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So you want to be an entrepreneur? Are you sure you aren’t just a “wantrapreneur”? Find out during today’s episode of The Thrive Time Business Coach Radio Show with U.S. Entrepreneur of the Year, Clay Clark. Join us as Clay Clark breaks down the difference between successful entrepreneurs and failing wantrepreneurs. Clay explains that “diligence makes the difference” and that the cultural addiction to “new” is an enemy of your success. During this podcast Clay breaks down the following topics and more: diligence, dealing with your fears, sacrifice, the importance of saving and more…


  1. 1. It’s not about the “new idea” it’s about executing a proven plan.
  2. A. It’s not about new wife.
  3. B. It’s not about the new girlfriend.
  4. C. It’s not about the new business idea.
  5. D. It’s not about the new startup.
  6. 2. It’s about diligence.
  7. A. DEFINITION – Diligence – The steady application of effort.
  8. 3. It’s about diligence.
  9. A. DEFINITION – Diligence – Steady, earnest, and energetic effort :persevering application
  10. 4. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “You must be the pig at breakfast and not just the chicken.” – Doctor Robert Zoellner
  11. 5. Stop comparing yourself with false realities.
  12. A. SEE Pamela Anderson without Photoshop


6. Find a way to deal with fears
7. Most success stories that you and I know about took a long time to become profitable: 


      1. 1. Google started in 1996 and didn’t begin to gain traction until 1999.
      2. 2. Tesla did not make a profit from 2003 to 2013.
      3. 3. ESPN didn’t make a profit for nearly a decade.
      4. 4. Walt Disney lost it all 2 times.
      5. 5. Henry Ford lost it all 5 times.
      6. 6. Thomas Edison logged 10,000 failed experiments of the light bulb before successfully creating the modern light bulb.
      7. 7. How long are you willing to invest your ideas and your business?


8. Behold…The original World Headquarters of DJ Connection (Their apartment at 71st & Lewis in Tulsa, Oklahoma)

  1. 1. Clay and started out his college dorm room (Oral Roberts University)
  2. 2. Clay and Vanessa began DJing events together shortly after their wedding (Vanessa was 20 years old and Clay was 20 years old as well when he proposed in 2000)


9. The best business plan ever


10. How do you retain stylists and personal trainers?


11. Who was Bill Campbell?


12. If you can’t save the seeds of greatness are not within you.
  1. 1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “If you cannot save money, the seeds of greatness are not in you.” – W. Clement Stone (In 1919, Stone built the Combined Insurance Company of America, which provided both accident and health insurance coverage; by 1930, he had over 1000 agents selling insurance for him across the United States. By 1979, his insurance company exceeded $1 billion in assets. Combined later merged with the Ryan Insurance Group to form Aon Corporation in 1987., and Combined was later spun off by Aon to ACE Limited in April 2008 for $2.56 billion.)

I know you going to dig this sting live from the center of the universe. The BS optometrist turned entrepreneur dr. Robert zoellner with us SBA entrepreneur of the Year. Clay welcome to the Thrive time, show on talk, radio 1170 Christmas toys tickets to the  business coach  pussies getting up. I showed you with business coach  the five times show on your radio.

It’S a crap ton show and away. We go it’s about time, show on your radio and 3-2-1. Here we go alright, alright, alright and All rights right Nation. Welcome back to the conversation, you are listen to the Thrive time show on your radio. My name is Clay Clark, the former USS be a entrepreneur of the year and normally I business coach  am joined with dr. Robert zoellner, but he is out yet again expanding his entrepreneurial Empire, and so today I’m going to be with you solo in to make it kind of Fun and it to spice it up business coach  and to bring a little flavor we’re going to do today is going to be playing audio from this past weekend’s Workshop.

Our next Workshop, I’m being told, is not until December, and so I believe our next Workshop is going to be in December, and so, if you want to get those tickets, you have time to do that. But our next conference will be business coach   in December, and so we have people that this conference from California from Tennessee we had people from Texas.

We had people from New York. We have quite a few people all over the country at this tat, this guy business coach  cat from California. We had I just fabulous Workshop. Some great people attended, it was awesome meeting each and everyone of you and Chad promote Long Island. You absolutely nailed the role playing. It was unbelievable.

My friend you killed it. So I’m pretty white stripe Nation we’re going to just go play an excerpt from this weekend Workshop in in this portion that we’re going to tune into is the portion that program where I’m teaching, specifically the business coach  mindset of a successful entrepreneur versus the mindset of a failing One tripping or I want to be an entrepreneur, but doesn’t quite make it.

