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Make sure to listen to today’s Thrive Time Business Coach Show because they are discussing the famous Jim Stovall and his new book Wisdom of Winners.

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During this episode of the Thrive Time Business Coach Radio Show the former U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the Year (Clay Clark) and Doctor Robert Zoellner break down Wisdom of Winners by Jim Stovall.

I’m going to make a business coach prophetic statement that’s probably going to a lot of you feel very uncomfortable. I think many of you are looking great right now. I mean the I don’t know if you can see what I’m seeing but we’re not from where I’m from what I can see right now on this business coach live radio show Tulsa is lookin good I mean people are looking exceptionally fantastic.

I mean the river has water in it. Oh wow. I mean that’s just a great start right there.

Now you know listening to the show right now from Oklahoma Joe’s I encourage you to just reach out over and hug somebody and give them that professional H.R. approver high five or maybe a fist fist bump is a little less.

I think this bump is probably the least intrusive a full frontal hug.

We’ll get you in trouble. But a business coach side hug though that’s very professional reach out to someone you like and they aren’t like a mate where you shake their hand and you give them like a back. Pack. Absolutely do do whatever I want. I want you right now to find somebody and you’re in you’re near. So it is right near you sort it is very close to you and just give them a hug and tell him how tremendous they’re looking.

Because I told them I just have a feeling that you are looking tremendous today and make sure you don’t do it with a mouthful of the burnt end because then it’ll come across the room when you told them that it’s like they don’t understand and then the moments last night when you told me the other day you said Clay reach out and hug somebody I said sure.

You didn’t tell me I needed to wipe the barbecue sauce off my business coach hands and I’m just hugging people at Oklahoma Joe’s and you didn’t tell me that I had to wipe my hands off first.

Well you know you’re right I didn’t. And it’s a valuable lesson I learned. And I had to buy I think three new shirts. It was you know I mean what’s the cost. Three shirts one.

And that’s kind of a that’s kind of a disclaimer OK a disclaimer so you know in today’s show is going to need a little bit of a disclaimer because we’re talking about this f six life how design the F six life in its design in the life you want or accepting mediocrity. Now here’s the disclaimer. Somebody is definitely going to get offended about every five minutes of today’s show because it’s going to cause you to really think about what you want and what you don’t want and the chances are even in the box that rocks today business coach Marshall might disagree Ryan might disagree I might disagree with both of you. We don’t know what’s going to happen but here’s the deal. This is a no B.S. zone and we all have to be real about these areas. At some point.

Yes absolutely. If you don’t look at you if you don’t look real hard look in the mirror what you where you are in life where you want to be in life and that’s what we’re all about we’re all about giving you practical steps through building the business to get to where you want to be not not where you are but you’ve got to also first say to yourself Where am I today.

So what you’re going to do today is I want you to go in and get out a sheet of paper and write down the F six write down all six of the eps. OK so Faith write that down family write that down finances write that down. There’s a lot of writing on this show a lot are faith family finances fitness right downtown friendships. Write that down and fun write that down one more time here and get an Etch a Sketch. I know it can be hard just don’t shake it cause you’re going to lose the progress you. So how faith family finances fitness friendships and fun. You would write down your goals for those areas and then you want to think about well how much money does it cost for me to be able to pursue those goals. Right. On your one year goal for those six areas of your life. And then ask yourself how much does it cost for you to achieve those goals because the entire point of starting a business is so that you can achieve time freedom and financial freedom to pursue the six life something to start with me here Faith. So I’m gonna go with faith or 5000 points Z in our attempt to offend everyone who’s listening at least once today. Here we go so faith faith goals for me.

And you went in today and say I totally disagree with you totally totally disagree with you. So here’s a thought I’d say that you got going.

Well here’s there’s a verse from the Bible. I know it’s a controversial book. I know I just lost half the listeners. This is what it says. For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. So for me my faith goals are basically to make sure that my kids get to church and that I try to only go one day a week. For me personally I cannot give more than that once I go more than that I start to go crazy. I don’t want to do home fellowship. I do not want to do other volunteering at the church. I just want to go one day a week and see that that for me that’s what I that’s my faith goal for the year. Just go once a week and then do not go near the place again.

Well there you go. But you have a go. And you said it and you have your reasons why. And then you do it and that’s what you know that it’s all about and scheduling it picking out where you want to do this because you say church and then you know there’s I mean hundreds of choices and tolls.

I mean Tulsa is and this is a huge heavy and this is where you have to be purposeful though because once you say you want to go once a week maybe you’re listening right now and you say I want to go a lot. What happens is this is what I found in every church I’ve gone to the mega-churches in Tulsa. Marshall is this happened to you Did they say you want to stand up and turn around and greet six people next to you or say hi to five people. Has it ever happened to you. It’s happened to me. OK Ryan is it ever happened to you at a church service. Oh absolutely. So then you turn around and the person next to you there are a good person. They say we should get together for lunch and I’ve determined that I have some really really good friends in my life that I want to invest more time into their lives. And I realized as I started saying this passive aggressive statement like yeah we should get together.


