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Meet Silicon Valley’s top business coach. In this episode of the Thrive Time Show business podcast, business coach Clay Clark breaks down the life and success of the late “Father of Business Coaching”, Bill Campbell.

The Father of Business Coaching | The Life of Bill Campbell 

Early Life: [ 5:55 ]

FUN FACT: William Vincent “Bill” Campbell Jr. (August 31, 1940 – April 18, 2016) was an American businessman and chairman of the board of trustees of Columbia University and chairman of the board of Intuit Inc. He was VP of Marketing and board director for Apple Inc.

FUN FACT: “Alphabet chairman and former Google CEO Eric Schmidt is working on a new book about the coaching secrets of Bill Campbell, the legendary mentor and executive coach to many of Silicon Valley’s luminaries.

  1.  A spokesperson for Alphabet declined to comment on Schmidt’s new book.
  2.  Campbell, who passed away in April, was the “secret coach” to countless technology entrepreneurs, including Schmidt, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.       Campbell, a former football coach for Columbia University, worked as a marketing executive at Apple, was then the CEO of early computing company GO, and later became the CEO of accounting software maker Intuit. He also       served on Apple’s board.” – Fortune Magazine –
  3.  Son of a local school official, Campbell was born and raised in Homestead, Pennsylvania, near Pittsburgh.
  4.  He attended Columbia University where he played from 1959 to 1961.


  1. In his senior year, he was named to the All-Ivy Team. He graduated in 1962 with a bachelor’s degree in economics.
  2. Age 24 – In 1964, he obtained a master’s degree in education from Teachers College, Columbia University.[4]
  1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Attitudes are contagious: One asshole can spoil a solid team. For that reason, don’t be afraid to fire people because of their bad character.” – Bill Campbell –


    1. Age 27 – 33 – Assistant football coach at Boston College
    2. Age 34 – 39 – He was head coach of Columbia’s football team, the Columbia Lions from 1974 to 1979.
  1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE“Your title makes you a manager. Your people will decide if you’re a leader, and it’s up to you to live up to that.” – Bill Campbell –
  2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Management is doing things right. Leadership is doing the right things.” – Peter Drucker (Was an Austrian-born American management consultant, educator, and author, whose writings contributed to the philosophical and practical foundations of the modern business corporation)
  1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE“Nobody in the company’s going to care about anything but where they stand. You have to deliver the news,” Campbell said, according to a Fortune interview with Horowitz. “Be there all day — help them carry their stuff to the car.” – Bill Campbell

After the age of 40:

    1. He joined J. Walter Thompson, the advertising agency, and then Kodak, where he rose to run Kodak’s European film business.
    2. FUN FACT:  In 1983, Campbell took a chance by taking a job at Apple under John Sculley and Steve Jobs. Campbell left a job at Kodak, which was a $14 billion company at the time, for Apple, which was around $90 million then. Campbell’s mother thought he was crazy for leaving Kodak. –
    3. He was hired by John Sculley, became Apple’s VP of Marketing, and then ran Apple’s Claris software division.
  1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Hire a great person for every single job in your company. Every person has to be great. You can’t just accept mediocrity because you have, it’s a low paying position.  You just can’t.  There’s somebody else out there that can take that job and do something really wonderful with it. I hire good people and count on them to provide me with the knowledge and understanding of the position that I don’t have.” – Bill Campbell –
After Steve Job’s Departure [ 40:40 ]
    1. Sculley refused to spin Claris off into an independent company, Campbell and much of the Claris leadership left.


  1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The advice that sticks out I got from John Doerr, who in 2001 said, “My advice to you is to have a coach.” The coach he said I should have is Bill Campbell. I initially resented the advice, because after all, I was a CEO. I was pretty experienced. Why would I need a coach? Am I doing something wrong? My argument was, How could a coach advise me if I’m the best person in the world at this? But that’s not what a coach does. The coach doesn’t have to play the sport as well as you do. They have to watch you and get you to be your best. In the business context a coach is not a repetitious coach. A coach is somebody who looks at something with another set of eyes, describes it to you in [his] words, and discusses how to approach the problem. Once I realized I could trust him and that he could help me with perspective, I decided this was a great idea. When there is [a] business conflict you tend to get rat-holed into it. [Bill’s] general advice has been to rise one step higher, above the person on the other side of the table, and to take the long view. He’ll say, “You’re letting it bother you. Don’t.” –
  1. “First of all, I don’t really take the company unless the founder is passionate and really wants to create something durable. Once you get the founder and CEO, you just want to find out what makes them tick. You’re trying to understand what they want to get out of their management team. Then you try to spend time with the team. And then put processes in place. I’m not going to tell Larry Page and Sergey Brin how to do their search algorithms. I just try to bring what they’re doing to life.” – Bill Campbell –

1993 – After the Age of 50:

  1. 1. Campbell became CEO of GO Corporation, a startup pioneering a tablet computer operating system.
  2. 2. FUN FACT: GO Corporation was founded in 1987 to create portable computers, an operating system, and software with a pen-based user interface. It was famous not only for its pioneering work in Pen-based computing but as well as being one of the most well-funded start-up companies of its time.
  3. 3. Age 53 – Successfully selling GO Eo to AT&T Corporation in 1993
  1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “One of the greatest boom and bust of the technology era is electronic mail. It’s one of the greatest things that’s ever been constructed anywhere.  It’s also a crutch. E Mail is one of the great, great things that’s ever been constructed and invented and I’m a full supporter of it, but it’s got to be used wisely. I worked with an executive who managed by E Mail.  He’d read a report or something in his E-mail folder, disagree with it, and then send a memo saying something like, “I think this is the stupidest thing I’ve ever read.”  And he’d blast it out to six people who’d been on the group.  As a result, each person in the group would write him another 2-3 page E-mail message explaining why the report wasn’t stupid.  Everybody would end up spending 45 minutes thoughtfully banging out an electronic answer.  And it invariably turned out that when he blasted criticisms like that out onto the network, he would find out that they were right and that they had thought the situation through very carefully.  The executive was just not aware of all the reasons that they got to that point because he did not follow the process.  I tried to tell this guy that the electronic criticism was pretty insensitive.  I suggested that he to the next committee meeting and sit down with the team and say, “Look, I really didn’t like this and let me tell you why.”  And then they’d get a chance to say, “Well, let me tell you the problem.”  I don’t know how many hours we wasted answering electronic messages just to address something that he could’ve been settled during a brief hallway conversation.” – Bill Campbell (The business coach of Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, Eric Schmidt)

1997- Age 57 and Beyond:

