know if I can handle it. I want dark meat, white meat, maybe just a little truth, subtle truth.

Dr. Z: I don’t mean this in a mean way. This goes for anybody out there that owns a business that is going, “What do I do, what do I do?” It’s called ignorant. You don’t know what you don’t know. That’s why we started on this journey couple years ago to provide the world’s best business coaching at an affordable price and in a scalable way with What I would tell you out there is that this show is designed for you. If someone out there going, “How do I increase my sales?” or “Help me to do it better,” “I’m doing pretty good, but I need to go a little better,” this show is for you. That’s why we do this every day.

Clay: Now, here’s the thing. I was talking with a notable quotable from Og Mandino. If you’ve ever read his book, it’s called The Greatest Salesman in the World. He’s written other books but this book really helped me as a young man. I was really struggling to figure out my sales game. He says, “No other trade or profession has more opportunity for one to rise from poverty to great wealth than that of a salesman or saleswoman.” Step number one, you must commit to setting up a repeatable sales machine.

Voice Over 1: You’re listening to the Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio 1170.

Clay: In order to grow a business or to start a successful company, you must commit to setting up a repeatable sales machine. Z, I want to ask you this. At your optometry clinic or at your auction– Let’s go to your auction. We’re flying over to your auction. The auction. Why is it so important that your sales systems are repeatable and where are most entrepreneurs getting that wrong?

Dr. Z: Well, you have to be repeatable because you want to do more than once. [laughs] I know it’s crazy. It sounds crazy I know. Unless you want to do it every single time, then you have to have some structure. You have to write it. You got to get organized. You got to do best practices. You got to continue to tweak it. In sales and in the process, we were always trying to make a better mousetrap. You were always trying to bring, “Hey, how can we make this better?” Even though you may have a good one out there listening right now, we’re going to encourage you to try to tweak it and make it even better.

Clay: I have a lot of Thrivers we talk to and I’m not ripping on our friends out there in Boston. But I hear a lot of people listening right now who are going, “Yes, but you don’t understand. You see, in my business, what I do see is I personally handle all the sales. You see when the phone rings, I get that. That’s my cell phone and then I do as I say. The things that I say and no one could possibly know the things that I say because I am me and I change it every time. Basically, I’m a sales wizard. My business can’t grow.” What would you say to that mindset?

Dr. Z: I’m going to dive in to the client because everybody’s different out there. I got to be doing something different every time. It’s crazy. I know how to do that. Nobody else knows how to do that. I would say that that’s your limiting membrane then. That is going to keep you from having a lot of people out there selling a lot of your stuff. That is what we’re about. We are about getting time freedom and we’re getting financial freedom and if you’re limited to what– You only eat what you kill, then that’s what we’re here to coach you up to get a lot of hunters out there. You can eat a lot of different kills.

Clay: Now, we’re moving in here. We’re moving into the knowledge bombs. Hillary is going to give us some knowledge bombs. I’m going to ask her some tough questions here. Here we go. Knowledge bomb number one: When you take over the company in October of 2011, there’s a lot of things that are going well. But what did you do to build a repeatable sales system? How did you do it? You take over. It’s got to feel overwhelming. What did you do to make these repeatable sale systems?

Hillary: You really have to have a product you believe in. If you believe in your product, you believe in your solution, that comes across to your client. Providing a solution that you believe in really comes across to your clients.

Clay: Say that I’m listening right now and I believe in my chicken.

Dr. Z: I’m a believer.

Clay: I believe in my chicken.

Dr. Z: Believe.

Clay: I sell some of the best chicken on the planet.

Dr. Z: I believe that the turkey this afternoon was terrific.

Clay: It’s organic, it’s organic. My wife even approved. It’s organic chicken, it’s organic chicken, organic turkey. Z, this turkey it’s the best slow-smoked. It’s great. I’m just going to talk specifically to a thriver who I know is listening there. I won’t mention his name because I don’t want him to feel like I’m ripping on him on the air, but he’s a good friend of mine. He has a barbecue business. Every year my wife and I faithfully buy from him. He just for whatever reason can’t figure out how to teach other people to sell it. But he’s never asked me either for help. He’s just– We have talked to him and he’s going–

Dr. Z: Maybe he’s listening to the show.

Clay: I hope so. It must be nice. What advice would you have for somebody as a product they believe in, but they can’t figure out how to teach other people to sell?

Hillary: Again, you have to make sure you are meeting that client’s needs. If you believe in your barbecue and you are an example to your sales staff, whoever you’re selling to has to leave wanting more, that only they can buy from you.

Clay: I will say this. One thing I would do is a practical steps for anyone listening right now. I would ask you if you are the flagbearer, if you are the mascot of your company, if you are the Dr. Zoellner of Dr. Zoellner & Associates, if you’re the person who can really sell well and you just started the company, I would encourage you to step one. Go ahead and write down a duplicatable sales script or a repeatable sales script. Go ahead and invest the time to write down what it is that you say every time and I challenge you to attempt to teach one other person to do it. Not 10, not 20, but one. When you try to teach the next person, Z what problems entrepreneurs typically run into? Once they finally wrote the script and they’re like, “I wrote this superscript. The angels have sang on a road. It was almost inspired by a divinity.” The script is perfect and employee number two go make that sales call, follow this system. Where does the problem typically begin?

Dr. Z: The sky opens up.

Clay: It’s the prefect script.

Dr. Z: The perfect script comes flying down. Actually, doves are carrying it in their beaks.

Clay: I wrote it myself with the help of an angel.

Dr. Z: They’re coming down and they land on your employee’s shoulder and they hand it to them, and you sit down with them, and you teach on them and you train on them.

Clay: The secrets.

Dr. Z: You encourage them. You edify them and then they don’t follow through with it.

Clay: Why would that happen?

Dr. Z: They don’t do it. There’s a million reasons why they don’t do it and what you have to do is you have to– You know what?

Clay: What.

Dr. Z: You can’t just– you don’t think they’re going to do it. You got to inspect what you expect or you’re going to have regret. You go, “I taught Billy how to do it. I gave Billy the script and I’m not going to mystery shopping, I’m not going to call in myself to make sure he stays on script. I’m not going to have my friends call him, check him out. I’m just going to assume Billy’s a good guy. He’s going to do– he’s got this. He’s got this.

Clay: I see a lot of entrepreneurs that say this. When we come back, we’re going to be helping you fix this issue. I call it the “execution gap”. It’s the gap between the implementation or the execution and the big idea. I know there’s a lot Thrivers listening right now who are saying, “I tell you what Z, if you want to sell something yourself, you got to– If you ever want your company to be successful, you got to do it yourself because when you teach young men millennials today Z–” [crosstalk]

Dr. Z: You can’t find good help. No one wants to work.

Clay: If they’re not in the family, I ain’t going to teach them either. If you’re in my family, you certainly can’t be millennial but I’m going to do it myself. Because if I want to sell something, I got to sell it myself. But seriously, Thrivers if that is the limiting belief that you have, we are sitting right next to Miss Hillary who’s grown a company fairly dramatically within a short window of time by doing this. Stay tuned, Thrive Time Show.

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Voice Over 1: Live, local. Now, you’re listening to The Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio 1170.

Clay: Hello, Thrivers and welcome back to The Thrive Time Show on Tulsa’s only local business radio show, The Thrive Time Show, during your drive time home typically. However, Doctor Z, today people probably aren’t driving home. They’re probably at their house, maybe you’re running. You’re trying to find some last minute items for the big meal tonight and you’re going, “Wait a minute, it’s thanksgiving, very places are open,” so I want to give big shout out to all the QT employees out there, all the QuikTrip employees.

Dr. Z: Yes, khaki and red, baby.

Clay: They’re like the LMO. They’re like the last people standing on Thanksgiving. They’re open right now. I’m not sure who else is open right now. But if you need some last minute supplies for thanksgiving, there’s not a whole lot of options for you, but QT is open.

Dr. Z: Yes, QuikTrip is open. I don’t know how much stuffing they sell there but my–

Clay: If I want to give myself some Thanksgiving glasses. Is Dr. Robert Zoellner & Associates open right now or are you–?

Dr. Z: No, but we’ll be open tomorrow.

Clay: Open tomorrow.

Dr. Z: Black Friday, come on in.

Clay: Well, we have a–

Dr. Z: You don’t have to go the mall to get all the chaos. You just come into our store and get Black Friday sales so.

Clay: Black Friday sales.

Dr. Z: Yes, it’s a thing.

Clay: You really do have some discounts going?

Dr. Z: Absolutely.

Clay: Okay, yes. You always have the $99 deal. Can you explain to the Thrivers what is the $99 deal?

Dr. Z: Well, it’s a package deal. You’ll get glasses and an eye exam. It’s a great thing. It’s all included in one price so lenses, frames, eye exam.

Clay: Where are you located?

Dr. Z: Well, I have two: 69th in Memorial and 13th in Harvard. Still there, still standing and yes, Wellington’s Mall is still next door.

Clay: Do you know who is located right next to us right now Dr. Z? Do you know who he is?