And each week I would see them be like hey you never called Oh and I’m like oh I was supposed to call do you recall that you were calling me and that gives me 10 weeks. Yeah. Now in the third week could talk with you like how many is Brian.

And you’re like oh yeah we met three weeks ago. I thought you’re going to call me in and you have to let them know like you know. Well I have a radio show and multiple businesses and five kids and I’ve already signed up for these commitments and I really have no time ever to meet ever Aranda. And just when they go Well our s.l. We’re doing a barbecue. What do you want to be Marshall’s this ever happened to. Yeah yeah. You always say hey I’m going to circle back with you. I’m going to circle back with you into a phrase and because I’m a doer I have found myself before I set these guardrails Z I get pulled into every kind of church activity there was Wednesday night Sunday night Sunday morning picking up other kids during the week. It became like my second full time job that I don’t remember signing up for.

Well there’s a great book out by Danny silk It’s called Keep your love on. And in the book he talks about being a powerful person and not using all this passive aggressive not using all this language. You know it’s somebody else’s fault I mean gosh I’m not in control of my life. I’d like to do lunch time but I just you know I’d love to you know be a powerful person and say what say what you want to say say Hey Brian it’s nice to meet you and I’m glad we got to church together but I am not going to be doing lunch with you. I am not going to be doing that. So you know it’s OK. You’re a great guy. And and I don’t need to really take the reasons why. But if you sit there and start crying or look like you’re really upset I might tell you the reasons why but it would be a powerful person Brian like oh expectations. I mean you know because like you know drag him on for weeks and weeks trying to hide from him now you know he’s at the coffee bar. You can approach it like I really want coffee.

But Brian I’m going to pick on Ryan now for this for the next. The next day his family goals. Family goals Now Ryan you got to share what you know share some of your family goals for the year because what happens is the more money you make the more people you meet. Right cause you’re more customers more acquaintances more relationships or whatever. And they’re getting pulled in all these direction and directions if you’re not intentional about the time you spend with your family it won’t happen now. I know that you are a man who likes to spend some weekend time with the family this is this correct or is this hyperbole.

Oh you’re absolutely right. Hey can I get back up. Oh yeah. Back it up. I mean let me hear about him. You.

So when somebody wants to meet for the first time you know to get your get your information and kind of suck your time.

Yeah. So what I do is I say OK well breakfast really work best so 6:00 o’clock in the morning.

Oh you’re done with the me how you did. Oh you’re doing that move. But yes you’re like go really fast. I got to eat. And it’s a great time and it works out perfect for him on Sundays are perfect times to me 90 percent of the time.

That breakfast never happens but when it does it’s good. They wanted it. They did what they needed to do and we had a great cup of coffee. Wow.

So that your recommendations that you made in that scene.

Time magazine time if you’re not ready by six o’clock and I know you guys are then you are a slacker. Anyway oh my god. I wonder if you are as dumb as you are to talk like that raging with me.

But I love to spend time with my family. I helped create them and I love them dearly. And so it is a big deal for me to spend time with my family.

Now when you when you spend time with your family you’re a guy who’s into guns. I am and there’s somebody listening right now who’s not into guns. And my goal is to irritate somebody every five minutes because in life people what happens is you go out there you finally build that business you make all the money you finally have the financial freedom. But if you don’t learn these skills you’re going to be pulled into everything so you are a guy who’s into guns into self-defense. Do you believe in that constitutional amendment that we should actually have the right to bear arms you’re into it. There’s somebody listening right now who’s like I’m offended you are a business coach that shoot guns with your kids. What I mean absolutely. Did that ever happen to you or do you have you ever offended people with your with the how you spend your family time.

You know you’re going to offend people regardless of what you do. So I tell them first that you know there’s no one else has an obligation to protect you except for you. And when it comes to your family you certainly have the obligation. So I love to spend time teaching my kids to be stronger better faster shoot straighter down within the family.

Now here is a notable quote We’re coming in hot from Phillip and this is the guy who founded Evernote. He says the secret to happiness is minimizing the amount of time that you spend with the people you don’t choose to be with. This is just math. So z. I like math. You have a big family. Yeah. How do you draw the lines. How do you spend more time with certain members of the family or class or how do you become a powerful person and set boundaries for how you deal with your faith. And now with the family how do you how do you draw those lines or do you draw those lines.

Switching switching into being a powerful person. It’s it’s it’s a transition of mental gymnastics it takes a little bit the first few times you do it you almost feel kind of kind of mean you know.