They did work. Contrast the difference of the mindset between a successful entrepreneur and somebody who just wants to be a successful entrepreneur, never quite gets there, so we’re going back to the conference. Now. It’S getting the role of Entrepreneurship, so what happens? Is you have a product or a service business coach  and you’ve been told your whole life that you are exceptional and that there’s a there’s a bias out there for the idea right? Isn’T there in the bias? I have a new idea: I’ve got a new idea. I’Ve got a new idea. I should start a business right. I do idea. The promise is excitement about the new idea.

Isn’T there not an excitement at the new car, the new girlfriend, the new house, new car smell, smells like pine trees. I love, I don’t know what it is about. The new car. I love the business coach  smell of new and fresh debt. I mean cars, so there’s a new. What happens? Is people come to motivational seminars, workshops and they want to learn a new thing, but nobody wants to focus on the thing you got the One You’re With. So if your married remember the wedding day, but my mom is freaking out, but we spent like 20 grand on this.

Hopefully, it’s not business coach   hot, but you get married and now and now and now you that’s – that’s the one you’re with a lot of me were looking for the new thing business coach   they want infatuation. Do they not that’s, not love, though right. I want to know what business coach  love is. I want you to show me that song that song baby song Love I’m working.

Is it not commitment? Is it not diligence? Is it not committing? Please write this down. Proverbs 10:4 Proverbs 10:4, says God blesses the hand of the business coach  diligent and he punishes the hand of the slacker diligence means the steady application of effort. What is the song mean? What I’m saying is is that if you diligently put forth effort towards a given activity and you refuse to stop, you will win, but if business coach  you put forth effort into something only when it feels good, you will lose. That comes to Fitness right Fitness. How comes you watch? Arnold Schwarzenegger does interview with him.

I said how do you know if your getting better for Fitness Singles, whatever business coach   you’re in pain, do 3 more reps, and I thought that’s pretty profound so in sales, whenever you get rejected three more reps to business marriage? Whenever you really said something stupid, like I told you guys, I would mention this but Vanessa business coach  we’re on the car II timeshare in Vegas. We are not thinking, oh my gosh, this guy’s an idiot dividing and then you get back to the hotel room in your like.

I can’t believe I married this man, but that’s where you decide whether you’re committed or it’s just a you business coach  know till death. Do we part unless we feel like it? So your business owner has this Rule, and I want you to write this rule down. There says he says a thousand times a thousand times, but you got to be the pig at breakfast and not just the Chicken Marshall.

What does that mean? It means the chicken just showed up to work that day the pig gave its life so you’re not going to spend any. Who has been to the men’s restroom. You still a picture. I have the points at the urinal that says, if you’re not business coach   willing to work on your business for 5 years without any positive feedback, Put Your Dreams here and it points to the urinal. Sorry, ladies, I didn’t get inspired to write the ladies restroom there. But the point is it so many people are we getting traction? Are we getting traction? I don’t know if I’m getting any traction here.

I think I want to quit. I don’t want to stop. I want to, I don’t know if I can you traction, you know why cuz you’re watching stuff, it’s not business coach  your. How many legs do about Photoshop on magazine covers come on come on. Ladies, do you know about this now when you see this or what? What? What? What typically happens that lady gets the photoshoot and she’s like 40 right, the lady in the photo shoot 6:40 and all my gosh she looks business coach  so good. Will you look great too after 4 hours of Photoshop ride, Felicia talk to you about the pawn shop and another thing: that’s totally,

I think so she’s one of business coach  our editors she can eat. She can even make me look good, clear, going to have to remove your business coach   face and put Jim Cathcart face on you, but then after that you’ll be fine. I will keep your body, but we won’t actually use your body will use Marshall’s body and business coach   Cathcart space with the photo of you will be great. Let me know what you’re upset to the point is: let’s go to now page 55. So, let’s play the game. How many years is that 11 calm down if your business is not profitable in week, 1 crap cuz, nobody gives a crap. You know I made it.