Dr. Z: If you watch on Facebook live, it’s little iCandy for you so that’s nice.

Clay: She’s a great American. She could be beauty queen.

Dr. Z: She’s a boomer sooner.

Clay: She’s a boomer sooner, Oklahoma University graduate. Miss Hillary Jenney, how are you?

Hillary: I’m good, thank you. How are you?

Clay: Well, I’ll tell you what. I’m excited on this Thanksgiving to be talking to you about something that I’m passionate about. Because once people learn to do this, it can change their life. It really can help people gain financial freedom and time freedom. It’s the high art of increasing your sales. Step number one: You’ve got to commit to setting up a repeatable sales machine. Now, rumor has it that in October of 2011, that’s when you took over as the Vice President of the TEAM Professional Services. For anyone listening who doesn’t know what TEAM Professional Service is, what is TEAM Professional Services?

Hillary: Well, TEAM actually stands for Testing, Education, Administration and Management. We manage drug and alcohol programs for primarily oil and gas companies all over the country so we manage their program from start to finish.

Clay: If I own an oil and gas business or I work in one and I’m trying to make sure my employees are drug free, I call you?

Hillary: Yes, that is correct. Yes, we will help you write your policies. We can set up their background screening, their pre-employment physical, drug tests, you name it.

Clay: Why is it a thing? Why do people hire you? Why not just do it themselves? Why is the solution that you offer something that many many companies are beginning to use?

Hillary: Sure, because it is important that you hire the right people. It’s important you hire drug-free employees and it’s also important that it’s run well. It can cost a lot of money internally for a company to hire somebody to do that so there’s no need to when you have TEAM.

Clay: “You wouldn’t hire Charlie Sheen,” is what you’re saying. That’s probably your professional advice?

Hillary: Probably not to work on the safety sensitive job side, no.


Clay: It’s a good answer.

Dr. Z: Sorry, Chuck.

Clay: Okay, sorry. Now, here is the thing. We’re talking about step one though, commit to setting a repeatable sales machine. Now, you obviously had a lot of success and a lot of entrepreneurs go, “Yes, I made my system. I made my script I made my pre-written email. I’ve made my system, my processes, but I’m struggling to get my team to actually do this system.” What advice would you have for them?

Hillary: Well, I would say coach, A lot of coaching. When I have new sales people, I typically go in with them and I give them feedback immediately.

Clay: You do?

Hillary: I do.

Clay: What kind of feedback?

Hillary: Positive and sometimes things they can improve on. I know it’s scary.

Dr. Z: That’s hurtful. You’re so mean.

Clay: I want a roleplay a scenario.

Hillary: Okay.

Clay: Let’s say that I’m on the phone. I’m Clay. I’m your newest guy and I’m not following the system, okay? I’m just not for whatever reason, whether I choose not to or I didn’t know or whatever so I’m just– and you catch me. Do you hear me? Do you walk around and listen? Or the call’s recorded? How do you know I’m not doing a good job?

Hillary: Well, typically, for us is I will go to the meeting with you or I will listen as you’re speaking on the phone.

Clay: Here it comes. How would you say it if someone is willfully not or maybe unintentionally not using the system?

Hillary: I would first tell them how they handled it and I would give them an example of how they could probably have handled it better.

Clay: Now, for a lot of you who are listening, giving feedback to people that’s not positive is– Z, it’s scary.

Dr. Z: It’s scary because they may take a swing at you. They might get their feelings hurt and that’s on you.

Clay: I want to know though, Hillary, why is it so scary? You’ve helped to train people. Why is it scary? Maybe when you first started, it was scary. Why is it scary to give people feedback that’s not super positive?

Hillary: Because you don’t want them to feel bad. I can understand that. But at the end of the day, it’s your business and you want it to succeed.

Clay: Have you always been that way or have you had to learn to get over that?

Hillary: I’ve definitely had to learn. It did not come easy in the beginning.

Dr. Z: I’m curious, okay. You’ve got Clay as your new sales associate right over here, okay? [coughs] Excuse me folks. And you’re going to sales call– I get a little chocked up when I think about you being a sales associate for somebody. You’ve got a job, found a good job.

Clay: Thank you so much. [crosstalk] I’m so grateful.

Dr. Z: Okay, so he’s messing up. He’s telling a potential client things that are not true about your business.

Clay: Here’s my presentation.

Dr. Z: Okay.

Clay: Basically, what we do is, it’s like, we help people get drug-free. We make sure they’re drug-free. None of us have ever done drugs and we are probably the best company in the world of all. Name of our company is called TEAM. But basically, the biggest companies in the world like British Petroleum for instance probably uses us, probably.

Dr. Z: [laughs] Okay. You’re listening to this and you’re horrified. I’m sure of it and so you pull him aside. What would you say to Clay?

Hillary: I would say, “Did you listen to what the customer’s needs were?”

Clay: I was going to but I was talking to him about other planetary systems and how we might be the best service out there on the galaxy, and I just felt like I was on a roll. I just wanted to give him the education.

Dr. Z: [laughs]

Hillary: You information-dumped?

Clay: Yes. I call it the machine gun. Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. That’s how I used to do it when I worked over at the furnishes store. I used to just boom, boom, boom, boom, machine gun.

Dr. Z: [laughs]

Hillary: When you walked out, how did you feel with your product? How could you provide a better service for him?

Clay: I do not know.

Dr. Z: [laughs] Machine gun, I like that.

Clay: That’s what people do, though, all time.

Dr. Z: Okay, another question, Hillary. You coach him up, you coach him up, you walk into the thing, you’re nice. Shall we say “nice person”? You trying to be nice. He does it knucklehead, new sales guy here with the machine gun and all that. Just out of curiosity, how many times would he have to go in and mess that up before you’d really think about, “Maybe I made a bad decision hiring him”?

Hillary: Well, I think, if he did that, I’d make him practice in front of his peers first before he went to another call. He would have to perform in front of us before I’d let him loose again.

Clay: You sound like you do this a lot. This is what you do. You train people. You matriculate. You coach up. You work with these people, and I’d see a lot of entrepreneurs out there who hire people. Step number one is let’s not trade him at all, let’s just get him on the phone. I think for certain things, certain industries, certain things, it’s like the higher the scale or the higher the complexity the more training is required. How much training is required in your business before someone can get going?

Hillary: It would take months before I would allow anybody to do a sales call in there.

Clay: Months?

Hillary: Months.

Dr. Z: Wow, wow, wow.

Clay: Wow, this just in months. Now, Thrivers, coming up next, we’re going to be talking about step number two as we’re teaching you how to build this sales super system. We’re trying to teach everybody today how you can increase your sales dramatically. You must find three lead generation strategies on this beautiful Thanksgiving. Dr. Z.

Dr. Z: I’m playing a little Thanksgiving song, Adam Sandler, take us out on this segment.

Clay: Beautiful.

Hillary: I heard you love Adam Sandler.

Dr. Z: He’s one of my all time favorites. You’re going to do well in the show, Chris.

Clay: Crank it up, Z. Crank it up.

[music playing]

Clay: Stay tuned. Thrive Time Show.

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Voice Over: You’re listening to the Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio 1170.

Clay: Hello, Thrive Nation, and welcome back to your inspiration station. Stick on this style for a while. It’s the Thrive Time Show, typically during your drive time home. However, today I know for many of you it’s the Thrive Time Show during your dojo of turkey mojo that you’re basically sitting down. You’re already have something great to eat. Your wife, your husband– Your husband’s like, “What are you watching in there? What are you listening to? We’ve got to carve the turkey.” You’re going, “Nothing. I’m just trying to listen to this something real quick.”

It’s okay Thrivers, because if you want to leave and eat some food, then come back, you can always listen to the Again, it’s where we archive all of the radio shows. You can listen to it as much as you want. But today, on this beautiful Thanksgiving edition, we’re talking about how to build a repeatable sales system. We’re teaching the high art of sales. Dr. Z, why are you so excited about talking about sales on Thanksgiving?

Dr. Z: Well, because I can’t imagine anything better than sitting there eating, little bitty cran– eating some cranberry sauce-

Clay: Wow.

Dr. Z: -learning how to increase my sales. What goes better than increase sales and cranberry sauce, stuffing from some gravy.

Clay: It’s gravy.

Dr. Z: Pie.

Clay: Pie.

Dr. Z: Whipped topping.

Clay: Whipped topping.

Dr. Z: Whipped. What? Did I say it right?

Clay: No. This weekend, we went to the Metropolitan Baptist Church together, and the Pastor apparently doesn’t like you to bring over runny macaroni. You can’t do that.

Dr. Z: You can’t do it. It’s a thing.

Clay: He’ll be upset. Pastor Ray Owens does not like runny macaroni. Don’t be bringing that to his house.

Dr. Z: Yes, don’t. Just go by the store, pick up some good macaroni and cheese before you go by the reverend’s house.

Clay: Now, we have a very special guest today, and she has to put up with us within the box that rocks here on the friendly confines of the world headquarters. It’s Miss Hillary Jenney. Miss Hillary, how are you?