But then it’s so kind of empowering. Like I’ve got an older brother who loves to go fishing. Oh yeah. To go fishing in the ponds out at my horse ranch which is south of Tulsa. He loves you will get the dogs. The great part on the boat they’re stocked. Oh I just like his loves. Oh yeah he loves to take his kids and his friends and his friends kids and they just they’ve got their fish. They send me pictures of all the bass they can all night really. I mean that should really it’s a glorious day. Oh yeah. It’s a glorious to have him by the gills. Oh yeah. Beautiful weather out there just you know loving life. So he asked me a couple weeks ago hey hey you want to come one confession on Saturday I go No I don’t. And he goes. OK so maybe for just a little while. I said you’re not listening to me.

I do not want to go fishing on you and me going fishing in the dark and you’re saying no I don’t shut him down.

Instead of saying oh I can’t I’m busy I want to. You know I would like. Gosh that sounds like a really great time sitting out there trudging around the ponds catching fish. Why do you like fishing. Why do you like it. What’s wrong. I wasn’t that I did. I just didn’t want to do it. Why don’t you do it. We got it. Folks it’s cage match 101.

I hate fishing more than anything. My dad who I love so much my dad used to say do you want to go fishing. No. No. But why and why because you hate it. I hate the whole hate that idea that we are on a body of water waiting. It just seems stupid that a human is taking time on a boat to catch a fish with a hook and a worm.

Let’s just get a net drag let it get. Me. We’re going to have what is the purpose. The purpose is that if the purpose is to converse Let’s go grab a beer and converse. Why are we in a boat.

Orlan bugs is a better way to explain the ice fishing up to the got that they actually move like homes on them frozen drill holes that sit at these little hut.

It is those two because you do like they are all Bjorn you’ve got to do a good deed to get the new auger. All I did get the auger. Then you go up to like the there’s always a ace hardware and you get the big auger and then you take a gas powered thing and. Then you go in there. Oh no no no the hole those two wide it’s very unsafe. So then you get in a truck and you drive the truck on the ice to a place where it’s more safe. Yeah.

Oh yeah. I mean how is that a thing that is crazy. Now it’s not that I hate fishing. I don’t think I hate it with your passion. Yeah but I am busy in life and I get to choose what I get to do with my Saturday afternoons. And if I don’t want to go fishing even though my brother harangues me and makes me feel I be trying to encourage me to do it I stuck to my guns and said I’m not going to do it and I didn’t have to give him an excuse. You have one reason why I said be a powerful person say I don’t want to do it. I’m not going to do it now.

Right. They should if you’re listening right now and you’re just trying to figure out what we’re talking about we’re talking about the importance of designing the life you want. When we come back marshal Morris sort of thrives of team business coaches is going to be breaking down the importance of setting financial goals. If you don’t have financial goals and goals your faith your family your fitness your friendship your fund you’re just going to drift. And that’s not awesome. So stay tuned us to thrive type business coach radio show right here at the right time show. Dot.com.

Yes. Yes.

OK. All right. Dr. Zoellner Welcome back to the business coach thrivetime show on your radio BABY.

We did go get some Cuban leagues. My brother talked to us about the Cuban links a lot of listening going. What are you talking about. What do you does it is like a Cuban sausage. Well you know we actually the last time you played does an intro song was maybe last week where we were talking about what does the Cuban. I mean I don’t know I don’t even go back there I googled it and it’s not a cufflink. It’s a necklace or jewelry. And the links are the it’s made out of individual links and the link is called a Cuban link. It’s kind of C-shaped Cuban. They call it Cuban look at certain designs he puts together you make a necklace out of Cuban links. Word is Cuban. So that’s that’s what it is. I guess I’m Cuban.

There’s a lot of you are listening right now who are saying you know I didn’t know I didn’t know that about Cuban links. And I also don’t know a whole lot about designing the life I want. I don’t know.

I find myself going oh that just was another year I dread the birthday because every year that’s a sign that I didn’t get where I thought it would be. You know I think a lot of times you go to you go to school and you’re 12 13. People say what you want to do you know and you to be an astronaut or play basketball want to own my own business. I want to do something. What are you a firefighter. Again I think every kid want to be a firefighter professional sports player to be a fire watcher. You’ll be a fire what you so you wanted to be an arsonist.

You say start that. I just want you to watch them. You know there is a difference you know.

It’s like it’s a slight difference but a question that I ask people kind of a deep question that I’ll ask people often they’ll say Well where do you want to be and whatever what do you want to do when you grow up. I mean you know those deep questions that people look at and say well you know I really want to do X Y Z but it’s couldn’t take you know four years or three years or two to fill in the blank to do it. And I you know I’m like wow makes you question how old are you going to be in four years if you don’t do that thing again and they do the math and I guess you know so what. How old are you going to be in four years if you do the thing that like I go.