I made 18 sales cars and nobody said yes, oh no, see that’s how I sound now cuz, I’m a jerk. Let’S go back to my younger self through 18 years ago. This was me: Vanessa would go out. She would go to Office Depot ever used to walk there 71st and Lewis she’s walking there and they hate going to Office Depot. We business coach  can’t afford air conditioning cuz you’re, an idiot husband decided to spend all their money. I asked first on Yellow Page yet, and this was my marketing team. This is my backpack. Are you typically it is you wearing one shoulder cuz, you cool? Can you go out and your Market you pass out? Flyers. Vanessa is working at Office Depot that your boss was Dave everyday with the freckles David, your boss, today with the freckles with pay, but I still like you know an hour and then to buy even one speaker.

That’S like, but here’s the deal she would come home as soon as I business coach  can book anything today and I would usually have great great things and she was never. She never beat me up on it, but I would always have like a reason. I know no, but I got a lot of hot leads. Anybody ever said that to yourself before I got a lot of hot leads, so then she’d leave believing that I was making sales calls while she’s working jobs, I’m working at Applebee’s and Target, and I had a job over at the DirecTV. What she thought.,

Probably making cause, I work business coach  at a call center, where my boss, at the DirecTV place, makes me make every day my boss said DirecTV made me, make two hundred calls a day cuz, it’s part of the thing so she’s thinking he’s probably making calls Know it’s soon as she leaves business coach  here’s what I do. Nothing cuz, I’m afraid, but I’m a grown ass man, who’s afraid of life. I pick up the phone, I make one call and it’s like it doesn’t go. Well, I might try to get in touch with your event.

Planner who poo poo Court nature of your business coach  parties and the lady said she’s not in today, and I’m like okay, well I’ll call back and my sales calls doesn’t work, but I believe I’m exceptional. By virtue of being born cuz, I had too many public school teachers. Do you understand what I’m saying so I business coach  believe it I’m exceptional because of just being born.

Does this make sense to because I’m a Child of God, I’m a man, I knew I’m going to be a successful Vanessa comes home and she’s like hey honey. You sell anything and I’m like business coach  oh well, I’ve got things in the Bible, so there’s our moves. She moves she discovers all as we could be married longer than I did these moves.

So I kind of don’t do this and those even the workshop before I’m not business coach  advocating this, but this is what I came up with this my system. If I will make 25 calls, I get a beer 25. More calls again, RB. R35. More calls that to their beer, I’ve had four beers I haven’t eaten, yet it’s like 11 a.m. I’m fearless. It’S business coach  about the phone that kids about a hundred calls in I’m like hey who’s in charge of your corporate parties and they’re like who is this.

This is clay clay. Who am I calling about our holiday party? No fear at all? No stress. I business coach  got my best man at a wedding you’re, the best man. Can I get a drink first, you know what I’m saying The Fearless who gives a crap mentality. So I’m on fire Nextbook pretty soon. I realize this is how you become a day business coach   Drinker.

This is not a move write check in with the new movie the new movie, with every time I set an appointment. I got to call in to the station. It’S called whoever the buzz with Mark Wood Dale on the buzz, and s business coach  o I would call in and who hears an OSU fan like you really care about OSU football. Who cares what? Oh you business coach  football Julio’s kinda like it doesn’t matter..

I realized it doesn’t matter to me, but it matters a lot to them and I’m going to have fun with that. If I set an appointment, please call us at 460-1430, you call the number business coach   and you call and I’ll go and I would say: hey I got to take and ask you what your take is. Cuz, you got the air, they don’t you just say something crazy and I take.

This is a great time in American history, World prank business coach  calling so well. I know some dirt on OSU. They got repeated, recruiting violations that are very very near to come in to lighten. I just want to talk about how do I OK, Google Tom? I will always you would it should be pretty business coach   good based on what they’re paying their players and Mark? Will it come again color?

Are you accusing the OSU team of recruiting? I know it to be a fact. I will tell you this. I have a clue for Source close to the team that has any new. The ratings business coach  go up people tuned into that stuff, so I’m just end it once he got all the OSU fans so mad. He would go well. I take what we can’t. Let this kind of conversation happened on a radio station without proof, so I’m going to have to let business coach  you go and I’m like. Yes, my work here is done, and then I listen to the radio to little bit of a delay about 2 seconds.

People would call in just and sent you can’t let a guy like that on the air, and I’m like that. I would ride that wave of business coach  success and I would get on the next call. Alright Thrive, Nation. You are listen to the Thrive time, show on your radio and we’re listening to audio clips from this weekend’s passed a two-day interactive business Workshop.

If you get to it, and you can book your business coach   tickets for the December event to buy going to thrive time, clicking on the conference’s button and booking your tickets there, my name is Mike Clark of a business coach stay to. I am more than just arrived. I business coach  would like a horse with blinders on the drive time show is where you’ll find it easy and I’ll be.

