How to Fund Your Startup Business or How to Fund Your Business Growth | The 15 Super Moves – Part 2

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WARNING: Today’s radio show is not for you if you are not 100% committed to your business and it’s eventual success. During today’s broadcast of The Thrive Time Business Coach Radio Show, Clay Clark and Doctor Zoellner break down the 15 proven super moves to fund your startup or growth.


SUPER MOVE #7 – Connect with Your Local Banks [ 3:45 ] 

Make your business bank-friendly by bringing consistency to your expenses, locking in long-term contracts with key customers, improving your margins, creating an accurate and up-to-date profit and loss statement, and creating an accurate and up-to-date balance sheet. Get your credit score up over 750 and gather at least five references from key customers. We’ll talk more about this in a minute.



SUPER MOVE #8 – Trade Out with Vendors and Suppliers [ 8:23 ] 

Rack your brain and look for vendors that would be willing to trade out services or products instead of cash so that you can save more money and have more capital available to invest in STRATEGIC EXPENSES.



SUPER MOVE #9 – Vendors [ 10:55 ] 

Talk to your key vendors who make more when you make more and strategically and discreetly share with them your expansion plans. You wouldn’t believe how many people are actually interested in funding the growth of a company that will then cause their business to grow as a result of their investment. Many of these people see you work every day and they understand the value you bring to the marketplace. These people are your fans.



SUPER MOVE #10 – Credit Lines [ 12:25 ] 

I will openly and honestly say that credit lines scare me TREMENDOUSLY because they are very, very fickle. I would compare operating your business using a credit line with having your house wired directly into a nuclear reactor because you like the energy efficiency. Sure, it’s awesome having access to unlimited cheap energy, but if that baby has a leak, you are going to wish you lived in a log cabin and had to chop wood every day to heat your house.


Essentially, a bank can have a board meeting to discuss liquidity issues they are having (not having enough cash on hand) and your business can come up in the discussion. The bankers can openly discuss the best way to get the most cash into the bank as soon as possible to meet regulatory compliance and the suggestion to call your credit line due can be suggested and approved in minutes then BOOM! You will get a letter from your banker telling you that you must pay off your credit line in full right away or the bank has the right to repossess any of your assets that were put up as collateral to get the loan in the first place. This means that your business can be motoring along making a nice profit and then BOOM, it’s over. You must come up with the entire amount of your credit line immediately or the bank will start taking your stuff. This is insane to me.


Many business owners say that credit lines have proven to be a great resource of the cash they need to fund their daily operations, but they are literally one decision and one call away from losing it all. If your business is too reliant upon short-term credit lines to fund operations, you need to focus on really increasing the quality of the relationship with your banker now. You need to consistently and accurately communicate with your banker and you had better have a great relationship with God. Because you are going to need divine intervention when that bank calls your credit line due all at once. Make sure that you never bounce a check and that you have a backup plan in place in case that bank decides to immediately reduce or close your credit line.




SUPER MOVE #11 – 3% Automatic Savings and Capital Reserve Funding [ 28:25 ] 

With my photography company, we take 3% of all sales revenue and put it into a reserve bank account. We have set this up to happen automatically so that it is never an emotional decision to save or not save. This is not even something we discuss. We just do it. Because we made the decision one time to automatically save 3% of our gross revenue into a capital reserve fund, we have effectively decided to never have an emergency again. We are never in a cash crunch when bad things happen or when we need to fund our growth.



  1. 1st Samuel 15:3 – “Now go, attack the Amalekites and totally destroy all that belongs to them. Do not spare them; put to death men and women, children and infants, cattle and sheep, camels and donkeys.”
  2. Proverbs 10:4 – “Lazy hands make for poverty, but diligent hands bring wealth.”
  3. Proverbs 13:11 – “Dishonest money dwindles away, but whoever gathers money little by little makes it grow.”



SUPER MOVE #12 – Reduce the Time Involved in Your Sales Cycle [ 33:40 ] 

Systemically reducing the amount of time involved in your average sales cycle will help you tremendously for almost countless reasons. The momentum in your office is unbelievable when deals close fast. The morale in your office increases dramatically when the members of your team see that deals are closing quickly. The energy and the emotional state of your average employee are peaked when deals are closing all day left and right…BOOM.


For an in-depth training about how to dramatically decrease the length of your average sales cycle, visit:



SUPER MOVE #13 – Receivables-Based Financing [ 34:25 ] 

Raising money with receivables-based financing is expensive, but if it is your only route to financing, then you need to consider it. Essentially, a company like will purchase your receivables at a discounted rate and will give you the cash you need today. They set up fixed payments from your business checking account that they deduct each week until all of the receivables purchased have been paid back. The rate of interest that these companies charge can be very high so make sure that you know what you are getting yourself into before moving forward with companies like,, and


NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Don’t worry about failure, you only have to be right once.” – Drew Houston (The co-founder and CEO of Dropbox)




SUPER MOVE #14 – Investors / Dancing with Potentially Key Partners or the Devil [ 35:50 ] 

I have tried to not reference Satan, the Devil or the Anti-Christ in this book thus far, but now it is time. Whenever you take on an investor, you must realize that you are taking on a partner who is going to want to give you advice, good or bad, for the long haul. Occasionally, I will speak with a young man who is upset that his father-in-law is constantly judging him and telling him what to do after he let his father-in-law buy him a house or pay for his vacation. My friend, taking on an investor definitely involves you taking on their influence, their feedback and their world-view, good or bad.


NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “I knew that if I failed I wouldn’t regret it, but I knew the one thing I might regret is not trying.” – Jeff Bezos (Founder of Amazon)



SUPER MOVE #15 – Traditional Banking [ 40:05 ] 

As a general rule, I have found that the local banks that you deposit your money with each and every week will be willing to invest in your business if you are operating at a 30% operating profit margin, if you have been a faithful and good customer with them, if you have a good credit score and if your loan package is Small Business Administration Loan compliant (SBA compliant). When banks lend money to a startup, it is very risky if you do not have enough collateral (stuff that the bank can take back if you don’t pay the loan off). However, if the bank can secure for you an SBA Loan, the deal becomes less risky because the Federal Government is actually going to guarantee approximately 85% of the value of your loan.




Live local resetting the world’s only business school without that BS with optometrist and entrepreneur, dr. Robert zoellner and ussba entrepreneur of the Year clay Clark  business coach  get ready to enter the Thrive time show on talk radio 1170.

All you’ve not business coach  heard Been There business coach  Done That by dr. Dre. You really should hear it. It’S a great song. It didn’t go over very well, then sell on albums and dr.

Dre. What he was doing is he was kind of leaving his old life business coach  behind and if you get a chance to watch the Steve you watch the defiant ones. Do you want? It was good?

Yes, I’m by my business coach  understanding is they were going to do one series of the defiant ones. If it went well, then they were going to look into doing business coach  another one.

We would take another person who was defiant or standing up against cultural norms and that moved that movies great. It shows business coach  the progression of Jimmy ivene from being basically a guy who business coach  wants to be a producer to being a guy who’s.

He says I’m willing to do whatever it takes I’ll do whatever it takes, and so John Lennon V, John Lennon of The Beatles business coach  wanted to record a song on a weekend and all the producers, like I’m not doing it, and here is the young kid on the Set he’s like I’ll pull business coach  an all-nighter I’ll do whatever I have to do, and so he ends up getting.

He gets to produce, wouldn’t The Beatles and he built business coach  such a great reputation. He starts producing for Springsteen and Tom Petty and then he ends up working with a built, Interscope Records and he connects with dr. Dre age Nails.

I think yes, I did. They beat the in a bit building the Beats Audio and they s business coach  old that to Apple for billions of dollars, and it’s the story of how he and dr. Dre met in the business coach  History Channel show.

If you have not watched the defiant ones you can get on Amazon. I encourage you to do so, but they were business coach  talking about how to how to fund the growth or the starting of a successful company.

Moon number 6 lease instead of buy Steve back business coach  in the day. The phone system I first got to build. Dj connection was ,000. I remember there was ,000 now today Steve. How much is business coach  it to use RingCentral to record your calls in to have your phone system the voice over IP?

What are some like that cost now? Well, you business coach  know you like every time we add a line, just pay like 40 bucks per line per user, and then you just buy the phone they’re like a business coach  hundred bucks, no idea how fortunate you are to be during this time of American History, yellow page ads.

What was the Yellow Pages and I had to die funded it? I decide a 1-year agreement for an advertisement business coach   in the Yellow Pages shut out to Miss Lewis jobs to afford to pay, for.

I literally was working at Target DirecTV and Applebee’s at the business coach  same time, while I’m on my way on my wife was working at Office Depot just to afford the cost of living, and I’m telling you now, you business coach  can run ads for a week.

You can test him. The phone system used to be ,000 is now the system is like you. Can you can get these things voice business coach  over IP for online in the phone itself?

Is like 200 bucks, a phone I’m just telling you, but if you, if, even if, even if the a month is too business coach  much, consider leasing equipment instead of buying and yeah, I hate that I so much of the show into one industry but the business coach  fitness industry.

I work with many gems and that’s that grown is by leasing equipment. You can do that. There’S companies out there business coach  that can do it. Cuz it’s expensive to like. I, like all the machines and stuff that are in in those business coach  fitness, centers Graybar, those guys at Graybar. They have a lease-to-own program for just about anything check.

Those guys out today, no business coach  Superman number 7 connect with your local bank. It is so important that you make your business bank friendly by bring consistency business coach   to your expenses, locking in long-term contracts with key clients and proving your margins and creating an accurate, up-to-date profit and loss statement.