Hillary: I’m doing great, thanks. How are you?

Clay: Well, first of all, I’m intimidated because I’m reading your bio here and I’m going, “Graduated from the University of Oklahoma.”

Dr. Z: [unintelligible 00:25:16]

Clay: Win for you, loss for me. Took over management in October of 2011, and she ends up growing this business from four employees to today we have over 22 employees. Things are going well. We’re talking about sales so I’m emotional. I’m getting excited for you to enlighten us with some of your tips and strategies here. Step two we’re talking about is, you must find three lead generation strategies that work. I want to ask this. Why Hillary is it so essential for every entrepreneur listening right now to find some lead generation strategy that works, to find a go-to move?

Hillary: Because you’ve got to find something that works for you so you can continue to grow. If you don’t have a strategy, you’re going to be in trouble.

Clay: Do you guys have a move there that you use over and over? Do you have a move, a secret move, a thunder move to generate leads over there and at a team.

Hillary: We have several.

Clay: Who?

Hillary: Based for our business, we typically go– There are safety monitoring companies that do the same thing we do for drug and alcohol so we’ll go and target some of their costumers. Because if they’re monitoring for safety, they surely need to be monitoring for drug and alcohol.

Clay: Do you buy a list, or how do you go get that list? Is that something you have to go secure that list? You have to do a lot of research? How do you find that initial group of people to target?

Hillary: We’ve developed partnerships with different businesses. We’ve been able to work together and share some contacts that way.

Clay: You’re B2B sales, you’re selling business to business typically, right?

Hillary: Correct.

Clay: Okay. As someone who’s listening right now, you may be Samsung, be the costumer, I’m selling business to costumer. Either way, I’m going to give you a notable quotable that blew my mind in the first time I read it. This is from Ben Horowitz, who by the way, grew a company called Opsware, a company that most people don’t know about. But he sold it for $1.6 billion of cash.

Dr. Z: That’s a lot of money.

Clay: Not stocks, but cash to Hewlett-Packard. He says this, “Hire sales people who are really smart problem solvers, but lack courage, hunger, and competitiveness, and your company will go out of business.” Z, why do your sales people at the end of the day, even if they’re smart problem solvers, why do they have to have courage, hunger, and competitiveness?

Dr. Z: Well, because the other people are trying to sell the same thing too.

Clay: What?

Dr. Z: Yes. You’ve got to have competitive because you want to win, you want winners. We want a team of winners. I want to win. We’ve got to win, we’ve got to dominate. You’ve got to be hunger little– there’s a thing about the cats, the skinny cat is a better mouse than the fat cat, because–

Clay: Z, what about everybody who feels that everyone should just work together? There’s no competition. There shouldn’t be anybody out there trying to sell what you’re selling.

Dr. Z: Well, I think communism is a fine thing in theory. We all sit around and everybody shares equally, and there’s no competition. We’re all working, bringing the harvest together, and then share equally. It’s a great concept but it’s not what made this country great. Competitiveness made this country great. Having someone truly smart is great, but you want someone out there who’s hungry. Hungry, hungry, hungry for the sale and competitive. He’s a winner.

Clay: How does Hillary find the hungry people? What do you do? Do you just go into a line of people, look for someone really skinny, and you’re like, “You obviously haven’t sold anything in a while. You my friend look hungry.”

Dr. Z: You look hungry.

Clay: What’s your move? How do you find hungry sales people?

Hillary: Well, I interview the tar out of them for one.

Clay: Do you really?

Hillary: I do. We have a long interview process.

Dr. Z: So they’re tar-less when they’re done?

Hillary: That’s right, they are. I like to hire people that have been successful previously, and you can tell somebody who’s got thick skin and not afraid to hear the word “no” because you do hear the word “no” quite often in sales.

Clay: You interview people until your mind almost explodes?

Hillary: We also do personality tests.

Clay: Do you really?

Hillary: We do.

Clay: What kind of personality tests do you do?

Hillary: We make them take a test, and based on their personality, determines what position we’ll put them in. We may interview somebody for one job and completely change their path based on their personality.

Dr. Z: Which one do you use? Briggs Myers? Who do you use?

Hillary: We use the– now, I’m drawing a blank. There’s four letters.

Clay: It’ll come to us.

Dr. Z: The E-N-I-F-J? Yes, pretty good.

Hillary: Yes, there you go. Yes, that’s what we use.

Clay: For anybody who’s listening right now, I want to tell you something. Because coming up after the break, we’re going to be unpacking. We’re going to be unpacking some of them, not all of them, but a few of those tough interview questions that Hillary may ask. A few of those questions where you’re– She asks these questions. She does these things and it helps her sift out the intenders, the pretenders, from the real people. If you’ve ever struggled to find the right people to execute your sales systems, she’s going to give us a few of her tips, a few of her moves, not all of them because it’s a very successful company. We’re not going to give you all the secrets on this Thanksgiving.

Clay: We’re very thankful that our company’s growing and see if she gave away all the secrets. It wouldn’t grow quite as well maybe. Stay tuned. Thrive Time Show Thanksgiving edition, gobble gobble.

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Voice Over 1: You’re listening to the Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio 1170.

Clay: All right, Thrive nation. Welcome back to the Thrive Time Show during your drive time home typically. However, today many of you are probably sitting down to eat. Maybe you snuck away to listen to the various portions of the show. Maybe you forgot something. You’re running up the QuikTrip here, your hamburger. You sit down at the family meal and you realize, “We don’t have enough holiday Thanksgiving milk. Oh, no. I’ve got to go to QT.” Somehow you’re listening to this show on this beautiful holiday edition.

My name is Clay Clark. I’m a former Small Business Administration Entrepreneur of the Year and the father of five human kids. I think a lot of people are concerned, “Are they human kids, “Are they real kids?” They’re real kids, five human kids. I’m joined here with the man, the myth, the legend, a guy who has three kids, three human kids. It’s Dr. Robert Zoellner. Sir, how are you?

Dr. Z: Happy Thanksgiving everybody out there. It’s Thrive Time. It’s about pie time.

Clay: Thrive Time at pie time. This just in. It’s high time for pie time.

Dr. Z: It’s high time for thriving a pie time.

Clay: Wow, it’s unbelievable. It’s just thriving all the time. We cannot stop it here. We have a very special guest today. A lady who has had a lot of success in the world of business but specifically she’s the Vice President of TEAM Professional Services. Miss Hillary Jenney, how are you?

Hillary: I’m good. Thanks.

Clay: I want to ask you, what does TEAM Professional Services, what do you guys do over there?

Hillary: We provide drug and alcohol testing for companies all over the country.

Clay: If someone’s listening right now and they go, “Well, how can you help me?” What kind of business owners can you help out there? What kind of listeners could you help this Thanksgiving?

Hillary: Anybody that hires employees. Anybody that has a business.

Clay: You help them do what? You help them pre-screen, make sure the people they’re hiring are not addicted to drugs, is that right?

Hillary: We do. We also provide background screening and can do pre-employment physicals as well.

Clay: Do you feel like if your team would have been interviewing pre-screening of Barry, Bonds that the San Francisco Giants might not have hired him or could he have snuck through the system with all the steroids he was on? What do you think?

Hillary: Probably he wouldn’t have gotten the job.

Clay: Well, see Barry, you’re so lucky that you weren’t pre-screened.

Dr. Z: TEAM wasn’t on you.

Clay: Had the San Francisco Giants only known.

Dr. Z: They only had known Hillary.

Clay: The home run records would be saved.

Dr. Z: Yes, they would have been– It would have been better. If you’re listening to the show right now, number one, we thank you very much for listening to the number one business talk show in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Actually tell anyone. But help us. We love spotlighting successful entrepreneurs in Oklahoma.

Clay: Yes, the Oklahomies.

Dr. Z: That’s right, and so [email protected]. Send us some stuff if you know someone out there that’s done well in business and grown a business or started business and we can spotlight them. We love bringing locals on and talking to them, getting a little secret sauce, not all of it but at least a little secret sauce to help you start growing your business.

Clay: We’re talking about the high art of increasing your sales today. The step number one was commit to setting up a repeatable sales machine. Step number two, you must find three lead generation strategies that work. Z, do you know the lead generation strategies that worked in my first business?

Dr. Z: I know. I’ve heard one. One of your little moves you did which was squirrelly and I don’t know how you pulled it off to one where you would get the list of people that registered for weddings that was not supposed to be obtainable and you secretly obtained it. I’m just saying.

Clay: We had three moves. Number one is that if you registered at Target, or Bed Bath & Beyond, or David’s Bridal, you’re running around going boop, boop, boop.

Dr. Z: I want these towels, boop. I want to get this.

Clay: Your husband-to-be is, “I want this beer.” Boop. You’re just re-registering everywhere. We would buy those lists from big-box retailers and people would call us and they’d always go, “How did you get my information?” It was a deal. We have that. Number two is bridal shows. If you’re a lady, you go to bridal shows trying to find the photographer.

