Decreasing Your Business’ Reliance Upon You – Part 2

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Do you wish you had more time freedom in your life and business? Join business coach Clay Clark and Doctor Robert Zoellner as they unpack the super moves to decrease your business’s reliance upon you.

15. Create a documented workflow
16. Know your break-even point
  1. A. Determine Your Fixed Costs
  2. B. Determine Your Variable Costs
  3. C. Set Aside Money for Advertising (5% minimum)
  4. D. Set Aside Money for Paying Yourself
  5. E. Determine Your Profit Per Customer


17. Know your goal achievement point and when taxes are due.


18. Know your profitability per customer.


19. Decide on a file organization system.


20. Create a scripted job post.
  1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Every time you make the hard, correct decision you become a bit more courageous, and every time you make the easy, wrong decision you become a bit more cowardly. If you are CEO, these choices will lead to a courageous or cowardly company.” – Ben Horowitz (The man who grew Opsware before selling the company to Hewlett Packard for $1.6 billion)


21. Create a weekly group interview time.


22. Create a weekly new candidate shadow routine / schedule.


23. Schedule a weekly ongoing training program in place for your staff.


24. Create a delegation system for action items:
  1. A. Determine the action item
  2. B. Explain the details of the item
  3. C. Clearly layout the deadline
  4. D. Allow time to answer any questions
  5. E. Describe the management of the item
  6. F. Layout when follow-up will occur.


25. Determine a system to motivate yourself and to stay engaged in your vision.
  1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “For a happy life, attach your life to a goal, not people.” – Albert Einstein (The brilliant mind behind the prompting of the United States to create the atomic bomb that ended World War II)


26. Agree on a personal time management system in place to block out distractions and to create time to focus on the important aspects of your business.


27. Document the processes for delivering the products and service you have.


28. Document your budget.


29. Determine what financial peace looks like for you.
30. Create a checklist for everything.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Say yes to building a business not a job.” – David Finkel (Author of the book Scale and partner of the founder Jeff Hoffman)



Get ready to enter the Thrive time show on talk. Radio 1170 jokes about Lui you’re fired! That’S my son, my fire! Some! I do not want to ask this Robert! You have you have sort of a. You were telling me that an Oral Roberts University graduate is dating Dua Lipa is where we, where are your sources? What you  business coach  eating this information so check this out..

His name is Paul Klein of a band called Lani, which they just played. An incredible sold-out show at Cain’s Ballroom was thinking about it. It was really good and I just think I could use my friend. I know it seems, are you at home or I mean? Is he actually good? He is business coach  actually very good. I was thoroughly impressed. He put on an incredible performance and it’s not surprising that he’s able to snag a girl like Dua Lipa, used to be a hand model and JCPenney catalog, oh yeah. Actually, models of yeah he’s been doing music for a while. He led worship of my high school.

They want to, business coach  or you did, that, worship the same music stuff and then he start doing modeling for for a while for number different companies. Urban Outfitters was one of the big ones he he modeled for a while he’s getting his music career going and then he start getting noticed, started getting publicity and then it really just took off.

I think he has two songs in the top 30 right now. No, he doesn’t. I I haven’t fact check that. I know he has one: it’s called ilysb. I love you so bad, that’s very popular right now and he’s doing really great. You know what I tell you what but this, despite the fact that you are a complete Laney apologist on the show, because you are a tremendous business coach in all sincerity, my understandings, this guy’s business coach  doing really well, and he actually was a model and now he’s dating Dua Lipa, so are our big shout out to you there mr. Paul’s way to go to the concert you go.

Okay, you went out there in front of a group of people and so we’re going to go ahead and come. It was actually. It was actually good for how many teenage girls there were there. I was kind of skeptical, okay, what what’s it going to be, but he put on an incredible performance. I mean that, like the sound, even went out, the sound business coach  went out in the middle of the show and he managed it so well got the crowd to sing acapella.

The drums are going. It was amazing, so he’s the real deal he’s a real deal check them out. Ok, Google call Klein Lany now we’re talking about how to decrease your business is reliance upon you and Robert snuck inside the box of rocks here after a business coach session. Until you got a hot and fresh question from a driver out there, I do just like you so good, so I just got out business coach  of this meeting.

