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Thrive Time Show 2-Day Business Workshop

During today’s broadcast of The Thrive Time Business Coach Radio Show, Clay Clark breaks down a few audio highlights from the September 8th and 9th Thrive Time Show 2-Day Interactive Business Workshop. This podcast features Clay Clark and Marshall Morris discuss the following topics and more: Most Americans are not happy and are not doing well financially, How to Stand Out in a Crowded Marketplace, the Importance of Having a 6 Day Work Ethic, the Importance of Having a Real Product and Service That Solves Real Problems for Real Paying Customers, Who is the World’s Best Business Coach, How to Create World Class Branding, Call Center Management 101, Merit-Based Pay, and more…


FUN FACT: 64% of Americans Don’t Have $600 Saved to Cover an Emergency – Forbes 

FUN FACT: 8 out of 10 businesses Fail – Forbes

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Most entrepreneurs are merely technicians with an entrepreneurial seizure. Most entrepreneurs fail because you are working IN your business rather than ON your business.” – Michael Gerber (Best-selling author of the E-Myth Revisited Book Series)


NOTABLE QUOTABLE“In a crowded marketplace, fitting in is failing. In a busy marketplace, not standing out is the same as being invisible.” – Seth Godin (Marketing expert and best-selling author The Purple Cow)


NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “God saw all that he had made, and it was very good. And there was evening, and there was morning—the sixth day.” – Genesis 1:31

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Work like hell. I mean you just have to put in 80 to 100 hour weeks every week. [This] improves the odds of success. If other people are putting in 40 hour work weeks and you’re putting in 100 hour work weeks, then even if you’re doing the same thing you know that you will achieve in 4 months what it takes them a year to achieve.” – Elon Musk (The man behind PayPal, Tesla and SpaceX.  In December 2016, Musk was ranked 21st on the Forbes list of The World’s Most Powerful People)

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “I never took a day off in my twenties. Not one. And I’m still fanatical, but now I’m a little less fanatical.” – Bill Gates (Co-founder of Microsoft)


DEFINITION – What is a Pyramid Scheme and What is Legitimate Marketing?

“Pyramid schemes now come in so many forms that they may be difficult to recognize immediately. However, they all share one overriding characteristic. They promise consumers or investors large profits based primarily on recruiting others to join their program, not based on profits from any real investment or real sale of goods to the public. Some schemes may purport to sell a product, but they often simply use the product to hide their pyramid structure. There are two tell-tale signs that a product is simply being used to disguise a pyramid scheme: inventory loading and a lack of retail sales. Inventory loading occurs when a company’s incentive program forces recruits to buy more products than they could ever sell, often at inflated prices. If this occurs throughout the company’s distribution system, the people at the top of the pyramid reap substantial profits, even though little or no product moves to market. The people at the bottom make excessive payments for inventory that simply accumulates in their basements. A lack of retail sales is also a red flag that a pyramid exists. Many pyramid schemes will claim that their product is selling like hot cakes. However, on closer examination, the sales occur only between people inside the pyramid structure or to new recruits joining the structure, not to consumers out in the general public.” – Federal Trade Commission


FACT: William Vincent “Bill” Campbell Jr. (August 31, 1940 – April 18, 2016) was an American businessman and chairman of the board of trustees of Columbia University and chairman of the board of Intuit Inc. He was VP of Marketing and board director for Apple Inc.

FUN FACT: “Alphabet chairman and former Google CEO Eric Schmidt is working on a new book about the coaching secrets of Bill Campbell, the legendary mentor and executive coach to many of Silicon Valley’s luminaries.

A spokesperson for Alphabet declined to comment on Schmidt’s new book.

Campbell, who passed away in April, was the “secret coach” to countless technology entrepreneurs, including Schmidt, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. Campbell, a former football coach for Columbia University, worked as a marketing executive at Apple, was then the CEO of early computing company GO, and later became the CEO of accounting software maker Intuit. He also served on Apple’s board.” – Fortune Magazine


NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “We made the buttons on the screen look so good you’ll want to lick them.” – Steve Jobs (Co-founder of Apple and the former CEO of PIXAR)


Resource recommendation –


“In achieving the goals you have set for yourself, there are only two alternatives: Either you are moving toward your goal, or you are drifting away from it. Choose your purpose in life and attack it with a vengeance. When you have the courage of your convictions, when the choice is one you’ve made for yourself, you will have the strength to persevere until you succeed.” – Napoleon Hill (Best-selling self-help author of Think & Grow Rich)

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I know you going to dig this adjusting live from the center of the universe, its business school without the BS featuring optometrist turned entrepreneur. Dr. Robert zoellner with us SBA entrepreneur of the Year play Clark. business coach Welcome to the DriveTime show on talk radio 1170 chicken centerpieces. Getting you pick it up at this moment, we do. You can do with that. I show you which the five times show on your radio and some scrap Times show and away. We go it’s about time to show on your radio and 3-2-1. Here we go.    business coach    Authorization call Wright’s Red Nation welcome back to the conversation, it is a Monday and I am super excited to be back here with you and my own.   business coach   My did. We have a fabulous and festive Workshop. This weekend we had. We had a ton of people for those of you who bought tickets. I am so so glad to have met you so excited to have been able to shake your hand, talk to you.  business coach  We were so just fun to answer all your questions.   business coach   I mean we had so many different Industries represented people from Long Island, New York to made the Trek weed quite a few, quite a quite large contingency from the Northeast. We had a long island. business coach  We had a Pittsburgh, we got to believe we had Connecticut to be made. business coach  A lot of people attended the workshop from all over the planet, all flying into Tulsa Oklahoma, the birthplace of Awesomeness, I think cuz. business coach  I think that tells to his becoming the center of the universe for permitting entrepreneurs out there, because because of Grey people like you, so I just want to encourage you.

If you’ve never attended a Thrive time show Workshop. business coach  Not you definitely want to check it out and on Today Show we going to play a lot of audio highlights or audio clips from this past Workshop, going to have a lot of fun with that put first off, I just wanted to go over with you kind Of what we covered at the workshop, so you a lot of people want to say. business coach  I want to ask okay, what do you guys actually cover? business coach  I’M at the workshop? Won’T people first got there at 7 a.m. they arrive in the smell of Pinyin opinion. business coach  Would is there an enemy? business coach  Has what you might ask yourself? business coach  Why do you have pinion wood burning when people arrive at a workshop? business coach  Well, you know when you arrive to an unfamiliar place in Tulsa Oklahoma on the Left Coast, the Arkansas River. business coach  When you give me a drive-in, you get your rental car or you maybe drop me. business coach  You walked over from the Holiday Inn with a couple. business coach  People do that they parked over there buddy be Jinx Holiday, Inn tasted it for the night. business coach  Next, you walked over some people who bird other people drove over their own cars from Owasso from Skiatook from anything never been to a workshop before we want to make sure that to thrive time Workshop will make sure you like family and pinion wood burning. business coach  It creates kind of a rustic and it’s kind of a sweet burning. business coach  Some wood smelt unbelievable great, great stuff, we’re burning the painting wood with great music playing. business coach   business coach  How long is coffee available for everybody and then right at 7? We can. business coach   business coach  We get started there and we we hop right into defining your F6 goals, because so many people have this mindset that they need to keep up with the Joneses. business coach  What let me see some other Jones’s the Joneses are broke.