In that sentence the same age zero you imagine that Zain.

I do one thing I like about that. Your whole perspective towards life that’s pretty amazing is you do have a long term perspective to everything. And I’ll give an example. You’re very purposeful about the life you’ve designed and the life you’re living and you know are you perfect. No but you’ve sat down I know at one point you’ve written down your goals for your faith in your family and your finances and fitness and things like that. And then you look up and you’ve had your optometry clinic now for 25 years. Yes 26 years this November and. That building that you’re located in there that’s not cheap. You’re correct I mean it’s all $7 $8. It was a little bit more than that. OK so you have to touch one. And so you but you were purposeful to say you know I want to. You probably had to borrow some money at some point to buy the building or to buy the land or to build you. Did you did you build the building from scratch.

The one on Memorial I did the one on Harvard. I bought the building that I you know I took out of. I mean it put a whole floor and I just moved my new office in there a couple of months ago so you haven’t been buying the new Harvard location. It is swanky though. It’s really fine. I’m really proud of it. So I’m so excited about it and we’re over there now and it’s fun and I’ve got my two years in five your goals now with my businesses. I’ve got I’ve got those new things mapped out the growth I’ve got mapped out the things I’m going to do mapped out. And you might say well gosh isn’t that enough and it’s kind of like you know I enjoy growing and I enjoy doing more and I enjoy and like you’ve said before living on the edge. You’ve got great scenery you know. That is right light there on the edge.

So if we’re talking about building the EF 6 life there is a word that everyone needs to know and I’m going introduce it. It’s called entropy and it’s going to get up this week. And I was you know marinating on this word and I think it’s a perfect word to describe what happens if you’re not intentional about designing the life that you want is you start to have a lack of order or predictability and a gradual decline into disorder into combustion and it just you don’t get the life you want. So now we talk about faith your family your financial fitness right your friendships. Now let’s talk about fun. Ryan what do you like to do for fun when you’re not out there auto rapping vehicles and outlaw customs. I mean I know auto robbing vehicles is your pastime your passion your your flavor of the month or flavor of the week what you love to do it your heart song really. But what do you like to do or do not doing that.

You don’t really love to do. I love to cook. I’m a I’m a little applause at chef and I love to cook because I like for people to be happy and when people are eating great food they’re always happy.

What’s your favorite book. You could do like one meal this is like you go to your go to meal you did like what your number one meal. I mean this is like you got one chance to impress these top chefs or whatever you’re on at your own show you’re on that thing you know and you got one. What you’re what you go to. All right.

So my father in law did not like pork. And I made a version of a pork saltimbocca is like a veal saltimbocca and a well I guess you just couldn’t go.

You should use your adult words which are kind of saltimbocca.

It’s a I believe Italian. It’s like you take a take a pork fillet it out. Make a medallion out of it. Serve it with prosciutto and a great sauce over some mashed potatoes. And he loved that dish. A man who did not like pork at all said this is the best meal I’ve ever had.

So you took it upon yourself to say I’m going to I’m going to you’re going to like the other white meat. He know that you were preparing pork for him or don’t you just go Oh and there’s cheese cheese on top. I’ll tell you what he’s next. Absolutely. I mean come on.

Well he knew it and he sat down and he loved it. And so that’s that’s the one that everybody loves. But I cooked a lot and for a lot of people. So I love to do that.

Really. Could you teach someone how to cook because I don’t know how to cook. I don’t even know how to make scrambled eggs.

Absolutely in fact am I my buddy and I we just. Yes. Surround yourself with better people. We just. Hosted of about 50 people over last night for a huge amount. Fifty five zero 50 we had we had 10 courses. It was huge.

OK why. Of course real quickly.

Let’s just get real quickly because this is fascinating whether it’s 10 so it’s hard to be real quick so I seared scale up put it on a homemade sweet potato chip with the Apple slaw and a truffle oil. Oh that is the real deal. So so long.

We did cowboy ribeyes weighed about 30 pounds of these four inch thick ribeyes OK and the bone that we did I I I supervened which we can’t get into that and beef tongue and we served this seared beef tongue kimchi.

You know it was it was it was delicious beef tongue a beef of a cow taking the actual tongue of a cow. Yeah. The tongue of about two feet long. It is a muscle. I mean you know it is yeah. So he made he made a chicken like a chicken dish and a lot of ribs. He’s a big barbecue. So he did a bunch of barbecue. OK. And then I made a shrimp and lobster salad on a dive leaf with salmon eggs on top of it.

OK. It was delicious while. And then what else do we make it’s off the top of my head. We’re 10 of them. So when you finished making the cow tongue Did you eat the soul of a lamb. Well I guess that just seems like over-the-top sometimes seriously left of the land is the soul.

Oh my. I mean I just I mean that seems like it is here we like take years and pick. I mean you make monkey brain on one of the courses.