  1. When Steve Jobs returned to Apple, Campbell had served as a corporate director on Apple’s board of directors.
  2. Campbell was CEO of Intuit from 1994 to 1998. Campbell announced that he would be retiring as the Chairman of the Board of Directors at Intuit starting January 2016.
  3. Campbell was an adviser to a number of technology companies, and was elected Chairman of the Board of Trustees at Columbia in 2005
  4. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – NO CONSENSUS MANAGEMENT – “No consensus management.” – Bill Campbell
  5. NOTABLE QUOTABLE  – “Bill was our SuperCoach – colorful confidante and mentor for leaders and whole teams – from Intuit to Apple, Amazon, Go, Google & more.” – John Doerr (An American venture capitalist at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers in Menlo Park, California, in Silicon Valley. In February 2009, Doerr was appointed a member of the President’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board to provide the President and his administration with advice and counsel in trying to fix America’s economic downturn)

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I know you going to dig this broadcasting live from the center of the universe, the BS featuring optometrist dr. Robert zoellner with us SBA entrepreneur of the Year clay Clark. Welcome to the Thrive time show on talk radio 1170 Christmas makeup at this moment. What we do you could do with that.  business coach   I showed you with the five times show on your radio and took 5 times show and away. We go it’s about time. Show on your radio and three: do we go? Thank you, Tom Brady Nation, back to the back to The Incredibles DriveTime show on your radio. business coach  Now today, doctors, he is at expanding his vast entrepreneurial Empire, and so you are stuck today with me inside the incredible box that rocks, but we have a special guest.

Yes, we have a special guest. We have the man with the plans we have. business coach  We have the guy he’s he’s behind the scenes, all the time making it happen, he’s the guy and we work with hundreds. I say hundreds, business coach   mean hundreds of companies across this incredible country and actually in occasionally in Canada, but that we work with all the entrepreneurs all over the world and we help them grow their businesses. business coach  And so what happens? Is we also have baby business coaching program, which is a little bit more of a a limited number of clients that we can work with? But this guy literally, is the guy behind the scenes he’s helping build the web science he’s helping to the graphics design. He manages the people and he heard the cats.

It’S Jonathan Kelly, my man. How are you I am doing awesome football seasons back made Tom Brady? business coach  Go to tell me what is speaking of clients that we got. I want to brag on somebody real, quick, it’s the Phone Doctor Who doctors opening up a location in Tahlequah on this should be there either 10th or 11th location came in there and destroyed one of their store, so we might have to do a recount. I think I think there at 10, but then I have to go back to 9 and then back up to 10. They are killing Phone Doctors, big shout outs to you and drive Nation.

If you want your business to Boom, to all you got to do is just going to drive time, and schedule your 101 consultation, and then you would spend on hiring a barista. We will take your business to the next level, not today we’re talking about the father of business. Coaching. Are you talking about doctors? business coach  No, not talk about doctors on there were talking about pretty much the original business coach. business coach  This is a guy who passed away in on April 18th of 2016 and when he did, the seat came out. People finally started talking about the man in the myth of the bill Campbell Bill Campbell was the secret business coach.

He was the guy who is coaching. Some of the biggest names in the world of Entrepreneurship put a lot of people didn’t know who Bill Campbell was going to put all the all the facts in the quote: is everything up there, so you can verify the awesomeness of William Vincent Campbell Jr did you Know did you know, John, that he actually was the business coach of Eric Schmidt, business coach  the CEO of Google. I did know that and at the same time he was the business coach of the founder of Apple, Steve, Steve Jobs in the coach of Jeff Bezos and Larry and Sergey the guys who originally founded Google same guy.

I work with Jeff Bezos with Amazon. business coach  Think about this for listening today. business coach  How much is Bill Campbell impacted your life? Are you using an Apple device today? Are you using? Are you using a nightjar used? Do you use an iPhone I’m currently using an iPhone? business coach  Yes, okay, so Bill Campbell’s is impacted your life and did you buy anything off of Amazon this week? I have bought something off of Amazon and now that we’ve done the Google have you ever use. business coach  Google junk know I’m a bit. business coach  Of course. I use Google Google in the last week going.

I never use. Google IO use a Samsung phone and I use a PC doesn’t matter to you now go back to your John. business coach  You were telling me before we started. Recording today show a little fun factoids about Bill Campbell and his coding skills. business coach  My friend, what did you find yeah? I was doing a little research into this, and while he was the business coach for Steve Jobs and the founders of Google, he was actually he did. A interview with Fortune Magazine yep and in there he is actually Prides himself on not knowing any coding like any HTML skills at all. So you’re saying that the guy who was the business coach for Apple for Amazon for Google, he could not himself code. business coach  That’S right! It was his rationale behind a white.

Why wasn’t your coat or how could he possibly coach? business coach  You see me work with clients. business coach  How could somebody possibly coach, you’ve seen me coach hundreds of clients? How could somebody possibly coach a what’s a a cosmetic surgeon or a dentist or a web company without being a coder yourself? Why would say that your coach you’re actually focusing on the bigger picture you’re focusing on to the systems and how to implement those systems and you’re not having to get down into the nitty-gritty details on how to code a website or anything like that? business coach  That’S why you have a team for that.

Well, let’s go ahead and talk about the early life of Bill Campbell, so he was a son of a local school official and Campbell’s born and raised in Homestead Pennsylvania near Pittsburgh there and he actually went on to attend Columbia University where he played football football. You can’t be a business coach and play by play football. business coach   thought all the football players went on to coach football.

Well, he did coach football, be played at Columbia University from 1959 to 1961. He graduated in 1962 with a bachelor’s degree bachelor degree in economics, not age, 24. business coach  That’S a 1964. He actually obtained his master’s degree in education from Columbia, University – and here here is here, is the breakdown with a bill? business coach  Campbell attitudes are contagious, are, are contagious, contagious attitudes are contagious, he says one and one can spoil a solid team for that reason, don’t be afraid to fire people because of their bad character. business coach  Okay, John, you seen this you’ve seen this in the office during times when we could not fire and you’ve also seen him during times of strength and power, what we could fire it, but how can it impact the culture of an office?

Well, honestly, it’s like a cancer in the office, so they talk about this in football where there a cancer in the locker room. It’S the same thing for bad employees with bad attitudes cuz. business coach  What they do is they want to just go to anybody that will listen to them Lamont about whatever the problem is that they think they’re having and then they just start to turn good employees into bad employees, and you will get those people out of there. A really weird scenario for you: okay, so I’m out there coaching clients and we’re having a lot of success.

