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During today’s broadcast of The Thrive Time Show, the former U.S. Small Business Administration Entrepreneur of the Year and America’s #1 Business Coach breaks down the specific steps that one must take to create a profitable medical clinic and outlines the proven path to success. During the show he discusses Practice Killers, Branding, Marketing, Sales, the Customer Experience, Quality Control, Accounting and Much, Much More…


ACTION ITEM #1 – Avoid the Practice Killers [ 3:10 ]
  1. 1. Lack of Cash Flow Caused by Slow Paying Insurance
  2. 2. Too Much Overhead

3. Not Having Enough Cash Reserve to Be Able to Offer a No-Brainer Offer




ACTION ITEM #2 – Make Sure That Your Branding Is World-Class from Day 1 [ 11:45 ]



    1. 1. AMPLE EXAMPLE – The World’s 10 Most Valuable Brands – Forbes – Forbes

#1 – Apple

#2 – Google

#3 – Microsoft

#4 – Facebook

#5 – Coca Cola

#6 – Amazon

#7 – Disney

#8 – Toyota

#9 – McDonald’s

#10 – Samsung



      1. 1. AMPLE EXAMPLE –
      2. 2.
      3. 3.
  1. A. The Variables Every World Class Website Must Have
  2. 1. No-Brainer Offer
  3. 2. Testimonials
  4. 3. Optimized Title Tag
  5. 4. Optimized Description Tag
  6. 5. Optimized Keyword
  7. 6. WordPress-Based
  8. 7. Clear Call to Action
  9. 8. Click to Call Phone Number
  10. 9. Header Text / Headline Text That Makes Sense
  11. 10. Social Media Icons
  12. 11. Horizontal Navigation Bar
  13. 12. HTML Sitemap
  14. 13. .XML Sitemap



  1. 1. List of Service Offerings
  2. 2. You versus your competition (you have to mystery shop)
  3. 3. Solutions you provide / problems you solve (supported by facts)
  4. 4. Website
  5. 5. Phone number


ACTION ITEM #3 – Create Google Maps Location [ 30:05 ]



  2. 1. Google search “Tulsa Cookies” = Barbee Cookies
  3. 2. Google search “Tulsa Men’s Haircuts” = Elephant In The Room
  4. 3. Google search “Tulsa basketball camps” = Score Basketball



  1. 1. Personal former patients
  2. 2. Personal current patients
  3. 3. Colleagues
  4. 4. FUN FACT – “88 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation—which is astounding, considering most online reviews are posted by total strangers. The same survey found that only 12 percent of the population did not regularly read reviews for consumer products.
  5. 5. What this means is that not offering user reviews (or ignoring them as a potential marketing opportunity) is akin to alienating 88 percent of your buying population, depriving them of information they want to help them make their buying decisions.” – Forbes


ACTION ITEM #4 – Create a No-Brainer Offer [ 40:45 ] 
  1. 1. Create No-Brainer Facebook Offer
  2. 2. Create No-Brainer Google Adwords Offer
  3. 3. Create No-Brainer Retargeting Ads
  4. 4. Create No-Brainer Landing Page
  5. 5. AMPLE EXAMPLE – – $1 First Lesson
  6. 6. AMPLE EXAMPLE – – Conferences – $99 with money back guarantee


ACTION ITEM #5 – Creates a WOW EXPERIENCE [ 49:50 ]
  1. 1. Create Menu Boards
  2. 2. Design the Interior of the Building –
  3. 3. Design the Smells
  4. 4. Design the Music / Ambiance (Waterfall, flowing water, music, etc.)
  5. 1. AMPLE EXAMPLE – The Mojo of In The Raw –
  6. 2. AMPLE EXAMPLE – The Mojo of Thrive Time Show World Headquarters
  7. 3. AMPLE EXAMPLE — The Mojo of the Gas Lamp District in San Diego




ACTION ITEM #6 – Optimize the Website [ 58:10 ]
  1. 1. Google Canonical Compliance
  2. A.
  3. B. ACTION ITEM – Test Your Canonical Compliance by Emailing [email protected]
  4. 2. The Most Content About Your Specific Keyword
  5. 3. The Most Reviews
  6. 4. The Most Mobile Compliance
  7. A. FUN FACT: “91 percent of adults keep their smartphones within arm’s reach. (Source: Morgan Stanley) Guilty as charged.” – Forbes 



ACTION ITEM #7 – Create a Proforma [ 1:15:20 ]
  1. 1. Create a detailed list of fixed costs
  3. 1. Lease
  4. 2. Utilities
  5. 3. Insurance
  6. 4. Salaries
  7. 5. Phone Bill
  8. 6. Car Payment
  9. 7. Consultation / Business Coach
  10. 8. Advertising
  11. 9. Cost of Living
  12. 2. Create a detailed list of the variable expenses (associated with a providing a service)
  13. 3. Determine your profit per customer
  14. 4. Determine the number of customers needed to be profitable
  15. 5. Create a Business Model That is Profitable



ACTION ITEM #8 – Create a Sales Conversion System [ 1:20:00 ]
  1. 1. Create a Call Script
  2. 2. Create a Call Recording System


ACTION ITEM #9 – Create a Repeatable Workflow [ 1:21:35 ]
  1. 1. Create Checklists for Everything



ACTION ITEM #10 – Create a Billing System That is Intense [ 1:22:05 ] 
  1. 1. You must stay on top of billing insurance
  2. 2. Must be super detailed and tenacious



ACTION ITEM #11 – Create a Quality Control Loop [ 1:23:00 ]
  1. 1. Setup mystery shoppers
  2. 2. Setup a survey system



ACTION ITEM #12 – Create a 3-Legged Marketing Stool [ 1:23:50 ]
  1. 1. Facebook Advertising
  2. 2. Google Adwords / Retargeting Ads
  3. A. Launch Retargeting Ads
  4. B. Launch Adwords
  5. 3. Search Engine Optimization / Google Reviews
  6. A. Launch search engine campaign (Podcasts or Article writing)
  7. B. Set a Google Review quota





I know you going to dig this broadcasting live from the center of the universe, the BS featuring optometrist dr. Robert zoellner with us SBA entrepreneur of the Year clay Clark. Welcome to the Thrive time show on talk radio 1170 Christmas makeup at this moment. What we do you could do with it. I showed you with the five times show on your radio and took 5 times show and away.

We go it’s about time to show on your radio and three here we go. Oh yes, let’s go Tom. Brady wants  business coach  us to go it’s time. It is time to go through patient. Welcome back to the conversation, it is the daily Drive Time radio show and we are here to help you grow a business in our entire focus.

Our entire theme, our entire Mantra, is business school business coach  without the BS, and so we do is when somebody emails us to info at Thrive, or when they go to thrive time, in a schedule, a one-on-one consultation. We do provide them with a proven path, a proven business plan within 72 hours, Steve currents. Are you aware of that? Do we were actually people? People spend forever spend months, making a business plan they run around.

They pay Consultants, thousands upon thousands of dollars, NBA to make a business plan, but Steve you’ve business coach  seen us do it. We make the we make the business plan, we don’t talk, we don’t talk about this enough. We make it in 72 hours, my man, it’s amazing. Does it blow your mind, the melt your face, most people? If you give him you know a year, they business coach  won’t write their own business plan. Okay, you’ve seen this you’ve seen us make the proven path over and over Eric chop phenomenal business coach.

You seen us do this over and over and you coach clients through the exit, the execution, the path. Why does why do most people make very complicated impossible to execute business coach  business plans by default? There’S always the idea is right, so we got, we got to put all the ideas down on paper.

It’S a convenient excuse to not get started on other things always be working on the plan based in Dallas, Texas and the question is: how do I start a profitable Medical Clinic? He is a doctor, the doctor for a long time, long time and he decides that he is going to start his own practice. So he has an investor.

He has space he’s going to move into and business coach  he set a date. He says: here’s a daytime going full time that day he’s going full time. We’Re not October he’s going full time in December, so he’s got two months basically three months to make this happen hand out. He says how do I do it well we’re going business coach  to walk you through the proven path here today and action item number one. I encourage you to take notes and all these every single step for teaching here there is.

There are many areas and I’d say most areas that apply to any business, but specifically business coach  for you on this truck driver in Dallas is open. The medical clinics number one avoid the practice Killers lack of cash flow caused by slow, paying Insurance. Okay, I don’t know if anybody after the doctor, if you can relate to this – but if I come in today with no need to go, see a doctor and I I choose to use my insurance. Typically, you won’t get paid for my business coach  insurance company for like 60 days chub you used to do.