You know it’s not funny that you mentioned the pig years because that was that was one of the dishes that I was trying to make and I just ran out of time this week at a time I mean time got shot. So I don’t want to if you want ethics if you want some barbecued smoked figures we can make some sliders out of those and those are great.

That’s crazy. So what do you get for dessert. I mean a dessert right here.

He demonstrated the go to bananas foster. It’s bananas foster is the best dessert because you can make it for two or 25 people and you always have the ingredients at home.

Wow and how when did you start becoming a chef I mean that just been a lifelong I mean that’s what my mom and I did together when I was a kid when we had three stations and one of those was PBS and so you had cooking shows and we watched those and made the meals.

I loved that you were so into it because that’s exactly what we’re talking about we’re trying to get the thrivers out there want you to think about that I mean what is something that you love doing thrive nation that you are into something you are excited about that that’s so fun to hear that story because that’s exactly what we’re talking we get to find things that you love doing Zahed ears sliders potato chips.

It just seems a little over the top though it kind of like what you’re eating I mean again. But I encourage you right now to think about what you want if you want to and then go do it but put it on your To-Do list. We come back we’re talking more about how to live the six life right here on the Thrive time Business Coach radio show.

You can read the rabbit on the spot on the hood design is call to action. Don’t be afraid to express your passion for things look nice on a bike and maybe you’ll. Want to wrap it today to call out customers call back.

Well outlaw customs in the house How’s it going my man.

Awesome. I do not recommend wrapping your wife unwrapping but not wrapping.

Whoa whoa. Settle right there. Settle. He’s a rapper. So you can do what he wants with the words he has he has the he has that kind of vernacular. He has a way with words. It’s spectacular vernacular. I tell you what it did really well.

The words man unbelievable you are no words I mean I’m just going to try to marinate on the profundity of what you have said and I’m just going to. When you when you’re in the box with a wordsmith it’s sort of an intimidating. You know it creates an intimidation or well that he’s just so tall.

I mean that’s he’s always talking down to us. I know he’s he’s so tall but you know I guess I don’t know if the air up there has as much oxygen so we might have that on him.

That’s why he’s so space. He’s always drawn pictures or paintings that kind of thing.

I wondered why now I know what we’re talking about the F6 goals today there are three nation six goals are what they are the goals for your faith your family your finance your fitness your fund. Right. You have gold for these areas the faith family finances fitness friendship and fun and so now we move into fitness fitness. Z when we talk about fitness this my friend appears to be your bidness. Look at you you are like a torpedo of excellence here look at you and you will be swimming a lot.

Whats the key to your recent in your recent health. Help improve sure you’re looking good I mean is it a lot.

There’s a lot of swimming is a lot of zoom but I noticed that you had registered at the zoo. I wasn’t sure. I don’t get a lot of Zumba classes but I hear you’ve been doing a lot of Zumba lately. He’s been doing a lot of the Tony blade really blade. Whatever her name is I mean are you all about what you do.

No I don’t think I like about. I’ve never done zoom. But I like about the Z. So it can’t be all bad. Number one you’re right. And the Billy blade stuff. I have no idea what you’re talking about. Really. So I have no idea.

Have you been doing a lot of the shake weight where you just hold that way.

I just shake weight I just got on. Late at night and just started buying shake weights I just I got more shake weights now and I just hold shake weight you know and just all of my body to shake.

Do you feel one of those two minute abs videos a two minute abs. 87 80 second thighs.

I’ve got I’ve got to get down to four and a half. What do you what’s the key to your getting in shape now. Eating right and exercising. That’s the key to getting. What do you think that thrivers want to know what are you eating you lean mean machine. What are you eating now. I’m doing a low carb diet.

I mean you know so you just do low carbs and I met with the nutritionist and you know kind of did they all kind of plan of my life. You know kind of got evaluated and said OK here’s your goals Here’s your here we’re my fitness goal. Right. OK. So and then they said well in order to get there and you know studies have come out and it’s it’s rather you know it’s it’s pretty documented that if you keep your body fat below 20 percent and if you don’t know what it is you can get that test to keep your body fat below 20 percent. You’re something crazier like two out of three times less likely to get these inflammatory diseases that people get the diabetes the heart problems all these all these problems that people die.

And you can also get less expensive hats because your head is smaller because your head is smaller.

So I don’t think your head does shrink. Really. I don’t think I don’t know.

I mean you see a lot of guys you know have large large cranium that it’s got all stays the same size. I could be wrong but you’re an optometrist I’m I’m not a doctor. Met some people with sometimes have craniums and you’ve seen small craniums and I bet you that people who are larger have larger craniums but that’s probably not just science.

But the point is is that you’ve got to have a cold if you know what happens is every January 1 Not every Well every January 1.