What happens whenever we coach Akamai? business coach  This is what happens when you help a business grow. So when you look up when you eat, when you start to discover that, like Barbie cookies as an example, he worked with her unbelievable cookies. Did you ever have one of her cookies with the whole hot dog, one dollar beer night.? business coach  But the Oilers? business coach  Are you working? business coach  The client like Barbie cookies or your work with Phone Doctors or you’re working with Steve Currington when people see a business, grow people typically don’t even when I see the fruit they follow it back to the route. business coach  When I see the fruit, they follow it back to the route and they said they begin to say who has been helping this company?

Who is it, and so occasionally this is what they’ll do this is. This is not not with the thrivers would do, but this is what this with some of her teammates, to start to say: do you work with Thrive and they’ll say actually yeah? I do all the work myself. business coach  I pretty much came up with the whole plan, myself. John Kelly, don’t know who he is. business coach  Clay Clark never met him doctors owner because of the commercials, business coach  but really I do everything for that client and so they start to say I’ll, make a logo for Johnny 250 on the side on the side, I’ll do it for 250 on the side, that’s what I’ll Do it for, and so you can see what happens if you start to see somebody doing is getting kind of Sly doing moves on the they’re starting to say I’m going to just a little bit of work on the side. business coach  Thus my personal opinion, you see the fruit.

You fall back to the room. If so, when our team poisoning their root system of the name was a big tree, it’s a big tree that she’s been around for a long time. It took the tree behind the man. business coach  Cave it to mass of tree is a huge traits of biblical tree. It’S a redwood tree, it’s the biggest tree are our system is a massive tree in our coaches. Are unbelievable branches that are helping produce grade for entrepreneurs all over the all of the country, but when you see somebody poisoning the root system, can you give us an example. Mentioned the name of a situation? business coach  You seen somebody poisoning the route and trying to take straight.

Just trying to take credit for things that maybe they didn’t do and doing things like that and how have you, as a manager cuz, you essentially manage the whole team. business coach  You heard the cat. How have you been able to thwart thwart that kind of systemic destruction to the root system? And so is it all, I’m going to say 97.2 %, but so you’ll see this coming from a mile away where they start saving different files on their personal computer and Whispering Whispering a lot doing a closed-door meetings with other team. business coach  Members of these are all things that happen all the time, and so they just start to Harbor bitterness in your heart for the work that the team has done for some reason responsible.

They are the example. I’Ve seen one guy who has a ponytail, who I have a job. It was living in a car before coming to our offices and he gets to a place, was making about ,000 no joke around. business coach  That’S a good number. 2003 spectabile number going from 0 to you. No wallet hero 52000 a year and for some reason for some people, that’s not good enough. business coach  That’S not good enough! I see, I see John making all this money, but how come I’m not making them? I see John making it a lot more than 50,000. What?

Why can’t I make more than 50,000 John? How often does it does that happen very, very often okay, so I’ve seen, but you can explain to thrive business coach  Nation where you started it in the organization kind of your path where you began because we’re talking about business, coaching and now you’re, a guy that can hop In a meeting and lead a client to success, but before you became a very unbelievable office manager and and kind of a pseudo business coach Guy, where did you stay it within the company? business coach  So I actually started in the SEO trenches if you will be in this tiny room with a headset, and I would just be talking for hours at a time about the different companies that we work for and when you heard optimizing these these website.

Did anybody ever comment on you, cuz you’re, a witty person leave whatever comment and say man. That was a good article. No, never put my mom one time and she wasn’t impressed either. business coach  How long did you do that before you were convinced that I know who you are? Why did that for 2 years and then you would see me in the hallway you go: hey guy Marshalls store Marshall Marshall claims and when I said claims he’s a hundred percent. True, he claims that I used to call him business coach  Brandon and then it’s true, because the DJ company was growing it too fast rate.

I had to create emotional boundaries for myself, business coach  because basically, a lot of people screwed over when your business owner lot of people just take advantage of you. Some I move was if you’re not in the top 10 on the DJ rankings based upon customer reviews, I’m just not going to get to know you, business coach  I’m not going to know your name, I’m not going to get to meet you. Never in the top 10 I’ll go out for a beer with you I’ll sit down and talk to you about business, I’ll help you whatever and as it for 2 years. I called business coach  Marshall Brandon Inn in one day, I’m like who the heck is this Marshall?

Can I getting all these bonuses and he’s like I am Marshall, I’m standing next to you, I’m not break that you’ve been calling me Brandon for 2 years, okay, alright! So the Marshall right, I might be a little more. So let me write that down. So I wrote his name down and henceforth his name has been stuck inside my crane enough. business coach  Today we can help people can’t help. You don’t get too mad if we don’t get a chance to meet you going to DriveTime, and book your tickets for our next.

To you, in person Workshop and back to the business coach radio show that’s more organic than sprouts and Whole Foods combined. Oh yes, tribe, Nation. business coach  Welcome back to the conversation now, a lot of people want to know: where does the Epic Voice come up with these witty witty, like swear.? Who is the Epic voice, the voice of choice? Who is the guy who makes the the show intros who’s? The guy? business coach  Who comes up with the witty phrases why I can tell you that at least half of the time Jonathan Kelly comes up with some of these phrases?

Jonathan, you came up with the more organic than sprouts and Whole Foods combined lines. Where do where do you come up with these witty phrases? My friend actually just dream about them. business coach   In my free time, nice nice, they were talking about the father of business, coaching Bill Campbell and don’t go Campbell. Was the business coach of Steve Jobs, Apple, the business coach of Amazon, Jeff Bezos? He was the business coach of Eric Schmidt, Google. He he did some things.

Can you explain, know cuz you, you watched me coach clients for years. Can you explain what the business coaching process looks like an N with a client is very functional? business coach  That is a duo in assuming it’s not coming to the office just to hang out with somebody like she wants to execute the proven systems. business coach  Can you can explain what that looks like yeah, so when we have a client that actually is passionate about their business and growing their business?

It’S really really awesome, because there’s no limit to the growth that they can reach and so like. When I know when you guys are like when you’re in a meeting with the client, you know you guys are coming over the big picture stuff but then you’re breaking it down into small action items where they can actually get done and grow in a sustainable manner. There’S a lot of business owners in my opinion that they want to know what to do, but whatever reason they won’t do it or they can’t do it.

They just emotionally cannot wear themselves to fire the person a force themselves to let somebody go they just do you know, and it’s like your normal person. You normally, can you talk with a normal voice: you’re a good guy you’re, a good lady or whatever, but then it comes to firing somebody voice and use that English accent. I don’t know, but I can’t fight, I just don’t want to, and you say, but you need to understand this person’s, not making their outbound calls like they’re, not following the script.