Construction is actually oddly, like medical and that you made by put install an awesome man cave for a man or build a great outdoor, fireplace or put in a new kitchen, but you might not get paid for 30. 60. 90. You know it’s been so you have to manage that cash business coach  flow. I would highly recommend Steve that contractors and doctors do everything possible to try to eliminate that issue of you playing the bank.

We are giving people 60 days of credit. What Steve wants to put are out on his horse DD contractors. Do you business coach  see a lot of contractors? Do this, but it’ll come to work for you or someone, you know, and they don’t even give you an invoice for what 30 days. Five days are really.

Why is that my man, I just don’t, think they have a plan, you know they they just don’t. You know, I don’t think about it. I think you know for a lot of contractors that you didn’t maybe start doing work for friends and family, and they just think I don’t know he’s good he’s great for it. They get the casual casual here’s. What it definitely doesn’t have to do with business coach  that on dash filing system in the truck that all the invoices and everything is okay, what he’s referring to this week?

We have, we have a lot of them to figure out how they organize their invoices and only stay on top of their accounting. A lot of them business coach  do everything in the truck just right from that we had one gentleman, I’m not kidding. He actually kept most of the invoices on on his dashboard, and that was how he stayed on top of it. He said these are the ones you owe me money will any of the hit, like business coach  maybe 7 or 8 things in the dashboard, my business.

This is hysterical. We made it business coach  into a funny parody, spoof videos, you can find on YouTube, but it’s on Today Show trap Nation. So you can watch this video cuz. It’S up it’s a parody based upon a real truth, obviously an exaggeration, but it’s a client that kept his invoices. People owed him money on his dashboard. That was just pray for no wind. No, I mean the craziness of that idea. I guess I’m too too much overhead. It’S where your lease is just too much.

Your salaries are too high. Your it’s just too high you just the rent is too high. Your salaries are two hi Steve. You see this business coach  with a lot of business owners. Man I mean you’re, not a business coach or your mortgage guy, but you’ve been vested in different businesses.

You pal around, with a lot of guys who own a successful companies on Steve, trying to talk to me about the importance of keeping the least at least well. Even though, even if you want that sweet office space, I mean you want that swagalicious you’re, like your friends, are saying: hey buddy me: you shouldn’t rent the Taj Mahal history hear The Branding will be based in India.

The whole the whole idea of people tell people when you send your invoices are your receipt and whenever you reach out to us business coach  yet just mail us at the Taj Mahal and you like will buddy, do you have a back-up plan or the Empire State Building would Be nice thing to say: Penthouse sleep talk to me about this, that did that delusional, Granger Avenue entrepreneur who wants to the biggest office in the world, business coach  because we don’t do this and are like in our business coach  personal lives like, for example, the first house you buy. Is it a 8000 square foot mansion?

That’S a million bucks on this. What you just start out and be modest and and get something that is Affordable, that you can, that you can build from and then, as your business grows in you put some cash in the bank and you figure out some systems. You can always upgrade and spend a whole bunch of money on the Taj Mahal for your office. Okay, I’m going to start I’m business coach  going to scale back here Steve I just gold-plated chandeliers, ,000 mahogany.

I love. I love this mahogany mahogany leather bound books. I have brought to our customers are taking all of my paperback editions of various books and making them leather-bound. You know this isn’t. This is a really business coach  important because it is really easy to do. You want those things you seen all the other ones. Whenever I’m back in the concrete business we built a new office and warehouse, and we started making these big plans for a giant warehouse and then me and my dad sat down there like do.

We really need this, or should we expand the yard cuz, that’s where we kept a lot of arm in a material trailers and all that stuff, and so we decided let’s scale that back and make a bigger yard with a fence around it. Cuz, that’s a lot cheaper.

There was a funny as we had an event doctors on his house, while back and now we going to his house and that he has a rug that I’m not I’m not exaggerating. The rug is probably recording today from the man cave so just throw everything else doesn’t give you any contacts for Eric and Steve is well, it’s probably from the top left in a wall area all the way to take my bathroom.

But it’s it’s it’s an actual rock and it’s like this tall as the as the ceiling. Is it just his massive rug and the one of the guys on our team was like man? That’S a that’s, got to be an expensive rock me that rug. That’S a huge rock and all the animal heads and then you got like a real real armor knights armor here and then you got. This is like Throne, style chairs, and this is gon na cost some money, and I don’t member actual Z’s response to it, but it was like it does things like when he started out.

He wasn’t saying to Step One: let’s get a rug, the size of a wall I want to just tall is the man cave and as long as from one wall to the bathroom, and I want some armor in there and then we’ll go out and that you’ve Got to keep your business coach  overhead low low, take limbo, Steve!

How low can you go? How low can you go as it relates to avoiding a practice Killers not having enough cash reserves to be able to offer a no-brainer not having enough cash Reserve? What happens if your overhead so high? Now you can’t make a good deal. You got to charge your buddy premium prices, cuz your overhead, so high as an example.

As an example, let’s say that you offer Botox Botox, you want to help every man look like Jerry Jones, just a completely unbelievable and everybody talks Guru, listen to the show today – and you are, you are God’s best chiropractor, God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You or Chiropractic skills, those hands, those business coach  hands. Are you either do Botox or you do chiropractic care?

Okay, through the chiropractor you work with and what kind of no-brainer does he offer you first visit you get out his his once exam, which is his practice that he goes through with every Patient First Time and X-ray and a hour massage. So you get a one hour, massage, that’s the part. You heard right X-ray and the initial exam.

What’S this guy’s name? Yes, that’s that’s the same time. That way, we can ask dr. David and ask this question. Maybe business coach  you can email us the answer? How is it possible for you to have been the best player in the history of the ABA? Then you can become a great NBA player just dominating and then now you’re the best chiropractor.

It’S it’s like you’re living two business coach  different lives, but the thing is, you can’t offer a free hour massage and a free first time, consultation. If you have massive overhead, if you have to charge a TV, just can’t do it, you can’t do it. If you have no cash in the bank, no cash in the bank, so this is actually under one, avoid the practice killer.

Make sure that your brain is world class from day one. I’M going to put this on the show notes today. If you go to thrive time, you can click on the show, notes business coach  and you’ll see it up there, the most 10, that there are the world’s 10 most valuable Brands, the world’s 10 most valuable Brands as a cited by Forbes. Let’S go through them one-by-one little company called Apple logos, not complicated.

Let’S business coach  go over to the Google machine, also not a complicated logo. They just put a couple drivers. I asked if I’m asking a rhetorical: could you draw the Apple logo? If you had to, or at least close, could you do it? Could you ok, Google?

Could you draw that one gets to the next one? Microsoft is number three business coach  Microsoft Word for squares. All different colors look good with the next one number for it’s it’s. It’S called a book, yeah right. It’S the right Coca-Cola love, the Coca-Cola. He definitely will get. X1X Amazon.

That’S like a smile with an arrow, an arrow smart number. 8 is Toyota Toyota. That’S like what two circles that kind of connect cuz. I drive a Toyota Spyder papa papa, see how to draw that logo, silver, arches, silver yeah, that’s the Platinum Platinum! I have no clue what that business coach  logo looks all of the top 10 logos in the world. We don’t business coach  have any of them they’re very complicated at all.

So I need to know about branding. We come late and no back to the business coach radio show that Tony Robbins calls Daddy. You got it, it’s not bad. You know I like Snack Pack. Why can’t you just give me a snack pack business coach  for Tony wants a snack pack medical clinic, but we have a huge announcement, huge huge update, a huge huge down, so we need to make here on the on the air.

Every time I go to Hobby Lobby, I try to purchase the letter Z, so I got to do it a different kind of Z, I’ll just purchase the letter Z. So I’ve got probably I don’t know – 15 of them hidden somewhere in the man cave. I just keep buying more, and more of these was one of them. Through the power of Battery Technology, Steve, it should be able to light up, apparently, should business coach  be able to put the actual has battery spot on the back.

It has lights on the front, so you would think you could put the batteries into the back of it into the area. Now Steve. I want to make sure you understand. There’S three aspects of putting a business coach  batteries were teaching today how to run a profitable Medical Clinic to action steps, but there are others.