You’Ve got to make sure that you’re getting your credit score up over 7:50, if possible, but Steve you business coach  have to have a relationship with a local Banker.

If you want to get a small business loan, can you talk to me about how hard it is to build a relationship in the game of business? You been in Tulsa for a long time and a lot of people in Tulsa. Now I know you on a business coach   first-name basis.

They see the grant that the green Lamborghini but you’ve been in the mortgage industry for how it. How long have you been in the mortgage industry now Stevens 2005, since you’re, busy or 12:00 deer doing it, and it takes a long time to business coach  build a reputation?

Can you talk to me about the importance of starting today? If you want to build a bank in relationship yeah, I mean it’s really interesting cuz we are in 2017, but there are still a lot of really good what I would call Community Banks – and these are business coach   these – are bankers and Bank presidents like Sean Copeland at Regent,

That are able to make they have the latitude to make decisions to to loan money to People based on on a relationship that they have her based on their confidence in that person doing something business coach  that you don’t get with like your big National National National Bank. I should have to prove that there a company that’s in multiple states.

It is hugely beneficial to have accounts with one of those big National Banks. But if you want to have a good positive relationship business coach  in your community with with a community bank, there’s plenty of them, especially if you’re Tulsa on my grill accoutrements, is a new word from the word of the week, and I wanted to work things out.

I do. Is I like to put the meat in the meeting there business coach   around, like 8 a.m. you know, and I’ll also kit and there’s some out there I’ll get it marinating I’ll get that then I get that Mesquite.

You know when I’m soaking in the brine strange me what it means. Don’T talk about me. I don’t care about 10 minutes, it’s good good business coach  water with seasonings in it and all kinds of stuff for some beer in there.

That makes me want to go. Get a permit to put that mean there and I put it in, I want to watch and I won’t let you keep the smoker shot. You want to see if you want to smoke and you won’t get the business coach   brick hats or not, so that would you go in there this time of year.

It’S really not sure what you guys are saying it so he’ll be quiet. All you up all you, people from Euro are all the same. You know it almost 70 pounds. I have to pay to get back to you. That’S not really good, but business coach   I don’t like an older talk about what we’re talking about exactly like you got to have a banker that relationship would like these Banks want your deposit account so I’ll.

Tell people don’t call me and say hey. I need to get a loan for my business. I need to get along for business coach  this on my wall. You know you just started it. It’S going to be tough, but you know if you got Equity.

If you got that putting your house, we’ve got some equipment or you got some stuff to do. Maybe you could go to Regent Bank and say hey Sean.

I want to move all business coach  my deposits and my my company we’re good we’re a little fun fact about somebody and mud. The soccer thing out of Regions Bank on when you talk about this sucker quality.

Those are some days are pick up the Apple once in there like yours, like apples, you get business coach  some. These Banks want your deposit accounts right, cuz that that helps him. So what you don’t realize is a lot of these Banks, whether they’re, big or small.

Don’T want to just do a one-off loan for someone else. I want a relationship with you because they want to business coach  have an opportunity to grow with your business, and so, as you start out, you got to have a relationship with somebody that will be proactive in helping you grow in they’ll grow with you around here.

Until I got a tough question for you and she were business coach  moving them right here, you want to trade out with vendors and suppliers who never ate.

You have some paper clips when you so much brother. I don’t know what you’re saying it’s an insult to the vendors and suppliers. What are the best sport ever well, we’re going business coach  to have to take that 70 show.

I’M almost my mind starts with the letter t cap. Yes, talking about to tell you, it’s actually use some of that and I provide this other service or product, as you can trade those out and then the mindset you want to have if you’re going to you business coach  know, go with the super move.

Here is dr. Z’s. When, when principle, where pigs get fat Hogs get slaughtered right, you want to make everything a win-win. With this going to be a good deal for you and it’s going to be a good deal for me and move forward.

That way, don’t try business coach  to scam and and try to screw over your vendors. Are your partners and I’ll bring it over when they’re to ask are in a long time ago to do is: go take a fancy car in Alberta, logo on it, that’s a win-win!

For hours a month you devote to watch a NASCAR mean I’ll, be business coach  honest, I’m not 12, it’s all of them. He’S hasn’t NASCAR up on his phone right now, while recording the radio cost for you to look at you in that crazy.

I don’t know it’s like a rooster. Look at my messages. Are you looking at here? I see you. I want to know this cuz. You are business coach   not only a great mortgage Banker in a great American, but I got a tough We have.

My wife might disagree with me. Do you think I should get my grow out my perm mullet and add the lightning bolts yeah? I think you should follow in the footsteps of our great Oklahoma business coach  State football coach, so you’re at the moment.

I think you should get them a Gundy mullet, there’s anything we can all agree on and they’re all George Bush and Gundy and mullets and walls. Just different versions of Gundy and vendors.