Their conversion rate that close one out of four three two trials recently worked at the client at 1 at a 42, this guy’s 14402, if you’re playing baseball to feel like you’re batting average and now a third baseman for the New York Giants of the batting average Of all this guy’s got to hit 42 x ago, but let’s go ahead and continue to let him play with it doesn’t make any sense that doesn’t make any sense. John, can you explain what the can we have so many clients that are very successful in the end it name did they make the ship once they see the data they really take somebody’s batting 14402.

It’S time to make the change when I think about a business, to get to Jonathan, about score basketball and on Calvert and when he sees the numbers he said the numbers are in he’s a smart guy. You know what to make a change like Michael Jackson, TX plane the mindset of Coach Calvert. In your mind, what makes coach Calvert successful as relates to making the tough call Colin has lead. business coach  Why is he such a great business coach client? Will Coach caliber is a rare bird when it comes to I like he’s just going to do the proven system over and over again right, so he’s not trying to come up with a new idea or a new thing or new design temperament.

He already knows the path to success and he just stays on that path. Every single day that we’re getting back to Bill Campbell Campbell, the father of business, coaching at age 27. What was he doing? business coach  He was an assistant coach, Boston College for football. Really he was an assistant football coach shouldn’t. He be working in Silicon Valley, no, no! No age! 27. 33. As an assistant football coach of Boston College age, 34, 39. business coach  He was the head coach of Columbia’s football team. business coach  He coached the lions from 1974 to 1979.

No, as he’s coaching football, he begins to understand and learn. Certain principles were the principles he discovers that people will not respect your title. business coach  They only respect you when you become a source of wisdom. business coach  Let me repeat: people will not respect your title. They will only respect a source of wisdom so long to get your feedback on this, because you you work behind the scenes running the systems for all of our business coaches, for the business coaches with a client, and they come up with a great plan. business coach  ou have to actually ask you to you: you manage our graphic designers, photographers videographers, web developer, search engine Optimizer the whole cast of characters.

Bill Campbell says your title makes you a manager. business coach  Your people will decide if you’re a leader and it’s up to you to live up to that break it down my man. Well, I also know to quotable hear from Peter Drucker who is known as the father of modern man who wrote over 13 bucks on it, and it says management is doing things right. business coach  Leadership is doing the right things. Can you repeat that again management is doing things right, leadership is doing the right thing. It’S a what I feel like that means is management. You know implements the systems that are laid out.

The leadership is actually taking the time to cash that big vision and create those systems that the management will follow. Okay. So when you have people in your, do you manage that there are certain people that, frankly, will not respect you until a certain point and it’s usually comes down to. business coach  They want to see your work ethic and I want to see how much you actually know. Why is it why you have to fight so hard to get people to respect? business coach  Well, I think because I respect, as you know, it’s not giving out so easily, business coach  but it’s once it’s earned. It’S really hard to lose that unless you stop doing the thing that it is, that gave you the respect in the first place. business coach  That makes it do.

You know just snuck into the box that rocks who we have Steve curring, that Steve created Steve Steve, I’m going to turn on your mic here. My man, I’m excited you’re. Here, you’re, you are inside of your break out the closing a deal, probably you’re, probably pushing somebody pushing somebody’s file to clothes, helping family move into a new home. It’S amazing Steve is always closed. business coach  When we come back after the commercial break will get Steve all mic’d up its Steve, it is so good to see you inside the box that rock no Jonathan or break it down the the father of business coaching Bill Campbell. business coach  He goes on to say nobody in the company’s going to care about anything, but where they stand, you have to deliver the news, be there all day help them carry their stuff to the car.

He said nobody the company’s going to care about anything, but where they stand, you have to deliver the news, be there all day help them carry their stuff for the car accessories. business coach  In this situation situation we have to lay somebody off, and somebody needs to tell him. business coach  It can’t be somebody else if you’re the manager, you have to tell him the news. You also get to tell him the good stuff to get to give them to you. You also get to give him the bonus to use a manager have to be the one who personally deliver the good news and the bad news will, because that’s your your position so you’re in the position of leadership for a reason, and so that you know to Be able to help people know where they’re going in the company or, if they’re done with the company.

It’S all pick up myself here is I used to work at Pharmacy for years before I came on to drive – and I reach the point at that particular job. Where I could not grow any more it so you have to, I had to like leave that place to find a new place where I could grow. It said you know, when you find really good employees. They just want to know that they’re headed somewhere, so they wanted, but they’re still learning from somebody that they deem as a source of wisdom, and they want to know that they have a growth. business coach  Okay.

Now we are going to be breaking down the father of business. Coach when you break it down the life, the life of business coach  Bill Campbell, the late great business, coach of Steve Jobs of Jeff Bezos, Eric Schmidt, Google, business coach  I’m talking about Apple, I’m talking about Amazon, give her these companies. Why haven’t you got any of these companies? I’M not sure what rock you living under stay tuned as the drive time to show on your way to your house. I can’t handle it so good, unbelievable. The combination of discus world acapella singing with brass instruments – John, have you heard, have you heard this Hymn for the weekend version on BBC?

Have you heard that I have not it’s so good? It’S up Steve Curry to can you handle the idea of acapella singing with brass? That is great. That was actually me saying so I can handle it is on BBC, looking at famous music artists in hearing them singing and watching them as well. I didn’t realize did that with you and that you, you know you look good. Thank thank you. You look that good enough. business coach  No Steve! I were talking today about the father of business, coaching we’re talking about the late great Bill Campbell now Bill Campbell.

For those of you who are not in the know about this, he unfortunately passed away last year and you’re going to want me and he was such a good business coach. business coach  How come I haven’t heard about him, I’m going to say something offensive to a lot of people. Best selling books are typically not the ones you should be reading so liking. The service profit chain is an unbelievable book. business coach   It’S a phenomenal, but the service profit chain it to Harvard case study, but it could not be so it’s not a best-selling book.

People are like all the service profit chain. It’S amazing. It’S very few people running around saying man. business coach  I got a what Bill Campbell. business coach  His quotes are powerful, people don’t even know his name. Well. Why cuz? He had one client who was his client, Steve Jobs? Oh really! Well, how come how come you wasn’t on on Facebook promoting himself well? business coach  Who was the second client Jeff Bezos, you mean Amazon. How can we watch it on YouTube, so it up system cuz.

He was working with freaking Jeff piece of how come you want to how come he doesn’t have a great big, old, big old website. business coach  Where he’s talking about what he’s doing, because he’s working one-on-one with Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google, I mean, have you ever used an iPhone today is if you’re listening right now, if you’re using an Apple product, put your hand if it’s kind of weird to radio Show I put your head up. business coach  That’S great. If you have used Amazon at all this week, just look at somebody and give him that awkward look like.