Also not doing today is how to turn on a mechanical zeolite up see, but we’re walking to the three steps number one you’re going to need a battery Nestea. What kind of business coach  battery does it claim it needs? Well, it says a 1.5 volt which is not a double A that’s another Double AA.

I believe you know, and it’s so easy you did you put in the right to the right to the right way like one of them the but goes one way and the business coach  other one who’s, the other three in the back of it says, step 3 sit back And enjoy right and we’re sitting back and enjoying, business coach  but I don’t know that it’s okay, so we’re just I just if you want to email in your tips on how to fire up a battery powered lights on the brake to keep yourself entertained.

Try to get to seal it up. Can I tell you one thing about my life outside of my phone. I refuse to use items that have batteries. That’S a good reason to make a dude there’s like there’s like business coach  boxes of the ones on the right are huge. Are they normal size? Battery thing is I like to have.

If you go into the bathroom, I’ve got like 5 different deodorant, you know sticks. Why? Because you never know when you get back, I just can’t handle running out of stuff in the new patch cable collection. No not going to be the gym, globo gym, Purple, Cobras, making the bathroom.

I know, there’s one in my medical clinic, alright, so step number to access number to create a world-class logo in the previous segment. We gave you examples. Please do not over-think this just get it done no point or two underneath the making sure you have a world-class brand. Is he to create a world-class website and I’ll give you some info examples.

One is eitr the elephant in the room, Men’s Grooming, Lounge Anchorage to check it out. We have three locations in Tulsa to serve you and your first haircuts, always just a dollar bill. Look at the website. Look at the website pull up the website and look at the website, calm and then also another Tab, and you can pull up the website of Tip Top canine Tip Top K-9 out.

What I’m going to do is I’m going to read off the the variable that your website must have another for Eric chopped it to break it business coach  down, so so we’re going we’re going off script here are the variables that every website must have first officer of the No brainer, why do you have to have a no-brainer offer? You got to get that wow that golden look, so you can, while your customers, he business coach  got to get him an offer that people it’s literally no brainer.

They can’t refuse it. So you can get in and learn that chance to wow them. Okay, so you must have a no-brainer offer go to the variables that every world class website must have. Okay, the second, I have testimonials Chuck. Why do you have business coach  to have testimonials?

Because people need to know what you know if you got people bragging on you, you need to let other people know that if you’re doing a great job and then your customers have been satisfied and wild, and you want to get that stuff out in front of People to build credibility before they even interact with business coach  you and your brand, because you have to follow the rules of Google to have to have the canonical’s optimize keyword for your website have to do that.

What is it to be WordPress based because Google likes WordPress and Google rains we got to business coach  do what they want to do, alright it it. It follows all the rules and it’s easier to optimize and stuff. Like that clear, specific, called action. You want to be ambiguous. You want to let the people that are getting to your site, it’s hard to get people to your site right. We pay money to advertise to business coach  get people there. So there you got to let him know what you want to do.

If you got to have a click2call phone number, you don’t know when you go to the website, the number itself has to be clickable. Why is that Steve? Because people are many times on their business coach  smartphones and if they want to call you, they should just be able to business coach  click the number and call you have a headline or had her text that makes that makes sense Steve.

Why do you have to have a headline or header text on the top of the website? Didn’T make sense, because people back arrow example in the medical world to get super cute with it with their like the future of humanity? What website is it you just make?

Just tell me off, or it could be like home of Botox, bro tour or what the chiropractor are. You could say business coach  your first exam and 1 hour, massage just that’s exactly what his website that says. Unbelievable, your social media icons, social media icons across the top people want to interact with the companies they do business with on social media they’re going to business coach  want to go check out your brand on social media they’re, going to see what your posting they’re going to want

To see that stuff – and you might as well give him a really quick and easy way to get there and take it easy, horizontal navigation bar Steve, why do you have to have a horizontal navigation bar because people don’t go vertical very well, it’s got to be The horizontals Google requires you,

Google requires compliance you have to if you don’t want to. If you don’t want to comply with Google fine, but business coach  you have to have a horizontal navigation bar the final two elements as you have to have an HTML site map. So if you go to Tip Top, you scroll all the way down to the bottom of your scrolling down when you have the bottom, what you’re there, if you click there and then finally, the end of a. XML sitemap, that’s the only Google can see, and You have to have that why it’s just because that’s the way it works, don’t argue with the force you just got to get the flow business coach  through Zion currency during the break go to website right there. That is, Google compliant.

Should you have any questions about how to optimize your website email as info at We come back or teach me how to build a world-class and profitable Medical Clinic money going to start time. Should I come to download business coach  the storybook, it’s free, storybook and DriveTime and book your tickets for an X in person workshop at DriveTime, October, 6th and 7th now back to the retina burning laser show that may or may not have caused this solar eclipse get Ready to enter The Primetime show on talk.

Radio 1170 major update, major update in side, the five-timers man cave /, nerve center, / Death, Star Mothership, apparently we’re looking at the business coach  instruction Steve was opal. Get me instructions on the back of the Z. Every time I go into Hobby Lobby or in any store that sells nick-nacks and who ha, who ha I go in there and who’s, not believe it until I get out of here so eat your ear. You turn off the lights and it’ll go out to the extreme.

I rock a mic like a vandal, and so are the three steps of what are the three steps to Wellness. Three steps for lighting up a z in the September. One is going to put the batteries in their eyes right, but I realize there’s a lot of business coach  different batteries at the man cave.

I know you have ever address of troops. What kind of battery wasn’t there? It is a AAA to AA. That’S the extra small 1.55 volt step to you to put in the right way you can just put in any way to put in the way that did not step 3. It’S a sit back and relax.

That’S what the instructions say to look at the peak of the technological Summit and there is actually what they call it switch. Where is it where’s the closest closure.? We didn’t have any business coach  directions and we were reading what appeared to be when we thought were directions, but written in Mandarin turns out the Hobby Lobby items were made in China, so it’s two were sitting there reading Mandarin and we realize now that you have to read From top to the bottom, not from left to right, we don’t know Mandarin at all I mean the most of the people in the room.

All of us are over the age of 30 and no, we did go to public schools. Write three of us went to Publix. Give me the English say. I got the whole back of that Z. Taken apart, I mean it has like, like these metal clip things and I’m like. Oh, I see what’s going on, but almost as if you are a a a technological whisper, you decoded Mandarin have learned another language, expert advice, Consulting audio realize when you’re stuck in any area of your life when your business won’t grow and you can’t get in shape.

You hire a personal trainer. You hire an accountant if your accounting is terribly hire a business coach to grow the business meeting. The great Steve said I need a business coach. His business coach was Bill Campbell Amazon, his business coach with Bill Campbell.

I mean there’s a lot of people, Eric Schmidt from Google fire Bill Campbell. There’S a lot of people out there have a business coach, cuz they’re stuck gem says I don’t have I’m going to live long enough to learn everything starting from scratch, so I’m going to do.

Is I’m going to I’m going to ask for advice she reaches out to chop into my cell, hey man, we don’t speak Mandarin, we don’t know how to turn the lights on and then what you did is you got resourceful resources about being resourceful and you started Being a problem solver like a like a like a light up, Z whisper, I figured like on the back the reason why they had these this place, where you could take the whole thing apart is because maybe sometimes it doesn’t work.

You got me laughing almost like your kind of mystical MacGyver. I mean you, you said you know what I don’t have any duct tape. I don’t have any gum differences between disclosure. I do have two paper clips in my pocket so more than he normally a nuclear submarine using two paper. Clips. Was, it happens or maybe maybe I’m a bit more to a relationship yeah yeah, apparently on the back of the C on the on the side. They put a on off, switch switched it on. It was like.,

And now here we are still at Sears, let up until we’re talking about how to create a a profitable Medical Clinic. All right to the next step hear those you have to build a world-class website. If you missed it on the previous egg, we just looked at all of the steps or you going to drive time.

Should I comment click on the podcast and find Today’s Show notes where we going to do list of the action items you just went over the next one sheet is what it sounds like it’s one sheet with all of the pertinent information that you want to get To your client in a easy, easy manner, so it’s business coach  all this it out there so like right here, it’s a list of the service offerings that you have right.

Okay, so it’s all all the services that you offer as a doctor get him out of your head. Get them on one on one sheet and the reason business coach  why is when a customer sitting down in your lobby? They can look at the sheet or if you at a restaurant, you can look at the menu listed there.