The Jones is the average American. The latest statistics that are out there about the average American in the average American’s savings they’re, not very good, but I’ll. Just give you a few and then we’ll put on the show note. So you can. You can find this okay, the Federal Reserve, I’m not sure. If you’re aware what the Federal Reserve is, I think think most people are by the Federal Reserve when you go to a bank there’s a little sign that says I’m insured by the FDIC. Your deposits are insured by the FDIC up to ,000, for the Federal Reserve is that group that makes that possible. business coach  It’S a pseudo pseudo governmental organization that basically it’s better the funny story behind it is it’s not federal in there is no Reserve, but we won’t get into that. But the point is that they did a study on the average American eat on the average American has less. business coach  I repeat: Cyrus has less than saved the average American average Americans less than saved. Also 8 out of 10 businesses 8 out of 10 businesses. business coach  That’S not a good number 8 out of 10 businesses fail according to Forbes, and those are two statistics. Don’T think a lot of people are aware of, and so we want to do what we want to sit down with every entrepreneur and have them to find their F6 goals, their their goals for their business, their goals for their life. business coach   business coach  And so we write down your goals for faith, your family, your finances, your Fitness, your friendship and your fun. What’S going to encourage you to write down your goals for your faith, your family, your finances, your Fitness, your friendship and your phone. When you write down all your goals, then we want to figure: how much does it cost on an annual basis to afford your lifestyle? business coach  What does it really cost for you to live? business coach  The life you’ve always wanted to live, and how much would be bored if you had the capacity, if you had the ability to design your life to be exactly the way you wanted it to be, what would that look like, and that exercise alone is some of That all people never done before they just never had the they never sat down. business coach  Booty intentionality needed to Define their goals and their F6 areas of life, and then we want to do, and this is where it gets it. business coach

A weird want to figure out what it cost you to live. business coach  That lifestyle, as example, I work out with a trainer in the mornings and the trainer cost a certain amount of money per month. business coach  I think it’s like 600 bucks a month for the guy. business coach  So if I’m going to train that comes out to a day right to that should go on to my cost, a month will face them. business coach  If we drive the kids to Church on the Move on a Wednesday, you know what does it cost with gas in the gas prices are up a little bit here because of all the Hurricanes, but what what does it cost to drive the kids they’re fun? business coach  I mean if you wanted to take it. business coach  If you want to take the family out to eat once a week, maybe once a year maybe want to go on vacation. business coach  I do not like vacation, but if you did want to go on vacation, if you want to go to the beach somewhere, I’m not really sure what to do. business coach  When I get to the beach, I usually just sit there and wait be done being at the beach. business coach  But if you do love going to the beach, there’s nothing wrong with you, but you have figure. business coach  What does that cost you and you break it down to a monthly goal for your faith, your family, your finances, your Fitness, your friendship in your fun, and once you do that, then you can start to have a real conversation with yourself asking yourself. business coach  Okay, so it took so what product or service am I going to render to the world and exchange for the compensation? I see one more time what what service or product am I going to render to the world and exchange for the money that I see. business coach  The conversation is because you can exchange money for what goods and services, but you have to figure out what service will you render in in in so we can. business coach  We start there. Then, from there we quick with quickly move on to tying up your your Revenue goals. business coach  Do we begin to look at the number of customers needed to break even and to achieve your Financial Freedom? business coach  Then we move on to the numbers you’re willing to work in your business. I mean this is huge, so many people who attend the workshop are doing one of two things: one there working entirely too much Manor working 80 hours a week, 90 hours a week and they’re working hard in terms of their they’re ours, they’re, just putting in a Ton of hours, but they’re not working on the business at all, they’re working in the business, all the time, they’re working a ton of time in the business, but they’re never taking time out to work on the business. business coach  Michael Gerber points out the most Michael Gerber out by the way he’s the best selling author of the e-myth series, and he points out. business coach  The most entrepreneurs are merely technicians with an entrepreneurial seizure, they’re, not actually business owners, they’re, not entrepreneur. business coach  These are month that most entrepreneurs who call themselves most of the people who call themselves entrepreneurs, are not really business owners, they’re, actually, technicians, their break good at Plumbing they’re, very good at accounting, they’re very good at welding, they’re, very good at something, but they don’t actually Know how to build a business they they. business coach  They know how to build a job that requires them to work all the time. business coach  They don’t have another business, one that can work without them and then and then we does. We move on. We move on to determining a unique value proposition, which is what makes you different from the competition. business coach  What makes you unique and I’m so there’s a lot of optometrist in Tulsa, and we all know that the doctors are not the first optometrist in the history of Tulsa.

No, he actually is 52 looking good by the way, but he’s 52, but he’s been actually starting he’s actually an optometrist. You started almost 26 years ago, so he’s been an optometrist for going on 26 years and he’s not the only optometrist in Tulsa he’s not the first optometrist in Tulsa. He doesn’t have a unique technology that allows him to be the only optometrist who can make your eyes better or delayed, see better. My friend he is hey man who simply knows how to build a successful business, and it starts with you making sure that you’d have a unique value proposition asking yourself. What makes you unique? What is your purple cow? You get a chance to find it on, the show notes are powerful and you click on podcasts you’ll be able to download the show note to put you must have a purple cow. But what is a purple cow purple cow? Is a concept was developed by Seth Godin, the legendary marketing expert he’s a marketing expert at all respected expert. business coach  What if he ever talks? Okay well he’s sold the company to Yahoo for millions of dollars he’s going to start multiple successful businesses. Seth Godin is his name and just look him up. You’Ll be impressed with his resume and what he’s done if you’re, not remarkable, you’re invisible. business coach  So if you’re calling yourself, you know, we are plumbers and we offer the best customer service in Tulsa and the best quality will ever saying that there’s no plumber out there that sang you know what I do is I offer 40 terrible customer service customer service. What we do, what makes us unique cuz we. Basically we are Services, you know average, where we’re pretty good or no, I don’t say to the best, the other, the best customer service, but what makes you unique. So, let’s do some example to get real to get specific, okay and we’ll walk to the fire through, as many as I possibly can Whole Foods. What makes him unique one a lot of their prices are. The menus are written with chalk to it’s kind of a tremendous so having right now, bro and Carol just kind of that: yeah bro culture there’s an emphasis on organic natural eating, fresh Whole Foods, smoothies Whole Foods, business coach  Whole Foods and we offer smoothies Starbucks. What makes it different than the local coffee shop of old will? They have an unbelievable Decor. business coach  hey appealed to all of the sentence right. They have a certain smell, they refer to their employees as Baristas, not coffee makers. You can’t even order a small there. T business coach  hey call it the tall, you have different sizes, they have kind of their own language for things other decors race, specific their music, is very specific. business coach  The whole atmosphere is very specific about intentional Krispy, Kreme conveyor belt. It’S making the donuts right there in front of you all their employees, wear that does Krispy Kreme hats. business coach  They have to think about your business and what is going to make you unique, and once you figure out, what’s going to make you unique next thing you have to do, have to improve your branding. business coach  You got to make sure Brandon is first class and you got to make sure Brandon is looks like it’s a national brand before it is so elephant in the room is one of my businesses elephant in the room. business coach  It’S a Men’s Grooming lounge with cut haircuts for men and go to ER Lounge calm and check it out just see what we do are we perfect know, but we want to appear to be a wanted to appear to be a national brand before we were and House were approaching 5,000 members and one of the verge of friendship, franchising. It looks like we’ve been a big deal for a long time and but we start to start somewhere. Do you want to start with great Brandon? business coach  You want to fake it until you make it. business coach  My name is Clay Clark, you listen to the Thrive time show on your radio. business coach  We come back or going to play some highlights from this past Workshop in case you missed it the righteous the one they will come back to me, even when my uncle was out way in a strategy and I pray to God like. business coach  I hope you got a map for me up at 5 a.m. business coach  I nobody wanted as bad as me. business coach  I guess either kill you or at Energizer Motor City by Bennett, drive up the young Detroit Legend.