I’M working with this Physical Therapy Clinic, they are very committed. Driver they’ve been executing well and they’re, opening their seventh location they’re, just about to open their seventh location in there about a 6.5 million dollar practice and they’re growing. One of the ways that they have grown was through the execution of the dream: 100 Tristan 100 Tucson Arizona in Tucson Arizona, growing their their practice.

They’Ve been with our program business coach  here for quite a while, and they actually remember the online school as well. Everybody six and a Half Men and our practice continued, and so they execute the dream. 100 now they’re getting some great Clinic to send referral for physical therapy.

But the question is this: now that they have one these business coach  different clinics to send them referrals and they have a courting process where they regularly visiting, dropping off gift. Saying hello, seeing how you should check us out, here’s a one sheet and then they want the customer. After they win the customer, what should the relationship be with the customer from then on? They continue seeing them. Should they continue, drop me off gifts, or should they add another name to replace some of the dream? 100. Super business coach   great question.

That’S a great question. I want to do if you listen to the show today, you’re going to want to break all of your customers in the following five categories: okay, so Kelly Rowland number one is Apostles. Okay, the next category know this is kind of a don’t. Don’T pull an business coach   all-nighter on this just calm down the apostles are people that refer you all good time, because they really are passionate about what you do in the service you provide.

A business coach  loyalist is a consistent customer. Now, I’m mercenary as somebody who’s price, focused hostages, somebody that has to do business with you, but is tired of your frustrated there like to do a contract with you, so tired of it and there’s a terrorist in the terrorist is somebody who is just that they Cause Terror fear, entire team, and so what you want to do what you want to break your again, you want to break your dream.

102, the following five categories: okay, it’s very i business coach  mportant that business coach  you do this I’ll, give you time to write this down; okay, so I didn’t ever want his Apostles. You want to write down Apostles, ask yourself: who are the customers that refer other customers to you over and over and over again business coach  and they’re, just passion about you.

Those are the Apostle, not everyone can be an apostle to loyalists who’s, who comes back over and over and over again, but they really don’t bring friends. They just think they come back, mercenary who’s, the price sensitive business coach   person for hosta to somebody who’s only doing business with you, because I have two and five who are the terrorists?

What you want to do is you want to make sure you consistently Market to your Apostles and you’re loyal, and you business coach   only wanted to go out your time. If possible, does one-on-one meetings of dinner meetings with the apostles? That does make sense, so you want to break it down to those falling five categories.

You might look like where’d, you business coach  get that it’s from the book called the service profit chain. The service profit chain is a a book written by the Harvard Business School and it’s so important that you understand this concept, break your customers into the following five categories and put your time on the apostles and the loyalist of mercenary,

whose price focused entirely you invest In them, they’re not going to come back and bring friends now the next thing you want to do business coach  here that you’re building a business to decrease your ways to build a business coach  business model that decreases the businesses rely upon you, as you want to create a documented workflow.

Now, Robert, you seen the Thrive workflow. Have you seen the new elephant, the room work slow, but why is it important to take the ideas out of the heads of your business coach clients and to put it on to an actual whiteboard and then ultimately onto a printable PDF? That shows the entire works? Well, because that’s business coach   really the only way to scale is the only way to get it out of your head and put it on paper so that others can see it. You can hold others accountable to it and so that others can follow it so that you don’t have to necessarily business coach   be the only one who has the knowledge to execute it.

Number 16. Jordan. On your break even Point Robert, you working a lot of clients. What percentage of the default do in fact know their Break Even point in the number of business coach  customers they need just to break even honestly, probably close to 5 to 1 %. Okay. So it’s very rare. I believe I’ve only been in one 13-point assessment where someone was able to say hate. My break even point. Is this specific number, so business coach   you as a business coach? How can you help somebody determine their break-even point? What what does it look like?

Well, first, you got to figure out what are all your monthly costs? What are whether or not you make a sale? What does your business need to produce and then, after you figure that out, you figure out how much you make per sale and then you figure out? Okay, so I make x amount per sale. I have this many cost in my business on a monthly basis.