The CC for no more of the show is the help you score to the introduce himself, all he be busy, but he be not next to me, my business coach  name is Clay, Clark and doctors. He is out today expanding his vast entrepreneurial Empire, and so I attempt to fill his business coach   big is massive. His glorious sanctimonious Shaquille O’Neal’s size shoes into the best way that I know to do that is to play you.

Some audio highlights from this weekend’s past two day. Interactive business business coach and see the reviews up there. We have so many reviews from people out there. Just like you, who’ve invested the time to attend to the workshops, and I we are totally invested totally committed to helping you business coach  get unstuck as a business owner.

So if you feel like you, don’t know what to do to take your business to the next level, you do not want to miss out on one of our Thrive time workshops and so now. audio sample from this weekend’s passed a business coach  workshop over talking about the difference Between successful entrepreneurs to mindset of a successful entrepreneur versus the mindset of a one tripping or an unsuccessful on, your son wants to be an entrepreneur, but doesn’t quite make it. What is this, how have to do with you getting this? Okay is it. You are hopefully going to be motivated to do this when you go to page 55 and then you go. I didn’t like that page. She put the page 56 Google started in 1996, but they did not turn a profit until 1999. How long business coach  is that? How long play for the Raiders, but how long is that?

Thank you for the courtesy lamp. I thought it all week. Okay, Helen, think about that, how long three years, if you could relate to not making a profit for 3 years, business coach   we could. Why do I use this marketing team, so I could afford anything else that I grew up without money. I didn’t have money, I didn’t have a connection Average Uncle.

No one gave a crap and I realized business coach  God says I’m important, but yet no one will help me. Can you get a loan and realize my back’s against the wall? I got to burn my bridges doctor’s he’s talking about some about a pig at breakfast. I wish you would business coach  just tell me what to do and then you just make the calls you go to work.

This one, my rhythm, I did you go to work, you go to church, you go huh how to change it, though I don’t, like 200, calls going to go to church c business coach  hurch church pretty soon, all the sudden, I’m 20 years old, now Chamber of Commerce calls me Says we’d like to let you know I’m so sorry, I’m calling you it’s rude for me to call you I’m sorry, I buy it’s a trick business coach  idea, don’t worry about it! So I’ll call you in a minute, though cuz I don’t recognize the number and I’ll text you and we’ll book something so here’s the thing is, I get a call from the chamber.

They said this class of yes, Hey Vanessa, I’m sorry to keep putting on the spot, but I think Vanessa. Do you remember when the chamber to the Tulsa World came to our apartment to take photos? Okay took this? Is the pics I’m a red, redneck, hillbilly kind of a business coach  ManBearPig and they’re like we’re going to come to your offices, cuz you’re, the entrepreneur of the year for Oklahoma, and I’m like they’re coming here like to the apartment that I’m at yes, it should make it Not come here because it smells like cat pee and we didn’t have air conditioning. It wasn’t because she’s like a bad house, cuz, I’m a ManBearPig we couldn’t afford her condition was a cat.

You don’t want a hot smell in cat kitty, litter 115°, no good! business coach  So I like, like they’re Marshall, can we hook her up here recipe come up here? Can you make it up real, quick and say this is my business coach  boss here this is my boss, okay, so you’re saying so we’re at the apartment and you’re trying to explain it accurately go for okay! Well, I’m just saying at this point: you know we first moved in, we had it with the one bedroom, we had our bedroom and then we had.

You know the office was kind of in the bedroom, but by this point had taken over, the entire apartment was in office in our bed was in the middle of the living room. So it was just a strange business coach   get up and ever and every inch of the wall was covered with all of his swag and seems to you that I didn’t recognize that it was strange. I was going to be conducting an interview with the Tulsa World in our bedroom. Slash office engaged. She just said. Let me tell you: if you marry my son, you will never have a normal life.

We have 5 kids, so she’s a mother of 5. So I don’t understand how that even work, she can’t see me she’s, actually legally blind, she’s, never seen business coach  me, that’s how we stay married, but you got ta understand it right now, right now, you’re learning what to do, but you have to look at this and saying I don’t you look at the same page 56. You need to put a checkbox in that business coach   you need a ride, or are you willing to commit to your idea for 3 years cuz? If not, you needed peace out. It’S okay! There’S a lot of things to do. You know wacka golf ball and have a beer. If you have enough beer, you won’t even business coach  remember what you hit the ball.