Talk to your key vendors, who business coach   make more when you make more and strategically and discreetly share with them up your expansion plans. You wouldn’t believe how many people are actually interested in finding the growth of a company that will cause their business to grow as a business coach  result then went really well until somebody screwed me, there was a photographer in town.

His business was doing pretty well and they said I would like to expand said business, and I said you know what I have a DJ company and I refer you anyway business coach  do tell. I think I need more equipment more.

I need more training. I need you to teach me. The system is here’s the deal, building, photography, businesses so easy so easy by the way. If you want to go for tography business song easy, but he wasn’t getting any business business coach  so easy, it’s crazy to grow any business, any business.

So easy as long as it has a real product or service, so I said I’ll help. You do it, but here’s the deal when I refer you, I want commissions and they referred me. I made commissions, it was a win-win for a long business coach  time and then they said you know what we’re paying so much and commissions were not going to pay this month and I thought to myself.

Well, you know you want to hit him with the rock. I didn’t research online realize I couldn’t hit him with a rock and probably illegal. I wanted business coach  to slander them in public, wanted to set the house on fire or wanted to the Wings off of the Flies that aren’t there in your neighborhood, but I decided I couldn’t do those things so I moved on. I started my own photography company, hello.

I actually business coach  do that. I can tell you this that there’s so many people that have way too much of their life dependent upon a credit line and we come back.

I want to talk to you about the dangers of credit lines, because if you are dependent upon revolving credit, to make payroll and business coach  defend your company, that is a scary place to be, and I want to talk to you about the upside of a credit line and The dangers of a credit line because of credit line at that your dependent upon from a local bank that can be a bad bad, bad situation.

I’Ve had many business coach   many clients. I’Ve worked with over the years who had their credit lines pulled out from under the mat at any warning, people that were paying on time every month or paying on time and all of a sudden the credit line disappears. That can happen. It has happened.

We business coach  were the financial crisis when all the credit lines right up. Yes, this is unfortunate. This is true. This can happen and it will happen if you’re not intentional, about avoiding a mines play Clark.

I am patience. Podcast subscribe to podcast. Also, you can get a free business coach  copy, a free download of the start here ebook. It is the world’s most detailed and best business book on how to grow a successful company, and it is free to download for you today, but you got to type it.

You got to click in or you got to do all that stuff stayed live business coach world headquarters, stop Primetime, show remember that scene. Eric that’s from the old school old school now here is it here is the old school principal.

When a teacher today, as we talked about how to raise the money that you need how to get the business coach  money that you need to either start or grow a successful company, one is you absolutely you must you must you must? You must realize that cash is King?

You got to realize that cash is King. If you don’t put that Concept in your head you’re going to struggle, because business coach  when you do work with a credit line, it can get dangerous and credit is King. Cash is King example.

I was working with a local restaurant who only know what people tell me I’m I don’t know if it’s accurate but working with this restaurant called me today.

When you have business coach   marketing – and I said absolutely over a hundred 1st and Mingo area and basically. Mark – is it absolutely so we go in there and we give them the top of Google we’re getting. Google reviews were for my.

I can tell revenues going well then, all of a business coach  sudden one day he says, hey, you know the credit line they’re pulling that do you know of a different bank will give me a credit one. So I referred him over to a different bank.

The other maker called me and says: hey just so. You know your client is paying all of their business coach  bills on time, but the bank that the rat is having a few liquidity issues and they’d need to get rid of some of their at their credit.

So they’re it there’s no credit lines they’re calling in their notes. That means it like. If you have ,000 you owe to the bank, they can just call business coach   you tomorrow and say we want it now.

That’S the phone call! You want to get it! That’S all. I love that stops just called me and told me that he doesn’t want to deny it, but he can’t work with you, because this Bank isn’t one to do credit lines right now and your bank is business coach  out of.

They need to call the note, and so I can’t help you., Even the guy, that I’m referring you to care and he had to shut down its business and I’m going to say he was like maybe 45 in his entire life. Savings was into that building and of that business and he will have business coach   it all called in immediately and that..

I wish that was like a rare thing or it’s never happened before, but that can happen. It will happen. It’S going to happen to you need to do you know what I’m going to be short, but I’m excited to hear this, because my parents are one business coach  of the construction company that concrete business.

This was a constant thing. You would have these payment terms of 30 or 60 days and then the Builder would be late so you’re at 90 days without getting paid your invoice and then what you got to do.

You business coach  got ,000 for the payroll every week. I’Ve seen this all the time and see if you are, if you are a contractor specifically to speak to that, do not extend agreement payment terms to your clients. Do not extend the payment terms.

Your client was going business coach  to remodel a kitchen, explain to him. You have to pay half down to get started, half down when you’re done, don’t do a deal where you’re going to say: hey, you can pay overtime, let them go get their own credit, let them go and I’ll give example.

If you’re looking to business coach  install a new pool, what’s going to do a Google search, this real quick, does a company called Caviness? It’S a cave, it’s Caviness pools because they just have a really really awesome.