There’s a lot of people that say I’m going to hit my fitness goals and I’m going to Pompadours I’m going to join a gym. When you get to you I’m going to get in shape get in shape let’s not beat Oreos every night when I’m watching the news no carbs no carbs and sweets and all the white stuff that’s so bad for you.

But the thing about it it’s all about moderation and it’s all about portion size. So eating right is half the battle and then sizing isn’t the one thing you might say to yourself Well that sounds like work. That’s no fun. Well the thing about it is you don’t get the result that you know you had to go. You know it’s kind of like the faith goal if you don’t outline what your faith goals are then you’re not going to hit them.

OK so here we go. Here we go. I’m going to I’m going to tear up a scenario for you because when you declared your fitness goals. OK. That means you now have a set time that you’ve been purposeful to schedule to work out. Yes. Or a set place to eat or food you’re going to eat or not eat or not. Correct. So when people offer you a certain meal you have to say no thank you. Or people say hey you know could you go could you could you could go do this. But you know I can’t because I’m already booked to work out. You mean you have to do tradeoffs you have to if you can’t be purposeful about your fitness and then say yes to everybody you say you have to start to say no to people to say yes to your goals correct.

It is difficult because what will happen is I here on the river walk where we have our studio and invite you once a month to come into our in-person workshops. Oh by the way June’s full back July.

July’s pick it up. July is July is going to be the monster. It’s going to be the Monch is going to be a deal where we’re starting to maybe out in a few desks right now we’re making room. You never want you to feel cramped when you come to our conference we don’t we don’t pack you in like a hotel. You actually get your own desk to set up right. And so we are doing some modifications to allow a few more people in but we got it you got to get your book your tickets for our in-person today thrive time workshops. It’s a two day in person business workshop you get to book your tickets right now going to thrive time showed up to reserve your seats. It’s interactive. It’s very in-depth training you’re going to love it.

And you could go to thrive time show review. I just challenge you to do this just go to thrive time shows review and listen what people say that have come through the program. I mean this is real stuff real life changing stuff and these people are just gone. They’re blown away they’re blown away how much fun it is how much education it is what a great time it is. But the point I was going to make is is that here on the river walk you put a new restaurant in and to lean on and to the horses number one rated pizza place I’m pretty sure.

I mean I was you know it’s really good if you want to make your body bigger. You got to go there.

Well I went there I went there. And before you know a lot of times I’ll grab a quick lunch before we film the show here from one of the two are in the studio. It’s so good. And so I went in there and I figured out that the smell of bread that garlic got seats is just a little overwhelming. I don’t know do a low carb diet. I mean thou shalt not have garlic knots. I mean I was just like oh my gosh this is like an alcoholic bean and like all you can drink bar you know it’s kind of like a no no no no it was very tempting but I said No I said no to the carbs. I got a salad. You backed out. And I got quickly out of there.

Now thrive nation if you’re listening we’re talking about the six goals and how to design life that you want so that you don’t end up just drifting and basically having a life you don’t want it know as your question.

You kind of you can get a little kind of swirl to a little bit or you start your fitness goals this year what are your fitness goals this year. What are the main things to work out again.

Yeah the main thing for me is I’m working out but I have my schedule at 4:00 a.m. So I go four days a week at 4 am. And the issue that I have is I want to get my food shipped to the office because I don’t leave the office very much so I had I had food being shipped to the office. But the daily food guy is no longer delivering food daily. So we’re getting new food shipped and so for me it’s about automating it. It’s like if I have the food that just comes in I’ll eat it. But I don’t go out and leave the office to go get food. So that’s my big deal so I’m just kind of getting into that Flowbee 40 is we can work it out and I’m now automating the food that I had to go in good. But then the food guy has not delivered the daily food anymore so Vanessa has got set up so I think starting tonight we’re getting the new shipments in there. Oh fantastic. So I just won’t eat. I literally will not eat it all you go to a gym and work out or you work at your home when you do your job with Luke in the morning at 4:00 at the hub in Broken Arrow 4 am I meet him up there and he yells at me and you know it has me do things I don’t want to do and that’s why you have a trainer because you’re always pushing you beyond what you would do because otherwise I wouldn’t do it for him that seems crazy.

It would zoom in time that I there’s nothing on the schedule. There’s no excuse there’s no reason not to be there and you know what does it person workshops.

The one thing was it’s kind of exciting is that they are getting big in this radio show it’s getting big which is fun but also I can’t just stop doing what I already signed up for because we have a radio show. You know I can’t neglect what I committed to and that’s the thing about life balance and being purposeful. So for me 4:00 a.m. Is that is that wonderful time every day.

I have no reason to not be there. Well I have a very very good reason why I won’t be meeting you down at the hub with you or your dad. Is that the guy’s name. Luke Luke at the hub at 4 am.