Well or not. It’S options. You know. There’S options. K57, Facebook, Facebook, Facebook, not even started out your. I hate to say this. Guy’S butt started out as a website called facemash. Then they changed it to me the Facebook. Then he met the guy who started Napster, member illegal, downloading and he’s like dude Facebook, and then they met Peter teal who started PayPal refund a PayPal here till says you got to get rid of that hole business coach   like this is how you pick up eligible girls thing

That whole easy women minutes probably should be gone and he’s like okay, but it took him three years to make a profit and then, after the third year 2005, they had lost 3.6 anywhere office in the garage of Sean Fanny’s house. The guy started Napster. So are you willing to? Are you going to be in for 3 years, Amazon Amazon?

He spends all his money, he goes to his mom and dad he’s been doing it for 2 business coach  years ago. So was my dad cuz, he says: hey. Can I start office in out of your garage? This is Jeff Bezos like what he’s like I’m out of money too, and I want to know if I could use all your life savings answers Mom and Dad cashed out ,000 or entire life savings.

That’S why we have Amazon. Let’S go to page. I don’t know. What’S go to page 60 Minutes, go to, let’s go to page 63. Get rich, quick equals go, broke fast, get rich, quick equals go, go broke fast. Does it business coach  make sense to what I’m asking you to do today? I need you to somewhere on this page with the pyramid, the page, with a pyramid.

The page number lose page number. 7. I need you to write down how long you’re willing to be committed to your idea. Cuz, I’m totally committed to my wife forever, but she’s got a stuck with me. Cuz, I’m like a dog, I’m just like a well-trained dog house trained ManBearPig. But the thing is, I’m not going anywhere.

No, she business coach  has to steer the great bowling ball of business because I will just knock it out and I enjoy winning so she’ll say. Perhaps if you spent a little less time on this project, you could make more money on this project and I’m like good point, I’m back to the coal mine when we come back for audio highlights from this weekend’s past 2 days. I thrive time Workshop.

My name is Clay Clark out of business coach, stay tuned and back to a show, that’s business coach  cooler than the other side of the pillow. It’S the DriveTime business coach show alright Drive Nation. Welcome back to the conversation is the Thrive time show on your radio, and today we are going to be playing audio excerpts from this weekend’s past two day, business Workshop.

If you get to attend a workshop, you got to go to prime time, should I come click on the conference and book your tickets we’d love to make this a December to remember our next business coach  Workshop is in December, but it was any further Ado. Let’S go back into the audio as we talk today about the difference between a successful entrepreneur and a watch.

Her pretty we’re talking about the difference in the mindset of a successful entrepreneur versus the mindset of a watcher Premier who wants to be successful but just never quite gets there. God says you’re business coach  exceptional and I do believe that put the human race doesn’t give a crap about your exceptional this.

Another final thing I want you to write down is you are this? Is this? Is your only going to be exceptional because of the work you do not because of what you say, you’re going to do, you’re only going to be acceptable because of the work you do now, because what you said, Steve Martin was asked to host a comedy class And people all want to know: how do business coach  you get an agent?

How do you get an agent? How do you get an agent? How do you, how do you? How do you Market yourself and Steve Martin asked if the brutal question he says you should be so good that people can’t ignore you first then, we’ll talk about marketing, which you won’t need when you’re great, so is that a bad comedian money market exhaust make sense To hear the part of making sure we’re getting this the part I’m hoping you’re getting business coach  is it?

I do believe in you and God believes in you, but you have got to ask yourself right now. Are you willing to put in the work cuz you’re willing to put in the work it’s all going to work, but if you’re not that you shouldn’t do it at all or we are we getting this wound and I’m done if you going through a divorce, I Hate we’ve all made mistakes.

I do stupid things. I do many stupid things. I’Ve actually giving someone the middle finger before church right so whatever, but I’m business coach  saying is like you know, people, though, that you know it where you know they’re just testing the new marriage. So you know what you know, what you are at the wedding and feel like this is a test.

This is a test. This is just like a trial. This is a one-year year, I’m saying you know someone starting a business and you know they’re going to quit soon. You know the guy who just became an insurance agent will be there in about 3 weeks. We all know that person we’ve business coach  all been that person. I’M sure at one point or another, so the commitment is the thing: okay, the systems work, but you got to commit to the idea.