I swear. business coach  I got the city and Spire I’m about to just to solidify Deep Way deep water size raised bust up and put the city of Evan. business coach  My ways me and my started charity to get a kiss Clarity and take it further than the foundation wheel and Thanksgiving Day Parade. I got carried through the city and after that I hope I married in the city and not that I don’t hope I get buried in the city. business coach  Even when I’m gone you going to still hear me through this text, broadcasting live from the center of the universe, its business school without the BS featuring optometrist turned entrepreneur. business coach  Dr. Robert zoellner with us SBA entrepreneur of the Year clay Clark, America call Thrive Nation. I hope you are feeling good luria’s this fabulous afternoon. business coach  My name is Clay Clark and the former US Spa entrepreneur of the year and, if you’re just now, turning in you have found it, it is business school without the BS and on today’s broadcast a we’re going to be playing excerpts. business coach  From this past Workshop, we had at the Riverwalk here at on the Left Coast of the Arkansas River. business coach  At the 3:15. World Headquarters, we hosted a workshop this past weekend there on Friday and Saturday, and way to be playing audio excerpts from the workshop during this next excerpt. business coach  I’M talking about what happens when you build a Business Without Really knowing why you know when you, when you build a successful company financially with a company’s financially doing well, but you’ve never sat down to think about why you are in fact even build in the business. What can happen when you build a business without truly knowing the purpose of it, because you’re not careful you’re not going to create either time Freedom or Financial Freedom you’re going to create it again? If your, if your careful I mean you, are not going to create either time Freedom or Financial Freedom you’re just going to create a job, then nobody else would want, but you don’t want either and what you want to do is build a business that can produce Both time and Financial Freedom business, business coach  I got to be very good at D James, I loved it and I didn’t understand this and I promise I won’t have an emotional breakdown to explain this to you. This is what happens. I’Ll bribe her to come up to me. business coach  This time it started, I DJ Jeff Ramsey’s wedding at for River, four rivers of the two wins and Keystone some Resort in Jeff. business coach  He says you were really good. I have a friend getting married and she works at Tulsa National. Would you do her wedding on Mike sure sure sure sure I remember it got to Amy Reed Aaron Reid? business coach  She worked in Tulsa national champ, business coach  Mary to Golf Club of Oklahoma. I did her wedding. business coach  She referred me to her friend. Then it started getting the plate timer. I DJ over a thousand weddings 6324 a week every week for over a decade and I got to a place and it wasn’t until my son was born blind. business coach  So my son was born without the ability to see in 2007, and that was the first, my wife. business coach  I’Ve ever that’s cuz, you she looked at me and she says hey. I know you have a busy schedule, but you think you could schedule time to see your son and I thought I am a magnificent cuz. business coach  I’M really good at business so that part’s always been easy for me. business coach  But why like? Why? You know what’s the point and it felt awful. I don’t know if you’ve ever had that happen to me before we ever, but we’re on this limo ride and I’m going to go meet the mayor, business coach  Kathy Taylor, the time to get the entrepreneur of the Year award for Oklahoma. business coach  You know – and you know he getting your articles in your boards and all that stop you know is my own son, because I am so not intentional with my life that makes sense to what you want to do is figure out how many customers you have to Write down a number, business coach  I don’t make it awkward, don’t make me stand this point all day. You can write down a number. business coach  What’S the number of customers you need per year to hit your goals? business coach  How many customers do you need during sales? business coach  How many sales do you need this year and how many customers do you need just to break even .3? We got to know that number. You have to write that number down, business coach  because if that number is not real and here’s there’s a little thing, I’m asking a question appointment with how many customers do you need per week per week to break even making it more real? business coach   Here we go here, we go. How many rejections do you need just to break? Even I see so many getting out calculators taken here’s what I figured out in the DJ business.

If you go to DriveTime Ford share, I want to show you what success looks like. This is my last day of work, a DJ connection and I got in my car and I cried quite a bit cuz. I think I sold a kid, but I couldn’t. I couldn’t do the business anymore because I was too emotionally attached to it. My wife has me to stop DJing and I’m like I don’t seem stupid. business coach  You guys, but like I love it, it’s just like is it go? business coach  I got in trouble cuz, dr. Joel. I the orthodontist I work with, he said: could you DJ my 40th birthday and I’m going? I know this happens. business coach  I get started and I did as wedding at the mail and then doctors he was like hey my my daughters getting married. business coach  Could you do that? I’M like this is how it starts. business coach  This is how Okay so quick play on that video of the top and make it full screen every one of these guys had to make a minimum of 100 calls per day. Can everyone usually book 3 weddings per day everyday? All day text, second, who that third back-row sang the same words beautiful pause, there’s two rooms like this and we’re just on the phone every hour Marshall. You remember this to you not I hear was the rule. I had for psychological reasons, Ted of fire, so many DJs. I try not to meet anybody unless they’re on our top ten, so 4, 2 years. I thought your name was what Brandon bonuses and I’m like – who is this guy named and in my name is Marshall, and this went on for two years, but I knew that if I made calls a day, I would book 3 weddings. If I follow this system write the script and then, if I book 3 weddings a day, that would be enough for this way that I went to Oklahoma State University. I was going to Highway worked at. I never slapped those terrible but I’d DirecTV Target and Applebee’s. All jobs – and I told my wife – I said if I can book for weddings a week for 4 weeks in a row, I’m quitting all my jobs, the Four Weddings a week every week for 4 weeks in a row so one week, and I look like three Deers River, back in the day when your phone had a limited number of minutes, yeah I’ve ever singular yeah that nap here in Glenpool and you’re, like hey, what’s going on Melissa, I’m so excited bout, your wedding and then it goes into back bags. So here was the move I did cuz. I was shady member. I didn’t. I didn’t know Christ until my son was born blind, so I just pre that and then there’s nowt so different to do that. I’Ve been on the phone, so anyways, I’m so excited about your wedding. And what day are you and I would hang up on you and Banks cuz? If you call me back, that’s your minutes and not mine. Subway start the car really good. Oh my gosh! What day are you looking at Great how many people, okay, what venue, okay and then I’d Paula system in a hang-up? They call back yeah and then I go to my class and it in the break. I booked another wedding and I get to like two weddings in and then the next week I book 3 weddings. Then I book one the next week. 2. 0. 2. 3. 4. Once I got two for four weeks in a row, I quit all my job and started my own business. My name is Clay. Clark, you’re listening to the Thrive time show on your radio in today were unpacking the audio from this past weekend’s two-day DriveTime interactive Workshop stay tuned drivers, you smell terrific first things. First imma say all the words inside my head. I’M tired of and tired of the way things have been doing, the things in bed and back to the business coach radio show that is the equivalent to a venti, Starbucks latte, with 18 additional shots fired up and tired of the way things have been stupid. Things band who beat second. Tell me what you think that I’m the one at the sale, I’m the master of my sea, the master of my Sea Hill.

I was broken from my youngest soaking in the map homes for the pool that look at me singing from the plane tickets from the beans since from the brain, seeing the beauty through the small Thrive Nation. Welcome back to the conversation, my name is Clay Clark and you are listening to the Thrive time show on talk radio 1170. Today we are breaking down the audio from this past weekend’s a two-day interactive, Thrive time Workshop know specifically during this audio clip. I’M talking about my path to becoming self-employed. My my final steps that I had to take to go from working for somebody to becoming my own boss to becoming self-employed, but the problem is. I never asked myself how many I needed to get to to achieve my goals. Cuz. I blew past that thing super fast and you will too and then what happened was this? What happened? What it happened was a realtor says: hey, you know, you guys are mean you guys are doing pretty good. Why don’t you buy a house? Why don’t you get a bigger 7000 square foot, how she got more cars, more DJ’s, more dudes, more systems, more phones, more grow grow grow, your growing your winning Awards. It feels addictive, cuz you’re growing in your growing. Would you like the Easter Bunny to Tahoe? What’S the point and then your wife says: could you schedule time for your son? So I’m asking you right now you need right, but I knew the number of rejections we needed per day cuz. Some of us are not having intellectually honest conversation with herself. We’Re not saying how many rejections do I need him here in sales. Anybody here in sales, you do sales, you sell something: okay, people in the back people, the back. I love you, people in the back. I feel an energy coming from the back to the front. It’S the mullet of workshops, it’s awesome from the back to the front, so in sales I mean how many of you know, if you make 50 calls you’ll, probably close to do something who’s. Who here, if you make 100 calls you only get one something he make a hundred to get one who’s in a business where you make 200 to get one who’s got a okay, so you got to have that number or the next thing is the next text Will Square you got another number of hours, you’re willing to work on your business Marshall? Why is this an important question? Because you need to know where point is where you’re currently at, where point B is where your head and what your goals are? Now, that’s not going to change and for you that number of hours is sustainable to you and not the person next to you who will not work on a Sunday. So I’m going to give you a challenging thought. Think about this. Can you Google this my my name, Angie Factor the G-funk, let’s hear it for the public typer on Blue will Garrett makes it happen, there’s no upside to public type it down. It’S all only downside, it’s like being a referee. I want you to think about this concept for justice. Is this the big big concert? Genesis? God created the Earth in six days, just type that it will find the Bible verse mr. Bible, verse quarter is it of the Earth in six days? Those of you who believe in the Bible to be like principals, do, you know to say: God created the Earth in forty hours actually 38, because he gave himself a lunch breaks. How do you pay them self on minimum of per hour? It doesn’t say in Proverbs. You, God blesses the diligent and the people who didn’t work hard enough by taking money from the diligent to give to the non diligent. This is such a mean talk. Who is the end of the story of the talents? You know the homeboy gets the talents. He doesn’t invest him wisely, God says what he did is that says you know how I get away from a waste of your talents like I did my past. Is that good enough absolutely will take from the rich to give to you, you lazy son of a you, also get cable in a photo? Did you also get free college? You can live with your parents forever avoid gluten. So this is a hot-button for me. God created the Earth in six days now, if you don’t believe that Elon Musk is a pagan right, he does believe in God at all, so he’s an atheist. So some of her into God, you, like guess if he quotes the Bible, I believe it now. So what else says he quotes the Bible? It’S crap. I’Ve heard that book is a very divisive and I don’t like that book you on muskets on the wall.