Dr. Z: It’s fish in a barrel.

Clay: It was fish in a barrel literally.

Dr. Z: Fish in a barrel.

Clay: Yes, it was amazing and then the third move we did was Google domination. Get to the top of Google. People would call us. We used the biggest Yellow Page ad. That was our move. But once you begin to make these moves, you have to execute the moves. Hillary was telling us that with her company, you’re going to train people for like two months. You said months before you allow them to begin to execute and get out there and do your sales presentations. Is that right?

Hillary: Yes, that’s true. Back to your point on different ways to find business, don’t you love it when your competitors put their clients on their website?

Dr. Z: Sneakers. Meet Sneakerson.

Clay: Wow, you have competitive edge. You got [inaudible 00:36:31].

Dr. Z: You’re actually looking at a competitor’s website?

Hillary: Of course, I see what the clients are.

Dr. Z: I like it.

Clay: Let me ask you this. When you’re trying to hire people who are going to execute your system, what are some of the pre-screening moves that you do to find out if somebody is the right fit or not the right fit for your company? You’ve obviously hired well, not perfect. You’ve hired some people that aren’t the right fit over the years but what are some of your moves that you do to hire the right people?

Hillary: I think I’ve learned these moves from hiring the wrong. I have hired a couple wrong people and I’ve known fairly quickly. What we did is we took their word for it. If somebody would say, “I am not scared to speak in front of people. I’m not scared. I’m dependable.” Taking their word and then putting them in the job and they just aren’t the person they sold themselves to be. What we’ve decided to do is I really do a good job a heaven forbid checking their references, speaking to people who have worked with them. I have my whole staff interview anybody we’re considering hiring and I leave the room.

Clay: Really?

Hillary: I do.

Clay: Now Z, I want to ask you this question okay? Tell me if I did this wrong but tell me what I did wrong?

Dr. Z: All right, good.

Clay: Back in the day-

Dr. Z: Back in the day.

Clay: -I used to hire people that I knew to work for the DJ connection business right away. If I knew you, you’re in.

Dr. Z: That was the only threshold?

Clay: Yes, basically I knew you. It was just hard to do.

Dr. Z: You had a pulse.

Clay: I’m not a celebrity. I didn’t know everybody. Now if you had a pulse and you said you were ready to go, I would hire you.

Dr. Z: Well, of course.

Clay: A guy would get behind one guy and this is a story that makes me feel horrible. But the bride sent me video footage of our DJs and how we did it. He would get up there. As a DJ, your job is to put the focus on the bride and the groom and to facilitate the events, but at no point should the focus be on you. You’d say, “All right, ladies and gentlemen, coming up next our beautiful bride and the handsome groom. They’re going to be cutting the cake. Once again, they’re cutting the cake. Let’s hear it for them.”

You put the focus on them. He got up and goes, “Now, ladies and gentlemen, the cake. A lot of people don’t understand the tradition of the cake. Now, cake cutting comes from the–” They were talking like set your watch. Five minutes later he’s like, “Basically one of the main things I want to articulate today is marriage.” Really, and he just keeps going.

Dr. Z: Oh God.

Clay: The bride– Someone’s filming. He talks. I’m not exaggerating, probably four to five minutes in between every particular thing. The guy getting up there giving the history of the first dance. I talked to the guy and the guy’s a friend of mine from college.

Dr. Z: Well, of course.

Clay: Because that was my move.

Dr. Z: That was your move.

Clay: I decided if you knew me, then you’re in. I said, “Hey, you were doing that at the wedding?” He goes, “No.” I said, “I got video footage.” He says, “That’s because various people were encouraging me. They loved what I was doing. They were asking me to do it more and so it became a thing.”

Dr. Z: It became a thing.

Clay: I’m like, “Were the people who were telling you this paying you or?” He’s like, “Yes, there’s one lady who was just sitting right up closer. She’s an elderly lady and she just loved the story.”

Dr. Z: She loved the story on the history of cutting cake.

Clay: Do you think that’s a wise move for entrepreneurs out there starting their business just to hire family, friends and people they know?

Dr. Z: It can be. Yes and no.

Clay: Wow.

Dr. Z: The good thing about it, you’re hiring people you know. You know them. You know them. Shame on you, wow. I knew he was always late to class, but I didn’t think he’d always be late to the weddings.

Dr. Z: Come on, man.

Clay: Here’s the deal. I will say, back in the day, because I was an idiot, everyone I knew was also an idiot.

Dr. Z: Yes, there you go. You running with the pack. Sometimes starting off, you get family because they’ll work for the right price. It’s like, “Help me. I’m starting a business.”

Clay: “Uncle Zoellner, so you’re saying if I work for 12 hours, you’ll give me a pizza?”

Dr. Z: Yes, exactly, for a week.

Clay: Wow.

Dr. Z: The thing about it is knowing someone does not necessarily preclude them from working for you. Shame on you for knowing them. Like Hillary just aptly pointed out, sometimes in the interview process, they’ll tell you things you want to hear. Like, “What’s the worst thing about you?”

Clay: I would tell you overall basically it’s that I have what would be called “over-diligence” where I do so much work. It irritates the other people around me.

Dr. Z: Exactly. They’ll tell you what you want to hear to get the job and then it’s good for you that you quickly flesh them out, and said, “Pa-pa-pa, mistake. Red flag, out of here.” That’s the thing. You got to hire fast, but then fire fast.

Hillary: That’s right.

Clay: Hillary, what else do you do to make sure you don’t hire the wrong people now? What are some other moves you do? What are some other moves you’re doing to make sure you don’t get the wrong people on the bus?

Hillary: I like to ask a lot of situational questions. Make them talk about different situations rather than just talk about themselves. Talk about maybe a really difficult sales process and tell me their experience from start to finish. I like to hear about their failures too. If they can’t admit to any, they’re a red flag.

Dr. Z: That’s a failure.

Clay: This just in. This just in. A notable quotable from Stephen Covey. The best-selling author of 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. He says, “An empowered organization is one in which the individuals have the knowledge, skill, desire and opportunity to personally succeed in a way that leads to collective organizational success.” Now, this is the deal, Thrivers, if you’re listening right now. This little mystic statistic I want to share with you from Gallup.

Says that, “Today’s small business owner, on average is working 52 hours per week,” okay? And “57% are working six days a week or more. Many, over 20%, are working seven days a week.” If you want to basically duplicate yourself because you’re already working seven days a week. If you’re already working six days a week, and you want to begin to duplicate yourself so that you could be celebrating some Thanksgiving next year, celebrate these successes of your team. Stay tuned. Thrive Time Show.

[music playing]

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Voice Over: Broadcasting from the center of the universe. Featuring optometrist-turned-entrepreneur, Dr. Robert Zoellner, and USBA Entrepreneur of the Year, Clay Clark. This is the Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio 1170.

Clay: Hello, Thrive Nation, and welcome back to Talk Radio 1170 and Tulsa’s only local business radio show. It’s the Thrive Time Show. We’re broadcasted from the left coast of the Arkansas River at the beautiful Jenks Riverwalk Facility and within that facility we’re within the world headquarters. Within that facility, we’re in the box that rocks. My name’s Clay Clark and I’m joined here with a guy who has been a mentor to many, many people online with our online platform, our online business school called He’s the CEO of He’s the co-host of the program, it’s Dr. Robert Zoellner. Sir, how are you on this beautiful Thanksgiving?

Dr. Z: I’m great. I’m still a little bloated from Thanksgiving lunch. Do you do the big lunch or the big dinner? What’s your family move?

Clay: Here’s our family move. I have a very detailed itinerary-

Dr. Z: Oh Gosh.

Clay: -of all the things that we do. You wake up and there’s a certain set of activities that we do. There’s a meal and once we do that meal then we do the next thing. It’s very like every hour.

Dr. Z: You got to add the show into it. Today, this time.

Clay: It’s thrown off the whole space-time continuum.

Dr. Z: I’m sorry. Sorry about that.

Clay: We’re working with Dr. Brown to create some time. What is it, the time machines?

Dr. Z: Yes, time machines. They’re a thing.

Clay: They’ve a lot of different time and space continuums to happen. But at the end of the day, we’re having a great time at the Clark house and pray our favorite tradition here is where all the ladies make pies. As a dude, I just try to scour for meat.

Dr. Z: Yes, protein.

Clay: Eat as much meat as I can. That’s my plan.

Dr. Z: Well, you know what? Today is also– it’s not only a national holiday and some people’s favorite holiday. It’s the first time we’re filming the box of rocks.

Clay: It is the first time. Notice in the background, if you’re on Facebook Live, there’s a lot of people who are typically working here. But today, it’s a vast–

Dr. Z: They’re gorging on pie right now.

Clay: They’re having their pie right now. But we did trick one lucky lady, or one unlucky lady. I’m not sure from her perspective, but we did get her into the box that rocks today. It is Miss Hillary Jenney. Hillary, how are you?

Hillary: I’m great, thank you.