That means I need to business coach   sell this many things just to cover those costs. Then after we cover this cost, you start getting into profit Drive Nation here is the big steps I want you to. I want to break down with Robert just said, step one. You want to determine your fixed cost. It’S so important. You know your car, so the cost that are fixed every single month.

Your rent, your car insurance utilities, owns and I’m mmm sing with angst, because sometimes you don’t think about it. Internet bills, your workman’s comp, your salaries, your business coach   association fees, your website, you’re off, and then you got to determine your variable cost. Does it cost associated with delivering the product? So I’m a very simple level. He made cakes Adobe the cost of the flower and the cost of the eggs in the cost of the sugar. In the cost of the things that go into making the cake, you got to make a variable cost and then you’ve also got him set aside money.

You’Ve got to set aside money set aside money for set business coach  aside money, for somebody got some help me set aside money set aside money for advertising and we suggest a minimum of 5 % minimum you’ve got to do that. Then you got to set aside money. Somebody help me with set aside money for paying yourself. You got to pay yourself.

Tell me more about they’re, not paying themselves at all. You’Ve got to pay yourself, it’s important! If you don’t pay yourself, what are you doing? You got to pay your cell bill business coach   in the number of customers you need break even and then you go to determine the number of the actual money you make profit for a custom review that again determine your fixed costs.

Determine your variable costs set aside money for advertising, set aside money for paying yourself and determine your profit per customer. Then you got to determine. You must determine your break-even point now: moving over 1700, your goal achievement business coach   point and when taxes are due, why do you have to tell Robert what are the clients have to know?

Why did the people out there listening? Why is it so important to know how many customers they need to hit their goals? Because you got to keep yourself engaged when you are able to write that down? It keeps you engaged in the business there’s so many times. I’Ve heard you say this doing entrepreneurship. It’S it’s not like eating a business coach  broken glass.

Another way to get you put it as you wake up in the morning and you feel like a lion. A ravenous lion is chasing you, while you’re chasing a bag of gold schizophrenic until you get into the profit right and said, there’s going to be difficulties and challenges along the way that cause you to easily get distracted, bring that number down. Knowing how many sales you need to make to hit that number, you begin to break that down even further hey! That’S why I need business coach   monthly weekly daily and it begins to set in a daily agenda of focus for you.

So you become obsessive about hitting those numbers Bell Drive Nation. If you want to get a copy of the start here book – and I know you did the start here book – it’s it’s – it’s a document Aid a documented system. It’S the documentation business coach  of all of the systems that dr. zoellner and I have used to build the 13 multimillion-dollar business.

As you can download the book of Satan Amazon bestseller, you can download it right now for free somebody says yeah. We watch the cats, I mean probably probably got a in a lot of ship, a bunch of soap and you got to probably sign up for initial initiation. Friends, do you know? No? It’S not it’s. Not a big multi-level thing is we’re giving you the start here book to business coach   download absolutely for free and Thomas Edison. If he were here, he would tell you that knowledge with an application is meaningless and Thomas Edison was here. You take the Thomas calm down.

I was kind of intense Vision Without execution is hallucination and then you would say, Hey Thomas, would you just calm the heck down at home skillet? I invented video. I invented audio. I have been at the Modern light bulb and you would say home, skillet skillet business coach   on the guy who started GE homes, so Thomas Edison would get pretty intense here with you, I’m just in couraging you you have to you have to do. You have to take action. Okay and if you need to meet with an accountant to figure out when your taxes are due, go to hood CPAs he’s a proud sponsor of this program.

We encourage you to take some action that I’m under 18 and dedication of the incredible Payton, incredible Peyton Manning number 18. You got to know business coach  your profitability per customer. We come back we’re going to help you determine what is the actual profit that you make per customer. Almost no one ever thinks about how much profit do I actually make her customer.

It’S so important. You know that not the gross revenue but the profit. You have to know how much profit do you make per customer cuz? If not, what are you doing? You got to figure. Are you in business, for the Glory of Love? Are you in business Just For the Glory of business coach  Love?