You can be the later you like musk says you cannot be successful if not for a tour of Duty for not willing to work 60 to 80 hours for a limited window of time. You could not do it he’s never seen it happen. Turn the wall next to the Boom Bill Gates was asked by young people. How do you become successful? He says: don’t take a day off until you’re successful I like to take a day off, I’m kind of into the whole rest on the seventh work 6 days. Next page 40 page 40. Now this is going to be offensive and then Marshall can be less offensive. My job is to be the bad cop, now Marshall’s going to be leading a several sessions today. So you’ll have only a good cop for a while, but Captain negative comes back all tomorrow: Darth Vader of business, okay, Curtis, don’t fake it. The system only works. If you have a real product come on, who has sold a non-real product and you found out later it was not a real product. You met a highly emotive, Holly motivational man in hotel somewhere he’s like the Triple Diamond deluxe guy, he’s selling something that they only can find on the beaches of Mars spin shown to cure cancer, and if you just get 27 friends to sign up this Thursday, you Could also become a sultan and drive a Lamborghini who’s. Had a half a friend of yours calls you Karen I’ve been praying about. You, oh well, what a tender voice I haven’t heard from you, Ashley, Never Ashley shed Big Bangs Amanda. There Ashley am, and everyone back in the eighties, was Ashley and Amanda all your friends. Their names were John and Josh. These people, maybe we’ll throw it in there. I’M at you know, Amanda the Big Bangs aerosol. They call you. I haven’t seen you since, like 3rd grade, you been on my heart now you’re at Panera, where the heart starts. Panera the heart starts selling all the sudden as a third party who you don’t know how make this is. My dear friend, Marshall he’s the triple diamond on the blacks black leg of my business, and he would like to talk to you about an opportunity to the bathroom cuz. All I have to do is just get you to Panera and he’ll. Do the magic right and now you find yourself auto shipping, some freaking soap, if you use just a thimble of it’ll, keep your clothes clean, forever they’re out of shipping a week as you want to start Pig, you want to grow fast. You want to go fast. Have you got to duplicate just a product work shut up quit asking the question just sign up auto-ship that crap attack alright Drive Nation. We are breaking down the audio from this past weekend’s two-day interactive workshop and we’re talking specifically about making sure that step one. You are selling a real product that actually works a real product that actually solve problems for your ideal and likely buyers. We come back more audio breakdown. From this past weekend’s 2-day business Workshop broadcasting live from the center of the universe, its business school without the BS featuring optometrist turned entrepreneur entrepreneur of the year. Alright, alright, alright right Nation, welcome back it is the DriveTime show on your radio. In today we are breaking down the Audio Excellence, the audio clips from this past weekend’s two-day interactive business workshop, and so, if you have never attended one and that’s okay, there’s a little sneak peek of some of the audio and specifically during this clip we’re talking about The importance of making sure that, whatever product or service, that you’re going to render in exchange for the compensation that you seek, that the product is actually real. Basically, you can’t fake the product. You have to have a real product in a real service that really does solve a problem for your real and ideal unlikely buyers. In order to make some money again, you have to identify who you’re dealing likely buyers are, and you have to solve a sincere and real problem for them, and if you can solve a real problem for them with a real product or a real service, you can Make a lot of money, but if you have a Ponzi scheme or some sort of scam, you’re doing you’re not going to have success and in fact, you’re going to destroy your reputation in the process. Who’S had a half at friend of yours calls you Karen I’ve been praying about. You, oh well, what a tender voice I haven’t heard from you Ashley and ever Ashley. She had big bangs, Amanda bever, Ashley Amanda. Everyone back in the eighties was Ashley and Amanda. All your friends, their names were John and Josh. Are these people, maybe we’ll throw it in there? I’M at you know, Amanda the Big Bangs Era Sox, they call you. I haven’t seen you since, like 3rd grade, you’ve been on my heart now you’re at Panera, where the heart starts: Panera the heart starts: selling all the sun. There’S a third party who you don’t know how much this is. My dear friend, Marshall he’s the triple diamond on the blacks black leg of my business and he would like to talk to you about an opportunity to the bathroom cuz.

All I have to do is just get you to Panera and then he’ll do the magic right and now you find yourself auto shipping, some freaking soap, if you use just a thimble of it’ll, keep your clothes clean, forever and they’re out of shipping a week cuz. You want to start Pig. Do you want to go fast that you want to go fast? I think I duplicate disa product work shut up quit asking the question just sign up auto-ship that crap Rick has it been tested ever and always courting a scientist whose name you cannot find good. Doctor googan housing out of Sweden develop this product through research done in Canada. Does a product work we’re trying to duplicate your the ground level? People can’t people aren’t ready for it. You don’t have missed out number one. Nike Nike people missed out on Nike, Nike Spencer money market and we pay you direct. You know what I’m saying way. You sell RVs right, you were thought about making it a multi-level, Wade’s, multi-level Arby’s, You by 6 I’ll buy that I could be the triple time in okay, multi levels of valid form of marketing, but you have to real product. Am I right? You could multi-level Market or not, but you have to have a real product who here is hired a contractor and it went bad who has hired a contractor to didn’t, go bad. It’S probably a profound question Angel. Okay. The system will only work if you have a real thing, so it’s what we’re going to quit, trying to get rich, quick pump up a Ponzi scheme or make millions on putting no money down or forget about those eight-minute, abs, who’s, Milto’s, 800 minute apps that hurts My trainers, a masochist he like of enjoys pain. You know him it stop it Steven, I’m good! I’M good! Now, you’re not going to keep going 100 more. How much you hate people, okay! So that’s what it feels like to get in shape, they’ll right. So we want to do, is you have that we want to have a real product so want you to write down on page number, 41, page 41, at the top of this write this down real quick? What is your product or Your Service? Plumbing doctor software? Dentist Marshall help us make a different. How can we make a real product? What is not a real product? What is real product? You got to check this out. If you cannot explain your real product to a third grader, it’s too complex needs to be simple. So, Leonardo da Vinci, you, Google, this quote Leonardo da Vinci, said Simplicity – is the ultimate sophistication Leonardo Leonardo. So what you must do you got to be able to explain what the real product or service that you are offering is because that’s how much time that you have in order to communicate it to a potential buyer? Okay, so your real product or service has to solve a real problem, so right next to the product or service that you’re providing write down. What is the problem that you’re solving? What is the problem that you’re solving and soap on page 50, page to page 56? /, we listed a bunch of examples of people that have created a real product and service, so I read them and you can okay job to provide the world with computers that the average human could actually use. Nobody had to use them to type on a green screen type in code using a floppy disk extra floppy, it’s extra flap, you could be figured out back to you and then you got Bill Gate provided software that make computers actually usable by the average human turn. One computer couldn’t be used by human. You have a good friend of yours who wasn’t actually human is like. I just a robot friend people, poo poo poop, you, like R2 D2 Chinese, the computer next Russell Simmons. When he do, he took music. They were playing New York and he made it popular hip, hop Russell Simmons, Justin Timberlake, what he do he’s now, combined music, comedy all into this ridiculous 2020, who saw the 20/20 Experience who saw that it’s like a live band, he’s wearing a tuxedo. What’S going on? It’S awesome, but you’ve got to solve the problem. The world wanted him people to wear a tuxedo. Now I want to give an example. On the other end of the spectrum, there was a business owner, okay, that we both knew and his Enterprise that he wanted to go into was to become an author author. He wants to be an author, a book writer, how to be a book writer. What would be step number one to become an author to become a book writer and a copy of the jackassery book? I heard him first because he’s closer, which makes it unfair, but that’s how life is. Yes, sir, write a book on man. He got deep there. Okay, I’ll go, get them to book; yeah, see the right. The buck. Y’All go get the book. Okay, so the first thing to first thing to go: get about you’re going to get the book plays going to get the book, and so the first thing that you have to do to become an authors, write a book. So what we did as we met I’m like hey man. What is it that you want to be doing, and so you go you you know I got to you know. I got this idea for the book. I’D really like to start the book and I like great: let’s connect once you’ve written the book and he goes I’m actually I’m actually you know thinking about running the book. Come back a month later, hey man how’s the book going, I’m almost I’m almost finished with it almost finished and come back another month later air. You have, you finished the book and he’s like not hit. You know. I just got a little bit more a little bit more bit more like I’m. Almost finished, never finishes the book ever at any point, but he wanted to write to you wanted to write the book. Do we see this with like a plumber, who wants to make a price list but doesn’t make the price list? Does it make sense we want? I mean this? Is I don’t of you? I don’t have a trainer, I’m not working out. This is what I’m going to do, I’m going to get the Under Armour shirt that repels sweat faster, because I don’t cool fast enough and that’s the problem you’re a notice.