Clay: Now, for anyone listening, who doesn’t know who you are, how would you– If you’re at a networking event or you’re trying to explain to your mom or family, what do you do? You’re sitting around the Thanksgiving table and they’re going, “What do you do, Hillary? What is it that you do?” How would you describe it?

Hillary: We manage drug and alcohol programs for companies all over the country. We pull their randoms, write their policies, just provide full service.

Clay: Wait a minute. You said, “pull the randoms.” When you pull the randoms, what does that mean?

Hillary: I get a hat– No, I’m just kidding. Companies will randomly drug test their employees throughout the year and we provide that service to them. I’m the girl you want to know.

Clay: One of the things that Z and I started doing last Thanksgiving as a tradition is that we just randomly drug-test each other during the week. We just like, “You. Right now.” [laughs]

Dr. Z: Right now.

Clay: “I swear you do it right now. You pass the test.”

Dr. Z: Okay.

Clay: But seriously, what kind of companies hire you guys? What kind of companies have chosen to use a team to help them make sure that their workforce is properly screened and drug-tested? What kind of companies typically work with you?

Hillary: Any company can. We specialize primarily in oil and gas, and we do a lot of work with DOT employees because they’re regulated by thorough law to be drug-tested.

Clay: You take the D and the O and T and you sound out “dot”? You’re talking about the Department of Oklahoma Transportation?

Hillary: No, not of Oklahoma. Just Department of Transportation.

Clay: Wow.

Dr. Z: It’s all over.

Clay: All over.

Hillary: That’s right.

Clay: Not just in Oklahoma.

Dr. Z: It’s Big Brother.

Hillary: That’s right. so anybody driving a big truck.

Clay: If someone wants to get a hold of you right now, they go, “I’m tired of trying to figure this out myself. I want to hire you.” How can they get a hold of you?

Hillary: They go to our website and all of our information is listed right there. Or they can give us a call at 918-970-2323.

Clay: Boom. All right, now we’re talking about the high art of increasing your sales. One: sell turkeys and tell the world it’s Thanksgiving tomorrow. That’s a tip number one. But seriously, step number one, you want to commit to setting up a repeatable sales system, sales machine. Step two: you must find three lead generation strategies that work. Now, Z, I’m going to fire up a whole bunch of these real quick, but I’m just going to try to get the minds of the Thrivers going here. Get you activated.

Dr. Z: All right. Activated.

Clay: Thrivers, if you’re listening right now and you’re doing advertising on Facebook and it’s not working, ask yourself what’s the next idea. Keep trying something until you find a repeatable system. You got to fail faster, to quote Thomas Watson, the former CEO of IBM, “To increase your rate of success, you must increase your rate of failure.” You’ve got to find out what works and what doesn’t. Z, I know you’re very thankful for the success of your businesses now on this beautiful Thanksgiving. But what are some of the sales systems or marketing strategies that you’ve used over the years that did not work?

Dr. Z: That did not work?

Clay: Somewhere you go, “Swing and a miss on that one.”

Dr. Z: I’m trying to think because we were very purposeful and all of our systems–

Clay: He’s judging us.

Dr. Z: Yes. [laughs] I tell you what. Here’s the thing about it is, if your ad isn’t working and is getting in front of humans and is getting in front of your high and likely buyers– First of all, you know your high and likely buyer. You get the message in front of them, all right? And it’s not working. It’s not because the modality. It’s because of your message. Now, that’s a big thing to get your head wrapped around. If you don’t have a good call to action, if you don’t have something that reaches out, something that grabs them and rips them off their couch and forces them to walk through the front door of your business, then you’re the problem. It’s not Facebook. Say, “Oh, Facebook didn’t work for me.” “Oh, the radio didn’t work for me.” “Oh, TV, that’s not a thing.” “Nobody looks at the newspaper anymore.” Direct mail, billboards.

Clay: I’m going to use you as an example. With your auto auction, you’re only selling to, what, a thousand people and Oklahoma have a used car license?

Dr. Z: Roughly. But then now, we do online. It’s the nation. But yes, mostly. The people actually walk in that door are physically there. There’s about a thousand are target audience.

Clay: But these are used car dealers.

Dr. Z: Used car dealers.

Clay: You’re not out there necessarily pelting the airways with commercials on TV.

Dr. Z: Yes. I’m out there chasing down soccer moms in their main events. Come to the auction.

Clay: But if you’re optometry clinic, you do run commercials on radio for the soccer moms.

Interviewee: I chase down soccer moms in their main events.

Clay: Again, every business is going to have a different go-to move.

Interviewee: Right.

Clay: Everyone is going to have different go-to moves. If you’re listening right now and you’re looking for go-to moves, go to and we have hundreds of trainings about just this specific subject. Now, step number three, you must document your lead conversion system that produces results.

Voice Over 1: You’re listening to the Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio 1170.

Clay: Whether it’s documenting a sale system or documenting any system, Hillary, why do you have to, at some point, have to document systems? In your business, what are some of those things that you have documented now that you use over and over again?

Hillary: We document all of our processes and procedures because you have to hold your employees up to a specific standard, and you have to ensure that they’re all following the same processes.

Clay: I have a question.

Hillary: Sure.

Clay: Do you get your haircut at the same place all the time?

Hillary: I do.

Clay: Does she know the flaw? Does she know what you’re looking to do?

Hillary: She knows.

Clay: Are you changing it up right now or is this the normal you?

Hillary: This is the normal me.

Clay: Okay. I saw your press photo. You’re looking good in both occasions. But the thing is, if you had to switch stylist tomorrow, would it freak you out?

Hillary: It probably would, yes.

Clay: I’m going to give example. We have a men’s grooming lounge called Elephant in the Room. It’s one of the businesses I’m a part-owner of. We have three locations. Z, do you know how we solve this issue about people getting freaked out about changing styles? Z, do you want to guess?

Dr. Z: Well, you gave them such a low entry level to get in that they were like, “Okay. What’s worse that can happen?”

Clay: Well, first, it is a dollar for your first haircut. But let’s say now you’re in in Europe, you are a member, you love it, which by the way, a little over 60% of people come in for the one dollar first time, become members. We have thousands of members. When they come in, how do you think that we go from stylist to stylist? Every week, maybe a different stylist, maybe the same, but we keep them loyal to the brand. How do we communicate the hair, the look they want?

Dr. Z: That’s a good question. How do you do that? Do you take a picture?

Clay: This just in. We document. We take photos of your– We quote, “You want that mop to look like that. You don’t want that look of your mop to ever stop you and to look like that all the time.

Interviewee: Don’t stop the mop look.

Clay: We take a photo of it and we document it so that next time you come in, it’s like, “Hey, I want to go with that look.” Then, it’s the same every time. I have a funny story to tell you about my trip to San Diego. It’s beautiful. I go to the San Diego because I’m always spying on other barber shops. I go in there and this guy says, “So what? Do you want the wet look or the dry look?”

He’s an Italian guy, seriously. Then, I go, “I’m going to go with the dry look because my hair is like fine hair.” Anyway, he goes, “All right.” He goes, “[sound]” and he puts this like– I don’t know what you put on someone’s hair but he slicks it back and my wife looks at me and she goes, “Good job, gweedo.” She’s just laughing.

Dr. Z: [laughs]

Clay: Seriously, when the guy walks out, my wife is like, “He slicks it back. That’s the wet.” “I know. I just told him I want it dry.” I said, “Hey, can I get my hair like shampooed? I want to have– I have a speaking event today. I want to get the dry look.” He goes, “Absolutely.” So we do the shampoo. I’m not kidding. We come back and he goes, “So, do you want the wet look or the dry look?” I’m like, “I definitely want the dry look” and he’s like, “[sound]” and he does it again.


Clay: I’m walking out looking at my hair. It’s like a slicked back Italian, [unintelligible 00:53:30]. No, but I’m not kidding. This was a thing where there’s a communication gap, and it obviously wasn’t a repeatable system. I don’t even think he thoroughly understood what the wet look or the dry look was.

Dr. Z: Yes. He’s going to do the same thing.

Clay: Either way, I’d tell you, you look good with the wet look. But that was the thing is, we’ve got to be able to document our systems. Otherwise, you’re going to repeat the same basic things over and over. Now, step number four, once you have developed a high-quality system, a quality system, you must recruit A players to execute your system. Guy Kawasaki, this is the venture capitalist, the best-selling author and a member of the Apple marketing team that introduced the Macintosh computer into the planetary system in 1984.

He’s the one who helped market the Apple computer. He made the legendary Super Bowl commercial. He says, “Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard.” I would even say that implementation is impossible if you don’t have good people. Z, why is it so important for everyone listening right now to not settle for okay people? If they have a great system, why is it absolutely important that they must not settle for okay people and aim for great people?

Dr. Z: Okay, I’d tell you. This sound but you have great. Do you know what the opposite, do you know what the killer of great is? It’s not bad.

Clay: Bad?

Dr. Z: No. You would think it’s bad.

Clay: Horrible?