Now, I’m not exaggerating. I have worked with restaurants and Gourmet bakeries that didn’t actually have a menu and that that’s that’s kind of hard to sell some of the people. Don’T know what it is. You’Re going to you can order. Stuff is not on the menu.

You can order that there’s items you can order secret menu menu items from In and Out Burger, okay, so business coach  bad now, just a few things that you can order. If you wanted to, you could say, I would like to get the Flying Dutchman and then go see what they have. They have these moved animal style, fries. Okay, let me get those they’re not on the menu, but they know what they are.

So that’s it. That’S it move it something you can do what you don’t want to do, that you won’t have your stuff on a one sheet of the one. She also shows you vs. the competition, but I don’t want to put my competition on business coach  their shop.

Why do you have to Mystery Shop to even know that we white? Why do you have to mystery shopper? Why do you have to know how you stack up versus the competition? You got to know what the competition is doing, good and bad, so you can do all of the above better, and there is a give me the best example of ever seen in marketing Southwest Airlines action as a comparison sheet and how they business coach  Stack Up vs. the Competition and they put it on a lot of their, I could you go down into the plane.

They have that little area. What’S what’s the what’s the area that connects to the airport, a concourse, you’re walking, now it’s your turn, you can see how they were. You can check in there; they have that they have the you want the one she comparison sheet there as well you’re. One should also also include the solutions that you saw, the supported by facts that you guys have your website and your business coach  phone number.

You must create a Google maps, location Eric Chapa. Why does every business owner especially a medical practice? Why do they have to set up OK, Google maps location? First of all, you want to let people know where your service area or your business is, and so when they type in the name or the name of your business or the industry that you’re business coach  that you’re in people will fight.

Google listing in the second thing that we talked about is that the only way to get Google reviews is to have a Google map for a Google, my business listing, and they are very important. It turns I read you guys a fun fact about reviews. Stewart’S comes in from Forbes Drive, 15 door. Let me say this: we are now an official Forbes business coach.

We are you really for business coach Council. I want you to ask yourself this question. I want you to make a gas write business coach  down the number and what percentage of consumers read reviews before making a buying decision, what percentage of consumers read reviews before making a buying decision? We come back we’re in a break and I don’t think people realize how important it is to gather Google reviews.

If you need me later, if you need to coach, you need somebody to help with Lead You Down The Proven path to success, and I know you do go to and download the start here book. It is absolutely free. It is the world’s best business coach resource station myself, a cheerleader hey.

I found myself a cheerleader live local time show Pakistan at that new breed Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag. Unbelievable. I was unbelievable Usher’s Usher’s that cover of James Brown right there good good job. Mr. Usher, it so we’re talking today specifically about how to create a profitable Medical Clinic here with Eric Chuck business coach / James Brown impersonator about James Brown, is that he was the first musician to use horns as percussion Android.

Tighten it up. So a lot of hip hop a lot of hip hop music. You here today comes from the James Brown era, he’s also the first got to really break down the dance moves to be kind of the progression of music. Today, it’s pretty amazing but James Brown kind of took what Ray Charles was doing with music and it brought more Rhythm to it more percussion, more many division like that next level, but Stevie Wonder to what Ray Charles dead to the next level in from Stevie.

Wonder you moved on to it just amazing how the progression of Music out happened to go from Ray to Stevie? Then you go from that to James Brown, it from James Brown to Michael Jackson and it’s the old school dance moves of James Brown. How good he was, at the peak business coach  very good, it’s crazy that God can do anything that he wanted on the dance floor.

It’S amazing! It is amazing specifically how to build a profitable medical practice, and one of the things is super important that you have to do. What you have to gather Google reviews.? If you don’t have to get started, Google reviews you have to go to forward, slash business,, business and first person examples for sample examples of the human mind can handle.

I encourage you to Google Search Tulsa cookies. Just Google search Tulsa cookies and when you do you’ll find Barbie cookies, one of our clients, so we’ve optimized, if you do a Google search for Tulsa men’s haircuts, you’ll find one of business coach  the clients we talked about. His photos closure. It’S my own company, and if you, Google, Search Tulsa basketball camps, you will find score. Basketball.

Tell me when you have to gather a hundred reviews as soon as possible. Now, who do you get them from a through business coach  Medical Clinic from personal former patients, gather them from personal patience and gather them from colleagues? But here is the answer to the question: is what percentage of consumers read reviews on the read this to this?

Just in from Corpse it says, 88 % of consumers business coach  Trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation, which is outstanding outstanding. Considering most online reviews are posted by total strangers. The same survey found that only 12 % of the population did not regularly read reviews for Consumer products.

What this means is that, if you’re, not business coach  offering user reviews or ignoring them as a potential marketing opportunity that sack into alien what percentage of your customers are jump 88, that’s a lot better than means that you, as a medical practice, are not making yourself available to 88 % of consumers depriving them of the information that they want to help them make their buying decisions. Listen to me here, listen to your heart! Listen to that song!

Listen to your heart and I know it’s called in for you cigarettes or listen to your heart. There’S nothing else you can do. I don’t know where you’re going and I don’t know why I get so freaking Google review. I can haul your original version. Put my vocals down a little bit to put the reviews yeah. I can make it on that 12 % of people – I mean I’ll – just build my business for the mouth on the percent of people that don’t listen to her.

The way that I am building my business model. It said so: smart, it’s intuitive, business coach  take a nap and then I’m going to give you a real example of a of someone said this to me. I’M just repeating it in my Bostonian mindset so hit you soon, as I want to make it at an app for my medical business coach  business. So people don’t even have to call me and it’s like they just bought a book online and it’s it’s it’s a princess.

May I see people do this, though they say they’re going to remove the idea that customers going to call them or email them to business coach  schedule actually opposed to review know. This is how it works through this one. Why is it so hard for business owners to actually Gathering Diesel 10 they want to?

Why is it so hard for them to have to do it and then to how have you coached your clients on how to successfully get reviews? Well, first of all, you’re going to find when you start soliciting reviews that only people that are upset with you in the first place.

I really the one l business coach  eaving reviews on their own and when you go out and start trying to gather reviews, people are going to say: oh yeah, I’d love to do that. I’D love to do that and then they’re not going to so don’t be surprised, don’t get your feelings hurt!

That’S just how people are it business coach  just how it works, so a solution incentivize your employees to get those reviews incentivize the customer, to give you a review and objective review. Hey. We really appreciate customer feedback. We want to make our you business coach  no service or product as good as possible, so you got to give people a reason to give that review to you now. I know a lot of people a lot of people. They are absolutely they’re, absolutely opposed to that. I posted this because they say will ethically I just.

I don’t think that this would be the right thing. I I just as likely I feel like you’ll be pressuring. Might my customer I want to do that Steve. Have you ever heard this from people with colleagues? You know in the industry because you over business coach  there at total lending Concepts, you guys have a lot of Google reviews.

You can gather them as anybody else in the mortgage industry and the real estate industry. That said, hey it’s kind of hard to do it right. I technically don’t agree with the concept Gathering, reviews, yeah and my personal opinion is. Sometimes people might come up with excuses to not do something because it’s either t business coach  hard to they don’t want to do it so don’t make it like it’s just not at the moral decision is our customers out of your member early on Clay week, we got Arthur Green over at Chick-fil-A to give us a bunch of those three chicken sandwich cards.

You know that they’re always trying to give out right – and I just said hey – give us a review for more customers and friends and colleagues give us. I will give you a free chicken sandwich and you know what you would think. No one cares enough to business coach  get a free chicken sandwich you’re.

So happy boy, hey man, I give you a review, but I never got my chicken sandwich. I’M not going to come up here. I have the coupon, you can get one, I must have missed it, but you have to have some type of an incentive for people to do it. You know the other thing we do is, and I I cussed stole this from your Oxi Fresh carpet, cleaning cuz.

They do it at the point of sale right. So what we do is is, after someone’s loans approved in before they actually close on their loan. We give it a business coach  minute set up that says I will give you X number of dollars off your closing cost. If you go ahead and give us a review before you close, that’s the best way to do it right there at the point of sale.

So we can offer this believe. It’S a Google review, it’s so important that you get Google reviews, but I know there’s somebody listening right now who, for whatever reason, you’re not getting them, and you believe that your industries, different Eric Chapman you’ve, business coach  heard the Only Time Enya.

I guess you can’t even count the business coach  number of times the business coach you work with many many clients at a time, and I mean you give Coach with people in all different Industries, medical and go to prepare construction. Fitness talk to me about this. Why why? Why is there such a big just push back when it comes to getting the Google reviews registering the map?