That’S the problem, you’re, not cooling, fast enough! I need the new shoes. I can’t do my mulch shoes on the problem, new shoes and I need a motivational playlist. I go in Spotify for like 7 hours getting every song Just and then I walk in as soon as I go on that treadmill or I start to do any type of physical exercise. I realize this requires work. Alright Thrive, Nation we’ve been listening to audio from this past weekend’s today interactive Thrive, time show workshop and we come back we’re going to talk about how to battle those demons in your own head. How to keep yourself from drift. I mean all of us. Have some area where we’re supposed to make cold calls, but we just want to I’m supposed to make. You know we’re supposed to write those articles for a Blog, but we just really don’t want to. I work we’re supposed to work out. You know where we know what to do. We’Ve been told we’re supposed to do this. Many push-ups or sit-ups. Are you know, but we just we just don’t want you know. How do you silence those a negative voices in your mind that that encourage you to drift that encourage you to to do nothing? How do you do that? Cuz people who cannot beat themselves can’t win people that cannot win the daily Battle of their mind, can’t win. My name is Clay. Clark Hills into the drive time show on your radio tune in Tulsa. I’M telling you I don’t know what it is. It might be. The smell opinion would but you smell terrific back to the business coach radio show that has the power to make shell bathroom sis cleanest QuikTrip. Do I Wan na Know? When should I just let it be? We got to change against? You will need anything to him in if you and I come together in a spirit of unity, perhaps that you and I and everyone that you know if we sacrifice, if we, if we choose to be inconvenient, if we, if we take all of our disposable income And we give it to Shell gas stations. Perhaps they can Vin figure out how to keep their bathrooms clean? Oh, oh, they can procure they can. They can pour that they can pull elements at it. They can pull fossil fuels out of the Earth’s crust. Oh, yes, they can do geological scans and they can find the right place in the Earth’s crust where there might be trapped gas, a Lincoln Bacon Frack, like you, wouldn’t believe these guys can do deep sea oil drill Nick if they can think they can direct a Multimillion-Dollar and oftentimes almost billion-dollar, they could be a deep at Sea, they can have a team of helicopters and a crack squat of geologist who can get deep down into the Earth’s crust to remove to take out the fossil fuel. The dinosaur that passed away, the fossils at turned into fuel they can get that fossil fuel up to us, thus powering our our cars does providing the rubber needed to make tires, thus providing a providing old Buffet of petroleum products, but they cannot keep their bathrooms clean. No, no, no! This requires too much research too much work too much. Will it just too much, and so if we are willing to sacrifice, I would I would say that probably the government takes half of your check, so you can take the other half of your check and just mail that into shell. If they can then begin to create clean bathrooms for you and me, we must work together, but all sincerity today we’re talking about we’re breaking down the audio from this past weekend’s 2-day interactive, Thrive. Time Show Business Workshop. If you never attended just going to thrive time, should I come and check it out without any further Ado, we’re going to go back into the audio we’re talking specifically during this portion about how to battle the demons that are in your head? You know where you know what to do, but you choose not to do it. You know where you will you want to do it, but you don’t really do it or you know specifically when the paper is due, but you don’t write the paper. Perhaps you cannot relate to this Voodoo. Let’S go back to the audio from this weekend’s two-day workshop. Did we see this with like a plumber, who wants to make a price list but doesn’t make the price list just make sense? We want. I mean this. Is I don’t have you ever? I don’t have a trainer, I’m not working out this. What I’m going to do, I’m going to get the Under Armour shirt that repels sweat faster, because I don’t cool fast enough and that’s the problem you’re a notice! That’S the problem! You’Re, not cooling fast enough, and I need the new shoes.