Dr. Z: [laughs]The good thing about bad is just like Hillary said, it’s recognizable and you cut it out. It’s like a little cancer and you get rid of that thing. But good, “Ooh, good.” That’s the killer of great.

Clay: You’re saying good is the enemy of great?

Dr. Z: Yes, I’m saying good is the enemy of great. When we come back, I would tell you why.

Clay: Now, for anyone listening right now on this Thanksgiving edition, if you are finding yourself, one, you’re hungry, I encourage you to go in there. If you already had lunch earlier, there’s a lot of– The way turkey works is you’ve had the official turkey, but there’s always leftovers. You got turkey sandwiches all week, or maybe even all month if you freeze it. I don’t know. But there’s a lot more that we had. Get back in that refrigerator. Find yourself something good and then come back here, Thrive Time Show.

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Voice Over 1: You’re listening to the Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio 1170.

Clay: All right, Thrive nation. Welcome back to this special holiday edition, this special holiday Thanksgiving edition here of the Thrive Time Show. Typically, it’s during your drive time home, but today, you’re probably at your house. You’re probably marinating. Maybe you’ve spent a lot of time with family. I don’t know if in your family, it’s– maybe your family is perfect and you never have a situation where you have a confrontation with an aunt or an uncle who’s trying to high pressure you on a new multilevel marketing scheme they’re a part of.

But Z, this is the thing that I’ve had back in the day. Z, have you ever had that where you’ve been high pressure pitched by a family member for multilevel during the Thanksgiving meal? Has this ever happened?

Dr. Z: Absolutely. I just made a little gift for everybody watching out there on Facebook live.

Clay: Well, what is it?

Dr. Z: Well, just by the Thanksgiving thank you. It’s a hand turkey. I just made it and you can enjoy that on Facebook live.

Clay: That’s beautiful.

Dr. Z: Yes, thank you.

Clay: You’re like the Picasso of Thanksgiving hand art.

Dr. Z: You might be right.

Hillary: [laughs]

Clay: Z, have you ever had a political quarrel, a political disagreement that has occurred at your Thanksgiving table?

Dr. Z: Over pie, and that’s the worst time to have it. [crosstalk] You sit down. You just got your whipped topping on your pumpkin pie and you’re sitting, about to take a fork and some uncle walks to you and just says the thing and just trying to poke a fight.

Clay: See, I believe this is what happens. I believe everyone is excited. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.

Dr. Z: Yes.

Clay: But you sit down. There’s a big anticipation. We’re thinking about all the food we’re going to bring, all the food we’re going to eat. We’re going to see everybody. When the meal starts, it always starts to look good. It’s a good deal. You’ve shared the Thanksgiving story. You’ve said your prayer. You’ve passed out the accoutrements. You’re all eating. Now, once you’ve stopped eating and the conversation begins, “This is where I’ve seen it take up, a left turn many times in the past.”

Because what happens in every people who’ve eaten and they’ve talked about like, “How are you? What major are you studying?” “Oh my gosh, it’s good to see you. He’s had a new hair color.” After they’ve had that, it somehow gets into that political and religious discussion, and here’s what I’d tell you to do. Just come back out here in the garage. Listen to the Thrive Time Show and then go back. Do not participate in the religious or the political discussion. You’re going to end up with a divisive situation.

Dr. Z: Don’t take the bait.

Clay: Don’t take it.

Dr. Z: Uncles and aunts and maybe a grandparent, they’ll go fishing. Thanksgiving fishing time.

Clay: Somebody has already said at the table– I was reading up a book called Why Donald Trump Was the Antichrist.

Dr. Z: [laughs]

Clay: I’ve discovered that he basically could be the Antichrist. “What’s at you?” You’re going, “Wow. No. I’m going to go to the garage and listen to the Thrive Time Show.”

Dr. Z: I lose my pumpkin pie.

Clay: Now, you know one of the most non-divisive people I’ve ever met? A lady who’s a great lady, a lady who’s been super endorsed by one of my good friends here. Z, do you know who it is?

Dr. Z: Jenney?

Clay: She’s in the room here.

Dr. Z: Hillary Jenney.

Clay: Yes. Miss Hillary Jenny, how are you?

Hillary: I’m doing great.

Clay: Now, you run an office. You manage a lot of people, and as you built the sales super system over their team, you’ve developed these systems but now you got to recruit top quality people. How have you been able to do it? What tips do you have? Enlighten us.

Hillary: Sure. Typically, one of three ways. My best hires have been people I had just met in life, and immediately was impressed with.

Clay: When you say life, are you at yoga class and it’s like yoga music and then you’re like, “Hey, do you want to come work here?” What do you mean?

Hillary: Sometimes, yes, possibly.

Clay: Really? Are you into yoga?

Hillary: Now, I do that crossfit crazy stuff.

Clay: Really? Okay.

Hillary: I met somebody who was a trainer for an organization at a charitable organization. I thought she was fantastic. She was one night I talked about. I also I like to look at my competition and who does really well for them and sometimes I’ve taken a couple of people–

Clay: You hire people from your competition?

Hillary: I do.

Clay: You have no boundaries. You’re a sick freak.

Hillary: I need good people.

Clay: Okay, all right. One is you’re not networking.

Hillary: Not networking.

Clay: Two you’re competition.

Hillary: Yes.

Clay: What’s role number three?

Hillary: I use LinkedIn a lot. I found some depending on on the on the type of role I’m looking fo,r but sales I’ve been successful on LinkedIn.

Clay: Really?

Hillary: I have.

Clay: Do you ever use Myspace?

Hillary: That is aging you.


Dr. Z: Have you ever used Bookface?


Clay: I walked into my Myspace, haven’t been on there for like a decade ago in there. I thought I’ve– [crosstalk]

Dr. Z: I got you a job offer.

Clay: Yes, I got some guys are saying about I have the money right now. I could instantly be successful. I’m like, “Okay, are you a Saudi Prince?” “Obviously. I will send it right now.” No, but seriously so that does your moves?

Hillary: Those are successful hires.

Clay: I’m going to read you again a notable quotables from Guy Kawasaki. He says, “Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard.” Z, do you remember life before point-and-click back in the day the computer, before you can point and click on a computer, before the mouse–

Dr. Z: I’m so old. I remember, yes.

Clay: Remember the screen with the green letters on?

Dr. Z: Yes.

Clay: Remember Oregon Trail, that video game?

Dr. Z: I don’t think I saw that one.

Clay: Did you ever play that game?

Dr. Z: I remember Pong.

Clay: Pong, yes. Oregon Trail was a game back at the day. You have a librarian who was the default, now IT guy in school.

Dr. Z: Yes.

Clay: They’re trying to convince us that the internet was something we needed to learn about.

Dr. Z: Okay.

Clay: His kids were like, “Yes? Like anyone’s going to actually use the internet. No way, bro.” Right? Our librarians try to convince us that computers are things. You got that floppy disk you put in the drive and we’d hit enter it would go, “Eeeng.”

Voice Over: You’re listening to the Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio 1170.

Clay: It was a thing where back in the day, you want to type into your computer to do something had a type of line of code and then hit enter. All the high school kids I went to school with in middle school were like, “I’m definitely not going to type line of code. I’ll move on.” I’ll just get the book.

Dr. Z: Dos.

Clay: Steve Jobs is going, “Hey, here’s the deal.” By the way, he stole the mouse idea from Xerox. But he says, “Here is new idea I had I stole. We’re going to tell the world about this new computer called the Macintosh.” Guy Kawasaki was the guy who have to introduce that computer into the workplace, into the workforce into America. But I will tell you this is that he could not have introduced his computer into the world if you didn’t have great people.

He had Guy Kawasaki. He had Wozniak. He had a great team of people. If you’re listening right now and your product isn’t taking off but it’s a great product, maybe you have some some lunes, maybe have some crazies, maybe have some non-compliant people working with you. Maybe you need to upgrade that team and maybe you need to implement the moves that Hillary just shared.

Dr. Z: I tell you what and this is going to be hard to hear.

Clay: Here we go.

Dr. Z: But sometimes you’ve got a good employee and what you really should have is a great one.That’s what I said earlier Clay, that bad is not the killer of great. Because bad as easily recognized. You go, “Okay, you’re bad. You’re bad, dude. You’re out of here.” It’s that good that’s what not want to go to the great. You go, “Why am I not growing? Why would I just stagnant? Why?” They don’t have the hunger. They don’t have the competition. They don’t have the courage. They’re not great at what they do. Firing someone who’s good or replacing someone who’s good is probably one of those difficult things to do as a job owner.

Clay: This is why I love the New England Patriots though. Because what happens is it every year it’s like a fresh roster and they honestly or constantly proning that tree and try to improve that roster. Oklahoma University where you and Z, you’re a big fan and Hillary you graduated from OU.

Dr. Z: That’s true.

Hillary: That’s right.

Clay: Every year, Bob Stoops has to upgrade that lineup. It has to make the best most winnable and he has to put the best product on the field period. He’s got to do it every year. There’s somebody out there who he’s got to go, “Hey, I’m not going to offer a scholarship to you this year, but I am going to offer to this person because I only have a limited number of scholarships and I’ve got to give one to the best player.” They’re tough calls you have to make in the world of business on this beautiful Thanksgiving. Step number five, you must identify your biggest limiting factors and eliminate them one by one.