What’S going on, like you said a lot of people that well it’s a good thing that you can take out of that is you’re not alone. Everybody business coach  thinks that everybody thinks that it’s different for your industry and it’s not so once you kind of breakthrough that with a client, then they kind of get the okay okay. So you do that by providing examples with them too.

It’S just everybody has to just get it through their head all the time Fighting Gravity just do it like you just have to do, and it’s really not that hard. You just have to get a system in place to create a no-brainer offer. You’Ve got a credit offer, that’s so good that people can’t business coach  say no to it. So I’m going to give you some examples that are relate to real clients who actually worked with so one would be Botox.

That’S just of people can’t say no to that right. It’S it’s it’s for some reason. Botox just seems like a great offer for people who know Botox the go. Go. The first treatment is a dollar. I guess I’ll give it a whirl. If you do a good job, they come back Chiropractic Care.

Is it for the first session in a one hour, massage the for your first lesson of the Thrive time, show conferences by business coach  October and 7th October, 6th and 7th and for our conferences? It’S now. Thanks to the scholarship courtesy of Paul Hood, Paul Hood shut up, shut up the for your first trip to the conference ticket and it’s a money back guarantee and it’s a no-brainer to 99 bucks and you have a money back guarantee.

You got to come up with a no-brainer. We come back, I’m going to talk more about no-brainers the importance of having them cuz. If you don’t have a no-brainer, your medical practice will business coach  fail. If you have advertisement doesn’t give a clear called you just won’t make it you’ve got to have some kind of offer that you’re making it so good that people cannot say no to.

I don’t I don’t know what I don’t have passionately beat this into your skull. Enough, you have to have a no-brainer. If you have to have a no-brainer, business coach  you have to have a no-brainer. If you have to have a no-brainer, if you have to have a no-brainer, if you have to have you have to have a no-brainer, you have to have a no-brainer back to the old intimidates Chuck Norris, alright Thrive, Nation.

We’Re teaching today how to create a profitable Medical Clinic be proven path to success. Unfortunately, according to Forbes 8 out of 10 businesses fail by default, unacceptable to you I mean it’s, it’s, it could business coach  be a traumatic experience, and so what I want to encourage you to think about your tribe nation is that you have resources available to you right now. They’Re, absolutely free and there’s really no reason to not take advantage of them. So we need to go to thrive time.

Show.Com time should I come. You have two books that you can download a hundred percent for free. The first book is called start here. At the start, here is basically The Proven path to building a successful company for someone who’s. Maybe not business coach  aware of the start here book of hasn’t read the book before they haven’t, took it to best seller.

Now, on Amazon, everybody can get that thing, but for those who haven’t downloaded it yet they haven’t seen. Can you walk him through kind of what the start here book is all about yeah, it’s a 550 page, in-depth compilation of all the best practices.

So you could, you can spend the next five years. Reading 100 of the best business books out there – or you could just download start here book for f business coach  ree at the drive time to show that thrive time and get all that synopsis of all of those best practices in one place or workshops. We actually give you a tangible copy of it, but there’s a beer called the Boom Boom Boom book. We teach you the 13 steps to building a successful company on Steve. You attended.

Many of the business coach  workshops are next, one is October 6th and 7th. Can you explain to the nation what we’re going to find when it download the Boom book for free at drive time? Should I come pick up in a download that book? What do they find in side? Is it Boom book of the Boom book is like this? Is all the moves all over the years to build successful businesses to play books?

Was it 13 foot tall man in the Moon book about all the moves about the building site? All the moves that you’re going to want, if you’re going to try to build a successful business, is going to be in the Boom book in our office. Is we built a 13 foot tall man made out of 13 Parts, basically in the idea behind the music? The man is serving the the you champagne in the business at you when you build a business-to-business, is designed.

Business should be designed to serve you as the owner. That’S the point. That’S the reason for building the business, and so we make that is kind of a way for it to metaphorically get stuck in your cranium. But we’re talking today, very specifically reaction to Billy about how to create a profitable Medical Practice in one of the moves were allowed him to get stuck like Chuck business coach. They get that gets stuck, but I can’t create a no-brainer. They just don’t know how to create when they get that stuff.

They can’t figure it out. So it just said this is a medical clinic. It looks like it’s going to be a family medical practice in Dallas, so they do. You know people have a cold. People have a headache: people want to see a family doctor. People need a physical people, need just a general family doctor Medical Practice talk to me about maybe a no-brainer that white so important about no brainer. Maybe it made me to brag on some clients of yours that actually have a good, no ring yeah, that no brainer is so important.

That’S how you’re going to get that golden look at doctors. He talks about all the time you got to capture the client attention to prospective client attention and get them into your office, and so a client that I’m working with right now is some guys that two brothers are brothers in arms, Joel and Christian over there, and They do once called you guys, know: Steve, no steel, ceramic film for high-heat objects or guns and Firearms to keep them from corroding or scratching, and their no-brainer is 50 % off your first project and so we’re running and we got there.

Three legged markings tool set up there, paying about 5 bucks per lead right now getting 10 to 20 leads a week for you know 25 to every week. Until these guys are just you can check him out at business coach  Bros in arms. Net Bros in arms. Net 50 % off on the Thrive time.

Show me: where did you get that fact they were you that quote where’d you get that this is the one thing I love about our Show versus so many of the other shows that are out there as we cite everything so everything we say aside, it’s we Actually have the links to the examples of you got to drive time. Should I you click on podcast you’ll, see the show notes for business coach  today, I’m going to put a link up there to Bros bros in arms. Dotnet dotnet also put a link to a business coach  tip top K9.

They have the first lesson and then you have the other Thrive time. Show conferences will put a link to that as well, because you already be on the and when you go to drive time, should I come. You can book your tickets for the conference. It’S thanks to the scholarship. If it’s now being made available for everybody, courtesy of Paul Hood part, is a major sponsor now of the Thrive time show and that he’s making the tickets and were normally for general admission and now they’re. Just a piece would like to keep them.

Nice and small kills to thank you Paul Hood. We greatly appreciate Hood What’S another example supposed to be Keystone guys what is Keystone Keystone Harbor guys doing what their no-brainer they got a few different options for different boats and different jet skis, and things like that. So the one for the jet skis is you rent one get one free, so I wanted to do that and also during the weekdays they’ve got a rental boat out there for 70 % off during the weekday 70 % off and out there for a few hours. I, like 30 % of the cost Steve the math.

This is on top of this game. So much do that in my head took knowledge bombs everywhere, wow wow, I feel free.. Please make your best up bomb. It sounded like please what’s your best bomb in scientific knowledge by and you be like, wait for it and maybe long enough or you would go. Oh no, a bomb is falling, oh no, we don’t, we should run.

We should run snipers like a stock market. Somehow your explosion is this new technology. It’S going to take off shellac Center number, for you have to create an experience that Wow’s people you’ve got to create an experience that Wow’s people. First off you got a crepe menu boards, I’m taking my flat screens within the clinic that show all the services you offer. You have to put signage up there and menu boards where people can actually see all the services that you offer you got to.

Let him know what you offer any better as like a repetitive system, so they see it over and over again and it kind of gets ingrained into their Cranium. So you must create that wow experience again. You must create a wow experience that one that’s get those menu boards up to design and interior. I give them an intentional interior design of the building check on thinking about In The Raw on the hill of even there.

Oh yeah talk to me about the decor of that place. I know you haven’t been there. Maybe you know yesterday Give me a review of what what stands out to be the coldest rustic like old-school like 50s? No, no! No! It’S on the west edge of Okmulgee! Okay, so they have a really good of the city from being up on the hill, where they’re located in Tulsa here, so they took advantage of it have a lot of windows, so you can see throughout the restaurant.

You can see that beautiful view, and so you know if you are not being intentional about that design, maybe you would just put regular door in walls up and not take advantage of that, so they were very intentional and proactive when they design the last night.

I’Ll put a link to In The Raw on the hill, so you guys can see it it’s in the Raw Sushi. Comm ports on the hill. But when you go there, if you click on the gallery in the throat put a link to their very intentional about the presentation of the food and the presentation of the facility – and I really do feel like if you don’t intentional plan.

I know this from first-hand experience: you’re, not intentional, about the design of the atmosphere by default. It’S going to be weird. A file cabinet will show up in the lobby in a weird place, ultimate for the man cat, the man cave be moving to the man cave World Headquarters, pinion right, I got it got wife approved business coach  yesterday, but that’s that wall actor that big retaining wall.