I can’t do my own shoes or the problem new shoes and I need a motivational playlist. I go in Spotify for like 7 hours hitting every song Just and I walk in as soon as I go on that treadmill or I start to do any type of physical exercise. I realize this requires work and I work for anybody that I know so. I might walk up to you and say Brad and your name is not Brad and we’ve never met and you’re like no, it’s not on time. No, please talk to me, put the trainer guys there and it’s her this weird relationship where you pay someone to force. You to get stuff done, so some of you might need you no like an account until you meet with once a month to help you with your account or a lawyer, to help you with this make sense. So I want to give you guys in a name of someone named Bill Campbell, look this guy up Bill Campbell Bill Campbell, Steve Jobs. Had a business coach and his name was Bill Campbell. I don’t you know that you should look that up. You should verify you should not believe me. The CEO of Google had a business coach. His name was Bill Campbell. I had a person in my life who help me accountable: that’s doctors, e, a personal trainer, accountants, Etc, and eventually, once you get into orbit and you’re used to what the rhythm of success looks like you, probably don’t need, as much of that just makes sense to You one of my one of my clients as a pastor and Owensboro Kentucky now that was interesting, that he has a pastor, your pastor. Absolutely everybody needs some. Judging if you’re not able to get the thing done, it’s probably cuz. You don’t have your meditime. It’S probably cuz, you don’t have any accountability, cuz you’re self-employed and you know why people start businesses either eggs. We can’t keep a job or be we want to work for ourselves, but then once we do or like haha I’m on the gym by myself, I’m in the gym by myself. I want to go in my own gym and I don’t work out in my gym that I own, because I’m in charge, so you have to eventually have a real product, so Marshall page 52. I want everybody here to write down all of the problems that you can solve for your customers, so I need to I’m going to help mr. Joel up here, front row and I’ll pick on people in the back later. I just got to like Joe and I’ve connected here. We’Ve talked for he’s worried about me. I feel like I’ve connected, but here’s the big he’s, a software company, it’s a great zaka software company and you you want to make a list real, quick on the problem side of all of the kinds of businesses you can solve problems, but no matter what business You have make a list of all of the kinds of people that you can solve: problems for RVs, who are owns an RV who needs a new RV. There’S no upselling here but go see him. That’S Wade the RV man, but if you have in our who here wouldn’t know what to do, if you had an RV, you had an RV when we wouldn’t want the RV like. If I was on like Wheel Of Fortune or like you win an RV, I might know cuz. That would require me traveling and I don’t travel, you know so, take it back, but who loves the RV? It’S your thing. You love are beets. Okay, you’ve got to make a list of the kinds of people for the kinds of businesses that would actually buy your stuff. This is where it starts. This is where we’re getting specific. This is where the details begin. So somebody help me. I was a DJ. I’M marketing to men a wedding, entertainment service. What’S wrong with me, I was a man and I’m marketing to college-aged man. I was a college days, man I Mark into the people. I know because I read a really awful marketing book that has no so many books by the way are bad books. You reading books is not a good thing, read books from people who are proving what they’re saying with facts: you’re not going to you’re not going to sell a wedding package ever to a dude who is who is been married to a dude. Who is married to a dude? Here’S how the wedding planning is for the guy almost like we’re in a distant world, but yet we’re dating, but we are dating. I’M sitting this close to you at the floral shop, but it’s almost as though I’m over here and you’re going so right, honey. What kind of flowers do what color flowers do you like how my yeah yeah overall, totally yes and then it’s like honey! That was a question of what kind of flowers – yes, men ever seen this happen. So I’m running around passed out business cards, trying to convince guys to book a wedding, DJ they’re like cool bro and immediately throw the card away. You got a market to the people who go to be receptive to your stuff, okay, and I’m try to help you do this. You’Ve got to make a list of these businesses or the people that would be receptive to your stuff who hears into hot yoga Marshall. You know who hears in the hot yoga Melissa said: Hot Yoga do the Vinyasa downward dog who hears done hot yoga and then pieced out. You did not yoga for like 4 minutes. Why did it Lifetime Fitness? In my wife, for like 30 seconds, I walk in there it’s with the music. I guess it helps just get in the groove downward dog and I, like I’ve, never touched my toes she’s like downward dog downward, I’m just like. Why is she talking that way and a woman next to me like she keeps saying she do I buy Pista. I was 30 seconds. You can’t sell me yoga pants and if you did, you should Paula gize to him Humanity for some yoga pants, get what I’m saying some of yourself Lululemon pants you’re, trying to promote it to dudes! Stop stop what kind of sick freak freaks! Listen to! Am radio they’re almost entirely business owners? Are people who want to be there like self-starters? You understand listening to Raiden requires thoughts. Can you do me a favor? Can you queue up the lyrics to French Montana’s new song Marshall? You read them out loud. Please. It just kind of edit the ones that are this is FM radio turn the lyrics I Like Lyrics by listen to them. That’S why I can’t do the FM radio, usually because it’s I was a DJ and I’m realizing every one of these songs is about every value that I everything I stand against. This song is about it’s not good enough for me. Since I’ve been with you, it’s not good enough. Okay, it’s not going to work for you. Nobody can equal me you going to sip on this drink when up. I should know how to pick up I’m going to catch the Rhythm while she push up against me. That’S virtuous, keep going she Tipsy tipsy. I had enough combo for 24, I peeped peeped you from across the room. Oh nice, pretty little body dancing like GoGo a play. The song please play the song cuz. This is what’s on the radio right now. This is like right now kid watches French Montana video. It’S not raining right now like to place like every 30 minutes. Today’S hits Unforgettable directed by spiff. You know I’m going to fun here, pause. I don’t care if those people never come here. Is it make sense? Like I know my ideal unlikely buyers that make sense to you, so if you buy ads on scripts radio at Cindy back there dark Jersey buys ads, I buy at you have to ask yourself who’s. Listening to that soccer moms. If your mom and your soccer mom work with me you’re, probably in your car and you like the beat – I get it, but you listen to lyrics hope. Your soul will probably die a little bit, but damn I know the people listen to am and that’s why we’re on AM radio make sense. If they put us on FM radio, there were no one beat there, be no one listening, so doctors he advertises on 106.9. A lot Hills does am, but he loves advertising. I want a 6.9 because of the people who are usually in the minivan’s driving the kids to soccer or the moms and their listen to this music because they haven’t broken down to lyrical Miracle. Like I have cuz, when my kids are my car, like turn the devil off, do not let Satan speak. I rebuke Satan know, I’m seriously actually songs it’s about. If you listen to, I mean it’s just wow, so the songs are just hilarious. How crazy they are but Wade? You know lyrics Flo, Rida, lyrics Wade way. Do you know if LaRoche, so I’m just encouraging you? If you’re here today know who your marketing to so I switched my focus to just Market to women who are engage of somebody help me if you want to mark it to women who are engaged, how do you do it? Alright, you are listening to the Thrive time show on your AM radio if you want to listen to it in in Stereo on the podcast version, just go to thrive time to show., Specifically, today we’re breaking down some of the audio from this past weekend’s two-day interactive Business Workshop, if you get to attend, you can book your tickets today at Thrive time show., And we come back we’re going to talk more about the importance of finding your ideal and likely buyer. Could you don’t want to mark it to the wrong people, but what, if I have a lot of money – and I want to spend that money unwisely on things that I just like memory – is a coot your medicine? Every is things that won’t produce money. Can I thin Market to the wrong people? Absolutely if that’s your heart’s desire than you can mark it to the wrong people, but stay tuned? Teach you how to Market to the right people right here on your right, radio shows does Rob time show on your radio.

Can we be friends back to the business coach radio show that taught Yoda the force. Welcome to the Thrive time show on talk, radio 1170 listening to the radio show you are and now we’re going back to audio from this past weekend’s business. You know your marketing to so I switched my focus to just Market to women who are engage of somebody help me if you want to mark it to women who are engaged. How do you do work? I need somebody to help me here. How would you do it just nice great and where we’re specifically should be marketed to go to a physical place? Where are women who are engaged? Bridal shows bridal shops, Warehouse, dress, shops, Caterers, amen right, then you build a wedding show and you Market that thing. On 106.9 cuz brides-to-be are listening to 106.9 all the time and they show up at the wedding, show at the wedding show. You are playing Michael Buble. Talking about your feelings, having a bass, knowledge of the color periwinkle and the different I didn’t know. I was a color in a you get into that stuff and it be to have to know the problems. You saw that who you saw the problems for, and we got to go get them it’s not that complicated consents. So it’s super here. I got that we’re right and down the Problems that we saw you got to do that Marshall. Let’S go to page number, 53 6 super plays for creating a product or service that people love one make all aspects of your product or service, appealing break it down. My friend make all aspects of your product or service, appealing menus packaging, Decor, okay, so right now you got to ask yourself: what is the experience that somebody’s having with my product or service? Is it something that they hold? Is it something that they look at? Is this something visual this something that they smell? What is the smell of it? I think it package that up put on smell-o-vision they would have no customers who has been to a quick trip for a Starbucks bathroom. So I want you to write this down. Just think about these are things you should be jotting down when you walk into QuikTrip. Does their sign? Does their signage, look, professional or amateur? Think about that the signage when you walk into the smell like a undiscovered third world, does it smell, like the French Montana video? Does it smell like that? I mean you want to have right, but why can’t she’ll figure that out? I don’t know what that’s a longer discussion business cards. Do they Inspire confidence or you go? Oh I mean you pass out your card you’re like oh, if I’m not judging I’m saying I used to be in the category, so you got think about everything. A customer touches the packaging who hear about an iPhone an iPad. You still have that box. Are you keeping that box when we get that box? When you give a kid a look at iPad, they open it up. Now I just read gift a good box, Steve Job said I want to make the packaging, so good people won’t throw it away and they don’t know why it’s working. Why are we keeping it? We can go to the closet somewhere under the bed somewhere talk to her too and such an icebox. You couldn’t really reuse it right. What about our packaging, our menus? Looking good and looking hood yo yo, looking good or looking to think about it? Okay, so you got to be sort. These are Concepts. Okay, Marshall Point. Never to make all aspects of your business appealing to the ears ears. What yeah! So are you when you just started DJ connection Brides walking in for her appointment? I’M Sorry, by the way, if I did your wedding in the first two or three years cuz, I love me some French Montana. Back in the day it was Notorious BIG, so I was setting up I’ll be playing. I would play songs that I am sorry I played NN Brides would walk in there like. Could you change the music? In any event, planner would like. Let me not get your card psycho right cuz. I was just keeping it real cuz. I used to DJ clubs. Put the music in your office I’d to change the music to be the music that the women wanted when they walked in. So I to start playing, you know again. I play a lot of Nat King Cole, lot of Luther Vandross and stuff to the mom. Can listen to in Mama go a lot of moms walk-in, hey okay, I’m at 1 that she was okay cuz. She knew that. I knew Marvin Gaye and I realize that’s what the women wanted was over here, but I want it was over here, but I wanted to get paid so I had to switch it up. Two of us have to switch it up Marshall, so they got the music in your business. What music are you playing on when you put people on hold? What are you playing if you’re, making a commercial run it by Cindy? She knows what sounds good. That’S what she does the radio station. I know that stuff. Okay, next Marshall, make all aspects of your business great tasting. If you serve champagne and really high and cheese people buy a lot more Oklahoma by the way who is not from Oklahoma. Okay, this is something at Oklahoma to tell you something: Oklahoma’s, we want to get something to eat and then soon as we get something to eat, we want to go, get something to eat so a lot of times in Oklahoma. You know you’ll say hey what you want to do. Tonight., I don’t know, let’s go get something to eat and it’s soon as you get something to eat, you’ll say: let’s go get something to eat, you just finished and that’s what we doing Oklahoma. So if you want more customers, semi have retail stores. 7. You have a service where you sit down with somebody just offering coffee and we just have very high end coffee for the wedding business. The last 3 or 4 years mean very, like a coffee bar just that investment of about 150 bucks a week of high end coffee changed everything. The jewelry store people you off from a glass of champagne. You offer thank you by the way, champagne and creases sales. Just run out there, these are all, but you got to think about elephant in the room. We serve beverages. When you get your haircut, I mean just just be thinking what kind of music, what kind of food? What kind of sites? What kind of Marshall back to you number for script? Every interaction point with your customers: Okay, Marshall, set up call recording by the way to company that you should be using that we use all the time that it’s very rich, covering Central. That’S the one that most of our clients, like the most you’ve, got to record your phone calls. You know thinking American Express for quality control. Your call may be recorded if you’re not recording your calls. You are guaranteeing your failure. Pretty harsh, who has heard a recorded, call the member of your team for the first time when they did not know they were being recorded who’s. Had this happen, oh my gosh, the DJ business before we set this up. It was a Minefield I’m not kidding. We don’t use it again, our team leader even answer the phone you supposed to say thank you for calling DJ connection. This is the amazing and you remember, Melissa. The guys are kind of funny that supposed to be funny everything about it was scripted very funny. It was like Steve, Martin meets wedding planning.