Awesome pools, Caviness Landscapes and Caviness pool just awesome and I’m looking business coach  cuz. I really want to put in a super ridiculous pool in our backyard there when we, when we moved at the studios over, I want someone to get a kind of a vision in my mind.

I can build a stack real, that’s a real good before that’s a real after this is cabin. If they business coach  build these things, that’s awesome. I actually have resources available where people need to get financing to have that available.

So if you go on the they’re, not extending financing, but they have financing available that you can find some on business coach  their site right now, I’m trying to find the page.

Yes, it on, and I ended up here and there it is, and it’s going good, it’s a division of the SunTrust Bank in able to extend loans for pools in Home Improvement up to it was low business coach  as 4.99 % APR. Something about that.

If you are a builder, you could refer this company lightstream all the time in to say, you’re doing home remodeling our kitchen improvements. This company will do the financing for to your clients.

They have to apply business coach  here. They’Ve got to put in their their their amount. They want to borrow some to do it right now, so it say that you’re, a a home builder, new, BMW, you’re, giving someone a quote to install bathroom, and they said you tell me it’s going to be ,000 to do your business coach  kitchen and your bathroom and the Customer says I don’t have the money, you say: okay!

Well, why don’t you go up to and see what you qualify for you by the way if they don’t qualify for if they don’t qualify for Lending through lightstream, it’s business coach  robably because they shouldn’t get financing, which is why you should?

I probably won’t pay you in early and when you feel, without it tells you, your estimated payment would be .86 per month if approved. But you got to put in your name your phone number, your business coach  social, those kind of things to get approved.

But if you’re listening to the show today and you’re extending any kind of loan, do your clients, you must make them, do it through a third-party Source, refer them to White stream and check it out Steve.

You tell us business coach  about how lending works if somebody gets denied because of they can’t get a loan walk me through the big baby, three or four reasons why someone would get denied for a loan.

They don’t have the income, no income. Next, they don’t have the credit credit, maybe business coach  they’re, going through a divorce right. They don’t have the right. They don’t have the the equity in their house, maybe they’re, trying to borrow and put a pool in the house.

Why can somebody not get a loan if they’re going through a divorce to buy a house Steve’s like business coach  a lawsuit, so I know what’s going to happen, are you going to have to pay Your Wife and Kids?

U Know, U have to pay ,000 a month in child support 200 a month. I don’t know, and it’s so that’s final. I have no way of calculating your debt ratio is for all.

I know you business coach  have to pay 10 grand a month and one of my clients I work with this – is hilarious. Hilarious during the client says: hey I’ve got a guy wants to install a major kitchen, upgrade it’s going to be on ,000. I really need this account. Has been referred him to a third party business coach  lender, so we said well, the guy said you know. Banks are today anyway.

I should know if he got denied. Do not lend him money. Don’T do. I really need the deal true story, so he then extend payment terms to the guy and the guy about halfway to the payment business coach   cuz, I’m not satisfied with the work and I’m not going to pay the remaining ,000 in the meeting going.

I told you this is how it work. Some of you listen to the show. I never want to beat you up. I want to coach you up. I don’t want to talk down to you, but you cannot business coach  extend credit to clients you’re, not a bank. That’S what banks do so he decided competencies, not baking. Your core competency is whatever you do.

It’S not banking. Since you’re, not a bank, don’t be a bank who has all these processes and systems in these risk? Tolerance. Isn’T business coach  all that says? No?

No, but you and your infinite knowledge of lending money to people are going to go by the bank said no, but I trust this guy. Here’S your sign. I think you’ll pay me, but do you notice the guy didn’t say I can’t pay you. He just found a business coach   reason to not pay.

He said, I’m not happy with the work and he probably knew from the get-go that he was going to. He was going to pull that move. I’M not happy with the work.

Absolutely there’s people out there that have that move. I know these people and business coach  we’ve all met these people. Everybody here just don’t want to work with people like that how to get the money you need to start and grow your business.

We come back we’re going to teach you super move number 11. Super move. Number 11. Is this right time show on business coach   the radio? Our entire goal is to help you increase your level of happiness, smoke and mirrors. 3. 2. 1 boom. It’S the right time show and now you know what time it is.

I can be what I want to switch that I would do what I don’t do. I need a miracle. I hope it comes business coach  through I’m trying to work it out. I need to jump soon.

Cuz, I’m about had me enough for not having enough slack in the stuff. Who knows how it’s going to work out. I do Proverbs 10:4 says that God, blesses God blesses the diligent do it.

Is it proper to enforce their business coach  God blesses, be diligent and punishes the slacker fun to go to Hobby Lobby and to get those verses? You know the middle, the placards he put in the bathroom.

You know so you’re going to the restroom to wash your hands on me. Let’S keep it clean your phone business coach  and you notice there’s a picture, it says blast or one of my favorite ones that says God blesses the building.