That’S going to be a fountain like flowing like a waterfall up lighting behind it, so it’s going to be a beautiful I like flowing water and because of the concrete it’s going to create. This really need me just give me like you, won’t. You won’t have any idea where you are as far as the downtown is up, but business coach  you can’t believe you couldn’t hear the road you’ll never hear cars, that kind of thing and it going out there that we’re working on the path to going out there. And it’s going to be awesome cuz! It’S on.

You, know 14 acres and tell her just trees everywhere, but that sound was that going and we also get the music going to work. It’S give me the coolest place in Steve to little shark fish, and I think we have four coil of a smaller Ponce outside or inside outside, there’s a place over there at 111th and 115th and Memorial.

That’S where we go out here at this place called it’s. It’S called Hearts can skate. I love that place where they sell the koi fish out the front, and then they raise those birds that eat koi out the back, what they are, but they coming to eat your boy and then you and then you go back to Heart, Skip to buy more Coin: that’s how it goes when you come to the Riverwalk office.

Why there’s business coach  so much are the core! There are so much swag, swag yeah! It’S because it really does stimulate conversation. People say hey. What’S up with that, Darth Vader helmet on your on your mantle, hey! What’S up with the who’s, the bobblehead got hey, what’s going on with the elephant of their?

You know that Steve. You know what I hear all the time people coming to conference. They say I would love to work in a place like this. Exactly is guaranteed where they work sucks, business coach  guarantee it up with the most places by default, music, White Walls, funny funny story for you.

I had a job that I worked at. It call the Pizza Factory up in Minnesota, and I can I can speak very business coach  directly bags out of business in a long long time ago, but I used to work. What I would do is go there, and customers would come in to the to the Pizza Factory. For a meal and Cokato Minnesota had very limited resources, it wasn’t a lot of different Pizza options are like a Pizza Hut, and then there was actually was a Pizza Hut coming soon to sign, said coming soon, but never did show up years, but there was a Pizza Factory and you go in there and there’s no business coach  overhead music, not so you’re eating your.

If you go in there by yourself, people like hear your Fork Shooting, while you’re eating it’s the most awkward thing ever and there’s no overhead music and there’s no to court with his nasty paneling. That looks like they pulled it out of any of the local Tulsa motor vehicle. What what’s the what’s the voice of the DMV and put that stuff up there?

No overhead music at all the decor was nasty and they had those others really really cheap tables. You can business coach  find in a typical random donut shop. You have a donut apps that don’t have it figured out yet bright red chairs. What they’d grab them from school, like blue nose, blue chairs, Lowe’s, plastic chairs, just a whole Mojo was not there and he’s got a stole.

The background that they use for your driver’s license photo and that’s what the walls look like. Zactly design, the music, the ambience. You have to design the smells now and I’m giving you some examples. Think about the business coach  Mojo in the Raw think about the emojo of the Thrive time. Show world headquarters. Think about the emojo of the Gaslamp district in San Diego think about the Mojo of Fourth Street. Live in Kentucky links to all these, you can watch him but go to and click on the podcasts button there.

So you can find the show note to know you can see actual video examples of all of the Mojo we just discussed at 2. Oh by the way, quick reminder going to business coach  drop time, should I come and click on podcasts Chicken podcast And subscribe. I know you can do it. I believe in you, it’s business school without the BS.

Welcome to the Thrive time show on talk, radio, 1170, 1030 B, 10 Cummins fuel economy by folks action item number five, or did you today how to create a profitable medical practice? At profitable, Medical Clinic here in the Thrive time Show Business Without the BS and yes, my name is Clay. Clark on the former USS be a business coach  entrepreneur of the year. The father of five human kids, the owner of Two Geese of one incredible rabbit named car, will not return home, except for one Carl wants to. We have incredible assortment of chickens. We’Ve got to multiple cats, pumpkin pumpkin.

A great cat is an example. He’S really I mean, we’ve got a lot of weapons, and so we just want to business coach  introduce you and her to drop top shelf and that we are joined your day with a business coach. The name of Eric chophouze, a phenomenal business coach, helps a lot of our clients, execute The Proven path and Steve current. It is actually a client who would like to have on the show from time to time, because he’s executing the systems with total lending Concepts.

Our business is growing by Leaps and Bounds like to have them on there, because he’s sort of, like Bridging the Gap business coach  between the theory and the execution to actual item number five on how to create a profitable Medical Clinic is optimize. Your website, Moon number one you’ve got to make sure website.

Is Google canonical compliant? What does that mean? Basically means you have to follow all of the rules that Google sets forth for the websites Steve breakdown for us, because you’re going to be about Exotica whatever. But you can call you when I was at your website and wants to come up top and Google, and business coach  now it is typing to you, want your website to Be top and Google, and now it is: where do you see a lot of friends peers colleagues of yours get hung up on the whole Google canonical compliance issue?

Well, the where they get hung up on it is. Is they don’t understand it? They don’t know cuz, there are the knowledge and they don’t care, they don’t business coach  want to have the knowledge. Here’S another place. People get hung up, they just got another website built or a family member built their website.

It’S just spent ,000 having a website built, and it’s it’s does that mean any of the kinetic rules and it is in a WordPress site and it’s none of those things. But the cool thing about when you work with a thriving business coach, is that the services are included so be it or not that you spent ,000 on the website. It business coach  doesn’t work, let’s build you a new one and get on the road to success.

Can I blow your guys Minds real, quick. I want to list off a mini of the things that impact the canonical compliance every website. I want to hear so one is your your title tag you got every right to your description business coach  has to be right in three-year-old tax has to be right, for you can’t have duplicate content 5. You got to robots.txt file 6. You got to have your scheme is structure properly 7.

You got to have your HT GPS encryption scheme. You’Ve got to have your page speed fixed at 9. You got to make sure that you have the most content 10 years. Hundreds hundreds of of areas that impact your sights to Google rank is all you have to do. Is you have to make sure your site gets adjusted now unless business coach  you have a coder full-time or a web developer full-time, you probably can’t handle, so you guys Chap and a biscuit take advantage of you right, and so we are actually fix your website for you.

As part of your Thrive time, business coach experience it’s month to month. So even if we only work with you for one month, we can fix the canonical business coach  compliance of your website and if you want to test the Google canonical compliance of your website just schedule. A one-on-one business coach consultation today reach out to a DriveTime, that’s DriveTime, or if you just want to learn more about it, you can go to thrive time

You can download the start here book for free, which is now an Amazon bestseller. That’S when you download the book, you can business coach  read it for yourself and in figure out how your site needs to be improved, so you got to have an optimized website now. The next aspects that affect your Google rank is it has to be mobile, compliant mobile compliance. Eric Chapel, what does it mean to be mobile?

Compliant means? Your website needs to look good on people’s cellular devices. What turns out turns out everybody’s using cell phones for the internet turns out. People are using cellphones to search the internet business coach  out the most reviews Steve. Why do you have to have the most reviews in your category the most reviews of anybody else in your business Niche, because it’ll make you go to the top of Google the fastest? What percentage of people do you feel Eric, or do you feel Steve they’re?

Actually, using the i business coach  nternet and searching the other smartphones are using their smartphone for all their Google search out of a rare., Because whenever someone mentions something – and I want to go look it up – I have one of those moleskins and a pen, and I write it down And then, when I get back to my office, I get on my on my PC. Can I get on Internet Explorer and I can I go to Yahoo and I can I search it to log in to AOL AOL and I searched it.

So I’m being sarcastic because business coach  everyone does because you know it’s like who hasn’t been in like a room of 3 to 10 people, and someone mentioned something and everybody’s trying to remember. What’S the name of that song, or was it someone says right so then you just pull your phone up and you just go. Look it up and you Google, it you’ll find it. I want to business coach  say it’s north of 80 % 999. Well.

This is what we have found right now. This is what cording to to Forbes they’re, saying that 91 % of adults are keeping their smartphone within Arm’s Reach all the time, so it means that they have the ability to search on their phone at all times and they didn’t fit.

The statistics statistics are still coming in cuz, it’s kind of hard to know all this data, but they’re discovering them. It’S like 9 out of 10 people are searching everything they do business coach  on the internet. They’Re searching the other smartphone, so smart phone is absolutely if you’re missing the game on that. If you’re, not intentional about that, if you’re, if it’s not a big part of your your plan, you’re just missing the boat, then I got to say I think it’s a business coach  dying friend to be honest with you, 40 % of the market.