I was the idea and this guy what you do. I was in the room what up but every time, so I pull them aside as a hey buddy. I need you to be professional, be enthusiastic, got it and I give him like how to win friends and influence people read that book. You know I’m giving him all these. Also. You want to read, Think and Grow Rich. Also you, when I’m getting him is overwhelming him with books to read he’s not reading them. He’S coming every week to work going yeah pretty much got some good ideas out of it code for haven’t, read it at all. You know that whole thing he would give a member of your sales team, a book to read and they don’t read, and I pretty much I like the idea of how to win friends and influence people DJ connection, what up alright drive base when we come back. We’Re going to be breaking down more audio from this weekend’s passed today, interactive business workshop and specifically, where that we’re going to hunt in now on call recording and call centers and call scripting it’s going to be. What are you do after you’ve built 13 multimillion-dollar businesses? You start the Thrive time. Radio show alright Drive Nation. Welcome back to the Thrive time, show on your radio, reminding all the men in Tulsa if you’ve, yet to go to the elephant in the room, Men’s Grooming, Lounge, it is a dollar. It’S a dollar off your first haircut is a dollar no more waiting in line, no more, not getting a paraffin hand dip every time, no more, not getting a hot towel treatment. Every time, no more! None, Precision Cuts! You owe it to yourself to check out the elephant in the room, Men’s Grooming, Lounge. Your first haircut is just a dollar. So if you’re not 100 % happy, I would be 100 % happy to refund you, 100 % of the I mean. That’S that’s a hundred percent, so we can refund. We will. We would actually refund you 100, since, if you do not like your first experience, I encourage you to check it out, but I’m today’s radio show we are breaking down the audio from this past weekend’s interactive two-day Thrive time Workshop. We had a huge contingency of people from Long Island we had Wichita represented, we had people from Florida. I encourage you if you are in a spot when you don’t know what you need to do. Next, to start, a successful business just go to thrive time, and book your tickets for the next Workshop. It’S a game-changing event that you don’t want to miss, but now we’re going to hop back into the audio from this past Workshop, where we are supposed to be talking about cold, calling call scripting cold, calling answering the phone calling people scripting, converting the call centers the Whole the whole phone game whole conversion deal. This is a huge aspect that many businesses never touch cuz. I don’t know how to build an effective call center and told any further Ado, let’s get into call recording call centers in sales, 101 little audio excerpt from this past weekend’s Workshop. You know that whole thing you were you, give a member of your sales team, a book to read and they don’t read it yeah pretty much. I like the idea of how to win friends and influence people. The boat rang DJ connection. What up but dude you’re, just an unseating the same phrase with more enthusiasm? Okay, what should I say? Then I set up as call record as magical system that American Express uses Southwest uses the Renaissance Hotel uses every big company uses. Do you know the key to staying a small business sucking small business day is we are not doing well day so come by from us. You would be a big business. If you didn’t suck, I would have grown my business faster in the sock and I wasn’t selling vacuums I just sucked like a vacuum just suck it Brides would call me and say the guy. I talked to you on the phone at no point had a point and I’m not going to use you because he just totally freaked me out, but I put in call recording. Can I see guys here’s the deal for your quality assurance. We are recording the calls. The calls will be recorded it. We’Re going to do is we’re going to record those calls, and if I hear you not following the script, you shall make minimum wage for that day. Should you be caught doing something? Well, I will be give you a bonus, and I bet it’s crazy, like worked at DirecTV guys for almost a year and they recorded our calls, but yet it never occurred to me when I own my own business to record my calls is that weird talk, my Boss made me record my calls at DirecTV. They always say your last call. You didn’t follow the script if it happens again, that’s a write-up and I’m okay I’ll follow the script, but then I started my own business. I didn’t record my calls and I had three tremendous excuses when I’m busy that’s a good one, the key to staying busy by the way, it’s never make systems just stay busy too. It’S is it ethical. I don’t know. If I should. Is it ethical? I don’t know I don’t want to make my employees feel like in the third is my team is awesome. We don’t need to record calls right, so you got record the next process over deliver in you will soon be overpaid. What does it mean to over? Deliver Marshall create more value than you are being paid for giving us this morning. It’S so awesome the contractor Miracle anybody work on time and on budget budget Wyatt there right there. Okay, so check this out, we’re going to get into the no-brainer offer coming up here. In the next section, okay, but the no-brainer offers an offer. That is so good that the brain does not engage it’s just like glasses and exam. How many people take advantage of that room? The first haircut is a Dollar by the way, the next haircuts like 42 may, your hair continue to grow.

I bless you all, okay back to you, okay, so the no-brainer offer so we’re working through we’re working with this contractor and we’re like, I think, to virally grow your business. The only thing that you have to do is come in on time and on budget, because that’s the one thing no contractor wants to do ever on time and on budget at any point so over delivering for in the Contracting industry on time and on budget. And it’s this isn’t. This is a thing and you tell the customer. Hate will be done on Friday and, if you finish it on Thursday, when somebody is wowed, what happens you ignite this think of the law of reciprocity and it only works with people? Have a soul by the way: what does it have a soul? It doesn’t work, but it where you exceed their expectations and then they feel like wow. That was a good movie. I should tell somebody who’s ever seen the movie. That was good and you told someone about it right who you saw the movie Godzilla. Do you want to talk to anybody about that thing? You know know how much hype and energy they put in the marketing, and it wasn’t that good. So you have to find a way to systemic Aliso tilt, to make this actionable and to leave you feeling with suing whole and not full of holes. Page 53. I want you to write down one. What aspects of your packaging and Brandy need to be fixed right now, your menu, your pricing, your website, I don’t know what it is just make a list, but don’t ignore it. You don’t have to fix it all today, but just make a list of your aware of it to what aspects of your business could be improved with the hearing, the sound third, what aspects of your business need to be? The flavor needs to be improved weight. I mean you guys do like the people test drive an RV or they walk around them or they were they do gypsum. You can drive some. You can’t drive that that could be just a laser show of fun. That whole thing. I could just see that being a really fun thing, I’m not really sure where to go with that yet, but that mean that there’s a lot of fun there, you can hit up script every interaction of your business over-deliver, make it make it part of your system, As an example with the DJ company, our entire go home and make sure you get this RDJ, so Josh DJ Drew wedding, which is fun to hear the DJs at the end of the wedding. We would serve a you and basically, if the DJ got a survey result of an of a 9 or above said, on a scale of 1 to 10 member, the surveys on a scale of 1 to 10. How happy where you with the service and based upon their review, that determined to the DJs paycheck, all the sudden, we’re making happy customers previously? I just gave motivational talks guys you need to view every wedding as though it is your sister’s wedding sure will remember, but I’m running behind for this wedding I’ll be little bit late for this one, but good tip for when you make the compensation tie into wowing. It happens is that make sense with the same page, if you pay people based on results and not based on intentions, things begin to change. Alright Drive Nation. You been listening to audio excerpts from this past two day, interactive business workshop and when we come back, I’m going to be breaking down specifically. What a and a my mind what a good business Workshop looks like in my opinion, my humble opinion. There are no bad Learners, there are just bad teachers. My name is Clay Clark. You listen to the DriveTime show on your radio. Stay tuned. Welcome to the Thrive time, show its business school without the BS. Do Google News, USA, alright, Drive Nation? If you’re wanting to go back to the good old days, the time when you weren’t stressed out – or you weren’t, worried about paying bills, and you could be financially free to do whatever the heck it is that you want to do, then we need to have a Rendezvous we need to connect and I would love to teach you specifically. The systems at dr. zoellner and I’ve been able to create to build 13 multi-million-dollar businesses, and we want to help you do it. We absolutely no. We can do it and when way that we do it as we have an interactive two-day workshop current leader once a month, it’s going to change over time because we’re getting so many people that we need to eventually move it to more of, like a once quarter. Kind of a thing, but if you never been to a workshop, go to DriveTime, and book your tickets today. But I want to play for you a little audio excerpt from this past weekend’s two-day workshop, where I’m explaining what a good business Workshop should be like from my experience, have been having traveled around the world and participated in a lot of business workshops. I want to share with you the vision that doctors and I have for teaching entrepreneurship to Great folks like you, it doesn’t mean you’re, a bad person or your ear dumb. It means I’m a bad teacher. Okay, the word Charisma was originally spelled with a K. You should look that up Charisma, karisma Karr, you spelled it different Christmas trees with a k. Karisma. The Greek translation means the gift of Grace, which means that I should leave you feeling whole and not full of holes. I should help coach you up and not talk down to you because Charles were just met, is apparently the Czar of Fitness. So talking to him, I’m like oh, no he’s fit and sheets fit to their Tucci, but in business I do really well and it maybe you’re awesome in this her. We all have different areas, but we want to make sure that if you don’t get, you don’t understand something. That’S why we’re here, I’m not here to just to go with this fast as possible. If I to go slow as possible, do but I’ll make sure you leave with the answers to. Is it not going up, say anything okay, other than Wade’s RVs holy crap? How come you guys haven’t bought an RV guy to left Wade, white RV right now?