I remember going to somebody’s a bathroom. True story went to the bathroom, I saw Eyes Of God blesses the diligent, and I thought I can’t disagree with business coach  that. So I looked it up, and so I looked it up and it may be.

Some of you were going to look this up for the first time I heard you know if you want to read all the show not to put all the stuff on her show notes, I would highly recommend that you go to thrive business coach  time, and click on The podcasts button cuz they’re, going to fight what you can subscribe for free subscriber for you can check and see.

If you get to have unlimited access to all the podcast, we have it. Also all the show notes. So I’m going to go ahead and type business coach   it into my great Google Proverbs. 10:4.

Okay, don’t wait! This is going to be up on the show notes today. So we’ll put it up there so calm down if you’re able to Google it with us, but it says lazy hands make for poverty, but diligent hands bring wealth.

That’S that’s! That’S business coach  not the one! That’S one! There’S all different versions of The New International Version. There’S all different version.

So what if you think about this is lazy and to make for poverty, but it also says the English Standard Version of slack hand causes poverty, but business coach  the head of diligent make rich.

I think we’re starting to get this. It’S his lazy. People are soon poor, hard workers get rich New Living Translation. So what you’re saying is it’s it’s easy to to get rich and you can kind of just kind of skate through well.

I think that a lot of business coach   people don’t understand that. God is saying that, like you, actually it’s a it’s a it’s a it’s! He got himself is causing you to be poor. If you work it’s a rule, he set up. It’S a rule.

It’S a it’s a his chosen that to work that way. So, just like you put your fire, are you put your business coach  hand in the fire? You know you’re not going. Why does that have to hurt it’s on the wall?

It’S a principle that the Earth’s gravitational pull and so many people want to get rich, quick and I’ve got one more Varsity on that, and that’s probably the one. That’S why you’re business coach  not going to like a lot, because I prepare yourself because you say you know gosh.

I need this, guy only does is beat us over the head with negative Bible verse is I mean this is got to be able to deposit or so I’ve read those two Bible verses right. I have another Bible, business coach  verse, oh yeah, so what are we going to breed this first?

One here to this is good for somebody who’s listening, that’s not true! I want to get rich quick. We can help you get rich faster. Throw show does what we get rich faster, good food, but not, but not, but it is business coach   a Proverbs. 13:11 Proverbs. 13:11 States.

Dishonest money do windows away, but whoever gather money little by little mix it grow. You can’t take advantage of people, you can’t do it so Eric chubby working, a lot of clients who are diligent doors. Unfortunately, you’ve business coach  seen people who come in and they want to get rich quick.

Can you talk to me about the difference of the mindset? The difference in the mindset of somebody who has a get-rich-quick mentality vs., nobody understands the process of being in it, for the long business coach  term will not to be mean here, but typically the difference is like your ability to be diligent and work hard if you’re looking for

The next quick scheme to get rich – it’s because you don’t want to put in the hard work to build that thing. That’S going to get you rich business coach  overtime. So if you want to have those lazy hand that it’s a correlation – and you know this is true – I don’t care what religious you believe you have, or what preview go to you ever met me by the won the lottery.

We hear the stories all the time you win the lottery business coach  and then they go broke almost immediately and it’s a super sad story, but that’s like a proof of what you’re saying right exactly what I can tell you one more time. If you want more Bible verse, I’m just feeling froggy,

I’m actually reading a lot everyday right now, world’s business coach   first Samuel 15:3 in it and totally destroy all that belongs to them. Do not spare them put to death men and women, children, infants, cattle and sheep, camels and donkeys.

The point of that is when you have an enemy that is Anna Faris member of your office staff. What business coach  you want to do, if you want to destroy them completely, not just a little bit but totally destroys they can’t grow back.

It’S like a weed right now bonus knowledge. You don’t get in, took what they were talking about. The super moves for funding your startup business coach  business or your existing business Subaru number 11.

If you want to save 3 % of your money right now, 3 % of every dollar that comes in for a capital reserve when 3 % right now right now as an example or photography company, epic photography.

We grew business coach  that thing and frankly, we grew a little bit faster than what I had thought. You know it faster. I thought we would do and the lenses are about a thousand to ,000 a piece and people will occasionally break now.

We do have insurance, we do have those kind of things, but business coach  you you need to replace things. I get outdated, the gear needs to be replaced and if we hadn’t set aside 3 % of our gross revenue for growth and for savings, we would not have been in a good spot to be actually would have had more weddings on the books.

Then business coach  we could have service, we wouldn’t be able to afford buying the equipment needed to grow. We could not have afforded growth because then you have to rent it somehow, so you pay extra money running then you got to buy at the next week and it’s just a bad deal business coach  to gain weight, for you got that money aside set aside to pay the

Attorney unemployment, if you lose an unemployment case with the state of Oklahoma there, so many reasons you need to set aside money Super Boom, number 12 Subaru, never 12!