Jack Welch says this, “Face reality as it is not as it was or as you wish it to be.” That is a tough thought to have. Here’s the most successful CEO in the history of American business arguably. He grew GE by 4,000% during his tenure. Remember GE was a big company that become stagnant. He takes over it, grows the thing by 4,000%. He says, “You must face reality as it is not as you wish it to be.” I think what the hardest things there is when you see a limiting factor or limiting membrane having the courage to confront it.

When we come back, we’re going to talk about these self-evaluations. I’m going to ask you a bunch of rhetorical questions. I want you to rate yourself on a scale of one to ten, and if you give yourself a low-ranking, then you need to fix that. But we’re going to come back to the Thrive Time Show. We’re going to have a very honest self-assessment here on this beautiful Thanksgiving Thrive Time Show.

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Voice Over 1: Live local. Now, you’re listening to the Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio 1170.

Clay: Hello Thrive nation and welcome back to the Thrive Time Show this beautiful Thanksgiving edition. You are in the right place to learn how to start and grow a business, and on this Thanksgiving edition, we’re broadcasting from the box that rocks. One of the things about the box that rocks is that it gives you that transparency. You can look and see and you can see the world headquarters. One of things we can see right now is my son. We’ve never given him the talk about not looking into the window during the show. There he is. It’s Thanksgiving so no one’s here just us.

Dr. Z: Just us.

Clay: There is looking into the window in the box that rocks.

Dr. Z: Did you bring a pie by the way. I didn’t bring a pie.

Clay: I did not.

Dr. Z: We should celebrate our first show in the box of rocks by having a pie. Chuck, why didn’t you bring a pie?

Clay: Chuck, our show producer.

Dr. Z: Some producers are so–

Clay: Some producers all they do is focus on producing. We’re asking you to be a pie specialist and you’re refusing to do it. This just in. Thrive nation, we are talking about the high art of increasing your sales with the vice president of TEAM Professional Services and it’s Miss Hillary Jenney. Miss Hillary Jenney, how are you?

Hillary: I’m doing great.

Clay: Now, today, we’re talking about again this the sales system. We’re talking about move number four, which is once you’ve developed a quality system, you must recruit A players to execute your system. Now, step number five, you must identify your biggest limiting factors and eliminate them one by one. Now, to help you here Thrivers, on my table of awesome here on Facebook live, you’ll see a copy of the start here book which really is the world’s best business book because it’s a concoction. It’s a it’s a a cornucopia of evidence-based case studies, notable quotables, mystic statistics. It’s a linear path on how to start and grow business.

People say, “How do I start and grow business?” This book explains to you how to do it. One of the things in the book that’s awesome is it has this self-assessment. I’m going to read a few of them to you so the listeners can even start to marinate on this. okay? On a scale of one to 10, 10 being the highest, rate your ability to consistently produce a steady volume of leads without your direct effort. Okay, 10 being the highest wouldn’t get up this paper.

On a scale of one to 10, rate yourself on your ability to have a step-by-step lead management and organizational system. One more, on a scale of one to 10, rate yourself on your team’s follow-up system to consistently follow up with inbound leads. Z, why do people have to be self-aware and really either rates themselves or take note of it of how highly they would rate themselves on a scale of one to 10 in these areas?

Dr. Z: You have to be honest with yourself because this gives you the blueprint of how to fix things and make things better. I tell you what. The people out there they go, “I’m a 10,” all those things. “I don’t understand why my business isn’t doing better.” You’re not being honest with yourself. Step one, you got to look at the mirror. You got to be honest with yourself. You got to really evaluate to step out, go through the checklist, evaluate yourself and this will give you the blueprint of what you need to fix.

Clay: I just thought of something real quick here. My wife is as a 10. She’s a wonderful lady. She’s smart. She’s gorgeous.

Dr. Z: How did you get her?

Clay: But I’m like a two. [laughs] My god, maybe not two. Make her one.

Dr. Z: Mysteries of the world.

Clay: Yes. The thing is, I realized that pretty quickly in life. I’m a two. I’m maybe a 2.4, so I’m going to have a whole series of moves, my wooing process, my courting process is going to have to be over the top-

Dr. Z: Off the charts.

Clay: Off the charts, to land her as an incredible wife there. You just got to be honest about these things, Thrivers, and you can’t fix it. I’m going to ask you Hillary, when you came in and you took over as the vice president of the business, what did you see as some of the areas that needed the most improvement, and how did you go about fixing them?

Hillary: We actually didn’t have a sales team, so we were only getting business based on referrals, and our technology didn’t allow us to grow as fast as I would like us to. When I first started, I invested in both areas.

Clay: You said when you first came in, you were aware of the problems and you went after those first?

Hillary: Correct.

Clay: Why not just focus on the areas that were already good and just making them even better. What was your strategy? Was your mindset going into that?

Hillary: I knew we had a good product to sell, and I knew we had good people on staff already, but but we needed to change things to grow. We needed to become more electronic and allow technology to do more of the work, versus everything so manual.

Clay: On a scale of 1-10 Thrivers, I want you to rate yourself right now, on a scale of 1-10, your ability to generate leads through search engine optimization. Z, Google is a thing.

Dr. Z: Is it a thing?

Clay: Well, it’s a thing. Some people are using the thing. When you go on your smartphone, some people go to this thing called Google. They’re not on Myspace anymore.

Dr. Z: [chuckles]

Clay: They’re on Google. They go up there and they’ll type in a thing they’re looking for apparently, and whatever comes up top, they’ll start to call those things. You want to rate yourself on a scale of 1-10 right now Thrivers, and on a scale of 1-10, your ability to generate leads for search engines. If you’re not doing well, this just in. Ee have unbelievable in-person two day workshop Z, where we teach people how to optimize their website, how to build a linear–

Dr. Z: You saying it’s a rigged system-

Clay: It’s not a rigged system.

Dr. Z: -and that you can actually do something to get to the top of Google.

Clay: I’m going to get people to do the Google challenge right now.

Dr. Z: The Google challenge, that’s fine. I like challenges.

Clay: Get out your phone. Here we go, and go ahead and type in Tulsa men’s haircuts. Spell it wrong, spell it right, just Tulsa men’s haircuts and who comes up top. Boom, Elephant in the Room, that’s one of my businesses, okay? Why? Because we know the system. Let’s type in Tulsa cookies because it’s a holiday season.

Dr. Z: Who doesn’t like cookies?

Clay: You want some great Thanksgiving cooking, [unintelligible 01:12:32] cookies. They’re already closed. We should have thought, but maybe for Christmas we could have.

Dr. Z: Cookies have turkey-shaped cookies?

Clay: You could get some turkey-shaped Christmas cookies because it’s already Thanksgiving and we’re closed today. But if you Google Tulsa cookies, you’re going to find Barbie cookies, again, a client we work with. If you Google et cetera et cetera, and we can teach you how to do that, but you have to be aware of your biggest limiting factor. A couple of more, on a scale of 1-10, rate your team’s ability to generate leads through cold calling.

On a scale of 1-10, rate your team’s ability to generate leads through business development, where you have a partnership with someone who pitches you leads. These are all areas where you can rate yourself on a scale of 1-10. But Z, if you don’t know there’s a problem, it’s hard to fix it.

Dr. Z: Absolutely, and that’s why you have to be honest with looking at your business, and if you can’t, maybe you can hire someone to come in. You can ask the people that are around you. You can have some other people take a look at it, but you’ve got to figure out what the problem is.

Clay: You can hire somebody like Hillary to come in and change your culture, but she’s not available. But if you stayed tuned in Thrive Time Show, we’re going to sell more stuff.

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Voice Over 1: You’re listening to the Thrive Time Show, on Talk Radio 1170.

Clay: Hello, Thrive nation. Welcome back to the Holiday Edition, the very special holiday edition of the Thrive Time Show here, where we are broadcasting from the basically empty Thrive15 dojo of mojo. If you’re on Facebook live, you can see Dr. Zoellner. He’s created some incredible hand-based turkey art. It’s handmade. You could say it’s handmade there. Thrivers, if somebody who is just listening to this for the first time, maybe your family got into a big political debate or some religious debate, and you’re like, “That’s it. I’m going to go get some gas,” which is code for calm down, calm down. They’re all leads to–

It’s like the Griswolds. It’s like a Christmas vacation moment where your cousin Eddie has come over and he’s, “Well, Clark, I’m sure going to hate leaving next month.” You’ve left to get in your car or you’re trying to free up your mind space. What you’ve discovered here is Tulsa’s only local business radio show. It’s business school without the BS. I’m Clay Clark. I’m the former SBA Entrepreneur of the Year. To my right is Dr. Robert Zoellner on Facebook live if you’re watching. We have a very special guest. Dr. Z. We have the fabulous– and I’d say this, this just in, Z. Little over half of the listeners tune to 1170 are ladies.