No just kidding, but no UPS. Okay, we want to be candid with you guys. There’S no BS in a world of only BS remain in a politically correct world, where you can’t ever have an opinion. You know, because this is this is our national religion. I could see your point right. I don’t offend anybody or get sued right. Okay, next, one, no BS, candid, no BS, so I need you to do is fill out the self evaluation form and I’m not going to share with anybody. I personally don’t like on a personal level, I hate drip emails. I never use my cell phone. I don’t have an app on my phone please. This is my life. I don’t use phones, I’m kind of old school, but I’m not going to trip you a bunch of emails for marketing purposes. I just want to know because this Workshop is designed to help people like you, and I used to travel all around the world doing these workshops and every one of these gets a little bit better, because we want to help you guys. So if you’ll put your name, your company name real, quick, your email, your phone and if you will write down any topics, this topic, anything that you want to learn today. Please write it on the phrase with his topic. Anything or says topic just write anything you want to learn today, because my goal, although it might seem mathematically impossible, is to answer all those questions, some of your light on the light board, but I want to answer your questions then. I would like to have you rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the best one being the worst on the following three areas: one is marketing marketing meeting, you say my phone never rings, and when it does, it’s all word-of-mouth, I’m not good. At marketing attend is your awesome. You are like apple you’re, like Nike you’re, like doctors, Eleanor you who are a marketing machine. One is you’re, not so good. Okay, a scale 1 to 10 rate yourself on marketing to sales sales me. What do you mean? What’S the difference between a sales marketing leads, but sales is actually closing a deal on a scale of 1 to 10 10. Is you can close deals all day? One? Is you just doesn’t matter how many people you meet with, they all say how much do you charge and then you say our rates are competitive and they say. Could you email me and you say yeah and then you end up eating a lot of recycled Kettle. Older can older generic oatmeal to get my hearing a lot of ramen right now eating a lot of Stew made from remnants of stuff that might or might not be bad cuz. You not selling anything lot of skinny kids. You know the Third on a Scale 1-10 accounting accounting, Paul Hood, where you at Pactiv, probably up a parasaur support, Paul Hood, an accountant. He gives people look under the hood with their accounting. Most people are viewing their accounting is kind of a rear view, mirror and should be more like a GPS, more of a compass or the front dashboard soda scale of 1 to 10 of 10 is like you, you know your accounting, you’re, automatically saving or setting aside Money for taxes – and one is got you talk to your account and you hope that you have no idea. You have no idea if your back taxes – and you hope that when you talk to him that he says the number that blower so you’re like, so how much do we owe this year old boy? So we want to. I want you to write yourself on a scale 1 to 10 1 being marketing tubing sales, dreaming Accounting in the during the break Victoria’s going to come by and pick this up, and that was going to help us navigate this path together as a team cuz we’re All going to your goals, time, Freedom, Financial Freedom, Building 13 support system to help you but I’ll, make sure you the answer, Marshall, back to what we talking about. Alright we’re getting into it. We recapping Step 1 Step 2 instead of 3.

So if everybody will flip to page 84, 84 84 84 step number one, so we talked about it, you’re F6 goals. How much money you need to achieve your faith, your family goals, your financial goals, your fitness goals, your friendships goals and your fun goals. Okay. So what I want you to everybody to do is write real big in the white space above step. Number one establish Revenue goals. How much money do you need to make in the next year how much money? What are your financial goals established Revenue goals? Actually, the money you pay yourself, but you want to pick up. What’S the what’s the number, what’s the number you need to make this year and actual number, you can have a real number, but you look up so right down. That number. Take a minute write down that number. Take a minute write down that number. We got ta write down in the number we got to have a Target Napoleon Hill. He says those without a chief aim. Those without a chief aim will drift towards certain failure. Those without a chief aim will drift towards certain failure, so that means it doesn’t matter how hard you work or how fast you work for how long you work, if you don’t have a direction. Okay, if you’re not using a compass to direct your different goals in life, then you are going to drift into this, this Purgatory of Oblivion, of not achieving your. How many of y’all have been on vacation with a guy like me, who refuses to act as though GPS is irrelevant? Technology come on in Dallas, Highway 75 meets up with Highway 121. My wife says baby. We should turn on that GPS. I said no. I know my way to Frisco I go there. All the time come on come on baby, I’m going to turn the GPS. Cuz interrupts my music. It’S always like turn left into minutes turn. I was just getting into a Groove and turn right to my stop. Been circling around Dallas, you know Dallas. If you get on that wrong wrong Highway, your circle around on the tallest most precarious Highway in the world play my website. Could you please turn on the GPS baby? I know where we’re going now, some of y’all? Not not you people, it’s people at other conferences, the ones that start at 9 p.m. in other ones, it 8 p.m. the ones they have a beach ball, the ones that are highly motivational. Those people are screwed up. We know what we’re doing. We we all know what we’re to put some people are not using the GPS. You feel me now we have a GPS rule which consists of me turning on the GPS, okay, back to Marshall, okay, so you write down that number. Now, flip over to page 8787, it’s an emotional rollercoaster check. What we’re going to talk about are different principles. Different exercises, different things that you need to do for your business. That might not feel normal or might not feel like things that you’ve done in the past. Now that’s okay. First thing, first sentence here on the emotional rollercoaster check: don’t freak out if your Revenue goals turn out to be not accurate years months or weeks later, it’s okay, but what we’re going to teach you guys is the entrepreneurial startup methods, alright Drive Nation. Unfortunately, that is all we have time for, but I’m tomorrow’s broadcast we’re going to be teaching me entrepreneurial method, the startup method. If you’ve ever wanted to start a successful business, you do not want to miss out on tomorrow’s show. Are we are teaching the startup method? Now. Need further Ado. I always want to share the for tools and resources. We have available for all the Thrive Nation. What you can go to thrive time should I comment subscribe for the world’s best business podcast and it’s free to you can sign up for a one-on-one business consultation at DriveTime, free. You can book your tickets for a next in person, DriveTime workshop and for you can subscribe for the world’s best and most affordable business school. It’S the drive time show going to DriveTime your first month is just a dollar. As always, this shows always about. You. Add 3 2 1 BOOM!


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