You got to reduce business coach  the time involved in your sale cycle know. This is one that I am very, very just passionate about when you talk to somebody today when you get a lead that comes in so many people listen to the show and they bump into somebody slope bump into like Dan business coach  was lamode cleaners in the black dude.

How did you get to be topping? Google, I mean you, are you? Are the Google came down with remote? How did you get? How did you get to be? You are the damn of Google searches. How did you get to be and I’ll do a little business coach  research?

They realize, while the drive team is, is help you get to the top of Google, that we don’t clean the clothes and we haven’t done the things to build the business model that he built more help and drive a lot of customers there. How did you do it and I’ll do business coach  the research and it Go Barbie cookies?

How did Barbie cookies get to the top of Google and the Tulsa Oilers? How are they filling up the stadium? I remember that used to be empty and all these companies are booming. Follow it back, they look at the fruit and business coach  they look for the root beer, not stupid.

You know they let they look for the fruit. If you want for the fruit – and you say I wonder what the root of this is Apple’s you probably from an apple tree, do you follow the route and you go? Oh wow, that’s the Thrive team.

That’S business coach   the Thrive business coaching system, so you fill out the form you going to thrive time. Should I come, you fill out the form to schedule a consultation.

Will our team wants to reach you the same day and if at all possible, we want to schedule a meeting with you within business coach   72 hours, and why is that? Because most people are not having their breakthrough until right after a breakdown?

Oh, yes, things got really bad, and now you want a business coach or typically people decided to get a haircut right now they don’t want to get business coach  a haircut in a month from now people who buy furniture right now they decided to my car right now. So you have to have an urgency about getting a hold of your leads as soon as possible.

I highly recommend that you would get ahold of your leads within business coach  minutes, not even hours of State about the cell cycle and how to stay in touch with those lips. So sorry, to cut you off Eric chop, its okay, its okay, its all.

This excitement about football season, America returning the glory back to the Raiders, so they can be totally beaten by business coach  the Patriots on radio. We come back we’re talking more about improving the speed of your sales cycle.

Call Big Shot of my credible wife and cuddle. Miss Vanessa Clark, your great American, thank you, for I don’t care, I love it. When people say your husband looks like a business coach  troll, you can’t read to me a few channel.

Oh no, thank you saying I don’t care. Thank you. Thank you Robin. I love it now he’s going to cut us off this and thank you for saying. I love it to it, it being the clay Clark experience, even though you were warned by many, and business coach  there is truth in advertising.

I’D turned out the way they thought. I would know one thing: that’s impressive, what’s the speed of which you can type, even though you can’t read, it was crazy if I do a skim over a lot of books, do lots of things on pages that you don’t business coach  have any personal faults and to make Fun of myself for your benefit in one of the things.

I think that we we we do it with it’s, not good, as we try to compare ourselves with people that it’s not real. Your ear, a lady you’re, a woman you’re at you’re, late, you’re, business coach  wonderful, that you’re, thirty-five or thirty-six you work out whatever and you’re.

Comparing yourself to like a magazine cover the promise magazine cover was photoshopped and it’s not real husband and you’re. Trying to compare yourself with a guy who’s got business coach  the in 06 exotic cars in the for mass of houses, but you I want those aren’t paid for it. So I’m asking you today to think about this. Think long and hard were talking about how to fund the growth of your successful company.

What are what are your goals? What do business coach  you want to do and what are those goals, and why do you want to do those goals in anyone’s? We know those goals. We can help coach you to success.

Move number 12. You got to reduce the time involved in your cell cycle. Long story short. If you need sales business coach  training, I need you to get out to one of my Thrive time in person.

Workshops are next will be in December, I believe December 8th December, and so if you want to get your tickets going to drive time, should I come to book your ticket to wear to teach you all the sale business coach  systems, but you got to make sure you call Your leads within minutes of the time they fill out the form if possible, and you must get the inbound leads to convert as soon as possible.

You want to decrease the time needed to do business with you. There are a lot business coach  of specific moved you can get if you will go to thrive time, and you will sign up for online school.

It’S just a dollar for the first month or you can book your tickets to a workshop. We want to help you who never 13 receivables based financing, raising money business coach  with receivables base financing is expensive, but if it is your only route to financing, then you might want to consider it as an example to be called kabbage kabbage there is a cab.

Can Swift, give you the cash in advance based business coach  upon your current credit card receipts, so you currently currently charged ,000 a year on on credit cards and you’ve been consistently doing it for 2 years.

Then they will say, hey know what we’re going to lend you ,000, oh but you’re, going to have to give us business coach  I’m making up whenever you’re going to cabbage in the Lexi. Show you the number but Bill based upon your credit, was counting.

Take 10 % of every transaction to pay ourselves back out of your bank account without asking until we’re paid back. So the good business coach  news is you: can the bad news is you’re not losing all that money ever on every transaction that that could be a bad deal?