Will if you are you’re in good company, because Ralph Macchio, The Karate Kid Just For the Glory of Love and I’m going to keep it up? So you can. Maybe you know, take your business buddies with you to a castle, far away and enjoy the Karate Kid. 2 soundtrack, but if not to make some profit statement for Drive Time show on your radio back to the business coach radio show that allegedly caught the up with trees people how to make their signs out of something other business coach  than wood, no disrespect to the up with Trees, people thank you so much for promoting trees,

I’m all about planting trees all across this great country and take to have a property with thousands of trees. But I do think that is a little bit ironic. Don’T you think that the trees were made out of wood for a long time, but recently I’ve seen a change and if you want to build the trees at the signs that it would have been on a plastic, I really don’t care, but I think business coach  it’s kind Of a funny observation, all right now they were talking about decreasing. Your business is reliance upon you. Somebody says who you you want to decrease. Your business is relying upon me know you, you want to decrease your business in Reliance upon you.

Why? So? You can have time freedom and Financial Freedom, so this next said this next move. Number 18 is, you have to know your profitability per customer.? There’S a book business coach  called the service profit chain and it documents the success of many companies, one of which is a Domino’s franchise owner and the Domino’s franchise owner knows how much profit he’s going to make per year if he gets a new customer, and so he does Is he focuses on getting new customers at a cost, that’s less than he makes us profit per customer?

He figures out the properties going to make per customer at elephant in the room the first time. If you come business coach  into elephant in the room, we have three locations in Tulsa to serve you right now and we will be franchising very very soon after 5 years of building the system, if you come into any of our three locations, your first haircut is always just A dollar to the first haircut is a dollar now I am just so we’re clear after the business coach  first haircut. If you want to become a member, it’s more than a dollar, but the first haircut is a dollar and just going to eat ITR to schedule your first appointment today again at citr

Ladies, if you’re listening, you might want to schedule your man for Ugg and I’ll cook clean out that elephant in the room, Men’s Grooming Lounge will, after you come in for a dollar. If you sign up for a member or if you don’t, it still cost us about to business coach  cut your hair and to pay the stylist who cut your hair, even if you don’t sign up as a member, so we know exactly the number of people that have to Convert it to a membership for that model to work.

We know that and we know the profit we make per customer per month and it’s not an outstanding member, but what happens is with over 4,400 members? It’S a very successful business because we built a system that people like and because the customers choose business coach  to come back until you’ve got to know your profitability per customer.

I want you to know that you just figure out your goals and divide that by the number of customers. You need and Bam. You’Re there, that’s exciting.. The third step is, you want to decide on a file organization system to decide on a file organization system, and it is so important. It’S not casual, because casualness causes casualties, the casualness causes cattle.

Did you got to save all the files in the business coach  right place? Drive Nation, have you ever met, somebody that’s lost all of their baby photos of their kids. No I’ve never done that cuz. I did that. Yes, you said you have you of what you’ve lost. You lost all your babies photos when they were on my Hewlett-Packard and it crashed you want, and what about the phone?

What about the phone right now you’re using is that phone backed up? Is it Saint or all your files saved, or are you at the risk of losing all of your images? Are you business coach  saving all your key documents on your desktop? What, with our business coach system, we save everything into a backed-up redundant system called

That’S what we use – and I am so glad that we spend thousands of dollars with Dropbox, because we didn’t do it. People could lose their files. There, videos there for their photographs, their business workflows their perform as it’s so important that you today as a listener. Ask yourself: do you have a business coach   file organization organization system in place?

Do you have a specific way in which you name files and are you backing up your files and if you’re not., I strongly recommend you go to thrive time and you download the start here book download the start here, because I’m actually free to download the E-Book read that book and then you’re going to just go put.

These epiphanies are going to have it your mind’s, going to explode you’re going to business coach  have to put duct tape around your head, as you discover that you don’t know certain things that are hurting you. What you don’t know is hurting one of those things is file organizations you have to agree on a file nomenclature system.

You’Ve got to do it. Move number 20. You’Ve got to create a script, a job post. You’Ve got to do it because you’ve got to recruit new Talent. You got to recruit new Talent, you who you mean me yeah you, but I business coach   like my team. My team is really nice. I, like everybody on the team, they’re all hard worker and I’ve known him for a long time, and it really I mean, is the team good cuz of the team is really good.