That is my designated time to sleep for the listen to the song it is oh it does kind of make you sleepy right now stated it’s the Thrivetime show on your radio.

The thrivetime business coach radio show.

All right. Welcome back to the business coach Thrive time show on your radio. Is that the right time show is clearly the best business radio show in Tulsa. My friend is clearly the best of all the metrics spelled the statistics by all the information that’s available. See Would you not agree that this is the absolute number one business coach radio show in Tulsa.

It’s been verified bona fide and certified absolutely correct. And there’s just one caveat that I will go ahead.

On the caveat I’m confident in our rankings and we with be out not quite caviar but it’s a cabbie. Oh see what you did that’s amazing. Amazing. Wow.

It’s the only Tilsa talk business radio show. So therefore.

Oh it’s like oh you got me all pumped up you put on the show no. You say Clay we have a proud announcement to make it good.

It’s just in ratings and we are the number one business talk show.

Well let me say so let me see if I can share that feeling because we’re on the short time of the six life designing the life you want. And I think one thing one thing I like to do is share my pain. So Ryan I look at you right now the founder of outlaw customs. I look at you very painful and I say to you I said you are the best auto wrap guy inside the box that rocks right now. Thank you. And the tallest as well.

I am definitely that.

Now how long have you been an auto rapper. Ten years. What does that mean. What we need is a rapper. Tell us about the rap game.

OK so what we do is outlaw customs customs dotcom we design print and install wide format graphics on every kind of vehicle you can imagine and walls floors doors windows tables whatever we want to walls floors doors tables.

We’ve even done a cover or two that is great great. Because that is what I was his model.

It is a business model.

So you know you know we’re just talking the other day now he tune me out but I was in the future for us is an old marketing and you’re a marketing teacher.

So I’ve got a question for you Ryan 10 years ago. You’re sitting around the campfire make smores doing whatever you do you know probably burning some pinion wood. I don’t know if he had chickens yet at your house or not. Oh that’s Clay.

You and your buddy Roy were branding each other taking the oath. Nothing weird. Nothing

nothing nothing. And all of a sudden you said Ah I think I want to start rapping cars all the way up. It’s like you were there. Yeah. Yeah. I mean you take a big bite of a Schwahn around a campfire and you’re having one of those moments you know you’re deep in the woods the kind of go and find yourself. I

have. Losing yourself high body of one home. Did you have that might. Yeah. What happened was is that that Queen song I want to ride a bicycle. Sure. And what happened was he sat by the camp fire and all of a sudden he says I want to wrap by the school I want to wrap and everything what happened. Yeah. And then his friends are like What are you talking about. Next thing you know you started the company. Tell tells the story. What’s the deal.

OK so I was in the insurance business. I sold employee benefits and nobody was really that excited about employee benefits. Had long term disability is amazing nobody ever said that.

So exciting. Why not.

Yeah. It never happens and so I had a friend that I’ve known since the third grade he was having some financial problems. I decided to help him out. He knew how to install graphics. So I started out like custom’s to help him and 10 years later we’re still doing it.

Bam. There it is. That’s the story.

He had the he had the dream he had the vision and now it’s a real company What’s your Web site man that is I think it still starts with outlaw custom’s with a K and a Z dot com.

OK. There you got it like that. That’s kind of a little that’s a little sassy right. L’oeil Odzala we McAleese real big and it us in hot sauce.

How do you do you. Do you give me. I think that’s I’ve got that registered as a trademark. Do you read the letters I don’t think ever getting upset if you send a check to me.

I have not. No maybe them. You deserve a bottle.

There we go. Hey we’ll settle out of court. There we go. Now we’re talking you think it’s fun to do. Hey listen folks whatever your dream is out there Ryons was 10 years ago. And then there’s the practical steps of taking that dream that vision that hey this looks like it might be fun to do. Right. This looks like you know would you pass another. Moreover the Graham crackers you’re in the building you’re more you know you got your couple beers couple a couple of beverages of choice one said overages. Yeah that is your yes if you’re over 21 that is your choice. And please drink responsibly and please each more responsibly.

You know you never want to have too many s’mores after you’ve been you’ve got half you’ve gotten yourself to a place of complete intoxication you never to have too many smart it’s not good.

No such thing. Don’t be a glutton. It’s not good. But the point is is that you know Forbes has it down what about 57 percent claim 87 percent of people out there want to start a business according to Forbes. Yeah you read like one you have that dream you have that little bit of it in you you have that little bit him. And that’s why if you listen to this show if you get on three 15 dot.com if you go to thrive time show dot.com come going to ring in person workshopped. If you try me for one or one business coaching model I’ll tell you what we have the tools and we’re and we’re willing to give them to you. We want to give them to you.