This right here this is a move that I would highly recommend that the clients don’t do unless they have to yeah it’s one of those like Last business coach  Resort. I got to have some cash right now and you know you’re that trade-off. Is you going to get a little higher percentage? You have to pay a little bit more back, but likely was just saying.

If you don’t have another another option, you got to get that money. Wherever business coach  you got to get it now, move number 14 investors dancing with potentially key Partners is the devil working on this book for investors, I’ve tried that I try not to reference Satan on the show.

A lot I tried to get into the hole I gave. You know Satan, let’s talk about business coach   him. A lot of the devil needs. An advocate of The Devil’s Advocate a lot of times. People will need money now and so they’ll build to have blinders on and no partner with someone who has the money, but it doesn’t have integrity and when someone doesn’t have business coach  integrity, but has money you’re still stuck with a Thursday.

Third, are the three C’s of capillary of Partnership. If you partner with somebody you getting three C’s see number one, you get the capital to you, get the council. I don’t know what that means. You means you business coach  need to get their feedback.

You have to hear from them. You get there if you’re, not here, if it’s good or not. Penney business coach  on in the third, is you get their connections good or bad? You get access good or bad. As an example.

Years ago I partnered with a guy and at our holiday party, he attempted to grope one of the married members of our team. He followed her business coach  into the bathroom and just went for it and everybody who worked for the covers about 15 years ago and 13 years ago. Everyone on the team was like. Oh my gosh, the guy who’s.

One of our party was a big part, need a small investment. He just groped this guy’s wife, that’s business coach  the fourth see creep. How could you let a guy like that in your company, I’m at the guy by first thing, introduced to him from a pastor at Pastor?

Introduce me to him and the woman who is married to this man was here. Dad was a pastor, there’s a lot of the business coach  Pastoral connections and you go to his house.

There’S Hobby Lobby pictures everywhere, it’s an anointed and blast, and it just feels as though it’s reference in the Bible. But when that guy would drink, he would just become an animal and he did crazy stuff consistently, and business coach   I was connected with that stigma of him that smell that odor of him, because I was connected with him.

So if you go, if you’re going to get Capital, just make sure you team up with people equally yoked with you get a Bible reference. You got to make sure your business coach   partner with people who you share the same values with because, if not check them, and then it gets weird when your partner with someone and you don’t share their value yeah, I mean you never eat.

You can’t really predict what they’re going to do. At some business coach   point I mean on a base level, if you know somebody’s values, you kind of know how they’re going to act in certain situations and if, if, if you don’t know what those values are there ceiling secret, you know values and really how they do life.

You don’t know what they’re business coach   going to do and they may put your business or your reputation on the line really quickly and that, like that, that’s a bad thing. How important is it for you to know the values of the other parents of the kids that your kid as a friend at school or your kids, want to business coach  hang out with another kid right for you and your wife to know the values of the of the Parents of those kids before the kids can hang out or spend the night or whatever I’ll be on this.

So we don’t have. We don’t hang out with a lot of families. We hang out business coach  with the clocks. I will say that they have shed more than and values and they enjoy each other and then hiding in the corner.

West Branson secret house.. I go to Arkansas with you, so that means they declined Arkansas bathrooms and Clark’s. We go when it’s you and business coach  me. We go out with the kids to get supplies at a local grocery store or something in my 5 kids and it’s like 10 kids.

A lot lot of kids are love you that you’re not to be having any more than one kid or two kids. A lot of people think you’re nuts. If you still going to church business coach   a lot of people, think you’re nuts.

If you, if you believe that you know you should do what you say, you’re going to do want to go, but you’re nuts, if you don’t encourage recreational pot, smoking in the house, I mean team up with the family, is filled with people business coach  who share their values.

Are going to be people like you who share your values? You owe it to yourself to go to DriveTime, and book a ticket for a next in person Workshop,

because there’s people at the conference’s who will share your values: phone business coach  number – 15, traditional banking – I’m not going to spend a lot of time on it, but I Will tell you that tritional banking only works if you have Equity, if you have the ability to guarantee the loans, if you’re willing to put your house at your house up as collateral, if you business coach  got money in the bank,

if you got a great credit score, if You have a proven business model than traditional banking is a good thing for you, but if not traditional banking doesn’t work, but if you have those things traditional banking, cheapest form of financing business coach  available, and I encourage you to look into it. Don’T get stuck in the nine-to-five. Choose to be alive, go to the

We have four tools to help you to podcast the conference, the business coach in the online school, but you have got to choose not to lose. You business coach  got to choose to be alive while you’re alive. You got to choose to live the life you want to live, do not get stuck in the nine to five. My friends choose to be alive. 3. 2. 1. BOOM!

What are you doing? Where did John try to stay alive? Tell me why? Don’T you love me? Whatever business coach  you think tell me what the meaning


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