Then I highly recommend that you stick with that team, but if the team is not really good, you got to be honest to God. We can and sometimes it’s time to business coach   move on and I think a lot of business owners get themselves in a bad spot because you’re not allowing any new potential team members to come into the field.

And it’s like having a football team or a football roster. Where are you never do a draft and you never signed any new players will eventually the team’s going to get old and Obsolete, and so you’ve got to make sure that you open up the pipeline of new Talent.

You’Ve got to have you just business coach  have to have new faces coming into at least interview into your business on a consistent level, because, if not you’re coming to get stacked like a pond that you know, there’s no Outlet to it, there’s no spring and it just kind Of gross it kind of smells business coach  like a like that smells like a porta potty.

You know when it’s got some funk on that thing and it’s got the lily pads on it and it’s got just gross snake Haven. You know it’s just a sick, but that’s. What’S going to happen to your business, if you do not post for jobs consistently, so moon ever 21 in honor of Deion Sanders Primetime create a weekly group interview time.

You’Ve got to schedule a time to interview these new people. When you have new people apply for a job, you business coach   need to schedule a specific time to interview them. Otherwise, you’re going to get blown up and overwhelmed with resumes resumes are coming in all the time and you’re not reading them.

Resumes You’ve Got Mail. Resume. You’Ve Got Mail. Why does your? Why does your computer sound like it’s punching, you you’ve got mail, you got up and you’re overwhelmed with resumes. You got to make sure your schedule and time every week to respond to those business coach   resumes and to schedule a weekly group interview.

What’S a group group interviews, were you interviewed by Jack and it’s all the same time now at all multiple times, because when it comes in to apply for the job, oh you don’t think I ever want business coach  to look at yours. Can they make it there? Can it get there on time? Somebody help me: can the candidate get there on time?

We do group interviews every single week Tuesdays at 5 here at the Thrive time show and at are different. Various companies. We have here elephant in the room. You know all the different companies were involved business coach   in what happened to it like a little. Less than half of the candidates can even find the way to get there on time.

They just struggle to get to the job interview on time then another like maybe a third of a Fourth of them struggle to have a resume, that’s business coach  not filled with lies. They just struggle to have an honest resume. Well, if, if someone doesn’t have an honest resume, I don’t want to hire him, I don’t care what their talents are.

I don’t want to hire. Somebody is a dishonest resume, and so these are things in a group interview allows you to just viewed. You just lose one hour of your week to interviewing. Instead of like fourteen separate interviews like last week, we had over a dozen can it show up and give you one hour a business coach   week or you can proactively interview a bunch of people and we come back.

We’Ll talk about how to decide if a new candidate is go right in it and back to the business coach radio show that’s so powerful, it would make OSU and OU get along alright. Welcome back in the conversation is the Thrive time show on your radio. Welcome back to the audio Dojo of Mojo in the place that you go to learn how to start or grow a successful company in today were talking about business coach   decreasing your businesses. Reliance upon you. This is so important for 30 action.

Steps that you need to take to create both time and Financial Freedom, if you ever Miss part of the show when you want to go back in here, to get all your drive time, show. click on the podcast and we actually have all the show notes up. There too, so I’m talking about a buffet of knowledge, you’re not going to get a call about Mystic statistics, I’m talking about notable quotables, I’m talking business coach  about stories.

I’M talking about anecdotes, I’m talking about embedded videos, it’s all up there. You got to go there all the case studies it’s all available for you at DriveTime for free, if you just click on the podcast, but now you’re talking ever talk about what you begin to hire do people you got to create a weekly move, number 22 And honored business coach

Will Clark the former baseball player for the San Francisco Giants World Series in 1989, and I know this because I was once an obsessive San Francisco Giants, baseball fan. So what you want to do to create a weekly new candidate Shadow, routine schedule. You got to have part of your schedule, blocked off every single week to train new candidates and they have to Shadow you.

I would suggest that I would do. I would highly recommend. I would tell you business coach  that you’re out of your mind, if you don’t, you need to have potential new candidates Shadow you before you hire them because of you. Don’T do this you’re going to commit to hiring somebody with a good resume who can’t get it done?