I can’t believe you don’t know who Bill Campbell. Has he stopped looking, and maybe you should? business coach  Maybe you should know who this guy is that, after the age of 40, he joined J, Walter Thompson, it’s the advertising agency and then Kodak or Heroes up 2 codex, European film business and here’s the deal. business coach  Then he was hired by John sculley. Know John was the guy that Steve Jobs hired a John if you ready to study the wife of Steve Jobs a little bit starting his book not too long ago.

It’S a massive book. It’S a man know what happens if he’s feeling overwhelmed, and so he wanted to put a CEO in charge, so he could focus on the development of products and he didn’t want to focus on managing people. We want to focus on the products. What happens if you hire is John sculley John sculley comes in there and ends of the firing it right cuz. It was listening to this book right now. Are you 25 hours on Audible the power? business coach  So what happened to Steve?

Have you ever found yourself in a situation such as this is what happened to to Steve Jobs, and I I think that you can relate to this. He hire somebody to be in charge, so he can focus on products. He hires a CEO so that he could being focused on product. He leaves the office for quite a while. I mean mentally he’s not focused on the teammates he’s focused on the products and then one meeting. business coach  These shows up to a meeting and I say Steve. I know you did you actually started this company and are you have most of the shares, but we’ve decided you’re fired at Steve’s ever happened.

We’Ve ever witnessed a coup first hand either with yourself or other people December 15th. Yeah I’ll bring it down come on share, it sure was good, I mean it. Just happens. business coach  People get in Anna and I am listen to this book right now, so I know exactly what it actually it’s kind of come full circle now, because in the book The song called he’s he’s be at the Circle. He’S back, you know he’s back in and he actually plans a Akoo to get himself back in, which was, I think, pretty good about. business coach  You know it’s interesting Scully is that the guy he never spoke to him again. He said he was very, not happy about how all that went down exactly but yeah.

You know, I think he was maybe separated from the the the core of the business so to speak, yep and then he was very almost like you would say tyrannical. business coach  They would say right like he he was, I guess I kind of hate, Steve Jobs could not handle mediocrity. business coach  Things were so good because these Engineers would bring him. business coach  The thing I need say, that’s crap now I understand that Steve Jobs is the guy who launched the iPad thing. I think about your life will be different By the Way digital music downloading couldn’t happen, because nobody could get all the record labels to agree to put their music up onto a digital download platform.

Steve Jobs to change that I’m Steve Jobs is what it could be. Itunes, these grade the iPhone he created, the iPad it created. All of these are the iMac. business coach  You could always product unbelievable, how he changed the game, but he was fired from his own company just for doing what he left mentally focused on a people. Management focused on the products when he came back. business coach  He wanted to have a business coach to help him navigate how to manage people.

John, did you know that be okay with you, if you were saying earlier Bill Campbell really didn’t know how to code, but did you know that I mean that’s what he did he basically coached Steve Jobs and Beezus how to handle the emotional aspects of people management. business coach  Johnny you work with clients all the time. How big of a? How big of a of a of a challenge? business coach  Is it for a lot of people to deal with the midday emotional aspects of running a business, running a business and they all of the emotional things that go with?

That is because, typically, a lot of business owners that we work with, they don’t really have anybody else to talk to the you know, talk about these things to it. So that’s why they come in and then it’s good to have a business coach where you can go in and say this is what I’m dealing with and get an outsider’s opinion on how to deal with it and how to fix it. business coach  Today we have a fun little special for you, if you, if you email, if you go to thrive time, right now go there right now and you actually purchase tickets Today Show you get 50 % off. business coach  I guess the tickets Johnny they purchased during the show.

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If he’s there. Okay, here’s another book portable from Bill Campbell, he says, hire a great person for every single job in your company. business coach  Every person has to be great. You can’t just accept mediocrity because you have, he says it’s a low, paying position. You can’t there’s somebody else out there that can take that job and do something really wonderful with it. I hire good people in Canton to provide me with the knowledge understanding of the position that I don’t have that’s a great idea Bill Campbell, but what, if you’re in the world of small business, where you have a limited budget? business coach  Well, my name is Clay Clark.

I’M a business coach, we’re breaking down the father of business. Coaching Bill Campbell stay tuned, we’re going to break down hi. How to hire good people in today’s world. Statue back to the business coach radio show that’s so good that it makes the Oru praying hands, clap baby Yamaha, welcome back to the Thrive time show on your radio if you’re, a hustler or you’ll want to be, if you’re somebody who has the hustle needed to Start a business, but it’s not growing.

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It’S only it’s part of the Illuminati like it could be a trap. Little kids trap it’s only the Trap. Rumor has it that if you buy them right now, not only are they 50 % off, but you also get one free hug from Steve or not. business coach  I just move tomorrow. I can have that game where the whole game at home. I forgot. No, no. Then it’s going to be so. You can buy right now, but we’re talking about the father of business. Coaching Bill Campbell business coach  Bill Campbell coach for Apple Amazon know where you was the Jeff Jeff Jeff Bezos, business coach  business coach. Yes, Google, you mean Larry and Sergey and Eric Schmidt yeah exactly so.

This is what he says: he’s a great person for every single job in your company. Every person has to be great. You can’t just accept mediocrity. Well, okay, I love the bill. Campbell says that but Steve you start businesses. John, you see companies coming all the time who are starting to talk to John first here talk to me about the balance. business coach  When we have to hire somebody to work in her office, we need somebody, we need it. We need about it and didn’t talk to you about the difference when we can be really selected there. Sometimes we have certain positions like if your. If you want a Taco Bueno right now, you need a body.

You need somebody to work at Taco Bueno. That was very insulting, come on whatever I used to work at business coach  Target, you know what I’m talking about you’re looking for a person with a pulse who can show up on time and you’re on time. You really do have a pulse. Okay, great so John talk to me about the kind of that balancing act that you’ve seen cuz. You do have to eventually hire somebody you can’t hold out for the perfect guy. If you need somebody to do the work yeah, I would say the important part of this quote: here’s that first line, Which is higher a great person for every job, and so you can train great people to do great skill right. So you can trick people to be talented, but if it doesn’t work the other way around, you can’t hire talent to people and then train them to be good people yeah. What is good people look like to you too Steve Arrington.

I mean you bored cuz, some people have a very low ethics and will stab you in the back at the moment. You leave the room and is our people that really solid? Can you walk me through through your career as a business owner when you talk about High character people? What are you looking for? Well, you know your it’s. It’S kind of like the Golden Rule. Right at you want people that are going to that are going to do unto others as they want to have done to them, business coach  and they you want people that are going to, regardless of who’s, watching they’re, going to do their job, and I going to do with What they say they’re going to do you want people that are going to just operate in a in a high integrity and just like John said, I can teach somebody a skill business coach  of how to rejuvenate a mortgage when I can’t eat some of the skill of how To be a better Communicator, I can teach someone even how to code a website. I can teach someone how to do a whole lot of things, but I can’t teach him to like be a good person and have character.