Well, I’m going to be a thing when I think that’s the tough part is, I think, most designers and they design their still designing based off of Webb. First and this is it it’s it, it’s a change, it’s something I don’t think a lot of people were ready for, and I think a lot of designers are not teaching design school designer certainly don’t know about it night and that’s something we teach even the people Are office over and over and business coach  over again to take its got ta look good mobile have to look at it.

This desktop version looking great and then you have some people will look on the phone, but it is not that way anymore. Now that has the most reviews we talked about that and finally, it’s the most content about a specific key word: why do you have to have the most haunted about a specific keyword, Eric Chuck business, coach baby? That’S how you win again hope you have more original content in all of business coach  your samples. I got more than everybody. Double-Doubles Remember.

The Night Live skit where there was where they were debating. Is the superfans concert at live Chicago Sports and one guy was talking about what? If he goes, I got it. What if we created the ultimate athlete in the guy was like? Who would it be, and it was all these questions about? Who was a better athlete, Michael Jordan or Mike Ditka basic, explain working on the ultimate business coach  creation that he calls shortcut and he said that Jordan could be anybody at any time he has.

The strategy has athleticism. It is Chuck Norris Sports if you’re looking for the georgica of business coaching if you’re looking for that Chuck Norris a business coaching, you found it go to try and schedule your one-on-one business consultation. Today we will take your business to the next level. You have what it takes to reach out to us. We will show you the proven path. Stay tuned, get ready to enter the Thrive time show on talk. Radio 1170, alright, Drive Nation. Welcome back to the conversation we’re talking about how to build a profitable medical clinic.

Now we’re here today with Eric chop, who is a find a business coach. It is an absolutely awesome job for arthritis. Time show a client Eric. Can you explain the process to make a lot of people, don’t understand how that works, but when you’re a coach – and you do a 13-point assessment, then it’s well-documented need to pass.

The doctors on and I’ll be proven path will create a path that will actually get a game plan. It customized game plan for each business. Can you walk the thrivers through? Maybe what kind of things you talk about during your 13-point assessment and how that helps? You kind of gather the information maybe get to know that customer little better yeah.

We were we actually kind of work through all the 13 points of the proven path with them, and we get rating from 1 to 10 in a lot of areas and and we kind of to open their eyes up to where they are at. In some of the areas of their busy – and it lets us know real quick what areas we need to concentrate on first, so we’ll walk through Revenue goals, and you know how much time that you can actually work on the business business coach   instead of in the business and

Things like that, all 13 of the areas we go through and you can kind of break it down and share this just a quick boom boom. How the helps you! Why does that matter? You don’t know you’re just going to endlessly bumping into things while you’re doing business day today, so you got it.

Have those revenues also, you know what it takes to get where you want to go over to the number of you have to establish the business coach  number of customers. You need to break even mean that’s a big one. You got to know, or is it taking you 29 days a month to break, even though it’s not good, nothing from this point forward and we can start saving the money 2 weeks in or business coach  whatever Steve establish the number of hours you’re willing to work on your Business, why is it so important that every business owners honest about the number of hours they are actually willing to work on their business? Because you have to set that ahead of time and put it into your schedule?

Because, if you don’t, it won’t happen, you know what actually is just so busy working in it and doing the things you have to do to to make the money that you never spend any time working on your business. So you have to business coach  figure out what you’re willing to put in and then put it on the calendar, no step for determine the unique value proposition.

Eric child support, the you you determine your your unique value proposition because invisible is boring, call got to find a way to separate yourself from your competition so that you can create word of mouth so that people will experience you and business coach  then go out and talk about It as well, so you got to find out how you are different and better than your competition 5 improve The Branding. Why why? Why does it help for what? Why is it helpful for you, as a business coach, to know how the client themselves how to climb actually feels about their current branding yeah?

It was okay. We got to address this issue if they feel like it’s a 10, and it’s really a to write. We got to be candid and find a way to business coach  let him know that without upsetting people, if they’re there a little emotional about the Brandy right now, but you got to be going to look big. I got to look the part, even if you’re not there.

Yet you got to have world-class Brandon to the people, will trust in you and give you that first shot steps to create a three-legged marketing stool? Why is it so important that every single business owner who’s listening to this show knows they’re there? Three, like a marketing tool to have three Avenues to business coach  get clients.

You know directly that do not involve the owner right, so you got to have three in case one of them gets taken away. I remember, while back we just searching for an assassin with a guy who was selling like ,000 worth of shoes on Amazon, rock and roll and making good money, and we get into it. He’S like I just have the one in. It really does good work, and I said okay well business coach  what if you and Amazon get into a fight, and you like to feel the air leave the room right honestly, didn’t even think about that.

That’S why you have to have more than one if one leg gets knocked out from under you have to be to be starting on what you rebuild the Third Leg of sales conversion system. Why do you have to have that Steven? Your of your mortgage guy! You have total lending Concepts when leads come in.

Why do you have to have a documented sales conversion system? Because you business coach  want to convert every lead that comes in our door? Have enough to convert a really that comes in and if you’re leaving that willy-nilly to yourself or your team to just figure out when they come in then you’re going to be less than having that system is, is what allows you to duplicate yourself, you’re, probably the Best salesman for your business cuz, it’s your baby! It’S your! It’S your pet right! It’S the thing that you’re growing, so you got a system.

Is it out so that you can business coach  duplicate yourself? And you know what the people on your team are actually sang. The text messages they’re actually sending when they’re evil contacting your client. The number of customers needed to break even chop. Why do you have to have their business coach?

Why do you have to know the number of customers you need to? Just just just we talked a little bit earlier, but why does it so important to know the number of customers you need just to break? Even if that’s your business coach  goal, so you can plan for your. You know the finances of the month, so you got to know what part of the week of the month are. You know how was your measure you got to know when you’re going to hit that break even Point all right now, through 13 assessment, we do with every single.

This is coach, client and why each step matters step number 9. You got to quit. Repeatable processes, systems and feil organization, why is it so important that you, as a business coach everybody, get everything to be repeatable and to be documented? If not, this is going to be chaos, so you got to begin with the end in mind. Right, you got to think about. What’S it going to look like when I scale this thing out whenever I do start growing, I need to start relying on other people.

You can’t have you know important files saved on people’s desktop. You can’t have things just drifting around. So you have to have repeatable systems and processes, the business owner that has everything saved on your desktop and it and no one knows where anything is at least even if you’re a business owner you’ve been doing this a long time. How common is it for the average business owner to have their files completely disorganized and to find a little bit of everything everywhere and nothing is saved in the Universal place with a universal naming system, you shouldn’t feel bad.

If this is you because, I think there’s a lot of people that it just is, and the problem is, is somebody quitting or like that that right hand, person or somebody that work for you for a long time being gone, shouldn’t put your company into chaos?

Okay, you should be people to pennies to be systems dependent and in what a lot of people do is like someone, quits and assistant completely fails, because that person that was there, isn’t there to do it or here’s one, I’m at people that left or quit, or No more important, then we fight all the stuff that they weren’t doing the things that we thought they were managing the list that you know that whatever their task was are their system.

They were in charge of doing anything fact. It hadn’t been so you can kind of get that revealed. So you need to have systems in place that aren’t dependent on one human, business coach  otherwise you’re going to go backwards backwards backwards. Okay, that’s the number 10 in management execution.

Eric, why is it so important for you to know how to build how to business owner does with managing? How good are they? How to use a business coach have to know how good somebody is actually managing humans if it’s a weakness that we need to work on that right, it’s something we need to know, so we can help you get these business coach  systems down, because if you can’t manage systems business coach  When we build them, then there’s no point to building the systems.

You got to keep on top of them. What percentage of people are actually good at managing people? Here I mean, unless you had a lot of experience and training it. It’S it’s a different scenario. When you go from a one or two person company to a 30-person company, you got a deal with emotions and problems, and everybody else’s thing. Now, because you were certain number 11, we got to create a repeatable and sustainable weekly schedule.

I think a lot of entrepreneurs are just over working themselves. Working super hard, there’s no schedule that sustainable you’re just constantly going 90 miles an hour step 12 Human Resources. You have to have a system to recruit top quality people.