There are so many people out there that have a great resume that can’t get it done. They got a great resume, but they choose to not get it done just the other day. We had a guy come to cook them here until to work, and he says I want to business coach   come. Join the team heard great things about it. We’Ve heard great things about you.

I have heard great things about it and he says: what’s an IP I’ve seen the client you worked with, and I just I want to come, join the team. I want to learn. How do I become a business coach? I want to do that. I said you got to start off at the bottom. You learn search engine optimization, you got, ta, learn sales scripting, you got ta, learn these certain jobs and then once you this is.

This is the path and after you’ve been business coach  doing that for about a year, then you can move up to where you can actually coach clients. You can do it, but you got to follow the proving Patty got to start here and move your way out. Please absolutely! I’M I’m committed, I said your committee said I’m committed, so we ride in my car and he asked me about compensation and he asks me what books to read and he’s motivated.

You know why I’m not frustrated about this relationship, just in my schedule – and I know business coach  that he’s a great guy, I’m sure I’m sure he was a kid and it has a parent and he was bored as once. A baby and he’s got a degree, and so what happens is that he comes in for that first day, at work. First day at work is always tough, because now it’s what the rubber hits the longer be intentions it can be.

You actually business coach  have to do what you say. You’Re going to do, you can just say you’re going to make cold calls. You actually have to make the calls. You can’t just say you’re going to work on the concrete in the construction crew. You have to do it, and so he made calls on her team sales calls for one of the companies,

for we will be out of pain pill, do Outsource, calling for some of our bigger clients in a bigger clients, even startups as well I’ll need someone to Make outbound calls for business coach   them and is part of the coaching program that can Outsource the cost to us, and he made calls for, I think, maybe 7 minutes not 10. I mean maybe just hell on there and push through the pain to get to 9, but not not 10.

What happens is that after business coach  making calls for just like 10 minutes, maybe he decided he couldn’t handle it, and so we wish them. You know well when we moved on, but we have to schedule a time every week for people to Shadow me and Rita see what they can do so that I’m not business coach  committing to hiring somebody.

First of The Next Movement of 23 and honor of Mike Jordan on the Bulls there’s on the Chicago Bulls, Michael Jordan, you want to schedule a weekly ongoing training program in place for your staff. Your staff is not going to get better if you don’t work with them every single week. You have to invest time in them to teach them the skills they need to know to improve.

It is so important that you teach your staff how to improve their practical business coach  skills, are not talking about mine, sad I’m at motivation. I’M talking about learning how to specifically do the thing. Maybe you have a Graphic Design firm.

It’S teaching your team had to do Photoshop better how to do photography better, how to do video ography better, how to do anything that they’re supposed to do better and you’ve got to schedule a specific time every week to teach them how to get better or by Default are going to drink and you’re business coach   going to get better YouTube If you don’t hold them accountable to getting better through weekly training, they’re going to drift and then you’re going to get bitter, and that is not going to be a good move.

For you. Remember: 24-hour Jason system for your action items, management and follow-up. I’Ve never had something in your company business coach   where you’ve assigned the task to a member of your TV or side of tasks to they were your team and they failed to get the job done. The B team in The A Team in business Riverhead the B-Team, where you give them something to do, and they don’t actually do it.

I don’t know if this is maybe a rare phenomenon that only only occurred within the businesses that I’ve owned. But I found this phenomenon where there’s certain people that you give them work to do and business coach  when you give them to work to do they don’t actually do it because they just they just for whatever reason I get overwhelmed they get.

I don’t know what it is, but they just don’t do the job. What what happens is a lot of times. It wasn’t effectively delegated the project that you gave them to do wasn’t effectively delegates when you delegate a task to somebody was that look like will one you want to give them. The specific action item to you want explain the details of the item right.

Three, you want to give people a deadline business coach  of when it’s supposed to be done, for you want to open it up for any questions that they have five. You want to explain that the management of how it, how the Project’s going to be man entire, going to know if they did or not, and then you want to schedule a time to follow up but you’ve got to have an effective delegation system in place. If you’re going to ever go to scalable business, you’ve got to give somebody action item and you got to explain the details of the item business coach  to them. You got to give him a deadline.