You think that entrepreneurship is that there is a lot of work involved but there’s a lot of reward involved. And so what I would encourage you to think about right now is if you’ve ever thought about living a life outside of that wage cage you know where you basically are exchanging your dollars for. You’re saying I’m going to exchange my hours for a few dollars and you know the math. And so you say if I work this many hours this year I’m going to make $41000. And you know that’s reality and there’s no chance to improve upon it. He had a couple of options here. One you could reinvest in yourself maybe go back to school maybe get some new skills. You know maybe you become a welder or a doctor or become a dentist or because he does a lot of things you could do you could become so you upgrade your skill set maybe learn graphic design that kind of thing. Or. You could do as Dr. Z and I have done and Ryan’s done you can start your own business. And the great thing about a business is that a business can produce the time freedom and financial freedom that you are seeking. Now when you finally have achieved that financial freedom if you’re not intentional and purposeful about being a powerful person and scheduling the life you want you’re going to end up living a life you don’t want and so you have to write down your goals for your faith your family your finances your fitness your friendship and your fun now for friendships. John D. Rockefeller has a powerful quote.

Now John D Rockefeller was the world’s wealthiest man during his lifetime. But he’s also a guy who at the age of 16 had to start working in and you know why John Rockefeller had to start working at the age of 16.

I don’t recall. I think we’ve talked about it before.

I know his dad decided that he would marry another lady while still being married.

He’s all that. Yeah. Well I mean you know he says he says to his son in a classy way tells these. And so he’s got two different families he’s supporting. Oh.

So he tells John he says I cannot support both families anymore. So I’m going to go hang out with the other ones so you need to find a way to support mom you know. So his mom has no idea that her husband is she thinks he’s a traveling salesman or whatever. And his dad so it’s a true story. Yeah and his dad sold snake oil. He was a scammer. And so John Rockefeller wrote his notepad that some day he wanted to help modernize the doctorate program so people couldn’t just declare that they’re a doctor you couldn’t just say I’m a doctor. And by the way he did that. He’s he’s the guy who have to build the modern doctorate program that we have. He also noticed that there was crazy amounts of pollution. He actually was gotten into the refining of oil and gas and he noticed that the refiners would just destroy land unnecessarily. So he decided he wanted to create national parks. So he did that. He decided he wanted to provide for as many as he can to get this list of things he wanted to do. He also wanted people to know that God could work miracles. So this is what he did at age 16. He goes into Cleveland there’s one suit and he goes door to door. And the legend goes in his book called Titan expects planes for about 50 days ish. He went door to door applying for jobs never got one because he’s 16.

And finally someone says we’ll hire you to work as our bookkeeper assistant but you can’t get paid for the first 30 days. And he goes Are you serious. And he celebrated that day as Job Day the rest of his life that was like a holiday for him job. And he got hired. Oh that’s that’s that’s precious. I when he went to work. These two brothers that the two brothers he worked for they spent money like a bunch of drunken sailors but he saved everything. And he actually lived like crazy frugally. And so when they went into a bad cash situation he said to the guys hey guys why don’t you auction off the business so you can least get some cash. They go that’s a great idea man. And then at this time he was like 21 he’d been working there for five years. Yeah. And they always talked poorly to him they were very negative very mean. They treated him like a second class citizen. And at the auction he wore a hat and he had a hat that covered his eyes. No one knew who he was. They started the bidding you know and I’ve never been to a business auction so they start the bidding. And one guy puts his hand up. They say sold. And he stands up but he takes his hat off and he points out him. Oh my I realized oh assistant just bought us and they thought that he might have done this at a passion in him. In a moment of impulse.

Well the next day a crane was putting up a sign a metal sign that he had built years before that said a Rockefeller and he put it up on the wall so he was always a saver. From age 16 he had that big vision and John Rockefeller was the guy that he went on to say he’s has a friendship founded on business is better than a business founded on friendship. And that’s a big idea because when you see how people treat money doesn’t that show you what kind of mood you see of people work in the office when people when you see their work ethic. Doesn’t that start to show you what kind of person they are.

Absolutely. I mean we are who we are and interactions speak louder than words. And you know those people that are always talking about doing something and then burst that people and actually are doing something. I think it does spell to it does show what kind of people they really are.

Now we come back I want to hear from Ryan and from doctors the I want to hear about what kind of people that you are. Purposeful about surrounding yourself with because the people that you are around absolutely impact the way you think the impact what’s normal they impact what you can justify they impact what’s okay. They begin to get their feelings their justifications their ideas everything good and bad begins to form your normal your network really is your net worth.

Your network is your network. That’s a great line. And it’s so true.

Now we come back here on the Thrive time business coach radio show. We’re going to talk about how to be purposeful about choosing the friends that you have choosing who you’re going to develop those deep and lasting relationships with right here in the time business coach radio show. I get a chance.

Maybe we can it maybe together we get some crazy something from nothing to maybe make something. My son got to.


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