You got to have top quality people. Your systems won’t work and Step 13. You got to have your accounting nail down if you don’t have accounting nail down. I highly recommend that you check out Hood CPA where to help you help you help people. If we don’t get a chance to meet you, that’s what I want you to book. Your tickets for the next person Thrive. Time show Workshop, get your tickets today at Thrive time, you’re, just there’s a money back guarantee.

My name is Clay everywhere that you say give me some bouncing around in my head. All my decisions, engagement in in the magic system, she’ll, be there pointing and laughing to prove. You were wiser than that. I am just pretending Perfection I’m flying uncomfortably High. If you like them., It feels like it feels like alright business coach  Drive Nation, we had a we’re starting up today’s conversation, talking about how to create a profitable Medical Clinic with a driver in Dallas Texas that reached out to us and said how do I?

What is what is the proven path that I need to implement to build a successful Medical Clinic number 6. Is you must create a pro forma? You got to create a detailed list of your fixed expenses. So right now it’s going to take you hours to do this if it takes you 10 minutes there’s business coach  something wrong, but I want you to make a list of all of your fixed expenses,

I’m talking about the lease that utilities Insurance salaries, what your phone bill! What are other fixed expenses you can think of Steve Erika, but your phone, all those things, and if you don’t even sell one item, you still have to pay those bills right to like no matter what these bills are coming through. If we do business coach car payment, maybe you do maybe you have a business coach in there? Maybe you have what legal bills? These are things that means you’re just going to happen.

Every month there cost of staying in business has a lot of Taxation. There. There’S a lot of security advertising car payment, any coaching or outtake Consulting you have advertising. You just want to make a list of all of those expenses and then the cost of living just to cost of you actually affording to be alive business coach  while you’re starting this business.

Now the second, the Second Step here as you must create a detailed list of the variable expenses Caesar affect these expenses associated with actually providing the service. So if you’re a doctor every time you do lab work, I’m sure you have costs on the back in to do that.

Lab work and therefore that is a variable expense move number 3 here associated with the term. It was pretty. You have to determine your business coach  profit per customer, then you have to determine the number of customers. You need to be profitable, the number of customers needed to be profitable and then you better business model, and I just there is a lot that I think a lot of people Skippy stepping a lot of people.

They business coach  don’t take the time needed to sit down and determine all their variable. Costs are all their fixed expenses. Why? My man how’s it going? Have you as a business coach, been able to help your clients? Typically, it’s because they’re, not they haven’t scheduled it. So it’s not on their calendar to actually carve out time and sit down and go through this stuff. It’S not the funnest thing. It’S not the most, don’t want to know what they want to continue living head down.

Yes, I like have a business coach  sneaky suspicion that I’m losing every penny that I have every month, but I don’t want to sit down and I come to terms with that, so I’m working with a really drilled into some of their numbers and he after the meeting he Looked at me, he was like this is so helpful.

I’Ve been charging x, / product. I thought I was making all this money. It turns out I’m making this much business coach  per products sold in its really open his eyes up he’s like I’m going to raise my prices. I feel like a lot of entrepreneurs. What what happens is that you’re very good at surviving?

I think that’s your if your thermostat is set for survival mode without just figured out of your whole life, you’ve been able to make just enough money to pay the mortgage. Just enough money to get the down payment just enough money to start the company just enough money but Steve. If you want to move ahead and business coach  have abundance and has it that consistent profitability man, you just have to know your number she just do.

I mean in an example in the mortgage industry how much money do you guys make if you process of mortgage for somebody if somebody goes to Total lending Concepts and they reach out to him and Jonathan Kelly and her own office is using you again he’s used?

It one time and now he’s using you again, because you did a great job. Your company offers a great service. What kind of business coach  profit does somebody make typically on a mortgage if your, if you do take the time and in help Jonathan get a loan? How much money do you actually make as a result of that?

A lot? That’S how I buy a Lamborghini, I mean come on, look like or when it’s a percentage of the loan amount, because where we make all our the bulk of our money is when we settle on a business coach  Saturday market in and there are companies that pay big money For the right to service that loan, so it’s typically based on, we call it on points or or a percentage of a loan amount.

But it’s how you do a 30-year fixed loan fixed interest rate with somebody for a ,000 house. Are you going to get out of there making ,000 yeah? Okay, I get to money and you figured out how many mortgages you have to have this year hit your goals and then you got to pay your business coach  expenses and you got to pay for credit report.

So you got to pay for your processor and there’s humans who work for you have office space yeah, and you have to factor that in I think a lot of people just don’t do that he’s got to create a sales conversion. I’M talking about to call script and I call recording system Eric.

Where do I go, get hung up when it comes to setting up a call recording system UI has that never ever ever ever in the history of working with every single client, why is it never been easy business coach  for whatever reason for them to set this call recording System up and it should be easy, but why is it never been easy for every single client every single time we do get a lot of pushback when it comes to this

I mean there’s the technology aspect of the thing that you have to get in and Do but I think deep down, maybe maybe there’s a little insecurity business coach  about you know, hey. I wrote this script out. I try to get my system out of now. I got to hear if it’s actually working, but the crazy thing is like you’re saying it is always insane whatever when you finally do set it up, and you hear what people are saying on the phone to people, it’s crazy.

Sometimes they act like you liked was that English? What are you talking about? I want to brag on a guy who’s, doing things right, and I encourage you to check out Scourby at scores, basketball with Coach, Don Calvert he recorded for quality business coach  assurance and when he started recording his calls.

He learned so much so fast because he has systems. He’S created, but it’s about execution. He wants to parents that the best possible experience with dealing with score when you schedule your basketball lessons when you book your Camp, when you are scheduled, one-on-one consultation. When you have a question about billing, he wants you to get great service and he didn’t know how good or not good the service was, and it said it was good.

Most of the business coach  members of his team are doing a fine job, but certain people weren’t doing things the right way and you were able to quickly fix it now. Actually pretty repeatable workflow credit check list for everything. Every anything that could go wrong will go wrong, create a system for how to check voicemails credit system for how to clean the bathroom credit check list for everything everything into the phone.

How to answer the phone you’ve got to have a checklist for everything at her. In person workshops, we will teach you the specific checklist. You need to make to build a repeat of business system that is intense, because they’re dealing with billing for medical you’ve got to stay.

On top of this, you have to invoice these insurance companies right away, because, if not, they will not pay you, and even when you do invoice them properly, they still will contest almost every single reimbursement. I’M telling you dealing with insurance companies will kill you.

If you are not on top of your medical building, you will lose. I once dealt with a medical business about 18 months ago and in the Cosmetic Surgery industry in Florida, and I am not exaggerating this number they found out. They were over a half a million dollars behind, and billing on a business that only does 2 million a year does a quarter of all of business and they were owed over ,000. It hadn’t been an invoice to insurance companies haven’t paid them yet, and they didn’t even know about that.

Hurts control, Loop, mystery shoppers and a survey system Steve for elephant in the room, Men’s Grooming, Lounge. We have mystery shoppers. Why do we do that? Because it gives you a look inside the business that you wouldn’t otherwise have, because it’s somebody that gets to have any real experience in your business and they’re completely set up from the beginning to give you feedback that you wouldn’t otherwise get from a customer.

We pay customers at elephant in the room, Men’s Grooming, Lounge to get their haircuts and nobody knows we’re paying them, except for Justin, and I, and that way we can have real feedback about how a real stylist are really doing in real life. Version of recording calls right, it works, it absolutely Works QuikTrip. Does it all the big companies?

Do it Southwest Airlines? Does it? You have to Mystery Shop, your own team and you’ve got to create your three-legged marketing stool. We talked about it often, but you have to have it in for medical. I would highly recommend your Facebook advertising is one year on your legs. I highly recommend the leg of Facebook, advertising the leg of Google, AdWords and retargeting ads and third,

I recommend search engine. Optimization mixed with Google reviews, Mayans quite Clark, even listen to this – show me a four ways that we can help you. So you got to thrive time. Show.Com you’re, going business coach  to find the following for tools. One you can book your tickets for the in-person workshops to you.

Can subscribe to the world’s best business, the world’s best business Workshop we host those there three, you can sign up for one-on-one business coaching and for you can sign up for the world’s most affordable online video training, it’s just a dollar for the first month.

It’S all available drive time should I come, and I encourage you thrive Nation. If you can do, one thing today go to thrive time, and business coach  subscribe to our podcast, never miss an episode, and we can’t wait to see at our next in person Workshop as always guys. Here we go 3 2 1 BOOM!


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