You got to make yourself available to answer any other questions. You got to explain to them how the project will be managed and you’ve got to schedule time to follow up. That’S how it works, no move. Number 25. Is you got to find a way to motivate yourself? You’Ve got to schedule a specific time in business coach  your schedule. On a daily basis to motivate yourself motivate myself, I don’t know if I need to do that everyday. Okay! Well, then, don’t take a shower today. You know, don’t take a shower tomorrow. Take a shower once a week see what happens, create the smell.

That is yet to be discovered, find a way to be that awkward smell in the elevator find a way to be the guy at church people who are said you were saying: oh my gosh. What’S that smell know, you want to take a business coach   shower everyday and you want to find a way to motivate yourself everyday cuz. If you do not motivate yourself every day, you’re going to drift and drifting is more deadly and damaging than just quitting, because it makes you feel like you’re, going the right way, but you’re not actually putting in the work. You must find a way to motivate yourself on a daily basis.

We come back we’re talking about how you motivate yourself on a daily basis and they’re going to continue talking business coach  about the 30 moves that you need to use to decrease. Your business is reliance upon you. How do you say I like that everything is dependent upon me? This isn’t the show for you, but it’s on your radio and subscribe to the podcast today going to drive time should I come pick on.

Podcast subscribe today also go up there and download the start here book. It’S actually yours for free, that’s the right time! Show.Com, the frog type business coach radio show is filmed in front of a live studio business coach  audience how many people to be in the studio audience today see.

There’S not a lot of people just to make it easier for people to hear so. Welcome back to the Thrive. Talk show on your radio today we’re talking about how to grow a successful. Not forget it all right right make sure you will go back to the conversation, honey display, Clark, you are in the building, or at least you’re listening to somebody was in the building.

When did Clay Clarks broadcasting business coach   live from the Thrive time, audio Dojo of Mojo wear everyday. We try to create the place that you need to go to to find all the moves that will make your business grow and today we’re talking about decreasing. Your business is reliance upon you. That is next step. This next step. This next is next step is very important.

You have to determine a system to motivate yourself into stay engaged in Your Vision, now a little more information than business coach  what you want to know, but I have found that almost everybody that I have worked with in business eventually will screw me, except for 5 %.

Typically, so if we have a hundred people that come into the organization, eventually overtime, one of them, whilst how do I screen well, one is you don’t have to come by DJ people would call in sick when they weren’t, sick or they’ll go start their own Company and directly compete with you business coach   even after having signed a non-compete, but in the state of Oklahoma.

You can’t keep somebody from running a livable wage and you tried dealing with unemployment as an example. Recently we had a person who worked for us and one of my companies and they actually voluntarily quit so they could start their own business. Then they began to systematically try to steal clients which they successfully did to a certain extent and they actually successfully business coach  filed unemployment and one. So I had to pay the person unemployment, while they’re actually starting their own business, while they’re taking our current customers.

And why? Because that’s how the game is played their say. It’S just it’s like chess. It’S like there’s people that play those games and, if you don’t like reality, I’m sorry but business coach   people will eventually screw you into Albert Einstein would say if he were here, a notable quotable from Albert Einstein, the brilliant mind behind the prompting of the United States to create The atomic bomb that ended World War II like this, he says for a happy wife, attach your life to a goal. Not people for happy life attach your life to a goal, not people.

What time is Edison is saying, or what Albert Einstein saying is that there were people that were upset that business coach   he tried to play God, my credit be Autumn bomb that ended the war. He should have not tried to play God. There are people upset that he created the bomb that allowed us to win World War II there other people they were happy about it. I think I grew up in Germany for crying out loud and it people of his own that he grew up with people. I went to school with kids. He knew growing up.

Try to convince him to putting on a gold star on his uniform and basically going business coach  off to a concentration camp was a good thing, there’s so many people that refused to stand up against Adolf Hitler, because that was the rules that was the rules you’re. So many people willing who are willing to turn a blind eye to help people, because it’s not the law to take in single women.

You know it’s not the law to take in a family. Technically, you can’t help somebody cuz, not the law, you’re going to mean you turn a Blind Eye in favor of a wall made by man. I don’t know, business coach   that’s not how I roll. So what are you talking about? What I’m talking about is it for a happy life. You got to find a way to motivate yourself to stay engaged with your vision and you’re not going to stay engaged with your vision.