So, what’s the answer, your questions here to move from high achiever to Uber hire High achiever achiever achiever one is YouTube lockout. One hour per day for meditime MATA from the Greek word, meta, meaning above and I’ve never met a successful person that doesn’t do this. Jim Cathcart is a great author. By business coach  the way you just read his books, I mean he’s the he hangs out with the people. If you just Google, Jim, Cathcart and you’ll, see, this is the guy who he’s won an award that only been shared by Zig, Ziglar and Tony Robbins when the best presenters on the planet.

What do you write a book? It’S not like you! Do it quickly. You have to think about it over and over you got to block out an hour a day, one hour a day to think about page number. 7. That’S all you business coach  do you get up at 7 and you say what are my goals today for my faith? What are my goals today for my family?

What are my goals today for any? Do it everyday and if you do it every day, so much that every day only on the days you want to have a good day. You know so today, when are we finish here today, I’m going to Atwoods to buy more Pinon wood, because it’s I love the smell of pennywood and for a bag. I can buy it and it repels insects business coach  and I don’t know what it is.

But it’s something I just do it every weekend I go there. I bought it’s on my schedule. I do it right and I love it, but I talking to happen if I don’t actually go there, so you got an even some things like Monday in, like the you got to put on the schedule, make sense we got to do that. Okay, you got the next thing you got to do. Is you have to have one calendar where you actually schedule your goals every day? Just not good business coach  nough to say I’m going to write my wife, a love, note Turner’s example.

This is something I did. It might seem kind of weird dr. zoellner is my favorite man, but you say was dr. Z, awesome. He is awesome, but he chooses to be awesome everyday, not because he was exceptionally. I got as value for him, but it’s cuz. He chooses to do that everyday, but that’s what we all should be doing here. We need to be intentional about designing are days business coach   that make a successful Uber High achiever achiever is somebody who is a successful in these at sixes and if you screw up and every one of them, I think if you get the first to write, you win the Game of life, if you got your faith and your family right,

I think you would, but that’s that’s the thing so why you make an hour a day to schedule that time to you put in the calendar in three, you do what you say: you’re going to Do in 2 % more it’s kind of fun business coach  now, when I say I’ll, be there at 6 for dinner, and I show up at 5:58, I like that they say: hey, you don’t need to bring anything, but I do you need to bring anything.

I’M sure. No problem and I’ll bring wine and then I’ll bring something else, and if I can get it need to bring him at school and even if you don’t deserve it, you can just have it for later. I’M cool I just wanted to over-deliver cuz, it’s good. For me, for me, the best I can do for me is to business coach  over-deliver for you.

That makes sense, so the review is every day early an hour to schedule it in your whatever you’re made of time is scheduled the items in your little head. Three, do you say you’re going to do plus 2 % Marshall, it’s so sad to see the cosmetic surgeon who can’t get a single person on their team to just do what they say.

They’Re going to do! Isn’T that where I was working with a client this week and they literally had 800 business coach  unread emails in their email inbox, this week was the first time that their email inbox has been down to zero in years, and they said it’s almost like a weight off of My shoulder not responded by whoever, if I had to like adopt a brother out of.

That guy you know cuz, he just he knocks stuff out. I mean he’s, earned how many Bobby freaking Steve Martin tickets. He knew he was meltdown, but he knew the Steve Martin’s. My dad’s favorite comedian and my dad always business coach   want to go to Steve, Martin and Steve Martin’s going to Tulsa. So you got me those freaking things.

I can even stop crying on the phone and he sees my belly cuz like, but he knew that you do. The gift: what made you buy that you talk about it all the time, but to get up an hour before your dad to schedule those things and actually do it? That’S what makes people exceptional now the next item here? Okay, how many businesses do you own or are you business coach  invested in this?

Is my wife trying to get involved unless things cuz, she’s, smart and I’m an idiot and I’m like right now, elephant in the room were selling those franchise to start in January and for Oxi Fresh of Gotti sold 500 of them, and so for elephant. We’Re going to sell them, they play their kind of printing money, they work, and so we’ve already got also sold and we’ve got one and I think Baton Rouge and wanted business coach  Denver and I didn’t want to Dallas. Then we’re just going to sell those and then I’ll be the last thing I’m allowed to do. Cuz it’s it’s it’s kind of fun. What you get it!