You know if you, if you just aren’t that person you’re, never it’s a square peg into a round hole, is square peg round hole unless the holes, where has edges the whole, would have to be significantly bigger. If it was round wait A Min I’m trying to take some notes here, I’m sorry I was on Facebook updates A square. Has I don’t know what you’re saying has Corners? I should say it just says: Corner everybody. Everybody has worked with the person that you’re, like oh, that guy slimy horses, please find me Joe, and you know what sometimes sometimes people that are. Maybe not so slimy people make decisions because they’re looking out for a okay one right, right and they’re always going to look out for it for number one which is them in their family, and you can’t really fault somebody for doing that. But at the same time, no one should fault you for doing the same right.

Okay, I have a story. I want to share with the drivers, but I, if you have kids in the car, is the family show. This is an opportunity for you to put in ear muffs on the kids or to just come to speak in code to you so that the kids are like what are they talking about. So we had National and I didn’t know we had National Lady of the night day that happened to the office in the office at 8 a.m. its National Lady of the night. It’S a lady whose saw it so I didn’t know this, but it was. It was like it was, it was a new holiday, so a lady comes to the office wearing clothes that you wouldn’t steep. business coach  Think about your younger days when you used to go to a club, you note, and there were certain women that walk in there wearing things in your life. Okay, where the club I get what’s happening, I get the Halloween of women, dress up for Halloween, right and you’re dressing up for Halloween. business coach  How are you going to dress up? It’S always like hey it’s National Lady of the night day, and now you can get this. Not a move, but this lady dress is like this to work.

She comes to work dressed like a 30 year old woman dressing address, business coach  dressed in scantily, clad clothing at like 8 a.m. until I looked over it treated, I said shrita. Can you please cuz? I don’t want to have that is a manager. Is it not crazy awkward when women are pushing the dress code boundaries as a dude? Yes, it’s a super. I hate the conversation, so I had to decide about a decade ago. Okay, I can make it awkward. So I would typically walk up and go so what you’re wearing is not in dress code., business coach  Here’s the response.

You typically get from these people look at the handbook and I did write the hands like what specifically am I not wearing this person was wearing the crazy skirt ever like. It was crazy, so short that the only reason you could see the tattoos that would be hidden if you were wearing anything other than the club outfit would be if you’re going to sleep. Have you had. business coach  This awkwardness occur in your office. Every three offices, where a woman is breaking the dress code and you did so crazy.

You can’t even speak of it. Y business coach  es, yes, it is, and I don’t I don’t, really understand the logic behind other than, like you said, that’s the it’s! The national Lady of the night day it’s like they literally haven’t been home in that was what they were and then they just came to work. I almost feel dirty Freeman describing it John and he just even telling the person what happened. I almost feel bad. I don’t normally I’m the one in the office I get to wear mini-skirts, but here’s what I’m saying if you’re listening today and you’re like oh my gosh, I do have a lady of ill repute in my office on my gosh.

I do have a guy who’s. A slimy guy is Steve, describing eventually upgrade and fire these people now after Steve’s departure. business coach  What’S going back to the bill Campbell story, Bill cables, the business coach for Steve Jobs? What happens if he’s working directly for sculling who the heck is Scully Scully John sculley was the guy that Steve Jobs hired to run Apple’s that he could focus on product he’s. Also, the guy who fired Steve Jobs, so the guy that Steve Jobs hired John sculley actually fired him.

True to what happens. If he now has Bill Campbell working for him and for this project called Clara’s and what happens is he refuses to sell the company and so there’s a lot of different different sub companies and products underneath Apple? That’S a big Corporation have a lot of different products. Products in projects underneath it so he refuses to let a Claire’s become an independent company and he fired Steve Jobs, so Bill Campbell pieces out, I’m out I’m out done so he moves on, and so people know that they are the impact he made working with Steve Jobs and Steve Jobs spoke very highly of the guy.

If you live by the way, if you would endorsement directly from Steve Jobs, it’s like she wrote a book and at the bottom it said you should read this signed Steve Jobs. You never just said Jonathan Kelly. Is the man read this book read his books signed Steve Jobs in Dorset from Steve Jobs, it’s kind of a big deal, so Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google, is out there looking for advice. He feels like he’s kind of Trapped and he can’t take Google to the next level. So he reaches out to a guy by the name of John door. Is one of the most successful venture capitalist in Silicon Valley, and he says you know what you do. Eric Schmidt, you need to hire a business coach things like a business coach.

You need to hire a business coach. You need to hire a business coach, subliminal messaging. You need to hire a business coach. You need to hire a business coach. You hire a business coach hire a business coach. Welcome to the DriveTime, show a show for the enemies of average. I think that I found myself a cheerleader.. She is always right there when Mommy. All three of you found yourself needing a cheerleader or somebody take to coach you, somebody who cares about you. Somebody was in your on your team.

You can have it go to the business, what you wanted to or your baby, what happened. I just found you you wanted to start a business for years and now you finally did it you’re like yeah. Yes, I work for myself and your family like it’s. business coach  Okay, Darren, you work for yourself, oh my God. Now Thanksgiving is coming up so Thanksgiving and how’s that business going you’re like shut up. Don’T talk about this because you’re not making any money it ain’t. business coach  Christmas comes along and kids this year getting a lump of coal and a high-five because the business isn’t going well, and so, if you end up feeling depressed like oh my gosh, I can’t figure it out what the problem is. business coach  You need a coach and you also need a web developer.

You need a graphic designer. You need a photographer and videographer need someone to help. You write ad copy. business coach  You need to go to build systems, you need somebody to train, you need somebody to motivate you. You need a coach, but you say when only idiot Tire, business coach, it’s okay! Well, let me give me example. I have never and you do you say never. I have never met a professional athlete that doesn’t work with a trainer. I’Ve never seen it and I’ve got to be friends with many many professional athletes and they all have a trainer. business coach  Why? Because they’re professional, but aren’t they self-motivated they’re not going to Lifetime Fitness getting on a on a on a one of those articles about 7 minutes and I’m going to rain?

Won’T you know you guys have a trainer who, just on it tell me these aren’t people who get on the StairMaster for 7 minutes and hey what are your tips to lose weight? No, these are like pro athlete, so they hire a professional to coach them until the late, great Steve Jobs, the guy who built apple apple, think about this today, if you’ve used Apple product today, you are going to be under the influence of Bill Campbell. What if you have used Google today, Google? What does silent sink in? If you have you used? Google? business coach  Today I never asked you have use business coach  Google, and I know you can I use being exclusively and you got a psychological problem, but if you have used Google today or an Apple product, you are under the influence of Bill Campbell.