Dr. Z: Wow.

Clay: We have made a concerted effort, a specific effort. We’ve said, “You know what we’re going to do?” We’re going to scour Tulsa for some of the top, most successful female entrepreneurs, business owners out there, and we’re going to bring them on. These mompreneurs, these gurus, they’re going to come in and educate us. They’re going to bring that business success knowledge, but with a little bit of that estrogen too. They’re going to balance us out Z a little bit here, and so we brought in a lady, a guru. She’s putting up with both of us. Miss Hillary Jenney, the vice president of TEAM Professional Services, how are you?

Hillary: I’m doing good.

Clay: I appreciate you stepping into the box that rocks. I know there’s four dudes and one lady. It’s kind of the Smurfs.

Hillary: [laughs]

Clay: But thank you for being here today. We’re talking about specifically the high art of increasing your sales. I know there’s a lot of people listening today who are going, “Hey, I’m thankful. I’m thankful that I’m healthy. I’m thankful that I’ve made it this far this year.” Some of you’ve gone through some health issues this year. Some of you’ve gone through some personal issues. Some of you are just struggling. You’re going, “Hey, you know what? I’m just thankful though that I’ve made it here to this day.”

But you go, “You know what? 2017, the new year’s right around the corner, and I want next year to be much better than this year. I don’t want to get stuck.” I want to ask you this here. Hillary, what advice would you have for anybody who’s listening, who is stuck in their business? They have a great product, but their sales just aren’t happening. What advice would you have?

Hillary: Sure. Keep in mind, it’s typically what 10 nos, before you get a yes, so don’t give up, but you’re going to hear no. We’ve been successful by need-based selling, ask the right questions, make sure you’re providing a solution to a problem the customer may not have even known that they have.

Clay: If somebody’s listening right now and I will just validate what you’re saying, because I say this a lot. Years ago, I worked with a caterer, Z. A caterer in Tulsa, neat guy, and you know what his problem was, Z?

Dr. Z: He couldn’t bake a cake?

Clay: No, the food was great.

Dr. Z: It’s food all they’d check. Well then, he should have been able to sell a ton of them.

Clay: When the phone had rang, “Thank you for calling such-and-such.” No exaggeration Thrivers, this is what we taught him, because people ask how much is– Because if we answer the phone, “Thank you for calling such-and-such,” the customer almost always says, “How much do you guys are charged for your” That’s what they always say. He used to say, “Well, starting off at $10 ahead, I can do.” They go, “Thank you very much,” done. I taught him. I said no matter what they ask you, say, “Well, great. What day are you looking at?” and they’d say, “Well, June 5th.” “Okay, great. What facility?” They go, “Harwelden mansion.” I said, no matter what the venue is, complement and go, “Oh, Harwelden mansion. I’ve heard good things about that, so how many people are you expecting?” They tell you, say, “Let me ask this. Are you looking for more fine dining or more casual or,” and they begin to find those needs, and you’re saying, “Let me ask you this, how familiar are you with the world of catering?” “Not really.” A lot of companies in Tulsa, they charge very low prices in nickel and dime, then they get you for a lot of costs. Ours is a upfront cost, and what we do to get you a specific price right down to the dollar, there’s no overcharges, there’s no overages, there’s no extra fees, hidden fees. What we do is, we meet with you. We do a 30-minute face-to-face consultation, and a taste testing, so you can test the items that we have and see if it’s the right fit for you. Do you like Asian or BBQ? When we ask them the questiond, they say, “I like BBQ. He might like a little bit of–” We go, “Hey, I know you guys have some different styles and different palettes. We’re going to go ahead and prepare some samples, and let’s meet this Saturday at one o’clock, and we’ll go ahead and have you guys do a sample.

Voice Over 1: You’re listening to the Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio 1170.

Clay: But once people are sitting down, doing a sample and they’re asking all those right questions, they begin to discover. He says, “Who’s going to assist the bride in cutting the cake?” I say, “What do you mean? Most brides haven’t cut the cake before. They need someone to show them how? Who’s going to serve the cake? Who’s going to make sure that the leftovers get to put in the right spot? Who’s going to decide on the table linen, the decor, the uplighting?” As you said, through discovering the problems that the customer didn’t even know they had. I’m not kidding, didn’t change the food, didn’t change the location, didn’t change the website, didn’t change anything. Guy was able to go from about 200,000 a year of sales to almost $2 million of sales in about a two-year window just by implementing that system. It’s a big thing.

Hillary: Right. Providing that customer solution that they left, they think they couldn’t do without.

Clay: Z, there’s a lot of optometrists out there who are listening. If they’re listening in Tulsa, we do want to give them too much advice because-

Dr. Z: [laughs]

Clay: –you want to your optometry clinic to be super dominant. But you’ve been successful in many many niches and one recently that you’ve invested in– a lot of people don’t know. But you’ve invested heavily in a local bank called Regent Bank and Regent Bank is a neat local bank that– it can’t compete with Bank Of America. It can’t be more Bank Of America that Bank Of America.

Dr. Z: It’s a Boutique Business Bank.

Clay: What is that Boutique Business Bank? What’s that like?

Dr. Z: “Make it to, you can’t refuse which going to make–” No, it’s all about customer service and all about for the start up a businessman or professional. We give a lot high level of service. We don’t really advertise for the drop-in, checkbook savings account over the checking account so all the drive-by. We only have one location in Tulsa. We go to them. We don’t have a bank on every corner, and so we’re just that boutique customer service driven bank to business owners.

Clay: But Z, I want to know, if I am a business owner– All banks are the same, for every bank, they are all the same. What makes your bank so different bank? Z, what makes your bank so different? Is that all the suckers? Do you guys have a better suckers?

Dr. Z: Yes, I know. Toasters. That was customer service is what makes better people and the way we approach the business side of it. We move very quickly. We try not to have a lot of clients. We try to focus on the few that we have and take very good care of them. Obviously, we are growing and we opened up Oklahoma City. We have an original one, was in Nowata.

Clay: Nowata is huge. It’s the home of the fighting Nowatic– [crosstalk]

Dr. Z: It’s right next to a lot of water.

Clay: [laughs]

Dr. Z: But that’s what we do on the customer service. That’s how you judge it. Money is money, right? Right to rates.

Clay: I’m going to interrupt you with the just a truth canon of questions. Here we go.

Dr. Z: We are going to fight?

Clay: Are you optometry? Are you God’s gift to optometry? Do you know something about the eyeball that other humans don’t?

Dr. Z: No.

Clay: No? What about banking? Do you guys know more about banking than anybody else you know about bank and bank, Mr. Banks?

Dr. Z: To be honest, no.

Clay: What about auto auctions? Do you know more about the automobile and this unbelievable knowledge of the vehicle?

Dr. Z: No.

Clay: All the businesses that you’re involved and it comes down to sales, marketing and customer service.

Dr. Z: Don’t spill out all my secrets.

Clay: All right, folks, we’re moving in here. Step number six is you must create your step-by-step system. Steve Jobs has notable quotable which we documented in my incredible book called Start Here, the worlds best business book which by the way is available on I promise you, it’s 550 pages of just awesomeness. It will blow your mind.

Dr. Z: It’s incredible.

Clay: But here’s the thing, Steve Jobs says this, “Simple can be harder than complex. You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.” I want to ask you this because this got my final question here for today’s guest, our guru here. Hillary, why do you have to try to keep your system simple? Why do you have to try keep them simple and not let them get too complicated over their team?

Hillary: Well, because you want to keep it consistent for your customer. The more complex and different for the interaction with that customer, the more room for error, I would say.

Clay: How do people get a hold of you? If they want to hire you guys to help their business, make sure to bring it on drug-free employees and making sure to bring on the right recruits, how do they get a hold of you? What’s your website? How can they call you?

Hillary: and our phone number is 918-970-2323. We have offices in both Oklahoma City and Tulsa, but then again managed all over the country.

Clay: Now Z, there’s a lot of people listening right now who say, “I want to learn this specifics of workflows of how to build sales systems, sales scripts. I want examples. Okay, I want an example. I want a template. I would like to have video examples. I would like for you guys to coach me and show me. It’s really just about marketing, sales, customer service that I want you guys to show me.” Z, we’ve got two options for.

Dr. Z: Two.

Clay: Option number one, they can go to and they can become a Thriver. For $19 a month, they can have the worlds best business school experience without the BS. They got downloadables, templates, we have that all. Or they can come out to workshops. Z, why should they come to this beautiful space? Why should they come here, my friend?

Dr. Z: Number one reason because it’s just cool space.

Clay: It is cool.

Dr. Z: It’s green like out the river. We got a little tiki huts out there. We’ve got the bar from the restaurant that was here before. They just belly-up tuna, have a good time. All these workstations and then we have the Mojo of excellence over here.

Clay: Our workshops are detailed. They’re specific. They’re 15 hours of power. They’re every week. Thrivers, that will change your life and this just in. They’re affordable for everybody,

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[01:25:38] [END OF AUDIO]


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