It’S it’s fun, but my problem is that I am, I am really good at it, and so I don’t want to take. Could you stop and come back? You know so I have hard batteries in my schedule, which is part of why the team can’t work after Thursdays anymore starting next week, because business coach  I will literally just go and that’s my my Achilles heel.

That’S the thing I do horribly, I’m very bad at boundaries at work, cuz I could just go and when you realize how to win it’s fun and it’s like those earrings like sportswear was good at sports. As a kid, you shoot one more free, throw alright Drive Nation, we come back more audio from the Thrive time show conference. My name is Clay Clark.

I am on your radio stay tuned. This is what the Lord wants business coach  me to do. I think about the Melodies important, but nothing sounds sweeter than the true nation. My name is Clay Clark in before us SBA entrepreneur of the year, and I am honored to join you today on the drive time show on your radio and normally dr. Robert zoners, with us on the show on each and every broadcast. But he is out today expanding his vast entrepreneurial Empire until I am here holding down the fort, and so I thought business coach   today because we had so many people that could not get a ticket to this past Workshop, I’m sorry we were sold out there. I really wanted to play the audio some audio clip somebody or highlights from this past weekend’s Workshop.

So you could hear what all the commotion was about to end during this portion of the workshop were talking about the difference between successful entrepreneurs and does it and entrepreneurial might buy. My pain in my business coach  experience is so to actually solve problems for his ideal in likely buyers and exchange for a profit and there’s a big difference between an entrepreneur entrepreneur. I’M going to go ahead and go back to the audio from this past weekend’s Workshop in any further Ado here we go elephant the room and just throw this.

This right here is what the Lord wants me to do is be with you guys in to help you and that’s what I’m supposed to do. So, that’s why I’m alright! So business coach  are you interested in a new business? I am, but I can’t do it so we built the coaching programs that way its boundaries, because Vanessa knows when do a business we never have lost every one of our businesses has done very well every one of them, but it’s not because I’m lucky it’s cuz. It’S a system and I’m very committed, and so I’ll just praise a guy.

But Charles back here with the colaw Paul Hood first introduced us and your business is doing great and business coach  you kind of know how it is now. You know what to do to open up a fitness center and if anybody here want to do it and team up with you, you know it. You know you know how to do that in so it’s kind of like if you’re, not careful, you could probably what just seven days a week and he can fry go 7 days a week for every week and just keep opening a new fitness everyday. And so it’s that boundary you know, and so what kind of share that same that business coach  same grind, so I’m not.

I am interested new businesses, but we were doing it now. Is Marshall? Is your consultant and Robert is your consulted? You get to use our whole team for less than you to pay a hour per hour, employee and there’s no up charges and it works. But you get to see me once a month here. So I can change my wife around 2 because I almost screwed that up.

I sincerely I almost screwed that up because I want the entrepreneur of the business coach  Year award from Oklahoma us small business administration and the only person in the limo who wouldn’t talk to me with my wife, because I hadn’t talked to her all week. And so she had the witty line. Should I go? Are you okay? It’S just hey.

Do you think you can schedule time to see your kids this week, how much you’re so right and I’m so pissed, and so I almost threw into that, and so I I’m never going there again and so because she’s by the grace of God and her blindness business coach  Were still together, and so I just I I so do businesses, we want to help you and we will help you like Tip Top K-9.

Those guys were just floundering and then we help them grow and now they’re rocking and that’s exciting. But I don’t I don’t sleep if I don’t worry about it at night, I don’t obsess about it, it’s their business and we’re helping them make sense. So business coach   do you leave a voicemail with the leads? I don’t but there’s a program called slybroadcast sly broadcast it’s the best ever so you can leave like 2,000 voicemails at one time.

So here’s the move. You got to leave a big message, though, so if I was going to leave a message for Charles’s a Charles attended, the fitness trade show, and I was trying to sell you. What’S the what’s the brand of weights of the standardized weights they’re the best for free weights?

Is there a business coach  certain brand? You guys use their certain or a certain kind of answer to quiz you on that? Okay? So if I was going to Matrix so I’m at the voicemail, be this hey, I am I’m at the trade show and I want to talk to you about our our new weights. You know where our new line of weight, so I we had a great conversation.

I’D love to talk with you more about it, but I wouldn’t say your name and it would sound like I’m talking just to you and then I would business coach   hit send. I just the wedding show all the time it was awesome hits in poop and it’s like it was great meeting at the wedding show, and I want to talk to you about your the bridal Prize Package, to see if you maybe want and then also talked about The discounts said, and it just a thousand people, get the voicemail at one time and then the phone start ringing. It’S a move, so you shouldn’t personally voicemails and if you’re trying to reach somebody just call and business coach   hang up 3 times no answer.