Have you be happy if you ever go on Amazon, I would never use Amazon their part of the Illuminati. You just bought Whole Foods and I would never I would I don’t ever whatever. So if you view Amazon, Google or Apple than you, my friends are under the influence of Bill Campbell cuz Bill Campbell was their business coach and the founder of the founders of Google. What kind of stuck so they hired a CEO, but the problem was their CEO got kind of stuck. He told he couldn’t grow it to the next level.

He reaches out to John door and John doors, one of the top venture capitalist in Silicon Valley. To John D, o e r r, and he he pulls it – that Eric Schmidt pulled aside Johnny says he would advise what you have and he says my advice to you is to have a coach and he said the business coach that you should have his bill. Can use it Eric Schmidt talking he’s as I initially resisted the advice, because after all, I was a CEO I was pretty experienced. Why do I need to coach? Am I doing something wrong?

My argument was how good of a coach advise me if I’m the best person at the world and in the world at this? That’S not what a coach does. The coach doesn’t have to play the sport as well as you do. They have to watch you and get you to be your best in the business context. A coach is not a repetitious coach, a coaches. Somebody who looks at something with another set of eyes describes it to you in his words and discuss how to approach the problem. Once I realized I could try, he can help me with the perspective.

I decided this was a great idea. When there is a business conflict, you tend to get rattled Intuit bills. General advice has been to rise, One Step higher above the person on the other side of the table and to take the Long View, he’ll, say: you’re, letting it bother you don’t John. business coach  Why does everybody is listen to this? Need a business coach and why do you feel like Eric Schmidt, need a business coach? I think that ate. It says right here in that quote that you need another set of eyes. business coach  You need somebody else, that’s not completely.

Just in the business every single moment of every single day, that’s going to be able to actively look at things and say this is what you need to do it. So you know Bill Campbell. business coach  We talked about it like he was coaching, the the founders of Google, but he didn’t know a single line of code right, so he didn’t know any HTML. So what was he doing? Coaching them?

He was able to like sit down and go over the different problems that they had. He wasn’t seeing their coating away, but he was attacking the problems and providing this was not Bill. Campbell, hey guys, get out of the way I’m going to do some coding. You want to see them serious coding. Just maybe also need an R2 D2. That’S the sound! It makes two when you go. Cuz, business coach  I’m going to do some coding. Alright, so Jeff Bezos you get out of here, I’m going to code better than you stop making that noise. I will not stop making that noise Helix pink eyes, while I’m coding I’m actually reading the Bible backwards.

Just to demonstrate my Mastery. You know you like stop it and by the way, I’ve also memorized everything. I think it’s more, you know of a perspective. business coach  You know it’s interesting, because people that are outside of your business might be able to provide some perspective that you wouldn’t otherwise. I see right click like it isn’t what I this is. What I see I see so many people who say I don’t need a business coach cuz, I’m the man, I don’t need a personal trainer cuz, I’m the man. What to look at your body. Just look at your butt hurt your step. One go to the bathroom. Not at the office go go home, get nude! Okay, look at yourself and say: do you need a personal trainer, I’m being serious cuz? business coach  No, but I don’t. I have never met somebody who was an impeccable shape.

It’S been a professional athlete who does not have a trainer and I’ve never seen a business owner be successful ever I’ve never seen it unless they have key advisors. If you’re out there doing well, I’m going to represent myself in court this week, because I’m scared of employment dispute and I feel like I’m pretty knowledgeable. I have watched half of at least two episodes of House of Cards and I have read at least the first five or six pages about several legal books. I see legal bookstore books about law law for dummies, CSI. business coach  ‘Ve done that and you said Special Victims Unit for accounting.

You know I for accounting right beside doing rather than having an actual CPA or someone to help me. What I’m going to do is I’m going to I hate to say this, but I’ve made what we would call a spreadsheet Odin on that spreadsheet. I I put various numbers and now you need an accountant like I went to lunch with Paul. You did yeah yeah. business coach  So that was good, I mean I mean I went to my accountant necessarily, but he know he said things like QuickBooks and you know I kind of knew he didn’t know. I was listening, but I was listening. I wrote those words down.

I got all that stuff. I haven’t done anything with it yet, but if I need to, if I ever need to add up how much money I’m losing, I can do it in any area of your life. If you want Improvement, you need a source of wisdom and belt Bill. business coach  Campbell was the source of wisdom. He was the business coach for silicon Valley’s Titans. Now we’re moving on to the life of Bill Campbell, how to get a big principal, a big principle that I noticed throughout his career cuz you, you will not succeed if you are not passionate about your success, he always bet on the founders, so, whatever the founder Of a company wanted to exit right now, I just want to go sip on some you who is in Ohio on new business coach  CEO to take my place. I was doing well, and so we is the board of decided that we want to push the founder out to save money.

This is what he says he says. First of all, I don’t really take the company unless the founder is passionate and really wants to create something durable. business coach  Once you get the founder and CEO, you just want to find out what makes them tick you’re, trying to understand what they want to get out of their management team. Then you try to spend time with the team and then put the processes in place. business coach  I’M not going to tell Larry Page and Sergey Brin, that’s the founders of Google, how to do their search algorithms! I just try to bring what they’re doing to cuz. I just tried to bring what.. I just tried to bring what they’re doing to life, so Bill Campbell tries to build systems to allow the founder to do what they do, and I think that is John.

You do so much of the back in work for myself as well as the team. business coach  Can you come to explain what a after a coach meet with a client and they decide they’re going to optimize the site and make a story? Video that’s going to create they’re going to air on Facebook to generate leads to? business coach  Let’S just say if someone goes to tip top right, nephew to tip top, one of my clients would have bragged on these guys. They are rocket Tip Top K9.

Their business is sincerely a growing quickly. business coach  These guys a tip top K9. Their business is blowing up, it’s unbelievable and we came up with as a coach the no-brainer offer. Will you can train your dog? business coach  The first session is just a dollar and we came up with the idea to enhance the website to optimize it and to create a story video. What do you have to do from that point so Bill Campbell says that you know you’re not going to succeed if you’re not passionate about your success and it’s so you know that that’s why we have a bunch of business coaches that are really really passionate about Drawing people’s business, but we can’t be the most passionate person in the room, and so when we get a an owner like Tip Top K9 or like the Keystone, Harbor guys, for example, about growing their business, then great things happen. business coach  So freaky Stone, Harbor imma bring on those guys for a second.