If you don’t come back to it every single day, every single day, you have to start your day. By saying this, it is profound that I am above the ground. It is profound that I’m above the ground and I’m going to commit to verbs and not just now.. You got to ask business coach   yourself what action items do you need to take to go beyond just you know wishing, but to actually make the day what you wanted to be to design the life you want to live.

You ever sent me this profound that I’m above the ground, it is a gift that I am even alive. What can I do today? What action steps can I take today to move Beyond just surviving? What can I do to get to where I need to go with my life and you’ve got to do it on a daily basis it? What I do everyday business coach  is I like to take a shower while listening to TD Jakes, I love listening to TD Jakes. While I take a shower – and I do this all the time every day – why don’t everyday? Because I have found that it allows me to stay engaged with my vision and my purpose of I don’t do this.

I begin to drift and if you begin to drift, you begin to feel bad because it causes business coach   cognitive dissonance. It’S where your goals don’t align with your daily action items, and now you are drifting and drifting is the cause of depression and that’s how you end up living in a van down by the river move. 26. You must agree on a personal time management system in place to block out distractions and it’s a great time to focus on the important aspects of your life it according to Lee Cochran. This is Lee Cockrell guy used to be the Executive Vice President business coach  of Walt Disney World Resorts.

Anything that is not schedule does not get done. Anything that is not scheduled does not get what some of them done one more time. Anything that is not schedule does not get done, so you got a schedule specific time to get the things that are a source of what are the things you need to get done today. I need to buy glue small glue because I need to fix some headphones and also need to fix.

There’S a really nice, a ceramic Boston Motif that I have business coach   I want. I want to fix it as a ceramic. You know that piece of Decor I want to fix that, and I also need to do to I go to the store I need to go to Sprouts need to buy whatever’s on my list made Sprouts, I like to eat healthy, everyday, and I like to get Those pre-made meals, so I have to do that today, 27, you got a document. The process is for delivering the products and services you have. You have to document the processes for delivering the products and services that you have. You have business coach   a system in place.

You don’t have a business, you just have a job if you’re the only one who knows how to do a task, and you don’t have a business, you just have a job and job stands for just over broke next move. You got to make sure that you are thinking about financial peace. You want to determine what Financial Peace looks like and Dave Ramsey.

If he were here, he would say that Financial Peace, isn’t the acquisition of stuff Financial Peace is learning how business coach  to live on less than you make determine what Financial Peace looks like for you. It’S so important. You write down these goals, specifically in the final step to decreasing your businesses. Reliance upon you, the final step, you want to know what the final step is.

I want you to know what is it is create a checklist for everything create a checklist for everything. If it’s clean, the bathrooms create a checklist, if it’s answering the phone create a checklist business coach   if it’s packing for your equipment, credit check list, if it’s doing the security alarms to secure the building before you leave, create a checklist.

Please, for your financial security, create a checklist for every single aspect of your business. If you don’t do that, you’re going to end up struggling – and I know we went over a lot of stuff today – lot a lot of great detai business coach  l out of specifics for how you can decrease your business is reliance upon you, but it’s all bundled together in this Book be called a start here book and start here book.

If you just go to 3 Amazon, it’s a best-seller up there. It’S called starting your bike Lake Clark and Marshall Morris at an Amazon bestseller, but you download the non-physical copy. The e-book copy for free just by going to thrive time, show comments. Drivetime me once you go business coach  there, you’re going to find that book is just right.

There to be able to download for free also have the Boom book, which is kind of like a cliff notes. Version of that book it is also available for you to download for free, so I got to do is go to thrive time, and download those 2 books today and to be on the show. I don’t, I don’t ask you for a lot of favors, but one favor. I wanted to ask you.

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When we have the in-person DriveTime workshops. We have the one on one business: coaching we have the world’s most effective business school, that’s just a dollar for the first month and we have the Thrive time show podcast, it’s all available for you today, simply by business coach   going to thrive time My name is Clay. Clark, I’m a father of five and professionally speaking. This is why I’m alive I’m here to business coach   help you achieve your financial goals. As always, we appreciate you and all that need further. I do 3. 2. 1 BOOM!



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