That’S why I move call hang up. Hang up. His phone keeps ringing CNN. It’S me, okay, where is a good place to find a business plan template we have that? Is it the right time? Should I come forward slash, we can eat if they want a requested info at info at 3:15 and I’ll send it to you for free. So I have it it’s it’s.

I spent that’s why every time you come to a workshop, this is about 7 % better, because you guys will ask a question. So when are you did business coach  that today it wasn’t in the book, so I rip out the page and write it down and I’ll do this all weekend and then it gets better. So what happens is our works? Are business plan? Is the perfect business plan?

If there’s never anything better, it’s there’s a book called pitch anything and it’s written by the guys who say angel list pitching hacks, pitching Bessemer Capital, Sequoia capital, silicon valley-based company. They have a template and then we use that and then business coach  because doctors, he owns a bank and we get pitched a lot.

We have got together with the brightest minds and said what is the best format and we’ve done it and it works. If you have a real thing, it works every time. It’S awesome. Okay, so all I can send it to this email info at 3:15. Com. Subject line. Send me the business plan will knock it out how to protect trainers stylus from leaving. So the question is, how do you keep stylus from leaving and stealing you can’t and they business coach  all do so it elephant in the room.

We had a girl it just last week to send a message, and I just want you guys to know. I just want to be honest: I had to take another position who got on camera stealing clients and I fire them right now is my life, so the people that don’t Marshall, 9 years, pretty awesome to Marshall John Kelly, 5 years.

That’S pretty awesome! Devin three years, Devin three years Devin, you were married 3 years ago, 3 years ago, you’re screwed up and you business coach  join the crazy thing. Right I mean police has been with us for a long time that 3 years Felicia kind of hard, because we we saw that you left for me to believe she was the photographer doing.

That would be a good photographer, but I thought she would be good and then she did a great job for a pic.

When I sold the company you had to go with the sale, but then she decided to come back and join the Dark Side again. So she’s back here but for years, but I cannot put up with people that are not honest and that’s most people, so I’m just trying to help you through a business owner and you’re asking. How do you keep him?

What I do – and I rotate because otherwise you’ll all leave when the style is quick to the stylus, always makes up a story. So I’m just telling you this is that like diligent people win but you’re just going to have to use a stylist or the trainer realize that most people are nefarious which ones are intentionally trying to cause harm. So you just got to realize.

That’S the human nature and that you can’t fix that, but God blesses the hand of the diligent. If you find a diligent man who are a diligent woman, you found a great thing. He business coach  who finds a happy wife is a happy life. It’S rare to you hold on to that position.

You treat that position while so, if I find some like Marshall, I view Marshalls a partner, so Marshall owns a little bit of Thrive. Anything we’re doing. Is there someone else in the room, franchise franchise, the boys traffic? How can I involve him because you want to involve your your people? You can depend on and everything are the foundation concrete people rebar.

Does t business coach  hat not help rebar? So you want to have the rebar of your business, but the people that are not don’t treat him like Partners. Does that make any sense? Now here’s my deal is so I called this to knock on wood six months in if I’ve seen no signs of them.

Screwing me over: that’s when I start to trust people, that’s my 6 months and I’m going to take 5 Mi an hour kind of business coach  worried about this person over here five months, and I we were watching us. We’Re kind of like this just seems like a good person, but I don’t know cuz. It just seems so on normal okay. So that’s how you doing all right questions any how to streamline my business systems and processes will get into that tomorrow.

But I want you guys to do as a little quicker homework of thing for you. If you could just real quick before you go, write down any questions business coach   that you have for tomorrow, just think about it, real quick. What are some questions you might have for tomorrow? Cuz tomorrow,

I promise we’ll start right off with the marketing, but I want to make sure we always answer your questions. I want to share all those questions, get get get answered every single day, so we’re never leaving you guys wanting more and it tomorrow we’re going to come in and really start off with the marketing, hopefully, Marshall you’re feeling better.

You business coach  do seem like a steam kind of steaming. What what’s your sweet, how you did humidifier you, alright Thrive Nation. We come back and more Thrive. Time show conference, audio clips on your radio and I’m a business coach. I’M super fired business coach  up for you and your success going to drive time should I come to download your free copy of Amazon. Best-Selling start business coach  here business book.


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