You know they launch their Facebook ads just a little bit ago and they’re getting anywhere from 60 to 100 leads every single, okay, real quick. So this is Keystone Harbor, these guys at Keystone Lake. They own the harbor there and they’re trying to rent out a private boat store. business coach  They have an unbelievable. I Karaoke kind of a bar restaurant they’re, really cool experience to bring a lot of life to the Keystone Lake and John. business coach  How much are they spending on a week on Facebook to generate those 60 late still currently there spending less than dollar Ali? What was your role there?

What did you have to do? What are the team have to do behind the scenes to make it happen after Eric chop, their business coach help them to identify their no-brainer, so Eric job, you know, business coach  he’s a great business coach and he met with them and he’s very passionate about growing businesses in General, but the Keystone guys they come in there and they’re also equally as passionate more passionate about growing their business. business coach  And so it’s really easy for us to be able to implement the systems that are needed, such as launching a no-brainer add to bring the business to help it grow. business coach  How many people that filed, I mean?

Who, who did the web design? Who did the graphic design did the print pieces? Who did the video ography? business coach  How many different people on our team had to get involved? There there’s at least 10 different people that have to touch the project to get that from you, no idea to implementation. Here’S a good idea to hire a business coach. business coach  My recommendation for them would be this and you tell me why it’s easier just to have a coat. You need to hire one full-time video ographer, but you got up to really because one might get 60 out to one might be slimy and you have any desire to coders. business coach  One who can code they would have been code is against the one walks off the job.

She got two colors too many of our first. You need to you need to graphic designers, and you need two people to make sales calls and you need to people right. business coach  Search engines are really you’re only talking about maybe 10 to 12 people need a manager to manage all those people shooting 13 people using anyone to pay those people every week. Maybe you could maybe skip every third week to see what happens, but you really should pay these. This is where you’ll start loading the gun. Okay, so why is it easier to hire a business coach in the Thrive team to support a business as opposed to doing it all yourself? business coach  Well, because it’s expensive and it’s in not only is expensive, it’s time-consuming to manage that many people.

I mean that’s what you know it: it’s not rocket science. What I think, which would Thrive is done with even with TLC. It’S just. You know where the one hour meeting every week and we have people that are accountable and we have an agenda that we work on jinda and and there’s items that I have to do. business coach   That. There’S items that that you and your your team have to do that. Have to get done every week that if we had a the responsibility of hiring all that manage on our own coach, we want to help you go to thrive time. business coach  Should I come today and book your one-on-one consultation Rosedale get ready to enter the Thrive time show on talk radio 1170 on know you going to dig this to welcome everybody to the swap time.

Show you listening to the sounds of a business coach. Welcome everybody to the top time show I’ve got five kids and now you know if I was born on November 5th of 1988 after Reagan beat Jimmy Carter baby. business coach  If my mom and dad was out to save me a Christian family and that’s the way it was meant to be so I didn’t see the bike until my son could see what I’m going to rock the mic in the high school see how the dream went To the pain that rejection bring, thank you and please talk some business from play.

Juicy bone call Thrive. Nation. Welcome back to the conversation is the DriveTime show on your radio, and today we are talking about the father of business. business coach  Coaching Bill Campbell know here. Here are the three debates that are going on in the minds of some of our listeners. I’M sure not you, but the person next to you they’re, saying. Okay, if Bill Campbell is in fact so successful, and he is so good at business coaching. business coach  Why did he not start Apple question it Bill Campbell so successful?

I know he coached Jeff B’s as an Amazon, but why did he not start Amazon? Okay? What about Google? I know that if he’s such a good business coach, why didn’t he start? Google? Then? business coach  Okay? Here’S the deal if you want to play, got you questions than you. You win the game of life, but the reality is is Phil Jackson at one point Steve, do you remember the Chicago Bulls with Phil Jackson? Remember business coach  When Michael Jordan was on the Chicago Bulls, Dennis Rodman Scottie Pippen, oh yeah, actually played in the NBA for the New York Knicks, but I am sure at one point: Phil Jackson ever realized. You know I’m 60 and I did play in the league at one time, but I probably am not better than Michael Jordan. Baby thought Mike. Do you want to go Mike?

Do you want to do this? You want to do one on what I want to show. business coach  My superiority, I’m a 60 year old man has had two knee Replacements. Let’S do this Michael Jordan, I’m going to take you out. No, he realized his best and highest used was coaching. He knew the philosophy he knew the system, but yet Michael Jordan was better at the actual playing of the game, but he needed a coach from the outside to help him in the Michael. Jordan, never won a championship before Phil Jackson or after Phil Jackson, or did business coach  Kobe Bryant Kobe Bryant never won a single Championship. Without Dill Jackson, get half of his career was played Without Phil Jackson.

Why did he win without the Jackson because he needed to coach because Steve we all need business coach  a couch and Steven your mind. business coach  Why does everybody need a business coach if you’re going to get serious about your business? Why does everyone need an accountant if you’re counting your personal trainer, if you’re serious about your Fitness? business coach  Why does everybody need a personal coach? Nobody wants it. Everybody needs, it’s called accountability.

I need to hold you accountable and if you recognize that you need somebody to hold you accountable your business, then you will get better. The problem is, I see with a lot of business owners. They get to a level where they say: they’re running the business and their they’ve had some success and they’re making some money and they know they stop doing the things that got them to that spot. Because there’s no one there saying hey man, you got to go. Do this, hey man, hey man, hey man, you going to be able to hold you accountable and guys that want to grow and in women that want to grow. They get somebody to hold him accountable.

Now, here’s here’s what I thought! Here’S what I did this is what I did is. I thought we were going to drive and I asked Z to become the CEO of the company that I started because I recognized he is a source of wisdom and I love the accountability. The attention ality, the relationship with him he’s an endless source of wisdom and doctors enters been, probably the kindest the most consistent person in my life. He just needs awesome. It’S like when my dad passed away. You can’t replace your dad, but he’s gotten cause.

I’M in that guy is just absolutely the best, and but the thing I wanted to make sure the drivers are understanding is Bill Campbell himself, his path to success, path to becoming a business coach. He didn’t even start working in Corporate America and till after the age of 40. He was coaching football, and so he went to work for John sculley, who is the guy that does Steve Jobs hired to run Apple? That’S how we got going to it. After the age of 50, 1993 Cable became the CEO of a company called to go Corporation, a startup that Pioneer the tablet a computer operating system. So the tablets that use today the pin based Computing, the go Corporation, was founded in 1987 to create portable computers and operating system in the software. The pin based user interface was famous. Only for pioneering the pin based Computing, but as well as being one of the most well-funded startup company in a bit better eventually sold this company to AT


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